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    Book 1, Chapter 19 The Coiling Dragon Spirit (part 2)

    The Pouant Empire had lasted for an extremely long period of time, and had been erected over eight thousand years ago. The entire Pouant Empire had lasted for three thousand years, but in the end, it was still destroyed. The domain which the Pouant Empire had previously held sway over was approximately the combined borders of the Holy Union and the Dark Alliance.

    In other words

    The entire Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, the twelve kingdoms, and the thirty-two duchies all once belonged to the Pouant Empire. From this alone, one could tell what a vast empire it had been.

    But the Pouant Empire had been destroyed long ago!

    Over five thousand years ago? The white-haired old man was momentarily stunned, and then let out a sigh. Theres no way for me to sense the passing of time from within the Worldring. I didnt expect that by the time I left the Worldring, over five thousand years would have passed since the destruction of my country.

    Gramps, what are you talking about? Im confused.

    Linley felt as though his entire mind had been turned muddy. This old grandpa had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and claimed that he was a Grand Magus from the era of the Pouant Empire, which had been destroyed five thousand years ago. What could be more ridiculous than this?

    Linley even wondered if he was in a dream!

    Kid. The white-haired old man looked at Linley. Smiling, he said, The ring you wear next to your chest is the Divine artifact I once used the Worldring!

    Wait, wait, wait!

    Linley immediately peered up at him and said, What Worldring? This ring around my chest was left behind by elders of my ancestral clan. Its name is the Coiling Dragon Ring!

    Coiling Dragon Ring? It was originally named the Coiling Dragon Ring? The old man said in surprise.

    Linley was stunned.

    Original name? What do you mean, original name? Linley looked questioningly at the old man.

    Only now did the old man begin to laugh. Oh, Coiling Dragon Ring must be the name you gave it. Or perhaps the name an elder of yours gave it. When I originally discovered this ring, I searched through all sorts of documents but couldnt find any information about it. Thus I gave myself the authority to title it the Worldring. But as to what it was originally called, even I have no idea.

    Oh, gramps, you chose the name for it yourself as well. But now it belongs to me, and I named it the Coiling Dragon Ring. Linley was quite stubborn.

    Fine, fine, call it the Coiling Dragon Ring if you wish. The old man chuckled, not wanting to debate with Linley.

    Gramps, can you tell me why you just appeared from within the Coiling Dragon Ring? Linley questioned.

    The old man smiled. In year 4280 of the Yulan calendar, I-

    Upon hearing this, Linley was secretly shocked. Year 4280? This year is year 9990!

    In year 4280 of the Yulan calendar, I encountered an old foe of mine, a Saint-level Grand Magus named Hamelin [Hamulin], and the two of us began to fight. I didnt expect yet a second Saint-level combatant to ambush me and sneak attack me. In the end, I was defeated, and my body was destroyed. I didnt wish for my spirit to be captured and tortured by my enemy, Hamelin, so I sealed myself within this Worldri-, ahem, this Coiling Dragon Ring. The old man explained what had happened in the past.

    The Coiling Dragon Ring is an extremely amazing object. It doesnt appear to emanate any magical aura, but in usefulness it can even compare with Divine artifacts. When I sealed my soul within the ring, Hamelin and the other searched a long time for me, but werent able to find me. This, too, is thanks to the Coiling Dragon Ring. The old man smiled as he spoke.

    Linley secretly nodded.

    The Coiling Dragon Ring, by appearances, really did look quite plain. As the member of an ancient clan, Linley had a rather appraising eye.

    Normally, precious items would have at least some sort of elemental aura. But this Coiling Dragon Ring seemed like nothing more than plain, inert wood.

    Gramps, you said that five thousand years ago, you were ambushed by a Saint-level Grand Magus and a Saint-level combatant, and then you were self-sealed within this ring? And that this ring is an artifact which is comparable in power to a Divine artifact? Linley finally said.

    Right. Seeing that Linley understood, the old man couldnt help but smile and nod.

    Then Gramps, how is it that you appeared from within the ring just now? Linley looked doubtfully at the old man.

    Laughing, the old man explained, Actually, when I sealed my spirit within the Coiling Dragon Ring, I interwove my very existence into the Coiling Dragon Ring. Only when a person becomes the new owner of the ring would I be allowed to depart it.

    Becomes the new owner of the ring?

    Right. Through dripping blood onto the Coiling Dragon Ring. The old man laughed.

    Linley frowned while mumbling, Dripping blood onto the ring? Frowning as he tried to recollect when that had happened, Linley suddenly remembered that when the rock had cut his head open, fresh blood had suffused his clothes and his chest. Most likely, it was around then that the blood had dripped onto the ring.

    Oh. Then that makes me the owner of the Coiling Dragon Ring. Linley nodded.

    Right. Only now, after you became the owner of the Coiling Dragon Ring, am I able to depart the ring and once more experience the air of the Yulan continent. A hint of a smile was on the old mans face. Right. Kid. I just told you my name, but what is yours?

    Linley smiled brightly. My name is Linley! Linley Baruch!

    Linley, a fine name. The old man smiled.

    Gramps, are you going to be forever bound to the ring and unable to ever regain your freedom? Linley felt rather bad for him.

    The old man smiled and nodded. Linley, you must know that when most people die, their spirits will enter the Nether Realm! But because I was a Saint-level Grand Magus at the time of my death, my mental energy had obtained physical form. That was the only reason why I could temporarily resist the call of the Nether Realm and seal myself within the Coiling Dragon Ring. Right now, there is only one way for me to leave this ring exhaust all of my remaining mental energy.

    Exhaust all your remaining mental energy? Linley didnt quite understand.

    What men called mental energy, ghosts might call spiritual energy. When a persons mental energy was utterly exhausted, his soul would naturally dissipate. In other wordswhen my soul dissipates, it will leave the confines of this Coiling Dragon Ring. The old man said calmly. But the current situation is fine also. Although I am confined by the Coiling Dragon Ring, preventing me from ranging more than three meters away from it, this isnt too bad.

    Linleys heart trembled.

    Suddenly, in his heart, Linley felt some pity for this old man.

    Heh heh, Linley, Im already very satisfied. You dont know this, butif my spirit had been captured by Hamelin, it would have been a fate worse than death. The old man sighed.

    Gramps, you said your name is Doehring Cowart? Can I address you as Grandpa Doehring? Linley suddenly said.

    Doehring Cowart was a mighty Grand Magus of the Pouant Empire, and thus had an extremely high personal status. Back then, he would have ranked amongst the top five personages in the Yulan continent. He fell only because he had been despicably ambushed by Grand Magus Hamelin and another Saint-level combatant.


    Doehring Cowart had never had a child, nor grandchildren. Upon hearing Linley address him as Grandpa Doehring, Doehring Cowarts heart, which had been lonely for thousands of years, suddenly felt warm.

    Yes, yes. Doehring Cowart felt extremely happy.

    A look of excitement suddenly appeared in Linleys eyes. Grandpa Doehring, just now, you said that you are a Saint-level Grand Magus. Then, can you teach me how to use magic? Linleys heart was frantically pounding. The person in front of him was a five thousand year old Saint-level Grand Magus.

    In Linleys mind, the huge body of the Velocidragon, the terrifying spectacle of the Dance of the Fire Serpents, and the countless boulders falling from the sky began to play over and over again, along with the spectacle of that proud man who stood on top of the Black Dragon.

    He deeply desired that one day

    He, too, would step on top of the head of a Black Dragon and make the heavens tremble.

    Doehring Cowart stroked his white beard. His eyes shining, he said, Of course I can! Your Grandpa Doehring is a Saint-level Grand Magus of the almighty earth styleand amongst all of the elements, the element of earth is the mightiest of them all! As he began to discuss magic, Doehring Cowart began to get excited.

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    Book 1, Chapter 20 Earth-Style Magic (part 1)

    Linleys anticipation was about to erupt like a volcano as he immediately became suffused with excitement.

    Grandpa Doehring, can you really teach me to become a magus? Linley excitedly looked up at old man Doehring.

    Doehring Cowart, seeing the state Linley was in, stroked his white beard. Linley, your Grandpa Doehring is a Saint-level Grand Magus. Even if you dont have much natural talent, I can still teach you magic. Of courseif your talent is low, your accomplishments will be low as well.

    If any other magus had been present and heard his words, they would have been astonished.

    Amongst the society of magi, the most important thing is talent. No talent meant no possibility of becoming a magus. Many people believed this!

    But Doehring Cowart dared to claim that even if his students talent was poor, he still had the ability to make a magus out of the student. If anyone else had made this claim, they would be viewed as just wildly boastingbut the man who said these words was a five-thousand year old Saint-level Grand Magus!

    Low talent, low accomplishments? Linley felt his heart tremble.

    The reason he wanted to become a magus was because he wanted to restore glory to the Baruch clan. Even if he couldnt accomplish this, he hoped to at least accomplish the one task which generations of clan elders had strove to achieve for centuries reclaiming their ancestral heirloom. If he could accomplish this, it would be enough.

    But to do so, power was an important component.

    Linley, dont be worried. Your aptitude for magic hasnt even been assessed yet. Who knows if it will be high or low? Perhaps you will have a tremendous talent for magic. Doehring Cowart stroked his white beard as he smiled.

    Grandpa Doehrings tranquility brought calm to Linley as well.

    Grandpa Doehring, how does one test for magical aptitude? Linley couldnt help but grow eager.

    It is actually quite easy to test for magical aptitude. Just as Doehring Cowart spoke, suddenly

    Footsteps could be heard from outside the door. Hearing them, Linley immediately grew nervous. He quickly said to Doehring Cowart, Grandpa Doehring, quick, hide. Someone is coming. If this five-thousand year old Saint-level Grand Magus of the bygone Pouant Empire was discovered, it could be disastrous.

    Doehring Cowart only smiled, not moving at all.

    Grandpa Doehring! Linley was beginning to grow impatient.

    Creaaak. The bedroom door swung open, and Housekeeper Hiri stuck his head inside. Seeing that Linley was awake, he couldnt help but smile. Young master Linley, I didnt expect that you would have already awoken. How do you feel, young master?

    Linley immediately forced out a smile. Nodding, he said, Thank you for asking, Uncle Hiri. Im much better now.

    Linley felt extremely agitated. He couldnt help but turn to look in the direction of Doehring Cowart, but Doehring Cowart was still standing there, grinning. Whats going on with Grandpa Doehring? Ugh. Were about to get discovered. Its going to be so annoying to have to explain.

    Young master Linley, its time for dinner. Since you are already awake, come eat dinner with us. Uncle Hiri smiled as he spoke.

    Oh. Got it. Linley snuck another peek at Doehring Cowart, his heart filled with questions. Whats going on. From Uncle Hiris expression, it seems as though he cant see Grandpa Doehring at all.

    Seeing Linley constantly glance at the corner of his bed, Uncle Hiri asked curiously, Young master Linley, why are you staring at the side of your bed? Did you drop something? I can help you look for it.

    No-, nothing. Linley immediately crawled out of bed. Uncle Hiri, lets go eat dinner.

    Although he found Linleys reaction to be a bit odd, Uncle Hiri didnt think too much of it, just nodding and smiling. Linley dressed himself, but still couldnt help but sneak a peek at Doehring Cowart. But just as he did so, Doehring Cowart, who was still grinning at him, suddenly disappeared from Linleys field of vision.

    He entered the Coiling Dragon Ring. Linley could now clearly feel that a spirit was now residing within the Coiling Dragon Ring.

    Unlike in the past, Linley had now soulbound the ring with his own blood, giving him a deeper level of understanding.

    Linley, no need to speak aloud. Just speak to me mentally. As the master of the Coiling Dragon Ring, you can directly engage in spiritual communication with me, as I am a spirit within the ring. Doehring Cowarts voice rang out in Linleys mind.

    This greatly surprised Linley.

    Grandpa Doehring? Linley tested the mental link.

    I hear you. Doehring Cowarts voice rang out in Linleys mind as well.

    Linleys heart was immediately filled with joy. But as he engaged in conversation with Doehring Cowart, he didnt pay attention to where he walked, and he tripped over the doorway. Uncle Hiri, walking ahead of him, turned and laughed. Young master Linley, watch where you walk.

    Got it, Uncle Hiri, Linley laughed in reply.

    While excitedly engaging in mental conversation with Doehring Cowart, Linley entered the dining room and sat down. Todays dinner was actually quite sumptuous, including a fragrant smelling roasted sheep. Hogg glanced at Linley. Smiling, he said, Linley, have some. As he spoke, Hogg personally tore off a strip of meat from the sheeps lower hindlegs for Linley.

    Thank you, father.

    Linley felt quite surprised. His family was in poor economic straits, so normally their dinner was quite spartan. But today, they even had roast sheep?

    What Linley didnt know waswhen the rain of stones descended on the town, aside from men and women, even many animals were killed. The Baruch clan aside, even some poor families who rarely ate meat were enjoying an extravagant meal today.

    Grandpa Doehring, why didnt Uncle Hiri see you just then? Linley mentally asked Doehring Cowart.

    Linley, I must inform you that aside from you, nobody can see me. Because right now, Im just a spiritual projection, which has no matter. Im invisible to the eye. Only you, as the master of the Coiling Dragon Ring, can see me. Doehring Cowart explained in detail.

    Linley suddenly understood.

    Previously, Grandpa Doehring had said that he had died long ago, and only his spirit now remained.

    Grandpa Doehring, in the future, doesnt that mean you can always appear by my side? Linley felt extremely happy.

    Just as Linley spoke, he saw that next to him, a white-haired old man suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was Doehring Cowart. But Hogg, Housekeeper Hiri, and his younger brother Wharton still continued to eat and chat, not noticing Doehring Cowarts existence in the slightest.


    Hearing and seeing were two different things. When he personally witnessed all the other people at the dinner table be unaware of Grandpa Doehrings presence, Linley felt deeply astonished.

    Theres still some people who can sense my presence. Those whose spiritual presence are on par with me can feel my presence. But naturallyif I hide within the Coiling Dragon Ring, they definitely wont be able to sense me. Doehring Cowarts voice sounded within Linleys head.

    On the same spiritual level as Grandpa Doehring? Linley chewed and thought at Doehring Cowart at the same time.

    Those who have the same spiritual power as me are most likely Saint-level combatants. Only Saint-level combatants can sense my presence, if barely. But of course, the prerequisite is that I appear outside the Coiling Dragon Ring. Once I enter the ring, there is no way they can find me. Doehring Cowart smiled as he spoke.

    Linley mentally nodded as he grabbed a roasted leg of mutton and chewed on it.

    Linley, eat more slowly. Hogg saw how fast Linley was eating and couldnt help but laugh.

    Linley grinned at his father, but continued to devour his food with haste. In the twinkling of an eye, he had stripped the leg of mutton of all flesh. Linley let out a comfortable burp, then used the napkin to wipe his lips. Standing, he said, Father, Uncle Hiri, Im done eating. I feel like my head is still a bit dizzy, so Im going to go and get some more rest. Wharton, see ya. Linley was the first to finish eating.

    Still feeling dizzy? Then go and get some rest. Hogg hurriedly said.

    The earlier events of the morning had left a lasting impression on Hogg. There was a moment when he even thought Linley had been crushed to death. After experiencing such an event, Hoggs attitude towards Linley clearly had improved substantially.

    Big brother, see ya. Chubby little Wharton waved at Linley with a grease-covered hand.

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    Book 1, Chapter 21 Earth-Style Magic (part 2)

    Linley ran directly back to his room, and then tightly shut the door behind him.

    He quickly remove his shoes, then jumped onto the bed and sat down. Grandpa Doehring, come out now. Help me test my magical aptitude. Linley was extremely impatient. When he was eating dinner just now, all of his thoughts were turned towards this.

    A misty ray of light shot out from within the ring, falling onto the floor and transforming into Doehring Cowart.

    Grinning, Doehring Cowart said, Linley, dont be so impatient. First, I must tell you that because I dont have any specialized magical aptitude testing equipment with me, I can only test whether or not you have any talent for earth-style magic. Since I have no tools, theres no way for me to test and see if you have aptitude for any other magic.

    You can only test for my aptitude for earth element magic? Linley felt a little disappointed.

    He had also heard that in order to test for magical aptitude, special tools were needed, but since Grandpa Doehring was a Saint-level Grand Magus, Linley had been hoping Doehring might have some special methods.

    Whats wrong with the earth style? Linley, let me tell you, amongst the elements of earth, fire, water, wind, thunder, light, and darkness, earth is the mightiest style of them all. A look of pride was on Doehring Cowarts face. Clearly, he was filled with confidence. After all, he was a Saint-level Grand Magus of the earth element style.

    Linley found this somewhat hard to believe.

    Each style should be equal. How could the earth style be the mightiest?

    Grandpa Doehring, I heard that fire-style elemental attacks are the most powerful? And that darkness-style elemental attacks are the most unpredictable? How could the earth style be the mightiest? Linley frowned.

    The formerly amiable Grandpa Doehring suddenly turned angry as he grumbled, Linley, let me tell you that when it comes to attack power, each elemental style has its strengths!

    For example, the forbidden fire-style spell of Heavenly Fire Burning the Fields, Earthly Fire Burning the Cities can burn an entire city to ashes, true. But the water-style has the forbidden spell of Absolute Zero, which when unleashed can freeze to death hundreds of thousands of people. Thunder-styles Heavenly Lightning of Absolute Destruction can unleash tens of thousands of lightning bolts, which no one can survive. Wind-styles forbidden spell, Annihilating Tempest, can fill the entire sky with blade-like gusts of wind

    Doehring Cowart let out a long sigh.

    Linleys heart was trembling.

    He had thought that the fire-styles attacks were the most powerful, but from the sound of it, that was an absolute joke. Every single elemental style, at the level of forbidden spells, contained astonishing destructive power.

    And earth-style? Linley didnt forget about the earth-style elemental magic.

    Doehring Cowart self-confidently said, How could the earth-style be weak? When the earth-styles forbidden spell, Heavenly Meteors Descent, is executed, countless enormous boulders will rain from the sky and reduce a city to rubble in the twinkling of an eye. It also has the forbidden spell, Heaven Collapses, Earth Shatters. When this spell is used, the earth itself will begin to roil about like waves in the ocean. Houses will collapse, the earth itself will split apart, and magma will spew out from the cracks, killing countless people.

    Linley didnt dare to even breathe.

    Simultaneously, the earth-style also has the wide-ranging protective spell, Pulsating Guard. Once the Pulsating Guard is used, the area above, below, and around an entire city will become protected from all attacks. Even if an opponent uses the Heavenly Lightning of Absolute Destruction, this spell can fend it off.

    Doehring Cowart began to speak faster and faster while laughing. But of course, Im just speaking of wide-range destructive spells, and not one-on-one battle magic.

    Linley nodded.

    He could tell that Grandpa Doehring was exclusively talking about wide-range, castatrophe-level magic.

    Grandpa Doehring, it seems like the earth-style has lots more forbidden spells? Why is that? Linley said curiously.

    Doehring Cowart said confidently, Linley, theres something you arent understanding. Actually, each elemental style is roughly balanced, but in different environments they will have different effects. For example, in the water-rich environment of the ocean, water-style magic will be extremely strong. In some places where the wind blows powerfully, wind-style magic will be very powerful as well.

    Linley began to understand.

    Linleyin the entire world, isnt it true that most battles and most magi are on the earth? And when used while standing on the earth, earth-style magic is extremely effective. A smile was on Doehring Cowarts face. As you stand firmly on the boundless earth, an earth-style magus will have an extremely effective assistant.

    Linley now understood!

