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Thread: A Martial Odyssey 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieyna View Post
    I wonder too Avidfan can you give more romantic chapter
    Quote: Szfong: I wish Avidfan would spend a bit of time talking about the interaction between the characters...
    Ok, I will try xD ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avidfan View Post
    Thanks Anh Nam and Kurotagusu

    Posting in a few hours time =)
    Take a rest master, i don't want the late release of the new chapter ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurotagusu View Post
    Take a rest master, i don't want the late release of the new chapter ^^
    Thank you very much

    Sorry for appearing to be rushing for these chapters, if that is the impression. Compared to the summary and the epilogue, I can assure everyone, AMO2 isn't a rush effort but is a real continuation of AMO1 (Continue from Chapter 70, taking place 1 year later).

    In keeping up with the humor and little secrets of AMO1, AMO2 also tries to have hidden humor. Like the Jade Emperor is ranting. The spoiler is that, actually he wasn't that upset with Lele but that maybe cast a bad light on Lele as she is a favorite character for many.

    Also, I didnt want to drag the story and want to explore the celestial realm story arc too^^

    And yes, more romantic scenes too.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Thanks Avidfan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avidfan View Post
    Thank you very much

    Sorry for appearing to be rushing for these chapters, if that is the impression. Compared to the summary and the epilogue, I can assure everyone, AMO2 isn't a rush effort but is a real continuation of AMO1 (Continue from Chapter 70, taking place 1 year later).

    In keeping up with the humor and little secrets of AMO1, AMO2 also tries to have hidden humor. Like the Jade Emperor is ranting. The spoiler is that, actually he wasn't that upset with Lele but that maybe cast a bad light on Lele as she is a favorite character for many.

    Also, I didnt want to drag the story and want to explore the celestial realm story arc too^^

    And yes, more romantic scenes too.

    Thanks everyone!
    Dear Avid fan. Actually very happy with your continuation of AMO 2. You are actually a victim of your own success. Since AMO 1 was such a success, everyone expected the AMO 2 to be just as good if not better. Little do readers know that writing a sequel is the most frustrating as inspiration from the muses is so difficult to come by. Authors will tell you that once inspiration comes, they will write in bursts, riding on the tide and then inactivity until the next burst of inspiration arrives.
    Dun worry, take your time. I for one will be patient.

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    Chapter 9: The Cosmos Stellar Formation

    Furious dust storms flurried in all directions with a force so mighty that Yi Ping had difficulty standing straight.

    The Ultimate Star Formation had been formed by the nine maidens and they had been afflicted by the furies of the Divine Calamity. Even though it seemed that the worse of the Divine Calamity seemed to have passed, the furious dust storms had shown no signs of ceasing and everything on the ground seemed to be reversing in an upward direction!

    Yi Ping was panicky and he had broken down in cold sweats as he exercised his entire martial power to steady himself. He could only see Shen Xingyue, Yujian and Meijian who had surrounded himself in a tight formation as they raised their divine swords to shelter him from the worst of the Divine Calamity.

    He thought, “Have we overcome the worse of the Divine Calamity? But where are the others?”

    Yi Ping was calling out exasperatedly, “Xian’Er! Qing’Er! Lele! Yunzi! Youxue! Lingfeng! Are you there? Please answer me!”

    Shen Xingyue, Yujian and Meijian were also shouting for them but there were no responses from anyone or from their surroundings.

    It was because there were columns of thick dusts everywhere and the winds were gushing so strongly that their voices were drowned out by it. Even the tremendous thunders of the lightning bolts that were flashing all around them were drowned to a whimpering impact!

    Even though Shen Xingyue, Yujian and Meijian were just by his side, Yi Ping was shouting aloud to them. “How is everyone?!”

    Shen Xingyue was panting heavily as she thrust her Blue Heavens Divine Sword into the ground as she nodded.

    Yujian and Meijian were looking tenderly at him even though they were looking extremely tired; their faces were extremely pale but their eyes were full of sentiments and love.

    The Ultimate Celestial Star Formation had taken a huge toll on everyone.

    Shen Xingyue used her Great Whispering Skill to assure everyone, “Don’t worry. With their martial skills, they should be alright…”

    She was not sure and could only pray for their safety!

    All of a sudden, there were particles of light that were bursting from the ground!

    Shen Xingyue said urgently, “This is just phrase one. After the Ultimate Celestial Star Formation is initiated, we must now find a way to ascend as quickly as possible.”

    She paused for a while to catch her breath, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, there is no time to lose. We must initiate the Cosmos Stellar Formation now or we will lose this chance forever. If we don’t initiate the Cosmos Stellar Formation now, we may put the lives of others in danger.”

    She sighed softly as she looked at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, what do you say?”

    Yi Ping was forced to nod as he muttered, “Let’s hope everyone is alright.”

    Even though he was unwilling for the Cosmos Stellar Formation to be initiated without knowing if the other maidens were safe but when he saw how weary Yu’Er and Mei’Er were, he was heartbroken and knew that their strength were being sapped away rapidly by this supernatural dust storm.

    If Shen Xingyue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were so drained now, the other maidens could not be faring too well either.

    Shen Xingyue sighed softly as she murmured to herself, “If there is anyone to blame or fault, then let me be that person. I hope that everyone well...Forgive me…”

    She shouted, “Initiate the Cosmos Stellar Formation!”

    She had brandished the Blue Heavens Divine Sword and had thrust it into the ground. Immediately, the ground below exploded into shimmering blue globes as she said solemnly, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er, quickly. There is no time to lose. Every second is crucial!”

    Yi Ping gasped, “Xingyue, wait!”

    In the end, he was still reluctant and was fearful for the others. It was because he could not see the others and his judgment had become clouded!

    Meijian shook her head but a tearful Yujian tugged her sleeve and said melancholy, “Mei’Er, if we don’t initiate the Cosmos Stellar Formation now, we risk all our sisters. Even though we cannot see them but I believe, I believe…”

    Yujian had broken down as she sniffed tearfully, “But….I believes that they are all alright and is waiting for us to initiate the Cosmos Stellar Formation!”

    With that, Yujian swung her divine sword, the Harp Whisperer in an arc into the ground. Immediately, golden shimmering light bursts out from the ground!

    The Harp Whisperer was a divine sword with a special characteristic that was unusual; it was able to slice through the air silently and without warning!

