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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 25 – simplicity Itself

    “Inner Panorama?” Zax got up and asked his Master.

    Kartius shook his stag head and said in resignation. “Back then I only gave you an abbreviated explanation of the third form of meditation. I didn’t expect that you will reach it so fast… Naturally, you don’t know about the Inner Panorama”.

    “Martial son, Zax”, the use of both names signified to Zax that his Master was about to impart on him some knowledge. “It’s my fault that I did not tell you this before… Now that you adapted to a second bottleneck of insight, in the future you should not mention this one, the first bottleneck and other bottlenecks that you will comprehend. Among cultivators this matter is taboo for discussion. You can’t be sure who comprehended the same bottlenecks as you did. And if you go and talk about it frivolously, there are many indecisive cultivators who can listen to you, have their cultivation negatively impacted and blame you later”.

    “Yes, Master”. Zax responded. He did not need his Master anymore to go into details in order to understand the consequence of sharing personal insight recklessly. In the case of the six bottlenecks of insight, if he will expose one of his insights to a second realm cultivator that had yet to comprehend it, the cultivator might dwell over the insight, placing more importance to it than to the bottleneck on his path.

    “Good. Next, you just finished adapting to your second bottleneck, in addition to reaching Warood Meditation. Considering your confusion, you most likely have not realized the changes in your sea of consciousness. Inspect it now and don’t try to enter a meditative state while you do it”. Kartius instructed.

    Concentrating on his inner mind, Zax entered and observed his sea of consciousness. ‘Eh? The sandy land is still here, and it’s even encompassing a larger space!’ From Zax’s view, the barren landscape, which had dozens of meters before, stretched now to a radius of eighty meters around his soul. ‘Currently, I just leisurely entered my sea of consciousness, yet my mind is exceptionally clear… wasn’t the sandy land a manifestation of Warood Meditation?’ Zax awareness and soul felt vibrant in this supposedly normal state, than he ever was during Adraak Meditation. As for why? Zax was not sure.

    Not wanting to make wrong assumption, Zax approached with his awareness to the barren landscape. The moment Zax crossed above the perimeter of the landscape, his awareness manifested, yet again, the form of his naked body, and as his feet touched the warm sand, the sensation of lucidity intensified.

    ‘I’m feeling ticklish and the fragrance of this place is so sweet’. Along with the effect of his first bottleneck, the effect of the second bottleneck of insight was prominent and actually pleasant now that he adapted to it. ‘Wait, what are these?’

    Upon closer inspection, Zax found that a change occurred in the barren landscape... it appeared to have many protrusions. Sweeping the sand with his foot, a centimeter long black bud emerged.

    ‘A plant?’ Zax raised his head to look at the protrusions. With but a thought, the sand covering the protrusions was swept and more black buds emerged. ‘All of these buds definitely weren’t here before I comprehended the second bottleneck. Could it be that with every bottleneck the sandy land will change? Master also said to inspect my Inner Panorama… is it this sandy land?’

    To know the answers to what goes on in his sea of consciousness, Zax used his outer mind to communicate with his Master while absorbing the no longer barren landscape with his inner mind.

    “Well, should you ask your questions or should I explain right away?” Kartius ask after seeing his Martial son’s eyes shifting to his direction.

    “Please explain, Master”. Zax requested. By now he learned that it is better to gather as much information regarding one’s interests, and only then, if the answer is still too hard to come up with alone, raising questions will not be redundant.

    “Very well. Then I will expound a bit more about Warood Meditation and what I omitted previously”. Kartius sat on all four. Even in his animalistic form he gave the air of a scholar as he complied with his Martial son’s preference. “To reach the state of Warood Meditation you know that one must possess an excellent understanding of the subliminal mind. What you aren’t aware of, is how difficult it is to reach this level of understanding of the subliminal mind. We, cultivators, become familiar with the subliminal mind the more we appreciate the spiritual knowledge it gathers from our Martial path. To give you indication of what this level of difficulty is, generally, only third level Core Masters manage to attain a sufficient understanding of their subliminal mind, enough to break through to the state of Warood Meditation. Exceptions are cultivators with innate affinity to the soul aspect, such as little sister. Little sister attained the third form of meditation as a first level Core Master”.

    Kartius turned his head away, avoiding Laivien who suddenly seemed pretty pleased with herself, showing a smug on her doe face.

    The reason was not discussed outloud, but the abrupt change in the two’s attitude was due to the fact that Kartius had yet to reach the state of Warood Meditation. A fact he hoped to hide from his Martial son, simply for keeping face in front of him, despite being glad for his achievement.

    The brother and sister were familiar with each other well enough for Kartius to know that for Laivien to stay quiet, he will have to later indulge her with some demanding request.

    Sighing inwardly, Kartius continued. “Astonishingly, you, Martial son, really outdid yourself this time. In all my life I’ve never heard of a first realm expert who broke through the third state of meditation”.

    Kartius’s praise almost made Zax to humbly accept it, if not for the memory of the Black Core in his dantian and all of his other amazing accomplishment that were actually credited to it.

    “Master, reaching the third realm of Meditation is, too, probably, because of the Black Core”.

    “Not necessarily”. Detecting that his Martial son is on the path to developing feelings of dejection toward the Black Core, and knowing the implication those feelings can cause to his future cultivation, Kartius refuted him with a sincere look in his eyes. “To understand the subliminal mind you need to appreciate the spiritual knowledge it gathers. Your subliminal mind possesses a spiritual knowledge far from the ordinary. I believe that through the effort of appreciating this profound spiritual knowledge, apart from cultivating your soul at a remarkable speed, you succeeded in doing the unprecedented breakthrough”.

    “Zax, listen to big brother”, Laivien interrupted. “Aren’t you in possession of a formation scripture? See what spiritual knowledge your subliminal mind gathered from it and compare it to the profound spiritual knowledge of your Black Core and the entity you told big brother about. If the latter is really something, then its spiritual knowledge should be harder to appreciate, not to mention, fully comprehend”.

    Zax did not need to follow Laivien’s suggestion. He already appreciated both type of spiritual knowledge, and the one related to the Soul Binding formation was a child play in comparison to that of the entity.

    “No need. If the differences between spiritual knowledge are the root of the fast progression, then I take back my words and listens to Master and Laivien”. Glad to know of this fact, Zax said laughingly.

    “If you understand, then little sister will proceed with you to expound about your Inner Panorama. My purpose here was to see how you do and there are still things I must attend to”. Kartius said and rose on his four legs.

    “Ah… Master!” Zax suddenly called. Being able to meet his Master after nearly two weeks, there was a thing on his mind he had to ask. “For progressing to the next form of meditation and comprehending a second bottleneck of insight, am I allowed to return home now?” The words left his mouth very carefully, concealing the dissatisfaction of not receiving an approval the past few times he asked.

    Kartius advanced a few step and stopped. “Tomorrow I’ll accompany you. You can take four days”. He departed after catching a glance at the huge smile one his Martial son’s face.

    “Huhuhu”, Laivien’s laughter attracted Zax from the blur his Master turned when he left. “Isn’t it great, little Zax, now we know what you need to achieve for big brother to let you a few resting days, merely comprehending bottlenecks of insight, huhuhu!” She taunted for the chance to see his shocked expression.

    Indeed Zax was taken aback and his jaw nearly broke free from the rest of his head as it dropped. Only after a few seconds did he realize that Laivien was joking on his expense.

    “That’ too much, Laivien, if Master ever deiced such a thing I might as well forget about the place called ‘Kingdom Earth’”. Even with the sparks of light that contained the bottlenecks of insight and made his cultivation a lot simpler and easier… before the day he will discover the sixth bottleneck, Zax could not be sure that they all exist among the spiritual knowledge of his subliminal mind.

    “Huhuhu, little Zax’s face his lovely when pouting. Fine, fine, treat this joke as payment for my explanation”. Seeing Zax growing angry, Laivien reverted to the matter at hand.

    “Little Zax, the Inner Panorama, that is the patch of land surrounding your soul, can you describe it to me”.

    “When I first broke through, it looked like a sparkling desert and had a radius of dozens of meters. I’m not sure if it’s related… after I adapted to the second bottleneck, the radius of the desert increased and black buds started to emerge from underneath the sand”.

    Laivien nodded as Zax came to a halt. His description was accurate to the scene she saw when she used the violet stone to strength her soul and barge into his sea of consciousness. As for the black buds, the expression of the gentle yet mischievous doe head grew curious for a moment, and then another nod was given.

    “Since you and I comprehended the same amount of bottlenecks of insight, I can only narrate my Kartion’s words… the Inner Panorama evolves parallel to the number of bottlenecks of insight you comprehend. After the second bottleneck, the first sign of plants began to appear. The coloring of the plants corresponds to the attribute of the cultivator. The buds in my Inner Panorama are white due to the light attribute of my soul. Yours and my Kartion are black due to the dark attribute. Cultivators who had yet to obtain an attribute have transparent plants that will only gain coloration after assimilating an attribute”. Sensing the question on the tip of Zax’s tongue, Laivien proceeded in the same breath. “In New Earth there are four types of attributes. Light, dark, fiery and icy. Either of the four can only be found in the Savage Caves. The objective of my Kartion’s Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refinement technique is an attempt to enable its practitioner to assimilate both the fiery and icy attributes”.

    ‘Light, dark, fiery and icy?’ Zax was flabbergasted. He did not know that there were so many attributes and expected to find out only about one more besides the two he already knew. “Wait, what?! Master said that a person can only have one attribute…”

    “Huhuhu, big brother wasn’t lying. I only said that it’s the objective of my Kartion’s Qi refinement technique. Currently, none of his apprentices managed to assimilate both attributes. Also, the fiery and icy attributes are the hardest to find, so it’s not worth the headache thinking about it”.

    “Oh…” Zax calmed down. His dark attribute alone supplied him with so many benefits. It was too ridicules to imagine what can be achieved with two attributes!

    “The Inner Panorama, little Zax, now that you reached Warood Meditation will never disappear. The state of Warood Meditation, unlike Somnolence Meditation and Adraak Meditation is constant. From now on, your mind will always possess a new level of lucidity, which will tremendously assist your future cultivation. Furthermore, in the times you’ll settle your awareness within the Inner Panorama your perception will only grow stronger when pondering over different methods and techniques”.

    ‘So that’s why the sandy- Inner Panorama appeared in my sea of consciousness despite me not meditating. Rather, it seems that now I’ll never need to meditate to maintain a higher level of comprehension’. Zax thought excitingly.

    “Regrettably, at this point, your subliminal mind will no longer gather spiritual knowledge”. Laivien’s following words were like a bucket of ice cold water that caused turmoil in Zax’s head.

    Being incapable of gathering spiritual knowledge?!

    Appreciating pieces of spiritual knowledge was Zax’s substitute to soul refinement technique. Granted, only profound spiritual knowledge, which can only be gained by fortuitous encounters, is suitable to cultivate the soul, Zax still possessed a vast collection of a profound spiritual knowledge such as this thanks to the entity, but that was only good enough for the time being. Who knows what the future hold? If someday he will fully comprehend the entity’s spiritual knowledge, to cultivate his soul further he would have to resort to soul refinement techniques and forget of his subliminal mind ever gathering new profound spiritual knowledge.

    With respect to soul refinement techniques, though Zax was familiar with only the Inner Spirit formation, he was fairly certain that nowhere in all of New Earth there is a soul refinement technique that is better than the entity spiritual knowledge.

    Zax complexion paled as Laivien finished the sentence. Seeing the rapid transformation from his healthy facade to a rather sickly one, made Laivien flinch. “Little Zax, are you okay?!”

    “Ah… you said that my subliminal mind will never gather spiritual knowledge?” Zax nervously asked in a weak voice, to be sure he had heard correctly

    “Yes. Although it’s very helpful, for someone in the constant state of Warood Meditation there is no need for the subliminal mind to gather spiritual knowledge. Actually, the state of Warood Meditation aids your conscious mind so much that it surpasses the subliminal mind. Anything your subliminal mind could gather for you to appreciate, your conscious mind, from now on, will be able to perceive and study on your own much better”.

    “So that’s it…” Zax heaved a pent up breath and blood slowly returned to his face. Still, he was not completely relieved. It just dawned on him that one day he will comprehend the entity’s spiritual knowledge regardless of his subliminal mind gathering spiritual knowledge or not. What that time arrive, he will have to start looking for the best soul refinement technique out there. ‘…Laivien is right. Some stuff are better not to dwell over when there is nothing that I can do. If one day I will be in need of a soul refinement technique, I will deal with it then’. Zax firmly made up his mind.

    “Silly boy”, Laivien was not finished. “Have you forgotten that the subliminal mind is a construct that is being used in Adraak Meditation? The principle of breaking through new levels is improving, not deteriorating. Go and have a look at your soul formation scripture and see how much you can perceive from it with your conscious mind in comprehension to what your subliminal mind gathered from it”. Laivien nudged him off to pick up the casing and take out the scripture of the Soul Binding formation.

    Zax hastily complied.

    Rolling the scripture open and having a look at the drawn formation, in but a few breaths of time, it was like a light bulb lit in his head.

    “The precise location to erect the formation!” It was not written anywhere in the scripture, but from his own experience with the Soul Binding formation, couple with the soberness of his new state of mind, detecting the right place in his sea of consciousness to erect the formation was simplicity itself.

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 26 – Months Go By

    After getting to know better the new state of mind he achieved by breaking through the third state of meditation and hearing all that Laivien had to say, Zax contemplated how he should spend the reminder of the day, since tomorrow he could finally return home.

    No matter what, Zax concluded that in one he will not be able to find another spark of light. Thus, he decided to invest in time by completing in one go the Intermediate phase of the Soul Binding formation.

    After Zax inspected the scripture of the formation, with his new level of perception, he uncovered practically the whole Intermediate phase of the formation. His level of understanding of it became so vivid that a wave of relief washed over Zax as he thought about the spiritual knowledge his subliminal mind gathered from the scripture of the formation, and how much correct it was for him to be meticulous and cautious when he lightly appreciated a few of the pieces of spiritual knowledge.

    Where it to appreciate all the spiritual knowledge his subliminal mind gathered, he would have limited considerably his achievements with the Soul Binding formation. At most he could have hoped to complete the Intermediate phase of it.

    Now, though, Zax’s conscious mind fathomed not just the Intermediate phase, but also the entry to the Advanced phase.

    Within the scope of a mostly sandy landscape with barely noticeable black buds of vegetation, the naked body of a young teen stood tall and smiled, with an expression similar to an emperor overseeing his vast and prosperous thousand kilometers empire, even though the young teen’s land was a trifling radius of eighty meters.

    Naturally, that young and naked teen was the manifested physique of Zax, atop his Inner Panorama.

    ‘It doesn’t matter anymore, hahahah!’ Zax laughed. ‘The formation still has to be erect at an appropriate distance from the soul, but with this recent breakthrough I can now create the pieces and pile them up wherever in a radius of thirty five meters from the soul’.

    Accompanying this realization, the original number of eleven Soul Binding formation rose to twenty three in but an hour. With this, Zax truly completed the Intermediate phase of the formation and the proof was the number of the formation, which could not go above twenty three before breaking through the Advanced phase.

    As for Zax’s comprehension of the Advanced phase, the last phase of the Soul Binding formation, it was not deep, but sufficient to know where to start. While the Beginner phase of the formation required an understanding of its structure and the Intermediate phase embarked on the discovery of the proper place to root its foundation, the Advanced phase preached for proficiency. For the Advanced phase of the Soul Binding formation, Zax had to recreate the seventy one pieces that build up the formation, each with its own unique touch. As to what followed… that would be the perfect from of the Soul Binding formation.

    Completing the Intermediate phase of the formation took less time than Zax anticipated.

    ‘My body did not feel fatigue when reaching the pinnacle of the Intermediate phase, but going for the Advanced phase is still too early. The twenty three formations, the power of seven should be comparable to the soul of Intermediate phase second level Core Master. All twenty three, I wonder if I can momentarily bind the soul of a Beginner phase third level Core Master or perhaps a Peak phase second level Core Master’.

    Zax speculated that with the Soul Binding formations he erected, although his bodily cultivation still cannot match a second level Core Master in a serious fight, if he will manage to land a single hand on his opponent and transmit the formations, then landing the other hand with the explosive power of the Kinetic Force would be a child play and the death of possibly a third level Core Master!

    Of course, Zax was wholeheartedly aware that to get the shortest end of the stick was much more probable if his opponent will give him the benefit of the doubt. Beating the supercilious founder of the Dernalder family did not arouse the slightest feelings of grandeur in him.

    ‘Until I will resume cultivating the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement, I can only hope that my future opponents will rely on close quarter combat’. With this, Zax chances of winning against a stronger opponent would be the heights.

    Leaving his sea of consciousness, a serene expression adorned Zax’s face. The constant state of Warood Meditation was precisely the reason for Zax’s calm.

    Zax saw Laivien quietly resting her doe head beside the violet stone, lightly touching it. He presumed that she was either cultivating her soul or watching the members of the Martial household in the Essence Cave and the adjacent cave.

    Regardless, she looked peaceful so he did not interrupt her.

    Rising to his feet, Zax abandoned thoughts of further training. Although he was interested of how now that he reached the third form of meditation it would feel to appreciate the entity’s spiritual knowledge in the violet stone, he was worried that upon checking it out he will submerge himself in a long session of training that will make him forget about returning home tomorrow. Also, knowing how much his Master yearned for him to diligently keep training and uncover all bottlenecks of insight, he was not sure that he trusts him to pull him out from the violet stone in time of departure.

    Hence, Zax looked for the young Krikitories. Though the little ones were mostly learning from the adults and doing mild works, at certain rare time, when Zax took a break from his training, he would go find and play with the energetic young Krikitories. The adult Krikitories, on the other hand, were not satisfied with the human juvenile who taught their younglings all sorts of mischievous behavior, but being aware of his status, they could do nothing but let it go.

    Time passed. Days, weeks and months gone by.

    Between the day he cultivated the Intermediate phase of the Soul Binding Formation and his fifteenth birthday, Zax’s daily routine, whether in Kingdom Earth or Valgarel, was more or less free from eccentric changes.

    As far as his time in Kingdom Earth passed, starting with the most unexpected thing, the day Zax made his second return from Valgarel with his Master. Upon arriving home and seeing his parents he received both surprising and startling news. To make a long story short, while Zax was away, training, news of his fight with Livai and vice principal Mizuri’s revelation of Eden Formation’s Pearl spread like wildfire in Kingdom Earth and, as a result, the name “Zax Zel” now reverberated in every household from the low to high class.

    What happened next, following the moment this news were made public, many people began to speculate again about the annihilation of the Dernalder family, to connect the dots and figure that most certainly it was Zax who had conflict with, formerly, one of the five great families of El-Eden.

    Still, no inquiries were made in order reaffirm those speculations, especially due to Zax’s status. It was actually quite for the opposite. While Zax was in Valgarel, many heads and founders of high class families, organization, Martial schools, etc… visited and paid their respect to Zax’s parents in various ways.

    Poor Marco and Laylen did not know what to do with themselves. With each passing day their dream of normal, humble household and modest livelihood was getting farther and farther. If they dared to blink once they could find themselves living life of luxury in a five acre estate with more maids and servants than their entire extended Zel family.

    Fortunately, representative of Eden Formation and the Dauch family accompanied the couple throughout their bewilderment.

    In comparison to the proud but helpless parents, the extended Zax family was elated and exited so much that grandpa Ger got a mild heart attack. Luckily, the old man was fine and dandy at the very same day he was brought to the hospital, already making preparation for the biggest, most extravagant celebration cave twenty five ever known.

    Zax, in contrast, hearing about everything that happened, other than feeling awkward, shrugged his shoulders and looked for a way to escape all the unwanted attention.

    In conclusion, in the Zel family front, in the passing months, during grandpa Ger’s celebration, Zax at least got to meet everyone in his family.

    Proceeding to the matter of his relationship with Anet… With the two having their own obligations, they found it easy to be content and get accustomed to their time apart without feeling dejection toward each other. Even more easily, the two discovered ways to compensate for their time apart and better appreciate the days they could spend together. Frankly, though, in the few dates they went out together, the execution was kind of sloppy due to the three years lack of communication and the slow process of properly getting to know each other again.

    With regard to the rest of Zax friends, Take and the rest of the Earth’s Core search group… with Don’s approval, the nine teens met and spent four whole days as Eden Formation’s official and exchange students.

    Getting to be with everyone, Zax was glad that apart from external appearance and mental growth, the disposition of the friends he did not meet last, have not changed much during the three years.

    Like Zax and Anet, Merly, Take, Mi and Weysey have been in a relationship. Although, in these group of nine, Zax and Anet were the only one who were both dating each other and part of the group.

    In the four days together, the word “reconcile” did not resurface in Zax head. The temperament of those who have not seen him before was open and friendly, not to mention, since they all knew about Zax’s status in the number one Martial school in El-Eden, none of Zax’s friends restrained their pride and excitement toward the one who surpassed his calamity and became the shining star of their home region, El-Eden.

    At the end of the four days, when everyone had to go on their way again, as Zax walked home, to say goodbye to his parents and leave for Valgarel, something in Zax’s mentality experienced a transformation. Being able to finally amend the frictions in the bond with his friends, rejuvenate their friendship and also get together with his extended family, Zax felt like a colossal was released from his shoulders. A clearer picture of the life he wants to lead in the future appeared in his mind, showing two great desires he strived for more than anything in his life. One was Anet; the other was the Martial path.

    Getting to the Martial path… After thirty days were over, Zax returned the scripture of the Soul Binding formation to the Martial secession of the Summit. At the time and even after those months that gone by, Zax still did not reach perfection with the Soul Binding formation, but his affinity to soul formation in general revealed a sign of profundity, which allowed him to make considerable progress in the Advanced phase of the Soul Binding formation, enough to feel sure in himself and return its scripture instead of borrowing it for another thirty days.

    Zax decided to borrow one of the soul techniques only when he will reach perfection with the Soul Binding formation.

    Regrettably, with respect to the bottlenecks of insight, the quantity of the entity’s spiritual knowledge was growing greater and greater each time Zax appreciated and formed combinations from the small pieces. Only by luck, these past few days did Zax mange to detect, with the support of the sweet fragrance the ticklish feeling, a hint of a third spark of light. Now Zax felt himself being in a race, there was no way that appreciated so much profound spiritual knowledge and forming combinations will not cultivate his soul at all. The distance to the Advanced phase of the Mist Lord level for his soul was getting shorter with each training session. Thus, Zax was adamant in his attempt to find the spark of light, comprehend the third bottleneck of insight and contribute the progression in his soul to the reaction of the dark attribute.

    And then there was the subject of Zax’s Martial household.

    In the past few months, after the first two times his Master accompanied him home, Zax’s Martial brother and sisters took the responsibility of seeing off their youngest Martial brother.

    Of his Martial brothers and sisters, the only times only one accompanied Zax was when Raroen or Simel escorted him or when Zetsa or Tularg also came to spend some time in Kingdom Earth. As for what Tularg had to do in Kingdom Earth? That was, naturally, to visit little Liz, the heir for his Cultivation Inheritance.

    Exploiting the opportunities of spending time with their younger Martial brother, per Simel’s command, the first time Zax was companied by one or a group of his Martial brothers or sisters, a personal welcome from senior to junior in the household had to be made. And so, some of Zax’s Martial brothers and sister took him for a hunt on the way to Kingdom Earth, others exchanged pointers with him and one or two shared their story.

    Incidentally, from Rarahel’s story, which she told at the first time she Mes and Shulip escorted him, Zax learned about the source of her bitterness toward Zetsa. Apparently, when Zetsa just became an apprentice of Grandmaster Kartion, an incident occurred when Raroen and Hagen took the, at the time, youngest – back then both in age and position – of their Master’s apprentices, Zetsa, for a combat training session outside Grandmaster Kartion’s cave.

    The three encountered a large force of the household enemies. Protecting Zetsa and obstructing the enemies was too difficult, so Raroen ordered Zetsa to return to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave while he and Hagen will deal with the enemies. By comparing strength, none of the enemies could threaten neither Raroen nor Hagen, but their numbers were too overwhelming and a few got past them.

    Rushing back to protect Zetsa, it was too late and Zetsa was already hurt, though Rarahel did not reveal to Zax to what extent. By then three were not far from Grandmaster Kartion’s cave, seeing Zetsa, Hagen entered into frenzy while Raroen took her back. Afterwards, when they saw Zetsa and Raroen; Mes, Tularg and Kartius left to assist Hagen and slaughter the enemy’s forces, while Shulip, Rarahel and Grandmaster Kartion tended to Zetsa’s wounds.

    In the end, though, the cause for Rarahel’s bitterness was that to save Zetsa, Raroen, an irreplaceable heir of the Silverhorned tribe, her tribe, sacrificed his Cultivation Inheritance.

    From here it was obvious for Zax and even Rarahel herself that her bitterness is not justified. Nonetheless, as a member of the Silverhorned tribe, Raroen’s cousin and the daughter of the second leader of the tribe, to this day she has not made her mind if sacrificing Raroen’s Cultivation Inheritance for Zetsa, or anyone for that matter, is something she can or could agree with.

    Finishing with the members of Zax’s detailed escort… Martial sister Hagen was the only one who Zax had not met yet and who has not accompanied him at all.

    Arriving to the present day.

    It already has been a month since Zax’s fifteenth birthday. Zax was in Laivien’s valley. A short time ago his Master, Kartius, came by and told him to halt his training.

    “Martial niece Hagen is about to leave for a mission. You and Martial nephew Mes are joining her”.

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 27 – Assassination Mission

    In the roughly four years that passed since Zax first met his today Martial brother and sisters, every one of them also had his and her own progression in the Martial path. Currently, other than his big sister, Zetsa, only Shulip had not yet broken through the Core Master realm.

    A hour ago, Zax’s Master, Kartius, announced that soon he will head out to his first household mission, together with Mes, the Thousand Meters Viper, and Hagen, the Martial sister he had yet met.

    The gathering place was at the peak of a mountain, which was part of the mountains ridge were the blue tower of Grandmaster Kartion was situated, and the secluded habitation of Hagen.

    Several tens of meters below the peak was a cavern, sealed by a giant boulder. A tremor engendered from within the sealed cavern and fluctuation of violent mist energy sipped through the notches between the boulder and the cavern’s entrance.

    Short time later, the fluctuation dissipated and calm return to the mountain.

    “Big sister Hagen is one step closer toward the third level of the second realm”. A fairly young man, who appeared to be in his early twenties, remarked with a smile.

    Beside the young man were Zax and Kartius in his humanoid form.

    “Big brother Mes”, Zax turned to the young man who wore a bodysuit made out of purple scales, his purple long hair was combed and tied behind his back and his eyes were gleaming in golden spender.

    After his breakthrough to the second realm, much like Tularg, as a Zhìhuì type beast Mes could now change into the third, human form, which flaunted in some of his animalistic features. Also, with a human head, tongue and vocal cords Mes no longer had speech impediments.

    “Sensing those mist fluctuation with my Soul Sense, big sister Hagen has reached the Advanced phase of the second level of the Core Master realm. She still needs to reach the Peak phase in order to be a step closer to the third level”. Zax said.

    “Ha! Freak Zax, you brat, what do you know? The Peak phase is merely half a step to the next level, the additional half step is just a little more difficult so others occasionally confuse the one into two”. Mes said, sure of his facts.

    “You two be quiet. Martial niece Hagen consolidates her mist energy and will be out of her closed door training in a few minutes. If you two will keep disturbing her… Martial son, though you still did not meet your eldest Martial sister, don’t seek your Martial father’s back when she’ll get here incensed. Martial nephew Mes, since you should know better, Martial niece Hagen will punish you more severely”. Kartius both reprimanded and warned.

    Seeing how Mes hastened to listen to his Master, and the slight change in his complexion, Zax decided to follow suit and avoid from infuriating his strongest Martial sister in the first impression she would have of him.


    A loud bird cry resonated, carrying the sound wave for kilometers.

    On the mountain peak, a flashy figure ascended to the cave’s sky, leading the heads of the three to look up.

    An about two meters tall bird type beast, with silvery wings, gray feathered body, a hawk head and a beast’s humanoid form physique flew above Zax, Mes and Kartius, circling the summit of the mountain before landing.

    “Big sister Hagen, congratulation!” Mes hurriedly stepped forward to welcome the bird type beast in her humanoid form, Hagen.

    ‘This is Martial sister Hagen…’ Zax refrained from impolitely inspecting her with his Soul Sense, but still could tell the disparity in strength between them. ‘Formidable!’

    “Greetings, senior Martial sister Hagen, this one is Zax Zel, nice to meet you!” Zax paid Hagen the same respect he showed his other Martial brothers and sisters.

    The double pupils hawk eyes of Hagen shifted from the welcoming Mes to the teenage human.

    Being watched by those yellow double pupils ran shivers down Zax’s back. ‘Did I say something offending?’ Externally Zax did not show any signs of retreat, but inwardly he felt those double pupils penetrating his skin.

    Catching the quick blink in Hagen eyes, the intrusive sensation abruptly vanished.

    ‘Good, little brother Zax, you are as strong and fast growing as the abnormal little Zetsa’. A pleasant to the ears voice of nice aunty echoed in Zax’s head.

    “Big sister Hagen?” Zax was taken aback.

    Also hearing Zax’s response, Kartius understood the misunderstanding of his Martial son and took upon himself to explain.

    “Martial niece Hagen, similarly to Martial niece Shulip whom you already know, as a bird type beast, Double Pupils hawk, cannot produce human sounds with her vocal cords. However, Martial niece Hagen had managed to learn the Silverhorned tribe’s technique of sound transmission from Martial nephew Raroen. Therefore, as long as you don’t intentionally barricade your sea of consciousness, her thoughts can resound in your mind”.

    ‘That’s right, little brother Zax’. Hagen confirmed.

    “Hagen, little sister passed you the massage about this time mission”.

    ‘Indeed, Martial uncle’. Hagen voice resounded not just in Kartius’s head, but in Mes’s and Zax’s, too. ‘But not in great details’.

    Kartius nodded. “The mission is assassination mission. Mes, your Reptilian tribe provided the information. Update the three of us once more”.

    The Reptilian tribe, Zax heard from Mes in the past, is a sub tribe of the Silverhorned tribe. It used to be a dominate tribe in the outer territory of Valgarel and after the Silverhorned tribe’s rise to prominence in the inner territory, it also had become a decent tribe in the inner territory.

    Today, the Reptilian tribe is a silent ally of Grandmaster Kartion and its members scout the movement of the Black Horns tribe and the three other tribes in its service against the household.

    Mes’s easygoing expression was replaced with a solemn one. “The scouts of the Reptilian tribe gathered information about the leader of the Yellowtailed tribe, Ginlin. Apparently, the tribe leader reached the bottleneck to the third realm and headed to the Savage Caves with a few tribesmen to make his breakthrough”.