    Each elemental style of magic was more effective in certain places.

    But the battles fought by the magi of the Yulan continent were virtually all on land, meaning that earth-style magi were almost always at an advantage.

    Amongst all the styles of magic, as the earth-style allows us to absorb earth elemental essence into our bodies, earth-style has the most benefit for improving your physical form. Mother Earth is most benevolent towards us. A look of veneration was on Doehring Cowarts face. When we earth-style magi sit upon the ground, we can feel the vastness of the earth, feel its pulse, and feel Mother Earths love for us.

    When it comes to attacks, earth-style magic has the one-on-one World Protector forbidden battle spell, and also the destructive spells of Heavenly Meteors Descent and Heaven Collapses, Earth Shatters. When it comes to defense, amongst the forbidden spells, there is the wide-ranging protective spell, Pulsating Guard, as well as the personal protective spell, Earthguard. When it comes to personal protection, nothing beats earth-style elemental spells!

    Doehring Cowart appeared very confident.

    Personal protection? Grandpa Doehring, youre saying that the earth-style has the strongest personal protection spells? Linley looked questioningly at Doehring Cowart.

    Doehring Cowart laughed as he said, At the earliest levels, earth-style magi have access to simple spells such as a shield of earth, or a wall of earth. Upon becoming a magus of the fifth rank, you will gain access to the Earthguard spell, which will continuously grow in power along with you.

    When utilized by a magus of the fifth or sixth rank, it will cover your entire body with a layer of stone armor. But upon reaching the seventh rank, it will transform into an armor of jadeite. Upon reaching the eighth rank, this Earthguard armor will be made up of crystal jade. And upon reaching the ninth rank, it will be composed of platinum. Finally, when a Saint-level magus executes the Earthguard spell, the protective armor will be made out of diamonds. The defensive power of this spell as he spoke, a smile appeared on Doehring Cowarts face.

    Linley couldnt help but sigh inwardly.

    This earth-style element really was a mighty one. When the Earthguard spell reached the Saint-level of power, it was composed entirely of diamonds! Linley knew that diamonds were an extremely hard and unyielding substance. And the diamonds composing the Earthguard were no ordinary diamonds, but ones formed from magic, making them even tougher than real diamonds.

    Oh, right

    Linley suddenly remembered the two Saint-level combatants who were fighting in the sky. He remembered how the green-robed man had landed that huge hazy sword-tip attack on the gray-robed man, whose robe shattered and revealed a diamond-like armor beneath it.

    That Saint-level magus named Rudi had relied on that diamond armor to block the attack by Dillon.

    That must have been a Saint-level Earthguard spell. Linley felt secretly shocked.

    It was powerful enough to take a direct blow from a Saint-level combatant. From this, one could tell how powerful it was, defensively.

    This is why I told you that earth-style magic is the mightiest elemental style of them all. Doehring Cowarts white beard fluttered about, making him look all the more self-satisfied.

    After all, all men survived by living on the earth. They lived on the earth, and they made war while on the earth. Naturally, earth-style magi would always have an advantage.

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    Book 1, Chapter 22 Spring Ends, Autumn Comes (part 1)

    Actually, all of the elemental styles, including earth-style, had their own particular strengths. But as a Saint-level Grand Magus of the earth-style, it was only natural that Doehring Cowart would strongly praise the earth-style. The eight year old Linley, upon hearing Doehrings words, was filled with eagerness.

    Grandpa Doehring, hurry up and test me and see if I have any aptitude for becoming an earth-style magus. Linley was feeling extremely anxious.

    Doehring Cowart began to laugh. Fine, Ill test you right away.

    First, let me tell you that the test for magical aptitude is a two-part test, so the test I am administering will also have two parts. Doehring Cowart was behaving in an unusually generous manner. After having been trapped along in the Coiling Dragon Ring for five thousand years, of course he was now in a wonderful mood when faced with such a cute little child.

    Magical aptitude is divided into two parts - the strength of ones magical affinity for certain elements, and the strength of ones mental energy. Doehring Cowart began to explain the basics of the test.

    What are these two parts good for? Linley asked curiously.

    Doehring Cowart said in a kindly voice, Linley, before answering this, let me ask you, if a magus is about to cast a spell, what does he rely upon?

    Magical incantations! Linley immediately said.

    Linley had seen how the magus who rode the Velocidragon first mumbled many magical words before casting his spell.


    Ive seen magi cast spells. All of them recited magical incantations first. Linley immediately argued.

    Doehring Cowart stroked his white beard, and contentedly said, When casting spells, the most important thing for a magus is his mageforce and his mental energy. If his mental energy is sufficiently powerful, he can even instacast spells, without need for any incantations. Magical incantations only serve a supplemental function.

    Oh? Instacast? Linley looked questioningly at Doehring Cowart. Linley felt as though suddenly, the huge world of sorcery was slowly opening up before his very eyes, but still remained hazy and indistinct. Doehring Cowart, however, was dissipating the mysterious faade behind this world of magic.

    Smiling, Doehring Cowart nodded. Right. To cast a spell, your body must be able to provide a sufficient amount of mageforce, and then use mental energy to control that mageforce to summon sufficient elemental essence to form it into a spell!

    Elemental essence? Linley was surprised. Grandpa Doehring, are you saying that in order to cast magical spells, we need to draw upon external elemental essences?

    Haha. Of course. Linley, did you think that a powerful magus could simply rely on the elemental essence already in his body? Impossible! Lets look at forbidden-level magical spells. The mageforce in the body of a Saint-level magus can only provide 1% of the amount of essence needed. The other 99% can only be provided by natural, elemental essence.

    Let me put it to you like thisa magus so-called mageforce is really just pure, highly-refined elemental essence. Mageforce can be described as a general, whereas natures elemental essence is the soldiers. A magus summons his mageforce and uses it to direct natures elemental essence to form amazing spells. Understood? Doehring Cowart smiled as he looked at Linley.

    Linley couldnt help but frown.

    OhI understand. Linley laughed and nodded. The mageforce inside a magus is kinda like Uncle Hillman, while elemental essence is like our group of kids. Uncle Hillman, all by himself, directs our entire group in training, or in attacking, or engaging in battle!

    Doehring Cowart smiled and nodded. Right. Therefore, the mageforce of a magus is extremely important. If he doesnt have enough mageforce, he will not be able to cast a spell.

    Linley nodded.

    Compared to mageforce, however, mental energy is even more important! Doehring Cowart smiled as he spoke. By now, you should have realized that so-called mental energy is really spiritual energy, a form of controlling energy!

    Linley, a large amount of mageforce draws out an even larger amount of elemental essence. If such a huge amount of force is not controlled by spiritual energywhat do you think the end result would be? Doehring Cowart stroked his white beard as he quietly watched Linley.

    Linley frowned, pondering.

    Grandpa Doehring. Linley said in a low voice as he frowned. In some books, I read about some military tactics. In it, one of the things it said wasto subdue an enemy, first subdue their king. For example, bandits. If you first kill the bandit leader, the bandit army will naturally crumble to pieces and fall apart. So spiritual energy should serve a similar purpose as the controlling energy which the bandit leader exerts on his subordinates. Without spiritual energy to control a large amount of mageforce and elemental essence, this power would run wild.

    Doehring Cowart laughed.

    Haha, Linley, you are very smart. Doehring Cowart was laughing happily.

    Right, a large amount of mageforce and elemental essence, when controlled by spiritual energy, can be formed into a spell! Sometimes, in order to execute a particularly powerful spell, too high of a demand is placed upon ones spiritual energy. Thus, the assistance of magical incantations is needed. Doehring Cowart smiled as he spoke.

    Linley felt as though a huge, important principle of magic had suddenly become crystal clear to him.

    Smiling at Linley, Doehring Cowart continued, Of course, thats just the basic theory. The world of magic is far more complicated than you can imagine! The question of exactly how one uses mageforce and elemental essence to form magic, now thats the real issue!

    Whats the point of having mageforce, if you dont know exactly how to shape it into a magical spell? Doehring Cowart let out a long sigh. The world of magic is an extremely complicated one. Magical research is very difficult and dangerous. But due to intra-empire struggles, countless magi engage in the research of new types of spells.

    Actually, every single empire researches new ways of using different matrices of mageforce and elemental essence to produce different spells! But magical research is extremely dangerous. The more destructive a spell potentially is, the harder it is to research. Sometimes, it can even catastrophically backlash upon the researchers.

    Doehring Cowart laughed as he spoke. In most magus academies, you can only study spells up to the sixth rank. Spells of the seventh, eighth, and ninth ranks, as well as Saint-level spells, are considered secrets. Only if you join a kingdom will you gain access to those special spells.

    Linley had read many books and therefore understood this principle.

    If you have no instructor? No matter how much mageforce you have or how high your spiritual energy is, you wont be able to execute a single spell! Doehring Cowart smiled faintly. The profound secrets of every magical spell lies in how to control mageforce and elemental essence to form the spell.

    After countless years of magical experimentation, the magical system has essentially been perfected. Stroking his white beard, Doehring Cowart laughed loudly. Linley, dont worry. In the future, theres no need for you to bend the knee to any kingdom or any lord, becauseI can teach you seventh, eighth, ninth, and even Saint-level spells!

    Linley took a deep breath.

    He could feel himself embarking on a new path.

    Under the guidance of Grandpa Doehring, he had no need to continue to follow the path of the warrior. He would now embark on the more mysterious, more powerful way of the magus.

    Come, lets begin the test of the strength of your elemental affinities. Sit down with legs crossed, close your eyes, and enter a meditative state. Doehring Cowart said gently.

    Meditative state? Linley felt his heartbeat quicken.

    How would his affinity rate?

    Dont worry. Just carefully try and see what you can sense, and whenever you sense something, just tell me. Doehring Cowart smiled encouragingly towards Linley. Linley immediately closed his eyes and tried to force himself to calm down.

    Dont worry. Just do as I instruct. Doehring Cowart said in a gentle voice.


    Meditation was one of the basic underpinnings of all magus. It was needed for both absorbing elemental essence to transform it into mageforce, and for improving ones spiritual energy. The first time entering a meditative state was the most difficult and dangerous one, but of course, under the guidance of a Saint-level Grand Magus, Linley wouldnt find it too difficult.

    After half an hour of instruction, Linley finally entered the meditative state for the first time.

    Seeing Linley in a meditative state, Doehring Cowart let out a faint smile, then waved his hand.


    A large amount of earth essence began to swirl around Linley. Normally, most places only had an ordinary density of earth essence, but right now, Doehring Cowart was using his powerful spiritual energy to increase the density of earth essence near Linley by a hundredfold.

    If he still cant sense any earth essence around him even under these conditions, then theres no hope for him at all. Doehring Cowart said to himself.

    Even a totally ordinary person should sense something, given that the density of earth essence was a hundred times greater than normal.

    Right now, Linley, still in a meditative state, felt extremely happy and excited. He had never realizedthat around him, there were so many amazing things. Countless earth-colored specks of light were floating around him, in such a high density as to be shocking.

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    Book 1, Chapter 23 Spring Ends, Autumn Comes (part 2)

    Linley, can you feel it? Doehring Cowarts voice gently sounded in Linleys mind.

    Grandpa Doehring, I can feel it. Theres so many specks of earth-colored light. So manytoo many. They are clustered so densely, thousands, no, tens of thousands. A hundred earth-colored specks of light just floated past my hand. Theres too many. Feeling the large amount of earth-colored specks of light floating around him, Linley felt extremely happy.

    Hearing this news, Doehring Cowart was immediately ecstatic.

    Very good. Now, slowly, do as I say. Dont think about anything. Quietly Doehring Cowart droned almost hypnotically, helping Linley to depart the meditative state. At the same time, he released the control he was exerting over the earth essence. Immediately, the earth essence density around them returned to normal.

    After awakening from the meditative state, Linley felt as though he was full of energy, totally different from before. Even while fully awake, Linley felt as though he could still sense some of the oscillations from the nearby earth essences, even though he couldnt sense them as clearly as when he was in the meditative state.

    Grandpa Doehring, I can still feel the movements of those earth-colored specks of light. Really! Even though its not as clear now, I can still somewhat feel them. Linley was feeling extremely excited.

    This was his first step into the world of magic. Linley was filled with amazement.

    What did you say? You can still sense it? Doehring Cowart was very astonished, because the nearby density of earth essence had returned to normal now, and Linley was no longer in a meditative state. If he could still sense the nearby earth essence, even while awakethen his affinity for earth essence

    Grandpa Doehring, why arent you talking? How is the strength of my affinity for earth elemental essence? Linley said nervously.

    Linley didnt know if he had done well or poorly.

    Good. Extremely good. Your affinity for earth elemental essence is extremely high. Doehring Cowarts face was wreathed in smiles. Based on what I know, only perhaps one in a thousand magi would have as strong an affinity for earth elemental essence as you. Truly.

    Linley felt his heart began thumping frantically. He was so excited he didnt know what to say.

    But naturally, elemental affinity is just one part. Spiritual energy is the most important of all! After all, given enough time, mageforce will naturally strengthen. But its extremely difficult to improve the spiritual energy of a magus. Doehring Cowart said solemnly.

    Linley took a deep breath and nodded.

    Now, its time for the second test, to test your spiritual energy. Doehring Cowart looked at Linley solemnly.

    Linley also knew that this test of spiritual energy was an extremely important one.

    Grandpa Doehring, what do I need to do? Linley stared at Doehring Cowart, mentally preparing himself.

    Nothing at all. Doehring Cowart laughed.

    Uh Linley was startled.

    I am the spirit of the Coiling Dragon Ring, while you are the master of the Coiling Dragon Ring. I am totally capable of sensing the strength of your spirit! Theres no need to test it at all. I can tell you right now! Doehring Cowart smiled at Linley.

    Ihow is my spiritual energy? Linley held his breath.

    The strength or weakness of a persons spiritual energy determined ones destiny.

    Your spiritual energy is ten times stronger than the average person of your age. Doehring Cowart smiled as he spoke.

    Linley felt a sense of excitement in his heart. Ten times!

    That wasnt a small number.

    But Doehring Cowart continued, Generally speaking, only one in ten thousand can become a magus, principally because theres a high requirement when it comes to spiritual energy. The absolute minimum requirement for a magus is having five times more spiritual energy than someone of the same age. Ten times puts you roughly in the middle of the pack, as far as the average magus goes.

    Linleys earlier excitement was immediately dampened.

    If it was anyone else instructing you, at most you could become a magus of the fifth or sixth rank. Howeversince the person instructing you is me, the situation is now different. Doehring Cowart stroked his beard contentedly, a look of self-confidence in his eyes.

    Linley suddenly came to the same realization.

    Right. Doehring Cowart was a Saint-level Grand Magus!

    As long as you work hard, Linley, I am fully confident that you can reach the eighth rank. But as to whether or not you can become a magus of the ninth rank, or even a Saint-level magus? That will depend on your own comprehension and your experiences. Doehring Cowart said seriously. If you do not work hard, Im afraid you might not even become a magus of the sixth rank. At that point in time, youll have no one else to blame.

    A good instructor in magic was just one part of the equation.

    The most important part was still ones own effort.

    Grandpa Doehring, please dont worry. I wont disappoint you, or my father, or the Baruch clan. At this moment, Linleys mind was filled with the image of the spirit tablet in front of the ancestral hall, and those illustrious names and stories engraved on the back.

    To renew the former glory of the Baruch clan!

    Linleys chest was filled with boiling heat!

    Good. Starting tomorrow, I will begin to instruct you. Doehring Cowart looked at Linley, his eyes gleaming. Right now, Doehring Cowarts body was once more emanating the self-confidence and pride which a Saint-level Grand Magus possessed!


    Starting the very next day, Linley began to live an extremely tough, arduous life.

    He couldnt reveal the existence of Doehring Cowart to his father. Every morning and evening, he still needed to attend physical training, while later in the morning, he would have his lessons with his father on politics, religion, religious rites, warfare, geography, artand all sorts of other lessons.

    Only in the afternoon, during his previously spare time, would Linley run towards Mt. Wushan, east of the township, hide in a quiet place, and begin to learn the basics of magic under the guidance of Doehring Cowart. He studied hard, while entering the meditative state to absorb and process mageforce.

    In addition, each day, after eating dinner, Linley would spend a large amount of time in the meditative state.

    Every day, Linley would spend only six hours sleeping. All of his other time was spent in physical training, intellectual studies, magical instruction, and meditation. Six hours of sleep a day, frankly speaking, was simply not enough. In truth, entering the meditative state was extremely taxing, far more tiring than most peoples lives. Every day, Linley entered a very deep sleep for those six hours.

    Filled. His time was absolute filled.

    With each day passing like this, day after day, Linleys improvement was very evident, to the point where it wasnt just improvement, but a form of transformation!

    As he was hard at work training

    He experienced, for the first time, the joy of absorbing elemental essence into his body, and then transforming it into mageforce.

    He experienced, for the first time, entering so deeply into the meditative state that he almost became unconscious.

    And he experienced, for the first time, the excitement of performing earth-style magic, even if it was nothing more than generating a tiny Earth Spike that was only twenty centimeters high.


    Hard work, day after day

    Linleys effort and the speed of his improvement caused even Doehring Cowart, that five-thousand year old Saint-level Grand Magus of the Pouant Empire, to sigh with amazement.

    Due to his daily physical training exercises, Linleys body was growing sturdier and sturdier. Because he often entered the meditative state and absorbed earth essence, Linley became calmer and more tranquil. Linleys transformation caused his father Hogg and Hillman to both be amazed and overjoyed.


    Spring ended, and autumn came. In the blink of an eye, it was now autumn.

    There was only one month remaining before the magus affinity testing and recruitment event.

    In the ancestral hall within the Baruch clan manor.

    Whew. All done cleaning. Time to go do some more magical training. Yesterday I actually managed to successfully execute the Earth Tremor technique. That was wonderful. Right now, Linley was in an extremely good mood. He quickly strode out of the ancestral hall and closed the door.

    Walking on the blue tiled steps of the stone walkway, Linleys footsteps were firm and swift, but made little sound.

    This was an ability that virtually all earth-style magi possessed. Because their power was derived from the earth itself, they could mask virtually all sound from their footsteps.

    Eh? Linley frowned.

    His ears twitched as he turned and stared towards a far-off building. I heard something? He immediately stealthily walked in that direction. His footsteps made almost no sound. Normally, just while walking ordinarily, he could mask his footsteps. Now that he was intentionally trying to hide them, he made even less noise.

    He crept closer, step by step.

    When Linley reached the door to the building and took a peek inside

    Whats that? Linleys eyes widened.

    He saw a 20-centimeter long black mouse chewing on a piece of stone rubble. And then, in the blink of an eye, the black mouse appeared tens of meters away in a different direction, and began to nibble on a piece of blue tile. The black mouses fur appeared very soft. Its eyes were guileless, and its paws were furry. In a word, it looked very cute.

    It even hopped around just on its two hind legs for fun.

    What an adorable little mouse. And how amazingly fast! Hiding by the doorway, Linley exclaimed silently.

    Most mice wouldnt reach such a size, and most mouses were loathsome creatures, but this mouse seemed particularly adorable. Its eyes seemed to be full of meaning, as though they could speak. Most importantly of allit was astonishingly fast.

    Such speedI bet even Uncle Hillman, a warrior of the sixth rank, cant catch it. How can it be so fast? Seeing the cute mouse move tens of meters in just the blink of an eye, Linley felt astonished.

    Doehring Cowart flew out from within the Coiling Dragon Ring. Standing next to Linley, he looked at the black mouse with some surprise. A magical beast, a Shadowmouse? And judging by its size, a Shadowmouse infant.