    Mei’Er took at long glance at Yi Ping with bleary eyes…

    Yi Ping was trembling and his face was grim. Slowly, he nodded before he finally said, “Mei’Er, let’s do it. I am willing to believe that they are still with us.”

    Mei’Er cried briefly before she swung her Lyrical Whisperer into the ground in a golden burst of bursting light.

    The entire ground began to shake violently as Shen Xingyue, Meijian and Yujian grabbed Yi Ping by his shoulders as brilliant light burst all around them, colliding with the dust storms around them apart in a thunderous howling conflict!

    There were thunderous explosions all around them as everyone felt a strange sensation that seemed to be tearing them apart!

    Shen Xingyue gasped breathlessly, “It is the Divine Thunder from the celestial realm! The only time we can hear it, is when the earthly heavens and the celestial heavens have collided with each other! The ascension is now taking place!”

    Yi Ping felt as though his entire bones were breaking apart. He began to shout aloud as he mustered his entire martial power to struggle against the excruciating pain!

    Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already broke out in soft screams while Shen Xingyue had exercised her entire martial power to display the Divine Rejuvenation Force to resist the pressuring colliding force of the forced ascension!

    Yi Ping embraced all three of them tightly as he exercised his Absolute Equilibrium Force to his limits. If he did not know his limits previously, then he knew it now!

    His vision was now blurring and his head was wobbling but he was holding them tightly while murmuring, “Xingyue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, please endure. I will use my life to protect you…”

    Yu’Er leaned weakly on Yi Ping and her eyes were bleary but she forced herself to look at him as she muttered almost incoherently, “Master…Yi Ping, I am content that you are with me. Don’t you worry about me. You must live well…”

    Yi Ping gripped her tightly as he shouted panicky, “Yu’Er! Yu’Er, don’t fall asleep!”

    Mei’Er had been holding herself back and she had long exhausted her internal strength. The toil of executing the Cosmos Stellar Formation had sapped all her strength. She coughed out blood and was muttering incoherently, “Master, you must live…I…going to miss…you…”

    Yi Ping cried out as he gripped Meijian, “Mei’Er! Wake up! Not you too! Yu’Er, Mei’Er!”

    By now, Yi Ping had nearly lost all his sight as he gripped and called their names panicky...

    All of a sudden, the martial force around them weakened and the collision forces that were pressuring them had suddenly increased many folds!

    It was because Shen Xingyue had exhausted all her martial power and had fainted in his embrace!

    Even though her Divine Rejuvenate Force was an epitome skill that could rejuvenate her internal vital energies but this pressuring colliding force was a natural phenomenon that was too much even for her to handle. Moreover, she was trying to protect everyone and her internal injuries were the most serious!

    Yi Ping knew that Shen Xingyue’s injuries was the most severe even though she did not say it.

    He could only mutter weakly and wobbly as he gripped the three of them, “Xingyue…if anything happens to you…I…and Yu’Er, Mei’Er, I don’t want anything to happen to anyone of you…”

    With one desperate martial shout, Yi Ping re-mustered what little strength that he could muster as he raised his hand upward to display the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand as three bursting rings of martial force exploded one after another around him!

    But before he could execute the full force of the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand, his blood had reversed and at the same time, the pressuring colliding forces that was around him had also come crushing down on him!

    The next thing he knew, he had blanked out and everything had turned into darkness!

    Ch9 End
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    Thanks Avidfan for another exciting chapter! Much appreciated!

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    Thanks Avid Fan. Another well crafted update.

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    Thanks for the update

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    Thanks everyone

    Anyone would like to guess what exactly or what kind of a place the celestial realm is?

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    Chapter 10: The Celestial Realm

    When Yi Ping regained his conscious, he felt excruciating pain all over his body.

    He tried to move his body and slowly opened his eyes.

    When he opened his eyes, he was immediately dazed by the many beautiful maidens that were surrounding him!

    Yixian smiled gently at him, “We have been calling you for ages but you didn’t seem to hear.”

    She paused for a while to dry her tears before saying, “We thought that you have fallen into a coma…we are so worried…”

    Yi Ping muttered, “Xian’Er, you are here. I am so glad. Is…everyone alright? Everyone has made it? Did we succeed?”

    Lie Qing laughed softly as she winked at him, “Yes, we have all made it! We are now in the Celestial Realm now!”

    Youxue, Lingfeng, Youxue and Shen Xingyue were nodding at him with eager expressions as they exclaimed together, “That’s right!”

    Lie Qing said, “This place is so beautiful. There are mountains everywhere. I have never seen anything as beautiful as this.”

    Lingfeng smiled alluringly, “There are only mountains in the Celestial Realm…”

    Lele was trying to interrupt amidst the jovial cries, “So this is the Celestial Realm, huh? Yi Ping, what do think we should go next? Should we go into the town and say hello to the other Celestials?”


    Everyone except for Lingfeng was bewildered as they looked curiously at Lele.

    Even Yi Ping was startled as he tried to stand up for a better view at his surroundings.

    It was because everyone could tell that they were on a grassy mountain slope surrounded by majestic mountains everywhere.

    Yujian and Meijian immediately said, “Master, let us help you!”

    Yi Ping smiled at them, “I am alright. Are you much better now?”

    Yujian pursed her lips, “I am alright…”

    Meijian smiled sweetly, “Don’t worry…”

    Yi Ping nodded as he looked at his surroundings keenly.

    Indeed, they were standing on a mountain platform. There were mountains everywhere. They were standing on a high point and could see hundreds of visible misty mountains and dozens of rainbows could be seen in all directions! The view was extremely breathtaking.

    Yi Ping was silent. It was because other than mountains, waterfalls, clouds, flowers, trees and grasses; there were nothing else!

    He thought, “Where is the town?”

    He turned to look at Lingfeng and Lele for answers and he decided to ask something dumb, “Is this the Celestial Realm? There is a town in this place?”

    Lingfeng smiled at him alluringly, “Indeed, this is the Celestial Realm. Here, there are no oceans, only endless mountains and oceans of clouds. As for towns, yes there are indeed towns in this place. But as for why Lele knows, I really do not know.”

    Yi Ping turned to look at Lele, “There is a town nearby? Why didn’t I see it?”

    Lele stroked her long hair gently as she smiled mysteriously, “It is just a lucky guess. No matter how desolate a place is as long as there are people, they are bound to group themselves into clans and organizations.”

