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Thread: Magic Sword, Sentimental Flower (幻劍情花) - Yun Zhongyue

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    Default Magic Sword, Sentimental Flower (幻劍情花) - Yun Zhongyue

    Magic Sword, Sentimental Flower

    by Yun Zhongyue

    translated by JohnD

    Table of Contents

    Book One: Magic Sword, Sentimental Flower
    Chapter 1: Zhurong's Meeting | 1 | 2 | 3 |
    Chapter 2: The Little Tyrant | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
    Chapter 3: Internal Strife | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
    Chapter 4: Threats and Bribes | 1 | 2 | 3 |
    Chapter 5: Love at First Sight | 1 | 2 | 3 |
    Chapter 6: Please Sir, Get in the Pot |

    Book Two: Love Locks Witch Mountain

    Magic Sword, Sentimental Flower is a novel by Yun Zhongyue. The novel was originally published as two books: "Magic Sword, Sentimental Flower" and the continuation novel "Love Locks Witch Mountain (情鎖巫山). "Love Locks" is not a sequel, it is merely the continuation of the novel. For some reason wuxia novels in Taiwan were often broken up into two books, or one book and a "continuation" book. That is, if you only read "Magic Sword", you would not get the full story as it ends in the middle of it. The end of volume three of "Magic Sword" asks the reader to continue with "Love Locks Witch Mountain". So in my table of contents above I have separated the novel into two "books" (each book is actually three volumes, so six volumes total), though it is all really one novel: Magic Sword, Sentimental Flower.

    The copy I have also includes illustrations, so I will upload those as we come to them. The picture above is the frontispiece of volume one, which depicts the very first scene of the novel.

    I aim to update every week with as much as I have translated to that point. Hopefully I can get a chapter a week, but we'll see. This is a side project for me: my main project right now is working on a wuxia magazine I plan to launch next year.

    Song of the Exile, which I had started to translate, will be put on hold for a while. "Magic Sword" starts out a bit quicker and has a lot more dialogue, which makes translation faster, so that's why I went with this novel. Is it a good novel? I don't know. Yun Zhongyue fans on the internet say his work is all pretty consistent in quality, the consensus being that if you like his style, you'll like just about all of his novels.

    All comments are welcome, and thanks for reading!
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    Default Chapter One: Zhurong's Meeting

    Chapter One: Zhurong's* Meeting
    Part 1

    The small mountain at the southern extremity of Mt. Heng is called Returning Goose Peak.

    It is said that during the gooses migration they cross Dongting flying south, but when they reach Returning Goose Peak they make a few circles around the peak before heading back toward Dongting where some of them pass the winter, while others settle down in the marshlands of the Xiang River.

    A small boat to the south of the peak approached the riverbank, and an old man wearing a gray robe, not bothering to wait for the boatman to let down the gangplank, lightly leapt onto the bank.

    A tall stalwart youth wearing a green short gown, holding a bundle, leapt onto the bank after him.

    This was not an area for mooring a boat; along the banks grew pine and cypress trees before giving way to a thick bamboo grove. To the southwest was open country; this place rarely saw traces of people.

    Forty paces from the bank stood a tall ginkgo tree whose dense shade covered the sky. At the top saw a big magpie nest where all day chattered a dozen or more magpies, their cries piercing and unpleasant to the ears.

    This was an auspicious bird sound.

    But their noise was not as pleasant to hear as the cawing of crows.

    Its exactly noon. The old man turned to the youth and said, Your dad should be here.

    Thats right, Master. The youth set his bundle under the tree. My father is a most punctual person. Even though the appointment was made ten years ago, theres no way he would forget it.

    On the north side of the bamboo grove, a green-robed person approached.

    The old man roared with laughter and clapped the youth on the shoulder. Ill make you a bet, youre dad has had a nightmare every night these past ten years, to the point of dreaming during the daytime.

    Master, everyone dreams at night, theres nothing unusual about that. The youth looked agitated, yet his demeanor remained light. Probably only idiots dont dream.

    Idiots also dream they just dont dispute a dreams good and bad. The old man said, What I mean is: your dad every day dreams about taking his son back home.

    The youth couldnt help but heave a sigh.

    Ten years, the days pass so fast.

    Kid, you have regrets? the old man asked calmly.

    Master, you know your disciple has no regrets, the youth said in earnest.

    Thats good. About roaming the rivers and laked for ten years, are you afraid?

    UhI cant say whether or not Im afraid

    Those who say they arent are lying. The old man laughed coldly. I have drifting about the rivers and lakes some forty years, and up to now I still find it hard to let it go.


    Dont worry about me.

    What will you go after today?

    Who knows? Maybe Ill find some place to hide away and live an ordinary life for a few years. Maybe

    Master, why not stay with me

    Ha ha! You want me to grow old at your house? Forget it! The old man laughed loudly. I was born among the rivers and lakes and Ill die among the rivers and lakes. The Six Freaks of the Jianghu dont have any family burdens, we are loners, whiling away our time until its all finished. If you one day enter the rivers and lakes, dont forget to look me up, okay?

    Uhyour disciple has no intention to roam the rivers and lakes

    Thats good, the old man said. Your disposition is outwardly yielding but inwardly firm, your heart is not ruthless and your hands are not vicious; if you ran around among the rivers and lakes you would come to grief. These ten years youve followed me on this good and evil, chivalric and demonic path of the Six Freaks of the Jianghu, wandering about the rivers and lakes, youve received my secret teachings of the martial grove and have absorbed enough experience of the jianghu, but have still not reached maturity, you cant carry and cant let go of your weaknesses. To tell the truth, if you really did make a go of it among the rivers and lakes, I would be very anxious.


    Dont argue with me. He shook his hand. The ox and horse bezoars in your stomach weigh how much, you think I dont know? Dont talk about it now, your father is here!

    The middle-aged man was already within twenty-five steps, so that his excited expression was plainly visible, looking intently upon the youth.

    His feet werent walking, they were dashing madly.

    The old man laughed, Squire Zhuang, what are you in such a hurry for? Careful you dont get too excited, your fat-faced big-bellied body might have a stroke.

    Actually the man wasnt fat-faced nor big-bellied, he was of sturdy and robust stature.

    Half a century old, vigorous of spirit, legs nimble and quick, any expert could take one look at him and tell he was well-versed in martial arts, so even though he looked robust like the head of a bull, but at least his belly didnt stick out.

    The youth finally couldnt hold back any longer, but stepped forward and kneeled down and kowtowed four times while saying, Fatheryour childyour child hasreturned.

    Squire Zhuang helped the youth to his feet with tears in his eyes, then suddenly hugged his beloved boy tight and said, Thank you Heaven! Thank the gods for protecting him

    The old man in an affected manner said, Yuck! You think Yiping is still your twelve-year-old sweet treasure? This kind of womanly manner is disgusting, so disgusting.

    Squire Zhuang released his son and turned to the old man and said fiercely, If you want me to thank you can forget it. My boy is all right, I wont mince words about it with you.

    Ha ha! Mince words about what? You wouldnt use your Nanzong Six Directions Long Fist, Northern School Dog Leg to gamble with me? The old man grabbed his belly and laughed. If you wont gamble, then fine, but if you do you will lose.

    You Squire Zhuang foamed with rage.

    Ha ha! Forget it.

    The old man grabbed the youth, Zhuang Yipings, hand and put it in Squire Zhuangs.

    Ten years ago, I, Qiu Lei, seeking a disciple, went to your native land and looked around for a hundred days, and put your boy to the test many times before I made my decision, and set up this ginkgo tree appointment, and you took the bait and I won your son

    Nonsense! Who bet with you? Squire Zhuang shouted.

    All right, all right, you didnt bet

    You robbed me!

    Ha ha! If you say so

    Youre unreasonable!

    I am sometimes unreasonable, the old man said, grinning.

    You took my son, and

    I took your son and, what? The old man restrained his smile. Do you know how much blood and sweat goes into raising a child to adulthood?


    Look, your son has grown sturdy as a mountain, he understands how to behave and conduct himself in society, he has seen much of life, has been diligent in his studies, and his martial arts is ten thousand times better than the third-rate water bucket teaching of your ilk, and youre still not satisfied?


