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    Thanks Mathew1122

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    Wil the main of this story become awesome later on like with stellar transformation? And is this novel completed and how many chapiters iT got?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aapmens View Post
    Wil the main of this story become awesome later on like with stellar transformation? And is this novel completed and how many chapiters iT got?
    I think about 1000+

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    Volume 1 Chapter 5: Different Choices

    "The stronger you get, the harder it is to improve" Luo Feng contemplated, "For me to raise my speed from 23.8 m/s to 25 m/s would probably take around one year. For my strength to improve from 809 kg to 900 kg would probably take even longer. I would probably have to wait until after I get into college to achieve the title of 'Fighter'."

    "If, if... I enter a coma again, my body fitness level might reach what a 'Fighter' requires"

    Of course, this kind of coma isn't one you enter when someone beats you unconscious, but when you enter one from an extremely painful headache.

    Luo Feng has a headache disorder.

    Every so often Luo Feng gets a headache. However, he is usually able to bear with the pain until it passes. Occasionally, it would hurt so much that he would enter a coma.

    Luo Feng has entered a coma twice so far.

    When Luo Feng was 8 years old and his brother's legs were crushed by a car, he was so sad that he got a headache. At the same time, his heartbeat started to rapidly rise and his blood circulation speed rose to an alarming rate. Soon after he felt like his heart was about to beat out of his chest, he entered a coma.

    Another time was when Luo Feng was 12 years old and his mother was re-hospitalized. Afraid of losing his mother, Luo Feng panicked and got an extremely painful headache. Like before, his heartbeat rapidly rose and he entered a coma.

    After two comas, Luo Feng's family frequently brought him to the hospital for check ups. However, no illness was identified. Even in this age, the brain is still a mystery to medicine.

    "However, the two comas have increased my body strength by many times" Luo Feng anticipated, "8 years old, 12 years old, after I woke up from the comas, my strength, speed, and reaction speed clearly improved. Because of this, I was able to skip right past the 'Intermediate' exam in the dojo and achieve the 'Intermediate' title. Thanks to my genes, I was able to achieve the 'Elite' title at the age of 17"

    "If I enter a coma again, I bet my strength would increase even more!"

    A coma is actually a symptom caused by your body to protect itself, so it isn't entirely a bad thing.

    "My head would hurt until its limit and my heartbeat would speed up until its limit"

    Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at the watch on his wrist. This watch had a 'Pulse meter' function.

    "Even after sprinting like crazy, my heart beat wouldn't go above 120 times a minute" Luo Feng watched his watch, "If I can reach a rate of 200 times a minute, then that would be great" The premonitions of a coma is an extremely bad headache and a super high pulse.


    No matter how hard he exercised, he couldn't get his heartbeat to the rate which a coma would require.

    Within the dojo training hall, scar faced Yang Wu, stood in front of the 'Fist Strength Tester' machine. However, he didn't seem very serious; he simply punched the tester a few times with both hands. A repeated [PENG!] [PENG!] [PENG!] sounded as he punched the machine. Soon after that, a few numbers were displayed on the screen.──"956kg, 912kg, 936kg, 981kg……"

    Yang Wu punched a couple dozen times in one breath before stopping.

    Luo Feng, who was watching on the sidelines, couldn't help but admire. His full power could only amount to 809 kg, but Brother Yang could unleash a flurry of fists with such power. For all of them to just pass the 700 kg mark would already be plenty.

    "Brother Yang, if only one of my full-power punches could be as strong as one of your random ones, then that would be great" Luo Feng laughed.

    "You, " Yang Wu walked towards Luo Feng and laughed as he hit him on the shoulder, "you're only 19 this year, or 18 right now. When I was your age, I was only an intermediate member. With the rate at which you're improving... you would achieve the body fitness level required for the rank of 'Fighter' within two years for sure. Heh, a 20 year old fighter, how envious."

    Luo Feng laughed.

    The dojo only recruited students from age 16 to 30 because this is the period where one grows the fastest. This means that a person could enter the rankings more quickly and lead to even greater strength in the future. Luo Feng became an elite member at the age of 17, which many admired.

    "Oh yea, Crazy, you got high school exams right? What're ya gonna do after them?" Yang Wu laughed.

    "I will have to prepare for military academy" Luo Feng let out a small laugh, "the average person becomes a basic level officer in the normal army. However, I should be able to get into the Special Forces after graduation without a problem."


    Yang Wu listened and curled his lip, "Entering a military academy is good but... I feel like your freedom is limited there. After you graduate from the academy and enter the special forces, you'll have to follow all of the rules. I would never be able to handle that; better for me to become a free fighter."