    Yi Ping was dumbfounded as he slowly said, “Even though there may be towns in the Celestial Realm but we are in the middle of nowhere. Finding a town will be difficult. First, we need a plan on our next destination.”

    The maidens nodded as they looked at one another quietly.

    Yi Ping asked Lingfeng, “What will our next move be first?”

    Lingfeng sighed softly, “First, we have to recuperate first. Next, we have to find out our next location but it won’t be easy. The Celestial Realm is an infinite realm and there are places that even the Ancient Celestials did not explore yet. Next, we must find the Universal Old Man and then determine the next appearance of the Stellar Sanctuary. Also, we must avoid the settlements.”

    Lele asked curiously, “Why? We should pay the Celestials here a visit and even learn from them!”

    Lingfeng sighed softly, “The Celestial Realm is divided into many domains. There are many celestial clans here and the rivalries between the clans are even more intense than the Mortal Realm. If a fight breaks out between us, we may not be able to win against them. Don’t forget that they are celestial practitioners that have already ascended and we have not. Moreover, we will risk hurting the innocent bystanders.”

    Yunzi asked curiously, “Innocent bystanders? There are mortals here?”

    Youxue asked too, “There are mortals in the celestial realm?”

    Lingfeng sighed softly, “There are many mortals but I wouldn’t call some of them as mere mortals. Many of them are Dark Celestials and they feed on their kind here so that they could retain their youthful appearances forever.”

    All of a sudden, Yixian, Lie Qing, Lele, Youxue and Lingfeng turned around at the same time as they scanned at their surroundings keenly!

    To the others, they could see no one approaching but Yi Ping knew that for the five of them to be alarmed at the same thing would only mean one thing; they had detected the presence of someone!

    Yixian was the first one to speak, “A group of five is approaching us rapidly. From their swiftness movement, they are all super exponents! Be wary!”

    Lingfeng looked anxious as she said, “Be vigilant! They may not be friendlies and would seek to exterminate us.”

    Yunzi asked, “They would kill us? Why?”

    Lingfeng explained solemnly, “If an ascending Celestial were to land in a hostile domain, they would either be quickly recruited or exterminated. The Celestials here see everyone as a rival.”

    Yi Ping clenched his fists as he trembled. He knew that these nine maidens had all sustained internal injuries and like him, was in no state to fight back against the well prepared and powerful celestials here.

    Lele had already stepped forward as she winked at Shen Xingyue, “It seems that you are in terrible need of a rest. Why don’t you recuperate first?”

    Shen Xingyue smiled weakly, “As though you are faring better than me? Your internal injuries aren’t light either. I am sure that you are pretending otherwise.”

    Lele swung her long black scythe and her Divine Echo Divine Sword before saying coolly, “At least I am much better than you.”

    Lie Qing smiled with amusement at their antics as she sighed exasperatingly to herself, “Sometimes I can’t if their rivalries are real or just mocks.”

    She took out the Perpetual Darkness Divine Sword and the White Phoenix Divine Sword at the same time. She took a longing look at the White Phoenix Divine Sword before tossing it to Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, take the White Phoenix Divine Sword back. You are going to need it for your personal protection in the future.”

    Yi Ping caught hold of the White Phoenix before saying, “Qing’Er, you don’t need your sword?”

    Lie Qing smiled mesmerizingly, “I am no longer the Luminous Star that you have known in the past. Maybe I am never her in the first place. Over the years, I have grown attached to the Perpetual Darkness and moreover, the White Phoenix regards you as the true master now.”

    Yi Ping sighed as he stared blankly at the White Phoenix, “What is Luminous Star without the White Phoenix?”

    Lie Qing looked at him coyly, “I am always your Qing’Er. Destiny arranges for Sister Xian’Er to give you the White Phoenix on my behalf. It shows that I have never forgotten about you. But now, this White Phoenix belongs to you.”

    Yixian coughed weakly but she was smiling gently at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, destiny comes and goes. The White Phoenix is reawakened because of you and has chosen you as the rightful master to wield it. This is your destiny now.”

    Everyone could tell that Yixian’s internal injuries were not light but she simply refused to divulge the real extent of her injuries!

    All the maidens were willing to fight for the sake of Yi Ping and for the other maidens but only Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele were still able to muster whatever little strength that they had.

    It was because Yixian the Celestial Fairy had taken the blunt of the earlier Divine Calamity and had sheltered them from the worst attacks with her Divine Emerald Skill.

    Lele nodded as she placed the Divine Echo in Yi Ping’s hands. “The Divine Echo has awakened because of you too. It is not a coincident that both divine swords choose to reawaken at the same time together.”

    Shen Xingyue nodded, “Indeed. I have never heard of two divine swords that willingly choose the same master at the same time.”

    Yi Ping gripped both the White Phoenix and the Divine Echo in his hands. Immediately there was a divine resonant from the two swords as rainbow hues glowed from within the scabbards!

    Yi Ping muttered, “Divine Echo and White Phoenix…”

    Lele placed her hands tenderly on his arm as she looked up at him with tender eyes, “You know why I have given you the Divine Echo in the first place…”

    Yi Ping nodded but he had almost cried out, “Lele, I know. But even with two divine swords in my hands, what is the use? I should be the one protecting you and everyone!”

    Yixian interrupted all of a sudden, “They are here!”

    Before they had reached, their malevolent killing intent had already reached!

    A group of five, four men and a maiden had suddenly jumped down from the steep slope of the mountains and were staring at them blankly. Three of them had red eyes while the maiden and another man had golden eyes!

    The three men with red eyes were obviously Dark Celestials while the other two with golden eyes were ascended Celestials!

    All of a sudden, their malevolent killing intent decreased drastically. The men were staring blankly at the nine maidens because their sights were so enchanting and mesmerizing. It was impossible to find so many rare beauties at the same time even in the celestial realm!

    At the same time, they were also staring dazedly at the number of divine swords that were right in front of them!

    Divine swords and metallic weapons were extremely rare in the celestial realm. It was because when a powerful celestial had ascended, they could not bring any metals along with them. Moreover, most of the rare divine relics in the celestial realm were in the hands of the most powerful Exalted and Ancient Celestials!

    But today, they had actually witnessed so many metallic weapons!

