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Thread: Legend of the Sword Demon

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    Chapter 3

    “Ziming, this task I’m asking you to perform requires tact and diplomacy over violence. Only resort to violence if all else fails,” said the grey haired man.
    “Yes, Grandfather. I’ll take your words to heart.”
    “You have to make sure that the feud in Chang’an between the Meng and Zheng families is amicably resolved. Also, find out if anyone is behind this feud. With the familial ties, these families should not be this close to spilling blood.”
    “Very well, Grandfather. I’ll take my leave now.”
    “Remember, you are representing the Imperial Court in this matter. Act accordingly.”

    His grandfather’s words echoed loudly in his head ever since he’d greeted the elder from the Qingjing Sect. The silence in the dining area of the inn had become oppressive and a few of the men gathered had started sweating profusely. Ziming had no doubt that this group knew who he really was.

    “It’s really nice to meet a youngster with some manners,” said Elder Pan with a slight smile playing over his lips. “Why don’t you come and join me for a drink? We can talk a while and get to know each other better.”
    “All right, Elder,” replied Ziming as he stood and made his way over to the old man’s table.
    Ziming poured wine for himself and Elder Pan and offered one of the cups to the old man. “What shall we drink to?” he asked.
    “How about long life and successful endeavours,” replied the Elder.
    “That’s sounds like a very good toast. To long life and successful endeavours. Cheers.” said Ziming and quickly drained his cup. Elder Pan followed suit and firmly slammed the cup back down on the table.
    “Let’s get down to business then. You are protecting someone our Leader has wanted to meet for a long time now. How do you think we should handle this situation?”

    Ziming was silent as he surveyed the room. Besides Elder Pan, there were eight other Qingjing Sect members in the room. He wasn’t sure how good their martial arts were, but he knew he’d have no problem if he was alone. With him having to protect the priest his attention would be divided and a fight wasn’t the best option at the moment. I’ll have to bluff and use my father and grandfather’s names to get out of this.
    “Elder, I am escorting the Reverend under orders from my Grandfather. He is going to meet with Father and Uncle in Chang’an tomorrow. Would it be possible for you to let us rest the night and be on our way in the morning as a favour to them?” said Ziming in a calm voice.

    Elder Pan had been quietly calculating the odds of actually being successful. They weren’t good. If it had been anyone else he may have tried to take the priest by force. If the Heaven Lake Sect was involved and Old Elder Wang’s two sons were in Chang’an, they would destroy Qingjing Sect if any harm befell this young man. “As a favour to your esteemed Grandfather, I’ll let you fulfill your task. Please make sure that he knows about the generosity that was shown to you.” Standing, Elder Pan cupped his hands respectfully. “Goodbye, young man. Let’s go.” With that the rest of the men followed him out into the night.
    “That was too easy,” said Ziming to Shuanghe. “We have to stay vigilant throughout the night. Who knows what that sly old fox will try?”

    Looking around the now mostly deserted room, Ziming noticed a person sitting in one of the tables farthest from the door. He hadn’t noticed this person earlier and would’ve noticed anyone coming in after them. The person was dressed in a purple outfit and had their back towards them. He couldn’t make out if this was a man or woman.
    “You Old Scoundrel! You just had to get yourself a younger escort, didn’t you?” The woman's voice seemed to be directed at Shuanghe.
    “Ah, Yanyu, it seems that you finally got here,” said Shuanghe in a soft voice.
    “You sly old man. You knew that I was watching while this youngster saved you. I’ve been following you two since then and wanted to see how you’d get out of this predicament.”
    Ziming was stunned. He’d had no idea that this woman had been watching. He hadn’t even sensed her presence.
    “Well, what do you think Yanyu? Did the youngster handle the situation deftly or not?”
    Turning to face the two men, Yanyu flashed them a dazzling smile. “If I didn’t know that he wasn't sent by Wang Qi to escort you or that his father and uncle were both still in Karakorum training the Khan’s personal guard, I might have believed every word he just said to that old fool .”
    Ziming could only stare with his mouth hanging open in disbelief when he saw the woman in front of him. “It…it cannot be…I don’t believe…Mother?” he stammered. His mother had supposedly died when he was just three years old. That is what everyone had told him. Now, she was here standing right in front of him…or so he thought.
    The woman looked at him with compassion filling her eyes. “No, Ziming, she died twenty years ago fighting the Wolves of Zhongnan. I am her sister, your aunt, Sheng Yanyu.”
    Sitting down heavily, Ziming hurriedly drank two cups of wine. “I really thought you were her.”
    “We were identical twins. I was older by a few minutes. I was away travelling with my Teacher and I was too late to save her life.”
    “Aunty, are you saying that Qingjing Sect is responsible for Mother’s death?” asked Ziming in a soft voice.
    “Ziming, we both have responsibilities right now. When this is over, meet me in Luoyang in ten days time and I’ll tell you what happened. Right now I have to make sure that this Old Scoundrel gets to Dengfeng safely. The leader of the Kunlun Sect has traveled to meet with the Abbot of Shaolin and is expecting him to be there.”
    “I suspect that Qingjing might try to sneak back and get the Reverend later tonight. How are you going to get him out of the town?”

    “I have a few horses saddled and waiting just outside town. If I take him now and head back on the road towards the river, we can get a boat back down river. He’ll be safe with me,” said Sheng Yanyu. “You should also leave as quickly as possible. I have it from a reliable source that a division of men from the 72 Demon’s Sect will be arriving here soon. You don’t want to face too many opponents alone, no matter how highly skilled you are.”

    “Just listen to you youngsters. Talking about me as if I wasn’t even here!” said Shuanghe sharply.
    “If you had waited for me at the place you should have none of us would be in this mess!” snapped Sheng Yanyu.
    “Hmph!” snorted Shuanghe. “You young ones have no respect for your elders.”
    “Reverend, I respected you enough to save you,” said Ziming in a contrite voice.
    “Hmm, you do have a valid point…”
    “Enough of this chit chat! Ziming, do not take any rash action alone. Make sure you get to Chang’an on time to help mediate the situation between those two families. Old Scoundrel, let’s be on our way. We don’t want to keep the Abbot of Shaolin waiting, now do we?” said Sheng Yanyu with a soft chuckle. “I’ll see you in Luoyang in ten days, Ziming.”
    “Goodbye and thank you for your kindness, young man. You will always have my gratitude,” said Shuanghe, cupping his hands respectfully towards Ziming.
    “Goodbye and have a safe journey,” replied Ziming, returning the show of respect.
    Sheng Yanyu grabbed one of Shuanghe’s arms and using her lightness skill propelled the two of them rapidly into the darkness.

    Ziming tirelessly paced in circles around the room trying to anticipate what type of treachery Elder Pan was attempting. After learning that Qingjing Sect was involved in his mother’s death he sorely wanted to kill the group of men he knew were still in the area. They were more than likely at the old abandoned temple on the outskirts of the town. He knew that the Qingjing Sect really wanted to take the old priest and if they could get away with killing him and pushing the blame onto a different sect or group it would divert his father and grandfather’s focus from the real culprits.
    He decided. He was going to go to the old temple and get some revenge for his mother. It would be a start until he got the full story from his Aunt. He ran out of the inn and mounted his horse. He swiftly travelled the few li towards the outskirts of the town on horseback. Dismounting a ways off, he tethered his horse in a nearby clearing and using his lightness skill to quickly and quietly approach the old temple.

    While Ziming was approaching, Elder Pan was secretly meeting with a division leader from the 72 Demon’s Sect.
    “Brother He, I hope that you understand our predicament. Qingjing Sect has to maintain an air of righteousness so I cannot go back on my word, but we have to capture the priest to find the location of the sword. As our Sect’s are working together, I need for you and your men to go and get the priest away from Wang Ziming. Killing him in the process would be the best outcome for all of us,” said Elder Pan.
    “No problem,” said He Ping confidently. “Elder, you don’t have to worry; my men and I will capture the priest and make sure that Wang Ziming doesn’t live to tell about it. We’ll attack them right before dawn and meet you at the Flower Garden in Baling City by nightfall.”
    “Goodbye and good luck to you,” said Elder Pan as he and his men made ready to leave.

    “Not so fast Elder Pan,” said Ziming in a loud voice as he stepped from the shadows. He’d tried to be diplomatic and peaceful as his grandfather had asked. It was time to take action and he was quivering in anticipation. He hadn’t decided how he’d kill these men yet. Would he use his Frost Palms or the Unseen Blades against these men? The Heaven Lake Sect was renowned for their extreme yin martial arts and the Frost Palms and Blizzard Sabre were feared throughout the martial realm. Even more feared was the secretive and vicious Unseen Blades. If the men inside the temple had known that their opponent was the grandson of the leader of the Heaven Lake Sect, they would have tried to run by now. It seemed that Elder Pan had not told these men who their opponent really was.