    "A free fighter is great" Luo Feng nodded, "But I wouldn't want my parents to worry. It is much safer to enroll in an academy, graduate, and then join the army than to become a free fighter."

    A fighter usually has four paths they can choose from.

    The first path: Join the army and become a part of it. It's safer and the country wouldn't easily let the fighter take risks. The country would also give the fighter's family many benefits, so the fighter would have no regrets.

    The second path: Join a dojo. The restrictions of a dojo are broader and the community is more loose. Since the 'Dojo of Limits' was created by the strongest man on earth ('Hong'), there are quite a few benefits in becoming a 'fighter' in that dojo. Since the administration isn't as strict, there is more freedom too.

    The third path: Join a large business, some family, or some major political power, and become a thug.

    The fourth path: Join the mercenary corps, which would endanger your life all the time. At the same time, it grants the most freedom out of all four paths.

    TL note: A free fighter doesn’t pertain to any of the above paths.

    "Entering the army is safe, but I wouldn't want to live my days without any freedom" Yang WU nodded, "This year, I think I can pass the 'Prospective Fighter' exam. After I pass, I'll immediately sign up for the 'Fighter Combat' exam and work hard to become a fighter."

    Luo Feng's eyes flashed: "Brother Yang, you're confident that you can pass the prospective fighter exam?"

    "Haha" Yang Wu laughed, "I have reached the requirements for strength and reaction speed a long time ago. My weak point is speed. However, if I do well, I can barely reach 25 m/s. I'll work hard these few days and I should be able to pass the exam by the time I take it."

    "Congratulations, Brother Yang." Luo Feng was happy for Brother Yang, since he worked so hard to become a fighter for so many years. "Brother Yang, what will you do after you become a fighter?"

    "Of course I'd join the Dojo of Limits" Brother Yang laughed, "The Dojo of Limits has a very loose system and is scattered all around the world. Many previous fighters improved themselves in these dojos. Also, when I feel like taking a break, I can go out and kill some monsters. Quite free if you ask me."

    Luo Feng nodded.

    "Crazy" Yang Wu looked at Luo Feng, "You're quite crazy inside your bones. I'm pretty sure that you are very suited to walk the path of a free fighter. Join a dojo, how free is that? And the Dojo of Limits would help us out a lot."

    "I...." Luo Feng hesitated.

    Yang Wu saw what was happening, shaked his head, and laughed, "Crazy, free fighters frequently fight for their lives and train on the border between life and death. It's a bit more dangerous! But at the same time, because you are constantly fighting for your life, it's the fastest way to increase your strength! You see, no matter where, most of the strongest fighters are all free fighters."


    Night time, the streetlights shine.

    As Luo Feng leaves the Dojo of Limits, he reflects on his conversation with Yang Wu as he walks alone.

    "There are actually only two paths that suit me" Luo Feng thought to himself, "One is to enroll in the military academy, graduate, and then join the special forces. Next is to become a famous fighter in the Dojo of Limits and then kill monsters freely."

    "The safest out of these two paths is to enter the army. It's safer and benefits my family. Even if I die, the country would take good care of my loved ones."

    "Becoming a free fighter and living on the border between life and death would increase my strength the fastest. I can exchange the monsters I kill for a huge sum of money. This path.... dangerous. Rapid increase in skill, quick money, free, but the only drawback is the danger." Luo Feng contemplated. In fact, he has been thinking about this ever since he started his senior year of high school.

    "My parents have two sons in total and my younger brother is already handicapped. If I become a free fighter and die in battle, how will my parents survive?"

    Luo Hua needs someone to take care of him.

    Mom and Dad are already quite old. If I die, what will happen to them?

    "Guess I'll enroll in a military academy."

    "After I join the special forces, I'll be able to learn 'Militaristic Martial Arts' which, combined with my 'Ultimate Martial Arts' from the Dojo of Limits, should increase my strength. In the army, I can also train myself! Even if I die, I'll die as a fighter, so my country would give my parents pension every month." After thinking about his parents, Luo Feng decided to pick the military academy.


    Not just anybody can enter a military academy. Your grades have to meet the standard, so everything depends on June's exams.
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    Volume 1 Chapter 6: Exams

    One month before the exams, Luo Feng put almost all of his concentration into reviewing. As he took his practice exams, his confidence started increasing.

    "I easily have a 90% chance of getting into Jiang-Nan's number one military academy"

    This was what Luo Feng thought.


