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    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 22 – Reason And Solution

    Zax repressed the aching in his heart. “Why was there was a sudden clash of dark attribute and fiery attribute fluctuations, Senior Ariel?”

    He thought about it since he placed his palm on Anet’s abdomen and discovered the fluctuations. First idea he discarded was the association to the disparity in cultivation level between him and Anet.

    The best example to show it was not the cause was Yimin, the son of Yurnal and Savir. One of his parents is a bodily cultivator equal to fourth level Martial Mortals and the other was an E level Earth’s Core Holder when Zax first met her, which was after she gave birth. Furthermore, Yurnal was a beast and Savir a human.

    In the process of making this deduction, Zax also considered the possibility that perhaps for couples with a big difference in cultivation levels there is an uniquely method to procreate, but he refuted this idea as well. If there was, he was sure that he would have been told in advance by any of his seniors. After all, his high cultivation level did not indicate that he also surpassed them in experience and knowledge of other fields.

    “I’m afraid I can only guess…” Ariel’s answer surprised Zax, who expected an assertive response.

    “Leave me to care for the lass”. Trey offered, so the two could discuss without worry.

    Ariel pulled Zax several meters away, while Trey produced some crystal tubes with herbal aroma. Three of the liquids inside the four crystal tubes had a constant color and the fourth seemed like a mixture of all every color of the rainbow.

    Zax witnessed as Trey dripped one liquid to Anet’s nostrils, another to her mouth, the third rubbed on her forehead and the fourth, after slight hesitation, on her abdomen. Only when he saw her help Anet absorb and digest those liquids, did he shift his gaze to Ariel.

    “Zax, do you know that Immortal can have children with mortals?” Ariel said as a matter of fact, more than a question for Zax to answer. “I learned this during my service in the Blessed Army; but they can’t achieve this in the conventional way. Immortals are beings who converted part of themselves to one of the seven elements. Right after Evolutionary Ascension, the heart of a cultivator who successfully attained the rank of Heavenly Immortal, is the first organ to wholly become of elemental energy physique. What after, other than the names of the subsequent ranks, I’m not sure nor is it crucial for this current predicament”.

    The situation was saddening, but no longer urgent. Additionally, the two were conversing at peak perception speed. For this reason, although Ariel preferred to not frustrate Zax with lengthy chatter, he chose to avoid impetuously cutting to the chase.

    “Because they are not anymore beings of mortal blood and flesh, Immortals have to impose on themselves restrictions, so their mortal partners would be able to jointly support the conception of new life”.

    “I’m a Mortal but also a being of dark attribute…” Zax caught on to the subtext in what Ariel was saying.

    “And the latter part of your sentence is what I suspect to be the cause of the outburst in attribute fluctuations”. Ariel stated. “You gave your wife the Four Wings Stork’s Pure Core. The fiery attribute she inherited from it is probably why she managed to sustain despite the potency of the dark attribute fluctuations. Both of you have might have lost, but, nevertheless, are still to be counted as lucky”.

    “What now, then? Should I head to Logan, ask how I should have relations with my wife?” Zax’s tone had a hint of bitter venom he wanted to spew on this miserable world.

    “Are you vexed by the possibility that he will coerce you to make use of the oath he had given to you?” Ariel assumed. “There is a very easy method to dissuade him from trying…”

    Zax nodded, thinking about the same thing. He looked at Anet and surveyed her condition.

    ‘It would take at least a day for her to wake up…’ He returned to Ariel. “Our families are at my parents’ home. Please bring Anet there, Senior Ariel. I’ll go to the Blessed Army’s First Base. If Logan will confirm the attribute physique hypothesis and be willing to help, I’ll return to my wife’s side. However, if neither he nor anyone else in the five powers could offer help, I’ll seek it via the Galactic Communicator!”

    No letting Ariel to persuade otherwise, Zax swiftly departed.

    ‘I need to meet you. Fly in a straight course toward the pathway to New Earth in Selivereb’. Zax sent General Logan.

