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Thread: Douluo Dalu by Tang Jia San Shao

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    Thanks for posting this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gopper View Post
    there was a manga on this on batoto; prefer reading the novels, thanks for the link to the translations
    whats the batoto link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptsome110 View Post
    whats the batoto link?

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    Volume 2 - Chapter 13, Father’s Message

    Was it truly Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method? Before Tang San’s eyes floated the dispirited figure of his father, could it actually be said his father originally was an outstanding blacksmith?

    “Uncle San, I also don’t know whether this is Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method, this is something father taught me."

    Shi San exhaled a long breath, then said with a big hearty smile:
    “It looks as if, this time we picked up a treasure. The employment conditions just now are void:
    for the time being you first will be paid the same as everyone, every month one silver spirit coin. If business is good, you take an additional percentage.”

    Just like this, Tang San formally became a member of Shi San’s smithy, beginning to live a full life.

    The academy’s curriculum certainly was not a necessary place to him, Grandmaster’s instruction was much more useful than the academy teachers in relating basic theory.

    He also carefully read that book Grandmaster gave him. Just like he expected, the spirit power cultivation methods Grandmaster put forward were very similar to the internal strength cultivation movement routes. Of course, this after all was only Grandmaster’s theoretical designs, and compared to genuine internal strength cultivation methods was still a certain distance apart, not to speak of Tang sect’s finely tempered Mysterious Heaven skill.

    Xiao Wu smoothly obtained the spirit master title, and after becoming the academy’s generally accepted Xiao Wu Jie, the working students’ lives became relaxed and comfortable.

    Early morning every day, Tang San would take advantage of the newborn sunrise to cultivate his Purple Demon Eye, in the morning attend regular classes, in the afternoon labour in the smithy, in the evening again listen to Grandmaster’s instruction. At night cultivate Mysterious Heaven skill. It could be said that every day to him was absolutely full.

    At Shi San’s smithy, Tang San only needed a very short time to gain everyone’s approval. Shi San gave him the assignment of refining metal, and in the remaining free time, Tang San used some discarded bits and pieces to refine on his own, starting his great hidden weapon production undertaking. Of course, he was only producing some components in the smithy, genuinely assembling after returning to the academy.

    Xiao Wu relying on her own tyrannical strength with Xiao Chen-Yu’s assistance, very quickly became approved as the entire Nuoding primary spirit master academy’s students boss, and compared to Tang San she passed the time very leisurely, sometimes even to the extent of not going to class. Tang San did not even see how she cultivated. But Xiao Wu’s actual strength continuously elevated steadily.

    At Nuoding primary spirit master academy, one semester was one year’s time, in the entire year students were not permitted to return home, but family members could come to visit. Tang San more than once expected his father to come, but until the end of the semester, still did not see a trace of Tang Hao. Fortunately his life was sufficiently full, and he did not have too much time to long for it.

    As for Spirit Hall, not long after Tang San underwent spirit master review, Spirit Hall’s people came to Nuoding academy to look for Grandmaster, Grandmaster never told Tang San what they discussed, and Tang San also did not ask. But from Grandmaster’s face compared to normal was much more smiling, and Tang San guessed the relationship between Spirit Hall and Grandmaster should have become a lot better.

    “Xiao Wu, for tomorrow’s holiday, will you return home?”
    Tang San said to Xiao Wu while packing his luggage.

    One school year had passed, and he was finally able to return home and see his father. This afternoon at the smithy he had already asked Xhi San for a leave of absence. Also specially bought a brand new forging hammer, intending to bring back to give to his father.

    Since Tang San joined Shi San’s smithy, making the quality of the various kinds of weapons and equipment produced in the smithy rise one grade, business became better, and right now Tang San’s wages already reached five silver spirit coins every month, equivalent to half a spirit master’s stipend.

    Xiao Wu leaned on the bed, her eyes revealing some loneliness, entirely different from her usual liveliness,
    “I’m not going home. Maybe, just stay at the academy.”

    Tang San was dumbfounded a moment,
    “All year, you won’t return to see your family?”

    Xiao Wu’s eyes suddenly lit up, saying:
    “Little San, your family isn’t far from the academy is it? Otherwise, I’ll follow you to return and play, how about that? Anyway Wang Sheng and Xiao Chen-Yu are both going to participate in the intermediate spirit master academy examination, there’s nobody to accompany me to play.”

    Tang San smiled, after passing one year together, he could be considered as having some comparative understanding regarding Xiao Wu could. This little girl was lively and energetic, always appearing motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos; when acting gentle and soft, she somehow appeared like a lovely doll, but a moment later became a violent whirlwind. That Nuoding Xiao Wu Jie title of hers was exactly called in vain. In the entire academy, who knew how many students had already tasted bitterness from her.

    “My family can be very poor, without anything good to entertain you.”

    Xiao Wu with both hands akimbo, and big eyes glaring at Tang San said:
    “Every month you saved so much of your stipend, so reluctant to spend, but still fear entertaining me?”

    Tang San wearing a slight smile extended his right hand,
    “Speaking of stipends I suddenly recall, a certain person still appears to owe me six silver spirit coins.”

    Xiao Wu was dumbfounded a moment, her fair and tender little face revealing some embarrassment. A stipend of one gold coin every month could definitely not be regarded as little, however, her spending was truly extravagant, if seeing something good coming back to buy it, not taking into account a bit whether or not it was useful. By now she long ago already had her own bedding, not having to share with Tang San. Never able to manage her finances, in a short time asking Tang San to lend spending money, already became habit.

    “Not exactly six silver coins? Wait for me to get the stipend to pay you. You still haven’t said, if you after all are willing to let me come along with you.”

    Tang San said with a slight smile:
    “You want to go then go. Only, my dad’s temperament can be bad.”

    Xiao Wu not in the least fazed said:
    “Someone this lovely, your dad will happily approve of me.”

    While speaking, still assuming a gentle and soft appearance asking Tang San with blinking eyes.

    Other people might be fooled by her outward appearance, but Tang San had seen too many scenes of her true volcanic eruptions. He could not help but shake his head, still not a bit swallowing her cover.
    “You need not use your honey trap on me. Fortunately you will appear seven years old, if a bit older, perhaps you truly would have a little fox spirit talent.”

    “Fox spirit? What’s that?”
    Xiao Wu full of curiosity asked.

    Tang San smiling said:
    “Its a kind of spirit beast turned into a demon, specializing in seducing men.”

    Xiao Wu was stunned a moment, her gaze at Tang San suddenly became somewhat strange, between eyeblinks, her mood abruptly became agitated,
    “You drop dead, daring to call me a fox spirit, I’ll definitely fight you.”
    While speaking, she already baring fangs and brandishing claws leapt up from her bed, charging at Tang San.

    The other working students regarding this scene no longer wondered at the sight. The noise of fighting between Xiao Wu Jie and Tang San to their point of view, long ago became accustomed to; if some day those two were not fighting several times, on the contrary perhaps they instead would feel uneasy.

    Early the next day, as Tang San set out with that very bouncing and vivacious young girl at his side, wearing Nuoding academy’s uniform, leaving Nuoding city, and heading towards Holy Spirit village.

    This past year, to Tang San’s point of view, had been extremely rich, and also extremely satisfying. Breaking through Mysterious Heaven skill’s first tier bottleneck, under assiduous cultivation, Mysterious Heaven skill had made rapid progress. On the basis of his own calculations, by now he should already be reaching the upper middle second tier’s strength, on the basis of spirit power calculations, he should have about sixteenth rank approaching seventeenth rank.

    In the academy, people able to compare spirit power with him, only had a Xiao Wu: even though he never saw her cultivate, when the two compared spirit power the difference was never far. Some times Tang San had the upper hand, some times he was reversely surpassed by Xiao Wu. Although both were children, to the two who refused to give in, exchanging points like this was hard to avoid.

    Just when starting, Xiao Chen-Yu and Wang Sheng, these higher grade students occasionally joined in, but along with Tang San and Xiao Wu spirit powers’ lightning fast rise, there were no people who again came to disturb them. One could ask: who would hope to become like a sandbag’s existence?

    Therefore, although Xiao Wu was nominally the boss of Nuoding’s students, in practice, when Xiao Chen-Yu’s group addressed Tang San, he was also called little San Ge.

    When Tang San exchanged pointers with Xiao Wu, he always losing more than he won. Xiao Wu’s fighting techniques emerged in an endless stream, especially her Soft Skill gave people a kind of New Year cake like feeling, if in circumstances where both sides did not draw support from spirit ring powers, Tang San was practically certain to lose. Even if using spirit rings, relying on blue silver grass binding and paralysing effects, the most he could accomplish when battling Xiao Wu was a draw.

    As for Tang San’s secretly practiced hidden weapons these were certainly not used when exchanging pointers, first was because the hidden weapons’ killing power was too great, too easy to injure a person, and second, he was still hoping to temper his own close combat strength through exchanging pointers with Xiao Wu. Perhaps it was because of the two mutually acting as sparring partners giving rise to an accelerating effect, but in respect to fighting, they advanced side by side. The academy’s teachers were all already disinclined to be in charge of them, and in Nuoding, although Tang San and Xiao Wu were still only first years, they already became the academy’s famous geniuses.

    “Is it still far ah?”
    Xiao Wu looked east, then gazed west, offhandedly asking.

    “We’ll arrive soon. See that hilltop over there? Our Holy Spirit village is at the foot of the hill.”
    About to arrive home, Tang San couldn’t help his mood being somewhat excited, if not for the Nuoding academy regulations he would have returned to stay at home at night, without the teacher making the rounds every day, maybe Tang San long ago would have returned home to look in on his father.
    ‘Not meeting for a year, dad, are you still well?’

    Perhaps it was because of being an orphan in his last life, this life, Tang San all the more especially treasured that family love.

    Touching Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges at his waist, there he had brought the iron hammer for his father, brand new clothes, and even some bottles of pretty good wine.

    The little mountain village where he lived for six years was already in view, not knowing why, in Tang San’s heart a kind of indescribable feeling gradually appeared. If insisting on using words to describe it, then he would say, the feeling of having family was truly good. Even if that family only was him and his father.

    Very quickly, the two already walked into Holy Spirit village. Tang San’s home was at the edge of the village, raising his hand to indicate the roof with that dilapidated sign, Tang San smiled at Xiao Wu and said:
    “Look, that’s my home.”

    Home before his eyes, Tang San’s mood subconsciously became excited, underfoot his steps increasing pace, three steps and two more and he reached the door of his home.

    The front door exactly alike as when he left certainly didn’t matter, this was Tang Hao’s habit all along. After all, this smithy did not have anything that could be stolen.

    “Dad, I’m back.”
    Tang San excitedly shouted.

    Xiao Wu from never having Tang San this excited, stood at his back looking at him somewhat curiously. In her impression, Tang San was a very gentle friend, usually not saying much, but always with a busy feeling, always having some matter to attend. Only in their exchanging of pointers could his serious side be seen. And even if seriously losing to her, one still never saw his angry or even agitated appearance.

    While calling, Tang San walked inside with quick steps.