    A magical beast? Shadowmouse? It is so big! How can it be an infant? Linley stared at Doehring Cowart in surprise.

    Aside from the Vampiric Iron Bull, the Griffin, the Velocidragon, and the Black Dragon magical beasts he had seen, this was the first time Linley had seen any other magical beasts. This adorable black mouse was actually a magical beast? A magical beast, with magical abilities?

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 1 Magical Beast, Shadowmouse

    Magical beast Shadowmouse? Grandpa Doehring, what special qualities does a Shadowmouse possess, and what rank does it have amongst magical beasts? Linley and Doehring Cowart were mentally communicating, but at the same time, Linley was staring excitedly at him.

    Doehring Cowart smiled. He pretended to hem and haw for a few seconds, then slowly said, The magical beast Shadowmouse cannot easily be hemmed into a particular rank. This is because it represents an entire race of mice. Amongst rat-type creatures, theres two major types; the Stoneater Rat, and the Shadowmouse. But both the Stoneater Rat and the Shadowmouse are omnivores. They can eat anything, whether it is stones, bones, or even meat.

    Linley mentally nodded.

    Just now, he had seen that black Shadowmouse nibbling on a rock.

    Magical beasts are divided into nine ranks. Magical beasts of the first rank are the weakest. And of course, above the ninth rank are magical beasts at the Saint-level! Doehring Cowart smiled at Linley. Linley, the weakest type of Stoneater Rat is the Grey Stoneater Rat. Stoneater Rats of the first to third ranks are all grey in color, with some minor shading differences. A Stoneater Rat, upon reaching the fourth rank, will see its fur turn pure silver. Upon reaching the seventh rank, its fur will turn gold! A gold-colored Stoneater Rat will at least be a magical beast of the seventh rank, and at most a magical beast of the eighth rank.

    Linley, the Stoneater Rat race is an extremely terrifying race, primarily because they have huge numbers, and extremely sharp teeth, far sharper than the Shadowmouse race. When large numbers of Stoneater Rats appear, even an army of a hundred thousand people cannot hope to withstand them. Doehring Cowart sighed as he spoke.

    Doehring Cowart was recalling a catastrophe he had witnessed long ago.

    The Stoneater Rat was not as fast as the Shadowmouse, but its body was as tough and durable as steel. The higher ranked a Stoneater Rat was, the tougher its body would become, and the sharper its teeth would become. Its body seemed small, but that was deceptive; in large numbers, they were absolutely terrifying.

    The weapons used by most armies cannot kill a Stoneater Rat, but a Stoneater Rat can easily kill and devour a soldier. Doehring Cowart sighed again.

    In Linleys imagination, there appeared the image of a vast, endless flood of Stoneater Rats descending from the wilderness or mountains and attacking an army of men. Imagining that flood of Stoneater Rats devouring the entire army, Linleys heart shivered.

    Absolutely terrifying.

    Amongst the two races of rat-type creatures, the Stoneater Rat has an extremely tough defense, sharp teeth, and huge numbers. But Shadowmice? There are quite a large number of Shadowmice as well, but their numbers are far less than Stoneater Rats. Doehring Cowart seemed like an encyclopedia, all-wise and all-knowing.

    And Shadowmice? How powerful is a Shadowmouse? Linley asked.

    There was a Shadowmouse not too far from him. Naturally, Linley wanted to know more about how powerful they were.

    The weakest Stoneater Rat is a beast of the first rank. But the Shadowmouse is different! The weakest Shadowmouse is a magical beast of the third rank, with jet black fur. When its entire body turns blue in color, that is a sign that it has reached the fifth rank. And when all of its fur has turned violet, that means it has at least reached the seventh rank, and at most the eighth rank. Doehring Cowarts words were clear and precise.

    Linley nodded inwardly.

    Based on potential power, a Shadowmouse was not inferior at all to a Stoneater Rat.

    Grandpa Doehring, based on what you just said, a Shadowmouse of the third or fourth rank would have pure black fur. Only upon reaching the fifth rank would its fur turn blue. So are you saying that little guy there is a magical beast of the third or fourth rank? Linley followed up with more questions.

    This black colored Shadowmouse is not ordinary.

    Doehring Cowart frowned as he spoke. The Stoneater Rat is famed for its toughness and its sharp teeth, while the Shadowmouse is famed for its speed and its sharp teeth! Speed is thus a very good way to determine the strength of any particular Shadowmouse.

    It moved really fast, tens of meters in the blink of an eye. But since it is a Shadowmouse, I guess that isnt out of the ordinary. Linley still remembered its earlier movements clearly.

    Doehring Cowart nodded. Shadowmice are indeed very fast, but for an infant Shadowmouse to already have reached the speed of an adult Shadowmouse is definitely out of the ordinary. A hint of a smile was on Doehring Cowarts face.

    Out of the ordinary? Linley looked at Doehring Cowart.

    Doehring Cowart continued, Right. For an infant Shadowmouse to have reached the speed of an adult Shadowmouse of the fourth rank means that when it grows up, it has the possibility of becoming a violet-colored Shadowmouse of the seventh rank. I suspectthat it is the child of a Violet Shadowmouse.

    The child of a Violet Shadowmouse? Linley said questioningly. But its fur is black.

    Doehring Cowart laughed. Linley, Violet Shadowmice and Blue Shadowmice, when born, all start off with black fur. Only as their strength grows will the color of their fur slowly change! The color of their fur is proof of their power!

    Linley suddenly understood. So that is how it is!

    Grandpa Doehring, then based on your words, this Shadowmouse is really amazingly fast. The Shadowmouse in front of me is slightly faster than even Uncle Hillman, but you are telling me that it is comparable to a Shadowmouse of the fourth rank. For a magical beast of the fourth rank to be faster than a warrior of the sixth rank Linley couldnt help but sigh in amazement.

    Doehring Cowart laughed. Linley, if they werent so fast, why would they be called Shadowmice?

    At the same rank of power, a Shadowmouse, when running, was far, far faster than a human warrior.

    A Shadowmouse is a rare prize as magical beasts go, especially the seventh-ranked Violet Shadowmouse. Many a magus would want a Violet Shadowmouse, but they are simply too fast. An adult Violet Shadowmouse is valuable, but extremely hard to catch and tame. It is much easier to catch and tame an infant Violet Shadowmouse, but it is extremely rare for one to be able to meet an infant Violet Shadowmouse by itself. Doehring Cowart smiled as he looked at Linley.

    Linley could imagine it as well.

    A Violet Shadowmouse was a magical beast of the seventh rank at least, which meant that at the very least, they had a Velocidragons level of power.

    Linley, a Violet Shadowmouse is considered a king amongst rats, and can command a large swarm of Shadowmice. Although Shadowmice are not as numerous as Stoneater Rats, they are still quite numerous. An infant Violet Shadowmouse would therefore be protected by many adult Shadowmice.

    Doehring Cowart glanced sideways at that distant black Shadowmouse, still chewing some rocks.

    To be so powerful when still so young, eight or nine times out of ten, means that it is the infant of a Violet Shadowmouse. I really wonder how he managed to make his way to your clans manor, without a single adult Shadowmouse guard. Doehring Cowart said with an air of amazement.

    Linley also agreed with Doehring Cowarts words.

    Linley. Doehring Cowart suddenly looked at Linley with a strange look in his eyes. His voice carrying a hint of enticement he said, Regardless of why the the infant Violet Shadowmouse is herewould you want to collect it as a companion? Shadowmice grow very rapidly, especially Violet Shadowmice. In ten years or so, it will finish its growth cycle. By that time, you would have a magical beast companion of at least the seventh, and possibly even the eighth rank.

    Hearing his words, Linleys heart fluttered.

    Taming a magical beast of the seventh or eighth rank is extremely difficult. But taming them when they are in the infant stage is far easier.

    In addition, not all infant magical beasts are the same. Some grow up very quickly, while some grow up very slowly. Amongst the dragon type magical beasts, some can take a thousand years to mature. Most humans simply dont have the ability to wait so long. Shadowmice were one of the types of magical beasts that grow up fairly quickly.

    But encountering an infant Violet Shadowmouse is simply too rare of an occasion.

    After all, the more powerful a magical beast is, the more importance it attaches to protecting its young. Although it wasnt too clear why this young Shadowmouse had appeared within his manor, it was an indisputable fact that it was indeed here, alone.

    Linley, possessing a Violet Shadowmouse is equivalent to possessing an entire Shadowmouse army! Doehring Cowart smiled at Linley. This is why the Violet Shadowmouse is a far more precious magical beast than many other beasts of the seventh or eighth rank.

    Doehring Cowart continued to try and entice Linley.

    How could a seven or eight year old Linley resist?

    Grandpa Doehring, how would I tame this Violet Shadowmouse? Linley looked excitedly at Doehring Cowart.

    Doehring Cowart felt very happy. If little Linley really can tame this Shadowmouse, in the future, I can be a bit more at ease. Doehring Cowart knew very well that as a spirit, he had no mageforce of his own at all. A Saint-level Grand Magus without mageforce really didnt have many attacking abilities.

    There was no way for him to protect Linley.

    But after the past half year, he had already begun to consider this pure, hard-working child as his own grandson. Naturally, he wanted to come up with ways to improve Linleys strength.

    Linley, you must be calm. Doehring Cowart said solemnly. Even if this is just a Violet Shadowmouse infant, his speed is comparable to a mature Shadowmouse of the fourth rank. Even your Uncle Hillman wont be able to catch him. You simply dont have the ability to forcibly subdue him, and you also are not able to utilize a soul-binding magical formation.

    Linley was startled.

    His overheated mind suddenly calmed down. Laughing bitterly, he said, Now I remember. To tame a magical beast, the first way is to forcibly subdue him, and the second way is to use a soul-binding magical formation, which can only be utilized by a magus of the seventh rank, at least.

    Linley couldnt help but feel a bit disappointed.

    Alas, he was too weak. Even though he had the good fortune to encounter a Violet Shadowmouse infant, he didnt have the ability to tame it.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 2 A Clumsy Method (Part 1)

    Linley, dont be discouraged. I only meant to say that there is no way for you to forcibly subdue him, I didnt say that it is impossible to tame him at all. Doehring Cowart laughed self-indulgently. If he was an adult Shadowmouse, I probably wouldnt be able to help, buthes just a baby Shadowmouse. As a Saint-level Grand Magus, I have some methods which can be effective in dealing with a baby Shadowmouse. In addition, there is no need for a soul-binding magical formation.

    Linleys calm mind immediately grew agitated again, and he turned to look at Doehring Cowart with shining eyes.

    Grandpa Doehring, quick, tell me, whats your plan? Linley excitedly spoke to him mentally.

    Doehring Cowart said with a self-satisfied smile, Its simple. The soul-binding technique used by the soul-binding magical formation creates a master-servant bond. And naturally, if one can subdue a magical beast, one is qualified to become its master. Right now, theres no way for us to initiate a master-servant bond, so we can only take a step backand initiate a bond of equals with the Shadowmouse.

    Bond of equals? Linley said curiously. What is that? Ive never heard of it.

    Its normal for you not to have heard of it. Even five thousand years ago, during the era in which I lived, very few people know about the bond of equals. Doehring Cowarts eyes crinkled as he smiled. A bond of equals represents that you and the magical beast share the same status in the relationship, with no one being the master or being the servant. As a matter of fact, a bond of equals will give you a more intimate relationship with your magical beast, and your magical beast will more whole-heartedly assist you, giving the two of you superior teamwork.

    Linley now understood.

    Oh? Grandpa Doehring, from your words, it sounds like theres a lot of advantages to this bond of equals. Why dont most people use it? Linley queried.

    Doehring Cowart laughed loudly. Because, the bond of equals is not initiated by people. Rather, it is initiated by the magical beast.

    Initiated by the magical beast?! Linley was stunned.

    No wonder there was no need for setting up a soul-binding magical formation. This bond was initiated by the magical beast itself. Doehring Cowart continued, Every single magical beast, upon birth, has the ability to initiate a bond of equals, but in their entire life, a magical beast may only enter this bond a single time. It isnt like the soul-binding master-servant relationship, where once the master dissolves the relationship, someone else can use another soul-binding technique to tame the beast again.

    Linley nodded.

    But it is extremely difficult to convince a magical beast to willingly initiate the bond of equals, Doehring Cowart continued more seriously. You need to convince a magical beast that you are like family and make it decide that it cannot bear to part from you. Only then would it willingly enter a bond of equals with you.

    Linley slightly nodded.

    Adult magical beasts have very high intelligence, so if you want to move the heart of an adult magical beast and make it view you as family, it is almost impossible. Doehring Cowart sighed. But juveniles are different. It is much like how human babies have low intelligence and can easily be tricked into liking you by, say, giving them some tasty food. The intelligence of magical beast babies is even lower. As long as you often feed him, he will like you. Then, spend some time playing with him. In a short period of time, this magical beast will come to adore you. This is especially true for an infant magical beast who has been separated from his community. Those are even easier to tame.

    Hearing Doehring Cowarts words, Linley felt as though a great weight had been lifted from him.

    So its just a matter of coaxing a little kid. Linley laughed.

    He was extremely experienced in this. Ever since he was young, he accompanied his younger brother, Wharton, playing with him and coaxing him. Linley was very much a master in the art.

    Linley, dont be too cocky. If you want to coax an infant magical beast, you have to pay attention to many details. If you arent careful, this little Shadowmouse might just give you a bite. Doehring Cowart reminded.

    Give me a bite?

    Linley looked at the far-off Shadowmouse. The sound of it crunching through rocks could be heard from afar. The Shadowmouse was chewing through it as easily as he normally wouldve chewn through bread. Linley didnt question the sharpness of the teeth of this Shadowmouse in the slightest.

    Then what should I do? Linley immediately lost his confidence.

    Relax. Based on my method, you wont have any problems at all. Based on this clumsy idea that I have, all you need is time and patience. Dont get agitated or impatient. Doehring Cowart slowly began to explain his clumsy idea. Linley, a Shadowmouse is an omnivore; it will eat anything. Bones, rocks, meat. But its favorite food is still meat, especially roasted meat. This is based on the experience of elders.

    Therefore, just go up Mt. Wushan to kill some beasts, then place the cooked meat far away from him on the ground. Remember. Do not try to get near him. Each time he eats, wait for him to approach you. Doehring Cowart laughed. If you try to approach him, it might cause him to attack you out of fear! But if he approaches you, then there wont be any danger at all.

    This method is clumsy, but very safe. Doehring Cowart said with a smile.

    Linley understood.

    This method really was a bit clumsy, but it was also simple and direct.

    Grandpa Doehring, wont this Shadowmouse run all over the place? Linley was worried that if he went and got some roasted meat, he might come back to find the Shadowmouse had gone. There would be nothing he could do then.

    Who can say? It all comes down to your luck. But I believe that in a short period of time, it wont go anywhere. Doehring Cowart said.

    Fine, Ill go kill some wild beasts. Linley nodded, then quickly ran towards Mt. Wushan. His footsteps were very sure, but strangely made no sound at all. This was the proof of ones ability as a earth-style magus.

    After departing from the back gate of the manor, Linley began to run at a normal pace, and his footsteps began to sound again.

    Young master Linley, headed to the back mountain again? Uncle Hiri, broom in hand, was dusting the floor. He saw Linley and smiled at him.

    Yup. Linley assented as he sped up his pace.

    Over the past half year, Linley had been going to Mt. Wushan to train in magecraft almost every afternoon. No one else knew that he was training in magecraft, of course. But they all knew that in the afternoons, Linley liked to spend his spare time playing in the mountains.


    Autumn. Most of the trees on Mt. Wushan had shed their leaves, but there were still many evergreen trees, as well as some maple trees covered in deep red leaves.

    A vigorous, nimble shadow could be seen piercing through the mountain forests. Linley ran silently but nimbly and fast. After having absorbed earth essence for half a year, Linley didnt just possess mageforce; his physical strength had been raised as well.

    By this point in time, Linleys body was comparable to the average 15-16 year old in Wushan township, and possessed the strength of a warrior of the first rank.

    There were many squirrels and rabbits on Mt. Wushan, while there werent many fierce beasts. This was the reason why most adults didnt worry too much about their children playing in the mountain. After all, Mt. Wushan was a fairly small mountain, with very few large animals, much less magical beasts.

    Linleys footsteps suddenly halted, as he saw up ahead a dull-yellow colored rabbit eating grass.

    Even a very cautious wild rabbit wasnt able to detect Linley in the slightest.

    Wild rabbits have a fast reaction time, and run fast also. Best if I use magic. Linley immediately began to chant the words to a magical incantation.

    Linley felt that in the center of his chest, a small gust of earth-style mageforce began to throb. Most warriors stored their battle-qi approximately 10 centimeters below their navel, but magi stored their mageforce directly in the middle of their chests, at the middle of a line between their nipples. But spiritual energy, of course, was stored in their head.

    It didnt make much of a difference if a magical incantation was mumbled or shouted. The only thing that mattered was making sure ones spiritual energy was guided by the energies released by the incantation.

    In scant seconds, Linley finished his incantation, and his eyes lit up as he stared at the hare.

    Earth-style, magic of the first rank Earth Spike!


    A sharp spike of earth erupted from directly beneath the wild hare, piercing directly into its chest. Scarlet blood flowed out, dying its soft fur. Shocked at the ambush, the hare immediately began to struggle, but all it succeeded in doing was make itself lose blood even faster.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 3 A Clumsy Method (Part 2)

    Linley immediately ran over and grabbed the rabbit by the throat with one hand. CRACK! The rabbit, previously struggling in agony, twitched twice, then went still. Ever since watching those two battles half a year ago, the bloodthirsty nature of the Dragonblood in Linleys veins had been in full sway.

    I am both a warrior of the first rank and a magus of the first rank, but in terms of attack power, my magic is stronger. Grabbing the wild rabbit, Linley couldnt help but laugh and sigh.

    Magi were divided into nine ranks, and becoming a magus of the first rank was easy. But later on, it would become much harder, and take more time to attain each new rank! Many powerful magi of the seventh or eighth ranks would spend hundreds of years and still find it hard to attain a higher rank.

    But for the first rank, half a year would be enough for someone talented. Even if one didnt have much talent, as long as they met the basic requirements for becoming a magus, two to three years would be sufficient for them to become a magus.

    The rabbit in his clutches, Linley immediately began running down the mountain.

    Linley, why arent you cooking it? Although the Shadowmouse will eat raw meat, his favorite is cooked meat. Doehring Cowarts voice sounded in Linleys mind.

    Grandpa Doehring, I bet you never coaxed any kids before. While running, Linley replied in a teasing voice.

    Doehring Cowart was startled. He had never had any grandchildren, and why would a revered Saint-level Grand Magus like himself stoop to coaxing other kids?

    Um, no, I havent. Doehring Cowart was forced to admit.

    Linley self-confidently said, I often have to coax little Wharton. Lemme tell ya, if you want to give a kid something, you cant give them something too good, right off the bat. Otherwise, in the future, theyll expect something really good every single time, or something even better. Right now, the Shadowmouse is chewing on rocks. If I give him some raw meat, hell be really happy. Ill give him raw meat for seven or eight days, and then Ill give him cooked meat. That will make him even happier.

    Doehring Cowart immediately understood.

    The older one got, the craftier one got. How could he fail to understand this logic? It was the same method he had used in dealing with subordinates. First, giving them just a little taste, and then giving them more later. If you gave them too much too early, it would be hard to satisfy their urges in the future.

