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Thread: Douluo Dalu by Tang Jia San Shao

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    4 chapters are on Google doc

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    More* chapters going into 20

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    i see two choices wait for the guy or post whole chapters as they come up

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    Volume 3 - Chapter 16, Plate Crystal Hair Gold Dragon Beard Needle

    Tang San did not take out five hundred gold spirit coins, he and Xiao Wu were on the verge of entering Shrek Academy, after passing, would need to use money in all respects. They still did not know how much Shrek Academy was. He could not because of this cause effect he and Xiao Wu’s entering the Academy. After all, this time they already no longer were reduced tuition working students.

    Somewhat reluctant to part with the sight of that muddy crystal, Tang San sighed in his heart, he could only later again look for an opportunity. Like this he walked towards the outside.

    “If you are leaving because you don’t have the money, I can accept the previous two hundred gold spirit coins, and slowly pay the remainder. Every month pay ten. No more than ten percent interest.”

    Xiao Wu found his lisping voice very disagreeable,
    “Profiteer, why don’t you drop dead. Practically even in the coffin holding out your hand, charging the dead.”

    Xiao Wu was easily riled, but Tang San was not an impulsive person, hearing that middle aged man’s words, in his heart he was slightly startled, every month paying ten gold coins? Could he know I am a spirit grandmaster level spirit master? Otherwise, why just right to match my income?

    Tang San could be sure, in previous course of events, that middle aged man’s body had not released a trace of spirit power, it would be impossible to examine his and Xiao Wu’s spirit power intensity, if under these kinds of circumstances he could determine his and Xiao Wu’s spirit level, then, this person was too scary.

    If speaking of Dai Mubai giving the feeling he was sharply radiating all around, then, this person seeming like a crafty middle aged person actually was incomprehensible

    Tang San grabbed Xiao Wu’s shoulder, shaking his head towards her, indicating she must not be impulsive, he once again walked into the shop, up to that middle aged uncle saying,

    “Little San——”
    Xiao Wu discontentedly called out, Tang San’s right hand shook behind him at her, indicating she must not say anything.

    The middle aged man’s eyes finally opened once again, looking right at close range at Tang San, his gaze fell on Tang San’s waist,
    “Yi, where did you get this belt from?”

    Tang San’s heart moved,
    “My Teacher gave it to me. You recognize this belt?”

    The middle aged uncle sat up in his deck chair, looking at Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges on Tang San’s waist, eyes twinkling with an odd light, for a long time did not utter a word.

    “You will not think to change price again, right.”
    Xiao Wu unhappily poked out from behind Tang San’s back.

    The odd look in the middle aged uncle’s eyes gradually faded,
    “You unexpectedly are his disciple. You just take that crystal, then.”

    Tang San inwardly breathed out, right hand touching Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, taking out two pouches of gold coins and handing them to the middle aged man,
    “Afterwards I will come deliver ten gold coins every week.”

    The middle aged man waved his hand, again lying back down in the deck chair,
    “No need, the crystal is a gift to you. That originally was not some expensive thing. You leave, don’t disturb my sleep.”

    Gift? Tang San was dumbfounded a moment, this middle aged person before and after difference was too big, previously still asking sky high prices, right now instead would present it as a gift. Subconsciously, Tang San already understood, the before him appearing a crafty middle aged man should be familiar with Grandmaster.

    While Tang San pondered, Xiao Wu with no trace of politeness already held that crystal to her chest,
    “Little San, we’re leaving, sparing certain people regret.”

    Tang San somewhat without knowing whether to laugh or cry looked at her, saying:
    “How can we casually demand someone’s things. This uncle, you still are saying no price, right.”

    The middle aged man’s deck chair was once again rocking, this time not even speaking, basically not paying attention to him.

    Tang San looked at the crystal at Xiao Wu’s chest, again looking at the middle aged man, if according to his disposition all along, he certainly was unlikely to demand this crystal, but, regarding this crystal before him, it really was too important, to miss this opportunity, just in case other people bought it, he was afraid he would later regret it for a lifetime.

    Every kind of thought flashed through his mind like lightning, finally stealthily left the two pouches of gold coins in his hand on the floor, like this able to depart the shop with Xiao Wu.

    Only after the two had left did the middle aged man once more open his eyes, the crafty expression on his face fading away, frustrated saying to himself:
    “His apprentice unexpectedly came to Suotuo City, this time, with spirit power like this. Apparently, they must be going to Shrek Academy. Grandmaster, ah, Grandmaster, you this fellow will not hide from me this time?”

    Outside that odd shop, Xiao Wu at last could not help but ask:
    “Little San, you why did you have to have this crystal? I still have never seen you longing so to obtain a thing. This crystal’s quality is so lacking, what use can it have yo you?”

    Tang San took the crystal from Xiao Wu’s hands, taking advantage of the surrounding people not paying attention, and quickly put it inside his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, pulling Xiao Wu’s hands, saying:
    “Walk quickly, let’s first return to the hotel and speak again.”

    The two did not even eat a noon meal, Tang San all the way hurriedly brought Xiao Wu to hurry back to the hotel. By now his mood was extremely excited, the palm pulling Xiao Wu’s hand already covered with a layer of perspiration.

    Although Xiao Wu was ordinarily somewhat noisy, when Tang San was serious, she became very well behaved, following Tang San together returning to Rose Hotel.

    Properly closing the door, Tang San quickly pulled the curtains all around,
    “Come, follow me to the bedroom.”

    Xiao Wu unfathomably mystified walked together with him to the bedroom, Tang San pulled the bedroom window curtains, shutting the door well, again unable to mask the excitement on his face. Revealing a somewhat obsessed expression, his face appearing a trace flushed.

    Xiao Wu subconsciously tugged at her lapel, a thought flashing in her heart, he could not be influenced by the mood of this hotel, becoming a large beast, right? No, he certainly would not, he is just twelve years old. What am I thinking, ah, he is my Ge, how could he have this kind of filthy intention.

    Tang San naturally did not know Xiao Wu was letting her imagination run wild because of his weird actions, and taking out that precious and heavy head sized chunk of crystal from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, he placed it on the bed. Softly caressing the crystal’s uneven and jagged surface, just like he was caressing a most cherished treasure.

    Xiao Wu knew Tang San was not an impulsive person, since he regarding this crystal attached importance like this, presumably it would contain some secret. Crouching down at his side, she waited for his explanation.

    “Among crystals, purple crystal is not the most precious.”
    Tang San after a long time just spoke this sentence.

    Xiao Wu inquisitively said:
    “Then what kind of crystal is that precious?”

    Tang San solemnly said:
    “It’s hair crystal.”

    “Hair crystal? What’s that?”
    Xiao Wu looked astonished at him, she had never heard this term before.

    It was no wonder Xiao Wu did not know, this concept originally was not part of this world. Rather Tang San knew from Tang sect.

    When at Tang sect, besides being responsible for making mechanism type hidden weapons, Tang San was also sometimes responsible for helping inner sect disciples forge every kind of hidden weapon, so regarding hidden weapons materials research as well as every kind of precious material he was extremely clear.

    “What is called hair crystal, is a natural crystal that under certain circumstances, receiving outside influence, inside the crystal emerges some golden thread-like substance, this kind of golden thread is known as crystal hair or called hair gold, looking like the crystal’s hair. Regardless of what color crystal, as long as within it appears a crystal hair, its value also exceeds the best natural crystal of the same weight. A crystal that has crystal hair, is called a hair crystal.”

    Although Xiao Wu was impulsive, she was also very smart, looking at the big crystal rock in Tang San’s hands, saying:
    “You aren’t telling me, this chunk is hair crystal, right. How come I’ve never seen ‘oh, ah, gold thread’, and also, I never heard people saying they had any hair crystal, even if it is, without people recognizing it it’s the same as useless. Those two hundred gold coins you spent can not be worth it.”

    Tang San wearing a smile, said:
    “No, this is not a hair crystal, it’s exactly a plate crystal, among hair crystals the best quality.”

    Xiao Wu curiously asked:
    “What is plate crystal?”

    Tang San patiently explained:
    “Among hair crystal’s the hair gold is all in a disordered mess and the quantity is scarce. But hair crystals that have existed particularly long, have the opportunity to increase hair gold quantity. As hair gold quantity reaches a certain degree, within the crystal they gather together, the gold hair seemingly forming plates, this kind of hair crystal is known as plate crystal. The reason is that the golden hair quantity within is numerous, and also has an extremely regular pattern, therefore, hair crystal is known as the best quality among hair crystals.”

    “Although on the surface this crystal looks muddy, if looking carefully, one can discover within a glimpse of golden light, the inside of this golden plate crystal is actually covered by impurities, but I can be almost certain, within it is contained gold hair quantity in excess of ten thousand. That this existing for at least ten thousand years or more plate crystal could possibly appear is a miracle. Let alone two hundred gold spirit coins, as long as I have it, even if it is twenty thousand gold spirit coins, it would still absolutely be worth it. Why I want it, is not at all to resell it for money, it has special importance.”

    Tang San did not directly say what that special importance was, and from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges took out his forging hammer.

    His forging hammer was twice the size of what ordinary blacksmiths used, after the first time using this kind of oversized forging hammer at San Shi’s store, Tang San had not changed it.

    “Xiao Wu, you keep away little.”
    Tang San lowered his voice.

    Xiao Wu moved to the side. Tang San placed that plate crystal on the floor in front of him, faint white light slowly rushed out, from both his hands pouring into the forging hammer, his expression already becoming extremely focused, in a flash, Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength already elevated to his final limit.

    “Tang San, are you……”
    Xiao Wu looked shocked at him, she already had a premonition of what Tang San would do, but was not clear on why he would do it like this.

    Lower legs abruptly generating force, body half turning, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method’s first swing abruptly descended, this was a swing with Tang San’s entire internal strength. The white light on the forging hammer was magnificent, the air transmitting a succession of cracks. The tremendous hammer head smashing one after another onto that chunk of crystal.

    Xiao Wu subconsciously covered her ears.

    Peng——, with a loud sound, the entire Rose Hotel shook a moment, a ringing breaking sound rose under the iron hammer, striking with Tang San’s full strength, that plate crystal was immediately smashed to pieces.

    But at the same time as the plate crystal was smashed to pieces, an odd scene appeared, countless flecks of golden light surged out from within the crystal, fluttering about within this large heartshaped bed bedroom. As if the entire room was covered by a layer of golden lustrous mist.

    Xiao Wu was startled, hastily using her spirit power, blocking the golden flecks, fortunately, those golden light launch power was not at all strong, and did not bring her any harm.

    The dazzling beauty of all the flecks of golden lights gave people a kind of dazzled and stunned like feeling, with a tinkling sound melodious and beautiful, some colliding with the wall, some colliding with the door shutters, also some falling directly on that heart-shaped big bed, the entire bedroom, was completely covered by a layer of golden light.

    The crystal turned into small pieces, but as the golden light in midair gradually dropped, Xiao Wu realized, the room’s floor and bed all had a layer of golden light flecks. Perhaps saying it was a layer of golden grains.

    The size of each golden grain was unusually even, about the same as a grain of rice, and perfectly round, glimmering faintly with golden light, Xiao Wu subconsciously picked up a grain and pinched it in her hand, discovering this golden grain was somewhat soft, but completely flexible, even with her spirit power, she was still unable to pinch it completely flat.

    “Ge, these couldn’t be pure gold, right. And even if it was pure gold, it would still not as valuable as your two hundred gold spirit coins.”

    Tang San was very excited, truly very excited. After arriving in this world, this still was the first time his mood had been in this excited state, even more excited than when he obtained the first spirit ring making Mysterious Heaven skill break through the bottleneck.

    Because, he could finally obtain a hidden weapon ranked in the top ten ten in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation. And also, the quality was still this high. Even if it was originally at Tang sect, nobody could possess hidden weapons made from plate crystal with such quality.

    “Xiao Wu, quickly, help me gather these golden grains together, not one must get away, I will explain it to you later.”

    While speaking, Tang San took action, under the effect of internal strength, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, sweeping the floor of the room, where he passed, those golden grains were one by one sucked into his palm, and afterward put into Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges without releasing anything in midair.

    Not long after, outside was suddenly heard a knocking sound.

    “Respected guests, I would trouble you a moment.”

    Tang San knew, this was the effect of his hammer just now, fortunately, emitting strength on that plate crystal, he used the vibration force, without causing the floor any damage.

    “What’s the matter?”

    The servant outside said:
    “Just now within the hotel was an unusual sound, respected guest, did you hear?”

    The servant was instructed to come ask by manager Wang, after all, that big sound just now, could not be made by an ordinary person.

    Tang San calmly said:
    “We heard, only do not know what’s the matter.”
    In order to keep the treasured object, he had no choice but to lie this time.

    Without telling the servant more, he could not allow entry to inspect.

    The amount of golden grains that appeared was much greater than Tang San expected, he carefully examined every corner, doing his utmost to not let any golden grain escape, very carefully they were completely gathered within his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, on the basis of his own conservative estimate, this time’s harvest exceeded at least twenty thousand golden grains.

    “Ge, in the end what is this thing, making me nervous like this.”
    Xiao Wu held the last golden grain in her palm, looking at Tang San.

    Having properly gathered all the treasure, Tang San also at last loosed his breath, plucking that golden grain from Xiao Wu’s hand,
    “Still remember I spoke with you of hidden weapons? Hair gold inside hair crystal, can make an extremely potent hidden weapon, and also is naturally formed. The hair gold quantity within this plate crystal is so much, it completed my collection for this hidden weapon. Look.”

    Spreading his palm, Tang San set the golden grain in the center of his palm, Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength rushed out, with milky white light appearing on his palm, an odd scene appeared. That golden grain under Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength infusion suddenly slowly extended, in a moment’s work, it already transformed into a thin golden thread like hair. Compared to real hair it still looked several times thinner, with a length of three cun. Fortunately it was in itself gold, and could easily be distinguished in Tang San’s palm.

    “So this is the hair gold you spoke of.”
    Xiao Wu said astonished.

    Tang San nodded, saying:
    “That’s right, this is hair gold, leaving the protection of the crystal, hair gold will automatically curl up, forming a grain. Under spirit power infusion, it can once again reform as hair gold. If losing spirit power infusion, it also will curl up once more.”

    Xiao Wu unconvinced said:
    “This also has some significance?”

    Tang San smiled slightly, continuing to infuse spirit power, picking up the hair gold, lightly pricking his finger, immediately, a bead of blood gradually flowed out.

    “Hair crystal this fine, its tip compared to a needle is naturally much sharper, so piercing power after spirit power infusion can become extremely powerful. Its volume is also small, imagine a moment, if it pierced into the body, what effect it could have.”

    While speaking, Tang San withdrew his internal strength, letting the hair gold return to its previous golden grain appearance, afterwards turning his palm, the golden grain disappearing in midair.

    “How did it disappear?”
    Xiao Wu saw this at such close range, but still could not discover how Tang San was turning that hair gold to nothing.

    Tang San smiled calmly, lifting his right hand, middle finger suddenly extending, only saw a tiny quiet golden flash, silently entering within the bed.

    Strange circumstances appeared, along with that golden thread shooting in, the quilt suddenly twisted rapidly, in the blink of an eye, already appeared a bulging protrusion.

    “Hair gold is extremely durable, and has astonishing flexibility, if leaving spirit power support, it will once again curl up on its own.

    Xiao Wu suddenly understood, she pounced onto the bed, grabbing that distorted protrusion in the quilt, forcefully pressing down, exposing a bit of golden light, using fingernails to pinch the golden light, striving to infuse spirit power, again slowly it pulled out, with a light tinkling sound, a golden grain once more appeared in her palm.

    “This-, if this shot at a human body……”

    Tang San coolly said:
    “As one can imagine. And also, I can be certain, after shooting into a human body, it is certainly impossible to find it and extract the source. When wanting to take it out, then, one can only cut apart the entire chunk of curled up muscle and flesh together.”

    Xiao Wu finally knew why Tang San wanted this crystal so badly, such a vicious and terrifying hidden weapon, let alone seeing, she did not even want to hear it.

    “Ge, this kind of hidden weapon is too malicious.”
    Xiao Wu realized, her voice was trembling somewhat, in her mind already imagining the terrible effect it brought after it was absorbed in a human body.

    Tang San picked up the golden grain from Xiao Wu’s hand, saying:
    “I call it Dragon Beard Needle. In this world, whether my hidden weapons are malicious, is not for the weapon itself to decide, rather the reason for its use is decided by people, using it virtuously, using it nefariously. If using it to punish evil people, wouldn’t it be only suitable?”

    What he did not say was, Dragon Beard Needle, within Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation, ranked the eighth, and also, this was still not the most ruthless of needle type hidden weapons. After all, as long as Dragon Beard Needle did not shoot at vital points, it was unable to cause a person’s death.

    In Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation annotations was this kind of description of Dragon Beard Needle: ‘expert in breaking big dipper tail qi, requiring enough internal strength to launch, attacking the enemy off guard, giving the enemy immense suffering. Only the material is difficult to obtain, internal strength consumption also large, requiring sufficient internal energy to first support continuous effect.’

    With Tang San’s current internal strength, he could only guarantee Dragon Beard Needle’s attack potential within three metres range. Beyond three metres, Dragon Beard needle before hitting the enemy could shrink back because of lacking internal strength. And as the attack distance increased, the internal strength requirement would also be higher and higher. This kind of astonishingly powerful and one hundred percent overbearing hidden weapon, could not be so easy to use.

    But in the end a ranked in the top ten of inner sect hidden weapons, Tang San was confident that within a certain distance, even if it was Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Vajra Transformation it would still be unable to resist Dragon Beard Needle’s piercing.

    Tang San’s fingernails were not at all long, but concealing a Dragon Beard Needle within each fingernail was absolutely no problem, in a short range fight, this was a killer of killers.

    Of course, Dragon Beard Needle still was not the hidden weapon he yearned for the most, ranked in the top three of Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation hidden weapons, all required Mysterious Heaven skill attaining the seventh tier or higher to be able to use, this still required long term effort for cultivation.

    “Little San, do you know what I’m thinking?”
    Xiao Wu’s big eyes blinked, seeing Tang San a little flustered.

    “Thinking what?”

    Xiao Wu giggled, saying:
    “I’m thinking, whether to abandon my spirit power, and study your hidden weapons. These things of yours are fantastic oddities of every description, truly are amusing.”

    Tang San was speechless, ‘amusing’, those could all be killing weapons. Tang sect’s hidden weapons, how was the word ‘amusing’ able to describe them.

    Seeing Tang San’s helpless expression, Xiao Wu giggling, said:
    “Ge, put away your sour face, I am making fun of you. I could not give up my painstakingly cultivated spirit power.”

    “Painstaking? You?”
    Tang San looked Xiao Wu up and down as if discovering a new continent.

    Xiao Wu resentfully said:
    “What are you looking for? Don’t tell me I don’t try hard at cultivation? You just haven’t paid attention, that’s all.”

    Looking at her adorable appearance, Tang San couldn’t help but laugh loudly. Obtaining a precious plate crystal, thereby possessing the first internal strength level hidden weapon, made his current mood very good.

    Early the second day, the two left Rose Hotel after staying for two days, and from Suotuo City’s southern gate, heading towards their destination.

    The impression Rose Hotel gave Tang San’s was still pretty good, only the price was actually somewhat expensive. As he and Xiao Wu left the hotel, the damage in the hotel hall had already completed repairs.

    Regarding Shrek Academy, Tang San and Xiao Wu did not have any understanding, Grandmaster only told Tang San, asked him to come here to proceed with studying, all without saying more. But judging by Grandmaster’s expression at that time, Tang San was able to vaguely feel that the relationship between this Academy and Grandmaster seemed somewhat uncommon.

    Going by age, Tang San and Xiao Wu should go to intermediate spirit master academy, but with their current strength, let alone intermediate, even if it was advanced spirit master academy the distance to graduation still would not be far. If this Shrek Academy only was an intermediate spirit master academy, then was it still necessary to come here?

    Tang San believed, Grandmaster absolutely would not do pointless matters, since he asked him to come here, certainly Grandmaster had reasons.

    “Little San, you know where Shrek Academy is?”
    Out of Suotuo City, following the road straight southward, on both sides of the official road was a wide expanse of farmland, Suotuo City being famous for acting as Balak Kingdom’s granary could not be more clearly said.

    But, besides the wide expanse of farmland, as far as the eye could see, within the reach of eyesight, certainly was not any building resembling an academy.

    The address Grandmaster gave Tang San, was outside Suotuo City south gate would see Shrek Academy not far away.

    “I also am not too clear on the specifics, we continue southward, we’ll always find it. Since that Dai Mubai was a Shrek Academy student, proves this Academy indeed exists.”

    Xiao Wu suddenly softly called out.

    Tang San seemed to understand her meaning very well, helplessly saying:
    “You are also a grown up, still without walking will not get anywhere.”

    Xiao Wu giggled, saying:
    “No matter, who asked you to be my Ge.”
    While speaking, with a run-up, suddenly pounced at Tang San.

    Tang San was long ago accustomed to her actions, both hands supporting, upper body slightly bent forward, already carrying Xiao Wu on his back.

