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    Default Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei Sequel

    Chapter 1

    True love is not about just talking kind, warm and cute words to each other. It’s not about telling “I love you”, or just being together and having fun. True love is about caring for someone you love, being with her when she needs help, doing everything to protect and look after her.

    Li Gexiao sat at the round table in the courtyard playing his lute as he reminded himself the essence of true love. There was a grin on his face as thought about Yan Sanniang, recollecting the numerous life and death situations that they had gone through in the past. Recruiting her into the Yi Zhi Mei Group was one of the best decisions that he has ever made.

    As Li Gexiao reached for the wine flask on the table, a swift and delicate hand came from behind pulled the wine flask away from his grip. He gave an agitated glance over his right shoulder at the slender and graceful figure. “Didn’t I tell you that it’s a taboo to ruin the mood?” he growled.

    The slender and graceful figure was none other than the feisty, quick-witted, Yan Sanniang.

    “You’ve drank enough for the day,” Yan Sanniang remarked in her usual bossy tone of voice as she held the wine flask in her hand.

    Mix emotions of frustration and gladness swelled in Li Gexiao’s heart. There was just no word to describe how much he appreciated Yan Sanniang for looking after him. Due to his masculine personality he would never permit himself to reveal this to her. He responded by making a face at her.

    “From the taste of the wine I can tell that you have not steamed the wine. Perhaps you can return the wine flask to me once you’re done with it,” he remarked mockingly.

    Yan Sanniang gazed at him angrily. “Mister Ge, you’ve to understand that other than me no one else does any housework around here,” she retorted.

    Li Gexiao smirked, “A lady boss must be competent.”

    His words reminded Yan Sanniang of Lao Fuzi. It was the exact same words that Lao Fuzi had told her before. Knowing how much Lao Fuzi meant to Li Gexiao she decided not to bring it up. She did not want Li Gexiao to be unhappy.

    “We’re not even married yet. Therefore it would be inappropriate for you to call me lady boss,” she responded sarcastically. Being quick witted she decided to also use the opportunity to hint to him that there was still something missing in their relationship.

    Her words left Li Gexiao completely speechless. There was no doubt that he enjoyed every second being with her and appreciated all that she has done for him. But on the other hand, there was something that was holding him back from bringing their relationship to the next level.

    For the first time in his life Li Gexiao felt completely powerless. He very well knew that giving her his usual affectionate and tender stare in the eyes isn’t going to work this time round.

    There was a sudden absolute silence in the courtyard as the couple faced each other.

    Yan Sanniang folded her arms across her chest staring at Li Gexiao haughtily waiting for him to respond. After being his partner in crime and soul mate for so long she understood him much better. He was known to be bashful and not knowing how to express himself. Hence, she wasn't exactly expecting a satisfactory response from him.

    As Li Gexiao cracked his head trying to figure out a reasonable response a loud voice suddenly came from the back.

    “Old Li! We’ve a problem!”

    The couple looked towards the direction of the loud voice with mix feelings.

    Although Yan Sanniang was known to be unconventional and was contented by just being with him, like every other woman she was hoping for a higher level of commitment from him.

    Li Gexiao on the other hand was relieved that someone came to rescue him from a tight position. He was just not ready to commit himself to another woman whom he loved with all his life.

    Chai Hu hurried towards the couple with an alarming look on his face.

    Yan Sanniang cast an angry glare at Chai Hu. “Blockhead! What is it this time?” she asked in a chilling voice.

    From the tone of her voice and facial expression Chai Hu felt a strong air of fury coming from her. He immediately knew that he showed up at the wrong time. Giving her a smile on the face he replied in a fearful voice, “There is a group of bandits terrorizing Dingzhou Town. Xiaomei is already on his way there.”

    Li Gexiao walked up to Yan Sanniang and patted her on the shoulder. “Sanniang, no matter what happens you have my words that I will never leave you again,” he said in a low voice.

    It was certainly not the answer that she was hoping to get from him. But since they had an urgent mission that they needed to attend to she had no choice but to let him off the hook this time. She snorted at him. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

    Li Gexiao pursed his mouth in a self-satisfied smirk. “Alright. Let’s go.”

    End of Chapter 1

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    Chapter 2

    After arriving at Dingzhou Town Li Gexiao, Yan Sanniang and Chai Hu went straight to the Huiyan Tavern to meet up with He Xiaomei.

    The tavern attendant welcomed them and said, “It’s a little crowded here sir. Would you like to sit upstairs?”

    Just as Li Gexiao was about to reply to the attendant a voice called for him from upstairs. “Ge Ge, I’m here!”

    Li Gexiao and his two partners looked up and saw He Xiaomei sitting at a table next to a long wooden railing. The three of them climbed up the stairs and rushed towards He Xiaomei.

    He Xiaomei was delighted to see that his companions arrive. “Ge Ge, we’ve a critical situation here,” he said in an alarming tone of voice.

    Li Gexiao pulled a chair out for Yan Sanniang before sitting down. “Xiaomei, calm down. Take your time to tell us what exactly happened,” he said, with his usual compose facial expression.

    He Xiaomei quickly composed himself and then said, “Ge-ge, according to the inhabitants here a mysterious group of bandit has been going around raiding villages in Southwest Hebei and abducting defenseless women. Two nights ago they raided the third village.”

    “Niangniang Qiang any idea who these callous animals are?” Chai Hu asked angrily.

    He Xiaomei shook his head despairingly. “These bandits cover their faces with opera masks. And according to a peasant they seemed to be proficient in martial arts.”

    Yan Sanniang pursed her lips in anger. “We need to find out who they are fast,” she remarked assertively.

    Li Gexiao filled a cup with some wine and drank it slowly. “Xiaomei, get me the map of Southwest Hebei.”

    Yan Sanniang knitted her brows and looked at Li Gexiao. “What are your plans?” she asked abruptly.

    Li Gexiao took a quick sip of wine and then said, “First thing is to find out the places that they have strike so far. Hopefully we can find out their next target before they make their move.”

    He then paused and looked at Chai Hu. “Lao Hu, I need you and Sanniang to visit the villages that were raided to see if you can get any information from the victims’ families.”

    “Xiaomei, I need you to sneak into the provincial governor’s office to see if you can get any information.”

    Chai Hu raised his brows, “You suspect that the local official is behind this?”

    Li Gexiao shook his head. “I’m not sure yet but you definitely cannot let go of any possibilities.”


    The sun had set over the big city. Li Gexiao laid the Southwest Hebei map on the table. The villages circled in red were the ones that were raided.

    “Ge-ge, the provincial governor spends most of his time entertaining himself with wine and women in the city’s biggest brothel. He doesn’t seem to know anything about the bandits,” He Xiaomei reported.

    Yan Sanniang snorted angrily, “Sounds like another useless official to me. How long do we have to wait before the imperial court starts to get rid of all these incompetent officials?”

    Li Gexiao gave a chuckle. “We ought to be happy that the emperor is no longer under the influence of a corrupted official. As for getting rid of unscrupulous officials, it may take a lifetime to do so. We can only do our best to help those in need of help as much as possible.”

    “That was the reason why you rejected the emperor’s offer as the Brocade Guards Chief Commander. You would rather use your own methods to deliver justice and not get tied down by rules,” Yan Sanniang said with a grin.

    Li Gexiao took another gulp of wine and then said, “It is truly hard for a true confidant to come by. So what did you and Lao Hu manage to find out?”

    Yan Sanniang beamed as she could tell that he was indirectly praising her. “No one knows how those bandits look like as they have their faces covered with masks. Each time they raid a village they only go for the women,” she responded.

    Chai Hu nodded, “From the injuries that the peasants have sustained I’m certain that the bandits are proficient in martial arts too.”

    Li Gexiao knitted his brows and mulled to himself. “Only go for the women and proficient in martial arts?” he said in a low voice.

    Yan Sanniang interrupted his thoughts, “You know who they are?”

    “Not yet. But I do know where they are going to strike next,” Li Gexiao pointed at Zhaocun Village.

    He Xiaomei took a close look at the map and realized that the bandits were raiding the villages within the township in a specific sequence. “So we should wait for them at Zhaocun Village?” he asked smilingly.

    Yan Sanniang did a quick count on her fingers. “They should be making the move against Zhaocun Village tomorrow night. We should head off right away,” she said in alarm.

    Li Gexiao stood up and walked towards a balcony, looking out at the dark sky without saying a word.

    The three of them looked at their leader and awaited for his instructions.

    After waiting for a long while without getting any response Yan Sanniang walked up to Li Gexiao and lightly slapped him in the arm. “Hey, have you managed to come up with a plan yet?” she asked.

    Li Gexiao slowly turned his head and looked her in the eyes silently. A strong sense of anxiety and reservations were glowing in his eyes.

