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Thread: Looking for similiar novel like Stellar Transformation

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    Default Looking for similiar novel like Stellar Transformation


    until now I have started to read the following novels:

    - Stellar Transformation
    I liked this novel really but I would have prefered a bit more humor.

    - A Step Into The Past
    If the author would have excluded half of the sex situations it would be a really great book but as it is itīs getting annoying with time. Therefore today I was looking for another good novel.

    - A deer and the cauldron
    Was annoyed after some passages. I could not really follow the characters and so I stopped reading it, too many new expressions in one sentence.

    - Demi-God and Semi-Devil
    Annoying protagonist...after the second chapter I stopped reading it since I didnt expect much change in his character in the remaining chapters 3 - 5. The laughing omfg....

    I am looking for some kind of supernatural fighting novel. I prefer it to be as long as an average book.

    Thx for helping me.

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    A Martial Odyssey is very similar to Stellar Transformation in the sense that people are trying to ascend and have supernatural / godlike powers. The problem with this novel is that the writing quality is much lower (like A Step into the Past). It may be the translation or the novel itself, but I found myself confused and not really entertained. It isn't erotic like A Step into the Past so you might enjoy it. I think the logical foundation and universe isn't built as well as Stellar Transformation and the transitions in the story are not well explained at times so the reader becomes confused.

    Demi-God and Semi-Devi[COLOR=#333333] is actually a story about 3 heroes: Rich Nerd, Heroic Jock, Poor __?__. I stopped reading at the introduction of the 3rd hero and am waiting for chapters to accrue before I start reading again. If you didn't like the first hero then you should start reading when the beggar clan is introduced. However if you don't like the laughs then I suspect all wuxia may not appeal to you. Laughs are an important element in showcasing pride & arrogance of power. Though I don't remember the first hero laughing annoyingly. Regardless it is a good read, what I would classify as 2nd tier. It is well developed with good transitions.

    My 1st Tier Recommendations:
    [/COLOR]For other readers, not just the original posters:
    [COLOR=#333333]Stellar Transformation - perfection doesn't require further comments, just read it!!!
    [/COLOR]Return of the Condor Heroes - very good balance of power & struggle[COLOR=#333333]
    [/COLOR]My 2nd Tier Recommendations:
    [COLOR=#333333]The Condor Trilogy
    Book 1: Eagle Shooting Hero (07/10)
    Book 2: Return of the Condor Heroes (10/10)
    Book 3: Heaven Sword, Dragon Sabre (08/10)

    Ode to Gallantry & part 2 - nature vs nurture (genetics vs environment)
    Smiling Proud Wanderer - loyalty & betrayal, lots of suffering here as well
    A Deadly Secret - lots of suffering, loyalty, betrayal, heart touching (based on a true story)
    Overall Jin Yong is a master of story telling. There aren't many casualties; however there is a lot of suspense. Usually you have one hero with a tragic flaw that through unpredictable circumstances gains tremendous power at a really young age. Loyalty, betrayal, suffering, plight of the common people, nationalism are common themes.
    * Legend of the White Haired Maiden - by [/COLOR]Liang Yusheng, a non JY novel. Strong female characters. [COLOR=#333333]
    [/COLOR]* [COLOR=#333333]Legendary Siblings - by Gu Long, a non JY novel. Hero was smart rather than super powerful.
    My 3rd Tier Recommendations:
    Any Jin Yong novel except The Deer and The Cauldron

    All of my recommendations are completed, if the attached links do not show the book completed, then do a search to find the rest of the novel.

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    links didn't save since it took me so long to gather all the data, too lazy to do so just do searches

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    There is one that is more similar to the recarnation theme that has been floating around in Japanese Light Novels, but so far it reads pretty good. A shame that the translator is slow or has stopped. the translations ended in march 2013 if someone would pick it up that would be nice

    Lanny is translating it... It's called by Lanny, Joy of Life.

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    hey i know my reply is late and you may have already found my recommendations but 'swallowed star' and 'coiling dragon' are really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mytar View Post
    - Demi-God and Semi-Devil
    Annoying protagonist...after the second chapter I stopped reading it since I didnt expect much change in his character in the remaining chapters 3 - 5. The laughing omfg....
    There are three protagonists in DGSD.
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