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Thread: Swordsman (笑傲江湖小说)

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    If szfong guessed it right then it is probably going to be Lingfeng who will rescue RWX.

    This is certainly getting more and more interesting. I like the scene where Lingfeng recalls killing Feiyan unintentionally too.

    My guess it's that it is going to be LHC & DFBB vs Lingfeng & RYY

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    My guess it's that it is going to be LHC & DFBB vs Lingfeng & RYY [/QUOTE]

    Mixed doubles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    My guess it's that it is going to be LHC & DFBB vs Lingfeng & RYY
    Mixed doubles?[/QUOTE]

    Seems that way

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    I wonder if Yue Lingfeng and/or Yi Lin will somehow be related to DFBB? I like the surprising changes...

    In the series, in a later scene, for example, I always wonder why DFBB never asked LHC how and why he was injured or LHC never asked how he was able to bump into one another once again.. Or what the living arrangements were in the cave when DFBB was waiting for him to go down the mountain. In the 80s and 90s where TV series had lower paying actors, few specual effects and was much longer. The actors actually did a lot more communicating and left very little unanswered questions about the scenes...

    Anyhow, thanks for another exciting update!
    I have added the part where DFBB asked LHC how and why he was injured again. Since he was so weak he didn't have the chance to ask her what was she doing here

    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    This is getting better with every chapter.

    I assume the Linfeng/Feiyan plot was inspired by Demi God Semi Devil?

    It was very well done, the feelings very real.

    Out of curiosity is Lingfeng's advanced skills due to his innate talent or is there other factors?

    It just seems his skills may be even better than YBQ if he had a chance against Qu Yang.
    Yes! That part was inspired by DGSD hope you liked it

    Lingfeng's advanced skills are due to his innate talent and close tutoring by his adopted father His skills are not better than YBQ. When he fought against Feiyan who was disguising as QY he thought that he would get killed. That was why he hoped that Feiyan (disguising as QY) could help him deliver a message to his friend if he gets killed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chongdong Bubai View Post
    If szfong guessed it right then it is probably going to be Lingfeng who will rescue RWX.

    This is certainly getting more and more interesting. I like the scene where Lingfeng recalls killing Feiyan unintentionally too.

    My guess it's that it is going to be LHC & DFBB vs Lingfeng & RYY
    More will be revealed in the upcoming chapters

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    Default Chapter 7

    The moon was full that night. The grey haired man pulled a rack wrapped with a rug into the premise. As he turned to the left he noticed a figure standing on a stage. The figure was Dongfang Bubai.

    The grey haired man immediately placed the rack on the floor. He turned toward the Dongfang Bubai and got down on one knee. Subordinate Qu Yang pays respect to Chief, he greeted her with his hands cupped.

    Dongfang Bubai climbed down the steps and took a seat. Elder Qu you really know how to enjoy life. I heard that you reserved the entire Qun Yu Yuan entertainment for a month, she commented.

    Qu Yang looked up at Dongfang Bubai, Chief flatters me.

    Dongfang Bubai laughed and responded, It is normal for a man to go out and enjoy himself. Im not blaming you for it. Why are you so worried? She then paused and looked away. Unless youve done something disloyal to the cult, she continued in a stern voice.

    Qu Yangs looked down and replied, Subordinate wouldnt dare.

    Dongfang Bubai titled her head to one side and asked, Then why you dont tell me what your relationship with Liu Zhengfeng is? She walked toward Ying Ying and handed a small box to her.

    Qu Yangs facial expression immediately changed. He looked at Dongfang Bubai with his eyes wide open.

    Dongfang Bubai got up and walked over to him. She extended her right arm and showed him a wooden box in her hand. I found this gift that you are going to give Liu Zhengfeng in your room. Im guessing that this is a secret letter proving your disloyalty towards our Divine Sun Moon Cult, she angrily.

    Qu Yang quickly replied, Chief, you dont have to worry. Subordinate will never betray the Divine Sun Moon Cult.

    Dongfang Bubai laughed wryly. You wont betray our Divine Sun Moon Cult? You became friends with someone from the Hengshan Sect and you still dare to say that you wont betray the divine cult?! she sneered. She dropped the wooden box into Qu Yangs hands and stared at him viciously.

    Qu Yang caught up the box with both hands and looked up at Dongfang Bubai. Chief, this is just musical score, he explained.

    Dongfang Bubai narrowed her eyes and looked at him with surprise. Musical score? she opened the box and pulled out a book, flipping through a few pages. She then turned around and continued, I know that youre very passionate about musical instruments. Could it be that you and Liu Zhengfeng became friends because of this?

    Chief, I met Liu Zhengfeng ten years ago, Qu Yang replied.

    Dongfang Bubai was surprised by his words. She turned around and glared at him doubtfully.

    In that year Chief Ren sent me away to gather information about the other sects. While I was at Hengshan Sect, I accidentally got trapped inside a sacred room. While I was hiding at the structural column I accidentally dropped my little jade flute. Liu Zhengfeng picked up my little jade flute and set me free. He insisted that only a handful of people could play the flute and that someone well versed in music cannot be a bad person. He asserted that sect differences means nothing to him and that he would make friends with anyone who is passionate about music. We became friends after that and started playing music together, Qu Yang explained.

    The two of you became friends because of a common interest, Dongfang Bubai placed the book back into the box as she spoke.

    Ying Ying nodded, Brother Liu and I became close from the very beginning of our encounter. After becoming friends we talked about many things but nothing involving matters of the martial arts world. Even if we accidentally talk about it Brother Liu would just sigh about the hatred between sects in the martial arts world. We have no ulterior motives. Whenever we are together we will just play our musical instruments. Matters of the martial arts world do not interest us at all. How can I even betray our cult? I hope that Chief will look into the matter.

    Dongfang Bubai turned away and pondered to herself. She responded in a soft voice, Its hard to find a true companion in this world. I admire your relationship with Liu Zhengfeng but if I were to ignore this completely then the millions of cult followers would blame me for pampering my subordinate.

    Qu Yang narrowed his eyes and asked confusingly, Chief, what do you have in mind?

    Dongfang Bubai turned around and stared at him angrily. A person in your position should never make friends with someone from the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance! she said fiercely. She paused for a moment and turned away. How about this, if you follow me back to the Dark Wood Cliff and promise not to set foot outside I will consider sparing your life, she continued.

    Chief, to tell you the truth the reason Brother Liu wants to retire from the martial arts world is because he wants to withdraw from all conflicts within the martial arts community. He just wants to live a simple life and play musical instruments with me, Qu Yang explained. Chief, I hope that you will allow me to step down at the cults Messenger and take it that Im dead.

    Dongfang Bubai looked back at him sternly. What if I dont agree? she asked in a fierce voice.

    Qu Yang replied, Then Ill eradicate my martial arts skills to prove my loyalty. A useless person will not be able to threaten Chief. After finishing his words, he knelt down and raised his right hand into the air preparing to severe his meridian channels.

    Dongfang Bubai instantly reached her hand out. With a flick of her fingers she shot a needle at Qu Yangs shoulder, paralyzing his arm temporarily. She hummed angrily and said, If everyone runs away when theres imminent danger like you our Divine Sun Moon Cult would no longer have any capable people around! Did you really think that eradicating your martial arts skills would save you? Once youre in the martial arts world theres no escaping! Beside, you know all the divine cults secrets. Did you really think that Ill let you leave so easily?

    Qu Yang looked up at her and replied, Chief, please dont worry. I have already consumed Chiefs Three Corpse Brain Divine pill therefore I will never betray the Divine Cult Sun Moon Cult.
    Dongfang Bubai looked away and replied, Nothing in life is guaranteed. Ill be more assured if you stay up at the Dark Wood Cliff.

    Qu Yang nodded, Since Chief has spoken, I wouldnt dare to disobey. But I hope that Chief can give me a day to handle some personal matters. Once its done Ill return to the Dark Wood Cliff with Chief.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around and gesticulated that he could go ahead and do whatever he needed to do.

    Qu Yang reached for the rope tied to the rack and pulled it away.

    Dongfang Bubai heard the dragging noise coming from the rack. She turned toward him and said, Hold on.

    Qu Yang turned toward Dongfang Bubai and asked. Is there anything else that Chief needs me to do?

    Dongfang Bubai looked at the rack suspiciously, What is it that youre keeping in there?

    Qu Yang smiled and replied, Its nothing. Its just a dead friend of mine.

    Since its a dead person then it would be alright if it takes a strike from me, Dongfang Bubai extended her hand and shot a gust of wind at the rack, tearing the rug into pieces.

    Qu Yang looked at the rack astonishingly and was extremely worried about the person lying on it.

    It was actually Linghu Chong who was lying on the rack unconsciously. He subconsciously let out a cry as he felt the cold wind piercing into his skin.

    Seeing that it was Linghu Chong, Dongfang Bubais facial expression immediately changed. Her eyes were filled with anxiety. She rushed towards Linghu Chong and stooped down beside him. Linghu Chong! How come its you? she looked at him in shock. You wont diedont dieLinghu ChongI wont allow you to die! she shook his shoulders and cried out hysterically. The cold and indifferent Dongfang Bubai suddenly turned into a depressed and distressed girl.

    Qu Yang was stunned to see Dongfang Bubais reaction. Ive never seen her like this before. The cold and ruthless Dongfang Bubai has never showed any cared for anyone beforethis is truly unbelievable he thought to himself.

    Inside a room, Dongfang Bubai sat behind Linghu Chong and started transferring her inner energy into his body to preserve his life. She suddenly narrowed her eyes and thought herself, Using your own inner energy to preserve his life also means that youre using your own life to extend his life. Dongfang BubaiDongfang Bubai.hes only a junior Huashan Sect disciple. Why are you making such a big sacrifice? Do you still want to conquer the martial arts world? Let go She closed her eyes and pulled back her palms.

    Linghu Chong slowly regained conscious. He was still very weak and could barely move. His body slumped to the bed.

    Dongfang Bubai immediately reached her hand out and propped him from behind.

    Linghu Chong turned his head to look at Dongfang Bubai. He was surprise and at the same time delighted to see her again. Brother Dongits you he murmured.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him with concern. How are you feeling? she asked in a gentle voice.

    Linghu Chong shrugged his head, I dontfeel very well.

    Dongfang Bubai looked into his eyes and asked, What happened? Who did this to you?

    Linghu Chong gasped as he replied, TianBoguang caught the Hengshan Sectslittle nun againI had to

    Its that Tian Boguang again! Dongfang Bubai clenched her teeth. She then thrust her finger at Linghu Chongs shoulder and sealed his acupoints.

    Linghu Chong subsequently lost conscious and dropped his head on her shoulder.

    Get some rest, Dongfang Bubai slowly laid him on the bed. She looked at his face, and lightly pressed her fingers along his wrist to check his pulse. Her eyes were filled with warmth.

    Qu Yang walked into the room. He bowed at Dongfang Bubai with his hands cupped. Chief, how is the kids condition? she asked.

    Dongfang Bubai looked over her shoulder and replied, Hes severely injured. Ive used my inner energy to extend his life temporarily.

    Qu Yang looked at Dongfang Bubai in disbelief. Chief, you used your inner energy to save him? Chief must have known him for some time, he said.

    Dongfang Bubai smiled, I find him very interesting. She climbed out of the bed and continued, Since Liu Zhengfeng is retiring from the martial arts world Im sure that the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance key people will be here. I would like to take this opportunity to meet them as well.

    She then turned her head to look at Linghu Chong. Right now he needs someone to transfer more inner energy to him to extend his life. Otherwise he wont survive more than an hour.

    Chief wants me to transfer my inner energy to him? Qu Yang asked with surprise.

    Dongfang Bubai turned towards the window and thought to herself, Qu Yang wants to leave Dark Wood Cliff. I should use this opportunity to save Linghu Chong and get rid of a spy, She looked back at Qu Yang and said, Other than me, youre the only one who has such profound inner energy to save this kids life.

    Qu Yang smirked, Chief, youre not worried that Ill walk away and not save him?

    Dongfang Bubai smiled coldly and said, If you had no intention to save him why would you bring him here in the first place? Im leaving now. Its up to you whether you want to save him or not.

    She walked toward the door and suddenly halted her steps. By the way, Hengshan Sects Heavenly Connecting Ointment and White Could Bear Gallbladder are great remedies for injuries. I might bring some back. If this kid is still alive by then it will be his luck, she said. After finishing her words, she walked through the door and left the place.

    Linghu Chong gave a small gasp of pain while he lied down on the bed. His injuries were in extreme agony.

    Qu Yang stood beside the bed and noticed that he was in pain. Our Divine Sun Moon Cult and Mount Hua Sect have been battling over a hundred years. Brother Liu and I are unable to stay away from this enmity. Saving Linghu Chong might be a good chance to reconcile with the five sects. This kid here is noble. I must save his life, he thought to herself. He climbed into the bed and started transferring his inner energy into his body. So what if I lose a little inner energy? As long as I can keep my friendship with Brother Liu and play our musical instruments together is all I need in life.

    The sun had risen. Qu Yang had been transferring his inner energy to Linghu Chong from last night.

    Linghu Chong regained conscious and started to choke.

    Dont move! If you move youll waste the inner energy! Qu Yang said.

    Qu Yang retracted his hands and pulled back his inner strength.

    Linghu Chong turned around to look at him. He vaguely remembered seeing Qu Yang at the teahouse while he was fighting Tian Boguang. He promptly climbed out from the bed and kneeled at Qu Yang. Senior, thank you for saving my life, he gasped.

    Qu Yang pulled him up and said, Stand up first. Ive transferred my inner energy to you so that you can preserve your life. If you keep using your strength than my sacrifice would go towaste.

    Linghu Chong replied, Senior, you wasted so much inner energy to save me. How can I repay you?

    Qu Yang turned away and responded, It wasnt really a waste to transfer my inner energy to you. Its just that I had to sacrifice something even more important.

    Linghu Chong limped toward him, Junior, dont understand?

    Qu Yang sighed, Today is my good friends big day but he could be in danger. Initially I intended to go and take a look. But looking at your condition I doubt that Ill be able to go there in time. This is a crucial time, if I stop transferring my energy to you, you will die for sure. I will also regret this for the rest of my life. But if I dont go and help my friend I will regret it too. Im really torn in between and dont know what to do

    Linghu Chong smiled and said, Its not that complicated. Friends should always come first. Since Im going to die you shouldnt worry about me anymore. Senior, please go and help your friend.

