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Thread: Stellar Transformation [星辰变 ] Continuation (Aequitas' Translation)

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderhill View Post
    Oh really? Well, I have room to improve then. why can't everyone just chill out. everyone should know that a good story is the combined effort from translators and the readers (of course, translators take the big slice of the pie aye.)
    If you have time(and if it doesn't take away from the translating ), it may not hurt to compare your chapter 52 to rylain?
    I definitely don't think yours was lacking as Michael seemed to think, but I do agree with gmaster that you have different styles, but they both do convey the same message, and the plot is what makes the story.

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    I am trying to stay away from the 'translators' debate - for one I am simply grateful for just about anyone to continue with the translation, even if it is concurrent. And even if there are differences in names, definitions and titles. After all I am not reading it for an exam.

    These translations - a huge step forward compared to GT. And in the interest of time and completion, I think we should just let each translator decides how she/he wants to proceed. Support them with show of appreciation, then sit back and enjoy the novel. We still have about 7 more volumes to cover, not counting the chapters.

    [And I appreciate He-Man for taking us so deep into this novel before he disappeared - hope he is doing well]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gopper View Post
    stellar transformation imo is a death trap for all translators
    I agree.
    Back to being a leecher.

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    I think this is an appropriate time to close this thread. If anyone disagrees, send me a private message.
    Current Translation: I Shall Seal the Heavens
    Recommended Translation: Heroes Shed No Tears

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