    Xiao Wu’s body was very light, to Tang San she basically would not be any burden. But Xiao Wu’s cultivation was not second to Tang San, naturally would not feel exhausted because of walking, but she still never tired of happily having Tang San carry her. Happy and content on Tang San’s back and gesticulating at the surroundings, laughter bringing to mind silver bells in the air.

    Whenever this happened, in Tang San’s heart would bubble up a kind of warmth, that was a kind category of family warmth. Bodies touching, gave a kind of feeling hearts being close, he would feel his heart was very rich, at least this proved, he was not all alone.

    In the past six years, since the first time leaving Holy Spirit Village for Nuoding primary spirit master academy to study until now, Tang San had not seen his father again. Tang Hao left for these six years, not only without returning, but also completely without letters.

    Whenever in the dead of night Tang San thought of his father, his heart would ache dully. Even though he was a person of two worlds, regarding family love he still had an uncomparable thirst.

    But Xiao Wu in Tang San’s heart, was equivalent to filling the gap left by Tang Hao. Regarding Xiao Wu, Tang San was extremely doting, like she was his flesh and blood little sister. Before when at Nuoding, Tang San’s only way of resting was watching Xiao Wu. Whatever she did, he all along silently watched her, enjoying that warmth in his heart.

    Xiao Wu’s happy smile brimming with sunshine, happiness coming from the heart, always infected Tang San’s heart. Even if cultivation again was dull, as long as he saw Xiao Wu’s smile, any fretting in Tang San’s heart immediately disappeared.

    “Ge, look at the village over there.”
    When Xiao Wu was carried by Tang San was also when she was the sweetest, this moment she was sure to call Tang San ‘big brother’, and not just ‘little San’.

    Tang San followed the direction of Xiao Wu’s finger with his eyes, but only saw approximately one li ahead, had a small village. Relying on Purple Demon Eye’s eyesight, he was able to clearly make it out, that village was about a hundred households or so, compared to Holy Spirit village’s scale it was a bit smaller. Surrounding the village was a wooden fence, seemingly used to guard against wild animals. At the village entrance there seemed to be good deal of people gathered, for some unknown purpose.

    Tang San slightly smiled, saying:
    “For our previous question, perhaps the people of this village will know where Shrek Academy is. A spirit master academy should be very famous, right.”

    Xiao Wu pointed ahead, laughingly saying:
    “Ge, go faster.”

    Grumpily Tang San lightly swatted her bottom with the back of his hand once, underfoot slightly exerting himself, rapidly advancing in the direction of that village.

    Coming near, Tang San and Xiao Wu both discovered something abnormal, at the village entrance indeed a lot of people were gathered, the majority youngsters similar to their age, among them a large portion followed by parents.

    At the village entrance was arranged a desk, behind the desk sat a sixty-something old man, making Tang San and Xiao Wu dumbstruck was, over the arched village entrance made using logs was suspended a seemingly somewhat worn-out board, on it was simply engraved two words, ‘Shrek Academy’. Above these two words was also a green portrait, looking similar to a kind of humanoid monster’s head. Bright green, a little cute. On the chest of the old man behind that table, also wore a similar green round emblem. It should be Shrek Academy’s crest.

    “No way.”
    Xiao Wu hopped down from Tang San’s back, staring shocked at the board, again turning her head to look at Tang San, the two in their hearts both somewhat stunned.

    Even Nuoding primary spirit master academy’s scale would be much bigger compared to this, and also, this clearly looked like a common little village, the entrance’s arched door was not only wooden, but also still not even a third as large as Nuoding Academy’s. Could this still be called a spirit master academy?

    “Ge, wasn’t Grandmaster mistaken? However I look, I still do not think this is like an academy. Probably wouldn’t be a scam, right.”

    Tang San said with a wry smile:
    “Come on, have a look before saying so again.”

    Right now, lined up ahead of them, were approximately less than a hundred applicants, among them were not a few people with wrinkled brows, clearly in their hearts holding a similar opinion as Xiao Wu.

    Ahead of Tang San and Xiao Wu in the line was a youngster followed by parents at his side, they just heard that youngster’s mother say:
    “Isn’t this a mistake, this spirit master academy, possesses the reputation that on graduating the academy one can successfully become an imperial viscount?”

    The youngster’s father somewhat uncertainly said:
    “This is what Spirit Hall’s people said, should not be a mistake. But this academy truly is a bit worn down.”

    The youngster said:
    “Dad, I mustn’t study here, it’s too shameful. I still could go to Suotuo intermediate spirit master academy, right. How to say, at junior academy I was also considered a talent.”

    The youngster’s father frowned, saying:
    “Since we’ve already come, let’s wait a minute, right, maybe this is a kind of test. The genuine academy not here at all.”

    Similar dialogue was absolutely not rare in the lined up crowd, the majority of the faces of the youngsters and parents displayed a strong disappointment.

    Tang San’s gaze did not stay on these applicants for too long, his gaze looked ahead of the queue, to the application place. Eyesight and hearing promoted under the effect of Mysterious Heaven skill, he was vaguely able to hear the dialogue there.

    The old man sitting behind the desk accepting applications looked to have a lazy appearance, to speak a bit pleasantly about his clothes they were simple and unadorned, what he saw, was like an elderly villager, even without the lively look of Holy Spirit village’s old Jack.

    At this moment, a youngster came before the table to apply. The old man lazily said:
    “Application fee is ten gold spirit coins, put it in that chest.”

    The parents following the youngster hastily fished out ten gold spirit coins and placed them in the nailed together wooden chest to the side.

    “Extend just a hand.”

    The youngster as told extended his hand before the old man, the old man kneaded the hand a little while, shaking his head towards him, saying:
    “Your age is wrong, you can leave.”

    The youngster was stunned a moment, turning his head to look at his parents, more than ten years old children as precocious as Tang San could be not many.

    His father hastily fixed a smile saying:
    “Teacher, my son has only recently passed his thirteenth birthday, you see, couldn’t you be flexible once?”

    The old man a bit impatiently said:
    “Don’t affect later people. Do you not know the Academy’s rules? Our place only accepts children under thirteen years old. Exceeding thirteen years of age, without exception are not accepted. You can leave.”

    The youngster’s father said:
    “Then our application fee……”

    The old man without a trace of politeness said:
    “An application is generally not refunded.”

    A clay figurine still was three tenths a warrior, the youngster’s father could not help but angrily say:
    “This clearly is a swindle for money. Withdraw our application fee, if not we will not leave. Had I known earlier this Shrek Academy was this rotten, we should not have come.”

    The old man shot him a glance, indifferently saying:
    “Mubai, someone wants their application fee back, you handle it at once.”

    On the ground to the side, a person’s figure suddenly leapt up,
    “Wanting the application fee back, after beating me, the whole amount is returned.”

    This person was exactly Dai Mubai, before because of sitting to the side, obstructed by the crowd, Tang San had not seen him. From that day when Tang San with Xiao Wu met him he was somewhat different, right now his expression was rather grudging.

    Dai Mubai also did not speak nonsense, directly using his spirit power, releasing two hundred year and one thousand year altogether three spirit rings. Surging spirit power radiated out intangible pressure in the air, in the evil eyes a cold light continuously flashing, regarding that father and son.
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    Volume 3 - Chapter 17, Academy Only For Monsters

    Between spirit masters, spirit rings were eternally the best word of authority, seeing that one thousand year spirit ring among three spirit rings on Dai Mubai’s body, the youngster’s father’s complexion changed greatly, and leaving behind a sentence regarding ‘our bad luck’, pulled his son and quickly left.

    Dai Mubai returned to his seat, evil eyes sweeping over the youngsters and parents there for signing up, threatening meaning abundantly clear. The oppressive force produced by the three spirit rings could not be endured by ordinary people. The current him was no longer like a wealthy spendthrift, but on the contrary like a hired thug.

    After this scene, the lined up waiting people immediately reduced by a third, who still wanted to spend money in vain, let alone, when this Shrek Academy exterior before them made people not dare compliment.

    Again an applicant youngster came before the old man, he was followed by both parents, his mother full with confidence placing ten gold coins in the wooden chest, the youngster smartly extending a hand.

    The old man kneaded his hand, faintly yellow gaze looking at the youngster, saying:

    “Exactly twelve years old. Release your spirit, let me have a look.”

    The youngster nodded, faint green spirit power releasing from within his body, a hundred year spirit ring rhythmically hovering up and down his body.

    The hundred year spirit ring’s atmosphere was not weak, spirit appearing, a crude long vine spiralling around his body.

    This spirit somewhat resembled Tang San’s blue silver grass, only, his spirit was not a grass, but directly was a vine, similar to Tang San’s second spirit ring’s ghost vine, merely lacking the ghost vine’s poison.

    The old man shook his head, saying:

    “Not qualified, you can leave.”

    The youngster’s parents’ originally filled with confidence expressions, hearing the old man say their child was not qualified, the expressions on their faces immediately froze, his mother couldn’t help but ask:

    “Why? My son in primary spirit academy was a student of great ability. Did you not see his spirit ring is a hundred year? Spirit masters possessing a hundred year spirit ring can not be many.”

    The old man indifferently said:

    “The first spirit ring being a hundred year spirit ring is naturally pretty good, only, he is only an ordinary person.”

    The youngster’s father frowning said:

    “I do not get your meaning.”

    The old man somewhat impatiently got up from behind the desk, not only facing the youngster’s parents before him, but simultaneously also towards the applicants lining up behind them saying:

    “Coming to our Shrek Academy, you should first be clear on the regulations. Without being clear and coming here, you are only delivering the registration fee in vain, nothing more. Right now there is still time to regret. Do you not know the meaning of ‘Shrek’ in our Shrek Academy?”

    The majority of the applicants on hearing the old man’s words had blank expressions.

    The old man coldly said:

    “Shrek is a kind of monster, even among spirit beasts it is still an odd existence. Our Shrek Academy’s meaning, is an academy only for monsters. One could also say, we only accept monsters, do not accept ordinary people. If age surpasses thirteen years of age, or spirit power does not reach over the twentieth rank, need not waste time here.”

    Tang San originally was of the same mind as Xiao Wu, regarding the Shrek Academy somewhat disappointed, but hearing this old man’s words, the interest in his heart ticked up, an academy only for monsters? The other meaning of this word ‘monster’, wasn’t that genius?

    While speaking, the old man’s body suddenly released an incomparably tyrannical atmosphere, with Tang San and Xiao Wu’s strength both could not help but shiver all over, intense red light abruptly released from the old man’s body, a longstaff possessing countless fine patterns appeared in his right hand, most terrifying was, altogether six spirit rings rose up from under his feet, their dazzling beautiful light immediately became the focus of the everyone present.

    The six spirit rings’ colors were respectively one white, one yellow, three purple, one black. Also meant one ten year spirit ring, one hundred year spirit ring, three thousand year spirit rings and one ten thousand year spirit ring. This looking like a common farmer old man, unexpectedly was a sixtieth rank or more spirit emperor level super strength.

    Sixtieth rank, that indeed was sixtieth rank, ah, even in the entire Balak Kingdom, spirit masters ranked like this also absolutely could be counted on one’s fingers.

    The longstaff in the old man’s hand, rung with a deep muffled sound out in all directions, practically making all the people stagger once.

    Facing the dumbstruck three before him and waving his hand,


    The light of the spirit rings vanished, all the spirit power also disappeared in a flash, the old man again resumed his previous lazy appearance, as if he had not at all just released that previous spirit emperor atmosphere.

    If there were still some parents unsatisfied because of the old man’s words, then right now they appeared to all be keeping quiet out of fear, who dared offend a spirit emperor level force? Also a spirit emperor who possessed a ten thousand year spirit ring.

    One must know, in battle, a spirit emperor’s strength, would be at least equal to a thousand elite soldiers.

    In the eyes of the parents and applicant students the disdain and contempt in an instant vanished completely, a responsible for applications teacher was an at least sixtieth ranked strength, then, the strength of the faculty at this Shrek Academy must be to what degree?

    But, very quickly the majority of parents’ faces all revealed regretful sighing expressions, silently bringing their children to leave.

    Twelve years old attaining twentieth ranked spirit power or more, like what the old man said, that perhaps also was talent truly reaching a monstrous level.

    Of the originally hundred long queue in an eyeblink only remained ten-something applicants.

    The old man did not seem to mind the number of students, and started back with his application work.

    The people able to stay behind, clearly were confident to pass this old man, and following were several applicant youngsters whose spirit power surpassed twentieth rank, possessing two spirit rings. After handing over the ten gold coin application fee, the old man told them their first entrance exam was passed, and could enter the Academy’s second entrance exam. The parents could not follow the examinees inside the Academy.

    While looking at the applicant before them, Xiao Wu’s mood already became excited, in a low voice next to Tang San’s ear saying:

    “This Academy looks very amusing, especially what that teacher said about only accepting monsters not ordinary people, truly was most smart.”

    Tang San smiled slightly saying:

    “Right now you can’t doubt Grandmaster’s urging, right. This Shrek Academy is in no way ordinary.”

    As a result of already lining up in front, they naturally also were able to closely see Dai Mubai seated behind the old man. Dai Mubai not only was in charge of settling arguments, he was equally responsible for bringing eligible exam students into the Academy.

    Dai Mubai currently also finally saw Tang San’s pair, grim face exposing a slight smile, nodding towards them, again pointing at the teacher, spreading both hands, making a helpless expression. Clearly was telling them, ‘this application must rely on your own effort, I am unable to help’.

    While using expressions to mutually communicate, suddenly, a light yi exclamation pulled back Tang San’s gaze.

    The old man responsible for receiving applications face revealed a bewildered indefinite expression, right now, in front of him stood a young lady, just withdrawing the hand held out.

    This young lady had no parents for company, only was alone. Wearing a simple white long skirt giving people a very neat feeling. Short ordered hair cut evenly with her ears, height compared to Xiao Wu must be about half a head shorter, because of having her back to Tang San and Xiao Wu, they did not see her appearance, but from the skin at her neck were able to discover, that young lady’s was extraordinarily fine, extremely delicate.

    “May I ask, can I pass the preliminary exam?”

    The young lady’s voice was gentle and pleasant to listen to, somewhat lacking in spirit, but sounding like velvet, making people have a kind of soft feeling.

    Tang San from Dai Mubai’s gaze looking towards that young lady was able to determine this girl was certainly very beautiful, because Dai Mubai in those evil eyes no longer revealed ice cold, but a wolfish light. Of course, it was that kind of wolf color.

    The astonishment on the old man’s face gradually vanished, saying with a frown:

    “You coming here, do the people at your home know?”

    The young lady without directly answering his question, only slightly smiled and said:

    “All say teaching has no category, as long as I meet the Academy’s demands, you have no reason not to accept me, right.”

    The old man seemingly hesitated a moment, only then waving his hand to Dai Mubai, saying:

    “Bring her inside.”

    The wolf light in Dai Mubai’s eyes rapidly faded, recovering his cold expression, bringing the young lady walking into the Academy.

    The remaining students very quickly passed through the old man’s first test, finally reaching Tang San and Xiao Wu’s turn. By now, after Dai Mubai sent through several examination students, also already returned to the old man’s side.

    Tang San suddenly realized, Dai Mubai’s expression transformed, with fixed eyes staring in the direction behind his back, as if seeing some unimaginable thing.

    Tang San subconsciously turned around to look, although not forgetting his manners like Dai Mubai, his heart still was secretly shaken.

    Behind him and Xiao Wu, the remaining exam students were down to one, and also seemed to have just arrived not long ago, that also was a girl, looking like compared to him and Xiao Wu seemingly still must be a little younger, black long hair scattered over her shoulders, face slightly lowered, height not much different from the previous white skirt young lady, skin also similarly fair. But, this young lady gave people a kind of standing out from the masses feeling.

    An extremely well developed figure that was actually somewhat inconsistent with her age, if not seeing her face, very likely one would believe she was an adult young lady, especially that imposing bosom, even more could attract all men’s attention. A standard for baby-faced boobs.

    In contrast with her fiery figure, the young lady’s facial expression was very indifferent, that was a kind of chill rising from the heart, pure cold, a pair of black eyes that did not hold even a trace of vitality. Somewhat clashing with her originally extremely beautiful face.

    All four limbs well proportioned and slender, Both hands hanging naturally to either side, body releasing that kind of deathly still ice chill making people very uncomfortable.

    “Are you applying or not? If not applying you must not obstruct here.”

    The old man’s voice pulled Tang San back from his train of thoughts. Tang San’s hand stung, when turning his head to look, he discovered Xiao Wu fiercely glaring at him.

    “We’re applying together.”

    Tang San with effort resisted the pain in his hand, having long since prepared twenty gold spirit coins he dropped them in the wooden box. Together with Xiao Wu holding out their hands.

    The old man first kneaded Xiao Wu’s hand, with a nod, saying:

    “Your age is suitable.”

    As his hands shifted to Tang San’s hand, the previous light yi sound could not help but again reappear.

    The old man as if in disbelief seemed to knead Tang San’s hand again, the expression on his face immediately becoming odd. Raising his head to look at Tang San, saying:

    “Is your hand practiced in some spirit ability?”

    The reason he must knead the applicant’s hand, is to recognize the applicant’s true age by the bones in the palm, as this could not be faked. Kneading Tang San’s hand was extremely tough, so his sense of the state of the bones was still unclear.

    Tang San trembled in his heart, nodding, said:


    The old man wrinkled his brow,

    “Hold up your calf.”

    Tang San as instructed lifted his calf. Leaving the table, the old man raised the trouser on his calf and kneaded a few times, Tang San immediately felt a tingling.

    The old man nodded at Tang San, saying:

    “Muscle development is not bad. Bone age suitable. Good, release your two spirits.”

    Tang San and Xiao Wu looked at each other, simultaneously urging the spirit power within their bodies.

    Blue and red light simultaneously leapt out, hundred year spirit rings simultaneously spiraling up.

    Rabbit ears standing up, white fluffy fur growing on the backs of Xiao Wu’s hands, body subsequently also becoming even more slender. Spirit jade rabbit body enhancement.

    In Tang San’s palm grew a most ordinary blue silver grass, along with spirit ring effect infusion lightning quick transforming into that grass vine like that day he fought Dai Mubai.

    The old man only gave Xiao Wu a casual glance, gaze falling on Tang San’s body,

    “Unexpectedly it’s blue silver grass. Blue silver grass can also cultivate this quickly?”

    Tang San faintly smiled, saying:

    “Teacher, aren’t you only accepting monsters here? Don’t I count as a monster?”

    The old man’s face revealed a rare smile,

    “It indeed is a small monster. Mubai, bring them inside.”


    Dai Mubai came to meet them, revealing a smile towards Tang San, but his gaze seemed to still be fixed behind Tang San’s back.

    Led by Dai Mubai, Tang San and Xiao Wu followed him together to enter Shrek Academy, which also was that village.

    Dai Mubai said:

    “I knew you would be able to pass smoothly. The later tests should also not be any problem.”

    While speaking, he still could not help turning his head to look at the Academy gate opening.

    Xiao Wu unhappily said:

    “Looking at what? Still thinking of that disaster girl?”

    Dai Mubai’s brows wrinkled, saying:

    “What do you understand. I feel the atmosphere on that girl’s body is very like mine, not only is it similar, but also still has a kind of complementing effect feeling. Among spirits, thinking to encounter a complementing spirit is extremely difficult. But if meeting, if joining hands, one’s spirit strength would increase twofold. This is the so-called Spirit Harmonization ability.

    Xiao Wu involuntarily laughed saying:

    “Then that means, that girl’s spirit should be a tigress?”

    Dai Mubai’s face revealed some embarrassment, saying:

    “It’s possible.”

    Entering the village, they were able to see, it was all wooden buildings, using the words ‘simple’ and ‘unadorned’ to describe the buildings here was only appropriate.

    Not walking far, Dai Mubai brought them to an open space. Around were wooden buildings, this vacant land appeared to be about five hundred square metres or so, Just at the centre of Shrek Academy.

    The previously passed preliminary exam students were before them, distinct spirit power fluctuations making the air shiver irregularly.

    Dai Mubai pointed at the lined up exam students ahead, saying:

    “You take the second exam here, the teacher will tell you how to do it. I still must go out to take a look, if that girl’s spirit truly agrees with mine, in which case I also must capture her.”

    Finished speaking these lines, Dai Mubai hurriedly left, Tang San and Xiao Wu according to what he said like that reaching the end of the exam student line ahead.

    Meanwhile, a soft voice resounded.

    “Selling sausage, selling sausage. Have a gander, have a look, passing by or passing through you must not miss it. Oscar brand sausage, tastes beautifully fragrant and sweet. Price convenient, quantity yet ample. Only five copper coins for one. Eat Oscar brand sausage, guarantee you will even easier pass the entrance exam.”

    Tang San and Xiao Wu inclined their heads to see, only saw alongside not far away, a man pushing a wagon where he peddled. A burst of meat scent disseminating from the wagon, already already some of the lined up students had bought.

    The man standing behind the cart wore simple grey clothes, neat short hair, across his entire face a full beard, but having a pair of peach blossom eyes, gaze roaming between, especially towards the girls in the exam student ranks. Xiao Wu naturally also difficult to escape his scanning gaze. Very difficult to believe, that such a soft feminine voice would issue from a like this straightforward adult.