    June 7th marks the beginning of exams. China's exams go from June 7th-9th, which is the same time duration as before the Grand Nirvana period.

    Zhi-An region's first high school.

    According to the rules, all of the exams will take place in this high school.

    "Good luck, my daughter"

    "No worries dad"

    "Sweetie, don't pressure yourself too much"

    Outside of the high school's gates was a huge, dense mob made up of high school exam takers and their parents. Also standing outside the gates was a row of police holding real, loaded guns.

    “Feng, be at ease as you take the exam. Even if you don’t get into the top military academy, the runner up is just as fine. So relax!” Luo Hong Guo looked at his son and laughed.

    "Ok" Luo Feng smiled and nodded his head.

    [DRIP──DRIP──] followed a loud car. The car was completely black and had the aura of an aristocrat. It was the newest 'Sprinting s600' and had many police vehicles guarding it. As it approached the gate, the surrounding people made way for it; their gazes all focusing on that one car.

    The newest 'Sprinting S600' only needed a mere six seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h. Its maximum speed could reach up to 500 km/h. Of course, this alone isn't much. The 'Sprinting S600' is a brand carried from the Grand Nirvana period. In other words, its history is what makes it so attractive.

    Only three people came out of the car, and they happily talked with each other as they walked towards the gate.

    "The baldie on the left is the Chief of Police in our Zhi-An region"

    "The guy on the right is the Board of Education's head Liu"

    "The one in the middle must be the 'Fighter' responsible for making sure the testing areas are safe.” Among the people watching, there is no doubt that most of the gazes landed upon the man in the middle. Their gazes were full of respect, excitement, and curiosity.

    As of now, the fight between Man and Beast is still going on.

    The average person is prohibited from leaving the city's borders. However, fighters are the existence able to fight one on one against a beast. The entire human society is thankful towards them, thanking their hard work and contribution towards humanity. The average person naturally praises them.

    The fighters are the superhuman group of humanity.

    "So that's a fighter" Luo Hong Guo was also looking at that man, "Every time there's an exam, the responsibility of the safety of the grounds almost always falls upon the fighters."


    Luo Feng looked over. The fighter had an aura that made your heart beat faster. His eyes were like a poisonous snake in a cold forest. He didn't even smile once as he walked. Towards the Chief of Police and head Liu, he just slightly nodded his head at times. Clearly, he was too lazy to bother with them.

    "Not too far in the future, I'll also achieve the rank of 'Fighter'!" Luo Feng thought to himself.

    [KA~~ KA~~]

    The high school's large gate slowly opened.

    Immediately a burst of sound came out: "It's time to enter"

    "Feng, it's time to go in. Hurry and enter" Luo Hong Guo said right after. Gong Xin Lan also said, "Hurry and go. Mom will return home and make food for you. Your dad and brother will wait here until you finish your exam"


    Luo Feng smiled and nodded his head.

    "Brother" Luo Hua sat on his wheelchair and raised his fist. "Do your best!" Luo Hua said smiling.

    "I'll do my best!" Luo Feng also raised his fist.

    As Luo Feng turned his head, everyone headed towards the gate and went through an inspection one by one.


    Inside the testing classroom, your examination certificate and ID are placed on the top right of your table for the examiner to inspect. After that, the tests were passed down.

    "Year 2056 Jiang-Nan City High School Science Exam Version A"──the clearest line at the top of the page

    "The first round is science!"

    Luo Feng scanned the test in front of him until he reached the final few large problems at the end. As if he has seen them before, Luo Feng thought to himself "These problems aren't that difficult. If these aren't difficult enough, my advantage in science would be hard to demonstrate. I guess I can only focus and make sure I don't lose any points at all."

    Luo Feng immediately buried his head and started writing.


    There are three exams in the high school exam: science, liberal arts, and mathematics. Each exam is worth 250 points, leading to a total of 750 points possible.

    Science refers to physics, chemistry and biology.

    Liberal Arts refers to language, history, politics, and geography.

    Mathematics naturally refers to just math.

    Humanity after the Grand Nirvana period, especially during their battle with the monsters, desperately tried to advance in technology and increase their martial arts skill. Because of this, everyone realized the importance of 'mathematics'. Anyone planning to achieve in the fields of computer science, biology, and physics needs to have a strong foundation in mathematics.


    Mathematics became more important in education. Luo Feng was a bit weak in liberal arts, but had an immense advantage in mathematics.

    June 7th: Science exams

    June 8th: Liberal arts exams

    In a blink of an eye, it's already June 9th.


