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    Default Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei Fan Fiction

    This fan fiction follows on from where the popular television series ended.

    Chapter 1

    It was drizzling that morning and the streets of Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province were getting slippery. The merchants operating at the square carried on with their daily business as usual.

    Right at that moment, heavy footsteps could be heard. Two groups of men carrying sabers were coming from both ends of the long road. They stood in the middle of the square staring at each other menacingly. The group on the left were members of the Red Eagle Gang and the group of the right were Zhen Tian Gang. They were the two largest gangs in Taiyuan City.

    The merchants started to panic. It was the fifth time this week that the two gangs fought in the open. Seeing that a fight could break out anytime soon the merchants quickly packed up their belongings and started fleeing from the scene.

    Yin Han, leader of the Zhen Tian Gang raised his saber into the air and said loudly, “It’s the useless Red Eagle Gang’s Brother Zuo Shou!”

    Zuo Shou spat on the ground and said, “Yin Han! Who are you calling useless?”

    Yin Han turned around and looked at his men. “Brothers! Please tell answer Brother Zuo Shou!” he laughed.

    The members of the Zhen Tian laughed and shouted, “Red Eagle Clan!”

    Zuo Shou gritted his teeth and reached for the hilt of his saber, “Kill all these useless Zhen Tian rubbish!”

    The two groups of gangsters brandished their sabers and started fighting fiercely. Sounds of sabers clashing echoed through the air. Panic spread throughout the street as bystanders ran for their lives.

    A little girl fell to the ground while she was running away with her parents. Just as she pulled herself up, the edge of a saber came swishing down at her. She panicked and started yelling in fear.

    A blade suddenly cut through the air and blocked the saber from its intended target. Yan Sanniang retracted her blade, swerved her hand and slashed a man across his chest.

    Yan Sanniang immediately helped the little girl up and pulled her to a corner. “Are you alright?” she asked softly.

    The little girl nodded, “Thank you for saving my life…”

    A middle aged man and woman ran toward them hurriedly.

    “Young lady, thank you for saving our daughter’s life,” the man said in relief.

    Yan Sanniang gave the man a smile, “It’s dangerous here. Go home quick.”

    Chai Hu lunged toward three men and thrust his palms out at their chests, knocking all three of them to the ground.

    He Xiaomei jumped in between two men and swept his folding fan at the faces.

    Li Gexiao strode forward, grabbed a man’s wrist and used the saber in his grip to block an incoming saber. After that, he kicked the man in front of him in the abdomen and elbowed the man beside him. The two of them fell backwards and hit the ground.

    The four Yi Zhi Mei members fought hand in hand, subduing the gangsters that were causing trouble at the square. It only took them about ten minutes to defeat all the gangsters.

    By then, a group of Brocade Guards officials had arrived at the scene. They rounded up the gangsters and forced them to kneel along the sidewalk.

    Huang Shui, the Brocade Guard Commissioner saluted the four Yi Zhi Mei members. “Thanks for coming to the rescue of the people.”

    Li Gexiap patted Huang Shui on the shoulder, “There’s no need to thank us. We heard that the Shanxi Province gangsters were causing trouble so we came to help out.”

    Huang Shui looked at one of his subordinate and said authoritatively, “Bring these troublemakers to the provincial prison until further notice!”

    “Yes sir!”

    The Brocade Guards officials stood by the side of the gangsters and escorted them away from the square right away.

    Huang Shui covered his right fist with his left palm and bowed to Li Gexiao. “Big Brother Li, I’ve to take care of these useless people. Let’s catch up for wine soon,” he said with a smile.

    “Sure. I’ll come and look for you soon,” Li Gexiao returned his bow.

    Huang Shui saluted the other three Yi Zhi Mei members before he went off.

    A commoner walked toward Yan Sanniang and said, “Ruoxi! What are you doing out here? Has Old Man Mei recovered from his injuries?”

    Yan Sanniang raised her brow and stared at the commoner in surprise. “Uncle, you must have mistaken me for someone else. I’m not Ruoxi,” she explained.

    The commoner scratched his head confusingly, “Really? You’re not that metal smith Mei Yifu’s daughter Mei Ruoxi?”

    Yan Sanniang shook her head assertively.

    The commoner bowed to Yan Sanniang apologetically.

    Li Gexiao walked over to Yan Sanniang and took a closer look at her. “What’s wrong?” he asked with concern.

    Yan Sanniang folded her arms and grinned, “Nothing. The uncle mistook me for someone else.”

    “One Miss Yan is more than enough. We can’t afford to have another one around,” He Xiaomei mocked laughingly.

    Chai Hu grinned, “That’s true!”

    Yan Sanniang shot a cold glance at them and said angrily, “What did the two of you just say?”

    He Xiaomei pursed his lips and turned away while Chai Hu raised his hand apologetically.

    Li Gexiao snapped, “Enough of jokes. We still have a mission to carry out. Let’s find a place to sit down so that we can plan our next step.”

    The three of them looked at their leader with a nod.

