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    Oh thank you Anh Nam! No hurry. I'm a patient person and greatly appreciate your edits and reading. I always reedit when you edit the important parts of my story. It makes me excited to see someone is helping me (since my sister backed out. ). Did I tell you that you're AWESOME? because you ARE.
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    Out in the backyard of the Eastern Pavilion Manor, the Elders, the Royals, and Guo Jing, sat around the stone seats as they discussed the recent incident. Jian Tao turned to Guo Jing and wanted an answer regarding to Cecilia’s identity.

    “Miss Xiao possessed the Celestial Mark. How is it that you weren’t aware of it?”

    Guo Jing bowed his head and folded his hand in front. “Your Majesty, this was my first time seeing the mark as well.”

    He started to explain to the Royals and the Elders about Cecilia’s background for them to have a better understanding of her situation. He told them of how she was founded by Xing Fu, loss of memory, special qi of self-healing and killing demons, and fighting skills which he assumed she might be an assassin. When Guo Jing finished explaining, everyone was dumbstruck.

    “That explained it then. Miss Xiao fought with Immortal Tears when it was trying to heal her old injury,” said Jian Tao.Wu Jian’s brow furrowed, “But why would she do such a thing like that?”

    Guo Jing’s eyes widened in disbelief. “I know why.”

    “Why?” asked Wu Jian.“

    She doesn’t want to remember her lost memories.”

    Silence filled the room as they were stunned by his answer.

    Jian Tao exhaled deeply in disappointment. “Even if she refused to regain her memories, she have the Celestial Mark and will have to accept her identity.”

    Li Hua remembered her conversation with Cecilia at Immortal Tears. “The Immortal Gems…Miss Xiao informed me of seeing them outside of Wu tribe. Since she has the Celestial Mark, her blood must have created the magical place where she was found,” explained Li Hua.

    Guo Jing raised a brow, “She created the magical place?”

    She nodded, “Immortal Gems are from the Celestial Realm. Only a few with the special blood can create these flowers.”

    Guo Jing was speechless. A Celestial goddess had been with him for over a year and he didn’t notice it, thinking that she inherited the special qi instead. The more Guo Jing thought deeper about Cecilia’s identity, the more he became confused.

    “Then she is a goddess,” assumed Jian Tao.Jian Tao’s words distracted Guo Jing’s deep thoughts and he glanced at Jian Tao. For some reason, Guo Jing felt Jian Tao’s assumption was incorrect.

    Elder Tao started to pace back and forth while he stroked his beard. “If she is a goddess, why did she need Immortal Tears to be healed? A goddess can heal herself quickly with no assistance. Another question if she is a goddess, how did she enter into our Mortal Realm? Celestial Realm has been sealed off for twenty four years. No deity may enter into our realm unless it was the Celestial Emperor himself.” He let out a sigh, “It doesn’t make sense at all.”

    “Then we will have to wait for her wake up to ask more questions,” said Elder Shi.

    Wu Jian scoffed, “Even if we question her, we will get nothing out from her. Remember, she’s unwilling to regain her memories.”

    Disappointed, Elder Shi sighed, “It is hopeless then.”

    “I’ll write a letter to Grandmaster Huang; he may have a solution,” said Elder Tao.

    They nodded. After a few more conversations, everyone left except for Guo Jing and Elder Tao. They took a stroll on the small garden’s stone path while they chat.

    “Elder Tao, I wanted to thank you again for covering my demon identity. I never knew how close-minded King Wu was about demons.”

    Elder Tao chuckled a bit. “You have to understand that Wu tribe is next to the Black Forest and the Demon seal, so all King Wu have seen is evil demons. Maybe you should show the King there are good demons out there.”

    “Grandmaster Huang was easy to approach comparing to King Wu. He’s intimidating.”

    He laughed heartily at Guo Jing. “I agree with you.” Elder Tao stroked his beard and sighed as he thought about the past. “You were lucky. Grandmaster Huang was convinced there were good demons because of Ma Guo Wei and…”

    “Stop…I don’t want to hear it…” Guo Jing interrupted.

    His head lowered, face downcast by the thought, so Elder Tao patted Guo Jing’s shoulder.

    “I understand. Everyone, even the Celestial Emperor, was affected by the tragic event.”

    Guo Jing sighed, “For the longest time until last year, I finally saw Ma Guo Wei. He looked scruffy and older, but seemed to be doing well.”

    Elder Tao raised a brow, “Oh? Why did he come to you for?”

    “He wanted to know about the Demon Realm before coming to Wu tribe.”

    “I see.” Elder Tao stroked his beard, “Losing his own identity as a Taoist has affected most of his memory loss as well…”

    “Just like Xiao Xing…”Both glanced at each other and sighed sadly, feeling pity for the two unfortunate souls.


    Kai, Mei Mei, Qiao Shun, and two of Qiao Shun’s men, were close to the border of Wu tribe and were three days ahead of schedule. Before they left Mu village, Kai requested Qiao Shun to find a shorter route in contrast to Cecilia and Guo Jing’s map. He wanted to reach Wu tribe earlier and anticipated to find Cecilia before he lost her again. Qiao Shun agreed but warned Kai of the potential dangers lied ahead for everyone. Kai didn’t mind since he was used to living on the edge already. As for Mei Mei, it wasn’t a problem either since the path to being mortal was already been broken. She could use her demon powers as she wished, but was careful not to reveal her demon identity to Qiao Shun’s men. Throughout their travel, demons weren’t a problem for them since they wore their talismans. Their biggest threat was mother-nature and men. They crossed through swamps, high mountains, and raging rivers. They’ve met some bandits along the way, but succeeded in killing them. Although their bodies were exhausted, their spirit remained strong.

    They arrived at a restaurant off of the main dirt path. The restaurant was an open area for people to enter from all sides. Its foundation made out of mostly bamboos and wood, sturdy enough to stand on dirt ground to shelter people.

    Mei Mei was thrilled with excitement, “REAL FOOD!” and ran ahead toward the restaurant.

    “I guess she doesn’t like the food we’ve been eating,” said Kai jokingly.

    Qiao Shun chuckled. “I guess so…Let’s catch up with Little Mei Mei before she order the whole damn place.”

    The men laughed heartily and walked toward the restaurant.

    The waiter greeted Mei Mei. “Miss, are you dining alone?”

    She shook her head, “I’m with them,” and turned around to point at the men.

    The waiter saw them and was glad to see more customers. “Great!”

    When the men finally caught up with Mei Mei, the waiter greeted them and took them to an empty table.

    “What can I get for everyone?” asked the waiter.

    Excited, Mei Mei blurted out, “I want everything!”