    Everything seemingly had not changed, the smithy was still in turmoil, even more so compared to before he left, a hideous mess of things left all over, a broken tattered and worn out feeling, bringing Tang San even more familiarity.

    “Oh, little San, you’re back.”
    A mild voice rose. From inside a person walked out.

    Seeing him, Tang San couldn’t help but be stunned,
    “Grandpa Jack, you also, ah, then my dad?”

    Walking out from inside was exactly Holy Spirit village elder old Jack, on his face a somewhat wry smile, he handed over a paper in his hand to Tang San, saying:
    “You have a look, this is your father’s message. Earlier I came to find him, originally thinking to have him and me go meet you, not thinking you would already have returned.”

    A nervous feeling appeared in Tang San’s heart, hurriedly taking the paper old Jack held out and lowering his head to read.

    On the paper were only a few simple lines, handwriting somewhat sloppy, but concealing a bold and unconstrained spirit.

    “Little San:
    When this letter reaches you, I will have already left. Do not look for me, you will not be able to find me.

    Although you are still young, you have the strength to provide for yourself. A young falcon must first spread its wings on its own before soaring.

    You need not worry about me. In your nature is a great deal of your mother’s delicacy. Dad is a useless person. You gradually grow up, dad has to go get back some things that originally should have belonged to me. Inevitably one day, we two father and son will again see each other.

    I hope you become formidable, but I also do not hope you become formidable. You choose your own path.

    If one day you feel the spirit master vocation is not good, then return to Holy Spirit village, and like me, work as a blacksmith.

    Do not miss me.

    Tang Hao”

    Reading the letter in his hand, Tang San’s entire person was already stunned, the joy filling his chest in an instant changing into helpless loss.

    Dad left, dad, why must you leave?

    Old Jack saw Tang San in low spirits, and with a wry smile said:
    “Tang Hao this fellow left without any warning. The day before yesterday I came to have him forge some farm tools. With him leaving like this, we must again find a blacksmith later. This fellow, truly too irresponsible.”

    Tang San slowly returned from his absentmindedness,
    “Grandpa Jack, you’re saying, dad would have left in only these two days?”

    Old Jack nodded.
    “Should have left in these two days. Little San, don’t feel sorry, this kind of a father is unworthy of it. Come with grandpa, we’ll go to my home.”

    Tang San silently shook his head, with the greatest care folding the letter in his hands, placing it in his bosom.

    “Thank you, grandpa Jack, but my home is in this mess, I must decline and remain. I still have to put it in order at once.”

    Old Jack was stunned a moment, he had not thought the very small Tang San unexpectedly would send him off, with a sigh, he said:
    “Very well. Only, if you need anything, do not hesitate to come find me.”

    With no choice but to shake his head, he turned towards the outside and left.

    As old Jack left, within the smithy remained only the two people Tang San and Xiao Wu. Tang San did not open his mouth, then began tidying up the messy room, clearing away the room’s different things.

    Unusually, the ordinarily lively and energetic Xiao Wu right now kept silent, walking to Tang San’s side, calmly helping him put various things away, bringing scoops of fresh water from the water jar outside, helping him wipe the dirt within the room.


    Nuoding primary spirit master academy.

    Grandmaster was in his room reading. Little San having returned home, his heart was empty. Knowing him for a year’s time, even though he never said so aloud, but his attachment to this child constantly deepened.

    Until this morning when Tang San left, he still hesitated whether to go to his home to have a look. Finally Grandmaster still vetoed this notion of his. There were very many reasons, even to the extent that including he himself was unable to explain clearly.

    Peng, peng, peng, at this time, a knocking sound suddenly rose.

    Grandmaster’s brows knitted, normally besides Tang San, there were basically no people that would come here.

    “Please come in.”
    Grandmaster put down the book in his hand, speaking coolly.

    Opening the door, a large figure entered from outside. He wore a simple grey robe, messy black hair hanging loosely down to the shoulder, hoary face carved full of the vicissitudes of life, a pair of muddy eyes as if already like a candle guttering in the wind, his appearance didn’t at all correspond to his fifty or so years of age.

    “Hello, Grandmaster.”
    The visitor’s voice was deep and hoarse.

    No knowing why, when this person entered the door, Grandmaster’s entire body subconsciously tensed, even unconsciously spreading spirit power all over his body.

    “You are?”
    Slowly standing up, Grandmaster’s eyes revealed some uncertainty.

    The grey clad person coolly said:
    “Speaking of, we should not have met for twenty years, right. With this current appearance of mine, it’s no wonder you do not recognize me. I’m Tang Hao.”

    “Tang Hao?”
    Grandmaster’s ‘old well makes no waves’ expression suddenly changed greatly, eyes focusing in practically an instant, rigidly staring at this person before him, both hands clutching the table, fingers already becoming pale,
    “You-, you are Hao......”

    Tang Hao waved his hand, stopping Grandmaster from speaking, coldly saying:
    “Past titles need not be brought up again. In those days, for however many reasons, other people would perhaps consider you as only a madman, but I know you are a persistent person.”

    Grandmaster gradually calmed down, rigid face somewhat affected at once,
    “It seems as if my conjecture was not mistaken, as expected you are Tang San’s father. He already returned home, why would you be here?”

    Tang Hao lowered his head, coolly saying:
    “Precisely because he returned home, I would be here. I know you accepted him as apprentice. As father, I should have come to see you long ago. I must leave, my only worry is just him, therefore, I hope to entrust little San to you.”

    “You must leave? Go where? He is your son.”
    Grandmaster glared rigidly at Tang Hao, the expression in his eyes somewhat fierce.

    Tang Hao still had a cold appearance,
    “He is still your disciple. I have to leave, there are very many matters that are necessary to attend to. Following me, he cannot obtain happiness. I have no other requests, his life, he must choose by himself. Ten years, I have already left this world for ten years, by now he has already grown up, so I have some business that I have to deal with.”

    Grandmaster drew a long breath,
    “I do not know what happened to you, but, I can see little San is very reluctant to part from you, you do not feel that this kind of departure is too cruel to him?”

    Tang Hao coolly said:
    “He decided on his own to walk an extraordinary path; being together with me would be cruel to him. Well, I’ve said what I had to say, no matter when, please remember, he is my son.”

    Having said this, Tang Hao waved his raised hand, a jet-black token tile dropped onto Grandmaster’s desk with a clanking sound, the token tile was impressively similar to the one Grandmaster originally brought with Tang San to enter Spirit Hunting Forest, only, in this token tile’s pattern were all six......

    Peng, the door closed, Tang Hao’s large figure had already disappeared. Looking at the door, Grandmaster stood there for a long time without any movement.

    After a good while, he could slowly lower his head, gaze falling on that token tile, the corners of his mouth revealed a slight wry smile,
    “I would not have thought, my idol unexpectedly already became like this.”


    Sunlight slanting from the west, side by side in front of the smithy’s door sat two petite figures. They were dressed in similar clothes, sitting quietly.

    The glow of the setting sun colored them faintly red, seemingly branding their bodies a golden red..

    The girl on the left inclined her head, looking at the boy, both hands poking her chin, wanting to say something, but she endured in the end.

    On the contrary it was the boy who opened his mouth, in his hands holding a brand new forging hammer,
    “Xiao Wu, thank you.”

    “Thank me for what?”
    Xiao Wu full of curiosity asked.

    “Thank you for keeping me company all along.”
    Tang San lowered his head, looking at the ground underfoot, the expression in his eyes somewhat misted, also somewhat hazy, but in the end without tears falling.

    Xiao Wu giggled, pushing Tang San’s shoulder with great force, nearly pushing over Tang San,
    “Don’t be gloomy. Your dad only left temporarily, that’s all. Inevitably one day, you will meet again. Maybe, his leaving was only in order to let you grow even better, let you gain even more power. If you again became down like this, wouldn’t it disappoint his efforts?”

    Tang San’s face revealed a trace of a wry smile,
    “Maybe so, but, why did he not let me see him again. Xiao Wu, did you know, dad is my only family. Home without dad, is also no longer a home.”

    Xiao Wu flung back her head, tossing her long scorpion braid in front,
    “Without dad, you still have me this friend, right. If you absolutely want to find family, I wouldn’t mind being your older sister. Quickly, let me hear you call me Xiao Wu Jie. Everyone calls me that, only you are an exception.”

    Looking at Xiao Wu’s lovely and smart appearance with that evening sunset glow illuminating her flushed little face, Tang San couldn’t help but smile. Just when a person’s heart was the weakest having by his side a person for company, was an extremely happy matter.

    “If you want to become my little sister, I won’t be opposed. I remember what was said: although we are of the same year, it seems you compared to me must be a few months younger. I was born on the first month, you on the eighth month, correct.”

    “Don’t imagine that’s possible. I will only be the older sister, I’m unsuitable to be the younger sister.”
    Xiao Wu angrily raised her hand to knock Tang San’s head.

    Tang San’s body in a flash had already leapt up, standing three meters in front of Xiao Wu,
    “Xiao Wu, follow me onto the hill, I will show you some things.”

    Tang San’s expression was very earnest, seemingly like having decided on something.

    Xiao Wu also did not again play, on her little face revealing cleverness, nodding towards him.

    Tang San took the initiative and pulled Xiao Wu by her delicate hand, and ran for the small hill outside the village. The two’s shadows under the illumination of the setting sun gradually lengthened on the ground.

    Tang San brought Xiao Wu continuously running to the hilltop before coming to a stop, under conditions of fully pushing Mysterious Heaven skill, he could not help but pant slightly.

    Standing on the hilltop, Tang San faced the setting sun, both eyes already filled with purple,
    “Xiao Wu, this is my former practice place. I am very seriously asking you a question, and I hope you can seriously answer me.”

    Xiao Wu bit her lip,
    “Don’t you know, your current appearance is very like that old fogey at the academy.”

    Tang San slowly turned around, seriously looking at Xiao Wu,
    “Are you willing to be my little sister? I truly hope to be able to again have a family member.”

    Xiao Wu was about to say something, but was stopped by Tang San,
    “First listen to what I have to say. I have nothing, you have also seen my family’s circumstances, I am only descended from impoverished commoners. I cannot give you wealth and also cannot give you power. You also have innate full spirit power, but you and me are not alike, I can see your life’s experiences should have some story. But I never asked, because I feared that our backgrounds disparity is too great, and we could not even become friends. But, I truly hope to be able to have a little sister like you, although I am unable to give you what nobles posses, I can give you my promise. I will always protect my little sister, will not let her come to the slightest harm.”

    Seeing teardrops glimmer in Tang San’s eyes, Xiao Wu’s eyes gradually reddened,
    “If one day, there are very many people wanting to kill me, and you are unable to defeat those people, then what?”

    Tang San unexpectedly revealed a tiny smile,
    “Then let them to first step over my corpse.”

    Xiao Wu was silent, Tang San also did not speak again, the red of the setting sun gradually slipped away, by now in the sky above stars already softly emerged.

    Xiao Wu simply used one word to break the silence between the two.

