Hi there, recently I've remembered an old film I have watched a long time ago about these Chinese kids that saved a little ghost boy and a little ghost girl or something. I watched this film a long time ago when I was pretty young and I can only remember bits and pieces of it. It was a fun little film about these human Chinese kids with magic powers or Taoist powers that befriended this little vampire/ghost Chinese boy, dressed in traditional Chinese deceased people clothes, and a young/little ghost girl in a white dress. Eventually, the little Chinese vampire/ghost boy and the little ghost girl had to return to inside of a little house/doll house/altar or something, and the human kids all entered the little altar/doll house thing to try and save them. After they entered the little altar/doll house thing, they had to fight all types of monsters/ghosts/spirits and whatnot to try and save their friends. While the kids were inside, some adults and a Taoist master were outside performing a ritual to try and bring the kids back out. I think, eventually in the end, the little ghost boy and the ghost girl had to stay in the doll house because there was a greater being holding them in, and the human kids returned outside and the little doll house was burned and destroyed. If you guys can help me out then thanks alot!