    ‘Ginlin finally decided to surpass the peak of the Core Master realm?’ Though Hagen sounded calm as she asked, a hint of exclamation could be seen in her double pupils.

    “Hagen, Mes, Zax, Ginlin is one of the four great nemesis of our household. Even though he is a Shenghuo, is strength at the peak of the third level should not be taken lightly. Now more than ever if he is willing to make his breakthrough”. Kartius stressed.

    “The information about Ginlin arrived this morning. By now he probably made it to the first Savage Cave, but his destination should be the second one and his allusive target, a fiery attribute liquid. To get the fiery attribute liquid will take him a week worth of time or so, and to consume it safely he would have to return to the first Savage Cave. Your orders are as such, head out to the entrance of the second Savage Cave. If you make it before Ginlin returns, destroy his escort and ambush Ginlin”.

    “To not attract the attention of other tribes, Ginlin escort is comprised of only five Core Masters, two of which are second level Core Masters, three are at the first level. On sight, Martial niece Hagen, you shell deiced how you want to take care of them”. Kartius turned to Hagen and then Mes and Zax. “Remember, most important, the moment Ginlin exists to the first Savage Cave, whether you got rid of his escort or not, Ginlin will be too tired and weak and his strength should not be higher than the Beginner phase of the third level. If at the moment of his arrival you can intercept him from consuming the fiery attribute liquid, then don’t hesitate from dealing the killing blow, otherwise, flee as fast as you can!”

    Allowing the three a moment of silence to digest his orders, Kartius opened. “Is everything clear?”




    The three replied.

    “Hagen, you are the leader of this task force. Martial son, Mes, you two are to follow her orders, whichever they may be. Now go!”

    ‘Little brother Zax, you Soul Sense is the strongest, activate it once every minute to make sure we are not being followed’. Hagen ordered as she flew above the two. ‘I will go ahead of you two. Mes, if you can’t keep up in your human form and humanoid form, let little brother carry you. No matter what, you are not allowed to transform into your animalistic form!’

    Mes’s animalistic form was that of Thousand Meters Viper. Such a large form would be too conspicuous and easy to detect by their forces of the household who roam Valgarel.

    Before Mes had a chance to reply, Hagen already turned into a streak of azure light and disappeared. Her speed while flying, even in her humanoid form, as several times more faster than Zax’s top speed on the ground with the help of the Kinetic Force.

    Seeing Mes’s dejected face, Zax could not help but tease, tapping on his back. “Senior, junior’s back is strong and has no problems whatsoever in helping the elderly-”

    “Brat!” Mes snapped at Zax. “Where did the respectable, humble kid gone to and how come a brat as appeared?!” He sighed, shaking his head.

    Zax laughed. Of his Martial brothers and sisters, Mes was the only one he could joke with and sometimes tease.

    “What are you laughing for, little brat? You think I don’t know, but if I’ll tell your beloved sister, big sister Zetsa, how you speak to your big brother, I wonder if you still be able to laugh”. Mes grinned.

    Zax’s face grew stiff after hearing him. “…Junior was wrong, honorable big brother is right. Little brother might need help from big brother in the future, please show me the path to enlightenment”.

    “That’s more like it”. Mes laughed.

    Zax groaned. To this day his big sister was his weak spot and since his birthday, she entered closed door training and he has not seen her once.

    When it came to his witticisms with Mes, whenever one of them dishonestly got the better of the other, the loser would go cry to Zetsa, who then reprimanded the winner. This time around, Zax was at fault since Hagen provided him the opportunity to jest.

    Utilizing every ounce of their speed, the three traveled through the outer territory of Valgarel to the inner territory and made it to the entrance of the first Savage Cave unhindered in the span of time that was couple hours short from two days.

    ‘Ginlin’s escort should be located around the entrance to the second Savage Cave’. Hagen sent after assessing from above the terrain of meadows and mountains that preceded the entrance to the second Savage Cave in the latter half of the first Savage Cave.

    From a short discussion on their way, Zax learned that what made Hagen special even for a Chaoyue beast were her double pupils. When she concentrates, anything in her line of sight and up to a distance of ten kilometers cannot escape her prying eyes. The specialness of her eyes can even see through a person’s body, almost like an x-ray vision. However, she cannot inspect with her eyes a person’s dantian or soul. When she glanced at Zax, Hagen praised the level of his bodily cultivation, which her eyes were able to discern. As for the drawback of her eyes, an expert with a strong soul, although will not be able to avoid her sight, can still sense when she inspects him or her, and from the first place, this special ability is very draining and not something that Hagen can make use of for a long time.

    “Can you see them?” Mes asked.

    ‘I discovered two of the first level Core Masters. Since they are not waiting around the entrance to the second Savage Cave, they probably did not erect a defensive formation to not attract the bigger experts in the groves’.

    “We cannot stay in one place, if the savages will find us and one of Ginlin’s escort members will notice the fight, we will lose the element of surprise”. Zax spoke from his experience in the first Savage Cave. It did not matter how strong they were, if a savage human or beast will show up, others will follow and incontinent the mission.

    “Big sister Hagen, how about this, my soul possesses a dark attribute and adding my last advancement, the range of my Soul Sense is eight kilometers. It won’t be farther from your double pupil vision, but I can scan a much larger area. Give me ten minutes to look around; maybe I will be able to find the other four escort members”. Zax suggested. He could feel how the power of the dark attribute repeals the savage force of the Savage Cave.

    A second level Core Master without an attribute, in comparison to Zax, can at most spread his or her Soul Sense to a maximal radius of one kilometer.

    Considering Zax’s suggestion, it took Hagen less than a second to node back in approval. The three could not be certain when Ginlin will return, and even then his strength would be, at the very least, at the Beginner phase of the third Core Master’s level. Stopping him from consuming something that is already in his hands… The five escort members had to be dealt with first; otherwise the only choices would be fleeing, like how Kartius ordered, or a desperate attempt.


    “You can count on me!” Zax promised. Turning his back, his right leg softly pushed against the ground as his figure sped past the meadows and the invisible Soul Sense erupted.

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 28 – Unique Killing Methods

    Zax moved fast and stealthily through the meadows of the first Savage Cave and then the group of mountains where the entrance to the second Savage Cage was.

    His Soul Sense inspected every millimeter of the surrounding, detecting many bird type savage beasts and couple of experts who preferred to cultivate their souls in the cavities of the tall mountains.

    ‘Is this the second level Core Master big sister Hagen found?’ Zax found a skinny man with lemon skin tone lurking not far from the peak where the entrance to the second Savage Cave man. The man did not give any indication of training and so Zax assumed that he is one of the five he searched for.

    ‘And that should be the first level Core Master’. The two were not far from each other and their hiding spots, although not bad, also not good against those with superior surveying capabilities.

    ‘The other second level Core Master… he is hiding a bit farther from the other two. Is it because he is stronger?’ The other Core Master was in the Intermediate phase of the second level, in comparison to the first one who was in the Beginner phase of the second level.

    ‘And the remaining first level Core Masters are staying in the same spot…’

    Zax did not think about it, but little did he know that the five escort members were not using formation for concealment or defense for three good reasons.

    First, the Yellowtailed tribe lacked such formations, a high class formation that could make a difference against the sort of enemies they quietly ambushed and hoped that will not appear.

    Second, erecting formation is the Savage Cave is very arduous. Unless one possess an attribute supported soul that is already powerful, maintaining a formation which requires constant upkeep would be impossible.

    Third, the most important spot the five had to make sure no one will approach, the area with the strong gravitational force, where the entrance to the tunnel that leads to the second Savage Cave, is almost corrosive dead zone to most external mist usages. A strong cultivator might be able to unleash a long range mist attack at thirty to fifty percent of the original power, but erecting a formation? Unless it is A class formation or higher it will not hold for long.

    Finding all five, Zax turned around and got back to the restless Mess and somewhat still calm, Hagen.

    ‘You got all five?’

    “Yes”. Zax used a finger to draw on the ground a sketch of the four hiding spots of Ginlin’s escort members in the mountains area. “Here two level one Core Master are staying. Both of them are the Beginner phase of the first level. In this spot the strongest second level Core Master is watching over the entrance to the second Savage Cave and the other four. He is also at the Intermediate phase of the second level. Here are the two you probably saw”.

    ‘Mm…’ Hagen mused for a second. ‘Little brother Zax, I’ve been told that you managed to beat a second level Core Master in the past. What do you think your chances would be against the weaker second level Core Master?’

    “Big sister Hagen, everyone among the five is on high alert and due to past encounters and the last several months, the household’s enemies should have by now a description of me, however not an idea of my strength. To answer your question, if you’ll manage to hold up the other second level Core Master, it would help me getting close enough to this one”, Zax pointed on the spot in the sketch where the Beginner phase second level Core was. “And counter him along with the close by first level Core Master”.

    Zax believed that with his unique soul, the Beginner phase Core Master will not detect him in time to properly deflect a sudden attack and with the faintest touch he would be able to transmit a Soul Binding formation to the enemy, momentarily incapacitating him before landing the killing blow.

    ‘Then this one your target. Finish him and then deal swiftly with the Core Master close to him’. Hagen did not argue with Zax or try to get a better understanding of his abilities. She trusted her Martial uncle, Kartius, for electing him, knowing perfectly well how important the mission is.

    ‘Mes, can you handle the two first level Core Masters?’

    “Yes, but if you want it to be done fast, I’ll have to transform into my animalistic form. The problem is that by then it will also be troublesome to conceal my mist energy from the others”. Mes answered honestly and seriously.

    ‘If that is the case… Little brother Zax, can you tell me how five looked when your Soul Sense detected them, that is, in what form they were?’

    “Sure. All the five are in human forms. They also all have the same yellowish complexion”.

    ‘Fine then, Mes’, Hagen shifted her hawk head back to him. ‘It is fine for you to transform. By little brother’s observation everyone Ginlin brought is truly from the same Yellowtailed tribe, which is known for its many members rather than their type as beasts. At most, and this is an exaggeration, the five can be Zhihui type beasts. And since they are in their human form, they probably want to conserve their strength for the unexpected, which we alternately can use for our favor if we indeed strike fast enough’.

    “Got it”. Receiving Hagen’s permission, a deep, poisonous looked appeared in Mes’s eyes. His predatory instinct was ready to home on the two first level Core Masters.

    ‘Good, Hagen spread her two sliver wing arms and brought Zax and Mes closer to her. ‘Engrave this in your heads! If Ginlin happens to return before we reassemble, the two of you must run away and pose as savages. Don’t try to help each other, don’t try to pose as cultivators and definitely don’t think of escaping from the first Savage Cave! Understand?’


    Zax and Mes replied unanimously.

    ‘Then we are ready to move. Little brother Zax, remember, after I’ll strike first you will have a short window to surprise your target. Little brother Mes, you are not to transform until you’ll hear two explosions. One created by me and the other by little brother Zax. Lastly, don’t let any of the five make a crazy maneuver for the second Savage Cave to warn Ginlin. Go!’

    Hagen’s aunty like voice resonated in the two’s heads. It possessed the sound of someone you do not want to disappoint, regardless how long you knew or met her.

    Allowing the two to set out before her, Hagen waited for the right distance and the right timing to move.


    Zax was faster than Mex. After the distance between him Hagen got to seventeen hundred meters and about twelve hundred meters from his target, Hagen soared and transformed to her animalistic form.

    Her body expended to a silver tail, silver wings hawk figure with a height of eight meters and wingspan of twice her size, a bit over sixteen meters.

    Stiffening a compulsive hawk’s war cry, Hagen stretched her wings and flew above the treetops in anticipation for the moment when Zax would be a second away from his target.


    With a flap of wings, an azure aura explosively let loose from Hagen’s body. A streak of azure light flickered and then subsided as two flattering shines, fiery red and icy blue, swirled around the accelerating hawk figure. Hagen’s comprehension of the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique was not far from its pinnacle.

    A lone human figure with lemon like skin tone and short blond hair turned its head in shook. He was Hagen’s target and the strongest of the escort members. “Who-”

    Before the sound of his voice finished pronouncing the question, a shadow covered his head. One hawk’s leg pierced his upper body with incomparably sharp talons. The other hack’s leg pierced with its talons the lower body. A shiver ran through the body of the strongest escort member, yet as the first sign for yellow fur sprouted from his transforming body, the two hawk’s legs pulled and severed the upper and lower body.



    The strongest escort member uttered a miserable scream in his last living moments, before the hawk’s leg holding his upper body squeezed, crushing his head.

    “Elder brother?!”

    Not far from the bloody scene of slaughter, a skinny man yelled in confusion and heart pumping. He was the other second level Core Master and Zax’s target.

    “Not good!” A foreboding feeling aroused in the skinny man’s heart. Releasing his Soul Sense, beads of cold sweat formed across his slim back.


    Seven meters from his target, the skinny man began to turn around. Zax was forced to utilize the Kinetic Force through his feet to close the distance with a burst of speed, before his target would have the change to retaliate.

    The skinny man saw a palm strike approaching his torso much faster than he could transform and his face sink. The bursting power that allowed Zax to get close to him so fast was a force he did not underestimate nor wanted to face carelessly. Clenching his arms together, azure mist energy was summoned and emanated, amplifying his defenses to its utmost. In his weakest form he did not leave anything to chance.

    “Accursed human!” The skinny man bellowed. He could tell that Zax was not a beast in human form and could not wait for the chance to transform into his animalistic form and shred the daring human.

    “Hmph!” Zax snorted. His palm strike swept the arms of the skinny man and two Soul Binding formations were transmitted. ‘Oh… so too much concentrated mist energy can pose some resistance…’ Zax raised an eyebrow, but did not show real care.

    The skinny man’s mist energy was really strong. His mist energy was actually briefly able resist the Soul Binding formations, which caught Zax by surprise since he was not aware that mist energy can be used against soul energy. Unfortunately for the skinny man, his defense was plain and basic and did not contain any soul energy within it. Honestly, in Valgarel, soul attacks were too rare for him to expect one, much less a soul formation!

    “Eh…” The face of the skinny man convulsed, something passed through his all out defense and barged into his sea of consciousness.

    The two Soul Binding formations flew toward the skinny man’s soul like emerald mouths to a blurry flame.

    One hundred and forty two shapes stretched out, encircling the skinny man’s soul, confining his awareness.

    Zax watched carefully, inspecting for the first time the effect of the Soul Binding formation.

    The skinny man’s mist energy rattled before dispersing and the antagonistic light in his eyes dimmed as his whole face became expressionless.

    ‘Sadly, I don’t have time to see how long it can last…’ Due to the mission, time was of the essence and so Zax could not take this opportunity to experiment further on his enemy.

    “Die!” His right hand took the form of a claw, shooting for the defenseless skinny man’s head. There was no even need for the Kinetic Force.


    Blood and pieces of skull and brain matter oozed in between Zax’s finger. Ignoring the gore and glancing to his left, his Soul Sense caught the first level Core Master trying to escape toward the entrance of the second Savage Cave.

    “Useless”. Zax smirked.





    Kinetic Force was employed.

    Before the body of the skinny man even reached the ground, Zax was a meter behind the fleeing figure of six tails yellow fox.

    “Tribe lead-” Attempted the yellow fox to cry.

    Zax leaped several meters above him and descended hit the heel of his right leg toward the back of the yellow fox.


    Again, there was no need for Kinetic Force. Merely, as a bodily cultivator, every one of Zax’s offensive moves was exceptionally brutal!

    Mes began to move when he heard the “BOOM” Zax produced in his hast use of Kinetic Force to get to the skinny man.

    Mes was a Zhihui type beast who cultivated the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique like his two big Martial sisters, Hagen and Zetsa, and certain other of his Master’s apprentices. For a long time Mes was stuck in the Mist Lord level due to a bottleneck in his Qi and mist refinement technique. For those who cultivated the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique this bottleneck was well known and a huge hurdle.

    In recent years Grandmaster Kartion nearly forced his apprentices, who cultivated the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique break through this bottleneck. Though it was true that rushing a breakthrough was not recommended, in some refinement techniques there was a point when advancing a specific threshold solely depended on the cultivator’s vigor.

    Since Mes surpassed his bottleneck and broke through the Core Master realm with the foundation of a top Qi refinement technique, his power practically skyrocketed in comparison to other beasts, regardless of type, who cultivated good Qi\mist refinement techniques. Furthermore, in the future his cultivation will be much faster!

    In but a few breaths, Mes’s human form transformed and stretched to a length of thousand meters as the purple bodysuit he wore expended into an armor of purple scales. The Thousand Meters Viper was not just very long, though not to the same degree, it was also fairly wide. Mes’s animalistic form had a diameter of nine meters.

    Like a chain reaction, the instant a hint of azure aura flickered in the viper’s golden eyes it was outshined by two instinctive fiery red and icy blue hues that spread from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. The luster of the two hues was only outclassed by the vividness of Hagen’s aura.

    The two first level Core Masters were not slow to react. By the second “BOOM” they were already transforming into the animalistic form in a much rapid pace than Mes because of their smaller animalistic bodies.

    “The Thousand Meters Viper… Mes!” One of the yellow foxes grimaced.

    “Don’t fight him, run to warn the tribe leader!” The yellow fox closer to Mes said in a said hurry to his companion.

    “You wissssh to essscape me?” A supercilious voice emerged from Mes’s throat.

    The two foxes did not bother to respond.

    The one closes to Mes pounced at him, carrying the fact that he can only sacrifice his life and nothing more. But it all was acceptable for the sake of the tribe leader’s breakthrough!

    The yellow’s fox claws shone with bright azure mist energy, aiming to clutch and penetrate just below the jaw of the Thousand Meters Viper.



    The two paws failed to pierce the tough scales on Mes’s body, and with a slight a tremor the yellow fox landed on the ground with four broken claws.

    “Roah!” Mes roared with a pained expression.

    His eyes proceeded to, literally, look down at the yellow fox. He sensed the fluctuation in mist energy and was able to tell what the yellow fox planned. ‘Mist detonation…’ He could not let it happen!

    Cracking his jaw open the pressure of Mes’s mist energy spiked, and an almost tangible killing intent poured from his mouth at the ghastly pale yellow fox.

    “No!” The yellow fox issued a fearful cry as the blackness of Mes’s mouth descended to sallow him whole.

    The head of the viper was the second fastest feature of him. From a close range, the speed in which Mes launched himself toward his prey was as fast as Hagen’s flying speed.

    And beasts like the yellow fox? They were good enough as any meal. And the fear of mist detonation? As long as his prey’s cultivation was not higher by too much, the venom inside his body will prevent such foolish ideas.

    “Now you…” Mes’s golden eyes shifted up and his neck turned to the direction of the entrance to the second Savage Cave.

    The yellow fox that tried to escape was roped by Mes’s tail, his fastest feature, and was being dragged over.

    “You killed third brother!” The yellow fox looked viciously at Mes, trying to hide the shook and fear his third brother fate of being eaten alive.

    His fangs were deeply rooted in Mes’s tail. He already used his strongest Martial technique, which strengthen the jaw and fangs, to rip apart a huge chunk from Mes’s tail when he tried to escape, but by the second bite Mes redirected his tail’s scales and utilized his mist energy to stop the bleeding and lock the yellow fox’s fangs in his flash.

    “Grauh!” The yellow fox howled with dread sipping from his eyes as he watched Mes’s mouth opening for him. Unlike his third brother he was not willing to destroy his spirit; therefore he did not try to detonate his mist energy. Besides, he knew that the swift tail can throw him the moment his mist energy will cause ominous fluctuations. By then he will not be able to pull off the mist detonation and his enemy would be fine.

    Fear and regret could not help but creep into the heart of the yellow fox as he recalled the tribe leader choice of colluding with the Black Horns tribe and the support that even he gave the tribe leader at the time. Now, because of this mistake death was inevitable more than ever since the enemy he made exuded his predatory instinct and so could not be negotiated with.

    ‘Forgive me, tribe leader’. In the end, the yellow fox had an outburst of miss leaded loyalty, as he stared into the abyss.

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 29 – Use Your Head

    The diverse extermination of Ginlin’s five escort members was far from being subtle as conventional assassination. For Hagen, Zax and Mes, since neither of the five was their real target, as long as they could eliminate them quickly, being showy was tolerable.

    On the other hand, due to the explosive signals and kills, and the radical fluctuations of mist energy, mostly Hagen’s, the reclusive experts who cultivated their souls in the surrounding mountains of the first Savage Cave were awakened in trepidation from their meditative state.

    Not just the reclusive experts took note from the one sided massacre. The savages who inhabited this mountain area also discovered the scent of blood, which aroused to a degree their killing intent.

    Still, neither the reclusive experts nor the savages, in the end, sought to engage with the guilty three.

    The reclusive experts, being… well, sane in mind, knew better than get themselves involve in a brawl between second level Core Masters, much less crazy first level Core Masters who were willing to detonate their mist energy. Yes, the fluctuations of Mes’s first meal were not discreet. Moreover, if one of the groups had relations with these reclusive experts, they would have most likely look for them before the fight.

    As for the savages… Almost a year ago, when Zax descended the mountains of the first Savage Cave with the, back then, crippled Carl, he slaughtered on his way many of the bird type beasts living on the mountains around the entrance to the second Savage Cave.

    Now, the several savages that remained or immigrated to the mountains, although simpletons due to their erratic state of mind, could still sense the terrifying fluctuation of mist energy of experts much stronger than them. Thus, if not mentally, then at least physically those savages felt oppressed and incapable of forcing their bodies to approach the scene of the fight.

    Hagen, Zax and Mes regrouped outside of the boundary of the gravitational force, having a clean line of sight of the tunnel’s entrance leading to the second Savage Cave.

    “Big sister Hagen, aren’t we going to proceed and wait beside the entrance?” Zax asked. His right hand and feet were a bit bloody, but it did not bother him. All it thought about was the readiness to intercept Ginlin like Hagen instructed.

    Hagen, on the other side, still in her animalistic form, had her Hawk’s legs completely red.

    On the contrary to the two, Mes was cleanly standing in his scaly bodysuit. The wound he received from the second yellow fox he ate was difficult to discern in his human form and was currently healing.

    Hagen tilted her hawk physique in refusal. ‘No need. I though it over after spectating your fights. Yours and little brother Mes’s role in the killing is over. The rest is up to me’. Hagen’s words were absolute and detached, hitting Zax and Mes like the ice at the bottom of a cold water bucket.

    “Big sister Hagen, you mean the two of us joined you to watch and relay Master the results of the assassination in case of-”

    ‘Failure’. Hagen finished the frowning Mes. ‘That’s right. Uncle did not specify your purpose of coming with me because he could not know for certain in what position we would be by this point. I also had some hopes of the two of you at the beginning. Now, however, I’ve changed my mind‘. From watching the two, Hagen realized that she was rushed. Even if they worked in combination with her, Hagen was not confident of all three of them returning home. And so, she resorted to the most probable plan that will give all three of them chance to go back and possibly kill Ginlin.

    “But to constantly let our eldest Martial brothers and sister risk themselves…” By Mes’s protestation Zax understood that this was not the first time he accompanied Hagen, Raroen or possibly Simel, only to look from the sidelines.

    ‘Do you think yourself capable of lending any sort of help against Ginlin?’ Hagen decided to lay the truth before her little Martial brothers.

    Mes refrained from answering. It was an undeniable fact that both he and Zax were useless against an opponent at the third level of the Core Master realm.

    ‘And you, little brother Zax?’ Seeing that Zax did not resign himself to her query, Hagen asked him, too.

    “Depend how weak he would be after exiting the second Savage-”

    ‘I said it before, when Ginlin will leave the second Savage Cave, the fatigue will weaken his soul and mist energy to about the Beginner phase of the third Core Master’s level. Be that as it may, since his real cultivation level is at the Peak of the Core Master realm, even when worn out, his body fitness level still possesses the toughness of the Peak of the first realm. That is much stronger than your bodily cultivation, even if he doesn’t have the same benefits that are only attainable by cultivation a true bodily refinement technique’.

    ‘Furthermore, little brother Zax, you also cannot use mist energy, and so can only rely on soul attacks. But, how much are you convinced in yourself that any of the soul attacks you cultivated can affect a tired Peak Core Master expert?’ Hagen caught to the peculiar palm strike Zax used to transmit the Soul Binding formations to the weaker second level Core Master. When she saw the reaction of his opponent, she understood immediately that her youngest Martial brother has in his arsenal a decent soul attack. Yet, in her opinion it still was not sufficient. ‘And that is if you managed to catch him off guard during his most crucial time!’

    Ginlin did not venture to the second Savage Cave for a tour of the vista. He came to collect a fiery attribute liquid to ensure that he will break through the last bottleneck of the Core Master realm. Regardless of how weak he will be when exiting to the first Savage Cave, his state of mind would be in utmost vigilant.

    With that, even if it was hard for him, Zax had to admit that against Ginlin he would just stand in Hagen’s way.

    “Then what now?” A little reluctant, Zax asked, dissatisfied from his inability to help just as much as Mes.

    Hagen rested her eyes on Zax and Mes. Her gaze was unyielding. From this moment on she prepared herself to the appearance of their real target. ‘Now I’ll quickly narrate for you two what to do when Ginlin will arrive’. Her words were serious and stern, with no room for the two to offer their thoughts, only listen.

    ‘It doesn’t matter that you can’t see it, but this is an idle opportunity for me and for the household to rid ourselves from a terrible enemy even without your help… Upon his arrival, Ginlin will search for his escort, to find if it’s safe for him to consume the fiery attribute liquid. When he will not find them, or rather discover their remains with his Soul Sense, he will definitely try to consume the fiery attribute liquid as fast as possible. In essence, this will be my chance to strike. However, for you I will not explain in great detail how I will react, the two of you just need to be aware of what to do, correspondingly to the outcome of my initial attack’. Hagen spoke in a hurried tone.

    Ginlin could make it back either at any giving moment or spend days in the second Savage Cave. Since she could not be certain, Hagen treated the situation as if Ginlin was just about to exist the tunnel.

    ‘Obstructing Ginlin from consuming the fiery attribute liquid would be nearly impossible, that is why my intention is to attack the instant he will take the first sip of the fiery attribute liquid’.

    “Big sister, are you aiming for that short window…?” Mes asked with an astonished countenance.

    ‘It is not as you think, Mes!’ Hagen rebuked. ‘What’s matter is if my initial attack will succeed, and you would see me following up with a second attack, be sure that Ginlin will never leave the territory of the Savage Caves’. Before giving either of the two the chance to ask, Hagen continued. ‘If I was to fail, recalled what I told you and flee without worrying about me. Spend a few days in the Savage Cave and return to the household. Little brother Mes, you already know what your duty would be then’.

    The two had hard time leisurely agreeing and in the first couple of second after Hagen stopped talking, their disposition kept them held in place.

    “I understand”. Mes, finally, shifted his resolute gaze. Placing a hand on Zax’s shoulder, he turned to leave for a spot father from the entrance to the second Savage Cave, but with a good line of sight, since unlike Zax he did not possess an attribute and could not rely on his Soul Sense in the Savage Cave.

    Flipping her wings, Hagen also departed to a mountain’s peak half a kilometer from the entrance to the second Savage Cave.

    “Big brother Mes, do you have any idea what big sister Hagen’s plan is?” Zax and Mes located an abandoned nest about two kilometers from the entrance to the second Savage Cave. The two sat on a pile of branches that made up the nest and kept they eyes on the entrance to the second Savage Cave with lower heads.

    Mes kept his eyes fixated to the same direction as he answered Zax. “It might not be accurate to bodily cultivation, and since you can’t cultivate mist energy that is why you probably don’t know… The window big sister aiming to strike is the instant Ginlin will initiate his breakthrough. You see, breaking through to a new realm is entirely different than breaking through another level of the same realm. A short explanation to why big sister Hagen aims of the moment of breakthrough is that in the process of breaking through realms, one’s mist energy is completely unusable”.

    “The prerequisite of breaking through realms is the purification of mist energy, a natural process that occurs slowly at the peak of a realm. Mist energy coalesce and consolidate a sphere, a Core, in the dantian, and to make the breakthrough, reach a new realm, a cultivator must crack open and shatter the Core“.

    ‘Such a thing happens when mist cultivators reach the final bottleneck of a realm!’ Zax was stunned. Then, an unprecedented thought flashed in his head. “So if I’ll kill a mist cultivator in the midst of breaking through a new realm, I could collect from his dantian a third realm Earth’s Core?!” He asked with his head hitting up and his body on the verge of shivering from excitement.

    If mist energy coalesce and consolidate into a refined Core at the pinnacle of a realm, then does it not mean that at the moment before a mist cultivator shatter this Core, he or she will have inside of them an Earth’s Core perfectly useable, numerous times better than the best D level Earth’s Core?!

    Even without looking at him, Mes could guess what went on in his Martial brother’s head.

    Because of their irrelevant role in the mission, Mes could not laugh at Zax as he usually does, only release a small chuckle. “Not an ‘Earth’s Core’, a pure Core made out of mist energy. Earth’s Cores are the product of Nature, after all. But you are right. If you can kill the mist cultivator or even just penetrate the dantian at the moment of breaking through a realm, it is possible for you to acquire a treasure no natural Earth’s Core can compete with, something that is not short from the treasures of the second Savage Cave. And if that Core belonged to a mist cultivator who was a nip from the third realm… use your head to imagine”.

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 30 – Ginlin Arrives

    “Then again, little brother Zax, do you take extracting a Core from a cultivator is such an easy thing?” Mes’s sentence pulled Zax back into the firm grasp of reality. “To shatter a second realm Core can be done in the span of a breath, even less!” If the situation was otherwise, Mes would have laughed at Zax’s current face. “That’s why I referred to the instant big sister Hagen aims to attack Ginlin as a ‘short window’, shorter than what it sounded“.

    Mes’s expression became solemn, he concentrated his gaze, spotting something, but then his head lowered and he heaved a deep sigh. “Our only hope, according to what I gathered from big sister Hagen, is that a third realm Core takes longer to shatter, and so present enough time for big sister Hagen to strike”. He said heavily.

    Following the conversation about the insight into the process of breaking through realms, Zax and Mes quietly sit in the nest, vigilant for the arrival of Ginlin.

    As days passed by, neither one of the three shifted his or her gaze from the direction of the entrance to the second Savage Cave.

    All the while, the talks between Zax and Mes were kept to bare minimum. But it was fine for Zax. Since the reply he received from Mes to his inquiry about the value of Cores was “First get one”, his mind could not stop contemplating ways to be there, at the time of a breakthrough, of Mist Lord who serves the household’s enemies. His temporary solution was to scout the caves around Grandmaster Kartion’s cave in hope of finding the enemies’ forces, kidnap the Mist Lord with the heights cultivation and force him to breakthrough.

    ‘Too much of a hustle…’ Zax told himself when the idea came to his mind. Nevertheless, the notion of the prize he will obtain if his plan would succeed toppled his resignation of the idea.