    The waiter gave her a weird look. Qiao Shun corrected Mei Mei’s words and ordered food for them. The waiter got their order and left their table.

    Qiao Shun gave her a straight look, “That waiter thought you were crazy ordering the whole place. How are you going to finish everything?”

    “We can always pack to go,” she smiled, showing her teeth.

    Qiao Shun’s men and Kai laughed at her ridiculous response. Qiao Shun shook his head and sighed. “Aiya, it’s going to get spoiled.”

    “Oh, I didn’t know that,” she pouted.

    As they waited for the food to come, a group of men entered into the restaurant. Kai glanced at the men and his smile turned serious. Qiao Shun and Mei Mei saw his facial expression and turned to see what he was staring at. They saw ten men-all dressed in black and grey layered clothes with swords in their hands. The waiter greeted them but was brushed off to the side. One of the men saw a young man sat at the corner of the room drinking his wine. On the table was a small object wrapped with a dark brown cloth.

    The man pointed at the young man, “There he is!”

    His colleagues saw the young man and they drew their swords as they approach the young man. Customers quickly got up and left their tables, knowing there was going to be a brawl. Kai and his group continued to sit and watch as the men stood in front of the young man.

    A man with mustache pointed at the young man with his sword. He raised his tone of voice, “Give us back what you’ve stolen!”

    The young man held his empty cup in front and stared at it. He jeered at his comment. “Who stole from whom? It should be back to the rightful owner…” then he glared at the mustache man, “…me!”

    The mustache man was surprised that it was the young man’s item, but he didn’t care and wanted it back. He swung his sword to the side, aimed at the young man’s neck, but he leaned backwards and the blade missed. The young man quickly grabbed the wrapped object and got out of his seat. Then he flew out of the restaurant to fight with the group of men.The young man’s movements were swift as the wind, dodging their incoming blades in seconds before being stabbed and counter attack with palmed hits to their chests and backs until all were on the ground. The young man unraveled the cloth to reveal the riser of a bow. As the men rose up on their feet and charged at him, the young man held tight on the grip and in full concentration, he transferred his inner qi to it. The limbs of the bow and the bowstring appeared in gold flames. He pulled the bowstring and an arrow made of red flames appeared beneath his fingers. He aimed precisely at the mustache man and let go of the arrow. It flew in great speed and pierced through his right shoulder, hit the man behind on the shoulder as well, and out of his back. The arrow vanished into thin air after contact. From the powerful impact, the injured men fell onto the ground, writhing in pain. Others were stunned by the powerful bow and stopped charging at him. The corner of the young man’s mouth quirked upward as they saw him pulled the bowstring back with three flaming arrows, ready to shoot at them.

    The mustache man shouted at his men, “Just don’t stand there! Kill him!”

    Afraid of being hit by the arrows, the men dashed away instead, leaving the two injured men alone. The young man then deactivated the bow. The flaming arrows, bowstring, and the bow limbs vanished, leaving only the riser. As the young man made his way toward the injured men, the other man got up and staggered away, leaving the mustache man vulnerable. “D…don’t come any closer!” the mustache man shouted.

    His tone of voice was filled with fear and the young man knew he was afraid. He stood a couple of feet away from the mustache man and glanced down.

    “What kind of men abandons their own instead of helping? Should I…” he aimed the riser at the mustache man to taunt him, “…kill you so you don’t have to face shame?”

    “N…No…please don’t kill me…”

    Seeing that the man was defenseless, the young man decided to let him go.

    “I’ll spare you this time! But if I see you again, I’ll make sure you’ll be dead then.”

    The mustache man got on his knees and bowed a couple of times.

    “Thank you for sparing me sir…” he said happily.

    The young man turned around and walked away. The mustache man narrowed his eyes, knowing that this was his chance to kill him. He took out a knife from his boot, quietly rose up to his feet, and charged at him.

    The young man heard footsteps behind him and then a gasped voice. He turned around and saw the mustached man frozen in place, holding a knife over his head. On his chest was a blade’s point, dripped in blood. Then the blade was pulled out by an unseen force and the mustache man dropped to the ground. Behind, Kai stood with his sword aimed forward, next to his sides were Mei Mei, Qiao Shun, and his men.Impressed by his benefactor, the young man folded his hands in front and bowed his head.

    “Thank you for saving my life,” he said.Kai put his sword back in its sheath, “You’re welcome.”

    The young man put his hands down and shyly smiled at Kai.Mei Mei stared down at the young man. “You’re a woman.”

    Stunned to be found out, she glanced up at Mei Mei.

    The woman folded her hands behind and cocked her head to the side. “This girl is wise to see through my physical appearance.”

    Mei Mei answered happily, “Of course I can sense it.”

    The young woman pondered, “I was very careful not to be disclosed…”

    With a tight cloth wrapped around her chest to flatten her breasts and her low tone of voice, she made sure her identity of a woman won’t be exposed. She studied Mei Mei carefully and tried to figure out who she might be.

    Kai folded his hands in front, “My name is Yang Kai Li.”

    “I’m Qiao Mei Mei.”Qiao Shun folded his hands in front also, “My name is Qiao Shun.”

    Surprised, the woman turned to Qiao Shun, “You’re Qiao Wei Min’s son?”

    “Yes, and how did you know?”

    She stared down at him, then at his men, and smirked. “Isn’t it obvious? Your clothes are made out of finest silk. Only wealth can buy such expensive fabrics. The men behind you, by looking at their built physique and swords, they aren’t commoners. They are your bodyguards I presume?”

    Qiao Shun chuckled, “Miss, you have sharped eyes. I’m impressed. May we know your name?”

    She folded her hands in front, “My name…” She paused for a second and then continued, “Just call me Butterfly.”

    Mei Mei clasped her hands in front. “Wow…you must be very pretty as a woman then.”

    Butterfly tried not to laugh at her comment, “I am,” and smiled, showing her teeth instead.

    “Butterfly, why did they steal your bow for?” asked Qiao Shun.

    “A thief stole my bow and sold it to these bastards. I tracked them down and took what was rightfully mine. I was surprised they found me.” She stared at the mustache man’s corpse, “Serves him right to be killed.”

    Kai saw the bow’s riser hung down from her sash. It was made out of green jade and around the edges were red gem stones. He had never seen anything quite impressive and powerful.

    “Your bow…It is very unique. How is it that you can have it appeared in flames?”

    “I control it,” she answered proudly.

    She couldn’t help but gaze at her benefactor’s handsome face. Mei Mei didn’t like how she stared at Kai and got upset. Mei Mei came in between them and blocked Butterfly’s view.

    She raised her voice, “Kai has a lover already so back off.”

