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Thread: Swordsman: Sovereign

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    Very good work. I like the use of different perspective of the same situation.

    The fox mask was a nice touch as well (good play on LHC name).

    Its a shame YBQ isn't there, it would be great to see DFBB take him down a peg or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanks optimus,

    Please post chapter 9 soon... Just kidding...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Very good work. I like the use of different perspective of the same situation.

    The fox mask was a nice touch as well (good play on LHC name).

    Its a shame YBQ isn't there, it would be great to see DFBB take him down a peg or two.
    Thanks for the kind words and support.
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    “Miss are you okay?!” Xiong asked with concern as he firmly held the older woman in his arms.

    “Not now miss, let him calm down first!” Xiong replied, while continuing to keep her in his grasp.
    I see a cougar & a hamster relationship developing.... I wonder who is the cougar?

    Because the farsighted DFBB does not believe the promise YLS had given her of never reconciling with LHC, she will warn YLS to either choose Xiong or choose slow agonizing death after seeing her talking to her husband.

    I think DFBB may even encourage her little brother to pursue YLS, shocking LHC by telling Xiong not to worry because the marriage is fake, she is still chaste and the Lin kid was never a man to begin with, he's just a sly & sweet talking little brat using a "naive girl" to protect himself from YBQ's schemes.

    It would also be great if DFBB reveals YBQ & LPZ's treacherous schemes with some embellishments added for everyone at the Golden Sabre Hall to hear... even insinuating that YBQ had a hand in encouraging Yu Canghai in attacking the Lin Family Escort Service early by spreading rumours... This of course angers the birthday man, who's only daughter was killed that day. This, of course ruined the birthday celebration for everyone, which was DFBB's main mission.

    Can't wait for the next chapter!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    I see a cougar & a hamster relationship developing.... I wonder who is the cougar?

    Because the farsighted DFBB does not believe the promise YLS had given her of never reconciling with LHC, she will warn YLS to either choose Xiong or choose slow agonizing death after seeing her talking to her husband.

    I think DFBB may even encourage her little brother to pursue YLS, shocking LHC by telling Xiong not to worry because the marriage is fake, she is still chaste and the Lin kid was never a man to begin with, he's just a sly & sweet talking little brat using a "naive girl" to protect himself from YBQ's schemes.

    It would also be great if DFBB reveals YBQ & LPZ's treacherous schemes with some embellishments added for everyone at the Golden Sabre Hall to hear... even insinuating that YBQ had a hand in encouraging Yu Canghai in attacking the Lin Family Escort Service early by spreading rumors... This of course angers the birthday man, who's only daughter was killed that day. This, of course ruined the birthday celebration for everyone, which was DFBB's main mission.

    Can't wait for the next chapter!!

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Actually I haven't decided on YLS fate yet. I did think about pairing her with Xiong. Something along the lines of the highlighted may happen. Key word is MAY, have to make sure it will fit with the story.
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    Default Chapter: 9

    Swordsman: Sovereign

    This FanFiction is loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer and the new 2012/2013 series.

    " Speech "

    ' Thoughts '

    Salute = The Bao Quan Li - the wrap fist greeting/Fist Wrapping Rite

    Chapter: 9


    Dongfang Bubais' aura was one of elegance, grace, and sex appeal. She knew what she had and knew how to use it to train all eyes on her; especially from the men. To Linghu Chong it reminded him of when they first laid eyes on each other in the brothel. Back then, though his heart was completely given to Yue Lingshan, he quietly admitted to himself that Dongfang Bubai was very tempting; and if not for his relationship with his little martial sister, he might have considered 'getting to know her better'.

    As she walked the dress trailed behind her giving everyone an exquisite feel to the atmosphere. The opened white umbrella also added to this effect as it gave her the look of an gentle maiden. Even if that was the farthest thing from what the former cult leader actually was.

    The dress she wore was simple in design, yet elegant. For her, the colors signified who she was. The red, as the brazen and strong former cult leader Dongfang Bubai, the white as Madam Linghu, the wife of the hero Linghu Chong.

    In truth, she was going to wear something much more revealing, but Linghu Chong would have none of that, as he had threatened to put a blanket on her if she did, which immediately caused the former cult leader to quickly scrap the idea.

    “South Hengshans' chief is Mo Da. Who are these people?!” Ning Zhongze asked in shock.

    “Mother that's them. They are the ones who saved myself and Pingzhi,” Yue Lingshan said pointing towards the pair. Though she to was surprised at the identity of her saviors.

    Heroine Ning didn't respond, instead she chose to observe the flamboyant couple. One appeared to be a beautiful young woman, yet kept most of her face covered with a head scarf. The other was even more oddly dressed as he wore a regal, expensive looking white robe. Though that was not the odd thing about him she noted. It was the white and red fox mask he wore which completely concealed his face except for his nose and mouth.

    Flamboyant and odd they appeared to be, but everyone could feel the sense of power they emanated.

    'What strange people. Yet for some reason I feel like I've met them somewhere before. Especially the one in the mask...' Ning Zhongze said racking her brain to figure out if she had met either person before.

    Wang Zhongqiang who had hurried back after being instructed by his father to greet the rest of the guest's while he took care of Lin Pingzhi arrived just as the last of the rose pedals hit the ground. He was taken aback as the couple approached him, but quickly composed himself remember the task his father instructed him to do.

    “Ah...May I know the names of the ones who succeeded Master Mo Da as chief of South Hengshan?” he said politely while saluting.

    Dongfang Bubai gazed at the man in contempt after noticing the look of lust in his eyes as he approached her.

    Linghu Chong didn't recognize the green robed man. Though he did remember the elder Wang saying something about his other son being away when he was at the compound before.

    Linghu Chong though had the nagging feeling he would not like him any better then his brother.

    “No you may not,” Linghu Chong said flatly as he and his wife walked past the now embarrassed and speechless man.

    “A bit harsh weren't you? Usually that's my area,” Dongfang Bubai said teasingly.

    “And you do that very well my love,” Linghu Chong replied back with a tease of his own.

    Ning Zhongze wearily watched as the pair approached her and Yue Lingshan.

    'I still can't shake this feeling that I know them. But from where? I can't recall ever meeting such people before,' she thought a bit exasperated as her memory drew a blank.

    She reasoned perhaps it was just her imagination. Though her intuition kept telling her otherwise.

    “Mistress...” Linghu Chong whispered.

    Dongfang Bubai quickly grabbed his right arm and leaned closer to his ear.

    “Remember why we are here. You are no longer affiliated with Huashan Sect. You must master and steel your emotions or else we came here for nothing...” she whispered.

    Linghu Chong let out an exasperated sigh, but knew his wife was correct. To reveal who they were now would curtail their plans and might even bring harm to those of the sect.

    “Benefactors this is my mother, mother these are your daughters saviors,” Yue Lingshan said with a large smile as the pair stopped right in front of her.

    Dongfang Bubai closed her umbrella. Both her and Linghu Chong then saluted the pair in front of them.

    “I've long heard of the renowned Heroine Ning. You are an inspiration to all of us women. It is an honor to finally meet you,” Dongfang Bubai said politely.

    “You honor me greatly, Miss?...”

    “You may call me Madam Fox,” Dongfang Bubai said smirking.

    Linghu Chong chuckled while shaking his head.

    “I see...I may not be able to repay you and your husband for saving Ling'er and Pingzhi. On behalf of my husband and all of Huashan Sect I thank you.”

    Ning Zhongze tried to bow to the pair but was quickly stopped by Linghu Chong.

    “No need Heroine Ning. Little sister Lingshan was in danger, we are just glad we were able to come to her and Lin Pingzhis' aid before something terrible would have happened,” Linghu Chong said warmly.

    Ning Zhongze stared at the man before her warmly. Though she still could not shake the nostalgic feeling she could here the sincerity in his voice.

    'They obviously don't want their identities revealed. Either way I must be cautious. Given what Ling'er said about the mans skills, his martial arts is extremely high.'

    “If I may be so bold to ask. Why do you and your wife keep your identities hidden? You even have used your inner energy to change your voice. Why such secrecy?”

    Dongfang Bubai chose to respond to the question, though she liked her 'mother in laws' straight forwardness.

    “We all have our secrets don't we Heroine Ning? I'm sure Mr. Yue has things he doesn't wish other people to know about...Allow us to do the same. In due time you will find the answer you seek.”

    Ning Zhongze was taken aback by the answer, which further added to her suspicion.

    'Do they know something about senior martial brother? Do they know he stole the Evil-Warding Swordplay Manual?' she thought with a bit of panic, thinking of the shame it would bring upon all of Huashan Sect if that news were to ever get out.

    “Let's not dwell on this though. I'm sure you wish to check on the condition of that cripple son in law of yours,” Dongfang Bubai said bluntly.

    Too bluntly in fact, as it served to incite said cripple's wife.

    “Hey! How dare you say such a thing?!” Yue Lingshan screamed out.

    Ning Zhongze grabbed her daughter's right hand stopping her from going up into Dongfang Bubais' face.

    “Why upset little girl, what did I say that wasn't true?” Dongfang Bubai said nonchalantly.

    “Forgive my wife's crassness,” Linghu Chong said apologetically. “ I believe what she meant to say is that you must be concerned about Hero Lin's condition and shouldn't waste time here talking to us,” he said while giving Dongfang Bubai a stern look.

    “Why are you apologizing. Is he not a cripple? And a lame one at that,” she said sounding completely unapologetic.

    Yue Lingshan was close to exploding. She now knew without a doubt the woman in front of her completely hated her. But the reason for such contempt no longer mattered. She refused to take such treatment any longer.

    “Brother Fox is indeed a good person. Unlike the beast he married,” Yue Lingshan spat out venomously.

    Linghu Chong immediately put a restraining hand on his wife's left shoulder. Knowing that if he didn't his little martial sister may lose her life.

    'Or in the very least be beaten within an inch of her life. I should have known this would happen. They didn't like each other back on Mount Huashan and I doubt they will ever get along,' he thought a bit exasperated.

    “Little girl, if it weren't for my husband, I would feed you to the stray dogs! Be careful, if you keep talking you might just 'disappear' mysteriously!” Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

    Ning Zhongze and Linghu Chong knew Dongfang Bubai was completely serious about the threat. Even Yue Lingshan could tell it wasn't an idle threat, as a tingle of fear spread through out her body, but her anger got in the way of her better judgment as she continued the verbal spar.

    “What was that?!” Yue Lingshan again tried to go up into Dongfang Bubai face but was still being restrained by her mother.

    Seeing that the situation was about to get out of hand and that some of the other guests were turning their attention towards them. Ning Zhongze sought to pacify the situation as best she could.

    “Lets not let our temper's get the better of us. Myself and Ling'er appreciate all that you two have done. If it weren't for your help my daughter and Pingzhi would either be dead or fallen into the hands of Yu Canghai. For this I will be eternally grateful to both of you,” she said kindly.

    “We were glad to help Heroine Ning. I would not have been able to live with myself if I could have helped but chose to ignore their plight. How would I be able to properly guide my disciples in the way of chivalry if I didn't?” Linghu Chong responded warmly.

    “Good...Good...” Ning Zhongze said impressed by the morality the man in front of her possessed.

    “It's indeed shocking news that Senior Mo Da has chosen to relinquish his position as head of South Hengshan. I take it you two are disciples of his? No offense meant, but your eccentric nature and morality are similar to his.”

    'Very smart. Using praise then trying to fish for information. She is not such a simple woman,' Dongfang Bubai thought slightly impressed.

    “In a sense yes...My husband was/is being tutored by Senior Mo Da in how to be a proper sect leader,” Dongfang Bubai said with a bit of an amused tone, which Linghu Chong picked up on; knowing that his wife was referring to Mo Da's scolding about his drinking habits.

    “I see...It is odd that he would suddenly retire. Is he in good health?” Ning Zhongze asked with concern.

    “Senior Mo Da has grown weary of this world. After the death of his junior Liu Zhengfeng he had been contemplating retiring all together. But with the recent trouble's involving the Sun Moon Holy Cult and that scoundrel Zuo Lengshan, he has put it off until now. Do not worry he is in good spirits and still has his vigor. If you wish to verify for yourselves you are welcome to come back with us once the celebration here is over.”