    The beautiful regal maiden with the golden eyes were gasping in astonishment as she shuddered. It was not the sights of the divine swords that had startled her as she stared at the White Phoenix Sword that was in Yi Ping’s hand!

    She began to look awkwardly at Yi Ping and at Lele, Yixian and Lie Qing. This White Phoenix was a divine sword that was once wielded by her long ago and as for Lele, Yixian and Lie Qing, they were someone that she had known a long time ago!

    The man with the golden eyes recovered quickly and said coldly, “We have caught sight of a rainbow omen in the horizon and immediately knows that someone has just arrived in the celestial realm just like us long ago. But we have never expected to find so many people here. So tell me, which one of you are the ascended celestial and which one of you are celestials from the other celestial clans here?”

    He had immediately suspected that there was only one ascended celestial and the other nine must be from a rival celestial clan that was surveying the vicinity when they too, saw the rainbow omen.

    But when he saw the eyes of the intruders, he was puzzled but he was also relieved at the same time. Celestials with golden eyes were Exalted Celestials and were dangerous. None of the intruders were in his caliber and the threat that they could pose was minimum.

    So he laughed coldly, “I am Lian Longba, the lord of this domain. I don’t want to force my hand but if you are willingly to surrender unconditionally, I won’t take your lives. After all, I have always been appreciative and lenient to beauties. So what do you say?”

    He took a look at the maiden next to him as he grabbed her waist, “You should know best, right?”

    The beautiful regal maiden with the golden eyes began to tremble…

    Lian Longba noticed her weird expressions and said coldly, “You know them?”

    The beautiful regal maiden nodded slowly and said softly, “Yes, I know them.”

    Yi Ping was startled. He looked at the nine maidens but they were all drawing a blank expression. It seemed that none of them knew her!

    Lele responded the quickest, “Don’t start claiming friendship with us. Who are you? Since you know who we are, can you name us?”

    The regal beautiful maiden seemed to hesitate for a while before she pointed at them, “You are Revelation Star (Yixian), Luminous Star (Lie Qing), Melody Star (Lele), Eclipse Heaven Goddess (Yujian), Axis Heaven Goddess (Meijian), Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden (Yunzi) and Endor Fairy Vixen (Youxue).”

    Lele was stunned as she thought, “How did she know so many of us? But I don’t even know her. Is she someone I know when I was Melody Star?”

    Lele was not the only one who was surprised. All the other maidens were equally astonished!

    Lie Qing said coldly, “Just who are you? How did you guess who we are?”

    Shen Xingyue looked silently at Lingfeng as she thought, “She has mind reading abilities?”

    The beautiful regal maiden looked blankly at the White Phoenix in Yi Ping’s hands and at Yixian, Lele and Lie Qing while muttering, “You don’t know who I am? You have forgotten who I am? It is better that you have forgotten about me. I am ill-fated as it is…”

    All of a sudden, Shen Xingyue took a trembling step backward as she called out shockingly, “She is the Stellar Heaven Fairy! Yixian, Lele, Lie Qing! She is your celestial protégé mistress in the past!”

    Yixian, Lele and Lie Qing were startled as they took a step back. They had little recollections of the past and what little memories that they had was through Yi Ping’s Emptiness Translucence.

    Lian Longba laughed heartily as he eyed Yixian lecherously, “So they are your protégés when you were in the Melody Palace? Good! Then they can all serve me just like you have!”

    The Stellar Heaven Fairy immediately pleaded with him, “Longba, please let them off. You should do more good or heavens wrath will be incurred.”

    Lian Longba slapped her hard on her face, “How dare you raise your voice at me. Why do I care about any heavens wrath? Where is the heavens wrath when I have taken you? Remember, I am the master and you are my slave. In the celestial realm, whoever possesses the might is the right and he makes all the rules!”

    When Yi Ping saw that he had slapped a vulnerable maiden who dared not resist, he immediately shouted. “A man shouldn’t do that! If you want to vent your anger, fight me first!”

    Lian Longba hummed coldly, “Just who are you?”

    Yi Ping replied coldly, “I am Yi Ping and…”

    Lian Longba interrupted coldly, “You are just a half-dead man now and you dare to raise your voice at me? You are courting your own death…”

    All of a sudden, there was a forceful martial force around him as he stepped forward with an livid look, “I will show you the difference between an Exalt Celestial from the likes of you!”

    The Stellar Heaven Fairy immediately said tearfully, “Let them go please. The Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess are from the Ascension Sect. We cannot afford to offend them.”

    Immediately, Lian Longba seemed to hesitate for a while.

    The Stellar Heaven Fairy took quick bewildered glances at Yujian and Meijian. Long ago in the lower realm, the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess were two of the most powerful Exalted Celestials of the Ascension Sect and their celestial attainment was marked by their golden eyes. But now, their eyes were only crimson. What had exactly happened to them?

    But when Lian Longba saw that these rare beauties and the divine swords that were almost in his hands, even the vengeful fear from the Ascension Sect did not serve as a deterrent to him anymore. He laughed, “The Ascension Sect won’t know. They are so far away and the celestial realm is so vast. When I have seized these divine swords, they will be the ones that should fear me instead!”

    The other three henchmen that were with him shifted uncomfortably at the mention of the Ascension Sect.

    The Ascension Sect was the most powerful celestial clan in the lower realm in the past for as long as anyone could remember. Their leadership was aggressive in trying to dominate the other celestial clans and this aggressiveness did not stop at the lower realm and was instead extended to the upper realm as well. Because they had the most number of Exalted Celestials in the upper realm, they did not create their own celestial clans once they were in the upper realm but grouped quickly as a dominating force. Anyone that killed a member of the Ascension Sect was swiftly dealt with and their associate celestial clans would be paid a vengeful visit as well!

    Lian Longba shouted at his men, “Calm down! The Ascension Sect isn’t here. You have been with me for such a long time and you allow mere words to frighten you? The Ascension Sect may be a large clan but these people aren’t even Exalted Celestials. Do you think the Ascension Sect cares about their fates? What do we have to fear them?”

    One of the men said, “But they have divine swords. Their backers must be powerful. What if it is the Ancient Celestials, then we are in trouble…”

    Lian Longba snapped, “It is obviously that the Stellar Heaven Fairy is just trying to use the Ascension Sect to frighten us. The Dominating Aura Clan has many associate celestial clans as allies. Do we need to fear the Ascension Sect or even the Ancient Celestials even if it is true?”