    Finally, in the fourth days of waiting…

    Wild fluctuations of famished, ruinous mist energy burst from the tunnel leading to the second Savage Cave. Those fluctuations traveled for kilometers, alerting savages, reclusive cultivators and of course, Hagen, Mes and Zax.

    As the fluctuation grew stronger, closer to the first Savage Cave, from their hideout, Zax and Mes caught glimpses at savage and reclusive cultivators, alike, running away from the mountain area of the first Savage Cave.

    Hagen, on the contrary, paid no attention to anyone and anything but the entrance of the tunnel. Her pupils contracted as she watched in ambush of the approaching prey.

    “Cough! Cough!” A voice echoed from the tunnel. Moment later a figure of a human of an elderly man with lemon skin tone, long blond hair and furry garments walked out of the tunnel.

    The elderly man was panting and his back was bent. With his right hand he supported himself against the wall of the entrance to the tunnel and in his left hand he held a lustrous canteen with odd glowing symbols, formations with fiery splendor, which doubtfully was made in Valgarel.

    Even in his sorry state, the eyes of the elderly man kept scanning the surrounding of the area with the gravitational force, as if waiting for something, someone.

    Raising the canteen close to his chest, a look of concern, little by little, creeped to his face. Then a flash of understanding reflected in the elderly man’s eyes and he gritted his teeth.

    Opening his mouth to say something, he suddenly changed his mind and lifted his left leg to take a step back into the tunnel.


    Hagen’s killing intent exploded. With a sharp hawk’s war cry, her aura burst in hues of fiery red and icy blue.


    The mountain peak, on which Hagen waited for four days crumbled, and her figured turned into an intensifying streak of light that shot toward the entrance to the second Savage Cave.

    Hagen’s assault was everything but subtle, as any assassination should be. It was not that she did not want to wait a bit longer for the elderly man, Ginlin to leave the tunnel and try to catch his breath, but the enemy was too shrewd.

    Due to the gravitational force Ginlin could not use his Soul Sense to locate his escort members. Knowing that, he released his mist energy to notify them of his arrival and have them assemble outside of the tunnel. When neither of the five appeared, Ginlin became suspicious and as he waited a little longer he realized that something was wrong.

    Thus, two choices came up in Ginlin’s mind. One, escaping from the gravitational force area and hastily, and in the open, consume the fiery attribute liquid in his canteen. Second, retreating back to the tunnel, where there was more than just the gravitational force to hinder him, and make the consumption of the fiery attribute liquid many time more dangerous, but at least going for it where whoever is waiting for him in ambush will not come in.

    Surviving the second Savage Cave and even being successful in finding the fiery attribute liquid, Ginlin made a prompt decision and chose the second option. However, one thing he did not take into consideration was the craziness and killing intent of his enemy!

    Hagen was younger but no less smart than Ginlin. Watching his expression changes and then his left leg going up and swaying backwards, gave her enough indication of what he was planning.

    ‘Going for the tunnel?’ Small flames and cold steams oozed from Hagen’s feathers as her killing intent kept surging. ‘Then let this place be your grave!’


    Barely a second flashed before the second Hawk’s war cry shook the air and ground, causing undulation within the gravitational area. Flying there and flying inside the tunnel was a hurdle Hagen willingly took.

    “Roah!” A roar blustered from the tunnel and a fiery flash emanated outside. A huge figure lunged from the tunnel and slammed into Hagen.

    The fiery flash dissipated. In no way it was even close to the black dome that encompassed Zax and Carl when the man from the second Savage Cave appeared and bit the object with the dark attribute.

    “He consumed the fiery attribute liquid?!” Zax assumed after seeing the fiery flash, however he was not certain and so his words came out, sounding like a question.

    Before Mes had the chance to say anything, the two saw her big sister Hagen being pushed back by a six meter long, four meters tall yellow fox.

    The yellow fox did not release his aura, but his fur and eyes shone with a fiery red luster.

    “He did, but inside the tunnel he was only able to safely consume a little of it and the fleeting flash it seems that it was of low quality fiery attribute liquid… It cannot be enough for Ginlin to break through! Does he underestimating big sister Hagen, overestimating his capabilities to break through or have an ulterior motive?” Mes nervously furrowed his brows. The lack of knowing what went inside Ginlin’s head worried him to the point that his body started to involuntarily transforming to his animalistic form.

    “Mes! Careful, the nest his breaking!” Zax shouted at him. He also got startled when Ginlin emerged in his animalistic form and attacked Hagen, ripping several of her feathers before both of them moved back and again, simultaneously assaulting each other.

    Seeing that Mes does not listening, still dwelling over his words and spectating the even fight along with the last of the retreating savages and the reclusive cultivators, Zax swallowed his rebuke as a thought surfaced in his head.

    ‘Savage Cave, unripe Blood Red Grapes with immense vitality, Ginlin does not cultivate a bodily refinement technique but I do… At the cost of my limbs, how many Soul Binding formations would I be able to transmit to his sea of consciousness…?’

    Suddenly he did not care of the nest breaking, or Ginlin finding the location the only spectating experts, that is, him and Mes.

    “Wretched bird!” Ginlin growled and pounced from the ground, to meet Hagen in another confrontation.

    “Scree!” As Hagen saw it, Ginlin was not worthy for any of her words but the war cry her enemies hear before she kills them.


    Slapping he wings, he guest of abundant mist energy swirled and descended toward Ginlin.

    Swiping his palm, Ginling’s claws were shining in fiery red, hitting the guest of fiery red and icy blue.


    The explosion reverberated throughout all of the first Savage Cave.

    That was the fifth collision of Hagen’s long range mist attack and Ginlin’s frontal assault. Those long range attacks from Hagen were just to probe Ginlin as the initial attack she told Mes and Zax about.

    Like Mes, Hagen, too, suspected Ginlin’s confidence in consolidating his mist energy into a Core and deciding to fight her with pure physical strength and the occasional low grade soul technique he knew, which was not threatening against experts in her level.

    It was a pleasant surprise that Ginlin only managed to gather low quality fiery attribute and, furthermore, consumed just a little of it before their fight, but it truly gave an uneasy feeling to Hagen.

    Hense, she continued with the insufficient long range mist attacks for a while longer, before changing method to a close range attacks, her specialty.



    Ginlin ran across the mountain, destroying two separate beams, fiery and icy, that shot together from Hagen’s mouth, he jumped in an instant on the side of the mountain, creating fissures in the impact, and pounced toward Hagen.

    Among the four who occupied themselves with the fight in one way or another, Ginlin was the one who least thought about it.

    Ulterior motive? Secret plan? Causing uneasy feelings to his opponent?

    The reason for Ginlin’s behavior was not that complicated, rather very spontaneous. Ginlin lived for hundreds of years and in his lifetime saw quite a few Peak Core Masters being killed in various ways, to maintain the balance of powers in Valgarel. To not meet the same fate as those poor experts, the matter of his breakthrough was a private knowledge that was shared only with his five escort members and couple of his tribe’s elders.

    Nonetheless, Ginlin was not apathetic to the fact that his plan to secretly venture into the second Savage Cave and obtain the fiery attribute liquid was absolute, but he could also not know when his enemies will strike, if they would get a word of his departure.

    Everything went smoothly until his escort members did not heed his summon, so only at that moment he had to realize a solution to his sudden predicament.

    As a result, the best choice for Ginlin was to uninterruptedly consume as much of the fiery attribute liquid as he can. Confront whoever intercepted his escort members. And hope that his soul will assimilate the fiery attribute energy from the fiery attribute liquid as fast as his mist energy, so he would be able to start shattering the Core and have his breakthrough before the situation will worsen. A rigorous process that had to commence without the slightest delay!

    “Scree!” Hagen reached an understanding of Ginlin condition and current level of strength.

    To fully break through Ginlin required time. How much time? The answer was undetermined. With his current body fitness level, her options of defeating him are either with the use of her sharp beak or piercing talons. As such she ceased probing him and began to fight seriously.

    Flying in a curve, Hagen mostly avoided Ginlin’s retaliation. Her tail feathers were the only ones he managed to rip with his claws.

    Ascending to the ceiling of the first Savage Cave in but the blink of an eye, Hagen turned her body around, homing with her gaze on Ginlin she started to descend.

    Fiery red and icy blue mist energy shimmered from every feather. A tail of fire and icy extended and followed from behind. Accelerating, the red and blue hawk, halfway to her target, started to spin. If one will climb up from the ground and look up to the nightly dark blue sky, a similar spectacle would appear. Untold times more exuberant than a shooting star, Hagen came down from above as brilliantly as a comet.

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 31 – One Minute

    The fiery red and icy blue nitrified and combined into a glow of white.

    ‘Not good!’ Ginlin’s soul sensed the accumulation of potent mist energy.

    The sheer quality of the mist energy indicated that the mist refinement technique Hagen cultivated was several times better than hi. With the mist refinement technique Ginlin cultivated, to match the destructiveness of the coming attack he had to reach the Advanced phase of the third Core Master’s level.

    The spinning hawk shaped comet rained down faster than Ginlin could bring his body to avoid it. The beak of the hawk, like a rifle’s bullet, mercilessly hit the yellow fox’s six tails that sprang forward to accept and defend from the piercing attack.

    “Hahaha, a third realm Core!” For the first time in his life a sense of greed overwhelmed Zax. Furthermore, the third realm Core belonged to an enemy. There were not any compassion or remorse thoughts. Only strong desire!

    Watching Hagen flying toward the immobile Ginlin, carrying an attack that could topple mountains, Zax felt like it was his time to move.

    “Don’t try to stop me, big brother Mes”. His voiced echoed from far away by the time he mentioned Mes’ name.

    Mes, in his animalistic form, from the tension of Hagen forthcoming collision with Ginlin, became unresponsive. When he noticed that Zax was gone and heard his name resonating in his hears, the shockwave from the collision already reached the distant nest he and Zax settled in, and blasted it along with countless rocks and other nests in the mountain area.

    “Eh?! You ssstupid brat!”

    The rumbling shook the mountain on which Hagen and Ginlin fought, and quakes spread through the ground in a radius of almost five kilometers for a full minute, before the earth started to settle and the cloud of dust at the epicenter of the collision showed signs of dispersing.

    Within the very same minute…

    In the midst of the uproar Zax darted, undisturbed by the instability of the earth or the fluctuations in the air.

    Zax was a bodily cultivator, he practiced the bodily maneuvers, his balance and reflexes were topnotch, capable of putting even a third realm mist cultivator to shame.

    Upfront, roughly eight hundred meters head and the distant growing shorter, was an immense cloud of dust and terrifying winds that almost carried Zax off the ground a few times.

    The field of battle stretched beyond the area of the gravitational force.

    Unleashing his Soul Sense far and wide, Zax immediately figured out the positions of the two, Hagen and Ginlin, inside the hovering dust cloud. However, while his Soul Sense spread and encompassed them, Hagen and Ginlin, with souls no weaker and even stronger than Zax’s, also felt the foreign Soul Sense.

    From his Soul Sense Zax perceived the two inside a forty something deep crater at the base of the mountain. After the collision they enter a provisional cessation, ninety meters from each other.

    Hagen had a broken wind and a fissure across her beak. Ginlin, on the other hand, was in a much poorer state. Five of his tails were nowhere to be seen. The sixth tail was bent unnaturally and lost a lot of its magnificent fur. And worst of all, from an egg size hole between Ginlin’s left eye and his forehead poured endless amount of blood. Needless to say, the look on Ginlin’s face was ashen as well as very ugly.

    A second after Zax comprehended the picture his Soul Sense perceived, he sensed the retaliation of Ginlin’s soul energy, and then his dejected yellow fox figure vanished.

    ‘Where-’ The thought was deafened by an impending sound…

    “RaaaAOOH!” A huge maw with abnormally sharp teeth reached from within the dust cloud, so close to his face it got in a single breath that Zax could perfectly smell the blood covered fangs.

    When Ginlin felt Zax’s Soul Sense, he instantly activated his own Soul Sense to get a better understanding of the sudden invader. Ginlin did not have a human in his escort, therefore he assessed that Zax was not a bored reclusive expert but an ally of the “Wretched bird”. But what made this human confidant that he can interfere in the fight. From what his Soul Sense perceived in the short moment Ginlin used it to discern to owner of the invasive Soul Sense, he found that the human of but a youngling with not mist cultivation, but disbelievingly an oddly body strength. With regards to Zax’s soul, Ginlin discerned that the human boy was inferior to him and logically not a threat, but from his abrupt, daring appearance, he suspected the human boy possessed some concealed means. Thus, before his Soul Sense could get to Zax’s sea of consciousness, he turned his broken remaining tail to Hagen and pounced to finish the threat sooner than letting it materialize.

    The sense of danger from the practically half dead yellow fox dazed Zax. What he felt was no longer a simple killing intent, but the presence of the grim reaper, lifting his scythe from underneath his neck!

    At this moment Zax could not remember if he ever has been so close to death door. Raising his arms to abstract the yellow fox’s maw from closing over his head, he felt the sharp teeth bite through his skin, then flesh, lastly bone.

    Gritting his own teeth, Zax silently admitted to himself that he really underestimated Ginlin’s might, even in his beat up state. Somehow, three words flashed inside Zax’s mind, ‘Third realm Core’, and he got back to his senses just about as his arms got stuck inside Ginlin’s mouth. But to Zax’s astonishment, despite the superiority in body fitness level, Ginlin’s fangs were incapable of completely tearing off his arms.

    The reason, actually, was known to Zax, but only one part of it. To fend from Ginlin’s bite, as the yellow fox’s teeth reached his bones, Zax instinctively summoned kinetic energy and converged it to small ripples of Kinetic Force. Those ripples prevented Ginlin from locking his teeth and ripping Zax’s arms. As for why Zax did not blast Ginlin’s head off with a burst of Kinetic Force? That was because he felt the toughness of Ginlin’s fangs and in his plight he was more likely to blast his arms instead. At best, he could kicked Ginlin’s lower jaw with Kinetic Force, but even if he will manage to break it, the kick would first assist Ginlin’s teeth to dismember his arms.

    The part Zax was not aware of, or to be precise, did not take into consideration, was the method of which Ginlin’s body attained its fitness level. Like nearly any mist cultivator, Ginlin’s body was tempered by the natural cycle that occurs when breaking through a new level in mist cultivation, and then allowing the newly refined mist energy to nurture every cell in the body. That method of bodily refinement, however, was akin to the lowest, basically useless, bodily refinement technique. Zax, conversely, cultivated the best bodily refinement technique in New Earth that then even got improved further, thanks to the Black Core. Yes, Ginlin’s body fitness level was higher than Zax’s, but the quality between their standards for the same level was worlds apart!

    Returning to the scene of the fight…

    “Scree!” Hagen was not slow to react to Zax’s arrival, either. Then again, her flying speed was severely impacted by her broken wing. By the time she got to Zax, Ginlin was holding his arms with his teeth, savoring the taste of human blood and swinging him like a dog’s toy.

    The strong flapping of her wings blew a portion of the dust cloud away. Hagen double pupils concentrated on the yellow fox, rather than her dumb Martial brother. Raising her legs, her hawk’s talons, as if ready to snatch a prey, shimmered in an intense white light while exuding both extreme heat and cold.


    The long talons stabbed deep into the side of Ginlin’s torso, but the yellow fox did not issue a tiny cry of pain.

    Growing madder, while not lessening his bite, Ginlin flexibly swiped his left paw, with his fiery red claws sliced through Hagen’s breast and with greater power, forced his claw to cut until reaching his opponent’s heart.

    It all happened too fast for Zax to clearly see. Like all he witnessed were two blurs – one yellow, the other white and silvery – until his eyes adjusted and he saw Hagen and Ginlin, both suffering from fatal wounds, both unbendingly trying to land the killing blow, both not willing to give up.

    ‘Big sister Hagen is in a deadlock with Ginlin’.

    Hagen could crush and tear a chunk from Ginlin at any moment, but she insisted to reach deeper with her talons before clenching. Ginlin’s flexible leg was also in a position to cause further harm to Hagen, but not a fatal blow that will determined the fight. In his position, however, he held a higher chance to claw at Hagen’s heart before she could bring him an instant death.

    From the massive loss of blood, some of the fortitude in Ginlin’s eyes began to dim. The prolong battle was not in his favor, especially if Hagen will suddenly decide not to risk it and rip a chunk meat and bones before backing away. Ginlin could release Zax from his jaw and turn to bite Hagen, yet his instinct made him feel something about the human boy that caused him to be vigilant of him.

    ‘I have to compose myself!’ Zax reprimanded himself. To transmit one of the Soul Binding formations in his sea of consciousness, he had to stabilize himself, in addition to stop concentrating on creating the ripples of Kinetic Force.


    A huge yellow paw slammed Zax’s left shoulder.


    Ginlin managed to break the shoulder. Zax groaned and lost control on the Kinetic Force in his left arm.


    The right side of Ginlin’s jaw slowly sank to Zax’s bone. After the span of one breath, from his left elbow and down, Zax lost his arm.

    ‘CONCANTRATE!’ Zax bewailed. One arm once totally acceptable, for all Zax cared, Ginlin could rip all is limbs if it would help him to transmit the Soul Binding formations.

    Finishing one arm, Ginlin indeed increased the pressure in the right side of his jaw, but now that Zax did not need to channel Kinetic Force in two arms, he, too, increased the output of ripples to the point of almost pushing Ginlin’s teeth out of his flesh.

    Ginlin felt his teeth hurting from the repealing force. He became even more cautious from Zax since the repealing force was not created from mist energy or muscle’s strength. Being a mist cultivator, he was not able to recognize the converged kinetic energy, Kinetic Force.

    ‘Now!’ The yellow paw that hit his shoulder slid back to the ground to steady its owner. Feeling his body lighter and his right arm a little bit freer in Ginlin’s mouth, Zax fixated his center of gravity, grabbed Ginlin’s tongue and streamed through soul energy all the Soul Binding formations in his sea of consciousness.

    Ginlin gave Zax a contemptuous, calm look. The human boy dared to send him, a Peak Core Master, a soul attack? Right when he intended to channel a bit of his soul energy to deflect the attack and use the opportunity of contact with Zax’s soul energy to retaliate, his eyes widened in shock. Over twenty emerald weird shapes confronted and then extinguish his defensive layer of soul energy. When those emerald shapes met his offensive soul attack, it, too, could not stand to block all of them.

    A sense of dread infested Ginlin’s soul along with the influx of eleven emerald shapes that made it through past his defense and attack.

    Ginlin frantically tried to resist the eleven Soul Binding formations, which circled his soul and then split to seven hundred and eighty one smaller shapes, but his efforts were fruitless.

    Seeing the expressionless Ginlin and no longer feeling the force of the bite, Zax hurriedly shouted. “His head! Big sis Hagen, CRUSH HIS HEAD!” He did not know for how much time can the Soul Binding formation incapacitate Ginlin and like with the second level Core Master he killed, did not plan to wait and see.

    At first, Hagen was unruly, barely paying attention to Zax, other than making sure that he is still alive.

    Suddenly feeling the weight of Ginlin’s paw on her breast becoming lighter, she woke up from the madness of the bloodthirstiness and realized that her dumb Martial brother done something to Ginlin.

    Showing trust in Zax and not holding back, Hagen released her hold on Ginlin’s torso, flapped her winged and ferociously grabbed hold of Ginlin’s yellow fox head with her shimmering talons.

    Utilizing all of her mist energy and strength of her talons…



    Hagen crushed Ginlin’s head.

    The yellow fox’s body swayed and fell on the ground. Its head now looked like a pile of bone, brain matter and yellow fur. The only intact part was the long jaw that had Zax’s right arm in it.

    Following the body of the dead Ginlin, Hagen also fell to the ground. Conserving energy, she returned to her humanoid form.


    Zax, too, mimicked the two. His bottom hit the ground with a gentle, almost comedic, sound.

    The adrenalin rush subdued the pain in his shoulder and torn elbow. “Ahhhh…!” He let out a long breath and lay on his back. He barely extracted himself physically, but due to his amputated arm, most of his vitality was expended on stopping the bleeding and starting to recuperate.

    ‘Zax!’ A voice reverberated in his sea of consciousness. The voice was, naturally, Hagen’s.

    Turning his head, Zax’s stare met Hagen furious eyes. “We- We killed Ginlin!” Knowing that meaning of her gaze, Zax tried to alleviate the coming scolding.

    ‘With broken wing, Zax! If Ginlin did not waver from his injuries, he would have killed before I got to him!’ Hagen actually directed her killing intent toward Zax. If she had the strength, for defying her, if not killing Zax, than she would have beaten him black and blue.

    For the fact that it was only a matter of time for Hagen to regain her strength, and from the scary feeling she made him feel, Zax refrained from uttering an additional single word.

    ‘When we will return and my strength will return to me, I will personally deal with your defiance! Yours also, Mes!’

    The minute passed, the dust cloud dispersed and from the wrecked environment, a man wearing purple, scaly bodysuit walked over.

    Knowing Hagen’s temperament, Mes obeyed her command and waited from afar for the battle to reach its conclusion. Why Hagen was angry with him? Obviously, for allowing Zax intervene with the fight. Was it fair that Mes was to be punished because of Zax action? No, but as Hagen saw it he was Zax’s elder brother, and if they will go into detail, it was Mes who, unintentionally or not, enticed Zax with the third realm Core. Besides, when Hagen emitted her reprimanding killing intent, Mes hid slyly, thinking to come out after she will calm down. For that behavior Hagen decided to show him the consequence of avoiding his responsibilities.

    Looking at Zax, with one arm broking and half missing and the other heavily hurt, Mes cursed the little brat in his heart for being able to see through his fake apologetic countenance.

    ‘Hmph!’ Mes sneered in his heart. ‘You caused both of us troubles for a third realm Core… Fine, let’s see you make use of it!’

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    This informative but crucial one goes to Tyler from US, Teutates from Netherlands (Thanks for the compliment!), Imran from UK and Ryan from Indonesia. THANK YOU all for supporting the story!

    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 32 – One Step Closer Toward The End

    Getting up, Hagen turned to Mes. ‘Go fetch some unripe Blood Red Grapes’. From past experience and what her Master taught her, Hagen was well aware of the benefits of the unripe Blood Red Grapes. Her cultivation in the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement was not high, though, was currently in the fourth gate, but due to her mist cultivation and being a Chaoyue type beast, Hagen’s body in her animalistic form was even tougher than Zax’s.

    Moving for Ginlin’s corpse, Hagen attentively inspected him with her double pupils. Nodding slightly, she lifted her right leg, which even in her humanoid form possessed very sharp talons.


    Her talons reached straight to the location of GInlin’s dantian. With inaudible sound she popped his dantian, grabbed hold of something and pulled her leg out.

    “That is…” Zax watched incredulously as Hagen’s leg exited the newly made wound. Between her talons was a fiery red sphere, the Core.

    ‘A third realm Core’. Hagen continued, speaking to herself more than telling Zax, but her voice still reached his sea of consciousness.

    Throwing the Core up, Hagen caught it with her wing arm. At the same time her leg moved in a flash again for Ginlin’s corpse, and this time when she pulled back, at the tip of her talons, she held an ant’s size blue pebble.

    ‘Don’t miss it when you encounter an enemy of the household. Generally only the menacing four… three would have such a thing. But in some occurrences the elders of their tribes will also manage to get their hands on a piece’. Letting go of her anger for the meantime, Hagen regressed to a more amiable and imparting manner.

    “What is it?” Zax carefully looked at the small piece of blue stone. From what he gathered, the pebble was awfully similar in its hue to Grandmaster Kartion’s blue tower, as if it was a tiny fragment of one of the bricks that made the blue tower.

    ‘A treasure from the second Savage Cave, a Blue Stone’. The answer was plain and simple, but contain in it was a larger meaning. ‘Otherwise known as an expanding spatial storage space’.

    Hearing that, Zax recalled the time his Master told him how he got the blue tower. Back then, when he stole it from one of the two leaders of the Black Horns Tribe, Kardelion, the blue tower folded itself into one blue brick. How Kartius exactly managed to make the blue tower turn into a small brick and how it precisely works as a storage space, Zax did not know. But what its true purpose is, from Hagen’s words, he now believed that he knew.

    “This pebble is a small version of Grandmaster’s tower…”

    ‘In a way. Master’s blue tower is one of the largest expanding spatial storage spaces in all of New Earth. This piece, in contrast, cannot expand to the shape of a great tower like Master’s and the available space inside of it is many times smaller. We can check how big the space inside of it when we will return. I’m guessing that Ginlin placed in it the canteen with the fiery attribute liquid he collected’. For acquiring a third realm Core and a Blue Stone and the fiery attribute liquid, Hagen’s double pupils hawk eyes twinkled in distinguishable satisfaction.

    “The third realm Core, what will happen to it?” Zax hesitated for a moment, but eventually gathered the courage to be bold and ask. As he kept looking at it in Hagen’s wing arm, a surge of both excitement and anxiety turned his stomach upside down.

    Recently, Zax has begun to think more and more about the cessation in his bodily cultivation, which led him to further think about his Qi cultivation and his clogged Qi channels.

    Why was that? The short version is that the body and Qi or mist, depends on the level of cultivation, are the two aspects that supply a cultivator the ability to embark on the Martial path. Either of the two, only these two, upon cultivating, provided the power to ascend beyond mortality.

    The long version that circled in Zax mind was something like this:

    Bodily cultivation strengthens the physique of the body and increases the capacity of vitality the body can contain. By doing so, it extends the life span of the cultivator, correspondingly to the cultivation level. However, by how much the life span increases is unknown, since there are barely any bodily cultivators in New Earth and to get an accurate answer, for every bodily cultivation technique, tests and sacrifices are needed…

    Contrary to bodily cultivation, Qi or mist cultivation affect the body only mildly. Zax learned from his Master that it is estimated that the body of a cultivator who uses mist energy to temper his or her physique will have around tenth of the capacity for vitality as a bodily cultivator in the same body fitness level. On the other hand, rich cultivated mist energy can sustain the body much more potently than the external means – for example, unripe Blood Red Grape – a bodily cultivator must use to nourish vitality.

    It is not known how the information was attained, but the genius Supreme Ruler Arial Dauch has stated that the life span of a level F, E and D Earth’s Core Holder is a hundred years. A Core Breaker can live up to two hundred years. A Mist Master can live four hundred and fifty years, while a Mist Lord can live eight hundred years and a Core Master, regardless of level, fifteen hundred years. There was no mentioning of the life span of a third realm mist cultivator. And as for Supreme Ruler Arial Dauch’s little take about bodily cultivation… It was only assumption, but according to his idea, a mist cultivator and a bodily cultivator at the same cultivation level may have the same life span, but while a mist cultivator will not need to go through the trouble of scavenging for external nourishment, the body of a bodily cultivator will age ten times slower.

    Some of this knowledge Zax got from his Master, some from his Martial brothers and sisters and some from his girlfriend, Anet.

    Why Zax dwelled over the two aspects and neglected the soul aspect? For two reasons:

    One was the scarce resources related to the soul. In New Earth, whether beasts or humans, there are fewer cultivators who solely embark on the path of soul cultivation than fingers on the human hand. And since the discovery of the Earth’s Cores till today, the most significant verdict about the path of cultivation was that the soul has to be on per or on a higher level than the two other aspects in order to safely cultivate them.

    Second was the fact that the soul do not contribute to the ascension of the mortal body. No matter how much it is cultivated, to what level it reaches, the soul will not make the body grow stronger along with it. In addition, unlike mist energy, soul energy will not temper the body in any form or way, hence, will also not extend the life span. The soul one and true purpose is to safeguard the spirit, anything else is secondary and incidental.

    Therefore, if Zax wanted to grow stronger, beyond the limitation of soul attacks, and to ascend, only bodily cultivation and mist cultivation were his options.

    Bodily cultivation was a given. He did not even need to think about it, only remember that once he will comprehend all six soul’s bottlenecks of insight, he would be permitted to resume his bodily cultivation.

    Mist cultivation was the thing which essentially occupied his mind. In the past months he was thinking about how to solve his Qi channels issue and not so long ago he casually connected some dots which made a staggering connection.

    Everything starts by taking a careful look at Zax’s situation, his Qi channels clogged, but what about his Qi? It actually liquefied. And although by the time Qi liquefy it first turns into mist energy, what it means if the mist energy is liquefied? Two undisputed things:

    First, the mist cultivator broke through the Core Master realm.

    Second, after shattering the Core and allowing the newly liquefied mist energy temper the body, the body fitness level of the mist cultivator reaches level C. In other words, a strong enough physique with wider, steadier mist channels, perfect for coursing liquefied mist energy!

    At the moment of understanding, Zax had felt as if a mist destination occurred inside his sea of consciousness. That day he hastily went to meet his Master and confirm this hypothesis, and indeed he received a positive answer from his Master. Nevertheless, if he was right, to explain why his Qi channels are still clogged despite his body fitness level, which is not lower than a Beginner phase third level Core Master’s physique, there are couple of things that need to be taken into account. All, of course, originated from the Black Core.

    The liquefied mist energy of a Core Master is the cultivator’s own energy. Even if it starts of an Earth’s Core, by gradual cultivation the mist channels get accustomed to it. Therefore, when a mist cultivator reaches the realm of a Core Master and the mist energy liquefied, the mist channels are ready to accept it in the first cycle of body tempering.

    When the Black Core entered Zax’s dantian, it turned his Qi into mist and then liquefied it, skipping the period of gradual familiarity with the rest of the body and Zax’s still Qi channels.

    Because the effect of the Black Core remained foreign, when Zax’s body fitness level reached level C and he still could not use his mist energy or access his dantian, Kartius deduced that his Martial son either never would be able to use mist energy, or he possibly needs to reached a higher level of bodily cultivation.

    Of the two assumptions, Kartius shared with Zax only the latter.

    From then on, Zax silently pondered each day what could be the body fitness level he need to reach in order to use the liquefied mist energy. The threshold he set for himself to surpass with his body fitness level was the bottleneck to the Core Master realm.

    Now, learning about Cores and seeing the third realm Core, the reason for Zax’s excitement and lust was as such… If he needs to reach the Core Master realm with his body fitness level, if his soul will also reach the Core Master realm and with its uniqueness would be equal to a third realm soul, then does it not mean that he would meet all the requirements and be able to make use of Ginlin’s third realm Core?!

    Getting back to Zax question of Hagen…

    Hagen hid the Blue Stone and the Core between her feathers. “Master will decide”. She said indifferently, ignoring the light in Zax’s eyes.

    Seconds later Mes returned with a several unripe Blood Red Grapes.

    Since they just needed the strength to move their body and get back to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave, Zax and Hagen ate the unripe Blood Red Grapes that Mes brought and plucked more by themselves as they headed to the exist for the first Savage Cave.

    Due to their injuries, by the time the three returned to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave they, Hagen and Zax, already fully recuperated.

    Sitting in Grandmaster Kartion’s blue tower together with Kartius, the three narrated how the mission went while between them lay the tiny Blue Stone and the third realm Core.