    Inside the testing classroom, the mathematics exam has just been passed down.

    "All that's left is this mathematics exam" Luo Feng took in a deep breath, "The science exam wasn't too hard, so I should've done pretty well on that. I also performed normally on my liberal arts exam. In other words, my grades for those two tests should be what I usually get. As long as I don't mess up on this mathematics exam, I can get into Jiang-Nan's number one military academy for sure."

    "I can do this!"

    After encouraging himself, Luo Feng lowered his head and started the exam.

    There was absolute silence throughout the classroom. Many of the student's eyebrows started to wrinkle, which showed that the problems were quite difficult. Every year's high school mathematics exam problems are never easy, as these are the problems that pick out the people to advance humanity's technology.

    "This is pretty hard" Even Luo Feng felt the difficulty, "Even harder than last year's problems! However... the harder the better!"

    If the problems were easy, those worse than Luo Feng at math would probably be able to get around 220 points. Luo Feng would only be able to get around 230 points, so his advantage isn't really demonstrated.

    However, if the problems are hard.

    Luo Feng would probably be able to score around 210 points, while those worse than him would only be able to manage around 150 points. In this case, Luo Feng's advantage is clearly shown.

    [PA!] a breaking sound was heard.

    The examiner immediately looked towards the sound's direction, but it was a student who broke his ball point pen in his hand. This student wrinkled his eyebrow and clenched his teeth. As he stared at his exam, it was clear that it was much too difficult. After that, he threw his broken pen aside and took out another one, continuing his exam.

    "From the student's faces, I can tell that this year's mathematics exam is really difficult" The examiner thought to himself.

    Indeed, essentially every single person in the room had wrinkled eyebrows and were in deep, bitter thought. Many students were so nervous that tears started falling.

    Students whose mathematics ability were already poor could only think..... Can't do this problem, can't do that problem, still can't do this third problem..... The students were on the verge of collapse as they looked at this kind of exam.


    One hour later, testing classroom.

    The time duration for the mathematics exam is 2.5 hours.

    At this time, Luo Feng has already finished the 'multiple choice' and 'fill in the blank' questions. All that's left are the 'calculation' problems. In the mathematics exam, the multiple choice and fill in the blank problems only added up to 90 points. The calculation problems (five large problems) added up to 160 points. Only these types of problems were able to clearly demonstrate the student's mathematics ability.

    "This is really difficult, I couldn't even solve two of the fill in the blank problems" Luo Feng took in a deep breath, "Below are the calculation problems. This is where the most points are. Solving just one more would give 30, 40 more points!"

    Out of the five calculation problems, four of them are worth 30 points, while the last one is worth 40 points.

    "Hm?" Luo Feng was already faced with a challenge as he looked at the first calculation problem.

    Luo Feng kept thinking and calculating on his scrap paper.

    "Yes, change this part by a bit, reverse that, and now wouldn't I be able to change that to the way I want?" A light flashed in Luo Feng's eyes. Write! Write! Write! If you just think about it, this problem is actually quite easy to solve. Luo Feng easily finished the entire problem in one breath and then double checked his work.

    "Yep, first problem done" Luo Feng looked at his watch on his left wrist and his heart jumped, "The first problem took me 20 minutes? I need to pick up the pace"

    Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at the second problem.

    After looking at it for a bit, Luo Feng felt that it was easy and started calculating on his scrap paper.

    "Hm, not right"

    Luo Feng felt like he wasn't thinking in the right direction and wrinkled his eyebrow. As time passed, Luo Feng kept working at this problem, "Yea, it should be this way. But how would I prove the next proof?" Luo Feng's brain was working rapidly.

    "Hurry, hurry, hurry, I can't waste too much time on this problem. How on earth can I prove this?" Luo Feng nervously thought.

    At this time──

    On Luo feng's watch, the 'Pulse' number started rising.


    "I'm almost there. Just this proof and I can earn 30 points. How do I even solve this part?" Luo Feng was getting increasingly nervous. You must manage your time wisely in tests, but each mathematics calculation problem was worth a lot of points. Every high school student that wants to score well can't miss too many of these problems.

    At this time, Luo Feng was too focused on his test to notice his pulse meter.


    Luo Feng felt his pulse increasing, but thought that it was due to anxiety and didn't pay it much attention.

    [THUMP THUMP THUMP] Luo Feng suddenly felt like someone was pounding on his heart. His vision started getting hazy and he finally realized, "What's wrong with me? Why does my heart hurt so much" Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at his pulse meter displayed on his watch.──


    This number changed the entire color of Luo Feng's face. Ever since he entered a coma at 12 and bought this watch, he has never seen his heart rate go over 180.