    Lets settle this, you and I, how about it? the old man said hopefully.

    Whats left to settle? Squire Zhuang said.

    Ha ha! You have four sons altogether.

    Having four sons is not against the law.

    How many acres of land do you have near Returning Goose Peak?

    My land was not acquired by theft.

    How many stores do you have in Hengzhou?

    I conduct my business fairly.

    Two of your sons have done well at the prefectural school.

    Theyve already attained the rank of xiucai.

    Give me Yiping, let him accompany me for a few years, what do you say?

    What? Are you crazy? You abducted my son for ten years, youyou

    In all honesty, the old man Qiu Lei said, If I really wanted to abduct your son, what I still keep our arrangement in giving him back to you?


    Listen to me, Squire Zhuang. Qiu Leis expression was serious. You have wealth and influence, you enjoy to the utmost glory and splendor, to let your son bring benefit to someone, is that really asking too much?

    Forget it! You

    You selfish prick, Qiu Lei cursed. Im really out of luck, wasting ten years of my sweat and blood. All right, Ive returned him to you. Ill take my leave.

    He turned and walked away.

    Master! Take care of yourself, Zhuang Yiping yelled. He kowtowed four times to see him off.

    Squire Zhuangs anger dissipated. He called out in a loud voice, Brother Qiu, thank you.

    Qiu Lei turned slowly and forced a smile. Zhuang Shirong, remember what I said: a person who seeks fortune for himself is not worthy of respect. But one who seeks fortune for himself in order to benefit others, his life has real meaning.

    You have four sons, fasten them firmly at home and let them filially serve you to the end. Dont let them see the world outside of Hengzhou, it would be unfair to them. Wealth and honor does not last three generations, good fortune wont follow you forever. If someday you come around, have Yiping go out into his own world, then you will live in peace, and consequently you will feel glory.

    Brother Qiu

    Qiu Lei was already gone. He was faster than lightning, gradually he was gone from the riverbank.

    The boat sailed back toward Returning Goose Peak, past the Heng-Xiang bridge, and before long it was already far away.

    On the boat, Qiu Lei looked to heaven and inhaled and mumbled to himself, The child does not have a bright future, not following is better.

    The Spring floods had passed recently, but the water level was still high, the turbid Xiang River current flowed swiftly, and the boat shot away like an arrow.

    The Southern Mountains first peak, Returning Goose Peak, was already out of view, you could only see the prefectural citys northern outskirts Goose Pagoda on the top of Stone Drum Mountain.

    The oarsman effortlessly paddled, while saying, Uncle, you should stop for a rest in the city. At any rate, its already too late too reach the city on Mt. Heng today.

    Qiu Leis face was lonely when he said, I must reach Mt. Heng by noon tomorrow. I have an appointment at Full Moon Terrace. I have to set sail by tonight.

    Not to worry! A hundred li is nothing, the oarsman said confidently.

    Thats good, then.

    Uncle, are you traveling to the Southern Mountain?

    Dont ask so many questions!

    Chastened, the oarsman ask anything else.

    The little boat was quick, soon overtaking a mid-size passenger boat.

    It was a Three Lakes Boat Company passenger-cargo ship, its route was from Hengzhou to Yuezhou, with its main station at Changsha prefecture.

    On the deck of the passenger ship, several travelers leaned on the railing enjoying the view of the river.

    The little boat approached the ship and gradually slipped past it.

    Qiu Lei gazed at the passengers on the ship. Suddenly his eyes caught something and without thinking he adjusted his clothes and stood up.

    On the passenger ship was a middle-aged coarse fellow with bushy eyebrows and big eyes, his face wild and ferocious. He suddenly raised his hand and called out, Qiu Lei, is that you?

    Qiu Lei signaled to the boatman to slow down to match the bigger ships speed. He said, Old Liu, how come youre not dead yet? Come to Three Xiang to disgrace yourself?

    His word were not at all polite.

    But Old Liu didnt take offense. He laughed and said, Dont provoke me, little devil. The King of Hell wont accept me, do of course I cant die. You know they call me Liu Xiang Mountain essence. To get that nickname, even If the King of Hell wanted me he wouldnt be able to grab me. Hey, I havent heard news of you in ten years. You been hiding out?

    Calamity can hide? Go to hell.

    Then you

    Ive never left the rivers and lakes.

    But, no one has seen you

    They call me Mystical Freak, I have a thousand incarnations, I can change faces, so of course no one has seen my true features. Now, you Mountain Essence can be considered the first.

    Im honored. Hey, come on up here for a chat, what do you say?

    No need, it will have to wait for another time.

    The little boat sped up and in no time was ahead of the passenger ship.

    Next to Mountain Essence Liu Xiang, eyes shining, a man called out in a piercing voice, So its really Path of the Six Freaks Mystical Freak?

    Thats him, Mountain Essence Liu Xiang said, still watching the little boat pulling away ahead.

    How do you know its him?

    Among the Six Freaks of the Jianghu, I, Mountain Essence Liu Xiang, am the second, plus Im the only one who has friendly relations with him

    After ten years, you can still spot him with one glance? From what I know, Mystical Freak is eccentric, anti-social, skilled beyond compare, beyond comprehension, those who have seen the real him are fewer and fewer. Brother Liu, you expect me to believe that you can make him out at first glance after ten years not seeing him?

    Believe what you want, Liu Xiang said angrily. That jade talisman he wore on his belt, as big as your palm, theres only one like it in the world. Thats his sign. Only I know the the background of that piece of jewelry.

    You dont say.

    Thats right. The man beside Liu Xiang stepped away from the bow of the ship and went up to a middle-aged man wearing a black Daoist robe and asked in a low voice, Did you see that exchange between them that just went down?

    I saw it, the Daoist priest said.

    We have to notify a faster ship.

    What for?

    To follow Mystical Freak, and come up with a plan to get him.

    All right, Ill send out a signal later on.

    Be careful, tell us and well come up with a plan together.

    Okay, dont worry boss.


    *Zhurong is the God of Fire, also called the God of the South.
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    Good. More Wuxia to read. Thanks Whiteskwirl.

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    WOw... Another Project....
    NIce... Please keep up the good work...

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    Nice, thanks! Is there a small synopsis of the story ?

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    Thanks whiteskwirl

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    thanks for the chapter but dang it i read it too soon now i got to wait a while for the next chapter...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tape View Post
    Nice, thanks! Is there a small synopsis of the story ?
    Here is a translation of a synopsis I found online. I have withheld names in order to avoid spoilers:

    In the waning days of the Ming dynasty the world is in chaos, outlaws and scoundrels (黑道群梟) corrupt the government and run roughshod over the wulin. 'Heaven and Earth Sword' father and sun raise a false banner of justice in a bid to round up the righteous (白道) and dispose of them! One man, the 'Wandering Soul Wild Ghost' Magic Sword master, along with 'Divine', 'Strange', 'Calm', and 'Overlord', dubbed the 'Four Swords of Heaven and Earth', strive to come to the rescue and save the wulin.

    One man, refined and charming, seeking hegemony, takes a woman by force, using his beautiful manly charms to seduce the Magic Sword's lover, in order to use her as bait to ensnare the Magic Sword in numerous deathtraps...

    Our hero, sentimental by nature, because of love suffers countless eternal regrets, but also leads many love silly girls (癡情少女) to pledge marriage: a girl who at once loves and hates him, chases him closely without giving up, while another girl's fool heart never changes; she would sacrifice her life to save him.....

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    Thank you for starting this.
    Looked forward to the next post..
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    Default Chapter One, part two

    Chapter One: Zhurong's Meeting
    Part 2

    Full Moon Terrace, at the top of Zhurong Peak.

    Zhurong Peak is the Southern Mountains largest peak.

    At Full Moon Terrace during a full moon, its actually hard to see, the climate fluctuates a lot, often draped in clouds and oozing mist. Sometimes for three to five nights you cant even see the moons outline.

    Those willing to ascend the thirty to forty li to the top to admire the full moon are few.

    The terrace and the 15th Day Pavilion on the east face, along with Upper Seal Temple are sites tourists are reluctant to leave. Literati would stay overnight at the Upper Seal Temple and rise early to see the sunrise, and go out at night to view the bright moon. You could say its the peaks famous spot.