    “Disobeying direct orders from Martial niece Hagen, regardless of how much help you provided, is both intolerable and unacceptable, Martial son”. Kartius scolded Zax. “Martial niece Hagen, as the team leader you should decide what should be Zax’s punishment”. Kartius said nothing about Mes since he was his big brother’s apprentice.

    “Hagen has good judgment”. Grandmaster Kartion affirmed. “Mes, you will also receive your penalty from her. Do you have anything to say?” He offered Mes the opportunity to defend himself since ultimately it was because of Zax action that he got into troubles.

    Mes shook his head. Even if his Master will pardon him, Hagen still will be angry. He knew his eldest sister well enough to choose better than let her harbor ill feelings toward him.

    “Then, Hagen, set your judgment for the two”.

    Hagen nodded. ‘Little brother Mes has broken through the Core Master realm a short time ago, but his bodily cultivation is the lowest in the household. Unless Master says otherwise, little brother Mes is to not leave the household until he will broke through the fourth gate in the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement. Time limit is a year. If he will fail he would have to continue to the fifth gate in additional three and a half years’.

    Hearing his big sister’s ruling, Mes’s complexion paled. He was slow in cultivating the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement because it was hard for him to endure its principle of Pain. Currently he only was halfway through the second gate. To reach the fourth gate within a year he will have to ask mercy from his eldest Martial brothers or uncle, to lend him a bit of their treasured herbs.

    Hagen moved on to Zax. ‘Martial uncle, since I am unfamiliar with little brother’s training regimen, I will let you deiced on his punishment, but in a year time he must be at least twice as strong as he is today’.

    ‘Twice as strong in one year!’ Zax exclaimed, yet did not dare to say it outloud. He knew from his Master that Hagen is a cultivation maniac and so refrained from provoking her when she has not even mentioned the penalty for failure.

    “Then, leave it to me”. Kartius said to Hagen.

    “Now that the insubordination problem is settled, let me praise you three for eliminating a substantial enemy of our household, furthermore, even retrieving his third realm Core and Blue Stone”. Grandmaster Kartion pointed at the Blue Stone. The small pebble flew from the ground to his hand.

    ‘Is that another power of a third realm soul?’ Zax eyes widened.

    Feats that resembled telekinesis, Zax learned from his big sister, were doable by the utilization of mist energy. But Grandmaster Kartion’s dantian was ruined, which made it impossible for him to use mist energy. Zax could only suspect that the power Grandmaster Kartion used to make the Blue Stone fly to his hand was soul related. Moreover, since soul techniques and formations require a physical contact with the target, it only made sense that this power was manifested as a third realm skill.

    Grandmaster Kartion infused soul energy with the Blue Stone. The Blue Stone discharged small undulations and transformed into a fifteen centimeters tall blue tower, looking exactly like Grandmaster Kartion’s.

    From inside the blue tower, Grandmaster Kartion took out Ginlin canteen. Tilting the canteen and showing a gratified smile, he said. “About three quarters. Low quality fiery attribute liquid, but sufficient for taking one step closer toward ending the household’s enemies. Truly, good job, you three!”

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 33 – Intelligence

    “You are very lucky, Martial son, had Hagen known that you are currently concentrating on comprehending the six bottlenecks of insight instead of cultivation the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement, she would have made you do nothing for a year’s time, but trying to comprehend bottlenecks”. Kartius chuckled.

    Zax and his Master left the blue tower and headed to Laivien’s valley.

    “However, your actions are still in need of reprimanding”. Kartius’s tone changed to severe and his expression grew solemn. “You can ask Martial niece Zetsa to pass on a message for you, until you will comprehend the third bottleneck you are not permitted to leave little sister’s valley”.

    Glancing over his shoulder and seeing Zax’s dejected face, Kartius snorted and asked. “Am I clear?”

    “Yes, Master”. Zax felt awful. He sensed himself close to finding the third spark of insight, but how much close was hard to determine. It could take a day and it could take months. If it will happen to be the latter, he would have to spend a very long time in Laivien’s valley, missing his time with Anet, the rest of his friends, his family and, most painful, his growing baby sister.

    Still, Zax said nothing. Other than knowing that he brought this punishment on himself, now that he got it he was certain that his Master will not take his words back. So instead of thinking about the repercussions of his insubordination, he placed those depressing feelings aside in his sea of consciousness, to concentrate on his training.

    “Master”, the two entered the Essence Cave when Zax broke the silence. “Big brother Mes taught me about Cores while on the mission”.

    “Oh… So you got to learn about the process of breaking through realms”. Kartius patiently said, and quieted down, letting Zax continue talking.

    “Yes”. Zax nodded and then proceeded to tactfully narrate his thoughts about Ginlin’s third realm Core.

    “Martial son, your idea is both probable and, in this case, wishful thinking”. Kartius dismissed Zax’s belief that with the third realm Core, after his body fitness level would reach the Core Master realm, he could use it to quickly step to the third realm. “Cores are not as simple as Earth’s Core, especially one such as Ginlin’s. First of all, the mist energy inside of a Core, although purer than that of an Earth’s Core, is not as raw. It was already cultivated by a mist refinement technique, and if it was a low grade technique, the foundation that you will build with the Core would be instable and can hinder future cultivation. No, to use a Core you cannot just absorbed it; you have to do what some experts who find a deposit of Earth’s Cores are doing, refine the Core and absorb it as raw mist energy. The other thing is, if the Core possesses an attribute, like Ginlin’s Core, which you are not comparable with, than no matter how much you will refine it, it would be hopeless and will remain unusable for you. Lastly, we still know nothing about the Black Core and the Earth’s Core it modified in your dantian. It is best for you not to mess with things related to Qi or mist energy, until the day when either of the two will once more course through your channels”.

    Kartius’s words were not harsh, yet the new knowledge he conveyed to Zax forced him to reduce his ambitions.

    Zax sighed inwardly. He was not a hundred percent convinced that the third realm Core can help him reach fast to the third realm. But seventy percent, eighty percent convinced was enough to generate enough fate in it.

    ‘At any rate, now I know that in the future I should either try to obtain a Core with dark attribute or without an attribute at all’. There was a silver lining, though, at least he gathered a better understanding they type of Cores that can be beneficial to him. ‘It would be nice if I’ll encounter an enemy of the household in the midst of his breakthrough to a new realm…’

    Valgarel, Yellowtailed tribe.

    Five weeks after the battle near the entrance to the second Savage Cave.

    The central territory of the Yellowtailed tribe was situated inside a grassland cave with a handful of rivers.

    The habitats of the member of the Yellowtailed tribe were in underground dens. Only the elders of the tribe and the tribe leader had their human like housing above ground as a sign of status.

    Still, if some people were to go to the central territory of the Yellowtailed tribe, be it night or day, there would always be thousands of tribe members occupying themselves in different activities above ground.

    Inside twenty meters tall tower in the shape of a pillar, within a circular chamber, three figures were sitting on stone chairs around a pentagon shaped stone table.

    The tower was the Sovereign Hall of the Yellowtailed tribe, and the two old men and old woman currently in it were three of the tribe’s five elders.

    “Second elder, you wanted us three to gather here so we came, and now you sit quietly without even concerning yourself with ordering the servants to prepare servings for me and First elder?” A wrinkled old man with lemon skin tone and long white hair glowered as he leaned forward on his stone chair, while staring at the old woman, Second elder, who sat on her stone chair, with eyes closed as if sleeping.

    Seeing that he does not get any response from Second elder, the old man snorted and turned to a servant girl who stood piously at the entrance to the chamber. “Hurry up and bring us drinks and something to nibble on”. The old man ordered. The servant girl bowed and hastily left to arrange the three elders some refreshments and snacks.

    “Second elder, please start, or at least explain me and Fourth elder to what are you waiting”. The other old man with the unique features of a human form yellow fox, but with short white hair, asked of Second elder.

    Cracking her eyes open right as a plate of three hot cups and five bowls with five different kinds of servings arrived, Second elder rubbed her thin lips and said. “First elder, Fourth elder, you two sit here with me. Showing a casual face and eating to feel your stomachs… I truly am surprised to be the single one of us three elders who thinks a cause for a meeting has arisen”. Second elder looked in discontent at the two other elders.

    First elder rubbed the back of his head, pulling his hand from the bowl of fruits it was about to reach, emptily and straightening himself on his stone chair. With a sour face he asked. “It could not be IT again, Second elder, am I right?”

    “You are most certainly wrong!” Second elder rebuked.

    A flash of understanding appeared in Fourth elder’s eyes. “I thought that we finished discussing it”. He said, annoyed.

    “The two of you take this matter too lightly. The tribe leader should have already returned. The time we suspected it would take him to find the fiery attribute liquid as long passed. We also did not receive updates from Third elder and Fifth elder who, along with four captains, escorted tribe leader!”

    As it so happened, the second level Core Masters Zax and Hagen killed were the Third and Fifth elders of the Yellowtailed tribe.

    “Second elder, this matter should be put to rest. Finding the fiery attribute liquid is not easy. And tribe leader still needs to shatter his third realm Core after his mist energy will consolidate. The fastest it would be done, the better. By now tribe leader should be busy, trying to shatter his Core, and while he breaks through, Third elder and Fifth elder cannot be bothered with letting us know how things are going…” First elder tried to calm Second elder.

    Fourth elder, on the other hand, refrained from getting involved in the subject again and the two face, grueling Second elder. He decide to leave First elder the job of comforting Second elder, since he was her brother in law and the tribe leader’s younger brother.

    “Well, we will see about it. I called this meeting today because a few days ago I send my top captain to go investigate why tribe leader and the rest are late, and today he should return the intelligence”.

    “Is that so…” First elder clapped his hands and once more reached, unhesitatingly this time, for the bowl of fruits. “Then it seems we really do need to wait, and as I see it, it would be to good news”.

    First elder confidence stemmed from couple of source. First and foremost is his big brother, tribe leader Ginlin. When he left to the Savage Caves he was at the Peak of the Core Master realm, while he, First elder, is in the Beginner phase of the Core Master’s third level. Second elder is at the Advanced phase of the second level and Third elder is in the Intermediate phase. Fourth and Fifth elders are the weakest, yet still in the Beginner phase of the second level.

    With such a force, the Yellowtailed tribe is ranked third in the inner territory of Valgarel, but is still a considerable distance from the two tribes in the second place, the Silverhorned tribe and the Black Horns tribe, whom, from the first place, bestowed its resources to help the Yellowtailed tribe rise to prominence.

    With their backing and personal strength, First elder was not willing to give face to any of the so called “enemies” the Yellowtailed tribe made by obliging to the Black Horns tribe.

    Four hours later.

    Second elder did not allow First and Fourth elder to leave the chamber. Therefore, as she returned to close her eyes and soothe her aching heart, during the four hours, the two other elders occupied themselves in a table game.

    “Second elder! Second elder!” Shouts from outside the chamber caused Second elder to shot open her eyes into two, legendary full moons.

    Fourth elder, who was in the process of placing a game piece on the game board the servant girl earlier brought, accidentally made a wrong move.

    First elder, who turned his head to see what as the meaning of the shouting, missed Fourth elder’s sleight of hand to fix his error.

    “Second elder!” A brawny, middle age man rushed into the chamber, looking with ashen face, trying to find Second elder.

    “Gezerak, I’m here! Gather your marbles and tell me immediately what happened!” Second elder stood up from her chair and slapped her captain, Gezerak, back to his senses. She appeared calm and collected but her heart was pounding in her chest and a bitter taste started to fill her mouth.

    Shaking, Gezerak fell to his knees, prostrating with tears streaming from his huge eyes nonstop.

    “Second elder, the- They- They all died! Captains, Third and Fifth elders and tribe leader, too!”

    Hearing his words the servant girl, who glared at him when he barbarically rushed into the chamber, lost her the sensation in her legs and fallen to her knees. In but half a breath she also began to prostrate and weep.

    Fourth elder, who did not pay further attention after insidiously correcting his move, suddenly perked his ears and, got up from his stone chair and as an indescribable feeling washed over him, lost his balance and fell, hands forward, on the stone table, flipping all the game pieces he proudly set to defeat First Elder.

    First elder, from the moment Gezerak entered the chamber and he saw his ashen face, forgot completely about the game and was consumed by a foreboding feeling.

    Second elder looked down on Gezerak, with his head to her feet; she did not say anything or made the slightest move. Her pupils contracted and for a whole minute she gave the impression of a statue.

    “Get up”. Second elder’s voice was feeble and hoarse as she spoke, yet to Gezerak it sounded like the voice of death, his death, if he will dare to say or do the smallest thing out of place.

    “Explain”. Another word from Second elder’s mouth, to Gezerak it felt like another death sentence if he will not hurry to reply.

    “Second elder, the entrance to the second Savage Cave, I’ve seen it in the past, when I arrived there, after you sent me, it looked like a battle zone”. Gezerak mustered every bit of discipline to not stutter. ”At first it was hard to find what caused the destruction, so I queried the reclusive experts who trained near the scene of the fight. It seems that tribe leader and his escort were ambushed. No one saw the fight clearly, but by the residues of mist energy signature, the remnants yellow fur and blood and most of all, giant fox’s foot prints, one side has lost and died”. Reaching a pocket in his fur coat, Gezerak retrieved two long silver feathers. “The other lived and escaped, leaving only these two feathers as means of identification”.

    Second elder slowly took the two silver feathers. Examining them, the white in her eyes began to redden. “Cough! Cough! Cough! Cough…” A series of coughs uncontrollably burst from her mouth.

    “Second elder!”

    “Elder sister!”

    First elder and Fourth elder jumped on their feet to support Second elder.

    “Cough… He… Cough… He found out… Cough…” Second elder kept coughing as almost tangible killing intent oozed from her. “Kartion… Cough… That bastard… Cough… He- He- He- He killed my Ginlin!” Second elder screamed and a tremor ran through her body.

    She lost herself and transformed to her animalistic form, only to lose balance and sway before falling.

    First elder and Fourth elder, in their human form, caught her. However, Second elder’s eyes were already closed, this time she was no longer feigning sleepiness or moderating her feelings, but completely passed out.

    First elder glanced over at Gezerak and the servant girl that escaped outside when Second elder transformed. Clenching his teeth he ordered. “Let everybody know, send an envoy to inform His Valor Ozeyn, Black Horns’s tribe leader Kardelion and tribe leader Karns, all of our Yellowtailed tribe’s forces are to set out. If we cannot cross that cave and kill Kartion, we will destroy all of his allies and then proceed to besiege!”

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 34 – Besieged

    Zax was lying on the ground. Beside him was Laivien, with eyes emanating great reverence. Next to Laivien was the group of young and adult Krikitories, with all kinds of bizarre expressions plastering on their bear’s faces.

    “Woah!” Zax exhaled, spitting grass, stones and mud from his mouth. His jaw, his tongue, his teeth, his lips and his stomach were astonishingly hurting.

    ‘Too frightening! Too frightening!’ Zax bellowed in his mind. ‘The third bottleneck of insight… How many days has it been since I perceived its spark?’ Zax truly wanted to know. The only thing he remember from the moment of finally finding the spark of light, after a month and a half of training, was tasting something too good to put into words.

    ‘Advanced phase Mist Lord… Next bottleneck will either place my soul a step from the Core Master realm or will completely make me break through the Core Master realm. Aha… Hope it would be the former’.

    Zax continued to stay with his back on the ground, panting. Each time he breathed out a blade of grass, grains of sand, minced fragments of stones would fly out.

    The third bottleneck of insight has affected his sense of taste. When he just encountered the spark of light, it cause every breath his body took to feel as if even air suddenly had a flavor, and one so good he forgot to exhale!

    After comprehending the bottleneck of insight, the taste of the world, Zax figured, and exiting his sea of consciousness, then the nightmare began.

    Like the previous two bottlenecks, the third one was even a bit more overwhelming. Before his eyes had the chance to glance at the surrounding of Laivien’s little valley, his mouth was already salivating.

    Since then, for a period of a month and a half, Zax struggled with everything he had against the urge to devour everything, luckily, it excluded living beings. As a result, his mouth was endlessly chewing on stones, grass and earth, while occasionally breathing so much air, nearly exploding his lungs. More than once Zax pushed himself to utter exhaustion and passed out. Only then did his body reluctantly release the strain from his lungs.

    During the month and a half, for the first few days, Zax’s Master had come to Laivien’s valley, to keep an eye on his Martial son.

    He left, eventually, after assuring his little sister that due to his body fitness level Zax is actually having it easy and is fine.

    As a matter of fact, according to Kartius, Zax was much more than fine, since it appeared like the bottleneck he comprehended is the catalyst bottleneck that would allow him to keep cultivating the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement without relying on external supplements. At least until he will break through the seventh gate.

    “Is it over? Have you adapted to the third bottleneck?” Laivien inquired after Zax sat up.

    Zax grimaced and nodded. The sweet, indescribable flavor of the world reminisced on a few of his taste buds. Everything else he consumed, that was not yet digested, caused his stomach to discharge extremely bitter gases, sometimes with a bit of leftovers…


    Zax could not stand the calmness anymore, which only made the bitter taste in his mouth more pungent, and jumped to his feet. “Give me a moment”. He told Laivien and the rest and closed his eyes, entering his sea of consciousness.

    First thing Zax caught a glimpse of was the size of his Inner Panorama. After comprehending and getting adapted to the third bottleneck of insight, the radius of his Inner Panorama grew larger again, encompassing almost five hundred meters around his soul!

    Such a large increase in size was not to belittle. Even though those nearly five hundred meters were still a drop in the vast sea of consciousness, with every added millimeter in size, the sensation of intense lucidity spread farther. Allowing Zax to maintain a certain degree of it even if he is outside of the Inner Panorama and make him wonder to what degree it then would be, when he will comprehend all six bottlenecks of insight.

    Tapping with his manifested toes on a small patch of sandy land of the Inner Panorama, although Zax was curious about the little dark attribute buds and how they evolved after he comprehended the third bottleneck, he put them aside for a moment. The instant Zax’s naked body completely manifested, his gaze was captivated by something greater, his soul.

    Ignoring the fragrance, the ticklish feeling and the newly added flavor that sprouted in his Inner Panorama, Zax walked with hurried steps to his soul.

    ‘Strange… Strange…’ Zax murmured. His soul towered above him, high, suddenly so tall that, perhaps, its height was not shorter than the Inner Panorama’s length to any direction from it. ‘There is almost barely fog, and it’s easier to see in comparison to how it looked before I comprehended the third bottleneck…’ His voice softly said.

    Turning his head gently to the sides, Zax was bewildered by the width of his soul. Opposite to its height, the width was an entirely different matter. Now, instead of looking like a giant structure, the soul was so thin in its first two thirds, that starting up above to the last third, it gave Zax the feeling of standing next to a colossal, elder tree.

    As Zax got to four meters from his soul, a bizarre phenomenon suddenly started to occur. The dark attribute inside his soul began to wiggle like a curtain in the wind and from the other side of its darkness, something hazy reflected.

    Zax squinted his eyes, to try and perceive the shape of the reflection. Contrary to his effort, the hazy reflection and even the soul turned blurry and the previously scarce fog gradually thickened.

    Within the fog, without realizing when it happened, Zax’s five senses, even those stimulated by the fragrance, ticklish feeling and flavor, suddenly became numb. As if his manifested body was possessed, Zax started walking backwards and stopped only after he left the region of the fog. Simultaneously, as he left, the fog once more dissipated.

    ‘Mm?’ Zax awakened from the daze. His face looking straight at his soul, he felt at odds with himself. At the first breath he could just vaguely recall the memory of the steps he took, but at the second, as he refused to let go of the thought, he bit by bit felt as if he issued the decision to go back.

    ‘Can I not approach my own soul?’ Zax asked himself in the third breath, frowning, yet after couple of seconds his face relaxed. ‘Absurd’. The sixth breath almost sounded as if he said it jokingly.

    Strangely, by the seventh breath he did not care anymore about what transpire moments ago. He also seemed to forget about why he was captivated with his soul and the hazy reflection behind the dark attribute curtain. He certainly was not worried about how close he can get to his soul.

    As if to prove something to his indifferent demeanor, Zax turned around and looked up. Remembering that he spent all of his Soul Binding formation against Ginlin, a stream of soul energy flew from his soul as he casually constructed the shapes and pieces till one formation was ready for use.

    ‘Almost there’. The formation was not far from perfection. ‘Later I’ll create more’. Only now Zax lowered his head to examine the dark attribute buds.

    ‘Oh… they grew a little’. The vista of his Inner Panorama has been through more than just a change in its size.

    Before Zax comprehended the third bottleneck, most of the land was covered by sparkling sand and barely visible black buds. Now, the black buds grew several centimeters tall stems. ‘In the future, will it look like a field of black flowers?’

    Zax got down to one knee, gently stroking the steams at his feet. They were cold, but refreshing, with a texture pleasurable to the touch.

    Opening his eyes, Zax left his sea of consciousness. Seeing Laivien and the Krikitories still there, he asked. “How long has it taken me to adapt?”

    “A month and a half”. Laivien answered

    “So overall, three months…” That was also how much time passed since the assassination mission.


    “Won’t eat?”

    “Won’t eat?”

    “Won’t eat?”

    Right after Laivien replied, the young Krikitories sneaked out from behind their elders. With a bit of struggle to pronounce the words, they all repeated the same question while looking at Laivien.

    Laivien shook her doe head. “No. Belly full”. She said with a hint of amusement.

    The young Krikitories had disappointed looks on their bear faces. Some of them held chunks of wood, grass and stones, as if they were ready to feed the weirdo who entertained them in the past month and a half with his uncanny eating habits.

    The adult Krikitories, on the other hand, were relieved. The human boy treated their lovely home like a buffet, his actions were even worse than the time he went mad with creepy laughter and caused quakes in the ground for over a day.

    Being familiar with the temperament of both the young and adult Krikitories, and knowing perfectly well his contribution to the mischievousness of the young ones, Zax could read the minds of the little bear heads and so apologetically smiled.

    “Little Zax…” Laivien wavered for a moment.

    The young boy in front of her has officially trained under her big brother for about four years and only in the recent year did he start to perceive and comprehend the six bottlenecks of insight. In one year’s time this child comprehended three bottlenecks!

    Though luck had a lot to do with it, Laivien could not refrain from marveling at the sight of this peculiar child she grew fond of.

    “…Big brother will not come to congratulate you. Since you finished adapting, go to my Kartion’s tower”. She passed the word as an order.

    “To Grandmaster’s place? Why? Is there another mission?” These three months he diligently searched for the spark of light and then spent a long time comprehending the bottleneck of insight it represented. It began as a punishment, but after accomplishing his goal Zax felt both content with himself and eager to finally go home to Kingdom Earth.

    “Go and see for yourself”. Laivien insisted.

    Seeing her serious and obstinate gaze, Zax nodded and left.

    “Master, Grandmaster”. Zax humbly said after Grandmaster Kartion’s voice echoed in his mind, permitting him entry to the blue tower.

    The two were sitting on the floor. They briefly inspected Zax as he entered and their stern expression returned to the two men sitting before them.

    The two men were strangers to Zax and did not turn around to greet him. But, considering the heavy atmosphere in the room, Zax got the feeling that their attitude had nothing to do with them trying to be discourteous. Rather, even from their backm it was evident that they were submerged in too deep thoughts to notice him.

    “I’ll have a short talk with him outside”. Kartius offered to Grandmaster Kartion.

    Considering, Grandmaster Kartion nodded. His gaze then moved to the parchment the two men kept staring at.

    “Let’s go”. Kartius grabbed Zax by his shoulder, pressing his Martial son to follow him out.

    “You really took your time with the third bottleneck, even after comprehending it”. Kartius pat Zax head. He seemed wanting to smile, but his stag head remained unchanging.

    “Master, what’s happening? Who are the two men with Grandmaster?”

    The two looked human from behind. One looked somewhat familiar, wearing a scaly purple bodysuit and having a long purple hair. However, Zax could recognize that he was not his Martial brother Mes. The other men also did not look like either of his Martial brothers. So then, the two were not native two Grandmaster Kartion’s cave.

    “They are the leader of the Reptilian tribe and leader of the Ape tribe”. Kartius explained and proceeded without stopping. “Little Zax, this time a lot of things happened while you were training. Three months ago, His Valor Ozeyn sent big brother a message. The Yellowtailed tribe lost its leader and seeks vengeance on the culprit”.

    “They found out that it was us who killing Ginlin?” Shocked, Zax interrupted.

    “Hahaha”, the laugh was a bit forced. “If it wasn’t as planned, then they wouldn’t have had the chance”. Seeing Zax confused, Kartius said. “Honestly, with the success of Ginlin’s assassination, hiding the fact that it was us who took his life would have been a waste. No, from the moment the decision to send the three of you out was made, our household was prepared for an all out, final battle with our enemies”.

    “Eh?! Final battle? What about His Valor Ozeyn-” Countless question suddenly sprung in Zax’s head.

    “This time we put His Valor Ozeyn in a difficult place. By killing a potential third realm expert of Valgarel, the Yellowtailed tribe used the excuse that we sabotaged our kind. With the support of the Black Horns tribe and several others, His Valor Ozeun could not defend big brother”.

    “Then what… Did the Black Horns tribe attack us? Are they planning to attack?” A rush of anxiety, excitement and anger stirred inside of Zax as his temper became severe.

    “Don’t get edgy. I told you that we were prepared. His Valor Ozeyn also gave a late response to the Yellowtailed tribe and the rest. Their intention were to exterminate the tribes affiliated with big brother, but of the two in the inner territory, the Reptilian tribe and the Ape tribe, and three in the outer territory, they only got to one inner tribe. Despite that, Marital nephew Raroen, Martial nephew Simel and Martial nephew Tularg managed to help evacuate more than half of the Ape tribe members”.

    “Currently, the five tribes are accommodated in big brother’s cave. As for the Black Horns tribe and the Yellowtailed tribe… For the past two months, they and the others are waiting outside of big brother’s cave”.

    “Wait, Master, are you saying…” Zax did not expect that things will deteriorate so much in mere three months. The repercussions of killing Ginlin he could understand, but to be surrounded and stuck in Grandmaster Kartion’s cave by an army of experts, of which two are third realm experts…

    “Hmph!” Outside of the blue tower, atop the tallest mountain, Kartius turned to the direction of the cave’s entrance and snorted. “These scoundrels think they have the upper hand just because they besiege us”. His face muscles convoluted and killing intent exploded from his eyes. “Soon, Marital son, we will finish the preparation of our assault and this deep rooted enmity will came to an end!”

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 35 – Briefing

    A month passed since Kartius informed Zax about the state of the household along with its allies and enemies.

    After their conversation, Kartius finished by clarifying to Zax that for the mean time he cannot return to Kingdom Earth, the household is on a lockdown and he would have to stay until after the upcoming confrontation.

    As a result of being confined to the two caves under Grandmaster Kartion, Zax had no choice but to get back to training, but instead of searching for the fourth spark of light, his preference was to prefect the Soul Binding Formation.

    In the month that gone by, Zax spent roughly twenty days on reaching the perfect phase of the Soul Binding formation. That being the case, his sea of consciousness possessed now five perfect, dark emerald Soul Binding formations.

    Although the number was small, with the current strength of his soul, Zax had to spend two days in order to erect one perfect formation. Thus, five was the most he had created in the last ten days of the month.

    Nevertheless, the most important point was, even though the quantity was small, each of Zax’s five perfect Soul Binding formations had the subduing power of thirty or forty Advanced Soul Binding formations.

    Testing one on his Martial brother Raroen, whose soul was in the Advanced phase of the third Core Master’s level, Zax was able to incapacitate Raroen for six seconds. When Raroen used his mist energy to try and block another Soul Binding formation, his Intermediate phase of the third Core Master’s level mist energy hindered the formation and weakened it, but eventually it got through and disabled Raroen for almost four seconds.

    Something that Zax was unaware of and discovered following the second attempt, was that for Raroen to hold up the second Soul Binding formation with his mist energy demanded so much preciseness and concentration, that he had used up ten percent of his mist energy.

    Laivien’s valley.

    “Staying behind?!” Zax reluctantly held his tone of voice from rising in defiance.

    “Their numbers are overwhelming us twenty to one. Without mist energy you don’t have the ability to join and coordinate with our formation, and your body fitness level is not high enough to defend against their stronger experts”. Kartius was decisive.

    The household preparation has reached a climax and Grandmaster Kartion decided to execute their assault tomorrow.

    “But-” Zax wanted to retort. What more he had to worry about if he could use a Soul Binding formation to deal with a third level Core Master?

    “Don’t be impulsive!” Kartius scolded. “There are not perfect plans, saying for sure how many, if at all, will manage to pass our formation is uncertain. That is why placing someone in the rear, protecting the entrance to the cave, is not a job that big brother can trust anyone with. Only a person he recognized will soothe his worries”.

    “You are, too, need to consider what will happen if a Mist Lord will sneak into the cave. Just one would be enough to eradicate the population of whole villages, while we are fighting outside, in mere minutes. And if the Essence Cave will be found and a second level Core Master will get in…” Kartius solemnly made eye contact with Zax and gravely said. “It’s true that with your soul formations you have some ability to face the strong expert, but in the erratic field of battle, after handling one such expert, it would be the masses who will take you out”.

    There was really no leeway for Zax to ensure his position in the vanguard of the household’s assault, however, lurking behind while his big brothers and sisters risking their lives did not sit well with him.


    “Zax!” Kartius snapped at him.

    Zax hushed. His Master’s voice was full of intolerant to further bickering and carried wrathful intent. Due to this, from the shock, Zax felt his throat shrinking and the words he wanted to say unable to come out.

    “The arrangements big brother made are not for you to agree with, only obey. Each member of the household has his and her own placement, and if you are in the rear, no further discussions will change it!”

    To say that the point was made loud and clear would be an understatement. There was only so courage in Zax to challenge his Master to a longer argument. Now more than ever, with the warmonger air the looming battle made him exude.

    Seeing his Martial son submitting, Kartius exhaled heavily from his nostrils and his tone slightly changed. “Come with me. Big brother summoned everyone who will participate in the assault for a Debrief, and even though you are the last line of defense, it would be good for you to be aware of the grand plan”.

    There were eight human figures, beside the genuine humans, Zax and Zetsa, and six humanoid beasts in Grandmaster Kartion’s blue tower.

    Five of the human looking figures were the five tribe leaders who supported Grandmaster Kartion. They were respectfully distinguished as the Reptilian tribe’s leader, Meron, the Ape tribe’s leader, Somi, the Blue Griffon tribe’s leader, Vinesha, surprisingly the Krikitory tribe’s leader, Ham-Bar, and the Grayfeather tribe’s leader, Harhenia.

    What was quite astonishing about three of these five tribes’ leaders were none other than their advanced cultivation levels. Considering that the Blue Griffon tribe, the Krikitory tribe and the Grayfeather tribe are outer territory tribes, one would wonder how their three leaders managed to reach the Core Master realm. A level of power even the leaders of some of the inner territory tribes had not attained.