    Kai had a blanked look on his face and became speechless. Qiao Shun quickly pulled Mei Mei to his side.

    “Enough little Mei Mei.”

    Her brow furrowed, “But she takes a liking to him! He already has Cecilia!” Qiao Shun hushed her again and she pouted.Butterfly was annoyed by Mei Mei’s wise guy comments and huffed.

    She folded her hands behind her back, “Little girl, it’s not of your concern…since I don’t have a reason to be here anymore, I’m leaving.” She wanted to irate Mei Mei one last time before she left. She turned to Kai and folded her hands in front. “Mr. Yang, if your lover ever breaks your heart, I will take her place then. I hope we meet again soon,” and gave him a flirty smiled.

    Mei Mei’s blood boiled and she took a few steps forward to confront her, but Qiao Shun held onto her arm, unwillingly to let go. Butterfly accomplished her goal and smirked at her. She turned around and left before Kai could say anything back to her.

    Kai turned to Mei Mei and sighed upsettingly. “Sometimes, you need to keep your mouth shut.”

    “But Kai…” she pouted.

    Qiao Shun interrupted, “Mei Mei, I know you are looking out for Kai, but sometimes it is better for you to not intervene in matters like this. You do not understand now, but you will in the future. Ok?”

    She nodded sadly, “Oh…”

    “Come, let’s go back and eat.”
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    Thick white fogs surrounded Cecilia and she pondered where she was. As the fog faded away, a mystical land appeared in front of her, filled with numerous waterfalls coming out from the mountains’ mouths into the deep blue waters. Surrounding her were different colors of Immortal Gems swayed side-to-side as it emitted dots of light into the atmosphere, and curious blue butterflies fluttered around her, wondering who she might be. She was in awe to see such beauty, yet she felt there was a connection.

    “I’ve seen this place before…but where?”

    Then she heard laughter. An image of four young women dressed in white long robes appeared suddenly in front of her. They giggled as they ran through the field of Immortal Gems. Other women and men started to appear around her with glee. Some chased each other, some soared through the sky freely like heavenly fairies, and some played instruments for others to listen and dance. Then she felt a brush of electricity passed next to her. By the time she glanced to see who it was, she saw the person’s back only. The person had long black hair down to his armpit, wore a gold hat with gold beads hung down, and dressed in gold robe with dragon embroidery.

    All the men and women saw him and bowed down, “Your Majesty.”

    “Majesty?” She thought to herself.

    Curious, she wanted to see the man’s face and walked toward him. Every step she took, he got farther from her.

    Frustrated, she let out a big sigh and raised her voice, “Let me see your face!”

    The King and everyone stopped talking and looked around, surprised.

    “Did you hear that?” said one of the men.

    “Yes,” answered another man.

    “Your Majesty, where did the voice come from?” asked a woman.

    Cecilia waved at them to get their attention. “I’m right here! Hello?!”

    They didn’t hear nor see her. Just as the King was about to turn around to look her way, the scene transitioned.

    “No!” Upset that she didn’t get the chance to see his face, she crossed her arms in front.

    This time, in front of her was a small red pavilion that stood next to a cliff. In the background, a massive waterfall roared out loud as it hit the hidden bottom rocks. There was a wooden swinging bridge connected from the edge of the cliff to the other side of the mountain. Then she heard a sweet melody played by a flute and a zither. The instruments played harmoniously with one another with steady rhythm, making it sound soothing to her ears. As she listened to the melody played longer, she recognized it.

    “Ma Guo Wei hummed this tune…”

    She could hear Ma Guo Wei’s humming and the instruments playing coincided with each other. Then two people appeared in front of her. A young couple, a man and a woman, sat across from each other inside the pavilion, playing the instruments. The woman sat on the ground to play the zither, while the man sat on the ledge of the pavilion to play the flute.

    She stared at the young man and thought to herself, “Is that Ma Guo Wei?”

    Then she stared at the young woman. She was beautiful-skin pure ivory, rounded hazel eyes, rosy lips, and charcoal long hair that draped down to the ground. Comparing to the others she saw at the enchanted land, the woman was full of elegance. She played the zither with grace and every string she plucked; it gave off the soft vibe under her fingers.

    “Who is she and why am I seeing Ma Guo Wei?”

    The scene transitioned again. From a distance, she saw raging flames burned high into the dark blood-like sky, and on the ground were corpse of soldiers dressed in different color coded armors. Some corpses were extremely disfigured that it was hard to distinguish their identity. Slowly, she walked through the pile of corpses on the ground.

    “What happen here?”

    Suddenly a hand grabbed her ankle and she gasped. She looked down to see a bloody corpse with loose skin hung down everywhere to expose flesh underneath, staring up at her.

    With his hoarse voice, he pleaded, “Save me…”

    Then another hand grabbed her other ankle. This time, she fell to the ground, petrified. Other corpses began to crawl toward her, pleading for her to help save them.

    She started to scream, “Get away from me!”

    Cecilia woke up and sat up on the bed, breathing hard. Minutes later, she calmed herself down and realized it was only a dream. She looked around and felt disoriented from her surroundings. The bedroom was decorated with pink sheer fabrics that draped down from each red pillars and at the opened arch door. On the walls were hung paintings of sceneries and flowers, and on the right were shelves and decorative tables full of books, papers, and jaded artifacts. She looked down at herself and saw her clothed in white undergarments.

    “Where am I?”

    She remembered being soaked in Immortal Tears and checked her wound on the chest. The black handprint was gone and she felt relieved to be healed. Then she heard some movements outside and decided to go check it out. She followed the noise and it led her to a stone path full of peony flowers on both sides. She was awe-struck by its beauty and leaned over to smell one. The floral scent was heavenly, so she plucked one and continued her walk. The path led her to an open area and she stopped in her tracks. In front of her was Wu Jian practicing his sword moves with the Five Element Qi Sword. She recognized some of the stances from the drawings inside the cave and stood in silence, fascinated by the moves.

    Wu Jian felt a presence and stopped. He turned and saw Cecilia stood in the open, dressed in her white undergarments. Relief that she was awake, his lips tightened to a smile and sighed. He grabbed his cloak on top of the stone table, walked toward her, and wrapped the cloak around her. He tied the strings on her neck to secure the cloak.

    “You shouldn’t be roaming around wearing your undergarments.”

    She was surprised by his gentleman-like behavior. “I heard noises and came to check what it was.”

    He saw the peony flower in her hand, “Are you sure? Or are you here to pick flowers?”

    She sneered at him and looked away. Seeing her expression, his grin widened in amusement.

    “I’m glad that you are finally awake. You gave us a fright.”

    She raised a brow, “What do you mean? Did something happen to me?”

    He became surprised, “You don’t remember?”