    A group of men were sitting around a wine stall underneath two giant pine trees. The stall owner, Old Qu spotted Li Gexiao and his companions coming toward his stall. He hurried toward them and greeted them with a smile.

    “Sirs, please take a seat,” Old Qu bowed.

    Li Gexiao and his companions sat at a table next to the riverbank.

    “Boss, just give us a pot of tea,” Li Gexiao said.

    Old Qu shifted his gaze to Yan Sanniang, staring at her awkwardly.

    Chai Hu glared at Old Qu and grunted fiercely, “What are you looking at?”

    The men seated around the wine stall immediately looked toward Chai Hu, staring at him menacingly.

    Old Qu bowed apologetically, “Please don’t misunderstand. This young lady here resemble my daughter.”

    The Yi Zhi Mei members gazed at Old Qu in surprise.

    Old Qu turned around and looked toward a shack, “Ruoxi! Bring out a pot of hot tea quick!”

    A girl dressed in pink carrying a tea tray exited the shack shortly.

    The Yi Zhi Mei members were surprised when they saw the girl, almost shocked. She had a pair of bright eyes and was naturally beautiful with no make-up. Most importantly, she resembled Yan Sanniang.

    Chai Hu rubbed his eyes and relooked at the girl. “She is almost identical to Sanniang…” he said in surprise.

    The girl looked at the four of them embarrassingly thinking that they were fascinated by her looks. The moment she saw Yan Sanniang, she was just as startled.

    Old Qu grinned, “I wasn’t lying when I said that my daughter looks like this young lady here.”

    Li Gexiao shot a quick glance at Yan Sanniang and the girl and concluded, “However, this young lady here looks more feminine.” What he meant was the way the girl carried herself.

    Yan Sanniang turned her head and stared at Li Gexiao fiercely. “What did you just say?” she asked.

    He Xiaomei cut in and said, “Actually, Ge-ge is right. This young lady here has a sweet, naive and matured look.”

    Yan Sanniang instantly lifted up her hand and slapped He Xiaomei on the back.

    The girl flushed red while placing the tray on the table. Feeling embarrassed, she hurriedly turned around and went behind Old Qu.

    Old Qu extended his hand and patted the girl’s head, “It’s alright. Let’s not disturb the guests.” He paused to look at the Yi Zhi Mei members and continued, “Enjoy your drink. We’ll take our leave now.”

    After finishing his words, he placed his hand around the girl’s shoulder and walked her to the shack.

    Li Gexiao filled a up in front of Yan Sanniang with some tea and asked, “Has you mother ever mentioned to you that you have a twin sister?”

    Yan Sanniang shook her head, “I will most certainly ask her about this.”

    Chai Hu looked at Li Gexiao in shock, “Twin sister? You think that the girl is Sanniang’s sister?”

    Li Gexiao shrugged and replied, “That could be possible. Only Abbess Wugou will know the truth. Let’s get back to our mission first.”

    Yan Sanniang fixed her eyes on the girl in silence. Her intuition was telling her that they were somewhat related.

    Li Gexiao noticed the troubled expression on Yan Sanniang’s face. He reached his hand out and gently patted Yan Sanniang’s hand. “I promise you that we’ll get to the bottom of this after we’ve completed our mission.”

    Yan Sanniang looked at Li Gexiao and nodded. She trusted him and knew very well that he would not lie to him. “So what your plan this time? It’s not going to be easy to stop two groups of bandits from going against each other.”

    Li Gexiao took a sip of tea and said, “Red Eagle Gang used to be the most violent gang in the entire northern region. But over the last five years, the gang underwent tremendous changes and only targeted unscrupulous merchants and evil tyrants. If I’m right it’s Zhen Tian Gang who is causing all this trouble because of power.”

    He Xiaomei smiled and said, “Ge-ge, so our mission is to uproot Zhen Tian Gang?”

    “Sanniang, I need you to check on Zhen Tian Gang. Their leader Yin Zheng is known to be coldblooded, scheming and selfish. We need to get evidence of his crimes and provide it to the authorities so that they can take action against him.”

    Yan Sanniang nodded in acknowledgement. “I’ll get to it right away.”

    Li Gexiao held on to Yan Sanniang’s hand and looked her in the eyes. His eyes emitted affectionate and passion. “Be careful. Yin Zhen is someone that should not be taken lightly,” he said softly.

    Yan Sanniang flashed a smile at Li Gexiao, “Don’t worry. No matter how scheming he is he will not be able to catch me.” After finishing her words she got up and went off.

    Li Gexiao returned Yan Sanniang’s smile. He was confident that she would be able to complete her task without any problems.

    Chai Hu and He Xiaomei gazed at their leader waiting for his further instructions.

    “Xiaomei, I need you to check on the Red Eagle Gang. I’m confident that they are already making plans to retaliate. We’ve to stop them before more innocent people gets injured,” Li Gexiao said. “Lao Hu, you and I will pay Huang Shui a visit. I’m sure that he will be able to provide us with more information about this whole thing.”

    Chai Hu nodded with a grin, “Sure!”

    A large group of fierce looking men standing outside the official office were taunting the constables guarding the building.