    Ning Zhongze stared at the woman in front of her silently as she contemplated what she just heard. It seemed strange to her that someone of Mo Da's caliber would just suddenly retire without even sending out notice to the other sects.

    'Though he can be very eccentric, so what she said could possibly be the truth. But, it still seems so strange...'

    “If this old woman wouldn't be too much of a burden to you then I would like to pay my respects to him before returning to Mount Huashan.”

    “Of course...” Dongfang Bubai said seeing her bluff was called.

    “Though how do you know we are saying the truth about elder Mo Da. How do you know we won't hold you hostage to use against Yue Buqun or even harm you in some other way?” Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

    A chill went up Ning Zhongze spine as she gazed into the woman's ice cold eyes. All of her instincts were telling her that the person in front of her was extremely dangerous, and saying or doing the wrong thing may result in the loss of her life. But as she turned her attention to the woman's husband, she could see a strange sense of warmness, dare she say affection in his eyes which to her surprise helped to calm her nerves.

    “That is indeed possible. But, I trust that you and your husband are not such people. Though I don't fully understand why, I feel that I can trust you both,” she said more referring to Linghu Chong.

    “Well said Heroine Ning, well said,” Dongfang Bubai said in an approving manner.

    The former cult leader wasn't upset or even flustered that they would now have an unexpected passenger when they returned to South Hengshan. Instead her admiration for the legend of the martial arts world grew. She hoped that when the truth was revealed about who she really was, that she and the woman who her husband thought of as a real mother could become like a real mother and daughter in law; or realistically, as close as they could manage.


    An hour passed, and Lin Pingzhi finally woke up from the blow Linghu Chong had given him. As you can imagine the young martial artist was startled and disorientated when he woke up to darkness, until he remembered about being blinded by the poison of Mu Gaofeng. He put his hand on his face and found a cloth was wrapped around his head, covering his eyes.

    “Pingzhi, Pingzhi, thank God you are awake! Do you remember what happened to you? Why are your eyes like this?!”

    Lin Pingzhi was again startled until he recognized the voice of his grandfather.

    “Grandfather...Grandfather is that really you?!”

    “Yes Pingzhi, I and your uncle are here,” Wang Yuanba said relieved that other then his eyes, his grandson otherwise seemed to be in good health.

    Lin Pingzhi could feel a wave of relief spread throughout his body. For the first time in what seemed like forever he felt like he was finally able to relax.

    “Grandfather...I...I took revenge on Mu Gaofeng...”

    “Excellent!” Wang Bofen said with a pleased smile as he stood behind his father.

    “But Yu Canghai escaped...” Lin Pingzhi said sadly.

    “Don't worry about him for now. That scoundrel knows it's only a matter of time before he to like Mu Gaofeng is dealt with,” Wang Bofen stated coldly.

    “Uncle, Grandfather, how did I get here?” Lin Pingzhi asked with genuine curiosity.

    “Yue Lingshan and a young man from South Hengshan were carrying you,” the elder Wang replied.

    “Yue Lingshan...” he said coldly.

    “Is Yue Lingshan around?”

    “I'm here Pingzhi,” she said nearly on the verge of tears just happy her husband was still alive.

    Pingzhi though didn't return the show of affection which didn't go unnoticed by those in the room.

    “Can you please go out for a few minutes. There is something I need to discuss with my grandfather and uncles'.”

    Yue Lingshan was surprised but quickly calmed herself once replaying everything that had happened so far. The way her husband reacted to her after he had been initially blinded was startling and she figured that he still suspected her of being in on some sort of scheme to acquire the Evil-Warding Manual.

    “I...shall be outside...” she said flatly, as she quickly exited the room.

    For the next few minutes Lin Pingzhi told his grandfather all that had taken place since he was in Yue Buquns' care. From how Yue Buqun first excepted him as a disciple to how he forced him to frame Linghu Chong for injuring him and stealing the Evil-Warding Manuel.

    “That evil scoundrel!!” Wang Yuanba screamed in rage, as he got up and began to pace around the room.

    “He is known as the gentlmen sword. But his real name should be the hypocrite blade,” Lin Pingzhi said disgusted.

    “Father, Heroine Ning is hear amongst the guest's. Perhaps we should hold her and his daughter hostage and make that villain come and pay for what he has done,” Wang Bofen stated coldly.

    Wang Yuanba contemplated his son's idea. But after a couple of minutes he decided against such an action, for the time being.

    “If Yue Buqun really has learned the Evil-Warding Manual, then killing him would be quite difficult unless we can think of a plan first,” the elder Wang stated.

    The other reason, and some might say the real reason. Was that the elder martial artist's didn't want his reputation sullied if it were known he had kidnapped two potentially innocent women.

    Wang Zhongqiang, the second son, suggested they should hire men to do the kidnapping for them so their role would remain a secret.

    Wang Yuanba once again began to pace around the room. This time in deep thought, as he weighed the idea.


    Close to midnight...

    “Madam is there anything else I can do for you?”

    “No, thank you for your help, you may go now,” Yue Lingshan said politely.

    The young servant girl, scurried away after being dismissed.

    “Pingzhi, here drink some water. The servants said you haven't had anything to eat or drink since we arrived,” Yue Lingshan said softly, while slowly walking up to her husband while holding the bowl of water.

    The sound of rain could be heard hitting the windowsill of their room, as the storm continued to rage. The room was located in the back of the compound, away from where the guests were staying for the birthday celebration.

    Ning Zhongze was also there in the room, quietly standing near the entrace to the room. She came at the request of her daughter who felt she needed her mother there to make her feel more comfortable. Though Ning Zhongze had her own reasons for agreeing to come, as she also wanted to hear from her son in law herself about the accusations he made against her husband.

    “I, Lin Pingzhi, am no longer of use to your Huashan sect. You might as well leave now and report this to your father,” he said from his seat on the bed.

    Yue Lingshan looked distressed after her husband finished speaking.

    “I don't know why you keep suspecting my father wants to steal the Lin Family's Evil-Warding Manual. Remember that year when you'd just entered Huashan Sect. You asked him to be your master, he never forced you, nor demanded the manual from you. Pingzhi, why do you think we have ulterior motives with you?”

    Lin Pingzhi was hardly convinced by his wife's words and simply snorted before replying.

    “Our Lin Family's Evil-Warding Manual is world-renowned. That day, Yu Canghai and Mu Gaofeng couldn't find the manual on my father so they tried to find me. Aren't you the same? If your parents didn't coax you, why would you go to a far away place like Fuzhou and open a small wine shop? Wasn't it to look for the manual as well?” he said in an accusing manner.


    “And Yu Canghai's son, actually, that day your martial skills were superior to him. Too bad, this stupid blind person tried to be a hero and save the damsel in distress. I fell into you and your father's trap. It was only later on that I realized your parents treat you like a precious treasure, how could they bear to allow their precious daughter to do such lowly work like pour water and bring food?”

    Yue Lingshan gave her husband a solemn look, thinking she had found the source of what she deemed as a misunderstanding.

    “That year, father only sent second brother to Fuzhou, I'm the one who was too willful and insisted on going.”

    “Your father is very strict to his disciples, if he didn't see fit, even if you kneel for three days and three nights he still wouldn't allow it. The truth is your father didn't trust your second brother. He let you go to keep a eye on him.”

    Yue Lingshan sighed heavily before responding. Her heart was breaking bit by bit as the conversation continued.

    “Whether you believe it or not, before going to Fuzhou I've never heard of the words Evil-Warding Manual. Father only said, senior brother injured people of Qingcheng Sect which ended up causing a misunderstanding. And that Qingcheng sect was about to cause some trouble to the east, which would be bad for Huashan Sect. So father sent second brother and I to keep an eye on them.”

    “Okay, even if everything you said is true. Even if you are not your fathers accomplice. Do you think there's any meaning to it? Do you think that in my current state, if you continue to follow me, that you would find any happiness?”

    Lin Pingzhi himself let out a exasperated sigh. Finally realizing that his wife may have been guilty of nothing more then being naive and not deceit like he previously thought.

    “Even though we're married by name we're not really husband and wife. You're still a virgin. How about this, you can go and find your senior martial brother, I'm sure he will take you back...”

    Ning Zhongze wanted to interject herself into the conversation between husband and wife after the surprising revelation. But she chose to remain silent and continued to stand motionless by the rooms entrance. It seemed like her son in law was oblivious to her presence or perhaps he knew she was there but just did not care.

    Yue Lingshan felt embarrassed for that piece of information to be revealed in front of her mother. It was indeed her shame as a new bride. But composing herself she turned to her mother with a sad gaze, before kneeling down and gently grasping her husbands right hand.

    “Pingzhi, do you still not know where my heart lies? Senior brother to me is like my blood brother. I respect him like a real brother. After you came to Huashan, day and night, I thought about you, and only you. My feelings for you will never change. No matter where you go, I will go with you, even to the ends of the Earth.”

    “You're sure everything you said is true?”

    “Yes really....” she said nodding with a smile.

    ”No matter how I turn out to be you'd still follow me?”

    “No matter what you become I'd still follow you. I've made up my mind a long time ago. In this life, I want to be with you. No matter if your eyes recover or not. I will always be with you to take care of you. Until I die, I won't regret it a single day,” she said affectionately.

    Yue Lingshan touched her husbands left arm gently; and gazed at him with a large smile.

    “Pingzhi...Let me give you my body here...”

    The words were said nervously. Normally a respectable woman wouldn't be this forthright; especially when one was a virgin. But given Yue Lingshan wanted to have their relationship cemented by copulation she threw her fears and pride away in asking.

    “What do you mean?” he said suddenly grabbing her hand and moving it away from his arm.

    Yue Lingshan didn't respond aggressively, instead she gently touched his hand with her free hand, which caused him to relax his grip slightly.

    “I mean...Tonight, in this room let's consummate our marriage. From now on,
    we'll be like real husband and wife,” she said placing her head against his chest.

    At this Lin Pingzhi quickly and aggressively shoved his wife away.

    “Enough! Go!” he said standing up from the bed and pointing towards a random direction instructing her to leave.

    “Pingzhi, what's wrong?” she asked frantically.

    “Don't pity me! LEAVE!” he roared.

    Now it was Yue Lingshan turn to become angry. With anger and purpose she stood up and got right up in her husbands face.

    “You hate me, you hate me right?! After the third day of our marriage, I realized you hate me! But if you hate me, then why did you marry me?!” she screamed in rage.

    “I don't hate you...” he responded softly, the guilt from her outcry sinking in.

    “You don't hate me? Then why, at day light, in front of my parents you were you so gentle and caring towards me? Yet when night falls, behind closed doors you act like I'm not there. My parents asked me a couple of times about how you treat me. I told them you treat me very well. I lied to my own parents to hide my shame...”

    “I don't hate you...But, I hate your father. However, I have to thank you. If you didn't look after me, perhaps, at Mount Huashan I would've died under your father's hands,” he said trying to subtly change the subject.

    “What did you say? Why would my father kill you?” she said angrily, apparently falling for his tactic.

    “Because you don't know the kind of person your father is. To tell you the truth, ever since you were at Fuzhou the old monk robe was stolen by your father. After he returned he threatened me and told me to accuse your senior brother.”

    “That can't be true...” she said in disbelief.

    “Think about it, how can Linghu Chong's mix up nonsensical martial arts compare with my Lin Family's Evil-Warding Manual?” he said smugly.

    Yue Lingshan grabbed her husband by both arms and began to shake him while she spoke.

    “Lin Pingzhi, do you know what you're saying? How can my father be that kind of person? I don't want to hear this nonsense from you anymore. I don't want to hear it!”

    She tried to turn around and walk away, but as she was doing so Lin Pingzhi grabbed her by the arm and forced her to turn back around.

    “You don't want to listen, then I'll definitely talk!”

    “I don't want to hear it! I don't want to hear it!” Yue Lingshan said like a child throwing a tantrum, as she thrashed back and forth while still in her husbands grip.

    “Let me tell you!...” he yelled.

    “I don't want to hear it. I don't want to hear it,” she said trying to cover her ears, as tears were now freely falling, but having her hands brought back down by her husband.