    When Elder Pan saw Ziming stepping from the shadows, his face blanched in fear. What was this young man doing here? Could he have figured out that they were trying to use an underhanded method to kill him? Looking at He Ping he was at a loss for words.
    “Who are you and what do you want?” roared He Ping.
    “Me, I’m just a lowly junior unworthy of mention on my way to Chang’an who happened to meet with esteemed elders from Qingjing and the 72 Demon’s Sect. I just wanted to ask Elder Pan a question before I go and get some sleep if that is all right with you, Elder,” replied Ziming.
    “What is your question?” asked Elder Pan in a tremulous voice. He was very afraid and his hands were shaking in fear. He tried to hide this by clasping them behind his back. Both Ziming and He Ping noticed this. Their reactions were totally opposite to this open display of fear. Ziming had a slight smile on his face and He Ping had a concerned frown on his.

    “Were you involved in my mother’s death?” As he spoke, he started circulating his internal energy. The Celestial Ice was a formidable inner skill and Ziming had cultivated this skill intensely and as such had deep reserves of energy available to him. The men closest to him were surprised by the sudden drop in temperature around them and they tried to warn the ones closest to them. At the moment there were only six other men in the courtyard besides Ziming. By his count there should be nineteen or twenty men unaccounted for. He could sense them in one of the dilapidated rooms. It seemed that they were either sleeping or chatting with each other.
    “Who was your mother?” asked Elder Pan.
    “You knew her as Madam Wang, Sheng Yanjin.”
    At the mention of the name, Elder Pan visibly started shaking and started moving backwards.

    “Who the hell is Sheng Yanjin?” asked He Ping loudly. He’d noticed the terror that crept into the elder from Qingjing’s face so he was trying to alert the rest of the men by speaking loudly, hoping that someone would come out to see what the commotion was about.
    Ignoring him, Ziming kept his focus on Elder Pan. “If you’d just tried to kill me, I would’ve given you a quick, merciful death. For your involvement in my mother’s death though, you will die slow and painfully.” Ziming’s usual calm, bored demeanor had changed. He had a terrible look on his face. This was the look of the Lone Snow Dragon in all his fury. He Ping had felt the cold, murderous aura intensifying as this young man faced this renowned Elder.

    Looking at He Ping, Ziming just slowly shook his head. “He didn’t tell you who I was did he?” he asked chuckling softly. “I’ll let you know who is going to kill you and everyone here tonight.” He pulled back his outer robe and let He Ping see the jade token hanging from his waist.
    Recognition entered the eyes of He Ping and he glared furiously at Elder Pan. “So you would sacrifice your allies in an attempt to capture an old priest under the Lone Snow Dragon’s protection! I should expect no less from one of the Wolves of Zhongnan. You have been long known for your underhanded methods in dealing with enemies. I see that extends to your allies as well. So much for your Sect’s claim to being righteous!” said He Ping loudly.
    Ziming had noticed that one of He Ping’s subordinates had run off to the large dilapidated room presumably to get the other men while his leader had been raving at Elder Pan. This was a good thing. It meant that all the men would be present and he wouldn’t have to go looking for them.

    As the men swarmed out of the room with their weapons in their hands, Ziming started laughing. The two older men looked at him in shock. In their minds, they had just gained the upper hand in this confrontation. Little did they know that Ziming was waiting for this.
    “Good, now that everyone’s here, let’s cut the bullshit,” said Ziming.
    The two older men looked at each other in confusion. Was this young man crazy or just supremely confident in his ability to kill all twenty five of them? They had both previously noticed the drop in temperature and were concerned by this. They didn’t know that this was an effect caused by Ziming circulating his internal energy.
    The remaining men had surrounded Ziming and were waiting for the order to attack. They all felt the cold air and were starting to get sluggish. “I’ll save you for last Elder Pan,” said Ziming as he moved. He’d decided to use the Unseen Blades in this situation and was confident that he could quickly dispatch these men.
    The Unseen Blades was a unique skill developed by Wang Qi and he’d only taught it to Ziming and one of his granddaughters. He’d figured out a way to use his Celestial Ice Skill as an external weapon. The blades were made entirely by converting inner energy into invisible saber energy. Invisible to the naked eye, this invisible energy was very powerful yet also allowed the user to execute nimble attacks. To use this skill one would have to have deeply cultivated their inner energy.
    In the now freezing air, the men surrounding Ziming could see wisps of what seemed to be fog appearing in the air. The wisps were surrounding him and were undulating and writhing as if alive.
    In an instant the wisps sped and punched through twenty four of the men’s chests, instantly rupturing their hearts. Wordlessly, they dropped to the ground as the blood spraying from their bodies created a fine scarlet mist in the moonlit night. Elder Pan recoiled from the sight as Ziming made his way towards the terrified old man.
    “I…I’m so…I’m sorry about…” stammered the old man.
    “Too late now,” said Ziming, sounding bored once again. “I promised you a slow death, but I have to get to Chang’an, so I’ll let you have a taste of my Frozen Palms.” Ziming sped forward and struck the terrified old man directly on the chest instantly freezing his blood vessels and internal organs. The old man was frozen in place somewhere between life and death. His second strike shattered Elder Pan’s frozen body into thousands of little pieces. As Ziming surveyed the carnage around him the sun was just starting to claw its way up over the eastern horizon. The scarlet sky and the black shadows made for a macabre scene. Sighing loudly, Ziming turned and started walking away from the courtyard.

    “My, what a brutally efficient way to dispense with your enemies!” The disembodied angelic voice floated on the air and this surprised Ziming. He hadn’t felt anyone approaching.
    “Who are you and what business do you have with me?” asked Ziming.
    “Why do you care? You’re going to die here,” said the angelic voice.
    “Really? Who is going to kill me?” asked Ziming chuckling softly.
    “You were facing weak opponents just now. You won’t get that chance with me!” replied the angelic voice.
    “If you’re so sure about killing me, why are you hiding in the shadows? Why don’t you show yourself?”
    “I’ve been beside you this whole time,” came the reply from right next to him.
    Ever since this voice had started speaking to him, Ziming had been hyper vigilant. He hadn’t let his guard down for an instant. How had this “person” been able to approach him so swiftly and silently?
    “Just who are you really? Are you a human or a ghost?” asked Ziming in a loud voice tying not to show the fear that was starting to creep into him.
    A ravishing mature woman of indeterminable age stood before him. She had a milky complexion with a beautiful oval-shaped face, heavy-lashed eyes the color of thunderclouds and straight waist length black hair that was streaked with silver and tied by a grey ribbon. She was slender and full breasted wearing a simple grey robe that had scarlet flowers embroidered on the collar, cuffs and hem of the robe.

    “Blood Orchid!” said Ziming softly as recognition flooded his eyes.

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    Very well done. Good way of building up mystery and anticipation of action.

    I like how you've woven in political intrigue into your story, adds another layer to it.

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    To all readers
    I was wondering if you guys wanted a plot or character driven story. If I advance the plot, there won't be any real character building until the Sword Demon is introduced. If I build characters, the wait for the Sword Demon gets longer.

    Let me know your thoughts on the subject!!

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    ​Chapter 4

    Jinfeng was tired. They’d spent a long night watching the Qingjing Sect and her mind was whirling with all the new information they’d gathered. At dawn she’d decided that they needed some rest, so along with Ma Sidi, she’d returned to the Xinglong Inn.

    Before going up to their rooms, they met briefly with Mister Wen and filled him in on the death of Master Tang and she asked for a pot of tea and some water to wash with. He also had a message for Jinfeng which she took up to her room with her.
    Unrolling the small piece of paper she opened it and recognized her father’s writing. “Jinfeng, your mother and I are on our way to Dengfeng. Do not worry about us. Be very careful. There are rumours that all is not what it seems in Chang’an.” With a small smile on her lips, she thought about all that had transpired the previous night.

    They were eavesdropping on the Qingjing Sect and before they could leave they noticed a group of men stealthily approaching Elder Fang’s rooms. The two of them masked their presence and stayed where they were. They noticed that one of the men was dressed in refined clothing. He was about forty years old and he was accompanied by some fierce looking men with the sides of their heads shaved. Mongols?! Also in the group was Wei Tianguang.

    “This is really getting complicated!” thought Jinfeng while she glanced at Ma Sidi questioningly. The two of them were silent as the newcomers knocked quietly at Elder Fang’s door.
    “Ah, Brother Banshan,” said Elder Fang after opening the door, “so good of you to come.”
    “What was so urgent that we had to meet now?” asked Zheng Banshan.
    “I needed to meet with everyone to get an update on how things are progressing so far,” said Elder Fang. Looking at the Mongolian men he cupped his hands in respect. “It is good to finally meet the emissaries from “The Benefactor”. I am Fang Renzhi. Please come in,” he said gesturing for the new arrivals to enter his room.
    As Jinfeng watched, she was quietly gauging the strength of these men. She noticed that the Mongol newcomers had a vigorous yet cold inner energy and were surprisingly stronger than the rest. All but Elder Fang.
    “It is good to finally meet you Elder Fang,” said one of the Mongols. He spoke the Han tongue fluently, yet with a heavy accent. “I am Zhao Yishang and this is my junior, Qian Erbai. It is a great honour to meet one of the Wolves of Zhongnan. Your fame has spread far and wide. Our Master sent us to make sure that this undertaking goes well.”
    “Ah, that is good. We have been making progress,” said Elder Fang. “Please sit as Brother Zheng fills you in on the details.”

