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Thread: Your top 5 ancient wuxia series??

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    Default Your top 5 ancient wuxia series??

    Last time, someone advise to create a thread asking for recommendation. Well, there was null replies. So let try this method instead. I know there are other top 5 threads out there. But since I create the thread for the purpose of finding new series to watch. I narrow the setting down to ancient and the genre to wuxia. Please share your top 5 Probably a lot of series I had watch already too. I may cumulative count repeated mentioned series, to see which are the forum favorites

    After waddling through a lot of crap on youtube recently, finally found 2 good series I had not watch before.
    I didn't expect the story to begin like that and or develop like that. Some very good female characters. I am currently watching episode 9. It may replace some of my old favorite. For some reason, I felt as if the story is written better than some weaker Jin Yong stories.

    EDIT: Nevermind, after such a strong start, the story just drag on. Stupid contrive plots to get characters jump over unnecessary hoops.
    I hate -special effect- just for -special effect- sake and if they are done badly. Still don't like the peach garden scenes in Swordmen 2013. But it worked here, I supposed because of the comic feel to it, that everything work so well. The fights scene are great. The story narration felt extremely modern. Some good literature trope done very well. Characters are likeable. If a series want to be modern, this is the way to go, and not like the Swordmen 2013 crap. I haven't watch Chinese Paladin yet, but this series kinda help with my prejudice. Maybe I try some of newer wuxia tv series a try. It is weird to find out that this a legendary director and is the one that direct the Legend of Condor Archer 2008 since I really dislike the -special effect- in that series (after look at West Venom vs North Beggar, I premature decided not to watch it). But base on the comments and reviews, people really really like it. Maybe my decision is too hasty.

    It had been sometimes since I enjoy chinese tv series. The more I watch American shows, the more I stopped watch chinese dramas and japanese anime. But series like these shown that there is something special that American tv cannot replicate.

    Edit: why is the post condense some texts and some words are not displayed after refresh (like special effect)
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