    Qu Yang turned around and looked at Linghu Chong in disbelief. Youre not afraid to die? he asked.

    Linghu Chong grinned, Everyone has to die someday so Im not worried at all. Senior, were just strangers but your friend is an important person to your life. Therefore it shouldnt be to difficult for your to decide. Even though I want to live but Im not going to do it in the expense of others. I cant do it. Senior, you better leave now or else youll not make it in time.

    Qu Yang patted Linghu Chongs arm with a smile. Stinky kid! Youre wise despite of your young age! No wonder she treats you differently. Dont worry! Today I, Qu Yang will transfer half of my inner energy to you so that you can preserve your life. But youve to remember that my inner energy cultivation is different from your Huashan Sects. Furthermore, my inner energy level is much higher than yours. These two conflicting inner energies will definitely make you uncomfortable. Do you dare to take a gamble?

    Linghu Chong laughed, Senior, there is nothing I, Linghu Chong dont dare to gamble. But if you transfer so much inner energy to me, how are you going to help your friend?

    Qu Yang laughed loudly, Stinky kid, you dont have to worry about that! I find that were quite compatible. The youngwe one is not afraid to die while the older one does as he wishes. Its definitely heavens will!

    Linghu Chong suddenly remembered something. Senior, did you see my friend Brother Dong? I vaguely remember seeing him around last night he asked.

    Qu Yang knitted his brow and thought to himself, This stinky kid doesnt know her true identity? Im not surprise she didnt reveal it to him either. If someone like her is willing to help him Im certain that he is special. He then replied, I brought you here last night but went out later. By the time I got back you were still lying in the room. I didnt see anything around.

    Linghu Chong responded, I thought I remember seeing him sitting behind meOh well

    Meanwhile, Yu Renhao limped along the busy street of Hengyang City pulling a trolley behind him.

    Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him and shouted, Where are my parents! He reached into his chest pocket and pulled a knife out.

    Lin.Pingzhi? Yu Renhao was stunned.

    Lin Pingzhi looked at him viciously. His eyes were filled with hatred and anger. If you tell me where my parents are Ill consider giving you a quick death! he shouted.

    Yu Renhaos right leg was still numbed. He started to tremble. He knew that if Lin Pingzhi picked a fight with him now he would be at a losing end. But he was not willing to surrender to Lin Pingzhi either. Stinky kid! You can kill me but Ill never let you insult me! he said in a loud voice.

    Very well! Ill insult you then! Lin Pingzhi darted towards him with the knife pointed to his chest.

    Yu Renhao clumsily stepped aside and evaded the attack. After that, he struck his palm out at Lin Pingzhis chest and knocked him off his feet.

    All of a sudden, a scabbard flew toward Yu Renhao knocking him in the chest. Yu Renhao flew backward and fell down to the ground.

    Yue Lingfeng walked up to him and pick up the scabbard. The other Huashan Sect apprentices were right behind him.

    Big Brother great martial arts skills! Yue Lingshan cheered. She walked toward Lin Pingzhi and helped him up.

    Lin Pingzhi turned his head to look at Yue Lingshan. How come youre here? he asked curiously.

    Yu Renhao slowly pulled himself to his feet. So its the Huashan Sect disciples! You guys really want to start a fight with Qingcheng Sect huh?!! he shouted. Your Big Apprentice Brother killed my Senior Apprentice Brother and now you are trying to get in my way!

    Yue Lingshan shook her head. Youre lying! My Big Appretice Brother doesnt kill people! she exclaimed.

    Lin Pingzhi turned his head to look at Yue Lingshan in suprise. Youre from the Huashan Sect? he asked in disbelief.

    Yue Lingshan nodded without saying a word.

    What?!! Linghu Chong killed Renjie?!! a loud male voice came from the air. Yu Canghai somersaulted in the air and landed in front of Yu Renhao.

    Yu Renhao bowed at his master. Master! That stinky kid Linghu Chong killed Senior Apprentice Brother outside a teahouse! he exclaimed.

    Yu Canghai grunted angrily, Linghu Chong! Im going to slaughter you personally! He cast a vicious glance at the Huashan Sect apprentices. But first Ill kill all you kids first! He drew a sword and sprang towards them.

    Yue Lingfeng unsheathed his sword, Let me deal with this old fool! He charged toward Yu Canghai and started exchanging stances with him. Yu Canghais attacks were fast but Yue Lingfeng had no problems countering every single attack.

    Yu Canghai slashed his sword at Yue Lingfengs chest. Yue Lingfeng turned to the side to dodge and then thrust his sword out at Yu Canghais throat at lightning speed.

    Suddenly, a flash of energy came flying towards the sword and knocking it out of Yue Lingfengs hand.

    Yu Canghai retreated four steps back and heaved a sigh of relief. Didnt expect Huashan Sect to have a disciple with such extraordinary martial arts skills he thought to himself.

    Yue Lingfeng turned toward the direction of the energy and noticed a group of nuns walking toward him. They were the members of the Northern Mount Heng. The nun leading the pack was Ding Yi.

    Priestess Ding Yis inner strength is indeed powerful. Junior Lao Denuo pays respect to Priestess, Lao Denuo bowed at her with his hands cupped.

    Ding Yi sneered and responded, Head Master Yu is a prominent figure in the martial arts world and a senior. How can you be so rude to him? she glared at Yue Lingfeng agitatingly. The rules of your Huashan Sect are getting loose. Your master is too lenient with his disciples, encouraged them to cause trouble wherever they go. When I finish my business here Im going to have to go to Mount Huato have discussion with him.

    Yue Lingfeng smirked, This man by the name of Yu massacred someones family to get his hands on a sword manual thus everyone in the martials world has the right to teach him a lesson.

    Ding Yi ignored his remarks and went on to ask, Where is that lecherous beast Linghu Chong?!

    Big Apprentice Brother Linghu is not here. We have been waiting for him and he hasnt arrived yet. Priestess, mind if I ask how did my Big Apprentice Brother offend you? Lao Denuo replied.

    Ding Yi grunted angrily, That animal Linghu Chong colluded with the pervert Tian Boguang and took my disciple Yi Lin away with them.

    The Huashan Sect disciples were stunned by her words.

    Yue Lingshan walked up to her and responded agitatedly, Thats impossible! My Big Apprentice Brother would never do such a thing!

    Ding Yi replied, Taishan Sects Priest Tian Men saw it with his own eyes. There is no way that you can defend him.

    Yue Lingshan smirked, Im sure that he saw the wrong person.

    Ding Yi cast a glare at Yue Lingshan and replied in a cold voice, Priest Tian Men is a reputable man. How could he make such a mistake?

    Yu Renhao limped forward and said I saw Linghu Chong taking away a little nun outside a teahouse in the town of Hengyang! he shouted.

    Yu Canghai snorted, That animal Linghu Chong is a disgrace to Huashan Sect! He even killed my disciple!

    Ding Yi reached her hand out and grabbed Yue Lingshans hand. Your Big Apprentice Brother kidnapped my Yi Lin. Im taking a female disciple of your sect in exchange. When your Big Apprentice Brother releases my Yi Lin to me Ill let you go! she said angrily.

    La Denuo instantly ran in front of her. Priestess Ding Yi, please calm down. We can talk it over. Please let my Little Apprentice sister go first, he bowed at her with his hands cupped.

    Ding Yi raised her right arm and swept it out in an arc, discharging a burst of windy at him and sent him flying backwards. Get out of my way! she yelled. She then pulled Yue Lingshan away with her.

    Yue Lingfeng and Lu Dayou rushed towards Lao Denuo and helped him up from the ground.

    A group of young men walked towards her. One of them bowed at Ding Yi with his hands cupped, May I ask senior is Priestess Ding Yi of the Mount Heng Sect?

    Ding Yi stared at him intently, You are?

    The young man replied, Junior is Liu Zhengfengs disciple. Junior have been instructed by my master to bring you all to our humble residence.

    Lao Denuo walked up to him and asked, Im Huashan Sects Lao Denuo. May I ask if my Master is at your residence?

    The young man bowed at him, Oh, youre Huashan Sects disciple. Head Master Yue has already arrived. Let us all go together.

    Lin Pingzhi decided to follow them to the Liu residence. After seeing how Yue Lingfeng, a junior disciple defeat Yu Canghai he was certain that the Huashan Sects martial arts are far greater than the Qingcheng Sect. He was hoping that he could get the Mount Hua Sect headmaster to help him find his parents. He followed Yue Lingfeng closely from behind.

    Yu Renhao walked to his master. Master, that kid there is Lin Pingzhi, he whispered.

    Yu Canghai hummed agitatedly, I just lost to that stinky kid from Huashan Sect. We need to look for another opportunity to catch him.

    The Liu residence was boisterous. Members of various orthodox sects were there to attend Liu Zhengfengs retirement ceremony. Liu Zhengfengs apprentices stood at the doorway ushering the guests into the manor.

    Yue Buqun and Liu Zhengfeng were drinking and chatting inside a long hall.

    Yue Lingshan rushed into the hall. Father! she called out.

    Yue Buqun rose from his seat and walked to his daughter. You finally arrived, he said with a smile.

    Lin Pingzhi ran toward them. He bowed at Yue Buqun with his hands cupped. Junior Lin Pingzhi pays respect to Headmaster Yue, he greeted courteously.

    Yue Buqun turned his head to look at his daughter to make sure that the kid was Lin Pingzhi.

    Yue Lingshan nodded without saying a word.

    Yue Buqun patted Lin Pingzhis shoulder. Good to see you here Young Master Lin, he smiled.

    Ding Yi walked into the long hall and stood in front of Yue Buqun. Yue Buqun, you better give me an explanation, she said menacingly.

    Yue Buqun looked at her in confusion. Senior Martial Sister Ding Yi, whats the matter? he asked.

    Ding Yi snorted, Your apprentice Linghu Chong took away my apprentice Yi Lin. You better tell him to return her to me!

    Yue Buqun looked at Yue Lingshan to get an explanation from her.

    Yue Lingshan pursed her lips and she shook her head, indicating that she didnt know what was going on either.

    Liu Zhengfeng rose from his seat to welcome his quests. Lets sit down and talk this over. Im sure that its just some misunderstanding, he explained.

    The respective head masters each took a seat and started discussing about Linghu Chong. Ding Yi was already fuming thus she was the first one to start talking.

    Senior Martial Sister Ding Yi, you said that Linghu Chong colluded with Tian Boguang and kidnapped Yi Lin. This is definitely not possible, Yue Buqun asserted.

    Ding Yi hummed, Priest Tian Men and Head Master Yus apprentice saw it with their own eyes. How can this be false?

    Rehao saw Linghu Chong kidnap the little nun and killed my other disciple Renjie! Its definitely real! Yu Canghai grunted angrily. An excellent teacher produces a good student. I cant believe a gentleman like Head Master Yue would have such a disgraceful disciple! Its best that you handover Linghu Chong to me!

    Lin Pingzhi glared at Yu Canghai viciously. He stepped forward and said, You kidnapped my parents and killed so many of my people. You should be the one who gets slaughtered!

    Yu Canghai raised his arm furisouly. Stinky kid! Ill teach you some manners! he struck his palm out at Lin Ping Chis chest.

    Yue Buqun immediately pushed Lin Pingzhi to the side and subsequently sent his palm towards Yu Canghais palm. Two palms collided and produced a powerful burst of energy. They started competing inner strength. Yue Buqun exerted more strength to his palm and subsequently unleashed a strong gust of wind from at Yu Canghai, knocking him to the back.

    Yu Canghai stumbled ten steps back and coughed out a gulp of blood.

    Yu Canghai! Youve finally seen the power of my Masters Divine Art of Violet Twilight! Lu Dayou chuckled.

    Yue Buqun looked at Yu Canghai. My disciple Linghu Chong isnt here to explain what actually transpired. Were still unsure who is right or wrong.

    Ding Yi smirked, Yue Buqun! Does it mean that if hes not here he doesnt need to be held accountable for all that he has done?!

    Yue Buqun sighed and replied, Thats not what I meant.

    A Southern Hengshan Sect apprentice propped Taishan Sects Priest Tian Men by the shoulder and walked him into the hall. Master! Priest Tian Men is injured! he yelled.

    Liu Zhengfeng rushed towards them. Martial Brother Tian Men, what happened? he asked

    Tian Men gently pressed his hand on chest in pain. It was Tian Boguang who injured me! he groaned. He turned towards Yue Buqun and said, Senior Martial Brother Yue! You better handover Linghu Chong to us!

    Yue Lingshan stepped forward, Martial Uncle Tian Men, you said that it was Tian Boguang who injured you. What does it have to do with my Big Apprentice Brother?

    Hes on the same side as Tian Boguang! Tian Men exclaimed.

    Martial Brother Tian Men lets not jump into conclusions. We need to find out what exactly happened to prevent any disagreements between us, Liu Zhengfeng explained.

    Theres nothing to for us to figure out. We need to clean up the house and chop his head off! Tian Men asserted.

    Lu Dayou was agitated by his blind accusations. He looked at Tian Men and said, My Big Apprentice Brother did not kill anyone. What gives you the right to kill him?!

    Ding Yi sneered, Who said he did not kill anyone? He killed an apprentice of the Qingcheng Sect.

    Yue Buqun turned his head to look at Yu Renhao. You said that Linghu Chong killed someone. Did you see it with your own eyes? he asked sternly.

    Yu Renhao nodded his head, Yes! I saw it with my own eyes!

    Yu Canghai glared at Yue Buqun viciously, Head Master Yue, do you have anything else to say?! If you defend your disciple than youre a hypocrite!

    Yue Lingshan and Yue Lingfeng stared at him angrily. How dare you talk nonsense! they shouted together.

    Yue Buqun walked to Lao Denuo. De Nuo! FengEr! Go and find your Senior Apprentice Brother! he said in a stern voice.

    Lao De Nuo and Yue Lingfeng bowed at Yue Buqun. Yes!

    The two of them turned toward the door and walked away.

    Renhao! Go with them! We dont want anyone to let Linghu Chong escape! Yu Canghai shouted.

    Yes master! Yu Renhao bowed at his master and subsequently went after them.

    Moments later, Yi Lin came running into the manor. Master! she called out.

    Ding Yi rushed out of the hall and ran toward her. Yi Lin!