    I read about this as well in a book regarding raising monkeys. Saying three in the morning and then raising to four in the afternoon is much more effective than saying four in the morning and then lowering to three in the afternoon. Linley grinned.

    Doehring Cowart suddenly felt that although Linley was only eight, he wasnt any inferior to many young adults.

    Looks like the educational methods of the Baruch clan are rather effective after all. Doehring Cowart silently sighed with praise. Education can raise a persons intelligence, but most commoners didnt have access to education. Most commoners could not meet either the entry requirements or the fee requirements for good magus academies or warrior academies.


    None of the people of Mt. Wushan found it strange for Linley to be running home with a wild hare in hand. In truth, ever since Linley had learned the Earth Spike spell, he often brought wild hares home.

    Young master Linley is so formidable. He caught another wild hare. The commoners in the town grinned as they watched him pass by.

    Linley also politely smiled back at them as he walked past them on the street.

    I wonder if the Shadowmouse will eat something which is provided by another.

    Taking a deep breath, Linley entered his familys manor and went to the back courtyard, and one careful step at a time, approached the location where the Shadowmouse had appeared, his footsteps not making a single sound. In a short period of time, Linley returned to his earlier position.

    Wheres the Shadowmouse? Linley stared at the ancient building, but aside from some rubble and rotting leaves, he didnt see anything.

    Some of the stones still showed signs of being chewed on, but despite scanning inside the entire building, he couldnt see even the shadow of the Shadowmouse. Linley couldnt help but feel despondent and miserable. Grandpa Doehring, the Shadowmouse isnt here anymore. It was just an hour. Did it leave already?

    A ray of light shot out of the Coiling Dragon Ring and transformed into the white-robed Doehring Cowart.

    Doehring Cowart also frowned in confusion. That shouldnt be the case. It was just an hour. Did it really leave already?


    Crunch, crunch. That familiar, soft crunching sound could be heard once again. Linleys eyes brightened, and he immediately turned and headed towards an ancient courtyard nearby. Arriving at the entryway, he clearly saw the black Shadowmouse chewing on stones in one spot, unmoving. He seemed almost like a sculptor, as he chewed each rock into surprising, bizarre shapes.

    Linley stood at the doorway.

    Tap! Linley purposefully let his foot bang into the doorway and make some sound.


    The black Shadowmouse immediately moved and in the blink of an eye, appeared over ten meters away. His two guileless eyes stared towards the doorway, and he immediately saw Linley. His eyes were filled with caution.

    Here, this is for you to eat.

    Linley smiled at the Shadowmouse, then tossed the wild hare in front of the doorway. Perhaps the Shadowmouse couldnt understand human speech, but Linley understood that an intelligent magical beast should be able to understand the meaning of a smile.

    After all, magical beasts werent like wild beasts. Their intelligence levels were only slightly lower than humans, and some powerful magical beasts were incredibly crafty.

    Dont rush it, dont rush it. Linley kept on telling himself, and then forced himself to slowly walk away.

    The Shadowmouse saw Linley depart, and then looked at the wild hare. He only managed to resist for a short period of time, then he scurried like a flash to the doorway while still staring at the now-distant Linley. Only then did he look at the dead hare. The Shadowmouse immediately grew ecstatic and was so happy that he began to hop about.

    Squeak, squeak! The Shadowmouse began to make a happy sound.

    And then he immediately began to eat the wild hare. His sharp teeth chewed at an incredibly fast rate. Although the Shadowmouse had a small body, this wild hare which was physically larger than the Shadowmouse was fully devoured by it, aside from the fur. Even the bones werent spared.

    Buuuurp! The little Shadowmouse made a belching noise, and then, in a very human-like gesture, rubbed its belly, extremely content.

    Compared to stones, raw meat clearly was a much tastier treat.

    After finishing his meal, the Shadowmouse glanced again in the direction which Linley had departed to. The baby Shadowmouse immediately felt a degree of kinship for this young fellow. After all, he was just recently born, an infant magical beast. The baby Shadowmouse even felt a bit of anticipation. Would this young man return in the future with another wild hare?

    That same day, before dinner.

    Wonder if the little Shadowmouse ate it or not. Linley was currently in the back courtyard of the manor, and walked towards the area where he had tossed the wild hare earlier.

    Linley, dont worry. Thats just a baby magical beast. Its always very hungry. Doehring Cowarts laughter echoed merrily in Linleys mind.

    Linley nodded slightly. He quickly arrived at the doorway, and saw that at the doorway, there was some rabbit fur splattered with blood. But the rabbits flesh and bones were all gone. Seeing this, Linleys eyes immediately shone.

    Wonderful! Linley clenched a fist.

    The first step was a success. The only thing left to do was to persevere!

    The next afternoon, Linley killed another wild hare as wild as a wild chicken. He gave the wild hare to Uncle Hiri to prepare for dinner, and then tossed the wild chicken in the exact same location as he had tossed the hare; at the doorway to that courtyard.

    The Shadowmouse is actually here staring at me. Linley chuckled as he saw that Shadowmouse inside the courtyard watch him approach.

    Linley, looks like things are progressing smoothly. He didnt run away immediately upon seeing you, which means that he doesnt feel much hostility towards you. Upon seeing this, Doehring Cowart secretly felt joy for Linley. Linley really was lucky to have met such a powerful juvenile magical beast.

    I really wonder what this young fellas parents are up to. Doehring Cowart was secretly suspicious.

    After placing the wild chicken at the doorway, he said a few words to the young Shadowmouse, smiled, and then retreated. But this time, he didnt depart, just standing off to the side and watched. Shortly afterwards, the young Shadowmouse scampered out. Looking around himself, when he saw Linleys far off presence, he wasnt too scared. He immediately lowered his head and began to eat the chicken.


    Day three. Day four. Day five.

    These acitivities continued. Day after day, Linley continued to undergo meditative training while preparing wild rabbits and other animals for the little Shadowmouse to eat. Nobody in the entire Wushan township, including Hogg and Hillman, knew that Linley was learning magic. Similarly, none of them knew that Linley was taking care of a juvenile magical beast that already possessed power of the fourth rank!

    Only Doehring Cowart was aware of this all, as he watched Linley mature.

    Theres no way that tiny little Wushan township is big enough for Linley. Watching Linley enter the meditative trance to practice magic, Doehring Cowart felt a hint of excitement. Sooner or later, he will bring an adult Violet Shadowmouse and step onto the endlessly broad stage that is the world of the Yulan continent.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 4 The Ernst Institute

    As time passed, the little Shadowmouse, which had not known much love from others, began to fear Linley less and less. By the eighth day, when Linley put down the rabbit, he moved away only two steps, and that little Shadowmouse still immediately ran over to eat, and even squeaked twice at Linley.

    The tenth day!

    Right, today Ill give the little Shadowmouse some cooked meat. Linley covered a wild chicken with a cloth sack, and then happily went to the back of the ancient courtyard in the manor.

    Doehring Cowart was walking by Linleys side as well, but aside from Linley, no one else could see him. Doehring Cowart was smiling so widely that his white whiskers were leaning horizontal. Linley, over these past nine days, the little Shadowmouse has lost all fear of you. Today, you are even giving him cooked meat. Hes going to be extremely excited and will become even closer to you.

    Hearing his words, Linley couldnt help but grin as well.

    Just as Linley walked into the courtyard.

    Squeak, squeak! The little Shadowmouse immediately ran up to Linley, and began hopping up and down while squeaking at him.

    I havent even taken the food out, and hes already run up to me. He really isnt afraid of me at all. Linley felt joy in his heart.

    Next to him, Doehring Cowart smiled merrily at the little Shadowmouse, which didnt notice his presence at all. Doehring Cowart said with a smile, Looks like hes already feeling quite close to you.

    Squeeaaaak! The little Shadowmouse looked at Linley with its innocent black eyes and began to squeak with impatience, as though telling Linley to hurry up and give him the food already.

    Dont be impatient. Linley took the roasted chicken out of the clothsack.

    Upon smelling the roasted chicken, the little Shadowmouses eyes shone, and then it looked at Linley pitifully. Seeing this, Linley couldnt help but laugh until his stomach hurt. In the past, when Linley gave good food to little Wharton, little Wharton would say, Big bro, I want! while staring at him in a pitiful manner.

    Now this little Shadowmouse was doing the same!

    Hehe, all yours! Linley gave the cooked chicken to the Shadowmouse.

    The little Shadowmouse squeaked with joy, immediately seizing the roast chicken. After taking a single bite, the little Shadowmouse began to eat faster and faster. In a very short time, the roast chicken, which was about the same size as the Shadowmouse itself, had been completely devoured.

    I really dont get how his stomach can contain so much. How can he swallow that much food? Linley laughed while sighing.

    It seemed as though this time, the little Shadowmouse had enjoyed his meal very much. He was so happy that he immediately began to hop up and down while squeaking at Linley, while even hugging Linleys leg with his own front arms. Linley couldnt help but feel pleased; this was the first time that the little Shadowmouse had acted so intimately towards him, even after eating.

    Linley, try and use your hand to smooth his fur. Usually, most magical beasts like their family members to groom them and stroke their fur. Doehring Cowart advised.

    Linley tentatively stretched his head out and placed it on the little Shadowmouses head. The little Shadowmouse didnt dodge in the slightest. Instead, it contentedly half-closed its eyes. Linley immediately felt more confident, and began to stroke his fur, causing the Shadowmouse to feel so comfortable that it began to snore.

    This little guy is so adorable. Linley was really beginning to like this little Shadowmouse more and more.

    Grandpa Doehring, magical beasts are so strange. That Velocidragon is so huge and has such tough scales, making it a magical beast of the seventh rank. But this little Shadowmouse, when he grows up, will also become a magical beast of the seventh rank. Both of them have the same rank, but why is there such a big difference between them?

    While petting the little Shadowmouse, Linley couldnt help but feel amazed.

    You cant judge them just based on their appearances. Perhaps an ordinary old geezer that you meet on the street is able to ride a flying dragon and level a mountain with the wave of a hand. Doehring Cowart laughed merrily.

    Linley understood this logic.

    But unconsciously, he still used appearances to judge.

    For example, that Velocidragon. Seeing how huge body was and seeing how its scales gleamed with a frozen golden light, anyone could tell how powerful it was.

    I really wonder when this little Shadowmouse will initiate a bond of equals with me. Linley mumbled. There was nothing he could do. The bond of equals could only be initiated by magical beasts, so he could only passively wait.

    Doehring Cowart laughed. Things are progressing very well. Remember. You must have patience.

    Right. I got it. Linley laughed as well.


    In the blink of an eye, time passed. Linley had fed the little Shadowmouse for twenty days now, and the little Shadowmouse was behaving extremely familiarly with Linley. But for some reason, even though the two of them had become extremely close, the little Shadowmouse still had not initiated the bond of equals.

    Darkness covered the land, and the entire Wushan township was very quiet.

    Within the Baruch clans living room, candlelight flickered from within as Linley and his family, along with Housekeeper Hiri, were enjoying supper together on the long dining table.

    Linley, I hear that youve often been bringing roasted hares to the back courtyards? Halfway through the meal, Hogg put down his utensils and turned to Linley.

    Linley was startled.

    Looks like it is time for me to confess. Linley said to himself, then looked at Hogg and nodded. Father, recently I discovered a cute animal living in our back courtyard, an extremely cute animal. So I often bring him some food.

    A cute animal? Little Whartons eyes shone.


    Hogg nodded. People rarely visit the back courtyard, so its normal for there to be animals there. Right. In a week or so, the Fenlai City is going to begin another round of magical aptitude testing and magus recruitment. Do you want to participate?

    Oh, the magus testing and recruiting event? Linley suddenly remembered this event.

    The ray of light which only Linley could see shot out from within the Coiling Dragon Ring, turning into the white-bearded Doehring Cowart. Doehring Cowart laughed at Linley, Linley, the magus testing and recruiting event is optional for you. Under my guidance, will you achieve less than at a magus academy?

    Linley agreed with this line of thought.

    Doehring Cowart was a Saint-level Grand Magus. Would any magus academies require a Saint-level Grand Magus to teach there?

    What, you dont want to go? Hoggs face, previously smiling, immediately grew cold as he frowned.

    Hogg remembered clearly that ever since the battle between the dual-element magus of the eighth rank and the small party, Linley had very much wanted to become a magus. Why was he hesitating now? In Hoggs heart, he too hoped that his son could become a magus.

    Father, I

    No, Linley, accept your fathers offer. Doehring Cowart frowned and hurriedly said.

    Linleys words died unspoken on his lips. At the same time, he suspiciously asked, Grandpa Doehring, I have you to teach me, right? With you teaching me, why would I need to go to a magus academy? Isnt that a waste of family resources?

    No. Doehring Cowart said seriously. I havent interacted with the Yulan continent for over five thousand years. Five thousand years, Linley! You must understand that many magi in the world have been continuously researching and developing new spells during this time period. Who knows how many new spells have been developed in the interim.

    Linley suddenly understood.

    And Linley, you must know that Wushan township is not the stage on which you will perform. You must step onto a far wider stage. Doehring Cowart said seriously.

    A far wider stage

    Linley couldnt help but be moved.

    He couldnt help but remember that huge Velocidragon, and the destructive power unleashed by the Dance of the Fire Serpents, as well as the Saint-level Grand Magus Rudi, who effortless controlled those countless boulders to cause an absolute calamity.

    The future

    Linleys heart began to beat faster. If he could one day step atop the head of a dragon and control cataclysmic power, if he too could feel the power of standing at the very pinnacle of mankind, that must be an amazing feeling. When he thought of this, Linley felt his blood begin to boil.

    Linley, what are you thinking about? Hogg was beginning to grow unhappy. When he was talking to Linley, Linley was daydreaming.

    Oh, nothing! Linley immediately looked at Hogg and quickly nodded while saying solemnly, Father, in my heart, I really want to become a magus. In a week, please arrange for me to go to Fenlai City to take part in the magus testing and recruiting event.

    Upon hearing these words, Hogg finally smiled.

    Magus, ooo, ooo, like that fire-breathing magus? While listening, little Wharton clapped his little hands together.

    Wharton, that was just a circus trick! Dont mix up circus tricks and real sorcery. Hogg said seriously.

    Oh. Little Wharton pouted and stopped talking.

    Linley chuckled, then turned to look at Hogg. Father, there must be many magus academies. Which ones are good? Right, are there any combined magus academy/warrior academy schools?

    Hogg laughed as well. Actually, all four of the major empires and both the major alliances have their own elite academies. You should know that one of the four major empires, the OBrien Empire, is the empire with the strongest military power.

    Linley nodded. Everyone knew that.

    The most elite school in the OBrien Empire is the OBrien Academy, which is reputed to be the number one warrior academy in the entire Yulan continent. But as far as magus academies go Hogg chuckled. The number one magus academy in the entire Yulan continent belongs to our Holy Union. Its name comes from a legendary Holy Emperor of the Holy Church, Holy Emperor Ernst. The Ernst Institute.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 5 Bebe the Shadowmouse (part 1)

    The Ernst Institute is the number one magus academy in the world. All of the graduates of the Ernst Institute are at least magi of the sixth rank, and theres even many who are of the seventh rank! If our Baruch clan was able to produce a magus of the seventh rank, we at least would stand a chance of recovering our ancestral heirloom.

    While speaking, Hogg looked at Linley eagerly.

    Linley could feel the hope which Hogg was placing on him.

    Our ancestral heirloom. For our ancestral heirloom to be lost to us is a humiliation that must be washed away. Linley could also feel his heart grow heavy.

    As a scion of the ancient Dragonblood Warrior clan, he felt proud of his ancient and mighty lineage. But the mighty Dragonblood Warrior clan had lost its own ancestral heirloom. What a humiliation! Hogg and countless elders who had passed away had all felt ashamed whenever they thought about it.

    Unfortunately, the type of family which could collect the warblade Slaughterer was not an ordinary one, and the current Baruch clan was far too weak.

    Ernst? The legendary Holy Emperor of the Radiant Church? The nearby Doehring Cowart started.

    What is it, Grandpa Doehring? Linley asked questioningly. I bet all of the hundreds of millions of citizens in the six kingdoms and fifteen dukedoms of the Holy Union know about the legendary Holy Emperor Ernst of the Radiant Church. Linley, also, knew much about the affairs and history of the legendary Holy Emperor Ernst.

    He had dramatically raised the profile of the Radiant Church, and single-handedly created the Holy Union.

    I didnt imagine that kid, Ernst, ended up having such accomplishments. And he even became a legendary Holy Emperor of the Radiant Church! Doehring Cowart sighed.

    Grandpa Doehring, you knew Holy Emperor Ernst? Linley was somewhat surprised.

    But then, Linley thought things through.

    Thats right. In the past, when the Pouant Empire was still unified, the Radiant Church, the Cult of Shadows, and even the Pavilion of Divinities all had many churches within the empire. But all of those churches were under the control of the Pouant Empire.

    Naturally. Ernst was a genius who entered the Saint-level when he was merely fifty or so years old. But in my age, he could only be considered a promising latecomer. Doehring Cowart said calmly.

    When Doehring Cowart was still alive, Ernst had still been developing himself. When Ernst had finally entered the Saint-level, Doehring Cowart had already been standing at the very pinnacle of the Yulan continent for a long time. Even amongst Saint-level combatants, Doehring Cowart would have been considered one of the greatest.

    Doehring Cowart had an extremely high status within the Pouant Empire, which Ernst didnt come close to matching, at the time.

    If Ernst had run into him, he would have had to courteously bow and pay his respects.

    I didnt expect that after I died, Ernst would become so incredible. Doehring Cowart laughed faintly.

    Linley couldnt help but feel a deep sense of veneration for Doehring Cowart from his heart. A Saint-level Grand Magus of the Pouant Empire, and one of the most powerful persons in the Yulan continent. And now, Doehring Cowart was carefully instructing himself in magic. How fortunate Linley was!

    As dinner progressed, the conversation amongst the Baruch clan manors was quite cheerful.

    Linley, in a weeks time, Ill arrange for Uncle Hillman to take you to Fenlai City and attend the magus testing and recruiting event. Hogg smiled towards Linley.

    Yes, father.

    Linley nodded.

    Young master Linley, Im sure that you will be able to enter the finest of magus academies. Housekeeper Hiri chortled.

    The finest. Oh. The finest! Little Whartons hands were covered in grease from eating, but still beamed as he waved his greasy hands.

    Hogg smiled faintly as he said, Becoming a magus is no easy thing. Perhaps only one in ten thousand has the talent. The requirements for entering the Ernst Institute are even higher. Only someone with an extremely high aptitude for magic will be admitted. If Linley can become a magus, I will be very satisfied, regardless of what academy he is accepted to.

    I wont let you down, father. Linleys words were filled with confidence.

    Because Linley, after all, was already a magus of the first rank.


    As time flowed onwards, in the blink of an eye seven days had passed.

    Linley was lying on the grass near the back courtyard, while the little Shadowmouse was hopping up and down around Linley. It was squeaking nonstop, but Linley paid him no mind.

    The little Shadowmouse rolled its eyes, then stood up on its hind feet and placed its front feet on top of Linleys body.

    Squeeeeak. The Shadowmouse called out with displeasure.

    Linley rubbed the little Shadowmouses head. Alright, stop making a fuss. Tomorrow, Im going to leave home and go to the capital. After the magus recruitment event is over, Im going to be going to a magus academy. Im afraid we wont have many chances to meet after that.

    There was no way he could bring a little Shadowmouse into a magus academy.

