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Thread: Enter the Past

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    Thanks skoo78 for chapter 22!

    Edit: *Hello my name is not very important....but I'm addicted to reading this story*( after reading chapter 22 it made me feel like I was at one of those get over an addiction therapy group meetings).
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    Thanks skoo78
    Only the white puffy clouds covered the sun to give shades Should be shade
    Mei Mei stuck her tongued out at him. Should be tongue
    There were dried blood on the ground Should be was dried blood
    going to nightclubs to private birthday parties, he done it all Should be did it all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chen Qingzhi View Post
    Thanks skoo78 for chapter 21! I liked this chapter becuase of all of the characters that had conflicting emotions due to the recent events that transpired.

    Edit: Please Kai if you do find Cecilia don't lose you mind over it, because I can see him literally going insane over this since it was his only driving force/ will to survive for the past year and some months.
    You're welcome. I like this ch. too. I have to admit, it was sad writing this ch. I hope Kai doesn't lose his mind if he reunites with her in the future ch. Still debating on my options for that ch. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anh Nam View Post
    Thanks skoo78
    Only the white puffy clouds covered the sun to give shades Should be shade
    Mei Mei stuck her tongued out at him. Should be tongue
    There were dried blood on the ground Should be was dried blood
    going to nightclubs to private birthday parties, he done it all Should be did it all
    Goshers, where did I get the "d" in tongue? Thanks my awesome Anh Nam.

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    Just posting to say thank you and to support!

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    Kai woke up from shuffling movements and voices outside of his bedroom. Curious about the commotion, he put on his clothes and went outside to see panicked maids and servants running north in the front yard. He looked around to see if they were under attack, but didn’t see any signs of it. Then, a physician accompanied by Qiao Shun paced across the yard heading the same direction. Qiao Shun’s face looked glum and Kai assumed it must be about his mother. Mei Mei ran across the yard and Kai caught a glimpse of her.

    “Mei Mei!” he shouted before she darted away from him.

    Mei Mei stopped and turned to see Kai standing at the doorway. Both met halfway.

    “Mei Mei, is this about Qiao Shun’s mother?”

    “Yes. I’ve just heard from a maid that grandma master’s breathing has been irregular.”

    “I’m coming with you.”

    She nodded and both of them ran with the maids and servants. Upon arrival to the North Wing, Kai saw the maids and servants kneeling in the front of the yard to pray and wait for the result. Kai and Mei Mei saw Qiao Shun inside with the physician.


    Qiao Shun heard Mei Mei’s voice and turned. Kai and Mei Mei ran up to him. “How is grandma master?”

    “Not too good.” Qiao Shun was in a hurry, his mind was focused on his mother, and couldn’t talk with them right now. “I’m sorry, but I have to go.” Qiao Shun left.

    “Gege!” Mei Mei ran to catch up with Qiao Shun and Kai trailed behind.

    Qiao Shun entered into his mother’s chamber and saw his father, Qiao Wei Min, holding her hand. Then he saw his mother’s wrinkled face. Her eyes hardly opened while she gazed at his father. The physician checked her health and sighed sadly.

    “I’m sorry Master Qiao. Madam Qiao will not make it for another hour.”

    The physician bowed and left. Qiao Shun’s heart sank to hear the sad news. His mother was really leaving them. Master Qiao held her hand to his wet cheeks and sobbed uncontrollably.

    “MOM!” Qiao Shun cried out loud and ran to the bed. He held his mother’s other hand and began to sob.

    Kai and Mei Mei entered into the bedroom and stopped to see the Qiao family weeping. Shocked to see Madam Qiao on her death bed, Mei Mei cried out, “GRANDMA MASTER!” and quickly ran to the Qiao’s, sobbing along with them.

    Kai glanced at the dying woman and was stunned to see her physical appearance. Qiao Shun’s mother was as old as a granny. She was petite and very fragile. Her face was full of deep wrinkles, sagging eyes, and her hair was thin and snowy. He couldn’t believe how old Qiao Shun’s mother was compared to his father, who was probably only in his late forties.

    “It’s me Little Mei Mei!” she cried.

    Madam Qiao wasn’t sure if she heard Mei Mei’s voice or not, so she turned her head and saw her. Surprised, in her weak and raspy voice, she asked, “Little. Mei. Mei?”

    Mei Mei’s tears continued to stream down. “Yes grandma master. It’s me. I came back home!”

    Madam Qiao was ecstatic to see her and cried to see a happy reunion.

    Master Qiao wiped her tears. “Wife, please conserve your health…”

    Madam Qiao glanced at Master Qiao and responded, “You. old. fool,” and smiled. Master Qiao cried laughing to know that she still had a sense of humor while dying.

    Then Mei Mei thought of something. “I…I can help.”

    Madam Qiao knew what she was going to do and shook her head. “No…don’t.”

    “I have to. You can’t die grandma master. Please.”

    “What are you going to do Little Mei Mei?” asked Master Qiao.

    “I can transfer some of my demon essence to grandma master.”

    Qiao Shun shook his head, “No…that is too dangerous. Mother will crave it! Then you will die!”

    “Don’t worry. A little at a time will not hurt.”

    “I forbid you to do this!” Qiao Shun demanded.

    She pleaded and tugged his sleeve. “Please! Just this once!” and cried some more.

    Qiao Shun knew of the consequences. If his mother tasted Mei Mei’s demon essence, she would become like one of the Seekers-addicted to it and would hunt demons for their essences. The only difference was that she would be more powerful than the Seekers due to her being a fallen immortal goddess. Then he thought about Mei Mei. He didn’t want any harm done onto her. They had only been reunited for five days and for her to sacrifice her life to save his mother was one thing he could not do. He was torn between the two and didn’t know what to do.

    Mei Mei continued to plead, crying. “Please…we do not have much time. I want to save grandma master…”

    Qiao Shun’s eyes tightened shut and finally gave in. “Alright.”

    Mei Mei wiped her tears and thanked Qiao Shun. Master Qiao and Qiao Shun gave her room as she went to sit next to Madam Qiao. Mei Mei touched her wrinkled face.

    “Grandma master, I’m sorry, but I must.”

    Madam Qiao was too weak to speak and cried helplessly. Mei Mei shut her eyes and concentrated on gathering her essence. A glowing green aura appeared and outlined her body. Kai watched from the doorway as she leaned over to Madam Qiao’s lips. Madam Qiao’s mouth automatically opened wide, and a green energy of light came out of Mei Mei’s mouth down to hers.

    Mei Mei felt her life being depleted slowly as her essence left her body. She felt dizzy and her body was getting numb and cold. Minutes later, Mei Mei closed her mouth to stop the transfer before it became uncontrollable. She tried to sit up but her body was too weak. She was about to slumped down onto her grandma master when Qiao Shun caught her just in time and placed her on his shoulder. She slowly glanced up and saw him; her eyes were dazed as she faintly smiled.

    He glanced down at her. “Are you alright?”

    She slowly nodded. “I’ll be fine in a couple of minutes.”

    Madam Qiao opened her eyes and felt energized and alive. Her face had more color and something else was different. Her deep wrinkles were a slight lighter and her hair had some grey streaks. She turned to Master Qiao.

    “Wei Min…”

    “Li Fen…” Overjoyed, Master Qiao leaned down and hugged his wife.

    After the hug, Madam Qiao stared upsettingly at Mei Mei. She tried to sit up, so Master Qiao quickly helped lift her fragile upper body up.

    Madam Qiao scolded, “You should not have done that Little Mei Mei. Now, your life will be in danger because of me.”

    Mei Mei lowered her head, “I’m sorry grandma master, but I cannot let you die like this.”

    Madam Qiao let out a big sigh of disappointment. Master Qiao rubbed Madam Qiao’s back to calm her down. “Wife, don’t blame Little Mei Mei. She was only trying to help.”

    She turned to Master Qiao and raised her voice, “Husband, if it was my time to leave then let it be…Now that I’ve taken in some demon essence, I will harm Little Mei Mei.” Master Qiao didn’t want to argue with her and remained silent.

    Madam Qiao turned back to Mei Mei, “No more transferring your essence to me ok?”

    Mei Mei nodded, “Oh…” and pouted.

    Madam Qiao saw Kai at the doorway, “Who is he?”

    All of them turned and glanced at Kai. He walked toward the Qiao’s and folded his hands in front to introduce himself to them.

    “My name is Yang Kai Li. I’m a friend of Mei Mei.”

    Glad that Mei Mei found another mortal friend, Madam Qiao introduced themselves to Kai. “Mr. Yang, I’m Qiao Shun’s mother and Mei Mei’s grandma master, Ren Li Fen.” Then she introduced Master Qiao, “This is Qiao Shun’s father, Qiao Wei Min.”

    “I’m please to meet you both.”

    He couldn’t help but to be fixated on Madam Qiao’s fragile and wrinkling body. She noticed, “Mr. Yang, I can tell from the way you stare at me, you are curious by my physical appearance.”

    Kai’s head immediately tilted down, “Please forgive me for my rudeness.”

    She laughed heartily, “It’s ok Mr. Yang, I understand. I’m a fallen immortal goddess, thus I aged quickly each year. Now, how did you and Little Mei Mei meet?”