    Yan Sanniang puckered her brow as looked into his eyes. She could sense that his plan would put her in danger, which was the reason why he was holding it back from her. “Don’t worry. Just tell us your plan. I’ll be careful,” she patted his arm and said with a warmth smile. There was a strong sense of self-confidence glowing on her face.

    Li Gexiao finally gave her a nod. Yan Sanniang was becoming more important to him than she was before. He had to be extra careful each time whenever he devised a plan. “Sanniang, I need you to disguise as a peasant and get captured by the bandits so that we can get the location of their lair. This is really dangerous so if you don’t want to do it you can tell me now,” he explained. His voice was filled with affection and care.

    After completing countless missions with the group Yan Sanniang’s confidence level had become very much higher. Although Li Gexiao’s plans may be unreasonable to her at times but it never once failed them.

    “Alright. I’ll do it,” she replied with a smile.

    Li Gexiao nodded, “Not to worry. We’ll back you up from behind. I’ll not let you get hurt again.”

    Chai Hu couldn’t help but to interrupt them. “Lao Li, you don’t have to worry too much either. Sanniang’s lightness skill is so good that she’ll be able to escape if needed be.”

    He Xiaomie concurred, “That has never been anything that could trouble us. I’m confident that we can handle this without any problems.”

    End of Chapter 2

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    I LOVE the series and cannot wait for the second series if there is one. Anyone know about this? Anyway, I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to Yan Sanniang.... keep it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skoo78 View Post
    I LOVE the series and cannot wait for the second series if there is one. Anyone know about this? Anyway, I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to Yan Sanniang.... keep it up.
    Yes this is the best wuxia series i've seen for a long long time. No news on the sequel yet.

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    Chapter 3

    It was a cold, misty night with a crisp wind. Li Gexiao and He Xiaomei stood on the branch of a big tree waiting for the bandits to come.

    Chai Hu and Yan Sanniang dressed in commoners clothing sat around a fire drinking wine and chatting casually.

    All the other inhabitants of the village had abandoned the place after being alerted about the bandits.

    Yan Sanniang while on her guards slowly drank some wine from the bottle in her hand. “I hope that they will show up soon,” she whispered.

    Chai Hu could sense a strong air of eagerness coming from Yan Sanniang. “Sanniang, be patient. I’m sure that they will come,” he said confidently.

    Suddenly, a gust of wind came blowing towards them.

    Chai Hu looked towards the direction of the wind intently. He could hear sounds of light treads coming his way. Looks like these bandits have excellent lightness skills too. "Sanniang, be careful,” he said in a low voice.

    A group of men wearing loose black robes, covering their faces with masks stride in the air heading towards the village.

    Li Gexiao saw them coming and was astonished by their lightness skill capabilities. “Looks like their lightness skill is as good as Sanniang’s.” There was a worrying looks on his face. He was starting to worry that his plan of trailing the men to their lair might fail.

    The men in black robes flipped in the air and landed around Chai Hu and Yan Sanniang in a circle.

    Chai Hu quickly stood up. “Who are you?” he asked in a loud voice.

    A man in black robe pulled his saber out from his scabbard and struck Chai Hu’s shoulder with the flat surface of his saber.

    Unable to feel any murderous intent coming from the man Chai Hu willingly took the hit and fell to the ground.

    Yan Sanniang rushed over to Chai Hu and propped him up with her arm. “Husband, are you alright?” she asked in a horrifying voice.

    The second men in black robe grabbed Yan Sanniang by left arm and pulled her away with him.

    Yan Sanniang struggled to break away from the man's grip with very minimal strength. She did not want disclose her martial arts abilities to him.

    The man thrust his forefinger at Yan Sanniang’s right shoulder and sealed her acupuncture points to immobilize her.

    Yan Sanniang was startled. She felt complete numbness all over her body. “These bandits are martial arts experts,” she thought frighteningly.

    The other men barged into the cottages in the vicinity looking for more women but found none. One of them ran back to the man holding Yan Sanniang captive. “Boss, there isn’t anyone else around!”

    Li Gexiao quickly jumped off from the branch and sprang towards them. From the man’s martial arts he was certain that these men were not ordinary bandits. “Let the girl go!” he shouted.

    He Xiaomei reached for his darts and hurled it at the men in black loose robes.

    The men heard the rustling of wind coming swiftly towards them. They immediately dived aside to evade the incoming projectiles.

    “What?” He Xiaomei cried out in shock. This was the first time someone was able to avoid his darts without getting hurt.

    Chai Hu hurriedly leapt up from the ground and charged towards the man holding Yan Sanniang hostage.

    The man stepped to the side to evade Chai Hu’s oncoming fists and retaliated with a swift palm strike to his chest.

    Chai Hu felt pain in his chest as he stumbled backwards.

    Li Gexiao single handedly fought against three other men. After dodging his opponents’ repetitive fist strikes and kicks, he took a step back and executed a lightning fast horizontal kick to their faces, knocking them to the ground.

    He Xiaomei swept the folding fan in his hand diagonally at two other men’s head knocking them to the ground.

    “Retreat!” the man holding onto Yan Sanniang called out.

    Without wasting any more time, the men pulled out a silver pellet each and threw it onto the ground, producing a loud explosion sound; emitting thick white smoke across the area.

    By the time Li Gexiao and He Xiaomei cleared off the smoke in front of them the men had already disappeared from the area without leaving any traces behind.

    “Oh no! Ge-ge they’ve taken Sanniang away with them!” He Xiaomei said shockingly.

    Li Gexiao was completely dumbstruck. He cast a worrying glance around the area and saw nothing but darkness. “Sanniang…” he murmured in dismay.

    He Xiaomei slowly propped Chai Hu up from the ground. “Hu Ge, are you alright?”

    Chai Hu pressed onto his chest while nodding his head. “This bandits are good. Lao Li! What do we do now?”

    “The one holding on to to Sanniang has the best martial art skills. If the three of us take him on together I’m sure that we’ll be able to defeat him,” Li Gexiao explained.

    He Xiaomei was more concerned about Yan Sanniang’s safety rather than the bandits. “Ge-ge, which direction should we go to look for them?” he asked apprehensively.

    Li Gexiao pursed his lips and mulled to himself. He then ooked at his two companions urgently and said, “Lao Hu, Xiaomei, we’ll split up to look for them. I’m sure that they haven’t gone very far away. Let’s meet back here in two hours. If you bump into them try not to confront them alone!”

    After those words the three of them ran off in three different directions.


    A manor up on a hill was brightly lighted up. There was a guard post on each cardinal direction watching over the surrounding area.

    A man pulled open the door of a large storage room and pushed Yan Sanniang inside.

    As Yan Sanniang stumbled into the storage room and fell to the ground, she noticed at least fifty other women seated against the walls inside the storage room.

    “These must be the women that they have captured,” she thought.

    “Great hero! Please let us go!” they cried hysterically.

    Yan Sanniang’s tried to attack him but could barely move her finger. Her acupuncture points were still sealed. “These ladies here are innocent. Let them go at once! You can keep me as your hostage,” she exclaimed.

    The man laughed coldly. “All women in this world are shameless and disloyal! I’m going to make sure that all of you suffer horribly!”

    Yan Sanniang snorted, “You’re insane!”

    The man took off the mask covering his face. There were countless burn marks on his face. “I became insane because the woman whom I truly loved caused me to lose my good looks!” he said in a chilling voice.

    The women were startled by the man’s face and started screaming horror.

    The man hummed coldly and exited the storage room, closing the door behind him.

    “Don’t worry I’m here to help rescue you all,” Yan Sanniang said softly.

    A woman gave her a weird look on the face. “How can you rescue us when you’re also being locked up in here with us?”

    Yan Sanniang looked down at a bamboo tube tucked inside her pocket. She then looked up and noticed a small hole-in-the-wall. All she had to do now was to wait for her acupuncture points to be released by itself so that she could alert her location to her companions.

    End of Chapter 3

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    Chapter 4

    Li Gexiao walk hurriedly along the narrow pathway searching for traces of the bandits. “Not a single footprint left behind. It’s either they have remarkable lightness skill or they used another route,” he concluded.

    After walking another short distance he reached the end of the pathway with only a river up ahead. He stood at the wooden bridge and gazed at the clear river water. “I wonder how is Sanniang now,” he murmured.

    While gazing at the river water he started to recall how Yan Sanniang helped him to escape when they were cornered by Yan Shifan and his henchmen years ago. “Sanniang is intelligent and she has exceptional abilities. I’m sure that she’ll be fine,” he thought with a wide smile. With those thoughts the anxiety swelling in his heart was gone.