    “I'll let you know what kind of person your father is. I'll let you know the truth about my families swordplay!”

    Ning Zhongze could hardly believe the heart wrenching scene playing out before her. Seeing the once loving couple reduced to such a pitiful state broke her heart. She was about to interject herself into the conversation and make her presence known to her son in law, until his next statement stopped her cold.

    “Listen carefully...My great grand father Lin Yuantu, before becoming royal bodyguard, was originally a monk. Even my father didn't know this. He transcribed the Evil-Warding Manual on a monk's robe. After he returned to secular life he hid the monk's robe at the Buddhist altar in our family's old house in Xiang Yang.”

    “All these past events you can't be sure of any of them,” Yue Lingshan said trying to compose herself.

    “Normally you would be right. But I am sure because Lin Yuantu clearly wrote the origin of the Evil-Warding Manual on the monk's robe. He even repeatedly stated this martial arts is extremely evil and dangerous. Subsequently to learn it one has to be forever childless.”

    This new piece of information caused both mother and daughter to look at Lin Pingzhi intently; and also fear at what the last part of his statement meant.

    “At...At first I presumed, the results from learning the manual would have to wait eight to ten years to appear. However, after witnessing everything written on the manual it truly mesmerized me. I couldn't help myself so I began learning it. After learning, I realized that my grandfather wasn't Lin Yuantu's biological son. He's a child he bought. He bought his son and wife so he could avoid the public's scrutiny.”

    “Avoid the public? Why would?...” Yue Lingshan stopped speaking to afraid to even think about what this new revelation meant.

    “That's right, I kept thinking again and again I'd learn the manual after marrying you. But I couldn't resist its temptation. So that night, inside the cave I opened the monk's robe. I could clearly see written on there, the swordplay's preliminary requirement.”

    Lin Pingzhi took a deep breath trying to gather the courage needed to continue.

    “The preliminary requirement...To learn the divine skill, castration is necessary,” he said as his bottom lip slightly quivered.


    Yue Lingshan found it hard to speak. The horror of what she just heard leaving her in a state of shock.

    “You castrated yourself to learn it?!” she asked horrified.

    “Correct... Because the Evil-Warding Manual is the essential method to cultivate internal energy. If I don't castrate myself I won't be able to control the energies and will burn myself, and risk becoming paralyzed and then die!”

    “Lin Yuantu in the past, to avoid public scrutiny pretended to get married and have kids. Marrying me was also to avoid public scrutiny,” she said her heart breaking for the first time realizing their entire relationship was a lie.

    “Correct... However, I was only trying to avoid your father's scrutiny. At first, I was only trying get him to teach me properly so that I could avenge my parents faster. I...I pursued you thinking that if I were in a relationship with his daughter then he wouldn't hold any of Huashan Sect's skills back from me. That was the reason I was so aggressive and did some of the things I did while pursuing you. Now you know the truth. Do you hate me for what I've done?”

    Yue Lingshan slowly stepped back. The young woman was in obvious shock and shuck her head slowly, still trying to wrap her head around the things she heard.

    'I...I was used as a tool this whole time?...' she thought dejected.

    “From the start, I never hated you. Circumstances forced you, you didn't have a choice...” she said while slowly stepping back, still in obvious shock.

    The sad attempt to justify being used as a tool for her husbands attempt to gain power was pathetic to hear, let alone see.

    Ning Zhongze could hardly believe what she heard. Her heart wept for her only child. Though that was until she along with her daughter realized something else that threatened to send both of their emotions spiraling completely out of control.

    “That means my father is also like you? He castrated himself?” Yue Lingshan asked fearfully.

    “That's right, he has. But don't be surprised he didn't tell you or your mother. Think about it. He's a sect chief yet castrated himself. If rumors were to spread wouldn't he be a laughing stock? Now do you understand what kind of person your father is? Do you now know what kind of circumstances I'm under?!”

    Ning Zhongze silently slumped to her knees. No matter how strong your martial artist may be. The affairs of the heart can bring anyone to a quivering emotional mess.

    'H...How could this be possible? How could senior martial brother do this to me his own wife?!' Ning Zhongze thought in despair.

    Ning Zhongze just stared blankly ahead, barely registering the on going conversation. She wanted to die at that moment. How could she face her husband in the future knowing now what he had become. How could she face him after finding out the true extent of his betrayal.

    “I'm a horrible person. I wrongly blamed senior brother for injuring you. Actually that time, when father said senior brother stole the monk's robe I didn't believe it at first. It was only when his martial arts skills increased immensely so quickly, so that even father couldn't defeat him, that I finally believed it. We grew up together, yet I couldn't tell that he was not a man to do what he was being accused of. Mother is the only person who believed him. I couldn't even...”

    “Senior brother, senior brother. Things have gotten to this point, yet every word you say is still senior brother,” he said interrupting her.

    Yue Lingshan didn't acknowledge the comment, she only continued to sob against the wall.

    “You guessed correctly. Your mother really likes your senior brother. Because of your senior brother your parents fought numerous times. Actually a long time ago, your mother discovered your father's beard was shedding, his voice changed, his behavior was strange. I believe now your mother may also know your father isn't a man anymore.”

    Yue Lingshan slumped to the ground, like her mother and began to weep even harder.

    “But despite bearing the bitterness of being lied to your mother still tried to persuade your father to stop practicing Evil-Warding Swordplay. She tried to reason with him. She tried to appeal to his pride as a sect leader and also a husband. Your father is a very good actor. He pretended to give up practicing, and even tried to further deceive her by throwing away the monk's robe outside the window.”

    Lin Pingzhi knelt down next to his wife. Not out of trying to comfort her; as was his duty as a husband. No, he wanted to make sure every word he spoke sunk in.

    “It's truly like the saying, Heaven helps those who have faith. That night, I was outside their window eavesdropping. Right then, the monk's robe, out of no where, fell right into my hands. But your father isn't so simple. He'd already memorized the manual. He threw it away to temporarily suppress your mothers anger and suspension.”

    Lin Pingzhi stood up and took a few steps away from his distraught wife.

    “What kind of person your father is? I think you now know.”

    Yue Lingshan still couldn't bring herself to believe the things she had heard. A part of her wanted to think Lin Pingzhi was lying to her, but in her heart she knew what was spoken, though horrifying, was the truth.

    'Madam Lin, why does your husband have on so much fragrance, has he been studying the Sun Moon Holy Cult's Sunflower Manual?'

    'What do you mean, what is the Sunflower Manual? What would that have to do with...'

    'Why would this Sunflower Manual cause someone to wear more fragrance?'

    'Ask him yourself when he wakes up. Given your response I see he hasn't told you the truth.'

    'The truth of what?'

    “She was trying to warn me...” Yue Lingshan said as the memory of the conversation she had with Dongfang Bubai suddenly resurfaced.

    “Brother Fox's wife knew what you had become and tried to tell me while we were on the way here. I thought she just hated me, but she was in fact trying to show me the truth.”

    Lin Pingzhi had a perplexed look until he realized who his wife was talking about.

    “Ah...So this Brother Fox must be the one who saved us from those hired thugs of Yu Canghai?”

    “I don't know how, but she knew what you had become and wanted to warn me...”

    “Really?...” he asked a bit surprised that apparently someone had known his secret.

    “She asked...She asked...If you have been studying the Sun Moon Holy Cult's Sunflower Manual since you had on so much fragrance. I didn't know what she meant, and that perhaps it was some kind of insult. But it all makes sense...” she said going into further dispair.

    Lin Pingzhi was completely shocked at this revelation.

    'Is it possible that the demon cult has a copy of my families Evil-Warding Manual? I must meet this person and find out more.'


    Up in the rafters of the hall right outside the room. Two figures, dressed in black, hid themselves stealthily. Given the raging storm and it being nighttime it was easy for them to hide their presence.

    Dongfang Bubai looked towards Linghu Chong concerned what effect finding out what type of person his former master truly was would have on her husband. Her heart broke for him. Not that she cared anything for Yue Buqun. But she cared about for Yue Buquns' greatest disciple.

    Linghu Chong remained silent, even though his faced was hidden from the nose down, one could tell he was greatly distressed by everything he had heard.

    'How could master be such a despicable person?!' he thought with almost equal despair as his former mistress and martial sister.

    Initially he was worried about how Lin Pingzhi would treat Yue Lingshan once he woke up and they were alone. He wanted to keep an eye on them just to make sure nothing happened that would have lasting consequences for their marriage. He already guessed his former classmate had castrated himself to gain the power needed to take revenge for the death of his mother and father. The confirmation of his suspicion was disturbing but not surprising. But the news of his master, and what type of man he truly was; how essentially the man who he once admired most in the world, sold his soul for power was what truly left his mind swirling.

    'This is truly unbelievable. Isn't he afraid he will be laughed at and ridiculed by the other sects if this news ever gets out?'

    Dongfang Bubai gently touched her husbands shoulder; trying to give what comfort she could. A small gesture but one which was greatly appreciated as the pair looked at each other affectionately.


    All occupants of the room where surprised when a masked man wearing in all black suddenly came in through the window and suddenly spoke, catching everyone off guard.

    “Hero Lin, Madam Lin I'm here on orders from SongShan Sect's Chief Zuo
    to give you assistance,” A mysterious man in black said politely.

    “Thank you for your offer. May I have the honor of knowing your name?” Lin Pingzhi said politely, while also keeping his guard up.

    “I am just a lowly servant, my name is not even worth mentioning. Chief Zuo has learned that young hero and madam were attacked by Yu Canghai and Mu Gaofeng and were heavily injured. So he specifically sent me here to protect both of you and lead you both to a safer place to treat your injuries and to ensure your enemies will never find you.”

    “I appreciate Chief Zuo's good intentions. As for my recuperation, I will see to it myself so you do not need to trouble yourself.”

    “Pardon me for being blunt. Your eyes were blinded by the Hunchback Mu Gaofeng. It may be hard to restore your vision unless it's Chief Zuo who treats you or else, I'm afraid you won't be able to keep your life.”

    Lin Pingzhi tensed up, thinking the man was going to attack at any moment. Though blind, he still possessed his great martial arts skill, and wouldn't be killed without his attacker paying a heavy price.

    “Chief Zuo and I are neither family nor friends. Why is he being so concerned about me?”

    “Sharing a common hatred is just like friendship borne out of a common cause. Chief Zuo is always on the lookout for talented individuals. Plus he is disgusted by Yue Buquns' actions and wishes to punish him accordingly.”

    The hypocrisy of Zuo Lengshan finding anyone's actions deplorable given all the tricks and schemes he had done over the years wasn't lost on those listening in on the conversation.

    “But your blindness, if we were to find its root cause, the culprit is also Yue Buqun. Moreover, young hero has already mastered Evil-Warding Swordplay. Even if you flee to the end of the world, you won't be able to escape from Yue Buqun's hand. Moreover...there's Yue Buqun's beloved daughter staying at your side night and day. Even if you're capable, it's hard to protect yourself from a scheme of the person lying next to you. You must be very careful young Hero Lin.”

    Though still distraught. Yue Lingshan was listening intently to the masked man speak and finally realized why his voice sounded so familiar.

    “Second senior brother?” she spoke as she slowly walked up to the masked man.

    Seeing that he was found out. Lao Denuo decided it was useless to hide his identity any longer and removed the clothe from his face.

    “Good observation, little martial sister,” he said with a small smile.

    This bit of news also served to snap Ning Zhongze out of her stupor as she gazed upon her former disciple in disbelief.


    Linghu Chong was also surprised the masked man was Lao Denuo and had to be forcibly restrained by Dongfang Bubai, stopping him from making his presence known and killing his former classmate right there and then.

    “Let go of my arm. I have to take revenge for what he did to Lu Dayou,” he whispered angrily, with a look of murder in his eyes.

    Dongfang Bubai was taken aback from his outburst. For the time they had known each other she had never seen the man she loved with so much rage.

    “I understand you want to take revenge, but now is not the time,” she said sternly.

    “Think about what will happen if your identity is revealed now. Think about how all that we have done to build the clan may end up to be for nothing. Just calm down. There will be another opportunity for you to avenge your martial brother.”