    Zheng Banshan poured wine for everyone seated at the table and finally sat down. “To successful endeavours! Cheers!” The men quickly drank the wine and he cleared his throat loudly. “As you know, we, the 72 Demon’s, have been working with the Qingjing Sect in our endeavour to unite the martial realm. We fabricated this feud between my family and the Meng’s because it was the only way to get the three powerful sects together in one place.” Pausing, he looked at Wei Tianguang. “Brother Wei spotted the Little Black Blood, Ma Sidi, entering Chang’an early this morning and Elder Fang has met with the Ever-Coiled Snake and the Heavenly Fairy. I have personally met with the Twin Dragons of Jade Dragon Mountain. So as of right now, we have two of our three targets here.”

    “I received word earlier that my junior, Pan Renjie, is in pursuit of and will soon capture that old priest, Shuanghe and also kill Wang Ziming. With the death of the heir to the Heaven Lake Sect and also the poisoning of the Jade Dragon Sect disciple’s we should be able to keep these three busy fighting each other so that we can move ahead unhindered,” said Elder Fang.
    “Good! It seems as if everything on your end is coming together nicely. What about Shaolin and Kunlun?” asked Qian Erbai in an oddly feminine voice.
    At the sound of his voice, Jinfeng almost burst out laughing. She struggled to get herself composed as Ma Sidi glared at her furiously.
    “Those two will be left for last,” replied Elder Fang. “We don’t have the strength or manpower to take them on individually yet. If they combine their forces, it would spell doom for our undertaking. They are viewed as the leaders of the martial realm and not many would dare offend them.”

    “We bring news too,” said Zhao Yishang. “Our forces have taken Sichuan province and most of the forces that took Dali are loyal to our Master. Let Yue Peiyu know that he is free to subjugate Emei and the other smaller sects and clans in the area at his convenience. Our forces will make sure that this happens without any problems.”
    “Please thank “The Benefactor” on behalf of our Sects. We appreciate his support in our endeavour,” said Elder Fang as he stood. This signaled the end of the meeting and the men quietly left the room.
    Jinfeng and Ma Sidi silently followed the men as they left. The two weren’t saying anything to one another. They were both trying to process the information they’d just overheard.

    The knock on the door signaled the arrival of the waiter with her tea and water for washing. Jinfeng opened the door and let the young man in. She noticed that it was the same young man that had been their guide the previous night. He placed the tray on the table and stood and stared at Jinfeng.
    “Do I have something on my face?” she asked.
    Blushing furiously, the young man averted his gaze. “No Young Mistress. It’s just that I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you,” he said nervously.
    Not in the mood for flirting, Jinfeng turned her back on him. “Thank you that will be all.” Inwardly, she was very happy at this young man’s comments. It had been a while since someone had told her that she was beautiful. After washing she dressed in scarlet underclothes and drank a cup of tea. She was exhausted, but her mind was whirling so she sat on the bed to meditate and cultivate her inner energy. As was her wont, she let her mind drift…

    It had been a month since she'd come to the Celestial Manor. Everyone was very nice to her and tried to keep her in high spirits. She'd been spending most of her time wandering around this very beautiful location and had found a spot where she could be alone and watch one of the waterfalls. The noise and the rainbows always seemed to bring her peace.
    On her way there this morning, she was stopped by Granny Cui. “Zareen, Master and Mistress are looking for you. Please follow me.”
    “Yes, Granny. Please lead the way,” answered the young girl.
    As they reached the meditation room, the door slid open and Lin Meixing stood in the door. “Good morning, Zareen. I hope that you slept well.”
    “Good morning, Lady. Thank you, yes.”
    “Well, come in and have a seat. There is something that we'd like to discuss with you.” Looking at Granny Cui, Lin Meixing smiled. “Granny, would you be so kind to bring us some of your famous morning tea and some sweet buns for Zareen?”
    “Yes, Mistress, it will be my pleasure,” said the old woman turning to leave.

    Gesturing for Zareen to enter, Lin Meixing stepped aside and then silently slid the door closed. Sitting at an east facing window, Hongxi was quietly waiting for them. “Come and sit with me, Little One,” he said to Zareen.
    After sitting down, Zareen looked out of the window and was awestruck by the scene. The first golden rays of light were glittering off the snow-capped peaks transforming them into sparkling crystals of many different colours. The view was breathtakingly beautiful and this serene beauty brought tears to the young girl's eyes.
    “It is so beautiful,” she said in a hushed voice.
    A soft knock at the door signaled Granny Cui's arrival. The old woman brought a tray with a teapot, cups and a plate of steaming sweet buns. After placing the tray on the table, she wordlessly turned and left the room quietly closing the door behind her.

    “Zareen, we need to talk about the future,” said Hongxi while he poured tea for all of them. “Do you like it here?” he asked.
    “Yes, I like it very much,” said Zareen flashing him a brilliant smile. “Everyone has been nice to me.”
    “I'm glad that you like it. Would you like to live here?” he continued.
    “Yes, I would like that very much.”
    Nodding, Hongxi looked at his wife. “I think that this is a good idea,” he said.
    “Zareen, the Celestial Manor is a very secretive sect. Most people are born into the Sect, but we have some who have joined from outside. We don't easily accept outsiders and the same goes for you,” said Meixing. Before Zareen could protest, she held up her hand. “There is a way and we were wondering if you'd be agreeable to it.”
    “Please let me know how,” said Zareen anxiously.
    “I have been unable to bear any children due to a severe injury when I was much younger. Now, it seems as though fate has brought us together. We would like to adopt you as our daughter,” said Lin Meixing.
    Zareen's jaw dropped in surprise. She had never expected this in her wildest dreams. “Take your time to think it over,” said Hongxi stoically.

    Zareen hesitated for just a moment before going to her knees in front of the older couple. Cupping her hands respectfully she said: “Adoptive Father, Adoptive Mother, please accept my respects.” With that she kowtowed three times in front of them. The couple had smiles on their faces and were both nodding with pleasure.
    Hongxi quickly got up and walked over to Zareen. “Get up, Little One. Just call us Father and Mother from now on.” Tears were streaming down Meixing's face and her body was shaking as she silently sobbed.
    “Mother, what's wrong? Are you unhappy?” asked Zareen.
    “N...No, my child,” answered Meixing between sobs, “you have made me the happiest person today. Thank you for agreeing to such an unreasonable request.” She held out her hands and as Zareen took them she was drawn into a fierce hug. Lin Meixing kept Zareen in her arms until her sobbing had subsided. “We should celebrate with a banquet.”

    Zareen had now been training for over six months and both her adoptive parents were pleased with her progress. Hongxi was particularly pleased with her progress with the Demon-Subduing Claws. One chilly autumn afternoon, he and Zareen had just finished practicing and were sitting in the pavilion alongside the training area, he drinking tea and Zareen was drinking her special internal medicine.
    “Father, why does it feel as though I’m not getting any better?” asked Zareen.
    “Little One, martial arts takes time to learn. Do not be in such a hurry,” replied Hongxi.
    “I think that you’ve misunderstood, Father. I know that the Demon-Subduing Claws are powerful. It just seems that with my small build I’ll never reach the level you’re at.”
    “Ah, I see. What do you think we should do about it?” asked Hongxi quietly. He knew that she was highly intelligent and wanted to find out if she’d come up with a solution.
    “Well, I think that if we take the power aspect away and make it more about speed, ferocity and accuracy it would suit me better.”
    “Hmm, let’s try something,” said Hongxi with a smile. He’d been thinking about this as well and had been working on a solution for her. Pulling out a dark silk handkerchief he handed it to a startled Zareen.
    “What’s this for?” she asked.
    “Just come to the practice area and put this over your eyes when you get there,” was the reply she got.

    She put the blindfold on and waited. She could hear her father’s footsteps as he approached her. “What we’re going to do right now is test a theory of mine. I believe that you have an innate ability to sense where an attack is coming from and if I’m right this will help you immensely. I want you to empty your mind of all thoughts and only let your inner energy flow outwards.”
    As Zareen stood blindfolded, she let her inner energy flow out from her body as her father told her and she thought that she felt something. Raising her hands defensively she waited. Instinctively she turned to the left and blocked. She felt her fathers arm make contact with hers and he gently held her arm. “Take off the blindfold Little One. Come, we have much to talk about,” he said, leading the way back to the pavilion.

    Sitting down, he gestured for her to sit. He seemed to be gathering his thoughts, so Zareen just quietly sat and waited for her adoptive father to speak.
    “Inner energy is something that every living being has. People are born with varying amounts and it can be increased through meditative cultivation and repetitive use. Some rare individuals are also born with the ability to sense the inner energy in others and from that they are able to predict movements. That test just now was just to verify that you were one of those people. Up until now, the only way of using inner energy you’ve learnt is how to release it through your Blossom Shower practice. That is just one way of using and manipulating it. Do you understand?”
    “Yes, Father. I do understand, but what does this have to do with my practice of the Demon-Subduing Claws?” asked Zareen.
    “All right, let’s do this a different way,” said Hongxi picking up the dark silk. “Do not hold back. Attack me with everything you’ve got,” he said tying the handkerchief over his eyes.