    Upper Seal Temple was originally called Heavenly Light Temple, but name was changed during the Sui dynasty. From a Daoist temple to a Buddhist temple, this no doubt resulted in disputes between Daoists and Buddhists.

    For a thousand plus years, even though the Mt. Heng has been controlled by Buddhists, Master Sida and Monk Lianghai founded Daoist sites there, but the gods worshiped by disciples there were not Buddhist gods, and they didn't chant Amituofu, they instead chanted Heaven and Shangdi bring peace to the country, protect the nation, Heavenly Sovereign. Heavenly Sovereign is a god of the Southern Mountain.

    Upper Seal Temple can certainly be counted as a great Chan Buddhist Temple, standing atop the mountain top, spectacular and majestic, towering large, nothing can compare to it.

    Zhurong Peak is the tallest peak of the Southern Mountain range, and Upper Seal temple is at the top of that, so it is also the highest temple monastery.

    Even at midsummer it is chilly, and during winter it is frigid, not often frequented.

    At the temple over a hundred monks reside and practice asceticism, and only during the eighth month in autumn during the temple fair period is the site overrun with pilgrims.

    At this time it was the end of spring leading into summer, when few people could be spotted walking the mountain paths.

    Near noon, Mystical Freak Qiu Lei, all by his lonesome, appeared in front of Upper Seal Temple. The monks inside the temple knew this old man was not here to burn incense, so they were lethargic in sending a monk out to receive him.

    Mystical Freak had long roamed the rivers and lakes, so to see him was a bit unusual. The monks on this famous mountain were all snobbish, but they would never ignore anyone who made the arduous thirty some-odd li trek to visit the temple.

    He couldn't see any trace of a monk, nor hear anyone chanting prayers, and the open door was deserted, not so much as a lonely ghost.

    How can that be? he mumbled to himself.

    These past twenty years heroes had sprung up all over the rivers and lakes, following the deteriorating political situation, desperadoes growing more and more by the year. Those among the wulin unwilling to remain out of the limelight also followed the times, and one after another expanded their power and built themselves up.

    Among them the four that stood out the most were known as the Four Wind and Rain Hegemons of the Jianghu.

    These four master of the wulin had built up their strength over the years and turned more and more vicious. Their friends, sons and brothers, disciples, kith and kinsome good, some bad, had become embroiled in who knows how many incidents.

    There was also four men of lofty prestige and fame, known as the Four Heroes of the Wulin. Dongshen, Xidao, Nanheng, and Beiyue, their status in the martial fraternity was certainly the highest.

    Apart from them were the Six Demons and Ghosts, regarded among the rivers and lakes as Gods of Plague, known together as the Six Freaks, monsters detested by all.

    Mystical Freak Qiu Lei was widely guarded among the rivers and lakes as the head Freak.

    Drifting among the rivers and lakes for forty years, he had become like an immortal, not only well-experienced, but also profoundly skilled beyond comprehension. In forty years no one had ever heard of him losing, and even the Four Heroes of the wulin respected his skill, he made them wary, so that they all avoided him like the plague and kept their distance.

    He looked around but saw nothing out of the ordinary. But he could feel that something wasn't right, thought he couldnt put his finger on what.

    He raised his head and looked at the sky, the sun overhead, almost high noon.

    He took up his eight-sectioned bamboo staff from his belt.

    It was a bamboo root, every section half an inch long, very well-proportioned, as thick as your thumb. Because it had been handled for so long, it had already turned a deep brown with a dark red luster.

    Drawing his bamboo root, he felt the atmosphere was very close, a feeling like some disaster was afoot; he had seemingly already seen numerous bad omens.

    This bamboo root was his only weapon, his only means of self-protection.

    Usually when he encountered an enemy his two hands were enough for him handle the situation.

    He thought about entering the temple to look around, but he didn't, only hesitating a little before heading over to the 15th Day Pavilion nearby.

    First, standing outside the pavilion, he picked up a stalk of grass and stuck it in the ground to judge the time from its shadow. He drew a line marking the noon position, then walked into the pavilion.

    He hesitated, then sat down cross-legged by a pillar, closed his eyes and rested and waited for noon to arrive. He had soon entered an oblivious state of mind.

    The shadows cast by the sun moved slowly, and the stalks shadow finally touched the noon mark on the ground.

    A gray-clad person hurried up, following the small path and climbing the steps. As he approached the pavilion, still some ways off, he guffawed and said, Old Lei, a ten-year appointment, and you sure enough showed up right on time. Ha ha! Did you just arrive?

    He was about fifty years old, with a square face and big ears, he kept his long beard in three tufts, a man of extraordinary mettle, big flashing eyes, and in his belt was stuck a folded bamboo fan. He approached, smiling.

    Mystical Freak adjusted his clothes and stood, smiling faintly. He put up his bamboo root cupped a hand over his fist by way of greeting, and said, Greetings, greetings. Ha ha! Brother Yu, I havent seen you in ten years, you still look as ruddy and stout as before, much more impressive than this old washed-up vagrant.

    Youre too kind. Old Lei, ten years gone and you still dont look old, must be your neigong has reached a state of perfection, congratulations. Brother Yu entered the pavilion and returned the greeting, and laughed more heartily. Ten years, I havent heard a word about you. You been hermitting away around some famous mountain or great river?

    Im not just wandering around. Just some small matter. As I understand it, brother, you once waited at Zhizhixuan[1] for six years.

    Thats right, how did you know? Brother Yu said, clearly shocked.

    I never left the rivers and lakes. Mystical Freak smiled lightly. Was that incident for real? Then, you must have obtained Zhizhixuans Priest Pine Moons Pure Yang True Fire, and learned the essence of it. Pure Yang True Fire is truly a paramount skill of overcoming complementary force. Looks like Ive been knocked down a peg!

    Old Lei, since you know I followed Priest Pine Moon and studied with him for six years to learn Pure Yang True Fire, yet you still showed up for this meeting, its evident you are not afraid of Pure Yang True Fire, am I right?

    Brother Yu didn't laugh, his expression severe, his face changed quickly.

    Not at all. Mystical Freak said seriously, A man devoid of faith cannot stand. Since you and I had already made this appointment ten years ago, I would keep my word regardless whether or not you can best me. If you can kill me with one palm strike, I guess Ill just have to call it fate.

    Straight talk from an honest person, I admire that. Brother Yu laughed maliciously. I, Nine Extremes Deity[2] Yu Hualong, have all my life bowed to no man, but have added respect for you, Old Lei, even though I have been twice defeated at your hand.

    This time I might not have such an advantage. Mystical Freak said easily, The time is not early, lets get going.

    Brother Yu extended a hand toward outside the pavilion and said politely, Old Lei, after you.

    Excuse me. Mystical Freak strode out of the pavilion.

    The two had spoken politely, and both sides carried themselves with composure, urbane, who would have thought these two were actually mortal enemies, accumulating enmity for twenty years.

    They left Upper Seal Temple, walking side by side, talking and laughing rather amiably.

    Not long after, the true summit came into view.

    To ones surprise, here one could see several seven or eight foot tall short pine trees, looking very ancient. Although the trees were short, they were one or two hundred years old.

    In the surging, howling wind one could see the tenacious power of lifes hold, a marvelous sight.

    Going uphill no vegetation was visible, the gradient high and steep, plus the bone-piercing high winds, even walking became difficult. This place was commonly called Wind Cave, where the wind comes from, so no wonder no vegetation could grow here.

    On the left was an old hall used for sacrificing to the True Sovereign of the Southern Mountain, three rooms, stone walls and iron tiles, antique and quaint.

    Normally there were only three to five old monks or priests, all of them well-advanced in age, never asking for news of the outside world, and paying no attention to pilgrims.

    The two men stood smiling at each other on a level area of ground to the side of the hall.

    Standing in this place would make anyone feel small in the world, jutting peaks in all directions, spread out everywhere at your feet. The Xiang River, the Nine Faces and Nine Ridges come clearly into view. If you look down, from a height of a thousand ren[3], your spirit would move, your guts would turn cold, enough to make you absolutely terrified, add to that the strong winds, your clothes and beard and hair all flapping loudly, your dread would increase thirty percent.