    Linghu Chong gazed intently at his love contemplating her words. After a few seconds he calmed down, after realizing the truth that was spoken to him and agreed not to take revenge, unless a better opportunity presented itself.

    'Or unless I make an opportunity. You better hope I don't see you again Lao Denuo or you won't leave this compound alive.'


    “Its really you, you didn't die?” Yue Lingshan asked in shock.

    “The corpse you found that day was only a scapegoat. If I didn't do this, how else would Yue Buqun of let me go? To be frank, your father is a hypocrite and unscrupulous man. He would do anything to gain power, even sacrifice his family and sect,” Lao Denuo said in disdain.

    “His words are indeed true. The day I was slashed by a black-clad assassin. As I was losing consciousness, I saw a piece of joss paper underneath his foot. That piece of joss paper came from the prayer we were making for my deceased parents that particular day. Coincidentally, you saw it too underneath your fathers foot. If not for that piece of joss paper, I would have never found out what kind of person your father really is.”

    “Don't say anymore I beg you don't say anymore!” Yue Lingshan said turning away from the pair and walking distraught back to the wall.

    “Brother Lin, if Yue Buqun had not discovered my presence and left the room to kill me, I'm afraid you would have died. In other words I saved you.”

    Lin Pingzhi merely smiled, understanding the ploy the older man was trying to work against him.

    “Then I should be thanking Brother Lao then. Though I wonder when has Brother Lao changed schools to Songshan Sect?”

    “You misunderstand, I did not change schools. I was originally a disciple of Songshan Sect. Chief Zuo is my teacher. He wanted me to join Huashan Sect to keep an eye on Yue Buqun's martial arts and Huashan Sect's movements.”

    “So Chief Zuo hasn't trusted Yue Buqun for quite some time now?”

    “Correct, that night I stole the copy Yue Buqun had of the Evil-Warding Swordplay manual to unsure he wouldn't cause any more harm with it. ”

    “I see...So when you stole the manual you must have been greatly acknowledged. Such a treasure would be invaluable,” Lin Pingzhi said amused.

    “Yue Buqun, that old dog, he's truly despicable. Chief Zuo and I both want to ensure we haven't been tricked by him.”

    “Tricked? Okay, now I understand why you are really here. I bet you fear that the manual you stole has been altered by Yue in someway. That's why whether by Chief Zuo orders or your own fears, you wanted to seek me out. With the upcoming meeting between the five mountain schools. He most likely wants to ensure his spot as leader and you your own standing within Song Sect; or perhaps even your life.”

    Lao Denuo gave his former Huashan Sect classmate a wry smile at the younger mans reasoning.

    “Brother Lin, since you are the only heir to the this legendary swordplay, only you can bring fame to it. If you are willing come with me back to Song Sect. I believe Chief Zuo will treat you well and heal your eyes. Then we can team up and eliminate all of our enemies together.”

    “What do you mean?”

    Lao Denuo hesitated for a couple of seconds before replying. He collected himself, knowing his next words would determine if he came here in vain or not.

    “Both Master and I would like to to take a look at the Evil-Warding Swordplay manual you have in your possession so as to fulfill our wish.”

    This caused Lin Pingzhi to laugh loudly, causing Lao Denuo to think his offer had been rejected.

    “Please pardon me for being frank. If your eyes are completely fine then there's nothing to fear from Yue Buqun. But considering your current situation, I'm afraid only with Master Zuo and me mastering Evil-Warding Swordplay and combing our strength, only then can we defeat the hypocrite, Yue Buqun.”

    'There is wisdom in his words. Though I don't really think I could ever full trust him or Chief Zuo. But since I'm blind now, and the doctor is not sure if my sight will return or not. Combining our strength might be the only way to insure Yue Buqun and Yu Canghai are dealt with.'

    “Okay, you made a good point Brother Lao. But, before any decision is made. I must first discuss this with my grandfather and uncles. If they agree, then I will go with you to Songshan. Once there I will immediately recite the Evil-Warding Swordplay's to everyone who is willing to learn.”

    Lao Denuo wasn't thrilled with this news. He had been hoping to lure Lin Pingzhi away without his family coming into play and possibly complicating his plans.

    “Are you sure it's wise to bring your family into this? Why drag ...”

    “Without my family getting involved then the answer is a definite no. Don't be concerned. My grandfather is a fair man. He to wants to take vengeance on Yue Buqun for all he has done.”

    “Okay, if that is the only way...But what did you mean by recite?”

    “Ah, I see you didn't hear much of the conversation which took place. You might not know this but my ancestor Lin Yuantu once wrote the manual on a monks robe. Once I got the robe, to prevent Yue Buqun from finding out, I memorized each word and then burned it. So the only copy left in the world is inside my brain,” Lin Pingzhi said pointing to his head with a smile.

    “Fine, if that's how it is, let's not delay any further. Lets meet with your family right away.”


    Lin Pingzhi extended his right hand so Lao Denuo could lead him towards the door. But they didn't even take two steps before the now cripple, suddenly stopped and turned towards the direction he perceived his wife to be.

    “Who are you siding with now? It's your choice.”

    Lin Pingzhis' tone came off as apathetic but if you listened carefully you could hear a bit of concern in his voice.

    “I won't side with anyone. Tomorrow I shall shave my hair and become a nun. For the rest of my life, I don't want to see anyone. Yue Lingshan will be dead to the world...” she said sadly.

    This was not what Lin Pingzhi had expected his wife to say. And naturally he was shocked she would even consider such a drastic thing.

    “Fine, then I suggest you become a nun at North Hengshan. In that way, you can see senior brother everyday; if he is still alive.”

    Yue Lingshan turned away from the wall and slowly made her way to stand in front of her husband.

    “Pingzhi, I know you hate my father. If all you said is true, then I can understand your hatred. But I, Yue Lingshan, your wife, have never done anything wrong to you. Even senior brother treated you quite well despite knowing about our relationship. Yet you're still saying such a thing now. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with trying to have me join North Hengshan?”

    “Trying to accomplish?”

    Lin Pingzhi hesitated. He considered killing Yue Lingshan but dismissed the idea almost as quickly as it came into his mind. He did not hate nor wanted her dead. Nor did he want to really see her hurt anymore then she already was. He knew the emotional pain he inflicted upon his wife may never leave her and cause the woman he use to love to never be the same person ever again.

    “Do you hate me? After all I have done, don't you want to kill me?...”

    What is love...

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.--1 Corinthians 13:4-8

    “I don't hate you...Ping Zhi...take a good care of yourself...” she said with a sad smile, realizing her marriage was most likely over.

    Yue Lingshan silently watched as her husband and Lao Denuo left without saying another word.

    Yue Lingshan then passed out. The mental strain of not only the days event's but also everything which had taken place in her life recently was finally too much for her to handle. This also caused her mother to break out of her own stupor and immediately run to her daughters aid.


    A/N: Hope you all liked the chapter. Let me know your thoughts.
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    Thanks for the update optimus610,

    Good to know, Yue Lingshan does not get a sword embedded in her chest. Are we going to see the cougress & hamster relationship developing with Xiong? Or will LHC get another wife.... Just kidding, of course....

    I see you post your updates every half month or so.... Can't wait for your next episode...

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    Thanks for the latest chapter.

    Good twists, looks like we may have another Eunuch/two in the making.

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanks for the update optimus610,

    Good to know, Yue Lingshan does not get a sword embedded in her chest. Are we going to see the cougress & hamster relationship developing with Xiong? Or will LHC get another wife.... Just kidding, of course....

    I see you post your updates every half month or so.... Can't wait for your next episode...
    I never understood why lpz stabbed yls in the first place in the series. Didn't make sense to me.

    The Xiong and yls situation will have to play out naturally. I won't force anything. As I said before, if it fits the story then fine, if not then no biggie.

    Lets just say lhc taking yls as his second wife WOULD NOT sit well with dfbb.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Thanks for the latest chapter.

    Good twists, looks like we may have another Eunuch/two in the making.
    I think you will like the upcoming events.

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    Thanks Optimus610
    As always thanks to everyone for the support. This goes to those who leave comments and also to the silent lurkers.
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    Hi Optimus610,

    Quote Originally Posted by optimus610 View Post
    I never understood why lpz stabbed yls in the first place in the series. Didn't make sense to me.
    According to YLS after the stab, it was to gain Zou Lengchan's trust, and protect his little life.

    Quote Originally Posted by optimus610 View Post
    Lets just say lhc taking yls as his second wife WOULD NOT sit well with dfbb.
    I think in the story, DFBB seems wouldn't mind sharing/letting RYY have "access" to LHC... After all, she did kill RYY's very innocent mother and feels a bit guilty about it at the end.

    I also wonder why DFBB forgot about the incident where LPZ, YLS, and the Yue couple lured DFBB to a sky bridge to assassinate her... Shouldn't she try to at least get "some" revenge against the un-heroine acts of Ning Zhongze and a few more condescending comments against YLS and YBQ... Plus many more against LPZ... In trying to kill DFBB on the bridge & remaining quiet even though Ning Zhongze had already suspected her husband while letting her husband push all the blame to LHC are very serious crimes that should be publicized by the very outspoken DFBB or perhaps the sinister LPZ can also confirm it...

    Can't wait to read your next episode.....
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    I think in the story, DFBB seems wouldn't mind sharing/letting RYY have "access" to LHC... After all, she did kill RYY's very innocent mother and feels a bit guilty about it at the end.

    Seriously RYY in this story must die. SHe was the most annoying piece of garbage.

    Optimus610, kill RYY please for the sake of the wulin

    It does not really matter whether YLS lives or dies but it would be great if LPZ dies.

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    Default Chapter: 10

    Swordsman: Sovereign

    This FanFiction is loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer and the new 2012/2013 series.

    " Speech "

    ' Thoughts '

    Salute = The Bao Quan Li - the wrap fist greeting/Fist Wrapping Rite

    Chapter: 10


    The next morning...

    “Heroine Ning how is little sister Lingshan?” Linghu Chong asked with concern.

    Ning Zhongze gazed upon the masked man standing behind her in sadness.

    “I think she will be alright. The doctor said she is suffering from exhaustion, most likely caused by shock...”

    “If there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.”

    “ If you two hadn't come along when you did last night I don't know what I would have done. I thank you both for the help in treating Ling'er,” she said managing to force out a smile.

    'This is the fourth time he has helped Ling'er. He is truly a chivalrous person,' she thought happily; confident in her judgment of the masked man.

    “She is not in any condition to travel or else I would have already taken her and left this place. But the doctor thinks in a few days she should be fine.”

    “I see...” he said sounding and feeling a bit dejected.

    Linghu Chong felt completely helpless at the moment. He did not know what to say or do to make his little martial sister and former master overcome their sadness. He himself still felt distressed over hearing the news of his master Yue Buqun and how utterly wicked the man he once idolized had become.

    'Master, you've caused the ones who love you so much pain. How could you do this to all of us?' he thought sadly.

    Dongfang Bubai felt her husbands sadness. Though she didn't care if Yue Lingshan lived or died, she did how ever love her husband and what brought him sadness did the same to her as well.

    Not being a person who likes the feeling of powerlessness. So she decided to handle things in the way that was most comfortable for her. The former cult leader surprised everyone when she suddenly sat down on the bed. She then put her left hand of Yue Lingshan forehead and began to use a technique in hopes to revive the younger woman.

    “Madam Lin...No, Yue Lingshan. Why do you cause so much sadness to your poor mother? Is this all because of a man? Why should you harm yourself for such a loathsome creature as that thing you married!” she said fiercely further shocking everyone in the room.

    “What are y...” Ning Zhongze was stopped as Linghu Chong interrupted her.

    “No, let her continue,” he said deciding to trust his wife's judgment.

    Dongfang Bubai turned to the side with a smile; appreciating her husbands trust.

    “Are you a person of the martial world or just some silly little girl? Be a strong woman and fight! Avenge yourself against the person who did this to you. If he broke your heart, then tear his out. Take away what is most precious to him!”

    For words meant to comfort. The atmosphere was cold as the ice cave underneath shaolin temple.

    'What a frightening woman...' Ning Zhongze thought as she invulnerability shivered.