    All along holding back tears, as this moment finally fell, Tang San’s shaking hands, raised Xiao Wu’s hands,
    “Thank you, little sister.”

    Father left, but he also had a little sister. Tang San raised his head to gaze at the sky, to the stars in the sky silently making a lifetime oath.

    At nightfall, the two children sat on the hilltop, feeling the gentle mountain breeze, looking at the stars and moon in the sky, the tranquil atmosphere and inviting fresh air, without exception produced a comfortable feeling.

    “Do I have to call you big brother?”
    Xiao Wu turned her head to look towards Tang San at her side.

    Tang San was dumbfounded,

    Xiao Wu’s face revealed a slight blush,
    “How to say, I am also the boss of Nuoding’s students, abruptly having a big brother, how will they see me?”

    Tang San smiled,
    “Well, you still just call me little San. As long as I in my heart know you are my little sister, what relevance is forms of address?”

    While speaking, Tang San raised his hand, pulling down his sleeve, and removed the sleeve dart on his left wrist.
    “Having become my sister, I without any valuable things, this is a present to you for defending yourself. It is my first work.”

    Xiao Wu curiously looked at the sleeve dart Tang San handed over,
    “What is this?”

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    Thanks for this update. I really like the way this story is developing - how the little hero forges his character into somebody formidable and a little love story developing.

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    Thanks for posting Aakkoset. Thanks Bagelson

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    Default this is the chinese novel link. maybe someone want to make sumaries?
    there is also sequel of this novel in progress

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    Volume 2 - Chapter 14, Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai

    Tang San smiled slightly, saying:
    “I call it a sleeve dart, it’s also known as a silent sleeve dart. It only requires using a switch and three darts inside will shoot according to your control. It can fire one, and also can fire all three at once. Because the noise of launching is very small, it’s not easy for the opponent to detect, therefore, when confronting enemies on par with you, it’s able to produce very good effect.”

    Xiao Wu astonished said:
    “Before when we exchanged pointers, how come I did not see you using this kind of thing?”

    Tang San smiled calmly, saying:
    “Blockhead, we are fellow students, and also friends. How could I use this kind of deadly weapon? Still remember that time I used stones to hit you? You think, that was only coincidence? Look, over there is a mosquito.”

    Xiao Wu followed the direction of Tang San’s finger, three metres away, sure enough was a buzzing mosquito flying, it could with difficulty be seen with the aid of moonlight.

    “If I told you I could hit its left wing, and not kill it, what would you say?”

    Xiao Wu stared at him saying:
    “Are you joking?”

    Purple light flashed in Tang San’s eyes, abruptly raising his right hand, a faint shadow softly passed, and that mosquito disappeared in thin air.

    Pulling Xiao Wu’s hand, Tang San said:
    “Follow me.”
    Pulling her to walk a short distance to stop before a large tree, not needing Tang San’s finger, Xiao Wu also could distinctly see, on the tree trunk was a three cun long steel needle, glittering under the illumination of starlight.

    Nailed by the needle to the tree, something seemingly struggled with all its effort.

    Xiao Wu lowering her head for a careful look, and could not help but shocked make a strangled sound. Under that needle was nailed that same mosquito, the steel needle piercing the mosquito’s left wing, firmly sewing it to the tree, and by that mosquito’s thrashing about, obviously without danger to its life.

    “Ho-, how did you do this?”
    Xiao Wu gasping with astonishment looked towards Tang San. If not because she had all along been together with Tang San, she even would have thought this was prepared in advance.

    Tang San pulled out the steel needle, when he again opened his hand, the steel needle had already disappeared,
    “This is my secret, I call it hidden weapons, even dad doesn’t know. I only want to tell you, I have the strength to protect my own little sister.”

    Regarding new things, Xiao Wu was always very interested, excitedly shaking Tang San’s hand and saying:
    “Good big brother, can’t you teach me that.”

    Tang San said with a wry smile:
    “With your violent tendencies, if you also learned hidden weapons, who knows how many people would suffer disaster. And also hidden weapon cultivation is not an overnight matter. The sleeve dart I gave you is also a kind of hidden weapon, so first grasp using it well.”

    Wanting to study Tang sect hidden weapons certainly was not easy, first of all one must have Mysterious Heaven skill as foundation, and Xiao Wu’s spirit power already was not weak, cultivating Mysterious Heaven skill anew was clearly impossible. Tang San had already secretly resolved, afterward he would make some mechanism type hidden weapons equipment for her body. This should also be considered as sufficient.

    Tang San personally put on the sleeve dart on Xiao Wu’s left arm, properly adjusting the sleeve dart’s size, completely fitting to Xiao Wu’s wrist, afterwards he explained once the silent sleeve dart’s use method details to Xiao Wu, letting her try it out several times. Xiao Wu was practically immediately in love with this treasure.

    As Xiao Wu left to one side to try shooting the sleeve dart, Tang San slowly raised his head, watching the stars overhead, saying to himself:
    “Dad, do you truly fear I would be unable to become strong at your side? You be at ease, I will work hard at cultivation, become a true man. Inevitable one day, I will become your pride.”

    “Tang Sect, I already left you for six years, but I will always be a Tang sect person, in this Douluo Continent, I definitely will carry on Tang Sect’s everything to new heights.”

    A pair of hands like shining white jade suddenly threw out, light like countless threads of silvery light towered up, in Tang San’s eyes already was a purple radiance.


    Five years later.

    Balak Kingdom, located in south Tian Dou Empire, bordering with Fasinuo Province. Speaking of this kingdom, its actual area was only four thirds of Fasinuo Province, subordinate to Tian Dou Empire. Within the borders of Tian Dou empire it was one of four great kingdoms. Balak’s king Kundela was the current Tian Dou Empire’s king Aokula’s younger cousin.

    Southern Balak Kingdom bordered directly on Star Luo Empire, consequently, among Tian Dou Empire’s four kingdoms, Balak Kingdom’s military strength was the most powerful, and it could also be said to be the gateway to Tian Dou Empire.

    Tian Dou Empire originally had ten provinces, that were later divided among the four great kingdoms, forming six powers: the Empire itself directly controlled five provinces, the four great kingdoms each controlled one, and there was still one duchy second only to kingdoms, occupying the smallest province on the Empire’s eastern side.

    On the surface, the four great kingdoms and one duchy must all be subject to Tian Dou Empire’s rule, but in fact, these five states long ago already became nations within a nation, besides the necessary tribute, they were all entirely independent. If not for Tian Dou Imperial Family controlling a large number of troops, perhaps a civil war would long ago already have appeared.

    Star Luo Empire also had similar circumstances, consequently, while the two empires looked to be strong forces, in fact both were in decline. If someone spoke badly, that day the entire Continent’s situation would abruptly transform.

    Within Balak Kingdom were two most important cities, one was Balak king Kundela’s resident capital Balake City, here was the heart of the entire Balake Kingdom’s politics and industry. And the other city was located at the richest granary within the borders of Balak Kingdom called Suotuo City.

    These two cities both had massive garrisons, and were the entire Kingdom’s highest priority.

    Suotuo City was a large city, this bit could be seen from Spirit Hall’s allocated as the third ranked Lord Spirit Hall.

    Currently just past noon, the blazing sun shining fiercely, at Suotuo City’s west gate entered two youths. By looks, they both only appear to be ten-some years old, not carrying any luggage, one boy and one girl.

    The boy’s clothing was simple, looking like twelve or thirteen years old, about one metre seventy tall, wearing a pale blue fresh attire, very neat. Around his waist a belt inset with twenty four pieces of jade, black hair hanging halfway down to his shoulders, facial features although not considered handsome, gave people a kind of very easy to get along with feeling. At the corners of his mouth he continuously wore a slight smile.

    If saying of the boy looked gentle and ordinary, then, the girl at his side looked not as common.

    Silky smooth black long hair combed out into a neat scorpion braid, even though it was a braid, it still hung down to her lower back, compared to that boy she must still be a little bit taller, wearing small pink clothes, tightly covering a figure already begun developing, if speaking of chest still said to be inadequately developed, but her slender small waist could cause countless women envy.

    Tall and slender taut legs wrapped up in trousers, perfect golden ratio proportion, even though her age appeared not old, her face was still childish, but a perfectly round little buttocks were already somewhat hinted at.

    The natural shape of curved eyebrows, a pair of bright and intelligent big eyes matching a somewhat round soft and fair little face, not only pretty, also giving people a somewhat charming feeling, the word lovely seemingly made to measure her. That boy standing at her side, was long ago concealed by her intangible radiance.

    The girl raised her hand, wiping her slightly moist forehead, and somewhat grumbling said:
    “Finally reached this Suotuo City. I truly don’t know how Grandmaster thought, obviously quite a few intermediate spirit master academies expressed they would unconditionally recruit us, yet he asked you to come take the examination here at that not even separating grades worn down academy.”

    The boy smiled slightly, saying:
    “Teacher asked me to come take the examination, but did not ask you to come, who asked you to insist on following. Fortunately Balak Kingdom borders on Fasinuo Region, if not wouldn’t you have to be complaining even more?”

    The girl stared coldly at the boy,
    “Truly without conscience, everything is not for your sake. Who asked you to be my big brother. Anyway the day after tomorrow we can take the examination. No matter what, you must accompany me to play in Suotuo City for these two days, make good the injuries to my young and small heart.”

    The boy couldn’t help but laugh and said:
    “The formidable Nuoding academy’s supreme sister for six years in a row, still has a young and small heart? Let those younger brothers of yours see that, I do not know whether they would immediately go jump into the river.”

    This boy and girl, were exactly Tang San and Xiao Wu from Nuoding primary spirit master academy.

    Five years’ time had passed, and they at long last successfully graduated from Nuoding primary spirit master academy. Of course with their talents, Nuoding academy intended to recommend they immediately enter intermediate spirit master academy, even to the extent of having several famous academies issue invitation letters, giving an abundance of places to choose from.

    But Grandmaster demanded Tang San turn down the invitations, and go to this south Suotuo City place known as Shrek Academy to enter for examination.

    Six years of instruction, regarding Grandmaster, Tang San long ago already respected him like a father, let alone understanding him, what Grandmaster asked him to do this it was certainly for his good. Therefore, he complied without the slightest hesitation.

    Over the past six years, Tang San and Xiao Wu’s relationship long ago became close like blood siblings; if Tang San chose here, then Xiao Wu naturally also followed.

    When leaving the academy, Grandmaster told Tang San he must go to the imperial capital, then afterward would come find them.

    The six years in Nuoding, was to Tang San an extremely rich six years: morning classes, afternoon work, evening cultivation, practically without free time. At twelve years old he already no longer resembled that originally frail look. Working in the smithy every day, gave him a healthy and strong physique, although looking at him he could not be considered majestic, the body covered by the fresh clothing was full of explosive force muscle.

    Xiao Wu pouting said:
    “Regardless, do you promise?”

    Tang San laughed, saying:
    “As you want. Only, having travelled so far, aren’t you tired? We should first find a place to stay and speak again. Also it’s almost noon, so eat first, right.”

    Xiao Wu smiling said:
    “This is just about right.”

