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Thread: Five Minutes To Tomorrow (深夜前的五分钟)

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    Default Five Minutes To Tomorrow (深夜前的五分钟)

    Five Minutes To Tomorrow (深夜前的五分钟)

    Directed by Isao Yukisada
    Release Date: October 23, 2014

    Ryo is a Japanese clockmaker living in Shanghai, China. He meets and falls in love with a woman named Ruolan. Ruolan has an identical twin sister named Rumei who is engaged to a man named Tianlun. When the twin sisters go on an overseas trip, Ruolan dies in an accident. Rumei returns home alone. Tianlun, Rumei's fiancee, begins to believe that the woman who returned is actually Ruolan and that it was Rumei who died. Tianlun asks Ryo to meet with her. Ryo also becomes uncertain about the identity of the twin who returned.

    Liu Shishi as Ruolan and Rumei
    Haruma Miura as Ryo
    Joseph Chang as Tianlun

    Sources: Busan International Film Festival and
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    Wonderful sharing. Thanks,

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