    "I can't take this" Luo Feng felt as if his heart was going to beat out of his chest. His blood was surging as his heart rate increased and an indescribable amount of energy flowed into the depths of Luo Feng's brain. Pain flowed from his brain──

    “Ah, ah” Luo Feng couldn’t hold his voice in anymore.

    “This student, do you have a problem?” The examiner ran towards Luo Feng and looked at him surprisingly.

    Luo Feng at this time looked like he was about to bleed. His forehead and arm’s veins were bursting and even beating along with his heart. His entire body looked hideous.

    "No,No──NO, slow down, slow down!" Luo Feng had a bad feeling of what was to come and was screaming in his thoughts, staring at his watch.



    His heart, like a huge drum, let out waves of a low sound. His blood continuously surged.

    In his hazy vision, Luo Feng saw the number ‘268’ and the pain in his head caused him to collapse. As he was losing consciousness, he heard──

    “This student, this student, wake up, wake up! Quick, call an ambulance!”
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    Volume 1 Chapter 7: Exam Results

    [DING DING DING…..] The bell rapidly rang inside the Zhi-An region's first high school. The parents who were outside the school, on the grass, or sitting on the street all stood up. The parents looked inside the school through the gates.

    The bustling students all left the exam area.

    Year 2056, Jiang-Nan city's high school exams are officially over.

    All the students have to do now is to await their results, which will be released in one week.

    "Hao Bai" A balding, middle-aged man who seemed refined was standing outside the gate, smiling towards his son.

    "Dad" Zhang Hao Bai laughed as he went towards him.

    "How'd you do?" The middle-aged man laughed.

    Zhang Hao Bai shook his head and said helplessly, "I couldn't demonstrate all of my skill, but the math problems were really hard. The multiple choice, fill in the blanks, and the calculation problems all had many difficult problems, especially the calculation ones..... There were five of them but I could only solve two. For the other three, I could only do my best at solving parts of them. According to the procedure, I should still be able to receive some points for that"

    "Oh?" Zhang Hao Bai's dad, Zhang Ze Long, frowned, "So it seems like your math grade is going to be a bit low"

    "No problem dad. It was hard for everyone, not just me" Zhang Hao Bai laughed, "The math problems were all a bit harder, so I'm sure that the points required for passing will be lowered. I should be able to get into a military academy without a problem"

    "Oh, yea"

    Zhang Ze Long laughed, "Before, when we were waiting for your exam to finish, something happened. Your school's famous 'Luo Feng' student fainted inside the exam hall an hour before the end."

    "Fainted in the exam hall?" Zhang Hao Bai's widened his eyes, "Dad, you mean Luo Feng?"

    "Yea, that Luo Feng guy was carried away by an ambulance, many people saw the event occur." Zhang Ze Long nodded his head, "If you listen, many of the surrounding parents are telling their children of this event"

    "Luo Feng fainted?"

    Zhang Hao Bai looked around and listened closely. There were indeed many families talking about a student who fainted during testing. He also clearly heard many people mention the name 'Luo Feng'.

    "Haha, even this penniless bum has these kinds of days. Haha" Zhang Hao Bai couldn't hold his laughter back.

    "Dad, although you don't know this, this person always causes trouble for me in school" Zhang Hao Bai furiously added, "He is more stronger than me and more skilled than me in everything. Even this guy has these kinds of days" Zhang Hao Bai was delighted, for his anger towards Luo Feng was immense.

    In truth, Luo Feng never even bothers with this Zhang Hao Bai, it's just that Zhang Hao Bai keeps treating Luo Feng as an opponent. Since Luo Feng's grades and martial arts skills are all greater than his naturally made him suffer.

    "Haha, this guy has never seen the real world and was under too much psychological pressure. He couldn't handle it and collapsed. Ignore him. Go, your uncle knows your exams ended today and organized a banquet just for you. Let's go" Zhang Ze Long laughed.

    "Uncle?" Zhang Hao Bai's eyes flashed.

    The only reason the Zhang Family is able to prosper in the Zhi-an region is thanks to his uncle, because.....

    His uncle, is a fighter!


    "No way, there is absolutely no way!"

    Wei Wen, who just left the exam hall, panicked in front of his parents, "How could Feng collapse in the exam hall? He collapsed from nervousness? Impossible. Luo Feng's psychological qualities has even been praised by the Dojo of Limits instructors before"

    Wei Wen and Luo Feng were true brothers, even if not by blood.