    Tang San said to Xiao Wu:

    “There are still several people ahead of us, you also did not eat much for breakfast, do you want to eat a sausage?”

    Xiao Wu inclined her head saying:

    “It smells pretty good. Let’s try that.”

    Tang San nodded, letting Xiao Wu stand in line, he walked in the direction of the cart on his own.

    Coming close, he was able to see that sausage salesman’s height was not much different from his own, on the cart was also nailed a board, on which was carved two words, ‘Sausage Monopoly’.

    The salesman seeing a person approach, immediately enthusiastically said:

    “Come for sausage? Oscar brand sausage, offering sincere treatment to all. Flavour guaranteed.”

    Tag San with a slight smile said:

    “Uncle, I’ll trouble you to give me two.”

    That salesman’s expression suddenly became rigid,

    “You-, what did you call me?”

    Tang San was also stunned,

    “I called you uncle, ah, is there a problem?”

    The salesman said with a bitter laugh:

    “Of course there’s a problem, and still a huge problem. Little brother, this year I am just fourteen years old, yet you unexpectedly call me uncle?”

    “Eh……, you are just fourteen?”

    Tang San shocked looked at this person before him.

    The salesman confirming said:

    “That’s right, I’m Oscar, this year I’m fourteen years old, a Shrek Academy junior student, you can’t call me uncle just because my hair is a bit lush.”

    Tang San was speechless, looking at Oscar’s that large thick beard on his face, in his heart secretly saying, ‘someone this hairy could not be described as just a bit lush’.

    “You really are only fourteen years old?”

    Tang San could not help but ask.

    Oscar nodded confirmation, saying:

    “Of course, I am an Academy student, anyone you ask all know I’m fourteen.”

    Tang San in his heart secretly said, ‘worthy of being a Monster Academy, a fourteen years old youth whose beard could unexpectedly reach this kind of length, also absolutely counts as out of the ordinary’.

    Oscar picked up two bamboo skewers from his cart, piercing two ten centimetre sausages and handing them to Tang San, the two sausages were previously roasting together on a charcoal brazier on the cart, emitting a rich aroma.

    Tang San took out a silver coin and handed it to him,

    “Senior, truly am embarrassed, just now was my lack of manners.”

    Oscar softly said:

    “It doesn’t matter, afterwards many many times visit my sausage cart is fine.”

    Tang San straightforward said:

    “No problem.”

    “Tang San, what are you doing?”

    Dai Mubai was bringing the last exam student, who also was that ice cold young lady he previously stared at for a long time.

    Oscar gave Dai Mubai a look, immediately revealing a painful expression,

    “Dai Mubai, have you come to eat sausage?”

    “Drop dead.”

    Dai Mubai gave him an unhappy glare,

    “You really cause the Academy to lose face, I seem to have warned you many times, do not sell sausage in the academy. It couldn’t be you want to let people vomit? Tang San, you can’t eat this sausage.”

    Tang San puzzled asked:


    Dai Mubai’s facial expression became somewhat odd,

    “Little Ao, you take out the source of new sausage.”

    Oscar’s expression immediately became awkward,

    “Dai Dage, there’s no need, right. We even have been fellow students for several years, like this you will let newly arrived little juniors to have complaints of me.”

    Dai Mubai coldly snorted, saying:

    “I am only giving Tang San a warning, that’s all, Tang San is my younger brother, and cannot be your equal. Hurry up, don’t make me hit you.”

    Oscar clearly dared not provoke Dai Mubai, helplessly extending his right hand, somewhat wretchedly using his that soft voice to call out.

    “I your father has a big sausage.”

    Yellow light suddenly condensed in his hand, two yellow rings of light rose up from under Oscar’s feet, immediately following, an exact copy of the sausages Tang San held appeared in his palm.


    As Tang San heard Oscar’s line “I your father has a big sausage’, his entire person somewhat froze. This line indeed had too many possible meanings. Before speaking of the quality of these sausage, or whether edible. Only Oscar having spoken that line he still dared not eat. Especially, as this sausage was bought for Xiao Wu.

    Sensing Tang San’s gaze starting to become angry, Oscar hurriedly explained:

    “There is nothing I can do about this. When using food system spirits, wanting to let food change, one must join with different spirit incantations, these incantation words, are not something I want to shout out. And also, the quality of my sausage is by no means an issue.”

    Tang San lightning quick returned the sausages in his hand to the stove,

    “Your sausage, still is leaving you to your eating. Dai Dage, thank you for the warning.”

    Monster, indeed a monster. Tang San somewhat did not know whether to laugh or cry, fortunately he had not eaten that sausage, otherwise this face would certainly lose greatly.

    The ice-cold young lady Dai Mubai brought in was only coldly looking at Oscar, walking towards the queue. Oscar innocently shrugged at Tang San,

    “Have pity on my delicious sausage, unexpectedly nobody eats. Ai.”

    Dai Mubai glared at him,

    “You be a bit careful, go selling sausage outside the Academy. Tang San, I bring you to pass the exam.”

    The two returned to within the queue, Xiao Wu looked at Tang San’s empty hands,

    “My sausage?”

    Tang San shared a look with Dai Mubai, both unable to help it, the two immediately burst into laughter.

    The ice-cold young lady stood behind Xiao Wu, in her eyes flashed a trace of a smiling expression, coolly saying in a low voice:


    Xiao Wu was unable to make heads or tails of their laughter,

    “In the end what’s the matter? Don’t tell me that sausage wasn’t tasty?”

    Tang San covered Xiao Wu’s mouth, pulling her to his side, in a low voice recounting the previous affair next to her ear.

    Hearing Tang San’s words, Xiao Wu’s beautiful face immediately turned a deep red,

    “You boys, really is mortifying. How could there be this odd spirit.”

    Dai Mubai smiling said:

    “This is Monster Academy, spirits naturally have fantastic oddities of every description. However, Oscar this fellow in the academy is also considered out of the ordinary. His that spirit is without any potential for attack, but among food system spirits, it’s classified as top quality. After all, he can supply meat. Only when this fellow uses his spirit, those incantations really are too disgusting. People familiar with him, absolutely will not eat those sausages he produces. I do not know whether it is because of the food system spirit, but his hair is much more lush compared to ordinary people, beard in one day of not shaving will become like right now, therefore, in the academy he also has a Big Sausage Uncle nickname. He himself runs what he calls the Sausage Monopoly.”

    This time, even Xiao Wu could not help but laughing,

    “Big Sausage Uncle, it truly is an interesting spirit.”

    Dai Mubai clapped Tang San’s shoulder, saying:

    “Walk, I bring you to pass the test. No need to line up.”

    Tang San said:

    “That is no good.”

    Dai Mubai said:

    “Be at ease, I am not favoring, this is your deserved treatment.”

    While speaking, he brought the two towards the front of the line.

    Responsible for the second exam also was a senior teacher, because of previously buying sausage, Tang San still had not had time to see what the contents of this exam were.

    Dai Mubai walked up to that teacher’s side, muttering several lines next to his ear, also indicating Tang San and Xiao Wu.

    The teacher nodded, saying:

    “All right, you bring them directly to the fourth hurdle. Passing enrollment.”

    Dai Mubai returned to Tang San and Xiao Wu’s side, about to bring the pair to go inside the Academy. But the lined up examinees were not satisfied.

    One male exam candidate said:

    “Teacher, what’s going on? Why can those avoid the test to enter the fourth exam. Yet we must pass through?”

    The senior teacher calmly said:

    “If your spirit power is also over twenty fifth rank, then, you can also directly enter the fourth exam, need not waste time here with me. But if you right now when testing spirit power only have twenty first rank, then, you have to test one by one.

    The male student unconvinced said:

    “Their spirit power is over twenty fifth rank? That’s impossible. We all are just twelve years old, how can such high spirit power appear.”

    Able to stand here, all had spirit power over twenty first rank, and also age not higher than thirteen year’s old youngsters. Originally at junior academy, existences like them, undoubtedly all had roles in the academy like stars around the moon. But reaching this Shrek Academy and repeatedly hitting a wall, their frame of mind could not help but have some changes.

    Dai Mubai snorted coldly,

    “You won’t do, but don’t think other people also won’t do. When I entered the Academy, my spirit power was twenty fifth rank. Tang San, give them a look at your spirit power.”

    While speaking, he picked up a white crystal from the desk and tossed it to Tang San.

    The testing crystal was different based on level, its color also different, this kind of white crystal tested only the thirtieth rank or lower, if spirit power exceeded thirtieth rank, then the crystal would immediately burst.

    Tang San at this understood why Dai Mubai persuaded him that this test was blow their status, of course, this test was to measure the candidate’s precise spirit power.

    At that moment, he also did not speak, holding the white crystal and directly infusing it with his Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength.

    In a split second, only saw a brilliant white light released in Tang San’s hand, white crystal became as resplendent as a diamond, the intense brilliance filling every corner of the crystal, this clearly was evidence of spirit power on the verge of reaching thirtieth rank.

    The teacher in charge of the test showed a pondering smile,

    “See, our Shrek Academy this year again will receive a pretty good little monster.”

    Tang San wore a slight smile, handing the crystal in his hands to Xiao Wu, he could not wish for other people to complain about Xiao Wu, regarding Xiao Wu, he had absolute confidence.

    Equal white light once again shone, thoroughly blocking the other exam candidates’ mouths, looking at Tang San and Xiao Wu in their eyes also immediately became monsters.

    Twenty ninth rank, twelve years old attaining twenty ninth rank spirit power, was this a level humans were capable of reaching?

    However, this monster title did not only appear among the two Tang San and Xiao Wu.

    A melodious voice rose,

    “Teacher, I think, I should also be excused from the second and third tests.”

    The speaker was the young lady who before Tang San and Xiao Wu registered to test, also caused the first teacher bewilderment. Right now Tang San and Xiao Wu just truly saw her appearance. Level with the ears short hair, extremely fair delicate skin, although her figure was unlike the ice cold young lady’s heat, yet unusually harmonious, her entire person looked to give people a kind of earthy feeling. Somehow looked like she was a highly educated noble young lady.

    If speaking of that last to enter young lady as an iceberg, then she was a warm spring wind, her gentle and beautiful smiling expression infecting everyone in her surroundings.

    With a slight smile walking up in front of Xiao Wu, nodding towards her. Xiao Wu subconsciously handed her the crystal.

    Bright white light once again appeared, although it did not have the intensity of Tang San and Xiao Wu, it still absolutely surpassed twenty fifth rank spirit power level, appearing to be about twenty sixth rank or so.

    Just when she thought to inquire from the testing teacher whether she also could directly go to the fourth test, she suddenly discovered, the crystal in her hand was missing. Another figure had already quietly appeared at her side, immediately following, shining white light once again radiated. The light compared to when she infused spirit power still must be a bit more powerful, even to the extent of twenty seventh ranked spirit power.

    This sudden appearance, was exactly the ice cold young lady last to follow Dai Mubai here.

    The testing teacher’s face was repeatedly covered by surprise,

    “Monsters one after another, this year especially many. All of a sudden there are four. Good, good, apparently, I have water to ask for a raise. Mubai, you bring these four together to the fourth test.”


    Dai Mubai respectfully answered, evil eyes with a complex expression looking at the ice cold young lady, then turning around and walking towards the inside of the academy. This time, no students again raised an issue. Strength was sufficient proof.

    Among the four exam candidates, only Tang San and Dai Mubai had a relationship regarded as pretty good, while following him inside, asked:

    “Dai Dage, the entrance exam altogether only has four tests?”

    Dai Mubai nodded, saying:

    “Altogether four tests. The first you already went through. It was to reject applicants with spirit power short of twenty first rank, or possibly age exceeding thirteen years old. This filters out most people. The second test is conducted to appraise spirit power and spirit. Merely having great spirit power is not sufficient to prove future growth potential, this test mainly tests the spirit, only spirits possessing sufficient growth potential, furthermore previous cultivation developing in a proper direction spirit masters can enter the third test. Of course, if the spirit is extremely extraordinarily freakish, one is also able to be chosen. In this way little Ao originally passed.”

    Regarding Dai Mubai’s words, Tang San very easily understood, after all, Grandmaster in this respect already instilled in him thoroughly. Equal spirits, but picking different development directions, means future results are also different. This second test mainly was filtering out those examinees spirit who also had the first two spirit rings where later conflicts with cultivation could occur.

    “Dai Dage, but my spirit is blue silver grass. It should belong to the least growth potential spirits. Why……”

    Dai Mubai smiled straightforwardly, saying:

    “You also need not be modest, how would I still not know your strength? The Academy provisions, if an applying exam candidates spirit power exceeds twenty fifth rank, then, no matter what the spirit is, can directly pass the second and third trials. Like one strength subduing ten, even if your spirit’s quality is somewhat lacking, but your spirit power is far above, relying on spirit power superiority, still will become a formidable spirit master.”

    Xiao Wu could not help asking:

    “What is the third test?”

    Dai Mubai said:

    “The third is to test the examinee’s own spirit application level. Only having spirit power and growth potential won’t do, simultaneously still need to controle the own spirit’s strength. the higher rank of the spirit the more difficult to control, this very easily becomes an issue. If regarding spirit’s control one cannot attain a certain degree, then, this proves the spirit master is insufficiently diligent. Students like this we also do not accept.”

    Tang San immediately understood his meaning, Dai Mubai said, a spirit somewhat hard to control, like his second spirit, that monstrous hammer, its weight was incomparably oddly great, and also along with his spirit power increasing, that hammer’s weight also unceasingly increased. Tang San thought to himself, even if using Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, under peak conditions, he still only could swing that hammer three times.

    Not waiting for Xiao Wu to ask again, Dai Mubai continued with the fourth test,

    “The fourth is to test the examinee’s actual combat experience. Some students own spirit is not bad, regarding spirit control also not bad. But from childhood living in a noble family, long in a privileged environment. Fundamentally without any understanding of the outside world, let alone fighting. This kind of student, the Academy also won’t accept. The Dean said, ‘pampered and spoiled since childhood absolutely refused’.”
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    Volume 3 - Chapter 18, Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji

    Hearing Dai Mubai’s words, the four people following him were silent for a time, it was still Xiao Wu who couldn’t help but first open her mouth,
    “You are picking students like picking a wife. This also is too strict. It’s no wonder that teacher at the entrance said only monsters are accepted here. People able to pass these four exams, maybe also only are monsters. I very much want to ask once, how many students does Shrek Academy currently have? Every year recruits how many students?”

    This time it was Dai Mubai’s turn to show a wry smiled.
    “Our Shrek Academy from founding until now, in twenty years, has altogether enrolled forty two students. An average year has a little more than two students. This year all four of you might be recruited, which must be considered setting a record. Before this, the Academy already had two years without accepting any students. Currently, in the academy in the process of studying students counting me altogether are still three.”

    Apart from the ice cold young lady, Tang San, Xiao Wu and that beautiful young lady practically cried out simultaneously.

    Dai Mubai laughed mockingly at himself,
    “In the entire Douluo Continent, we can be considered as the only Academy where there are more teachers than students. Even after enrolling you, our Academy’s students numbers will in no way surpass the teachers.

    Tang San said:
    “Like this, how can the Academy continue existing? Without a supply of students, it should be without income.”

    Dai Mubai said:
    “Why else do you think the Academy would be such a small village? It’s because of the lack of funds. If not for my home still sponsoring some, the Academy might have closed down last year. If this year again was without recruits, then, us three people studying, would be Shrek Academy’s last students.”

    “Then why did the Academy not relax some when people tested to apply? The applicant people I saw also could not be regarded as few.”
    The gentle and beautiful young lady said doubtfully.

    Dai Mubai exposed a reverent expression,
    “The Dean said, better to have nothing, no matter when, even if it meant closing Shrek Academy, than to accept rubbish. Only monsters. You know what the Academy’s graduation requirements are? This is already not an intermediate spirit master academy, nor an advanced spirit master academy. Because our requirements are different from theirs. We only want students thirteen years old or under, who also must be true genius. But the Academy’s graduation requirements, are to exceed fortieth rank, and moreover before being twenty years old exceeding fortieth rank, attaining spirit ancestor level just to permit graduation.”

    “The Academy in total has enrolled forty two students, but truly graduating, only has fourteen people. After these fourteen people left the academy, not one was a person unable to receive worldwide attention. Among them are the most remarkable, right now already Spirit Hall’s youngest elder, authority and prestige second only to the pope. The rest who did not graduate, were unable to before twenty years of age attain fortieth ranked cultivation or were killed while hunting spirit beasts. The Dean said, insufficient to reach forty first rank, must not go out and make him lose face.”

    Saying this last part, Dai Mubai’s mood clearly became excited, concerning that Shrek Academy’s dean, he clearly was extremely reverent.

    Tang San smiled, saying to Dai Mubai:
    “I’m very glad, to be able to come here.”

    Dai Mubai sighed, saying:
    “Balak Kingdoms royal family originally planned to sponsor the Academy, but demanded the Academy’s graduates must swear fealty to the royal family, and were immediately refused by the Dean. Our Shrek Academy is also incompatible with other academies, in no small measure pushed aside, therefore just becoming this current appearance.”

    Tang San suddenly found, he very much longed for being able to meet that dean Dai Mubai spoke of, he very much wanted to see, after all what kind of person, was able to for twenty years continuously persist in establishing this kind of academy.

    “We’ve arrived.”
    Dai Mubai halted his steps. By now, they had reached another open space. This compared to that previous second exam location was much smaller, only two hundred square metres or so. One looking like he was over fifty years old middle aged man sat napping on a chair.

    “Teacher Zhao, I’m bringing people to take the fourth exam.”

    “En? This year there is a fourth exam? Unexpectedly it’s still four people.”
    The middle aged man opened hazy sleepy eyes, somewhat surprised looking at the four male and female youths before him, as if coming across some manner of inconceivable affair.

    Dai Mubai said:
    “Not only are there four people for the fourth exam, but they still also were all excused from the second and third tests.”

    Teacher Zhao’s eyes shone, standing up from the chair, his stature was not tall, and appearance very ordinary. But looking extremely rugged. Compared to twelve years old Tang San he still was somewhat shorter in height but unexpectedly gave people a majestic feeling.

    Wide shoulders resembling city walls, jacket basically unable to cover his whole body that was like cast from steel full of powerful muscles, although the expression on his face was amiable, the sturdy stature virtually gave people a kind of intense pressure.

    “Four surpassing twenty fifth rank, not bad, not bad, apparently this year there are not few little monsters. Mine is the last hurdle, passing my trial, you will be able to formally become members of Shrek Academy. However, my trial cannot be so simple to pass. Real combat experience is necessary for every spirit master to possess. What I examine, is your capability in this respect.”

    Smiling his gaze swept from Tang San across the others, mildly looking at them,
    “I’m called Zhao Wuji, since you four are all excused from the second and third exams, I will personally accompany you to play. Right now I give you one stick of incense of time to come to a mutual understanding and discuss. After one stick of incense, the test begins. The test contents, are for the four of you together to withstand my attack for one stick of incense of time. With only one person able to persevere to the end, it counts as you all passing. I hope you understand, don’t try cheap tricks, there are no people able to use speed to escape this range. At the same time, I can also advise you, relying on one person’s power to obstruct my attack is also impossible. Mutually coordinating together is your only chance of success.”

    “Teacher Zhao, this is not so good.”
    Dai Mubai hesitatingly said.

    Zhao Wuji started at him, saying:
    “What isn’t good. The dean’s not here, in the Academy I’m the greatest, what I say is good is good. Good, I will light the incense. Your time is not much, make your preparations. Little Bai, you also can also tell them about my strength’s properties, let them have a little preparation.”

    Having spoken these lines, from somewhere he pulled out a stick of incense, fingers pinching over the tip of the incense, unexpectedly directly igniting the incense, in an instant, the incense was already stuck in the ground, and moreover did not have the slightest tremble.

    Having finished this, Zhao Wuji again sat back down on his chair closing his eyes to continue sleeping.

    Tang San’s four had not had any particular feeling because of this teacher Zhao’s suggested testing method, on the contrary Dai Mubai’s face was solemn, towards the four saying:
    “You come over here a bit.”

    The four crowded at his side.

    Dai Mubai said with a grave expression:
    “This time I also am unable to help you. Didn’t expect teacher Zhao to suddenly personally do this.”

    Xiao Wu smiling said:
    “This teacher Zhao could not also be like that old man by the gate, a spirit emperor level strength.”

    Dai Mubai shook his head, saying:

    Xiao Wu smiling said:
    “Then don’t worry. How to say, we four also all have close to thirtieth ranked strength, with four to one, as long as strength gap is not too wide, don’t tell me one stick of incense of time won’t do?”

    Dai Mubai looked at her, expression a bit like he was looking at an idiot,
    “If you think teacher Zhao is that good at holding back his attack, then then you’re gravely mistaken. Correct, teacher Zhao certainly isn’t a sixtieth ranked layer spirit emperor grade spirit master, he is a seventy sixth ranked spirit sage. Beast spirit, battle spirit sage. He is the academy’s deputy chairman, composite strength second only to the Dean.”