    Kai was about to speak when Mei Mei replied, “Over a year ago, I escaped from Black Forest and saw Kai lying unconscious nearby Mystic River. Since then, we’ve lived together. I concentrated to become mortal and he searched for his lost love, Cecilia Lin.”

    “Cecilia? What a weird name,” said Madam Qiao.

    “Because Kai and Cecilia are not from our realm!” Mei Mei said excitingly.

    That stunned Madam Qiao and Master Qiao. Kai got annoyed by her answering for him and turned to her, “Ok Mei Mei, you know I can speak for myself right?”

    She pursed her lips and muttered, “I was only trying to help.”

    From Madam Qiao’s knowledge, the only realms were the Mortal, Celestial, and Demon. Kai didn’t look like a god or a demon, but for sure, a mortal. She became curious.

    “Mr. Yang, what realm are you from?”

    “I’m from another world called, Earth. Somehow, me, Cecilia, and a criminal, Tsui Man, fell down from the sky to Mortal Realm.”
    Qiao Shun raised a brow, “Tsui Man?”

    Kai turned to him, “Do you know him?”

    “Why yes. He and his Quad Brothers Bandits are wanted criminals in Chu Kingdom. The Chu officials have been trying to find them for over a year now.”

    Kai scoffed as he thought about Tsui Man. He couldn’t believe Tsui Man would recruit a new gang in this Realm.

    “Tsui Man’s a dangerous and smart man. He was supposed to be assassinated by Cecilia and me that night, but we ended up here instead.”

    “How did the three of you enter into our Realm?” asked Master Qiao.

    Kai retraced his memories of that night when Cecilia and he fought with Tsui Man. “All I remembered was a very bright light coming from a pillar that the archaeologists uncovered…”

    Madam Qiao became surprised and raised her voice. “A pillar?” She needed to confirm something and turned to Master Qiao. “Give me paper and brush!” she demanded.

    Master Qiao quickly ran to get the items she requested.

    Qiao Shun was curious, “What is it that make you so anxious mom?”

    “Shun-er, I have a feeling I know this pillar.”

    Moments later, Master Qiao came back with some papers and a brush and handed it to Madam Qiao. She took them and started to draw the celtic diamond-shaped symbol. After she was done, she showed it to Kai.

    “Does this pillar have a symbol like this?”

    Kai looked at it and remembered its green glowing light. “Yes. It glowed with the other symbols.”

    The brush and papers slipped under her fingers and dropped down onto the blanket. The tip of the brush’s black ink smeared the blanket before it rolled down to the bed. She was shocked of the discovery and shook her head.

    “Impossible…that is impossible…”

    Master Qiao, Qiao Shun, and Mei Mei, were worried and called her name, but she tuned them out, only to try and figure out how this could have happened. She needed to let Kai know about the pillar and hoped she could get some answers from him.
    She looked at Kai. “Mr. Yang, the pillar you spoke of is a Celestial pillar. It was Golden Emperor’s treasure that he created with his own immortal blood. He had a gift of bending dimensions, and only he could use the pillar to travel through the parallel dimension of Mortal Realm. However, there was a battle between the gods, which led to The Battle of the Split Realms, and the Golden Emperor was defeated and killed. Now, his pillar stood alone in a sacred hidden place, left as a remembrance of the tragic battle.”

    “Golden Emperor? I’ve heard about him through some demons. Wasn’t he the god that oversaw the gods, demons, and mortals?” Mei Mei asked.

    Madam Qiao nodded, “Correct.” She turned to Kai again. “I believe your world, Earth, is the parallel dimension of Mortal Realm. The only person that can trigger the Celestial Pillar again is the creator, the Golden Emperor, but he is no longer living. Thus, it is impossible for anyone else to activate it.”

    “So how did we get to the Mortal Realm then?” asked Kai.

    “Good Question. I don’t know,” she answered bluntly.

    Mei Mei scratched her head. “Grandma master, this is so confusing! There must be a reason why they came to our realm.”
    Madam Qiao thought of something. “May you lend me your hand?” she asked politely. Kai looked at her and was hesitant. She chuckled, “Don’t worry. I am not going to harm you. The only way to find the answer is possibly through you.”

    He understood. It was something that he needed to know also. He slowly gave her his hand. Her small fragile hand held onto his. “Now, stay still while I concentrate.”

    He nodded. Madam Qiao’s eyes glued onto his as she used her Soul Seeking to search deep in his soul. She saw his world, Earth, full of technology, modern landscapes, transportations, beautiful landmarks, and mortals like him. Then she saw him born, he was sent to an orphanage, and then she saw her. A little girl with braids, helping him beat up the bullies. The little girl introduced herself as Cecilia Lin to Kai. Madam Qiao searched more about him, but his heart and mind were only full of the little girl. Madam Qiao saw Cecilia handed a rose petal to Kai and both smeared the scent on themselves, her stealing candies from the staff for both to eat, and her sleeping next to him on his bed. As they grew older, they became close friends and inseparable. They had zero tolerance of bullies and protected the weak. Then they were hired by the CCIA and worked in the Special Black Ops Division. Madam Qiao saw their entire world of assassin, training and killing targeted criminals. She then saw their strong emotional and physical affection toward each other-their intimacy, and their good and bad times together.

    Madam Qiao searched deeper inside of him. She wanted to find something different about him or ‘this Cecilia lady’ that he had his mind and heart on. Finally, she found it. Cecilia was different than Kai. Whenever she got a cut or bruise, her skin healed within hours or days with no scars. But when she was sick, it took her weeks or even a month to get better. Then Madam Qiao saw them fighting with Tsui Man. She saw Cecilia flew and hit the pillar. Moments later, the pillar glowed and they disappeared, fell to Mortal Realm into Mystic raging river, and separated.

    Madam Qiao stopped the Soul Seeking and let go of his hand. She was worn out from using too much of her energy that her weak body collapsed onto Master Qiao’s chest.

    Master Qiao held onto her. “Are you alright?”

    She nodded, “I’ll be fine after resting.” Her eyes shifted to Kai and faintly smiled. “Mr. Yang, you really love this woman, Cecilia.”
    Kai’s eyes glistened and nodded, “She’s my life.”

    “I agree with you. Throughout your entire life, you have been surrounded by her. I believe that she is the reason for traveling to our Realm.”

    Everyone gasped and became silent for a second. Kai was stunned in disbelief and shook his head, “That can’t be. She is from my world. How can she trigger the Celestial’s pillar?”

    “I need to talk to her,” said Madam Qiao.

    Mei Mei interrupted, “But grandma master, she is nowhere to be found. Kai and I have been searching for her over a year and couldn’t find her. However, we stumbled upon an abandon house along the way to Mu Village. The place was a mess and when we searched inside, we found some of Cecilia’s belongings, but no Cecilia.”

    “Mei Mei, where is this place?” asked Qiao Shun.

    “It is north of here. It looked like a wedding massacre took place there. Blood everywhere on walls, on the ground…”

    Stunned, Qiao Shun interrupted Mei Mei, “That is the Yu residence!”

    Kai turned to Qiao Shun, “You know that place?”

    “Yes. The couple, Yu Xing Fu and Xiao Xing, was getting married but some men came and attack. All of their guests and her husband got killed.”

    Kai needed to know if Cecilia was presence at the wedding. He searched for the drawing of her in his shirt pocket and found it. He unfolded it and handed it to Qiao Shun.

    “Have you seen her?”

    Qiao Shun took the drawing from Kai and looked at it. His eyes widened in shock.


    Mei Mei clasped her hands in front and cheered, “KAI! CECILIA IS XIAO XING! SHE IS ALIVE!”

    Kai was full of joy. “Where is she now?”

    “She is heading to Wu Tribe to get healed.”

    “Healed?” asked Kai.

    “Yes, she was hit by Venomous Vixen’s Black Death Palm Technique and was severely poisoned.”

    Hearing that Cecilia was wounded worried him. Her immune system was weak. A simple cold could turn into flu overnight, and she could end up in the hospital for it.

    “Since she is poisoned, I’m afraid she is vulnerable and will be an open target for demons and bandits. I need to catch up to her.”
    “I have sent two of my best men to go with her and Physician Guo already. I will accompany you on this trip since I know the route they are taking; but, when we reached to the Black Forest, it will be difficult to pass through. The talismans that we have will only last us for a couple of hours when entered in. We will have to know exactly where Wu Tribe is to pass the forest with ease.” Qiao Shun turned to Mei Mei, “You know the Black Forest well…”

    Mei Mei’s eyes got big and shook her head. From what she had to endure being trapped over fifteen years was hell. “Oh no! I’ve just gotten out of there a year ago and I am NOT GOING BACK!”

    Kai pleaded, “Please Mei Mei.”


    Qiao Shun leaned close to her, “I will buy you as many red ball candies if you help.”

    She had a huge smile, and her mouth was already watery just thinking about the heavenly sweet taste, melting in her mouth to give her a sugar high. She turned to Qiao Shun and bobbled her head in excitement.

    “Ok!” then she remembered Madam Qiao and frowned instantly. “But grandma master needs me though…”

    “Mei Mei, I rather have you go with Qiao Shun than feed me your demon essence,” said Madam Qiao.

    “But you may die…It takes almost month to get to Wu Tribe.”

    “If it’s my time to leave, then let it be.”