    "Wen, there is no mistaking it. We saw this event unfold before our very eyes. That Luo Feng's father and his handicapped brother panicked in the moment and went to the hospital" Wei Wen's father followed.

    "Hospital? It should be the nearest one. Dad, mom, I'm going to go check on Luo Feng. I'll eat lunch later"

    Without delay, Wei Wen handed his test materials to his parents and ran towards the hospital.


    Inside Zhi-An region's people's hospital.

    Luo Feng was forcing a smile as he walked outside the hospital's main gate with his father and brother. At this time, Luo Hong Guo and Luo Hua were worried that Luo Feng wouldn't be able to handle the shock.

    "Dad, I'm fine. Lets go home and eat" Luo Feng seemed calm, but only regrets filled his heart. However, Luo Feng knew that the past cannot be changed, so all you can do is accept it!

    "Feng, Feng" a sound came from far away.

    Luo Feng turned towards the source and saw a small shadow far away running towards the hospital's main gate. It was his good brother 'Wei Wen'.

    Luo Feng was moved by the sight of Wei Wen: he ran so hastily that his shirt was drenched with sweat. "Wen, how hard were the last three calculation problems on the mathematics portion?" Luo Feng wasn't able to complete the last three problems, so if they were extremely difficult and many people couldn't do them...

    Then his grades would still have some hope.

    "Pretty hard" Wei Wen nodded, "This year's math problems were all very hard. Out of the five calculation problems, the third one was a bit easier, but the other four were all hard"

    "Phew" Luo Feng let out a breath.

    He still had a sliver of hope.....

    At 8 PM on June 16th, you can check your exam grade through the phone or internet, and the dividing line* will also come out too.

    June 16th, around 7 PM.

    Luo Feng's home. Only Luo Feng was in the room that belonged to both Luo Feng and Luo Hua. He was sitting in front of his laptop and refreshing the webpage again and again. The exam results come out at 8 PM, but usually they release it a bit earlier.

    "I'm afraid, I can't get into Jiang-Nan's number one military academy"

    "However, I finished the multiple choice, fill in the blank, and the first two problems on the calculation section on the mathematics portion. Even though I didn't complete the second problem, I wrote quite a few steps, which should earn me some points" Luo Feng thought to himself, "If I'm lucky, I should be able to earn around 120 points on the mathematics portion"

    Luo Feng anticipated, "I performed normally on the liberal arts and science sections. If I'm lucky, I should be able to become a bachelor"

    "If I can just reach the dividing line, I can get into the number two military academy"

    Between the two academies, the first one is clearly better. However, a very high score is required, so Luo Feng already gave up on that.

    However, there is still a bit of hope left for the number two military academy.

    "Hm?" Luo Feng's eyes flashed.

    The exam result webpage actually displayed something new after a refresh.

    "God, please help me a bit and let me pass the dividing line. As long as I pass it, I can get into the number two military academy" Luo Feng was worried and anxious. He then typed his name, ID, and examination certificate and hit the "search" button.


    The laptop page flashed a bit and soon displayed a form.

    Student: Luo Feng

    Sex: Male

    ID: 426123203806083211

    Examination Certificate: 5878643567890766

    Liberal Arts: 216

    Science: 223

    Mathematics: 118

    Total: 557

    Dividing Line: 561

    *TL note: In case you forgot, the dividing line is the score that separates the bachelors and specialists. For Luo Feng to get into the second highest ranked military academy, he needed to get at least the ‘bachelor average’ (dividing line).
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    Volume 1 Chapter 8: Two Fighters

    "557 points? The dividing line is 561 points?" Luo Feng took a deep breath.
    Just four points! Just because of these four points, I lost my chance of going to a military academy.

    I can't believe twelve years of studying led to this.

    "If I can't go to a military academy, then so be it. There's no big deal" Luo Feng focused his gaze and formed his right hand into the shape of a blade. He then made a horizontal cut into the space in front of him. Because of the hand's speed, the air violently trembled and shook. "Thanks to this time's coma, my strength has greatly increased!"

    "Maybe my current body fitness has reached the level required to be a fighter. I might be able to pass the Prospective Fighter exam"

    "It wouldn't be a problem even if I'm off by a bit. If I just seriously and bitterly train for one or two months, I should be able to pass the Prospective Fighter exam"

    Luo Feng's adaptability ability is very high. His exam scores didn't make it to the dividing line, which shocked him. However, the 'coma' increased his strength, which made him confident again.

    After all, a military academy graduate's position is far from a fighter's.