    Please! Nine Extremes Deity Yu Hualong cupped hand in fist in salute.

    Mystical Freak, without ceremony, took up the position of host to the north, and returned the salute. Excuse my arrogance.

    Nine Extremes Deity smiled faintly, and said darkly, Last time you were the winner, one should show the proper respect.

    Well said, well said. Mystical Freaks expression remained constant.

    These past twenty years we have met on three occasions.

    Up to now, I still dont believe that matter regarding you conformed to propriety.

    Lets not talk about propriety, Brother Yu said agitated.

    All right, I, Mystical Freak, from the beginning was not very reasonable.

    I, Nine Extremes Deity, have always had a bad reputation among the rivers and lakes.

    Me too, me too.

    Therefore, todays meeting, nothing more needs be said.

    I agree.

    No matter win or lose, after today

    Theres no after today. Mystical Freak said coldly, I am already in my sixties. At this age, who knows if one can go on living two or three days. Keeping these ten-year appointments with you, twice, is already foolishness on my part. Todays meeting, no matter who wins or loses, our feelings of gratitude and enmity will be wiped clean. If youre willing, I dont care about it.

    Brother Yu,a fierce killing anger in his eyes, sneered, Youre saying this is my last opportunity to kill you?

    Mystical Freak calmly looked at him, and said slowly, Im afraid it is.


    You dont seem very confident.

    I mean, supposing I dont kill you

    Then you will never have another opportunity, Mystical Freak said coldly.

    You wont be roaming the rivers and lakes anymore?

    Im not tired of it yet.

    Thenwell meet again among the rivers and lakes.

    Unless you never find me again.

    Ill find you. Brother Yu laughed maliciously. Now, are you ready?

    As you wish.

    The two took their places and performed the proper salutes, then spread their arms and crouched in the horse stance.

    Mystical Freaks stance was unusual, his left hand palm positioned at the right side of his stomach, his right palm at the space between his eyebrows, the back of his palm facing outward and slanted, as if he could flick it out at any time.

    His feet were in a 丁 shape, but more like a Xuanmen[4] disciples Big Dipper stance, but both feet were off. This kind of unorthodox posture was really strange.

    Brother Yus form was the more traditional Four Flat Posture, both palms level, facing up, the left palm slightly out half an arms length, showing when the attack comes, it would be from the right palm.

    Because the left palm was out a bit, the full power could not be used, there was not enough distance to let out all the power.

    The wind howled but it could not shake their horse stances.

    Nine Extremes Deitys gown did not rustle, and his long beard, not bothered by the wind, hung straight down.

    According to reason, this was not a possible occurrence. His three tufts of beard were nearly a foot long, but not being blown by the wind? But thats how it was.

    His face began to turn dark red, his palms becoming red like blood, his breathing seemed to have ceased, like he had already obtained the Xuanmen disciples Turtle Breathing essence.

    Mystical Freaks body was also odd. The sleeves of his robe were not affected by the wind, but were instead swelling outward to rhythm of some unheard drum, rising and falling each time like an umbrella opening and closing, not slowly and not quickly.

    They both moved at the same time, closing the gap by five feet.

    A low shout, and they came together.


    [1] A name of some place. The Chinese is 止止軒. Seems to be some Daoist martial arts school or maybe a temple of some kind?
    [2] 九絕神君. Not sure how to translate 絕, so I went with "extremes". I don't really like it, but it's a hard word to translate to English.
    [3]仞 a measurement, equal to about eight Chinese feet 尺.
    [4] 玄門, refers to Daoism. Not sure here if it is a name of a school or just a general term for Daoism.

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    Thanks whiteskwirl

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    Thanks. A very good translation.

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    Default Chapter One, part 3

    Thanks for reading everyone, hope you're liking it. This part is the last for chapter one. Chapter two will begin shortly. I won't be able to post so quickly all the time, but I wanted to get the first chapter done because it is always the hardest for me for some reason. Please forgive the outlandish nicknames, they are hard to translate well into English. I did my best. In this final part of chapter one we get to see Yun Zhongyue's fight scene technique. I quite like it as it's different from other wuxia writers I have read. He uses a lot of real martial arts terminology and he doesn't explain too much or drag the fight out too long. Anyway, enjoy!

    Chapter One: Zhurong's Meeting
    Part 3

    Both had had attained a high level of martial skill, their miraculous speed in reacting was equal. No one could say who actually attacked first, but anyway the sound of them clashing would make people dazzled.

    Four large palms moving rapidly, producing two light shockwaves, their shadows interlocking and passing, vigilantly striking and moving.

    Their shadows slanted and they separated, and immediately they spun and exchanged positions, moves striking out like moonlight reflected on flowing water, like lightning, then once again closing in to strike.

    Pu Pu Pa! Three strange sounds, energy bursting forth, and then the shadows divided.

    Mystical Freak retreated diagonally two steps, his expression changed, and he said in a low voice, Such an incredible Nine Extremes Palm! Your neigong has improved a lot.

    Nine Extremes Deity stepped closer and sneered, Because of you I have expended a superhuman level of endurance and an endless amount of painstaking effort.

    Mystical Freak also slowly stepped forward and said, I havent been idle either. These past ten years I have also steadfastly improved.

    Your inner strength has become more refined.

    You too, you too.

    Ill give you a Pluck the Star to Change the Dipper!

    Nine Extremes Deity bellowed and pounced.

    His twin palms circled and flashed above and below Mystical Freak, fast as lightning, the power overwhelming. To the naked eye it looked to be a palm form, but actually it was an overbearing iron finger skill emphasizing grappling.

    Mystical Freak twisted and spun and threaded through the seams of the fingers.

    To Nine Extremes Deitys left side, where he seized an opportunity to lash out and hook with his left foot.

    Nine Extremes Deity raised his left foot and shouted, his left palm turning and shooting out. A warm current followed his palm, its force like a thunderclap.

    Pa! Mystical Freaks left palm turned and both palms connected.

    This strike was stone-smashing and heaven-shaking, and both were knocked back five or six feet from the impact.

    Mystical Freak exhaled, and said forbiddingly, That ox nose[1] taught you everything, that Melt Iron Into Gold Pure Yang True Fire is really deserving of its reputation. You've already reached eighty percent perfection.

    Nine Extremes Deitys expression changed, and he said heavily, That wasn't your full strength. Do you also know some bizarre teachings?

    You think Im courting death?


    Even if your Gold Melting Palm had struck met dead-on, it wouldn't be enough to take Mystical Freaks life

    I dont believe it! Nine Extremes Deity cried out. In a flash he closed in, shot his palm out like a shock of lightning, striking above and below.

    This time they didn't take it so lightly, now they didn't touch and go, but instead opened up the full strength of their learning while attacking, one move changing to another so fast the eye couldn't follow it.

    They fought violently for twenty rounds or so, the sound of their forceful strikes on their bodies lingering in the ear. Both of them possessed remarkable body-protecting qigong so they could endure the strikes, withstanding several without a care.

    They both looked for a chance to strike at their opponents vitals while protecting their own, but the other parts, were unable to avoid being struck.

    A good even match between two complementary foes, well-matched in a contest, six of one, half a dozen of the other, completely forgetting everything outside them, both parties using forceful energy on the other, now speeding up and pressing, their latent energy already brought out to its limit.

    Another twenty or thirty rounds passed and their moves began to slow.

    Once the moves slowed, one had to rely on his true strength to fight with all his might, and real opportunities became more and more.

    Pu Pa! They traded blows.

    Pa! Two palms suddenly struck home.

    Mystical Freak shook and his stance faltered.

    Pei! Nine Extremes Deity roared, attacking with all his power, his palm already at Mystical Freaks throat, like a big axe chop startling heaven.

    This palm strike was quick and fierce, overwhelmingly powerful, if Mystical Freak could not dodge it, his neck very well might be smashed to pieces.

    Success was imminent, Nine Extremes Deity was ecstatic.

    Damn! He saw Mystical Freaks neck unexpectedly follow the movement of his palm, but discovered his own right wrist was locked up, his true strength not yet decreased for being held up.

    But was being drawn in by a monstrous power, surging out like a tidal wave, once burst it could not be held back. Normally when one goes all-out one loses some control, once its out it cannot be recalled, and the force emitted is more violent, more overbearing, more mighty.