    Tang San very rarely went against her words. Ever since the two people established a sibling relationship, he all along took care of her like a big brother, although he was very busy, the unexpectedly displayed consideration still gave Xiao Wu a pleasurable kind of feeling.

    Suotuo City compared to Nuoding City must be much bigger, and naturally also must be much more lively. On the street, everywhere could be seen patrolling soldiers, a bustling stream of people were passing by nonstop.

    The two first simply ate some small things, and afterwards looked for a place to stay. Soon Xiao Wu discovered a very unique hotel.

    The hotel was three floors tall, and although the size could not be considered too large, the exterior adornment was completely rose red, the entire hotel building style was like an enormous rose, very easily able to give people looking at it a certain feeling.

    “Rose Hotel. Little San, we’ll stay here.”
    Xiao Wu pointed.

    Tang San unnecessarily said:
    “I hear you.”
    Working these several years, adding to the stipend given by Spirit Hall, he by now could be considered as having some savings. Xiao Wu never cared about amounts of money, spending extravagantly, so in order to not let her overspend, she simply let Tang San hold her income, letting him put it away. Having him control some, she still could save a little.

    Walking into the Rose Hotel, the first sensation was a smell of rose fragrance, a scent penetrating deeply into the heart and bringing a somewhat hidden warmth feeling, making people’s hearts free from worry.

    The interior decorations of the hotel only had three kinds of color: white, silver and rose red, warm and unique, very easily giving people a good feeling.Tang San walked up before the counter,
    “Trouble you to give us two rooms.”

    The clerk behind the counter hastily stood up, taking a look at Tang San, again looking at Xiao
    Wu, eyes revealing some envious light,
    “Sir, must it truly definitely be two rooms?”

    Tang San nodded,
    “Is something wrong?”

    The clerks eyes showed some uncertainty,
    “I’m sorry, we only have one room remaining here.”

    “One room?”
    Tang San frowned, as a two lifetimes person, the little time sharing a bed with Xiao Wu did not feel significant, but after all by now these two had gradually both gotten grown up figures, he could still very clearly remember the words about no direct contact between men and women.

    The clerk said with emphasis,
    “Yes, ah, only one. However you be at ease, all our rooms are very big, the facilities have everything one might expect, more than sufficient for staying two people.”
    Speaking, he also gave towards Tang San an expression that could only be sensed and not explained in words. Of course, Tang San was unable to make sense of it.

    Xiao Wu said with a big grin:
    “That one room is fine. When we were at Nuoding, didn’t we always stay in the same dormitory? Like this. We can still save a little money to buy beautiful clothes.”

    Tang San couldn’t help but shake his head, he was not an obstinate person, at worst he would sleep on the floor, at night would also cultivate, that could be the best sleep.

    “Fine, I’ll trouble you to give me this room.”

    Just when the clerk was helping Tang San put in order the formalities, a voice out of nowhere interrupted the clerk’s actions.

    “I say, this room should belong to me, right.”
    Tang San and Xiao Wu simultaneously turned around to look, only to find three people appeared behind them, walking over towards the counter.

    These three people were one man and two women. The two girls gorgeously dressed, looking to be seventeen or eighteen years old, figures tall and slender, compared to Xiao Wu still must be a bit taller, but what caused the most surprise, their features were unexpectedly exactly alike, they were actually twins.

    But, Tang San’s gaze did not fall on those two stunning beauties, what attracted his attention was the man walking in the middle.

    The man was about one metre eighty tall, compared to him would be half a head taller, appearing not old, even to the extent that he must be a bit younger than the two young women behind him, broad shoulders, features handsome and somewhat resolute, a head of long golden hair unrolling behind him, falling down nearly to his waist. His hair did not curl, and hung straight down.

    Most eye catching were his eyes, those were a pair of evil eyes, both eyes unexpectedly had twin pupils, within the deep blue eyes was a very cold gaze, a kind of icy cold evolving from the depths of the heart, an evil light glimmering between half open eyelids, under his gaze, the whole body felt like cut by a sharp sword.

    With extremely handsome features matching this kind of pair of eyes, this kind of man, regardless of where would be a focus of people’s attention.

    He was very powerful, this was Tang San’s first thought after seeing this person.

    The twin young women held the arms of that twin pupil man, he also took no notice of Tang San, his gaze after sweeping across Xiao Wu’s body, flashed out a trace of astonished light, but this was only a passing glimmer, nothing more.

    Walking up before the counter, looking at the clerk, the youth said:
    “You are newly arrived, right. Unaware to nevertheless leave one room here for me?”

    The clerk was stunned a moment, and probingly asked:
    “You are?”

    The twin pupil man somewhat impatiently said:
    “Call out your manager.”

    The clerk under the twin pupil man’s gaze, heart felt a peal of cold, hurriedly went in back to call his superior.

    Tang San coolly said:
    “Elder brother, seems we were here first.”

    The twin pupil man did not even turn his head, only coldly said:
    “So what?”
    He habitually did not face people explaining.

    Tang San’s temperament was considered mild, but Xiao Wu could not that well be bullied, in a flash she already came to Tang San’s side,
    “No how, so you scram.”

    The twin pupil man finally turned, ice-cold evil gaze falling on Xiao Wu, nodding,
    “Very good, for a very long time there was nobody who dared speak like this to me. Your bodies also have spirit power fluctuations, should be spirit masters. Then you together, if strike me I will immediately leave, otherwise, you please demonstrate at once this scramming.”

    Hearing the words of the twin pupil man, the twin young women at his side couldn’t help but have silly smiles, appearing to have not a bit of worry, cutely letting go of the twin pupil man’s arms, retreating to one side.

    Just at this time, that previous clerk already brought out a middle aged man from the back, he had obviously heard the twin pupil man’s dialogue with Tang San and Xiao Wu, face wearing an anxious expression,
    “Let me speak, let me speak, by no means fight.”

    The twin pupil man gave him an oblique look,
    “Manager Wang, you are currently more willing to do business, ah?”

    Manager Wang wiped the sweat on his head, with a smile said:
    “Young master Dai, by all means do not say so, it’s all a no good subordinate, this kid just came yesterday, unaware of the rules, please excuse me, please excuse me. I will immediately arrange a room for you.”

    Speaking, he turned his head towards Tang San and Xiao Wu, his whole face apologetic saying:
    “I beg your pardon, two visitors. That room was booked by young master Dai, please choose another store.”

    If it was according to Tang San’s temper, he would let it be. With so many hotels, he did not care about changing stores. But Xiao Wu’s temperament was motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos and would not so easily compromise.

    “We will not yield, so what? Bloody snobby creatures. Do not think we will be bullied because we’re young.”

    Young master Dai snorted coldly,
    “Even if you wanted to yield it is also not so easy, cursing me, wanting to leave can’t happen.”

    “Young master Dai, young master Dai, you......”
    Manager Wang was greatly anxious, face had a pleading expression.

    Young master Dai’s eyes held a fierce light,
    “Less nonsense. Consider all damages on me.”

    Used to being regarded as Nuoding academy’s big sister leader, Xiao Wu seeing the other side with this kind of arrogant expression, was immediately about to rush out and hit.

    Tang San caught Xiao Wu’s shoulder,
    “Leave it to me.”

    Xiao Wu discontentedly said:
    “Why? I will do it myself, I will hit him so his even mom doesn’t recognize him.”

    Tang San wrinkled his brow, saying:
    “As a girl, your language should be a bit neater. Did you forget what I said before, I will always protect you. This is a matter between men.”

    He did not let Xiao Wu go fight, first because he felt the other side was formidable, fearing Xiao Wu would come to harm. Second, if they really lost, he would rather be humiliated himself, could not let Xiao Wu be humiliated by the other side.

    Hearing the words ‘I will always protect you’, Xiao Wu’s indignant expression relaxed, looking at Tang San she said:
    “Then you be careful.”

    “No need to argue, I said, you two together.”
    Young master Dai said impatiently.

    Tang San free from conceit and arrogance took two steps forward,
    “Kindly advise me.”

    Young master Dai with an evil light in his eyes, right fist suddenly lifted, accompanying a frontal rush, going straight for a strike at Tang San’s chest. His movements were very simple, without any flourishes, but Tang San’s expression changed. Because the opponent’s fist’s momentum in a flash already reached the peak effect of physical force and speed. Without plentiful combat experience how could this bit also be possible.

    This time Tang San could in no way retreat, the opponent’s momentum could thereupon suddenly rise, so only would cause this fist’s power to further increase. Therefore, he not only did not retreat, on the contrary moved forward. Right foot in a flash advancing a step, this step cut across as much as three metres, immediately drawing close to his opponent, Tang San’s goal was very simple, he must disrupt the opponent’s offensive rhythm.

    Similarly wielding his right fist, Tang San’s hand in an eyeblink became smooth and milky white like jade.

    With a muffled peng sound, young master Dai’s forward rushing body came to a sudden stop, but Tang San uncontrolledly had to withdraw four or five steps backward to be able to come to a stop.

    Young master Dai’s eyes revealed an astonished light, he clearly had not thought this before him that looked like compared to him still must be several years younger junior would be able to stop his fist.

    Making young master Dai most astonished was Tang San’s fist, in attack power he clearly held the advantage, but currently his right hand ached to the point of splitting apart, Tang San’s fist seemed to be as hard as copper molded on cast iron.

    Would Tang San not also be astonished? One must know, his fist not only included Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength, but his physical power in itself also did not in any way match his age, working as a blacksmith for years made his physical strength far above the average person, adding onto Mysterious Jade Hand’s properties, three great advantages mixing, and he still lost.

    The opponent’s physical power was very strong, but not that that kind of fierce strength, rather a condensed strength, as if all the physical power he possessed was condensed into the size of a fist, in a flash erupting in a shocking force that already caused the qi and blood in Tang San’s body to roil.

    “Good. Able to receive my fist, you have the qualifications to be my opponent.”
    Young master Dai coldly shouted, body again put into action. This time, his attack was not so simple: his entire person flew forward, instantly already reaching Tang San, four limbs bizarrely spreading open, looking like the whole body up and down was full of openings, but his four limbs all moved slightly, seemingly having boundless later moves.

    Tang San’s expression already became extremely imposing, both knees slightly bent, toes simultaneously buckling in, left arm from outside circling in, right arm from inside pushing out, adopting a very peculiar posture.

    This strike of young master Dai’s could be said to be the unique skill that made his name, regardless of how the opponent tried to resist the attack, he had many methods to respond, within the seemingly full of openings movements was contained a profound attack technique, all four limbs could turn into weapons.

    But when his attack was ready to unfold, unexpectedly, an intangible force came through from underneath. That power seemed very tenacious, without any powerful force of impact, but pure toughness. Young master Dai was in midair with nowhere to borrow force, so only felt his body to his surprise forcibly brought to deviate from his original course by that force, falling to one side, his attack naturally lost its aim.

    What was this force? The amazed thought flashed past in young master Dai’s mind. But his fighting experience was extremely abundant, with a tiger waist twist in midair, body revolving sideways all the way around, he firmly landed on the ground.