    The coolheaded Li Gexiao had regained his composure. He decided to head back to meet up with Chai Hu and He Xiaomei to see if they were able to get any leads.

    As he was heading back to the village he spotted an old man and a little boy coming from the left. The old man was having difficulty in walking and had to be propped by the little boy.

    Li Gexiao walked towards them to see if there was anything he could do to help them. “Uncle, your leg seemed to be injured. Where are you going?”

    The old man lowered his head to greet Li Gexiao. “Brother, we’re just going to collect some herbs at the foot of the hill across the river.”

    Li Gexiao looked at the old man in surprise. “There’s a hill across the river?”

    The little boy nodded and said, “Yes. Grandma is very ill. We’re going to collect some herbs to make some medicine for her.”

    Li Gexiao smiled and said, “Uncle, since you’ve difficulty to walk why don’t I accompany you to your destination.”

    The little boy looked at Li Gexiao happily. “Thank you Big Brother!”

    The old man covered his right fist with his left palm saluting him. “Thank you for lending us a helping hand.”

    Li Gexiao carried the old man on his back as he followed the little boy back to the river.

    The little boy ran towards the bushes and pulled a raft out from it. There was a small flag fastened on the right edge of the raft.

    “Uncle, why did you have to hide the raft?” he asked confusingly.

    The old man grinned and said, “The hero living on the hill hates strangers. Whenever his followers sees an unknown boat or raft approaching they would attack it right away. Only a raft that carries their flag will be spared. You must promise me that once we have reach the bottom of the hill you will not loiter around.”

    Li Gexiao raised his brow and asked, “Why is that?”

    “If they catch you sneaking around they’ll most definitely come after us,” the old man said worriedly.

    From the old man’s explanation Li Gexiao suspected that the person living on the hill was somewhat related to the bandits. He agreed to the old man’s conditions. “Uncle must have helped this mysterious person for him to give uncle special treatment,” he said casually.

    “Grandpa saved his life once,” the little boy interrupted.

    Li Gexiao responded with a nod. “Looks like this mysterious person is honorable.”

    After paddling the raft for over twenty minutes Li Gexiao, the old man and little boy reached the other end of the river. There were ten bigger boats tied to the dock lines.

    As Li Gexiao helped the old man out from the raft, he noticed a guard post up ahead of them. There were three masked men in black loose rob standing on the post.

    “Looks like I’ve found their lair,” Li Gexiao smiled pleasingly.


    After finished helping the old man and little boy Li Gexiao returned to the village to meet up with Chai Hu and He Xiaomei.

    “Looks like after the bandits capture the women they will travel back to the hill by river. The entire area is heavily guarded too,” Li Gexiao highlighted.

    Chai Hu smiled intently. “Now that we know their lair we can barge our way in to save Sanniang and the other women!”

    He Xiaomei declined, “No way! Didn’t you hear Ge-ge say that the entire place is heavily guarded? Forcing our way in is too dangerous. We might end up losing our lives.”

    Chai Hu glared at He Xiaomei. “Niang Niang Qiang if you’re afraid to die you can stay here and wait for us. We can’t leave Sanniang in the hands of those callous animals!”

    Li Gexiao patted Chai Hu in the back to calm him down. “Sanniang is intelligent and capable. I’m confident that she will be alright. But I do need Xiaomei to infiltrate the bandit’s lair to find her and get more about the bandits. If I’m right their leader is the one with the best martial art skills.”

    He Xiaomei stared at Li Gexiao shockingly. “Ge-ge, you want me to infiltrate their lair? Didn’t you say that they will kill anyone that tries to get close to the hill?”

    Li Gexiao looked He Xiaomei in the eyes and said, “Xiaomei, you had no problems infiltrating the Leopard Gang’s lair the last time. I’m confident that you’ll succeed this time round too.”

    He Xiaomei saw nothing but confidence and faith glowing in Li Gexiao's eyes. "Ge-ge, I’m not even sure if I can get pass their tight security,” he sighed worriedly.

    Li Gexiao patted He Xiaomei's shoulder. “I’m sure that they will have to leave the hill to get food supplies. You can make use of that to get in. Furthermore, they conceal their faces with masks so there is no way that they can detect you.”

    He Xiaomei pursed his lips and felt a sudden chill going down to his spine. Images of the bandits beheading him started running wild in his mind.

    "Xiaomei, I have confidence in you. You’re our only hope to find Sanniang”

    Chai Hu patted He Xiaomei's other shoulder. "You can do it!"


    A masked man holding a meal basket in his hand unlocked the steel door and pushed it open

    Yan Sanniang was waiting by the side of the wall. The moment the masked man stepped into the storage room she swiftly slashed her hand down at the back of his head and knocked him out.

    The other women inside the storage room stood up and looked at Yan Sanniang excitingly.

    “It’s impossible for all of us leave here together,” Yan Sanniang exclaimed. “You all stay here and wait for me to come back. I promise you that I’ll get my companions to bring you all out of this place.” After spending so much time with Li Gexiao accomplishing countless missions she thoughts became much sharper.

    There were nine masked men carrying sabers patrolling a courtyard outside the storage room.

    Yan Sanniang waited till they were gone before exiting through the door. She swiftly leapt into the air and ran along the roof without making any noise. Due to her excellent extraordinary memory she was able to remember the direction of the place.

    Suddenly, a shadow appeared down below and sprang towards her.

    Yan Sanniang halted her steps and started attacking the shadow with a series of lightning fast palm strikes, hand chops and kicks.

    The shadow parried all Yan Sanniang’s attacks and subsequently leapt to the back. “Emei Sects's martial art skills certainly lives up to its reputation.”

    Yan Sanniang dashed towards the shadow and continued attacking him relentlessly.

    The shadow did not back down. After parrying the attacks he retaliated with a chain swift and forceful kicks.

    Although Yan Sanniang’s moves were fast but it was still not enough for her to overpower her opponent.

    While in midair the shadow executed two moves concurrently. A sweeping kick with his light leg and a frontal kick with his left leg; both moves targeting different parts of Yan Sanniang’s body.

    Yan Sanniang parried the sweeping kick but failed to avoid the frontal kick which hit her in the shoulder. She felt pain in her right shoulder and fell off the roof.

    The shadow jumped off the roof, landed beside Yan Sanniang and thrust his forefinger at her left shoulder.

    Yan Sanniang laid on the floor unable to move. Her acupuncture points were sealed.

    Suddenly, a projectile streaked towards the shadow at unimaginable speed.

    The shadow quickly leaned backwards to avoid the incoming projectile.

    A masked man standing in the corner immediately send three more projectiles at the shadow.

    As the shadow took six steps back to evade the projectiles the masked man rushed towards Yan Sanniang and pulled her up from the ground.

    “Sanniang! It’s me! Let’s go!” the masked man said loudly.

    Yan Sanniang could recognize the masked man’s voice. “Mei Mei?”

    The masked man was indeed He Xiaomei in disguise.

    The shadow snorted, “She isn’t going anywhere!” He darted towards the masked man and stab his neck using his forefinger; sealing his acupuncture points.

    “Earth Piercing Finger Skill!” He Xiaomen stated.

    The shadow laughed coldly. “Your martial arts knowledge is not too bad,” he remarked, pulling the mask off He Xiaomei’s face.

    Ten masked men armed with sabers rushed towards the scene to capture He Xiaomei and Yan Sanniang.

    The shadow was in fact the man with burned marks on his face.

    The masked men escorted He Xiaomei and Yan Sanniang into a hall.

    “You’re related to the Mount Heaven Sect!” He Xiaomei said loudly. “Who would have expected disciples of a renowned righteous sect to pick on defenseless women. How despicable!”

    The man with burned scars glared at He Xiaomei. “Shut up!”

    Yan Sanniang beamed, “So you’re a disciple of the Mount Heaven Sect? No wonder you have remarkable lightness skill and acupuncture sealing skill.”

    “My name is Mu Qingshu. I used to be the head disciple of the Mount Heaven Sect. I was expelled from my school and lost my good looks because of the evil woman!”

    He Xiaomei and Yan Sanniang looked at each other upon realizing the man’s name and background.

    He Xiaomei started to pity the man. “Love deceives people while affection harms people. Unfortunately no one has ever been able to realize this and let themselves free from it,” he said with a sigh.

    Yan Sanniang looked at the man with burn scars and asked, “What exactly happened?”

    The man with burn marks looked down to the ground and said, “Approximately two years ago, I met a girl by the name of Gao Shanshan while I was on my way to challenge the evil Blood Shadow Sect’s leader. I fell in love with her the moment I met her. I’m certain that her feelings towards me were genuine as well. We shared some memorable times together.”

    He Xiaomei knitted his brow and said, “Since the two of you loved each other so much how come she ruined your face?”

