Iím moving my family to Singapore. Starting a new job on 1/27. As many forumers here are from Singapore, I would really appreciate any advice you can give as far as finding a place to live. Iím planning to stay in Singapore for at least 2 years.
My plan is to go first by myself, try to get a place in 2-3 weeks. Then fly back to US and bring my family. Is this a practical plan? Will I be able to get a place that quickly?
Work address is 80 Robinson Road. It looks like anywhere too close to the business district is prohibitively expensive. Iím just targeting anything within one hourís commute and close to public transport, also within walking distance of food, groceries, school and ideally parks. Any suggestions of which areas I should look at?
Looking for 2 bedrooms, A lot of places seem to be condos, are they generally high rises? I have a 3 year old so I donít want anything with a deck or balcony, also no swimming pools.
I read about something called an expatriate clause, where you can move out given 2 months notice. Can I demand that it be on the contract?
Furnish vs non-furnish. Do washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners come standard? Beds, mattresses and couches I would want to get new on my own.
Should I get a real estate agent?
In general any other tips on what else I should consider?