    He knew it was bad, but it was too late! There was no time to reconsider, life and death, victory and defeat would be decided in the twinkling of an eye.

    He shot forward and flew up, involuntarily flying out some thirty feet.

    Thirty feet away was a precipice. Falling from there, only if your bones weren't scattered and your meat not split up would it be an odd occurrence. He had to touch down before he reached the cliff, or else

    He thought to control his body, but he was powerless to do so.

    When Mystical Freaks hand had let go of his wrist, borrowing his strength to propel him in the blink of an eye, his vitality drained and his whole body shook like it had been struck by thunder and lightning, and he was too weak to move, he had no control over his body.

    Im finished! he despairingly cried out from the bottom of his heart.

    Peng! He hit the ground and bounced and slid forward, toward the edge of the cliff. He heaved a long sigh, shut his eyes and waited for death. This fall, at the least would be a drop of two or three hundred feet before stopping, his bones would likely be smashed before then.

    He felt his sinking heart pause, and his sliding body was suddenly jerked up.

    Mystical Freak, just in time, grabbed right heel and pulled him up, from the gates of hell pulling him back out into the land of the living.

    He waited for his dizziness and shock to dissipate, then struggled to his feet, his face pale like he had suddenly aged ten years, and said breathlessly, Why did you save me?

    Mystical Freak stood thirty feet away. He shook his head and laughed. No reason.


    Maybe thats why Im called a freak, I do things but rarely ask why.

    You know I wont feel indebted to you.

    I know.

    Twenty years ago, your fist and sword struck out my aspirations to lord it over heaven and earth.

    Maybe its like that old man of the frontier who lost a horse, how can you know its not a blessing? Mystical Freak said quietly.[2]

    Only you are a formidable adversary, not even the Four Heroes of the Wulin are worth a look. I hate you! I Nine Extremes Deity cried out like he had gone crazy.

    I wont argue with you, Im leaving. Mystical Freak turned to leave.

    I hate you!

    Nine Extremes Deity shouted, Fist, sword, palm, II lost by all these to you, the enmity between us is as deep as the sea, you

    Mystical Freak had already turned around and left quickly.

    Ha ha ha ha Nine Extremes Deity crazily laughed up to the heavens.

    Mystical Freak shook his head and hurried his pace.

    Just past the old hall, past the small hill and the road junction. Below the short pines below rose three figures, a monk, a priest, and a pretty woman.

    Mystical Freaks expression changed and he cried out in alarm, Three Evils of the Mortal World! Youyou all

    Behind him a long laugh, and from inside the old hall strolled out two middle-aged men wearing white. They looked the same, their dress completely alike, down to the ornaments on their beltswords, really like a pair of strapping traveling scholars.

    Ha ha! Theres still us Twin Savages of the World Cao Ying and Cao Jun, one of them said.

    Mystical Freak turned his head in the direction of Nine Extremes Deity in the distance, and his eyes flashed hate like poison sparks. He gnashed his teeth and said, Yu Hualong, youre really shameless!

    Nine Extremes Deity stood towering, laughing maniacally.

    The Three Evils of the Mortal World presently enjoyed eminence as followers of the demons path.

    The monk was Hundred Prohibitions Monk Wufei. According to rumors, this stop-at-no-evil depraved Buddhist had no prohibitions, and he was the fifth of the Six Freaks. Who knows if it was true or not, even head Freak Qiu Lei was not certain of this scoundrel monks background.

    The old Daoist priest was Cultivating the Real West Dongting Shandong Divine Remote Void. Remote Voidss Xuanmen Empyreal Wind had reached a state of near perfection.

    The pretty woman was Cloud Skirt Immortal Yuan Yuyan. At forty or so she still looked fresh as a twenty year old virgin.

    Twin Savages Cao Ying and Cao Jun were twin brothers. They were also about forty years old.

    Heavenly Savage Cao Ying was the most vicious. Once his sword was out of the scabbard it would not return until it saw blood. These two brothers had roamed heaven and earth for ten or more years, and rumor had it that they had never encountered a rival.

    The titles of these five, although not as resounding as that of the Six Freaks of the Jianghu, yet they were real talents, and they were not necessarily inferior to the Six Freaks. Although they had never tangled with Mystical Freak, but at least their manner showed they did not consider themselves inferior to him.

    Heavenly Savage Cao Ying stopped in front of the hall and beckoned with his hand. Dont blame Nine Extremes Deity Brother Yu, finding you was our intention. Come on! Dont you want to ask?

    Below, the Three Evils of the Mortal World strode forward.

    The Three Evils and the Savage Twins were all wulin masters, and when combined with the strength of Nine Extremes Deity, six is better than one.

    Mystical Freak, old hand of the rivers and lakes, knew that flaunting his superiority was no use, how could he wait for his opponents to surround him and attack? He turned it over in his mind, and shortly came up with an idea.

    He had to break through the Three Evils so he could escape off this mountain.

    There was no vegetation to hide in up here on the mountain, only in descending was there a way out.

    He looked up at the Savage Twins above, and slowly strode forward, laughing. Im in luck to run into the Three Evils and the Savage Twins, but it seems like its beyond my control to choose.

    Cao Ying nodded and smiled. Thats right, its out of your hands.

    Below, the Three Evils had already arrived.

    Cloud Skirt Immortal let out a laugh like the tinkling of a silver bell, and said with a pleasingly sweet voice, Old man Qiu, to have us here to bury the dead is really the highest honor.

    Mystical Freak suddenly turned and flew past downward, charging madly and shouting, Im not dead yet! Take this!

    The Three Evils converged, the one in the middle, Hundred Prohibitions Monk, with his left hand blocked with his iron wooden fish[3] shield, and with his right swung with his purple gold wooden fish mallet and met him head-on, shouting, Ha ha! Come on then! Let Buddha decide if you make it out or not

    Mystical Freak charged, bamboo root in hand. Just as he was about to hit the monk he turned his body and flew to the side, moving with unbelievable speed, soaring over the head of Hundred Prohibitions Monk.

    The slope was steep, he jumped ten feet or more over the monks head, and thirty feet out the height was already more than forty feet, dropping down meant either breaking his legs or his arms one.

    Forty feet high was already the height of three storeys.

    He fell rapidly, his whole body loose, and smacked with a jolt, his back and hands and feet landing at the same time. His landing technique was really something.

    The Three Evils turned and gave chase, followed by the Savage Twins.

    He slid down, down forty or fifty feet, and when he finally came to a halt he stood up and sprinted down.

    Stop you old freak! You coward! Hundred Prohibitions Monk shouted abuse and charged after him like a snorting bull.

    He broke through several crowded short pines, already a hundred steps out.

    Suddenly, he heard a strange sound from behind, but it was too late to reconsider, he heard a Pa! sound and felt his whole body shake, and from the pit of his stomach up to his eyes gold stars flashed by, his throat turned sweet, and he lost the ability to move.

    Normally, the Three Evils would not have been able to catch up to him, as his qinggong had already attained perfection, he was fast as lightning and moonlight on flowing water. The Three Evils were inferior to him by quite a bit.

    The one who attacked him from behind could not have been the Three Evils.

    Who plots against me! he shouted madly.

    He fell heavily and rolled quickly like a paper ingot.

    The one who launched a surprise attack was a curly-bearded hefty man who had earlier tucked away in the short pines waiting for him to pass before striking out with a palm to the back, catching him by surprise.

    Even though he didn't hit him dead-on, the Air-Splitting Palm was more terrible.

    He suffered my Heart Busting Palm! curly-beard said excitedly, and followed him down.

    The fastest pursuer, Hundred Prohibitions Monk, was twenty to forty steps away, hurrying and shouting with joy, Destroy the corpse and get rid of the evidence, drag him over here.

    Mystical Freak rolled to a stop, but just as the curly-bearded man was upon him, in a flash he sprang up suddenly and flew down the mountain.

    The curly-beard called out in surprise, dumbfounded for an instant, pausing in his tracks before coming to his senses and continuing the chase, but Mystical Freak had already ran away twenty steps or so.