    Tang San’s four people’s pupils practically contracted simultaneously, seventy sixth ranked? In their impression, let alone the less than thirtieth ranked them, even if it was confronting a ten thousand man army, a spirit sage level spirit master was still able to move unhindered with ease.

    Xiao Wu not daring to believe said:
    “He is seventy sixth ranked? But compared to that gate old man he looks much younger.”

    Dai Mubai calmly said:
    “Age can never completely represent the issue. There’s not much time, I simply tell you teacher Zhao’s expert abilities, afterwards you must immediately design a strategy to counter him, otherwise, let alone one stick of incense, being able to withstand his first attack counts as not bad.”

    Tang San’s four peoples’ expressions became solemn, facing a seventy sixth ranked spirit sage level, that could not be a joking amusement.

    Tang San who was from Holy Spirit village had the legends of a spirit sage, that only was legends, nothing more, but before his eyes this spirit sage was near now, and also still became their test advancement examiner.

    Dai Mubai said with a wry smile:
    “Originally teacher Zhao only was the proctor responsible for the fourth test, nothing more, your adversary should be me. Only must be able to endure my attacks for one stick of incense of time, considered passing. But who knew today he would be that abnormally strung, unexpectedly would personally put his hand to it.”

    “Teacher Zhao’s spirit is a great vajra bear, it’s a kind of powerful beast spirit. The whole body does not have any weakness, defensive power is extremely terrifying, even if it was a spirit master of the same level, would still be very difficult to cut open his defense to cause him harm. Even though speed is not what teacher Zhao is expert in, between you and him the spirit power gap really is too big, in this respect also cannot compare to his even higher speed. Teacher Zhao’s most is powerful in physical attack power and defense power. In the Academy he’s nicknamed Motionless Bright King. Let alone you four, even if adding me, still might not be able to obstruct his attack for one stick of incense, right now I only hope teacher Zhao when attacking you will not take it so seriously.”

    Has no weak point. Four simple words already declared Zhao Wuji’s formidable area.

    The short haired beautiful young lady suddenly cried out,
    “He unexpectedly is Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji. On the Continent missing for ten years, didn’t expect him to be a teacher at Shrek Academy. Originally, Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji with Spirit Hall had a disagreement, Spirit Hall wanted to punish him, but he simply rushed through from within sixteen bishops’ siege. Afterwards that matter also was left unsettled. Spirit Hall’s bishops, are all at least sixtieth ranked or more spirit emperor level, that time Zhao Wuji should also only have been sixty something ranked. Right shouldn’t he be more difficult to deal with.”

    Dai Mubai silently nodded, saying:
    “At least, I never saw teacher Zhao’s appearance at all his strength. Therefore, you hope for the best. Among teacher Zhao’s seven spirit rings, the first two are hundred year spirit rings, the third spirit ring and the fourth spirit ring are thousand year, the later three spirit rings are entirely ten thousand year. And also, the seven spirit rings are adding both attack and defense. You should be able to imagine his frightfulness. Right now, you first get familiar with each other, announcing your names and abilities, having a look how you should best match abilities to withstand Zhao Wuji’s exam.”

    Tang San first opened his mouth,
    “I’m Tang San, tool spirit blue silver grass, twenty ninth ranked control system battle spirit master.”

    Xiao Wu looking at Tang San speaking, second said:
    “Xiao Wu, beast spirit rabbit, twenty ninth ranked assault system spirit master.”

    The level with her ears short hair young lady hesitated a moment, then spoke:
    “Ning Rongrong, tool spirit seven treasure glazed tile pagoda, twenty sixth ranked auxiliary system spirit master.”

    Finally the ice cold young lady as before cold and detached, indifferently said:
    “Zhu Zhuqing, beast spirit hell civet, twenty seventh ranked agility attack system spirit master.”

    Just as the four people left their introductions, including Dai Mubai, among the four people’s gazes focused on one person. This person attracting the other’s attention, was that short hair young lady Ning Rongrong.

    Tang San shocked said:
    “Your spirit is seven treasure glazed tile pagoda. That means, you come from the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School?”

    Seven treasure glazed tile pagoda this kind of spirit according to legend, on the entire Douluo Continent, could only be possessed by children directly related to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

    Master of that seven treasure glazed tile pagoda this tool spirit could be evaluated with only simply one line: In all the Continent, the most formidable auxiliary tool spirit. The best companion for all fighting system spirit masters.

    Among Spirit Hall’s six signs, not among the three signs on Grandmaster’s token tile, among them was the seven treasure glazed tile pagoda.

    Ning Rongrong stuck out a cute little tongue, saying:
    “Don’t stare, I’m no different from ordinary people. I’ve stealthily run away from home. Let’s first speak of our present test again. My spirit is seven treasure glazed tile pagoda, two spirit rings. Able to variously increase everyone’s speed and strength attributes. Amplification about thirty percent. Sustaining until one stick of incense goes out is no problem.”

    Thirty percent amplification, this already was a considerably good number, but Tang San knew, the reason Grandmaster named this seven treasure glazed tile pagoda the most powerful auxiliary system spirit existence, was because of for every spirit ring upgrade, not only able to evolve the upgrade of a kind of attribute, simultaneously, still would allow each preceding spirit ring’s attribute upgrade to increase ten percent again.

    Also to say, if Ning Rongrong’s spirit power attained thirtieth rank or above, not only could she increase one more type of attribute, but also the possessed attribute amplification effects would become forty percent. And so on. At seventieth rank able to in a moment increase seven types of attributes by eighty percent. It was this kind of terrifying effect.

    If having this kind of seven treasure glazed tile pagoda spirit master auxiliary, practically could by itself in a moment double their actual strength. Regarding surpassing strong spirit masters, seven treasure glazed tile pagoda’s amplification effect was in that case even higher.

    In either of the two heavenly imperial regions, only having Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s spirit masters appear, immediately all would become a spirit master organization fighting for the goal. Receiving ten thousand peoples’ attention.

    Fortunately, seven treasure glazed tile pagoda’s amplification effect did not stack, in other words, if having two seven treasures glazed tile pagoda spirit masters, the amplification would only be according to the effect of the highest spirit power.

    Seven treasures glazed tile pagoda’s biggest weak point was having no firepower, requiring gathering battle spirit masters to defend. But volunteers to become seven treasure glazed tile pagoda’s protector was definitely not few. Among them including at least two among spirit masters top level existences, title Douluo. On the entire Continent, seven treasure glazed tile school was absolutely ranked in the top three schools.

    As for what kind of amplification effect would emerge on seven treasure glazed tile pagoda finally reaching eightieth rank and ninetieth rank, only their school’s inner core members were able to know. All along it was Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School’s biggest secret.

    Dai Mubai drew a deep breath, saying:
    “You four’s matching is contrary to what one might expect pretty good, without duplicate system spirits. How to resist teacher Zhao’s attack, you decide on your own.”

    Tang San considered, saying:
    “Ning Rongrong is in charge of supporting us three, then, Xiao Wu is in charge of the main assault, I’m in charge of controlling teacher Zhang’s attack, restricting him as far as possible, simultaneously supporting Xiao Wu’s frontal charge. Zhu Zhuqing, I’ll trouble you with the flank, relying on your speed to pin him down.”

    Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong nodded, Zhu Zhuqing looked at Tang San, and finally also nodded slightly, having agreed with his proposal.

    Within this short time, they could only use this kind of simple tactics. As for the result, they could only use actual combat to test it. No matter how to put it, they all had never run into such a formidable opponent, the opponent’s strength reaching what degree they still could only fight to find out.

    “Discussion is over.”
    Zhao Wuji’s resonant voice resounded, the four people turned to look, that stick of incense on the ground had already burnt to the end.

    “Teacher, we can begin.”
    Dai Mubai nodded towards Zhao Wuji, quickly stepping back to spectate on the side. Even though this was an abnormal fight, to see Zhao Wuji put out his skill, as a strength domination type of spirit master, he naturally would not let slip this learning opportunity.

    Zhao Wuji once again stood up, both hands grasping each other, loosening his wrists, creating repeated sounds of cracking bones making peoples’ teeth ache, the intangible pressure suddenly increasing even more.

    Zhao Wuji in his hand once again held out a stick of incense, without waiting he ignited it, Ning Rongrong already taking the lead for action.

    “Seven treasures glazed tile pagoda.”
    Body floating in the air spinning all the way around, dazzlingly beautiful seven colored light immediately released from inside her body, only seeing that seven colored light condensing, within Ning Rongrong’s right palm already sat a one cun tall seven colored pagoda.

    The treasure’s light flickering, noble air pressing, Ning Rongrong wore a slight smile, entire person looking to float in the air like an immortal. Two yellow spirit rings rose up from underneath, quietly hovering around her body.

    “Seven treasure words, first spoken: Strength.”
    The first spirit ring rose up, enveloping the seven colored pagoda, at Ning Rong Rong’s left hand’s directions, three streams of bright light simultaneously shot out, separately enveloping the bodies of Tang San’s three people.

    Immediately, a warm energy bubbled up from the four limbs hundred bones, three people suddenly felt like their whole bodies were brimming with strength, spirit power continuously rushing up within like it was boiling.

    Zhao Wuji somewhat shocked looked at Ning Rongrong,
    “Man, among this year’s examinees there’s unexpectedly one of the seven treasures glazed tile clan. Pretty good, pretty good, that old ghost Flender must be excited this time.”
    While speaking, he effortlessly threw the already ignited incense in his hand, sticking in the ground.

    “Seven treasure words, second spoken: Speed.”
    Again three streams of bright light floated out, Ning Rongrong’s second spirit ring also displayed its effect.

    The body’s lightness made Tang San feel like he had lost his weight, in his heart secretly gasping in admiration, seven treasures glazed tile pagoda sure enough was not named in vain, worthy of being called the first spirit in auxiliary system. Speed and strength simultaneously increasing thirty percent, immediately made him feel like his power had greatly increased.

    Right at this time, Zhao Wuji moved, not at all rushing over towards Tang San’s four people, instead both legs half crouching, both fists simultaneously pounding the ground.

    “Not good.”
    Tang San cried out, the moment Zhao Wuji started his attack, he already understood what the opponent would do.

    Grandmaster once said, if one day encountering an opponent from Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, then, within the first moment, must first dispose of the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School spirit master.

    Zhao Wuji’s attack clearly was not directed at Ning Rongrong alone, but this area attack of his clearly was for the purpose of first interrupting Ning Rongrong’s seven treasures glazed tile pagoda auxiliary effect.

    One blue and black long vine abruptly flew out, on the vine were not sharp thorns, because it only had the effect of Tang San’s first spirit ring, the long vine twisting like lightning around Ning Rongrong’s waist, Tang San simultaneously leaping up himself, also bringing Ning Rongrong’s body into the air.

    With a dull rumbling sound, the earth shook violently, a wave of yellow earth abruptly released along the ground towards Tang San’s four people.

    Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing responded very quickly, Xiao Wu jumping ahead, Zhu Zhuqing leaping to the side, simultaneously sweeping past the quake, Tang San jumped at practically the same time as Xiao Wu, including jumping height there was not much difference.

    “Xiao Wu, above.”
    Tang San shouted, lifting both hands and pushing from his chest.

    Xiao Wu basically did not need to look with her eyes, she still knew the location of Tang San’s hands, the two had been together for six years, and long ago already attained complete understanding. Both feet stepping in Tang San’s palms, with the help of Tang San’s pushing strength, abruptly shooting just like an arrow towards Zhao Wuji below.

    Attacking was the best defense, at this time passively taking a beating, letting Zhao Wuji display his complete power, they definitely would not have a chance. On the contrary it would be better to replace guarding with attacking, and perhaps still be able to delay for a little time.

    Zhao Wuji looking at his fists hammering the ground did not react, on the contrary smiling widely. In a moment Xiao Wu pounced at at him, he still did not dodge, both hands on the contrary behind his back, making a show of allowing Xiao Wu’s attack.

    Xiao Wu naturally would not let slip such an opportunity, pouncing body in midair curling up, rolling forward, when about to reach Zhao Wuji, this delicate body stretched open, within a short time, she already underwent a complete midair spirit body enhancement process, both feet simultaneously stepping on either side of Zhao Wuji’s neck.

    With two muffled simultaneous sounds, Xiao Wu’s both feet accurately stepped on Zhao Wuji’s shoulders, but Zhao Wuji did not even sway, grinning,
    “Seems to be without any strength, little girl.”

    Xiao Wu snorted coldly, without strength? ‘Then I’ll let you have a look at strength.’ Both her feet as if glued to Zhao Wuji’s shoulders, toes suddenly turning in, separately pointing at the main arteries on Zhao Wuji’s neck, delicate body twisting with all her strength, turning in midair.

    If it only was Xiao Wu’s physical strength, she seemingly would be unable to drive Zhao Wuji’s body, but right at this moment, more than one person could take part.

    Zhao Wuji suddenly felt his whole body tighten, full of sharp thorny vines already frantically twining around his body, regardless of arms or legs, the binding was completely sturdy. The vines were extremely tight, intense paralysing poison abruptly discharging. Simultaneously, vines welling up from the ground pushed at his body, making both his feet leave the ground.

    While one person’s strength is big, without feet on the round he was unable to stabilize his body. Zhao Wuji’s body under the driving force of Xoai Wu’s feet was immediately brought to revolve in midair. Currently, his body still was bound full of Tang San’s blue silver grass, like a blue and green giant cabbage roll.

    Having Ning Rongrong’s seven treasures glazed tile pagoda support, no matter if it was Tang San or Xiao Wu, right now they displayed spirit power already surpassing the thirtieth rank level. Xiao Wu’s body revolving quickly in midair abruptly flipped back, forcibly driving up Zhao Wuji’s body.

    Both hands supported on the ground, she directly made a scissor motion with her legs, if this was an ordinary person, first of all the neck would by Xiao Wu’s both feet directly snap, finally further even drop on their head.

    Relying on the substantial backflip, for this time’s drop Xiao Wu already used her full strength.

    “Spinning and spinning is also quite amusing.”
    Zhao Wuji’s muffled voice resounded in midair, Xiao Wu suddenly felt her rapidly rotating body suddenly be unable to move, both legs unexpectedly again unable to drive the opponent down, with an abrupt vigorous sound, her originally backfliping body was unexpectedly forcefully brought back up.

    With a peng sound, the vines over ZHao Wuji’s entire body burst, scattering in all directions, both legs again stably settling on the ground.

    But at this time, Zhao Wuji’s expression suddenly transformed slightly, with a low roar, his body abruptly expanded. The entire body originally frightfully muscled practically expanded to twice its size, even height in a split second also grew by one metre, the whole person becoming extremely powerful.

    Seven dazzling spirit rings simultaneously appeared, just like what Dai Mubai said, two yellow, two purple, three black, seven terrible spirit rings attaching to his body.


    A repeated concentrated crisp sound rose from Zhao Wuji’s back, Xiao Wu using this chance, toes lightly pointing at Zhao Wuji’s shoulders, lithe body sticking close to Zhao Wuji flipping back down, scorpion braid stretching out, like a quick serpent winding around Zhao Wuji’s left ankle, entire body simultaneously exerting.

    That concentrated clear sound, was Zhu Zhuqing launching her attack.

    When she first began dodging, she already completely displayed her speed, worthy of being called an agility attack system battle spirit master, her speed was so rapid, even Dai Mubai somewhat gasped in admiration. Most dreadful was, Zhu Zhuqing’s motions were without a trace of sound, entire body quietly leaping up, quietly attacking, without any wasted energy, also without spirit power piercing sound.

    Dai Mubai after spirit body enhancement, had ten fingers extending sharp blades like tiger claws, but Zhu Zhuqing after undergoing spirit body enhancement, her cat claws were shaped like spikes.

    After body enhancement, Zhu Zhuqing’s both eyes simultaneously changed, left eye dark green, right eye clear blue, long hair naturally docile on her back, body in the course of moving left a slight mirage, making it very difficult for people to catch her precise location. But her attack also had extreme attraction. Sharp claws specially looking for vitals, to the extent that Zhao Wuji had no choice but to release his spirit.

    Zhu Zhuqing’s timing for entering the battle was beautifully grasped, just right when Zhao Wuji sent out power to destroy Tang San’s blue silver grass, and moreover after pulling back Xiao Wu’s body appeared a moment of relaxing his strength. Otherwise, her attack power also would have been insufficient to split open Zhao Wuji’s attack.

    But, after Zhao Wuji completed spirit body enhancement, Zhu Zhuqing’s attack could no longer so easily produce effect. Zhao Wuji’s body was like cast from steel, under her cat’s claws full strength strike, also could only puncture Zhao Wuji’s clothes.

    Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill was stopped for the first time. No matter how she used force, she was unable to make Zhao Wuji’s body move a hair’s breadth. Even after her backflip, both hands striking Zhao Wuji’s knee joints, still was equally unable to produce effect.

    Xiao Wu in her heart was greatly worried, but right now she completely lacked the means to hold the opponent.

    In fact, it wasn’t that Xiao Wu’s soft skill wasn’t strong, but was because her soft skill being completely restrained just enough by Zhao Wuji. Xiao Wu’s first spirit ring’s added ability required the body’s flexibility to control stop the opponent to be able to release, classified as a one hit certain kill effect. But right now the gap between her and Zhao Wuji’s strength were indeed too far, even if it was under Tang San’s assistance, it was still impossible to contain Zhao Wuji. Unless her spirit power was able to reach close to Zhao Wuji’s level, to Zhao Wuji this kind of single-minded physical strength spirit master, her soft skill effect was the worst.

    By breaking blue silver grass, Tang San’s expression immediately became pale, but at this time he without a trace of hesitation, already dashed forward a sudden big stride, thick vines once again appearing on Zhao Wuji’s body, delaying his preparations to send out strength a moment, precisely blue silver grass second spirit ring ability, parasite generation effect.

    With the help of this moment’s opportunity, Tang San already arrived before Zhao Wuji, and Zhu Zhuqing also quietly appeared at Zhao Wuji’s back, of the two cat claws one grabbing at his throat, one at his ear, searching for the human body’s weakest regions.

    Taking advantage of the opportunity of Zhao Wuji not yet having struggled free of blue silver grass, Tang San’s fist abruptly aimed at Zhao Wuji’s stomach.

    Zhao Wuji laughed heartily, also not hurrying to throw of blue silver grass, stomach bracing, very clearly, he was thinking to have a look at how much strength Tang San had.

    In Tang San’s eyes flashed a light, Zhao Wuji’s laughter suddenly stopped, because he astonished discovered, Tang San’s fist seemingly at full strength striking his stomach was light as if nothing, but he because of by spirit power concentrating on his stomach, immediately a feeling appeared somewhat as if using the wrong force.

    With Tang San and Xiao Wu’s strength of course was insufficient to force Zhao Wuji’s body, but if it was his own power, it was different.

    Tang San’s swinging right fist suddenly became a palm, the palm absorbing, in an instant exerting Controlling Crane Catching Dragon’s reverse force, pulling Zhao Wuji’s body to stagger forward. Simultaneously stretching his right leg forward, kicking at Zhao Wuji’s toes. Even if Zhao Wuji’s spirit power was tyrannical, under circumstances like these he lost balance.

    Tang San’s grasp of timing was also not inferior to Zhu Zhuqing, relying on Controlling Crane Catching Dragon’s ingenuity, he was adding Zhao Wuji’s own strength to his own to drive Zhao Wuji’s body.

    Tang San shouted loudly, both arms exerting, unexpectedly by Zhao Wuji’s body abruptly lifting.

    “Xiao Wu.”
    The moment Zhao Wuji was completely off the ground, Xiao Wu’s ability also finally displayed its effect.

    Two slender thighs in a flash twined around Zhao Wuji’s waist, both hands grabbing his ankle, on her body the first spirit ring releasing light, then bringing Zhao Wuji’s body to fiercely rotate three times in midair, placing Zhao Wuji’s head downwards, heavily striking towards the ground.

    Zhao Zhuqing’s previous attacks although without damaging effect, still imperceptibly interfered with Zhao Wuji’s adaptability, together three people’s strength, finally completed this attack.

    A thick blue silver grass vine formed at Xiao Wu bringing Zhao Wuji’s body about to strike the ground an instant before twisting around her waist, Zhao Wuji head down, rotated again towards the ground, but Xiao Wu by Tang San’s blue silver grass was abruptly brought up, twisting cleverly in midair without dropping.


    Zhao Wuji’s after spirit body enhancement huge body heavily rammed the ground. The entire head unexpectedly sinking completely into the soil.

    Xiao Wu nimbly dropped down, just onto Tang San’s shoulders, sole foot on Tang San’s right shoulder, both arms stretching levelly to maintain her body’s balance, gasping big mouthfuls of air.

    She already used her full strength with the attack just now, if not for Tang San’s ingenious Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, she would still be unable to complete her focused two spirit ring ability’s Soft Skill Certain Kill Drop.

    “Little San, we didn’t do it too heavily?”
    Xiao Wu somewhat nervous asked.

    Tang San shook his head,
    “Zhao Wuji still hasn’t used a spirit ability.”

    He glanced at the side on the ground. Right now, that stick of incense had only burned one third, that’s all. But under the previous joint attack, the three Tang San, Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing could say had spared no effort, using all they had.