    Master! I thought Ill never be able to see you again Yi Lin started to weep.

    Everything is alright now. Dont cry, Ding Yin patted her back. Its great that youve returned. Do you know where that beast Linghu Chong is?

    Yi Lin wept her tears away with her sleeve, I did see Big Brother Linghu.

    After hearing that Yi Lin had seen Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan became excited. She hurried towards them and asked, Where is he now?

    Hehe Yi Lin started sobbing again. Hes dead

    Yue Lingshans facial expression suddenly changed. Her eyes became wide open. She was startled by Yi Lins words. Martial Sister Yi Lin, where did you hear this from? she asked nervously.

    I saw it with my own eyes she wept.

    Yue Lingshan could not believe what she just heard. She could not accept the fact that her favorite apprentice brother was dead. She stumbled a step back and fainted.

    Yue Buqun quickly ran towards his daughter and propped her from behind. ShanEr!

    Liu Zhengfeng looked at one of his disciple and said, Carry Miss Yue into a room so that she can get some rest.

    A Southern Hengshan Sect disciple carried Yue Lingshan in his arms and walked to the back.

    Great! Its just great that hes dead! Now I dont have to kill him myself and dirty my hands! Yu Canghai burst out laughing.

    Yue Buqun looked at Yi Lin and asked, Martial Niece Yi Lin, who was is that killed Linghu Chong?

    Yi Lin immediately replied, It was Luo Renjie who killed him!

    Ding Yi gave her a weird look, Luo Renjie?

    Yu Canghai interrupted, Absurd! It was Linghu Chong who killed Luo Renjie! How can it be the other way round!

    Yi Lin pursed her lips and responded, Im telling the truth! I can swear under the Buddhas name! She turned towards Ding Yi and knelt at her. Master, I swear that everything I said is the truth.

    Ding Yi reached out for Yi Lins arm and slowly pulled her up. Get up first.

    Liu Zhengfeng walked toward Yu Canghai and said, Head Master Yu, Yi Lin has sworn under the Buddhas name. Im certain that shes telling the truth.

    Yu Canghai turned away and hummed angrily. He was certain that it was Linghu Chong who murdered his apprentice and that Yi Lin was lying.

    Martial Niece Yi Lin, tell us what exactly happened, Yue Buqun said.

    Ding Yi nodded, Yi Lin, tell us everything you know.

    Yi Lin nodded, Yes, master. She paused for a moment and then started telling them about the entire incident.

    Liu Zhengfeng stood in the middle of the long hall. Martial Brother Tian Men, when you fought against Tian Boguang, did Linghu Chong try to help you? he asked.

    Tian Men nodded, Yes he did.

    Looks like weve misunderstood Martial Nephew Linghu, Ding Yi commented.

    Yu Canghai rose from his seat in anger. Whats the meaning of this?! Were just going to let my disciple die in vain?! he shouted.

    Lin Pingzhi started laughing hysterically, One QIngcheng Sect dog dead doesnt mean anything. You killed countless of people on our ship!

    Everyone inside the hall looked at him in shock. They could not believe what they just heard.

    Yu Canghai grabbed him by the collar. You better watch your mouth! he sneered.

    Yue Buqun folded his arms around his chest, Head Master Yu, youre a prominent figure in the martial art community. Im sure that you wont pick on a junior.

    Suddenly, a strong gust of wind swept through the hall. A man flew into the hall backwards and fell flat on his backside. He was Fang Renzhi, one of the Qingcheng Sect disciples.

    Yu Canghai ran toward him and helped him up. Renzhi! Who was it that attacked you? he asked.

    Fang Renzhi was still in a state of shock. He looked at his master and stuttered, MasterIm not sure

    Yu Canghai noticed a piece of paper fixed onto Fang Renzhis back. He instantly peeled off the paper and took a quick look at it. There was a big turtle drawn on the paper. Tortoise?! he crumpled the paper and threw it to the floor furiously. He walked over to the doorway and yelled, Who is it?! There was no response.

    Just then a clear and loud voice coming from the outside said, Chief Yu! Could this be your Qingcheng Sects Wild Goose Falls Flat on Its Backside move?

    From the tone of the voice everyone inside the hall could tell that this mysterious person has very profound inner energy.

    Yu Canghai was outraged by the mysterious persons words. He furiously cast a quick a quick look around the place.

    Who are you?! he asked angrily.

    All of a sudden, a swarm of bees flew into the hall. Everyone inside the hall staggered all over the place trying to dodge the bees.

    A mysterious figure flew inside the place at light speed and stood beside Yi Lin. The mysterious figure was none other than Dongfang Bubai. She patted Yi Lins shoulder and called out, Hey you!

    Yi Lin was shocked to see Dongfang Bubai standing beside her. Before she could even respond, Dongfang Bubai grabbed her by the arm and pulled her way. Lets go! They flew out of the hall and vanishing into the air.

    The bees dispersed right after Dongfang Bubai had left. Everyone inside the hall heaved a sigh of relief.

    Ding Yi suddenly realized that Yi Lin was no longer in the hall. Yi Lin! she shouted astonishingly. Who took Yi Lin away?!

    Yue Buqun looked around the hall and said, Lets go and look for her! He turned towards the doorway and walked out.

    Ding Yi, Tian Men, Yu Canghai and Fang Renzhi followed him from behind.

    Since the brothel house had already been reserved by Qu Yang for a month, it was not available for business. Dongfang Bubai pulled Yi Lin into the premise.

    Yi Lin halted her steps and pulled her hands away from Dongfang Bubai. Who are you?! Why are you bringing me here?! she asked angrily.

    Dongfang Bubai placed her hands behind her back and stared at her coldly, Do you have your Hengshan Sects Heavenly Connecting Glue and White Cloud Bear Gallbladder with you?

    Yi Lin nodded, Yes!

    Dongfang Bubai instantly grabbed her by the wrist, Thats good! Follow me to save someone!

    Yi Lin shrugged her off. Save someone?! she asked suspiciously.

    Hurry up! Dongfang Bubai glared at her impatiently.

    Yi Lin hummed and turned away. My master said that these two medicines are not easy to make. These two medicines can save lives. But if youre intending to save a bad person Im not going to give it to you! she asserted.

    I dont know if this person is good or bad but he saved your life twice. Hes now in a critical condition. Do you want to save him? Dongfang Bubai asked in a stern voice.

    Yi Lin knitted her brows, Could it be Big Brother Linghu.?

    Just then, six young ladies wearing colorful gowns walked out from a corridor. Hey, why is there a nun here? one of them asked. She looked at Yi Lin up and down. She has hair too, she started laughing. Are you a nun?

    Yi Lin stepped away from her, Im a different type of nun! Leave me alone! She rushed over to Dongfang Bubai and hide behind her.

    Whatever it is your clothing looks terrible! Look at ours! Arent we lovely? the young lady continued. Young lady, I find you quite pretty. How about you work with us? This place is way more fun than a convent.

    Dongfang Bubai grinned, Okay. Stop joking. Weve important matters to do.

    Another young lady came running into the place. Oh no! There are a few men carrying swords outside. They want to search the place, she squealed.

    Dongfang Bubai narrowed her eyes. This is strange. How did they find us so quick? she thought to herself. Linghu Chong hasnt recovered from his injuries yet. It would be troublesome if they find him here with this little nun.

    She looked at one of the young ladies. Listen up! I like it quiet in here. It will get rowdy if they come in here. So dont let them come in, she handed a piece of gold nugget to the young lady. This is for you.

    She then grabbed Yi Lin by the wrist and pulled her away. Lets go!

    The two of them stepped into a room upstairs. Yi Lin saw a huge bed in the room with a man lying in it. She started to panic and covered her eyes with her hands.

    Dongfang Bubai took a quick glance around the room. Where did Qu Yang go? Could it be that he did not transfer her inner energy? she thought to herself.

    Amituofo amituofo, Yi Lin started chanting.

    Dongfang Bubai gave Yi Lin a cold stare, What are you mumbling about?!

    Theres someone in the bed! Yi Lin yelled hysterically.

    Of course theres someone in the bed! If theres no one in the bed why would I bring you here?! Dongfang Bubai replied. She walked over to the bed, grabbed the blanket and pulled it aside.

    Yi Lin cast a quick glance at the bed and saw a man lying in the bed. She quickly turned away and continued shouting.

    Dongfang Bubai grabbed Yi Lins hand and pulled her toward the bed. Why are you so scared? Take a look and see who this person is! she sneered.

    Yi Lin slowly turned her head to look at the person lying in the bed. Her eyes became wide open. She could recognized him. Its Big Brother Linghu! She stopped down beside the bed.

    Linghu Chong was awake but still very weak. He slowly turned his head to look at them without saying a word.

    Yi Lin shook Linghu Chong by the shoulders frantically. Big Brother Linghu! Youre alive! This is too good!

    Linghu Chong sighed, If you keep shaking my like this even if Im not dead you might probably end up killing me

    Yi Lin immediately retracted her hands and smiled at him.

    Dongfang Bubai sat beside Linghu Chong. She gently pressed her fingers on Linghu Chongs wrist to check on his pulse. There seems to be another stream of inner energy flowing inside his body, she thought to herself. Looks like Qu Yang did transfer his inner energy to Linghu Chong. Though hes still weak but his life is no longer in danger. She gave Linghu Chong a smile.

    What are you looking at? If you dont want your brother to die, help us carry him up so that we can leave, Dongfang Bubai looked at Yi Lin as she spoke.

    Dongfang Bubai and Yi Lin propped Linghu Chong by the shoulders and walked out of the hallway.

    Hurry! Go in! a loud male voice coming from the left shouted.

    Come this way, Dongfang Bubai turned to the right and hurried towards a corner. The three of them hide against a wall quietly.

    Yu Canghai, Fang Renzhi, Ding Yi, Yue Buqun and two of his apprentices walked towards the area. They stood at a hallway looking around area. There were two corridors, one on the left and one on the right.

    Head Master Yue, please inspect over there, Yu Canghai pointed to the left.

    Alright! Yue Buqun led his two apprentices to the left corridor.

    Priestess, follow me! Yu Canghai led Ding Yi and Fang Renzhi to the right corridor.

    Seeing that they had left, Dongfang Bubai looked at Yi Lin. Come this way, she whispered.

    In the meantime inside one of the rooms, Tian Boguang was busy trying to catch a courtesan. He reached his hands out and grabbed her from behind. Told you that Ill get you! he laughed flirtatiously. Now youll have to let me kiss you!

    The courtesan shook her head, Nooodont do it

    The room door suddenly swung wide open. Dongfang Bubai propped Linghu Chong into the room.

    Yi Lin was right behind them. The moment she saw Tian Boguang she quickly hide behind Linghu Chong.

    Tian Boguang turned his head to look at them. What a coincidence! he smirked.

    Linghu Chong replied frailly, Yes, what a coincidence. Tian Boguang, its just great to see you again. You master is here. You should bow at her and address her.

    Yi Lin interrupted, Dont tell him to come over. Im not his master.

    Tian Boguang chuckled, You saw? She doesnt want me to be her apprentice. Thats good though because it also means that we can continue our relationship!

    Linghu Chong took his hand off Dongfang Bubais shoulder and said, Didnt you agree to become her apprentice at Hui Yan teahouse? You want to break your promise now?

    Tian Boguang lowered his head without saying a word. He lost to Linghu Chong in their last betting thus it was only right that he addressed Yi Lin as his master.

    Linghu Chong continued, Its alright if you dont want to. There are a few stray dogs outside pursuing us. I want you to chase them away.

    Tian Boguang walked toward Linghu Chong with a smile on his face. Sure! We are good friends! Ill definitely help you out! he asserted. He suddenly smelled a whiff of fragrance coming from Dongfang Bubai. He stepped closer to her and took another sniff.
    Dongfang Bubai folded her arms and turned her back against him.

    Linghu Chong snorted, Hey! What are you looking at?! Youre interested in man too?! Go out there and help me out quick!

    From the fragrance that Dongfang Bubai was using Tian Boguang could tell that she was a woman in disguise. He shook his finger at Linghu Chong with a sly smile on his face, thinking that Dongfang Bubai and Linghu Chong had something going. He then turned toward the door and walked out of the room.

    Ding Yi, Yu Canghai and Fang Renzhi walked through a long corridor.

    Tian Boguang exited the room, turned to the right and walked toward them. Oh wow! Since when did this place get so lively? he asked, and he fixed his eyes at Ding Yi. You dont look too bad. Just a little bit older in age. Sister, you have probably never been around men. But no problem, brother here will teach you how to service a man, he reached his hand out at Ding Yi.

    Ding Yi swiftly swept her hand at Tian Boguangs face. Tian Boguang quickly retreated ten steps back to evade the strike. Oh wowsomeone is getting angry, Tian Boguang grinned.

    Disgraceful one! Tell me your name! Ding Yi asked in a stern voice.

    Tian Boguang stepped to the side and placed his hands behind his back. Listen properly. Im the cute, handsome and smart looking, the one and only Tian Boguang, he said cheekily.

    Ding Yi stared at him angrily, So youre the pervert who bullied my apprentice! Ill teach you a lesson!

    After finishing her sentence, she dashed towards him and started attacking him relentlessly.

    Tian Boguang used his swift movements to evade the attacks.

    Let them fight it out among themselves, Yu Canghai said. He turned around walked away with Fang Renzhi.

    After exchanging over fifty stances, Ding Yi leapt to the side and swung her elbow at Tian Boguangs chest.

    Tian Boguang flew backwards and fell on his backside.

    Pervert! Today Ill kill you and bring justice to the martial arts world! Ding Yi immediately drew her sword.

    Tian Boguang quickly turned around, got to his knees and lifted up his backside. Ill take off my pants now! he exclaimed.

    Ding Yi was astounded by his inappropriate behavior. She quickly turned her back against him and looked away.

    Ill take my pants off. Tian Boguang quietly pulled himself up from the ground, and ran off from the area. Ill take my pants offsee you!

    Ding Yi immediately turned around ran after him. Tian Boguang! Come back here!

    In the meantime, Linghu Chong, Dongfang Bubai and Yi Lin were still hiding inside the room. Dongfang Bubai stood at the door to keep a look out.

    Yi Lin placed a cup of tea in front of Linghu Chong. Big Brother Linghu, please drink some tea first, she said.

    Linghu Chong shook his head, Drinking tea is useless. I want

    Before he could even finish his words, the courtesan seating next to him handed him a cup of wine.