    Mei Mei, Qiao Shun, and Master Qiao were saddened. They knew that it was her wish. She wanted to leave peacefully in a natural way. Then Qiao Shun thought of something. From hearing his mother explained about Cecilia being the main culprit for traveling to their realm, he also thought of what Guo Jing had said about the magical place.

    He turned to them. “I’ll be right back,” and he quickly rushed out of the bedroom.

    The others remained puzzled by his sudden exit and waited anxiously of his return. Moments later, he came back with an item covered in a white handkerchief.

    “What’s in there gege?” Mei Mei asked curiously.

    He unwrapped the handkerchief and revealed the swaying red jelly-like flower for them to see. Everyone, except Madam Qiao, was astonished of the flower and had never seen anything like it before.

    Madam Qiao turned to her son, “Where did you get this?”

    “There is a magical place full of these flowers not too far from the Yu residence. Physician Guo told me that the place bloomed after Xing Fu found Miss Xiao’s unconscious body. I believe she created this flower.”

    Madam Qiao pondered, “How can she create this flower? Is she a goddess as well?”

    She explained to them, “The flower is called the Immortal Gem and is only grown in the Celestial Realm. It is strange that the flowers grew at the magical place when it shouldn’t have. Take me there and bring an empty wooden chest.”

    Qiao Shun nodded. After some more conversation, Master Qiao and Qiao Shun announced to the maids and servants outside of the front yard of Madam Qiao’s health. All were relieved to hear the good news and left merrily back to work.


    Qiao Shun helped his mother get out of the sedan. Kai and the others were awestruck of the place full of jelly-like flowers in different colors. Mei Mei ran through the little field of flowers and giggled. She picked a neon pink flower, then a red, and then another, all until her hands couldn’t fit any more of them.

    Kai came up to her and chuckled, “Don’t you think you have enough flowers in your hands?”

    “Then you help pick some for me.”

    “Fine.” He smiled and kneeled down to pick some flowers.

    Madam Qiao couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It reminded her of her home, the Celestial Realm. Its’ valleys-full of immortal gem flowers, and their golden dots of lights floating everywhere, covering the background scenery of hundreds of waterfalls, forestry, and the aqua sky, making it look enchanting.

    “Wife, do you miss the Celestial Realm?”

    With teary eyes, she nodded, “Yes, very much. I can’t believe the Immortal Gems are here.”

    He put one arm around her shoulder and leaned to the side, his head onto hers, “We can come here anytime when you miss home.”

    She wiped her tears, “Thank you husband.”

    Mei Mei and Kai came back with a bunch of flowers. She handed it to Madam Qiao.

    “For you grandma master.”

    Madam Qiao was touched by her thoughtfulness and thanked her. “Little Mei Mei, you do not need to worry about me dying anymore.”

    Everyone became confused and gathered around Madam Qiao. “What do you mean grandma master?”

    “These flowers are like medicine for the Celestial Gods. It replenishes our body and soul. Although I’m a fallen immortal now, I still have a bit of the god essence and it will temporary prolong my life. That is why I brought the chest to put the flowers in.”

    All of them were excited to hear the news.

    “Then let’s fill the chest with flowers!” said Mei Mei cheerfully.

    Qiao Shun, Mei Mei, and Kai started to pick the flowers until they had a handful in their hands. They dropped the flowers in the chest and picked some more. As Kai was picking flowers, he stumbled upon a grave and stood there. He read the wooden name.

    My beloved Yu Xing Fu

    He pondered, “This must be him…”

    Qiao Shun saw Kai stood in front of Xing Fu’s grave and sighed. He walked toward him and patted his shoulder from behind.
    “I can’t believe that Xiao Xing is Cecilia Lin,” said Qiao Shun.

    “Do you know why she wanted to marry him?”

    “Kai, I’ve heard from Physician Guo that she lost her memories when Xing Fu found her. Then, their relationship took its course.”

    Kai remained silent.

    “Ey, don’t tell me that you’re jealous,” Qiao Shun teased.

    Kai smirked, “Whether I am jealous or not, that is not the main point. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t save her or else she wouldn’t have lost her memories then.” He paused and took a deep breath to detain himself from getting emotional. “I’m just glad that she found someone that could take care of her and loved her when I cannot.”

    Qiao Shun felt pitied for the man. Kai had searched deep and wide, and never gave up hope to find Cecilia. To know that Cecilia lost her memories, she was Xiao Xing, and then almost married Xing Fu, must be overwhelming for the poor man. He tightened his smile and patted his shoulder to comfort Kai.

    “Xing Fu was a great man…But don’t be so hard on yourself. Although she lost her memories, there is still a piece of you that lies deep within her heart. You just need to help her find it.”

    “Thank you for your encouraging words.”

    “You’re welcome. Now, come and help us pick these flowers if you want to leave tomorrow.”

    Kia nodded.
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    Thanks again skoo78 for chapter 23, keep up the good work.

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    Thanks skoo78
    Kai saw the maids and servants kneeled Should be kneeling
    Kai and Mei Mei saw Qiao Shun entered inside with the physician. Should be saw Qiao Shun inside with
    how old Qiao Shun’s mother was comparing to his father Should be compared
    Mother will crave for it! Should be Mother will crave it
    She was about to slumped Should be slump
    saw Kai lied unconscious Should be lying
    He couldn’t help but fixated on Madam Qiao’s fragile and wrinkling body. She noticed, “Mr. Yang, I can tell from the way you stare at me, you are curious of my physical appearance.” Should be but to be fixated Should be curious by my physical

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    Thanks again to awesome Anh Nam.

    Readers, I love posting two chs a week for your pure entertainment, but it will have to be a ch a week now. Besides work is going to be busy until the end of Oct, I'm revising my upcoming chs. I'm not satisfied with my story that I drew last year for the upcoming scenes, so I'm revising it. I want to give you readers the best story as I can as a "noob" author-in-training. Like I've said before in my other post, writing and drawing is so different. I can capture people's emotions, actions, and scenery when I draw, but when it comes to writing, it's different. It's a whole new spectrum for me and I'm loving it. Thank you to all readers and those who commented and helped me with my BLAH grammar mistakes, without all of you, my story "in writing" wouldn't be possible. You guys ROCK and encouraged me to keep on writing my creative story that runs wild in my brain. Wait patiently now and hope you enjoy the next chs every week! Stay Tune!

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    Hi Skoo78,

    Actually Dongfang Xue and you can write better than me. I got more grammar and spelling mistakes than you actually xD It takes me usually 2-3 to revise a chapter. But usually I will post it first. But sometimes I forget ^^;;

    Good work! Like your story too=)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avidfan View Post
    Hi Skoo78,

    Actually Dongfang Xue and you can write better than me. I got more grammar and spelling mistakes than you actually xD It takes me usually 2-3 to revise a chapter. But usually I will post it first. But sometimes I forget ^^;;

    Good work! Like your story too=)
    You are too kind Avidfan lol. More kudos to you, Dongfang Xue, and other authors to inspire others to write and keep reading. It will be great to see these stories turn into wuxia tv series. Lol.

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    This is a long Ch. Didn't know if I should split it or not. But enjoy.

    Outside of the secluded place, Wu Jian practiced the last stage of the Five Element Qi Sword Technique. He used his inner qi to ignite the blade into a white translucent flame. On the ground, bamboo leaves rose by the amount of wind that his sword created and flew with his graceful movements. He aimed the sword forward and flew in great speed of light through the flying leaves until he reached to the other end. The wind disappeared and the leaves behind him fell to the ground. On his blade were leaves, pierced perfectly in the middle, from the sword’s Point down to the Rain guard. His grin widened, knowing that he perfected the combination of elements. Then he swung the sword sideways, the leaves left the blade forcibly like sharped daggers, flying and piercing into the nearby trees. Then he deactivated the sword’s power and its white translucent flame disappeared. He mastered the Five Element Qi Sword Technique and finally could go home. Excited, he swung the sword across the lake and it created massive rows of explosions out of the water. Droplets of water rained down on him as he guffawed of his accomplishment.

    After celebrating, Wu Jian went back inside the small cave entrance. He stared at the glowing sword stances and meditation techniques on the cave walls and let out a big sigh of happiness. For over a year, his parents’ sacred place became his second home; nonetheless, he also found closure of longing to see his deceased mother.

    He kneeled down. “Mom, as the Mortal Protector of the Five Element Qi Sword, I will continue the legacy to protect Mortal Realm. Thank you for your guidance and I will visit you again.” He kowtowed, got up, and left the cave to go back home.


    Hours later, Wu Jian arrived at the entrance of Wu tribe. The Wu warriors saw him and were elated to see their Prince back home. Words of his sudden presence traveled fast through Wu tribe that it reached the palace. King Jian Tao and Queen Li Hua stood patiently inside the main parlor for his arrival. For over a year, Jian Tao seldom saw his son due to being busy protecting the tribe from the northern invaders. As Wu Jian entered in, they were ecstatic to see him.

    Jian Tao hugged Wu Jian. “Welcome home son.”

    “I’m glad to be back home King father.”

    After the hug, he turned to Li Hua, “Step Queen mother,” and gave her a big smile.

    Li Hua held his arms and gazed at his physique, “Look at you. You’re so thin now.”

    Wu Jian chuckled, “Step Queen mother, you can tell the cook to prepare a feast for my homecoming celebration then.”

    Li Hua chuckled, “Alright. I will do that. Now go and get yourself cleaned up.”

    Wu Jian nodded and left.