    [KA] Luo Feng opened the door and entered the living room.

    In the living room, Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan, and Luo Hua all turned their heads. All three of them were concerned. Gong Xin Lan even stood up and walked towards Luo Feng: "Feng, we can't blame you for your score. We can only blame your disease. Sigh, how could this disease start acting up now, it hasn't acted up for so many years"

    "Brother, you aren't in shock are you?" Luo Hua sat on his wheel chair, making fun on purpose.

    When Luo Feng was inside his room checking his grades, the rest of the family used Luo Hua's laptop to check Luo Feng's results and learned of the four point difference. Although they were a bit disappointed, they were more worried about Luo Feng himself.

    Luo Feng laughed: "Of course I'm not in shock. Dad, mom, don't blame this disease. In fact, we should even be thankful?"




    Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan, and Luo Hua were all shocked. High school exams are one of the most important events of one's life. Now that Luo Feng's exams were ruined by the disease, how could anyone be grateful towards it?

    "Dad, Mom, Hua" Luo Feng smiled a little, "When I was small, I had two comas and fainted. In fact, after I woke up from those comas, I felt like my strength increased by a large amount and am able to run faster. This time...... is also the same! I feel like my fitness level is way greater than it was previously, and I estimate that I can pass the Prospective Fighter exam"

    "What?" Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan, and Luo Hua exchanged glances.

    "Brother, are you serious?" Luo Hua couldn't hold back.

    "Of course I am" Luo Feng smiled a bit, "After I pass the Prospective Fighter exam, I'll be able to apply for the Fighter Combat exam. I am quite confident in my combat abilities. I might even be able to achieve the rank of fighter this year!"

    Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan, and Luo Hua were overawed by this piece of news.

    A fighter!

    What does that represent? It represents the most powerful group of humanity, it represents special privileges and rights! It represents a ton of money! It represents those at the top of the social hierarchy! And after you become a fighter, it'll bring along many benefits to your family; it is much better than becoming an elite student at a military academy.

    "A fighter is going to come from our family?" Luo Hua couldn't help yelling, "Haha, Brother, you're awesome!"

    "Feng, great!" Luo Hong Guo also excitedly patted Luo Feng's shoulder, "Becoming a fighter is great. Compared to a fighter, what's so good about a military academy graduate?"

    As of now, all the fighters on earth are praise and exalted in society.

    Seeing how his parents and brother were so happy, Luo Feng laughed, "Dad, Mom, we can't be too happy before I actually pass the exam"

    "An 18 year old fighter?" Luo Hua couldn't help but excitedly shout, "If my brother really becomes an 18 year old fighter, then, then that would be too, too....... AWESOME!!!"


    The day after that, 5 AM, the sky was bright.

    Luo Feng has just left home and was headed towards the Dojo of Limits.

    "There's barely anyone here at this time" Luo Feng entered the dojo and found that the entire dojo's lawn and road had about just 100 people. There are about 30 to 40 thousand members total. "The dojo instructor only teaches at night, so night time is when there are the most people"

    Luo Feng headed towards the elite member's building on the road.

    [RUMBLE~~~] A low sound wave carried over.


    Luo Feng unknowingly turned his head and saw an elegant, white race car. As it slowly entered the dojo, Luo Feng looked carefully and couldn't help but to take in a breath: "Aston Martin's race car? And it's even the newest and most expensive one with the ability to fly: thr-191?"

    His brother really loved race cars. At home, he heard Luo Hua praise this thr-191.

    "It's an Aston Martin"

    "It's even a 191, this one can fly" Within the dojo, the few students scattered around were all lured towards this area, "This one car costs 36 million"

    Right at this time, the race car stopped in front of the elite member's building's gate. The door opened and a short, red haired (clearly dyed) man wearing a loose dojo practice uniform walked out. His eyes randomly scanned the surroundings. He looked right past the regular dojo students but paused slightly on Luo Feng. However, without saying anything, he entered the building.

    "It's a fighter" Luo Feng's eyes flashed.

    Luo Feng could feel the pressure from the fighter's gaze. This is a gaze that has a will of steel and has experienced many fights to the death.

    The spacious dojo training hall was empty; not a single person was there.

    It was only around 5 AM. Even at night, there usually wouldn't be more than 20 people.

    "I want to see how much my strength has increased" Luo Feng walked over and plugged in the fist strength tester machine. After turning it on, he turned on the speed tester machine that was far away.

    Standing in front of the fist strength tester machine.