    From his Martial brothers and sisters, Zax learned the names of the leaders of the five tribes, and the connection and source of loyalty of these tribes to Grandmaster Kartion.

    The close relations of the Reptilian tribe and the Ape tribe with Grandmaster Kartion were actually very old. Their leaders were old friends of Grandmaster Kartion. They both got to know him since the time of his, Laivien’s and Kartius’s stay with the Red Rose Beaks tribe. A deep bond was sewn between the three parties and became even more profound when the successors the Reptilian tribe and the Ape tribe were accepted as Grandmaster Kartion’s apprentices.

    The Blue Griffon tribe swore loyalty to Grandmaster Kartion after he accepted Shulip as his apprentice and bestowed the tribe a mist refinement technique of his making.

    How the Krikitory tribe earned Grandmaster Kartion’s favor was self explanatory.

    As for the Grayfeather tribe… It was once called the Silverfeather tribe, but it suffered extermination from the several tribes allayed with the Black Horns tribe. In the end, the survivals escaped to the outer territory of Valgarel and formed a new tribe, the Grayfeather tribe. Since the Grayfeather tribe was formed not far from Grandmaster Kartion’s cave, when he detected the movement of the Black Horns tribe’s allays, his enemies, he obstructed from getting to the Grayfeather tribe to finish what they started. Couple of years later, Hagen was born, the only Chaoyue type beast of the Grayfeather tribe, and was accepted as Grandmaster Kartion’s apprentice.

    Of the three outer territory tribes, the Grayfeather tribe was the only one who did not require a mist refinement technique from Grandmaster Kartion, since it already had a suitable mist refinement technique, which it inherited from the glorious days of the once Silverfeather tribe. Nevertheless, in terms of loyalty it was difficult to say if the other two could compete with the Grayfeather. After all, Grandmaster Kartion is more than its benefactor; he is the tribe’s savior.

    Inside the blue tower everyone sat in a large circle. On the floor was a detailed parchment of the adjacent cave with all sorts of marking.

    Squares signified the known locations of the enemy’s forces. Rings marked the places of first level Core Masters, double rings were the signs of second level Core Masters, triple rings showed were the third level Core Masters are and triangles, merely two were on the parchment, showcased the estimated position of Karns and Kardelion.

    By Zax’s count, there were forty seven single rings, twelve double rings, two triple rings – one had a dot in its center – two triangles and a whole lot of squared area.

    The closes enemy’s line to the entrance of the tunnel of Grandmaster Kartion was roughly eight hundred meters within the vegetation. One cluster of forces guarded the entrance to the only tunnel that could be used as escape route and the rest spread, behind the first line.

    “This is their formation since thirty minutes ago”. The man who looked similar to Mes, Meron, and the leader of the Reptilian tribe, which expertise were scouting, spoke and placed a slender finger on the parchment. “Karns and Kardelion are always together, in the midst of their forces. To get to them, or get them moving, I’m afraid only brother Kartion would manage”. Sliding his finger to the triple ring with the dot at its center, he continued. “The Oxen tribe and its leader Belavin are packed together. Put aside the two second level Core Masters in this group, Belavin is close or already at the Peak of the Core Master realm, he, too, I’m not sure I anyone but brother Kartion can handle”.

    Mentioning the three impeccable adversaries, one after the other, and the fact that against all three their side has only Grandmaster, caused Meron to lose a bit of control on his tone of voice from steady and calm to shaken and furious.

    “Then there is Ilen-Tar, the leader of the Furless Rat tribe. His cultivation level should be in the Beginner phase of the Core Master’s third level. Being a Shenghuo type beast, quite a few of us can contend against him. What make it troublesome some is that of those under the Core Master realm, seventy percent of them are from the Furless Rat tribe, and if the life of their tribe’s leader would be threatened…” Merson raised his head and glanced at everyone with a menacing light in his eyes. “There is a reason why despite having only one expert in the third level of the Core Master realm and twenty in the first level, this tribe is ranked seventh in all of Valgarel!”

    “If no one is willing, I’ll gladly eradicate this vermin!” Kartius cracked his knuckles, a despised expression on his stag head.

    “Brother Kartius, it pains me to disagree with you, but against these furless bastards you mustn’t be reckless. What makes them a force to be reckoned with is not just their numbers, but the bloodline formation at their disposal”. Said Somi, as he let out a grave sigh. “If Ilen-Tar will order the erection of the formation, the whole tribe can be used as an extension of his every desire. I’m sure not one of us wishes to risk the mist detonation of an entire tribe that could shift brother Kartion’s plan to a random direction”.

    “Ilen-Tar will not be confronted carelessly”. Grandmaster Kartion said defiantly. “Too much of the forces belong to his tribe. Unless a decisive blow can swiftly land on Ilen-Tar he can be counted as unapproachable”.

    First Karns and Kardelion, then Belavin and now Ilen-Tar… The atmosphere in the room embittered as everyone sunk into deep thought following Grandmaster Kartion’s words.

    “Fortunately, a passage to retaliation is available for one of us against Ilen-Tar”, Grandmaster Kartion next words caused the frowns on several of the surrounding faces to ease off and node in consent as a sign that they understood what he talked about.

    “It all depends on the execution of brother Kartion’s formation”. Somi elaborated. As he did, individuals like Zax, Mes, Ham-Bar, Vinesha and Shulip, who had not understood Grandmaster Kartion in the beginning, also suddenly became elated.

    Only three could not bring themselves to show the same kind of exaltation and remained pensive.

    Simel and Zetsa tacitly made effort to conceal the pressure their Master placed on them in his plan, and Hagen built up her bloodthirstiness to unleash her utmost killing capabilities when the right time will arrive.

    “Proceeding to brother Kartion’s plan”. Merson moved on from pointing the enemies’ positions and identities. “Brother Kartion is the vanguard of the formation. Since only Karns and Kardelion can match him, he will draw them to the field of battle right of the bat. The moment of collision between brother Kartion and either of the two is the instant the second line of the formation will move in. I, brother Somi, young Raroen and brother Kartius will strike against Belavin and the twelve second level Core Master in coordination with each other. According to brother Kartion, among all of us, the second to possess the most destructive force is brother Kartius”.

    As Merson revealed Grandmaster Kartion’s assessment of Kartius all the gazes shifted to the black stag head. Some looked in reverence and awe, others were dumbfounded and wondered what powers this Black Stag is hiding.

    As if responding to everyone reactions, Grandmaster Kartion said assertively. “After Kartius broke through to the second realm of my bodily refinement technique, he indeed became someone not to be trifled in this New Earth”.

    ‘Second realm of bodily cultivation…’ Zax’s eyes opened wide and his mouth hanged agape. ‘Master broke through the seventh gate of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement?!’ His mind swirled in excitement and happiness for his Master, so much that he forgot about their previous argument.

    Standing beside his Master, it would have been awkward to express his glee in words in front of all the onlookers who grew even more amazed after Grandmaster Kartion explained. Still, Zax could not help, but stare at his Master with stars in his eyes.

    “What?” Glanced at Zax and said indifferently, as if holding back his laughter. “I had been in this laborious bottleneck for almost as long as I am your Martial father. Frankly, if I did not spend on you back then my treasures, I would have broken through a lot earlier”. Though he sounded blaming, Kartius raised his large black hand and ruffled with a bit of force, his Martial son’s hair.

    “Hahaha! So this is the case. Honestly, brother Kartion, you should not have left us in the dark till the moment we go to war, brother Kartius, superb! Hahaha!” Somi burst out laughing.

    “Uncle Kartius, congratulations!”

    “Martial uncle Kartius, congratulations!”

    “Well done, brother Kartius!”

    Immediately after Somi’s eruption everyone offered their blessing to Kartius.

    It was a bit shameful that someone else had the guts to speak first, but now even Zax felt that he cannot contain his felicitations.

    “Mas- Martial father, congratulation of your accomplishment!” Zax said in joy.

    “Shell we continue everyone?” Merson asked after the round of good words. As everyone returned to being silent, he opened up again, this time his tone was steadier than ever. “Hagen, Tularg, Harhenia, Vinesha and young Rarahel, along with the eleven Core Masters captains of our five tribes will counter the enemy’s Core Masters as our third line of assault. Next, as the fourth line of the formation and the first line of defense, Shulip, Ham-Bar and little Mes will meet and eliminate any Core Master that will escape the third line of defense. The fifth line of the formation and the second of defense, as decided, are the three hundred and ninety nine cultivators of are five tribe that are between the Core Breaker and the Mist Lord level. The will hold up the enemy’s first realm expert, but all of you should know that by no means they have the strength to beat them or even obstruct them for long!” Merson emphasized. “The sixth line is young Simel and Zetsa. Those two received their orders personally from brother Kartion. They are the core of brother Kartion’s plan and those of us who need to know about their role have been instructed beforehand”. To these words some nodded, other did not bother asking questions about things unrelated to their role.

    “And then there is the last line of defense, the guard of the entrance to the tunnel to brother Kartion’s allocated cave”. Merson moved his face to Zax, to let anyone who was not familiar with him to know who the last person he will mention is.

    Finally his turn, even though it was not much in comprehension to everyone else, after sitting throughout this debris, Zax had to reconsider his view and admit that there are too many dangerous variables that require someone with explosive force to deal with fast and repeatedly.

    “You are the last line of defense, but until the war ends you should not be complacent even if not one enemy will manage to breach through the first six lines formation, Zaks”.


    He was really not getting any face in this war for the freedom and preservation of the household and its allays…

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 36 – The Battle Commences

    The hour should have been late at night, but not one could visually tell since very few of the caves in Valgarel possessed a copy or similar formation to the Nightly Cover formation of Kingdom Earth.

    The debrief and preparations in the blue tower were with accordance to the last scouting report, which meant that the moment all the lines of the formation were ready, the assault will start.

    Zax stood at the entrance to the tunnel from the side of Grandmaster Kartion’s cave.

    Standing a step inside the tunnel, Grandmaster Kartion, the first line of attack, exuded a domineering air with abundant killing intent. Behind him was the group of experts who attended the debriefing and the Core Master captains of the five tribes. Then, arranged in rows and lines were all the cultivators of the fifth line, from the Core Breaker level and up.

    Taking a step forward, a breathtaking scene befell upon the eyes of the hundreds of experts. Grandmaster Kartion proceeded into the tunnel in accelerating strides, ascending in a jump his humanoid form transformed in the blink of an eye to this true, animalistic form.

    As his hooves touched the earth, a majestic, seventeen meters tall Brown Stag galloped lightly toward the other end of the tunnel.

    Many who have seen the animalistic from of Grandmaster Kartion, the grandiose Brown Stag, were first awestruck, and then cried in exhilaration as the Brown Stag bellowed for war, raised his speed and hunched forward his antlers to impale all who dare stand against him.

    Shaking the earth and dashing like a meteor, Grandmaster Kartion exited the tunnel.

    Releasing his Sublime Soul Sense, he instantly detected the forces of his enemies.

    ‘Karns, Kardelion, you waited for me to show myself for so long! Are you now planning to hide behind your worthless underlings?!’ Through his Sublime Soul Sense, Grandmaster Kartion’s voice echoed in the over thousands of enemies’ minds, provoking the two most notorious to reveal themselves.



    Two large explosions reverberated in the cave as rays of icy blue and black darkness shot to the air, toward the speeding Brown Stag.

    “No more hiding in your shell, Kartion!” The icy blue ray roared.

    “You won’t get the time to escape, traitor!” From within the black darkness, a voice roaring a tad louder, threatened.

    One ripped through the earth, two descended from the sky, about to collide in a fraction of a second without anyone showing signs of pulling back.


    The three strongest beings in this war rammed each other with every ounce of their force.

    The ground split into countless fissures, like the design of a spider web, and in a breath it crushed, forming a crater with a surface area of hundreds of meters.

    An invisible force traveled through the air, blowing away everything it passes. The shockwave even reached Karns’s and Kardelion’s subordinates, causing all those below the Core Master realm to suffer internally.

    “Move!” Merson commanded. An azure, belligerent aura emanated out of him, Kartius, Raroen and Somi as they each transformed into their animalistic form and followed Grandmaster Kartion out after his collision with Karns and Kardelion.

    As Zax watched them, still within the safety of Grandmaster Kartion’s cave, he held up his breath tightly. The four were so awe inspiring…

    A Thousand Meters Viper, his name alone indicated how immense he was, and a thirteen meters tall Silver Fur Gorilla. The two were Zhihui type beasts – even Somi, despite having a grandson like Simel who was a Silver Skin Gorilla and a Chaoyue type beast – yet both had the radiance of exalted rulers.

    From looking at the two, Zax eyes shifted to the second largest of the four, the hundred meters long Silver Horns Dragon and his Martial brother Raroen. Seeing the glow of his aura intensifying by his fighting spirit, in comparison to now, the memories of the first time Zax saw him fight portrayed Raroen almost tenderly.

    And then there was the figure of his Master, Kartius. Zax stared at his back, his chest going up and down rapidly as if he shared one pulse with his Master.

    ‘So big!’

    The Black Stag, after his breakthrough to the second realm of bodily cultivation, became even mightier in his animalistic form, seventeen meters tall, exactly like Grandmaster Kartion.

    The four rushed out of the tunnel in union.

    The same time their presence was felt by the enemies in the vicinity of the cave, those from the Beginner phase of the second Core Master’s level and under shivered, and those who were just affected by the shockwave turned even weaker in their knees.


    A loud bull cry incited the moral of the enemy’s forces. In ground shaking stomps, fifteen meters tall, three horns bull, the terrifying third level Core Master, Belavin, led a group of four experts to confront Merson’s group. Two of those experts were the Oxen’s tribe second level Core Masters, the other two were actually humans!

    Seeing the second realm humans participating in a battle against second realm beasts in Valgarel did not take Merson’s group by surprise. Yes, there is an agreement which forbids second realm experts from assaulting the other species’ second realm experts on their territory, but this agreement has two loopholes. One, only the members of core families or core tribes are protected by this agreement. Second, if a tribe accepts a human into it or a family accepts a beast into it, they are permitted and even obligated to protect their host, regardless of who is the enemy.

    In this particular case, Merson’s group suspected that the two humans, and the others among the enemy’s forces, temporarily joined an enemy’s tribe, just so His Valor Ozeyn will not be able to stop them by declaring Grandmaster Kartion’s household as an equivalent to a core tribe.


    Just as Belavin pounced forward with his three dark blue horns, aligned as if they were three bayonets, another group of experts followed from several hundred meters to his left.

    Two, extremely large canines that were second level Core Masters, along with the remaining five second level Core Masters, three yellow foxes, a horse like beast, a lion like beast and a furless rat, sprung to meet and counter Merson’s group of their right.

    Thirteen versus four, the firsts from each side to meet the other were naturally the strongest.

    Kartius may have broken to the second realm of bodily cultivation and could enhance his physique a bit further with his mist energy, but he still did not underestimate Belavin.

    Belavin, in contrast, did not occupy his thought with whom he is fighting. His head heated and his eyes red from rage. Whoever the tips of his three horns will meet, will discover that behind them he put his full force.

    Realizing that the two are about to confront, the experts of both sides distanced themselves from the collision course, each of them done so as a result of acknowledging the might of the strongest in their side.


    The air rippled with uncountable fluctuations as the second huge force of the war erupted.

    ‘Third line, out!’ Hagen sent to Tularg, Harhenia, Vinesha, Rarahel and the eleven Core Masters captains of the five tribes.

    Following their predecessors, the sixteen transformed to their animalistic forms and crossed the tunnel in a couple of short breaths.

    As they came out of the cave, a command was given and the forty seven first level Core Masters of the enemy’s forces, also began to move.

    Moments later, the first line of defence, Shulip, Ham-Bar and Mes entered the battlefield as well.

    “Everybody, prepare for battle!” A bald, middle age man shouted loudly before he transformed to a big Silver Fur Gorilla and steered the three hundred and ninety nine cultivators of the five tribes that are between the Core Breaker and the Mist Lord level, to join the defensive line.

    “Little sister…” Simel, in his humanoid form, glanced over at Zetsa and said with a resolute tone.

    Zetsa nodded to him in response and turned her head to Zax. Closing her eyes, and then opening them after letting out a sigh, she said warmly. “See you later, little Zi”.

    ‘Big sis…’ Zax had no time to make a proper sound, only to stare at the backs of his swiftly departing big sister and big brother. Both of them gave Zax the impression that atop their heads legendary stormy clouds were weighing.

    Looking at the desolate entrance of the cave, where not long ago hundreds of experts and allies of the household stood and readied themselves together for the fight, Zax felt anxiety pressing in his stomach and an unsavory taste in his mouth.

    Taking the first step into the tunnel, there was nothing majestic in the way he walked and no one to cheer from behind. He was at the back, while everyone, allies, friends and family risked themselves on the front.

    “Karns, you fiend!” Grandmaster Kartion furiously roared and clashed with his supposedly “father in law”.


    Kinetic Force and mist energy rammed and sent their users startlingly backwards.

    Karns was thrust tens of meters while Grandmaster Kartion staggered a few steps.

    Wild fluctuation of mist energy descended from above. Grandmaster Kartion barely had time to raise his head, before four hooves shaped beams of icy blue mist energy hit his head and back.


    Kardelion’s attack landed perfectly. Its force caused Grandmaster Kartion to sink into the ground.

    “Grrr!” Grandmaster Kartion gritted his teeth. Channeling kinetic energy and hastily converging it to Kinetic Force, he countered Kardelion’s attack and dispersed the mist energy.


    Karns recovered from the clash and dashed toward the moment ago surpassed Grandmaster Kartion.

    Dark, baleful aura emerged as mist energy concentrated in his antlers.


    Karns’s antlers pierced a few millimeters into Grandmaster Kartion’s erect chest and stopped. A tremendous forced prevented them from reaching deeper.

    Ignoring the pain, Grandmaster Kartion lowered his head and butted Karns.


    It was a direct hit that had Karns utilizing all of his accumulated mist energy to withstand.

    Grandmaster Kartion raised his head, prepared to hit Karns once more.

    “Get lost!” Icy blue mist energy slammed Grandmaster Kartion from his side, breaking his balance, and then…


    Following his long range mist attack, Kardelion struck and sent Grandmaster Kartion rolling.

    Taking deep breaths, vigilance returned to Karns’s eyes. With Kardelion by his side, the two stared at the rising Grandmaster Kartion. A look of incredulity plastered on their animalistic stag faces.

    Since the three started fighting, the durability and vigor of Grandmaster Kartion, time after time, never ceased to amaze them.

    As third realm mist cultivators their mist energy tempered their bodies, allowed them to reach the second realm of bodily cultivation. In a sense, that meant that their physique was vigor at the same fitness level as Grandmaster Kartion’s. Nevertheless, by using a bodily cultivation technique to temper his body, Grandmaster Kartion’s physique was many times superior to the two’s.

    And then there was the weird force Grandmaster Kartion constantly channeled and used the counter, defend and attack. Just now, that weird force was the reason Karns could not shove his antlers deeper.

    Facing such an adversary, the two were utterly vexed. If it was just one faculty, either the superior body or the weird force, the two then would not have cared. With just one, any one of them could have beaten Grandmaster Kartion, but by having the two and furthermore combining them… Even though Kardelion and Karns had the enhancement of their third realm mist energy, the battle still turned into war of attrition.

    Blood splattered to every direction around Kartius and Belavin. The two were in a standstill while the supreme expert of each of their sides entangled from a distance with claws, fangs, fists and hooves.

    Raroen, as a third level Core Master and a Chaoyue type beast, actually confronted six of the enemy’s twelve second level Core Masters, while Somi and Merson, by coordinating with each other, fought with the other six.


    Facing the three elders of the Yellowtailed tribe, the rat of the Furless Rat tribe and the two humans, Raroen voice rolled has he growled and opened his gigantic jaw and released a white, corrosive breath.

    The three yellow foxes avoided the breath that emanated both head and cold. The two humans were even more vigilant and stayed away. The furless rat, however… The breath was actually aimed at him, and before he could utter a cry of pain, he was bathed by breath and turned to white ash.


    The three foxes pounced and clawed Raroen’s long, draconic body. Their attacks smashingly and successively landed on the same spot, tearing the tough scales and flash, causing blood to spray for several seconds from Raroen’s abdomen, before his body squirmed and closed the wound.

    Taking advantage of Raroen short predicament, the two humans, a man and a woman, executed every ounce of mist energy to approach Raroen fast. Taking a jump as if soaring, the two held different size of stone blade knives in their hands. Inserting their mist energy to the knives and waving their stone blade, the two cut deeply through Raroen’s scales, even more so than the damage of the three foxes’ combined effort.

    Raroen issued a painful cry. The ground soaked his blood as if the was rain, but at least one was down.

    Somi and Merson were in a numerical disadvantage. They both suffered many wounds and blood ceaselessly poured from between and underneath their fur and scales.

    The six second level Core Masters that they fought, though, were not that much better off, either. In terms of cultivation, Somi and Merson were equal and a phase or two higher than their opponents. In terms of coordination, Somi and Merson were longtime friends that battled many times together for the sake of their tribes and the amount of experience and level of familiarity they had with each other, far outstripped their opponent’s.

    Of the six second level Core Masters, the lion type beast and one of the canines were badly injured, while the other four considerably cautious.

    “Scree!” Hagen spread her wings and flashed past the army of first level Core Masters. Watching disdainfully from the air, she searched for an opening.

    The accursed forty seven first level Core Masters, after losing eight at the first clash of powers, clustered together and actually erected a protective formation. The formation was quite basic, a united orange mantle with light offensive capabilities, to which they poured every bit of their mist energy and used to move toward Grandmaster Kartion’s cave one step at a time.

    Hagen and her group tried many forms of attack to break the formation, but it was fueled by too many same level second realm cultivators, which was optimally for its foundation.

    Hagen’s talons shimmered in white light and slashed against the orange mantle. Four long tears were formed on the mantle, but quickly mended, causing Hagen to frown.

    Encircling the mantle, Hagen reduced her speed not far from the location Ilen-Tar comfortably commanded the furless rats of his tribe.

    Avoiding Ilen-Tar’s gaze, Hagen coughed and a stream of blood came pouring from her beak.

    Not far behind the defensive line of the first realm experts.

    Simel and Zetsa stood next to each other. Fiery red and icy blue aura encompassed the two of them. Mist energy was flowing around them. Their hands were moving, forming numerous shapes.

    As Zetsa proceeded with the same action, Simel halted and opened the canteen in his hands, which contained the fiery attribute liquid Ginlin gathered.

    Cutting his finger, Simel let his blood drip on the ground. After several drops fell he spilled the fiery attribute liquid and resumed the previous shapes forming action.

    Besides Simel, Zetsa’s eyes shifted for a split second, admiring the concentrated fiery attribute in the liquid. However, noting the slow pace it was absorbed to the ground her gaze turned compacted and a concerned thought surfaced in her mind.

    ‘Not enough blood…’

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 37 – Decisive Decision

    The first realm line of defense could only rely on their defensive formation to block the enemy’s force, much like the cluster of first level Core Masters, Hagen and her group dealt with.

    The only one with high spirit on the battlefield was none other than Ilen-Tar. The leader of the Furless Rat tribe, in his skinny, old and fragile human form, was confident in his ability to preserve through the war due to three things, his high cultivation level, the fact, which he believed, that the enemy knew about the bloodline formation at his disposal and the vast experience he gained from many tribal wars over the centuries.

    Zax could not understand what his big sister and Simel were trying to execute. It was obvious that it was some sort of formation, but what kind of formation would make it possible for them to turn the war to the household’s favor?

    “Traitor, this attack of mine will put an end to the desecration that you have been for my Black Horns tribe!” Karns concentrated black mist energy in his forelegs and descended, papering to stomp Grandmaster Kartion with a full blown attack.

    At the same time, Kardelion, who occupied Grandmaster Kartion, retreated while forming a sphere of icy mist energy, a long range attack, outside of his mouth.

    At the moment, Karns’s assault was far more threatening than Kardelion’s and avoiding it in the short time Grandmaster Kartion had seemed impossible.

    Grandmaster Kartion swayed his neck, kinetic energy coursed through his antlers. The air around the antlers began to undulate and Karns’s forelegs were one last millimeter from hitting them.



    A breaking sound echoed. Large pieces of the formerly resplendent set of antlers Grandmaster Kartion had deformed after partly falling apart.

    Blood dripped from Grandmaster Kartion’s head and his vision became blurry as well as covered by a red curtain.

    “Kartion, your death today will put to rest an over century old mistake!” Kardelion shouted.


    An intensely freezing, frontal beam of mist energy hit Grandmaster Kartion, lifting his body from the ground and sending him hundreds of meters backwards.

    The cold attack, however, was a blessing in disguise. Were it not for its sharp coldness, Grandmaster Kartion’s mind would have still been muddled, providing Karns and Kardelion an opportunity to follow up with another attack while his body was weakened.

    With a clear mind, Grandmaster Kartion kicked the air, Kinetic Force shooting him up brilliantly, like the most magnificent bird type beast.

    The closest to him was Karn who, like most Chaoyue type beast with their strong physique, prided himself in close quarters combat.

    Karns, on the other hand, was reluctant to meet Grandmaster Kartion in another confrontation so fast and after the damage he received a moment ago from the explosive Kinetic Force.

    On the outside, his forelegs may have looked fine, but their bones were shattered and if it was not for him circulating his mist energy, blood would have probably already burst from his forelegs and mouth.

    Hence, Karns fell back as an icy blue beam of light passed right next to him, shooting yet again from Kardelion’s mouth, to obstruct Grandmaster Kartion fast approach.

    Ilen-Tar spectated over Hagen, somewhat detecting an odd behavior. His right eye twitched in discomfort. ‘The battlefield is drenched with their blood, but neither side is that much injured…’


    He watched as Hagen time and time again tried to break the protected mantle of the first realm experts.

    ‘Another stream of blood is coming out of her beak; did she suffer that much from the mild countering force of the formation?’

    Glancing over the entire battlefield, Ilen-Tar became more and more restless. ‘Not good, something is not good. I may have to distance myself from the stronger experts of their side, but Karns and Kardelion will not take it kindly if I’ll leave the cave or hide behind the lines if thing would go sour’.

    Surveying the position of the enemies, their course of advancement and tactical deployment of each line in their formation, after locating Zetsa and Simel, Ilen-Tar clenched his boney hands under the long sleeves of his robe. ‘These two intending on erecting a formation of some sort… Could it be?!’ His old eyes contracted in shook for a brief instant and then resumed their passive expression. ‘If it is blood related than it make sense, but the cost and concoction of different beasts’ blood… are they insane?’

    Musing for one long moment, Ilen-Tar released the tightness of his fists. ‘I’m willing to bet that as of now I’m already within the area of effect of their formation’. His facial muscles held back the urge to grimace. ’Alerting Karns and Kardelion might draw in troubles early than expected, and If I want to avoid their wrath after this is over, there is no alternative, I must stay and certainly act at some point. However, not every maneuver carries an unacceptable risk. If I’ll mobilize the first realm troops along with my army as a meat shield and make some threatening gestures, I should be able to get far from danger, possibly even interrupt the establishment of the formation’.

    Feeling a sort of elation after deciding on the best course of action, Ilen-Tar unstrapped his robe, unwilling to ruin it when transforming and handed it to a bald young woman who stood beside him. ‘Whatever their formation may be, even if they’ll manage to erect it, it should only supply a timely advantage. Karns, Kardelion, I’ll stop it only if nothing will present too much danger, otherwise, accept that in war, one must struggle a little in order to win’.

    ‘Everyone, Ilen-Tar started moving, and he is leading his furless rats!’ Hagen’s double pupils hawk eyes shone with a hint of killing intent when she saw Ilen-Tar transforming into a three meters tall furless rat and directing his nearly five thousand beast kin, who ranged between the Core Breaker and the Mist Lord level.

    “Hagen, our first realm forces would not be able to stop them…” a captain of the Reptilian tribe said frantically.

    ‘If I’ll leave here to block Ilen-Tar, these first level Core Masters will lower their protective formation and will use the chance of my absence to confront you’. Hagen sent in return. ‘Go, all of you, along with little brother Mes’s group, help our first realm forces, but stay on your guard. Even if Ilen-Tar won’t personally attack, he is very cunning. It’s possible that he only wants to avoid me or uncle Kartius’s group or that he already noticed and realized the true essence of little sister Zetsa’s and little brother Simel’s formation and wish to stop them’.

    “Take care, Big sister Hagen!” Tularg was the first to respond in a resolute tone.

    “Big sister Hagen, retreat if you can’t handle them alone. We can still hold them long enough for big sister Zetsa and big brother Simel to finish the formation, if we will converge”. Rarahel said flusteredly and then followed Tularg and the others.

    ‘Ilen-Tar mustn’t be allowed to be left supervised. But before they will finish their formation I cannot act, nor can our side erect any defensive formation. Hurry up, you two!’ Hagen lamented

    “Big brother Tularg, what’s happening?” Mes asked when he saw Tularg and the others breaking their line.

    “Ilen-Tar is leading the first realm experts. We need no hold them back until big brother Simel and big sister Zetsa finish their job…” Tularg gave Mes and the rest of his line a concise answer.

    “A third level Core Master!” Ham-Bar bear like face became solemn.

    “If he’ll attack, big sister Hagen will intervene”. Tularg hastily said and took upon himself to further command his Martial brothers and sisters and allies. “Don’t think about it too much, all the Core Master, spread and support the defensive line of the first realm experts!”

    By the time the order came, Ilen-Tar already began to shift the movement of his side’s first realm experts. To be quick and brutal, he sent word to the two thousand first realm experts that were gathered from the tribes allied with Karns and Kardelion to flank the enemy from where they already have been situated, positioned on the left of the battlefield, while he lead his close to five thousand beast kin from the right.

    The collision between the two sides was akin to one side being the large tidal waves of a roaring sea, while the other being a cluster of resilient rocks.

    Tularg ordered to endure, Ilen-Tar ordered to push and the war proceeded.

    With the additional support of the Core Masters experts, the first realm expert under Tularg felt a sense of relief despite the disparity in numbers.

    Ilen-Tar frowned, he was not ready yet to personally join the fight, but his forces were being held back and the advancement of the Core Masters utilizing the protective formation, under Hagen’s constant assaults, was taking too long.

    ‘That little bird will breach the formation before it would be in a position to do me any good. If it will come to this, I would have to rearrange my plan…’ Ilen-Tar carefully assessed the progression of his army to the spot, which in his estimation, would be out of the range of Simel’s and Zetsa’s formation. ‘Better avoid the unexpected. Those two might complete the formation by the time the Core Masters line will be properly positioned’.

    As he saw it, if Hagen will cause the Core Masters to lower their formation, they will immediately disperse to fight the weaker enemy’s lines. At such an occurrence, he, as the sole expert above the second level of the Core Master realm who had yet to find an opponent, will have to deal with Hagen before she will exterminate the Core Masters line. Since Ilen-Tar did not have confidence facing against Hagen, he chose to accelerate toward his goal.