    Short time later, a shooting star like figure left a brilliant trail as it sliced past the evening sky.

    Zax’s eyes recognized General Logan, despite the glare of his aura, even before he perceived the fifth level Martial Mortal’s fluctuations.

    “Your call sounded like a summon”. Above the scarce patches of grayish clouds, General Logan floated, arms crossed and a disgruntled gaze.

    “I have something pressing to discuss with you”. Zax said as an excuse.

    General Logan remained unsatisfied, but did not complain. Next time, though, he might come at his own leisure or not at all.

    “It’s about my wife…” Zax opened and narrated everything that happened.

    “You have an attribute physique. Unless your wife reaches to the third Martial Moral level, she won’t be able to bear your children. If you were Immortal, than you would have needed to execute a certain technique to impregnate your mortal partner”.

    ‘The third Martial Mortal level…’ Zax felt conflicted. With the resource given to him by General Logan it will not be a problem to help Anet advance to this level. Moreover, her Pure Core belonged to an Overlord Deformed Being, as long as she dedicated herself to trying, she was bound to, at the very least, reach the fourth Martial Mortal level. ‘But how much time would she need?’ Was the issue.

    “What about a technique for those in the Mortal Enlightenment state and their mortal partner?”

    General Logan shook his head. “If there is, I’m unfamiliar with it”.

    “Is there a way for you to check?” Zax insisted.

    General Logan frowned. “Aren’t you asking a bit too much? Just couple of days ago I gave you a Star Scavenger, in addition to all sort of resources and a coast city. Know when you are crossing the line!”

    Zax is perhaps stronger, but General Logan knew that he will not instigate a fight for fearing of complete fallout with both him and Horn Kikon. Besides, even if this was not the case, he would not have let Zax trample on him whenever he wanted something.

    “I owe you nothing anymore; therefore, you can either use the oath I gave you or enlist”. General Logan suggested. “Not to the Blessed Army or Violet Scaled Troops, be willing to join the Voltic Star, under the Immortal Violet Star Commander, then you’ll be entitled for my assistance”.

    Zax fell silenced. Briefly he allowed himself to evaluate the pros and cons of succumbing to not just General Logan’s offer, but even more so to Archbishop Silternjan’s. Fact is, it definitely was more worth it than otherwise, that is, until he added to the equation the Legacy Of The One’s Path. Whether he could hide it from a Mythical Immortal when he had yet to meet the criteria to actually cultivate it could result in different outcomes for him and this earth and its aboriginals and there was still more…

    Then said – by Gogenta – “mightiest legacy, the unparalleled mist refinement technique”, could be far more than a great attraction to whichever Immortal Powerhouse, behind the five powers, Zax may decide to serve. Unearthing this long time not seen technique can also resurface Gegenta’s name and if the Immortal Powerhouse of the five powers have any indication into who he was, they might stop considering the consequence and make haste to ransack this planet.

    Zax sighed inwardly. “You are right. I can’t intimidate you to help me. I’ll go communicate with the other four leaders of you, five powers, and if they, too, will refuse, than my last remaining option would be seeking help from outer space, through the Galactic Communicator”.

    General Logan’s pupils contracted upon the mentioning of the Galactic Communicator and the manner in which Zax replace an intimidation with an underhanded threat.

    Communicating with the Galactic Communicator will provide both parties the coordinates to each other’s location!

    “You struck an agreement with us! Do you not care what will happen if you’ll break it?! At that time, none of us will be able to postpone the decent our Immortal legions! You and your people would be subjected to one of two approaches. The one in which you have not made anything to infuriate esteemed Mythical Immortals and another in which you stupidly did!” General Logan warned quiet emotionally. Should it be the latter approach, then not even he would come out unscratched, much less rewarded as originally promised.

    What concerned General Logan even more was that if the other leaders of the five powers could not help him, he would really dare to contact outside help.