    Past Upper Seal Temple, the mountain fresh and verdant, the main path deserted, Mystical Freak had already vanished into thin air.

    The seven demons searched every corner within three li of the vicinity, finally gathering up in disappointment on a small path in the corner under a cliff.

    So strange! How could he escape? the curly-bearded man said, his face a little bit unsettled.

    You really hit him in the back? Heavenly Savage Cao Ying asked, his sword-like eyebrows locked tight, his face betraying his doubt.

    Absolutely, if I hadn't hit him in the back, how could he have fallen down? the curly-beard explained resolutely.

    Unless you didn't use your Heart-Busting Palm to hit him.

    Hundred Prohibitions Monk said angrily, I really did see you hit him, and I saw him fall down and roll with my own eyes. You, Evil Spirit Hu Tai, your Heart-Busting Palm is supposed to be unsurpassed among the martial grove.

    Master doesn't believe my level of attainment? Evil Spirit Hu Tai's eyes went round like a young tiger, like they would spit fire. I can show you the proof.

    But the old freak not only didn't meet his death, he even escaped under the very eyes of us seven masters, Hundred Prohibitions Monk roared angrily.

    Forget it, forget it, Nine Extremes Deity mediated. The old freaks freakish neigong is really unfathomable, maybe he could really endure Brother Hu's Heart-Busting Palm. My Nine Extremes Gold Melting Palm is in no way inferior to Brother Hu's Heart-Busting Palm, and when we came to grips, I hit him a dozen times with no sign of damage, you just cant hurt him. Although Brother Hu's fatal strike hit true, I fear it was not much use, but we cant say Brother Hu didn't exert himself.


    [1]牛鼻子. Ox nose, a derogatory term for a Daoist, so called because the traditional way Daoist priests were their hair up resembled an ox's nose. Also because it was said that the founder of Daoism, Laozi, rode an ox through the gate of the city on his way into retirement.
    [2]塞翁失馬,焉知非福. When the old man of the fortress lost his horse, who could know if it would be fortuitous or not? There is a story from the Huainanzi that goes: An old man living on the frontier lost his horse, and everyone tried to console him, but the old man said how can I know this is not a blessing? Later, the horse returned from the land of the Xiongnu, but it was accompanied by another, better horse. The story goes on, but this section of it is now used as a proverb, meaning a "blessing in disguise".
    [3]A wooden fish is an instrument Buddhists used to remind monks to stay alert and focused on their meditations. It is struck in a steady rhythm. The percussion instrument itself is in the shape of a fish because a fish does not close its eyes, be it day or night. Therefore, the fish represents vigilance.
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    Thanks whiteskwirl

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    Default Ch. 2 part 1

    Here is the first part of chapter 2. The next update probably won't be for a couple more days, but hopefully this will tide you over until then. Thanks for reading!

    Chapter 2: The Little Tyrant

    Part 1

    Regulated Breathing Scholar Remote Void shook his head and said unhappily, Now is not the time for blame, the problem is that since the old freak escaped with his life, from here on out who among us can rest easy? Dealing with the aftermath will be a thorny problem. If he finds us one by one, who here thinks he could handle him?

    It was a serious problem. The seven eyed each other, at a loss, their faces taking on a look of dread.

    Well just have to spend some time searching heaven and earth to try to root him out and finish him, Nine Extremes Deity forced himself to say.

    But everyone knew how it was. Seven people had laid an ambush, but still they had labored in vain. Searching heaven and earth, is that not easier said than done? And when he was found, what then?

    Mystical Freaks ability to disguise himself was known to be without equal. A thousand faces and ten-thousand transformations, appearing and disappearing unpredictably. He had already been missing for ten years without a word of news about him. Of the thousands of people among the rivers and lakes, who among them had not run across him unawares, how could you go look for him?

    Nonsense! Hundred Prohibitions Monk blurted out. You think the world is your courtyard, that you can just see clearly with one glance?

    Uhyou mean

    Theres nothing to fear. Hundred Prohibitions Monk said, Im not necessarily incapable of dealing with him, let him come find the Buddha.

    Hundred Prohibitions Monk hadnt really faced off man to man with Mystical Freak, so it was hard to avoid him being a bit conceited. But though his words betrayed no fear, in his heart sat a rumbling of misgivings.

    Hes already gone. Theres no use going on about it. Heavenly Savage Cao Ying said, Lets return to the city and find a place to hunker down so we can discuss how to deal with this situation. Lets goEh?

    On the path below strolled four people wearing green.

    The man leading was about fifty years old, with a triangular face with a pair of expressionless mountain goat eyes. In his belt a three-section staff, and under his arm he carried an extra large hundred treasures bag.[1]

    There was a dark, gloomy ghostly feeling about him, which helped to make him forgettable, and warn others with one glance not to provoke him.

    Hundred Prohibitions Monk stared blankly, then said, Spirit Calling Envoy Zhan Hong! Whats he doing on Southern Mountain?

    And bringing along companions, Nine Extremes Deity cut in. In the past he traveled alone, no one ever accompanied him.

    Spirit Calling Envoy Zhan Hong was a mere ten steps or so away when he nodded and said coldly, Hello. I brought some companions, which you no doubt find unusual, but you all are not really known to be together among the rivers and lakes, yet to happen upon you all here, isnt that amazing?

    Are you trying to provoke us? Cloud Skirt Immortal said, her face clearly showing an inciting look.

    Spirit Calling Envoy smiled mysteriously, but his goat eyes betrayed no expression. Lady Yuan, no need to be so barbed, thats no good at all. You have all gathered here on Southern Mountain, I wander what for?

    What do you think were doing here? Heavenly Savage Cao Ying asked coldly.

    Spirit Calling Envoy swept his gaze across them all. I think it must have something to do with Mystical Freak Qiu Lei.

    Hundred Prohibitions Monks face expression shook. You must have some business with the old freak yourself.

    Thats right, Spirit Calling Envoy said off-hand.

    Is he an enemy or a friend? Remote Void said.

    Hard to say, it will have to wait until Ive met him that I decide that, said without expression.

    He is going to meet with you? Nine Extremes Deity said.

    Probably will.

    Oh! You arranged a meeting beforehand?


    Thats odd, those who know Mystical Freaks whereabouts are fewer and fewer, how did you know to come to Mt. Heng?

    He showed himself on the river in Hengzhou prefecture and I followed him here.

    I see. Why are you looking for him?

    A well-known individual wants to invite him, so I was sent to greet him first.

    The old freak never accepts the invitations of strangers.

    If he fails to appreciate a favor, I will make him acknowledge it, Spirit Calling Envoy said proudly.

    His words were shocking, and the seven peoples hearts all jumped.

    Nine Extremes Deity cast a confused glance at the other three green-clad men, and said, Brother Zhan, these three friends you have brought with you are enough to make Mystical Freak acknowledge and submit? Impressive.

    You dont believe me, Brother Yu? Spirit Calling Envoy said.

    Its not that I dont believe you

    You want to have a go? Spirit Calling Envoy asked coldly.

    Why not? Nine Extremes Deity said indignantly.

    Spirit Calling Envoy beckoned to one of them behind him and said, Brother Wan, show them your two hands. Be careful, Brother Nine Extremes Deity Yu Hualong knows nine rare skills, Nine Extremes Gold Melting Palm being especially powerful, you mustnt let us lose face.

    Brother Wan strode further and laughed coldly, I would humbly like to see his Nine Extremes Gold Melting Palm.

    He spoke so arrogantly that Nine Extremes Deity was bathed in fury, but he calmed himself and asked cautiously, Brother Zhan, Brother Wan is

    Brother Wan stepped closer and said, Dont ask about my background, take this palm!

    He spoke madly, really madly, to face the famous Nine Extremes Deity, yet fearlessly charge ahead, doing exactly what he said, his Dragon Appears Palm shooting out, a wild move, indeed causing people to stop and take notice.

    His palm shot out not fast at all, it was clear he was not using his real internal strength, his horse stance also not well-established.

    The way Brother Wan spread out his arms and legs and moved, it was really like no one else in the world.

    It was more than Nine Extremes Deity could bear. He held his palm out facing the on-coming palm and said, What a wild fellow

    The two palms connected and suddenly power burst forth, a hot wave spreading out in all directions.