    She turned to Jian Tao, “My King, since Long Wei is back, it is time to arrange the meeting with the Chu’s.” Jian Tao put his arm around her shoulder and nodded in agreement.

    At dinner, the Royal Family, Chiefs, Elders, and the five Taoist’s students gathered at the big parlor to celebrate Wu Jian’s homecoming. They ate and drank merrily while being entertained by dancers and music. After the entertainment was over, they cheered and applauded the wonderful dancers.

    Elder Tao turned to Wu Jian and folded his hands in front, “Your highness. Congratulations on completing your training.”

    Wu Jian nodded. “Thank you Elder Tao. While I was away, how was everything with the Demon Realm seal?”

    “As for now, it’s under control.”

    “Are there any news about the other three Mortal Protectors?”

    Elder Shi replied, “None. Lau Guo Wei and the Taoists students have searched far and wide and haven’t found them yet.”

    Wu Jian became worried about the seal. “We don’t have much time. There’s only less than two years left…” He let out a sigh and continued, “If only there is another way…”

    Li Hua turned to him, “Wei-er, you’ve just gotten back from training. Relax a bit and don’t dwell on this problem now…”

    “I agree with the Queen. Your Highness, don’t worry about it now and enjoy your homecoming celebration,” said Elder Tao.

    “Son, you should worry more about meeting the Chu’s. Since you’re back, we will set a date for you to meet Princess Xiu Rong,” said Jian Tao happily.

    Wu Jian knew the topic was going to be brought up. Right now, he started to miss his second home. At his parents’ sacred place, he lived freely and didn’t need to worry about his duty as a royal Prince. He realized good things have to come to an end, and he has to face reality sooner or later.

    He faintly smiled and nodded, “Yes King father.”


    Two and a half weeks later, Cecilia, Guo Jing, and Qiao Shun’s two men, Hou Liang and Liao Wei, finally arrived at the foot of Black Forest. Throughout their long and tiring journey, they were lucky to not meet any mishaps. They had passed through many forests and villages, climbed hills, crossed some rivers with their horses, and met some nearby villagers along the way. Besides the journey, her pain of losing Xing Fu still lingered. When they rested for the night, she would go into the forest and grieve silently. She missed him dearly and waited to see him in her dreams, but he never showed up. The men took notice of her grief and comforted her as much as they could. They tried, by all means, to entertain her with singing, dancing, and took her hunting with them. She was grateful of their efforts, but at the end of the day, the grief was still there.

    Cecilia stared at the red string wrapped around the trees of Black Forest and wondered about its significance. Guo Jing explained to her the history behind it. After hearing the story, she had a deeper respect for the creator, Fallen Immortal Goddess Li Ling, Wu tribe, and the Black Forest.

    Before they ventured in, she made sure Guo Jing and Qiao Shun’s men were protected. She had to keep them safe from harm’s way, knowing that she was the ultimate repellent to demons.

    “Stay close to me,” she said to them.

    Guo Jing understood what she meant, but the others didn’t. Her special qi was kept a secret for her own precaution against evil doers.

    “If we do come across the Wu warriors, we will try to reason and not fight them. They may spare us then,” said Guo Jing.

    They nodded and entered into the forest. The first thing they noticed was massive negative energy surrounding them. They, except Cecilia, had a heavy pressure on their chests. Guo Jing’s heart started to pound fast and sweat from being afraid of encountering demons. Cecilia saw him wipe his sweat.

    “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

    Guo Jing nodded and thanked her.

    He pointed in front. “Within two miles, we will reach some thick vines. There is a hidden door that we will have to find. Wu tribe will be on the other side then.”

    “Ok. Let’s keep moving then,” said Liao Wei.

    The deeper they entered into the forest, the darker it gotten; only a few sunbeams of light were casted through the trees to brighten their path. As they walked, they heard shuffling noises and soft whispers, and surrounding them, were glowing red eyes, watching their every move.

    On the ground, hidden from their view, was a thin wire that extended across the forest. Liao Wei was a foot ahead of them and unknowingly tripped the wire with his right foot. It triggered ringing of bells that were heard through the forest. Demons’ high pitched cries were heard through the dark forest, making it hard to pin point where they came from.

    “What’s going on?” she asked Guo Jing.

    “I…I never knew there was an alarm…” he said confused.

    She raised her brow, “Wha…?”

    “Xiao Xing, It’s been over forty years. Time has changed.”

    Liao Wei and Hou Liang started to drift away from Cecilia’s side to scour the area. She turned to them, worried for their lives.
    “Keep close to me!” she shouted.

    They were too focused of their surroundings and ignored her. Heavy sets of footsteps were heard coming close to them. Not knowing if it was the Wu warriors or demons, Hou Liang and Liao Wei bravely grasped onto their swords’ Grips, readied for unexpected attacks.

    As their eyes focused on the dark forest, Liao Wei shouted to Hou Liang, “Protect Miss Xiao and Physi…AHH…”

    Ceilia, Guo Jing, and Huo Liang heard his scream and turned to see three huge fingers wrapped around Liao Wei’s waist as he was pulled into the dark.

    “LIAO WEI!” shouted Hou Liang and chased after him.

    Guo Jing’s eyes widened in terror and knew what was happening. “The talismans…time is up…”

    “Shit! Hou Liang!”

    She and Guo Jing chased after Hou Liang. When they caught up with Hou Liang, they saw him fighting with a one-eyed demon. It was about nine feet tall with no hair on its body. Its upper built body slumped forward, lengthening its arms down to its boulder-like knees.

    Not too far away from the scene was Liao Wei’s mutilated body drowned by his own blood. Three long and deep clawed marks ran from the top of his head down to his abdomen. His face was unrecognizable with parts of the brain scattered out, and his eye balls hung out of their sockets. White bones from his ribs were visible to reveal his torn heart and liver, and his intestines hung out of his abdomen. Guo Jing vomited on the ground and Cecilia’s stomach churned from the gruesome sight.

    Then she saw a paled, white hand with long black fingernails came out of the dark, grabbed Liao Wei’s left foot, and quickly pulled it into the dark. He disappeared in a matter of seconds before she even made her run toward the creepy hand. She shifted her attention to Hou Liang and needed to save his life before it was too late. She ran, and Guo Jing saw her left his side. Terrified, he needed to catch up with her or else he was next to die.

    “Wait for me!” he panicked and ran after her.

    The one eye demon saw Cecilia rushed toward them and sensed her special qi. It needed to stop her and swung its back hand sideways at Hou Liang. It struck his right shoulder and he flew off the ground, like a piece of garbage, toward Cecilia and Guo Jing. She didn’t have time to react, and Hou Liang’s back struck her in the front. The impact was forcibly strong that her body bounced back and hit Guo Jing from behind.

    She was knocked the wind out her and saw stars. Her vision blurred and became dizzy. She heard a high pitched buzzing sound and shook her head to refocus from the hard blow. When she regained her sense of vision and hearing, she heard Guo Jing’s screeching roar of agonized pain. She turned and saw his horrific facial expression-eyes shut tightly, teeth clenched, and veins from his forehead popped out. Then she knew why. Her back was on top of his torso. Shocked, she quickly got off of him. His body turned to the side and curled into a ball. His hands grasped his chest tightly, coughing and gasping for air, and his pupils rolled back, showing only the sclera. She didn’t know how long she had been on top of Guo Jing, but he seemed to be in the verged of death.

    “Physician Guo!” she cried.

    He couldn’t say anything; he was busy trying to breathe.

    Hou Liang got up but staggered. The one eye demon glared at Cecilia and roared angrily to know that it couldn’t come close to them.

    Then black cloaked men flew to the scene and surrounded them and the one eye demon. Some fought with the demon using their spells, while others charged at Cecilia and the rest with swords. Hou Liang charged at the cloaked men and swordfight.
    “They must be the Wu warriors.” She shouted at Hou Liang, “Don’t fight them!” but he didn’t hear her.

    She wanted to help Hou Liang fight, but couldn’t, knowing she would fatally die from the nested poison inside of her. Two Wu warriors ran toward her and Guo Jing. Guo Jing was too weak to get up and turned to her.

    “Run!” he shouted in his hoarse voice.

    Guo Jing was the last person that was close to her, so she couldn’t bear to leave him to die like this.

    She shook her head, crying, “No…I can’t leave you!”

    Stubborn that she wouldn’t leave, he didn’t care if he touched her and pushed her away. Again, he felt his life force being drained when touched. She fell a few feet away from him.

    He glanced up at her and cried out desperately, “RUN!”

    Still crying, she finally did as told. She rose up to her feet and darted toward the dark forest until she disappeared from his sight. One of the Wu warriors passed Guo Jing and chased after her, while the other one stopped and stood in front of him. Guo Jing saw black boots and looked up to see a Wu warrior hovered above him with his pointed blade aimed down at him. He then heard Hou Liang’s deadly cry as Hou Liang was stabbed with multiple blades into his body. This was it. He lay on his back, closed his eyes, and smiled widely. Guo Jing was ready to meet his sworn brother and Xing Fu in the afterlife. He had tried his best to take care of Cecilia, and tears fell from the corner of his eyes.