    Yi Ping coughed weakly as he stared angrily at Lian Longba, “You call yourself an Exalt Celestial? Yet you are no different from a bandit!”

    Lian Longba hummed coldly for he was not going to take this insult lying down!

    With a sudden flash, he had leapt upon Yi Ping with a tremendous speed and had raised his powerful martial palm straight on his forehead!

    The windforce that was generated from Lian Longba’s palm was so powerful that the entire air exploded thunderous!

    Yi Ping quickly put aside the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix as he raised his palm to receive to receive the blow as he thought panicky, “His martial power is the same as when I have used the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand? And he has used it so casually…”

    All of a sudden, Yixian was in their midst with a supernatural speed and had raised her hand with the Divine Emerald Skill to receive the blow!

    There was a tremendous thunderclap and the martial force that exploded was so powerful that Yi Ping was flung off his feet! Even Lie Qing, Lele and the rest of the maidens could hardly stand on their feet as they were forced to slide backward by the resultant martial force that rippled throughout!

    Yixian was forced to take several steps backward as she coughed out blood but her gentle eyes were still looking at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, are you alright?”

    But without waiting for Yi Ping to reply her, she had suddenly collapsed on the ground!

    Yi Ping was beside her in an instant as he called out panicky, “Xian’Er! Xian’Er!”

    Lingfeng and Shen Xingyue immediately bend down to check her pulses anxiously!

    Lian Longba too, was forced back several steps but he had not taken any injuries. He was surprised as he thought, “She can actually take a blow from my Dominating Force?”

    In the ensuring conflict, Yixian the Celestial Fairy had displayed the ninth level of the Divine Emerald Skill to absorb Lian Longba’s Dominating Force. The Dominating Force was too much to handle even for the Celestial Fairy, shattering her Divine Emerald Skill in her weakened state and it had taken a heavy toll on her physically!

    There was a burst of seven wisps of blue energetic glow around Lie Qing as she raised her Perpetual Darkness. Immediately, blood began to trickle from the tip of her lips as she stared at Lian Longba coldly, “Sister Yixian may not lose to you if she is not injured. Don’t be conceit yet, I am still around!”

    Yi Ping knew that Lie Qing had forcefully exercised her Invincible Divine Force and if she used her Pandora Merciless Strike, the backlash on herself would be fatal in her present state!

    He panicky tried to shout for her to stop but before he could call out, his vital energies had reversed and he had coughed out a bout of blood as he fell backward!

    Yujian, Meijian, Yunzi, Lingfeng, Youxue and Shen Xingyue panicky surrounded him!

    Lian Longba laughed, “Do you think you have completely elude my Dominating Force?”

    Lele raised her long black scythe and she was suddenly solemn. The usual expressive glow in her eyes had completely disappeared and her crimson eyes were murderous!

    The Stellar Heaven Fairy quickly pleaded to Lie Qing and Lele, “Step back! You are not his match! Run!”

    Lian Longba laughed, “They won’t run. It is because they can’t bear to abandon this handsome man. That will be their downfall and will be their lifelong mistake. They really have no idea what they are facing and did not know who exactly I am. Oh mine, today is simply my lucky day and the best day of my life!”

    Lie Qing said coldly, “I don’t care if the Stellar Heaven Fairy is my protégé mistress previously or not. I won’t make the same mistake as her. I will sooner die than fall into your hands but I will make sure that you perish along with me!"

    Ch10 End
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    Exalted Celestial (上仙)
    Ancient Celestial (上古仙人)
    Celestial Realm (天界)
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    Thanks for another exciting chapter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanks for another exciting chapter...
    Thanks Szfong for responding so speedily. You have been very encouraging!

    I just found out that A Martial Odyssey had been nominated into as a book feature in the bestfantasybooklist. That explains maybe why AMO1 views continues to show an increase activity over AMO2 =D

    I hope everyone can have fun reading AMO1 and AMO2. Cheers!

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    I just found out that A Martial Odyssey had been nominated into as a book feature in the bestfantasybooklist. That explains maybe why AMO1 views continues to show an increase activity over AMO2 =D

    Congratulations for the book nomination. It must be very gratifying to know that your work is well appreciated. Keep it coming.

    I hope everyone can have fun reading AMO1 and AMO2. Cheers![/QUOTE]

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    I wonder why won't the 3 sisters and now has the other sisters setup their killer formations which was so successful in eliminating their much more powerful enemies in their previous lives...

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    I wonder why won't the 3 sisters and now has the other sisters setup their killer formations which was so successful in eliminating their much more powerful enemies in their previous lives...
    The real Celestial Star Formation is a defensive formation. The opponent have to actually be willingly to enter the killer formation first. Also their injuries are too severe to execute even a basic attack formation.

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    Dear avidfan, could you pls share the link to your other work: the flower guarding bells? The one that I get contains only 1 long page . Tks a lot. Appreciate all your great works bravo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by harihari View Post
    Dear avidfan, could you pls share the link to your other work: the flower guarding bells? The one that I get contains only 1 long page . Tks a lot. Appreciate all your great works bravo!
    I have reposted the first book on spcnet forum at this link here.

    You can also download it free at this link here.

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    Thank you so much avidfan keep healthy and cheerful

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    Chapter 11: The Awakening of the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword

    Lian Longba laughed heartily at Lie Qing’s boast, “You really think you got a chance against me? You are all but inferior celestials that meant nothing in my eyes.”

    But secretly when he saw the seven wisps of bluish glows around Lie Qing, he was immediately cautious. It was because he had recognized that martial force to be the Invincible Divine Force and it was an extremely powerful martial skill.

    He immediately thought, “Why don’t I test their martial skills first?”

    So he raised his hands and gave a signal to his three henchmen, “Take them all and bound them. I want to have a little fun with them later.”

    The three henchmen grinned wickedly as they leapt towards Lie Qing and Lele with startling speed! The three of them were Dark Celestials and they had killed countless celestials. In the martial fraternity, they were considered to be super exponents!

    But no sooner had they leapt in front of Lie Qing and Lele in an attempt to show off their martial prowess, the Perpetual Darkness that was wielded by Lie Qing developed a dark halo, instantly blinding them like an event horizon. In split second, these three men were all cut down by Lie Qing and Lele!