    She scratched her head and pursed her lips. “All I remember was being soaked in Immortal Tears and that was it.”

    He thought to himself, “She didn’t remember touching my face and calling me Xing Fu…”

    “You fainted and I saved you before you drowned…You were unconscious for a couple of days now,” he explained.

    “A couple of days?” Then she remembered being naked in the waters and gasped in shock. She covered her chest with her arms and began to blush. “Y…you saw me naked?!”

    “What can I do? Let you drowned?” She didn’t respond. He noticed her face was red and smirked, “Don’t worry. I’ve seen plenty of naked women before so your body isn’t new to me.”

    Offended, she clenched her teeth and huffed. Since she was healed, she wanted to teach him a lesson and swung her right hand to slap him on the face, but missed. He already dodged to the side. He pointed at her with his index finger and was about to speak but she didn’t let him. Her flower dropped to the ground as she threw a punch with her left fist, but he grabbed her wrist and wrapped her arm around in front, locking her in position. He was in close proximity behind her and could smell the floral fragrance from her body.

    He leaned toward her right ear. “Your moves are sloppy from the last time I saw you fight. Since you are now healed, you need to freshen up your fighting skills.”

    She struggled to get out of the lock, but his grip was too strong. “Let go of me *******!”

    “Call me Your Highness first,” he teased.

    She refused. Then she quickly stomped hard on his left foot with her left heel.

    “Ow!” feeling the sharp pain from his foot, he let go of her to tend his injury.

    She took a couple steps away from him and saw him hopping on one foot. She sniggered at how silly he looked as a Prince of Wu.

    In pain, he pointed at her, “You! That was a treacherous move!”

    She folded her arms in front and sneered at him. “It’s call smart tactic.”

    He massaged his foot, “You are going to get it!”

    “Try, I dare you. I’m ready this time.”

    He glared at her and mumbled some cursed words. Then he exhaled to calm down. The pain from his foot faded and he let go of his foot. “Fine, I’ll let you win this time.”

    She smirked and changed the subject, “Anyway, the sword stances that you just practiced. The first one was the Water Rippling Stance, and the second was…”

    Wu Jian’s eyes widened in shock and interrupted her, “You know these stances?”

    Cecilia nodded, “I’ve seen it inside the cave. It was glowing…”

    He interrupted her again and raised his voice, “Impossible!”

    She looked at him confused and wondered why he was getting worked up. “What do you mean impossible? I saw it with my own eyes.”

    Wu Jian looked away and remembered his father’s words, “Inside, you will find the hidden manual written on the walls. It was designed to only be seen by the Five Element Qi Sword’s chosen one.”

    “Is it possible for her to see the manual also?” he murmured silently to himself.

    “Excuse me?”

    He turned and gazed at her with sincere. “Xiao Xing…”

    She was caught by surprise from him calling her by her name and raised a brow. “Did I hear you correctly? You called me Xiao Xing…”

    His mood changed from her remark and scoffed. “What? Do you want me to call you Dirty Low Life then?”

    “No…I guess I should call you Your Highness too then,” she muttered and pursed her lips.

    Hearing Cecilia addressed him by his title was funny since he was used to her calling him *******.

    He cleared his throat from trying not to laugh. “Call me Wu Jian when my parents are not presence.”

    “Why not Long Wei?”

    He folded his hands behind his back, “Stop asking so many questions. Just call me Wu Jian and that’s final.”

    He saw her rolled her eyes and knew she was getting irritated by him. He enjoyed teasing her and was entertained by it; however, ever since she came to the cave, he worried for her well-being. For days, he kept a close watch on her while she was unconscious. He would roamed by the manor to check on her, and if he was busy, he had one of his personal maid, Xi Shi, to take care of her and informed him if Cecilia was awake. But today, he didn’t see Xi Shi anywhere. His eyes searched behind Cecilia for the maid. Curious, she turned around.

    “What are you looking at?” she asked.

    Wu Jian let out a sigh, “That maid! Xi Shi was supposed to take care of you. I’m going to make sure she gets punished for being absence.”

    Cecilia turned to him, “Give her a break. She must be tied down in doing something else…Plus, I don’t need a maid to take care of me.”

    “There shouldn’t be any excuse if it’s an order, but I’ll let her off this time.” Then he thought about what he was about to say to her before they got side track.

    “Get dress. I want to take you back to the cave.”


    “Stop asking and just do what I say. I’ll wait for you here.”

    She grunted a few words, then turned around and left. Wu Jian shook his head; then he glanced down and saw the peony flower on the ground. He picked it up and leaned close to it to smell the floral fragrance. It reminded him of her scent that he smelled earlier and smiled, showing his teeth.


    Inside the glowing cave, Wu Jian and Cecilia stood next to each other, staring at the drawings. He felt great to be back in his parents’ sacred place.

    She turned to him and asked, “Why are we here?”

    He extended his right hand up to the cave walls. “You can see these drawings correct?”

    “Yes? Why wouldn’t I?”

    He turned to her, “Xiao Xing, nobody can see this unless the person is the chosen Mortal Protector of the Five Element Qi Sword.”

    She raised a brow, “Huh?”

    Wu Jian folded his hands behind his back and stared at the drawings. “There are five Mortal Protectors that were chosen by the five Celestial Immortal Protectors to protect the Mortal Realm. My mother, Fallen Goddess Wu Li Ling, was one of them. She created the drawings and this sword…” he held up his sword for her see. “…The Five Element Qi Sword that was passed down to my father…then to me.” He looked at her, “I should be the only one to see these drawings, but somehow, you can also.”
    “So are you implying that I’m chosen also?”

    He smirked. “That’s impossible. But my assumption is since this was created by a Celestial Goddess, any Celestials may also have the potential of seeing it also. Xiao Xing, the incident in Immortal Tears, a mark appeared in the back of your neck. It is the Identity of a Celestial.”

    She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you saying that I am a Celestial Goddess then?”

    “It is hard to say. From the incident and of what Guo Jing had told us about you, your identity is very complicated. The Taoist Elders will inform us if they hear anything from their grandmaster.”

    She sighed sadly, “Alright.”

    Then she stared back at the drawings on the walls. “Do you miss her?”

    “Yes. Since I lost her at a very young age, I couldn’t recall how she looked like.” He smiled as he thought about his mother. “Just over a year ago, when I was chosen to become the Mortal Protector, my father brought me here to be trained. Only then, I finally saw how my mother looked when she projected herself on the cave walls to teach me the techniques.”

    Cecilia turned to glance at him. She noticed his genuine smile and his eyes glistened from reminiscing about his mother.