    I’m sorry Xing Fu…

    The Wu warrior forced the blade down to aim at his heart. Just as it was about to pierce, another blade deflected his, forcing the Wu warrior’s sword to fly out of his hands, and landed on the ground five feet away from them. The Wu warrior turned to see who the person was and saw it was Fu Ching Chen. The Wu warrior lowered his head down, and his hands folded in front to address him.

    “General Fu…”

    Guo Jing heard the man’s voice and opened his eyes. He turned his head and saw Ching Chen smiling down at him.

    “We meet again Physician Guo.” He extended his right hand to Guo Jing. “Let me help you.”

    Glad to see Ching Chen, Guo Jing grabbed his hand, and Ching Chen pulled him up to his feet. Guo Jing’s throat was dried by the amount of energy he had been drained and coughed a couple of times.

    His hands folded in front, “Thank you for sparing my life,” and coughed some more.

    They heard the one eyed demon’s deadly roar and turned to see Chief Li Kang and his Wu warriors defeated the demon. In seconds, its body disintegrated into ashes. Then Guo Jing shifted his attention at Hou Liang’s lifeless body.

    “Mr. Hou!”

    He ran and collapsed onto his knees next to Hou Liang, and wept. Ching Chen, Chief Li, and Wu warriors ran and stood around Guo Jing as he sobbed.

    “I’m sorry Physician Guo, the Wu warriors didn’t know. We will make sure he gets a proper burial,” said Ching Chen sadly.

    Guo Jing wiped his tears and nodded. Then he remembered Cecilia. He quickly got up and turned to Ching Chen.

    “Xiao Xing! One of your Wu warriors is still chasing after her!”

    Ching Chen’s eyes widened shocked to know Cecilia was also here with Guo Jing.

    “She may have been killed by demons now,” Ching Chen responded sadly.

    Guo Jing shook his head. “Trust me, she won’t die by them. Please, help find her before your warrior does.”

    Ching Chen was puzzled by Guo Jing’s words but nodded. He turned to the Wu warriors. “Cover all grounds in search for Miss Xiao and the other warrior. When she’s found, do not harm her!”

    “Yes,” said the Wu warriors and left with quickness.

    Ching Chen turned to Chief Li, “Take Physician Guo back to Wu tribe. I need to inform his highness.”


    Chief Li glanced down at Guo Jing and patted Guo Jing’s shoulder, feeling bad by all of this.


    Cecilia didn’t know how long she had been running from the Wu warrior, but daylight was not on her side. It was getting darker and the forest became creepier. Trees looked like shadowy creatures and more red eyes appeared everywhere, watching her. Exhausted from running, her legs began to fail on her. She got clumsy and stumbled onto the dark wet ground, not knowing if it was mud or blood, and heard the Wu warrior’s footsteps close behind. She needed to find a place to hide quickly. On her left, there were hundreds of huge plants that covered the ground soil. Since she was tiny, she could easily hide in there without being spotted. Also, with darkness approaching, it would be harder for the Wu warrior to find her. She ran and hid in there. Moments later, the Wu warrior stopped where she stood minutes ago and inspected the area. She watched the man like a hawk and kept her breathing to bare minimum. Thick fogs began to invade the area, engulfed the ground and plants. Frustrated by no visibility, the Wu warrior quit the search and ran back to regroup with the others. Relieved that it was over, she lay flat on her back, breathing hard as the fog covered her. Her body was sore from the earlier impact by Hou Liang and was weak; minutes later, she fainted.

    Nightfall and the fog began to disappear. Cecilia regained conscious and looked to see billions of stars, twinkling, in the dark sky.

    How long was I unconscious?

    Unknown of the hours she lay on soiled ground; she forced herself to get up and left her hiding place. She wandered in the vast forest, staggering and bumping into trees, getting cuts on her face by branches, but she didn’t mind the pain. She only wanted to go back to find Guo Jing’s body and go home, but she was lost.

    The search for Immortal Tears became unimportant. She realized her selfish desire to heal only to get revenge paid a heavy price. Guo Jing, Hou Liang, and Liao Wei died by risking their lives for her. Now, she was alone and blamed herself for their deaths. Cecilia became emotional, collapsed onto her knees, and wept uncontrollably. Her heart was heavy, suffocated by emotional pain, and she felt despaired. Xing Fu’s words of encouragement to keep on living were meaningless to her now.

    “I’m sorry Xing Fu…I can’t continue on like this.”

    Her cry became louder that she began to hyperventilate. Then she heard whispers in the dark.

    “Kill yourself to end this misery…”

    She knew it was the demons that spoke to her, tempting her to commit suicide. For the first time she thought it was a good idea and pondered, “If I keep on living, how many people will be hurt or kill because of me? It is better if I die.”

    Then a soft whisper of a child spoke to her; but this time, it was in her head.

    “Keep living…Death will not solve your pain. It will only hurt the living.”

    She wondered who this demon was to encourage her and called out in the dark. “Who are you?”

    There was only silence and glowed red eyes staring at her.

    Upset, she shouted, “Show yourself Demon! Why would I keep on living…why?!”


    She lowered her head and continued to sob. A dim light shined in front of her and she glanced to see what it was. A hundred feet away from her was a small white fox. Its huge ocean eyes stared at her and wagged its tail. Her sobbing was disrupted by this cute fox and she wiped her tears.

    “Was it you that spoke to me?” she asked, choking on her own tears.

    It pranced on its tiny feet and rolled on the ground in a playful manner. She giggled and felt her heart lightened. Then it got on its feet and walked away from her. She didn’t want to be alone in the creepy forest.

    “Please don’t go!”

    It turned and stared at her. Then she heard the child’s voice in her head again.

    “Follow me.”

    She realized it was the white fox that spoke to her and quickly got up to follow. After hours of walking, it finally led her into a small open area. Although it was dark, the stars lit up the place enough for her to see the glistening lake in front. Running water was heard in the background and she knew a waterfall was close by. The white fox led her to a cave. Inside, she saw a small fire pit.

    “The place will shelter you. I must go now.”

    “No…Don’t leave…”

    She ran toward it, but it vanished when she got there. Saddened, she dragged her feet slowly inside the cave. The fire pit had a piece of rabbit meat roasted on top and her stomach started to growl. It had been hours that she hadn’t eaten and was hungry. Quickly, she took the stick of meat out of the fire. The meat was ready and she began to tore it like a beast, devouring it as if there was no tomorrow. The taste was bland but it didn’t matter to her. She was too hungry to think of spices to make the meat taste better. After she was done eating, she wiped her mouth and hands with her muddy sleeves to clean herself.

    Cecilia examined the cave and saw a stone bed and stone table with seats. “Who lives here?” she muttered softly.

    Then she saw a light from another room. Curious, she walked toward it and entered in. Her jaw dropped, mesmerized of what she saw. On the walls were glowed drawings of sword stances, meditations, and words.

    “Celestial Immortal Sutra? …What is this place?”

    She began to yawn. It had been a very tiring day for her and she needed to rest. She walked out of the small cave and lay on the stone bed to sleep.

    Thirty minutes later, Wu Jian entered the cave and the first thing he noticed was his rabbit meat. Bones were on the ground next to the fire pit. That angered him and he thought it was a demon’s doing.

    “Curse you demons! What am I going to eat now?!”

    He shook his head in disappointment. Then he noticed something from the corner of his eyes and turned to see a figure sleeping on his bed. Its back faced him and he assumed it was a demon. Wu Jian quietly snuck up to the figure and held onto the Five Element Qi Sword’s Grip. As he got closer, he pulled his sword out of its sheath and was going to strike the figure when its body turned to face him. He recognized the sleeping face and blinked twice.

    “Dirty lowlife?” he whispered softly and placed his sword back in its sheaths.

    “So she’s here.”

    Ching Chen had already informed him late that afternoon about Cecilia’s presence in the Black Forest. When he heard about the situation, he immediately went to search for her, but had to cut it short due to thick fogs. He sheltered at his parents sacred place until the fogs died down to resume his search. Now that he saw her safe in his presence, he didn’t need to worry anymore.

    Cecilia started to shiver from the open draft outside and he quickly, without thinking twice, took his black cloak off to cover her. He then gazed down at her dirty face. She was covered with dried mud, her face had small cuts, and her hair carried leaves.

    He sighed and whispered softly, “Dirty lowlife, you’ve gone through a lot running away from my warriors and demons…Why did you come to the Black Forest?”

    Whatever her reason was, he had to wait in the morning to question her.


    The next morning, Cecilia woke up from the sound of birds chirping outside. She felt something heavy covered her and glanced down to see the cloak. Confused of how it appeared on her, she took it off and got up from the stone bed. Wu Jian entered in with his morning catch of a dead rabbit in his hand. She was startled to see him.

    “A**hole?” she said out loud.

    His brows furrowed, “Me? An A**hole?” and scoffed. He stared down at her, “Look at you. The name, Dirty Low Life, suit you well.”

    She couldn’t believe their conversation turned into a petty argument.

    She crossed her arms in front, “Why of all people, do I have to encounter you?”

    “You tell me. You came here last night, ate my dinner, and slept on my bed. Why are you here?” he said bluntly.

    She narrowed her eyes at him. “I don’t need to explain anything to you,” and began to walk out of the cave.

    His head turned to the side, “Stop right there.”

    Cecilia ignored him and kept walking away. Irritated by her behavior, he rolled his eyes and flew in great speed to block her way. Her head bumped into his collarbone hard from his sudden appearance.