    Lian Longba could not believe his eyes that these two maidens could cut down three of his most powerful protégés with so little effort!

    He had intended to use his three protégés to test their martial skills. He was literally speechless with anger, not at the two maidens but at his three protégés as he thought angrily, “Fools! Stupid idiots!”

    The three Dark Celestials had allowed themselves to be lured into complacency, thinking that their protégé master and their fellow protégés would intervene when necessary. Moreover, they had their orders not to hurt these maidens who had been cornered by them.

    But they had never expected their complacency would cost them their lives as they had not expected these two maidens were super exponents in speed attacks!

    Lele swung her long black scythe and pointed at him as she said coldly, “Now it is your turn!”

    Lian Longba said coldly as he ignored Lele’s threats and looked at Lie Qing, “The divine sword that is in your hand, is it the Perpetual Darkness?”

    Lie Qing hummed coldly, “That’s right! Now you are afraid?”

    Lian Longba replied coldly, “It is just as I have thought. I have never expected to see the Perpetual Darkness in the Celestial Realm and I don’t know how you manage to bring it here either. My protégés are blinded by the Perpetual Darkness and got themselves killed without knowing the reason why. However I am in a totally different league from them. The Perpetual Darkness is an ancient divine sword and one of the seven most powerful celestial weapons in the lower realm. And today, I will make this divine sword my possession!”

    All of a sudden, he had descended upon Lie Qing and Lele at the same time with the explosive power of his Dominating Force!

    Lele was immediately forced to take several steps backward as she could not resist the powerful windforce of the Dominating Force in her weakened state nor did she want to take him headlong.

    Lie Qing immediately zapped him with two sword bursts but it was quickly dissipated by his martial windforce!

    Once again, Lie Qing displayed the event horizon of the Perpetual Darkness as she bended behind the blinding dark halo of her divine sword as she slashed furiously at him!

    But Lian Longba seemed to have predicted all her attacks and dodged all her sword strokes. Before Lie Qing could unleash more attacks, he was on her and had sent a forceful palm attack toward her!

    She immediately retaliated with her left hand to receive his blow!

    There was a explosive thunderclap and both of them were flung to opposite sides!

    Lie Qing coughed out a mouthful of blood as she said weakly, “Ping’Er, I have done my best. I pray that it will be enough…”

    Shen Xingyue, Lingfeng and Youxue were on her side as they quickly tried to revive her vital channels but Lie Qing did not respond anymore!

    All of a sudden, Lingfeng and Shen Xingyue burst into sorrowful tears!

    Lingfeng was trembling as she wept aloud, “Qing Qing, even though we have not really known each other for a long time but I have always known that you are a sentimental maiden with a good heart…”

    Lian Longba was on his feet immediately but not before he had coughed out a bout of blood. He simply could not believe that this enchanting maiden would be able to injure him! He had thought that she was depending on her divine sword and her Invincible Divine Force for protection. But he did not expected that she would channel all her Invincible Divine Force from the defensive to the offensive!

    He immediately thought, “Is she courting her own death!?”

    But before he gave further thoughts, a flying sword had burst through the air with a startling speed towards him!

    He immediately reacted by dodging the flying sword; it was flung by one of the nine maidens, a maiden with a quiet demeanor.

    It was Yunzi and she had aimed at him with her deadly Flying Sword Technique!

    Barely had he dodged her flying sword, Lele had swung her long black scythe at his back!

    Just as Lian Longba had retaliated by sending a forceful attack at Lele, he was suddenly attacked by Youxue out of the blue as she struck him three times on his back!

    He was stunned at how this maiden could attack him so silently. He coughed out a bout of blood but not before he had retaliated and struck her forcefully!

    Xiao Youxue took seven steps back before she collapsed with a weak smile, “Lie Qing, Yixian, Yi Ping, I hope that I didn’t disappoint any one of you…”

    Just when Lian Longba had struck Xiao Youxue, Yunzi had drawn out a soft sword from around her belt and had quietly displayed it into a flying sword and had dismembered his right arm!

    The force of her flying sword was so great that it rebounded back again when it had struck the ground to give Lian Longba another painful slash on his back!

    If Lian Longba was not a super exponent with a powerful external force protecting him, he would have been sliced into two halves!

    Lian Longba yelled out painfully with a maddening rage. He immediately sealed his accupoint channels on his right shoulder and stared furiously at Yunzi!

    Yunzi had timed her flying sword at the moment that he had retaliated against Youxue when his Dominating Force was at its weakest.

    Lian Longba was momentarily stunned. It was because at his current Dominating Force level, he was almost impervious to external attacks and blows. At most he could suffer external cuts but cutting his arm off was a near impossible feat!

    Lian Longba was about to leapt to Yunzi when two beaming golden lights flashed in his sight!

    It was Yujian and Meijian!

    Yujian said tearfully, “You don’t deserve to be a Celestial. You are a demon!”

    Meijian cried out, “You will pay dearly for this…”

    Lele cried out as she rained down dozens of swinging attacks on Lian Longba, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er, step aside!”

    But it was already too late; Lian Longba did not restrain himself anymore. He was hopping mad. With just a few strokes, he had struck Yujian and Meijian to the ground!

    Shen Xingyue tried to stand up and exercised her internal strength but she was too weak. She threw up blood and fainted!

    Yi Ping had just opened his eyes when he saw Yujian, Meijian and Shen Xingyue collapsing one after another!

    He was dumbfounded as he took a quick look at his surroundings and saw Yunzi, Lingfeng and Lele were the only ones that were left as they battled Lian Longba.

    Yixian, Lie Qing and Youxue were lying on the ground and were not moving!

    Yi Ping tried to pick himself up but he had coughed out another mouthful of blood before he collapsed weakly on the ground again as he muttered, “Xian’Er, Qing’Er, Youxue, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Xingyue…”

    Lian Longba had grabbed Yunzi with his left hand and had slammed her on the ground, “You dare to dismember my arm! You dare to dismember my arm! You will pay dearly for this!”

    But Yunzi had already fainted and could not hear his abusive swears anymore!

    Lingfeng and Lele had attacked Lian Longba at the same time.

    At the same time, Lingfeng was exclaiming breathlessly, “Let go of her!”

    In her haste, she had used the Asper Horizon Hand on Lian Longba, who counter attacked with his Dominating Force Palm. There was a loud thunderclap and Lingfeng was quickly overpowered. She was wobbly and fell backward!