    Not a single student in a magus academy was an ordinary one, and there were many powerful magi there as well. If they found a little Shadowmouse there, they would probably immediately subdue and tame him. Even magi of the seventh and eighth ranks were present in magus academies. Catching a little Shadowmouse wouldnt be too hard.

    After all, he hadnt bonded with the little Shadowmouse yet, so anybody could subdue and tame him.

    Sniff, sniff Hearing Linley speak, the little Shadowmouse also began to sniff in a low tone.

    You dont even know what Im saying, Linley shook his head helplessly.

    I dont know how much time I will have to spend in a magus academy, or how many years I will be there for. Will we ever meet again? Linley stroked the little Shadowmouses fur, somewhat unwilling to part from it. After playing with the little Shadowmouse for the past month, he had really come to care for the cute little Shadowmouse.

    The little Shadowmouse enjoyed the petting so much that its eyes grew half-lidded as it squeaked quietly in contentment.


    The next day, after lunch. The Baruch familys front courtyard.

    Hogg stood there, straight as a ramrod. Staring directly at Linley, he said, Linley, Wushan township is located fairly close to the capital, just ninety or so kilometers away. You should be able to make it to the capital before nightfall. Remember, when you reach the capital, dont cause any trouble. There are too many rich and powerful people in the capital.

    Yes, father. Linley bowed as he said.

    Hillman, I entrust Linley to you. Hogg looked at the nearby Hillman.

    Hillman smiled as he said, Lord Hogg, please set your mind at ease.

    Alright, you can go now. Hogg laughed.

    Farewell, father. Linly said respectfully, and then smiled at little Wharton. Wharton, your big brother is gonna leave now.

    Little Wharton immediately squinted towards Linley. In a sad voice, he said, Big brother, bye bye!

    Linley glanced at the back courtyard, thinking to himself, Im afraid no one is going to come bring meat to the little Shadowmouse in the next few days. Hillman, who was next to him, said to Linley*, Linley*, lets go!

    Yes, Uncle Hillman.

    Linley didnt think about it anymore, and immediately followed Uncle Hillman as they departed from the manor.

    Squeak. On the rooftops above the living room of the Baruch clan manor, the little Shadowmouse watched Linley and Hillman depart. The little Shadowmouses mind was filled with questions. In his eyes, this was the time when Linley should be going off to kill a wild hare. Why had he taken up a bag and headed off with someone else?

    The little Shadowmouse really liked Linley.

    Over the past month, the friendless little Shadowmouse had really come to view Linley as family.


    The little Shadowmouses body flickered and in the blink of an eye, disappeared from atop the eaves of the Baruch clans manor. In two or three movements, it moved, reappearing on top of a nearby peasants house, still watching Linley and Hillman. As it followed behind Linley, the little Shadowmouse soon had left Wushan township.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 6 Bebe the Shadowmouse (part 2)

    The little Shadowmouse had previously watched Linley go hunting rabbits in the mountain, but this time, Linley wasnt headed for the mountain. He was headed off in a totally different direction, traveling on a road. The little Shadowmouse immediately panicked.

    Squeak, squeak!

    The little Shadowmouse suddenly rushed in Linleys direction.

    Just as Linley was walking, he suddenly discovered that his legs had been hugged from behind. Lowering his head, he saw that it was the little Shadowmouse. The little Shadowmouse was standing up on his hind legs, his two forelegs tightly clenched around Linley. He stared at Linley with two quavering, pitiable eyes, as though he were about to cry.

    Uh, whats the little Shadowmouse doing here?! Linley was somewhat surprised.

    Next to them, Hillman turned his head towards them. Upon seeing the little Shadowmouse, he was shocked. A magical beast! Is it a Stoneater Rat? Hillman didnt know too much about the various types of magical beasts, but there once was an entire army which had been devoured by Stoneater Rats, so most soldiers knew and feared rat-type magical beasts.

    Linley, be careful! Hillman immediately rushed towards them. Linley only saw a blur, and then Hillman was there, right next to the little Shadowmouse.

    But the little Shadowmouse was even faster, and in the blink of an eye, scurried on top of Linleys shoulder.

    Uncle Hillman, hold it! Linley finally managed to react.

    Hillman was startled.

    Uncle Hillman, hes the pet that Ive been feeding and raising in the back courtyard. Linley hurriedly said. Little Shadowmouse, isnt that right?

    The little Shadowmouse seemed to understand Linleys words, and his small head nodded.

    Hillman looked at Linley with shock. Linley, are you saying that youve been raising, raising a magical beast?

    Uncle Hillman, wait a sec. Lemme tell him to go home. Linley cupped the little Shadowmouse in his hands and said to it, Little Shadowmouse, I am going to leave with Uncle Hillman to the capital. You cannot go to the capital. Understood?

    The little Shadowmouse just stared at Linley with pitiable sad eyes, as though he were about to cry

    Linley placed the little Shadowmouse on the floor, then waved his hand at it. Go back. And then he pointed to the road. Im going that way. To the capital.

    After waving his arm, Linley began to continue going forward.

    Squeak. Squeaaaaak! The little Shadowmouse stood there, watching Linley.

    Uncle Hillman, lets go. Hehe, the little Shadowmouse is smart. He knows what Im saying. Linley said to Hillman. Hillman, who had been watching this spectacle with amazement, chuckled and then continued walking forward with Linley.

    Seeing Linley and Hillman slowly disappear, the little Shadowmouse still stayed there, unmoving.

    Squeak squeak.

    The little Shadowmouse suddenly gave out a loud squeak, and then turned into a black blur, traveling twenty or thirty meters in the blink of an eye. His speed was absolutely shocking, as was his agility. Linley and Hillman were chatting while walking on the road, but Hillman suddenly felt something was quickly charging them from behind and couldnt help but look back.


    Hillman wasnt even given enough time to react. That blur suddenly landed next to Linleys legs, and immediately chomped down on Linleys right leg.

    OW! Feeling the sudden, fierce pain, Linley immediately jumped up in the air.

    Looking down, he saw that it was actually the little Shadowmouse. At the moment, the little Shadowmouse was staring up at Linley with its pitiable, sad little eyes. Linley rubbed his leg, and noticed that he was actually bleeding. He couldnt help but grow unhappy. But seeing how sad the little Shadowmouse was, he couldnt grow angry at him.

    Linley, are you okay? Hillman said.

    Im fine, Linley chuckled.


    A thick, dense black light began to emanate from the little Shadowmouses body. A droplet of fresh blood suddenly flew out from the corner of its mouth. That droplet of fresh blood had both Linleys blood as well as the little Shadowmouses blood. That blood suddenly, bizarrely transformed into two opposite, interlocking black triangles, which the thick black light merged with, forming a strange magical formation which gave off a dark aura.

    Linley and Hillman watched, stunned.

    Is this..can this be? Linley had a wild guess in his heart.

    From within the Coiling Dragon Ring, Doehring Cowart flew out. His white beard fluttering happily, he said, Linley, the little guy is setting up a bond of equals formation.

    It really is the bond of equals? Linleys heart clenched. Even though he had guessed as much, he still felt stunned and excited.

    The strange black magical formation separated into two, with one of the three black triangles flying into Linleys body, and the other one flying into the little Shadowmouses body. Upon seeing this, the nearby Hillman was filled with shock and fear.

    Linley, are you okay? Hillman was starting to fear for Linley.

    Im fine. Im wonderful! Linley could feel his spirit and the little Shadowmouses spirit interlinking.

    Standing on this quiet road leading out of Wushan township, Linley and the little Shadowmouse stared at each other, engaging in their first communication.

    Little Shadowmouse, what is your name? Linley mentally asked him.

    The little Shadowmouse said, somewhat excitedly, Bei.bei.

    Linley stared at the little Shadowmouse.

    Whats the little Shadowmouse saying? Linley didnt really understand.

    His white beard flowing, Doehring Cowart floated next to him and mentally said ,Linley, this little Shadowmouse is still an infant. He cant form precise sounds yet. Even when engaging in mental communication with you, for now, he can only communicate simple intentions.

    Due to their spiritual link, Linley could feel the little Shadowmouses excitement, but the little Shadowmouse simply couldnt speak at all.

    Okay. You were saying Bei.Bei.then Im going to call you Bebe. Hows that? Linley grinned as he watched the little Shadowmouse.

    The little Shadowmouse seemed to ponder for a while, and then happily nodded.

    Bebe. Linley was grinning so widely, his face was about to split.

    Squeak squeak. The little Shadowmouse immediately began to jump up and down.


    Squeak squeak.


    Squeak squeak.


    An eight year old child and a little Shadowmouse were both excitedly shouting.

    Linley, thiswhatwhat is this? Only now did Hillman recover from his stupor. His eyes couldnt help but grow round with shock. Linley, what was that black magical formation just now? What just happened? Are you okay?

    Hillman had heard that for darkness-style magic, there were many curses and hexes involved.

    Could it be that Linley had just been hexed?

    Hillman, who only knew an inkling about magic, couldnt help but feel shock and fear.

    Haha, Im fine. Its just that Bebe has become my magical beast, now. Linley was extremely happy. Come, Bebe, hop onto my shoulder. Immediately, the little Shadowmouse let out a happy squeal, then scurried onto Linleys shoulder.

    Youtamed him? Hillman was stunned.

    Hillman was a worldly man, and of course he knew that taming a magical beast was an extremely difficult, extremely arduous matter. But just now, Linley had actually subdued a magical beast.

    Hillman felt totally bewildered. Youyou dont have a soul-binding scroll, howhow did you?

    Thats enough, Uncle Hillman, Linley chortled. Lets hurry, we have a lot of road to make up. The capital is still really far away. As he spoke, Linley pulled Hillman by the hand, not allowing him to speak as they continued heading towards the capital.

    And the little Shadowmouse, Bebe, stood happily on Linleys shoulders and squeaked.

    And with his squeaks to accompany them, Linley, Hillman, and the Shadowmouse disappeared off into the distance.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 7 Fenlai City

    Next to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was the Holy Union and the Dark Alliance. And the capital kingdom of the Holy Union was the kingdom of Fenlai!

    Fenlai City, in turn, was the capital of the kingdom of Fenlai.

    In addition, it also served as the Holy Capital of the Holy Union, because the Radiant Church itself was headquartered in the western part of Fenlai City.

    The entire city of Fenlai was divided into two parts; East Fenlai City, and West Fenlai City. East Fenlai City was governed by the King of Fenlai, while West Fenlai City was managed by the Radiant Church. Because Fenlai City was both the kingdoms capital as well as the Holy Capital, the opulence of Fenlai City could be matched by extremely few cities in the entire Yulan continent.

    Fenlai City took up a huge amount of space, and had more than a million denizens living within its area. In the entire Yulan continent, it could be considered one of the top five megacities.

    As nightfall came, Linley and Hillman entered the Fenlai City.


    As they walked on Fragrant Pavilion Road, the primary road of East Fenlai City, Linley felt as though his eyes were dazzled. The litle Shadowmouse Bebe had been instructed by Linley to hide within his clothes, but he also took a sneak peek at the surroundings, and then began to squeak in shared excitement.

    Fortunately, the entire road was filled with all sorts of noises and gaudy things, so nobody noticed the sound.

    Quiet! Linley gently tapped the little Shadowmouse, which obediently went silent. But through its shared mental connection with Linley, it continued to express its excitement.

    The entire Fragrant Pavilion Road was constructed from symmetrical limestone tiles, wide enough to allow multiple horse carriages to cross simultaneously. On each side of the tiles were hotels, clothing stores, weapon stores, nightclubs, and all sorts of other places. In addition, both sides of the Fragrant Pavilion Road were lined with pine and cypress trees.

    Rich madames and young ladies, all wearing fashionable new clothes, were chatting and smiling as they walked along the road.

    Seeing Linleys reaction, some of the nearby noble ladies began to titter quietly amongst themselves while pointing at Linley. Clearly, Linleys reaction was that of a country bumpkin entering the city. The nobility of the capital had a clear sense of innate superiority towards those country bumpkins.

    Hmph. How uncultured. Linley frowned, feeling very unsatisfied by the pointing and laughing of those noble ladies.

    Having been nurtured and educated by the clan since his earliest days, Linley quickly managed to subdue his sense of excitement, making the expression on his face much more tranquil, at least superficially.

    Linley, how do you feel about Fenlai City? This is the largest city in our entire Holy Union. Hillman walked alongside Linley, occasionally seeing some warriors and even one or two magi pass by. He couldnt help but sigh, Linley, in Fenlai City, mighty warriors and mighty magi are a very common sight.

    Linley laughed while nodding. In the books, it is said that Fenlai City is the political, economic, and cultural capital of the entire Holy Union.

    This is heaven for rich people or people with status. Hillman nodded and sighed.

    The Fragrant Pavilion Road, bustling with activity, often had many opulent carriages pass through it. After wandering the Fragrant Pavilion Road for a time, Hillman and Linley headed directly for an ordinary guesthouse to settle down.

    There was a small restaurant near the guesthouse, so Linley and Hillman decided to have dinner there.

    That night, within the guesthouse.

    Linley and Hillman were staying in the same room. There were two beds in this room. Immediately upon entering, the little Shadowmouse, Bebe, leapt out from within Linleys clothes and immediately began circling around Linley while squeaking loudly.

    I know, I know, youre hungry. Eat up. Linley threw the roast duck he had brought back from the restaurant onto the floor, and Bebe immediately excitedly ran to it and began chewing.

    Linley, get an early nights rest. Tomorrow morning, you will participate in the magus assessment and recruitment event. Hillman instructed.

    Understood, Uncle Hillman. Even as he spoke, Linley walked to a nearby window and pulled it open.

    The guesthouse was three stories tall, and Linley was staying on the third floor. There were no three story high buildings in Wushan township at all, but in the capital city of Fenlai, they were a common sight. The capital even had seven or eight story tall buildings.

    Peering out through the window, Linley saw that the streets were still filled with people.

    Whew. Its been quite a while since Ive been in a large city. A hazy white light shone out from the Coiling Dragon Ring, transforming into a white-bearded old man. Doehring Cowart and Linley stood side by side as they stared at the street below.

    Grandpa Doehring. Linley immediately greeted him.

    Linley, how does it feel to be in a big city? Doehring Cowart laughed as he spoke.

    No big deal. Linley quirked his mouth.

    Doehring Cowart sighed emotionally, You havent been here very long. You dont know much about how large cities like this work. This place will have countless lavish places to spend money, like large auctions, where some magnates would spend even hundreds of thousands of gold coins, or perhaps even millions of gold coins to purchase just a single item.

    A million gold coins? Linley felt his throat go dry.

    How enormous a sum was that? His own familys possessions, all added together, probably wouldnt even total a million gold coins.

    Theres many rich families here. Money, power, beautiesthe fight for these things is fierce. Every day, someone dies here. The poor ditch-diggers of Fenlai City will often find buried bodies, which perhaps used to belong to a noble family.

    Doehring Cowart chuckled calmly. But in order to stand up in that sort of world, you must have some sort of personal power.

    Dont hope to be able to rely on the benevolence of others. Everything will rely on yourself, and yourself alone. Doehring Cowart looked at Linley.

    In truth, the Dragonblood flowing through Linleys veins also made him thirst for battle and blood.

    If anyone threatens me or my family, I will kill them. Linley said resolutely. After having read many history books about the rise and fall of noble families, Linley knew very clearly that showing mercy to enemies was the same as being merciless to oneself.

    If you let an enemy off the hook, they might one day murder your family.

    However, right now my power is very weak. Linley couldnt help but recollect how, when he had first entered Fenlai City, those noble ladies had looked down upon him. In the eyes of those upper class people, he was nothing more than an impoverished little country bumpkin.

    With a calm smile, Linley sat down on the bed and entered the meditative trance, beginning to gather energy.

    The meditative trance was a good way to train ones spiritual energy. The way it worked was, it used all sorts of methods to exhaust ones spiritual energy to a bare minimum, and then allow rest to recover it!

    Within the dantian in the chest

    A misty earth-colored haze billowed about within the dantian. This misty haze was the mageforce which had been derived from natural earth elemental essence. Based on Doehring Cowarts teachings, from the first to sixth ranks, mageforce appeared as a haze. As a magus continued to progress, the quality of the mageforce would rise, and so too would its density.

    Upon reaching the seventh rank, the mageforce of a magus would condense into a liquid.

    Thus, between the sixth rank and the seventh rank, there was a major leap to be made!

    This kid, Linley, is so hard working. Even at night, he is training his mental energy. Seeing Linley seated cross-legged with his eyes closed, Hillman couldnt help but silently praise him. Mental energy was extremely important to both magi and warriors!


    Early next morning, on East Fenlai Citys Greenleaf Road. One of Fenlai Citys principal roads, the buildings constructed on each side of Greenleaf Road were lavishly made and decorated. Some of those buildings were actually owned by the kingdom. And the tallest building of them all? It was the Cathedral of the Radiant Church.

    The Radiant Church controlled the entire Holy Union, which comprised of the six kingdoms and the fifteen dukedoms.

    The Holy Emperor of the Radiant Church had an extremely high status. He had the authority to depose any of the kings of the various kingdoms! This is why in Fenlai City, the tallest building was the Cathedral of the Radiant Church.

    This morning, many people were gathered around the entrance to the Cathedral of the Radiant Church. The vast majority of the people there were richly dressed noblemen. Countless carriages filled up the space in front of the Radiant Cathedral, and the various nobles chatted to each other.

    Linley and Hillman had arrived here as well.

    Uncle Hillman, theres so many people here today. Many nobles brought their children here. Linley laughed towards Hillman. At this time, the little Shadowmouse, Bebe, was hiding within Linleys clothes, occasionally peeking out to see his surroundings.

    Hillman laughed calmly, Nobles? Every single student of the Ernst Institute can easily become an earl in any kingdom.

    An earl in any kingdom? Linley immediately understood.

    It wasnt hard to be conferred a noble title in any kingdom, but to become an imperial noble would be extremely difficult. After all, any of the four great empires were a match for the entire Holy Union. The kingdom of Fenlai couldnt come close to comparing to them.

    Oh, Lord Doyle [Daoer], you came as well?

    Eber [Xibo], Im here because of my child, of course. Hess [Hesi], come pay your respects to Uncle Eber.

    Not too far away, a group of nobles were chatting amongst themselves. The testing fee alone at this magus testing and recruiting event was ten gold coins. And if a student was accepted to a magus academy, then the school fees would be even higher. Most magus academies charged hundreds of gold coins each year! Ordinary families simply couldnt afford the fees. But if their children were selected, naturally they would be able to find a noble patron to pay for them.

    However, not all magus academies had expensive tuition fees.

    For example, the number one magus academy, the Ernst Institute. Because it admited so few students, any students who hailed from the Holy Union did not have to pay any fees at all! After all, everyone who could be admitted to the Ernst Institute had to be genius-level. In the future, their possibilities were limitless.

    Hmph. Those commoners and country bumpkins have also come. Arent they just dreaming? A far-away noble laughed.

    There were some commoners amongst the hundreds of people crowding the square, and some countryside nobles such as Linley. Usually, those nobles from small countryside noble families were also looked down upon. The nobles of the capital were an arrogant lot who generally looked down on people.

    Linley, dont pay any attention to the likes of them. Hillman said in a low voice.

    Glancing at the group of nobles, Linley chuckled quietly. Uncle Hillman, I wont pay any mind to their likes. Under the tutelage of his father Hogg, Linley wouldnt pay too much heed to that group of self-centered, arrogant nobles.

    The entire square was clearly delineated into two camps. A circle of nobles who conversed casually, and another with commoners or countryside nobles.