    She rubbed her forehead and glanced upsettingly at him. He silently laughed at her and then cleared his throat. Angry, she pushed him away to the side.


    He grabbed her right arm and she swung her left fist to punch him. Sharped pain from her chest began to make itself known, and her left hand grasped her chest instead. It felt like thousands of needles piercing into her and she collapsed to the ground, panting and sweating. Her being angry at Wu Jian got the best in her that she had forgotten about the poison. Wu Jian quickly kneeled down to attend her pain. He grabbed her wrist to check her health. She didn’t like him touching her and swung another hit. He quickly hit her accupoints on the shoulders to immobilize her.

    Cecilia struggled to move but couldn’t. “Wh…what did you do to me?” she asked.

    “Don’t worry. I need to protect myself from a feisty woman like you. After I checked your health, I’ll unfreeze you.”

    She remained silent.

    His fingers check her pulse and he had a stun look on his face. He turned to her, “You’re poisoned by Black Death Palm.”

    She spat out blood, feeling the poison being released. He quickly unfroze her and used his fingers to hit her chest to block the poison again. She felt the pain lessened and her body fell to the side.

    He became curious of how she was poisoned, “Black Death Palm is a deadly technique. Anyone that is hit by it dies instantly. How are you still alive then?”

    A tear fell from her face as she thought about the past. She responded in a weak tone of voice, “We were under attack during Xing Fu and my wedding and I got hit. Physician Wei stopped the poison before it reached to my heart…I…” She decided to tell him her reason of coming here. “I came to Wu Tribe to get healed by Immortal Tears…” She started to get emotional. “…Physician Guo, Hou Liang, and Liao Wei died by demons and the Wu warriors in attempt to get past the Black Forest…and I…escaped and came here.”

    Wu Jian felt guilty that his own men had to kill them to protect the Black Forest from trespassers.

    “Where is Mr. Yu in all of this?” he asked curiously.

    “He died during our wedding…” she started sobbed.

    Shocked to hear Xing Fu’s death, he sighed sadly. “I’m sorry to hear your loss…”

    She continued to sob. Wu Jian could tell that she really loved Xing Fu and pitied her. He handed her his white handkerchief.

    “Here, wipe your tears.”

    She grabbed it from him and blew her nose on it instead. She handed back to him and he gave her a disgusted look.

    “Uh, you can have it.” She nodded and thanked him. He continued, “I need to tell you something…”

    She glanced at him. “What?”

    “Physician Guo is still alive and he’s at Wu Palace right now. We…” he paused and remembered that she didn’t know he was a Prince. He corrected, “They brought him there and he’s waiting for the news about you.”

    Her face lightened up to know Guo Jing was alive. “Please, take me to him now…”

    He stared down at her filthy body, “I will but not like that. You stink and look like a beggar. Go bathe yourself in the lake while I go buy a new outfit for you. You can use my cloak to cover yourself after you are finished.”

    She nodded.

    An hour later, he came back from Wu Tribe with new clothes in his hands. He saw her sitting and waiting by the edge of the lake wearing his cloak to cover her naked body. As he walked toward her, he noticed there were no cuts on her face.

    “Strange, I swore I saw her face was full of cuts yesterday.”

    She heard footsteps from her left and turned to see Wu Jian. He stared unblinkingly at her as she got up to meet him.

    He handed her the outfit, “Here.” His eyes still glued to her face, bewildered by her flawlessness.

    Careful not to show her naked body to him, Cecilia took the outfit with her hands underneath the cloak. She noticed him staring and raised a brow.


    He got out of the trance and shook his head, “It’s nothing. Go and change in the cave.”

    After she finished dressing up, she came out of the cave and approached him. There was a suppressed grin on his face when he saw her. When she got closer, his grin disappeared, making sure she didn’t see it.

    “Now you looked presentable and not like a beggar,” he teased.

    She huffed and rolled her eyes. “Can we go now?”

    “Ok. Let’s go.”


    They reached Wu tribe. Two Wu warriors that guarded the entrance saw him, bowed their heads, and folded their hands in front to address him.

    “Your Highness”

    Wu Jian and Cecilia entered in. She stared at him quizzically. “Why did they call you Your Highness? Are you a Prince?”

    He smirked and folded his hands behind his back. “What do you think?”

    She openly stared at him and smirked. “Why would a Prince live in a cave? In fact, why do you live there anyway? Aren’t you a man of wealth?”

    He chuckled from her assumption and didn’t answer her questions. Instead, he asked her, “Can’t I have a place to be left alone?”

    She folded her arms in front and pursed her lips, pondering his question. “I guess, since everyone needs personal space sometimes.”

    “There you go dirty lowlife, you have your answer.”

    She sneered at him and murmured some cursed words beneath her breath, soft enough for him not to hear. They finally reached the front open gates of the palace and saw Ching Chen coming out. Ching Chen turned and saw them. He was glad to see Cecilia safe and approached them.

    “Miss Xiao, I am happy that you’re alive. Physician Guo has been worried about you.”

    “Thank you Mr. Fu.”

    Wu Jian asked, “Ching Chen, where is Physician Guo?”

    “Your Highness, he’s at the garden with His Majesty.”

    This was her second time hearing someone addressed Wu Jian as Your Highness. She pointed at Wu Jian as she glanced at Ching Chen.

    “Isn’t he your Young Master?”

    Ching Chen responded, “Miss Xiao, he is the Wu Prince, Wen Long Wei.”

    She quickly turned to Wu Jian and saw him looked away with his cocky grin on his face. Upset from being deceived, she pushed Wu Jian hard on his left shoulder and he staggered to the side, laughing. She huffed angrily and entered inside the palace. Ching Chen was puzzled of what just happened.

    “Why is Miss Xiao so upset?”

    Wu Jian shook his head, “It’s nothing,” and went inside.

    Ching Chen shrugged his shoulders and let out a sigh.


    At the garden, Guo Jing and Jian Tao sat underneath the red pavilion playing Go. Wu Jian made a move and placed a white stone on the board, capturing Jian Tao’s black stones. Jian Tao was surprised of his move and laughed heartily.

    “I’m impressed Physician Guo. You are better than me.”

    Since Jian Tao didn’t know about his demon background and age, Guo Jing smiled. “I’ve been playing for a very long time.”

    “King father!” Wu Jian shouted across from the bridge where they sat.

    Jian Tao and Guo Jing turned and saw them. Guo Jing’s eyes widened to see Cecilia alive.

    “Xiao Xing!”

    Cecilia saw Guo Jing and was happy to see him. “Physician Guo!”

    Guo Jing got up and rushed to Cecilia. They met half way on the stone bridge.

    “I thought you were dead!” she cried.

    “It was fate that I met Mr. Fu,” Guo Jing answered.

    Jian Tao and Wu Jian walked toward them. Jian Tao finally saw who this Xiao Xing that Guo Jing had been talking about last night. Guo Jing introduced her to Jian Tao.

    “Xiao Xing, this is King of Wu tribe, Wen Jian Tao.”

    She bowed, “Please to meet you Your Majesty.”

    “It’s great to finally meet you Miss Xiao. Physician Guo already explained to me of your purpose in coming here.” Jian Tao sighed sadly, “I extend my most heartfelt sorrow and condolences.”

    Her eyes began to get watery and she exhaled deeply to not cry. “Thank you Your Majesty.”

    “Miss Xiao, I admired your bravely. You’ve made it through the Black Forest unharmed.”

    She smiled thinking about the white fox. Without its help, she would have wandered in the forest for days and even died of starvation.

    “I have help. I wouldn’t find the cave without the help of a demon and As…” Wu Jian glanced at her and narrowed his eyes. She continued, “…I mean, His Highness then,” she answered.

    Her face got hot by almost calling Wu Jian an A**hole in front of his father, the King of Wu. She was used to calling him A**hole that it came out naturally.

    Jian Tao raised a brow, “Oh? A demon helped you?”

    “Yes. A white little fox guided me to the cave.”

    Wu Jian had a blank looked on his face and remained silent.

    Jian Tao shook his head and sighed. “No matter if the demon is good or bad, a demon is a demon. They should not intermix with our realm.”

    Guo Jing and Cecilia were surprised of how closed minded the King was and looked at each other. She didn’t agree with Jian Tao and wanted to argue with his perspective on demons.


    Guo Jing interrupted Cecilia, “Xiao Xing…”

    She saw Guo Jing’s serious facial expression, signaling her to be quiet. Upset as she was, she held her tongue and sighed.

    “King father, we should take Miss Xiao to Immortal Tears to get heal now.”

    Jian Tao glanced at Wu Jian and then Cecilia. By hearing his son’s rash decision sparked his interest of what their relationship could be. He decided to test his son.

    “Son, Miss Xiao and Physician Guo are outsiders. Tell me, why would we share our Wu tribe sacred place?”

    Wu Jian didn’t hesitate and answered, “Physician Guo took care of me when I sprained my ankle in Chu Kingdom. For that, I owe my debt to him.”

    Jian Tao looked at Cecilia, “And her?”

    Wu Jian paused a bit and blushed. Then he answered, “She is a friend of Physician Guo. A friend of a benefactor is a friend of mine also.”

    Jian Tao laughed heartily and patted Wu Jian’s shoulder. “Good. Since they are from Chu Kingdom, Wu tribe will have to be friends with them.”