    Parasite blue silver grass on Zhao Wuji’s body was rapidly withdrawn by Tang San, he could not want his blue silver grass again being burst by the opponent, even though blue silver grass consumed not much spirit power, always when it was destroyed its spirit power consumption was unusually large.

    Zhao Wuji’s both arms pushed on the ground, pulling his head out.

    Previously they hadn’t looked carefully, right now could see clearly his appearance after spirit body enhancement.

    Zhao Wuji’s entire body was covered by a layer of thick brown fur, his height unexpectedly already surpassing two metres fifty, the muscles on his whole body coiling like dragons, light brown revealing a tyrannical atmosphere, seven spirit rings continuously rhythmically revolving around his body.
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    Volume 3 - Chapter 19, Tang San’s Hidden Weapons

    Zhao Wuji’s pair of hands became especially massive, just like big palm leaves.

    Just as Tang San said, previously Zhao Wuji had not used any of his spirit power, before when Zhu Zhuqing was attacking his weak points, even he all had not thought he must use spirit body enhancement.

    Speaking of him as a seventy sixth ranked spirit sage, several twenty something spirit grandmasters truly were too puny. He was only toying with these children, loosening up his body, that’s all.

    But, generally one often must pay the price, precisely because he underestimated them, again adding Tang San’s three people to Ning Rongrong’s seven treasures glazed tile pagoda amplification their actual strength already exceeded thirtieth ranked level, though they still did not have that corresponding perfection from practicing, immediately let this Motionless Bright King eat his fault.

    Zhao Wuji patted the dirt from his head, unhappily saying:
    “Truly **** his eighty year old mother to be tripped by children, apparently, at odds with you at several serious points were on the point of death. Little Bai, what are you laughing at, tomorrow come find me for a real combat lesson.”

    Watching from the sides apparently Dai Mubai had been laughing in his sleeve at Zhao Wuji’s appearance with head and shoulders covered with dirt, right now hearing Zhao Wuji’s words, the smile did not appear again.

    “Children, come. We’ll continue.”
    Zhao Wuji advanced with large strides, walking straight in Tang San and Xiao Wu’s direction. The two’s previous implicit recognition matching had given him a remaining profound “impression”.

    “Xiao Wu, meteor person hammer.”
    Tang San called out.

    Xiao Wu’s toes on Tang San’s shoulders, once again pounced, merely this time she no longer was going hands first, but became feet first, kicking straight for Zhao Wuji’s head.

    At the same time, ten blue silver grass simultaneously surged out from around Tang San’s body, from different directions tangling around Zhao Wuji.

    Zhao Wuji raised his hands to smack towards Xiao Wu, but who could have imagined, Xiao Wu’s body still had not reached before him, but suddenly changed direction, this palm of his naturally only clapped the air. Xiao Wu swept across from the side, one leg kicking at Zhao Wuji’s shoulders.

    Originally, the so called meteor person hammer, was hidden weapon Meteor Hammer’s clone, reying on blue silver grass binding, Tang San controlled Xiao Wu’s body moving nimbly in midair, launching an attack. Unfortunately, the defense power of Zhao Wuji they faced was truly too unreasonable, even if his dodging ability didn’t matter, wanting to touch his body could not be so easy.

    Common hidden weapons were divided into four main categories, hand thrown, mechanism launched, wire system, drug spray. Like a Meteor Hammer, Red Holding Lasso, Flying Claw, these were all classified as wire systems. Although less secret than other types of hidden weapons, other hidden weapons were unable to have the same extraordinary attacking power.

    Zhao Wuji also looked distracted by this kick, in the light brown eyes finally revealed a somewhat serious expression. These several children could all become his students, if again letting them make this kind of display, he would lose too much face, how could he still later instruct them?

    Zhu Zhuqing would not stay idle, in a moment of Zhao Wuji advancing on Tang San’s pair, on her body the two yellow spirit rings also simultaneously shone up, one blue one green both eyes pupils abruptly stood up, quietly accelerating forward, body in a flash soaring, entire person under spirit power was wrapped midair into a ball, rapidly rotating dashing towards Zhao Wuji.

    Within her that round silhouette, only saw claw images one after another, exactly her second spirit ring ability, Hell Hundred Claws. Relying on the body’s rapid rotation and cat claw’s penetrating attack power, in an extremely short time inflicting a hundred attacks on the enemy, furthermore attacking the same location, its formidable power extremely astonishing.

    When Zhao Wuji was hit by Xiao Wu’s kick, also exactly the moment Zhu Zhuqing’s Hell Hundred Claw struck his back. Hell Hundred Claw was like a rapidly rotating saw toothed gear, lightning fast cutting Zhao Wuji’s back.

    A bellow abruptly resounded, in Zhao Wuji’s eyes a cold light released, both fists abruptly gripping tight. Among the seven spirit rings on his body, the first yellow spirit ring in a flash shone up.

    Intense golden light exploded out in practically a split second, fully engaged in Hell Hundred Claw Zhu Zhuqing was immediately sent flying, in midair issuing a wretched groan.

    Dai Mubai strangely quickly appeared where she was about to drop, catching her in his arms. Discovering Zhu Zhuqing had already passed out from the jolt, and both arms also already dislocated.

    Simultaneously suffering calamity still was Xiao Wu, her kick at Zhao Wuji, body only just brought up by Tang San’s blue silver grass, as Zhao Wuji’s attack unleashed, on Tang San’s body blue silver grass also flew out just in time to bind Zhao Wuji’s body.

    In that intense golden light, this all became useless effort. Although Xiao Wu was not in as close contact as Zhu Zhuqing, still flew up from the jolt, Tang San’s blue silver grass whether it was close to the body or still not close to the body, each within three metres around Zhao Wuji’s body completely rebounded back, and near the body even more was smashed to pieces.

    Three muffled sounds practically simultaneously resounded. Receiving the biggest wound was Zhu Zhuqing, next was Xiao Wu.

    Violent shaking force caused Xiao Wu in midair to spout out a mouthful of blood, whole body tingling, directly blue silver grass brought her to drop in Tang San’s arms.

    Although Tang San received the lightest wound, only was under blue silver grass pull by the shock suffering burning agony, but Xiao Wu’s injuries caused him again to be unable to maintain his calm.

    Zhao Wuji’s display, was precisely his first spirit ring ability, Motionless Bright King Body. Despite that only being a hundred year spirit ring, the same spirit ability, used with different spirit power, the effect also was different. Relying on seventy sixth ranked spirit power, this hundred year spirit ring’s bestowed ability reached ample effect. Attack and defense integrated, immediately breaking Tang San’s trio’s joint attack.

    This was power, a spirit sage’s true strength

    Ning Rongrong was also greatly anxious, right now that stick of incense had just burned down half, but while her seven treasures glazed tile pagoda included every kind of auxiliary attribute, it did not incorporate any treatment. She only had two spirit rings, additional effects also only were that many, again feeling anxious and useless.

    Zhao Wuji’s speed suddenly became faster, in seemingly only one step reaching before Tang San, immense palm lifting, the second spirit ring on his body simultaneously shining, bursting into loud laughter, the palm under spirit ring’s infusion in a flash became golden, its bulk magnifying to twice its size, directly swatting at Tang San.

    Xiao Wu was currently still at Tang San’s chest, Tang San naturally could not let her take his place to obstruct this palm, and he hastily pulled her away, but it was not a simple action, making him lose his own opportunity to evade.

    But at this time, on Xiao Wu’s body the second spirit ring shone, both her eyes suddenly turning blood red, with fixed eyes gazing towards Zhao Wuji.

    Zhao Wuji only felt a spell of dizziness in his brain, startled, this descending palm naturally also became slow moving, spirit power also weakening more than half, golden light releasing in his eyes,
    “Good, unexpectedly has a confusion type spirit ability.”

    The red light in Xiao Wu’s eyes contrasted with the golden light in Zhao Wuji’s eyes, suddenly groaning loudly, she directly fainted at Tang San’s chest. Mouth and nose simultaneously overflowing with blood.

    Tang San was practically subconsciously drawing support from this opportunity, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, breaking away from Zhao Wuji’s attack range.

    Zhao Wuji’s palm also did not truly clap down, he furthermore had unexpectedly harmed these children.

    “Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu.”
    Tang San anxiously called out several times, hurriedly imparting Mysterious Heaven skill within Xiao Wu. But Xiao Wu did not react at all.

    Zhao Wuji did not pursue and attack again, standing there, saying
    “She will be fine, although the confusion type spirit ability has good effect, the gap between her spirit power and mine is too big, suffering her own spirit power backlash, naturally also can only have this result. Same as your that blue silver grass incidentally being ineffective on me. Let her sleep one night, tomorrow she’ll wake up recovered.

    Gaze shifting to Ning Rongrong, Zhao Wuji slightly smiling said:
    “I need not have another shot. Seven treasures glaze tile school little girl. You lose. You several still are too lacking. Even unable to resist for my one stick of incense of time. This is the disparity of actual strength.

    Hugging the soft like silk Xiao Wu, Tang San slowly raised his head, his black pupils without any emotion, completely abstruse.

    Holding Xiao Wu he slowly turned, walking in front of Ning Rongrong,
    “Could I trouble you, first help me take care of Xiao Wu a moment.”

    Ning Rongrong stared blankly a moment, removing her seven treasures glazed tile pagoda spirit, receiving Xiao Wu into her arms. Although her spirit was auxiliary nature, spirit masters all had spirit power, their bodies were naturally much stronger than ordinary people, holding Xiao Wu one girl counted as nothing.

    Having delivered Xiao Wu to Ning Rongrong, Tang San turned and walked towards Zhao Wuji.

    Zhao Wuji was stunned a moment,
    “What, you still want to continue? I’m afraid that you could not receive my attack even once. My second spirit ring ability Vigorous Vajra Palm can’t be so easy to withstand.”

    Zhao Wuji of course could not because that stick of incense had not completely burned out refuse these four children before him to enter Shrek Academy, in fact actually the opposite. The strength which these children displayed made him greatly pleasantly surprised. Not only did each one’s actual strength all have characteristics, but also under the prerequisite of not previously exercising together unexpectedly were able to coordinate with this implicit understanding. The limits of their future prospects could not be measured. With the Academy only were three students to compare, only strong or not.

    The reason his last words were a bit unkind, was hoping these children because of their talent would not come to be haughty, previously Shrek Academy was not at all without cases where because of pride lead to later strength progress being slow-moving. Zhao Wuji could not hope for these several good saplings before him to walk a crooked road. Only he didn’t expect, Tang San unexpectedly would walk back, alone being this courageous already made Zhao Wuji greatly admire him.

    Tang San shook his head, saying:
    “I am not at all asking to continue with your present exam.”

    Zhao Wuji somewhat disappointed said:
    “Then you are saying, you will concede?”

    Tang San again shook his head,
    “No, I hope I can with you fight earnestly one bout. Everything starting afresh. Please again ignite a stick of incense. If I persevere for one stick of incense of time, then, please permit us four to simultaneously enter Shrek Academy.”

    Zhao Wuji like smiling yet not smiling looked at Tang San, saying:
    “Then if you cannot persevere? Do not forget, just now you four people together, ultimately still lost.”

    Tang San could on his behalf make the decision, even could on behalf of Xiao Wu at present make the decision, but he could not substitute for the additional two. Turning his head to look at Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing.

    Currently, Zhu Zhuqing’s dislocated arms were already taken care of by Dai Mubai, herself also coming awake, only was breathing weakly, although unexpectedly remained at Dai Mubai’s chest, she at present was already without strength to stand up.

    Ning Rongrong slightly smiled towards Tang San,
    “Tang San, we are comrades in arms. From childhood my father instructed me, one cannot abandon comrades in arms. Worst comes to worst we will leave together, in any case we already failed the test. The imperial capital’s academy certainly will not reject us.”

    Tang San again looked towards Zhu Zhuqing, Zhu Zhuqing seemingly without strength to speak, but strongly bracing her body, nodded to Tang San.

    Even though today just was the first meeting, his comrades’ trust, as if bestowing Tang San incomparable strength. Turning around, once again facing Zhao Wuji,
    “If I lose, then we together will leave.”

    Zhao Wuji looked at the several children before him, the more he saw the more he liked, bursting into loud laughter saying:
    “Good, good, then let me have a look, what power you still possess to ward off my attack. As you wish.”

    Zhao Wuji once again ignited a stick of incense, sticking it in the ground.

    Tang San’s both feet stood in a not 丁 not 八 stance, over the whole body power slowly condensing. Finally this time, he already did not plan to conceal his actual strength. Xiao Wu being wounded to unconsciousness to his mind brought about enormous provocation, deep in his heart he was even more brimming with self incrimination. As a big brother without protecting well his younger sister, if he could not on behalf of his little sister retrieve justice, then for what reason could he still be called big brother?

    Although it was the first time meeting Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing, their trust made Tang San resolve to let them see his true power. As for Dai Mubai, for some reason, regarding that compared to his own spirit power more formidable youth, Tang San from the beginning had a kind of trustworthy feeling.

    Tang San still deeply remembered Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s overall key lines, one forever must not try to disguise as a hog eating tiger, otherwise one very easily will really become the hog.

    Currently he only just completely understood the meaning of these words. If just now they faced not Shrek Academy’s teacher, but an enemy. Then, perhaps Xiao Wu would have found it very difficult to escape. And if his genuine unique skill still had not been used, wouldn’t it have become a lifelong regret? Therefore, Tang San resolved to no longer hide, he also realized this Motionless Bright King Zhao Wuji before him came to see what degree his actual strength actually reached.

    Without Seven Treasures Glazed Tile Pagoda amplifying strength and speed, Tang San clearly felt his body was a bit heavy, both arms slightly trembling, letting his body as soon as possible adapt to the current state of affairs. Simultaneously, both his hands already gradually became white, a white lustre like jade. Between the ten fingers, faint streams of qi seemingly moved. Head lowered, making the opponent unable to see his already completely turned purple pair of eyes.

    Zhao Wuji clearly felt Tang San’s body atmosphere have some slight transformation, clearly spirit power did not at all consequently strengthen, but he did not know why, at his Spirit Sage level actual strength he felt some danger.

    One twenty ninth ranked child unexpectedly would let him have a feeling of danger? Zhao Wuji somewhat disbelieving, pressed to use his first spirit ring ability Motionless Bright King Body, walking towards Tang San with large strides. His speed was not at all fast, but his pace was extremely steady, under each step, the ground would faintly tremble.

    “Teacher Zhao, take care.”
    Tang San suddenly ferociously raised his head, in his eyes a purple light abruptly rich and powerful, seeing his those purple eyes, Zhao Wuji was immediately startled, underfoot pace also slowing. After all, relying on eyesight confusion attacks, was among spirit abilities the most difficult kind to resist. Previously when clashing with Xiao Wu he nearly got the worst of it.

    But very quickly Zhao Wuji realized, in Tang San’s eyes the purple light did not at all have any attack effect. And at his this slowing. Tang San’s hands hanging on either side of his waist swiftly rose.

    Chichichichichichichichichichi……, Ten cold lights at Tang San’s both hands’ ten fingers lightly twirling burst forth, separately shooting towards Zhao Wuji’s eyes, shoulders, throat, heart, knees, genitals and abdomen. The ten cold lights’ attacking locations unexpectedly were not the same, furthermore aiming for all the vitals.

    The ear piercing air splitting sounds startled Zhao Wuji, in all his ability, nimbleness was his least expert kind, after spirit body enhancement, although his speed increased somewhat, because of the huge build, added to its astonishing defensive power, when facing enemies he would choose to the way of meeting force with force.

    To suddenly be confronted by the extremely accurate ten cold lights, Zhao Wuji reacted very quickly, a pair of bear paws one up one down, above obstructing his eyes, below obstructing his lower body. With a deep roar, on his whole body spirit power burst forth, Motionless Bright King Body’s full power pressed into use.

    Tang San after emitting the ten cold lights, body had not paused the slightest amount, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, lightning quick retreating backwards.

    Ten cracking sounds echoed practically simultaneously, the ten cold lights pierced Zhao Wuji’s body, but in the tyrannical golden light, they all bounced back, and furthermore did not cause Zhao Wuji any harm.

    Tang San in his heart was secretly shocked, one must know, what he shot was ten Penetrating Bone Nails, among small scale hidden weapons, Penetrating Bone Nails weight was considered a heavy kind, again adding his internal strength’s urging to the Penetrating Bone Nail’s penetrating properties, unexpectedly still could not give Zhao Wuji a trace of an injury, one could clearly see how tyrannical Zhao Wuji’s defense was. Dai Mubai saying he completely lacked weak points, certainly had not been without justification.

    Figure turning, again throwing out an additional ten cold lights.

    Completely lacking weak points? In Tang San’s eyes flashed a trace of cold, possessing complete lack of weak points, in fact the whole body was a weak point. Only breaking one point, only was his opportunity location.

    In retreating, between Tang San’s hands like butterflies passing flowers generally throwing in front or shooting, together continuously shooting out cold lights from his hands, starting to specially search Zhao Wuji’s body for a vital spot.

    In Zhao Wuji’s heart the shock compared to Tang San was still bigger, it was still his first time encountering an opponent like this. If both sides’ actual strength had been equal, he knew he would already have lost. Tang San was shooting hidden weapons not only accurately, but also simultaneously attacking many different locations, dodging was extremely difficult.

    Willow Leaf Knife, Flying Locust Rock, Gold Coin Dart, Penetrating Bone Nail, a variety of hidden weapons blooming in Tang San’s Sky Filling Flower Rain technique, flying straight, flying slanted, spiralling behind, but the final target was only one, that was Zhao Wuji’s body.

    Zhao Wuji clearly felt these hidden weapons extreme penetrating strength, if not at full strength operating Motionless Bright King Body, even he might very possibly be injured therein.

    However, undergoing high speed contact, Zhao Wuji also resigned himself to clearly feel out Tang San’s this hidden weapon attack power, whole body glittering with Motionless Bright King Body’s golden light, with large strides rushing over to Tang San.

    In a moment Zhao Wuji rushed at him, that enormous Vigorous Vajra Palm again lifted, he without the slightest trace of hurry. Underfoot becoming lightning quick withdrawal, Blue Silver Grass already spreading floating in the air, obstructing Zhao Wuji’s road forward.

    The tough Blue Silver Grass was completely insufficient to stop Zhao Wuji, but it was still able to delay him for a moment, omnipresent bindings, each time only a Blue Silver Grass hindered Zhao Wuji’s foot, already slowing down his speed, also as far as possible saving his internal strength.

    Relying on Blue Silver Grass and Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, although Tang San’s absolute speed was not equal to Zhao Wuji’s, Zhao Wuji still was chasing after not on him, Vigorous Vajra Palm several times swatting empty air.

    But after Tang San fired the first round of hidden weapons, he also did not again continue with the hidden weapon attack, moving around the space, dodging Zhao Wuji’s attacks.

    The reason why Tang San asked for his one on one battle with Zhao Wuji, first was because fearing hidden weapons accidentally injuring the other people, second, also was because one person’s dodging space was even larger, also without any concerns.

    Right now, the surrounding several people spectating all looked somewhat straight, especially the period of time when on Tang San’s body hidden weapons were unceasingly flying out, in their hearts all full of astonishment. Whether it was Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong, or Dai Mubai. In their hearts all could not help but secretly feel a chill, they realized, if exchanging themselves for Zhao Wuji, perhaps, long ago already run away.

    Tang San’s hidden weapons were fantastic oddities of every description, flying routes also extremely weird, wanting to dodge, was really too difficult.

    Even if born from the Seven Treasures Glazed Tile School, experienced and knowledgeable Ning Rongrong still did not know his hidden weapons were classified as what clan’s attack method. But completely able to feel these hidden weapons’ power.

    Incense unwittingly burning, this moment, already burned down by one third of its length.

    Zhao Wuji chasing Tang San suddenly stopped his feet, smiling scolding:
    “Fine you little monkey, still truly slippery. Want to delay like this? Can’t be that easy. Third spirit ring ability, Gravity Increase.”

    The third spirit ring on Zhao Wuji’s body, a purple thousand year spirit ring abruptly magnified, but it was not an ability infused within his body, but was floating downward, directly merging into the ground.

    Suddenly, Tang San only felt his legs seem to sink into a swamp, body abruptly becoming heavy, as if his body weight had increased to twofold. But Zhao Wuji clearly did not suffer a shadow, with big strides dashing towards Tang San, in his eyes bringing a faint smiling expression, seeming to say, ‘I would see where you still will run now’.

    A truly powerful spirit ability. Under the effect of gravity, Tang San’s speed clearly dropped, even though Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track steps were exquisite, under the influence of gravity again dodging Zhao Wuji’s attack already was somewhat pulling the lapels exposing the elbows. Several times dangerously avoiding Zhao Wuji’s Vigorous Vajra Palm.

    Zhao Wuji glanced at the burning incense, the incense had already quickly burned halfway. In his heart also could not help but be somewhat anxious.

    His majestic Motionless Bright King, handling one just twelve years old child unexpectedly was this strenuous, if this spread to the other teachers’ ears, how couldn’t he become a laughing stock? If this child was stopped. However, this exam also should be finished then.

    Thinking of this, on Zhao Wuji’s body the fourth spirit ring also lit up.