    Anger and hatred started swelling in the man with burn marks heart. “She was in fact a follower of the Blood Shadow Sect, instructed by her master to get close to me to stop me from having a duel with him,” he said angrily. “On the night of our wedding, a day before my duel with her master she drugged me with anesthetics to prevent me from dueling her master. I tried to go after her to find out what exactly but the anesthetics contained in the wine had numbed my limbs. I ended up knocking the burning lamp to the floor and fell face down on it."

    He Xiaomei dishearteningly said, “How tragic….”

    The man with burn marks cast a glare at Yan Sanniang. “Every women in this world is shameless and disloyal. You’re no different either!”

    He Xiaomei retorted, “Nonsense! Sanniang’s love for Ge-ge is pure and unswerving! Just because Gao Shanshan was mean to you doesn't every women is like her."

    The man with burn marks shook his head angrily. “You’re lying! Every women in the world is the same!”

    Yan Sanniang lost her composure and mocked, “I, Yan Sanniang will never betray the man that I love.” Her voice was filled with great passion. She was angry with the man with burn marks for assuming that she too was a shameless and disloyal woman. Little did he know that the happiest moments of her life she was when Li Gexiao held her for the first time. There was a smile on her face as she thought about Li Gexiao's masculine and irritating behaviors.

    The man with burn marks clenched his teeth, staring at Yan Sanniang intently. “Very well! If you can prove to me your devotion to the man that you love I’ll let you go!”

    He Xiaomei dropped his jaw wide open. “What?”

    The man thrust his forefinger at He Xiaomei’s shoulder, unblocking his acupuncture points. “I want you to bring the man that this woman loves here and prove to me that pure love does exist. If you try to pull any tricks on me all the women here will die,” he said in a chilling voice.

    He Xiaomei looked at Yan Sanniang confidently and said, “Sanniang, don’t worry. I’ll bring Ge-ge here to save you.”

    Yan Sanniang nodded with a smile. “Mei Mei, I trust you.”

    End of Chapter 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blith3 View Post
    Yes this is the best wuxia series i've seen for a long long time. No news on the sequel yet.
    Thanks for the update. Test of love.........

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    Chapter 5

    He Xiaomei edgily enlightened his companions about the bandits leader’s background and the reason behind him capturing the women.

    Li Gexiao was silent the whole time. He was drinking wine from a cup while listening to He Xiaomei.

    Chai Hu gritted his teeth in silent fury. “Lao Li, we should kill this mad man before it’s too late.”

    He Xiaomei disapproved Chai Hu’s proposition crossly. “Da Kuai Tou, can you stop being impulsive for once. We’re talking about Sanniang’s safety here. Mu QIngshu already said that he will kill all the women if we try to pull any tricks”

    Chai Hu looked away angrily. He was very eager to rescue Yan Sanniang and the other women but just could not come up with a more strategic plan that would not endanger their lives.

    “Lao Hu, I’ve something very important for you to do. I need you to go and look for Gao Shanshan,” Li Gexiao finally spoke.

    Chai Hu stared at Li Gexiao astonishingly. “Are you crazy? The world is so big how is it possible for find her in such a short period of time?” he lashed out.

    Li Gexiao finished off the last drop of wine and stepped out of the room. “I don’t care. Just go and look for her. Xiaomei and I will go and meet Mu Qingshu.”

    “His love for Sanniang has definitely affected his sanity,” Chai Hu grunted, making a face.

    He Xiaomei beamed at Chai Hu with his arms folded. “Didn’t I mention earlier that Gao Shanshan is a follower of a Blood Shadow Sect?”

    Chai Hu returned a smiled delightedly. “That’s right! I almost forgot about that! “ A sudden thought struck his mind. “But why would Lao Li want me to find her? Could it be that he wants to use her to exchange for Sanniang?”

    He Xiaomei hummed and said teasingly, “That, you would have to ask Sanniang. She might be able to tell you what Ge-ge has in mind.”


    A raft arrived at the shore. Li Gexiao and He Xiaomei got out from the raft and walked towards the hill up ahead.

    Five masked men standing at the bottom of the hill blocked them.

    “Hold it! Who are you?” a masked man asked.

    Li Gexiao covered his right fist with his left palm greeting them. “My name is Li Gexiao. I’ve come to see Great Hero Mu.”

    “Wait here. I’ll go and inform our Chief,” the masked man replied.

    Li Gexiao took a quick view of the surrounding terrain while waiting for the masked man. Although the place was very well guarded but he was confident that he, Yan Sanniang and He Xiaomei’s would not have any problems escaping. His only concern was the other women who were being held captive.

    The masked man returned moments later. “The Chief is waiting for you on the hill. Come with me.”

    Li Gexiao looked at He Xiaomei and said, “Let’s go.”

    Twelve masked men armed with sabers standing by the side of the two walls watched Li Gexiao and He Xiaomei enter the place

    Mu Qingshu sitting on the raised area looked at Li Gexiao up and down. “So this must be the man that the woman loves. He certainly carries an air of chivalry,” he observed.

    Li Gexiao gave Mu Qingshu a smile. “It’s an honor to meet you, Great Hero Mu. Can I have a look at my woman?”

    Mu Qingshu clapped his hands signaling his followers to bring Yan Sanniang to the main hall.

    Two masked men escorted Yan Sanniang into the place shortly.

    Li Gexiao cast a glance at Yan Sanniang to see if she was alright.

    Yan Sanniang gazed at Li Gexiao with a pleasant smile on her face. After being locked up for days she was starting to miss him. She was extremely delighted to see him.

    Li Gexiao looked back at Mu Qingshu and said, “Great Hero Mu, thanks for not making things difficult with her.”

    Mu Qingshu smirked coldly, “I was going to behead her but she insisted that her love for you is pure so I’m giving her a chance to prove it to me.”

    Li Gexiao looked at Yan Sanniang and then looked at Mu Qingshu troublingly. “Great Hero Mu, actually her love for me is so pure that it freaks me out,” he said in a disturbing voice, putting up an act.

    “Have you ever seen a woman steaming up your wine so that the alcoholic content becomes weaker? The worst part is she even restricts the amount of wine that I can consume a day. Deranging indeed. Sometimes I feel as though she is my mother rather than my woman,” he continued with a heavy sigh while shaking his head.

    He Xiaomei lowered his head and covered his mouth with his palm to contain his laughter.

    Yan Sanniang pursed her lips and glared at Li Gexiao’s in fury.

    Li Gexiao caught a glance of Yan Sanniang and noticed the expression on her face. “She is definitely going to kill me later. But this is too much fun,” he thought amusingly.

    “Mister Li, you are one lucky man. Why are you still complaining?” Mu Qingshu said with a smirk. “How about I do you a favor and kill her for you so that she won’t be able to trouble you again?”

    Li Gexiao replied shakingly, “No way! If you kill her who is going to steam my wine for me? Who is going to bring me the bucket to wash my face in the morning? Who is going to do my laundry for me?” His voice was full of emotions.

    “So do you actually love her?” Mu Qingshu asked.

    Li Gexiao slowly turned his head to look at Yan Sanniang, and noticed a strong trace of fury glowing on her face. “As the saying goes, it is hard to find a true confidant in life. I do appreciate her annoying behavior and doubt I can live without it,” he said in a soft voice.

    “If you truly love her how come the two of you are not married yet?” Mu Qingshu went on.

    Yan Sanniang beamed at Li Gexiao as she waited for him reply to the question.

    Li Gexiao put his hands on his hips and started shaking his head. “Great Hero Mu, you’ve no idea how expensive is it to rear another person. I don’t even have the money for the wedding ceremony,” he heaved a long sigh.

    “It would be great if you could loan us gold ingots so that we could tie the knot,” Yan Sanniang said with a chuckle.

    Mu Qingshu got up from his seat, reached for a pot a side table and poured some wine into a cup. “This wine contains poison. I will only kill one of you. The one who doesn’t drink the wine gets to leave alive,” he said coldly.

    Yan Sanniang snorted furiously, “How can there be love when either one of us dies? You don’t have the slightest idea what love is. I finally understand why your woman left you. She probably couldn’t take your inhuman behavior.”

    Mu Qingshu clenched his fist in anger. “How dare you insult me! I guess there’s no need for you two to decide who drinks the poisonous wine anymore!”

    After those words he leapt into the air and sprang towards Yan Sanniang, with his palm aimed at her head.

    Li Gexiao hurriedly dashed in front of Yan Sanniang to shield her from Mu Qingshu’s attack.

    Mu Qingshu’s palm ended up striking Li Gexiao’s shoulder instead.

    Li Gexiao felt pain on his shoulder. He stumbled backwards threw up a mouthful of blood.