    “Where is he?!” Tularg’s eyes flashed in apprehension. A moment ago his gaze was fixated on Ilen-Tar and now he is gone. “This fluctuation!” His jaguar turned toward the northwest side of their defensive line. What he sense emanating from there gave his nine meters long doted body the chills. It was the fluctuation of at least seventeen Mist Masters, in the midst of agitating their mist energy for a devastating mist detonation.

    “Shulip!” Tularg roared. Azure mist energy burst from his animalistic body and enchanted every part of with explosive strength.

    Shulip was supporting the northwest line, and although her cultivation level was at the Advanced phase of the Mist Lord level and her body fitness level already at the Peak of the fourth gate of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement, even she could not withstand the blast of seventeen Mist Master detonating their mist energy.

    Thus, with the notion that his youngest Martial sister is at risk, Tularg went mad.

    Shulip was a Lakes Griffon, in her animalistic form her size was even a tad larger than Tularg’s and many of the first realm experts she was currently facing.

    ‘The furless rats changing their assault…’ Something seemed strange to her, then she sensed the aura of a seventeen furless rats in the Mist Master level flatter and their mist energy moving weirdly. ‘Mist detonation!’ She deduced right away, but still had hard time believing.

    Her line was composed for several hundred experts, while the enemy at the front had over a thousand. If a mist detonation will be carried out, than although her line will fall, the enemy will lose five times or more the amount of experts. Now, realizing that it is not one Mist User that was sent to commit a suicide attack but seventeen, the complexion of Shulip’s dark blue feathers turned paled.


    A familiar voice suddenly called from behind. Shulip turned her griffon head, only to see Tularg rushing to her direction.

    ‘Big brother Tularg…’ Shulip saw the madness in his eyes and guessed what infuriated him. Also, unlike Hagen she could not transmit her voice and with her delicate vocal cords, in the hubbub of war, would have needed to amplify her voice to be able to respond to Tularg. ‘You can’t, even if you’ll stop the blast, you’ll be thoroughly exhausted and become their target’.

    It was obvious to Shulip what would be the consequence of seventeen mist detonations and how weak Tularg would be after obstructing the radius of the blast from spreading. Afterwards, even if mostly unharmed, her line will still fall and not only a Core Master like her big brother Tularg would be instantly targeted, but her Master’s plan will also be put at a great risk.

    Shulip’s dark golden aura wavered, but it was not a sign of submission, but a testament to herself that she will not let her big brother die, will not let her Master’s plan fail and endanger the safety of the household.

    She turned toward the enemy’s forced, the direction of the incoming seventeen mist detonations and agitated the mist in her own dantian.

    The fluctuations of eighteen approaching mist detonations have startled the whole battlefield and the numerous battles became sluggish for a fragment of second as the many experts tried to locate and understand what is going on.

    However, from all the experts on the battlefield who could block, in one fashion or another, the explosion, only two were close enough to react, Ilen-Tar and Tularg.

    Tularg sensed the fluctuations of Shulip’s mist energy growing aggressive and unstable, per her decision to make a sacrifice and counter the enemy, all because Ilen-Tar sudden disappearance that was followed by this predicament.

    As a bodily cultivator, Tularg knew that Shuilp had the capabilities to direct the blast of her mist detonation, but her body fitness level was insufficient to prevent from the explosion to eventually destroy her body along with her soul and spirit.

    “Stupid little girl, DON’T YOU DARE!” Tularg pounced forward with his hind legs, his aura erupted in fiery red and icy blue as in his mist channels his liquefied mist energy burnt like lave and froze like ice.




    Breaking sounds manifested as Tularg’s body could not handle the outburst of mist energy and tearing sounds followed suit as his muscles stretched beyond their limit and tore.

    Before Shulip could react to his raging shout, Tularg was already beside her, bleeding from his eyes, nose, ears and mouth.


    Tularg sent Shulip flying hundreds of meters back. With the same, almost viscous, strike her channeled his mist energy to her dantian and forcefully subsided the mist energy inside before sealing it.


    Getting her out of his way, Tularg roared and crossed to the enemy’s line. Finding Ilen-Tar with his bloodthirsty gaze, he saw him hiding quite close to the seventeen furless rats about to explode, seemingly carefree due to his power of the third level of the Core Master realm, which was enough to defend himself.

    Tularg channeled all his mist energy to his dantian and agitated it in a speed far surpassing the seventeen furless rats.

    Targeting Ilen-Tar, the seventeen and as many other furless rats as possible, last thing Tularg saw before detonating his mist energy was Ilen-Tar incredulous, frightened mien.



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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 38 – Blood Ties Formation

    Tularg was an Advanced phase first level Core Master.


    The explosion swept the battlefield, a mere small portion of the entirety of the cave, but in his last moments, Tularg directed it forward, which then made it catch thousands of the enemy’s first realm experts.

    Thousands of miserable shrieks reverberated at once, some for a short instant, some for a while longer. Eventually, though, they all fell silent.

    Hagen flew about not far from the defensive formation of the Core Master experts. She saw everything happening perfectly, yet as fast as she was, could not get there in time to stop he younger Martial brother or the about to explode furless rat.

    Being incapable of finding Tularg with her double pupils, which she relied on all her life even more than her Soul Sense, reeled her mind with an indescribable feeling.

    Raroen and Kartius were stuck fighting Belavin and the second level Core Master. To find out where the dire fluctuations of mist energy are coming from, they utilized their Soul Senses.

    Tularg’s sacrifice was as clear to them as if it occurred right in front of their eyes, yet beyond their reach to stop or help him.

    The two, one uncle, one big brother, felt a cold breeze blowing, freezing their stalwart bodies as if they were two blades of grass. In their sea of consciousness flames were erupting.

    Mes and Rarahel reacted at the same time and caught Shulip. Tularg’s mist detonation, although not directed at them, still threw them off tens of meters.

    As he realized that his big brother died, Mes did the impossible and suppress the sorrow. He grabbed hold of the paralyzed Rarahel and the weakened Shulip with his long and coiling body and dragged them away from the scene of their big brother sacrifice, as far away from danger as possible, before it will sink in.

    Zax could not tell what happened. It was too far to detect even with his Soul Sense.

    He stood at the entrance to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave and hoped no one in the household is hurt.

    The mist detonation of a first level Core Master brought Grandmaster Kartion fight with Karns and Kardelion into a temporarily secession.

    Grandmaster Kartion glanced southward, his eyes turned red and the air couple of centimeters around his body vibrated.

    “MY SON!”

    Simel’s eyes abruptly opened. His job on erecting the formation with Zetsa was the control over the familiar blood in the battlefield and its assimilation to the formation.

    ‘This blood… This blood…’ His mind wailed, but he tried to force himself to stay composed.

    Gnashing his teeth, his hands started moving like an illusion, forming numerous azure hand seals that were then absorbed by the blood bathed earth.

    To erect the formation safely, he had to mostly use the blood of an ally and at best could maintain a seventy thirty ratio if also using the enemy’s blood.

    Simel snapped.

    ‘The blood of little brother Tularg’s enemies… I’ll squander till there is nothing left to mourn!’

    Taking into account overall proficiency in utilizing formations in the household, if Simel was ranked second, then Zetsa ranked first. Even their Martial uncle could not compare to the aptitude the two had for formations and their Master… could only make use of soul formation, so there was no point even mentioning.

    In this bloody formation, the Blood Ties formation, an outstanding and unique formation that was gifted to Grandmaster Kartion by the Dauch family and the Eden Formation Martial school, Zetsa’s role was that of the core.

    It was purposely modified to fit the household’s needs at the case of an all out war.

    The Blood Ties formation was the most profound, most difficult formation Zetsa ever encountered. To complete it she had to submerge in deep concentration.

    When Tularg died, all she felt was a mild disturbance, not significant enough to sway her determination.

    When Simel made use of the enemy’s blood, nurturing the formation with tens of times faster than a moment ago, the edges of her lips turned upward to a faint smile.

    ‘Ten breaths, nine breaths, eight breaths, seven breaths, six breaths, five breaths, four breaths, three breaths, two breaths, one breath…’

    Zetsa’s olive skin tone turned icy blue from her toes all the way to her forehead and her hair, it blazed as if a crown of a fiery red flames.


    Following the mist detonation, the blowing shockwave and roaring earthquake, the stupefaction, sorrow, rage and confusing did not completely vanished for a whole one minute, when thick rays of blood emerged from the ground, engulfing the battlefield and painting the ground with a sequence of patterns.

    The auras of selected few of the household’s member and their allies – apart from Grandmaster Kartion all who were above the second level of the Core Master realm in addition to Mes, Rarahel and Zetsa – bloomed with a pink radiance that darkened in a matter of seconds to nonpareil red.

    Kartius, Raroen, Merson, Somi, Hagen, Mes, Rarahel, Simel and Zetsa shut their eyes and at the same time, the thick ray of blood all over the battlefield started to wriggle and converge.

    Belavin, the hotheaded leader of the Oxen tribe, snorted and fumes came out of his nostrils when he saw his opponent daring to close his eyes in the midst of their battle.

    “Moooo!” His bull cry echoed fierceness and malice. His hooves smashed the ground, his bulky physique pounced with his head bent and his horns shone brightly in dark azure luster.

    In this moment, Belavin was not the only one to attack the immobile nine, but the first.

    The second level Core Masters were reduced to seven out of the original twelve. Thus, revenge emitted from their eyes as they stared at Raroen, Merson and Somi before moving to attack.

    The first level Core Masters lowered their defensive formation. Hagen was hovering in the air, seemingly unresponsive, defenseless.

    The beasts among them transformed to their animalistic form, while the couple of humans were hastily reading their respective destructive Martial techniques.

    When all were prepared, they jumped to take down the domineering bird.

    The army of first realm experts drastically decreased in numbers after Tularg’s mist detonation. Nevertheless, they were still many more than the household’s side of first realm experts. And now, with the breach in the line of defense that Ilen-Tar’s ploy caused, the enemy forces made use of the opportunity to push their way in, while the captains of the five allied tribes had to brace themselves since not only first realm experts approached, but several of the first level Core Masters that Hagen surpassed also came toward them.

    “Mooo!” Belavin came faster and closer.

    Kartion opened his eyes, unfazed even though avoiding from the horns of the bull was no longer viable.

    Right when Belavin had the premature sense of ramming Kartius, two red figure emerged out of nowhere in a blink of an eye. On figure looked exactly like the animalistic form of Simel, while the other seemed to be a copy of Zetsa.

    The red Simel and red Zetsa slammed Belavin’s left side at the same time. His cultivation was superior to the original bodies of the both of them, and the copies were even slightly weaker, but they still possessed around seventy percent of Simel and Zetsa full strength. Considering that they took him by surprise when his momentum was not directed toward them… Belavin lost his balance, tilted to the right; he missed Kartius by a hair line, but managed to stay on his hooves.

    Kartius glanced disdainfully sideways. “It’s about time for you today”. His voice was husky and lofty.

    A third red figure appeared above Belavin’s head, a bloody copy of Kartius animalistic form.

    Its appearance was too sudden for Belavin to retaliate in time.

    The red Kartius exude an energy that assimilated both a portion of the body fitness level and mist energy level of the original as its hooves descended to stomp Belavin’s head.


    Sixteen bloody red figures emerged in various locations atop the battlefield.

    Eight of which were exact copies of Zetsa. The other eight took the forms of Kartius, Simel, Merson, Mes, Hagen, Raroan, Rarahel and Somi.

    For the next six hours or so the Blood Ties formation will remain working so long that Zetsa and Simel are alright.

    The purpose of the Blood Ties formation was exactly as it seemed, creating blood clones of several people with seventy percent power of the original strength of each person, which could be summoned in a flash to every position in the grand formation that was laid over the battlefield.

    Now that the formation is complete, Simel’s job was being the connection between the clones and per his will he could enable each person a full control over his or her clone. Zetsa’s job, as the core, was fairly simple, not to die. Also as the core of the formation, Zetsa manifested a personal blood clone for each person who was tied to the formation.

    At the back of the battlefield, nearest to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave, Simel and Zetsa surveyed the surrounding.

    Zetsa’s countenance was stiff and blue veins bulge on her face. “Simel, why aren’t there nine?” She asked in a hoarse voice, her body shaking.

    “Tularg is dead”. Simel replied plainly, affirming Zetsa’s fears. His rage was sweltering too much to soften the blow of the truth.

    “Tularg… died?” Zetsa started to breathe heavily, the temperatures of her body dropped while the heat of her flaming hair intensified.

    A baleful aura emanated out of her and Simel alike.


    They joined the battle.

    With the emergence of the blood clones, the fighting spirit of the household members and its allies became not only vengeful, but also brutal. Now, they could finally initiate their assault.

    Contrary to Zetsa, Zax was perspiring. His body was burning, his fists were tightly clenched and his pupils contracted into two, barely seen, dots.

    From the entrance to the tunnel he could not hear Simel’s and Zetsa’s conversation, but with his Soul Sense, he managed to perfectly grasp every single word.

    “The mist detonation was big brother Tularg’s…”

    A series images and sounds blustered his sea of consciousness, all of which belonged to Tularg. For a few seconds Zax’s awareness was nowhere near the ongoing war, and when the last image and sound resurfaced and echoed in his mind, he was utterly devastated.

    Oddly, these image and sound were not fragments from Zax first meeting with Tularg, but the image of Tularg in his human form holding his baby sister, Liz, and the words of Zetsa which explained his Cultivation Inheritance.

    When he returned to himself, apart from his red eyes, Zax’s mien was devoid of emotions. A breath later and the red color of eyes also faded.

    The loss of a big brother brought sorrow to his heart, but simultaneously the revelation that he still has someone, many, who he must protect dawned on him and like a bucket of ice water, cleared his mind.

    “Mm?” Zax caught a glimpse of small but fast moving figure, crossing the household’s lines before any of the first realm experts and even Core Masters could detect.

    The figure was about half a meter in size and in a sorry state. Its body was covered with blood and was missed a hind leg.

    As Zax saw that it continue to advance toward him, he remained still and paid careful attention with his Soul Sense to this crafty being.

    The right side of its face looked like it suffered severe burns, which made it lose an eye. Despite its wounds, when it got thirty meters from Zax, the aura the creature released was terrifyingly strong, somewhere near the Peak of the Core Master’s second level. It also gave the impression that it could raise higher, but with a certain price that the body had to pay.

    What was really strange was that ten meters from the pensive Zax, the creature started growing in size, from the sneaky half a meter to a giant furless rat.

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 39 – Zax Versus Ilen-Tar

    Seeing Ilen-Tar’s extreme alteration in size, Zax narrowed his eyes. In an instant, a multitude of thought flashed in his mind.

    ‘A Peak second level Core Master? If this is the amount of strength he has in this poor state, then he must be a lot stronger, possibly one of the two third level Core Masters, and during the battle suffered this great deal of injuries that affected his cultivation’.

    ‘Nevertheless, even if he was a Beginner phase second level Core Master, in his condition he should be very cautious to preserve his life’. Zax was perfectly aware that no need to mention a Peak phase second level Core Master, without his Soul Binding formation, even a Beginner phase second level Core Master will pose a difficult threat.

    ‘But he is an enemy, and so I can’t let him pass’. Zax creased his brows. ‘Moreover, for big brother Tularg, regardless of cultivation level, every chance to kill should be measured as a golden opportunity!’ His body tensed, preparing to me the furless foe, while his serene demeanor dissipated and killing intent radiated from his eyes.

    Tularg’s interference in his plan brought unexpected disaster to Ilen-Tar. He did not expect such an intense response from one of the few Core Master the enemy had. His mistake was not calculating or underestimating the resolve, devotion and cherished familiarity the members of Grandmaster Kartion’s household have for their nearest and dearest.

    As a result, he got caught in Tularg’s mist detonation as he thought to use his controlled furless rats’ mist detonation to conceal himself and stealthily breach the enemy’s defensive lines, to get out of the area of effect of the Blood Ties formation, which eventually he actually managed.

    The wounds Ilen-Tar suffered were mostly severe on the outside. His eye and the hind leg, for example, will not heal without the help of already scarce treasures and the burns will leave long lasting scars that would even disfigure his humanoid and human forms.

    At this very moment, as there was barely any space between him and Zax, Ilen-Tar felt torn. Inside his stomach hatred and resentment brewed. He was a mere Shenghuo type beast, and one so unsightly and with bad reputation, at that. Since the day he realized his potential to surpass the cultivation of any member in his tribe and ultimately be the leader of his tribe, the seeds of self importance and confidence were planted in his heart. Furthermore, as far as temperament goes, Ilen-Tar’s shrewdness was beyond a match. To this very day it was his greatest tool, which enabled him to reach his current heights.

    And now, not only all of these characteristics failed him, but he was even put to shame, and this may sound superficial, as the one thing that exasperated him the most was the defacement to his, rather befitting and very much liked, human form.

    Still, Ilen-Tar did not allow himself to completely submerge in his hatred. The words he inwardly said before to Karns and Kardelion were part of his own personal conviction.

    Hence, as his paws stretched and his claws were ready to rip Zax to shreds while his aura was revealed. Ilen-Tar settled his heart and acted for both the chance to output his anger on the young human before him, and get into a better position, far from the Blood Ties formation and close to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave.

    As for having the backbones to afterwards enter Grandmaster Kartion’s cave despite His Valor Ozeyn’s warning… It does not matter. A good position, even if nothing is done in it, can still deteriorate the resolve of an enemy to take offensive actions.

    The claws moved too fast. With the cultivation of the Peak second Core Master level, Ilen-Tar’s speed was faster than even Zax’s Kinetic Force boost.

    Still, with a soul that is not inferior to a Beginner phase third level Core Master, Zax could clearly perceive each and every of Ilen-Tar’s movements and only required to maintain preciseness in his evasions.

    Sounds easy, but Zax could not recall a more deadly situation where the opponent he faced with was that much more than he could chew. Nevertheless, with his determination to follow through and kill Ilen-Tar, Zax was prepared to utilize any means in his disposal to bring down his foe.



    A loud sound echoed from his left foot, Zax used Kinetic Force to step sideways and back, but was still lightly scratched by Ilen-Tar’s claws.

    An instant surprise could be seen in Ilen-Tar’s eyes. The young human had a soul that matched his; therefore he could not read the cultivation level of his three aspects. But considering his age, the young human’s cultivation does not supposed to be high enough for him to deal with and he should not have a high comprehension of any Martial technique that can raise his speed by so much, either.

    ‘My claws penetrated his skin and even if it’s just by a bit, there is blood’. That being said, the fact that Zax still avoided made Ilen-Tar vigilant. ‘I cannot resort to using long range Martial techniques in my condition and fighting close range to those of this household is an advantage… The boy was situated at the back, at the entrance of the tunnel, but probably only to impede, at most, Beginner second levels. He certainly has some ability; I just cannot give him a chance to reveal it!’

    An azure luster glimmered over Ilen-Tar’s burns and smooth skin. His aura grew stronger, more deceive. He lashed at Zax.

    Zax was contemplating what to do, Ilen-Tar was bent on killing him and that was fine by him since the feeling were mutual, but while Ilen-Tar’s every stroke was an excellent mean of decapitation, Zax’s arsenal was less of a sure kill upon first strike.

    Slowly the number of cuts on his person began to grow in number. Zax only avoided as Ilen-Tar retain a steady rhythm that was hard to break and even more difficult to retaliate against.

    It became worse when Zax saw that if this continues he will be pushed back to the other side of the tunnel!

    ‘Mm…’ Oddly, despite being forced to be on the receiving end of the fight and solely rely on Kinetic Force to endure, rather than being driven to desperation, Zax found himself more and more tranquil.

    He gave up on the notion of trading a limb for a chance to transmit a soul attack, due to it being an all in one, very reckless move that he did not want to make a habit of.

    Instead, Zax decided to exercise the bodily maneuvers, not as if his life depends on it, but by listening to an inner urge.




    Zax previews limit was the bottleneck to the fifth sequence. As he performed each of the preceding movements, Ilen-Tar was merciless with his assault.

    Every swing of his paws was lethal and not completely avoidable. In mere seconds Zax was slashed and slapped tens of times. Before they reached the first minute of the fight, there was more smeared and dripping blood visible on Zax than the original color of his skin and clothes.

    And as for the execution of the bodily maneuvers… from a tense state of mind that made it flow similarly to the performance in front of Grandmaster Kartion and his Master, smooth yet still an exhausting ordeal, little by little, Zax was immersing in the lucidity and limpidness his Inner Panorama exuded, which in turn casted brighter light on the vaguely perceivable path for a breakthrough throughout every new cycle of the bodily maneuvers.

    Zax swung, not an intentional punch, but a predetermined move of the third sequence that incidentally was in direct line for Ilen-Tar’s incoming paw.


    The punch missed. Ilen-Tar, even wounded, was quick just as much as dangerous. Zax, however, did not notice the swing and miss opportunity. Inside every fiber of his body kinetic energy was accumulating and was then released by one of the six hundred and fifty bodily maneuvers.


    Ilen-Tar’s palm hit Zax’s shoulder.


    Inside the tunnel, the sound of bone breaking echoed. The heavy attack lifted Zax from the ground, but his expression remained impassive. He maintained the tempo and did not permit his form to be disrupted. His legs accurately landed on the ground and his whole body arched with accordance to the following move.

    “Puh!” A warm pent up breath was released. For the first time, kinetic energy was blown in a breath and the sensation was elevating.

    ‘Eh? That was…’ A shiver ran through Zax’s body and his concentration was partly shaken by the peculiarity of the breath.

    It was not the breath itself that stunned him. Since the Beginner phase of the bodily maneuvers Zax had learned the integral role of the correct breathing rhythm. However, the integration of kinetic energy within a breath was not just a first, but also a hint toward the next step, the Advanced phase of the bodily maneuvers’ Intermediate phase!

    If to say the breath caused a pleasing sensation to Zax, then the revelation of the prerequisite for the next breakthrough solidified his approach to the bottleneck at the end of the current cycle.

    Ilen-Tar was slightly perplexed. For how long the young human could continue to sustain. More than a few of his bones were broken and looking at some of his deep cuts, how could he keep bearing the pain. Did he not understand that he has no chance against him? Does he know the meaning of the word “Futile”? Why, then, his movement growing more graceful and was that a hint of a smile on his face?!

    ‘Kill!’ Ilen-Tar revealed his sharp fangs, the mist energy he used to stabilize his body weakened and blood began to sip from his wounds while the burns on his skin made him seethe from pain. In exchange, his attack became more venomous and a thick layer of mist energy extended from his claws.


    Ilen-Tar swiftly strike, countering the focal point Kinetic Force has exploded from the specific move and unbelievably, it was Zax who was thrown off.


    Zax firmly held his stance, proceeding to the fourth sequence of the bodily maneuvers with the intent to break through the fifth sequence’s bottleneck.

    Ilen-Tar was not idly waiting for the young human to pull out a hidden card or even drag the battle longer than he already has. If the strong experts of the enemy outside were not preoccupied with the experts from his side, he was certain they would arrive by now. Prolonging this meaningless fight will do him no good if by the end of it he will not gain a favorable position.

    “Graah!” Ilen-Tar snapped at Zax. In the end, this was a battle in which he possessed the higher hand, rather than being too cautious, it was about time to unleash the bloodthirstiness of his bestial nature.





    Zax did not pay heed to the pain. Ilen-Tar was vicious and by now made him look utterly miserable, but he preserved.

    “Poa!” Zax let out breath filled with kinetic energy that was followed up with a secession of kinetic energy filled breaths. ‘The bottleneck’. He said to himself in a tone that both sounded casual and as if it was the only thing important in the world.

    He was already familiar with every move of the fifth and even the sixth sequences, but never had he reached the former while in the Intermediate phase of the bodily maneuvers.

    ‘Break for me!’ Zax’s inner voice shouted, commanding the hurdle he faced to submit. Imperceptibly, at the fleeting moment between the last move of the fourth sequence and the first move of the fifth sequence, Zax’s body inflated and grew by several centimeters, but before he or Ilen-Tar noticed the bizarre change, a breath of pure kinetic energy was discharged from every pore in Zax’s body, blustering the strenuous bottleneck to the fifth sequence, before his body deflated to its original size.

    Zax’s right leg swept the earth while his right hand brushed against his left. He breathed in, but as his lungs were absorbing air, his all body oozed from kinetic energy.


    Diminutive explosions of Kinetic Force caused Zax to burst with strength and speed. His perception of kinetic energy improved by a ten folds, so much that he could actually sense a bit of the kinetic energy his body emitted to the world, millimeters past his skin. The kinetic energy he exuded naturally was beyond his reach once it left his body, but by converging it to Kinetic Force before it escaped and issuing it internally, though now that he broken through the fifth sequence it was still a tad harmful, imperfectly tamed force, Zax could utilize it for a short time to enhance his physique greatly.

    But was this enough to take on a veteran such as Ilen-Tar who had the power of a Peak second level Core Master?

    Zax’s aim from the very start was to kill. Testing his new abilities can be done after this accursed war that took away from him big brother Tularg will be over. And besides, he let Ilet-Tar push him far enough into the tunnel from his initial position at its entrance.

    Pouncing with one hind leg, stretching two paws and twelve azure claws, Ilen-Tar was piqued by the sudden change of atmosphere around Zax as his strange movements finally came to a halt. And upon sensing the young human’s killing manifesting and becoming mightier, Ilen-Tar’s instincts alerted him that something was wrong.

    Zax was motionless as Ilen-Tar summoned more than seventy percent of his reserved mist energy and closed in to deal a killing blow.

    The scene was quite identical to Ilen-Tar first attempt at Zax, after he sneaked past the household’s defensive lines. Only, at the moment where Zax was about to meet Ilen-Tar’s claws, he had no intentions of backing off like he previously did.

    Kinetic energy converging to whirlpools of Kinetic Force, Zax bent his legs with poise and nimbly jumped in a curve above Ilen-Tar. Twisting his back, his front turned to see Ilen-Tar back.

    Stretching his right hand down, Zax’s palm landed softly on the scorched skin of Ilen-Tar’s back. Right as it occurred, Ilen-Tar finally realized that Zax escaped unscratched for the first time and that unprecedented crisis is now looming over his head.

    “Die”. The words came out plainly from Zax mouth. Succession of Kinetic Force explosions ran through his arm with intensifying internal “BOOMS”.

    Zax’s already broken right arm twisted abnormally. The force was too tempestuous to manage in his wrecked condition, but enough to pass it on…




    Massive tremors shook Ilen-Tar’s body and his insufficient mist energy was incapable of pacifying it.


    Ilen-Tar exploded.

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    Book 5 – Horns

    Chapter 40 – Only One Side Can Live



    Zax cursed with a hideous expression plastered on his face.

    Right after his spectacular turn around, the finishing blow he landed on Ilen-Tar that ended the fight, Zax’s vision blanked while still being midair and his frozen body fell on the mush of furless rat meat and blood.

    One move, one kinetic energy bodily exhalation was all it took to bring him into this disgusting and excruciating state.

    In the beginning, after his body inflated and deflated, all he could feel was a mild tingling sensation all over his body. But in the instant that led to him defeating Ilen-Tar, the sensation intensified so quickly into pain and then unbearable pain that even after he awakened from the daze, all covered with filth, his mind still struggled to remain consciousness.

    Zax got up. His face convulsed with every muscle stretched to its limit, which only added to the pain, and strode to the entrance of the tunnel.

    If possible, he would still like to kill more, to accompany his big brother Tularg.

    Hagen flew at her top speed toward the tunnel to her Master’s cave. Due to the erection of the Blood Ties formation and the nuisances first level Core Master, she was free to chase Ilen-Tar when his fight with Zax was already over.

    She lost Ilen-Tar’s position after Tularg’s mist detonation and thought the he perished in the explosion. Nevertheless, she never stopped looking for him out of concern that she might be wrong and indeed she was and knew it when Ilen-Tar revealed himself against Zax.

    ‘Little brother Zax, Ilen-Tar…’ Hagen sent to him that instant she arrived to the tunnel’s entrance. She inspected Zax, gauging the severity of his worn out condition and feared the worst. ‘Did he-’

    “No one can pass me, big sister Hagen”, Zax interrupted, saying firmly, using five long breaths to finish the sentence...

    Zetsa sprinted across the battlefield like a phantom of ice and fire. As one of the few humans on the battlefield, it stands to say that her presence could not stand out among the thousands of beasts in their oversized animalistic forms.

    Fiery red and icy blue radiance shone from her arua.


    A frosty palm strike obliterated a raw of first realm experts simply as her first appetizer.

    Ahead of Zetsa was Simel. He roared, pounced and smashed two first level Core Masters.

    As for their clones… they did not summon them for the lowly small fries.

    Belavin, the third pillar of Karns’s and Kardelion’s forces, was surrounded by three bloody figures and one smoldering Kartius.

    Bloody Kartius, the clone, along with bloody Simel and bloody Zetsa, impeded all of Belavin’s assaults to the point of driving the oxen tribe leader insane.

    The strongest the innate physique of a beast was, the more it relied on close quarters fighting style when engaging in a fight.

    Belavin was proficient in a few long range mist attacks, but by no means could they compare to his mist enhanced physical assaults. And yet, the damnable bloody clones would vanish and reappear right in the crucial moments of his attacks to throw him off.

    Kartius did not cultivate the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique, therefore his aura was purely azure hue.

    A glint of killing intent flashed in his eyes. He finally found an opening that would end the fight.

    Stampeding toward Belavin, the glow of Kartius’s aura thickened and a staggering amount of mist energy streamed to his crown of Black Stag’s antlers.

    This was Kartius’s strongest attack and the circulation in which he sent his mist energy to his antlers was both grueling and complicated to execute in battle.

    The piercing fluctuations of mist energy made Belavin sober up, but an ominous feeling already took root in his heart.

    Ignoring the three bloody clones, his gaze shifted to Kartius, who was gaining terrifying momentum.

    “Dare to come at me head to head!” Belavin’s hotheaded attitude burst at the face of death. He could not evade Kartius, nor thought to do so.

    Mist energy filled his horns in a stunning pace. Every ounce of mist energy in his body, actually, jostled to his head since Kartius came at him too fast, leaving him no time to properly execute his renowned horns attack.

    Belavin had only enough time to take to steps toward Kartius when their attacks landed heavily on each other’s body.

    A mouthful of blood rushed from Kartius’s throat. At the moment of confrontation, He raised his head, avoided directly ramming Belavin. As a result, though, Belavin’s horns were embedded in his chest and the release of foreign, hostile mist energy injured his internals.


    Belavin’s body crushed on the ground. His head, on the other hand, was severed from the neck and stuck with his horns to Kartius’s chest.

    Azure color antlers wriggled like tentacles, after impaling Belavin body.

    Kartius nudged his head and his antlers screeched as they shortened, assembled and resumed their original size and crown array.