    Purple light glittering, making people wonder was, on Zhao Wuji’s body the fourth spirit ring unexpectedly flew out, like it was a long loop, overtaking Tang San’s body, directly covering him.

    What was the meaning of this? Tang San’s heart was cold. But after this purple thousand year light ring covered his body, it did not give him any unwell feeling.

    Zhao Wuji laughed loudly,
    “Should be time to finish, able to force me to use my fourth spirit ring, you are qualified to enroll.”

    Speaking, he that sturdy pair of legs abruptly used strength, entire person jumping off the ground.

    Tang San hurriedly shifted his location, but he shocked discovered, that jumping in midair Zhao Wuji unexpectedly followed his movement and direction, still coming in his direction.

    He did not know that this was Zhao Wuji’s fourth spirit ring ability, Position Trace. In a short time of his fourth spirit ring locking on, then, within a hundred metres, he all could rely on jumping strength to in a flash pull into close range.

    This ability to others cultivation patterns Spirit Masters point of view might not be of any use, but to physical strength type Zhao Wuji it was not merely useful. Relying on Position Trace to pull close to his opponent, his physical strength and attack had the biggest room to develop. To as quickly as possible end the battle, he just simply used this ability of his.

    In Tang San’s eyes released a cold light, apparently, his plan could only advance.

    Soon unable to hide from Zhao Wuji’s falling body, he simply no longer dodged. In a moment Zhao Wuji dropped towards him, he immediately launched his second spirit ring ability, Parasite.

    When previously Blue Silver Grass obstructed Zhao Wuji’s advancement, parasitic seeds already stealthily nestled on Zhao Wuji’s body, by now abruptly unleashed, suddenly appeared Blue Silver Grass immediately in midair sturdily binding Zhao Wuji.

    The timing Tang San chose for unleashing Parasite was perfect, just the moment Zhao Wuji was about to fall to the ground, like this, Zhao Wuji was unable to after hitting the ground to first launch an attack.

    Tang San’s both hands simultaneously rose, only hearing clanging sounds simultaneously rising, six cold lights spit out from within his sleeves, powerful crossbow bolts created ear piercing air splitting sounds, shooting straight for Zhao Wuji’s face.

    Athough Zhao Wuji’s defensive strength was powerful, these suddenly appearing crossbow bolts still startled him, Motionless Bright King Body in a flash unleashing. Loud peng sounds. Within the spreading golden light, not only struggling free of Blue Silver Grass bindings, also repelling the six crossbow bolts shot towards him.

    What was Tang San’s most expert skill? At least until now, it absolutely was not hand thrown type hidden weapons, just what he studied all his previous life was mechanism type hidden weapons.

    The sudden start from the crossbow bolts made Zhao Wuji’s body break out in cold sweat, although his Motionless Bright King Body could repel the crossbow bolts, the crossbow bolts force of impact was extremely painful on his face, it could clearly be seen how powerful the force of the bolts was.

    Simultaneously using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, drawing support from the impulse released by Zhao Wuji’s Motionless Bright King Body, Tang San’s body once again leapt back, staying out of range of Zhao Wuji’s empty slap.

    Restraining within both arms, chest muscles flexing, a buzzing sound immediately echoed from Tang San’s stomach. Glittering like frost and snow a steel needle brought a thick fog puffing out from Tang San’s stomach, just right to meet the charging Zhao Wuji.

    Tang San could also be considered the great master of a generation in mechanism type hidden weapons, the mechanism type hidden weapons he made could not need any power switch, relying on muscle contraction to start. Impossible to defend against.

    The tea fragrant mist made Zhao Wuji’s brain dizzy, Motionless Bright King Body’s defense naturally also dropped a bit. At this moment, Zhao Wuji clearly felt his chest ache. Lowering his head to look, horrified discovered, that steel needle fired from Tang San’s chest unexpectedly penetrated his Motionless Bright King Body’s defense, fully piercing his chest.

    A paralysingly painful feeling in a flash transmitted via the nerves to Zhao Wuji’s brain.

    Zhao Wuji in his heart was shocked. Hurriedly once again pressing his Motionless Bright King Body, forcing the steel needle to jolt outside his body. But, the poison already transmitted within his body by the double effect of breath and blood.

    Tang Sect could not only be about hidden weapons, Tang Sect’s poison was equally absolute. Even though Tang San these several years had not any chance to gather poisonous substances, he could not waste that original Datura Snake from the Datura Snake venomous fangs for use on that hidden weapon on his stomach, at the crucial moment, displaying its biggest effect. On his stomach this hidden weapon, also was on his body one of very few kinds of hidden weapons capable of breaking Body Protecting Big Dipper Tail Qi. Called Powder Shooting Shadow.

    Of course, Zhao Wuji’s Motionless Bright King Body defensive power was too strong, Powder Shooting Shadow’s sixty four steel needles also only could with difficulty puncture his skin, nothing more.

    But like this was already sufficient. Datura Snake’s speed although not sufficient to make Zhao Wuji lose capability to resist, forced him to divide spirit power to block the poison from spreading. This gave Tang San even more time to catch his breath.

    However, Zhao Wuji’s pause did not at all let Tang San continue running, he on the contrary met Zhao Wuji’s charge face to face. Ten fingers simultaneously ejecting, ten minute golden rays flashed through the air. If not watching attentively, one would even be unable to discover their existence.

    As a hidden weapons master, with certainty shooting hidden weapons timing naturally was extremely important, Tang San undoubtedly accomplished this bit, the time he chose was just while Zhao Wuji urged Motionless Bright King Body to jolt out the steel needle, for a moment defensive power was weak.

    Relying on Purple Demon Eye to see clearly, Tang San was not only able to see clearly the opponent’s every move, he was even able to see around Zhao Wuji’s body spirit power’s fluctuating intensity. Otherwise how could he also in this way just perfectly look for the opponent’s weak points? This was Purple Demon Eye’s biggest effect.

    Ten golden hair rays force had penetrated Motionless Bright King Body’s defense and quietly engraved on Zhao Wuji’s body, boring within.

    Zhao Wuji only felt numerous simultaneous stinging pain reach his body, to his strong mental state, still could not help but draw in a breath, sore whole body spasming.

    Zhao Wuji somewhat angrily, on his lips emitting a low howl, the fifth spirit ring, that glittering deep black spirit ring abruptly shone. An intense bellow made the entire Shrek Academy shudder.

    Tang San only felt all around simultaneously an immense sound pressure, his body uncontrolledly rising towards Zhao Wuji, from his body’s surroundings the sound pressure seemingly must force his body to break into pieces, this power already was not something he was capable of contending with.

    Zhao Wuji’s Vigorous Vajra Bear spirit’s fifth spirit ability, Gravity Crush.

    Did Tang San surrender like this? Of course not.

    He sharply lowered his head, following a crisp crackling bursting sound, an extending seven cun crossbow bolt from his back abruptly shot out, shooting straight for Zhao Wuji’s bellowing mouth. Under circumstances where he himself was already controlled by the other side, still able to maintain such accuracy, making people gasp in amazement.

    Tense Back Flower Adornment Crossbow, a medium sized crossbow bolt. Shot with back muscle control. Only had one shot. But because the crossbow bolt was big, mechanism’s elastic force excessive, the destructive force among mechanism type hidden weapons belonged to the extremely powerful. By far could not be compared to Sleeve Darts.

    Simultaneously, Tang San’s both feet knocked together, on the tip of each foot stretched out a three cun long sharp blade, one flying kick towards Zhao Wuji’s throat, another only following noiselessly to kick at his lower vitals, under these disadvantaged circumstances, he still could respond by putting out such attacks, absolutely regarded as terrible.

    Tense Back Flower Adornment Crossbow’s launch speed was incomparably fast, Zhao Wuji did not even have time to raise his hands, Motionless Bright King Body’s defense forcefully passed through by the crossbow bolt, shooting straight for his mouth.

    In a desperate situation, Zhao Wuji displayed the formidable combat experience of a Spirit Sage, not at all frantic, his teeth closed, just in time to bite Tense Back Flower Adornment Crossbow’s bolt in his mouth.

    Tense Back Flower Adornment Crossbow’s force of impact was extremely tyrannical, although Zhao Wuji bit it to a stop, his teeth by the shock loosened. Simultaneously, a sweet fragrance transmitted in his mouth from the crossbow bolt, managing to immediately make his brain go dizzy a spell.

    Tense Back Flower Adornment Crossbow only had one bolt, how could Tang San possibly not do the above? The crossbow bolts hollow interior, inside contained a little bit of Datura Snake venom, once the bolt entered the enemy’s body, venom would immediately inject. Although currently the crossbow bolt had not pierced Zhao Wuji’s body, Zhao Wuji’s teeth also gave it sufficient pressure effect, this mouthful of venom, also naturally unrestrained delivered to him.

    Zhao Wuji spat out the mouthful of crossbow bolt, simultaneously both hands warding above and swatting down, resolving Tang San’s two legged attack, currently, Tang San already squeezed before him.

    “Are you a hedgehog?”
    Zhao Wuji snarled. However, because of eating the mouthful of Datura Snake venom, his tongue was a little numb, speech somewhat inarticulate.

    Let alone after entering Shrek Academy, even if previously when mixing in the Spirit Master realm, he also had not eaten such a loss. An ominous glint momentarily flickered in his eyes, about to flare up.

    However, Tang San’s attack still had not completely concluded, at some time, in his left hand suddenly appeared a hammer, a pitch black small hammer. After Zhao Wuji blocked his legs, the left hand’s hammer smashed towards Zhao Wuji’s face.
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    Volume 3 - Chapter 20, Oscar’s Big Fresh Sausage And Little Cured Sausage

    ”Still not done.”
    Zhao Wuji in his heart was secretly furious, resolving to give this little hedgehog before his eyes a bit of a lesson, right hand blocking in front of his face, left hand’s palm slapping at Tang San’s chest. Of course, this palm of his did not use any amount of strength, only was because of his eating such a big loss, not once retaliating a little, his heart truly was uneasy. Of course, when this palm slapped out, he already withdrew his ten thousand year spirit ring ability Gravity Crush, or else Tang San simply would be directly crushed to death by this ability.

    Pengpeng, two sounds echoed simultaneously.

    Tang San’s body flew out by Zhao Wuji’s palm slap, among them one sound naturally was produced by him, body flying in the air, belching out a mouthful of blood.

    His previous attack, could even be said to have exhausted his thoughts and ingenuity, exhausting his mind and internal strength, right now already was exhausted like a lamp dried up of oil, also how he endured this slap of Zhao Wuji’s. Not passing out from the shock was already pretty good.

    Dai Mubai released Zhu Zhuqing on the ground, figure flashing, moving like flying to receive Tang San’s fall.

    The other muffled sound belonged to Zhao Wuji. Originally he thought this only was another hidden weapon of Tang San’s, nothing more, his blocking Tang San’s hammer was that not very effortless? But, as that hammer smashed on his palm, he already felt mistaken.

    That seemingly very small hammer’s power was deeply profound, even though Zhao Wuji promptly pressed his spirit power, he after all because of previously, under the double influence of Datura Snake venom and the pains over his body, his spirit power was somewhat insufficient.

    The hammer smashing his palm, the palm again struck his face, blood immediately flowed from Zhao Wuji’s nose, again adding to that palm rubbing, immediately like opening a dyed cloth, his face bloomed like a great flower. The entire person a bit smashed senseless.

    But that black little hammer after smashing him, quietly disappeared.

    Tang San supported by Dai Mubai, again coughed up a mouthful of blood, even though his injuries were not light, if only looking at the exterior, who would not believe just now this fight was Zhao Wuji’s win.

    Of course, this was not to say Zhao Wuji’s strength was not powerful. He after all was fighting with exam students, by fearing to truly injure Tang San somewhat bound hand and foot, simultaneously he also thought to have a look at what level Tang San actually reached. He was also expert in physical strength, not expert in pursuit. Again adding Tang San’s hidden weapon’s sudden nature truly was too big, also among every kind of exquisite calculations, this just let the underestimating the enemy Zhao Wuji to eat a big loss. This also counted as greatly losing face. If it was a true fight, Zhao Wuji need only directly activate his fifth spirit ring ability, and Tang San would directly have been killed by him. The difference in actual strength was after all too large.

    If it only was a test, Tang San naturally would not be so desperate, but Xiao Wu’s losing consciousness aroused the bloodthirst in his heart. Again adding Zhao Wuji’s giving him enormous pressure, immediately made him erupt. Let alone the several clear-headed people here, even if it was Xiao Wu she also had not seen Tang San’s this day’s kind of full strength fighting appearance.

    Dai Mubai looked at Zhao Wuji’s all over bloodstained face, wanting to smile but again not daring, hurriedly loudly shouting,
    “Oscar, Oscar, quickly come. You have vitality.”

    By means of spirit power pressing the voice, only had to be within this academy, probably nobody wouldn’t hear.

    Several years later, when in the capacity of Shrek Seven Devil Boss Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai already won success and recognition, was asked, among Shrek Seven Devils, who was actually the most terrible?

    Dai Mubai without the slightest hesitation answered, it was Soft Bones Douluo Xiao Wu, for a very simple reason. Because she was Thousand Hands Douluo Tang San’s trigger. Directly provoking Tang San might not at all be serious, but if provoking Xiao Wu and arousing Tang San’s fury. Then, terrible matters would appear, Tang San in that case no longer was Thousand Hands Douluo, but was Thousand Hands Asura.

    Dai Mubai all through his life was passionately romantic, even to the extent that within Shrek Seven Devils he was jokingly known as the Unrivalled ****, but he had never teased Xiao Wu. Because he was an intelligent man, he absolutely did not want to confront a furious Tang San. And all this, was because before him occurred this scene to remind him.

    “Vitality where, vitality where?”
    Oscar’s very characteristically soft voice somewhat excited came from far and near, very quickly, he appeared before everyone.

    Maybe it was because he was too impatient, he even abandoned his cart, like this running over by himself.

    “Little Ao, come over.”
    Dai Mubai called towards him.

    Oscar hurriedly ran over,
    “Dai Dage, were you calling me?”

    Dai Mubai nodded, saying:
    “Hurry, take out several sausages. They all sustained injuries.”

    Oscar was greatly happy,
    “Five copper spirit coins per sausage, finally do not forget to settle accounts with me. I your father have a big sausage.”
    During that monstrous spirit incantation, in his hand light flashed, immediately a savory sausage appeared.

    Dai Mubai signalled to Tang San with his eyes,
    “Eat. Although this fellow’s words are a bit nauseating, his sausages indeed have very good effect. This is the first spirit ring added sausage, can accelerate the body’s recovery of injuries.

    The sausage did not matter, but Tang San recalling that line of Oscar’s, at once could not help but have his stomach roll, hastily waving his hand,
    “My injury is not serious, only am somewhat out of strength. I will be fine if resting a moment. You still let him give sausage for others to eat.”

    Finished speaking, he immediately sat crosslegged upright, circulating his breath.

    Tang San not eating, did not mean other people also did not eat. For instance, someone who greatly lost face.

    “Oscar, come over, sausage, give me each sausage.”

    Zhao Wuji’s voice was somewhat fuzzy, also it’s no wonder he would be like this, although he relying on pure spirit power to compel the poison not to spread, in a flash by the poison hitting, his tongue was still swelling.

    Oscar blinked at him with those peach blossom eyes,
    “Who are you, ah? How did you enter our Shrek Academy, and still know my name.”

    “Scoundrel, you want to receive punishment? I am Zhao Wuji.”
    From Zhao Wuji’s anger, a mouthful of air almost didn’t come up, narrowly spouted blood.

    At present this loss eater shouted loudly, he currently only wanted to quickly treat the injuries on his body well, after that acting threatening before several children must not get out. Otherwise he this Motionless Bright King later would be unable to get along.

    Oscar very much wanted to ask Zhao Wuji how he would become like this, what Zhao Wuji’s actual strength was he could be very clear. But he very quickly saw Dai Mubai giving him a meaningful glance, as an extremely acute person, Oscar immediately withdrew the astonishment on his face, as if it had never been there, groveling coming before Zhao Wuji, handing over that sausage he took out just a moment ago, simultaneously chanting an incantation making everyone present not know whether to laugh or cry.

    “I your father have a little sausage.”
    Even if Oscar himself did not look so wretched, as this spirit incantation of his appeared, whether being wretched could no longer be significant..

    One sausage only the size of his little finger appeared in his grasp, quickly handing it to Zhao Wuji.

    Zhao Wuji also impolitely, one by one ate and swallowed the fresh sausage and cured sausage. Complexion immediately becoming much better looking.

    Dai Mubai with difficulty resisting a smiling expression walked back over to Zhu Zhuqing’s side. Immediately receiving Zhu Zhuqing’s extremely chilly glance.

    Zhu Zhuqing’s injuries were not light, but she clearly was using her expression to inform Dai Mubai, ‘you would dare let that vulgar Big Sausage Uncle bring over that sausage, you will definitely die’.

    Dai Mubai gave a helpless gesture, shaking his head towards her,
    “Be at ease. I absolutely would not make you eat that fellow’s thing. I could not bear it.”

    In Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes was cold expression, closing her eyes, looking yet not looking at Dai Mubai.

    Eating Oscar’s big fresh sausage and little cured sausage, Zhao Wuji’s complexion immediately looked much better, the clothes on his body had in the previous fight already become very damaged, directly he tore off a strip, wiping the dripping blood from his face.

    Oscar’s big fresh sausage had a treatment effect, the little cured sausage consequently was dispelling abnormal states, these two kinds of food’s effect both were extremely practical. The paralysing feeling brought by the Datura Snake venom gradually faded, but acute pain made Zhao Wuji’s facial muscles twitch. Bowing his head to look, he discovered on his body’s skin had many swellings, twisted each and every one a walnut sized bulge, bursts of unbearable acute pain was coming from these bulges.

    “Teacher Zhao, did we in the end pass or not?”
    Standing to the side, among the four exam candidate’s the only one completely intact Ning Rongrong pointed behind Zhao Wuji’s back, asking towards him.

    Zhao Wuji turned his head to look, his burning incense had long ago already gone out. Angrily snorting,
    “Counts as you passing.”
    He currently also did not want to again remain, the feeling of being looked upon as laughingstock could be uncomfortable. Turning around about to leave.

    “Teacher Zhao, wait a moment.”
    At this time, a somewhat weak voice rose, Zhao Wuji turned his head to look, the speaker was just now still circulating breath Tang San.

    After a moment at rest, Tang San’s consciousness apparently was a bit better, with difficulty standing up from the ground.

    “Little hedgehog, you still have what matter? I already passed you for the test.”
    Zhao Wuji looked at this youngster before him, in his heart was both hate and affection. Although he lost to this grownup, he still managed to inflict minor injuries, the fighting potential and fighting will this child displayed, absolutely was a monster among monsters.

    Tang San said:
    “Teacher Zhao, I am sorry. Just now I was too impetuous. However, your actual strength to my point of view is too formidable, I had no choice but to make an all-out effort. I will help you take out the hidden weapons within the body. Otherwise, perhaps they would affect your body to some extent.

    The concealed in Tang San’s fingernails ten Dragon Beard Needles were currently all on Zhao Wuji’s body, that swelling condition could not be casually resolved. For Dragon Beard Needle to take its golden natural form, although it was classified as metal, it was not capable of magnetic attraction, again adding to piercing inside the body already being twisted up. Even if it was Tang San personally putting his hand to it, still must be under conditions not long after the injuries to be capable of removing, otherwise, in a short time deeply penetrating the flesh, in that case one could only completely cut open the injuries.

    Fortunately, Zhao Wuji’s Motionless Bright King Body’s defense was astonishing, when fully using Dragon Beard Needle, Tang San’s internal strength was also already somewhat insufficient, therefore, Dragon Beard Needle only injured his skin, otherwise, if Dragon Beard Needle shot into the body, that could not be able to saved.

    Hearing Tang San’s words, Zhao Wuji’s complexion looking somewhat well, face also could not help but redden so, after all, he was a Spirit Sage. Confronting a still less than thirtieth ranked child, he unexpectedly ended up using his fifth spirit ring. This clearly was the old taking advantage of the young. However, this little hedgehog also truly was difficult to deal with, that attack of fantastic oddities of every description, also truly opened Zhao Wuji’s eyes.

    Tang San came over before Zhao Wuji, first making certain at once on his body the locations of Dragon Beard Needles, seeing the Dragon Beard Needles for the most part were tangled under the skin, without any penetrating deeply. He also breathed out.

    After fighting Zhao Wuji with all his strength, the fury in his heart already faded. He instead was more or less regretful, after all the other person was a teacher, certainly not his enemy, yet he went at it rather seriously. Of course, under those kinds of circumstances before, confronting Zhao Wuji bringing that matchless valiant pressure, not using all his strength would be impossible.

    Right hand once more becoming a white jade color, his fingers lightning quick pointed on Zhao Wuji’s injuries in succession, Controlling Crane Catching Dragon energy touching the area, a golden needle point already came out from under the skin. Tang San pinched each needle point and with an effort pulled, taking out a Dragon Beard Needle.

    Zhao Wuji at this certainly received hellish suffering, after Dragon Beard Needle pierced the body it immediately curled up, intertwining together with his skin and muscles, this pulling outside, actually produced pain even if it was the insensitive Motionless Bright King, on his face could not help but twitch.