    But at this time, Tang San’s attack started. He chose just the right moment, exactly in the moment young master Dai’s legs touched down, which was also when it was the most difficult to issue strength.

    Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, looking like three disjointed steps, Tang San already reached young master Dai’s side, both palms simultaneously clapping out, moving towards young master Dai’s both shoulders.

    In young master Dai’s eyes flashed an evil light, the four pupils seemingly simultaneously glittering at once. With an exhaling sound, both shoulders shrugging back, both fists then striking out, simultaneously lifting, striking towards Tang San’s elbows. Unyielding fist strength in midair repeatedly issuing audible cracks, one could see these two fists contained great physical strength.

    At the same time as both fists struck, young master Dai’s right leg shot up in a flash, under these close range circumstances, he unexpectedly kicked directly at Tang San’s chin, one could see how good his flexibility was. Whether his pair of fists or right leg, had any one attack hit, as he exceeded Tang San’s attack strength, he would immediately make Tang San loose fighting strength.

    But, could Tang San let him have his wish? Don’t forget, this could be Tang San’s specialty.

    The palms pushing down towards young master Dai’s both shoulders lost their aim along with the other side withdrawing his shoulders, but Tang San’s hands did not withdraw, only simultaneously swiped downwards. In the wiped area, the tough hidden force young master Dai felt before appeared once again, and his upper arms were at once driven out to two sides, both fists exploding out also glanced off Tang San’s arms to the side, unable to hit their goal.

    At the same time as wiping with both hands, Tang San’s left leg in a flash stepped ahead one step, body inclining to one side, shoulder striking straight at young master Dai’s chest, he in this way sideways, also at the right moment let young master Dai kick up that leg, everything seemed to be calculated well.

    Right now, young master Dai’s leg, already without space to dodge, also experienced the other side’s attack with both hands erasing physical force, and immediately was at a disadvantage.

    With a muffled peng sound, Tang San’s shoulders abruptly rammed young master Dai’s chest, as the spectating twin young women cried out in alarm, young master Dai’s body in a flash flew back, facing upwards, issuing a backward somersault movement, flying out no less than five meters before falling down.

    Tang San without following up, calmly looked at young master Dai fallen on the ground. From coming into contact with the other party’s chest he knew, he certainly did not hold much of an advantage.

    The moment he was struck, young master Dai’s chest muscles abruptly became hard as iron, although because of the advantage young master Dai was thrown, from that hard meeting hard his own shoulder also had a burning ache.

    Young master Dai’s expression was somewhat embarrassed, he had no choice but to admit that just now he took the enemy lightly. This juvenile looking like compared to him still must be several years younger before him, actual power was much greater than what he imagined.

    “Still want to go on?” Tang San calmly asked.

    Young master Dai’s evil eyes rose,
    “Of course. Very good, you can force me to use spirit power, this competition is already my loss. However, properly measuring strength against you a few times, how can I not be willing? Regardless of the results of competition, afterwards today I give this room to you.”

    Young master Dai’s evil eyes revealed not anger and hate, but a kind of peculiar light, if insisting on using words to explain it, the four words ‘thrill of the hunt’ was perhaps the most suitable. His current expression was like seeing a beautiful woman, shoulders quivering minutely, both arms lifting.

    Tang San’s eyes were also gradually brightening. He realized, young master Dai in front of him was alike, if before calling him ice-coldly disdainful, then, the current him was all over filled with fiery battle anticipation.

    “White tiger, body enhancement.”
    A layer of intense pale light abruptly erupted out from all over his body, young master Dai’s both arms simultaneously spread to either side, throwing out his chest, the entire body’s skeleton making a cracking sound, muscles abruptly swelling, filling out the clothes to the point of bursting. Every muscle under the clothes became exceedingly distinct, even the atmosphere at his side seemed to already become irritable.

    The full head of blonde hair in an eyeblink changed to alternating black and white, white constituting the majority, in it several black locks especially clear. On his forehead appeared four faint lines, three horizontal and one vertical, just right to form the character for ‘king’.

    His hands changed the most, to no less than twice the size compared to before changing, white fur covered the entire back of the hand, shooting from the ten fingers, short dagger-like talons continuously stretched out and withdrew from within the hand. Each talon was like the edge of a knife, length no less than eight cun. Glimmering with a dim dazzling gleam.

    Young master Dai’s body slowly bent over, four pupils all becoming thoroughly deep blue, giving people a feeling like of a killing machine.

    Under his feet, three glittering rings of light rose up in succession, quietly ascending, two yellow and one purple, spirit rings moving around, surging spirit power forming like waves and blowing out.

    “Thousand year spirit ring.”
    Xiao Wu cried out in alarm, expression immediately somewhat flustered. Wanting to advance to fight shoulder to shoulder with Tang San, but stopped by Tang San.

    Among spirit rings, white represented ten year, yellow represented hundred year, purple represented thousand year. This youth before them called young master Dai, actually already possessed a third spirit ring, and also among them still had what was a thousand year existence. One must know, looking on the surface, his age compared to Tang San and Xiao Wu was merely three or four year’s older, that’s all.

    Three spirit rings meant that young master Dai’s rank had at least reached thirty, also to say, he was a spirit elder, and was a battle spirit elder possessing a powerful beast spirit.

    “Dai Mubai, spirit: white tiger, thirty seventh ranked battle spirit elder. Kindly advise me.”
    Among the domineering power, Dai Mubai announced his spirit and rank, this represented a desire for a formal challenge.

    Before the tremendous pressure, Tang San also started becoming different, the violent impulses hidden deep in his heart gradually emerged, eyes covered by a layer of faint purple, slowly raising his right hand.

    Deep blue light suddenly surged out, a cluster of deep blue grass abruptly grew from his palm, each blade of grass very tenuous, but on the surface covered with serpent lines, the blades of grass no longer had the previous flat shape, but became cylindrical, and if watching carefully, one was able to clearly see on these blades of grass, were covered with fine little thorns.

    Milky white light rose up from all over Tang San’s body, and as if those deep blue blades of grass received some stimulation abruptly enlarged, in the blink of an eye already became as thick as a person’s arm, just like rattan. The black snake lines glimmered with faint light, moving quickly like ten big snakes spiralling around Tang San’s body.

    Two yellow spirit rings simultaneously rose up from under Tang San’s feet, orbiting his body.
    “Tang San, spirit, blue silver grass, twenty ninth ranked tool spirit grandmaster. Kindly advise me.”

    Dai Mubai’s eyebrows that like his hair had turned white rose at once,
    “Your spirit is only blue silver grass?”

    Tang San spoke Grandmaster’s original words:
    “‘There are no good-for-nothing spirits, only good-for-nothing spirit masters.’”

    Since Tang San enteried Nuoding primary spirit master academy, Dai Mubai was the second powerful spirit he encountered. Only originally the Nuoding academy dean, under Grandmaster’s invitation at the time helping him together obtain the second spirit ring revealing the actual strength of a forty second rank tool spirit ancestor. But that dean’s age long ago already exceeded fifty, and Dai Mubai before him, probably was sixteen or seventeen years old, that’s all.

    No wonder, no wonder his relying on physical strength and internal strength adding to Mysterious Jade Hand when first colliding with him fell short, this was the absolute gap of physical strength.

    This person before him, could be said to be the most formidable opponent Tang San had encountered, Tang San was very clear on the large difference of one spirit ring, especially when the opponent’s third spirit ring was a thousand year level. Whether added property and ability, it was all not something his two rings could match. This fight, Tang San was without any certainty, perhaps, let him put to use his most secret ability, he could then have the power to contend.

    “Well spoken, ‘there are no good-for-nothing spirits, only good-for-nothing spirit masters’. I have been instructed, this blue silver grass spirit of yours is so peculiar.”

    Dai Mubai moved, after spirit body enhancement, he seemingly completely became another person, white hair just now fluttered up, his that body brimming with explosive power already reached in front of Tang San.

    Both hands ten fingers’ talons simultaneously emerged, raking towards Tang San’s body.

    Tang San practically without hesitation retreated lightning quick, using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, dodging Dai Mubai’s attack by a hair’s breadth, and simultaneously, his released blue silver grass spirit also very quickly moved up, a circle of blue and black thick vines spiraling out, from all directions surging towards Dai Mubai’s body. But Tang San himself, like he was hidden among the vines quietly disappeared.

    In Dai Mubai’s evil eye light flashed continuously, entire body covered by surging spirit power, both hands dancing beneath, the vines rushing to his side one by one cut open.

    He originally intended to directly cut off these blue silver grass thick vines, but he realized with a shock, these vines were unexpectedly extremely tough, with his added thirty seven ranked spirit power’s tiger claws when swinging at the vines he could only cut halfway through, and was unable to completely cut free. But in a very short time of the vines leaving the tiger claw’s range, it could very quickly heal itself.

    A faint sweet tea fragrance spread among the vines. These vines were seemingly inexhaustible, unceasingly welling out from all directions, even though Dai Mubai’s strength and speed both were substantially increased under the effect of the spirit, he still could not rush out of the range of the vines.

    This was blue silver grass? Dai Mubai was greatly astounded, he had never thought that blue silver could be this fierce, the opponent compared to him had one less spirit ring, yet blue silver grass was able to temporarily tangle him, if their spirit rings were equal, then this fight’s victor would be very hard to tell.

    Dai Mubai never was a patient person, and his love to outshine others was particularly powerful, his intense gaze abruptly shone, Dai Mubai’s evil eyes suddenly became white, among the three spirit rings over his body, the first spirit ring abruptly radiated greatly, taking the form of a white light cover, blocking the vines around him so they were unable to approach his body.

    Immediately following, the second spirit ring on his body also shone, a huge white light in a flash condensed, accompanying Dai Mubai a tiger roar, a milky white ball of light shot out of his mouth.

    The abilities which Dai Mubai’s first two spirit rings added, were separately White Tiger Shield Body Barrier as well as White Tiger Intense Light Wave, right now launched simultaneously, instantly unfolding their terrible might.

    Looking from outside, Dai Mubai’s body was already surrounded by the enormous vines, but just when Xiao Wu slightly relaxed her breath, suddenly, countless white light from in the crevices of the vines abruptly shot out, immediately following, a dull roar abruptly exploded.

    The blue silver grass forming vines scattered broken in all directions, a formidable shock wave swept across the Rose Hotel hall in complete disorder.

    The spirit was one with the host, Tang San’s expression instantly paled, retreating a step to be able to stand steady.

    The white light gradually disappeared, revealing Dai Mubai’s majestic figure, tattered blue silver grass also began to condense again by Tang San’s side, but the quantity compared to before was already a lot less.

    “Tang San, beast spirits’ attack strength will always be more powerful compared to tool spirits. Although the power of your blue silver grass surprised me, in the end it still is unable to pin me down.”

    Tang San smiled weakly, saying:
    “That is certain.”

    Suddenly, on Tang San’s body the second spirit ring abruptly shone, Dai Mubai’s body abruptly stiffened at once, a layer of fine vines that had appeared on his body at some unknown time, following Tang San’s second spirit ring’s great release of light, in a flash grew, firmly binding Dai Mubai’s body therein.