    Wu Jian knew what his father meant and lowered his head down. “Yes King father.”

    Jian Tao looked at Guo Jing and Cecilia, “I will take you to Immortal Tears.”
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    Thanks Avidfan
    Jian Tao seldom saw his son as please due to being busy should be saw his son due to being busy
    don’t dwell into this problem now…” don't dwell on this problem
    he have to face reality has to face
    When they rest for the night, she would go into the forest and grieved silently rested grieve
    wondered of its significance. Wondered about
    Cecilia saw him wiped his sweat. wipe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anh Nam View Post
    Thanks Avidfan
    Jian Tao seldom saw his son as please due to being busy should be saw his son due to being busy
    don’t dwell into this problem now…” don't dwell on this problem
    he have to face reality has to face
    When they rest for the night, she would go into the forest and grieved silently rested grieve
    wondered of its significance. Wondered about
    Cecilia saw him wiped his sweat. wipe
    I know you meant thanks skoo78 and not Avidfan (I hope ) you for the corrections. Awesome like always Anh Nam!
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    Thanks skoo78 for the updated chapter! She must have ran pretty far in order for her to get away from the Wu tribe warriors only to meet Wu Jian back in his cave, and glad to read that Physician Guo recovered. Looking forward to see who the other two mortal protectors are...Hmmm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chen Qingzhi View Post
    Thanks skoo78 for the updated chapter! She must have ran pretty far in order for her to get away from the Wu tribe warriors only to meet Wu Jian back in his cave, and glad to read that Physician Guo recovered. Looking forward to see who the other two mortal protectors are...Hmmm?
    Yeah. She ran about 3/4 miles away from the Wu warrior. Then with her being lost in the black forest, it took a couple more hours until she met the white fox. There are 5 mortal protectors and 2 were only found. I'll tell you this, the 3rd one is near (you probably guessed it but is it that person?

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    Thanks skoo78.
    Sorry about that

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    Inside the Memorial room, Cecilia observed the area. The interior was small and didn’t have much-only a huge altar in front, on top was a wooden name tablet, burned incenses, and food for the decease; and on the ground were three cushions. As she got closer to the altar, the name on the tablet became visible to read.

    “Goddess Wu Li Ling…” she muttered.

    “She was my mother,” said Wu Jian and stood next to her. “She passed away when I was four years old.”

    Surprised of the relationship, she glanced at him and saw his gloomed face. “I’m sorry for your loss.”

    “Thank you,” he tightened his smile.

    They heard a female’s voice talking to Guo Jing and Jian Tao and turned around. Cecilia saw an elegant woman wore red and gold robe. Her floral outfit was made out of fine silk embroidery from her bust to the bottom of her dress. She had a gold phoenix hair piece on top of her hair bun, and on each side were gold hair sticks with hanging beads.

    “Come, let me introduce you to my step queen mother,” said Wu Jian and both walked toward the others.

    The closer Cecilia got to Li Hua, the more she saw Li Hua’s physical beauty and youth-skin was porcelain and flawless to perfection, and her eyes were amber like Guo Jing’s. Wu Jian introduced Cecilia to his step mother and Cecilia bowed to greet her. Li Hua nodded to acknowledge her greeting.

    She then turned to Jian Tao, “My King, is Miss Xiao the woman that our Wu warriors were trying to search for?”

    Jian Tao nodded. “Yes.”

    She glanced at Cecilia, “I’m relieved that you were unharmed.”

    “Thank you,” said Cecilia.

    Jian Tao turned to Li Hua, “Miss Xiao needs to be healed by Immortal Tears.”

    Knowing that Cecilia and Guo Jing were outsiders, Li Hua grew concerned. “Oh?”

    “Step Queen mother, she’s been poisoned by Black Death Palm,” said Wu Jian.

    She looked at Cecilia up and down, then Guo Jing. “Are they worthy to be trusted of our sacred place?”

    “Since they are Wei-er’s benefactor and friends, I grant them access.” Jian Tao turned to Cecilia and Guo Jing, “Immortal Tears is Wu tribe’s sacred place and only a few trustworthy outsiders have been to it.”

    Jian Tao walked and stood in front of his late wife’s wooden name tablet. “When my late queen was still an immortal goddess, she created Immortal Tears by using her own tears and blood. It was her gift to the Wu tribe.” He turned around and looked at Cecilia and Guo Jing. “Miss Xiao, Physician Guo…Chu Kingdom will soon is Wu tribe’s ally. When the flood gates of Wu tribe open for the Chu’s, some will seek for the sacred place only to steal a drop of it. For the sake of my people, the location of the sacred place shall remain a secret after you leave Wu tribe. Can I have your words on that?”

    Cecilia and Guo Jing bowed, “Yes Your Majesty.”

    “Very well. Let’s proceed then.”

    Jian Tao stood in front of the altar and kneeled down to kowtow to his late queen. Then he waved his right hand sideways and the altar started to move itself to the right. Cecilia and Guo Jing glanced at each other, dumbstruck by the secret hidden door. The altar came into a complete halt, and they gathered at the foot of the dark entrance. Cecilia saw faint stairs made out of stones that led down to the unknown. A cold draft brushed against them, Cecilia shivered and rubbed her arms to warm herself. Jian Tao took the first step to go down the stairs; all of a sudden the torches on both sides ignited themselves, lighting the dark path for them to see. As they made their way down down, Cecilia heard the door to the entrance closed. They finally reached the ground floor and walked further into the cold and damp tunnel. Droplets of water and their shuffling footsteps echoed and Cecilia wondered how far this sacred place was. They made a right turned and reached an open entrance, and stopped. A breeze of floral scent came rushing out from the entrance to greet them, and Cecilia recognized it.

    “Am I dreaming? Is it really here?”

    Jian Tao turned to Cecilia, “Miss Xiao, inside is Immortal Tears. The Queen will assist you while we wait outside.”

    “Thank you Your Majesty.”

    Li Hua and Cecilia entered in and Cecilia’s eyes widened in amazement. In front were the jelly-like flowers swaying back and forth. It reminded her of the magical place where Xing Fu proposed to her, they made out, and where he laid to rest. She started to get emotional. Her tears fell to her cheeks and she wiped them.

    “I can’t believe these flowers are really here,” she muttered.

    Li Hua glanced at her and saw her watery eyes. “You’ve seen these Immortal Gems before?”

    Cecilia pondered, “So they are called Immortal Gems…” and answered sadly, “Yes…back home…”

    Li Hua was stunned to hear that Immortal Gems existed outside of their perimeter and needed to inform Jian Tao about it afterwards.

    She smiled warmly. “These Immortal Gems must mean a lot to you.”

    Cecilia nodded and wiped her falling tears, “It does…”

    “Are you sure you’re ready to get heal with the state you’re in?”

    Cecilia faintly smiled and sniffed. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

    Li Hua directed her hand toward a small pond, covered with thick white fog. “This is Immortal Tears. All you will need to do is soak your body in it. Relax your body and mind and let the Immortal Tears do its work. You will experience burning sensation and sharp pain in your wounds, but don’t be afraid; it is only healing it.”

    “Immortal Tears is that incredible?”

    “Yes it is. That is why outsiders want to steal it. Now, get undress.”

    As Cecilia undressed herself, Li Hua saw her wound and was stunned by its massive shape. A black hand print embedded into Cecilia’s chest and her veins were black, sprouted out like roots in all directions. It stopped to her shoulder and down to her breast. Cecilia noticed her facial reaction and felt embarrassed.

    “I know it looks horrible…”

    Li Hua faintly smiled. “Don’t worry. After healing, it will disappear.”

    She nodded and thanked Li Hua. She dipped her toe into the water and felt a light electrical shock. It startled her and she quickly pulled it out.

    “It shocked me.”

    “Don’t worry, it’s only trying to recognize its patient,” said Li Hua.

    Cecilia shut her eyes and took a deep breath before entering in. She then bravely dipped her naked body into Immortal Tears, ignored the electrical shock, and sat down to relax her body and mind. Glowing dots of lights from the flowers and foliage began to rise up to the surface and surrounded the women. Cecilia felt a burning sensation inside of her chest and knew Immortal Tears was slowly healing her wound. Her black veins started to disappear, then the handprint, until her hidden ivory skin was revealed. Upon healing success, Immortal Tears found another wound and traveled up to her brain. During the process, she started to have dream-like visions.

    Cecilia walked into an unfamiliar territory wearing the yellow robe dress that Xing Fu had given her. The garden was full of red and pink roses, and next to it was a massive building. It wasn’t like the ones that she saw back in Chu kingdom that were made out of stones and mud clays. This one was made out of red bricks and had long rectangular glass windows. It was about six stories high and on the wall, next to the glass door, were the words, “God’s Children.” She was puzzled by the wondrous architectural building and wondered where she was. Then she heard a little girl’s laughter behind her and turned around. A little girl, about three years old, wore a white fluffy dress with small pig tails, giggled with other small children as they play tag. Nuns were nearby to supervise the children and at the same time, were being entertained also.

    A little girl with bangs shouted out, laughing, “Cici, you can’t catch me!”

    Little Cecilia replied back, “I will too!” and giggled.

    A boy made elephant ears with his hands and stuck his tongue out at little Cecilia. One of the nuns saw him and scolded.

    “Zhang Aiguo! Behave or else no more play time for you!”