    “Give me several days”. General Logan said, composed and mindful that his compliance makes the Galactic Communicator a tool for future extortions. Nevertheless, it was a small price for him and the other four to pay until their assignment will come to fruition and one party among the three would be rewarded.

    “I’ll be waiting for the good news”. Saying nothing about General Logan’s change of mind, Zax turned leave. In this interaction he may have gotten the former to help him, but in the process he nurtured that seed of animosity already sowed between him and the five powers.

    A flock of thirty thousand voracious Bone Draining Finchs spotted, from the top of the trees atop they nestled, a figure donning shining dark blue armor, flying right where their turf was.

    They were a cunning group of one scale Deformed Beings. Cowards on their own, they did not dare to mess with other, inferior one scale Deformed Beings, but together, as tens of thousands, they had the nerve to even antagonize some juvenile three scales Deformed Beings.

    Screeching cries rang in the air with a sound akin to bones scrapping as all the Bone Draining Finchs sprang into motion after the intruding figure.


    A loud “Humph” reverberated and before the Bone Draining Finch at the forefront flew a hundred meters high, it, and all the rest Bone Draining Finchs fell from the sky with lifeless eyes.

    If it was any other time, there was a good chance he would have spared the dumb birds. It was his purposely suppressed aura that led the Bone Draining Finchs to assume he was easy prey. Right now, though, General Logan was in a terrible mood.

    In the distance was a city of his Blessed Army called “Sonertone” and in it was a skyscraper that surpassed all structures in the vicinity.

    General Logan flew directly to the top floor of the skyscraper and entered through the opened airstrip.

    An elderly bald and bearded man was currently appreciating a certain artwork depicting two people, a man and a woman in leather armor of some sort confronting a creature of scales, fur, four limbs, long tail and a head with three scales.

    General Logan waited patiently for the old man to finish his indulging in the painting.

    “You wanted to meet, under the radar…” Sheldon hoarse voice calmly said.

    “Yes. Not even Kikon can know about it”. General Logan said grimly. “A month, nothing more. If you can agree, get your esteemed Senior to act in conjunction with the Violet Star Commander at the appointed time of the Immortals decent”.

    “A month in exchange to the single favor Senior Ohar promised me…” Sheldon pondered. “What if your Violet Star Commander will fail to obtain the Godly Law Template? I will end up spending my capital for nothing”. Before General Logan could retort he proceeded. “Forty five days, not a second short”.

    There was no room to bargaining. General Logan calculated pros and cons of his decision and weighed his determination; much like Zax did earlier today.


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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 23 – Moving On

    With the secret alliance being made, General Logan repressed his reservation. “I need something else from you”. He told Sheldon.

    “We are partners”, Sheldon looked at him with a friendly smile. “If it’s within my power and with reasonable effort, then do ask”.

    “I need to communicate with someone on the outside using your Galactic Communicator”.

    For a fraction of a second the gaze in Sheldon eyes turned thoughtful before again showing calm. “Very well”.

    The lack of questions indicated another, silent agreement.

    When he returned to his parents’ home, Zax was relieved to know that Ariel already explained to his and Anet’s parents the situation.

    Anet was resting upon his arrival and their parents and Liz were too awestruck by getting to meet Ariel that it was hard to decipher whether they understood his explanation. Perhaps they decided to not mention the miscarriage, before the young couple would open up the subject themselves, and were just happy to know that Anet is fine. Either way, Zax was reluctant to accept consolations and preferred the atmosphere to stay concentrated on Ariel.

    “Zax…” Anet voice was dry. Her eyes opened after her mouth as she gradually woke up, still somewhat weak.

    She was lying on Liz’s bed and Zax sat on a chair by her side, alone with her in the room after asking Don to leave.

    His vision focused on his face but quickly became blurry by tears. She felt the condition of her body and did not need others to tell her what happen, only why, but for the moment it did not matter.

    She covered her eyes with the back of her hand, as the other was placed on her stomach, and she voicelessly cried.

    Her grief mirrored powerlessness and loss he only remembered her ever showing him three times.