    Looks like you understand me better, Linghu Chong lifted up the cup and took a gulp of wine.

    Yi Lin sighed, Im in big trouble. If someone sees me here my master would lose face.

    Linghu Chong looked at Yi Lin and said, You all leave first. Ill handle them.

    Yi Lin shook her head, I wont leave you behind!

    Dongfang Bubai stepped away from the door and walked up to them. You should listen to him. If they see you here hes going to get into more trouble, she said.

    Yi Lin looked at her and asked, Why is that?

    Dongfang Bubai grinned, Because they may think that other than fooling around in a brothel hes also seducing a nun.

    Linghu Chong turned around to look at Dongfang Bubai. Looks like Brother Dong knows me better! he commented.

    Yi Lin reached into a pocket and took out a small bottle. She handed two tablets to Linghu Chong, Big Brother Linghu, youre injured. Take these tablets first, she said.

    Linghu Chong raised his brow, What?

    Its our sects medicine, Yi Lin said.

    Whatever! Linghu Chong tossed the tablets into his mouth and swallowed it with wine.

    Dongfang Bubai shook her head as she looked at how he consumed the medicine.

    Lets look in here! a male voice from outside said.

    Dongfang Bubai grabbed Yi Lins arm and pulled her to the back of a wood carving. The courtesan rose from her seat and followed them from behind.

    Linghu Chong remained in his seat and took another gulp of wine.

    The door swung wide open. Yu Canghai and Fang Renzhi walked into the room.

    Yu Canghai smiled coldly, Looks like the one that Im looking for is here!

    Fang Renzhi sat next to Linghu Chong, Linghu Chong, looks like youre not dead yet.

    Linghu Chong took another gulp of wine. Of course Im not dead. I need to stay alive to play with you guys, he giggled.

    Your Huashan Sect has very strict rules. Youre the eldest apprentice of the Mount Huas Sect and Head Master Yues successor but yet youre fooling around in a brothel. Huashan Sect is indeed a laughingstock! Yu Canghai started laughing.

    Linghu Chong started laughing as well. Head Master Yu, Im at a brothel but arent you here to too? Were one of a kindl! he snorted.

    Nonsense! Im here to look for someone! Yu Canghai yelled at him furiously.

    Linghu Chong looked at him with his eyes wide open, What a coincidence! Im here to look for someone too. Im wondering what kind of woman is Head Master Yu looking for?

    Yu Canghai reached for a cup of wine and splashed some wine at Linghu Chongs face.

    Someone is mad. So my guess is right. Youre here to look for a woman huh? Linghu Chong wiped the wine off his face as he spoke.

    Yu Canghai grunted, You stinking little rascal! You killed my apprentice Luo Renjie! Even if I kill you today no one is going to blame me for it! After finishing his words, he raised his hand and prepared to strike Linghu Chong.

    Suddenly, Lin Pingzhi leapt into the room. Picking on someone weaker than you? How shameless! shouted. Who would have thought that the head master of Qingcheng Sect would do such a despicable act?! But thats hard to blame because youre despicable after all! After finishing his words, he turned around and rushed out of the room.

    Since Linghu Chong had never met Lin Pingzhi before, he turned his head to see who it was.

    Its you again! Dont think that Ill fear you just because youve Yue Buqun to help you out! Yu Canghai snarled. He looked at Fang Renzhi and said, Watch Linghu Chong! Im going after that other rascal! He turned towards the door and ran out of the room.

    Linghu Chong returned to his seat and took another gulp of wine. He was trying to figure out a way to get rid of Fang Renzhi so that Dongfang Bubai and Yi Lin could leave the place without anyone seeing them. He propped his head on his hand and gave Fang Renzhi a long stare.

    Fang Renzhi looked at himself up and down. He started to feel awkward. Why are you staring at me? he asked angrily. Do you want to die?!

    Linghu Chong rose from his seat and smiled wickedly, Oh nothing. I was just thinking between you and your elder apprentice brother who would be able to perform the Wild Goose Falls Flat On Its Backside move better. After finishing his words, he folded his arms and stood in front of the wooden carving.

    Fine! Ill dig out your eyes right now! Fang Renzhi raised his hand and dashed towards Linghu Chong agitatedly.

    Linghu Chong immediately leaped away from the wooden carving to dodge his opponents attack.

    A powerful force coming from behind suddenly tore the wooden carving apart. Dongfang Bubai dashed out toward Fang Renzhi and struck him in the chest her fingers, knocking him out.

    Fang Renzhi stumbled backwards and fell flat on his back.

    Those who commit evil must be punished, Dongfang Bubai smirked.

    Linghu Chong grinned, Brother Dong, looks like were truly compatible!

    I knew that you lured him over here so that I can deal with him, Dongfang Bubai replied with a smile.

    We cant stay here for too long. My master is outside. How are we going to leave this place? Linghu Chong shrugged.

    The courtesan rotated a small statue on a desk. There was a creaking sound coming from a wall behind them. The wall started sliding upwards, revealing a hidden passageway.

    How come theres a secret passage here? Dongfang Bubai asked astonishingly.

    The courtesan responded, Violent fights happen in places like these all the time. For our own safety we had to make an underground tunnel so that we can escape at any one time. I dont want to get implicated in your issues. You all better get out of here quick!

    Dongfang Bubai propped Linghu Chong by the shoulders. Lets go! she said.

    Yi Lin propped Linghu Chongs other shoulder and helped Dongfang Bubai walk Linghu Chong into the secret passage.

    End of Chapter 7

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    Thanks for another exciting chapter!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dongfang Xue View Post
    I have added the part where DFBB asked LHC how and why he was injured again. Since he was so weak he didn't have the chance to ask her what was she doing here

    Yes! That part was inspired by DGSD hope you liked it

    Lingfeng's advanced skills are due to his innate talent and close tutoring by his adopted father His skills are not better than YBQ. When he fought against Feiyan who was disguising as QY he thought that he would get killed. That was why he hoped that Feiyan (disguising as QY) could help him deliver a message to his friend if he gets killed.

    More will be revealed in the upcoming chapters
    Waiting impatiently for the next chapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanks for another exciting chapter!
    Noticed the part where LHC asked QY about DFBB?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chongdong Bubai View Post
    Waiting impatiently for the next chapter
    I am going back to work tomorrow will try to finish the next chapter as soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dongfang Xue View Post
    Noticed the part where LHC asked QY about DFBB?
    Thanks for that addition... I hope you'll add a few surprising scenes in future chapters to clarify their relationship a bit better... The series was way too abrupt in their falling in and out of love.... I think they should have at lease one misunderstanding or conflict before reconciling... which tests the durability of their relationship... This is in stark contrast to LPZ.. Hehehe

    Much appreciate you hard work!!

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    Default Chapter 8

    Lin Pingzhi jumped over a railing and ran along a walkway hastily.

    Yu Canghai leapt into the air, somersaulted over Lin Pingzhi landed in front of him. He quickly turned around and thrust his palm out to his chest.

    A sudden a gust of wind swept towards Lin Pingzhi and knocked him to the side.

    Yu Canghais palm ended up hitting the air instead.

    Yue Buqun flew towards the walkway and landed in front of Yu Canghai. Head Master Yu, youre a prominent figure in the martial arts world. If people know that you picked on someone weaker than you theyre going to start laughing at you, he said.

    Yu Canghai snorted, Im afraid that its you who will be laughed at. You as the headmaster of the
    Mount Hua Sect but yet you failed to look after your disciple, allowing him to indulge in sexual activities freely.

    Yue Buqun started at Yu Canghai menacingly. What rubbish are you talking about? he asked.

    Yu Canghai laughed and said, Your disciple Linghu Chong is inside one of the rooms having lots of fun.

    Head Master Yu, Martial Niece Yi Lin has already said that my disciple Linghu Chong was killed by your disciple, Yue Buqun replied in a stern voice.

    Dead? Hes in that room having the time of his life! Yu Canghai sneered.

    Yue Buqun turned to look at Lu Dayou, Da You! Go in and see if your Big Apprentice Brother is really in there!

    Lu Dayou rushed to the back and entered room in the far corner. Big Apprentice Brother! Big Apprentice Brother! he walked into the room and took a quick glance around. The room was in complete silence.

    Lu Dayou grabbed himself a cup of wine from a table while taking a quick look around the place. He then noticed someone lying under the blanket. Thinking that it was Linghu Chong lying under the blanket he ran towards the bed and called out, Big Apprentice Brother! He shook the blanket repeatedly. Big Apprentice Brother! Get up quick! Master is outside! he continued. Seeing that there was no response, he quickly pulled the blanket aside and notice Fang Renzhi lying in the bed.

    Yu Canghai generated his inner energy and unsealed Fang Renzhis acupoints. His inner energy level was very much lower than Dongfang Bubai thus he had to utilize more inner energy to wake his disciple up.

    Fang Renzhi slowly regained conscious but was still very dizzy.

    Renzhi! What happened? Wheres Linghu Chong?! Yu Canghai asked angrily.

    Fang Renzhi knelt at his master and said, Master, disciple is uselessdisciple fell into Linghu Chongs trap and let he get away.

    Yu Canghai pulled him up and slapped him in the face. Useless! he yelled in anger. He then walked towards Yue Buqun. Head Master Yue, you allowed your disciple to do as they please. Ill not let this go so easily! Well settle our score some other time! he exclaimed and walked away.

    Fang Renzhi looked down as he followed his master from behind.

    Lin Pingzhi stood in front of Yue Buqun and knelt at him. Disciple Lin Pingzhi pays respect to Master! he said, with his hands cupped.

    Yue Buqun looked at him astonishingly. What are you doing? he asked.

    Lin Pingzhi bowed at him and said, Master, I, Lin Pingzhi begs Master to take me as your disciple. I will listen and obey your teachings.

    Yue Buqun fixed his eyes on Lin Pingzhi and said, So youre Brocade Guards Chief Commander Lin Zhen Nans son.

    Lin Pingzhi nodded, Yes. I sincerely hope that Master can take me as your disciple.

    Yue Buqun nodded with a smile. Great! You may rise, he helped Lin Pingzhi up. Its not difficult for me to take you in as my disciple. But I must get your parents approval first.

    Lin Pingzhi replied, If Master is willing to accept me as a disciple my parents will be very pleased. They will definitely not disagree. Unfortunately theyve been captured by the Qingcheng Sect. I hope that Master can help me.

    Yue Buqun heaved a sigh, Were still not sure who is right or wrong in this matter. But you dont have to worry. Since Ive accepted you as my disciple Ill definitely help you handle this matter.

    Lin Pingzhi bowed at Yue Buqun. Thank you Master! he said happily.

    Yue Buqun patted Lin Pingzhis shoulder, Good! He started laughing menacingly. Now that Ive accepted you as my disciple Ill definitely help you save your family. Dont worry, he added.

    Lin Pingzhi replied happily, Thank you master!

    Yue Buqun and his disciples exited a chamber and walked towards the entrance hall.

    Later, Yue Lingshan arrived at the brothel house and ran into the place. She then noticed her father and martial brothers walking along the hallway. Father! she ran toward her father.

    ShanEr, what are you doing here? Yue Buqun asked in astonishment.

    I heard that youre all are here so I came to look for you all. Is there any news about Big Martial Brother yet? she asked worriedly.

    Little Apprentice Sister, dont worry. Big Apprentice Brother is alright! Lu Dayou grinned.

    Yue Lingshan looked at Lu Dayou with a smile. Hes fine? Really? she asked excitingly.

    Lin Pingzhi bowed at Yue Lingshan and said, Greetings, Senior Apprentice Sister!

    Yue Lingshan looked at him confusingly. She turned to look at her father seeking for an explanation.

    Ive just accepted him as my disciple, Yue Buqun responded. He looked at Lin Pingzhi and said, Pingzhi its a long story. After knowing that Qingcheng Sect wanted to attack your family I sent De Nuo, FengEr and my daughter to keep an eye on them and to extend a helping hand if necessary. But in the end we were a little too late.

    Lin Pingzhi bowed at Yue Lingshan with his hand cupped. Senior Apprentice Sister Yue, thanks for saving my life the other day. Ill never forget your kindness, he said.

    Yue Lingshan turned around to look at Lu Dayou. Listen up! I get to be Big Apprentice Sister now! she said excitingly.

    Brat! Lu Dayou gently patted her head.

    Yue Buqun burst out laughing. Alright! Lets go back to your Martial Uncles residence and wait for your apprentice brothers!

    Yue Lingshan was still very worried about Linghu Chong. She gently pulled her fathers sleeve and said, Father! I want to go and find Big Martial Brother

    Yue Buqun shook his head, Youre not going anywhere. Be a good girl and follow me back to your martial uncles residence. Your Second Apprentice Brother and Third Apprentice Brother has already gone to look for ChongEr. Well wait for them to come back. After finishing his words, he turned toward the main door and walked out of the place.

    It was already dawn. Dongfang Bubai and Yi Lin propped Linghu Chong by the shoulders as they walked through the woods. Dongfang Bubai looked to the right and noticed an abandoned shack up ahead. This way! she led them into the shack.

    They slowly helped Linghu Chong into a sitting position.

    Thanks for the help Linghu Chong gasped. This place is so secluded theyll never be able to find us here

    Dongfang Bubai gave him a smile. Little nun! Stay here to look after him, she said to Yi Lin. After finishing her words, she turned around and walked toward the doorway.

    Brother Dongwhere are you going? Linghu Chong tried to pull himself up but fell right back to the ground. He was still too weak to move on his own.

    Yi Lin immediately ran after Dongfang Bubai. Where are you going? You cant leave! she squealed.

    Dongfang Bubai turned around to look at Linghu Chong. This place is safe. Take good care of him. Ive some important things to do, she finished her words and walked away.

    Linghu Chong leaned against a wall trying to get some rest. He was in so much pain that he just could not sleep. He folded his arms around his chest and started choking.

    Yi Ling looked at him and asked, Big Brother Linghu, are you in pain?

    Linghu Chong knitted his brows and gasped, NoIm not in pain.

    Yi Lin quickly pulled a small bottle out from her pocket. This is our Hengshan Sects pain killer Heavenly Connecting Ointment. Ill help you to apply some, she said with a smile.

    Linghu Chong looked at her and asked, Will it work?

    Yi Lin nodded, It should work.

    Linghu Chong let out a sigh of pain, Alright then. Just apply it.