    “My husband and I saw your senior martial brother a couple of months ago. He seemed fine and was eager to see you and your mother again...Now wake up, so you can go see him...”

    Dongfang Bubai hated to help her husbands' ex love. But for him, she would do anything; even help the person who at one time caused him so much pain and misery.

    “What was that, you saw Linghu Chong?!” Ning Zhongze asked with barely contained excitement.

    The sound of lite groaning could be heard as everyone turned their attention towards Yue Lingshan as she slowly opened her eyes. Subsequently, Dongfang Bubai removed her hand and stood next to her husband who whispered an almost in audible thank you to his wife.

    “Ling'er, Ling'er your awake!” Ning Zhongze said happily.

    Yue Lingshan looked around the room slowly as she tried to make sense of her surroundings. After a few seconds the previous days events flooded back into her mind, causing her to wish she had never woken up.


    “I know Ling'er, I know...”

    Linghu Chongs' heart broke as he watched the scene. Despite his great skill he felt truly powerless.

    'Perhaps if I let them know who I really am. I'm sure that will cheer them up. But, that wouldn't fix the issue with master nor Lin Pingzhi. It would only be a temporary fix to a much deeper problem. Besides, Qiang would scold me if I revealed my identity now.'

    “Little sister Yue Lingshan, Heroine Ning. You are both welcome to stay with us in South Hengshan until you see fit to return to Mount Huashan. As my wife mentioned before. Your senior brother Linghu Chong is still alive and well. I will send someone for him so he will know where to find you both.”

    Yue Lingshan like her mother was surprised at the news and though still feeling the distress from her conversation with her husband she allowed a smile, albeit small, to cross her face.

    “I'm sure you two will have much to catch up on. He was in good health. I believe he was suffering from a serious injury which almost cost him his life; which was the reason he hasn't been seen or heard from in months,” stated Linghu Chong.

    “What, how did he get so injured?” Ning Zhongze asked with concern.

    “You must ask him yourself Heroine Ning. When we met last, he was more focused on treating his injuries then talking about how he was injured.”

    Ning Zhongze gazed at the masked man with a strange expression. The feelings of familiarity were growing stronger and stronger the more she was around the man.

    'Could this masked man actually be Chong'er?!'

    Ning Zhongze put the thought out of her mind almost as soon as it appeared. She deemed the stress she was going through recently was clouding her thoughts.

    'Chong'er and this man are nothing alike; their aura's and demeanor's are completely different...

    “Thank God Chong'er is still alive, and thank you Chief Fox for telling us,” she said happily.

    Though she had a smile on her face. Ning Zhongze's feelings were a bit bitter sweet. Not that she wanted him to be dead or hurt. But she had no idea how she would face her former student after the wrongs her husband and Huashan Sect had done to him.

    “Don't you mean you saw little brother Linghu stuffing a wine bottle in his mouth?” Dongfang Bubai said in a teasing manner towards her husband.

    Linghu Chong stared at his wife for a few seconds before bursting out in loud laughter.

    “Indeed, young brother Linghu was wanting to find some good wine to drink. I believe he said his motto is to live is to drink and to drink is to live.”

    Ning Zhongze sighed lightly, feeling a little embarrassed for her former disciple after hearing about his antics. Though a small smile crossed her face, hearing that he was apparently the same person she knew and had not let his recent trials effect him negatively.

    Yue Lingshan though let out a giggle whcih was something no one was expecting given her mental state.

    “I see senior martial brother is still the same as always...” she said fondly.

    Linghu Chong smiled warmly, happy at least for the moment his little martial sister was able to find something to bring a smile to her face.

    “We should be going now Heroine Ning, little sister Lingshan. I'm sure you both wish to talk and then get some rest.”

    “Yue Lingshan...You must decide how you will deal with pain. Either let it go and forget the wrong done to you, or avenge yourself against the person who harmed you. To lay in a bed and wither away brings nothing good and will only bring harm to those around you who love and care for you,” stated Dongfang Bubai.

    “Indeed what my wife said is true. You are stronger then this little sister. Do not let this destroy you,” Linghu Chong said deciding to add in his two cents.

    Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai gave one last look to the two women before politely saluting, then walking out of the room.

    Ning Zhongze was appreciative of the couple for what they did to try and help her daughter get through her heart ache.

    'Wait, did they hear the conversation from last night. They sound like they know why Ling'er is in depression. Were they ease dropping? That must be it. No wonder they appeared so suddenly...'

    Ning Zhongze scolded herself for not realizing this sooner. She knew better then to overlook something so obvious. But in the end she was happy they were eavesdropping and grateful for their help and support.

    'They let me know that Chong'er is still alive. Heaven has smiled down on me. I may not be able to help Ling'er much now, but at least I have the chance to make things up to Chong'er.'

    Ning Zhongze didn't know why, but she had the feeling that a lot of things would be made clear once she meet her former disciple again.

    If she only knew how right she was...


    The birthday celebration for Wang Yuanba was approaching its fifth day. Golden saber used the time to gain even more influence and to show off his considerable wealth. Though his flaunting was kind of obvious none the guests had any objection as they got to eat and drink as much as they wanted.

    The last day of the party was saved for a martial arts competition. Friendly fights, no killing or serious injuries allowed; except for perhaps many people's pride in their skills or lack there of.

    Golden saber also was asked by some high ranking government officials and sect chiefs to have the fights. For the sect chiefs, so they can spread their sects fame to gain more students. For the officials, so they can decide the best schools to send their children to.

    This was the very reason why Dongfang Bubai wanted to come to the celebration. She had heard about this from the spies she sent when she was still leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, and knew it would be the perfect opportunity to show of her and Linghu Chongs' skills; and gain students from rich families.

    Of course the more famous you became the more attention you would garner; the more prying eyes would be upon you. Dongfang Bubai had no real fear of this other then from the Sun Moon Holy Cult. She knew that Ren Woxing would often send out spies to check on the activities of the different martial clans.

    But given he was still getting re-accustomed to being back as leader and weeding out those still loyal to her. She figured, and correctly so. He wouldn't bother much with a new upstart clan and send spy's to investigate the two 'new' forces in the pugilistic world just yet.

    Since his wife was much better at socializing and gaining information then himself. Linghu Chong left such matters to her and decided instead to check on his little martial sister since the young woman hadn't come out of her room the entire week. He wanted to see if she would at least take a small walk with him to try and get her mind; albeit understandably difficult as it would be, off of the situation with Lin Pingzhi.

    He also wanted his wife and Ning Zhongze to have some time alone together. At Dongfang Bubais' encouragement, the former cult leader had convinced the older woman to join her in socializing with the other guests; telling Huashan Sect's second master it would help take her mind off of the troubles her and Yue Lingshan were going through.

    Ning Zhongze was hesitant at first, but surprisingly Yue Lingshan had given the okay to leave her side; imploring her to go, or else people might start to wonder why Huashan Sect's Heroine Ning has not shown her face since the first day of the celebration. Possibly, bringing unwanted scrutiny towards Huashan.

    Being raised along with Yue Lingshan for basically their entire lives. Linghu Chong could tell there was another reason his little martial sister wanted her mother to leave. So when he came to her room and found the door open and his martial sister nowhere in site he wasn't entirely that surprised.

    'Where is she?'

    “Oh Mr. Fox...are you looking for Madam Lin? She said she needed to take a walk and would be back soon,” a young servant girl said nervously from behind Linghu Chong.

    Linghu Chong was surprised that he didn't notice the young girl's presence sooner, but excused it as his mind was too focused on wondering where is little martial sister could have gone.

    “Thank you...” he said politely.

    'Perhaps I came in vain. Looks like little sister has regained her strength and will to live. Perhaps she just wanted to take stroll by herself to clear her mind,' he said hoping that was the reason Yue Lingshan left the room.

    Linghu Chong then began to look around the compound after not being able to shake the feeling that he should find Yue Lingshan as soon as possible. He thought that the forbidding feeling of danger came from paranoia that she may try and commit suicide given her emotional state.

    'No! I must not think like that! Little sister wouldn't do that! But, I have to be sure...'

    A few minutes later, Linghu Chong eventually came upon another servant girl and asked if she had seen Yue Lingshan. To his great relief she had and had pointed him in the direction she was last spotted; which turned out to be the training ground for the next days events.

    As he approached the entrance, he heard a man and woman who sound like Yue Lingshan talking and decided to hide himself next to the entrance to quietly listen in on their conversation.


    “Ping Zhi,” Yue Lingshan said softly.

    Lin Pingzhi was surprised when he heard his wifes' voice, but put on a stern face so as not to show his astonishment.

    “Oh its Yue Buqun's precious daughter. Did you ask me to meet you here so you can get revenge for how I used you or have you decided to help your dad kill me?”

    Yue Lingshan didn't respond negatively. She was determined to save her marriage and nothing Lin Pingzhi could say or do would deter her from this monumental task.

    “I married you so we belong to each other. No matter what you have become you Lin Pingzhi will always be my husband,” she said tenderly.

    Lin Pingzhi heart was pounding in his chest. He turned away from his wife as his emotions were causing him to become choked up.

    Yue Lingshan slowly walked up to her husband and continued speaking. Seeing his silence as a good sign in her quest.

    “Pingzhi, these painful things of the past. Let's forget them, lets just think of it as a bad dream.”

    Lin Pingzhi closed his eyes, his emotions again threatening to get the better of him.

    “Let me accompany you anywhere in the world. We can hide our identities and will no longer have anything to do with the martial world.”

    This caused him to fiercely snap his head towards her direction.

    “Are you willing? Can you really give up everything you have just to be with me?” he asked skeptically.

    Before she responded. Yue Lingshan gently grabbed her husbands left hand. He tried to pull away at her touch, but she quickly grabbed his hand with both hands.

    “Pingzhi, of course I'm willing,” she said tenderly.

    “Why are you so good to me?” he asked truly perplexed by her actions.

    “Because I am your wife...” she responded softly.

    “ wife,” he said reaching up with his right hand to feel for his wife's face.

    Yue Lingshan without any reservation helped guide his hand and gently rubbed her cheek against his probing fingers.

    “I am here. I am here,” she said happily at his actions, tears also forming in her eyes.

    Lin Pingzhi then shocked his wife further by dropping his walking stick and hugging her fiercely. Yue Lingshan was caught of guard by the sudden act put with joy, returned the loving gesture.

    “Lingshan, I'm sorry about last time. I didn't mean to cause you so much pain. Right now, I'm blind and also a eunuch. I am useless now as a man and a husband. If you follow me you will only suffer. I did that last time because I wanted you to give up and go back to Linghu Chong. Do you understand?”

    “I understand, Pingzhi, I understand, I understand,” she said happily as she started to cry tears of joy.

    “Okay, I promise, I promise...”

    Lin Pingzhi stopped himself. He was about to give in to his wifes wishes and proclaim that from that day forward they will move away and live in the north desert and that nothing will separate them. That though was until he remembered the vow to avenge his parents death.

    “Pingzhi, is something wrong?” Yue Lingshan asked concerned.

    'This would be for the best. If she were to continue to be with me her life would only be filled with pain and misery. At least her life would be better with Linghu Chong. I did wrong to those two by intervening in their relationship so I could avenge my parents faster. I can at least try and make it up to both of them by sending Yue Lingshan back to him.'

    “Go...” he said with a heavy sigh as he bent down and retrieved his walked stick.

    Yue Lingshan was shocked. One moment it seemed her wishes to be reunited with the man she loved would come true. The next it seemed her world was about to crumble around her all over again.

    “Pingzhi, why do you want me to leave. Tell me what is troubling you...”

    Lin Pingzhi then roughly pushed his wife aside, causing her to fall to the floor.

    “Pingzhi!” Yue Lingshan said shocked as she stared up with hurt eyes at her husband.

    “I said go! We are no longer husband and wife, so just leave!” he screamed in anger.

    “Pingzhi p-please no, anything but that,” Yue Lingshan said hysterically as she scrambled to her feet.

    Yue Lingshans' pleading seemed to fall on death ears, as her husbands expression remained unchanged.

    “From this day forward we are no longer husband and wife... I will write you a divorce certificate so that there is no misunderstanding. I will even state that I'm the one who is abandoning you and the marriage so there won't be a stigma on you. Don't worry since you are still a virgin you won't have any trouble finding another husband.”

