Hi. I'm looking for a chinese movie I watched on TV more than twenty years ago. It's not a tv series, but a feature movie shown on a Thai television channel in late 1980s.

As far as I remember, it's a period movie, more of a drama than an action movie, although it has some bandits, a killer and a little fight scene at the end. No guns.

Maybe my memory is wrong, but it goes like this: a woman is captured by a group of bandits, and the male protagonist is probably one of the bandits. He takes the woman away. It's like some people (the woman's family?) have hired a killer to take the woman back.

Spoiler: at the ending, after following the couple and catching up with them, the killer kills the male protagonist with a wooden stick (maybe a bamboo stick, as there are some shots of bamboo woods). The male protagonist is impaled by the wooden stick through his body, sits on the ground and dies.

Anyone knows about this movie? I liked it a lot and want to watch it again. I don't know the title of the movie. And I don't recognize any actors or actresses in it, although I know quite a lot about Hong Kong movie stars at that time.