    At the moment, two armor-clad warriors were standing in front of the Radiant Cathedral, barring all entry.

    After a while, a black-robed official stepped forth from the cathedral doors. Stopping in front of the doors, he smiled and said in a bright voice, The magical assessment ceremony is about to commence. All of the recruiters for the various major magus academies are ready as well. Everyone who is here for the test, please follow me into the main hall.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 8 The Magical Aptitude Test (part 1)

    Under the guidance of the church official, all of the people in the square were walked into the main hall of the cathedral.

    Within the cathedral.

    The great hall of the cathedral had a floor paved with marble, and hanging above was a massive crystal chandelier. It could easily fit the hundreds of people who entered yet still feel spacious.

    In the very front of the great hall, there were a line of chairs, seated upon which were representatives and recruiters of each of the great magus academies. Directly in the middle of the great hall was the testing location.

    The black robed church official smiled and said in a clear voice, The testing location is right in the center. All testees, please come one at a time. No one else can enter the circle in the center. All testees, please get in line. Family and friends, please step to one side.

    Linley, here is the examination fee. Here is your proof of identification. Go quickly. Oh, and right, let the little Shadowmouse stay with me. It will be difficult to have the little Shadowmouse with you as you take the test. Hillman said.

    Bebe, stick with Uncle Hillman for now. Im going to take the test. Linley mentally instructed the little Shadowmouse, who somewhat unwillingly shuffled around a bit under Linleys clothes. But after multiple requests from Linley, the little Shadowmouse directly scurried into Hillmans clothes.

    Linley then accepted the ten gold coins and headed towards the line. The youths there ranged in age from six or seven years old to seventeen years old. These children organized themselves into two long lines, while the cathedral pursers collected the fees from each of them.

    The central circle was ten or so meters wide, and there were three adults within it. Two of them were responsible for administering the test, while one was responsible for recording the results. The testing equipment consisted of a crystal sphere and and a complicated, six-sided magical formation.


    The bald old man pointed at the crystal ball and said, Place your hand atop the crystal ball. We will test your elemental essence affinities.

    The first tester was a twelve or thirteen year old young man. That young man nervously placed his right hand atop the crystal ball. Immediately, the entire crystal ball began to emanate a hazy, light red glow, with the occasional hint of green mixed in.

    The bald elder glanced at the scrap of paper in his hands, and emotionlessly said, Age, twelve. Elemental essence affinities Fire, average affinity. Wind, low affinity.

    Now, step into the magical formation. Time to test your spiritual essence. Remember, stand there. Dont kneel or fall down. Lets see how long you can take it. The bald elder remained as cold as ever. The young man nodded, then stepped into the six-cornered magical formation. A holy white aura immediately emanated from the bald elder, which shot into the mdidle of the magical formation.

    Light-style elemental magic Overawe!

    Looks like the testing procedures in this era is the same as it was in the past. Doehring Cowart flew out of the ring and appeared next to Linley.

    Grandpa Doehring. Seeing Doehring Cowart, Linley felt himself calm down.

    In the magical aptitude test, the elemental essence affinity test is secondary. The spiritual essence test is the main one. After half a year of meditation, your spiritual essence should be sixteen or seventeen times that of most people your age. Doehring Cowart chuckled at Linley. For you, this test will be extremely easy.

    In a short period of time, the youth in the middle of the magical formation could no longer hold on.

    Spiritual essence, two times stronger than the average person of the same age. Not qualified to become a magus. The bald elder coldly announced as the magical formation deactivated, and the youngster quietly departed.

    A burst of noise from nearby.

    Silence. The bald elder coldly said, and immediately a large group of nobles no longer dared to speak. Next.

    Doehring Cowart watched with interest from the side.

    One after another youngster was tested. Of the first ten, none met the requirements. Right now, there was a young lady in the magical formation, who had been able to hold out for longer than any of the ten before her.

    Hrm? The bald elders eyes shone, and he immediately increased the power of the magical formation.

    After a long period of time, the young lady finally dropped down to one knee.

    The bald elder nodded in a satisfied manner. A hint of a smile on his face, he said, Spiritual essence, eight times stronger than most people your age. The minimum qualifications for becoming a magus have been met. You also possess average elemental essence affinity. You can become a magus! The judgment of the bald elder had just determined the fate of this young woman.

    Oh, how wonderful! The first person to shout with joy was not the young woman. Rather, it was the young womans father, a bald, middle aged, gentlemanly looking person.

    Quiet! The bald elder snapped in a cold, unhappy voice.

    Immediately, the ushers came and escorted the girl and her father to where the line of magus academies recruiters sat.

    Many envious eyes were cast towards the young woman.

    As time went on, the people in the main hall grew more and more numerous. The magical testing event would go on for seven days, so most people didnt see the urge to come right away at the beginning. When Linleys turn came, the line of test-takers had already stretched out the main doors of the cathedral.

    Next. The bald elder said again.

    Linley calmly walked into the center, with Doehring Cowart remaining by his side. In Doehring Cowarts eyes, only a Saint-level combatant could, just barely, detect his presence. These ordinary magi definitely couldnt detect him.

    Linley placed his right hand on the crystal ball.


    The crystal ball suddenly burst forth with light, as though it were the sun! Earthen rays of light intersected with green rays of light, and there were even some thin lines of red spaced in between. That eye-piercing brightness forced even the people nearby to squint their eyes.

    Seeing the sun-like brightness emanating forth from the crystal globe, everyone in the great hall was stunned.

    The bald elder quivered as he stared at the piece of paper in his hands. It was written clearly on top that Linley was eight years old.

    Age, eight. Elemental essence affinities Earth and Wind, affinity level of exceptional for both! Fire affinity, average. That bald elder felt his heart thumping wildly. Most magi had average elemental essence affinity. Even high elemental essence affinities were quite rare, and as for exceptional affinityexceptional affinity was ridiculously rare!

    By way of explaining, an ordinary magus might take ten hours to produce a certain amount of mageforce, but Linley would only require a single hour to get the same result.


    The entire hall was shocked. Not only was the kids elemental essence affinity of the exceptional level, it was for two different elements! This was simply too terrifying.

    Exceptional affinity for the wind element? The nearby Doehring Cowart was shocked.

    Whoah, I, I have affinity for the wind-style as well? Linley was stunned. He couldnt help but turn to look at Doehring Cowart.

    Doehring Cowart squeezed out a smile. Linley, I did tell you early on that I could only test for the earth elemental essence affinity. Right. When you absorbed natural elemental essence, did you never sense any wind essence?

    Wind elemental essence? Linley was stunned. The first time you taught me to process elemental essence, you told me to not be distracted, so although I did notice some green-colored specks of light around me, I didnt pay any attention to them. But later on, when I began to absorb earth elemental essence, I would be surrounded by earth essence and the green specks would no longer appear.

    Doehring Cowart now understood.

    When training mageforce, especially dual-element mageforce, if one only focused on training one element such as earth, all the nearby earth elemental essence would be drawn near while all other essences, including wind, were pushed aside.

    Afterwards, whenever I trained, I only sensed earth elemental essence nearby. I didnt think about those green specks of light. Linley was feeling extremely happy as well.

    Because he knew how powerful a dual-element magus was; far more powerful than a single-element magus.

    After the elemental essence affinity test, the spiritual essence test!

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 9 The Magical Aptitude Test (part 2)

    Remember, when engaging in the spiritual essence test, you must hold strong. Resist for as long as you can. Doehring Cowart said solemnly. I dont know much about the wind-style, so you absolutely must go to a magus academy. With such strong elemental essence affinities, it would be an absolute waste for you not to train in the wind-style.

    Linley understood this as well.

    Please enter the magical formation. The bald elder actually used the word please in addressing Linley.

    Even the nearby nobles began to look at Linley with a new light in their eyes. For a person to have exceptional elemental affinity meant that they could generate mageforce in an extremely short period of time. The rest of the time could be spent on cultivating spiritual energy. His future prospects would therefore be unlimited.

    Linley stepped into the magical formation.

    The magical formation immediately glowed with a white aura, and then a sense of pressure immediately flooded into Linleys spirit.

    Light-style elemental magic Overawe!

    How weak. Compared to the overawing presence of the Black Dragon from half a year ago, it simply isnt even close to being on the same level. Linley was relaxed enough to even think about that.

    As time went on, the aura of the magical formation grew stronger and stronger, and the overawing presence grew stronger and stronger as well. Everyone in the great hall held their breaths, as everyone watching knew very clearly that in the future, this plainly dressed youngster would definitely become a powerful magus.

    Does anyone know that youngster? What clan does he belong to? The nobles in front were all whispering to each other.

    If they had made friends with this youngster of amazing potential, they would have acquired, in the future, an extremely formidable ally.

    His name is Linley? Some of the magus academy recruiters learned his name from the test administrators.

    The entire group of magus academy recruiters, who had previously been sitting there, smiling, all ran over enmasse to watch. Which magus academy would not want to recruit a genius such as this?

    Standing alone in the magical formation, Linley continued to resist the overawing presence.

    Linley was breathing heavily, and at the moment, his entire mind felt hazy. That powerful spiritual pressure was pressing down on him like a mountain, and the strength of the pressure was continuing to rise. But Linley was continuing to persevere.

    The longer I can hold on, the better an academy I can enter. Linley gritted his teeth.

    And then, when the pressure had reached a certain height, Linley finally could no longer resist. He dropped to one knee, his hands clenching into fists on the floor.

    Everyones gaze turned to the bald elder.

    His face suffused with happy red glow, the bald elder announced in a clear voice, Spiritual essence, eighteen times that of his peers, high-level. High spiritual essence, exceptional elemental affinity.

    At this point in time, all of the magus recruiters charged forth. Hello, Linley. I come from the Lander [Lande] Magus Academy. Our Lander Magus Academy sincerely would like to admit you into our school. As long as you enroll with us, your entire tuition will be free, and every year we will even provide you with a thousand gold coins for living expenses. We will also invite an especially skilled magus teacher to personally train you.

    Linley, I come from the Welling [Welin] Magus Academy. We


    Seeing the swarm of people around him and how warmly they were treating him, Linley was stunned for a long moment, while in his heart, he sighed with amazement. In the blink of an eye, so many recruiters had learned his name. This was really too amazing.

    Hey, everyone, please return to your seats. We need to continue the test. The bald elder said in a kind voice.

    He could be arrogant towards those common folk, but he had to be courteous to the representatives of mighty magus academies.

    Linley. Our Ernst Institute would sincerely like to invite you to become one of our students. From far away, another voice sounded out, and when it did, the entire hall went silent. Even the bald elder stopped speaking.

    Linley turned around.

    A white-robed middle-aged man walked over. Smiling, he said, Exceptional elemental affinity, high spiritual essence, and dual-element. Linley, our Ernst Institute would very much welcome you to join us. I dont know if you would be willing to enter our Ernst Institute?

    Hillman, nearby, had been staring in stunned silence. He immediately ran over next to Linley, so excited that his hands were quivering.

    The Ernst Institute?

    Enter the Yulan continents number one magus academy, the Ernst Institute? What did that represent?

    That represented that immediately upon graduation, even if he was just an average student, he could easily become an earl in any of the nearby kingdoms. If he was a superior student, even the four great empires would sincerely welcome him to join them.

    Across the entire massive Yulan continent, each year the Ernst Institute only enrolled a scant hundred students!

    A hundred students a year. What did this mean?

    Every single student who enrolled into the Ernst Institute could be described as a genius!

    Linley, agree to him. Hillman excitedly said.

    Linley also felt extremely excited, but his head was extremely clear, and he also looked very calm on the outside. Linley knew very well that upon becoming a member of the Ernst Institute, and with the guidance of Doehring Cowart, in just a few decades, it would not be too difficult to become a magus of the seventh or eighth ranks.

    His clan would once again flourish.

    Sir, it would be my honor to enroll within the Ernst Institute. Linley said courteously.

    Surprised at Linleys equanimity, the white robed man still smiled. Linley, I will inform the Institute of your biographical details. When the time comes, just bring your proof of identity to the Institute and take a second, correlating test. Then, you will become an official student of our Institute.

    It was pointless to try and get someone else to take the test for you, because each school would do a backup test as well.

    Each academic year is divided into two semesters, with the first semester beginning in February 9th. As long as you arrive by February 9th, you will be fine. This is your proof of identity. It can also be considered your proof of admission. The white robed man withdrew a sealed red envelope from within his sleeves.

    In fact, immediately upon knowing Linleys test results, he had recorded Linleys details into the paperwork in the envelope. Because the white robed man believed without a doubt no one would refuse an offer from the Ernst Institute!

    Thank you. Linley accepted the envelope.

    Linley didnt look too excited on the outside, but Hillman was uncontrollably excited. A student at the Ernst Institute. Who amongst them were not venerated? Linleys future accomplishments could already be predicted.

    Uncle Hillman, lets go. Linley placed the red envelope into his clothes, and then left the main hall with Hillman.

    Despite being packed, everyone in the main hall, from the commoners to the nobles, all discreetly made way for him to move through. Even those nobles who had previously scorned Linley as a country bumpkin were all now smiling at him in a friendly manner. Their attitudes were amazingly good.

    This was a simple demonstration of the status which an Ernst Institute student held!

    Watched by a crowd of nobles, commoners, and church officials, Linley and Hillman departed the cathedral.

    Squeaaaaak! After exiting the cathedral, the little Shadowmouse shouted out, sensing Linleys excitement.

    Only now did Linley let the excitement he felt show on his face. His hands suddenly clenching into fists, his eyes shone with energy. Turning to look at Hillman, he rapidly said, Uncle Hillman, lets go, lets go back! Back to Wushan township! Ive gotta let my father know the news!

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 10 The Secret Dragonblood Training Tome (part 1)

    Wushan township. The Baruch clan manor.

    Hogg had just finished lunch not too long ago, and was currently sitting down, relaxed, on a sofa, while leisurely reading a book.

    Two shadowy blurs suddenly entered the manor. It was Linley and Hillman, who had rushed the entire way back from Fenlai City. At the moment, both their faces contained uncontrollable excitement, and Linley began to shout from far away, Father, Ive returned!

    Lord Hogg. Hillman was very excited as well.

    Hogg raised his head. Seeing the wild excitement on the faces of Linley and Hillman, he had a positive premonition. He immediately stood up. Staring at Linley and Hillman, his voice quavered as he said, How did the magus assessment test go?

    The Baruch clan had been in a downward spiral for too long. This ancient clan needed a mighty personage to restore it to its former glories!

    Lord Hogg, the Ernst Institute! Its the Ernst Institute! Linley was accepted by the Ernst Institute! Hillman said excitedly.

    Hogg seemed to have turned into a statue. At the moment, Hogg felt as though his brain had suddenly been deprived off oxygen, as everything went blank for a moment.

    Ernstlord? Lord? Hillman called out twice.

    Hogg, slowly regaining his mental faculties, suddenly hurried walked towards Linley and Hillman. In a disbelieving tone, he said, Ernst, did you just say, Ernst Institute? Right now, Hoggs eyes were bulging and round.

    Father, heres the acceptance letter from the Ernst Institute. Linley directly handed the admissions envelope to his father. Hogg was stunned for a moment, then quickly accepted the red envelope and removed the letter from within it. He carefully scanned the letter.

    Several names in bright red particularly stood out Ernst Institute Linley.

    Haha, hahahahaha! Elders of the Baruch clan, there is hope for our clan again! Hogg suddenly lifted his head to the sky and laughed wildly, so hard that his entire body was trembling, so hard that tears began to flow. There is hope for our Baruch clan again!

    That wild laughter and those coursing tears absolutely stunned Linley.

    Father Linley said in a soft voice, as though afraid to disturb his father.

    Linley had never seen his father act so wildly before, and his fathers tears made Linleys heart quaver as well.

    Housekeeper Hiri came over as well. He was also stunned by Hoggs reaction. Hiri had no idea what had just happened.

    Hogg took a deep breath, then looked at Linley, his eyes filled with boundless excitement. Good, good.

    Hillman, Uncle Hiri! Hogg looked at the two of them. Tonight, I am going to host a banquet. Quick, make the arrangements! Tonight, I am very happy, extremely happy. To have such a son, even if I die, I will be able to proudly face the elders of the Baruch clan.

    Yes, Lord Hogg, Hillman and Hiri responded.

    Squeak squeak! Suddenly, the little Shadowmouse Bebe scurried out from within Linleys clothes. He hopped onto Linleys shoulders to stare at Hogg, his little eyes filled with anger.

    Mentally sensing the little Shadowmouses emotions, Linley didnt know whether to laugh or to cry.

    As it turned out, the little Shadowmouse had fallen asleep next to Linleys chest, but Hoggs explosive laughter startled him awake. An infant Shadowmouse spent a great deal of time napping, and hated being awakened. At this moment, naturally he was extremely furious.

    Shadowmouse. A magical beast, Shadowmouse? Upon seeing the little Shadowmouse with Linley, Hoggs facial expressions changed dramatically.

    Father. Linley was afraid that his father would strike, so he hurriedly said, The little Shadowmouse and I have already entered a soulbinding pact.

    Hogg seemed to have been thunderstruck. He stared dumbly for a long moment. You, you subdued and tamed this magical beast Shadowmouse?

    The two ways to tame a magical beast were 1) Subduing it by force, and 2) Setting up a soulbinding magic formation.

    Hogg naturally knew very well that Linleys physical strength was very weak. And even the weakest Shadowmouse was of the third rank of power. And in addition, there was no way for Linley to set up a soulbinding magical formation, so that couldnt have happened at all.

    Yes, father, Ive tamed him. Linley said seriously.

    Hogg only felt that his own son seemed to have dramatically changed, totally changed!

    Lord Hogg, Linley really did tame this Shadowmouse. I personally witnessed it. This little Shadowmouse is also the reason why in recent days, Linley has often caught wild animals to feed to the adorable pet he had behind the back courtyard. Hillman explained.

    He was feeding this pet? Hogg thought for a moment, then stared at Linley disbelievingly. Magical beast Shadowmouse. This is the cute animal you told me you were feeding in the back courtyard?

    Linley nodded honestly.

    Hogg didnt know whether to laugh or to cry. The cute pet was actually a magical beast?

    Although he had many questions about how Linley might have entered a soulbinding pact with the little Shadowmouse, Hogg didnt worry too much about it. Right now, he was in a wonderful mood.

    Fine, enough of that topic. Uncle Hiri, Hillman, lead the guards to make the arrangements right away. Tonight, I am going to host a magnificent banquet. Hogg laughed loudly. Right now, his laughter was extremely full and carefree.

    Linley stared at his father. From as far back as he could remember, he had never seen his father so happy.


    That very night.

    It was extremely noisy inside the Baruch clan manor. Even the ten-plus bodyguards and their families had all been invited. There were five full tables placed in the main courtyard of the manor, and the entire Baruch manor was filled with laughter and joy.

    Yummy, yummy. Little Wharton first grabbed this, then grabbed that, eating excitedly.

    Young master Linley, congratulations on being admitted to the Ernst Institute. In the future, young master Linley will no doubt become a mighty, powerful magus. A clan guard laughed as he toasted Linley politely.

    During this banquet, Linley was the main attraction.

    Upon hearing that Linley had been admitted to the Ernst Institute, everyone present had become excited. One could easily understand that entering the Ernst Institute meant entering a certain destiny. In the future, Linley definitely would not be constrained by tiny little Wushan township.

    Big brother, all of them are toasting you. I want to also. Little Wharton grabbed his juice cup.

    Seeing little Whartons greasy hands, Linley didnt know whether to laugh or to cry. But he still raised his own glass of juice and tapped it against little Whartons cup.