    “At least you saw your mother. As for me, with this memory loss, my identity is unknown. I do not know my background history. All I know is I’m a possible goddess, assassin, or even both. The man, Tsui Man, who wanted to kill me and Kai, the faceless man, that appeared in my dreams…both may know my true identity.”

    Wu Jian gazed at her from the side and thought to himself, “Xiao Xing, your situation is much worse than me. While I live in luxury and have responsibilities, you have nothing but tragic and misfortunates.”

    He pulled out the peony flower from his sleeve and showed it in front of her face. It startled her that she had to look twice to see what it was, and then she turned to him with a brow raised.

    “You’ve dropped this back at the garden. I’m just returning it to the owner.”

    Cecilia couldn’t understand his mixed personality. He could be cold one minute and then be kind the next. She took the peony flower from his hand.

    “Thank you,” and tightened her smile.

    He folded his hands behind his back, “You’re welcome,” and smiled back at her.
    The sun began to set as the sky slowly turned from blue to red orange. Kai and his group finally reached the foot of Black Forest. Kai and Qiao Shun turned to Mei Mei and saw her pulled out a small red sack out of her sash. Inside were two Immortal Gems’ blue petals, glowing for her to see.


    Before Kai and the others departed Mu village, Madam Qiao handed Mei Mei the red sack into her hand.

    “Little Mei Mei, inside are two Immortal Gems’ petals that will help you when you enter in and out of the Black Forest without being imprisoned.”

    Mei Mei was confused. “I thought it was only medicine for the Celestial.”

    “I will tell you a little secret. But you have to promise me not to tell your fellow demons about it.”

    “You have my word grandma master.”

    “Since Demons and Celestials are Immortals, it has its benefit as well as drawbacks for Demons. The benefit is if taken, it will confuse any Celestial seals thinking that you are a goddess. Think of it as a temporary talisman for Demons. However, it will harm your life as well. Place it under your tongue but make sure do not swallow it.”

    “What happen if I did?”

    “Then you immediately turn into ashes.”

    “Oh…” she became silent.

    Madam Qiao continued, “You only have two hours to maneuver through the forest. If you exceed the time limit, you will die. Do you understand?”

    Mei Mei nodded, “I understand grandma master. Thank you.”


    She took one petal out and stared at it for a moment. “I can’t believe a little piece of petal is a gift, but deadly to demons as well.”

    Qiao Shun elbowed her on the arm, “Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

    “Thank you gege master,” she said smiling.

    “Ready to go in?” asked Kai.

    She nodded and placed a petal inside of her mouth. They entered in and rushed through the forest before their time ran out. Mei Mei was ahead to lead the way. Around them, rustling leaves and demon whispers were heard and they knew they were being watched. Mei Mei suddenly froze in her track and extended her arms out to her sides.

    “Stop!” she shouted.

    They all stopped at her command.

    “Why are we stopping?” asked Kai.

    She kneeled down and pointed at the thin wire. “This is why. If any of us tripped on it, it will alert the Wu warriors.”

    “Being trapped in Black Forest does pay off then,” Kai said jokingly.

    “I guess you can put it that way,” Mei Mei smiled. “We don’t have much time left, so let’s continue.”

    Everyone carefully crossed over the thin wire with success. They ran for a couple more miles until they reached a huge wall full of thorny vines that extended miles away from both directions.

    “Behind this wall is Wu tribe.”

    “Can’t we just fly over this wall?” asked Qiao Shun.

    “You can’t. There’s an invisible wall so nobody can fly in or out of the Black Forest.”

    “Finding an entrance will lose time. Let’s cut these damn vines instead.” said Kai.

    “Even if we cut it, ten grows in its place,” said Mei Mei.

    Kai tested it and swung his sword a couple of times with downward strokes at the vines and noticed the wall was thick. He didn’t see an opening from the other side. The broken vines quickly sprouted in all directions, covering the damaged.

    “We’re out of luck then,” said one of Qiao Shun’s men.

    Kai didn’t want to give up. “Mei Mei, think. How did the Wu warriors come in and out of the Black Forest?”

    She scratched her head, trying to remember the times she secretly observed the Wu warriors.

    “They just waved their hands to the side and the wall opened up,” she replied.

    “Since we’re not from Wu tribe, it won’t work for us,” said Qiao Shun.

    Then Kai thought of an idea, “Since we have four swords, we can cut through the vines repetitively at a time. It may stress the vines out as they try to grow in their place. But we will have to be quick on our strokes,” said Kai.

    Qiao Shun nodded, “Alright. Let’s try it then.”

    Mei Mei stood back while the men started to cut the vines. Kai cut first, Qiao Shun followed, and then his men. Every time the vines were cut, it tried to grow but was cut again. Their blades got deeper into the thick wall.

    “It’s working!” said one of Qiao Shun’s men excitingly.

    They quickly picked up the pace and the wall began to become thinner until they saw beams of light through the opening. As the men were busy cutting through, Mei Mei sensed danger nearby.

    “Wu warriors!”

    Twenty Wu warriors and Chief Li flew above and landed ten feet away from them. Kai and the others stopped what they were doing and turned around. They were surrounded with no escape. The thorny vines started to sprout again and slowly covered the damage done by them. Mei Mei glanced at Kai and Qiao Shun from the corner of her eyes.

    “Don’t stop. I’ll deal with them.”

    The men continued cutting while the Wu warriors charged at them. Mei Mei transitioned to her demon form. Her eyes turned firing gold and body gave off a green aura. Her hands extended in front and she channeled her energy to form a green ball of flame. With a thrust forward, the ball of flame flew at the warriors in front and hit five of the warriors. They were knocked off of their feet and onto the ground.

    “She’s a demon!” shouted Chief Li.

    She knew what they were going to do next; they were going to kill her. Some warriors stopped and chanted the Wu Binding Spell, while others fought her with swords. Qiao Shun turned and saw she was in trouble. He dropped what he was doing and helped Mei Mei. He rushed to her aid and fought alongside with her, stabbing and slashing each warrior with his sword as they approached them. Since Qiao Shun left, Kai and the others couldn’t continue cutting through the vines. Their manpower had lessened and he gave up. He rather dealt with the warriors first and then the wall later. Kai saw Chief Li and some warriors chanting from the side and charged at them. He disrupted their chant and fought them with his sword.


    Cecilia and Wu Jian conversed as they walked their way back to Wu Tribe.

    “The white fox that helped you, she’s a friend that I’ve made during my intense training. Her name is Qingge and she is one of the Silver Fox Demons. She is one of a few good demons trapped in Black Forest after the Epidemic.”

    She folded her arms in front and stopped to stare at him.

    He glanced at her, “What?”