    Brother Wan took a step back, then retreated another three steps, his expression changing. His right hand was shaking uncontrollably, his palm had clearly not taken it lightly.

    Nine Extremes Deity also didnt take it well, retreating two steps the red in his face and hand slowly dissipating. He couldnt lift his right arm.

    Spirit Calling Envoy was shocked. He said, Pure Yang True Fire! Brilliant.

    Remote Void Regulated Breathing Scholar sneered, took a step forward and said, Who wants to test my Empyreal Wind? Come on!

    Spirit Calling Envoy laughed and said, I have important business to attend to, I dont have time to accompany you.

    Remote Void was not the conciliatory type. He sneered, Todays matter is for today, if you dont accommodate us, Im afraid you wont be able to leave. Ive roamed the rivers and lakes for more than thirty years, but this is the first time Ive come across such a wildly arrogant man. Im going to have to use these two hands and my rare skill to expand your horizons! Humph! Southern Mountain will be the site of your death.

    Spirit Calling Envoy humphed and turned to the short green-clad person the farthest behind him and said, Brother L, why dont you go play with the priest.

    Brother L laughed, stepped forward and rubbed his hands together. Xuanmen Empyreal Wind skill is unsurpassed, go easy on me priest, go easy on me!

    Remote Void laughed and shot a palm out. Say that after you receive it.[2]

    Brother L extended his palm and his face suddenly went pale as paper and he thrust his palm out effortlessly. It was like his whole body suddenly shrank. He was short to begin with, but he had clearly become shorter still. For those who are seventy percent or more proficient in Empyreal Wind, the palm will emit a thunderclap sound and then disappear.

    Any opposing force, once meeting Empyreal Wind will be thrown back with a shock and Empyreal Wind will seize the opportunity to shoot out more than three feet, strong enough to wound.

    Remote Void Regulated Breathing Scholars level of attainment with the Empyreal Wind skill was already more than seventy percent so you could tell anything was different just by watching his palms.

    Something strange happened, the priest was five feet away, his palm extended, and the hollow of his palm was no more than half a foot away from Brother L. Brother L raised his hand to meet it, and his palm just did come in contact with the priests.

    The priest suddenly flew back eight feet, letting out a strong scream.

    Brother L laughed coldly, then without a word, returned to his position and stood with his arms folded.

    Nine Extremes Deity and the others were all stupefied, staring in disbelief at the unremarkable-looking Brother L.

    What kind of strange skill was that? Remote Void Regulated Breathing Scholar said, shocked, his face green and pale, his arrogance completely evaporated, fear clearly visible in his eyes.

    Spirit Calling Envoy humphed and stood with his hands behind his back, a smug look on his face.

    Nine Extremes Deity was no dummy, he knew that Remote Void Regulated Breathing Scholar had lost face, so he smiled faintly and turned to his companions and waved his hand.

    Lets go! Spirit Calling Envoy Brother Zhan is not the first-rate master of the Dark Path as he was before, hes clearly reached a level beyond possibility. Although his friends conceal their identity, they are definitely not ordinary brothers of the wulin, no good can come from picking a fight with them.

    Spirit Calling Envoy probably also knew the score, using four to overcome seven was not very good odds, so he said placatingly, Everyone, dont let me keep you. Oh, Brother Yu, is Mystical Freak on the mountain?

    Nine Extremes Deity gestured all around him. Hes hiding around here somewhere! Brother Zhan, maybe you can root him out.


    He was hit by Evil Spirit Brother Hus Heart Busting Palm and went into hiding.

    Oh, thanks for telling me.


    The seven cut out of their quickly with their tails between their legs.[3]

    Spirit Calling Envoy and his fellows searched the vicinity for an hour, but finally descended the mountain in disappointment.

    [1]In the old days, a bag a warrior would carry around which contained all his necessary items.

    [2]It may not be clear from the dialogue, but Brother L was being sarcastic when he asked for leniency, prompting Remote Voids response.

    [3]狼狽. 狼 means wolf, and 狽 is another kind of wolf-like creature, possibly legendary. The phrase means to be between a wolf and this other creature, or to be between a rock and a hard place as we say in English. That is, a difficult situation. Here the phrase is used to show that they got out of their quickly and cut sorry figures doing it, hence I used the tail between your legs idiom so common in English.
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    Wonderful translation of a master wulin author.

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    Default Chapter 2, part 2

    Remember when I said it would be a few days, well I lied. Here's a new section of chapter 2. Geraldsaw, I agree so far, Yun Zhongyue does seem to be in control of his writing. He knows how much scenery description to give, how long to make the fight scenes, and he uses his own knowledge of martial arts (he was a military man as well as a martial artist himself) to enhance his fight scenes without dragging them out too long. This update also includes another illustration, though it doesn't seem to have anything to do with scene being described. Still, I put it where it occurs in my copy of the novel. With this update we are about halfway through chapter 2. Thanks for reading everyone! Might really be a few days before the next update, though.

    Chapter 2: The Little Tyrant
    Part 2

    To the right of Returning Goose Peak is Magnificent Spirit Peak, and between them sat a big manor, its master, Wei Anren, the third of the Four Heroes of the Wulin. The Calm Sword Great Xia[1] Wei was often called by friends of the jianghu the Retired Scholar of the Southern Mountain.

    Wei Anren was usually absent from his manor, as halfway up Returning Goose Peak he had erected a small study where he went to cultivate and enjoy himself.

    He was also one of the Ten Great Protectors of the Dharma of the Sandalwood Tree at Goose Peak Monastery. For the past few years he seldom roamed the rivers and lakes, having developed a sentimental fondness for the misty rain of Goose Peak.

    About a li distant from Goose Peak Monastery was the manor of Zhuang Shirong. From the foot of Returning Goose Peak to the summit was the sphere of influence of those with wealth and power.

    Villas everywhere, pavilions and terraces, flowers and trees, more beauty than one can take in.

    To get from his study to the prefectural city one must pass the three-forked junction to the left of the Zhuang manor, where on the roadside the Zhuang family had erected the Mist and Rain Pavilion for travelers to stop and rest.

    On that day, not long after noon, Yiping wore a green robe, walking along the small path to the prefectural city with his brother Yixin. As they passed the Mist and Rain Pavilion, on the right they could see the towering Goose Peak Monastery, and to the north the city emerging in the distance below. Yixin was eight years Yipings senior, but he was not as strongly built as Yiping. He had studied at the prefectural school for ten years, and had twice sat the triennial provincial examinations without success.

    He held only the rank of Xiucai[2], and at the moment held no hope for success, so he could only return to the family home and help with the farming. Still, in this area, the rank of xiucai was already a high position.

    Fourth Brother. Yixin turned to look at Yiping. Dad never mentions the time you were abducted, and you dont talk about it either. Where have you actually been these past ten years? Why didnt you ever send anyone with a letter?

    Living the life of a wandering vagrant, floating east and swaying west, there was really nothing good to talk about. He equivocated, A thousand li distant, aimlessly roaming, how could I send a letter? Big Brother, why did you quit your studies? Cant you take the examination again?

    Yixin heaved a long sigh and forced a bitter smile. Little Brother, you dont understand officialdom so no wonder you would blame me for ceasing my studies. For a normal family like ours, how can we compete with those from official families? Take this prefecture for example, most of the graduates nominated for official office are sons of officials. They dont study diligently at some public school, they reside at Stone Drum Academy and learn from specialized expert instructors. Before the exams they are sent off to the Foot of the Mountain Academy of Mt. Heng and guided by people invited from the capital. And poor average students like us can only sit in the public schools and study to death with other locals. In shortAh! Rather than being passed up over for them, theres more honor in obediently ceasing ones studies.

    Yiping was speechless and did not speak for some time.

    Little Brother, today Im taking you to the store to have a look, dad wants Yixin said, trying to change the subject.

    Dad wants me to watch the Clear Water Xiang shop, Yiping interjected. Big Brother, Im not cut out for business.

    Little Brother

    I know, dont force me, Big Brother.

    ButLittle Brother, dont you have any plans? Like getting married, starting a career

    Big Brother, can you really not see? Yiping said.

    See what? Yixin really didnt understand.