    Zareen struck with all her might and was quite surprised to see Hongxi evade all her attacks. Every time she struck, he narrowly avoided her strikes just by swaying his body away from them. It was like he saw them and waited to move till the last instant before her blow landed.
    “That’s amazing, Father. How did you do that?” she asked excitedly.
    “I projected my inner energy outwards like a net around my body. I could sense all of your movements and could react accordingly even when blindfolded. I believe that if you can learn and master this form of inner energy manipulation, given your innate ability, you’d be able to greatly increase your speed and your reactions will benefit from it. Now, until I’ve been able to formulate a new skill for you, I want you to focus on your lightness skill and also strengthening your fingers. You have to be able to crush bone and rip tendons.”

    A loud knock interrupted her meditation. At least she was feeling refreshed after a few hours of cultivation. “Come in Uncle” she said.
    “Yes, Young Mistress,” answered Ma Sidi.
    “What have you found out, Uncle?” she asked as Ma Sidi entered.
    Walking over to the table in the center of the room, Ma Sidi quickly poured himself a cup of tea before sitting down. Gesturing for Jinfeng to join him, he took a drink. “Mister Wen knows the steward of the Zheng Family very well and he will let us know where the Jade Dragon Sect disciple’s are staying.” Reaching into his robe, he removed a small medicine bottle. “This is my “Hundred Flowers” antidote. It is the only known antidote to the “Black Blood” poison. If we crush the pills into the food and wine, we can make sure that they consume it,” he said handing the bottle to Jinfeng.
    “Uncle, what if they use a poison we've never heard of before?” asked Jinfeng.
    “No, they want to push the blame onto our Sect, so they have to use my signature “Black Blood”. If they have this poison, they must have strong backing from influential people out in the western lands. We have to be very careful. The poison is tasteless and odourless so it is normally put into food or wine. We must get the “Hundred Flowers” into their food and drink.”
    There was a knock at the door. It was Mister Wen. “Young Mistress, the guests are located in the east wing of the manor. Old Zheng has told me that they take their meals in their room and haven’t been out much. This is a rough map of the location that I had him draw for me,” he said handing a sheet of paper to Ma Sidi. As he turned to leave, he suddenly stopped. “Young Mistress, I hope that you can put a stop to this senseless vendetta. If it continues, there’ll be widespread bloodshed in the streets of Chang’an and that won’t be good for the commoners living here.”

    “Uncle, have you found out who the Jade Dragon Sect has sent as their representatives?” asked Jinfeng after she'd dressed in her plain, unadorned grey silk outfit.
    “Su Xinghe has sent his two personal disciples, the Twin Dragons of Jade Dragon Mountain. The Black-Faced Judge, Su Heilong and the Pale-Faced Ghost, Su Bailong. Whatever you do, do not underestimate their martial prowess. They are highly skilled and vastly experienced in the martial realm.”
    “Why are they known by those names?” asked Jinfeng.
    “Su Heilong is a dark-skinned woman who is Su Xinghe’s daughter and is known for her righteous actions. It doesn't matter to her who commits wrong; she judges them anyway, regardless of their affiliation. Su Bailong is a pale-skinned woman with yellow hair and eyes the colour of the sky on a clear day. She is known for her swift ruthlessness and is never far away from her senior. Her lightness skill is also supposedly on par with your senior, Lin Meihua.”

    “Uncle, what exactly do you think is going on here? This whole situation seems to have been manipulated by outside forces,” asked Jinfeng. “Who is this mysterious “Benefactor”? Who is Shuanghe and why is he important? Why are there Mongols here supporting this endeavour?”
    Ma Sidi only shrugged his shoulders. He also had no idea of what exactly was going on. He only knew that the situation was making him very uneasy.
    “There are so many questions that need to be answered,” she said with a loud sigh. “Well, I’ve decided on a course of action that may be able to slow these power hungry fools. I want you to infiltrate the Zheng Manor and have those two women leave Chang’an. I’ll go and meet my seniors and ask them to also leave. I want you to meet me in Lintong City afterwards.”
    “Yes, Young Mistress. Should we all just meet there to discuss our next move?”
    “No, have the Su sisters relay the news to their Master and I’ll have my seniors go back and protect the Celestial Manor while Mother and Father are in Dengfeng.”

    Before she could continue, there was an urgent knock at the door. “Who is it?” asked Ma Sidi.
    “It’s me,” replied Mister Wen.
    “Come in.”
    “What’s the matter?” asked Jinfeng when she noticed his pale face and shaking hands.
    “Down…downstairs…people…dangerous people…looking for you” he stammered.
    “Who are they?” she asked in a commanding tone.
    “Ever…Ever-Coiled Snake…Heavenly Fairy,” he stammered on. “They…they are looking for Master Tang’s killer."
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    Do I need to continue this story?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjohnb View Post
    Do I need to continue this story?
    Please do.

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    Hi! Seems like a lot is going on in Chapter 4 with all the scheming and manipulation between the different sects. I am actually looking forward to your explanations of inner energy and how it works. You will often read about characters fighting with quick powerful split of the second moves, but I like it when some detail is given about the skill and how it is developed/trained. It just makes it more interesting and draws me into the fight.
    "Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."
    Cyril Connolly

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    If you want to quit because you do not have enough readers, don't worry about it. Your writing is good enough that you will keep picking them up. If you have just lost interest please quit because you will just leave us hanging in an interesting story. Don't worry about criticism, everyone has their opinion but you are the storyteller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjohnb View Post
    Do I need to continue this story?
    Please continue. It's getting much better.

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    mandred, charbydis, ahn nam and geraldsaw, thank you for the encouragement. I am currently working on editing ch 5. It should be ready in a couple of days. I'm still struggling with how I want the story to unfold. Do you guys think that I should spend more time with Jinfeng and Ziming or should I hurry and get to the Sword Demon part?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sjohnb View Post
    mandred, charbydis, ahn nam and geraldsaw, thank you for the encouragement. I am currently working on editing ch 5. It should be ready in a couple of days. I'm still struggling with how I want the story to unfold. Do you guys think that I should spend more time with Jinfeng and Ziming or should I hurry and get to the Sword Demon part?
    Please do not try to please the readers. This is your story and you should develop it as you see fit. We the readers or I as a reader will accept whatever you write. By now you should have an outline of the plot and should follow the plot.

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    A/N: This is the meeting of the two. I hope that you readers will enjoy this chapter.

    Chapter 5

    Ziming was seated towards the back at a table facing the door in the prestigious Xinglong Inn. He had ordered a pot of tea – to keep his wits about him – and was sipping a cup and absently eating the plate of boiled peanuts in front of him. Being hyper vigilant from his encounter earlier in the day, he was innocuously watching all who came and went, on the lookout for the girl that had been described to him.

    In this state, he was going over the strange encounter he’d had. He’d never before felt such intense fear and panic as he had when the Blood Orchid appeared in front of him.

    A ravishing mature woman of indeterminable age had stood before him. She had a milky complexion with a beautiful oval-shaped face, heavy-lashed eyes the color of thunderclouds and straight waist length black hair that was streaked with silver and tied by a grey ribbon. She was slender and full breasted wearing a simple grey robe that had scarlet flowers embroidered on the collar, cuffs and hem of the robe that did nothing to hide the fact that she was indeed a woman.

    “Blood Orchid!” said Ziming softly as recognition filled his eyes.

    “I am not here to kill you, Ziming. Why are you so afraid?” asked Lin Meixing in a soft, melodious voice.

    “How…how do you know my name?” stammered Ziming in reply.

    “How could I not know the Lonely Snow Dragon?” answered Lin Meixing with a soft giggle that sounded like bells ringing to Ziming’s ears. “To seriously answer your question, I’ve been following you to judge your character. You see, I’ve come here to ask a favor of you.”

    Ziming could only stand in stunned silence as he heard this. His own inferiority struck him like a blow to the chest and he started gasping for breath. Lin Meixing suddenly moved and caught him before he could hit the ground.
    When he finally regained his senses, he found himself lying on a bed of hay in one of the larger temple rooms. There was a small fire going and somehow a pot had materialized and was happily whistling away. He heard footsteps and looked up as the Blood Orchid entered the room.
    “Ah, you’ve finally regained your senses. Come, have a cup of tea with me and listen to my proposal,” said Lin Meixing, gesturing to a place for him to sit and join her.
    Warily, Ziming stood, straightened his clothing and walked over to take the seat next to her.
    “The situation you have been sent to mediate in is an intricate one. If you allow me to explain, I think that it will become clear to you.” Lin Meixing took a sip of her tea as Ziming pondered her words. Finally, when he nodded his agreement, she put her cup down and continued. “You have been sent to mediate in a disagreement between the Meng and Zheng families. This disagreement was set up by Zheng Banshan, the oldest son of the family. It was started to supposedly increase their holdings and wealth by taking control of the areas run by the Meng family. Everyone is supposed to believe that, but I have reason to believe that this has been staged to look that way by the 72 Demons and the Qingjing Sect.”
    Ziming nodded his head as he recalled the earlier scene.
    “As a result of my investigation, I was led to believe that the whole goal of this endeavor was to lure my clan, Heaven Lake and Jade Dragon to Chang’an and there they would attempt to sow discord amongst us to further their goal of domination. I’ve sent my adopted daughter to Chang’an as well as two of my senior disciples, but I fear that this plot runs so deep that regardless of their actions to stop it, we all will look guilty.”
    “How can I help, Madam?” asked Ziming respectfully. “My grandfather sent me as his representative knowing that the government has sent me to mediate.”
    “I know that. I want you to fulfill your government sanctioned mission of mediating, but I need you to get word to Jinfeng that she is to make sure that everyone from our clan as well as the Jade Dragon disciples are not in Chang’an and do not take part in the meeting. Can you do that for me?” asked Lin Meixing.
    “Describe your daughter to me. I’ll meet her and convey your words,” said Ziming.