    The boy sneered at the nun and continued to run with the children.

    Little Cecilia tripped on the edge of the grass and cement and fell, scraping her knee. She cried as one of the older nuns, Annie Tang, quickly rushed to her aid.

    “Auntie Annie…I got an owie…”

    Annie Tang smiled and whispered softly, “Cecilia, don’t worry. It will disappear by the end of the day. Come, I’ll put a Band-Aid on your owie ok?”

    Little Cecilia stopped crying and nodded.

    The scene in front of her transitioned to a playground setting. Little Cecilia was six years old and saw a skinny little boy sitting alone by himself on the bench. His body slouched forward and head was tilted down. She approached him and stood in front, stared curiously at him. The little boy noticed a shadow on his shirt and glanced up. He was surprised to see her.

    She waved at him, “Hi, my name is Cecilia Lin. What is your name?” and gave him a friendly smile.

    He didn’t reply back. Then a group of kids around her age came and surrounded them.

    One of the boys pointed at the boy, “He’s a mute!”

    Another one shouted, “He’s dumb!”

    The poor little boy felt sad and tilted his head down as the children continued to mock and laugh at him. Little Cecilia got upset. She turned around, crossed her tiny arms in front, and glared at them. When they saw her blazing eyes, they immediately stopped laughing. They were afraid of her since she was the nuns’ favorite child. Little Cecilia turned back to the boy and saw him staring at her in awe.

    “Can you talk?” she asked curiously.

    He shook his head.

    “Do you know your name?”

    He shook his head again.

    She smiled, “Then I call you Nameless.”

    His face lit up and nodded.

    She extended her hand to him. “Come Nameless, let’s go play.”

    He grabbed her tiny hand and got up. One of the children wanted to play with them also and little Cecilia agreed. Then all of the children wanted to play with them and she let them.

    The little girl reminded of herself-brave and tough. Cecilia then questioned herself, why is she seeing this ‘Cecilia’ person’s childhood life?

    The scene changed again, and this time, Cecilia was on a rooftop with little Cecilia and Nameless. They had stolen some candies in the staff lounge and came up to the rooftop to eat. A bully appeared and he stole their candies from their hands. Then he pushed little Cecilia on the ground and Nameless came to defend her. During the boys’ tussled, the bully pushed Nameless hard and he staggered backwards. Nameless fell off the rooftop and little Cecilia was shocked.

    “NAMELESS!!!” She cried out.

    She got up and ran to the edge where he fell. While sobbing, she looked down and saw Nameless drifting further away from her until she heard a “thump”. His lifeless body lay on the ground and blood secretly seeped under from his body onto the cement floor. Her cry immediately turned into fume of hatred and hurt. The celtic diamond-shaped mark appeared on the nape of her neck and shot out beams of green lights. She turned around and faced the bully. Her hazel eyes turned grass green and glared at him. The bully became petrified and couldn’t move.

    She let out a high shriek, forcing out a huge wave of qi from her little body toward him. The strong qi blew his body off the ground and hit the brick wall. His body stuck sideways by the qi force pushing against him that the brick walls began to crack. The bully felt his insides being crushed. He tried to scream for help but couldn’t due to excessive pressure on his body. Then little Cecilia heard a familiar female voice calling her name and the mark on her neck disappeared. Her greenish eyes turned back to hazel, and the bully’s body dropped to the ground. Cecilia saw the bully lied motionless and knew what she just did. She collapsed onto the ground in tears and wrapped herself into a ball, trembling and sobbing, until the woman came to her aid.


    Little Cecilia turned and saw the Annie Tang. “Aunty Annie…” she sobbed.

    Annie Tang ran and embraced her in her arms.

    “I’m scared…” sobbed little Cecilia.

    “Shhh…Don’t cry sweetie. Everything will be alright…”

    Moments later, other nuns rushed to them and the bully’s side.

    One of the nuns checked the bully’s pulse, it was faint. “Call the ambulance!”

    Cecilia was speechless of everything she just saw. The little girl reminded her of the time when she fought with the killers during her and Xing Fu’s wedding. Something happened on that day that made her had extreme unknown powers. She pondered about the connections between her and the ‘Cecilia’ person.

    The scene changed again. This time, she stood in a white room and across from her was a woman. Her back figure was toward Cecilia. The woman’s black and silky hair was armpit length and wore an ivory satin nightgown.

    Curious of whom she might be, Cecilia called out, “Hello?”

    The woman turned around. Cecilia gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. The woman was herself and she smiled widely at her.

    “Why…why do you look like me?”

    The woman walked toward her and spoke, “You are me,” and stopped in front of her.


    The woman smirked, “You are Cecilia Lin.”

    Cecilia remembered during her wedding when Tsui Man called her ‘Cecilia Lin’. She shook her head in denial and started to panic.

    “No…I’m Xiao Xing…I’M NOT CECILIA LIN!”

    “Yes you are. Look around you…” The woman raised her arms up to her side and the white background transition to ‘Her World’, full of modern buildings, transportations, and people dressed in modern clothing. “This is your world that you were raised in.”

    “N…No…That’s not true…”

    Upset, the woman’s eyes bulged out and shouted at her, “Open your eyes Cecilia!”

    Images of her relationship with the faceless man flooded her mind and his name, ‘Kai’, was called repeatedly by her and Tsui Man in the background. The faceless man started to reveal himself to her and Cecilia fought it. She clasped her hands over her head; her eyes shut tightly, and screamed at the top of her lungs, “NO…I’M XIAO XING!!! I’M XIAO XING!!!”

    A strong wave of qi came out of her and blew the woman away. The woman and ‘Her World’ vanished into thin air. There was only silent. She opened her eyes and saw everything around her was gone except for the white room.

    Relieved that she won, she muttered, “I’m Xiao Xing…”

    Cecilia’s battle with herself inside her mind had caused her body to feel painful poundings in her head. She couldn’t handle it anymore and let out a scream of excruciating pain that the celtic diamond-shaped mark made itself known. It shined brightly that Li Hua had to cover her eyes with her long sleeves. The men rushed into Immortal Cave and saw the light coming out from Cecilia’s nape of the neck. Jian Tao and Guo Jing both saw beneath her flowing hair, the mark and froze in disbelief.

    “The Celestial Mark!” exclaimed Guo Jing and Jian Tao in unison.

    Both glanced at each other, surprised that the other one knew about the mark.


    At the Eastern Pavilion Manor where the Elders and the Taoist students stayed, they felt a strange energy coming from within the Palace walls. Elder Tao quickly tapped his finger tips with his thumb to find the problem.

    “Something’s happening in Immortal Tears. Quick, let’s go,” said Elder Tao.

    They rushed out of the place and head to the Memorial Room.


    The Celestial Mark suddenly disappeared. Cecilia began to lose consciousness and slipped underneath the water.

    “Xiao Xing!” shouted Guo Jing.

    Wu Jian quickly took out off his cloak and dove into the water before Cecilia’s face sank underneath. He covered her naked body with the cloak, picked her up, and flew out of the water. He landed, holding onto her unconscious body in front of him. He sat her on the ground and placed her head on his shoulder. She was paled and Wu Jian grew concerned.

    He lightly tapped her cheeks with his hand. “Xiao Xing! Wake up…Xiao Xing!”

    Jian Tao, Li Hua, and Guo Jing gathered around in hope that she regained conscious. Wu Jian tapped her cheeks a couple more times and finally, she opened her eyes. She heard her name calling and slowly glanced up. She saw Wu Jian’s face transitioned to Xing Fu and her heart started to ache. She missed him dearly and had dreamed of longing to meet him every night. Today, her dream finally came true and she started to cry. She raised her hand and touched Wu Jian’s cheek. His face was warm to her touch and couldn’t believe it was really him.

    Everyone, especially Wu Jian, was stunned by her behavior. His heart skipped a beat when she touched his cheek and his face flushed red.

    “Xing Fu…” she cried.

    Wu Jian felt his heart sank. Inside, he laughed, feeling stupid that she would like him. He should have known that her heart was still with Xing Fu.

    Then she fainted.

    “Son, take Miss Xiao to the Eastern Pavilion Manor,” said Jian Tao.

    “Alright King father.”

    Back at the Memorial Room, they met the Elders and the Taoist students. The Elders and the Taoists students greeted the Royals. Elder Tao recognized Guo Jing and folded his hands in front.

    “Chen Guo Jing, it’s great to see you again.”

    Jian Tao raised a brow, “Oh? You two know each other?”

    Guo Jing and Elder Tao glanced at each other. Elder Tao could tell from Guo Jing’s silent pleading that he didn’t want his demon identity to be known to Jian Tao.

    “Your Majesty, he’s an old friend of Ma Guo Wei,” smiled Elder Tao.

    Jian Tao chuckled and joked, “I see. It’s great to know old Guo Wei has friends.”

    Guo Jing slightly smiled with a nod at Elder Tao to thank him silently. Elder Tao saw and acknowledged him.

    “We felt a strange energy and came to find out what it was,” said Elder Shi.

    Wu Jian and the others glanced at each other. They knew that the strange energy came from Cecilia.

    Elder Tao glanced down at Cecilia. “Who is she?”

    “She’s a friend of mine, Xiao Xing, and she is the reason of the strange energy.” explained Guo Jing.

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    I won't have a computer for a few more days. I cannot do edits on my phone very well

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