    “I’m surprised that you befriended a demon comparing to your father. He’s not fond of them.”
    “He’s not. From seeing the chaos demons have caused onto our people and my mother’s life, he doesn’t want anyone to associate with them.”

    “What did the demons do to your mother?”

    They continued their walk as he answered her question. “As a Fallen Immortal, my mother’s life became more vulnerable. She aged rapidly and prone to diseases. Whenever she used her Celestial essence, she became weaker; therefore, most of her essences were used to create the Black Forest seal and she became ill.” He sighed sadly before continuing. “That is why my father despised demons. He blamed them for my mother’s early death.”

    “I understand.”

    Wu Jian heard faint metal clangs and voices ahead and stopped. “Did you hear that? It sounds like people fighting.”

    Cecilia listened carefully and heard the noises as well. “I do.”

    “Let’s go.” Both ran toward the noise.

    Cecilia and Wu Jian arrived at the scene and saw the Wu warriors and Chief Li fighting with the trespassers. Although the warriors were mass in numbers, one by one, they were being defeated by the trespassers. She saw a dead warrior nearby and next to him was his sword. She picked it up and glanced at Wu Jian. He knew what she was going to do.

    “Be careful,” he said.

    She nodded and both rushed to help the warriors.

    Kai spin kicked Chief Li on the left cheek and Chief Li’s body twirled in the air before hitting the ground. Kai thrust his sword onto his chest but was deflected by another sword. In seconds, the incoming blade swung at his neck with quickness and he blocked the hit in time with his sword. Kai turned to see who this opponent was. His eyes widened in shock to see Cecilia. She stared coldly at Kai.

    “Cici, it’s me! I’m…”

    Before he finished his sentence, she used all of her weight to push him off. He staggered backwards.


    Her sword thrust forward to his chest, he parried. He knew she wouldn’t recognize her and tried to call her name again, but met her blade instead. He thrust an open palm hit onto her right shoulder. She staggered backwards. He felt bad hitting her but she needed to hear what he had to say.

    “Listen, Cici…”

    She lunged with mad fury toward Kai as she aimed her sword at his chest again; he deflected her blade with his. With quickness, she twirled her body in midair and her blade slashed deep into his right arm. He felt a quick stung on the arm. Blood started to seep through his wound and he place pressure on the wound with his other hand. She landed on the ground with one knee and the sword raised to her side, readied for another attack.

    As Mei Mei fought with the warriors, she quickly glanced over and saw Kai wounded by his opponent.

    Mei Mei recognized her. “Cecilia…” she whispered.

    Mei Mei was going to help Kai when she felt Cecilia’s powerful god-like energy. She couldn’t come close to Kai as she wished and shouted instead.


    “Kai?” Cecilia murmured in shock to hear his name.

    She finally met the faceless man in her dream and immediately, Cecilia dropped the sword to the ground. Not too far from her, Wu Jian and Qiao Shun were in the middle of a swordfight when Wu Jian saw Cecilia kneeling. He palm hit Qiao Shun on the shoulder and Qiao Shun staggered backwards. Wu Jian quickly flew to Cecilia.

    Kai was happy that Cecilia recognized his name and made his way toward her. Wu Jian flew in time and his arm stretched forward with his sword in his hand, aiming at Kai. Kai saw the point of the blade inches away from his heart and stopped before being stabbed. He glanced at Wu Jian and wondered who he might be.

    Wu Jian extended his other hand down to her. “Come, get up Xiao Xing.”

    She took his hand and slowly got up while unblinkingly stared at Kai. From her drawings and dream, the man in front of her didn’t quite match the description. The man’s hair was long and more built compared to the short hair faceless man. She began to doubt if he was really the faceless man or not.

    Qiao Shun recognized Xiao Xing and ran toward her, calling her name. Cecilia broke the trance and turned around to see Qiao Shun running.

    Happy to see him, she shouted, “Young Master Qiao.”

    Just as Qiao Shun was about to past Mei Mei, she grabbed a hold of his arm to stop him.

    “Gege master…”

    He felt the hard tug from Mei Mei’s grip and stopped.

    He turned to her and saw she looked frightened. Her hands trembled from his arm.

    “Are you ok Little Mei Mei?”

    She shook her head. “I…”

    She felt the god-like energy was stronger and her body began to weaken. She quickly turned her head and saw Cecilia coming their way. Her eyes bulged out in fright and extended her right palm toward Cecilia.

    “STOP! Cecilia, don’t come any closer.”

    When hearing the name, Cecilia immediately stopped and muttered silently, “Cecilia…”

    It reminded her of the wedding massacre when Tsui Man called her by that name.

    “Is Cecilia really my name?” she pondered.

    “Mei Mei, what’s going on?” Qiao Shun asked.

    “She can kill me gege master.”

    Qiao Shun was puzzled by her answer.

    Wu Jian saw Mei Mei’s golden eyes and knew the reason. He smirked, “Your friend is a demon. Xiao Xing has the Celestial god-like powers and can kill your friend.”

    Kai was confused and shocked at the same time to discover that she has the ability. Madam Qiao’s words of Cecilia being the reason of transporting to another dimension began to haunt him.
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    Readers of all kinds, I am going camping and will be back to post my next ch. on Tuesday. Sorry that you will have to wait until then (I will make it up ) Thank you for continuing to read and your support. Wish everyone a wonderful weekend and happy reading! Be nice to Avidfan and optimus610
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    Sorry for the delay. Been quite busy at work and didn't have time to write. Thank you for ready and sticking it through.



    Mei Mei and Qiao Shun’s men stayed at a nearby Inn to wait for Kai and Qiao Shun’s return from the palace. She was disappointed that she couldn’t go with them, but knew it was for her own good. Her life would be at risk if traveled with them, especially when Cecilia was close by. Not only Cecilia was going to be a problematic situation for Mei Mei, Qiao Shun’s men now knew her true identity as well.

    Gossips and curiosities within the Qiao’s residence were an everyday life for the workers. When Mei Mei set foot back into the residence a month ago, she was the main hot topic. Her special treatment, pampered by their Young Master Qiao Shun created tension between her and the workers. She got cold stares from maids and servants; some were rude to her while others remained their distance. However, they did not know she could feel their strong negative energy, and how much it affected her deeply. Saddened, Mortals reminded her of her own kind; Demons ridiculed and judged her of her different beliefs and desires which made her an easy target to be killed by those who hated traitors.

    Qiao Shun’s men sat across the table from Mei Mei and stared at her in silence while waiting for their food.

    “Stop staring at me,” she said coldly.

    The men looked away, knowing it was a rude gesture.

    “We apologize Little Mei Mei…it’s just that we’ve never thought you were a demon,” said one of the men.