    “Gexiao!” Yan Sanniang called out in shock. She grabbed Li Gexiao’s shoulders and propped him from behind.

    He Xiaomei ran towards Li Gexiao to take a look at his injury. “Ge-ge! Are you alright?” he asked worryingly.

    Li Gexiao regained his balance and saluted Mu Qingshu with his fists cupped. “Great Hero Mu, thanks for being lenient.”

    The injury that Li Gexiao had sustained was in just a minor injury.

    Mu Qingshu retracted mass amount of inner strength contained in his palm the moment he saw Li Gexiao going forward to take the strike for Yan Sanniang. His motive was only to prove that Yan Sanniang was disloyal like every other woman in the world.

    Mu Qingshu looked away, with his eyes glaring at the poisonous wine intently. He was still waiting to see if Yan Sanniang was courageous enough to sacrifice herself for the man of her life.

    Unable to bear seeing Li Gexiao endanger his life for her again, Yan Sanniang gallantly rushed towards the side table, grabbed the cup and poured the wine down the throat.

    Feeling a sudden numbness all over her body, Yan Sanniang collapsed to the ground.

    This time is was Li Gexiao who was alarmed by Yan Sanniang’s actions. He frantically ran towards her, propped her from behind and slowly laid her to the ground. “Sanniang, are you alright? Why did you drink the wine? Why?”

    Yan Sanniang gave him a smile and said in a soft voice, “Because I love you…”

    Li Gexiao just gazed at Yan Sanniang in shock. Unable to bear the pain of possibly losing the woman whom he loved once more, he gently stroke Yan Sanniang’s cheek and said in an affectionate voice, “I love you too….” Pulling Yan Sanniang closer to him, he pressed his lips against hers and showered her with the limitless love contained in his heart.

    Yan Sanniang shuddered while her eyes became watery, as she received the kiss that she has been longing from the time they opened their hearts to each other.

    Very quickly relaxing herself, she closed her eyes, tilted her head, and returned his kiss passionately. Enjoying the sweet moment of receiving her first kiss from Li Gexiao, the love of her life.

    The air in the main hall was filled with a sudden love and affection coming from the couple.

    Mu Qingshu pulled a small bottle out from his pocket and placed it on the floor. He was touched by the couple’s devotion. “Here is the antidote. The two of you may leave now,” he said softly.

    Li Gexiao quickly grabbed the small bottle, poured out a small capsule to the palm and placed it in Yan Sanniang’s mouth.

    He Xiaomei stared at Mu Qingshu smilingly. He was prepared to neutralize the poison in Yan Sanniang’s body but waited to see if Mu Qingshu would provide them with the antidote instead. “Ge-ge is right. There is good in you.”

    Li Gexiao slowly pulled Yan Sanniang up from the floor. “Great Hero Mu, I heard about the tragedy that befell upon you. But venting your anger on other innocent women isn’t the way to go. How about if you let them go?” he said.

    Mu Qingshu cast a cold glare at Li Gexiao. “I was kind enough to spare your woman’s life and let you all go. I suggest that you leave now before I decide to change my mind,” he replied angrily.

    “It’s a pity to see a man of your caliber to give up hope because of a woman who did not love you. A wise man once told me that as long as you have the courage to change only then can you create your own future,” Yan Sanniang remarked. Those were the exact words that Lao Fuzi once told her.

    Mu Qingshu pulled the mask off his face and started laughing coldly. “Future? My future was destroyed by Gao Shanshan a long time ago.”

    Li Gexiao shakingly said, “Whoever that created a problem is the best person to solve it. Unless you untie the knot in your heart yourself, you’ll forever be stuck in the world of suffering and pain.”

    Mu Qingshu clenched his fist in fury. “Very well! Gao Shanshan was the one who created this whole problem. If you can find her for me I’ll release all the women that I’ve captured!” he said in a stern voice.

    Li Gexiao gave him a nod. “Sure. I’ll do whatever it takes to find her.”

    Mu Qingshu returned a nod to him.

    Moments later, Li Gexiao put his arm Yan Sanniang and walked her down the hill.

    He Xiaomei followed them closely from behind.

    “You’re really going to help him find Gao Shanshan?” Yan Sanniang questioned.

    Li Gexiao looked her in the eyes and nodded. “It’s our only chance to save the other women. I’ve already sent Lao Hu out to look for her. We should hear from him real soon.”

    Yan Sanniang beamed. “Looks like you had it all planned out before coming here,” she commended.

    “Don’t worry. We’ll definitely be able to rescue those women in his hands,” Li Gexiao replied smilingly.

    Yan Sanniang saw the confidence glowing in Li Gexiao's eyes. "I'm confident that you'll succeed," she said with a sweet smile.

    End of Chapter 5

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    Chapter 6

    Li Gexiao, Yan Sanniang, and He Xiaomei stood under a big tree talking among themselves.

    Yan Sanniang knitted her brows and asked doubtfully, “Do you really think that he will release the women once he meets Gao Shanshan?”

    Li Gexiao gave a nod. “He seems to be a man of his words.”

    He Xiaomei concurred with him. “That moment of affectionate between you and Sanniang certainly changed his view about love,” he said with a chuckle.

    Li Gexiao elbowed him in the chest while Yan Sanniang elbowed him in the arm in unison.

    He Xiaomei let out a cry of pain while stumbling backwards. “You two are ganging up to pick on me now?” he said teasingly.

    Yan Sanniang lifted up her hand and made face at him. “Do you want to get more beatings?”

    He Xiaomei quick raised his hands to cover his face. “Alright! I admit defeat!” he cried frighteningly.

    “Enough of joking around,” Li Gexiao interrupted. Without warning he reached for Yan Sanniang’s hand and held it tightly. “Let’s go back and wait for Lao Hu,” he said in a soft voice.

    Yan Sanniang’s face flushed in red. She brought hand down bashfully, walking away with Li Gexiao,

    He Xiaomei was left alone. “Hey! Wait for me!”


    Three days later, four masked men carrying a sedan chair on their shoulders arrived at a fishing village.

    Li Gexiao, Yan Sanniang, He Xiaomei and Chai Hu were waiting for them at a riverside.

    Mu Qingshu stepped out of the sedan chair and walked towards them. “You said in your pigeon message that you’ve found Gao Shanshan. Where is she now?” he asked anxiously.

    Li Gexiao nodded, “Come with me.”

    After walking a short distance along the riverside, they arrived at a tea stall.

    A happy looking woman and her two children wearing commoner clothing were seated at a table conversing casually.

    Mu Qingshu halted his steps the moment he caught a glimpse of the woman. His eyes were burning in disbelief, and his mouth frozen open in a silent.

    Li Gexiao, Yan Sanniang, He Xiaomei and Chai Hu cast a glance at Mu Qingshu as they walked past them, heading towards the stall.

    The woman greeted them smilingly. “Sirs, please take a sit and have a drink.”

    Li Gexiao, Yan Sanniang, He Xiaomei and Chai Hu sat around a table waiting to be served.

    The woman looked towards her two children. “Xing’er, Fu’er, quickly go and bring out a pot of tea,” she them.

    “Yes, mother.”

    Yan Sanniang gave the woman a smile. “Your children are so obedient. You must be very happy.”

    The woman shakingly said, “Not really. Normally they’re very mischievous. But I’m truly blessed to finally settle down and have such a happy family.”

    “You’re not a local?” He Xiaomei asked.

    The woman replied with a grin, “No. I left my hometown a few years ago because something happened. I got to know my husband after arriving here. We got married later on and I finally settled down in the province.”

    As she was wiping the table with a cloth she noticed Mu Qingshu walking towards her. She quickly went up to him. “Sir, you’re alone? Please take a seat.”

    Mu Qingshu glared at the woman intently. “Do you know who am I?” he asked in a chilling voice, taking off the mask covering his face.

    The woman shuddered the moment she saw Mu Qingshu’s face. “Mu Qingshu? What happen to you?” she asked shockingly.

    “Who was it that caused me to become so ugly? Who was it that betrayed me and sold me out?!” Mu Qingshu asked in anger.

    A man wearing a commoner clothing and the two children stepped out from the shack. “Shanshan, what’s going on?” the man asked worriedly.

    The woman quickly ran over to her husband and children in panic.

    Li Gexiao stood up and looked at the man. “That person there is your wife’s ex-lover,” he said, pointing towards Mu Qingshu.

    The man looked at his wife puzzlingly.

    The woman lowered her head and started sobbing. She did not want her husband to know anything about her past.

    Li Gexiao walked towards Mu Qingshu. “Great Hero Mu, after seeing her again don’t you want to be with her again?” he asked.

    Mu Qingshu was silent. His mind was completely blank.

