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Thread: Demonic Sword Chivalrous Sentiment [魔剑俠情]

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    Default Demonic Sword Chivalrous Sentiment [魔剑俠情]

    Greetings to all the readers here at spcnet. I'm working on this project and want to share it with you all.

    Demonic Sword Chivalrous Sentiment [魔剑俠情]

    Those who roam the rivers and lakes live by the sword, die by the sword. Regardless of righteous sect or demonic cult, their objective is the same; to reach the highest peak of their martial arts cultivation.

    Incomparable swordplay reappears in society
    Sending forth violent storms through heaven and earth
    The sentiment and righteousness cannot be discarded
    The roots and old dream of endless sword flying
    Turning both hands up gathering the clouds, turning both hands down turning them to rain


    Chapter 1
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    Default Chapter 1

    Black clouds covered the sky at dawn with the wind howling fiercely across the horizon.

    On the summit of Mount Hua, stood two pugilists facing each other.

    A tall, handsome and confident looking man in his thirties, wearing a golden yellow warrior outfit, with a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular squared guard and long grip to accommodate two hands, fastened at his waist, glared at his opponent coldly. His eyes blazed with anger and hatred; carrying an air of aggression. His name was Gaoqiao Liangjie.

    His opponent, Ding Rongbang's eyes were complete opposites. It was shining with confidence and arrogance.

    "Gaojiao Liangjie! Ten years ago, we spared your life and allowed you to return to Dongyang [old Japan]. Unfortunately you did not appreciate our kindness. Today old man will have to act on behalf of heaven," Ding Rongbang said confidently.

    Gaojiao Liangjie laughed coldly, "Martial Master Ding, I was born a pugilist. Even if I die, I will die as a pugilist. A true pugilist can only die in the hands of an expert."

    "That is true."

    The long sword Ding Rongbang's hand suddenly flashed out from its sheath; enveloped by a gleam of light, struck out at Gaojiao Liangjie.

    The air hissed as Gaojiao Liangjies single edge curved sword slashed vertically to block.

    The swords collided, producing a burst of energy that swept across the horizon, cutting anything in its path, like a knife.

    Trees and rocks within the perimeter split in half and collapsed.

    Ding Rongbang retracted his long sword and hacked it down at his opponent's head. Gaojiao Liangjie slashed his single edge sword in an arc, vertically to block.

    The swords collided once more, producing a huge force that drove Ding Rongbang to the back.

    Gaojiao Liangjie remained still, pointed his single edge curved sword sideway to the ground, waiting for his opponent to make his next move.

    Ding Rongbang roamed the jianghu for more than half of his life. He was considered an expert among the pugilists in the wulin. After exchanging that last move, he knew at once that his opponent was a fearful swordsman.

    Gaojiao Liangjie congratulations! Looks like your sword art has reached a new level, he complimented in distress.

    Gaojiao Liangjie snorted condescendingly, Unfortunately yours did not make any progression at all. Youve truly disappointed me.

    Ding Rongbang gave him an angry stare, and then let out a loud yell, leaped forward, and performed a downward slash.

    The battle continued. The two pugilists fought from the ground to the air, swords flashing violently, using every skill that they had acquired over the years. Ding Rongbang continually attacked with full strength while Gaojiao Liangjie continually blocked and parried at ease. Whirling and spinning, leaping and somersaulting with astonishing ease, Gaojiao Liangjie enjoyed the process of depleting his opponent's strength.

    After exchanging over fifty moves with no winner, Gaojiao Liangjie started to feel bored and decided to focus on the battle. Blocking a chop from aimed at his head, he leapt back and swept his single edge sword in an arc. The blade of his sword emitted a thin wave of aura at his opponent, cutting through the air like a knife.

    Ding Rongbang lifted his long sword with both hands to retaliate but it was already too late. He felt the cold wind piercing his flesh. Blood spurted out of his throat. The wave of aura that came from Gaojiao Liangjie's sword had cut his throat. His body shuddered and lifelessy collapsed to the ground.

    Gaojiao Liangjie twirled his sword around his fingers before returning it into the sheath at his waist. His face was filled with pride and satisfaction. "That was the killer move of my Phantasm Meteor Sword Art. But I guess you will never be able to know it," he said coldly.

    He clasped his hands behind his back and walked away proudly. After spending the past ten years training very hard, his handwork and dedication paid off.

    The words 'Control the wulin, and unify the jianghu' echoed in his ears.

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    Welcome to the forum and well done.

    This is a very promising start. Kind of reminds me of Duel to the Death.

    Look forward to reading your work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandred Skavenslayer View Post
    Welcome to the forum and well done.

    This is a very promising start. Kind of reminds me of Duel to the Death.

    Look forward to reading your work.
    Thanks for dropping by and the warm welcome Mandred. There are many talented writers here that shares the same interest in wuxia. Really happy to be here

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    Welcome! Glad to see some original fiction here.

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