    Come, were brothers. Linley grinned as he lifted his cup as well.


    Late night, the Baruch family ancestral hall. Only Linley and his father were present.

    The door to the ancestral hall was closed, and a row of candles was lit in the entire hall, making it quite warm. At this moment, Hogg was staring at the spirit tablet in the middle of the hall. His voice low, he said, Linley, after the fifth Dragonblood Warrior was born, our Baruch clan began to weaken, generation by generation, to the point where even our hereditary, ancestral heirloom was lost. Every time I think of this, I cant help but feel absolutely ashamed. Were supposed to be the noble Dragonblood Clan!

    Linley stood behind him without making a sound.

    He felt the shame as well.

    An ancient clan which had lasted five thousand years. The Dragonblood Warrior clan. Linley felt pride in his heart. But their ancestral heirloom had been lost.

    Linley. Hogg suddenly turned and looked at Linley solemnly. From today forward, I will no longer treat you as a child. I will view you as the sturdiest pillar in the future of our Baruch clan! Our clans hopes for the future will all rely on you, now.

    Yes, father. Linley resolutely nodded.

    Wait a moment. I am going to get something. Hogg suddenly turned and entered a hidden room next to the ancestral hall. Shortly afterwards, he returned with a thick book in hand. Linley, take this and give it a good read. Memorize everything.

    This is?...

    Linley looked suspiciously at the thick book he had just accepted. There were no words on the cover, but when he opened it, there were four big words printed on the first page Secret Dragonblood Training Tome.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 11 The Secret Dragonblood Training Tome (part 2)

    The Secret Dragonblood Training Method? Linley couldnt help but look strangely at his father.

    Hogg smiled. Not only is it the Secret Dragonblood Training Method. This tome also discusses many things related to our Baruch clan. The Secret Dragonblood Training Tome is included within, as well as the method to create and control the Dragonblood Needles, as well as the history of some of the elders of our clan.

    Linley carefully flipped through it.

    Indeed, the tome was divided into four sections. The first part was regarding the Secret Dragonblood Training Tome, while the rest were regarding other matters pertaining to the clan.

    Linley, even if this tome falls into the hands of outsiders, it would be useless to them, as there is simply no way an outsider can train in accordance with the Secret Dragonblood Training Method. As for our family history, so what if someone learns about it? Whats more, we have multiple copies of this tome as well. This one is also just a copy. After so many years have passed, the original has long since turned to dust. Hogg laughed as he spoke.

    Linley immediately laughed as well.

    Makes sense. Even if someone acquires it, it would be useless. Linley immediately began to more curiously flip through the pages of the tome and read through each section.

    Secret Dragonblood Training Tome, Chapter 1.

    If one wants to utilize the Secret Dragonblood Training Method, one must be able to call forth the blood of the Dragonblood Warriors flowing through their veins. There are two ways of calling forth the Dragonblood. The first method requires the density of the Dragonblood having reached a certain level. But if the density is insufficient, there is still a second method

    Reading this, Linley was stunned.

    Aside from a high density of Dragonblood, there was another method? Why hadnt anyone in the family succeeded in all these years, then?

    The second method is to take a deep drink of the blood of a living dragon, or of the blood of a dragon that just died a few minutes ago. The longer a dragon has been dead, the lower the chance of awakening the Dragonblood! A deep drink of dragons blood can activate the inherent Dragonblood flowing in each member of our clans veins. For the best results, drink the blood of a Saint-level dragon. If one only drinks the blood of a dragon of the ninth rank, the chances of activating ones Dragonblood is rather low.

    Reading through this, Linley was stunned.

    Our clan elders really were formidable. They actually came up with the idea of drinking the blood of a living dragon in order to utilize the Secret Dragonblood Training Method. Linley didnt know whether to laugh or to cry.

    Drink the blood of a living dragon, and a Saint-level one at that? Linley, your ancestors really were extremely formidable. Doehring Cowart had appeared by Linleys side and was reading the Tome as well. Seeing the introductory paragraphs, he couldnt help but feel shocked as well.

    Hogg, of course, couldnt discover Doehring Cowarts existence at all. Hogg laughed bitterly at Linley. Linley, did you see that? Based on our ancestors method, the Dragonblood is lurking hidden within all of our veins. To call it forth, there are just two methods. But the second method requires one to drink the blood of a living dragon. How can that be an easy task? Whats moreLinley, flip to the back and take a look.

    Linley flipped the page.

    However, this second method of drinking live dragons blood is extremely risky. Dragons blood is extremely forceful. When it is rubbed on ones body, it has the effect of improving the quality of ones body, rapidly increasing ones strength. However, it will also cause pain comparable to ones skin being peeled off. And this is just a topical application. If one actually drinks dragons blood, then ones body will feel as though it is being scorched, to the point where one can actually be burned to death, with veins exploding, causing immediate death.

    Upon seeing this part, Linley was utterly speechless.

    Father, who wrote this Secret Dragonblood Training Tome? Since it is so dangerous, why did he even include it? Linley didnt know what to say.

    Hogg said with a solemn face, Linley, this Secret Dragonblood Training Tome was written by our founder and first ancestor, the very first Dragonblood Warrior to appear in the Yulan continent, Baruch! He naturally must have had his own reasons for writing this down. Nonetheless, in our family history, there have been two descendants who drank the blood of a Saint-level dragon, and in the end, both of their veins erupted and they died.

    Theres been people who have actually drank the blood of a Saint-level dragon? Linley was somewhat shocked.

    But actually, it was quite normal.

    In the past, when the first, second, and third generation of Baruch clan members were all Dragonblood Warriors, the clan was in its glorious ascendancy. At that period in time, it wasnt impossible to procure the blood of a Saint-level dragon.

    The events of the past happened too long ago. The real secrets of that era, this book has not revealed. All I know is that because of this, the dragon race sent representatives to engage in discussions with our Baruch clans clanlord. After this, our descendants no longer attempted this method. Later on, when our family line weakened, even when we wanted to drink dragons blood, we no longer were able to. Hogg shook his head and sighed.

    Linley nodded.

    The arrogance of the dragon race was something discussed in many books.

    Capturing a live Saint-level dragon to engage in bloodletting? How great a humiliation would this be for the dragon race? It was quite lucky for the Baruch clan that the dragon race didnt exterminate them in a fiery rage. However, from this, one can imagine how powerful the Baruch clan was at that time.

    This cant be right, father. If no one has ever successfully become a Dragonblood Warrior as a result of drinking dragons blood, then why did our ancestor write that it is possible to use dragons blood to refine our own? And even say that the blood of a dragon of the ninth rank would also have some effect? Linley was really puzzled.

    Hogg was startled.

    Linley, dont ask too much. Honestly, I only know a little bit about our family history as well. As far as what happened four thousand years ago, theres no way we can clearly know what happened. Hogg laughed towards Linley.

    Linley nodded.

    But in his heart, Linley was still suspicious. If no one in history had ever successfully become a Dragonblood Warrior by drinking dragons blood, then why would this method be written down in the Secret Dragonblood Training Tome?

    Linley, its getting late. You should go back and get some rest. Hogg laughed.

    Linley nodded.


    Linley had returned to his own bedroom and was reading the tome, but his heart was still full of questions.

    Grandpa Doehring, what do you think. If no one has ever succeeded using this method, how could it have been discovered? Linley simply couldnt understand the logic.

    Doehring Cowart was so old that he had become as crafty as a fox. Stroking his white beard, he said in a self-satisfied manner, Linley, the answer is simple. Based on what I know, the dragon race is extremely proud, and also extremely large and powerful! I wager that drinking the blood of a live dragon is probably an effective method, but your clan came under tremendous pressure from the dragon clan, and therefore altered the contents of this book.

    Linley immediately understood.

    This was very possible.

    Under pressure from the dragon race, the Dragonblood Warriors of the Baruch clan were undoubtedly forced to stop catching live dragons for bloodletting.

    But of course, thats just my conjecture. Doehring Cowart said placidly. And Linley, based on what I know, drinking the blood of a live dragon is not necessarily a road to death. As long as you combine it with some Blueheart Grass, the negative effects of dragons blood will be negated. But I bet theres very few people nowadays who know this secret.

    Linley was stunned.

    And then, he was wildly overjoyed. Grandpa Doehring, are you saying that fresh dragons blood, when mixed with Blueheart Grass, is safe to drink?

    Doehring Cowart confidently nodded. Of course. In the past, in the Pouant Empire, when a princess acquired a serious disease, in the end, the only method of curing her was a medicine that included a mixture of fresh dragons blood and Blueheart Grass. As a matter of fact, I was the one who personally caught a Saint-level dragon.

    I remember the master physician who provided the prescription saying that everything in this world has its equal and opposite. For every single ingredient, there was another that would match with it. In that era, the only person who knew how to mix fresh dragons blood with Blueheart Grass was that old physician. Since six thousand years have gone by, no doubt no one knows it any longer. Doehring Cowart said calmly.

    Linley nodded.

    Fresh dragons blood and Blueheart Grass Linleys eyes shone with excitement. In the future, when I am powerful enough and become a magus of the ninth rank or even higher, I will use fresh dragons blood and Blueheart Grass to let little Wharton become a Dragonblood Warrior.

    Linley even hoped that

    If he had the chance, he himself would use this recipe.

    If he could become both a Saint-level magus and a Dragonblood Warrior.but of course, that was just a dream. To even be able to catch a Saint-level dragon was a distant, untouchable dream.

    The road ahead is still long. Time to sleep, time to sleep. I need to train tomorrow.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 12 Instructions

    Time flowed on, and in the blink of an eye, months had passed. Many new trees had begun to sprout on Wushan township, filling the area with a feeling of spring.

    Beneath a pine tree.

    Linley was seated cross-legged in a meditative trance, generating mageforce.

    After having entered the meditative trance, Linley could clearly sense large amounts of earthen specks of light and green specks of light. These countless specks of lights continuously swirled into his body, and through his limbs and his bones, were purified and stored within the central dantian in his chest.

    Within his central dantian, there was a smoky earthen mist intermingled with a smoky green mist.

    The earthen mist was his earth element mageforce, while the green mist was his wind element mageforce.

    Whew. Slowly releasing a breath, Linley exited his meditative trance.

    Doehring Cowart, wearing a moon-white robe, was seated cross-legged next to him, a smile on his face as he enjoyed the surrounding scenery. Seeing Linley awaken, he laughed. Linley, tomorrow you are heading to the Ernst Institute, yet you are still hard at work today?

    Linleys lips curved up in a smile. Grandpa Doehring, I believe you were the one who said that strong combatants must work hard every single day, and not relax for even an instant. Only long term training will produce astonishing power.

    Little punk, so now you are going to give me instructions? Doehring Cowart laughed while grumbling.

    Hehe, Linley chortled.

    Woosh! A black shadow from far away came flashing towards them, appearing on Linleys shoulders in the blink of an eye. It was the Shadowmouse, Bebe. Young Bebe leaned towards Linley, making a chewing motion with his mouth, while pointing at a nearby dead hare.

    Just from the look on Bebes face, Linley knew what was up.

    You want me to cook it? Linley laughed as he spoke.

    Bebe nodded repeatedly.

    Linley. The nearby Doehring Cowart mentally spoke to him. This little Shadowmouse is really quite strange. Its been months, but judging from his size, its almost as though he hasnt grown at all. For an infant Shadowmouse, the early childhood growth rate should be quite noticeable.

    I have no idea either. Linley shook his head.

    Although Shadowmouse Bebe did not increase in size, his speed was improving quite remarkably.

    It really is bizarre. Doehring Cowart looked at Bebe. Right now, Bebe didnt have any idea that a spirit was mentally weighing him.

    Its getting late. Ill need to start warrior training soon. Linley stood up and grabbed the dead hare as he began heading down the mountain. Doehring Cowart flew by his side, unhappily saying, Linley, in the future, you will be a magus. Why are you still engaging in warrior training?

    Linley laughed, Grandpa Doehring, Ive discovered that warrior training can increase my endurance, and with increased endurance, my spiritual essence can increase as well.

    I know that, of course. Doehring Cowart said, dissatisfied. But how could those basic training methods compare to the meditative trance in turns of how fast ones spiritual essence increases?

    Linley shut his mouth and no longer spoke.

    While it was true that fighter training allowed one to improve ones spiritual essence, that wasnt the real reason.

    The real reason that Linley continued his fighter training was this. In the future, if I have the chance to drink fresh dragons blood, I will be able to practice according to the Secret Dragonblood Training Tome. I have to keep up my physical training. The body is like a vessel, while battle-qi is like wine. The body is extremely important. The earlier I begin building my fundamentals, the faster my improvement will be when I study the Secret Dragonblood Training Tome in the future.

    Actually, based on Linleys affinity for elemental essences, each day, he didnt have to spend too much time or effort to gather and generate mageforce.

    Most of his time was spent in the meditative trance, training his spiritual essence.

    But spending significant amounts of time training spiritual essence was exhausting. Warrior training served as a form of rest and alternative exercise.

    The next morning, all of the commoners of Wushan township gathered on the main road in town, all for the purpose of sending off Linley. It was definitely an incredibly glorious thing for Wushan township to be able to produce a magus who would attend the Ernst Institute.

    Each year, the Ernst Institute only accepted a hundred students from across the entire Yulan continent.

    At the moment, Linley was still within the Baruch clan manor, while Hillman and the others were all outside. The only people within the manor were Hogg, Linley, little Wharton, and Housekeeper Hiri.

    Linley, today you are going to go to the Ernst Institute and formally become an Ernst Institute student. When you graduate from the Ernst Institute, you will be a powerful magus! Before you depart, as your father, I want to say to you... On this last day, Hogg had a belly full of things he wanted to speak to Linley.

    But after pausing for a long time, Hogg only said a few simple sentences. Linley, remember the ardent desire that the elders of the Baruch clan have held for centuries, and remember the humiliation of the Baruch clan!

    Hoggs face was turning slightly green.

    When you graduate, you will be at least a magus of the sixth rank. If you work hard and train hard, it wont be too hard to become a magus of the seventh rank. And in addition, you are a dual-element magus! A dual-element magus of the seventh rank would definitely be a major force in the Kingdom of Fenlai. In the future, you will definitely be capable of retrieving our clans ancestral heirloom. If you do not, even if I die, I will not forgive you! Hogg fixed a deathly stare on Linley.

    Even if I die, I will not forgive you!

    These words made Linleys heart tremble.

    These were the instructions his father gave to him upon their parting.

    Father, dont worry. So long as I live, I will ensure that the ancestral heirloom of our Baruch clan is restored to us. I so swear! Linley promised, meeting his fathers steely gaze, his own eyes filled with resolve as well.

    Hoggs eyes began to shine, and he patted Linley on the shoulder with a mighty clap.

    I believe in you, son!


    On the road headed east of Wushan township, Linley turned his head saw the hundreds of familiar faces which had come to send him off, with his father, Hogg, and his younger brother Wharton standing in the lead.

    Big brother, bye bye! Little Wharton waved mightily.

    Seeing his father and his younger brother, Linley also waved, his eyes turning red.

    Father. Wharton. Linleys heart was filled with longing.

    Ever since he was born, Linley had never left home for an extended period of time, but this time, he would be gone for extremely long. At this moment, the little Shadowmouse, Bebe, was obediently perched on Linleys shoulders, not making a sound, as if he sensed Linleys thoughts. The nearby Doehring Cowart, in spirit form, also looked encouragingly at Linley.

    Linley, lets go. Hillman said. Hillman was escorting Linley to the Institute, acting as his bodyguard in the event they met with any bandits.

    Linley unwillingly took one last glance at his family, and then finally forced himself to turn away and begin traveling in the direction of the Ernst Institute.

    Farewell, my family. Farewell, my home.

    Yulan calendar, year 9991. The nine year old Linley, accompanied by the young Shadowmouse, Bebe, and the Baruch clans guard captain, Hillman, departed from Wushan township.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 13 A Congregation of Talents

    Ernst Institute. The finest magus academy in the entire Yulan continent.

    The Ernst Institutewas located in a rustic area approximately twenty kilometers south of the Holy Capital of Fenlai City. The Ernst Institute was founded and financially supported by the Radiant Church. Naturally, it was wealthy and knew how to throw around money. They took up a very large space, with a circumference of ten kilometers. Such a huge academy was nearly the size of a city.

    Outside of the Ernst Institute, few visible signs of human presence could be seen, just an empty mountain range.

    Restaurants, clothing stores, bars, and other sorts of service industries were all located on the campus itself. It could be said that the students of the Ernst Institute spent their entire lives within the campus.

    What an imposing style. Linley stood at the gateway to the Ernst Institute. He couldnt help but sigh with emotion.

    The main gate of the Ernst Institute was fully fifty meters wide. Above the great gate was an enormous, crescent moon shaped construct, covered with all sorts of magical scripts which one could tell at a glance were amazingly complicated. Just from seeing how complicated the scripts were, one could imagine how powerful and mighty the magical formation protecting the Ernst Institute was.

    Right now, the main gate of the Ernst Institute was a very lively place. There was an row of academic staff, and a single youth who had brought his admission letter and his proof of identity and had begun to be processed for intake. Linley immediately grabbed his own documents and headed in for processing as well.

    School officially starts February 9th. Today is February 8th. Based on the notification, students must arrive before February 9th. Since the young man in front of me is also just arriving today, no doubt he also lives rather close to the Institute. Linley thought to himself.

    The young man in front of Linley could actually be more precisely be described as a child. He was half a head shorter than Linley, and there was an old man by his side.

    Hi there. Im from the OBrien Empire, and my name is Reynolds [Leinuo]. The student being processed for intake in front of Linley suddenly turned his head and warmly greeted Linley.

    Hearing that he came from the OBrien Empire, Linley was startled. The OBrien Empire?

    The OBrien Empire, one of the Four Great Empires, was located to the east of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, while the Ernst Institute was located west of it. In order to reach the Ernst Institute, one had to circle around the entire Mountain Range of Magical Beasts from the north or the south. After all, aside from combatants of the ninth rank or Saint-level combatants, no one dared to directly cross that mountain range.

    The Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was over ten thousand kilometers long.

    For someone to come from the OBrien Empire, the entire trip would have consisted of at least twenty thousand kilometers worth of travel. If they came from the eastern part of the Empire, the journey would have been even longer.

    It probably wouldve taken about a year or so to travel twenty thousand kilometers.

    My name is Linley. Im from Fenlai Kingdom. Linley courteously said to the boy called Reynolds.

    Reynolds blinked, and sighed emotionally. Fenlai Kingdom? Then you had it nice and cushy. It took me a full year just to get to Fenlai Kingdom from my home. It didnt take you too much time.

    Right. From my home to here, I travelled for about half a day. Linley honestly replied.

    Whoah The expression on Reynolds face was priceless.

    One of them travelled for over a year. The other, for just half a day.

    Students, hurry up. One of the test administrators nearby urged.

    One of the intake processes for new students was to retake the magus test. After all, the Ernst Institute was afraid that someone might steal an admissions letter and falsely enroll.

    Coming. Reynolds went to take the test.

    Upon seeing the results, Linley couldnt help but feel shocked.

    This boy named Reynolds had high elemental essence affinityand as for his spiritual essence

    Reynolds, eight years old. Spiritual essence, thirty two times higher than students his own age. Exceptional level.

    Hearing these numbers, Linleys eyes briefly bulged. But the test administrator seemed to be very calm, and not the least bit surprised.

