In the stories that followed SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN, RUTHLESS SWORD (which included FULL MOON, CURVED SABRE, though that wasn't part of the FLYING DAGGER series of novels), Gu Long occasionally alluded to "Sung Yeung Sword Technique," which presumably was named after Gwok Sung Yeung from SSRS.

Does this imply that Gwok Sung Yeung was the *originator* of the sword technique that bears his name? Notice that the technique, which was also used by Gwok Sung Yeung's descendants in later stories, was called "Sung Yeung" Sword Technique, not "Gwok Family" Sword Technique. Because the sword technique is named after Gwok Sung Yeung personally and not his family, does this mean that he was the founding patriarch of this school of swordsmanship?

Similarly, the "Little Lee's Flying Dagger" technique is always attributed to Lee Chum Foon personally, not his forebears. Does that mean that Chum Foon was the personal originator of the flying dagger technique, not his ancestors?