    Yue Lingshan had a blank look on her face before quickly changing to one of horror as her husbands words sunk in.

    “Y-you can't do this to me Pingzhi. After all that we went through, this is how you repay my loyalty to you? Don't do this, please don't do this,” she said as a stream of tears began to fall.


    Linghu Chong watched heart broken as his junior martial sister broke down into a quivering mess of tears. He watched silently as she grabbed her soon to be ex husband my his right arm and began to plead with him to change his mind.

    'All of this because of revenge and a martial arts manual. Was revenge more important then the woman who loved him.'

    Linghu Chong contemplated if he should intervene in the domestic dispute or mind his own business. He was thankful that he seemed to be the only other person in the area besides the jaded couple. What was happening to Yue Lingshan was embarrassing enough and someone else seeing the tragic scene would only bring about more pain for his little martial sister as that person would most likely tell others what they had seen and heard.

    But the decision was made for him as he watched Lin Pingzhi strike Yue Lingshan in the chest with a palm strike, knocking the young woman down to the ground.

    “Little sister Lingshan are you okay?” he said as he appeared by her side in an instant.

    “I'm okay,” she said struggling to breath, while holding her right hand towards her chest.

    “This dog! Didn't you do enough harm to her when you divorced her?! Why did you have to try and kill her?!” Linghu Chong said perplexed and angry at Lin Pingzhis' actions.

    Lin Pingzhi was surprised that someone was listening in on their conversation, but put on a stoic face to not show how caught off guard he was by the masked mans sudden appearance.

    “Oh, so it's Brother Fox. Tell me masked man, what right do you have to intervene in our business?” Lin Pingzhi said smugly.

    “Shut your mouth!” Linghu Chong screamed in rage.

    Lin Pingzhi involuntarily shuttered feeling the killing intent coming off his former classmate.

    “You tried to kill this little sister and you dear ask why I'm here?!”

    Lin Pingzhi summoned his courage. Afterall he knew his family's Evil-Warding Swordplay, who besides Yue Buqun could be a match for him?

    “I owe you from that time you knocked me out Brother Fox. How about I pay you back for it now!”

    Closing the distance between them in the blink of an eye. Lin Pingzhi tried to hit Linghu Chong with a palm strike to the face, but to his surprise his movements were matched and the two found themselves engaged in a battle of inner energy and strength as their palm strikes met head on.

    Amazed that they seemed to be at a stalemate. Lin Pingzhi began to throw multiple palm strikes followed by various kicks in an attempt to best his opponent. Like before each strike was perfectly matched and countered with an equally powerful move.

    To any watching, except for high level martial artists. It would seem as both men's moves were like illusions given how ghostly each attack appeared.

    Despite being gravely injured Yue Lingshan found herself captivated by the battle raging before her. Or to be more precise what she could make out of the battle, as she could barely see their attacks.

    As the seconds passed, Lin Pingzhi was getting more and more frustrated as the battle waged on. No matter the attack he tried it was instantly countered and with it his pride also took a hit at not being able to finish the fight quickly.

    Taking a step back, Lin Pingzhi tried to unsheath the sword hidden in his walking stick, but Linghu Chong would have none of that. In an instant, he grabbed his former classmate's right hand, forcing the sword back into its sheath before it was completely pulled out.

    'Who is this person that he can fight even with my family's Evil-Warding Swordplay?' Lin Pingzhi thought truly mystified.

    Deciding it was best to end the battle, Lin Pingzhi raised his right hand as he began to yell.

    Linghu Chong watched quietly with a smirk, as his former classmate gathered his inner energy.

    “This is the end for you...” Linghu Chong said coldly.

    Lin Pingzhi once again involuntarily shuttered. If there was one thing Linghu Chong picked up from his wifes' personality was how to intimidate people. He watched and studied how she would terrify Feng Buping; for fun most times. By simply saying things in a cold and emotionless manner to such a degree that the former Sword Sect headmaster was scared to even breathe too loudly in her presence.

    With a roar, Lin Pingzhi shot his hand forward intending to end his opponents life.

    Yue Lingshan in that moment tried to get in between the two men but before she could make a move an embroidery needle hit the acupoint in her right leg; leaving it temporarily parlayed.

    Linghu Chong met the incoming attack with his left palm. Lin Pingzhi was left speechless as his his attack was stopped dead in its tracks; and apparently with little effort.

    'How can this be. My families swordplay is unrivaled in the world. Yet this masked freak is matching me no matter what I do!' he thought in a rage.

    Lin Pingzhi let out a grunt as he tried to pull his hand away put found he couldn't pull it away from his opponent at all.

    'What's going on,' he thought slightly panicked.

    “This is for the wrongs you did to little sister Lingshan,” Linghu Chong said menacingly.

    'Star-Sucking Skill?!' Lin Pingzhi thought with alarm.

    Lin Pingzhi tried to unsheathe the sword hidden in his walking stick once again, but this time Linghu Chong hit the younger man with a palm strike to the face, before snatching the sword from his hand while he was staggered.

    “I'll make you pay for..AHHH!”

    Lin Pingzhi let out a piercing scream as Linghu Chong drove the sword into his thigh.

    Giving his opponent no time to breath. Linghu Chong rained down multiple punches and palm strikes to the face, stomach and chest to his former classmate with his right hand.

    Lin Pingzhi almost couldn't believe the force behind each blow. They carried the same if not more power then his own.

    'My families swordplay is unbeatable. How can I be so helpless before his attacks.'

    With a final punch to the face Linghu Chong finished his onslaught. Lin Pingzhi bent forward and coughed out a glob of blood.

    Quickly grabbing the blind mans left wrist. Linghu Chong unleashed the full wrath of the new and improved Star-Sucking Skill. Lin Pingzhi was helpless to resist, as he was unable to pull his hands away and fell to his knees.

    “You thought your vaunted family martial arts will protect you from me?! Nothing can protect you from me!” Linghu Chong roared, eyes blazing in anger.


    A/N: Hmmm, Linghu Chong seems a tad upset...
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    A servant girl that can sneak behind Mr. Fox? --- She must be RYY in disguise... Also now, YLS & RYY must know Mr. Fox is LHC because he has just used the Star-Sucking Skill... which he had demonstrated in front of all the Huashan people when he was being accused all the horrible crimes. RYY must've castrated herself... Hehehe Just kidding...

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    Thanks for the latest chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    A servant girl that can sneak behind Mr. Fox? --- She must be RYY in disguise... Also now, YLS & RYY must know Mr. Fox is LHC because he has just used the Star-Sucking Skill... which he had demonstrated in front of all the Huashan people when he was being accused all the horrible crimes. RYY must've castrated herself... Hehehe Just kidding...
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    Thanks for the latest chapter.
    Thanks for the support guys.

    And szfong, LHC was just preoccupied, thats why he didn't notice the servant girl. But, RYY is coming soon.
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    When's our next exciting update? Even a draft would help kill some time for your devoted fans...

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    When's our next exciting update? Even a draft would help kill some time for your devoted fans...
    It's coming. It should be up either tonight or tomorrow. Got delayed because of work and laziness.
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    Default Chapter: 11

    Swordsman: Sovereign

    This FanFiction is loosely based on Jin Yong's Smiling Proud Wanderer and the new 2012/2013 series.

    " Speech "

    ' Thoughts '

    Salute = The Bao Quan Li - the wrap fist greeting/Fist Wrapping Rite

    Chapter: 11


    With each passing moment, Lin Pingzhi came closer and closer to death. His complexion was beginning to grow pale, as his inner energy was forcibly taken from him.

    'How can this be?! How can this be?! I should be invincible! Invincible! I won't believe this! I can't except this!' Lin Pingzhi thought in complete disbelief.

    The former Huashan Sect disciple tried once again to break free from his opponent. But no matter the amount of strength he tried to exert. It was matched by the masked man with ease.

    “Brother Fox, please, please, spare him!” Yue Lingshan pleaded weakly.

    Linghu Chong looked down to his left leg only to be met with the pitiable sight of his little martial sister grasping onto the bottom of his robe. It appeared since she couldn't stand, she dragged herself over to the two men; apparently to plead for her husband/former husbands life.

    'Is this some sort of sick joke?! First she betrays me for this scum, then when he divorces her then humiliates her further by abusing her, she still wants his life spared?!'

    The bitterness Linghu Chong still carried about the way his relationship with Yue Lingshan came to and end began to rise back up in his heart. He tightened his grip, causing Lin Pingzhi to cry out in further pain as his wrist and hands were being crushed.

    “Brother Fox please stop, you are killing him!” Yue Lingshan pleaded desperately.

    “That's the idea,” he responded coldly.

    Looking up into the eyes of her once savior. Yue Lingshan was met with eyes so cold, she let out an involuntary chill. For the first time since she had met the masked men she was genuinely scared of him.

    'Have you ever loved me?...'

    “No...Not now, not now...” he whispered angrily to himself as the memory resurfaced.

    'Linghu Chong.... answer me...Tell me if you have ever loved me?'

    Looking down at Yue Lingshan one more time and then at Lin Pingzhi, Linghu Chong sighed deeply; angry that his conscious was getting the best of him. His wife's words would still haunt him now and then. He still felt shame about how their relationship almost ended in tatters.

    'My life is in your hands now Linghu Chong.... take it if you must....Take it if you dare....'

    Feeling truly exasperated Linghu Chong stopped his attack of his former classmate and released his grip. Lin Pingzhi though free, and his life spared for the moment. Still felt too weak to even lift a finger, let alone retaliate.

    'Even if foolish, I can understand her feelings,' he thought while sighing heavily.

    Staring at Lin Pingzhi with disgust. Linghu Chong kicked the younger man in the chest with his right foot, causing him to cry out in pain, as he akin to a rocket, flew towards the far wall. With a crash, then a thud, Lin Pingzhi hit the ground, battered and bruised, and seemingly unconscious.

    “Pingzhi!” Yue Lingshan screamed out in concern.

    “Save your breath. He will be unconscious for a while,” Linghu Chong said coldly.

    Yue Lingshan didn't know how to respond. On one hand she was grateful that the masked man came to her aid. On the other she didn't want to see the man she loved hurt, despite the pain he caused her.

    “Rest assured, Lin Pingzhi is living on borrowed time. One day I will I'll find that **smurf** and kill him for what he has done!”

    “Don't Brother Fox, please don't...” Yue Lingshan pleaded desperately, knowing the proclamation was not an idle threat from the masked man.

    Linghu Chong stared at Yue Lingshan in disbelief. Despite being used in a ploy for revenge, divorced and humiliated, and abused, she still didn't want any harm to be done to the man who wronged her.

    “Why are you still defending him?! Why?!”

    Linghu Chongs' statement was filled with a lot of emotion. Far too much if you didn't know about the heartfelt history the three shared.

    Yue Lingshan though didn't pickup on this fact. Instead, she diverted her eyes towards the ground. Getting a strange sense of shame as she was scolded by her savior.

    “Brother Fox, I don't expect you to understand my feelings. I know I may seem like a fool to you. Pingzhi, has lived in the world all alone since his parents were killed. In the future, I won't be able to be with him, crying and laughing together; sharing the good and bad times...”

    Yue Lingshan paused, as her eyes were filled with tears thinking over the heart wrenching way her married had ended.

    “I know we don't know each other very well. But please Brother Fox, please promise me you won't seek to punish him for today,” she said rather pathetically.

    Linghu Chongs' heart nearly broke. Seeing the once forceful and daring young woman he grew up with reduced to such a pathetic state caused a majority of his anger to fade away and to be replaced with a growing sentiment of sympathy instead.

    “Fine, fine, I'll promise not to punish him for today. But, if he comes seeking revenge for what I did to him. Then he is courting his own death. And if that day comes, then I will turn him into a headless ghost!” he said eerily sounding like a certain former cult leader.

    Once again, Yue Lingshan gazed into her senior martial brothers eyes. But to her surprise, where she thought she would see anger and rage like before. She instead was met with what she could only describe as a sorrowful look directed towards her.