    “Please, don’t tell anyone back home of my identity. I don’t want everyone to hate me,” she pleaded.

    “Little Mei Mei, we are Young Master Qiao’s trustworthy bodyguards and have been loyal to him since he was a child. Any of the Qiao’s close friends and family members will be treated with great respect. What we see and hear remain silence; therefore, your demon identity will be safe with us,” said the other man.

    His words made her felt relieved, “Thank you,” and she smiled widely, showing her teeth.

    The waiter brought out their foods and began to place them on the table. She was extremely hungry and couldn’t wait any longer for the waiter to finish. She grabbed a set of chopsticks and picked up a piece of sweet pork from one of the plates to eat. Qiao Shun’s men watched and slightly chuckled at her ill-mannered behavior. With food stuffed into her mouth, she glanced up at them.

    “What are you two waiting for? Eat.”

    They picked up their chopsticks and ate with her.


    At the Eastern Pavilion Manor, Kai and Qiao Shun waited patiently in a guestroom for Kai’s wound to be treated. It had been a long and difficult journey for Kai to search for Cecilia, but at the end, he was glad it was finally over. He was relieved to see her alive and living well. Now, he wanted to make sure not to lose her again.

    Qiao Shun paced back and forth, pondering of Cecilia’s god-like powers. He stopped and sat down next to Kai.

    “We need to take Miss Xiao to see my mother,” he said anxiously.

    Kai’s smile faded and thought of Cecilia’s hidden special qi. “Through my childhood years of knowing Cecilia, I only knew she could heal faster than anyone…I’ve never thought she have the power of transporting and killing demons as well…”

    Qiao Shun tightened his smile and patted Kai’s shoulder. “That is why my mother can help solve Miss Xiao’s mysterious identity.”

    Kai remembered Madam Qiao’s soul searching skill she used to read his memories. It was incredible for Kai to witness such power from a Fallen Immortal to know about his life and his relationship with Cecilia. Besides Cecilia’s identity, he hoped Madam Qiao could also find a way for them to go back home.

    Kai nodded in agreement.


    Outside, Cecilia, Wu Jian, and Guo Jing walked toward Kai and Qiao Shun’s guestroom. Cecilia held a big bowl full of lukewarm water and a wash cloth in her hand, and Guo Jing had herbal medicine and a clean cloth in his. Wu Jian glanced at her and noticed she had an absent facial expression.

    “Xiao Xing, are you going to be alright?”

    She nodded. “I’m a bit nervous of meeting him that is all.”

    “Don’t push yourself if you’re not ready to confront him,” said Guo Jing.

    She turned to Guo Jing and sighed. “When will I ever be ready Physician Guo? …When Xing Fu was still alive, I’ve given up my search for my lost identity to live a new life. However after his death, my unknown powers have emerged greatly and I begin to question myself, Am I a goddess, mortal, or assassin? I cannot ignore my lost identity anymore. I need to know who I am.”

    Guo Jing understood and nodded, “Very well.”

    They reached the front entrance of the guestroom. Knowing that Kai was on the other side of the closed doors, she started to have knots in her stomach and was scared of knowing the truth.

    She pondered, “What if I cannot accept who I am? What am I going to do?”

    “Are you ready?” asked Wu Jian.

    She closed her eyes and heavily exhaled to relax her body before meeting Kai. After calming down her nerves, she gave a nod. Wu Jian knocked on the door and announced their presence. The door opened and Qiao Shun stood there with Kai.

    Kai was thrilled to see her and muttered beneath his breath. “Cici…”

    She turned to Wu Jian and Guo Jing and nodded to signal for them to leave.

    Guo Jing turned to Qiao Shun. “Young Master Qiao, let’s leave Xiao Xing and Mr. Yang alone to talk.”


    Guo Jing handed the medicine and cloth to Kai. “This herbal medicine will heal your wound faster. Xiao Xing will help you put it on.”

    “Thank you,” replied Kai.

    Wu Jian felt uncomfortable to let Cecilia be alone with him since Kai’s background was unknown. No matter how much he wanted to be present with her, he respected her decision.

    “I will be outside. Call me if you need anything.”

    She tightened her smile and nodded.

    Wu Jian stared down at Kai before leaving with Qiao Shun and Guo Jing. Cecilia closed the door and walked toward the table to set the bowl of water down. Kai’s eyes followed her and watched as she began to soak the wash cloth in water.

    “What are you standing there for? Come and let me tend your wound,” she said.

    Kai did as told and walked toward her with the medicine in his hand. He placed the medicine down on the table and sat on the seat next to her. He continued to gaze at her while she unraveled the bloodied cloth from his wound. For the first time over a year, seeing her up close made him missed her dearly. He missed the touch of her soft skin, kiss on her rosy lips, and feel of her silky hair against his fingers. His eyes glistened from the thought.

    She sensed him staring at her and felt uncomfortable. “Stop staring at me and take off your shirt,” she said coldly.

    He chuckled a bit. “I apologize for my rudeness.” He started to take off his shirt and added, “I am glad to finally found you Cecilia…”

    She squeezed the excess water from the cloth. “You keep calling me Cecilia and Cici…”

    “Because that is your name, Cecilia Lin…Cici is your nickname that was given to you since you were a child,” explained Kai.

    She remembered Tsui Man calling her Cecilia and questioned herself, “Am I really Cecilia then?”

    She turned and saw Kai half naked. She was shocked to see his muscular body covered with old scars. There was a circular closed wound on his right shoulder and another one on his torso. There was a diagonal line across his chest to his collar bone made from Tsui Man’s knife on the night of the assassination.

    “Why do you have so many scars?” she asked curiously.

    As she cleaned his wound, he replied, “Each scar tells a story of our adventures together as assassins.”

    She remembered her dream of being trained and killed people, and Tsui Man’s haunting words. Her eyes widened in surprise and stopped what she was doing.

    She glanced at him. “Assassins?”

    He nodded. “We used to work as secret agents for the CCIA’s Black Ops Force. We were assigned to kill high profile criminals.”

    “It’s true that I am an assassin then…” she thought to herself and started to smear the herbal medicine onto his wound.

    He jolted a bit from the sting.

    “Relax,” she said calmly.

    She then wrapped his wound with a clean cloth and tied to secure the medicine. Through this process, Kai was mesmerized by her gentleness on his wound. It reminded him of the years when she bandaged his wounds after their assignments. Just like now, she was careful and gentle.

    He couldn’t withhold his emotions anymore and quickly grabbed her hands and held it.

    “Cici…I miss you so much…I’ve been searching for you over a year now…”

    Stunned by his actions, she pulled her hands away from his grip and stepped a few feet away from him.