    The piercing thorns on the vines although only very short, continuously tightened down bringing Dai Mubai’s whole body severe pain, at the same time, he realized his body unexpectedly began to go numb.

    Long ago when Tang San still had not reached the twentieth rank, Grandmaster already thought well on from what kind of spirit beast his second spirit ring must be hunted.

    Tang San’s second spirit ring was from a kind of plant system spirit beast called ghost vine, the second spirit ring’s highest assimilation spirit ring age was seven hundred sixty four years, this ghost vine spirit ring Tang San’s obtained, at least surpassed six hundred years cultivation.

    Ghost vine was a kind of exceedingly horrifying plant system spirit beast, it had extremely powerful nerve poison, one need only be stung by on its piercing thorns, and poison would immediately circulate, until dissolving into pus water, becoming the ghost vine’s fertilizer. And also, what spirit masters feared the most, was the ghost vine’s parasitic ability. When it attacked, it would by its own accord send out countless minute seeds, directly attach to the victim’s body, ghost vine alone provided enough capabilities, or else as these seeds absorbed sufficient nutrients, they would grow on the parasite host’s body, and as nerve poison spread in a short while, the effect would be the same.

    Obtaining this more than six hundred year ghost vine spirit ring, even if it was Nuoding academy’s dean, that forty second rank tool spirit ancestor, also took a lot of trouble, relying on himself rather than mutually restraining spirit, could not easily subdue it, letting Tang San accomplish the final killing strike.

    After obtaining the ghost vine’s spirit ring, Tang San’s own properties substantially elevated on all sides, blue spirit grass became even tougher, and also turned similar to ghost vine’s outward appearance, only the color and veined pattern maintained its original appearance. And its poison also became nerve paralysing, its effect greatly increased, even if it was in the air the volatile smell could also give rise to a certain effect.

    And the ability the ghost vine’s spirit ring gave Tang San, was parasite.

    By infusing spirit power, ghost vines parasite ability activated effect still must surpass the original ghost vine itself, under spirit power infusion, parasite seeds would grow in an instant, being unable to guard against. Could be said to be an extremely insidious control ability.

    Both blue silver grass’ toughness, from that thirty seventh rank Dai Mubai with white tiger blade was unable to completely cut apart could be seen, he in the end was still underestimating Tang San, underestimating blue silver grass, therefore at the end of the road.

    Seeing at Dai Mubai with an astonished light in his eyes, Tang San said:
    “My blue silver grass is poisonous, before you should already have inhaled some, also launching emitting powerful sprit power attack abilities to cut open my blue silver grass binding, was sure to cause your internal blood and qi to circulate faster, causing the poison to take effect even faster. Like this, although you yourself did not feel anything, in fact the surface of the skin already began to become somewhat dumb, unable to discover the blue silver grass parasite seeds. Therefore, you lose.”

    Dai Mubai looked at Tang San, right now other than his head, his entire body was already wrapped under blue silver grass, in his evil eyes an ominous glint continuously sparkling,
    “Good, what a blue silver grass. If I same as you only had two spirit rings, then I really would have lost, as my body is already numb, it’s very difficult to struggle free from the blue silver grass. But, after all compared to you I have one more spirit ring. I will still let you have a look at my third spirit ring ability.”

    The purple ring of light flashed alight in an eyeblink, around Dai Mubai’s body the air became distorted, his evil eye suddenly turning blood red, immediately following, the blue silver grass binding his body suddenly expanded, and with a loud bang, all the blue silver grass binding him, consisting of parasite blue silver grass seeds, completely burst into broken bits.

    Dai Mubai’s body, unexpectedly appeared to have changed a second time.

    Tang San inhaled a cold breath,
    “Is this a thousand year spirit ring ability?”

    ---------- End of volume 2 -----------

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    And still the fight is not yet over. What a delicious description of the fight - both from within the fighters views and from the onlookers views. This is how a fighting scene should be described - blow by blow and drawing out the fighting strokes vividly. It will be a tragedy if it was a wham bang thank you Sam description.

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    Full Chapters 15 out:

    thanks, aakkoset , for introducing this to us
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    Volume 3 - Monster Academy - Chapter 15, Thousand Year Spirit Ring Ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation

    When Dai Mubai was pinned by Tang San’s spirit blue silver grass’ second ability, he finally used his third spirit ring’s ability.

    Right now, Dai Mubai appearing before Tang San and Xiao Wu had again changed appearance, the original body because of spirit white tiger body enhancement became majestic once again expanded, its muscles bulging exaggeratedly, the clothes on his body completely bursting, exposing horrifying muscle contours, but most abnormal was, all over his skin appeared black striation, if he wouldn’t have been without fur, it would have been without any difference to a tiger.

    The pair of tiger paws again enlarged, on the surface ejected sharp swords all turned shining silver, most peculiar was, his entire body up and down was enveloped in a layer of intense golden light, like it was gilded itself. The blood red pair of evil eyes revealed a bloodthirsty light, the entire body up and down all bringing a kind of king among beasts tyranny.

    Although Tang San did not know what a transformation like this before him represented, but this was the third spirit ring, and also an ability bestowed by a thousand year spirit ring.

    Equally feeling the crisis Xiao Wu practically immediately released her spirit ring, and like Tang San, two yellow rings of light appeared around her body, that pair of lovable white ears also rose up, originally already very beautiful, she right now looked like her figure seemingly became softer.

    Beast spirit body enhancement, unlike beast spirit effect, like Dai Mubai’s white tiger body enhancement, would make him become even more ferocious and strong, what Xiao Wu’s rabbit spirit body enhancement gave her was an even softer figure, along with both legs becoming even longer and more slender. Closer to a rabbit’s characteristics.

    Not even Tang San knew from what spirit beast Xiao Wu’s spirit ring was, Tang San and Xiao Wu in that end of year leave when Tang San under Grandmaster and the Nuoding dean’s assistance obtained his second spirit ring, Xiao Wu at that time then returned home, when she again came back, had already obtained the second spirit ring, also was a hundred year spirit ring.

    Blue and black blue silver grass shot out from around Tang San’s body, the spirit was not required to only emerge from the palm, bringing sharp thorned vines rapidly rushing out in midair, obstructing Dai Mubai’s line of sight, simultaneously twining out towards his four limbs and neck. At Tang San’s own spirit power, under the pressure of Mysterious Heaven skill’s internal strength, the first spirit ring’s binding ability he currently already brought out to the limit.

    At the time of launching the attack, Tang San held back Xiao Wu who wanted to rush out, shaking his head toward her.

    Other people could not interfere in a fight between men, otherwise only would be looked down on by the other side. Tang San’s mental age could not match his exterior mere twelve years old, and deeply understood this bit. Even more since, although he from Dai Mubai’s body could sense ice cold and tyranny, but not at all hostility.

    When Tang San held back Xiao Wu, his pupil also abruptly contracted at once, mouth issuing a muffled snort.

    Ten silvery lights flashed crisscrossed in midair, the rapid blue silver grass vines abruptly halted in midair. Immediately following, these blue silver grass with incomparable toughness, just then completely turned into small pieces dissipating in midair, Dai Mubai’s majestic body walked step by step towards Tang San’s body, the silvery blades on his tiger claws continuously moving in and out, releasing astonishing pressure.

    “Your blue silver grass is indeed not bad, its toughness far exceeds my expectations. Even if it was my normal spirit power, it was to cut them open with the first attack. But, right now I’m using my third spirit ring ability, White Tiger Vajra Transformation. Originally, in order to obtain this spirit ring, I could be said to experience hardship and peril, in the end hunted down a thousand year vajra tiger spirit beast. It not only substantially increased my physical strength, attack and defense, but at the same time also bestowed on me this White Tiger Vajra Transformation ability.”

    Dai Mubai’s steps halted when the distance to Tang San and Xiao Wu still was ten metres, without continuing to attack.

    “My White Tiger Vajra Transformation can maintain half an hour of body transformation, in this half hour, in my exceptional state resistance along with attack power, defense, and physical strength simultaneously increase twofold. With my thirty seventh ranked spirit power, under this amplification effect, your poison is still insufficient to harm me. Granted that your spirit ability is exquisite, its control system spirit effect is also not bad, but in the end it still isn’t my match. This is the absolute difference in strength.”

    In Dai Mubai’s evil eyes continuously glinted red light, suddenly, the strong muscles on his body gradually contracted, the red light in his eyes also quietly dispersing. On his body the effects of white tiger spirit body enhancement quietly vanished.

    The current Dai Mubai would seem somewhat ridiculous, without any clothes intact, jacket completely burst, trousers also very seriously damaged, from the previous sharp thorns of blue silver grass vines, the shredded area of the clothes he wore was not small.

    Evil eye having returned to normal, Dai Mubai looked deeply at Tang San and Xiao Wu,
    “I think, we very quickly will meet again. Going to Shrek Academy, if someone gives you trouble, give them my Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai’s name.”

    Finished speaking, he beckoned to that pair of twin young women, taking the lead to leave the hotel.

    Xiao Wu couldn’t help but say at the figure of Dai Mubai’s back:
    “How did you know we are going to Shrek Academy?”

    Dai Mubai stopped walking, coldly said:
    “You are only about twelve years old, at this age, possessing more than twentieth ranked spirit power, at this time, if not coming here to sign up at Shrek Academy, then what ever for? Twelve years old, haha, twelve years old, I’m already fifteen year’s old. Tang San, I’ll await you at Shrek Academy.”

    Final words fading, Dai Mubai’s already left the hotel.

    Looking at his departing back, Xiao Wu somewhat unconvinced snorted,
    “This person really is fishy. By one look is not some good person. Little San, hereafter even if we go to Shrek Academy, still must not have dealings with him.”

    Tang San smiled faintly, he similarly looked towards the departing Dai Mubai,
    “Why? I feel this person still isn’t bad. Although a bit cold on the surface, very straightforward.”

    Xiao Wu said unhappily:
    “Not bad? What I see as bad cannot be mistaken. You tell me, he brought two girls to rent a room at a hotel, still capable of what good deed? Calling out prostitutes in the middle of the day, still is a good person? What Evil Eye White Tiger, I see as more like Lewd Tiger.”

    Tang San wrinkled his brows,
    “Xiao Wu, I find you understand more and more.”

    Xiao Wu did not see Tang San’s eyes a trace discontented, instead proud of herself said:
    “Of course, do not forget, I am indeed Nuoding academy students’ boss.”

    Helplessly shaking his head, Tang San said:
    “Dai Mubai’s private preferences are not for me to evaluate. But I came to see from this fight with him just now, his each aspect is not bad. His strength is above ours, but does not use it to bully others. Not only giving us his room, before leaving meaning seemingly would look after us in the Academy.”

    Xiao Wu doubtfully said:
    “Oh, that’s right, just now he all along said we are twelve years old, he fifteen years old, also, he previously said he already lost, those were what you meant?”