    Before giving his little martial sister a chance to retort. Linghu Chong suddenly snapped his fingers. Almost instantly, Xiong and the rest of the Sword Sect disciples came from the entrance and kneeled before their chief.

    “What is your command chief?” Xiong said politely, while saluting, not surprised that their chief has sensed their presence.

    “Take little sister Lingshan back to her room. Then find a doctor to treat her wound. From now on, until we leave this accursed place. Two of you will stand guard outside her door at all times. If she wishes to leave her room then you will follow her; in spite of any protests she may give. Is this clear?!”

    “Yes chief!” all seven disciples said in unison.

    “Two of you bring Lin Pingzhi back to his room. Ask one of the servant girls; they will tell you where it is.”

    “Sir!” they again responded in unison.

    “If anyone asks what happened to him. Then just simply say they you found him passed out and must ask him when he wakes up. Now dismissed!”

    As his disciples scurried away to carry out their chiefs command. Linghu Chong gave one last look to Yue Lingshan before turning his attention towards his wife.

    In a healthy and loving relationship, husbands and wives can start to act like one other; picking up habits and gestures. Dongfang Bubai was noticing this herself. Ever so slowly each was becoming a bit like the other; whether that was good or bad remained to be seen.

    “Are you okay?” Dongfang Bubai said with concern as she slowly approached her husband from behind; once seeing they were completely alone.

    Linghu Chong let out a frustrated sigh before responding.

    “Thank you for stopping little sister from putting herself in more danger. Knowing her she would of done something silly like try and get in between myself and Lin Pingzhi, and would have probably caught a palm strike to the chest that would have killed her.”

    Dongfang Bubai gazed at her husband with sympathy. While talking and mingling with the guests she had a sudden feeling of dread and unease. Finding the sudden feelings strange she glanced around for her husband and found Linghu Chong missing. She then along with Xiong and the other Sword Sect disciples began to look for him; eventually finding a servant girl who pointed them in the direction she last saw him heading towards.

    “No need to thank me. I was aiming for her head but missed,” she said with a huff.

    Linghu Chong turned to look at his wife strangely before letting out a loud laugh after seeing her mischievous smile.

    “Well, you are getting old and useless so it's no wonder,” he said with a sly smile.

    “Oh...I will remember that tonight when you come begging...” she said with a playful wink.

    “Who begs? You are the pervert in this relationship,” he said in a accusing manner, though the smile on his face told another story.

    To this Dongfang Bubai started laughing.

    “That's like a thief yelling stop thief,” she said with a wink.

    Again Linghu Chong laughed heartily; his heart grateful for the banter.

    “Oh...and how am I a thief,” he asked having an idea what his wife was going to say.

    “What do you mean? You stole my virginity. Have you forgotten how you took advantage of me lecher?” she said in mock-hurt.

    Linghu Chong chuckled, while pointing an accusing finger towards her.

    “And you stole mine, so we are even,” he said smiling.

    “And who would believe that?”

    “Let me tell you. How would it sound if it were known that the illustrious Dongfang Bubai took advantage of a heavily injured man? How you had your way with me while I laid there all helpless and pitiful. I begged you not to go this far, but you responded angrily, saying only a woman has needs,” he said with mock-hurt of his own.

    Dongfang Bubai wanted to retort, but she only burst out laughing. Indeed, she was also enjoying the jovial exchange. Though she quickly changed the subject as a potentially serious problem popped into her mind.

    “You do know that since you used the Star-sucking Skill on Lin Pingzhi. He may guess who you are.”

    “I wasn't thinking about that. I only wanted to make that scum pay for what he has done,” Linghu Chong said venomously, which his wife easily picked up on.

    “But he can only guess who I am. Unless I admit it he has no proof. I can easily say I learned the technique from a former elder of the Sun Moon Holy Cult, who wanted another legacy besides Ren Woxing before passing away. I highly doubt Lin Pingzhi or his family know the history of the Sun Moon Holy Cult nor the Star-Sucking Skill. So how can he argue?”

    Dongfang Bubai was slightly taken aback; genuinely impressed by her husbands wisdom on the matter.

    “What happened to the lovable dummy I fell in love with? You are for to thoughtful now,” she said teasingly.

    “Well, you can only blame yourself and Elder Mo Da for that. You two keep drilling into my head on how to become a proper sect leader. If not for you two, I would still be the lovable, carefree, happy-go-lucky fellow whose main loves in life are swordplay, drinking, and good music, as before,” he said with a warm smile.

    “Speaking of wine...” Dongfang Bubai said with a smile, as she pulled out a small bottle of said beverage from her sleeve.

    “Oh, where did you get that from?” Linghu Chong said excited with a large smile.

    Linghu Chong then went up to his wife and tried to grab the bottle from her but she immediately drew her hand back which served to only confuse her husband.

    “Don't get too excited, you will have to catch me first if you want a drink,” she said mischievously.

    For the next few minutes, Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai ran around the arena like two little kids; as Linghu Chong chased his wife trying to get the wine bottle from her. If any saw the pair's antics, it would seem hard pressed to believe they were two of if not the two most powerful martial artists in the world.

    In fact though, the scene was a wife's attempt, if only for a brief moment, to allow the man she loved to forget about his pain.


    About an hour later...

    Yue Lingshan laid comfortably in her bed. She gazed blankly up towards the ceiling; her emotions in complete turmoil. The doctor diagnosis would have been rather uplifting if the situation would have been different. Her her life wasn't in danger, but she couldn't exert herself too much or it could cause further harm.

    But, the damage was already done, as what Lin Pingzhi did to her harmed the female pugilist far more then any physical wound could; as her heart was torn asunder.

    For all intents and purposes, she had lost the will to live.

    “Mother...If I don't make it through. Please don't take revenge on Pingzhi. Make sure Senior Brother doesn't take revenge as well. Please apologize to Senior Brother for me for this request, but ask him take care of Pingzhi for me,” she said, her tone coming of as lifeless.

    “Don't say such things Ling'er, you will be fine!...” Ning Zhongze said desperately; naturally fearing for her daughters well being.

    “Why live if I don't have the love of the man I love?...”

    “I said don't talk like that! All you need is rest and then we can leave here and go back to Mount Huashan. If you wish we will never have to see Pingzhi ever again. Nor will you have to hear his name ever again!”

    The passion was evident in Ning Zhongzes' voice; indicating the heartfelt desire for a parent who would do all she could to make things right for the wrong perpetrated against their child.

    Watching from the entrance of the room with her husband in silence. Dongfang Bubai found herself sympathizing with Yue Lingshan plight. Given how her and Linghu Chong almost ended up in a tragic situation in regards to their relationship. As strange as it seemed, given her dislike for her husbands former love. The former cult leader actually felt compassion and wanted to help the younger woman break through her emotional stupor in some way, but couldn't think of anything at the moment which didn't involve the death of Lin Pingzhi; which depending on your perspective might make the situation worse.

    “Heroine Ning, please don't worry too much. I'm sure little sister Lingshan only needs some time,” stated Dongfang Bubai.

    Ning Zhongze looked ragged. The stress of both her daughters situation and the truth of her husband not being the man she thought he was, was effecting her greatly. But even with all this, she still managed a small smile towards her unbeknownst daughter in law.

    'For some unknown reason her and Ling'er don't get along. But even so, she still tried to give what little comfort she could, perhaps I have misjudged her,' she thought changing her view on the woman to a much more positive one.

    “I could not of dreamed this would have happened. The world is truly upside down, truly upside down. Ling'er should not have gone to Fujian, she should not have met Lin Pingzhi. Lin Pingzhi should not have been accepted into Huashan Sect. The most regretful thing and will most likely haunt me for the rest of my days, is to agree to them getting married. Why did I not see what type of person he was? Why when he ran away after getting married did I encourage Ling'er to go look for him? Why?!” she said sounding truly distressed

    Linghu Chong was angry. Angrier then he had ever been in his brief life.

    “Please don't think about this too much Heroine Ning or else it will impact your health. How would Linghu Chong feel if he saw both you and Yue Lingshan in such pitiable states?” Dongfang Bubai once again said with concern to the silently weeping older woman.

    Finally having enough of the heartbreaking scene. Linghu Chong abruptly walked over next to the bed where Yue Lingshan was laying, all the while fixing his gaze upon the troubled youth.

    His eyes were filled with determination to break his little martial sister out of her depressed state; whether that could be done though remained to be seen.

    “Little sister Lingshan... I suggest you stop acting like you no longer want to live and causing your mother pain. Does your mother who has taken care of you your whole life deserve to see you like this? Do you not even care about how she is feeling right now?” he said with agitation.

    “Brother Fox you don't understand...”

    “Quiet! What is there to understand?!” he snapped.

    Both mother and daughter were surprised at the outburst. Even his wife was caught off guard by his tone.

    “Let everyone be witness to what I am about to say. If you were to die because of this, then Lin Pingzhi will follow you soon after,” Linghu Chong said in a deadly serious manner.

    Both Yue Lingshan and Ning Zhongze slowly turned their heads towards Linghu Chong with eyes wide open.

    “But, but you promised...”

    “Silly girl, I only promised not to take his life for what he did to you in the arena. If you die here then that's a totally different matter all together. If you die and it was his actions that helped to cause it, why then should he live?...” Linghu Chong said, trying his best to sound intimidating.

    Yue Lingshan fixed her gazed intently at the masked stranger. Wondering if she should believe the threat.

    “I don't believe you will do that. You are a good person Brother Fox. You wouldn't break your word...” she said defiantly, deciding to call his bluff.

    “Little girl! Remember you don't truly know me! Ask my wife, she knows how much of a monster I can be!”

    Yue Lingshan shook involuntarily. The tone and vibe she felt reminded her exactly of how her senior martial brother was just an hour ago while nearly killing Lin Pingzhi.

    “I...I... still don't believe you...” she said defiantly, though her heart was pounding in fear.

    “Then we shall see...” Linghu Chong said coldly.

    Linghu Chong then left the room, with Dongfang Bubai following quietly behind him; yet with a amused smile at her husbands antics.

    Linghu Chong wanted to ignite the fiery spitfire little sister he had grown up with. The young woman who had more bravery and daring then many men. He hoped doing so would cause her to fight her depression and not end up a victim of not being able to overcome a broken heart.

    As Yue Lingshan watched him leave, she found herself plagued with several conflicting emotions. Fear, wonder, awe, confusion. She wondered who the masked stranger she befriended truly was.


    Turning her attention back towards her mother. Yue Lingshan was met with a face full of sadness and tears. The brief conversation with Linghu Chong replayed itself in her mind. She now for the first time wondered if giving in to sadness was the best way to deal with her pain.


    The next day...

    The final day of Wang Yuanbas' birthday celebration finally had come. All of the remaining guests were now waiting in the arena area where Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan and Lin Pingzhi had their fateful encounter.

    Festive music, followed by a spectacular display of fire works erupted in the afternoon sky, causing many of the guests, especially the little children to stare at the display in wonder.

    “Honored guests. I thank you for coming to my humble home and helping me to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. This old man is truly humbled, truly humbled,” the old martial arts master said, sounding like he was fighting back tears.

    Indeed the show of emotion was real, and truly heartfelt. Even Linghu Chong could sense the sincerity in Wang Yuanbas' words; even though he still disliked the man.

    “As many of you may already know. This final day is reserved for those pugilist's among you who want to show of your considerable skills. It would be my honor to witness the marvelous skills many of you possess. Please, proceed to your hearts contents,” Wang Yuanba said politely while saluting.

    For the next two hours many of the martial artists gave demonstrations and even participated in mock battles with their fellow classmates in order to show off the skills of their schools.

    All seemed to be going quite well without any incident, that is, until the disciples of The Beggars Sect finished their display.

    “What did you say?!” Zheng Dongliu, chief of the Beggars Sect roared angrily.

    “Did I stutter or are you just a senile old man whose losing his hearing?” Dongfang Bubai said coldly.

    “ vile demoness! How can your husband allow you to be this brazen?!” the gray robed sect chief said angrily.

    “What?!” Dongfang Bubai responded in mock rage.

    And what caused this argument you might ask. Dongfang Bubai had been 'speaking to herself' when she uttered that the skills the disciples of Beggars Sect were taught were useless and it was even shameful for them to even display their skills and disgrace martial arts in such a way. As you can imagine, this did not sit well with those who heard her from said sect.