    “Why are you not saying anything? Seeing that she is now married and have her own children, you just don’t have the heart to separate them?” Li Gexiao asked.

    Mu Qingshu was speechless even though he couldn’t but to admit that Li Gexiao guessed him correctly.

    “If you don’t separate them, it’s you who will get hurt. Is worth it?” Li Gexiao questioned him.

    Chai Hu was shocked by Li Gexiao’s words. He stood up and glared at Li Gexiao. “Lao Li! What are you trying to do?” he asked fumingly. Seeing the woman and her family so happy reminded him of Lin Shuangshuang and her family.

    “Reckless courage and feminine benevolence does not help one to become successful,” Li Gexiao continued to taunt Mu Qingshu. “You better think properly. Once you’ve killed the man and the two children you will be able to live happily with Gao Shanshan.”

    After hearing the words ‘live happily with Gao Shanshan’ Mu Qingshu casted a cold glare at the man. The desire to kill the man was fuming passionately in his heart. The moment he took into consideration about how sad the woman and her children would become if they lose the man, he reluctantly contained his aggression.

    “What are you waiting for? Kill them!” Li Gexiao raised his voice.

    Chai Hu gritted his teeth fumingly. “Lao Li! Have you lost your mind? Do you know what you just said?” Being emotional and impulsive, it didn’t strike his mind that Li Gexiao was trying to stir up Mu Qingshu’s anger for a reason.

    Yan Sanniang and He Xiaomei on the other hand remained silent the whole time. They were more meticulous and understood Li Gexiao much better. They were certain that Li Gexiao would never do anything to hurt the weak.

    Gao Shanshan stepped forward and stared at Mu Qingshu in frustration. “Mu Qingshu what exactly do you want? My family are not members of the martial community. Please don’t harm them,” she pleaded.

    Mu Qingshu clenched his fist while his eyes started burning in fury. A strong murderous intent was gushing through his body.

    Li Gexiao noticed the hesitant expression on Mu Qingshu’s face. He interrupted Mu Qingshu’s thoughts and said, “If you don’t have the heart to do it I’ll give you a hand.”

    “No!” Chai Hu shouted. Just as he was about to try and stop Li Gexiao, he felt a sudden pain in the back of his head and fell down to the ground unconsciously.

    He Xiaomei retracted his hand and heaved a long sigh. “Sorry Hu-ge. I didn’t mean to do this to you.”

    Li Gexiao stood in front of the man and shot his palm out. A blast of air coming from his palm struck the man in the face and send him crashing to the ground, unmoving.

    The woman and her two children bend down beside the man, calling out at him in agony.

    Li Gexiao stared at the woman intently. “You feel sad now don’t you? Have you ever thought about how sad Great Hero Mu was after ditched by you? I’m going to let you feel what it is like to lose someone whom you love,” he said cruelly. “Great Hero Mu lost his looks and got expelled from his martial art school because of you.”

    The woman sniffled in fury, “Did you really think that by doing this I will give in to you? Only in your dreams!”

    Li Gexiao walked closer to her. “So you’re unwilling to go back to Great Hero Mu and be with him again?” he asked.

    The woman snorted in anger and looked away, completely ignoring Li Gexiao.

    Li Gexiao shot both his palms out, emitting a blast of air at the two children’s face.

    The two children hit the ground unmoving.

    The woman crawled towards her two children and shouted hysterically. Xing’er! Fu’er!”

    “I’m asking you one last time. Are you willing to go back to Great Hero Mu?” Li Gexiao questioned.

    The woman stood up and stared at Li Gexiao fumingly. “Never!”

    Li Gexiao thrust his palm out, emitting a blast of air at the woman’s face and send her crashing to the ground.

    “Noooo!” Mu Qingshu shouted startlingly. The moment he saw Li Gexiao hitting the woman, his hatred towards her vanished instantaneously. He loosened his grip and stared at the women melancholically.

    Li Gexiao folded his hand behind his back. “That’s the consequences for being foolish,” he said indifferently.

    Mu Qingshu’s eyes became teary. “Why did you kill her?” he asked furiously.

    “I despise women who are disloyal and heartless,” Li Gexiao replied. He turned around and walked towards Mu Qingshu. “Since she has decided that she would not go back to you, the next best thing to would be to end her life.”

    Mu Qingshu staggered backwards and shouted in agony. His grudge and hatred towards the woman turned into sorrow and grief instead.

    Unable to contain his grief, he shouted aguishly and ran away like a mad man.

    Li Gexiao gave Yan Sanniang a quick look. “Sanniang! Come with me!” he alerted.

    Yan Sanniang immediately got up from her seat and went along with Li Gexiao.

    After running a short distance, Mu Qingshu dropped to his knees and shouted in anger. He could not accept the fact that the woman whom he still loved was dead.

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang caught up with him and slowly walked towards him.

    “Gao Shanshan brought you much pain and suffering over the past few years. She deserves to die,” Li Gexiao exclaimed.

    Mu Qingshu let out a loud cry, dashed towards Li Gexiao and started attacking him. “I’m going to kill you!”

    Knowing that Mu Qingshu had extraordinary martial art skills, Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang joined hands to fight against him.

    Mu Qingshu thrust his palm at Yan Sanniang’s shoulder. His attack was however impeded by Li Gexiao’s fist.

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang moved around swiftly, flying and darting all over Mu Qinghsu, attacking him in tandem.

    Mu Qingshu dodged all their attacks and retaliated with ferocious moves. His moves were fatal but at the same time disorganized, as his emotions had completely taken over his mind.

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang both thrust forward, sending their palms at Mu Qingshu’s incoming palms. The palms collided and created a powerful airburst, forcing them to the back.

    Mu Qingshu shuddered upon realizing the power of the couple’s combined strength.

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang dashed towards Mu Qingshu once more, attacking him with their respective moves. Li Gexiao attacked Mu Qingshu’s upper body with a mixture of fist and palm strikes while Yan Sanniang directed a series of swift kicks at Mu Qingshu’s head in the air. The couple was so in tune with each other that Mu Qingshu started to have problems trying to defend against them.

    Although the couple was fighting a strong enemy but their delights and joys, and the love for each other enabled them to gain advantage over their opponent.

    Li Gexiao continued attacking from the front and Yan Sanniang attacking from above. Their moves gradually became faster and deadlier.

    Mu Qingshu retreated backwards, struggling to fend off the couples fast and ferocious attacks.

    Not realizing that there was a big tree behind him, Mu Qingshu knocked his back against the tree and became startled.

    Seeing that Mu Qingshu was in a state of shock, the couple immediately used the opportunity to subdue their opponent. Yan Sanniang directed a kick to Mu Qingshu’s chest while Li Gexiao pressed his elbow against Mu Qingshu’s throat, pinning him against the big tree.

    “I’ve helped you to untie the knot in your heart. Why are you trying to kill me instead of thanking me?” Li Gexiao asked, letting go of Mu Qingshu.

    Mu Qingshu stepped away from the big tree, laughing in tears. “That’s right. I should actually be very happy instead. But somehow my heart was in pain the moment I saw the sad expression on Shanshan’s face,” he sobbed. “Why?! Why?!”

    “That’s because deep in your heart you still love her. You cannot bear to see her get hurt,” Li Gexiao replied.

    Mu Qingshu sighed and said, “Shanshan is the only woman that I truly love.”

    “If Gao Shanshan has the courage to abandon the martial world and start a new life, why can’t you get back on your feet and do the same?” Li Gexiao asked.

    Mu Qingshu dropped to his knees. “You’re right. I’ve been very stubborn. Unfortunately, it’s already too late for me to turn back. Not only did my stubbornness harm many innocent people, I’ve also caused Shanshan to lose her life and destroyed her family. I’ve committed too much wrongdoings. I don’t deserve to live on anymore!”

    Feeling remorseful, Mu Qingshu lifted up his hand preparing to strike himself in the head.

    “Dying isn’t a good solution! As long as you have the courage to change I’m confident that things will be able to go back to where it was before,” Li Gexiao asserted.

    Mu Qingshu halted his hand and looked towards Li Gexiao confusingly.

    Later, Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang accompanied Mu Qingshu back to the tea stall.

    Mu Qingshu halted his steps in shock as he saw Gao Shanshan, Chai Hu and He Xiaomei walking towards him.

    “How come?” Mu Qingshu uttered in disbelief.

    He Xiaomei smiled, “You were so emotional earlier that you didn’t even realize that Ge-ge only used his inner force to knock them out, making it seemed as though they were really dead.”

    Mu Qingshu let out a sigh of relief. “You mean that everyone is alright?”

    Gao Shanshan nodded with a smile. “Thanks to Mister He and his friend’s help they’ve all regained conscious.”

