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Thread: Tiger Cubs 2(飛虎II)

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    Default Tiger Cubs 2(飛虎II)

    Tiger Cubs 2

    Joe Ma
    Linda Chung

    Him Law
    Mandy Wong

    Benjamin Yuen
    William Chak

    Timmy Hung
    Oscar Leung
    Johnston Lee
    Nancy Wu

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    I just finished watching ep 1 just then! Quite good! It still has the fast-paced and tight-packed action plot of series 1. Most of the cast is the same, but little is told about what happened between series 1 and 2. It can be quite a blur if you cannot recall the details of series 1.Jessica is now gone on a training course in England. Not sure if Oscar and Christine are married yet.

    So far, Linda is going better than I expected in the gritty role of an undercover officer. She has deepened her voice and dumped her nice demure style and adapted well to portray the role. I am looking forward more of her. So far, no one else really stands out. Johnson Lee is effective as in his role but his end is predictable.

    I still think there is a lot that needs to be revealed in the upcoming eps. Looking forward to next Sunday. However, this new themesong is very bad. The first one was very catchy.
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    I thought Linda did a terrible job so far in her role. The combination of glaring, enlarging her eyes, and stiffening/jutting her jaws was sort of unbearable. It's like every time she talked she felt the need to enlarge her eyes. I cringed so hard during her scenes and the parts where she tried to speak in a deeper voice to sound tough. I hope she gets better because she is the main lead and we'll have to see more of her.

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