    After Tang San completely extracted the Dragon Beard Needles, on Zhao Wuji’s body already emitted a layer of dense steam, the whole body already covered by sweat amidst the acute pain, however he also could be considered unyielding, and unexpectedly had not uttered a groan.

    Again he ate a sausage supplied by Oscar. The open injuries on Zhao Wuji’s body began to rapidly heal, the pain also reducing correspondingly.

    Tang San had just now not recovered much of his internal strength and was once again exhausted, this time he did not even speak, just directly passed out, fortunately Oscar at his side, hurriedly caught him.

    Zhao Wuji’s strength was formidable, on his body the injuries were all on the surface. Under the use of Oscar’s fresh sausage and dried sausage, in a moment’s work he already recovered ninety percent.

    Looking at the unconscious Tang San in Oscar’s arms, Zhao Wuji’s brows wrinkled minutely, saying:
    “Mubai, you are in charge of getting these four new students settled. Tomorrow the term starts. You must not move the hidden weapons this Tang San littered all over, some are poisoned, wait until he wakes up and let him gather them himself.”

    Leaving behind these sentences, Zhao Wuji at this just turned and left.

    Following Zhao Wuji walking in the distance with his eyes, Oscar supporting Tang San reached Dai Mubai’s side, letting Tang San also lean to the side. Looking at Tang San, again looking at the not lightly wounded Zhu Zhuqing and on the other side the unconscious Xiao Wu in Ning Rongrong’s arms. Could not help but say:
    “What’s going on with teacher Zhao today? Menstruation came? What’s he up to making life difficult for a few freshmen?”

    Dai Mubai unhappily said:
    “Can you speak a bit louder, let teacher Zhao hear you better. Right now I reckon he is holding back a bellyful of fire, just don’t know who he will find to vent on. Menstruation? I see you’re menstruating. Thirty days a month. Approximately still can rest one day, barring February, still must lack two days.”

    Oscar somewhat resentfully said:
    “Don’t say it so lewdly all right, there are still girls present.”

    “Get lost, you have your Big Sausage Uncle place, can you still lack lewdness? We’ll first settle down these few and then speak again.”

    While speaking, Dai Mubai stood up with Zhu Zhuqing from the ground, regarding Zhu Zhuqing’s ice-cold murderous gaze, he seemed to basically just not see it.

    Oscar looked at Dai Mubai, again looked on the other side at Ning Rongrong, whispering,
    “Why are you holding those beautiful girls, while I’m carrying a guy?”

    Dai Mubai’s evil eyes swept across,
    “This is a question of character.”

    When Tang San awoke from his sleep, outside the sky was already gradually darkening, somewhat drowsily opening his eyes, he discovered he was lying in a wooden house.

    The room was not big, about than ten or more square metres, apart from the bed he was lying on, to the side was still another bed. Oscar sat on it, muttering something unknown to himself.

    “Where is this?”
    Tang San’s voice was a bit hoarse, within his body continuously had an empty feeling.

    Oscar saw him awake,
    “This is our dorm, hereafter it’s you and me together. You’re called Tang San, right. Today you were truly awesome, even a fierce person like that teacher Zhao ate a loss from you.”

    Oscar’s peach blossom eyes blinked, looking at Tang San, in his eyes clearly expressing an excited light.

    “Xiao Wu? How is she?”
    This was Tang San’s most important question.

    Oscar said:
    “Be at ease. She’s all right. She and that beautiful Ning Rongrong live together. Should recover from sleeping for a night. That Seven Treasures Glaze Tile School’s Ning Rongrong is truly beautiful.”
    Speaking, he still swallowed saliva. Peach blossom eyes shining repeatedly.

    Tang San propped himself up to sit, after consuming a great amount of internal strength he most feared relaxing, if he did not promptly recover, it was very possibly could lower his cultivation.

    “Hey, Tang San. From now on we are roommates. How about first getting to know each other? My self-introduction. This one is Oscar, twenty ninth ranked Tool Spirit Master, Spirit: Sausage. Nicknamed Sausage Monopoly. You can call me Sausage Monopoly Oscar. You can also directly call me little Ao.”

    Tang San smiled, saying:
    “It’s not Big Sausage Uncle then?”

    “Pei, pei, what big sausage uncle. Tomorrow I shave my beard. Let you have a look at my handsomely natural, outstandingly elegant, refined wind side. The Academy got several pretty juniors, I can’t again be so dejected. Dai Mubai that fellow clearly fancies that ice cube beautiful woman, Xiao Wu is yours. Then I also only can only make an effort with that difficult to pursue Ning Rongrong.”

    “Me and Xiao Wu are only friends.”
    Tang San frowned, Oscar’s speaking pattern more or less suited him.

    Oscar smiled vulgarly, saying:
    “Come on, don’t pretend. We’re both men, who doesn’t understand who, ah. Didn’t expect, you at such young age, unexpectedly picked up a beautiful young lady. You a lone man and lone woman coming all the way to the Academy, what can’t have happened? Dai Dage said, exactly because Xiao Wu was injured you just went at Zhao Wuji like it was your life. You say you are only friends, who will believe it? Be at ease, I little Ao am very principled, what is called ‘friend’s wife is impolite’, eh, no, it’s ‘should not covet your friend’s wife’. I absolutely will not have notions regarding your Xiao Wu.”

    Seeing the strange light continuously in Oscar’s peach blossom eyes, Tang San was speechless. He also didn’t feel like explaining anything again, directly entering cultivation state, beginning his internal strength recovery.

    In the dead of night, the entire Shrek Academy was completely quiet. In the day’s exam, just like what Dai Mubai anticipated, besides Tang San’s four, there was not one exam candidate that could pass the third test. And this still was several years since, the most students Shrek Academy accepted in one year.

    Zhao Wuji as deputy chairman, naturally had his own residence, and was right now alone within a room somewhat sulky.

    He already changed into clean clothes, the wounds on his body had also healed, those minor injuries naturally could not be regarded as anything, but the blow to his mental state could not be small.

    How could he have expected, he originally only was scratching an intention to exercise his body, yet greatly lost face. If it was before, he would not even have thought about it, Tang San would immediately have died by his hand. But right now their position was different, he was an Academy teacher, Tang San was a student. He could only swallow this smothering air.

    Simultaneously, he also greatly appreciated Tang San, from seeing his talent this Tang San would be more powerful than even to Dai Mubai. Only his Spirit was innately somewhat weak, otherwise, maybe in the future he would be an exceptional power.

    Right hand making a fist, hitting his left palm, Zhao Wuji said with a helpless sigh:
    “Counts as my bad luck. Why did I encounter this little hedgehog, apparently, hereafter I still must properly instruct him. Uncut jade won’t make a tool.”
    Speaking the last line, Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but display a somewhat vicious smile.

    “Zhao Wuji.”
    While Zhao Wuji thought about how to properly drill Tang San in the future, a suddenly appearing voice made the smile on his face freeze in a moment.

    One must know, he was a seventy sixth ranked Spirit Sage, in the entire Douluo Continent Spirit Master realm, all high level existences, with spirit power already formidable were able to form around their bodies a fantastic qi, able to clearly discover the sound of tree leaves floating down within a radius of a hundred metres of his body. But right now, he had not at all sensed someone around him, and this voice even more was stabbing into his ear, sounding like it was spoken next to his ear. This kind of strength already made Zhao Wuji greatly alert, he did not at all recognize this voice, but he could be certain, the visitor’s strength was in no way beneath his.

    Fiercely springing up, in Zhao Wuji’s eyes released a cold light. Originally in the Spirit Master realm his reputation was not too good, enemies not few. These years hiding within Shrek Academy had been tranquil, he had not expected this suddenly appearing powerful opponent.

    “Come out.”
    A wisp of faintly discernable qi locked on Zhao Wuji’s body.

    Zhao Wuji without the slightest hesitation pierced through the window shutters, arriving outside. Spirit power abruptly elevated to the peak, cautious and solemnly on guard, simultaneously searching around him for activity.

    Who was Zhao Wuji? Motionless Bright King originally also murdered countless sons, being provoked by an unknown opponent like this, adding to the day’s depressed stuffy air on his mind, immediately made his rage bubble up. Underfoot using strength, pulling towards that qi at high speed. In a moment’s work he already reached Shrek Academy’s edge, arriving in a grove outside. That trace of qi also finally faded away here.

    “Come out. I know you’re here.”
    Zhao Wuji’s deep voice shouted loudly. Simultaneously, he immediately completed his Spirit Body Enhancement, seven spirit rings rhythmically revolving up and down around his body, flickering with dazzlingly beautiful light, especially those three black ten thousand year spirit rings, looking even more astonishingly abstruse.

    A black silhouette unhurriedly walked out from behind the trunk of a big tree. This person’s whole body was shrouded in black clothes, even to the extent that the head had a black covering, from the exterior appearance, one could only see he was a large man.

    “Who are you?”
    Zhao Wuji coldly shouted, having completed Spirit Vigorous Vajra Bear Transformation, his whole body released a coarse and wild atmosphere, not anger from power.

    The black clad man did not directly answer his words, only coolly said:
    “At this minor place meeting the Motionless Bright King, I am only thinking to exchange pointers with you. Quite a while without exercising the body.”

    While speaking, the black clad man slowly raised his right hand. Immediately, a black light condensed in his hand, transforming into a huge tool, at the same time, a whole nine spirit rings quietly appeared on his body. Two yellow, two purple, five black. Nine spirit rings not at all like Zhao Wuji’s moving with that kind of rhythm, but were distinctly calmly still on the black clad man’s body, completely enveloping his body within. Nine spirit rings were an extremely terrible existence, especially his that last spirit ring, within the black faintly penetrated red.

    If Grandmaster was here, he certainly would see, while it equally was ten thousand spirit ring, the disparity was still huge. For instance, a cultivating for ten thousand years spirit beast’s spirit ring with a cultivating for ninety thousand years spirit beast’s spirit ring, how they possibly still be alike. That rosy within black color, represented that spirit ring had attained at least the ninety thousand year level.

    Seeing the black clad man before him release nine spirit rings, Zhao Wuji felt like he was splashed with cool water, whole body shivering. As a Spirit Sage level Spirit Master, he understood the disparity between higher level Spirit Masters. Reaching sixtieth rank or higher, let alone the gap between one stage, even if it was only one rank’s difference, the strength had a certain difference. On the surface it would appear, he should have a hap of about twenty ranks with the black clad man before him, but he was very clear on, the gap between him and this black clad man, it was bigger than even compared to the gap between him and Tang San.

    “Title Douluo.”
    With difficulty spitting out these two words, Zhao Wuji’s Motionless Bright King Body somewhat trembled, if speaking of him as a high level existence among Spirit Master, then Title Douluo was an apex existence among Spirit Masters.

    The previous words’ aggressiveness were like blown off the face of the earth, Zhao Wuji hurriedly stooped in salute,
    “May one ask who visiting Senior might be. Please do not play a joke on this one. How could I join in exchanging pointers with You.”

    The black clad man coolly said:
    “What joining or not. When you today was bullying those several children was it not also done very well? I discovered, bullying people apparently feels pretty good. Let me also bully you. Of course, you can consider me like this as the strong mistreating the weak.”

    Without emitting any atmosphere of strength, the black clad man’s hands grasped that immense implement, walking step by step towards Zhao Wuji.

    Zhao Wuji’s mind worked like lightning. On the Continent, Title Douluo could be counted on the fingers, and each one was of a famous family, this Title Douluo before him clearly had a Tool Spirit, Tool Spirit cultivating to Title Douluo level were even fewer, in the end who was he?

    Suddenly, the black clad man at a ten metre distance from Zhao Wuji stopped his steps,
    “Since coming, at once come out. One or two, still there is no difference, right?”

    Figure between flickers, at Zhao Wuji’s side was a person. At this person’s appearance, Zhao Wuji’s face expression immediately relaxed a bit,
    “Boss, this Senior……”

    The new arrival waved his hand to Zhao Wuji, indicating he must not open his mouth. Confronting the intangible pressure, the arrival had no choice but to release his spirit.

    A pair of huge wings stretched open from his back, whole body covered by a layer of feathers, pupils standing upright in a pair of orange yellow eyes, seven spirit rings appeared with colors like Zhao Wuji’s, rhythmically revolving up and down his body.

    “Meeting His Eminence Hao Tian.”
    This person not only without any intent to fight, on the contrary respectfully saluted the black clad person.

    Zhao Wuji drew in a sharp breath, hearing his comrade’s words, he at last knew who this person before him was. His heart contracting, Heavens, at what time had he committed an offense against this terrifying fellow. This person before him, could be regarded as the Spirit Master realm’s number one strongest power Title Douluo. Spirit development direction completely the same as his, but comparing his own power with his, only was the light of a firefly.

    The black clad man coldly said:
    “Need not be over-courteous, I have come looking for trouble. Cats Eagle Spirit, seventy eighth rank, worthy of originally being known as Golden Iron Triangle’s Lord of Battle Flender. This Shrek Academy should be yours.”

    Flender nodded, saying:
    “Yes, Your Eminence. Unaware of what matter Zhao Wuji committed an offense against His Lordship Eminence. Is it possible to somewhat let me save face.”

    The black clad man coldly said:
    “Less nonsense, stand aside. Otherwise I will break you together. Zhao Wuji, I give you this opportunity, I won’t use my spirit. If you can persevere against me for one stick of incense of time, I will not say more and leave immediately. Otherwise, you must stand in for me to handle a matter.”

    Zhao Wuji said with a wry smile:
    “Lord Eminence Hao Tian, I truly do not understand where I have offended you. Whether You could first tell me clearly.”
    His meaning was very clear, ‘even if dying still must let me die understanding’.

    But at Zhao Wuji’s side Flender without any spirit of loyalty immediately got out of the way to the side, clearly not intending to care about Zhao Wuji again.

    The black clad man coldly snorted,
    “Still need me to say it? Beating the young, the old naturally must come to recover justice. This is a matter of heaven’s law and earth’s principle. Get to it.”

    The immense implement in the black clad man’s hands along with the nine spirit rings on his body simultaneously faded away, but in a moment, he already arrived before Zhao Wuji.

    Peng peng, hong hong, ah——

    The sound of impacts, sound of air strength surging, muffled groans, blood-curdling screams, right now those sounds were concealed by the grove.

    To the side stretching two wings Flender could not help cover his eyes and tilting his head not having the heart to look again.

    Basically there was no need to light a stick of incense, the entire fight was already finished between ten breaths.

    The black clad man stood holding his hands, seeming as if nothing had happened, not even a trace of creasing had appeared on his black clothes. But the pitiful Zhao Wuji right now lay on his stomach on the ground, his head swollen round, two eyes even more became black. The corners of his mouth dark red with blood, laying on the ground gasping big mouthfuls of breath.

    “Zhao Wuji, do you understand?”
    The black clad man coolly said.

    Flender just now dared to come over, supporting Zhao Wuji up off the ground, beyond expectation was, Zhao Wuji’s face was full of gratitude,
    “Many thanks for the directions Your Eminence Hao Tian.”

    The black clad man nodded to the pair, lips humming, in a low voice speaking several sentences.

    Zhao Wuji and Flender simultaneously nodded, their faces showing earnest expressions.

    “Those just now, is considered to be your compensation. I’ll trouble you hereafter.”
    The black clad man’s voice was no longer cold, still very calm. Behind the black clad man’s mask, his pair of hidden eyes revealed a faint warmth. Finished speaking these last words, figure flickering, already quietly disappeared.

    Zhao Wuji stood there with Flender the two people for a long time did not move, his body also must be supported on Flender’s arm to be able to stand stably.

    “Flender, you this fellow are truly without loyalty. Other people ask you to stand aside and you at once stand aside? Were it not for His Lordship Eminence not having any evil intention. Perhaps my dead body would have cooled.”
    Zhao Wuji grumbled.

    Currently, the two men’s spirits had both been withdrawn, standing at Zhao Wuji’s side was a large old man, regarding his words, slightly lisping. If Tang San and Xiao Wu were here, they certainly would recognize, this old man was from that day they spent two hundred gold spirit coins to buy the hair crystal exactly that deceitful business proprietor.

    Flender snappily said:
    “What do you understand. If he truly had evil intentions, adding me alone, don’t tell me we at once need not have died? Have you not heard of his martial reputation? Including the pope and all people that dare fight, he would abstain from what? He just now already said, if winning he let you take his place to handle a matter, so naturally he would not truly injure you. Otherwise how would you substitute for him to handle that matter? You do not understand this. Just, I didn’t expect he actually was……”

    Zhao Wuji said with a wry smile:
    “How can I be unable to tell your reason, you did not want to infuriate him. Only, I by being beaten this wretched, won’t you let me grumble a few words? However, his power actually is too terrifying. Even without being under Spirit Body Enhancement, I was still by far not a match. I see, his spirit power perhaps already surpassed ninety fifth rank. Distance to the Doutian hundredth rank is already quite close. Maybe on all the Continent, still would not be even a few people able to contend with him.”

    Flender said:
    “What part of Title Douluo is also good to provoke? This time you still count as fortunate. Walk, we’ll return. Although you are a bit wretched today, able to obtain his directions, as a similar type spirit power, to you the benefit is still very big.”

    The night was already deep, within were Shrek Academy’s students, who also did not know this seeming tranquil night already held such events. As for Zhao Wuji by being beaten to a pig face, this time he could not be able to recover so quickly.
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    so sans dad is a total boss

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    Thanks again

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    Volume 3 - Chapter 21, Evil Fire Phoenix

    Shrek Seven Devils will finally appear on stage. Perhaps everyone will to some extent not understand their circumstances. But in fact, in ancient China, men at twelve years old would very often visit prostitutes. Especially young men from rich households. This is Douluo Dalu, everyone like this certain person develops comparatively early. Hey hey, tomorrow’s update he formally enters the stage.


    Early morning.

    Tang San very early was already up, every day cultivating Purple Demon Eye already became a matter he must do. And this morning particularly he still had several important matters he must quickly see to.

    Leaving his and Oscar’s dorm, outside the day still had not brightened, in the course of one night’s rest, Tang San’s internal strength had already recovered, in accordance with Oscar’s directions, he quickly reached that open space where Zhao Wuji held his examination yesterday, tidying up his hidden weapons.

    These hidden weapons were not easy to create, and he could not lightly discard them. Especially that Tense Back Flower Adornment Crossbow’s bolt and Powder Shooting Shadow’s poison’s manufacture was even more painstaking, time consumption was not short.

    Fortunately, the hidden weapons used yesterday were basically all there, relying on Purple Demon Eye’s acute vision, he very quickly found these hidden weapons one by one, returning them to their proper places.

    Over several years in Nuoding City, Tang San since long ago would amply arm himself, and when yesterday fighting Zhao Wuji, was the first time he fully put to use his whole strength using hidden weapons.

    Right now, while collecting hidden weapons, Tang San meanwhile reflected on the gains and losses in this fight yesterday. Zhao Wuji’s defensive power indeed was too astonishing. Fortunately his speed was not fast, also did not use his full power, otherwise he basically at once would have had no chance. Dealing with such a power, how should he go about it? if hereafter again confronting this kind of enemy, what method could he use to gain victory?

    All kinds of thoughts continuously flashed through Tang San’s mind, he understood, his hidden weapons cultivation still was insufficiently pure, these could not be progressed in one or two days. In Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record’s Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation the very top ranked hidden weapons practically all required formidable internal strength support. If wanting to handle powers on levels like this Zhao Wuji. Then with his current level of strength, he only had one way: making powerful mechanism type hidden weapons. For example, Tang Sect’s three greatest most terrifying mechanical type hidden weapons, Buddha Fury Tang Lotus, Torrential Pear Blossom and Peacock Plume.

    However, these three kinds of hidden weapons manufacturing was actually too challenging, any one type dealing with materials requirements that were all harsh to the extreme. In his current circumstances, they were basically impossible to make. And also, these three kinds of hidden weapons although Tang San had manufactured them all before, having not a little experience. But letting him again manufacture, any one type required consuming at least one year’s time. This was still assuming the materials were found without a hitch.

    With a disappointed sigh, Tang San helplessly shook his head. To his current circumstances, making these three kinds of hidden weapons equally was not realistic. Apparently, only could work hard at cultivation, striving to gradually promote the strength of the hidden weapons. Simultaneously, he also must better his equipment even more. Looking for an opportunity, first allocating some poison again. Only having Datura Snake Venom was too singular.

    After gathering his hidden weapons, Tang San jumped up on a rooftop, to the East gradually appeared purple qi cultivation.

    Pressure equally was a driving force, going through that battle yesterday, he already faintly had the feeling his spirit power had broken through the twenty ninth rank to enter the thirtieth rank. If only he was able to enter the thirtieth rank, over a certain period of time cultivating thirtieth rank spirit power to its peak, at once he could go hunt his third spirit beast, adding one spirit ring. At that time, his actual strength also would have a qualitative leap.

    As the sun rose, Tang San returned to the dorm. Currently, Oscar still hugged his quilt sound asleep, in early morning Tang San had woken him to ask about yesterday’s exam place he only still sleeping drooled.

    “Little Ao, wake up.”
    Tang San pushed Oscar.