    At the same time, Lele was fatally struck on her shoulder by Lian Longba. She coughed out blood as she took feeble leaps.

    Just as Lian Longba was about to give Lingfeng a strike, the Stellar Heaven Fairy had intercepted him as she pleaded, “That’s enough. Let them go please!”

    Lian Longba shouted angrily, “So you are betraying me. Just because I have lost my right arm, you think you have a chance to win against me? Don’t forget your internal strength is just a third of what you have previously.”

    The Stellar Heaven Fairy quickly took a few gentle steps backward beside Lingfeng and Lele as she said melancholy, “Yes, I want to betray you. I want to kill you! You are a beast! I want to kill you ever since you had forced yourself on me and had nearly crippled my martial skills. Even if I were to die today, I have no regrets! You are the one that deserved to die instead!”

    Lingfeng and Lele looked at her quietly. They had never expected that the Stellar Heaven Fairy would actually intervene on their side. But their hopes quickly collapsed when they noticed that the Stellar Heaven Fairy’s martial strength was just on par with them. Even if the three of them combined, they would never be Lian Longba match!

    Lian Longba stared angrily at them, “Very good. I shall cripple all your martial skills permanently and I will make your lives a living hell. Then you will know that I am forever your master and you are all just my obedient slaves!”

    Lele was grateful to the Stellar Heaven Fairy for intervening. Even though she did not say a single word, her eyes expressed her innermost heartfelt gratefulness. The reason why Lele had suddenly grown quiet was because she was channeling all her vital breath to replenish her vital energies as quickly as possible. In the ensuring fight with Lian Longba, she had taken mostly evasive maneuvers that had extracted upon her a great deal of physical fatigue.

    Lingfeng was in a worse condition than her. She was looking extremely pale and she could barely stand steadily. It was only through her sheer willpower and determination that she was still standing.

    She thought miserably, “Now I really wish I am the Heaveness of old…I…”

    The Stellar Heaven Fairy had lifted her long sleeves as she stepped boldly in front of Lele and Lingfeng as she said expressionlessly, “Run, I will delay him for you. Don’t look back and don’t hesitate…”

    Lian Longba shouted as he leapt forward to rain dozens of attacks on them, “Do you think that I will allow my prey to escape right in front of my eyes?”

    But the Stellar Heaven Fairy intervened with dozens of hand gestures and intricate strokes as she whispered panicky to Lele and Lingfeng, “What are you waiting for? Run!”

    When Lele saw the Stellar Heaven Fairy’s strokes, she was spell bounded by it as she thought, “These strokes…are so vaguely familiar. Don’t tell me, she is really my protégé mistress in the past?”

    Lingfeng raised her hands to send dozens of secret projectiles toward Lian Longba but it was quickly deflected to one side!

    At the same time, Lian Longba had overpowered the Stellar Heaven Fairy and had struck a heavy blow on her. Instantly, there was a tremendous impact and the Stellar Heaven Fairy had lost her footing as she stumbled backward!

    Just as Lian Longba was about to deal her another blow, Lele had intervened with dozens of rapid swings and he was forced to somersault backward but not before he gave a powerful kick at her!

    Lele was forced to block his kick with her hands and the force of that impact immediately flung her aside!

    Lian Longba recovered quickly and he was astonished to find that the Stellar Heaven Fairy, Lele and Lingfeng were already standing in a tight formation, supporting one another with their arms as they stared at him. It seemed that they were telling him that they would not give up unless they were dead!

    Lian Longba thought, “It is obviously that they won’t rest until they are dead. Even though I cherish beauties but if I am careless, I may lose my life instead. This is most unfortunate but they have left me with no choice!”

    The Stellar Heaven Fairy, Lele and Lingfeng were only putting on a brave front. Their internal injuries were severe and they had already expended most of their internal strength.

    Lingfeng closed her eyes as wet tears fell silently as she muttered, “Yi Ping, I…I am so sorry. I am the cause of everyone’s miseries. Nothing will atone for my mistakes. I shouldn’t have even suggested everyone to accompany me. Please forgive me…”

    Lele muttered, “That’s alright. That is our destiny…”

    Just as Lian Longba had barely taken two steps, he was startled to see that the young man that they had called Yi Ping had stood up quietly; his face was as white as sheet and he could barely stand straight.

    He thought, “He isn’t dead yet? What is he made of?”

    Lingfeng and Lele gasped, “Yi Ping!”

    Yi Ping gripped the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix that was in his hands tightly as he murmured, “Everyone…Lingfeng, Lele…I am so useless. I cannot even protect everyone…Lingfeng, I can hear your thoughts. You don’t have to blame yourself. Qing’Er, I will avenge you…”

    Lingfeng broke down and she was weeping tearfully. She covered her mouth with both hands as she muttered almost incoherently, “No, it is really my fault. I am the one that cause everyone to be in this state…”

    Lian Longba interrupted with a martial shout as he leapt upon Yi Ping, “Enough! Do you really think I am invisible? Let me send you to your death now!”

    He did not believe that Yi Ping had any strength left and believed that he was just stubbornly putting on a brave front. He had already witnessed his martial skill and did not consider him as a threat. Experiences and martial skills required time to learn and perfect. When there was a level gap, there was nothing a martial practitioner could do to overcome a strong opponent unless he had superior techniques on his side.

    Much to the startled cries of Lele, Lingfeng and even the Stellar Heaven Fairy as he leapt upon Yi Ping with a startling speed and expecting him to be killed instantly with a quick blow, the two divine swords that were in Yi Ping’s hands began to reverberate and bursts of sword energy flew in circular arcs towards him!

    Lian Longba was stunned and he was forced to evade and deflected the sword bursts as he abandoned his attacks, “Divine Echoes of the divine swords! He can awaken these divine swords? But he is just a low level celestial! In his present condition, he is still capable of executing sword energies? Is he mad or he did not want his life anymore?”

    Sword energies could only be wielded when a martial practitioner had not suffered any internal injuries. Even a little internal injuries would result in a permanent stroke or even phenomenon deviation!