    Us four brothers, Yiping said seriously, theres no more than three hundred mu[3] of land, and even though we have three shops in the city, business is tough, theres not much money to be made. If we divide up the land, except for you who are the oldest and could get half of the land, how much could the rest of us get? Three brothers already have families. Big Brother, you took a wife not six years ago, but you already have four kids, who will grow up someday. How much land do we have to divvy up?

    Little Brother, dont talk like that

    Whatever, its the truth. Yiping laughed bitterly. These few days since Ive returned home, Ive seen a lot of places and heard a lot of idle chatter. I found out that Third Uncles business is going down. Big Uncles four sons, two of them have already went to Guandong to seek out some development, following the Xiang river migrating west in hopes of trying their luck among the savages.[4]

    Little Brother, were

    Were what? HE laughed more bitterly. We cant count the chaos and turmoil of the present times to reduce, and there is a limit on how many people our fields can support. Even if we brother all get along well, with five generations living under the same roof, what will we eat? How can we sustain it?

    We have the business from the shops

    The shops? Yiping laughed coldly. Those officials and clerks, those merchants with staring with their eyes closed? How much profit will they let you make? Forget it, Big Brother, open your eyes. How many people have gotten rich from honest trade? Even if you do make a lot of money, that just means some great misfortune is not far off.


    I have my own plans, Yiping said calmly.

    Little Brother, what plans?

    Get out of here soon and go to some developing place and set up a new foundation.

    What? You want to leave? You

    Thats right, the world is a big place, Yiping said, smiling.

    No, Little Brother, you Yixin said, worried.

    Yiping stopped him with a gesture. There was someone coming and he didnt want others to hear what they were discussing.

    Yixin also saw the person approaching, and his face changed slightly.

    Two big men wearing black, following a twelve-year-old boy, walking proudly with heads held high.

    The young man wore blackish-green short jacket and trousers. He not only looked refined, he also at turns delicate and pretty, and strong and robust, his eyes glittering, his face carrying a mischievous appearance.

    Holding a bamboo stick, walking and batting the vegetation on the side of the road with it, laughing and hurrying as the leaves fluttered about.

    The boy saw the Yixin and Yiping and stopped smacking the vegetation, and he stared curiously at Yiping, his eyes betraying his shrewdness.

    Yixin grabbed his brothers arm and they smilingly made way to the side of the road.

    The boy arrived, still staring at Yiping. He stopped in front of Yixin and said, Hey, the pedantic scholar, going to the city are you?

    Yiping frowned and his face sank.

    The boys features were delicate, cute, his face white like powder or a jade carving, vigorous from head to toe, everybodys darling, how could such a one be anything but cultured?

    What was weird was Yixin didnt shoot back, he just smiled obsequiously and said, Yes, going to the city to take a look at the shops.

    The lad threw away the bamboo stick and stood with his arms akimbo, striking an adult-like direct confronting posture toward Yiping, and said, Hey! You must be the Fourth Brother of the Zhuang family, who was abducted for ten years.

    Yiping stared back at the boy and forced a smile. Yep. Who are you?

    What did you say? The boys eyes were angry. He couldnt help but argue back, Youve been back only a few days, but it looks like youre already cocky. Ooh! Are you really Fourth Brother Zhuang?

    I am the Fourth Brother of the Zhuang family, what of it? Yipings manner was unfriendly, he had already developed an intense dislike for this lad.

    What did you say? The lad fumed.

    Are you hard of hearing?

    The boy probably had never been contradicted before, and his petulance emerged, and he suddenly lashed out and kicked Yipings shin. He glared and cursed, The audacity! What kind of nonsense is this?

    Yiping stepped back when he was kicked, and how he balled his fists, ready to demonstrate his power.

    Little Brother, dont, Yixin said hurriedly.

    Oh, you want to fight? The lad said angrily, You bunch of three-legged cats[5] martial artists, I could take you all on with a few cuffs and kicks. Humph! Do you dare?

    Yixin pulled his brother behind him, and said placatingly, Young Master, please dont take offense. My brother is unfamiliar with things around here. Weve offended you greatly, I apologize.

    Yiping contained his anger, only sighing in incomprehension.

    The boys anger dissipated, he made an ugly face and said, You odd fool, a grown man, strong and sturdy, wants to pick a fight with little old me?

    Young Master, dont take offense, Yixin apologized submissively.

    The lad humphed, smiled haughtily, and motioned to the two men, and they went on their way.

    Yiping held back his bellyful of fire and followed the boy with his eyes as he receded into the distance, then turned to his brother. Who was that little dirty swine? Detestable through and through!

    Yixin shook his head and laughed bitterly, He is Young Master Wei of the Wei family, a troublesome devil star. You can consider him our neighbor. In the future, you absolutely cant provoke him. The Wei family is one of the most revered and respected of the wulin, his fists heavy beyond reason. Offending him would be a big mistake.

    Yiping frowned. Unbelievable! How can that devil star become such a devil? I remember the old master of the Wei family, Wei Yunpeng, wasnt he polite and refined?

    The Wei family are actually all pretty good. Old Master and Big Miss are both revered, its just this little devil star has been spoiled by his mother. When is he not out causing trouble? Whoever goes against him will not be let off until hes been beaten black and blue, as bad as he can be. In the city they secretly call him the Little Tyrant.

    Whats his name? I remember when I left he was no more than two years old.

    Wei Yunfei.

    Yunfei? The higher they fly, the heavier they fall. Humph! Hell bring trouble to the Wei family, Yiping said angrily.

    Henceforth, he had a very bad impression of the Wei family, an impression too deep to analyze.

    Of course he knew the master of the Wei family was the third of the Four Heroes of the Wulin, known as Calm Sword. His swordplay emphasized calm, still movements, ending abruptly when not attacking, but hitting the mark when attacking.

    Those in the jianghu also called the Four Heroes of the Wulin the Four Sword Sages, as all of them were renowned among the martial grove for their exceptional swordplay.

    The first among their ranks was the Eastern Deity, the Divine Sword of Penglai Divine Mountain Lu Fei, whose swordplay was miraculous. He was known as the top swordsman of the wulin.

    The Western Daoist was ranked second. It was said he came from Western Kunlun, and his Daoist name was Heavenly Immortal. His nickname was Foreign Sword.

    Kunlun disciples were famous among the wulin for their swordplay. Heavenly Immortals swordplay was strange and fantastic. Those who met him in a fight were mystified before falling to his sword.

    The old priest had no quarrel with people, but the sects disciples varied in rank and personality.

    Ranked fourth was Northern Mountain Hegemon Sword Chang Zongyuan. He lived on Mt. Song on the east side of Five Tiger Ridge in a small secluded mountain village. He was Shaolins most accomplished layman, already attaining the essence of the Dharma Sword Skill which was extremely powerful.

    The swordplay of the Four Sword Sages each had its strong points, and although their accomplishments were not unprecedented, among the contemporary rivers and lakes it was very difficult to find someone who could best them in swordplay. The four were scattered among the four directions.

    Some people think: If the four were to fight each other, who would be the best?

    But this is an unnecessary question, because they were all self-cultivated and magnanimous and righteous persons. Even if they gathered together they wouldnt fight over position or rank.

    The ranking of the Four Sword Sages had nothing to do with the superiority or inferiority of their skill, but was just a way for those among the rivers and laked to remember easily, so they used East, West, South, and North to rank them, nothing more.

    Yixin had no idea that his brother was a wulin master, much less that his brother was familiar with the ins and outs of the rivers and lakes. They didnt talk much more, but hurried on toward the prefectural city.

    [1]大俠, lit. Great/Big Xia, a title, the xia is the same xia as in wuxia. Basically, a Chinese knight-errant.

    [2]秀才, a title granted to those who pass the county-level examinations.

    [3]畝, a measurement used for land, about 1/6 acre or 0.0667 hectare.

    [4]Guandong, in the deep south of China, was home to a lot of unsinicized tribes at this time, which the Chinese referred to as barbarians.

    [5]三腳貓, lit. three-legged cat, means jack-of-all-trades, but specifically the negative meaning of that English idiom, that is, someone who has a superficial knowledge of many things, but is not outstanding in anything. The boy is calling the Zhuang family a bunch of mediocre, third-rate martial artists.

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