    Loud laughter from a nearby table brought him back to the present. He quickly scanned the room to make sure he hadn’t missed anyone coming and going. As his gaze moved to the door, he noticed a man and woman enter. They didn’t look particularly threatening, but they had a strangely menacing aura about them. He kept on watching as they spoke softly to a waiter, who guided them to a table and then hurried away.
    A few moments later, the owner of the establishment, Mister Wen showed up and the couple spoke to him in hushed tones. Even with his inner energy, Ziming was unable to hear the whole conversation. He only heard snatches “…Young Master Tang’s killer…short man…young woman.”
    Mister Wen scurried up the stairs as the couple waited at the table. Ziming’s curiosity was stirred. Blood Orchid had told him that her daughter could be impulsive when she wanted to and it seemed as if she was somehow implicated in the death of this Young Master Tang. While he waited for the drama to unfold, he settled for scrutinizing the couple at the table. He wondered if the man killed was the nephew of the governor.
    The man was a tall, reed-thin, scholarly looking man accompanied by an extremely beautiful woman; both were in plain grey silk robes. A light went off in his head; they were the disciples of the Blood Orchid. He’d never expect this couple to be the feared Ever-Coiled Snake and the Heavenly Fairy. He should’ve realized it from the aura that they projected, but he’d only judged from what he’d seen. He knew that he’d just made the mistake so many others had made before they died.
    Hearing a slight commotion on the stairs, he turned his gaze to the people coming down. The first person descending was Mister Wen and he was followed by a dwarf who was most likely Little Black Blood, Ma Sidi. Ziming then saw the most beautiful being he’d ever seen descending the stairs. She was dressed in traditional Khmer clothing. A scarlet sampot, white chang pong and open sandals that were laced to mid-calf. The chang pong stretched tautly over her breasts and left her midriff bare. She wasn't very tall, but she had lush curves and she was sculpted by muscle. Her dark, pitch black, piercing eyes were large, haunting, long-lashed and mesmerizing. Her hair was a thick, wild mass of black silk. Even her mouth was sculpted and inviting; her lips like glittering rubies and her nose like the beak of a majestic eagle. Her golden skin only added to her allure. He was looking forward to meeting this beautiful, alluring creature. Lin Meixing’s description had not done her justice at all.

    She seemed to be deep in thought as she descended the stairs. This was apparently her first meeting with her seniors and she appeared to be a little apprehensive. She shivered as if she felt a chill in the air and looked up to notice that he was intently studying her. Ziming found that he couldn’t take his eyes off her and noticed the small smile that quickly brushed her lips.
    As she stepped off the last step, her seniors stood and she paused to see what they would do next. The couple politely greeted Ma Sidi and then without further preamble or warning they attacked her. In all his wanderings and assignments for the Mongol Empire, Ziming had never before seen such beautifully ruthless movements. He sat open-mouthed as the three combatants moved. The swiftness with which they moved could only be seen by people who had high inner energy and were very experienced in martial arts.
    The tall man snapped his arms forward sending two long awl-like weapons streaking at the young girl, while the beautiful woman spun and sent a barrage of what appeared to be metal leaves at her as well.
    The young girl just stood and calmly took this in. Without seeming to move a step she vanished, plucking the projectiles out of the air before they thudded into the wall where she had been standing.
    Ziming hastily began looking around the room, when he noticed someone sitting to his left. Looking up he was startled to notice that the young woman had appeared at his side much the way that Lin Meixing had. In comparison, he’d have to admit that this young woman was even better than her mother.

    “Young Master, would you like another cup of tea?” she asked as she sat beside the flabbergasted young man. In a loud voice, she addressed her seniors: “Is this how you greet your future clan chief?” As soon as she spoke, she hurled the projectiles back at their respective owners.
    This too, was an impeccable display of martial prowess. The way that the young woman hurled the projectiles back was in itself a study of inner energy. To the untrained eye it seemed as though she used the same amount of energy to return the projectiles to their respective owners as they had initially used to assault her. To the trained eye however, it was noticeable – not clearly though – that she retracted most of the energy after her initial motion so that the older couple could easily retrieve their weapons. As he watched a young woman, at least two years his junior display these skills, he inadvertently wondered what his cousin and grandfather would make of it.
    No, it wasn’t the skill in and of itself that actually bothered him; his own cousin, Wang Zhihua, had a better grasp of the Unseen Blades than him and could use them at will. What scared him was the sheer power that he felt emanating throughout the whole room. He’d never before felt such intense power gathered in a singular spot.
    Watching this scene unfold, Ziming could only admire the skill with which this young woman had dealt with a potentially deadly situation. He noticed that Ma Sidi was visibly sweating and had a look of displeasure on his face. As the Ever-Coiled Snake and the Heavenly Fairy made their way over to the table that their Young Mistress was now seated at, he had the distinct feeling that they were sizing him up. He knew that the four disciples of the Celestial Manor had the skill and experience to kill or seriously injure him if they so chose; he just quietly sat and sipped at his tea.
    “Lin Chong begs Young Mistress for forgiveness. We did not mean to offend you in any way,” said the tall, thin man, cupping his hands and kneeling in respect.
    “Lin Meihua also begs forgiveness. We had to be sure that you were indeed our Young Mistress,” said the beautiful woman as she also cupped her hands and knelt in respect.
    “There is nothing to forgive and I wasn’t offended in any way. Seniors, please rise. I fear that I’ve put this man in a bit of a spot here.” Turning to Ziming, Jinfeng smiled. “I apologize for startling you and spoiling your evening,” she said.
    “Not in the least,” replied Ziming, “in fact, it has been a real eye opener for me.”
    “If you would excuse us, we have some business to discuss,” said Jinfeng rising out of her seat.
    “That’s not necessary Young Lady. I’ll just take my leave now,” said Ziming with the hint of a smile appearing on his lips.
    “Very well,” said Jinfeng. “Would you leave me your name so that I could find you later then?” she asked.
    “I am Wang Ziming. I am staying at this inn, so you should have no trouble finding me,” he replied. He noticed Jinfeng’s face light up when she heard that he was staying at the same inn. Rising, he turned to leave when he was stopped by Ma Sidi.
    “Are you the grandson of Wang Qi?” asked Ma Sidi softly. “Aren’t you supposed to be the mediator between the Meng and Zheng families?” he continued.
    “Yes, that is correct Elder. Please forgive my rudeness. I have just witnessed a martial display that has my senses still reeling.”
    “I am Lin Chong,” said the tall, thin man, “and this is my wife, Lin Meihua. We are very pleased to meet the famous Lonely Snow Dragon.”
    “Would it be possible to have dinner with you at a later time to get better acquainted?” asked Lin Meihua. She’d noticed the way that her Young Mistress was looking at Young Master Wang and was interested to see in what direction that interest would go.
    “That would be a most pleasing invitation. I have to visit with Lord Tang, the governor, before I make my way over to the Meng residence, but I’m sure that we’ll meet in the future,” said Ziming.

    After Wang Ziming left, Lin Chong summoned a waiter and asked for some wine.
    “Young Mistress, were you the person that killed Young Master Tang?” asked Lin Meihua softly.
    “Yes, it was unfortunate, but he just wouldn’t take no for an answer,” replied Jinfeng.
    “He was known as a lecherous philanderer, so he finally got what was coming to him,” said Lin Chong. “Lord Tang was upset by this and has ordered the constabulary to conduct a search for all foreigners. We’ll have Mister Wen vouch for you when the constables do show up.”

    “I realize that killing Young Master Tang has brought some unnecessary scrutiny, but we have to make sure and leave the city before the meeting later this evening,” said Jinfeng.
    “Why do we need to leave, Young Mistress?” asked Lin Meihua.
    “Well, I’ll have Uncle explain it to you,” said Jinfeng with a nod to Ma Sidi.
    “The story is long and complicated, so I’ll just start from the beginning. Mistress had heard some strange rumours about this meeting and after some investigating she found out that this was an attempt to…”

    After quietly listening to Ma Sidi telling them everything that had happened the previous two days and outlining Jinfeng’s plan, Lin Chong suddenly looked at Jinfeng. “So that was the two of you who followed Fang Tianlo,” he said with a smile on his face. As if sensing the question, he said: “I just caught movement out of the corner of my eye when they left and assumed it to be someone sent to follow them.”
    With a wry smile, Jinfeng just shook her head. “I still need to work on my technique then,” she muttered to the amusement of the other three at the table who all started laughing loudly.
    “So, Seniors, will the two of you go to the Manor and make sure that it is defended?” asked Jinfeng.
    “Yes, Young Mistress. We will make sure nothing happens while Mistress and Master are away,” said Lin Chong.
    “We’ll go and make preparations to leave at first light,” said Lin Meihua, taking her husband’s arm and rose to leave. Lin Chong quietly stood as they two older disciples took their leave.
    “You’re going to have to leave as soon as you can pack your belongings,” said Jinfeng. “Remember, all of you including the Jade Dragon Sect disciples have to be gone before this evening. I’ll be staying to see what happens, so that we can counter any moves this unholy alliance makes.”
    “Very well, Young Mistress. We’ll leave in a short while,” said Lin Chong. The couple weren’t comfortable with her decision, but they couldn’t think of any other way.
    “Young Mistress, you need to be very careful. Even though you’re not known here in the Central Plains, you are well known to the Mongols in the west,” said Ma Sidi softly after the Lin couple had left.
    “Yes, Uncle, I will not forget. I still need you to infiltrate the Zheng Manor like we discussed. Don’t worry about me; just make sure you get the Su sisters to leave as soon as possible.”
    “Yes, Young Mistress. I’ll take my leave then.” Before leaving, he walked closer to Jinfeng and whispered in her ear. “I hope that you have a good time with Young Master Wang.” He walked away before she could reply with a big grin on his face.

