Julian Cheung's car joins "Transformers 4"

27 Oct Julian Cheung was ecstatic when his beloved luxurious ride is chosen to be featured in the fourth instalment of the "Transformers" franchise.
As reported on HK Channel website, the "Triumph In The Skies II" actor, who owns a black Lamborghini valued at HKD 3.68 million (approx. USD 474,616), will be renting his car out for the movie after attracting the attention of the Hollywood production team.
It was reported that the production company offered Julian a rental fee of HKD 25,000 per day (approx. USD 3,224) for the use of his car, much to the actor's delight.
A source stated, "Julian is happy that he is able to contribute a little to the film by loaning his car. This proves that the man indeed has an international taste when it comes to selecting his car!"
"Transformers: Age Of Extinction" has recently begun another phase of filming in Hong Kong. Apart from lead actors Mark Wahlberg and Nicole Peltz, the movie also stars mainland artistes Li Bing Bing, Huang Xiaoming and Han Geng.