    Yi Lin sat behind him and helped him remove his top garment. There were multiple cut marks on his back. She fingers trembled as she applied the ointment on his back.

    Linghu Chong shuddered and felt like his skin was burning. Why is it that after putting it on it becomes even more painful? he groaned.

    Yi Lin retracted her hand and replied, My Master said that this medicine is good for cleaning wounds but it will also make cause a tingling sensation. After a few hours you should not feel that painful anymore.

    Linghu Chong clenched his teeth enduring the pain. Very well

    After finish applying the ointment, Linghu Chong put on his top garment and rest against a pillar.

    Yi Lin squatted down and gazed at him silently.

    Little Apprentice Sisterdont be angryIll go back and accompany you real soonI promise you I wont go anywhere anymore. Ill be by your side forever. Youre the only girl in this world that matters most to meIm not going to take notice of any other girls, Linghu Chong murmured and smiled in his sleep.

    Yi Lin raised her brows and thought to herself, Little Apprentice Sister?


    Suddenly, Ding Yis image appeared in front of her. Yi Lin! Remember this! All men in this world are bad! Once youre attracted to a man you will have no way to resist it and fall into the eighteen levels of hell! she said in a fierce voice.

    Yi Lin quickly got up and looked away. She then closed her eyes and started chanting.

    The weather was calm and sunny. Dongfang Bubai was standing on a rock in the water right beside the waterfall revitalizing her inner energy. A wave of heat exited her body, releasing a burst of energy into the area and caused the water to suddenly burst up into the air violently.

    A masked man clad in black hood ran along the rock and halted beside her. Subordinate pays respect to Chief, he greeted her with his hands cupped.

    Dongfang Bubai placed her hands behind her back and looked at him. Any news on Qu Yang? she asked.

    The masked man replied, Subordinate deserves to die. There is still no news.

    Dongfang Bubai hummed indifferently, Actually I have no intentions of getting into any form of hostility with the so called righteous sect. But if Qu Yang leaks any secrets than itll become troublesome.

    Loud sound of birds chirping suddenly came from a nearby hill. A group of men dressed in red walked along a pathway on the hill. They were the disciples of the Songshan Sect. This Liu Zhengfeng dares to secretly consort with devil cults Qu Yang. This time hes definitely going to die an ugly death! one of them said.

    Dongfang Bubai was eavesdropping from the top.

    The masked man cupped his hands and said, Congratulations Chief! You have not even done anything yet and the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance is already turning against each other. This is definitely the heavens aiding Chief and the divine cult.

    There was a sinister smile on Dongfang Bubais face. Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng thought that they can retire from the martial arts community and live laughing in the martial arts world. It might be a good thing that they experience some pain. We will just stand aside and do nothing, she explained.

    Strong winds swept across the plain as petals of flowers started falling from the dark sky. Yue Lingfeng sat on a roof playing a melancholic tune on his flute. His encounter with Ying Ying brought back sad memories. Images of him and a beautiful girl playing musical instruments under a tree flashed through his mind.


    I have never really been happy my whole life. When I was little my family abandoned me. Entering Huashan Sect did not make things any better either. I had to strictly adhere to the sects rules and do as I am being told by Adopted Father, Yue Lingfeng sighed.

    A beautiful girl walked up to him and held him by his arm. Now that you have Feiyan by your side, you dont have to worry about sect rules and martial arts conflicts anymore. We can stay somewhere secluded and just play music together, she said with a smile.
    Yue Lingfeng turned around and embraced her in his arms. Feiyan, once Ive the task assigned by Adopted Father, Ill go back to Mount Hua and tell Adopted Father that Ive decided to retire from the martial arts world. We will get married and live a simple life, he said in a soft voice.

    The girl nodded with a long smile.

    It has been said that Huashan Sects Yue Lingfeng is talented in martial arts and literature. A young man like you should not be playing such melancholic tunes. Youve a long way to go, Martial Nephew, Liu Zhengfeng looked up at him and said.

    Yue Lingfeng jumped off from the roof and landed in front of him. Junior pays respect to Martial Uncle Liu, he greeted him with his hands cupped.

    Liu Zhengfeng patted his shoulder. Martial Nephew, from your tune I can tell that youre reminiscing someone very important to you. This person has probably left you and you cant seem to forget her. Its definitely painful to lose someone important to you but that does not mean that youll not be able to find someone even better. Youre still young and still have a long way to go in life. Just remember this, no matter how tough the roads ahead are, you must never lose your confidence. As long as you have the courage to change, youll be able to create your own future.

    Yue Lingfeng bowed and responded, Thanks for the advice, Martial Uncle. Junior will certainly try to change.

    Liu Zhengfeng looked away with a smile on his face. It is hard to find a true companion in life but that does not mean that you will never find it. There is always a second chance. Once you have gotten it you must not let it go or else you will regret it for the rest of your life, he uttered with a sigh.

    The following morning, the members of the Huashan Sect, Northern Hengshan Sect, Taishan Sect, Qingcheng Sect and a few other smaller righteous sects gathered inside a long at hall.

    Liu Zhengfeng stood in the middle of the long hall and started his speech. I, Liu Zhengfeng am grateful that so many seniors and friends took the trouble travelling all the way here. Im sure you all already know that Ive received the imperial courts edict to serve the government as an official. When were in the pugilistic world we follow a code of righteous. However when it comes to government matters, everything has to be done according to the law and protocols. In order to avoid any awkward situations in future when any conflict arises between the government and pugilistic world arises, Ive decided to retire and wash my hands from all matters of the pugilistic world. Of course if any of you come and visit me, youll always be welcome as a friend. However, Ill no longer enquire or interfere with the matters of the pugilistic world. After finishing his words, he cupped his hands and bowed at his guests as a gesture of respect.

    Liu Zhengfeng turned around and knelt at an altar with his hands cupped. Disciple Liu Zhengfeng was accepted and taught martial arts by the late Master Mo En of the Southern Mount Heng Sect. Disciple is ashamed of not being able to glorify the Southern Mount Heng Sect. Fortunately our sect still has Senior Martial Brother Mo Da who is far more competent. From now on, I, Liu Zhengfeng will wash my hands from the pugilistic world and vow never to use the skills Master taught me when Im carrying out my duties in the imperial court. If I break my vow. he paused for a moment, and reached for a sword. He turned around and broken the blade into two pieces with a swift knife hand strike. Ill be like this sword!

    All the sect leaders were a little disappointed to see this. They felt that the martial arts world had just lost another honorable member.

    One of Liu Zhengfengs disciples carried a gold plated bucket into the long hall, placing it on a table at the front.

    Liu Zhengfeng walked toward the table and got ready to soak his hands into the golden bucket. He heaved a sigh of gladness. Once he put his hands into the bucket, he will officially retire from the pugilistic world. He will be able to live a simple life with Ying Ying. It was something that he had been looking forward to.

    Please wait! a loud voice from the outside shouted.

    A group of men dressed in red robes walked towards the long hall. One of them walked straight into the long hall with a silk flag in five colors raised high in his hand.

    Liu Zhengfeng narrowed his eyes as he looked at them. Those men were from the Mount Song Sect.

    Senior Martial Brother Liu, junior comes with a message from Alliance Chief Zuo. He has requested that you delay your ceremony, the man holding the silk flag said.

    Ding Yi walked to the front, and said, Alliance Chief Zuos message came at the right time. We martial arts practitioners value righteousness. Life in the pugilistic world is free and unrestrained. Why leave? If Junior Martial Brother retires it would be a great loss. She looked at Liu Zhengfeng, and said, Please reconsider.

    Liu Zhengfeng just ignored her. When the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance was formed, we vowed to help each other to maintain righteousness in the pugilistic world. If theres anything that concerns the five sects everyone will listen and obey the Alliance Chiefs command. This flag you carry is something the five sects have agreed upon, seeing the flag is like seeing the Alliance Chief. Unfortunately, today I am simply retiring from the pugilistic world. Ive not broken any rules of the pugilistic world. My retirement ceremony has nothing to do with the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance. Therefore this flag will not be able to stop me, he explained. Appreciate if Martial Brother Fei can return and tell Alliance Chief Zuo that Ill not accept his request. Hope that Alliance Chief Zuo can forgive me! he cupped both his hands as he spoke.

    The man replied, Alliance Chief Zuo insisted that Senior Martial Brother Liu obeys as this is for your own good. His name was Fei Bin, one of the senior disciples of the Mount Song Sect.

    Liu Zhengfeng shrugged, I dont understand this at all. When I made my decision to retire, I had sent my disciples to convey this to Alliance Chief Zuo at Mount Song. I even wrote a long letter explaining my reason of retirement. If Alliance Chief Zuo was against it why didnt he interfere back then and waited till now?! Isnt this making me go back against my word? Is he trying to make me a laughingstock in front of all these heroes?

    The guests inside the room looked at each other without uttering a single word. They agreed with Liu Zhengfeng that if Mount Song Sect disagreed with his retirement this should have been brought up months ago and not now. But they also knew that there was no point voicing out their opinions as Alliance Chief Zuo was known to be a ruthless man. Some felt that he made a mistake by joining an orthodox group as he would make a better fit in an unorthodox group, since he acted like one of them.

    Fei Bin interrupted, Alliance Chief Zuo has ordered that this ceremony be delayed. I hope that you will not make me stop you physically.

    Liu Zhengfeng smirked. He turned around and bowed at his guests with his hands cupped. Fellow friends! This retirement ceremony is my personal matter. This Martial Brother Fei is being disrespectful and unreasonable. If I were to change my mind because of some threats how I have face to see anyone again? I can lose my head but Ill not bow to threats!

    After finishing his sentence, he walked back to the table and reached toward the golden bucket.

    Fei Bin clenched his teeth in anger. Seeing that Liu Zhengfeng was unwilling to obey Alliance Chief Zuos commands he had no choice but to result to violence. He generated his inner energy and struck the ground with his right foot, discharging a wave of energy toward the table and broke it into pieces. The golden bucket instantly fell off to the ground, spilling water all over the ground.

    Fei Bin leapt toward Liu Zheng Fen and threw a forceful palm strike to his chest, pushing him backward.

    Everyone inside the long hall was stunned. They had never expected Fei Bin to attack another fellow member of the Five Mountain Sword Sect Alliancer.

    Liu Zheng pressed his right hand on his chest, feeling a slight pain.

    Two other Mount Song Sect disciples escorted a woman to the long hall. She was Liu Zhengfengs wife. A group of people came from the back and stopped us from leaving, the woman sighed.

    Liu Zhengfeng was stunned to see how the Songshan Sect disciples treated his wife. He glared at Fei Bin angrily. You Songshan Sect disciples have gone too far! If you dare hurt any of my family Ill slaughter every single one of you here! he shouted angrily.

    Fei Bin placed his hands behind his back, and said, Songshan Sect will never pick on Hengshan Sect. Neither do we dare to cause any trouble with the heroes here. Were just doing this to protect the lives of the people in the pugilistic world. We hope that Senior Martial Brother Liu will not carry on with his retirement ceremony.

    Ding Yi walked towards Fei Bin. What has a retirement ceremony got to do with the lives of the people in the pugilistic world? she asked curiously.

    Tian Men nodded, Fei Bin! You better give us an explanation!

    Fei Bin turned around to look at the crowd. Everyone knows that Senior Martial Brother Liu is a renowned and respected figure in the pugilistic world. Why would he suddenly want to retire? he said. He then walked toward Liu Zhengfeng, and continued, Alliance Chief would like to clarify something with Senior Martial Brother Liu. He wants to know if Senior Martial Brother Liu is secretly consorting with devil cults leader Dongfang Bubai!

    Everyone in the long hall was stunned and surprised by Fei Bins words. The devil cult was the ultimate enemy of all the people in the orthodox group. Hearing that Liu Zhengfeng was consorting with the leader of the devil cult their sympathy toward him evaporated instantly.

    Liu Zhengfeng roared in anger, Venomous slander! Ive never met devil cults leader Dongfang Bubai in my entire life! Where did you get these so-called secret dealings info from?!

    Fei Bin replied, I fear that Senior Martial Brothers words may not be entirely true. There is a prominent figure in the devil cult with the name Qu Yang. He is the devil cults Right Messenger. Would Senior Martial Brother Liu care to reveal your relationship with him?

    Liu Zhengfeng looked at his guests as he responded. Thats right! Im very close with Brother Qu. I also consider him as a close companion.

    Everyone inside the long hall was stunned by Liu Zhengfengs words. They had never expected him to admit that Qu Yang was actually his close companion.

    Yue Lingfeng looked at Liu Zhengfeng with his eyes wide opened.

    Fei Bin smirked, Its good that you admitted it yourself. Alliance Chief Zuo is giving you two choices. Alliance Chief Zuo insisted that Liu Zhengfeng is one Southern Mount Hengs valuable talent. You just made friends with the wrong kind of people and tumbled down the wrong way. However, if he is willing to correct your mistakes, well certainly give you a chance to prove yourself. Alliance Chief Zuo asked me to tell Senior Martial Brother Liu: If you want to take this option, then within the next month, slay the devil cults Right Messenger Qu Yang and come back with his head and we will all forget about this incident, and be good friends and good brothers again.

    Liu Zhengfeng burst out laughing. I, Liu Zhengfeng would never do anything to betray a friend! he said loudly.

    Yue Lingfeng pressed and looked at Liu Zhengfeng confusingly.

    Ding Yi stepped forward, Junior Martial Brother Liu, how can you be in love with someone from the devil cult? How do you know what evil intentions she has in mind?

    Liu Zhengfeng sighed and responded, Everyone, Brother Qu became friends at first sight. All we discuss and think about is composing music. You all might not believe this but I think that no one plays the zither better than Brother Qu. As for bamboo flute skills, I also consider myself not inferior than anyone else. Although Brother Qu is a member of the devil cult but from the music of his zither plays, I can tell that he is a good person. Not only do I admire him, but also look up to him. Although I am just a rough man but I would never hurt gentleman like him.

    Fei Bin stepped aside as he spoke, You and Qu yang became friends through music, Alliance Chief Zuo knew about this a long time ago. Alliance Chief Zuo stated that the devil cult has been keeping an eye of us. They know that the Five Mountain Sword Sects have been living in harmony and working together over the last few years. That is why they are trying all kinds of tricks to try to hurt us by sowing discord. They tempt some with gold, others with beautiful women. Senior Martial Brother has been a man of integrity, so they tried to cater your tastes and sent Qu Yang to work you with music. Senior Martial Brother Liu! Please wake up! Dont you remember how many people on our side had been slain by the Demon Cult?