    “Release our brothers at once!” they shouted.

    The highest ranking constable stepped forward and yelled, “If you useless bunch of people keep making noise here I’ll arrest all of you!”

    A handsome young man with bright piercing eyes went up to the constable and saluted him with his hands cupped. “Sir, we don’t mean to cause any trouble. We only hope that you can release our brothers,” he explained.

    The high ranking constable snorted angrily, “Bao Qie! Since when did bandits get the authority to tell us what to do? Take your people out of here before I arrest all of you!”

    The handsome young man could tell that the high ranking constable was serious. He turned around and gazed sideways, signaling his followers to back off.

    Members of the Red Eagle Gang acknowledged his instruction and moved backwards.

    The high ranking constable put his hands on his hips and stared at the members of Zhen Tian Gang. “The same goes to you useless bunch of people!” he yelled.

    Kang Sihan of the Zhen Tian Gang spat and said, “Corrupted officials have no right to tell us what to do! Everyone in the underworld knows that Taiyuan City is under our supervision! Tell Governor Jiang to come out and see us now!”

    “Kang Sihan! You really want to go head on against us?” a loud and clear voice exclaimed. Huang Shui and fifteen Brocade Guards stepped out of the official office.

    Kang Sihan shifted his gaze at Huang Shui. “It’s Lord Huang of the Brocade Guards!” he grunted.

    Huang Shui went up to Kang Sihan and stared at him coldly. “It’s either you scram now or I’ll bring my men to raid all your business right now. In my eyes Yin Zheng is nothing but a dog,” he said threateningly.

    Kang Sihan clenched his fist in anger, “Who are you calling a dog?”

    Huang Shui retorted, “Zhen Tian Gang’s Yin Zheng! What can you do about it? Kill me?”

    The handsome young man was still standing at the scene. He applauded and chuckled, “Lord Huang is only saying the truth.”

    Kang Sihan glared at the handsome young man coldly, “Bao Qie! You’re only Qu Nantian’s’s dog!”

    The handsome young man smiled and replied, “It’s a waste of time to argue with a dog’s pet.”

    Kang Sihan made a dash toward the handsome young man and threw a punch at his face.

    The handsome young man blocked the punch with his right palm and kicked Kang Sihan’s abdomen with his right foot. His attack was so fast and forceful that it sent Kang Sihan stumbling backwards.

    Huang Shui ran up to them and stood in between them. “Stop it! Make another move and I’ll arrest the both of you right now!” he exclaimed.

    Li Gexiao and Chai Hu saw the entire incident from a distance.

    “Looks like killing these callous animals is the only way to end this whole thing,” Chai Hu murmured.

    Li Gexiao narrowed his eyes and looked at Chai Hu, “Stop talking about killing all the time. Killing them will only give the opportunity to other bandits to rise to power. I need you to keep an eye on the provincial governor while I go back and have word with the wine stall owner.”

    "Wine stall owner? Why?"

    "I promised Sanniang that I will find out about the girl who looks like her."

    Chai Hu looked at Li Gexiao awkwardly, "But we're in the middle of a mission..."

    Li Gexiao frowned, "I know that. We can only figure out what to do next after you all have gathered all the information that we need. Something tells me that the provincial governor is colluding with the Zhen Tian Gang."

    Chai Hu grinned, "Alright then. Go ahead and check on that girl. I'll keep an eye on the provincial governor."

    Inside a mansion at the end of the city, a middle aged man in his forties climbed down from the dais and stood in the middle of the main hall. He was Zhen Tian Gang’s leader, Yin Zheng.

    “Are you sure Qu Nantian is only spending time running his wine stall and nothing else?” he asked in doubt.

    A man nodded, “That old man seemed to have given full authority to Bao Qie.”

    Yin Zheng furrowed his brow and continued, “So it’s true that Old Qu has intentions of retiring from the underworld. This is bad news to us."

    The man asked in confusion, “Boss, what is that so?”

    “Bao Qie is the most capable person in Red Eagle Gang. If he takes over Old Qu’s position it would be harder for us to uproot the Red Eagle Gang. I’m going to need to come up with a plan to get rid of Bao Qie once and for all.”

    “Boss, what are your plans?” the man asked excitedly.

    Yin Zheng smiled coldly, “After Old Qu’s son passed away his daughter is the only family he has left. We will capture his daughter and make use of her to oust Bao Qie. It would be a dream come true to have her as my second wife too.”

    The man laughed, “Boss is intelligent indeed. Making his daughter your second wife and removing Bao Qie from power is an excellent plan,”

    “It’s called killing two birds with one stone.”

    “I’ll gather up our men and get to it right away.”

    Yin Zheng clasped his hands behind his back and walked back to the dais. “If you fail to capture don’t bother coming back here.”

    A shadow crouching on the roof overheard the entire conversation inside the main hall. It was Yan Sanniang prying the Zhen Tian Gang. “Despicable. I’ve to tell Gexiao about this so that he can come up with a plan to protect the girl from this callous animal.”
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    Interesting first chapter. Please continue with the story.

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