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Thread: Any recommendations on a good korean drama to watch?

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    Default Any recommendations on a good korean drama to watch?

    Just finished Gu family book and have a sudden urge to watch more korean romantic comedy dramas. I have not been watching many korean dramas this year but would like to watch a good rom-com preferably of the following genres, rich guy-poor girl (or the other way around), female police officer/secret service agent x some guy she should not be dating (ala City Hunter) or Time travel, the last ones i watched were rooftop prince and the one where the actress goes back in time as a queen

    Anyone have any good recommendations?


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    I'm watching these right now. Empress Ki is the most interesting of them all.

    Empress Ki -- period drama where the female lead kicks butts
    Prime Minister and I -- ordinary girl, not sure if she's poor, gets into a contract marriage with a prime minister
    My Love from the Star -- uh, a man from outer planet travels to earth
    Melody of Love -- birth secret romantic-comedy

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    Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Queen In-Hyun's Man. If you want a super romantic drama, go for the latter.

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