    While Yi Ping was anguish with himself for being useless and unable to protect all his love ones as he watched them fell one by one, he had prayed silently. “Our levels differences are too great. I just need some martial strength but I have expended all my martial power during the ascension to the celestial realm…is there really no other way? No, evil won’t triumph over good…”

    All of a sudden, he stared at the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix as he murmured, “If you are divine swords, lend me whatever strength that you got…”

    Suddenly, a burst of sudden strength emerged from him and he could feel that the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix had suddenly become extremely light! To his surprise, he had overcome the Enlighten Level and had suddenly attained the Emotion Level! As his celestial divinity increased, he found the strength to move again!

    When a celestial practitioner had attained the Emotion Level, they could become one with their weapons. When this emerging occurred, it would appear as though their weapons would become lighter, faster and the strength of their attacks would also increase!

    Just as Lian Longba was hesitating before he made his next attack against Yi Ping, his opponent had coughed out a mouthful of blood and had staggered backward!

    Lingfeng and Lele immediately flew to his side as they caught hold of him, crying aloud at the same time!

    Yi Ping muttered semi-consciously, “Did I succeed? Did I kill him?”

    Lele cried out melancholy, “Yes, you have killed him. Don’t worry…take a good rest first…”

    Lingfeng held Yi Ping as she replied with utmost grief, “Don’t worry. You have already done your best!”

    Even the Stellar Heaven Fairy could not hold back her tears anymore as she witnessed the concerns that they had for one another!

    She muttered to herself, “I really envy them. To think that the White Phoenix that I used to wield is now with this young man…”

    It was only then that Lian Longba knew that this Yi Ping had overtly exerted himself and had tried to bet his last strength against him.

    Just when he was about to interrupt their precious moments, he had a sudden wicked thought. Therefore he called aloud, “If you are willing to submit to me, then I will spare this young man’s life. What do you say?”

    Lele tried very hard to suppress her tearful emotions as she threw her long scythe on the ground, “I submit…please don’t let him die…”

    Lingfeng said melancholy, “Lele…a wicked man like him won’t keep his promises…”

    Lian Longba laughed, “With so many alluring beauties by my side, I will surely keep my promises. This I can assure you…”

    All of a sudden, Lian Longba could sense an extremely cold aura that had suddenly emerged and he quickly turned around in alarm.

    A maiden, whose beauty was like a heavenly goddess was standing at a side and she was looking coldly at him. In her hand was a beaming golden sword. It radiated a golden halo that was disappearing and reappearing constantly while resonating its divine echo!

    It was Yixian the Celestial Fairy!

    The Stellar Heaven Fairy was gasping, “She has awakened the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword?! Is it even possible at her current attainment?”

    Only celestial practitioners that had attained the Seventh Sense Level and above could possibility awakened the Heavenly Earth Celestial Sword. Even her protégé mistress, the Stardust Heaven Fairy did not succeed in awakening the Heavenly Earth Sword when she had it.

    Yet today, she had witnessed the divine echo of the awakened White Phoenix, the Divine Echo and the Heavenly Earth Sword!

    She was so moved by the sight that she could not control her trembling!

    Yixian had fainted earlier. But when Yi Ping had reached the Emotion Level earlier and merged as one with the White Phoenix and the Divine Echo, her Heavenly Earth Sword had reawakened at the same time.

    The awakening of the Heavenly Earth Sword had also lifted her state of divinity from the Upper Emotion Level to the start of the Transverse Level!

    The Emotion Level was a huge hurdle for Yixian to overcome. With her cultivation in her Emotionless Heart Intricacy Skill, she had quickly attained the Emotion Level. But because of her secret affections for Yi Ping, she had virtually hit a wall and her risk of phenomenon deviation was very real; her clan Emotionless Heart Intricacy Skill was the main obstacle for her.

    The heartfelt sorrows of everyone and the awakening of the Heavenly Earth Sword had lifted her state of divinity. This advanced her Emotionless Heart Intricacy Skill, allowing her to grasp the secret intricacies of the Emotionless Divine Heart Intricacy Skill!

    Yixian muttered, “Ping’Er if you are not around, what is there for me to live for?”

    Lian Longba said coldly, “I can assure you that you will soon forget about him once you have known me.”

    He had immediately raised his powerful Dominating Force Palm at her!

    Yixian immediately lifted her vital strength and displayed dozens of piercing Jade Icy Fingers, countering his powerful Dominating Force Palm as they exchanged dozens of moves in a split second!

    Lian Longba knew that she could not last long against his furious attacks as he had noticed that blood was constantly dripping from the side of her lip; she had internal injuries and was forcefully using her internal strength.

    Lian Longba said coldly, “Maiden, you better stop or you will lose all your internal strength permanently and may even die. It is futile. I am not an Exalt Celestial for nothing…”

    No sooner had he said that, Yixian had swung the Heavenly Earth Sword at him with her Frosty Icicle Swordplay as she sent a wave of cold piercing sword energy in an explosive arc that imploded the ground all around them!

    Lian Longba immediately mustered all his entire martial power as he deflected the sword energies attacks into nothingness with his left palm. All of a sudden, he was zapped by a sword energy that negated his Dominating Force and left a cut on his chest!

    He immediately coughed out blood and thought bewilderedly, “This! This is not any normal sword energy. This is the Universal Force! How is it possible for her to even display it?”

    He did not know that the Heavenly Earth Sword was a celestial sword that was capable of unleashing the Universal Force but there was a heavy price for using it; it extracted a heavy toll on its wielder. In Yixian current state, she was in no condition to use it.

    Yixian coughed out blood after she had executed the Frosty Icicle Swordplay. As she collapsed to the ground, she muttered almost incoherently and her eyes had a thousand affections. “Ping’Er…take care…”

    At the same time when Lian Longba was wobbly, the Stellar Heaven Fairy, Lingfeng and Lele had made their last desperate moves and had struck him with dozens of explosive attacks!

    Lian Longba painfully shouted a martial shout as he enveloped himself with his Dominating Force once again. He was able to neutralize most of their attacks including Lele’s wicked slashes until she swung her long scythe between his legs!

    Lian Longba immediately collapsed on the ground, refusing to believe that an Exalt Celestial of his caliber would actually fall today!

    The reason why Lele could succeed in her dirty attack was because she had ensured that all her strokes were orthodox moves even during the most dire situations. A typical fighter may be forced to display a few unorthodox moves when there was an opening. But Lele had waited patiently for the right opportunity to strike to her unsuspecting opponent.

    Ch11 End
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