    Tang San said:
    “Before using spirit he said he already lost, first was because I beat him with skill, second, should be because of our age. After we both used spirits, he also repeated the same words, still emphasizing age gap. If my guess isn’t incorrect, his strength at twelve years of age, should not fall short of us right now, therefore he said he already lost. Grandmaster once said, innate talent over spirit master skill, before twenty years old, each year is of extraordinary importance. Differing one year of age, the cultivation gap would be very large. Us with him have three year’s gap, but strength gap is not as much as the age, therefore he believed it was his loss, this still was a place he was eager to win.”

    Xiao Wu stopped her spirit body transformation, unexpectedly saying in a low voice:
    “Ge, just now if he truly beat you, then must we really get lost?”
    She still had not forgotten Dai Mubai’s previous arrogant words.

    Tang San calmly said:
    “Even if getting lost, it would only be by myself. This was also the reason why I did not let you enter the fight. He correctly said, with a difference of one spirit ring, the difference in strength is immense. Regardless of spirit power or spirit ring bestowed properties he was still above us with that thousand year spirit ring ability. After using White Tiger Vajra Transformation, even if us two joined together, we still might not be his match. Could I really see you lose? If he insisted on that, then I also only could mutually kill each other. In strength, I am inferior to him, but if at full power, I have seventy percent certainty to have him die together with me.”

    Having said this, Tang San walked over towards the counter, fortunately, his fight with Dai Mubai had not continued too long, after Dai Mubai used White Tiger Vajra Transformation he also had not attacked with full strength, otherwise, this rose hotel would not like right now only just have some damage to the decor.

    Xiao Wu looked at Tang San walking towards the counter, lowering her head, in a low mutter repeating his previous words,
    “Mutually kill each other. For dignity.”

    That manager Wang stuck his head out from behind the counter, seeing Tang San walking over, he hurriedly showed a smiling expression,
    “Young man, you truly are awesome, ah, including young master Dai all agree with letting you the room. Fortunately you did not receive any injuries, otherwise we certainly would be at a loss to account for it.”

    Tang San of the hall’s mess, with a wry smile said:
    “Manager, how much will it be to restore here?”

    Manager Wang hurriedly shook his head, saying:
    “No, no, with you it doesn’t matter. Young master Dai previously said, these are all considered on him. He is our distinguished guest, need only register the bill. Before truly is embarrassing, when delaying two customers, still almost caused two customers harm, I certainly will subtract two customers’ three days rent, if two customers at our place stay less than three days, no need to pay.”

    While speaking, he held out a brilliantly golden key handing it to Tang San, smiling apologetically.

    Tang San was dumbfounded a moment, the hotel’s damages did not matter to him, Dai Mubai clearly was a wealthy person, but rent reduction he found somewhat found, after all, he had still destroyed someone elses hall.

    “How is this embarrassing. We still are good to pay as before.”

    Manager Wang hastily shook his head saying:
    “How is that possible, we already brought two customers very great inconvenience. Herafter two customers need only have time to grace this store with your presence even more, alone is greatest assistance to us. Two customers’ room is at the top floor, the door plate is red ocean.”

    Tang San helpless, could only nod, saying:
    “Then thank you.”

    Going through a twisting and turning, Tang San also felt somewhat weary, turning around and bringing Xiao Wu walking towards the upper floor.

    Ever since reaching Suotuo City, also fighting with Dai Mubai, whether mental pressure or internal strength consumption, he needed to rest. After all, with blue silver grass being destroyed several times by Dai Mubai his internal strength consumption was not little.

    Looking at the two people going to the next floor, manager Wang could at last let out his breath, muttering:
    “At last it’s resolved.”

    Turning his head to look at the at his side innocent appearing clerk, with a sigh, said:
    “My fault, forgetting to tell you. Other rooms are all still fine, only red ocean cannot be casually let to other people, that is under young master Dai’s long term reservation.”

    The clerk said:
    “Going through, our red ocean’s room charge for one day is ten gold spirit coins, you let those two children live for free like this? Young people today still truly are unrestrained, only twelve or thirteen year’s old, unexpectedly......”

    “Less nonsense, take care as trouble issues from the mouth.”
    Manager Wang slightly angrily said:
    “What do you understand, spirit masters are what kind of noble existences, did you not see just now on those two children’s bodies both already possessed two spirit rings? So young and already are spirit grandmasters, theír future prospects should be boundless. Maybe comes from a great clan, cannot be offended by us.”

    Rose Hotel’s decor easily gave people a very good feeling, color matching simple and cozy, within the hotel was that faint rose fragrance, putting people at ease.

    Farthest inside the top floor, Tang San found the Red Ocean door plate. The top floor altogether only had a few rooms, that’s all. The previous door plates were some Blue Beauty, Pink Gentleness, Yellow Sincerity, White Purity, Green Separation and so on. Furthest in, was this Red Ocean. Later he learned, the door plate names, also represented the colors of different roses.

    The door color was the same as the door plate name, on the crimson door was a beautiful dark red crystal rose decoration, beside the red crystal rose was also a line of vertical block print characters, ‘Red Ocean, Ocean of Love’.

    Even if Tang San was more slow witted, he would currently still feel a bit strange, turning his head to look at Xiao Wu, discovering Xiao Wu was also looking at him, somewhat awkwardly said:
    “This hotel couldn’t specialize in being a place for lovers’ engagements.”

    Xiao Wu blinked, snatching the key from Tang San’s hand,
    “Doesn’t matter, having a place to stay will do.”
    While speaking, she directly opened the door and walked inside.

    Tang San followed behind Xiao Wu into the room, but did not expect, just before him Xiao Wu suddenly came to a stop, his body immediately bumped into Xiao Wu’s back, a softly elastic obstruction.

    “Why don’t you walk?”
    Tang San hastily drew back a step, pulling open a distance between him and Xiao Wu. Just as he had finished asking this, he had actually already found the answer to his question.

    Even though he had some mental preparation, when he got his first look at this room, Tang San still was filled with a stunned feeling.

    The room was very big, just the living room in front exceeded fifty square metres area, within the big lounge, was furniture without exception silver colored, carved with delicate designs, a big red carpet was covered with a red rose pattern, but making them the most shocked, was in the middle of the big hall, was used a vast pile of roses to accomplish a huge red heart symbol.

    The entire heart symbol’s area approached two square metres, that must take at least a thousand roses to be able to accomplish. Above hung a fine silk ribbon, on which was written some characters, ‘One Thousand And One, You Are My Only One’.

    Apart from these one thousand one roses, the room was everywhere arranged with elegant vases, all holding fiery red roses, a heavy rose fragrance covered every corner of the room, charming and gently dazzling.

    Tang San said with a wry smile:
    “Apparently I guessed correct. No wonder that Dai Mubai would bring girls here. Xiao Wu, if you don’t like this smell, I‘ll let the clerk remove these.”

    Xiao Wu by now had also already gotten over the shock, turning her head to stare coldly at Tang San, beautiful eyes fully enchanted,
    “Ge, you really are stupid, do not girls like roses? If you do not understand this, how can you later find a wife?”

    Tang San rubbed his nose,
    “I’m only twelve, right now saying this is too early.”

    Xiao Wu walked forward, picking up a rose, moving close to sniff it,
    “This room is arranged beautifully, I find, I’m already somewhat fond of it. Ge, later we will come here often all right?”

    Tang San frowning said:
    “All right what. We are siblings, what does coming to this kind of place count as. Well, hurrying while travelling is also tiring, rest a while.”

    Looking at Tang San walking towards the bedroom, Xiao Wu at his back charmingly stretched out a delicate tongue, but nevertheless followed.

    Coming to the bedroom, the two once again were shaken a moment. Within the bedroom as expected, only was one bed, but this seeming to occupy half the total area of the room big bed was actually heart shaped. Pale red muslin curtains hung down from the ceiling, obstructing the space occupied by the heart shaped big bed, giving people a kind of dreaming fantasy type sense of beauty.

    Red rose bedding, red rose decorated pillows, everything, brought a layer of strong ambiguity, accelerating people’s bloodflow.

    Tang San turned his head to Xiao Wu and said:
    “I find, listening to you coming here truly was a mistake. You rest here, I will go outside to the sofa.”

    Xiao Wu did not obstruct Tang San, with cheering sound, a rabbit at once finally pounced on the huge flexible heart shaped bed, excitedly tossing and turning on top, indescribably excited.

    Seeing her appearance, Tang San’s face couldn’t help but slightly smile, a little girl after all was a little girl. In passing closing the bedroom door, walking out to sit cross legged on the sofa, immediately beginning to exercise harmonizing breath.

    For these several years, although Tang San passed a monotonous life, it also made him form very good habits, not only was strength promoted, his will also became even steadier. Even if he was still only twelve years old, he already conducted himself somewhat as an adult person. Of course, in Xiao Wu’s description, he was aging prematurely.

    Pure Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength slowly flowed within the body, Tang San’s mind began replaying the details of his fight with Dai Mubai. Repeating the scene of the fight, clearly paying attention to the wins and losses of the fight, this was an inner quality Grandmaster instructed him was necessary for a battle spirit master to conduct. Ordinarily, he was practically always training with Xiao Wu, this time facing an opponent who still was compared to him a more formidable opponent. Although the hand to hand fighting process was not at all long, it still had not a few advantages to Tang San’s battle experience.

    With the fantastic diversity of spirits, with many spirit masters possessing every kind of spirit, hand to hand fighting was extremely important.

    Gradually recalling the scene of Dai Mubai using White Tiger Vajra Transformation, Tang San in his heart thought to himself, White Tiger Vajra Transformation’s attack could reach what unknown degree, but after that defense increase, on the body added golden light should be similar to the Body Protecting Big Dipper Tail qi. Among his hidden weapons were a few kinds that specialized in breaking Big Dipper Tail qi, unknown to him whether they were useful.

    Blue silver grass was not what Tang San relied on the most, hidden weapons was. In these several years, along with inner strength elevating, his hidden weapons cultivation also increased substantially, in Hidden Weapons Hundred Separation, he already had not few kinds of hidden weapons he could use. But he never dared neglect the guiding principles taught in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record: in anything less than a moment of crisis, absolutely cannot lightly use, nothing more. This was his secret, even if it was Xiao Wu, also only knew one and understood half.

    This time Tang San’s cultivation continued for a very long time, only midway casually eat a bit of dinner with Xiao Wu. The cultivation time length, first was because his Mysterious Heaven skill already reached equivalent to twenty ninth ranked spirit power late stage, almost entering thirtieth rank threshold. Therefore his cultivation took particularly great effort, in order to as quickly as possible break through the thirtieth rank to go look for his third spirit ring.

    An additional reason, closely related to his hand to hand fight with Dai Mubai, Dai Mubai reminded Tang San that even better skill was also necessary support to power. Like the fight between them, at the beginning when neither used spirit, Tang San relied on exquisite Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon with Mysterious Jade Hand’s properties, making Dai Mubai have a bit of disadvantage. But just after Dai Mubai used spirit white tiger body enhancement, Tang San’s Controlling Crane Catching Dragon was very difficult to get to act. This was just the gap of power.