    First was when they were children, after the ordeal at the Young Mist Users Conference, where they had been confronted by Martinez family’s young and old. It was a borderline traumatic experience for Zax and his pals and at the time he thought Anet ran and left them. It was only later, when they were invited to Fourchettes Et Couteaux, that they had a teary reconciliation.

    Second occurrence was couple of years later. Zax returned from his training in Valgarel and sought his old friends. Anet was the first he met, and the events that arose by this reunion spelled the disastrous fall from grace of the Derneldar Family.

    Third was, again, years later. Zax was assumed dead. His friends and family were devastated, but Anet… her heart was emotionally full of cracks as if something heavy struck it, constantly on the verge of shattering, until it did. Luckily he returned right on time to amend it, otherwise she would have suffered an irreversible damage.

    And now… was the fourth.

    No one interrupted the two in the days they spent shut in Liz’s room.

    For those two nights and two days Anet had not said a thing after calling by his name when he first woke up and Zax, as he contemplated over the reason of this meaningless tragedy, he slowly recuperated from the emotional upheaval, ultimately being left with only a measure of sadness and a strong resolution to… “Never again!”

    Time heals all wounds, and atop it paved the road to progress.

    “Niel! Niel, wait! Stop running, you little pipsqueak! How can such a shorty be so fast?”

    On the bustling streets beneath the blue sky, two boys were rushing for a certain destination and one was more restless to arrive than the other.

    Unbeknownst to the young lads, several tens of meters behind them a rather unassuming young was trailing their steps, while perfectly blending in the metropolitan environment.

    “Passing through! Passing through!” The lad named Niel shouted as he squeezed through the dense crowed of humans and beasts in either humanoid or human forms.

    “Excuse me, pardon, err… sorry!” The slightly older lad chasing apologized for both him and Niel.

    The pair ran in a straight line for about three hundred meters, toward a fenced, open field with tight security all over.

    Everyone who came made sure to stop three to five meters before the fence, but when the two lads showed up they did not even pay the tiniest attention to those scary looking, black uniformed security guards and brazenly entered what clearly was a restricted location.

    Not just the two boys, but the young man who followed them also entered, albeit, he was a tad more discreet, without anyone of the outside spectators noticing, helping those helpless security guards to save some face.

    There was a one storey building in the field and fifty meters from it was a marked landing spot.

    The single entrance door to the building opened and a figure of a red headed middle aged woman walked out.

    Seeing the short haired woman from afar, before she could make up a word or an expression in response to the unbridle advent of the pair, Niel opened his mouth and loudly declared.

    “A promise is a promise!”

    His voice resonated as suddenly an imposing streak flashed across his childish countenance. With the sound of the wind howling a black aura burst from the tiny pores of Niel’s small frame, along with both dark attribute and Beginner phase first level Core Master fluctuations.

    “See that, grandma Don!” Niel laughed triumphantly.

    An odd look momentarily manifested on Don’s face – yes, the same Don who once was the school principal of Eden Formation. Her jaw muscles bulged as she clenched her teeth; otherwise she feared her chin would drop.

    “I’m so strong now, grandma Don! Big brother Jingrow could not keep up with me when we retrained our cultivation base!”

    “Niel, you brat! Do you really think I would not have caught you if there weren’t so many people in the way?!” Jingrow snapped.

    “Yes I do!” Niel stuck out his tongue, naturally, after getting behind Don.

    Don rubbed her temples. “Shadow!” She called and before the sound of her voice had faded, the young man who was following Niel and Jingrow had appeared.

    “Don’t blame me, Don Ram”. Shadow said defensively. “What? Was I supposed to undermine the Boss’s word to Niel?”

    Don glared at Shadow, who no longer looked unassuming, but quite the opposite… His pristine black skin and smooth long black hair had a glimmer to them that was hard to define and his facial features could probably lead others to think he was a gorgeous woman, if not for his thin yet tall and muscular frame.

    Taking the chance that Don’s attention was shifted from him, Niel gave Shadow a thumb up.