    Raroen, Merson and Somi had grave expressions and blazing eyes. The moment they got the support of their bloody clones, they took offence and in a short time slaughtered the entire enemy’s second level Core Master.

    As they finish the assignment of the line, Somi and Merson turned back, to help deal with the first level Core Masters.

    Raroen declined the offer to join them and even after killing the lost human, remained fixed to his place.

    “Tularg…” His voice was quiet and tender, but the killing intent emanating from it was nearly distinguishable to the naked eye.

    Raroen’s hundred meters, Silver Horns Dragon’s body, ascended to the air and flew toward the bastards who brought about his little brother’s death.

    As the skirmish of first level Core Masters and first realm expert against the household experts took place, with the household having the upper hand, Grandmaster Kartion’s battle with Karns and Kardelion only intensified.

    Sixteen bloody clones, along with Raroen joined the fight, aiding Grandmaster Kartion.

    “Give up and die already, Kartion!” Kardelion shouted, icy blue mist energy bloomed around him, forming a frosty defensive formation of sharp icicles. In his mouth mist energy consolidated to the shape of a five meters long spear.


    The spear split the wind and shot toward Grandmaster Kartion.

    “Kardelion! Kardelion! Kardelion!” Grandmaster Kartion bellowed three times. After learning of Tularg’s death, there were no adequate words for him to curse with by the names of his two adversaries.

    The air in a radius of several meters around Grandmaster Kartion vibrated. The kinetic energy did not exude from Grandmaster Kartion’s body, but from the world itself.

    Bashing the air, a current of kinetic energy converged to Kinetic Force and then traveled to counter the icy spear.

    The two long range attacks were evenly matched. Upon impact, the icy spear shattered into countless fragments, while the wave of Kinetic Force dissipated.

    For Kardelion and Grandmaster Kartion, though, it meant naught. They overbearingly confronted each other at the same time as they readied their next attack.

    “Get the hell out of my way, brat!” Not far from the two, Karns shouted at Raroen.

    “Karns, you bastard, your whole tribe of fiends should perish and die!”

    Raroen blew a breath of azure flames, but against this level of attack, Karns merely waved his head, casting a black mantle that dissolved the blistering flames and threw backwards the bloody clones and Raroen.

    “Brat, there is only so much face for me to give to your father. This is your last warning, withdraw from the battle or blame the traitor for your death!” Karns was seething with anger.

    The unruly Raroen was a frustrating obstacle for him to deal with, more than he initially gave him credit for. As the son of one of the Silverhorned tribe’s leaders, a tribe on per with Karns’s Black Horns tribe, killing Raroen would put Karns in a difficult position with the Silverhorned tribe’s leader. That being said, what truly was troublesome was that Raroen is a third level Core Master and a Chaoyue type beast, at that! By going easy on Raroen, Karns enabled him to fight without reservation, giving him the opportunity to go all out with attacks that even he, although also a Chaoyue type beast, could not casually block. Furthermore, with the backing of the bloody clones even his movements were slightly restricted.

    The mantle vanished after as the last of Raroen’s blue flames was abolished.

    “Go!” Raroen’s voice rumbled.


    The bloody clones sprang toward Karns. Sixteen red silhouettes traversed a distance of several hundred meters in a blink with the help of the Blood Ties formation.

    Seeing the clones appear next to him instantly and Raroen still being defiant, Karns snorted. Killing intent radiated from his eyes and a black aura emerged like a wailing wind.

    “Brat, if you insist on being obstinate, then I rather give my condolences to your father!” Karns last his patience.

    His aura extended into sixteen black beams that swiped the bloody clones, smashing ten of them, dissolving their forms. Nevertheless, Karns was not enthusiastic. The clones would keep reforming until Simel will not have the mental strength to support them, which is why is stayed at the back even after completing the formation.

    Ignoring the remaining six that stood in his way, Karns galloped, bearing hate and ruthlessness, he issued another seven black beams to strike down Raroen.

    “Hmph!” Raroen snorted. His mist energy condensed into icy and fiery spheres, but not with the intent to use against the black beams. The bloody clones appeared before him and countered the majority of the attack before dissolving, yet again, with only two beams going past them.

    The beams hit Raroen, piercing his scales and going deep in his flash, but did not cause a severe damage. At the same time, Raroen discharged the icy and fiery spheres that expanded from the size of two eggs to a circumference of one meter.

    Karns squinted his eyes at the coming spheres, yet stayed on track; Raroen was but twenty meters or so from him.


    The two spheres struck Karns and a grand explosion erupted and engulfed him.

    Raroen was forced back by the shockwave and could not see Karns. Even his Soul Sense failed the perceive Karns’s state.


    A black figure leaped from within the flaring ice and fire. Karns’s black mist energy shrouded him from the low and high temperatures, only the blast seemed to leave a lingering waning effect on the surface of his black fur.

    “Brat, die!” Karns roared. His antlers were askew, aimed to impale Raroen’s head.

    A grim shadow passed in Raroen’s eyes. He could not escape, avoid or counter, only see an instantaneous flash of his life.

    “Karns, you savage, halt!” Grandmaster Kartion shouted in a crazed tone. Immediately after him another voice followed.

    “Brother Karns, stop!” The familiar tone of the voice caused Karns to stop midair. It was Kardelion!

    Glancing over his shoulder, Karns located the two and his expression became harsh.

    Grandmaster Kartion breached Kardelion’s icy defensive formation. His body was wounded, with couple of icicles thrust at his back, but still better than his opponent.

    Kardelion was on the ground. His four limbs broken and over his head a black hoof pressed his skull.

    “Stand back or I’ll kill him!” Grandmaster Kartion threatened.

    Raroen, who actually escaped death, felt a shiver running through his massive body. He tried to retreat while Karns’s attention was not concentrated on him, but immediately sensed the great killing intent of the third realm expert he challenged targeting him.

    ‘Apologies, Master, I failed your instructions and underestimated Karns’. Raroen transmitted in grief.

    ‘Raroen…’ Grandmaster Kartion was reluctant to respond in comfort, his Martial son Tularg died, and he did not have it in him at the moment. ‘There is still away. Use the clones…’ He exchange quick words with Raroen and turned to Karns.

    “Move your leg”. Karns said in a rough and unwilling tone.

    “Karns, one son of mine died in this war”. The muscles on Grandmaster Kartion’s stag face convulsed and he increased the pressure on Kardelion’s head. “To destroy my household you will have to kill every one of us, but if you’d do and lose Kardelion in the process, would you dare to face alone the Silverhorned tribe?”

    “Karns…” Kardelion groaned. Discussing the matter via Sublime Soul Sense, after a second or two his expression turned relieved.

    “What do you suggest? If I’ll let go of the Silver Horns brat and he will use the repulsive formation to aid him in escaping, how can I know that you will not try to kill Kardelion?” Karns said through gritted teeth. In truth, other than the fact that he really could not lose Kardelion, the two already formulated a plan, using this chance, to critically strike Grandmaster Kartion, and if need be, Raroen, also.

    “Bring Raroen over here. I’ll hand you Kardelion at the same time”. Grandmaster Kartion said. For the sake of his Martial son and taking down the two he did his utmost to repress his rage over the death of Tularg.

    Karns turned his head to Raroen. “Brat, do anything that will arise my suspicions and I’ll kill you”. He made it clear.

    As the other party came closer, Grandmaster Kartion lifted his hoof from Kardelion’s head. ‘Be vigilant, Raroen. You must not think about me. Zetsa, it would be up to you…’ Grandmaster Kartion sent.

    The bloody clones stood in their place and did not show any reaction. Their owners could see through their eyes and hear through their ears everything that happened, but to converse secretly, Grandmaster Kartion had to stretch his Sublime Soul Sense all the way to the real Zetsa.

    Zetsa withdrew from the battle, getting as far back as the entrance to the tunnel to her Master’s cave. She said nothing to the questioning look on Zax’s face and sat down in a meditative pose.

    The two parties were now close enough to make the trade, at a distance of less than tem meters Karns stopped along with Raroen.

    Grandmaster Kartion could see in his eyes that rather than a target, after this bit of thinking he had time to do while they approached, he settled with the idea of only using Raroen as a bargaining chip. However, as he could feel relief for his Martial son, the desire to take his life in Karns’s eyes was even more obvious for Grandmaster Kartion.

    “Stop!” Grandmaster Kartion ordered. “From here, each of us will step forward alone and at the same time. If either will make a sudden move toward his hostage, whatever will happen would be on his head!” He purposely did not state about the hostages making a move. He was also certain that if Karns will drive him to take Kardelion’s life, the latter will not hesitate to detonate his mist energy.

    A mist detonation of a third realm expert was not something Grandmaster Kartion was confidant on taking head on even with his body fitness level and all the virtues born from the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement and his new developmental refinement technique.

    Karns did not agree or disagree. He took the first step right when Grandmaster Kartion did and with that the notion was accepted.

    The distance of basically nine meters was nothing to the two if not because their cultivation levels than because their sizes.

    There were barely four short steps each, for the two to take before reaching midpoint.

    ‘Retreat!’ Grandmaster Kartion’s voice boomed in Raroen head.

    Karns and Kardelion both grasp Raroen’s minute movement.

    A series of prompt reaction followed suit.

    Raroen’s aura exploded as he flew back at his top speed. Neither of the three could see, but in one of his claws appeared a tiny blue stone that began to grow into the shape of a small miniature blue tower.

    An icy blue aura from the back and a dark black confronted Grandmaster Kartion. Karns and Kardelion coordinated a joint attack to finish him.

    A ray of blue light shot from behind Grandmaster Kartion. Its destructiveness was exceeded anything Kardelion unleashed at him thus far.

    A mirage of black horns materialized through Karns’s mist energy at the front.


    The ray actually missed. Grandmaster Kartion dared transform to his humanoid form for his size to shrink and avoid it!


    Mustering a soaring amount of kinetic energy and converging it to Kinetic Force, half of the materialized black horns got destroyed, but the other half pierced through Grandmaster Kartion’s superb physique and shot out from the back.

    “Puah!” Grandmaster Kartion spat a mouthful of blood, yet acted as if nothing happened and transformed to his animalistic form.

    Kadelion consumed a lot of mist energy and could not fire another attack at a short span of time. Karns, on the other hand, rammed Grandmaster Kartion right about when he resumed his animalistic form.

    “Grr!” Grandmaster Kartion gnashed his teeth. Both he and Karns were in a standstill, despite one’s broken crown of antlers and the other’s shattered bones in his leg. Even summoning their respective energies required the state of mind neither could concentrate on.

    Grandmaster Kartion was forced back a step.

    Kardelion, with some effort, rose behind him, rippling aura surged from his body.


    He rammed Grandmaster Kartion for the side, but in comparison to the injuries from the materialized black horns, he only made Grandmaster Kartion to exhaust further strength to resist.


    Fifteen bloody clones joined the fray. Emerging between and around Karns and Kardelion, they coiled, laying their weight and everything they had to hinder the two.

    Karns was about to use his mist energy to throw them off, but felt Grandmaster Kartion gathering his strength after he weakened the pressure on him, so he stopped and brushed his antlers with Grandmaster Kartion’s, resorting to finish him by either piercing his skull or waiting for Kardelion to get to his heart.

    “Your death is imminent and those things cannot stop it!” Karns’s hoarsely said.

    “Karns, Kardelion, the two of you think too highly of yourselves”. A sudden amused mien appeared on Grandmaster Kartion face.

    A bloody clone appeared from behind him, holding a fiery red sphere, a Core, Ginlin’s third realm Core!

    ‘Do it Zetsa!’ Grandmaster Kartion sent.

    The bloody clone operated through the blood and mist energy that were used to erect the formation. It imbued the mist energy forming it and, through the formation’s ties, Zetsa’s other seven clones to the third realm Core, irritating this mist energy inside it.

    “Third realm Core’s mist detonation! Kartion, you…!”

    Karns and Kardelion were aghast. They felt the fluctuation inside the Core and the catastrophic force, which even together they could not withstand if it would detonates.

    “Hahahaha”, a rolling laughter escaped Grandmaster Kartions’s throat. In the moment that Karns and Kardelion were stunned, he transformed to his humanoid form and surprised them with two Kinetic Force blows to their heads, slamming them in the ground.

    The eight clones of the other participants of the Blood Ties formation sprang to cover Grandmaster Kartion while Karns and Kardelion got up, attempting to escape in the in the nick of time.

    “For years of enmity this won’t end with both sides surviving”. Grandmaster Kartion roared and laughed and in his heart wanted to say more, but there was no time to be generous with words.

    Contrary to Grandmaster Kartion who managed to escape a hundred meters or so before transforming back to his animalistic from to improve his chances of living through the mist detonation, Karns and Kardelion only managed to escape less than twenty meters when Zetsa finally triggered the mist detonation.


    The sound wave was nothing that can be expressed with words. Upon reaching the experts on the battlefield everyone, without exceptions, momentarily froze in space. Those who were on the ground stood like status while those in the air almost crushed.

    Earthquakes, heat waves, tempests and a huge ball of melting temperatures than even a third realm expert cannot endure.

    The battlefield turned into apocalyptic zone.

    The household’s forces were moved as far back as they could, at the same time as protecting their lines, in advance and rushed back the Grandmaster Kartion’s cave right when they regained their wits.

    The enemy forces were astounded as their two leaders. Feeling the menacing fluctuations of mist energy, the no longer tried to fight but also escape with some fighting their way to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave and other heading to the far exist for the adjacent cave they came from.

    Zax gagged, but composed himself quite fast. Although he never experienced such a destructive force, he did stand in the center of a mist detonation once, and although it was much weaker, the view from his position, back then, was not prettier.

    ‘Let them in and make sure none of the enemy’s forces get inside!’ Hagen voices resonated in his mind.

    Zax frowned and released his Soul Sense. He could tell who was an enemy and who was a friend by their animalistic forms.

    Hagen and Raroen also transmitted to everyone, without wasting time on whether they were part of the household and its allies or not, to retreat in their animalistic forms.

    It caused a less orderly situation, but this way it was simpler to locate the enemy’s forces.

    It took close to a hour for the huge ball of fire to start detract and another a hour and a half to completely die out. When it did and the members of the household left to look for Grandmaster Kartion, they found that the interior of the cave they fought in entirely changed.

    From its lavish, wild nature what was left was a barren, scorched and fractured land.

    Of Karns and Kardelion only black outlines of two stags were found imbedded to the ground.

    As for Grandmaster Kartion…

    From his abdomen down there was nothing. The rest of his body was burnt nearly behind recognition.

    The bloody clones were virtually gone at the time of the initial shockwave, which caused Simel to lose concentration and the Blood Ties formation to break.

    To Grandmaster Kartion they were not of much help in the end, aside from the advanced distance they gave him.

    But maybe it was enough, nonetheless, since a breath of life was still present in the dying hornless Black Stag.

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    Book 6 – Legacy

    Chapter 1 – A Four Years Summery

    With Karns’s and Kardelion’s death, the threat and irreconcilable enmity the two supreme experts had with Grandmaster Kartion and his household have also perished.

    Since that major battle and perpetual defeat of the household’s enemies, four years have passed.

    Those four years marked a peaceful time for Zax and the people, and beasts, in his life, with several minor events and dealings.

    Beginning with Zax’s Martial household, as the dust settled and no one was left to fight the household and its allies, each of the five tribes brought to rest the casualties belonging to their tribes.

    The funeral rites of beasts differ from humans’ and even among beasts, every tribe had its own traditions.

    Of Tularg, sadly, nothing could be found and the members of the household, with great sorrow, made for him an empty grave while hoping that his physique was strong enough for his spirit to pass on instead of being incinerated by his mist detonation.

    Grandmaster Kartion, thankfully, managed to escape death. Nevertheless, his injuries were too extensive and severe. His high level physique also did not make it easier for him to recuperate. His body, of Chaoyue type beast that cultivated a bodily refinement technique, required either a high realm of bodily cultivation to be able to treat his wounds in a short amount of time, or immense resources with even greater vitality then the unripe Blood Red Grapes’.

    Relying on the newfound freedom of the household, it was Kartius who left for the second Savage Cave, to collect whatever consumable treasures for Grandmaster Kartion. With that, Grandmaster Kartion took seven months to heal; however, some wounds were beyond full recuperation. His antlers could not grow to their former glory and his lower half that he managed restored was several times weaker, as if this part of his body lost a bit of its cultivation. That being said, Grandmaster Kartion was content with his condition and not worried. According to him, his Martial path was still intact, and as long that it remained he could one day reach a new realm of cultivation, the third realm of bodily refinement. By then, if his conjectures were not wrong, he will be able to recuperate and shape his whole body whichever way he wants to.

    Thus, the instant he was able to, Grandmaster Kartion entered closed doors training, to keep developing the following technique of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement, which was practically a whole new bodily refinement technique.

    Other than putting to rest and treating the wounded after the war, while those things were going, some decisions about the remnants of Karns’s and Kardelion’s forces, the Black Horns tribe and its allied tribes, were also made.

    A decision to thoroughly annihilate the number of tribes was annulled. The household did not wish to partake in the same vile occupations of its former enemies, since no one is entirely evil and tribe extermination would mean killing even the innocent. Besides, these tribes of the inner territory of Valgarel, will not be able to maintain their status now that their leaders and experts are dead, and so, even if the household and its allies will not do anything, other tribes will.

    As for those who fought and managed to survive the war, on the other hand, they were a free game.

    The funny thing is, when the two elders of the Black Horns tribe, who were left to govern the tribe in the absence of Karns and Kardelion, realized that their prominent leaders and other experts have died, to prevent the declining of the tribe have actually went and beg Kartius, as the so called “Successor” of Karns, to come and lead the Black Horns tribe. They even asked for Grandmaster Kartion to replace Kardelion. Their plea was that the matter between them and the former leaders of the tribe was one which they, lowly servants of the Black Horns tribe, had no say in or right to interfere. Whether it was true or not did not matter to Kartius when he received the two at the entrance to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave. He despised these fellows either way and sent them off with a warning for the whole Black Horns tribe, never to bother the household again.

    With regards to Zax’s immediate family and friends, the course of time flowed in tranquility.

    Laylen and Marco Zel successfully distanced themselves and their household from the hubbub caused by their son rise to prominence as Eden Formation’s Pearl. A lot of this was thanks to the backing they received from Don, which handled all communications with those seeking to from relations with Zax.

    Today, only on festive occasions would they receive gifts from all kinds of associations.

    But if to say, what was the source of true happiness of the proud, yet humble, couple; it would be their youngest daughter, Liz. Although pampered to no good by her two older siblings, the little rascal she grew up to be in four years, unlike her brother and sister, did not display premature interest in anything related to Martial cultivation. Her interests were not just befitting her age, but also her parents’ wishes, that is, candies, playing around and the kid show “Ducklings step by step”.

    Zax felt remorse in his heart for Liz’s lack of interest in the gift she received from Tularg, which made her considerably livelier than others her age, but contrary to his parents, he held the hopes that when she will grow up and learn about the Cultivation Inheritance, her curiosity will also sprout naturally.

    On another front, although not as intimate as it was when they were young, they relationship of Zax and his friends also received its nourishment through the years.

    As nineteen years old youths, with the exception of Take who was older than the rest, the temperament of everyone was at the Peak of its evolution to adulthood. Granted, each person had his and her own unique nature that will not so easily change, but the commencement of signs of stability and clarity, with respect to the future everyone wanted for themselves, were inevitable at the age Zax and his friends reached.

    Thus, with great exhilaration, a few of Zax’s friends got married.

    Take met his fiancée through arranged marriage. She was a distant relative from the main Edomachi family, and after meeting her for the first time Take could not help himself but fancy her. What made the marriage possible for someone from the branch family like Take to marry with a girl form the main family, although not said outloud, was his brotherhood with Zax, Eden Formation’s Pearl.

    Aside from Take, another three of Zax’s friends got married or engaged. In an internship at the Mocca Kart Company Serah also met her chosen one, a good fellow Mocca Kart fanatic who also interned at the same division as her. Two had a small wedding, Mocca Kart’s style. Three months later Serah got pregnant and five months from today is the appointed date. Zax is said to be the godfather if it would be a boy and Anet the godmother, if it would be a girl.

    A side note: If it was not for Zax gifting the newlywed couple a precious Earth’s Core, which he searched for in Valgarel for couple of months before finding, and giving them as a wedding present, and then, with Take as an intermediary, sold it to the main Edomachi family, the financial situation of Serah and her husband would not have been as bright as it currently is.

    After Serah and Take, the last two to get engaged were Mi and Merly. The two opened up about their relationship only after Merly proposed and the wedding date was set to after their graduation. Zax already started looking for D level Earth’s Core as a gift.

    As for Zax’s personal relationship… although being apart quite often, he and Anet are still together. In fact, their relationship was doing better with each passing year and their bound only grew more affectionate. Conversely, the two did not reach to point, yet, of thinking about getting married. Viewing themselves as cultivators and pursuers of the Martial path, the prospect of marriage can be said to be a subject that would not make a different if discussed at this very moment or hundreds of years later. For now, the two tacitly made up their minds to live to pursue their selfish desires a while longer before succumbing to their parents’ pressure.

    Moving on, in the past four years, the more interesting things happened, as they should, on the affairs related to the path of Martial cultivation.

    Before getting to Zax, there are, yet again, three more people, and beast, which accumulated certain achievements during these years.

    Both Zetsa and Shulip had their breakthrough to the Core Master realm after roughly two years of cultivating. That put Zax as the sole member of the household who is still in the first realm.

    After these two, a month, actually, from present day, Anet broke through the Mist Lord level. That was not all, however, with Don’s guidance and support as her Mor, Anet was able to treat and completely erase the scars, both internal and external, from her nightmarish encounter years ago with Binjo and his big brother.

    Zax was overjoyed when he saw Anet’s smooth back. In truth, he talked over with his Master about the measures available to heal permanent wounds. Kartius’s medicinal skill were only revolved around things that were related to bodily cultivation, therefore his suggestion was to seek solution in Kingdom Earth. By the time Zax mentioned the issue to Don, she was already treating Anet.

    Only after these three, Zetsa, Shulip and Anet, Zax could be mentioned. And not because his achievements these past four years were inferior, but quite the opposite, Zax accomplishments are divided to so many things in comparison, the others would simply be forgotten if not noted before him.

    After a long cessation, the first notable change in Zax’s Martial achievements has occurred in his bodily cultivation.

    When the war ended, Kartius found the time to sit with Zax and explained to him about the possibly of resuming his cultivation of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement with accordance to the third bottleneck of insight he comprehended.

    The first bottleneck of insight enabled Zax to smell the fragrant of the world. The second allowed him to feel the world and its energy. The third provided the capability to consume the world’s energy and with a certain form of circulation with soul energy, refine and use it to nourish the sixth gate of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement.

    Kartius taught Zax that the world’s energy is an existence of which mist cultivators were aware of since the invention of the first mist refinement technique. It is not that a person who did not comprehend any of the six bottlenecks of insight, can perceive with his senses the world’s energy, but when circulating mist energy in the right way, it is possible for the mist energy to resonate with the world’s energy and make a nominal use of it for cultivation.

    If still insisting to compare, someone who did not comprehend the bottleneck of insight, which Zax named as the “taste of the world”, can only make use of about one percent of the world’s energy a that person who did comprehend the taste of the world consumes.

    A rather important note, it does not matter if the taste of the world is the first bottleneck of insight one comprehends or the sixth, the perceivable amount of the world’s energy and the control over it is fixed.

    By consuming the world’s energy and refining it, in four years Zax made it to the Peak of the sixth gate and was a trifling step from breaking through the last gate of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement.

    After learning all about it, Zax also realized why His Valor Ozeyn could not cultivate the new bodily refinement technique Grandmaster Kartion was developing. The bottleneck of insight he dismissed before breaking through the third realm was precisely the taste of the world, and with Grandmaster Kartion intending to make it the primary source of nourishment for his new technique, His Valor Ozeyn would be incapable of cultivating it.

    Next in the list of accomplishments were the results of Zax’s enlightenment of the bodily maneuvers that he gained during his fight with Ilen-Tar.

    After realizing that kinetic energy can be expended outside of the body even without converging it to Kinetic Force and making contact with other objects, Zax understood that the for the last two sequences, the Advanced phase of the Intermediate of the bodily maneuvers, he has to unleash the kinetic energy as far as he can for each of the six hundred and fifty moves.

    Although in four years he did not make it to the last move of the sixth sequence and broke through the Advanced phase of the bodily maneuvers, Zax was not far from it and only a handful of moves from the daunting bottleneck.

    The penultimate achievement that should be talked about is quite new, but impressive nonetheless. Soul formations.

    Bodily formations were too obscure and limited for Zax despite being one of his major occupations. He tried to learn from his Master how he came up with the six hundred and fifty moves of the bodily maneuvers he practiced, but no surprise to him, those moves were initially reinvented, from the bodily maneuvers Kartius trained, with the help of Grandmaster Kartion for Zetsa, to fit the human’s physique and allow her to master the Kinetic Force.

    The six hundred and fifty moves were the zenith of Grandmaster Kartion’s and Kartius’s understanding of bodily formations and since they served they purpose, neither of them occupied himself further in the matter.

    Thus, Zax could only find guidance in soul formation. Other than gathering basic knowledge and experience from Eden Formation’s Summit, when Grandmaster Kartion was well enough to keep working on the bodily refinement technique for the second realm, he invited Zax to watch and study under him, since apart from him; everyone else in the household could still concentrate and cultivate mist energy. And Kartius, the only one who completed the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement, was already assisting him, so it was not like he was undermining him.

    As of present day, Zax was still learning and expanding his knowledge and had yet to create a soul related technique or formation of his own.

    Lastly, the final for everything that Zax achieved was, of course, concerning the bottlenecks of insight.

    I happened three years ago and a year after the war. While meditating on his own, Zax discovered the fourth spark of light. After comprehending the bottleneck of insight within it, five grueling months later he adapted to it.

    Zax named the fourth bottleneck the “Sight of the word”. When he found the spark of light containing it he had a sudden sense of captivation for everything he saw, things of beauty, brilliance and grandeur beyond reason. These ethereal spenders appearing before his eyes caused Zax emotional tribulations. Even if he shut his eyes to these things, his imagination would still inundate him with endless memories.

    To endure Zax had to enter a secluded session of meditation in a closed space of blackness and then sink into the void.

    Five months later he came out, rejuvenated. His soul reached the Peak of the Mist Lord level. The fourth bottleneck, to his delight, did not make him break through the Core Master realm and to Zax’s estimation it would take the fifth bottleneck for his soul to reach the second realm, which was near perfect to what his Master wanted for him.

    The fourth bottleneck also affected Zax’s Inner Panorama. Its circumference leapt to tens of kilometers inside his sea of consciousness. In addition, the short dark attribute plants grew couple centimeters taller and their buds gave the impression of forthcoming blossoming.

    Zax’s soul faced changes, as well. It was significantly clearer. Its shape was refined to meet a similar shape to that of the growing dark attribute plants. As for the bizarre thing inside his soul that enchanted Zax before, it made a second appearance, looking exactly the same, and was forgotten just as fast as before.

    Two and a half years, more or less, after Zax adapted to the fourth bottleneck of insight, four years in total since the war…


    A decently muscular young man lay on soft grassland with eyes peacefully closed. His hands and legs were freely spread to the sides in a comfortable manner, but if he would straighten his body, the young man’s height will then stretch to a length of one hundred and ninety one centimeters.

    Opening his mouth, a warm breath escaped out, accompanied by five momentous words, and yet a rather calm expression was plastered on his face.

    “The fifth spark of light”.

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    Book 6 – Legacy

    Chapter 2 – By The Lakeside

    Finally, after almost three years since he detected the fourth spark of light among the black fragments of the Black Core’s entity, Zax found the fifth and penultimate spark of light.

    Zax breath out, a contemplated look was in his eye, who viewed the ceiling of Grandmaster Kartion’s cave.

    He lifted his back and sat on his bottom with no intentions to perceive the bottleneck of the fifth spark contained.

    After months of thinking about what he will do upon finding it, the one decision Zax was determined to keep was not rushing to perceive the fifth bottleneck. The reason was very simple, if perceiving and comprehending the fifth bottleneck would have the same procedure as previous bottlenecks’, then in its processes Zax’s soul would break through to the Core Master realm.

    Now, breaking through to the second realm of the soul was not the issue. Since Zax’s soul reached the Peak of the Mist Lord level his Master explained to him that the breakthrough between realms is quite special for all three aspects and not just for mist energy.

    The key points Kartius noted for every aspect are as followed:

    Mist energy condenses into a Core.

    The body exudes impurities.

    Soul energy inflates the sea of consciousness

    Each of these reactions occurs naturally, without the cultivator saying in the matter. They all also happen swiftly at the beginning and in each breakthrough to another realm take a while longer.

    Zax, however, had a problem if he intended for his soul to make the next breakthrough at the same time as comprehending the fifth bottleneck. Cultivators do have a sort of tasks when one of the three aspects is about to surpass the final threshold.

    For the Core that mist energy condensed into, a cultivator must shatter it to regain his powers.

    When the body’s impurities emerge, a cultivator is responsible of forcing them out of his pores so they will not merge yet again with the body and be impossible to remove.

    And as for soul energy, a cultivator got to make sure the sea of conscious is not inflated beyond its limits, otherwise, like a balloon, it would pop, the soul will not have a place to be and the cultivator will die.

    With Zax losing himself every time he perceives a bottleneck and comprehends it, it is understandable why at the moment his sea of consciousness might get overflowed he would like to remain cognizant and in control of the situation.

    Zax’s problem was in the choice he had to make. Either risk it and make the breakthrough for the second realm of the soul together with the fifth bottleneck, or make the breakthrough on his own and most likely lose the spark of light after the infiltration of his sea of consciousness.

    Zax was more prone toward the former risk. Although each bottleneck was more overbearing than its predecessor, in the past four years his disposition was tempered and improved, especially after the war and Tularg’s death, and at the time of the adaptation to the fourth bottleneck he became quite familiar with his ability to sustain and how to handle it when it becomes too much.

    But like he already decided, he will not rush to choose which path to take. Besides, with the scene currently playing in front of his eyes, there were other problems he had yet to find the solutions for.

    “Big bro Zax, big bro Zax, come, come, the fishies are ready!”

    “Bukibi, Bukibi, wolufi fishies!”

    A young girl with bright blue eyes and light brown hair, accompanied by a group of young Krikitories ran up the hill Zax was sitting on, calling for him in different and mix languages and childish tones.

    The little girl was, of course, the almost five years old Liz. How is it, that she actually been allowed into Grandmaster Kartion’s cave was a long story, but only in the length of years that passed since she first came to the cave with her parents and elder siblings.

