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Thread: The Path of the Soulless By lolandylol

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    Default The Path of the Soulless By lolandylol

    Spiritual Path Warriors Path
    Mostly demonic beast and some human Practitioners Technology based (90% of humans)
    Strength level Life Span (years)
    Basic 40
    low 60
    Beginner 80
    Houtian Intermediate 100
    Xiantian Advanced 500
    4 from 9th major Heavenly Tribulation
    Jindan Expert 1000
    Yuanying Master 5000
    6 from 9th major Heavenly Tribulation
    Dongxu Grandmaster ~1 million
    Kongming General N/A
    Dujie Saint N/A
    9 from 9th major Heavenly Tribulation
    Dacheng N/A N/A

    Hello, since im a massive fan of stellar transformations, Iíve decided to make a FF. Please forgive my mistakes I donít know any Chinese and this world is based on what ive read form the first 11 volumes of the novel. Warnings of spoilers donít read any further if you donít want the ending of Steller transformations known.

    OK so this novel is based on an insignificant planet within the Qin Meng universe which is currently in a state of war between demonic beasts and humans who want to conquer all the land with their technology. The humans of this planet advance in the way of heaven by improving their bodies using technology.
    Even though I want to use Chinese names I donít I canít be asked to do research to make some up so Iíll be sticking to English names apart from the protagonist Jun Ling

    Also donít expect regular updates Iím in the middle of my masterís project and I can only write when I have time (which isnít a lot) And please point out any mistakes, any constructive criticism will be helpful im dyslexic and my grammar and spelling are bad.

    Im only uploading the prologue for now and it will be a while before i post chapter 1 because i want to write several chapters ahead to make sure my story makes sense. so think of this as a teaser

    The Path of the Soulless By lolandylol


    Jun Ling a young child of merely 4 years of age, he excitedly woke up preparing for a trip with his whole family to visit the local headquarters of the Horn Company. Because his family lives in a remote town which is unconnected to the main city by shield he got to use the teleportation machine for the first time. In this world there are dangerous demonic beast that live and thrive within the wilderness and massive oceans that cover the planet. Only a small area of the planet use to be habited by humans, but as the centauryís past the human population continuously increased. This led the humans into the wilderness, the territory of the demonic beasts. Initially it was total destruction, all humans that went into the wilderness ended with their lives lost. But humans are tenacious stubborn and prideful creatures also they were driven by overpopulation and lack of resources. Eventually they found a way of fighting back, this was possible by the advancement of technology to the point of creating electromagnetic force fields and bio dome capable of sustainable life within the potent holy energy of the wilderness. This force field s also were strong enough to repeal the low level Houtian and Xiantian stage demonic beast that inhabit the outer areas of the wilderness. But as they progressed further humanity was almost wiped out when Jindan and Yuanying stage demonic beast start to retaliate from the intrusion of their territories. On the brink of extinction the humans began experiments with the holy energy tandem with nanotechnology on themselves and turned themselves into Warriors capable of defending themselves.

    Now almost 30,000 years later the war is still going on and little Jun Ling is on his way to get his first shot of nanites. Through evolution human society has become dependent of using nanites to infuse their bodies with holy energy to survive. Otherwise by the age of 40 without the aid from the nanites most humans would die. From this dependence on nanites the human world is currently controlled by 3 major companyís and 2 clans; Horn Company (specialize in regeneration and muscle strengthening) Mutant Corporations (specialize on body modification and transformation) ARMOUR (specialize in defensive fields and restrictive spells) Mu Clan (is a group of mercenaryís that left other dojos and established a superpower) And Qin Clan(A weird bunch that follow both the spiritual and warrior paths and have a peace agreement with the demonic beasts). Each of these factions has a countless expert and master level warriors backing them and have established their own territories within the human world and wilderness.

    In modern society ones status is determined by their warrior rank and this in turn is depends on their ability to control the nanites within them. Today Jun Ling who has just entered the Horns Companyís HQ in the Horn territory canít be more excited, his parents are both Advanced level warriors and after 300 years of fighting they retired from the front lines to have a child. His father James who is at the middle phase of the advance stage is a large man with a height of 2.05 metres he has enhanced muscles which makes him look like a muscle giant. While his mother Hana is also very tall reaching 1.76 meters but her body is thin and lean like a fit panther, she however has reached the peak of the advanced stage. Jun on the other hand is still a toddler and admires how his parents look very much; everyone in their town look at his parents with respectful faces because of his parentís battle records during the wars with the demonic beasts and this makes the young Jun blindly worship them. The only thing on his mind today is that he will get the nanites and use them to make his parents proud of him.

    However his parents are not as noble as little Jun Ling believe they are, they have both been fighting amongst demonic beast and fellow humans for hundreds of years and the respectful look that Jun sees every day from the towns people, comes from fear. Almost all humans take the nanites and train to the beginner stage so they can live comfortably for 80+ years for most people this is an easy process and takes 2-3 years from the nanites injection to achieve. But for those who are talented in using the nanites and break through the barrier of the beginner stage to the lower intermediate stage before the age of 10 are immediately enlisted by their respective territory into battle for a minimum service of 50 years. Therefore for a small town to have a family who have survived battle for 300 years and are at the advanced level frightens a lot of people. Between the 5 major powers there are ongoing skirmishes between them to acquire more human territory for farming so they can better supply their front line fortresses in the wilderness. And the more stable their front lines are the more time they spend killing Xiantian level beasts for materials. Also when they kill Jindan stage or above demonic beast they are able to harvest their Jindan and Yuanying which are very rare energy crystals that can be used to power a townís shield. For example and middle Jindan stage demonic beats Jindan can be used to power a shield for a settlement for 100,000 people for 3 years. So thatís three yearsí worth of natural resources saved.

    To Jun lingís disappointment he was not able to go up the large building of the Horn Company but was instead placed in a line on the second floor with other families also waiting with their children to have a nanites injection. He immediately went up to the child in front of him in the que and began playing with the young girl. They were both 4 years old and happily playing before either of the parents could stop them, this lead to the two parents to start an awkward conversion between them. The little girl was called Qin Mei and they spent most the time playing with a doll she had brought with her or arguing whose parents were cooler. After a while a long while in the line it was time for Qin Mei to go for her shoot so Jun Ling reluctantly said goodbye, before they left both parents exchanged some quick contact details because it turned out they were going to be moving to the same town for Qin Mei to attend the famous Chung training school for the nanites in the town they lived in.

    The nanite shot ended up being very simple, without even using a needle Jun Ling was made to stand on a platform for a scan then the nanites were directly teleported into every single cells of his body. Apparently they are only called shots because that is the crude way they use to do it thousands of years ago when teleportation technology was not around. However Jun Ling made a very special friend today who is in fact a member of the main family mysterious Qin Clan.
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    Interesting storyline. Hope you have the stamina to keep it up as this looks like it's going to be one long FF.
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    Good Start

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