    Ding Yi sighed, Junior Martial Brother Liu, were an honorable gentleman who was tricked by the devil cult. I think that you should just end all this by killing that evil demoness Ren Ying Ying with your sword.

    Tian Men nodded, Junior Martial Brother Liu, gentleman makes mistakes all the time. But he must know when to correct his mistakes. Us Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance have always been closely knitted. We mustnt allow the devil cult to come between us.

    Liu Zhengfeng turned his head to look at Yue Buqun. Senior Martial Brother Yue, you are a true gentleman who can distinguish between right and wrong. What do you think?

    Yue Buqun knitted his brow and took a step forward. Junior Martial Brother Liu, being devoted to your companion is good but this evil demon by the name of Qu has obviously tricked you. He knew that you liked music and used that to set you up. He wants to destroy your family as well as your reputation. Hes truly evil and dont deserved to be your friend. If such a person can still be called a companion, then isnt it a disgrace to the definition of companion? In history, there were many examples of people placing righteousness above family loyalty. Even family can be disregarded, why cannot such a big devil and a big villain that should have never be considered as a soul mate be disregarded?

    Yue Lingfeng nodded with a smile as he listened to his Adopted Fathers words.

    Liu Zhengfeng replied, From the beginning we knew the consequences of our friendship. Thats why I want to retire from the martial arts world. Its just that I didnt think that this would be so difficult.

    Fei Bin interrupted, If everyone is like you, desert run away from a battle then the devil cult will be able to do as they please. If you wanted to stay out of this, then why didnt that evil demons by the name of Qu stay out of everything?

    Liu Zhengfeng answered, Brother Qu and I are the same. Though he didnt wash his hands but he swore that if anything happens between the devil cult and Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance he would not get involve! In fact, he hopes to find ways to clear the misunderstanding between two gsects. Huashan Sects disciple Linghu Chong was injured by someone and almost died. It was him who saved his life!

    Yue Buqun was shocked to hear his words. He clenched his teeth and remained silent.

    The moment Yue Lingshan heard her martial brothers name being mentioned her eyes became wide open. What? Did he really save my Big Apprentice Brother? she asked anxiously.

    Fei Bin sneered, Whats so strange about that? They probably have some scheme under their sleeves. Since he had thousands of ways to trick you, he can also have thousands of ways to trick Huashan Sects disciple. Let me tell you, Linghu Chong might probably to return a favor for saving his life by betraying us. Our Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance now has another traitor. He stared at Liu Zhengfeng, Senior Martial Brother Liu, what do you think? Are you going to kill Qu Yang or not?

    Liu Zhengfeng contained his anger and gently replied, Ive said it once and I dont want to repeat myself. Im not going to hurt Brother Qu.

    Fei Bin nodded, Very well then. Ill have to follow Alliance Chief Zuos instructions. If you refuse to kill Ren Ying Ying within a month then dont blame us Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance for being heartless. Well kill everyone in your household, from the youngest to the oldest.

    A young man clenched his fist. Whoever that dares to harm my master best kill me first! he shouted loudly and charged towards Fei Bin.

    Fei Bin lifted up the flag and thrust it into the young mans throat.

    Blood spluttered out from the young mans throat. He fell backward and hit the ground.

    Liu Zhengfeng cried out in shock, Wei Ye! He ran toward his disciple and stooped down to look at him. His disciple was no longer breath. He glared at Fei Bin intently, You are kill my disciple!

    Fei Bin responded with only a smirk.

    Liu Zhengfeng grabbed a stool and hurled it at Fei Bin.

    Fei Bin lifted his right hand and struck his palm out at the stool, breaking into pieces.

    Liu Zhengfeng dashed toward Fei Bin and grabbed him by the throat.

    Everyone inside the long hall was startled by Liu Zhengfengs actions.

    Father! a ten year old boy cried out in fear. His was Liu Zhengfengs son, bore by his deceased wife.

    There was a Song shan Sect disciple carrying the boy into the long hall. Let my Martial Brother go or everyone in your family will die! he yelled.

    Ding Mian! A man must bear the consequences of his own acts. Why are you threatening a kid?! Ding Yi growled.

    The Songshan Sect disciple answered, Liu Zhengfeng joined the devil cult and hes threatening my apprentice brother.

    Liu Zhengfeng sighed, I dont mean to threaten him. I just wish that Alliance Chief Zuo would let us go free. Ill never step foot in the martial arts community ever again! I would never bother anyone again. I will even cut all ties with brothers and sisters of the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance! Well never meet again! Ill take my family and disciples far away and will never step foot into the martial arts world again!!!

    Ding Yi nodded, Thats a good idea. It can also avoid unnecessary sacrifices. She looked at the Mount Song Sect disciple, and said, Martial Brother Shi, please accept Junior Martial Brother Lius request. He promised not to befriend anyone from the devil cult and will retreat somewhere far. Why do you still want to take the lives of the innocent ones?

    Tian Men walked toward Ding Yi. I think that its a great idea too. Head Master Yue, what do you think? he said.

    Yue Buqun turned his head to look at Liu Zhengfeng. Junior Martial Brother is an honest man. Since he has agreed to go into seclusion thus I feel that we should trust me, he answered.

    Ding Mian shook his head, No way! If we accept his request people from the pugilistic world will think that were afraid of Liu Zhengfeng! We cant let that happen! If this goes out to other people in the pugilistic world our Mount Song Sect will lose face! He glared at Liu Zhengfeng, Liu Zhengfeng! You have no rights to make any demands! Release my martial brother now!

    Liu Zhengfeng exerted more strength to his fingers, squeezing the life out of Fei Bin. If you dont promise Ill not release him! he yelled out.

    Dont blame me for being heartless then! Ding Mian hurled the sword backward, toward the womans chest. The sword penetrated into the womans chest and subsequently struck into a pillar behind her.

    The woman collapsed to the ground and died.

    Mother! Mother! the ten year old boy cried in horror.

    Liu Zhengfeng loosened his grip and let go of Fei Bin. His stumbled to the front and burst into tears.

    How could you kill an innocent lady! Ding Yi sneered.

    Ding Mian pointed a flag at her and replied, Priestess, Liu Zhengfeng cooperated with the devil sect and thus endangering the pugilistic world. As the saying goes, good and evil cannot coexist. If were being merciful to someone like him the consequences would be unimaginable.

    Ding Yi heaved a long sigh as she looked at Liu Zhengfeng. Junior Martial Brother Liu, Im sorry that I cannot help you. Please take care, she bowed at him with her hands cupped. She then turned toward the doorway walked away. Her disciples followed her from behind.

    Yue Buqun shook his head as he watched the nuns leave the premise. He walked toward Ding Mian, Senior Martial Ding, even if he cooperated with the devil cult it has nothing to do with his mother and child. If you kill innocent people like this people will start gossiping about this! he commented. I hope that Senior Martial Brother Ding will reconsider and have mercy on the boy.

    Ding Mian knitted his brow, Senior Martial Brother Yue is right! He turned toward the boy and said, Kid! If youre willing to kneel and beg me to spare your life, Ill let you go. Or else Ill cut your nose and pull your eyes out!

    I am with my father! I am not afraid! he exclaimed.

    Liu Zhengfeng heaved a sigh of relief, Good kid!

    Ding Mian thrust the flag into the boys chest. The boy collapsed to onto the floor, blood gushing out from the wound on his chest.

    Liu Zhengfeng staggered a few steps forward, Ding Mian, you won! I, Liu Zhengfeng will kill myself. Please dont kill any more innocent lives. He lifted up his hand and struck his palm onto his own chest. He jolted forward and coughed threw up a mouthful of blood.

    Everyone inside the long hall was shocked to see Liu Zhengfeng sacrificing his own life for a member of the devil cult.

    Right at that moment, a black figure flew into the manor and landed beside Liu Zhengfeng. Brother Liu! Qu Yang grabbed Liu Zhengfengs arm.

    Brother Qu Liu Zhengfeng looked at him astonishingly.

    Hearing Liu Zhengfengs words everyone instantly knew that the man in black was none other than the devil cults Right Messenger Qu Yang.

    You didnt have to go through all this! Because of me, your disciple, wife and son lost their livesIve wronged you Qu Yang heaved a long sigh.

    Liu Zhengfeng patted Qu Yangs shoulder. Brother QuIm happy to have true friend like youdont be sad for me he murmured.

    Qu Yang reached out and clasped Liu Zhengfengs hand. Good friend!

    Ding Mian narrowed his eyes, Are you the Right Messenger Qu Yang?

    Qu Yang turned around to look at Ding Mian. He laughed coldly and said, You are right! Im the devil cults Right Messenger, Qu Yang!

    Yue Buqun took a step forward and got ready to attack Qu Yang.

    Look at all of you! None of you are noble! How dare you call yourself righteous sect?! Killing the innocent! Youre worse than animals! Qu Yang shouted in anger. What did my Big Brother Liu do wrong? He only wanted to leave the martial arts world so that we can live our lives freely and play our music together. Why did you guys have to push him into a corner?! Dont tell me this is how the so-called righteous sect acts?!

    An image of Qu Feiyan suddenly flashed through Yue Lingfengs mind. Brother Feng, I hope that after this you will not trouble my father anymore she gasped.

    Yue Lingfeng clenched his fist. Ive given my word to Feiyan that I will never harm Qu Yang again. A man who does not keeps his word is worst than an animal, he thought to himself.

    Shut up! Liu Zhengfeng is a member of the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance but he cooperated with the devil cult. Thats unacceptable! Its called you reap what you sow! Dont blame anyone for this! Ding Mian shouted.

    Fei Bin nodded, Evil demon! You came at the right time! Well kill you too!

    Ding Mian and Fei Bin drew their swords as they charged towards Qu Yang, attacking him relentlessly.

    Qu Yang leaped up and ducked down to dodge all their attacks. The two Songshan Sect disciples were unable to gain any advantage over him. The two of them finally combined their inner energy while Ding Mian discharged a gust of energy at Qu Yang.

    Qu Yang pushed his palms out and unleashed his inner strength to neutralize the incoming attack. He started competing inner strength with them.

    The two Songshan Sect disciples exerted their inner energy and increased the power of their attack.

    Since Qu Yang had transferred most of his inner energy to Linghu Chong earlier he did not have enough inner strength to withstand their attack. He felt a gust of hot wind penetrating his bones and staggered to the back. A strong gust of wind sent him flying backwards, knocking against a pillar. He fell down to the ground and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

    The two Songshan Sect disciples raised their hands and charged toward him

    Qu Yang pulled three needles out from his pocket and hurled it at them.

    The two Songshan Sect disciples dived to the side to dodge the needles.

    Qu Yang quickly helped Liu Zhengfeng up and flew off into the air.

    After them! Ding Mian shouted. He ran out of the door and left the scene with his apprentice brothers.

    Yue Lingfeng clenched the scabbard and dashed towards the door. Adopted Father! Ill help them to eliminate Qu Yang once and for all!

    Yue Buqun looked at his adopted son pleasingly. Kill him FengEr!

    Ten of Songshan Sect disciples ran along the pathway of a mountain chasing after Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng.

    Suddenly, a black figure wearing a straw hat with white veil hanging from the brim flew down from the air and landed in front of them. The black figure drew a short sword and dashed towards them.

    The Songshan Sect disciples raised their sword and started attacking the black figure relentlessly.

    The black figure raised the scabbard in her left hand to block an attack and subsequently thrust the short sword in her left into a Songshan Sect disciples chest. Her attacks were fast and fierce. She stepped to the side to dodged an attack from an opponent and simultaneously slashed another opponents throat with her short sword.

    The Songshan Sect disciples were no match against her. They slumped to their death one after another.

    In the meantime, Linghu Chong and Yi Lin were on their way to the Liu Residence. The sound of a zither floated in from a distance. Moments later, the sounds of a bamboo flute started playing accompanying the zither music. The sound of the zither and flute blended well with each other producing a harmonious tune. Why would someone play the zither in such wilderness? Linghu Chong scratched his head..

    Yi Lin took a quick looked around the area. Its coming from that side! Lets go take a look! she pointed to the direction of the sound.

    Suddenly, the sound of a loud explosion disrupted the tune. The zither and the flute fell silent at the same time. Silence swept across in all directions. The two of them started running towards the direction where the tune was coming from to take a closer look.

    Brother Liu, it must be fate that you and I have to die here today. It was really my fault that I didnt act sooner. Otherwise your entire family and your disciple wouldnt have lost their lives. I am so deeply disturbed, a loud male voice said.

    We will be companions till the end of time. Theres really no need to explain, another male voice replied.

    Linghu Chong and Yi Lin quickly hide in the bushes. They cast a quick look and noticed Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng sitting on the ground up ahead.

    Decades ago there was a famous musical piece called Guangling San. But no matter how good Guangling San sounds it cant be compared to our Xiao Ao Jiang Hu song. But it seems like our musical piece will have the same fate as Guangling San. Were about to die but theres no one to pass this musical piece to. Are you afraid? Qu Yang said with a grin.

    Everybody has to die someday. I dont have any regrets because I have a life companion like you to play this song till our last breath. Sadly, this song will perish with us, Liu Zhengfeng heaved a long sigh.

    Suddenly a long laugh rose from behind. Fei Bin walked toward them, Since you guys have no hatred or regrets, youd better prepare to die!

    Linghu Chong shook his head and let out a sigh. Looks like Ive to stick my nose where it doesn't belong again, he stepped out of the bushes.

    Junior Linghu Chong of Huashan Sect pays respect to senior! Linghu Chong cupped his hands and bowed at Fei Bin.

    Fei Bin looked at him, So its Senior Martial Brother Yues eldest disciple. You came at the right time. Kill these two for me! He pointed towards Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang.

    Linghu Chong took a quick look at Liu Zhengfeng and Qu Yang. Senior, were part of the righteous sect. Its not good to take advantage of the injured, Linghu Chong responded.

    Fei Bin knitted his brow. Oh I remember now! This evil demons by the family name of Qu saved your life. Do you want to join them as well? he said coldly.

    Liu Zhengfeng coughed lightly, and said, Martial Nephew Linghu, this matter doesnt involve you. You should leave now.