    He got up and took a couple of steps forward, but Cecilia raised her voice, “Please don’t come any closer to me. I do not know what we had in the past, but my heart is with somebody else.”

    He interrupted, “I know…with Xing Fu…”

    She raised a brow, “You knew?”

    He sadly nodded. “Young Master Qiao told me everything when I saw his grave.”

    Her eyes started to get watery from thinking about Xing Fu’s death. A tear fell down to her check and she looked away. Kai was about to wipe her tear but she took another step backward. She didn’t want him to touch her and wiped the tear herself.

    She stared at him coldly. “All I want is for you to tell me who I am and what you know about my abilities. So please, do not make things difficult for me when it already is.”

    Kai respected her decision and sadly nodded. “Alright Cici…”

    She interrupted, “Call me Xiao Xing…”

    He was stunned by her name preference and faintly smiled, though deep inside, he was devastated. “Alright…Xiao Xing…”

    He started to tell her about herself. “You were a newborn when founded abandon in Mystic Mountain, and was taken to the orphanage where the nuns raised you.” He started to reminisce their childhood years together, and slightly laughed at the good old times. He continued, “At six years old, you were a tough little girl. You didn’t tolerate bullies and fought for the weak…” he looked at her, “I was one of the kids you’ve helped…” and smiled.

    “Me? What did I do?” she asked.

    “You beat the bullies with a wooden stick. I didn’t understand why they didn’t fight back until later on. I found out you were the nuns’ favorite child, and you were very special…”


    Cecilia wondered if he meant her special qi.

    He wanted to tell her how special she was to him, but knew it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. He continued, “Besides a young heroine, you healed quicker than any of the children, but when you’re sick, it took a while for you to heal.”

    “What about killing demons?”

    He shook his head, “That, I do not know. It was my first time hearing it from the Wu Prince…”

    “What about the Celestial Mark?”

    “Celestial Mark?” he repeated. He was confused and never heard or seen it from her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about but…” He paused to collect his thoughts before continuing. “…I need to tell you something.”

    She gave him a quizzical look. “What is it?”

    “We’re not from this realm. You, me, and Tsui Man are from Earth. Mortal Realm is a parallel dimension to our world…”

    She laughed at him. “Stop bullshitting me,” and crossed her arms in front as she looked away.

    “I’m not. You and I fought Tsui Man that night when we tried to assassinate him. You hit the Celestial Pillar and transported us to Mortal Realm.”

    Disgusted from his lies, she scoffed, “This is ridiculous…”

    He was desperate in trying to prove to her and pulled out her drawings, his drawing of her, and the heart shaped necklace. He held them in front of her face.

    “Then explained this to me, why in all of the drawings we look different from the people here? Why is this necklace different from other jewelries here?”

    She couldn’t believe he had these items and grabbed them from his hands.

    She didn’t answer and questioned him instead. “You went into my home also?”

    “Mei Mei and I were going to Mu Village to meet Young Master Qiao’s mother and accidentally stumbled upon the place.”

    She stared at the items and saw a folded paper that she didn’t recognize. She opened it and saw a picture of herself. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and wore a tank top.

    “I drew this to help search for you. We fell from the sky into this world, and lost you when we fell from Mystic Falls. Since then, I never gave up my search.”

    She remained silent as she held the items tightly in her hands. The items and Kai were her past that she had ended to live a new life. Now that Kai appeared in front of her, she was clueless in what to do.

    Kai added, “When we entered the realm, you wore black leather shirt, black pants, and black boots. You also wore the heart necklace that I gave you for our three year anniversary…” He noticed she was still in disbelief. “Qiao Shun’s mother is a Fallen Immortal and will help you find your identity. She may also help us get back to our world.”

    She stared unblinkingly at him and shook her head. He knew what she was thinking. She didn’t want to go back with him to their world.

    “You don’t belong here!” he raised his voice.

    “I don’t care if I am from your world or not!” Her eyes started to get teary. “All I wanted is to find out who I really am! Is that too much to ask?”

    Knowing she was unwilling to accept where she was really from and their love, he took a couple of deep breaths to calm his frustration down.

    The entrance doors swung violently opened and Wu Jian barged into the room along with Qiao Shun and Guo Jing. He quickly pushed Kai away from Cecilia and used his body to block between them. Wu Jian slightly turned his head to the side, while he kept a watchful eye on Kai.

    “Xiao Xing, did he harm you?”

    She wiped her tears. “No, but I want to leave this room.”

    “Alright,” and they started to leave.

    Kai didn’t want to see her drifted away from his life again. “Cici…”

    Wu Jian glared at Kai. “Enough! She’s going through a lot already and doesn’t need any more problems in her life. I want you and Young Master Qiao to leave the palace at once!”

    Kai watched as Wu Jian escorted Cecilia out of the room until she disappeared from his sight.

    “What happened?” asked Qiao Shun.

    Still looking outside, Kai answered, “I’ve told her what she needed to know…I can’t leave her again.”

    Qiao Shun turned to Kai, thinking he was crazy to continue in pursuing Cecilia. “Didn’t you hear His Highness? We’re done. There’s nothing much we can do anymore.”

    Kai turned to Qiao Shun with a wide grin on his face. “His Highness didn’t say anything about leaving Wu Tribe…” Qiao Shun and Guo Jing understood what he meant. “We’ll go back to the Inn and wait,” then he turned to Guo Jing, “I need you to be my eyes and ears in the palace. I also need you to persuade her to come back with us to meet Madam Qiao.”

    Guo Jing nodded, “I’ll do my best.”

    Ching Chen entered in with two other Wu warriors and knew it was their clue to leave.


    At Bloody Lake, Elder Tao finished covering the layer on the Demon Realm seal with Taoist Binding Spell. For the first time since the Elders and Taoists started to bind the broken seal, he felt his body weakened and drained. He quickly sat down to meditate in recuperating the loss of energy. After several hours later, he was fully recharged and opened his eyes.

    He stared at the Demon Realm seal. “It’s happening. Our energy is being depleted as we continue to bind the seal.” He sighed, “I hope we find the three Mortal Protectors soon.”

    A white dove flew up in the sky and he knew it was Grandmaster Huang’s letter. It unraveled for him to see.

    As he finished reading the letter, he became flummoxed. “A possible hybrid?”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anh Nam View Post
    Thanks Skoo78
    You're welcome Anh Nam. Thanks for continuing to support me and all of the authors/translaters. Thanks silent readers too.
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    Hi Ahn Nam and all silent readers. October has been a crazy busy month for me leaving hardly any time to continue my story. I want all of you to know that I am not going to disappear, but the chs will be delay. Thank you for continuing supporting me and all the authors.
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