    As she sat alone, Jinfeng allowed her mind to wander. She was bothered by the fact that Lin Chong had actually sensed her movements. She was reminded of a conversation she’d had with her mother a long time ago.

    The spectre moved swiftly through the dense forest. It’s passing was so swift and silent that not even the birds were disturbed. Quickly getting to the treeline, the spectre spotted the target, A grey robed woman was sitting calmly in the center of the clearing ahead. The spectre shot into the air and hands flickered as two shiny projectiles sped towards the stationary woman a few meters away.
    As the projectiles approached, the woman turned and her left arm swept out and calmly plucked the projectiles out of the air. With a nod and a brief smile she looked at the spectre, now facing her. “Well done, Zareen. I didn’t feel your presence until you released your darts. You also did well coming through the forest. Not an animal was disturbed. The only thing that gave you away was the slight rustling of the leaves before you launched your attack.”
    “Thank you for the praise, Mother, but what can I do to perfect my skill?” asked Zareen.
    “You need to let go of all thought,” said Lin Meixing. “What I mean is that sometimes you think about what you’re going to do before you do it and this causes a slight delay in your actions.” As she spoke she moved and in a flash she was standing behind the young girl.
    “I think I understand now, Mother. Thank you for your guidance.”
    “You are well on your way to outdoing me Zareen. Remember, haste makes waste. You’re very young, so let your skills develop naturally,” said Lin Meixing.
    “I’ll keep your words close to my heart, Mother. I have to go back to the practice area soon. Father said that he’s finally finished with the new skill he’s developed for me. Let’s race back to the Manor.”
    “Very well. Whoever loses has to prepare lunch for a week,” said Lin Meixing with a grin on her face.

    Just thinking back made her very melancholy. She missed being around her parents, but she also realized that she’d been given a great responsibility and if she did well she’d see them soon. Realizing that a fair amount of time had passed, she quickly went up to her room and changed into a more suitable outfit. If she went out in the clothing that she was wearing now, she was sure to draw much unwanted attention especially from the constabulary.


    Ziming’s mind was unsettled. Ever since he’d laid eyes on Lin Jinfeng he couldn’t get the picture of her coming down those stairs out of his mind. He even remembered her exotic, spicy, intoxicating scent. His meeting with Lord Tang had not been pleasant due to this. He was secretly hoping that he’d get to see her at the meeting that evening.
    As he approached the Meng residence, he couldn’t help but remember what the Blood Orchid had said to him.

    “You have to be extremely careful. You mustn’t let on that you know about the plot. If they even get a hint that you are aware, it would be bad for us all. They may take radical action and we can’t afford that right now. They must believe that no one is aware.”
    “Just what am I supposed to do?” asked Ziming.
    “Reverend Hongtai from Shaolin will also be coming to try and stop any potential bloodshed. You must try to stall until he shows up. The two of you should be able to halt any bloodshed planned for the meeting. If I know my daughter, she’ll get her seniors out of the city and probably find a way to get word to the Jade Dragon disciples. If they all just disappear without telling anyone, it might work. You just need to stay calm and in control of the situation. Do not give them any chance to achieve their open goal of destroying the Meng family.”
    “Very well, Madam. I will try my best to do as you have asked.”

    Arriving back at the inn, Ziming just wanted to lay his now weary body down. He’d been through many physically taxing events over the past few days. He just wanted to close his eyes for a while and let his brain rest. In light of everything that was going on, Ziming thought that he was holding up pretty well. He was in the middle of undressing when…

    She’d seen the young man going up to his room, so she followed. She could still feel the stirring in her loins that she’d had when she first saw him looking at her earlier. Raising her hand, she knocked on his door…

    A/N: Just to let you know, the beginning of the next chapter is rated NC-17. If you want to read it let me know and I'll make it available on a blog.

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    "A/N: Just to let you know, the beginning of the next chapter is rated NC-17. If you want to read it let me know and I'll make it available on a blog."

    Not sure what you mean but being an adult I think I am willing to read it.

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    Thanks for continuing the story. Look forward to reading chapter 6

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    Thanks Sjohnb. I like how this story is going.

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    For those of you, especially Charbydis, take a look at this. The Celestial Manor and what I picture Lin Jinfeng to be:

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    geraldsaw, this is just for intro to chapter 6

    Ma Sidi was a very worried, very short man. He truly didn’t know how to infiltrate the Zheng manor. While he was pondering this question, the answer seemed to jump out at him. He saw that Young Madam Zheng, the wife of Zheng Banshan, was leaving the Manor and she was headed off to the local Guanyin temple. Without a second thought he sped ahead and got to the temple in time to don some priestly garb.
    He knew that the Young Madam was in fact Meng Chinglan, the oldest daughter of Meng Bofei. He watched as she went into the shrine to pray to Guanyin. He quietly approached her and stood silently as she prostrated herself to a stone statue. He wanted to laugh out loud at her stupidity, but he restrained himself.
    Garbed in the scarlet robes of the order, he moved closer to the woman. “Madam, are you praying for a child?” he asked the young woman.
    “Reverend, I’m praying that the goddess will bless me with a child.”
    “Why is someone as young as you coming to the goddess? Is your husband not doing the will of the goddess?” asked an amused Ma Sidi.
    “No Reverend! It is my entire fault. I must have been very bad in my previous lives. My husband is not at fault!” exclaimed the now affronted woman. She was tall for a Han woman and she had almost milky white skin. She was a very pretty woman who lacked a certain something to make her truly beautiful.
    “How do you know that? Does he come to your bed regularly?” asked Ma Sidi.
    “He only comes twice a month, Reverend,” was the soft reply.
    “If he only comes twice a month, how do you expect to conceive a child?” asked Ma Sidi incredulously.
    “What would the goddess have me do?” asked the woman now close to tears.
    “Come and follow me to the back; you’ll see what you need,” said the dwarf.

    Leading the way, he had a big grin on his face. Turning, and wiping the grin from his face, he said to the guards: “You four need to stay here. Do not enter until your Mistress calls for you.” Taking Meng Chinglan’s hand, he guided her into a back room.
    “Young Madam, are you a very religious person?” asked Ma Sidi.
    “Yes Reverend. I am devout and follow all the goddess’s teachings,” replied Meng Chinglan.
    “Do you know what room you’re in now?”
    “Yes, this is the sacred Room of Many Blessings,” answered Meng Chinglan.
    “Do you know what this room is devoted to?”
    “Yes, I can conceive a child here.”
    “Are you willing then, my child?”
    “Yes Reverend. If the goddess wills it, I am ready.”
    “Follow me,” said Ma Sidi. “We’re going to the Altar of Blessings. Are you sure you’re ready?”
    “Whatever the goddess requires of me Reverend.”

    Ma Sidi was a dwarf. He was also very well endowed. Many women had scoffed and derided him in the past, until they’d seen his size. He wasn’t here to please this woman, but he knew that he had to get into the Zheng Manor and this ridiculously devout woman would get him in. He just had to satisfy her and make her believe that her goddess was telling her to take him back to her home.

    Leading her into the chamber, Sidi reached up and rubbed the pad of his thumb over Changlin’s full bottom lip. He chuckled inwardly as he felt her flinch away from his touch.
    “You think of me as a weak woman then little man?”
    “Words? Words are not enough to explain a miracle, but I will do my best. You are tough, strong and skilled. Gentle. Kind. Compassionate. Fierce and formidable, with a will of iron. Soft. Beautiful. Mysterious. Gentle and magnificent. You are all of these things.”
    Her lashes fluttered as she veiled her expression. The temptation of her mouth, the curve and soft texture, was too much to resist.
    “Would my Lady not go through with the ritual then?”
    “No, your words have plucked at the strings of my heart. I feel as if you truly know me Little Reverend. Please show me the pleasure that the goddess has in store for me.”
    Taking her hand he slowly led her to a nearby low altar where he proceeded to disrobe and sit down.