    Mu Qingshu turned towards Li Gexiao. “Brother Li, you had it all planned out in advance?” he asked in surprise.

    Li Gexiao responded with a nod.

    Mu Qingshu looked back at Gao Shanshan feeling relief. He slowly walked over to her and gazed at her in silent. His eyes were filled with affection and joy.

    “I didn’t expect my actions to bring you so much pain,” Gao Shanshan said remorsefully. “I’m sorry.”

    Mu Qingshu sighed and said, “I only want to ask you something. Have you ever love me?”

    Gao Shanshan sobbingly said, “Qingshu, we had some really happy and unforgettable moments in the past. Isn’t that enough?”

    Mu Qingshu smiled and said, “You’re right. Having gone through some really happy and unforgettable moments is all that matters. I’m glad to see that you have such a happy family.”

    “Thank you Qingshu. Thanks for forgiving me,” Gao Shanshan said sobbingly. “I hope that you will be able to start a new life just like me.”

    Mu Qingshu nodded, “You should go back to your family now. I’m sure that they’re waiting impatiently for you. Here’s wishing you eternal happiness.”

    “Qinghus, please take care,” Gao Shanshan responded.

    Mu Qingshu smilingly said, “You take care too.”

    After bidding each other farewell Gao Shanshan turned around and walked away.

    Yan Sanniang stood beside Li Gexiao, beaming at him coldly. “Looks like true love can truly overcome hatred.”

    “That’s true. When you really love someone you don’t necessarily need to have them by your side. Keeping her in your heart and cherishing the good times you had with her is far more significant,” Chai Hu said. He was in fact referring to himself instead of Mu Qingshu.

    He Xiaomei stared at Chai Hu astonishingly. “Hu-ge, looks like you finally understood the true meaning of love. Looks like I should knock you out more often,” he said mockingly.

    Chai Hu glared at him in fury. “Niang Niang Qiang! If you ever attack me from behind again I’m going to tear your apart!” he snarled.

    Yan Sanniang stared at Chai Hu with a smirk, “If it wasn’t for Mei Mei you would have ruined our plan once more.”

    Li Gexiao hummed with a smirk, “If he doesn’t ever try to ruin our plan then he wouldn’t be called Chai Hu.”

    Chai Hu couldn't help but laugh.

    Li Gexiao, Yan Sanniang and He Xiaomei stared at Chai Hu and laughed together.

    End of Chapter 6

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    Thank you Blith3. I can't wait for the next ch. Keep up the good work.

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    Thanks skoo78! Not sure how many people are ready but really appreciate your comments and support

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    Chapter 7

    First Cut Is The Deepest

    It was raining very hard. He Xiaomei sat under the veranda, slowly strumming the strings on a zither, playing a melancholic song.

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang stepped out of the room, looking at He Xiaomei in astonishment. It was their first time listening He Xiaomei play the zither.

    From the sound of the song Li Gexiao could tell that something was troubling He Xiaomei.

    Yan Sanniang looked at Li Gexiao bewilderingly. “It seems like Mei Mei is unhappy. Let’s go and find out what’s troubling him,” she whispered.

    Li Gexiao folded his arms around his chest, shaking his head. “A man deserves to have some privacy. He will tell us about it if he wants to. Let’s leave him alone,” he replied. Reaching for out Yan Sanniang’s hand he turned around and walked her back into the room.

    Yan Sanniang pulled him back and made face at him. “Mei Mei is our good friend. How could you just ignore him? If he is really unhappy we should do something to help him out,” she highlighted.

    Li Gexiao made face back at her. “Are you really concerned about him or you’re just being a busybody?” he said teasingly.

    Yan Sanniang broke away from his grip and glared at Li Gexiao. “I’m just concern about him,” she asserted.

    From the tone of voice and facial expression, Li Gexiao could tell that Yan Sanniang’s anger boiling inside her. He was used to seeing it and also knew how to pacify. “My dear, making Xiaomei tell us about his sadness will only increase the pain in his heart. I’m sure that you won’t want to worsen the pain in his heart,” he said sensitively.

    Yan Sanniang cast a glance over her shoulder, noticing the solemn expression on He Xiaomei’s face. From the sound of the zither she couldn’t help but felt the anguishes and bitterness in He Xiaomei’s heart. Due to her straightforward and also compassionate personality, she was very eager to talk to He Xiaomei about it.

    Right at that moment, Chai Hu came running into the yard with an umbrella in his hand, calling out to his companions. “We’ve a new mission!” he exclaimed enthusiastically.

    He Xiaomei took his hands off the zither right away. Very quickly suppressing his emotions, he looked towards Chai Hu and asked, “What mission?”

    Chai Hu ran under the veranda hurriedly. “One of Shuangshuang’s friend’s daughter unwillingly married a bully in Yangzhou City and has been physically abused by him ever since,” he explained.

    He Xiaomei’s face turned pale. “Yangzhou City?” he uttered in shock.

    Yan Sanniang put her hands on her hips staring at Chai Hu crossly. “Da Kuai Tou! Why do you always show up at the wrong time?” she snarled.

    Li Gexiao pursed his lips to contain his laughter. “Sanniang, looks like it’s been destined that you will not be able to fulfill your curiosity this time.”

    Yan Sanniang looked away cockily, ignoring Li Gexiao’s remarks.

    Chai Hu looked at Li Gexiao puzzlingly. “Lao Li, what are you talking about?”

    Li Gexiao was not interested to bring up He Xiaomie’s problems. He smirked and said, “Stop being a busybody. We should head off to Yangzhou City at once to see how we can help the lady.” He then paused for a moment and patted Yan Sanniang’s shoulder to soothe her. “We can’t allow a man to pick on a defenseless woman.”

    Yan Sanniang turned around and snorted annoyingly, “I despise any men who bullies women! What are you waiting for? Let’s go!”

    He Xiaomei looked at Li Gexiao with a hesitant expression. “Ge-ge, can I not go this time?”

    Chai Hu cut in and said frustratingly. “Niang Niang Qiang! What wrong with you? Why won’t you come with us?”

    He Xiaomei frowned and looked away. “I just don’t want to go back to Yangzhou City,” he said asserted.

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang looked at each other, then stared at He Xiaomei, suspecting that his grief was related to Yangzhou City.

    “Xiaomei, without your extraordinary disguise skills there is no way that we’re not going to complete this mission. We need you to come with us,” Li Gexiao insisted.

    Yan Sanniang quickly walked over to He Xiaomei and placed her arm around his shoulder. “Mei Mei, you know very well how impulsive Da Kuai Tou is. We definitely need your help,” she said smilingly.

    “That’s right! Old Chai here might end up killing that bully,” Chai Hu said laughingly, convincing He Xiaomei to come with them.

    He Xiaomei crumpled his outer garment frustratingly. He knew that it was a hurdle to climb to convince his companions to allow him to give a miss on the mission. “Alright! I’ll go then!” he shrieked, before stomping away agitatedly.

    Yan Sanniang took a close look at the zither and saw some words inscribed on it.

    ‘If not by the plum trees, then by the willows it must be.
    Has any one picked up in there the likeness of a girl?
    Don’t fret about meeting again; in spring its scent returns.
    Soon as it’s gone, and west winds blow, another year has flown.’ – written by Cao Xueqin

    “Gexiao, look at this,” she uttered.

    Li Gexiao reluctantly walked towards the veranda and took a quick glance at the zither. "The poem seems to be describing the scenery of the Mei Hua (Plum Bloom) monastery and probably about someone," he commented.

    Yan Sanniang raised her brow and uttered in surprise, “Did Mei Mei write this for someone? Or was it someone who wrote this for him?”

    Chai Hu looked at his two companions startlingly. “Niang Niang Qiang has a lover? Could it be a man?” he asked awkwardly.

    Yan Sanniang extended his hand and slapped Chai Hu in the back. “Stop talking nonsense!” she yelled at him.

    “The two of you mustn’t talk about this in front of Xiaomei,” Li Gexiao reminded them.

    Yan Sanniang responded with a nod. “I don’t want Mei Mei to be sad either.”

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang then cast a stern glance at Chai Hu, reminding him not to mention about the matter to He Xiaomei.

    Chai Hu turned away feeling uneasy. “I won’t!”

    “If you do I’ll pull off your ear,” Yan Sanniang said indifferently.

    "I won't. I won't," Chai Hu said grinningly.

    Li Gexiao looked Yan Sanniang in the eyes. "We should get ready to leave for Yangzhou City."

    Yan Sanniang nodded smilingly.

    End of Chapter 7

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    Chapter 8

    It was another lively night in Yangzhou City. The peasants were busy preparing for the upcoming lantern festival.