    Linley, what is it? Amazed just by this? Reynolds said dismissively. This is the Ernst Institute. Each year, they accept only a hundred students from across the entire Yulan continent. Which one of them is not an amazing talent? My results can only be considered average, across the student base.

    But the Ernst Institute does show some favoritism to the Holy Union. They accept fifty students from the Holy Union, and only fifty more total from the other Four Great Empires. It is so unfair. Reynolds sighed.

    Linley chuckled when he heard this.

    The Ernst Institute was founded by the Radiant Church. Of course it would show favoritism towards the Holy Union.

    My turn. Linley ran towards the test giver as well.

    Reynolds wrinkled his little nose. This fellow called Linley is from the Holy Union. He no doubt had a much easier time being accepted than me. I bet he isnt as talented as I am. Reynolds was extremely confident.

    But when the test administrator reported Linleys results, Reynolds was shocked.

    High spiritual essence, exceptional elemental essence affinity? And dual-element affinity for earth and wind? Reynolds was totally speechless.

    Exceptional elemental essence affinity was already extremely rare, but Linley was not only dual-element, but had exceptional affinity for both the wind and the earth elemental essences. This was a true talent, one rather more formidable than even himself. After alldual-element magi were extremely powerful.

    Reynolds, dont just stand there looking silly. Lets go. Linley laughed.

    Oh. Reynolds was a year younger than Linley, but judging from appearances, seemed three years younger.

    Linley and Reynolds accepted their Ernst Institute student IDs, then acquired their residence keys. At the Ernst Institute, all students, regardless of wealth and economic background, had to live together. Tuition fees and residence fees were totally waived.


    Hey, you have to pay tuition? When Linley saw the old man accompanying Reynolds pull out the tuition money, he couldnt help but feel shocked.

    Hillman, besides Linley, laughed. Linley, the tuition waiver and rent waiver provided by the Ernst Institute is only for members of the Holy Union. All others have to pay an extremely high fee.

    Reynolds nodded also.

    The old man next to him smiled at Linley. Thats right. This isnt just the rule for the Ernst Institute; the number one warrior academy in the Yulan continent, the OBrien Academy, does the same. They provide a full tuition waiver for their own Empires students, but charge an astronomical fee for students coming from other places.

    Linley wasnt stupid. He immediately understood.

    Linley, my young master has the same residence key as you. The two of you should be living in the same residence. I hope that in the future, the two of you can help each other out. The old man said.

    Reynolds said unhappily, Okay, Grandpa Lomu [Lumu], you can go back now. Ive already arrived at the Ernst Institute.

    Uncle Hillman, you can go back as well. I can take care of myself. Linley smiled as he spoke to Hillman, and Hillman nodded back, satisfied. Linley, then Ill go back now. Work hard. Hillman encouraged.

    Linley smiled and nodded.

    Linley, lets go. Reynolds warmly grabbed Linley by the hand, and began to run into the Institute.

    Farewell, Uncle Hillman.

    Hillman and the old man both watched the children enter the Institute. Only after a long time did they depart.

    After saying his farewells to Uncle Hillman, Linley and Reynolds entered the Ernst Institute together. The Ernst Institute was filled with shady groves, lakes, stone bridges, ancient buildingsan ancient aura permeated the entire place. Just from the size of the giant trees, which seven people would have to surround in order to hold hands, one could imagine how old the place was.

    It really is something. It isnt nearly as gaudy as some of the newer institutes. This is what is known as sophistication. Reynolds curious eyes took in their surroundings while he spoke.

    Within the Ernst Institute, as a one-time event, there were many instructional signs telling students where each location was. Clearly, this was intended to help assist the new students.

    Linley, lets go find our dorm. Reynolds, pulling Linleys hand, began hurrying in the direction of the dormitories.

    Dorm number 1987.

    Linley and Reynolds had completed their intake processes at the same time, one after another. Most dorms held four students. When Linley and Reynolds arrived at the dormitory area, they couldnt help but sigh in amazement. At first glance, there appeared to be thousands of stand-alone dormitories.

    Amongst the thousands of dormitories, there were even a few two-story apartment style dorms.

    1987, 1987 Linley and Reynolds inspected the dorm numbers, running south nonstop.

    The dorm area was numbered very logically, beginning from 0001, with each row housing 100 individual dorms. When Linley arrived at row 20, he saw dorm 1901. And then, as they continued running east, Reynolds began to pant for breath, until finally, they arrived at dorm 1987.

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 14 The Bros of Dorm 1987 (part 1)

    Whew, Im exhausted. Linley, how come you are in such good shape? Reynolds was panting for breath, but Linley didnt feel anything.

    What, you are tired already? Linley started to laugh. How short a distance had they just run?

    He didnt even feel too tired after running from Wushan township to the Ernst Institute.

    Hey, just put it down there. Right. Put the box down there. Put it down carefully. If you break it, theres no way you can afford to compensate for it! From within dorm 1987, the clear voice of another youth could be heard. Linley and Reynolds glanced at each other, then entered curiously. Immediately upon entering, they saw several muscular men busily moving things about.

    A gaudily-dressed youth was standing in the center of the room, directing their moves.

    Immediately upon seeing Linley and Reynolds, the young mans eyes brightened, and he excitedly ran over. Haha, you guys are my dormmates, right? Ive waited so long for you guys. Up til now, its just been me here. Lemme introduce myself. My name is Yale [Yelu], and I suppose I just barely qualify as a member of the Holy Union.

    What do you mean, you just barely qualify as a member of the Holy Union? Reynolds mumbled, and then said, My name is Reynolds. Im from the OBrien Empire.

    My name is Linley. Im from the Holy Unions Kingdom of Fenlai. Linley smiled as well.

    As long term dormmates, in the future, they would be together for a long period of time.

    Oh, Reynolds, Linley, I am so happy to see you fellows. Hey, where did my exercise equipment go? Yale turned his head and stared at his servants.

    Exercise equipment? Reynolds blinked at Yale. Yale, what do you have those for? Are you going to be a warrior?

    Yale wrinkled his nose as he chortled. Although I am a dignified magus, I still need to work out and have a good physique. Otherwise, how will I be able to seduce beautiful women? Theres many beautiful women amongst the ranks of the magi. And the female magi of the Ernst Institute are not only pretty; they are also very classy. Plus, theres a lot of face to be gained by being able to brag to others that I have an Ernst Institute student as my girlfriend.

    Uh Reynolds was speechless.

    Linley didnt know what to say either. Seeing the exercise equipment, Linley wanted to go work out, but he didnt expect that these were the tools which Yale planned to use to do bodybuilding to seduce pretty girls.

    Im eight years old. How about you, Yale? Reynolds clearly was very open-minded.

    Yale was extremely tall. The nine-year old Linley was already 1.5 meters tall, but Yale was half a head taller than even Linley.

    Me? Im ten. Haha, but Im not getting any younger. My elder brother lost his virginity at age twelve. Ive got to do some advance preparations as well. Yales eyes shone.

    What does losing virginity mean? Reynolds looked questioningly at Yale.

    Yeah, whats losing virginity? Linley also looked curiously at Yale.

    Staring at his two dormmates, Yale became momentarily speechless as well. Besides Linley, the ghostly form of Doehring Cowart was holding his belly as he laughed uproariously. This made Linley ask him curiously, Grandpa Doehring, why are you laughing?

    Young master, weve arranged everything. An extremely muscular man said respectfully.

    Mm. You can leave now. Go back and tell my father that in the future, if there isnt something urgent, not to bother me. Oh, right. Rememberevery year, he cant forget to transfer money into my magicite card. He should know very well that a magus needs a lot of money for his magistaff and socketable gems. Yale said loudly and casually.

    Yes, young master. The man said respectfully.

    Yale nodded, satisfied, then dismissed the men with a wave of his hand, as though he were a general.

    Magicrystal card? Reynolds stared at him in amazement. The magicrystal card is only offered by the Golden Bank of the Four Empires, which all four of the great empires established together. I heard that the processing fees for requesting a card totals a hundred gold coins.

    Right on. Yale was quite knowledgeable about this. The minimum starting balance for a magicrystal card is at least a thousand gold coins. But Im afraid that a thousand coins wouldnt be enough to even sustain a months worth of expenditures for me.

    Linley, upon hearing these words

    Rich guy. Linley sighed to himself.

    His own father gave him only a hundred gold coins each year for living costs. In fact, in Linleys eyes, a hundred gold coins was more than enough. After all, most commoners would only make twenty or thirty gold coins in wages after a year of hard labor.

    You really are a rich guy. My dad only gives me two hundred gold coins a year. Reynolds mumbled. And he even said that he wants me to spend my time focused on studying magic.

    Just a hundred for me, Linley laughed. But for a simple life, its enough.

    Bah, bros, my money is your money. If you run out, just come find me! In the future, well probably be living together for decades. Well be bros for decades. Why quibble about yours and mine? Yale was extremely expansive, but just as he finished speaking

    Linley and Reynolds both started.

    Decades? Linley stared at Yale in shock.

    Yale said casually and naturally, Linley, you can only graduate from the Ernst Institute if you reach the rank of a magus of the sixth rank. For a magus, the higher you progress, the harder it becomes. For most people, it takes a couple decades to become a magus of the sixth rank.

    Linley frowned.

    Decades? He was going to be a fiscal burden to his father for decades?

    Grandpa Doehring, why didnt you tell me this?

    Doehring Cowarts voice rang out in his mind. Linley, relax. For most people, decades will be needed to reach the sixth rank, yes. Under my tutelage, I can let you become a magus of the sixth rank in just ten years.

    Ten years.

    In ten years, Linley would only be nineteen years old. Only now did Linley relax.

    Is everyone here already? A clear voice rang out, as a child walked into the room. Approximately the same height as Reynolds, this child looked a bit more mature. Hello, everyone. My name is George [Qiaozhi]. Im ten, and Im from the Yulan Empire.

    Yale, Reynolds, and Linley all gave basic introductions about themselves to the newcomer.

    The Yulan Empire? Linley was startled.

    The Yulan Empire. The most ancient of the empires of the Yulan continent. When the Yulan calendar was first started, ten thousand years ago, the Yulan Empire controlled the entire Yulan continent. And then, as time passed, the Yulan continent began to fall into war, causing the Yulan Empire to fragment as well.

    By this era, the Yulan Empire had become just one of the Four Great Empires.

    But despite this, the Yulan Empire was still the most economically powerful of the empires, and it was also filled with magi. The magus academy of the Yulan Empire was second only to the Ernst Institute.

    George, the magus academies of the Yulan Empire arent that bad. Why did you rush all the way here? Yale said in amazement.

    George smiled. Although the magus academies of the Yulan Empire are very good, they are still a bit weaker than the Ernst Institute. If youre going to go to school, you should go to the best. Although the journey was a bit long, it could be considered a form of training as well.

    George, you are ten? But you look the same as me. Reynolds said to the side.

    George immediately began to laugh.

    The eight-year old Reynolds and the ten-year old George were of the same height. Both were the shortest in the group. Linley was half a head taller than them, while Yale was the tallest of them all.

    Enough of that topic. I just found out from the admissions office that every one of the hundred new students have at least high levels in both elemental affinity and spiritual essence. I even discovered guys who have exceptional levels in both elemental affinity and spiritual essence. What monsters. George seemed to have good inside information.

    Yale pursed his lips. Thats very normal. Which student in the Ernst Institute is weak? Myself, my elemental affinity and spiritual essence are both high level, putting me towards the bottom of the pack of our one hundred. If it wasnt for the fact that my old man has a special relationship with the Radiant Church, I probably wouldnt even be able to make it in.

    Linley couldnt help but stare at Yale in shock.

    This Yale fellows dad surely was something quite amazing, to have a special relationship with the Radiant Church.

    The person in our dorm with the highest natural talent is Linley. But have you guys heard of the unmatchable talent who is studying at the Ernst Institute? Yale glanced at the other three.

    Linley and Reynolds both shook their heads.

    But George smiled as he nodded. Ive heard of him. The number one genius of the Ernst Institute, Dixie [Dikexi], a talent that appears once in a century. He is a dual-element magus, and has exceptional levels of elemental affinity and spiritual essence. But his spiritual essence is especially amazing; 62 times that of others his age. Usually, reaching 30 times is considered exceptional level, so his precise level should be super exceptional, but since the highest level is exceptional, thats what he is classified as.

    Linley understood.

    Dual-element. Exceptional elemental affinity and spiritual essence.

    Im just ten-something times that of other people my age, but that genius has 68 times the spiritual essence of people his age. Linley sighed in amazement.

    The Ernst Institute really did have as many talents as there were clouds in the sky. It could also be said to have congregated all of the magical geniuses of the Yulan continent. Here, Linley could only be considered above average. Howeverbehind Linley, there was a five-thousand year old Saint-level Grand Magus!

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    Book 2, Growing Up, Chapter 15 The Bros of Dorm 1987 (part 2)

    Most of the students of the Ernst Academy would stay at the Institute for decades, so usually by the time of graduation, fellow dormmates would be extremely close friends. Although Yale, Reynolds, Linley and George were all more mature than most others their age, at heart, they were still children.

    After just chatting for a short period of time, the four of them immediately grew very close.

    Everyone, lets spend the day getting to know our campus better. Tonight, Ill treat you all to dinner! Haha. Yale slapped his chest and said enthusiastically.

    This guy even has a magicrystal card. If we dont take advantage of him, who else would we take advantage of? Reynolds laughed.

    George and Linley were both still children, and they immediately grinned evilly.

    Squeak squeak! At this moment, the little Shadowmouse, Bebe, suddenly popped his head out from within Linleys clothes. Having just woken up, the little Shadowmouse was feeling lonely, so he popped his head out.

    Whoah, whats that? Reynolds was so startled he jumped.

    Bebe, you woke up? Linley laughed as he stroked Bebes little head. Bebe closed his eyes in contentment, and then opened his little eyes and peered at Reynolds, Yale, and George. His little nose snorted three times, as though he looked down at them.

    Magical beast, its a magical beast! Ive seen them in books. Yale suddenly shouted.

    Linley, you have a magical beast companion? Reynolds and George were also shocked.

    They were all children. How could one of them make a magical beast submit to them?

    Bebe is just a baby magical beast. I just gave him some food, which made him like me. So I entered a soulbinding contract with him. Linley laughed.

    Good heavens, thats a magical beast! Linley, you are really formidable. Ive dreamed of having one since I was young. Yale stared at Bebe, his eyes shining. Although I have access to soulbinding formation scrolls, I dont have the ability to force a magical beast to submit to me.

    Yale said in a depressed voice.

    You arent able to subdue a magical beast? Not even an infant? Linley laughed.

    Yale shook his head. Im not even a magus of the first rank yet. Based on my strength, maybe I could train a magical beast of the first or second rank, but what would I do with such a weak critter? And the infants of magical beasts of the seventh or eighth ranks are extremely hard to acquire. Whats more, the infants of those beasts are more powerful than me, even as babies.

    Linley agreed with him silently.

    The little Shadowmouse, Bebe, currently was as strong as a magical beast of the fifth rank. He was far stronger than Linley. But having been together with Bebe for half a year, he could tell that Bebe didnt grow larger at all. This was what confused both Linley and Doehring Cowart.

    Linley, this little Shadowmouse is named Bebe? Can you have Bebe allow me to cuddle him? Reynolds gaze was glued to the little Shadowmouse.


    Linley immediately asked Bebe through their soul link.

    No, no way. Bebe could also express some simple intentions to Linley through their soul link. At the same time, Bebe flashed his fangs towards Reynolds. Squeak squeak! He squeaked loudly, clearly very angry.

    Reynolds couldnt help but pucker his lips in disappointment.

    Reynolds, Ill tell you a secret. Bebe loves to eat roast meat. If in the future, you can feed him some roast ducks or roast chickens, I believe that he wont be very hostile to you. Linley laughed upon seeing Reynolds eyes shine.

    Can do.

    Reynolds suddenly frowned as he turned to Yale. Yale, if in the future I run out of me, youve got to lend me some. When Grandpa Lomu comes, Ill pay you back.

    No problem. Yale said magnanimously.

    I bet everyone hasnt had a chance to get a good luck at the campus yet, right? Lets go for a stroll and familiarize ourselves, shall we? George smiled as he spoke.

    Of the four bros, George was the most amiable and steadiest boy. Reynolds was the most childish one of them. Yalewas the playboy type. As for Linley, in the eyes of the other three boys, he was the most mysterious.

    Dual-element magus, exceptional affinity, and a magical beast companion.

    He really was mysterious.

    The ancient Ernst Institute was filled with countless buildings which were thousands of years old. In front of some of them, there were even introductory placards.

    The youngest of them eight, the oldest of them ten. The children stared worshipfully at each famous name, especially at the histories of the Saint-level combatants, which caused their hearts to beat faster. All of them dreamed of one day becoming a Saint-level combatant.

    But a voice right next to Linleys ear kept on grumbling. Nothing more than some promising latter-day youths. This guy is actually bragging about killing a Violet-Tattooed Black Bear? A Saint-level combatant who can only kill ninth level magical beasts and not Saint-level magical beasts can only be considered a newbie Saint-level.

    Many famous graduates of the Ernst Institute were bashed by Doehring Cowart as not worth mentioning.


    The four bros of dorm 1987, along with the little Shadowmouse Bebe, strolled about the entire campus, gaining a basic level of familiarization. That very night, the four of them went to a lavishly decorated hotel next to the dormitory area and had themselves a feast. But of course, all they drank was juice.

    The next day. February 9th. School started.

    There were no classes this day; those would start on February 10th. February 9th was meant to go and listen to the exhortations of school management to work hard. This group of six-to-twelve year olds filled the auditorium. They didnt know exactly who the people speaking to them were, so many of the children began to daydream. When the ceremony concluded, all of them happily departed.

    After dinner, the four bros of dormitory 1987 were all seated on chairs inside the dorm and discussing their classes.

    Its so easy here. Just one class a day. Oh, Linley is dual-element, so he has two. Yale sighed. But the Ernst Institute is really relaxed. If you want to attend class, you can. If you dont want to, you can skip.

    George calmly smiled. Yale, dont grow complacent. Although there arent formal requirements for students, every year, there will be an ability test. Only if you advance a rank in power can you advance a grade. If you dont work hard, do you plan to stay here for a century? Whats more, the Ernst Institute has a rule that if one does not become a magus of the sixth rank in sixty years, one will be expelled, no exceptions.

    Reading the various regulations of the Institute written on the introductory packet, Linley nodded silently.

    Although the school had lax supervision, allowing one to not study at all for sixty years, once you reached the end of those sixty years, if you still had not become a magus of the sixth rank, you would be directly expelled.

    Expelled? Yale stared. If I really were to be expelled, my old man would probably kill me. Expulsion by the Ernst Institute would result in an unbearably humiliating reputation. No one would be willing to shoulder it. After all, to have been accepted meant they were all talented people.

    Class starts tomorrow. I wonder how the teachers are. If they arent even as good as my Grandpa Lomu, Ill have come for nothing. Reynolds mumbled.

    Reynolds, your Grandpa Lomu is a magus? Linley asked, somewhat surprised.

    Of course. On the long road from the OBrien Empire to the Ernst Institute, Grandpa Lomu had already begun to teach me magic. Reynolds said proudly.

    When Linley and the other three were chatting with each other, they all felt very excited.

    The earth element class isnt that important. In terms of understanding the earth element, how could any of the teachers at the Ernst Institute compare with Grandpa Doehring? The most important class is the wind element class. I wonder what wind magic is like?

    The day had already begun to grow dark, but the sounds of laughter and chatter continued to sound out from the four children within dormitory 1987.

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