    After careful analysis determining Dai Mubai’s power, Tang San found, if he basically wanted to defeat him, the best means was to as quickly as possible upgrade his spirit power, letting his spirit power approach Dai Mubai, he must also at least possess the third spirit ring ability to be able to contend with him. Even if it was hidden weapons, Mysterious Heaven skill support had even higher importance, as power would also substantially increase.

    “Little San, Ge, accompany me to go out to play, all right? Always in this room, don’t you find it unbearable stuffy?”
    Early morning, Xiao Wu took advantage of Tang San being busy eating breakfast’s and unable to complain.

    Tang San smiled slightly saying:
    “Me and you are not alike, your innate talent is intrinsically different: while without cultivating your strength can continuously rise, I still am a clumsy bird flying early, ah. You also saw, Dai Mubai was also a Shrek Academy’s student, what was his strength? Since having this kind of strength, maybe ranked second or third. This Shrek Academy can not be like our original Nuoding, it will not again be your mouthpiece. Without as much as possible elevating strength, afterwards how can I honor my promise to protect you?”

    Xiao Wu discontentedly pouted, without speaking, pulled on Tang San’s arm, big eyes brimming with hidden complaints gazing at him. Abundant ‘if you do not promise to accompany me to go out, I will not let go’ meaning.

    Tang San held by her truly was without any method, helplessly nodding, said:
    “Very well, anyway tomorrow we go to sign up at Shrek Academy. In a moment I will accompany you to go out to stroll, only must return by noon, in the afternoon you cannot again disturb my cultivation.”

    Xiao Wu’s melodious voice was brimming with elation, the hidden complaints in her eyes also swept away as if by magic, this acting skill of hers, long ago already reached the degree of bright green stove fire.

    Rose Hotel’s service was extremely good, just when Tang San and Xiao Wu went out, they happened to see a servant pushing a fresh rose cart, and on asking, foung out the red roses in this Red Ocean room’s were unexpectedly replaced every day. Even if roses were of little value, with these amounts, the cost still was not small. Tang San tried to ask the cost of the room, and at this discovered, how much of a wise decision was his agreement yesterday to that manager Wang letting them these few days for free.

    Out of the Rose Hotel, Tang San asked Xiao Wu:
    “Where do you want to go?”

    Xiao Wu put on an indifferent expression,
    “Strolling at random, going wherever. So long as not being stuffed into the room it’s all well.”

    Previously at Nuoding, she ordinarily had a big crowd of young brothers around for escort, like that indeed a Little Overlord existence. Originally that former student boss Xiao Chen-Yu although long ago graduated to go to intermediate spirit master academy, but his family’s influence in Nuoding City was not small, so since he sincerely admired Xiao Wu, naturally also had the people at his home look after her, consequently, living in Nuoding Xiao Wu could be considered being like a fish in water.

    Used to noise and bustle, right now at her side only having one Tang San, she naturally was somewhat unused to.

    The two strolled towards the inside of the city walls, Suotuo City was worthy of being a Lord level city, although it was still morning, it was already an extremely bustling scene.

    The rhythm of life in the city clearly was much faster compared the the leisurely Nuoding City, the pedestrians coming and going for the most part had a busy appearance.

    A variety of shops were like glittering jewels to delight the eye, after Tang San was pulled by Xiao Wu to turn into several clothes shops, he already had a feeling somewhat like fainting with blurred vision.

    Fortunately, Xiao Wu sufficiently displayed reflection on strolling without money, only looking not buying, not letting the two’s common purse deflate.

    Suotuo City’s prices were at least thirty percent higher compared to Nuoding City, especially on goods was this even clearer, but the quality also was somewhat better compared to Nuoding City. Of course, this still was because Nuoding City was a border city market, if it was an interior small town market, then it would be even more distant from being able to compare to Suotuo City.

    “Yi, little San, look there.”
    Xiao Wu called out amazed. Outside, she generally would call Tang San as little San, only when it was only the two of them would she call him Ge. To call it by a glorified name, this was a secret between two people. Tang San also did not care about these, she had her reasons.

    “What clothing shop is it now, ah? Great young Miss, should we not find some place to eat, then afterwards go back?”

    Xiao Wu pulled at his hand, bouncing and vivacious saying:
    “Look, ah, quickly look. Over there seems spirit master related.”

    Tang San’s gaze followed the direction of her finger, only seeing a distant shop, front not very large, but the store’s suspended signboard stood out from the masses.

    On the shop sign was portrayed a round mark, with several unusual symbols above. Ordinary people might not understand the meaning of these symbols, but Tang San and Xiao Wu knew. Because some of the symbols were the same as on the Spirit Hall token tiles.

    Respectively they were a sword, a hammer and a blue lightning tyrant dragon. Three symbols fitted together, like Grandmaster’s Spirit hall license token tile. For some reason appeared on a shops signboard.

    “Let’s go have a look.”
    Tang San brought Xiao Wu towards the shop.

    The shop’s door was open, inside looking somewhat dusky, as the two entered, an unusual energy fluctuation immediately attracted their attention, this kind of energy fluctuation very similar to within Spirit Hall, but it was weaker. Through Grandmaster’s instruction, Tang San knew, this was caused by spirit tools.

    Among spirit tools all possessed spirit power fluctuations, if not used by people and bound by their spirit power, spirit power would appear in all circumstances.

    Spirit tools for the most part did not possess offensive effects, and could only manage some simple assistance, despite this, spirit tools were also extremely rare. Passed down spirit tools could be all said to be antiques, because its manufacture method was already lost.

    Inside the shop was only one person, they also did not see a counter, on the walls on three sides hung some articles, looking like already very old, also not appearing a but valuable.

    That one person sat in a wooden deck chair, rocking the chair with eyes closed.

    He appeared to be around fifty years old, although not young, his stature was very thick and strong, swaying along with that sturdy looking deck chair, under his weight issuing a creaking sound.

    This person’s face was very characteristic, chin somewhat prominent, cheek bones very wide, in addition a bit aquiline nose. If insisting on using a kind of thing to describe him, then, one could only say his face had some similarity to the sole of a shoe. Although the eyes were closed, he seemingly had a somewhat devious feeling.

    On his face was a set of black framed crystal glasses, frames with a kind of rigid squares, when looking, all had a kind of strange feeling.

    Tang San and Xiao Wu entering inside the shop was unable to wake him, he still breathed evenly swaying on his deck chair.

    Xiao Wu was curiously looking everywhere,
    “Little San, are these all spirit tools?”

    Tang San’s gaze shifted from the middle aged man to the goods hanging on the wall, nodding, said:
    “This I also don’t know, unless I brought down each to test with spirit power, only using eyes to look I can’t make it out at all.”

    While speaking, he walked up to a wall, gaze falling on a chunk of crystal the size of a person’s head. Gaze immediately freezing somewhat.

    That chunk of crystal looked entirely unremarkable, it was transparent, the inside having large yellow impurities. Hanging closest to the door. But this chunk of crystal made Tang San’s heartbeat speed up in a moment, a light in his eyes continuously shining. How he also didn’t anticipate, unexpectedly would in this kind of shop, this kind of place, see this kind of crystal.

    Xiao Wu naturally discovered Tang San’s change,
    “Little San, whyever are you looking at that crystal for? It wouldn’t be easy to find a crystal inside more lacking than this one. This crystal has not a bit of lustre, transparency is also lacking, also without additional color, purple crystal is the most precious. You aren’t planning to buy this thing, right?”

    What Xiao Wu didn’t expect was, Tang San unexpectedly nodded confirmation,
    “I will buy this crystal, only I do not know the price.”

    “Not so expensive, one hundred gold spirit coins.”
    Lazily, a bit magnetic hoarse voice rose. Not knowing whether it was because this speaking owner had a bit of a lisp, his words were somewhat inarticulate. Fortunately only Tang San and Xiao Wu were here, inside the store was very quiet, able to clearly distinguish what he said.

    Tang San did not say anything, but Xiao Wu fiercely turned her head,
    “This broken crystal, still is a hundred gold spirit coins, you might as well rob us.”

    The middle aged man in the deck chair opened his eyes, without at all leaving his seat,
    “One hundred gold spirit coins, already is my most inexpensive offer. If buying then at once take out the money, if not buying then please leave.”

    Finished speaking, he again closed his eyes.

    Xiao Wu angry, would step forward, but was grasped by Tang San,
    “Fine, I’ll buy it.”

    In these several years, Tang San also had certain savings, his expenses were ordinarily very small, and the majority of his income was all saved up. In particular since reaching spirit grandmaster level, the stipend he received every month from Spirit Hall became ten gold spirit coins, right now Tang San plus Xiao Wu’s net worth, also was more than seven hundred gold spirit coins.

    “Tang San, are you all right?”
    Xiao Wu raised her hand to feel Tang San’s forehead, making sure he did not have a fever.

    Tang San made an expression towards Xiao Wu, again softly shaking his head, right hand lightly touching Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges at his waist, a purse just right to fit one hundred gold spirit coins appeared in his grasp. Turning around to walk to that middle aged man and handing it over.

    The middle aged mans eyes didn’t open,
    “Your money is not enough.”

    Tang San said:
    “This is one hundred gold spirit coins right enough.”

    The middle aged man’s indistinct voice indifferently said:
    “But my crystal is going for two hundred gold spirit coins.”

    This time Xiao Wu could no longer show restraint,
    “This is extortion, just now you still said one hundred, then it also became two hundred. No wonder you have no business. Little San, we won’t buy it, let’s leave.”

    Tang San shook his head towards Xiao Wu, looking at the middle aged man said:
    “You definitely won’t alter it again?”

    Perhaps that crystal to other people’s point of view was without any use, but to his eyes, compared to Heavenly treasures it was still more important. Let alone two hundred gold spirit coins, even if it was ten thousand gold spirit coins, as long as he had it, he would definitely buy it.

    The middle aged man lazily said:
    “Fine, five hundred gold spirit coins, won’t change. Fish out the money and you take it away right now, otherwise please leave."

    From one hundred going to two hundred, also from two hundred going to five hundred, this time, including Tang San’s endurance was somewhat unable to brace. Putting away his purse, towards Xiao Wu he said:
    “We’re leaving.”

    Xiao Wu ferociously glared at that middle aged man,
    “Already should have left, dealings with this kind of deceitful geriatric, practically is an insult to our intelligence.”

    Do you guys prefer to read chapters at here ( or at Bagelson google docs?

    Depending on the answer if I will continue to post chapters at here or only post notification messages about when full chapters are out.

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    i personally read both

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    Please post them here. Thanks

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    Google docs are not updating on my phone for some reason and my computer is broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostpeople View Post
    i personally read both
    I also read both. Why because the first read is always gulping down quickly and the second read is more on savoring the read. The exquisiteness of the translation needs time to digest. Thanks and continue.

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    keep posting the full chapters

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    i have been read on both

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    *Sigh* i thought this was Doupo Cangqiong(Battle Through The Heavens) that is an awesome wuxia.
    But this one is cool too.

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    Thanks I really enjoy this story

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    To the person who is translating this, thank you. Its pretty interesting.
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