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Thread: Always and Ever (情逆三世緣)

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    Default Always and Ever (情逆三世緣)

    Anybody watched this?


    Bobby Au Yeung
    Esther Kwan
    Pierre Ngo
    Ben Wong
    Mandy Wong
    Rebecca Zhu
    Derek Kwok
    Cheung Kwok Keung
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    I watched this. It started off fairly interesting (with a most un-Bao Zheng-like Bao Zheng!), but got boring rapidly when it reached the 1950's era, and never really recovered from then onwards.

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    I thought it got boring much earlier than the 1950's era. It doesn't help that both Bobby and Esther looks really old for the role.
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    They both do look older but I do like watching them together on screen. The beginning was interesting but didn't like the 1950s era as much.

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