    Li Gexiao, Yan Sanniang, Chai Hu and He Xiaomei walked along the bustling street watching the peasants go about their affairs.

    “Looks like Yangzhou City is as joyous as the Capital City,” Yan Sanniang remarked smilingly.

    He Xiaomei walked in front of his companions in slience. He hasn’t said a word since they left Live Drunk Die Dreaming Manor. As he walked along the street market, his heart started beating very fast and quivering. The busy peasants and lantern festival reminded him about the people and events which he thought he could forget. Images of a bright, elegant and beautiful looking teenage girl kept flashing through his mind.

    Yan Sanniang elbowed Li Gexiao in the arm. “Hey, there’s something wrong with Mei Mei. It’s best that you talk to him. He listens to you,” she whispered worriedly.

    Li Gexiao frowned, “I will but now is not the time. Digging out his past when he is at his saddest moment will only hurt him even more.”

    Yan Sanniang knitted her brow looking at He Xiaomie worriedly. She was eager to make him happy but just couldn’t think of a way that would not end up hurting him even more. “Perhaps you’re right,” she uttered disturbingly.

    Li Gexiao smirked and said boastfully, “I’m always right.”

    Yan Sanniang made face at him, refusing to let his masculine persona gain any advantage. “More like irritating,” she retorted teasingly.

    Lin Shuangshuang and Chai Yan were standing outside a teahouse, waiting for them.

    “Father!” Chai Yan called out excitingly.

    Chai Hu ran over to them and embraced Chai Yan in his arms. “Daughter! How come you’re here too?” he asked ecstatically.

    Lin Shuangshuang cast a smile at Chai Hu. “The moment she heard that I’m coming here to meet you she insisted to come with me.”

    Chai Hu gently stroke Chai Yan on the head. “Father misses you too,” he said grinningly.

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang greeted Lin Shuangshuang with a smile.

    “Let’s talk inside,” Lin Shuangshuang pointed at the teahouse doorway.

    Li Gexiao nodded, “Madam Chu, after you.”

    “Ge-ge, I would like to take a short walk by myself,” He Xiaomei suddenly said.

    Yan Sanniang went forward and leaned her elbow on He Xiaomei’s shoulder. “This is my first time coming to Yangzhou City. I want to go and look at around too,” she expressed with a grin.

    Chai Hu groaned frustratingly. “Listen up! We came here to help somebody not sightseeing!”

    Yan Sanniang cast a fierce glare at Chai Hu. “What? Are you trying to start a fight?” she retorted cockily.

    Li Gexiao looked at Yan Sanniang. “Once we’re finished here I’ll accompany you to walk around,” he said in a soft voice, holding on to Yan Sanniang’s hand while his eyes blazed with affection and warmth.

    Yan Sanniang smiled and nodded blushingly. Her willful and aggressive temperament was once again subdued by Li Gexiao’s affection.

    He Xiaomei parted ways with his companion and strolled along the street market.


    Lin Shuangshuang held a pot in her hand, filling up four cups with tea.

    “Madam Chu, please take a seat,” Li Gexiao said with a smile.

    Chai Hu pulled a chair out for her. “Shuangshuang, have a seat.”

    “Madam Chu, we heard that your friend’s daughter is having some problems with a bully?” Yan Sanniang asked anxiously.

    Lin Shuangshuang heaved a sigh. “It’s actually old man Liu’s granddaughter. She came from the capital city to visit her grandfather and unexpectedly bump into the city’s tyrant Xiong Tianbao. That lecherous animal fancied Ruyi and married her with the use of force.”

    Li Gexiao’s face suddenly turned pale. “Ruyi? The girl’s name is Ruyi?” he uttered startlingly.

    Yan Sanniang gazed at Li Gexiao in silent. A mix feelings of anxiety and distress started running through her mind. No matter how steady their relationship were, Jing Ruyi would never vanish from Li Gexiao’s heart.

    Chai Hu noticed the weird expression on Li Gexiao’s face. “Lao Li, let’s do this!” he remarked.

    Li Gexiao looked into Yan Sanniang’s eyes, only to see anxiety and distress. He pursed his lips, looking into the distance dubiously. It was the first time he hesitated to lend a helping hand.

    “We’ll help her out,” Yan Sanniang responded assertively.

    Li Gexiao turned his head, staring at Yan Sanniang with his jaw wide open, in bewilderment.

    From Li Gexiao’s earlier expression Yan Sanniang could tell that he was hesitating to take on the mission because he was taking her feelings into consideration. She very well knew that Jing Ruyi never once vanished from Li Gexiao’s heart. As long as she too held a position in his heart was all that mattered. She understood the importance of being bighearted and compromising. It was the essence of sustaining a long lasting relationship.

    Yan Sanniang continued, “I despise men that picks on defenseless women. We’re going to teach this tyrant a good lesson.”

    Li Gexiao couldn’t help but smile at Yan Sanniang in admiration and amazement. Not only did she not show any signs of jealously, she even offered to help out the girl even though her name was Ruyi. “As Sanniang said, we can’t just stand on the side and allow a defenseless girl to be tormented.”

    He Xiaomei joined them at the teahouse moments later. He was still in his gloomy mood and hardly spoke to his companions.

    As Yan Sanniang gave him a quick summary of their mission, she noticed the sudden change in He Xiaomei’s facial expression. “Mei Mei, are you alright?” she asked worriedly.

    The moment He Xiaomei heard the name Xiong Tianbao clenched his fist fumingly. “Yes I am alright,” he said assertively.

    Li Gexiao knitted his brow and stared at He Xiaomei worriedly, “Xiaomei, you know him?”

    He Xiaomei hummed annoyingly. “Ge-ge, I already said that I’m alright,” he responded agitatedly. “I’m going to get my stuff ready.” He stood up and walked away.

    Chai Hu folded his arms around his chest, staring at He Xiaomei awkwardly. “What’s wrong with him lately? He’s acting very weird!”

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang looked at each other and felt that something was really wrong with He Xiaomei.

    “Lao Hu, I need you to follow Xiaomei and keep an eye on him,” Li Gexiao said. “My instinct tells me that I may have made a mistake by getting Xiaomei to participate in this mission.”

    Chai Hu nodded, “Sure. I’ll make sure that he doesn’t act rashly.”

    Yan Sanniang smirked, “Look who’s talking? Mei Mei is probably much calmer than you.”

    Chai Hu chuckled at Yan Sanniang’s comments. “That’s because you’ve never seen Niang Niang Qiang lose his mind. He might be worse than me,” he retorted.

    Li Gexiao lifted up a cup and took a gulp of wine in silent.

    Yan Sanniang saw remorse in Li Gexiao’s eyes. She could tell that he was concerned really concerned about He Xiaomei. “Remember what happened when you forced me to go to Yizhou City with you to get the contract? You helped me to untie the knot in my heart and mend up my relationship with my mother. I’m confident that you’ll be able to help Mei Mei resolve whatever bad past he has in Yangzhou City.”

    Li Gexiao couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks for having the confidence in me. I’m sure that we will be able to help Mei Mei out,” he said in an appreciatively.

    Yan Sanniang couldn’t agree with him more. “Yi Zhi Mei is where it is today because you always believe that faith and courage can create miracles. We’ll most definitely create that miracle again,” she said confidently.

    Li Gexiao reached out for Yan Sanniang’s hand and held it tightly. “Let’s go and pay a visit to old man Liu to see how we can help out Ruyi.”

    Yan Sanniang nodded blushingly as she felt Li Gexiao’s warm hand gripping around her hand.

    “Once a husband and wife has mutual understanding, they can accomplish anything together,” Chai Hu mocked with a chuckle.

    Li Gexiao and Yan Sanniang cast a glare at him. “What are you still doing here? Go and look after Mei Mei!” they told him off simultaneously.

    Chai Hu stared at them in amazement. “This is truly marital bliss,” he said laughingly.

    Yan Sanniang lifted her hand and stared at Chai Hu furiously. “What are you still doing here? You want to get beaten up don’t you?” she snarled.

    “Alright! Alright! I’m going!” Chai Hu quickly got up his seat. “Continue to enjoy your marital bliss!” he mocked before running off.

    Yan Sanniang placed her hands at her hips and made an angry face at him.

    End of Chapter 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blith3 View Post
    Thanks skoo78! Not sure how many people are ready but really appreciate your comments and support
    Oh and trust me, people do read. Thank you for the next 2 chs.

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    Thanks Blith3

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    Anyone seen this before?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malevolent View Post
    Anyone seen this before?
    Huh, another fanfic. I wonder who is the author?

    But I hope Blith3 continue this sequel. I want to know what happen and if there is a main story behind all of this mini stories. Blith3, if you read this, I'm still waiting. LOL....
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    Any new chapter?

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