    It was an obvious set up, to force the Beggars headmaster into a fight, so Dongfang Bubai could show off a little.

    The disciples of the Beggars Sect who did not participate in the display, immediately came to their schools and masters defense. Many looked like they wanted to attack her, but a gesture from their master restrained such actions; who himself had calmed down considerably.

    “Young Madam... I've heard that you and your husband are the new leaders of South Hengshen. Let me first congratulate you both on achieving such a prestigious position,” he said saluting the pair.

    Dongfang Bubai turned her head away, seemingly ignoring the kind gesture; which did as it was intended to do and irritate the older man.

    “Beggars Clan and South Hengshen have always had a good relationship. I respect elder Mo Da greatly. I do not want there to be enmity between our two schools because of miss spoken words. Please, lets...”

    “Are you going to talk or act? Or are you scared I will embarrass you?”

    Dongfang Bubai suddenly jumped into the air, then used her lightness skills to float backwards unto the arena stage.

    “I've long heard about the legendary skills of Beggars Sect. Your Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms and Dog Beating Staff Technique are quite famous. But, from what I've seen of your disciples skills. I wonder if your fame is greatly exaggerated,” she said in a mocking tone.

    Linghu Chong, watching only a few feet away. Let out a sigh at his wife's antics. But, he was also to blame. He decided to go along with her plan of shaming some of the more famous sect leaders into fights. He wanted to ask them at first. But Dongfang Bubai had insisted on doing things this way. Noting that some leaders care so much about their clans reputation they would be hesitant to indulge in a fight where their reputation could get tarnished, unless their pride as martial artists were greatly provoked.

    Wearily, Linghu Chong watched as six of the Beggars Sect disciples jumped onto the stage; seemingly to take up the honor of their school. He prayed, that his wife wouldn't be too hard on them.

    “How dare mere disciples challenge me,” Dongfang Bubai said with disgust.

    “But, I shall humor you little men,” she said coldly.

    Pulling out a white handkerchief from her sleeve, she turned her attention back towards her challengers with a smirk.

    “Before my handkerchief hits the ground you will all be defeated.”

    Before the men could voice any argument. Dongfang Bubai moving at seemingly impossible speeds. Charged towards the six men, slapping each on the cheek and striking each with numerous palms strikes to the chest and stomach.

    Zheng Dongliu could only watch in amazement at what he saw. His disciples didn't have the slightest chance to block or retaliate. Each let out cries of pain and staggered backwards while they helplessly bore the attacks. To himself, the other martial artists, and even the regular people watching. It seemed as if there were multiple Dongfang Bubai's attacking at the same time.

    'This person has incredible skill and inner energy. Just who is she?' the Beggar Sect headmaster thought in wonder.

    Fortunately, Dongfang Bubai was only using minimal inner strength to execute her attacks. Thus, her opponents only sustained minor injuries; accept for their pride as martial artists.

    Zheng Dongliu then watched as his disciples all went flying out of the stage from well placed palm strikes to each of their chests. Then watched as their assailant sped back to her original position before her handkerchief made it half way to the ground.

    The Beggar's Sect Headmaster found himself torn as his other disciples went and tended to their fellow classmates. On one hand it was only fitting that the master of a school take up the fight when his disciples couldn't handle the opponent; especially when the pride of the sect was now at stake. On the other, he was getting the feeling that he had just walked into someones trap. Replaying in his mind how the incident started he reasoned the woman standing in front of him planned out the entire encounter.

    'It's obvious this person is no mere novice in martial arts. Just from the brief exchange with my disciples I can tell her skills are of a true master,' he thought confirming his earlier suspicion as Dongfang Bubai gazed at him like a predator looking at its prey.

    Though unsure and against his better judgment, he knew he had to step willingly into the 'trap' prepared for him or possibly face being called a coward and hurting the reputation of his sect.

    Jumping onto the stage. He turned to face his opponent.

    “How about young lady takes a stance from me!” he suddenly yelled.

    The crowd began to buzz, anticipating a fight between two masters. Dongfang Bubai show of skill against the Beggar Sect disciples left those watching in awe; which was exactly what she was hoping for.

    “Do as you like master Zheng...” Dongfang Bubai said as if bored, but in actuality the former cult leader was thrilled her plan was working just as she hoped.

    Zheng Dongliu began to move his hands in an intricate manner, prepping himself for his attack. He decided against a long prolonged battle, hoping for something quick and decisive and thought brute force was the best means to achieve his goal.

    “The Proud Dragon Repents!” he screamed as he expelled an energy wave in the shape of a dragon at Dongfang Bubai.

    The force behind the move was so intense that it created gusts of wind; causing some of the onlookers to shield their eyes.

    Dongfang Bubai though didn't back away. Instead she causally extended her right hand and waited patiently for the attack.

    'She must be crazy. Even Fang Zheng of shaolin would not dare to block this attack so causally.'

    As the wave of energy struck Dongfang Bubais' palm. Many of the martial arts in the crowd were stunned that such a powerful attack didn't even cause the person it struck to budge even an inch.

    This left many shocked, but their surprise only grew from that moment on as the former cult leader, partially absorbing the attack. Before, in a flash returning it to its owner, but at double the speed.

    Zheng Dongliu wouldn't have believed it, if it weren't happening right before his very eyes. For such a powerful attack to be deflected with such ease was unthinkable to the aging martial arts master. For this reason, he was late in guarding against the returning attack which came upon him much faster than he anticipated.

    Knowing it would be best not to take such an attack head on. Zheng Dongliu was about to move out of the way, until he noticed the crowd of onlookers standing a few feet behind him.

    'If I move they may get hit with the attack,' he thought in worry, realizing he had so other choice but to take the hit.

    Crossing his arms in front of his face. The elder martial artist was taken aback by the tremendous force behind his returning attack. Losing his balance he fell onto his back letting out a cry of pain. The Beggar Sect disciples immediately ran to their teachers aid.

    Thankfully for Zheng Dongliu's sake. Dongfang Bubai only added minimal energy to the Beggar's Sect Chiefs' attack. So when he tried to block it head on; similar to what the former cult leader had done. He was fortunate to only sustain minor injuries; albeit a greatly bruised ego.

    Seeing that her job was done. The arena turned silent, as all eyes settled on Dongfang Bubai as she hopped off the stage and casually walked over and stood next to her husband as if nothing happened.

    “Your turn my love...” she said sweetly as Linghu Chong shook his head feeling a bit ashamed at her actions.


    Yu Canghai was a greedy, power hungry villainous waste of humanity, but he was no fool. After setting the ambush in the inn. He went out and hired more men and was trying to come up with a means to defeat his now crippled mortal enemy. What he eventually came up with to make Lin Pingzhis' handicap even more debilitating was to use large drums so he couldn’t rely on his hearing; which he hoped would leave the younger man disorientated and truly helpless.

    Now though it seemed like he may not have to use what some would call a cowardly method to fight against ones enemy. A few days ago, while pondering how to set the trap for Lin Pingzhi. One of the men he hired offhandedly mentioned how a new job came up where someone was willing to pay a very large price for the kidnapping two particular women. The job was regarded as highly dangerous as the women were very proficient in martial arts.

    At first the Qingcheng Sect Headmaster paid the idle talk no mind. But, after giving it some thought, he began to have a sneaking suspicion that the job was somehow related to his blood feud with the Lin family.

    He didn't understand why the thought entered his mind. Until this final day of Golden Saber; Wang Yuanbas', birthday celebration. Yu Canghai, who was now dressed in all black, with the lower portion of his face covered. Now found himself talking to the younger son of Wang Yuanba; Wang Zhongqiang. The men were in one of the compounds inner rooms, finalizing plans to kidnap Ning Zhongze and Yue Lingshan.

    'What amazing luck. I needed a way to get to Lin Pingzhi and finish him off and here this person is basically giving me the perfect opportunity to do so; essentially handing him over to me. And not just him, but I can also have a chip to use against Yue Buqun; with his wife and daughter in my hands. He will have to agree to anything I ask,' Yu Canghai thought with glee.

    The Qingcheng Sect Headmaster knew he also now had something to hold against the illustrious Golden Saber Sect. Such a stain as kidnapping would tarnish their reputation beyond repair if news ever were to get out.

    A large smile spread across his face. Things were going much smoother then he could have ever imagined.

    There is a part of a poem:

    But, Mouse, you aren't alone
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes of mice and men
    often go awry
    And leave nothing but grief and pain,
    For promised joy.

    In other words, the most carefully prepared plans may go wrong.

    Yu Canghai was about to find out how true those words can be. And how much pain, a human being can possibly feel.


    “Little brother, may I borrow your sword,” Linghu Chong asked to a small child, no older then seven, who along with his parents were standing a few feet from him.

    The little boy looked to his parents, seeking what to do. Once they nodded, he readily gave up his toy, wooden sword to the masked man.

    Linghu Chong smiled, and bent down so he was eye level with the child and patted him gently on the head. The boy didn't shy away at Linghu Chongs's tough. Instead he just asked the masked man not to break his favorite toy sword.

    “Don't worry little brother, nothing will happen to it.”

    In the blink of an eye, Linghu Chong cast the sword up, towards the sky. A few seconds later before anyone knew what was going on. The sword came back down on the arena stage; coated with inner energy.

    As it struck the ground the impact created a shock wave which shook the entire arena slightly, and caused some of the onlookers to lose their balance and fall on the ground.

    This impressive feet of inner energy proved to the martial artists in the crowd that the masked man was a very powerful and dangerous person.

    Linghu Chong to, was gone in a flash, as he jumped into the sky and used his inner energy to slowly float towards the stage. He gracefully landed, barely making a sound as his feet touched down on the stage.

    The sword, seeming to react to his presence, slowly came up from the stage where it was once embedded and hovered directly in front of the former Huashan Sect disciple.

    “Who dares to meet the challenge of the Headmaster of Mount Hengshan?” Linghu Chong said, his Qi enhanced voiced booming throughout the arena.

    With his flamboyant display of power. It was no wonder Linghu Chong was receiving looks of awe from many in the crowd. But he equally received looks of weariness from his fellow martial artists. Their instincts warning them, the person before them, as with his wife, were completely different animals then what many had ever seen.


    Dongfang Bubai looked amused. Certainly Linghu Chong had changed much since when she they first met.

    Turning to the little boy who's wooden sword was being used, she stood over him and looked down on him with a cold smile.

    “Little boy, do you believe that within ten years, my clan will be number one in this martial world?...”

    The little boy simply nodded his head while smiling; naive to the try meaning of Dongfang Bubais' words; like you would expect from any child.

    “That's a good little man,” she said gently patting him on the head.

    “How would you like to be my disciple?”

    The little boy looked behind him to his parents, seeking how to answer.

    “Why are you looking at us? Greet your master properly,” the boys mother said eagerly.

    The little boy then gave a bow to Dongfang Bubai and addressed her as teacher. The former cult leader found his actions amusing, understanding since he was so young and didn't know how to properly respond.

    “Very good...” Dongfang Bubai said as she once again gently patted him on the head like he were a puppy.

    Though she wouldn't admit it in the open. Secretly, she wondered if her and Linghu Chongs' children would be similar to the child in front of her.

    “I will even give your parents a discount since you are so young.”

    Of course this brought a large smile to said parents lips.

    “Now repeat after me. Sect Chiefs are both learned and skilled, first in wit and ability, talented in academics and gifted in martial arts. Just and wise Chief's who are unrivaled. Unifying the martial arts world for thousands of years! Leading the Sect and controlling all of the martial world forever and ever...”

    Xiong, seeing that the little boy looked lost, decided to help his soon to be junior martial brother out.

    “Just follow our lead little martial brother.”

    Xiong and the other sword sect disciples got down on one knee and repeated Dongfang Bubai statement perfectly.

    The look on everyone's face differed from one person to the other. Fear, shock, awe, confusion, you could find all of these. Even the other little children that were brought to the event even got in on the act and began to chant with their toy weapons in the air.


    A/N: I see Dongfang Bubai is corrupting the youth of Ameri... I mean Ancient China.

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