    “Wha, let me sleep a moment.”
    Oscar said in his sleep.

    Tang San frowned, saying:
    “Quickly come. It’s already not early. Don’t you know a day is measured from morning?”

    Oscar somewhat helplessly opened his eyes, looking at Tang San,
    “Me and you cannot be alike, you are Battle Spirit Masters. I am a Tool Spirit Master, and even food system. I don’t need your kind of troublesome cultivation. Dage, I’ll trouble you not to disturb me, let me sleep a moment.”

    Tang San helplessly said:
    “Then you first tell me what place Xiao Wu stays at, I want to go see she’s well.

    Oscar said:
    “You leave our dorm to the left, roughly thirty metres, that side has a wooden house, it’s where Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong stay. Only, I must remind you. The Academy has clear-cut rules, male students cannot casually disturb the female students. Otherwise, the school rules can be very severe. Our Shrek Academy in this village occupies one third of the area, the other side is for the villagers to live. Ordinarily as much as possible don’t go over there.

    Shrek Academy indeed did not have any money, the entire Academy rented a third of this village’s area simply to exist. The so called school buildings were all previously the villagers’ wooden houses, that’s all. Fortunately Suotuo City was comparatively near, so shopping could be considered comparatively convenient.

    Tang San again left the dorm, right now he was already somewhat hungry, but compared to Xiao Wu, this issue naturally must be placed second to resolve.

    Very quickly, Tang San reached Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong’s dorm, but directly entering? If it only was Xiao Wu it would not matter, the two had lived in the same dorm for such a long time, both were siblings, but having an additional girl was somewhat inconvenient.

    Tang San hesitated a moment, still without entering, outside softly called:
    “Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu……”

    Without waiting too long, the door opened, Xiao Wu walked out from inside, she still wore clothing like yesterday’s, apart from slightly pale complexion, looked to already be without anything left unsettled.

    Seeing her appear, Tang San immediately let out a breath,
    “Xiao Wu, are you a bit better?”

    Xiao Wu gestured to Tang San to keep silent,
    “Rongrong is still cultivating, don’t disturb her. We can go aside to talk.”

    For some reason, Tang San felt today’s Xiao Wu’s expression looked somewhat different. As to where a change had actually occurred, he himself also could not say.

    Originally, Xiao Wu already woke up from unconsciousness in the middle of the night, Ning Rongrong feared something might be wrong with her, and continuously kept watch at her side. Waiting until she woke up, afterwards telling her about what happened yesterday.

    Tang San rubbed Xiao Wu’s head, saying:
    “Yesterday all was my fault, not protecting you well.”

    Xiao Wu shook her head, sticking out her cute pink little tongue,
    “It’s that difficult to deal with teacher, how could I blame you. Here truly is different from Nuoding. Apparently everyone is very powerful. Fortunately, no Spirit Douluo level power appeared.”

    Tang San somewhat curious said:
    “How do you know there is no Spirit Douluo level Spirit Master in the Academy? Teacher Zhao only was vice chairman, perhaps, the dean is Spirit Douluo level?”

    Xiao Wu was stunned a moment, somewhat glossing over it said:
    “I’m guessing. After all, how would a Spirit Douluo possibly appear at such a small tranquil place.”

    Tang San did not doubt it, also without asking more, pulled Xiao Wu’s soft hand, saying:
    “Let’s go find something to eat. Probably you also are hungry.”

    “Good, I am.”
    Xiao Wu nodded, right now she already again recovered that past lively appearance, taking the initiative to drag Tang San’s arm.

    The two newcomers, yesterday also all because of passing out from the fight, did not find out a bit regarding Shrek Academy. Helplessly, they could only look for where kitchen smoke rose, trying to find a place with food.

    The village was not at all large, walking, they unwittingly already walked out of Shrek Academy’s limits.

    Shrek Academy’s side was very peaceful, but the villagers on the other side were already bustling, working at sunrise, this was common peasants’ custom. They needed to plow the fields to support their families. As the Academy’s breakfast was at some unknown place, Tang San already decided to first go to the village to buy a bit of food to allay his and Xiao Wu’s hunger.

    The two just planned to find a peasant family to buy food from, seeing not far ahead two people one man and one woman argue about something.

    Those young man and woman looked to be not old, the girl appeared fourteen or fifteen years old, ordinary appearance, but full of youthful vigour, wearing plain peasant clothing, should be a village girl from the village.

    The youngster she was arguing with looked to be even a bit younger, age seemingly not far from Tang San and Xiao Wu, build not tall, although the entire person was chubby, he gave people a kind of sturdy feeling. Short hair, small eyes, face healthy and plump, looking like also had somewhat cute feeling. Most interesting was, on his lip was two small moustaches, apparently just having started growing, looking like more like two rat whiskers.

    The young lady looked at the little fatty, eyes revealing a somewhat fearful expression,
    “Ma Hongjun, you hereafter mustn’t come look for me again. I can’t be together with you.”

    The little fatty said in an affected manner of speaking:
    “Cui Hua, am I not good to you? Why must we break up.”

    Tang San and Xiao Wu shared a look, the pair both seeing a smiling expression in the other’s eyes, this child still indeed had puppy love, so young speaking about breaking up and so on. The pair could not help but pause their steps, looking engrossed to the side.

    Cui Hua’s face suddenly reddened,
    “You are very good to me, but I really can’t endure you. We are unsuitable, you still will find other people. And also, I compared to you am several years older. Please, hereafter do not again look for me.”

    The little fatty Ma Hongjun angrily said:
    “What calling me unbearable. I truly do not understand what you these women think. Breaking up will still do, first come with me again, I will break up with you. Otherwise, no way.”

    While speaking, the little fatty raised his hand to pull that young lady Cui Hua.

    Cui Hua like a panicked little rabbit hastily backed away, but that little fatty’s speed was very quick, still grabbed her hand.

    Cui Hua pleading said:
    “No, you mustn’t. Let me go. In the end aren’t you a man, ah?”

    Xiao Wu did not continue watching, jumping out with one step,

    The little fatty and Cui Hua were simultaneously startled, looking at her. Fatty’s little eyes blinked, mouse whiskers on the lip trembling several times, in the little eyes a splendid light released,
    “A fine beautiful girl. Why, you want to replace her as my girlfriend? Done, no problem. I approve.”

    Xiao Wu was angry, one foot kicked at the hand holding Cui Hua, kicking his hand open,
    “You little hoodlum. So young not following good examples. In the full light of day, and you still think you can snatch a daughter?”

    Hearing Xiao Wu say this, the little fatty's expression immediately dropped,
    “This is my matter, you stop meddling in other peoples’ business. Since you are not demanding to be my woman, **** off.”

    Xiao Wu looked about to punch him, but Tang San appeared in front of her.

    “You are called Ma Hongjun, right. Please don’t again provoke this young woman.”
    Having had yesterdays lesson, Tang San could not wish to let Xiao Wu randomly fight. And also he also vaguely saw, this little fatty before his eyes did not at all appear simple.

    Ma Hongjun snorted disdainfully,
    “What creature do you count as, also dare manage I your father’s business. Looking for unhappiness?”

    Tang San’s expression dropped,
    “You are whose father?”

    Ma Hongjun’s rat whiskers moved,
    “Who is meddling, I am who’s father.”

    Tang San moved, were his temper again better he still could not let people insult him like this, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, one foot kicking the little fatty in the stomach. This kick of his contained power yet did not release it, control unusually clever, if the little fatty only was an ordinary person, at most he still would only kick him to fall over. If he had some special capability, then, the power of this kick of Tang San’s still could burst forth at any time.

    Indeed like Tang San guessed, the little fatty was not at all so simple, seeing Tang San’s kick coming, without the slightest hesitation came to meet it, both fists set up before his body, blocking towards Tang San’s kick, on the body glittered faint purple light, clearly spirit power fluctuations.

    Tang San’s kick suddenly halted in midair, changing from a kick to a stomp, stomping at the fatty’s abdomen.

    The fatty’s adaptability speed was also very quick, both set up fists simultaneously swinging down, smashing at Tang San’s foot.

    With a muffled peng sound, Tang San withdrew his leg, fatty also receiving the kick fell back several steps. The two people unexpectedly were matched with not much difference. Fatty’s spirit power seemed to only be a little bit short of Tang San’s, that’s all.

    Fatty was stunned a moment,
    “Originally you also are a Spirit Master, no wonder you dare to meddle in others business. I’ll let you increase your knowledge, what is called strength.”

    While speaking, fatty shouted,
    “Phoenix Body Enhancement.”

    Hearing this one word Phoenix, Tang San and Xiao Wu’s hearts simultaneously shivered, among Beast Spirits, several kinds were especially powerful, among these one kind was the Phoenix. Phoenix was also called Seven Color Bird. Phoenix Spirit could not only make the host able to fly, but also still bestowed attacks with powerful fire attributes. Among power battle type spirits it was top class.

    Purple light rushed out from the little fatty’s body, his short hair abruptly became long, moreover gathering in the center, turning into a kind of mohican style. Wings did not appear, but that purple radiance appeared outside the body, immediately releasing an intense heat. Two yellow spirit rings simultaneously appeared from under his feet, on the bare thick and solid outer arms spread long feathers. Both hands also taking the shape of claws.

    Seeing his appearance, Xiao Wu burst into giggles,
    “Such a plump Phoenix? However I look I feel he’s like a free-range chicken.”

    Ma Hongjun’s current appearance indeed looked rather hilarious, plump body, wearing long red and purple feathers on his arms, erect hair, if speaking of him as a Phoenix, maybe truly nobody would be convinced, even more resembling a fat hen.

    Ma Hongjun like being rubbed the wrong way, was angry and agitated,
    “You say who is a free-range chicken?”
    Raising both hands, on his body the first spirit ring abruptly shone, suddenly spreading his mouth, a thin red and purple flame spouted out in Xiao Wu’s direction.

    High heat made the air distort, the purple and red flame it appeared was not at all wild, jetting out in the air like a string of fire.

    Tang San’s right hand waved, a blue long vine rolled around Xiao Wu’s soft and slender waist, pulling her horizontally to his side, staying out of Ma Hongjun’s flame jet.

    But Ma Hongjun clearly did not intend to let them off like that, the flame in his mouth maintained a five metre combustion length without going out, coming sideways towards Xiao Wu’s body, just as if it was a five metres long fire weapon.

    Tang San pulled Xiao Wu’s hand to retreat at flying speed, simultaneously several Blue Silver Grass already rapidly spread out from him. By means of the brief observation, he already discovered, that flame of Ma Hongjun’s should be unusually high temperature, but had a weak point, its attacking distance only was five metres. Only must restrict his movements, dealing with him would not at all be challenging.

    As expected, just as Ma Hongjun thought to pursue and attack, he only felt underfoot a deadlock, both legs already firmly twisted around by Blue Silver Grass, a burst of intense stinging pain from his legs, immediately followed by a burst of paralysed feeling.

    Ma Hongjun was startled, bowing his head to see the twisting Blue Silver Grass. Immediately without the slightest hesitation starting his second spirit ring ability.

    With a peng sound, fierce purple flame abruptly ignited from his body, Ma Hongjun’s plump body like that erupted in a flash, abruptly spreading outward, as the Blue Silver Grass binding his body came into contact with that purple flame, it immediately combusted violently, in an eyeblink becoming ashes.

    Seeing this scene, Tang San could not help but be shocked, he clearly felt, Ma Hongjun’s spirit was apparently precisely his spirit’s natural enemy.

    Although Blue Silver Grass under the the two spirit rings’ effect became extremely tough, as a plant, at least right now, fire still was extremely fearsome.

    Ma Hongjun with the whole body burning with purple flame appeared increasingly mighty, in his eyes erupted an angry flame, with big strides rushing straight towards Tang San and Xiao Wu, in his mouth the spouting flame, was like a fire spirit incarnate.

    “My turn.”
    No longer held by Tang San, Xiao Wu already leapt out. Fluffy ears trembling slightly at her rapid movement, whole body flourishing with red light, spirit power completely released.

    Tang San’s both hands’ ten fingers slightly moved rhythmically once, in his hands already fastened a number of hidden weapons, both eyes with a purple lustre, in a short time of discovering Xiao Wu meeting danger, then he immediately would act without the slightest hesitation.

    Although the spirit of this fatty before him was very strong, by previously coming into contact Tang San knew, his spirit power was still a bit short of his own. Impossible to like Zhao Wuji obstruct his hidden weapons.

    Ma Hongjun saw Xiao Wu coming at him, exactly what he wanted, with no trace of politeness a mouthful of flaming wire spouted out, the flaming wire in the air cutting out a circle, blocking off Xiao Wu’s path forward.

    Ma Hongjun thought to himself, ‘dead girl, dare to call me a free-range chicken, not changing your complexion a bit, or I your father am not called Evil Fire Phoenix. However, her long outstanding beauty, still is must not burn it spoiled as well.’ While thinking, his flame jet became a little bit weaker, enough to injure, but unlikely to be fatal.

    As the purple flame temperature dropped, Xiao Wu naturally felt it, ‘is this Fatty starting of leniently? Fine, then I will also be a bit soft to you.’

    Ma Hongjun believed Xiao Wu must be injured when his first spirit ring ability Phoenix Fire Wire hit, but suddenly, in midair Xiao Wu’s body in a flash curled up, simultaneously twisting once in the air light as a feather, flexible body seemingly already breaking through the limits of the human body, threading past a small crack in his flaming wire block. Body once again extending, already reaching Ma Hongjun’s side.

    Xiao Wu had what strength? Tang San under circumstances where not employing hidden weapons at most could only ensure a draw with her, that’s all, he still could not let her near his body.

    Although Ma Hongjun’s second spirit ring ability Bathing Fire Phoenix was an omnidirectional defensive and offensive ability. Xiao Wu was already covered by her own spirit power, for a short time withstanding it was by no means an issue.

    As Tang San watched Xiao Wu reach Ma Hongjun’s side, the hidden weapons in his hands were already returned to Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, this fight was already without any suspense.

    Sure enough, Xiao Wu did not give Ma Hongjun any opportunity to respond, figure flipping she already reached his back, both hands bracing, both feet in a flash swinging up, directly pressing on either side of Ma Hongjun’s neck, the first spirit ring ability Waist Bow, launched.

    Xiao Wu’s entire body at once was like an arcing bow, the first spirit ring’s light in a flash covering her whole body, immediately following, her body like a full moon bow suddenly emitting force, abruptly threw Ma Hongjun’s body.

    Waist Bow’s spirit ability effect: Momentarily boost one’s waist strength by one hundred percent, increasing the body’s toughness by fifty percent. After ten ranked spirit power, each additional rank, increases the effect when using Waist Bow by one percent.

    In other words, right now after Xiao Wu launched Waist Bow, she was able to increase waist strength one hundred nineteen percent. Momentarily erupting flexibility sufficient to throw any physical strength type opponent under fiftieth ranked spirit power. Of course, although Waist Bow was good, the prerequisite was to necessarily get close to the enemy to be able to bring out its effect. Otherwise, only having waist strength was useless. Very difficult to imagine, Xiao Wu’s waist still inferior to Ma Hongjun thigh in thickness was capable of emitting this kind of immense power.

    Considering Ma Hongjun’s reduced own flame, Xiao Wu could also be considered as starting off leniently, certainly did not directly smash Ma Hongjun’s body towards the ground, but threw him into the air, giving him control of his body for the remaining time.

    However, she clearly was overestimating Ma Hongjun’s own body’s control, this fatty in midair hands dancing and feet tripping flipped several times, finally still dropping to the ground on his ***, falling confused.

    “Don’t fight, please don’t fight.”
    To the side Cui Hua the young woman suddenly opened her mouth, with quick steps running towards Ma Hongjun. The flame on Ma Hongjun’s body had also been extinguished by being thrown down, his entire person faint with blurring vision with difficulty crawling up from the ground.

    Xui Hua helped Ma Hongjun pat the soil from his body,
    “How are you?”

    Ma Hongjun with a snort, said.
    “Still unable to die. Little rabbit, come again.”

    Xiao Wu suddenly leapt in place, with two suu suu sounds, throwing out the shoes on her feet. Although her spirit power held back the majority of Ma Hongjun’s second spirit ability Bathing Fire Phoenix effect, pressing on Ma Hongjun’s neck with her feet her shoes still were affected by that purple and red flame.

    Making Xiao Wu somewhat shocked was, that purple red flame unexpectedly had a kind of sticky feeling, after contact it unexpectedly would not stop burning. Not able to put it down, she could only throw out her shoes, with a pair of bare fair little feet standing in place.

    “Miss Cui Hua, you are?”
    Xiao Wu looked at Cui Hua appearing deeply concerned with Ma Hongjun, and could not help but be somewhat unable to make sense of the matter. Was not this fatty previously bullying her? Why now again…...

    Cui Hua imploring said:
    “You don’t fight. Actually, Hongjun is a good man, only we are unsuitable, that’s all. Therefore I could only break up with him. You go, I will speak clearly with him.”

    Ma Hongjun angrily said:
    “You do not meddle in my affairs, get lost.”
    Speaking, he pushed away Cui Hua and once again rushed towards Xiao Wu, only since he was worried to injure Cui Hua, he did not once again use the second spirit ring ability.

    Just at this time, an astonished voice rose,
    “Tang San, Fatty, what are you up to?”

    Tang San and Ma Hongjun simultaneously turned to look in the direction of the voice, only saw a wearing white clothes, hair combed exceedingly neatly Dai Mubai just walking in their direction.

    Xiao Wu snorted,
    “How is it? You ask him. That fatty in broad daylight bullied a girl, we seeing it only went, had to teach him a lesson.”

    The stern Dai Mubai couldn’t help but laughing,
    “Xiao Wu, I think you are misunderstanding. Miss Cui Hua, you also can’t endure him?”

    Cui Hua blushed, nodding, turning to escape. This time, Ma Hongjun also did not again stop her, only had a crumbling expression.

    Tang San walked to Dai Mubai’s side, unconvinced asking:
    “In the end what is going on here?”

    Dai Mubai looked towards Fatty, saying:
    “Will you say it yourself, or should I do it for you?”

    Ma Hongjun shot Dai Mubai a glance, lowering his head saying:
    “You say it.”

    Dai Mubai laughed out loud,
    “What? Stiff Fatty you also can be embarrassed? Fine, I will tell them for you.”

    Speaking, he turned to Tang San and Xiao Wu, saying:
    “Remember I previously told you, the Academy including me altogether only has three students?”

    Tang San immediately understood,
    “You are saying, he is……”

    Dai Mubai said with a nod:
    “Yes, Fatty is that third person. Also was before you the last person to enter the Academy. The matter just now although you without personally seeing, still could guess. Actually, this also cannot be blamed on Fatty, you can only blame his that free-range chicken spirit.”

    “Farting, your spirit can be free-range chicken, I your father’s spirit is Phoenix. Even if I your father’s ancestors all had Chicken, mine still is Phoenix. Haven’t you heard, a grass nest can also have a Golden Phoenix?”
    Ma Hongjun snappily said.

    The smiling expression on Dai Mubai’s face reduced,
    “Phoenix, fine, it counts as Phoenix. Tang San this spirit of Fatty’s is very monstrous. The Dean said, his spirit is a variant spirit.”

    “Variant spirit? Which spirits gave rise to this variation?”
    Tang San questioned closely. Regarding variant spirits, he had heard Grandmaster speak at length. When spirits vary, there only were two kinds of circumstances, one kind was becoming extremely formidable, the other kind of circumstance was was crippling. Grandmaster himself received a bitter variation. But before him this Ma Hongjun’s spirit, clearly was classified as the positive variation type.

    Dai Mubai said:
    “I’m not the one to talk to, including to Ma Hongjun himself it’s all currently unknown. In that village, all people’s spirits are basically a type of poultry without attack power. I still do not know what’s going on, but three years ago the Dean after discovering him in the village brought him back. His age should with you be about the same.”

    “As a result of spirit variation, Fatty possesses a very powerful fire capability, this kind of flame also is exceptionally monstrous, not only is it extremely high temperature, but it also has very powerful adhering properties, very difficult to extinguish. The Dean said, his spirit variation later, truly has the possibility of become a Phoenix. But, this spirit of his also has an immense defect, although variation brought large spirit power, simultaneously it also created a certain effect in his body. Making him regarding male-female relations that respect’s capability become extremely vigorous, and also with appetite impulses that are ten-fold that of an ordinary person. If only suppressed and not conducted, then, at any time it’s possible this Evil Fire Phoenix would explode and die.”

    Ma Hongjun hastily added,
    “Evil Fire does not stop raising pressure, ah!”
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    I feel like I'm missing the sausage joke. What makes them so repellent that Tang San and the girls don't want it, but Zhao Wuji doesn't mind?

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    keep in mind these are 10-15 yr olds, and they realize what the sausage implies, Zhao either dosnt care or is too dense to realize. if you cant figure of what some male teenager is refering to by saying he has a big sausage... then you might need a parental discussion. just ask for the "birds and bees" talk.

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    Jeez, I already figured it was something like that but if it means he's creating replicas of his sausage, I would be more concerned about the cannibalism aspect than the fact that it is a sausage -- at that point, body part doesn't matter at all.

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