    Linghu Chong propped his hands on his waist. This senior here is the famous Songshan Sect Hero, Fei Bin. I dont think hell abuse someone younger or weaker than him. Otherwise this righteous hero is no different than the evil demons, he said.

    Fei Bin grinned coldly, You think you can just tie me up with your words so I have to let the two of them walk free? Keep on dreaming! What difference does it make for me to kill three instead of two?

    Linghu Chong was astounded by his words. OhI get you now Senior Fei. Youre saying that you want to kill me too?

    Youre quite smart! Fei Bin answered.

    Yi Lin rushed out of the bushes and ran towards Linghu Chong. Senior Fei, the sea of bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand. You need to stop killing the innocent, life is too precious, Yi Lin said.

    Fei Bin glared at her viciously. Youre from the Hengshan Sect?! Youve also joined the devil cult? After finishing his words, he drew his sword and charged toward Yi Lin. Ill kill you first!

    Yi Lin instantly drew her sword to block the incoming attack.

    Linghu Chong drew his sword and thrust it at Fei Bins abdomen.

    Fei Bin leapt to the back and started attacking the two of them simultaneously. He attacked the both Linghu Chong and Yi Lin with deadly stances concurrently. He stepped aside to dodge Yi Lins sword and subsequently struck his left palm out at her back.

    Yi Lin staggered forward and fell to the ground.

    All of a sudden, there was a faint sound of a flute coming from a distance. The tune was filled with sadness.

    Its Junior Apprentice Brother Linghu Chong uttered. He had heard Yue Lingfeng play this same melancholic tune over and over again at Mount Hua.

    Yue Lingfeng spun in the air while playing the flute in his hands. He landed right next to Fei Bin with the flute still in his hands.

    Fei Bin looked at him and said, I was wondering who it was. So its Junior Martial Brother Yue of Huashan Sect.

    Yue Lingfeng stared at him indifferently and said, Senior Martial Brother Fei, Ive been instructed by my Adopted Father to eliminate Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng.

    Fei Bin grinned coldly and said, Great! Ill let you do it then.

    Yue Lingfeng nodded, Very well. He took a step forward staring at Qu Yang viciously.

    Qu Yang gasped and said, Young Hero Yue, old man would gladly die in your hands. If it wasnt for my background Feiyan would be busy taking care of her children by now. Go ahead.

    Junior Martial Brother! Dont do it! Linghu Chong yelled out.

    Yue Lingfeng whirled the flute in his hand and suddenly turned towards Fei Bin in a flash. The tip of the flute went straight toward into Fei Bins chest.

    Fei Bin leaned forward staring at Yue Lingfeng in pain. Huge amount of blood was gushing out from his chest.

    Qu Yang, Liu Zhengfeng, Linghu Chong and Yi Lin looked at Yue Lingfeng in astonishment.

    Yue Lingfeng raised his left arm and sent a forceful palm strike at Fei Bins face.

    The force of the blow sent Fei Bin flying to the back before crashing to the ground motionlessly.

    Yue Lingfeng wiped off the blood stains on the flute with a cloth and started playing the melancholic tune once while he was walked away in big strides.

    The black figure was watching them from the top of a hill. She turned around and went after Yue Lingfeng.

    Liu Zhengfeng looked at Qu Yang and said, Brother Qu, I thought you said that he hates you? How come he saved us?

    Qu Yang coughed painfully and replied, Lingfeng actually hates himself moreHe could not accept the fact that hekilled the girl whom he loves

    Linghu Chong ran over to Qu Yang and Liu Zhengfeng. Seniors, are you alright? he asked.

    Qu Yang waved his hand. If it wasnt for the two of you we would have been dead by now. We have a favor to ask of you. Will you do me this favor? he said.

    Senior, of course I will, Linghu Chong replied without even asking what it was.

    Qu Yang cast a side glance at Liu Zhengfeng and then said, Brother Liu and I love music to the extreme that we spent several years writing this song called Laughing Proudly in the Martial Arts World. We believe that this piece of music is so unique that even in the past millennium there was nothing even close to it. From now on, even there might not another Qu Yang again neither would there be another Liu Zhengfeng. To find two people good in music that can be friends is rare. If this piece of ultimate music gets buried into oblivion, Brother Liu and I will undoubtedly sigh with regret in the underworld. Taking a book out from his chest pocket, he continued, This is the music score of the Laughing Proudly in the Martial Arts World musical score. Young Hero Linghu, for the sake of the great devotion and efforts the two of us put in this, will you please find the right kind of people to give this to?

    If the world gets to know the Laughing Proudly in the Martial Arts World musical score, then Brother Qu and I will be able to die content, Liu Zhengfeng added.

    Linghu Chong bowed and took the music score manual from Qu Yang with both hands, and tucked it into his pocket. Please rest assured. I will definitely try my best, he promised.

    Martial Nephew Linghu, this piece of music not only is the ultimate lifelong work of the two of us, it is also related to a historical figure. A good amount of the melody in the Laughing Proudly in the Martial Arts World song was modified by Brother Qu based on the Jin Dynasty musician Ji Kangs Guang-Ling Song, Liu Zhengfeng elaborated.

    Qu Yang rested his arm on Liu Zhengfengs shoulder. It has always been said that after Ji Kang had died, the Guang-Ling Song was lost for ever. Do you have any idea where I got it? he smiled at Linghu Chong.

    Linghu Chong didnt have the slightest idea about music. Thus he had no clue about the answer. Senior, will you please tell us? he requested.

    I started digging in the tombs of Emperors and high officials in West Han Dynasty and East Han Dynasty. After digging in twenty-nine different ancient tombs, I finally found the music score manual in Cai Yis tomb. It was the same place where I first met Big Brother Liu, he laughed with pride. He paused for a moment and then continued, I know you are the senior disciple of a famous righteous school, and I really shouldnt be asking you for this favor, but in such urgency, I really have no other choice but to get you involved. Please pardon me. He then turned toward Liu Zhengfeng. Brother Liu, we can go now.

    Yes! Liu Zhengfeng extended his hands out as he responded.

    The two grabbed hold of each others hands and started smiling. They gathered the remaining inner energy left in them and burst the main arteries in their bodies. Within seconds, both shut their eyes and passed away.

    Senior! Martial Uncle Liu! Linghu Chong cried in disbelief. He reached out to check the twos breathing but found none. Rest in peaceI will definitely pass on this song so that it does not get lost.

    Yi Lin lowered her head and started chanting.

    End of Chapter 8
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    Mo Da is replaced by Yue Lingfeng... Very interesting... Is Lingfeng going to help Ying Ying to resue her father from the underground prison?

    Can't wait to see LHC's sentenced to prison for a year and how YBQ use his daughter's affections during this time to gain LPZ's trust.

    Thanks for the update, Dongfang Xue!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Mo Da is replaced by Yue Lingfeng... Very interesting... Is Lingfeng going to help Ying Ying to resue her father from the underground prison?

    Can't wait to see LHC's sentenced to prison for a year and how YBQ use his daughter's affections during this time to gain LPZ's trust.

    Thanks for the update, Dongfang Xue!!!
    Yup it's Lingfeng helping Ying Ying to rescue her father

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dongfang Xue View Post
    Yup it's Lingfeng helping Ying Ying to rescue her father
    Cool. So is it going to be LHC dugu 9 sword and DFBB Sunflower Scroll vs Linfeng's Star Absorbing Stance and Ying Ying evil resisting sword?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Cool. So is it going to be LHC dugu 9 sword and DFBB Sunflower Scroll vs Linfeng's Star Absorbing Stance and Ying Ying evil resisting sword?
    Something like that

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    Default Chapter 9

    3 years ago at a forest outside Hengyang City

    Yue Lingfeng climbed out from the hole that he had just finished digging and kneeled beside Qu Fei Yans body. His eyes were filled with sadness and sorrow. Feiyan, youre the most important person in my life. Even though you knew that Im from the righteous sect from the very beginning of our encounter but you never once abandoned meI promised you that well live a simple lifeplay musical instruments go boating and rear horses. Unfortunately this dream of ours has now been shattered by meIm truly sorryNow that youve left me I have nothing to do here in this world anymore, he sniffled.

    He lifted up Feiyans body from the ground and slowly placed her in the hole. If I was not so determined to kill Qu Yang all this would not have happenedI was too foolish not to realize that your family name is also Qu and that you may be related to himYou have my words that I will never ever trouble him again He bent down and kissed Feiyan on the forehead with his eyes closed. He then held a grain of sand in his palms and slowly poured it into the hole.

    Yue Lingfeng kneeled in front of a wooden memorial plaque. Feiyan, I have come to see you. I fulfilled my vow to you and even saved your father from the Songshan Sect disciples today. If youre able to see me from above, you should be very pleased, he said in a soft voice. Tears started to drip out of his eyes and over his cheeks.

    Ying Ying stood behind him listening to his words. Ever since I was a little girl Ive always gotten whatever I wanted. Even Chief Dongfang has to give me some face. Everyone felt that I was the happiest person in the world but somehow I could not feel it at all. There was something missing but didnt know what it was until one day Feiyan told me about her relationship with you. Her smile was very sweet that day. From her facial expression I could tell that she had obtained true happiness. It was also something that Ive never experienced before, she murmured.

    Yue Lingfeng wiped his face with his sleeve and got up from the ground. Why are you telling me so much? We dont even know each other that well, he said.

    Ying Ying placed her hands behind her back. Maybe because Ive heard so much about you from Feiyan that I feel closely acquainted to you, she replied.

    Yue Lingfeng looked at her indifferently. You have probably forgotten that Im from the righteous sect and youre from the devil sect. As the saying goes, good and evil cannot coexist, he said in a chilling voice.

    Ying Ying folded her arms and smiled at him. If you wanted to kill you would have done it a while ago, she responded.

    Yue Lingfeng just ignored her. He turned around and walked away.

    There was no moon that night. Linghu Chong picked up some stones and covered the three bodies. He engraved the words In Memory of Divine Sun Moon Cult Right Messenger Qu Yang and Southern Mount Heng Liu Zhengfeng on a wooden plaque.

    Linghu Chong and Yi Lin bowed at wooden plank three times to pay their last respect. Linghu Chong turned toward Yi Lin and said, Dont tell anything about what happened today. Understand?

    Yi Lin nodded, I understand.

    Linghu Chong replied, Lets go.

    The two of them picked up their swords and started walking away. Brother Linghu, Senior Fei is already dead. Why did you mutilate his corpse? Yi Lin asked.

    Linghu Chong responded, Our Huashan Sects The Graceful Phoenix move is too distinct. The moment other sees Fei Bins body they will know that it was our Huashan Sect disciple who killed him. So I mutilated his body to get rid of the traces.

    Yi Lin looked at him and said, I see. As she continued walking, she accidentally dropped an amulet out from her pocket to on the ground.

    The sky started to drizzle. Dongfang Bu Bai touched the wooden plank with the name Qu Yang engraved on it. A hooded masked man dressed in black held an umbrella over her. I didnt expect the Right Messenger Qu to have such a tragic fate. Looks like a great blood shed will hit the central plains martial arts community real soon. Lets go back to the Dark Wood Cliff, she uttered. She turned around and walked away.

    As Dongfang Bu Bai walked along the pathway, she suddenly felt something under her foot. She took a step back and picked up the amulet from the ground. After wiping off the stains on the amulet and taking a closer at the amulet, her facial expression suddenly changed. She stared at the amulet with her eyes wide open.


    Decades ago

    A group of armed bandits raided a village in Dingzhou prefecture killing anyone they saw. The peasants occupying in the village departed save for their lives. The teenage Dongfang Bubai and her family were among the peasants who fled from the village.

    As they were running, her little sister tripped and fell to the floor. The rabbit in her little sisters arms jumped out and started running away.

    Dongfang Bubai halted her steps and helped her little sister up from the floor.

    Little rabbit is running away! her little sister turned around and ran after the rabbit.

    Dongfang Bubai reached her hand out and shouted, Little Sister! Come back here! She quickly ran after her little sister.

    As their father was helping a middle aged woman and their little brother into a carriage, he suddenly noticed that his daughters had gone back to the village. Girls! Come back here! he turned toward them and yelled.

    The little boy immediately jumped out of the carriage and went back for his sisters. Elder Sister!

    Son! What are you doing?! their father extended his hand out as he shouted.

    The middle aged woman grabbed his arm and said, Father! The three of them cannot be compared with our unborn baby. If we dont leave now were all going to die!

    Their father hesitantly mounted on the horse drawn carriage, looked at his kids once last time before riding off from the scene.

    The little girl held the rabbit with her hands. Little rabbit! I got you! she smiled.

    Dongfang Bubai reached for her little sisters arms and pulled her away with her. Little Sister! Stop running around! she said.

    The little boy ran up to them. Elder sister! Are you alright? he asked worriedly.

    Dongfang Bubai patted him on the head. What are you doing here? Lets go! she said.

    By the time they got to the entrance the carriage had already left. Where did father go? Dongfang Bubai murmured in alarm.

    Seeing that the bandits were approaching them, Dongfang Bu Bai quickly hide her little sister and little brother inside two separate barrels. "

    "Elder Sister...I'm scared..." the little girl stuttered in fear.

    Dongfang Bubai gave her an amulet to her little sister and said, "Little Sister, don't be scared I will come back and get you. Stay down..." She placed a lit over the barrel.

    After that, she ran over to her little brother in the other barrel. "Little Brother is strong. Stay in the barrel and wait for me to come back," she pulled a jade hairpin from her hair and gave to him. "Keep this with you. Seeing this is like seeing me."

    The little boy clenched the hairpin tightly. His eyes were glistening. "Ilder Sister! I want to come with you and protect you!" he pleaded.

    "No! I will not put you in danger! Be good and stay in here. I will come back real quick," Dongfang Bubai finished her words and covered the barrel with a lid. She then turned around and noticed the bandits closing in.

    One of the bandits noticed her. There is a beautiful girl over there! he shouted in joy.

    Dongfang Bubai pursed her lips and started running away.

    The bandits chased her from the village to the woods. Three of them finally caught up with her and closed in on her.

    Dongfang Bubai halted her steps at once. She looked at the bandits standing around her nervously.

    This girl is mine! one of the bandits dashed towards her.

    Dongfang Bubai covered her face with her hands as she staggered to the back.

    Suddenly, there was a loud sound of an explosion followed by a quick swoosh sound coming from a river nearby.