    She made a face at him and leaned forward to nibble her way across his chin to the corner of his mouth. “You are the calmest, largest man I’ve ever met.”
    Sidi reached up from his seated position and undid her robes. As she slid out of them, he noticed that she was a very firm woman. “Madam, do you by any chance practice martial arts?” he whispered into her ear.
    Before she could answer, her breasts slid against his chest, soft and full, and tantalizing. Her large, full nipples seemed to flicker over his heavy chest muscles as their bodies connected. Just touching her soft skin shook him to his core. He kissed each eye and skimmed his mouth to the corner of hers.
    “I am the one you seek! Any other would be in vain!” he growled as his teeth nipped her full lower lip. Once. Twice. He captured her soft lower lip and tugged gently. He felt edgy with need, and just the gentle friction of her body rubbing along his increased his desire more than he thought possible. It seemed as if the two women from last night had not been enough. He wondered how his Young Mistress was doing.

    His mind was quickly drawn to the present as Chinglan's hand drifted to the inside of his thigh, slid higher, between his legs, to cup his unusually large, heavy erection. He reacted almost helplessly, pushing his hips into her hand, throbbing and hot, swelling against her palm until her fist was like a tight glove trying to surround as much of him as possible. Her thumb stroked caresses over his broad, sensitive head, smearing the tempting pearl drops over his hot tip. She watched the shudder move through him with hot eyes - eyes that sent his temperature soaring even higher.
    Her fingers on his skin felt like heaven, the stroking caresses wiping out every ugly memory from his past, so that there was only Chinglan and his world with her. Tactile. Erotic. Sensory. His world instantly became one of feeling. His mouth moved over hers. Drank in the taste of her. Nectar. Sweet with just a bite of spice.
    “I might like to see you breathe fire,” she whispered into his mouth. Her tongue tangled with his and his shaft jerked and swelled more against the tight fist of her hand. He deepened the kiss, the hunger blossoming with such urgent demand he felt edgy and a little desperate for her. It might have had something to do with the way her hand moved over his heavy erection and her mouth suckled at his tongue as if it was his shaft.
    “No, you would not, beloved. You like me just the way I am.”
    She laughed softly, the sound low and wicked, and then she was kissing her way down his throat and chest, pushing him back down onto the altar, rising above him to nip at his belly with sharp little teeth. His breath hitched in his throat. That long, thick, silken braid dragged over his body, adding to the sensual sensations, robbing him of breath and reason. He reached up and tugged loose the tie so he could let it cascade over his body.

    His body ached and his heavy erection thickened and hardened somewhere in that space between pain and ultimate pleasure whenever she moved over him, her touch rubbing over his hot skin like velvet.
    Her tongue licked along his skin, a cat lapping at cream, while her fingers stroked and caressed, drawing the essence from him. Her breath was warm on the head of his shaft and he felt every muscle tighten, but he didn’t let himself move. He resisted the urge to catch her head and pull it down over his fiercely burning erection. The anticipation of her mouth, soft and hot, added to the tightening of his body and the need for her growing like a sickness in his blood.

    Sidi loved the look in her eyes, the glazed, dazed look that said she was falling into that same well of need and hunger, yet was still a little shocked and surprised that she could be so helplessly in need of another. She followed the words of her goddess to the letter. Her hands trembled just that little bit, and as her breasts moved, soft and delicious and so tempting, fingers of arousal teased his thighs and danced over his pulsating shaft.

    He waited with baited breath as her hair pooled on his hips and thighs. He closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of her breath bathing his pulsing erection, the satisfying jerk of reaction, swelling more. Indulgent and lazy. He loved her generosity. The complete way she gave herself to him, not in words, but with this, bringing him pleasure, just the giving of herself to him. That alone was the biggest turn-on to him, that ultimate gift that she gave completely and generously—she wanted his pleasure as much as or more than she wanted her own.

    Her tongue flicked out and he groaned, lifting his hips helplessly, following her hot mouth, but she pulled away. Her palm cupped his aching sack as she rolled and teased, her tongue sending streaks of fire shuddering through his body when she lavished attention, licking her way back up to his shaft.
    His breath stopped. His heart missed a beat, and then began to pound. The roar in his head increased and he swore a sledgehammer pounded there. His groin felt like a steel spike. He groaned, a soft, husky sound that seemed to compel her to action. She caught his hip in one hand, her fingers digging deep while the fingers of her other hand wrapped around him like a vise. He felt her heartbeat match his. She licked him. Licked the broad mushroom head, swirling her tongue over his firm, velvet-soft tip and savoring the pearly drops he leaked in anticipation. His entire body tightened, shuddered, and this time he growled, the sound low, filled with lust while his vision went hazy.
    He caught fistfuls of her hair and pushed her head down on him, needing her desperately, unable to wait a moment longer.
    Chinglan kept her eyes on his, watching the changes in him, drinking them in, glorying in her ability to shake his calm. She loved the fact that he was about to go all demonic on her, growling and bunching her hair in his hands, dragging her closer, thrusting his hips helplessly. There was something very exhilarating and intensely arousing about the growls rumbling in his chest.

    Chinglan was not a foolish woman. She knew deep down that this little, big priest was just trying to use her. At the moment, she didn’t mind at all. His throbbing, thick, erection was in her mouth and she was determined to show him how she felt, what he meant to her, what he brought to her, was in every mesmerizing stroke of her tongue and caress of her fingers. She engulfed his shaft completely, drawing him deep, hollowing her cheeks to tighten the suction around his hard flesh.
    He moaned when her teeth scraped gently and her tongue swirled up his shaft to tease at the ultrasensitive spot beneath the flared head. She pulled her head back until her lips were barely skimming over him, watching him, watching his eyes go wide in pleasure, watching his breath come in ragged, harsh gasps.
    There was demand in his voice. Gone was the patient lover. With this knowledge joy burst through her and she swallowed him, taking him deep, feeling his entire body react, feeling him shudder again as intense pleasure vibrated through him.
    The muscles in his thighs and relatively short legs jumped with arousal, his stomach bunched in reaction, the heavy muscles of his chest rippled while his short arms flexed. But it was his big cock, jerking and pulsing in her mouth, growing thicker even than he’d been before, that thrilled her. She loved the way that he stretched her lips, reveled in the way the hot, pulsing length of him felt on her tongue, even the way he thrust in short, rapid bursts deeper down her throat where her muscles squeezed and massaged and milked him.

    Ma Sidi was struggling to contain himself. His hands were holding Chinglan’s head still while he thrust his cock into her mouth, his eyes narrowed now, watching her throat work, watching the beauty of the woman now at his feet, kneeling in supplication, as he stood in front of the altar she was coming to "pray" at, her eyes locked with his. “Do not look away from me,” he commanded the supplicant woman.

    Meng Chinglan had no intention of looking away from this god sent dwarf. He was so large and she wanted this exquisite feeling to go on forever. She was already trying to work out how she’d get him home with her. Her own thighs were wet, the junction between her legs pulsing with need for him to fill her.
    Pushing his hands roughly out of the way, Chinglan stood. Her legs were wet from her own wanting. “Come give me what I want,” she growled to the diminutive man standing in front of her.
    Ma Sidi, normally a man of much stamina, didn’t know how much longer he would be able to last with this very needy woman. “Lan’er,” he whispered, “how would you like me to satisfy you?”
    “I want your big self inside me,” was her husky response.

    “I want you to lay back and close your eyes.” As Lan’er maneuvered her lithe body onto the cold floor, she felt small fingers lightly gliding up her inner thigh. She sharply inhaled as little bolts of lightning raced through her body.
    “On your back,” he commanded.
    Madam Zheng, Meng Chinglan complied with the command she’d just been given. She was on her back as she suddenly felt lips lock onto one of her nipples. Arching her back, she moaned out loud in pleasure, every bit as frantic as he was. Her hands moved over his back, her nails digging deep into his back as he laved her breast, sending those delicious flashes of lightning streaking through her. His tongue flicked at her hard peak with hot, slow licks that sent her mind reeling. His mouth took on a rhythmic motion that matched the push of his hips against hers. She could feel the hard length of him lying like a brand along her thigh. Each drag of his body along hers just made him grow hotter and thicker.
    Electricity seemed to arc over their skin, causing shudders of arousal as she gasped for breath. He was switching back and forth, a man possessed, teeth and tongue and hot mouth driving her senseless. There was nothing in her world but Sidi, his small, hard body, his male scent of sin and sex filling the air around her, burning in her lungs in place of air.
    She felt his hard length throbbing against her thigh. She wanted him inside of her so badly. “Come, my little god. Please pleasure me too!” she pleaded. Her body was aching to have him thrust his large, throbbing cock deep into her. His lips, tongue and teeth were all in use to send her over the edge. He slowly, rhythmically slapped his cock over her most sensitive spot. Her body was wild with need by now. This was going to be the most intense sex she’d ever had and she didn’t want it to stop.
    Turning her over, Ma Sidi took great delight in seeing her nicely rounded behind. Meng Chinglan grabbed his engorged cock and guided him into her moist, tight, warm sheath. Sidi, let out a huge groan as he felt the tight, moistness encompass him.
    Turning, she looked at him and said, “Please, make me yours.”
    Ma Sidi drove his cock into the young woman as far as he could. He knew that he was too big for her and could likely rip her open, but that didn’t stop him. He wanted this young woman, a noble woman, to become his entirely. As he drove his rock hard cock deeper into her he could feel her sheath tightening and her body starting to shake in ecstasy.
    “Deeper, my little god! Harder! Harder!” cried Meng Chinglan
    As he pounded into her, he slapped her nice, round behind. He felt her body tremble and he furiously pounded his cock into her, feeling her sheath tighten as she prepared to orgasm. As her fluids flowed over him, she kept urging him to pound her harder.
    Chinglan’s breath was coming in ragged gasps as she kept urging Sidi on to go harder and deeper. The tension was building in her body again and she could feel the head of his cock swelling as he reached the edge. His cry as his seed exploded into her helped drive her over the edge to ecstasy one more time. He stayed deep inside her as he felt her fluids once more gush out over him and her body rippling in pleasure.
    “Mmmm, that was very good!”
    “Do you want to come by weekly or should I just come home with you Lan’er?” asked Ma Sidi.
    “I think I’ll just take you home with me. My useless husband would never know!”
    As Chinglan looked at this great, little treasure, she was working out how to get him past the guards. Little did she know that he could, by himself, kill or maim most of her family members. “Let’s get dressed, Little Reverend. I want you to do this to me every day.”
    As soon as the two of them were dressed, they left the back room and made their way to the main building.
    “This Reverend is coming home with me,” said Meng Chinglan to her guards. “He’ll be holding fertility rites if my husband asks.”
    “Yes, Young Madam,” responded the most senior guard. He was amazed that the Young Madam had taken a liking to this diminutive priest.