    After Grandmaster Kartion recuperated enough to receive guests, he asked Zetsa to bring for him to see the young girl which inherited his son’s Cultivation Inheritance. Back then, Grandmaster Kartion did not deliberate about the matter with anyone and no one thought to go against his words. Moreover, the other members of the household, when recalling that their brother was still, in a way, among them, also wished to meet Liz, and now that their enemies were eliminated, they could roam with whoever they wanted in Valgarel.

    The only thing is, to fulfill her Master’s request Zetsa had to tell her parents who really was Tularg, partly to understand, partly to gain their sympathy and make it easier to convince them to travel to Valgarel – it was oblivious that even for a thousand of their son and daughter they would not let them bring their normal baby girl without them to the dangerous territory of the beasts.

    Zetsa confessed about the identity of her Master, the members of the household and just about everything. The only thing she omitted was the scale of enemies the household previously had and the brutal manner in which Tularg died.

    Marco and Laylen were reluctant to agree at first, but Zetsa was prepared with arguments that they could not turn a deaf ear to. Most played delicately on their feelings, how easily they let her bring Zax to Valgarel and even earlier, how unattended they let her be as a child.

    Luckily, since some members of the household were Zhihui type beasts and already in the Core Master realm, in other words, possessing a human form, it was less stressing on Laylen and Marco when Zetsa brought them to the cave. Furthermore, after seeing how splendid Grandmaster Kartion’s cave looked like and the affable Krikitories, the modest human couple started to feel even a bit excited and intrigued.

    Grandmaster Kartion did not personally arrive to greet or even meet face to face either the parents or the baby girl he invited. From his blue tower he utilized his Sublime Soul Sense to inspect, and after a few seconds sent Zetsa his gratitude and approval for their stay.

    Back to the bunch of small voices running toward Zax.

    Liz and the group of young Krikitories grabbed him by the arms and pulled him up to his feet.

    Zax smiled and did not bother to tell them to calm down or that he can go on his own. They would not listen anyway and there was not a lot of distance for him to cover in the awkward walk they forced him to.

    A blond haired, gorgeous young woman stood by a wooden table, arranging a set of wooden plates atop it. To her side was a basket and a bit farther were a large bonfire and a shallow limpid lake.

    Attending to the fire and picking up the roasted skewered fish was a blue haired woman, seems to be in her early thirties. She wore a blue feathery tunic and underneath, her expose skin was white with a pale azure luster.

    The two women were smilingly preparing the meal.

    “Big sis Anet, big sis Shulip, we brought big bro Zax, let’s eat now!” Little Liz and the young Krikitories led Zax to the wooden table and helped him sit on the wooden bench beside it.

    Indeed, in the years that past by Zax received permission from Grandmaster Kartion to bring Anet to his cave. After all, now that Karns and Kardelion are dead he did not need to be wary anymore.

    Once in a while, after Anet got to know the members of the household and the scenery of Valgarel, to not stay separated as they often were in the past, she would come to travel with Zax to Grandmaster Kartion’s cave. There, she will train with accordance to her Mor’s instructions, spend time with Zax and sometimes have fun with the Krikitories and little Liz.

    By the way, Anet’s current Beginner phase Mist Lord level was achieved due to refining high level Earth’s Cores, which don provides to her Tals after they complete their sessions of comprehension.

    Marco and Laylen also allowed Zax to take little Liz with him when Anet joined them, but he would have to bring her back before the weekend ends in Kingdom Earth.

    On this specific day Shulip joined them, too. It was not the first time, when it came to fish, she knew best how to roast them. In the past she used to roast fish to rest her mind when she encountered a bottleneck, but after Tularg’s death and learning that little Liz was fond of roasted meat, she made it a habit to roast her, and the envious young Krikitories, fish.

    “Well, have you washed your hands before bringing him?” Anet looked amusingly at the group of drooling munchkins.

    The little one did not even entertain her with a negative answer and immediately ran to the lakeside, to wash their hands in the water and then wipe them on their clothes or fur.

    “Clean”. Little Liz presented her hands for Anet to exam them while the young Krikitories showed their paws.

    “Good then. You may sit around the table”. Anet approved.

    There were seven young Krikitories and only enough places in the table for about six, not including little Liz. Seeing this, little Liz hurriedly went up to Zax, covered his ear with her small hands and whispered, sounding worried. “Big bro Zax, your heinie is too big, and you forgot to wash your hands. Hurry, hurry go wash your hands in the laky before big sis Anet will get angry and you won’t get to eat fisheis!”

    “Oh…!” Zax exclaimed and looked surprised. Figuring little Liz’s scheme he turned and whispered back to her ear. “Thank you for warning me. Don’t worry, though, if she’ll ask, we can tell Anet that I washed my hands and because we are a lot she will definitely believe us!”

    Hearing him, it took a moment for little Liz to process what he was saying and that her idea to make him leave his place did not work. A little perturbed, she turned his head with her still moist hands and whispered again. “This is not good, big bro Zax, you got to wash your hands from the bad germs!” From thinking a bit hard on what to say, she came out with another excuse, however, making it sound too familiar to her parents’ admonitions, little Liz somewhat fell for her own words and rechecked her hands.

    Holding back his laughter, Zax mimicked Little Liz, bringing her ear to his mouth. “Little Liz, don’t be afraid. Big bro Zax is strong, I can kick and punch the bad germs and make them run away to their mommy!”

    At first little Liz was excited from how cool her big brother sounded, but then her look landed on the two young Krikitories that were left standing and she felt even more perplexed than before. “No, big bro Zax, violence is not good, washing your hands is better, now go, go…” Little Liz creased her brows, her face turned red from trying to convince him and staying wily.

    “Oh, Zax”, Anet suddenly turned up. “I didn’t see you wash your hands with everyone”. She obviously saw and heard the exchanges between him and little Liz. Seeing that his jokes are going too far and making little Liz upset, she decided to interfere and help her. “Well, it’s fine. Just go ahead and wash your hand again and I won’t be mad”.

    Being backed by Anet, little Liz felt alleviation and a smile could not help but creep to her face as she said. “Big sis Anet, don’t be mad. Big bro Zax will go to wash his hands right away!”

    “You are such a good girl, Lizy, always taking care of your big brother. But washing hands is very important and if he sat around the table before washing them with everyone, you can’t be lenient and must scold him”. She treated the subject as if it was the most serious matter.

    “I know, I know!” Being talked to so highly and commended, rubbed Anet’s playful seriousness on little Liz and her attitude took a turn to a more severe one when she turned her head back to Zax. “Big bro Zax, no excuses, go wash your hands now!” She said in an ordering tone.

    “Okay, little Liz, okay. Don’t get angry at me”. Zax expressed complete submission and obedience, finally getting up from the bench.

    Shulip arrived, holding a squared wooden tray with all the roasted skewered fish, right as Zax left the table. “Everyone can take one fish each time”. She instructed.

    The two young Krikitories left standing were a bit concerned that they would not be able to eat because the only empty seat belonged to Zax and he should return, but little Liz waved her hands for them to come and sit, anyway.

    “Big bro Zax wanted to lie and didn’t wash his hands, really. He should learn a lesson”. She said, knowing that the two cannot respond in the same language, but can understand.

    Only adult Krikitories manages to get the gist of human language’s pronunciation and the higher their cultivation was, the higher their intellect and more effortlessly they could learn.

    The lake’s water was calm and pristine. Zax reflection was unblemished and only when he put his hands in the water did it get blurry, but mere seconds after he pulled them back the water returned to be serene.

    At that moment, Zax full attention was at the lake, wishing his heart would be as tranquil as it was.

    “What are you thinking?” A voice asked from behind.

    Zax glanced over to the side and seemed peaceful when he looked at Anet.

    She left Shulip with the young Krikitories and little Liz. She actually wanted to speak to him alone since the little ones brought him. His face, then, appeared all laughing, but she knew him better than that and so wondered.

    “I want to dwell over it by myself, for now”. Zax confessed, hoping not to hurt Anet’s feelings.

    “That’s fine”. Anet did not smile nor force him. She crouched beside him, also looking at the lake and then washed her hands. “But if it’s about the competition, you know that you don’t have a reason to be worried”.

    “Mm?” Zax raised his eyebrows and then started chuckling. “I’m actually excited to take part in the Martial competition. As Eden Formation’s chief representative and publicly known as its first ‘Pearl’, I’m quite eager to find what challenges the other competitors and the different groups behind them are preparing for me”.

    “You see yourself wining first place easily?” Anet asked calmly. From the wooden table the little munchkins called her and Zax to come and eat with them, but she just waved them back and pointed for Shulip at the basket, signing to her to take out the drinks.

    “Don Ram likes to call me a ‘Monster’ when she is in a good mood, but when she is serious she warns me that the other Pearls, even those not from the other two number one Martial schools and the representative of some groups can also be referred as ‘Monsters’ with potential not lower than mine”. Zax said, speaking his thoughts honestly. “So I don’t believe that it would be easy for me to take first place, but also not impossible”.

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    Book 6 – Legacy

    Chapter 3 – Introspection

    After eating the roasted fish and drinking their juices, the young Krikitories and little Liz played in the lake’s water for a hour or so. Afterwards, Zax informed little Liz that she needs to go to sleep since tomorrow him and Anet are taking her back home.

    The next day, Kingdom Earth.

    “Did you have fun sweetheart?” Laylen asked little Liz in her hands.

    “Yes, mommy. Big sis Shulip made yummy fishies, here”. She blew a warm breath on her mother’s nose so she could smell the sweetness of the fish’s skin that Shulip deep in a fruit sauce before roasting, but instead, Laylen only smelled the chocolate bar she packed for her daughter before Zax took her to Valgarel.

    When they returned to Kingdom Earth Anet headed to her home and before going back to Eden formation.

    Zax spent the last day of the weekend with his parents and sister. As it so happened, all the members of the Zel family were present.

    The next day he accompanied his mother and little Liz to her kindergarten and from there left to Valgarel.

    There were forty four days before the Martial competition. It would not be enough time for him to adapt to the fifth bottleneck, at least he was not conceited and risk it at the expanse of missing the competition.

    Actually, Zax did not plan to train or do anything related to training or cultivating. What he wanted to do was go to one of his favorite places where he could be by himself and submerge over the things that bothered him until he will find a solution for them.

    The issues Zax wanted to figure out were perceived as mundane on the Martial path, but in truth, there was not one cultivator who sooner or later did not sink into deep contemplation over the very same uncertainties, unless from birth and throughout his or her lives they were engulfed by an unyielding, pure Martial mentality.

    Sitting crossed legs in a dark cavern, vacant from the tiniest speck of light; Zax steadied his breath and entered his sea of consciousness.

    His body materialized naked, as usual, atop the vast land of his Inner Panorama.

    ‘Can the two really not go together?’ Sitting in the exact same position as his real body’s, Zax asked himself quietly.

    The blackness of the sea of consciousness above and all around the Inner Panorama, as if having a reaction to this one wondering sentence, started to fill with still and moving pictures, arrays of tableaus and echoing familiar sounds.

    Zax raised his head up, what in other people’s eyes appear as a mess, for him was distinct and coherent.

    Everything that emerged, anything that sounded, was in one way or another related to the true meaning of his short question.

    What Zax actually asked was if a life on the Martial path can also include or integrate with the conventionality of a normal way of life and still not be impeded. What he asked was if a longevity that centered on self Martial desire can be attentive toward social and relational commitments. What he asked was if it is acceptable for him to stay in closed doors for months or more and miss the short time of his loved ones. What he asked was if he could find a way to invest if Anet will want more. What he asked was if Anet will say “enough” then could he still be together with her, till she lived up her life, and then resume his journey on the Martial path. What he asked was if there was not a way to preserve who and what is important to him.

    And there were more questions that words could not describe, only feelings.

    All of these dawned on Zax couple of months ago, when he felt close to finding the fifth spark of light and realized how long it might take him to adapt to the to the fifth bottleneck.

    All of these reflected at him whenever he saw his friends and family that had different paths than his, much, much shorter ones, yet congested with lifetime of numerous deeds, events and accomplishments.

    All of these tore Zax inwardly as adolescence traced two lines for him to pick. One was exemplary normal, like that his friends and family crossed. Another was atypical and a tad menacing, like the one every Martial practitioner endeavored.

    Whenever he beheld the normal line, Zax saw his parents, pregnant Serah, even little Liz, and behind them all a rather early death for his taste.

    Whenever he beheld the atypical line, Zax saw his big sister, his Master, a phantasmagorical figure who looked a bit similar to him and a loneliness of life if Anet will not follow by.

    This was a crossroad not just cultivators, but every person encounters. Regular people, not cultivators, usually sooner than later.

    Zax, however, was born in one world, grew up in another and lived mixing them both, so knowing how to settle his issues was difficult than for most people.

    Nevertheless, Zax did have two roughly the same examples of ones close to him who met the same lines and made their choice.

    First was his big sister Zetsa.

    Zax learned from her that she first met Grandmaster Kartion on the day of her participation in the Great Earth’s Core Pursuit. Grandmaster Kartion sought an apprentice that could convene the potential to follow his teachings.

    Detecting young Zetsa among the many other participants, he tempted her with the allure of the first Earth’s Core she found, but when she tried getting it, he suddenly appeared before her with the Earth’s Core under his hoof.

    Grandmaster Kartion wanted to see, will she scream, freeze in place, pass out or will she reveal assertiveness, unyielding spirit, rawness that he can refine.

    Sure is, Zetsa attempted to snatch the Earth’s Core. And though it can be considered foolish, it was also the conviction that changed her life.

    Afterwards, Zetsa had the same transformation that Zax experienced when Kartius accepted him as his apprentice. But unlike Zax, Zetsa almost never maintained closed friendships with anyone outside Grandmaster Kartion’s household and the exceptions were not a variable when she made her choice of which line to pick.

    Zax could only watch from the side with knowledge of which was his big sister’s line, and assess if the way her life proceeds is enough for him, too.

    The second example was his girlfriend Anet.

    Zax knew Anet. He knows her better today than his childhood best friend Serah. And knows exactly what Anet’s take on either of the two lines is.

    Anet’s life were more integrated with the common way of life than him, even when they were children and she got accepted into the best Martial school in El-Eden while he was rejected from all Martial schools.

    As a student in a recognized institute that instigating primary Martial education, despite receiving the insights of the Martial path’s threshold, for Anet the feeling of learning in a Martial school, in preparation for a very different, very unique path, was still as if it was part of a whole which comprised every section of society she had been to.

    Her outlook was influenced by her Mor, Don, who was a renown cultivators. She lived longer than non cultivators, and yet still had a family – not of her own, but the one she was born to and grew up in – and played a significant role in a system that meant something for everyone.

    Anet may seem as someone who picked the atypical line, but in truth, her view was the same as those who picked the normal line, only with a rather extended path.

    From ruminating of his big sister and girlfriend, Zax, first and foremost, was aware that much like for the fifth bottleneck of insight, he was not really in a rush to find the answers to these life changing questions.

    His big sister was still young, barely thirty years old and could always have the chance for a fortuitous encounter that will brighten things that in the past she thought she eliminated, making them feasible.

    And although Anet’s mindset was open for everything, she still strives for great achievements and does not care for putting other things on hold for as long as it would take her to reach her goals.

    Zax averted his gaze from the sights above his Inner Panorama and closed his ears to the sounds that reverberated.

    He was bothered, so he meditated for as much time he felt he needed, yet with consideration to the time he had left before the Martial competition. He also was not worried about other wondering where he went. Everyone who knew him, were accustomed to his, now and then, sessions of closed doors training.

    Forty days later.


    Zax pushed the rock that blocked the entrance to his cavern. Besides being hungry, everything about him was the same.

    In forty days he was not able to have any enlightenment about the line that fit him. Each seemed to have beyond it things he did not want to give up, and how to mix them all like Anet or be optimistic and resolute like Zetsa had no effect on his uncertainties.

    The best that he could do in the time he spent in the cavern was concluding that further meditating would not help him in any way. Right now he was in a juncture because of the fifth bottleneck of insight, and maybe after giving it the time needed for him to comprehend and adapt to it, when he will finish and view what changed he might see things differently.

    Eden Formation, school principal’s office.

    “Jalal, Muri-Mer, your cultivations are only in the Beginner and Intermediate phases of the Core Master realm. This, you know, will make it hard for you to participate in the Martial competition as loose cultivators. On the other hand, although the two of you have graduated, you still qualify to partake as your former school’s representatives. What are your decisions?”

    “I will represent the school as the former leader of the Student Council Class”. The red haired girl, Muri-Mer, said respectfully. Despite graduating, she still was Don’s Tal.

    “So will me, as the former leader of the Disciplinary Class”. The bald and unshaved man Jalal also gave his consent.

    “Then it’s official now. The two of you, along with Susuya will be our three minor representatives, while Zax will take the position of the chief representative”.

    The one who did all the talking was, naturally, Don. Apart from her, the current people in the office were the four she just talked to, vice principal Mizuri and superintendent Ten.

    The two elderly men stood to the sides of Don’s tall backrest chair. The other four stood at the opposite side of her desk.

    It was true; Zax was not going to be the only representative of Eden Formation in the up and coming Martial competition. In fact, he was even the sole student to be titled as a “Pearl” anymore.

    The other Pearl was none other than the young in the room, Susuya.

    The great, great, great granddaughter of superintendent Ten, although not having a profound level of cultivation, in the handful years that passed became the best formations user Eden Formation ever cultivated.

    As a fifteen years old teenage girl, it was admirable that in such a young age she managed to reach the Beginner phase of the Core Master realm. However, this level of talent was not enough to consider her a cultivation genius. Moreover, in a Martial school like Eden Formation it was only so so.

    But when it came to formations, Susuya was an unparalleled prodigy!

    Her mist level might have been in the Beginner phase of the Core Master level, but her soul was cultivated to the Beginner phase of the Mist Master level. Generally, this, too, did not mean much, however, with just a Mist Master level soul Susuya was capable of erecting formations even the two graduates Core Masters and seniors of her could not withstand!

    These days she was specially tutored by her great, great, great grandfather, though their relationship refrained from being that of a Mor and Tal.

    “This year the Martial competition is being held in Tongguo. As I told you before, the Martial competition is an even that involves and calls upon the attendance of all three Supreme Rulers, but is kept discreetly from the general public. Therefore, before you leave here today and return two days from now, I would like to remind you not to discuss your participation with anyone”.

    The four nodded. It was not the first talk about the Martial competition and its rules and not the second or third they received from Don, together or separately.

    The Martial competition was an event that was held in one of Kingdom Earth’s three regions every fifty years. Unlike other grand events, only the highest echelon of Kingdom Earth was permitted to know about the existence of the Martial competition and only the families, schools and different groups that were really the cream of the crop could send up to five representatives to take part in the competition. Exceptions were independent cultivators who had no backing but at least broke through the second level of the Core Master realm. If their age was deemed appropriate with the rules, they could represent themselves in an attempt for the competition’s one of the ten wining places.

    The age restriction in the Martial completion was forty five years old and below, as for cultivation restrictions, only independent cultivators had to meet them.

    Why forty five years old or younger could partake in the competition was as unanswered question for all but the Supreme Rulers.

    This age limit caused many to doubt the fairness of the competition. Then again, although on the Martial path forty five years were but a crumb, the quality of the cultivators who participated in the Martial completion only improved every competition, and the reason for it was well acknowledged by everyone who knew about the Martial competition.

    To say it in short, each younger generation was always supported by its predecessors. In fifty years advancement in cultivation techniques, Martial techniques and even inherited blood – that is, the Seed inside the offspring of Mist Lord level experts or above – constantly occurred, benefiting new generations every couple of decades, around half a century or longer.

    Lastly about the Martial competition… The types of minor and chief representatives were not so different. The latter only had the purposes of attracting all the fire and be the main face of whoever it represents. And until the competition will actually start, stuff such as its arrangement and prizes were concealed. The only thing certain was the prestige the ten first places will earn.

    Zax did not care about the prestige he can gain or the one he could bring Eden Formation. If the other three representatives in his team aimed for it, then they could go ahead and do their best for the school.

    What enticed and convince Zax to join the competition were two things. First, the experts Don told him that were not inferior to him. Second, the prizes, which according to Don, a member of the Dauch family whom supposedly knew a bit about the last competition’s prizes, would broaden his Martial path to a whole new realm!

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    Book 6 – Legacy

    Chapter 4 – The Descent

    Eden Formation.

    The hour was early morning. While students of the number one Martial school woke up and headed from their dorms to the cafeteria building, Zax, the other three representatives and Don, just entered and left the school’s grounds in a rarely seen triangular, blue aircraft with compact yet lavish interior.

    The destination was the Tongguo region, cave five hundred and twelve, the “Path Arena”.

    In Kingdom Earth’s the Path Arena was a popular location for the common folks. This piece of property belonged to the Strong Arm League, which managed the Earth’s Core’s showdowns and especially in this place, the advanced Showdowns League.

    Whenever there was a large fighting event that was supposed to be held in Tongguo, it would have taken place in the Path Arena, through the management of the Strong Arm League.

    More often, the said “large fighting event” would be Showdowns League related fights of experts between level C to A, which anyone can either view by purchasing a high priced ticket or by subscribing to the Showdowns League’s channel.

    Event such as the Martial competition that being kept from the general public and handled very discreetly, are only available to watch and participate by those with great status.

    Since the arrival of many luxury vehicles and even aircrafts can attract an unwanted attention, the Strong Arm League arranged for this day a series of highly anticipated fights for the common folks, as pretense to conceal the momentous, half century event.

    The Path Arena was a dome shaped building with four different floors and enough space to accommodate a hundred thousand people. Its first floor had twenty rings, the second floor had ten rings, the third floor had five rings and the fourth floor only had three rings. With this many rings, the Path Arena could conduct thirty eight fights at the same time, but the most it ever held were thirty five, since the three rings in the fourth floor were solely used for C level experts championship, B level experts championship and A level experts championship.

    Although small enough to enter any of the four floors, the blue aircraft landed in one of the helipads near the Path Arena’s building.

    Exiting the blue aircraft, a young female attendant in a black suit, next to a long limousine with the logo of the Strong Arm League, waited for the five.

    “Representatives of Eden Formation, Miss Don Dauch, please enter the limousine. You will shortly arrive to the participants’ area. Afterwards, you can get together with your entourage”. The young female attendant said in a sweet tone of voice and a humble manner.

    Following Don’s lead, after she signaled the pilot to take off, the four entered the limousine passively. They did not express awe when for the first time in their lives they got to be in an aircraft, so no matter how extravagant the limousine was, the four almost seemed indifferent toward it.

    To be honest whether if it was Zax, the chief representative, or any of the others, the only thing in their mind was the Martial competition and what is waiting for them at the final destination.

    The young female attendant drove the limousine toward the Path Arena’s building, but when it was about to reach the parking lot designated for very important guests and fighters, a tremor ran through the road and the lane the limousine was on started to descent, revealing an opening to an underground paved tunnel.

    The lane ascended back to its place at the same time the limousine crossed the threshold to the tunnel, and the walls surrounding it lit up like a wide corridor of an old castle.

    The drive felt rather uncanny to the four representatives. During the flight, when they recognized the Path Arena they thought the Martial competition will take place in its famous fourth floor. They did not imagine that instead their final destination will be a secret and huge underground compound.

    The limousine parked right past the long tunnel and inside what seemed to be a well decorated lounge.

    The group’s limousine was not the only one to arrive the lounge. There were five tunnels leading outside, to several of the different roads and helipads heading to and belonging to the Path Arena building.

    After exiting the limousine, a young male attendant welcomed Zax and the rest to enter and enjoy the lounge. As he gestured for them to enter, the young female attendant drove the limousine back in the same direction they arrived.

    The lounge was circular, large enough to comfortably entertain roughly two hundred people. There were no sitting places, only an abundant dining area with all kinds of bite size delicacies.

    As Zax and the rest made their way to the center of the hall, more limousines arrived with other participants and backers. There were also thirty something people, who were divided into several small groups of five to two people or just standalone individuals, which already arrived before Zax and the rest.

    The air was tense in the lounge. Everyone kept for themselves, not even interested in the appetizing food or making small talk with the new arrivals.

    “Follow me”. Don instructed the four. After sweeping her gaze at the crowd, she gave the impression that no one noteworthy has yet arrived and those who have been in the lounge before them do not require any formalities, neither courteousness.

    Each of the four had his and her own perspectives, at the moment, but following Don they walked and maintained low profile. When a number of Soul Senses tried to get a gist about them, Don repealed them. The Soul Senses were not too rude and retreated without a fight. Zax and the rest also did not retaliate; Don told them not to bother about inspecting anyone. Since like the four of them, many here were in possession of mist concealment jewels and even soul concealment jewels to hide their strength until the fights.

    “Don Mor, what are we waiting for?” Jalal asked.

    The five situated themselves beside a dessert table, away from the others. But when Jalal mentioned Don’s name a few sets of ears could be seen conspicuously pricking up, though, the reaction was short lived and no real change has appeared on everyone vacant faces.

    “When all the participants and all the backers will assemble in this lounge, an emissary of one of the Supreme Rulers will get here to carry a traditional speech and state the structure of this year Martial competition. Afterwards, we will be shown the way to the fighting stages ”. Don explained in a subtle manner.

    Jalal and the rest were not the only ones listening to her. A great number of the people in the lounge were relieved to know the procedure of the competition.

    A hour passed and the crowed inside the lounge increased to a hundred and eight people.

    A few of the new arrivals exchanged looks with each other; even Don finally expressed some distant courtesy. But still, no one separated from his or her group or dragged it to converse with another one.

    Fifteen minutes later, a rumbling sound reverberated, and when everyone turned their heads to see what was going on, their gazes locked at the closing entrances in which the limousines drove them to the lounge. One of the tunnels, though, was a little slower to close and the last limousine passed through it just before the lounge was completely sealed.

    “Everyone, stay ready. The emissary arrived. Be respectful and don’t let her level of cultivation fool you”. Don said. This time, to avoid careless display of ignorance, she intentionally spoke in an unreserved tone for everyone in the lounge to hear.

    Quite a few people looked surprised after hearing Don, not due to her warning, but the mentioning of the emissary’s sex.

    A lot of people guessed that the last to arrive would be the emissary and predicted, since the tunnels were closing and there were not any more entrances to the longue, that he or she are within the last limousine. Thus, a number of probing and unrestrained Soul Senses were released for a swift examination of the exalted emissary of a Supreme Ruler. Nevertheless, a restrictive formation embedded to the interior section of the limousine obstructed all the Soul Senses and so no one could gather details of the person inside.

    That was the reason why Don’s words attracted so much attention.

    Indeed, the door opened and an enchantingly beautiful black skinned woman, donning a long red dress with an enthralling cleavage, exited the limousine.

    Wondering about what a woman so unsullied has to hide, now that she was outside of the limousine, many of the monstrously genius youngsters around could not curb their temptation and again used their Soul Senses.

    “The emissary sent for our group of expert is just a Mist Lord?” A girl, one of the participants, said to the woman beside her, her backer, with a hint of scorn and discontent in her low voice.

    Still, everyone in the room were experts. Even the attendants driving the limousine and directing everyone inside the lounge were Core Breakers and some Mist Lords. So hearing the voice of the girl participant was done almost instinctively.

    “Be silence, Elital”. The woman backer scolded through charred teeth. She was fuming over her young representative’s imprudent behavior, not because of what she said, but the embarrassing bluntness that allowed everyone to hear her even after she was very generously warned.

    “Greetings everyone”, a charming voice suddenly interrupted the pair of participant and backer, seemingly as if not hearing their words.

    The beautiful emissary amiably smiled while walking to the center of the lounge. “And congratulations for being chosen to participate in the fifty years Martial competition”. She turned with her attractive body, gesturing for everyone to not stay so distance and approach. “Regrettably, we don’t have time for the ceremonial words or formalities, the Supreme Rulers have already arrived and are waiting, along with your crowed of spectators and supporters, in the lower floor. Please step inside the circular pattern around me. We will proceed to the next floor. There, you will be informed together with everyone about the structure and rules of the Martial competition”.

    From Don’s previous words, those who were newcomers to the competition and been here before her group got to know about the speech and all that the emissary is supposed to convey. Now, a sudden change of plan has occurred that not just baffled them, but even Don and the other groups from big powers.

    “Please come forward. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience of brining you all here for nothing. However, this year we experienced a need to rush the competition. It will certainly be explained fully at the later part of the competition, but for now all I can say that it has to do with this year’s prizes”. The beautiful emissary elucidated in order to answer the question in everyone’s minds. She deliberately divulged the topic of the problematic matter to avert further questions and to remind the participants and backers what was important.

    Unable to get an elaborate response, group by group and twelve people who appeared to be individual participants with no prior relations entered the circle in the center of the lounge.

    With the beautiful emissary, the circle was packed with a hundred and nine people, who were trying to preserve their detachment from those they were not familiar with.

    Light golden aura was emanated from the emissary. She drew a few shapes with her index finger, causing the circle to emit the same dazzling golden hue.

    The golden shapes activated a formation mechanism in the floor and friction sound discharged from the circle as it began to slowly sink.

    After descending fifteen meters, light emerged from the slots between the circular floor and the shaft it went down through.




    A hubbub of clapping hands welcomed the hundred and nine people on the circular floor as it continued to descend.

    Sixteen meters, seventeen meters.

    By now, the participants, backers and beautiful emissary, could all see the hundreds of people that came to cheer for the competition.

    “Vice principal Mizuri, Anet, these should be the new leaders of the Disciplinary Class and the Student Council Class”. Zax vaguely recognized the other two, but whether he was right or wrong about their identities he did not care.

    Anet was in the crowd below and since he entered the secluded meditation to introspect himself he had not seen her. He was told by Don after his return that Anet was also in closed doors training.

    ‘Her soul level increased almost to the Intermediate phase of the Mist Lord level, she most likely diligently cultivated to receive Don’s permission to come here’. He was pleasantly surprised. Zax knew about Anet’s talent and pace of training, to make this advancement it should have taken her a lot longer according to the regimen of the Student Council Class.

    Inside the new hall were spectators’ seats for the nearly one thousand people waiting eagerly. Between the seats were four large fighting stages, made of meter tall white blocks and approximately eighty meters wide and long.

    Sixteen elevators, with the capacity to hold thirty to forty people, at the corners of the hall were the spectators’ means of arrivals.

    For the competition, only half the size of the hall, most of the west side, was used for the fighting stages and seats. The other half, the east side, was designated for socialization and to accommodate, before the fight and during cessations, the guests, those who would be the spectators and those who would be the participants.

    There was also a medical area, but it was situated closer to the fighting stages, at the opposite side of the hall.

    Lastly, the most eye catching construct in the hall was a secluded platform with three high seats and fourteen lower seats. These were the places of the esteemed Supreme Rulers and other important figures that have yet to show themselves.

    Seeing those three high seats, the hearts of the participants began to pulsate strongly and their eyes incomparably shone with reservation and craving.

    For at least ninety five of them, this event would be their opportunity to see for the first time in their lives the Supreme Rulers together and moreover up close, just like they are described in historical records and countless legends!

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