    Dongfang Bubai looked toward the direction of the sound and saw a flurry of water needles flying past her.

    The water needless struck the bandits foreheads in a blink of an eye. All of them slumped to the ground and died.

    A man dressed in white moved along the surface of the river air and proceeded towards Dongfang Bubai.

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him astonishingly. You are she murmured.

    The man in white turned around and had his back facing her. You dont need to know who I am, he said.

    Dongfang Bubai continued, Thank you for saving me.

    The man in white replied, I had no intentions of saving you. I just hate it when people disrupt me while I am practicing my martial arts.

    Dongfang Bubai lowered her head and said, Thank you anyways. If it was not for your needles I would have died. After finishing her words, she turned around and walked away.

    The man in white turned toward her and asked, How can you see my needles?

    Dongfang Bubai looked at him and replied, Of course I saw it.

    The man in white strode toward her, grabbed her by the wrist and twisted her arm taking a quick look at her stature.

    Dongfang Bubai shuddered as she let out a cry of pain.

    The man in white fixed his eyes on her and said, You have the perfect stature to learn martial arts. Too bad youre a woman.

    Dongfang Bubai pulled her hand away from him. So what if I am a woman? she retorted.

    The man in white stepped to the side as he replied, If you are a woman then you cannot follow me back to the Dark Wood Cliff and learn martial arts from me.

    Dongfang Bubai walked up to him and said, I can be a man too!

    The man in white stared at her. This is something permanent and not temporary, he explained.

    Dongfang Bubai replied and said, As long as I become strong and dont get bullied by other men Im willing to be a man for the rest of my life!

    The man in white narrowed his eyes and hummed. Alright! Ill take you as my disciple then! he said.

    Afterwards, Dongfang Bubai went back to her village to look for her little brother and little sister. There was no sign of them. The barrels that they were hiding in lied on the ground lied on the ground. She ran around the village to look for them but just could not find them. She finally squatted on the floor disappointingly.

    The man in white walked up to her. Dont bother searching anymore. You wont be able to find them. In this world, only the strong can survive. The weak will only bring problems to the strong. I hope that from this day forth, you will forget them. You have to remember that youre the strong one.

    Dongfang Bubai pulled herself up to her feet. Yes! Im the strong one! she said indifferently.


    Four peasants carrying a sedan chair on their shoulders ran along the dark street. Dongfang Bu Bai sat inside the sedan chair holding on to the amulet. Her eyes were watery. Little SisterIll find youI must! she thought to herself. After seeing the amulet she was convinced that her little sister was still alive. There was hope once more.

    At the other end of the street, Linghu Chong and Yi Lin arrived at a nearby inn. After a long day they decided to have a good night rest and head back to their respective sect in the morning.

    The inn attendant brought Linghu Chong and YI Lin to two unoccupied rooms upstairs. Linghu Chong handed a silver nugget to the attendant. Bring us some food and wine too, he said.

    A mysterious looking man dressed in black was occupying the next room. He had a short and fat stature with a humpback. Lin Zhennan and his wife were also in the room. They were tied to a pillar on the ceiling. The mysterious man had snatched them from the Qingcheng Sect and brought them here. His name was Mu Gaofeng.

    Mu Gaofeng lifted up a cup and took a gulp of wine. Lin Zhennan! Where is the manual? he asked impatiently.

    Lin Zhennan gasped for breath before answering, Iveno idea what youre talking aboutOur Lin Familys Resisting Evil Swordplay is passed down orallyitsnot written down

    Mu Gaofeng spat, Youre pretty tight lip! Let me warn you! I, Mu Gaofeng am known to be cruel and merciless. If you wont tell me Ill go find your son Lin Pingzhi and show him what Im made of!

    Linghu Chong and Yi Lin could hear his voice very clearly. Lin Zhennan? He must be the Brocade Guards Chief Commander Linghu Chong murmured.

    Mu Gaofeng kept raising his voice asking the Lin couple the whereabouts of the sword manual but turned into complete silence shortly.

    Huashan Sects disciple Linghu Chong, sent by my master and Alliance Chief Zuo, would like to invite senior out for a quick discussion! Linghu Chong said loudly while he stood outside the room.

    Mu Gaofeng cast a side glance at the door Yue Buqun is here? he knitted his brows and uttered.

    Yi Lin subsequently said, Im Yi Lin of the Hengshan Sect! My master is waiting for you too!

    Mu Gaofeng narrowed his eyes and thought to himself. They have a lot of people with them! I dont think I can win! He turned to the left and jumped out of a window, disappearing into the dark.

    After hearing a loud crashing sound, Linghu Chong was certain that Mu Gaofeng had left. He kicked the door wide open and rushed into the room with Yi Lin behind him. Linghu Chong used a knife to cut the Lin couple loose. Yi Lin propped Madam Lin from the back while Linghu Chong went over to help Lin Zhennan.

    Yi Lin reached out to check Madam Lins breathing, but found none.

    Senior, are you alright? Linghu Chong crouched down next to Lin Zhennan, gently slapped his cheek to wake him up.

    Lin Zhennan slowly regained conscious. He turned his head to look at Linghu Chong. Young HeroI amLin Zhennanmy wife and I met aterrible misfortuneI have a few wordsfor you to relay to my sonLin Pin Zhi, he murmured.

    Lord Lin, please go ahead, Linghu Chong looked him in the eyes as he replied.

    Our family treasureis hidden in our ancestral home in FuzhouTell him to take care of it Lin Zhennan paused for a moment and continued, Our forefather Lin Yuan Tu orderedthat the descendants of Lin Family must not open itor else the consequences would be unimaginable He finished is last sentence and fell to his death.

    Lord Lin! Linghu Chong shook Lin Zhennans shoulders as he yelled in horror.

    In the meantime, Yue Buqun and his apprentices were eating downstairs, heard Linghu Chongs loud voice. They quickly turned toward the direction of the voice.

    Master! That sounds like Big Apprerntice Brother! Lu Dayou said.

    Yue Lingshan was delighted. Yes! Its Big Apprentice Brother! she rose from her seat and ran upstairs.

    Yue Buqun picked up his sword and followed his daughter upstairs.

    Big Apprentice Brother! Big Apprentice Brother! Yue Lingshan ran along the corridor, looking left and right.

    Linghu Chong and Yi Lin exited the room. Master! Linghu Chong called out.

    Yue Lingshan was overjoyed to see her Big Martial Brother. She ran toward Linghu Chong and embraced him tightly. Big Apprentice Brother! Im so happy to see you! I thought that Ill never be able to see you again, she uttered.

    Linghu Chong pats her on the back, Silly girl! Everything is fine now!

    Yue Buqun looked at Linghu Chong, and said, ChongEr! Why are you here?

    Linghu Chong heaved a sigh and replied, Master, we bumped into Mu Gaofeng just now. He had captured Lord Lin. I was going to save Lord Lin and his wife but Mu Gaofeng fatally injured them

    Lin Pingzhi immediately ran into the room to take a look at his parents. Father! Mother! he shouted hysterically.

    Yue Lingshan lowered her head, and said, Hes Lord Lins only son, Lin Pingzhi, she said. Father has accepted him as an apprentice.

    Where is Xiao Tian?! Yue Buqun took a quick look around the area.

    Linghu Chong was silent for a moment. Junior Martial Brother went to send Yi Lin back to Mount Heng."

    After putting the Lin couples remains into the coffins, Yue Buqun and his apprentices left Hengyang City and returned to Mount Hua while Lao Denuo was assigned to bring Yi Lin back to Mount Heng.

    All the Huashan Sect disciples gathered inside a big hall. Ning Zhongze walked down from the pedestal to take a good look at Lin Pingzhi. She turned around to look at Yue Buqun, and said, Senior Apprentice Brother, you chose a good disciple. He looks handsome and doesnt look like the kind of material for martial arts training. But thats okay. If martial arts training doesnt suit him studying literature for a few years and become a scholar would be great too.

    Thats a great idea. If our Mount Hua Sect can produce a top scholar, then we would be creating legends for our descendants Yue Buqun grinned.

    Lin Pingzhi knitted his brows and looked at Ning Zhongze. Mistress thinks Im weak and is biased against me. Ill have to work extra hard so I that wont be looked down upon, he thought to himself.

    Pingzhi, our sect has very strict rules that you must adhere to. Our sect has been in the martial arts world for hundreds of years. Even though our martial arts skills are comparable to other sects but winning in a fight isnt important. The most important thing is that our sects apprentices must be honorable. You must never forget this, Yue Buqun added.

    Yi Lin and Lin Pingzhi bowed at Yue Buqun with their hands cupped. Diciple will never forget this!

    Yue Buqun glared at Linghu Chong. ChongEr, recite our sect rules to Pingzhiu, he said.

    Yes, Master! Linghu Chong replied. Junior Apprentice Brother Lin, listen carefully. Firstly, our sect forbids lying to the Master and disrespecting seniors. Secondly, prohibits bullying the weak and killing the innocent. Thirdly, forbids adultery, lust and harassing women. Fourthly, forbids jealousy and killing among sect. Fifthly, forbids stealing and forsaking righteousness for the lust of gain. Sixthly, forbids conceit and arrogant attitudes when dealing with fellow martial people. Seventhly, forbids befriending criminals or conspire with the evil. These are the seven prohibitions of Mount Hua Sect. He looked at Lin Pin Zhi and continued, Junior Martial Brother Lin, can you remember the seven rules?

    I will follow all the rules and will never to violate any of them, Pingzhi replied with his hands cupped.

    Yue Buqun made grimace at Linghu Chong, Chong Er, you remember our rules very well.

    Linghu Chong grinned, Master, of course I know these rules well.

    Then you tell me this time after you left Mount Hua, how many rules did you violate? Yue Buqun replied.

    Linghu Chongs face turned pale. He knelt down in front of his master. Disciple have realized disciples mistake, he said. Disciple did not listen to Master and Mistresss advice. Disciple violated the sixth prohibition of being conceited and arrogant when dealing with fellow martial people. Disciple killed Luo Renjie of the Qingcheng Sect outside the Huiyan teahouse.

    Yue Lingshan stepped forward. Father, you know that Big Apprentice Brother didnt do it on purpose.

    Yue Buqun interrupted, Rules are rules. How can there be excuses? He rose from his seat and continued, Luo Renjie attacked you while you were injured but you still fought unyieldingly. That is something a true man would have done and you should be commended for that. But how can you say such offensive things to Hengshan Sect? Once seeing a nun, one loses all bets. So should I be afraid of seeing nuns too?

    The other disciples burst out laughing.

    Yue Buqun hummed and looked at them sternly. Talking nonsense is also fine. While you were recuperating in the brothel you were saved by devil cults Qu Yang. What do you have to say about that? he stared at Linghu Chong sternly.

    Linghu Chongs eyes became wide open. He was speechless and could not think of a good excuse to defend himself.

    It was obvious that the devil sect is trying to instigate conflict within the Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance. Liu Zhengfeng ruined his reputation and got his entire family killed. You saw this with your own eyes. But while we were on our back to Mount Hua I did not once hear you say anything condemning the devil sect. I think after being saved by them you can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. This matter is the key matter that will affect the rest of your life, Yue Buqun explained. He paused for a moment and continued, ChongEr, let me ask you again, if you ever meet a member of the devil cult again are you going to be treat evil as your enemy and slay evil with no hesitation?

    Linghu Chong knitted his brows and looked down. If I ever meet a member of a devil cult am I going to kill unquestionably? he thought to himself. I dont knowI really dont know He face went blank, he was completely lost.

    Yue Buqun sighed agiatatedly, ChongEr, when you left Mount Hua this time you greatly damaged the reputation of our sect. I hereby punish to repent in the Repentance Cliff for a year, so you can repent your wrongdoing and think the matter through thoroughly, Yue Buqun growled.

    Yes, Master. I accept my punishment. Linghu Chong bowed.

    Father! This punishment is too severe! Yue Lingshan interrupted.

    Yue Buqun glared at her, Do you want me to add another year?!

    Yue Lingshan looked at her mother disgruntledly. Mother! Father wants Big Martial Brother to repent for a year! Whos going to practice sword skills with me for the whole year?

    Ning Zhongze shook her head, telling her daughter not to cause any more trouble. Youve so many senior and junior martial brothers. Anyone of them can practice with you, she replied.

    After climbing up the steep cliff, Linghu Chong finally arrived at the top of the Repentance Cliff. He walked into the cave and took a quick look around the place. Something caught his attention. The words Feng Qing Yang were carved on the top of a rock wall. Feng Qing Yang? Who is that? he asked. He is probably an elder of the sect who was punished to meditate here. Oh, I remember now. My Grandmasters name has a Feng in it and he belonged to the Feng generation of Mount Hua masters. This senior named Feng must be my Grand Martial Uncle then. It takes great strength to carve something like that. His inner strength must have been outstanding. How come Master and Mistress never mentioned about him before? I guess this senior master must have passed away a long time ago.

    He sat at a round table with one foot on the rock stool. Since hes already dead I should not think about him anymore, he uttered. He propped his face with his hand and let out a long sigh. Ive been sent here for punishment because I cant differentiate between good and bad. If I ever encounter a member of the devil cult in the future should I really just kill them blindly? He knitted his brow and continued, Is it really true that there arent any good people in the devil sect at all? He paused for a moment and then continued, If hes a good person why would he join the devil cult?

    He rose from his seat and started walking around the table. That Senior Qu who saved my life and seemed like a good person he nodded. Too bad he and Martial Uncle Liu are now both dead, he heaved a sigh. In future if master asks me whether I will kill people from the people from the devil sect without doubt Ill just tell him that I will kill them with no second thoughts! he said with a smile.

    End of Chapter 9
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    Thanks for the update, can't wait to read Chapter 10..

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanks for the update, can't wait to read Chapter 10..
    I will start working on it.

    Noticed the part where DFBB recalls how she got separated with her brother and sister and ends up joining the devil cult being elaborated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dongfang Xue View Post
    I will start working on it.

    Noticed the part where DFBB recalls how she got separated with her brother and sister and ends up joining the devil cult being elaborated?
    I wonder who's the brother... Could it be Lingfeng? Then they definitely will be on opposing sides....

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    I wonder who's the brother... Could it be Lingfeng? Then they definitely will be on opposing sides....
    I am going to keep it as a surprise

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    DFBB gave her little sister an amulet and little brother a jade hairpin in Chapter 9.

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