    "Precious One, do you know that your husband plans to kill the guests you have staying at your Manor?"
    "That can't be true, Reverend," replied Chinglan as her hand started stroking Sidi's now flacid cock.
    "Oh, my dear, its more true than you'd ever believe. I'll make a bet with you then: If the Su sisters are still around in an hour, I'll pledge myself to your eternal satisfaction."
    "Fine, oh little treasure. I just can't believe that my own husband is plotting against my family!"
    Slipping his hand under her robes, Ma Sidi stroked her inner thigh and softly said: "I saw your husband meeting with those that would kill your entire family."

    After he'd gotten directions to the Su sister's lodgings, Ma Sidi quickly and quietly entered. The two women were just getting out of the bath and he got a very good look at them both. He was only sorry that he'd expended all his energy on Madam Zheng. If he'd found another way in, he'd have bedded both these women.
    "Excuse me for any offense, young ladies. I come on a mission of some import. I am Ma Sidi, from the Celestial Manor and I've come to make sure that you leave as soon as possible!"
    "Who sent you dwarf?" asked Su Heilong.
    "I've been sent by the Blood Orchid herself," said Ma Sidi softly.
    "How do we know that you speak the truth?" asked Su Bailong
    "It's easy. Would you like me to really poison you or will this do?" asked Ma Sidi reaching into his pouch. "This proves that I'm from the Celestial Manor." He held out a token for the two women to see. It was a green jade token engraved with golden mountains on it.
    Seeing the token, the two women put their heads together in quiet deliberation.
    "Very well, Elder. What do we need to do?" asked Su Heilong.
    "Pack up and leave now. Let Your Chief, Su Xinghe, know that this is a conspiracy to get us, Celestial Manor, Heaven Lake and Jade Dragon Sects to fight amongst each other while the Qingjing and 72 Demons Sects take over the martial realm."
    "Elder, I have one question. Are dwarves really well endowed?" asked Su Bailong.
    "If I showed you that we are, would it make you stay?" replied Ma Sidi. "How do you think I got access to this part of the Zheng Manor? If you want to know about my endowment, ask Madam Zheng on your way out!"
    "Just take what you can carry. We're heading south now. I have horses prepared." said Ma Sidi.
    "Elder, just to clarify, you really screwed Madam Zheng just to get to us?" asked Su Heilong.
    "What?! You want me to screw you two to prove that I did what I had to do to get you out of here?"
    "No Sir. We're packed and ready. Just lead the way," said Su Bailong.
    With that said, the three made their way over to the wall and quietly scaled it and mounted the three horses waiting for them.


    As Wang Ziming was getting undressed, he was startled by an unexpected knock at his door. Who could this be? he wondered. Intrigued, he walked over to the door, ignoring his state of undress and opened it. Frozen in a moments hesitation he quickly cleared his throat.
    “Miss Lin, what an unexpected surprise! Please come in,” he said hesitantly. He noticed the hint of a smile on the young woman’s lips as she quietly appraised his semi-naked form.
    As he led her into his room, he turned to look at her. The modest, white outfit she had on only heightened her golden coloring and did nothing to hinder his memory of her walking down the steps earlier in the day. He could still remember how her breasts pressed at the fabric of her chanpong and the way her calf muscles undulated with every step she took. Her round , firm behind was only accentuated by the sampot she wore then and these were the images flooding his mind now. Her scent, exotic and spicy, filled the room and he found himself enveloped in a cocoon of desire. As he felt himself becoming erect, he suddenly blushed and turned toward the table.

    Jinfeng was fully aware of Ziming’s reaction at their sudden proximity. He wasn’t the only one that was highly aroused. As her gaze swept over this- in her mind at least- beautiful man, she noticed the swelling in his groin and at the sight, her heart started to pound in her ears. In none of her previous encounters had she felt this aroused just by the sight of a man. She paused to to take in the sight of him. He had wide shoulders, a well-developed and defined chest and abdomen that tapered down to a slim waist. What she could now see of his legs hinted at concealed strength. Before he could say anything, she placed a finger on his lips. He was clearly startled by this yet said nothing.
    “Not a word! I noticed that you were very tense when you returned from your meeting with Lord Tang. We have an important meeting this evening, so I came by to relieve your stress.”
    As she said that, her left hand reached down and through his thin underpants, stroked his ever growing erection. His loud moan only served to embolden her. Taking his left hand in her right, Jinfeng placed his hand on her breast. She felt as if a bolt of lightning had travelled through her body.

    Softly, almost whispering, Jinfeng urged Ziming on. She urgently wanted to feel his hands on her body. Her nipples were taut in anticipation of his touch and she felt him swelling to her continued stroking. Not willing to wait on him any longer, she grabbed his head and pulled his down towards hers. Leaning forward, she kissed him passionately. She heard him moan as their mouth’s locked together. This just filled her with more desire. While they kissed, Jinfeng’s hands worked on the ties to Ziming’s trousers. She tugged and yanked at his clothes. She was relentless. Finally getting him naked she pulled herself out of his firm embrace and gently nudged him toward the bed. All the while she continued her stroking and ministrations to his large sack.
    When she finally got him to the bed, she looked down and was pleased by what she saw. Over the past five years on missions for the Celestial Manor, she’d come across men of all sizes. Some were divinely endowed-especially the men to the north and west- and some were not so well endowed. The men to the north and west especially seemed to be able to stretch her petite body to the limits of breaking. Ziming was going to be a perfect fit!
    As she knelt in front of him, she looked up. His eyes seemed to be on fire. Those golden flecks seemed to overtake the darker brown and even though he was highly aroused, he seemed to be trying to lift her up.
    “No, my Ziming! I want to do this!” she exclaimed. “We’ll have time later to do what you want!” She knelt in front of him and he felt her lips brush the head of his erection and he gasped in pleasure. She slowly took him into her mouth. He’d never had this feeling before. Heat flooded his body as his arousal grew. As she rhythmically moved her head, he cried out in pleasure. Jinfeng was solely focused on Ziming’s pleasure and her head rocked back and forth as she took him deeply into her throat. Both her hands were busy as well. One stroking his shaft, the other caressing his sack while her mouth, lips, tongue and teeth worked in unison to bring him to climax.

    Ziming let out a loud cry as he exploded into Jinfeng’s mouth. She kept her rhythmic motion going until she’d sucked all of his seed up. Smacking her lips in pleasure, she slowly stood up. “How do you feel now, Young Master?” she asked with a wicked grin on her lips.

    A/N There's some serious blood and guts coming later on in this chapter. Like i said earlier, this is just a teaser for geraldsaw, mandred, anh nam. Charby, I hope that I didn't offend your sensibilities with the amount of what I call author service. If you pm me I'll let you know why.

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    OH MY GOD! This is wonderful. Fervent thanks.
    Last edited by geraldsaw; 07-30-14 at 10:35 AM.

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    Hi sjohnb. I really am not offended by the adult content. Shocked? yeah! But for someone who has gone through gu long's works where people have sex for no real reason, i am fine with the sex scenes here as long as it drives the story along.

    I have to admit, the scenes were very descriptive but your language and volcabulary is colourful. I used to review fanfics on winglin where sex scenes come across as cheap. Yours is definately not.

    I am surprised by young madam zheng though. She at first seems to be an innocent good woman caught betwern the two clans. Her loveless marriage was probably a tool used by her father for some benefits. But gosh, she has a mind of her own when doors are closed. You did well in slowly revealing her character.

    Anyhow, I am not as innocent as most people think. If you flick through the old threads, you will that my missing friend called Goofy dedicated an r-rated chapter of her story to me.

    Dont worry about us. Just write what you want.

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    Nice to see a story that doesn't shy away from the carnal side of life. Intimacy is part of real life and as these stories are supposed to reflect life I see no problem in reading about it.

    Thanks for the above and look forward to reading your work.

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