    Luo Feng took in a deep breath. He used his waist as the center which released his power. It shot through his body like a huge python and created an explosive force through his arm. His fist was like a lightning bolt and suddenly a [PENG] sound was created on the machine.

    [DI, DI, DI] The fist strength tester machine let out three sounds consecutively.

    Luo Feng's eyes flashed. Usually, the machine doesn't make this kind of sound. The only time it makes this sound is under one situation——the fist strength has surpassed 1000kg。

    "Hm?" Luo feng stared at the machine's display——'1089kg'。

    “So high?”

    Luo Feng was ecstatic. The fist strength required for a fighter was 900 kg. His previous fist strength was 809 kg. And now it shot up to 1089 kg, gaining 280 kg all of a sudden. Far more than enough to pass.


    Luo Feng excitedly punched like lightning, shaking his entire body left and right. The
    [PENG PENG] sounds kept going. As if blinking an eye, Luo Feng already punched around 20 something times. And the machine's display showed a bunch of numbers scrolling across.——'956kg,989kg,923kg,965kg……'。

    "Now I'll test my speed" Luo Feng headed towards the track, "As long as my speed passes, along with my naturally gifted reaction speed which was already qualified for a fighter, then I can definitely pass the prospective fighter exam!"

    Luo Feng adjusted his breathing.


    His body was like a cannonball, flying through the track.

    Fourth floor of the elite member's building. A red haired man was talking and walking side by side with a bald, middle-aged man wearing a black shirt.

    "Yan Luo, how long has it been since our last meeting" The middle-aged man smiled slightly, "Probably almost three years. That immature kiddo from back then became this famous. I heard this time you earned nearly a hundred million. Hoho. When I look at you, I feel like I'm old"

    "That was all luck" The red haired man laughed, "Brother Jiang, back then....."

    [DI, DI, DI]

    A weak sound came from a lower floor, which shocked and surprised the two men.

    "The fist strength tester machine downstairs is for beginners. Once 1000 kg is reached, it makes this sound" The bald middle-aged man said surprisingly, "There's even someone practicing here at 5 AM. Since it's over 1000 kg, could it be that Yang Wu?"

    "Wouldn't we know if we went down to look?"

    [HU! HU!]

    One black shirt and one white shirt. These two people were like phantoms that flew down the stair cases. In a blink of an eye, they went from the fourth floor to the third floor's training hall's entrance.

    The black shirt wearing, bald middle-aged man and the white shirt wearing, red haired man looked inside the training hall. At this time, Luo Feng was standing in front of the track and soon flew past.

    "28.1 m/s" The bald middle-aged man and the red haired man both saw the number displayed on the speed tester machine.

    "This Luo Feng, strength over 1000 kg and an incredible speed of 28.1 m/s" The bald middle-aged man was shocked.

    "Brother Jiang, this guy seems quite young. He seems to already have reached the fitness level required for a fighter" The red haired man said, astonished. The bald middle-aged man nodded: "Yea, his name is Luo Feng. He is one of the more gifted students in our dojo. He just had his 18th birthday this year!"

    "18? So young?" The red haired man's eyes flashed.

    At this time, Luo Feng was shocked at who he saw at the entrance. The red haired man is the fighter who came in his race car, while the bald middle-aged man is this Dojo of Limits' master, 'Jiang Nian', who has the most power and authority. According to the dojo's rules, every student calls him "instructor".

    "Instructor!" Luo Feng yelled in greeting.

    "Come here" Instructor Jiang Nian laughed, "I can't believe you're so fast. You've already reached what is required for a fighter. Let me introduce you, this is your senior, Yan Luo. Yan Luo, there's no problem with telling him your name right?"

    "Nope" Yan Luo looked at Luo Feng and nodded, "This young man has already reached the fitness requirement for a fighter at such a young age. Maybe, in the future, we'll have some sort of interaction"

    Jiang Nian looked towards Luo Feng and laughed: "Luo Feng, since you're 18, you must've taken your high school exams right. Ignore the results of that, what's the point of going to school? Just focus on taking the 'Prospective Fighter' exam. Oh yea, on July 1st, go to Tang Yang Zhou city's Dojo of limits to take your prospective fighter exam. With your current strength, you'll pass easily"

    "High school exams?" Yan Luo laughed, "Don't waste your time in college. You have nice talent. No matter what you do, you must put your all into it. Right now, you must put all of your concentration in martial arts. Kiddo, when you become a fighter, join our dojo of limits. You'll have a future by doing so."

    These two fighters all held extremely high positions. The rich and the politicians of society were nothing to them.

    They were looking forward to young Luo Feng joining their ranks.
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