    A deafening sound rang above their heads; up in the sky it dispersed the clouds and at the other side of the encompassing fence, claps of hands and incoherent cheers ensued.

    “They are approaching!” Don’s tone changed from annoyance to exhilaration. “Get inside”. She urged the three.

    The building was a round, giant room occupied by all sorts of screens and advanced computers. There were at least eighty people inside. Some were sitting in rows behind monitors; others kept watch on an elevated platform and few were congregated on a second platform, in front of a wall size, lifelike projection.

    “That’s… that’s…!” Niel exclaimed without being able to finish the sentence, or properly begin it, as he ran for the viewing platform of the large projection.

    “The Star Scavenger!” Jingrow helped him with eyes just the same, glued to the picture on the wall.

    “And that’s…!” Niel pointed at a small dot he spotted not far from the image of the Star Scavenger.

    “The Boss!” Shadow took charge this time.

    The trio was awfully talkative, in comparison to the twelve people that got before them on the viewing platform. A number of gazes landed on them with different meaning, but eventually, anyone who had something to say, kept it to himself or herself after noting Don’s subtle dismissive nod.

    The Star Scavenger got closer to the ground as its estimate time of full landing narrowed to the span of half a minute.

    Spectators inside the Command Control building and viewers at the other side of the fence were counting the seconds with bated breaths.

    “It landed!” A voice announced through a PA system, for both the people in and out.

    “Yahoo!” Niel excitedly shouted, jumped from the viewing platform and dashed out of the Command Control building.

    First thing that came to view was the amazing Star Scavenger. Niel could not help but wish to someday be accepted as a pilot and head for an outer space expedition.

    Finishing admiring the spacecraft; Niel’s line of sight shifted to the man standing not far from it, the so called “Boss” Shadow mentioned, who supervised its landing.


    “Niel?” Zax raised a brow. “You made it!” His expression bore a resemblance to Don’s and then he felt weird, as if some mighty Immortal or God was playing a joke at him. “A nine years old… Core Master!”

    “Dad, look at me!”

    It was the year 5810.

    Zax was thirty five years old and so was his wife, Anet, yet instead of aged, in contrast to his appearance a decade ago, the only difference was that he gave a more mature, fatherly air.

    Niel spread his arms with a snap and the black, dark attribute Core Master aura erupted around him. “You can’t punish me for running away from home! I succeeded, I’m a Core Master! My training is done! I can go adventuring!” He skipped joyfully.

    Hearing his son’s statements and sensing his aura, Zax was stumped, still fixated on the spectacle before his eyes.

    ‘Three Types Of Children…’ He recalled the division of children with enrollment opportunity to post Core Martial schools. Back in his days, even the kids with the best constitution and natural talent would only be assumed as having the potential to break through to the second realm after a decade of harsh training.

    ‘Jingrow?’ As he saw the boy running out of the Command Center building, Zax remembered how half a year ago, just days short from his twelfth birthday, this nephew of his broke through and became a first level Core Master.

    Back then he was not even a quarter as surprised as he is now. Jingrow’s parents were remarkable experts from whom he inherited an easy start for the cultivation path. The Seed he was born with in his dantian had equal makings to a two scales Deformed Being’s Pure Core. Adding to that all the nurturing he received in terms of resources and guidance, it was not a shocker that he broke through the second realm by the age of twelve and when comparing him to his uncle’s feats when he was at his age, he even fell a little short.

    Niel was different. Due to his father inadequate mist cultivation and perhaps because of the upheavals he had been through for absorbing the first Black Core, for some reason, even though his mother was at the Peak of the Core Master realm, Niel did not inherit a morsel of a Seed.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 24 – The Wrath Of A Father

    “Come here, Niel”. Zax motioned with his hand.

    Pleased with himself, Niel ran to his father and took his hand. “Remember your promise, dad. I’m ready to go adventuring”.

    He had the brown hair of his father and the blue eyes of his mother, a combination that coupled with his boyish charm made him look so adorable and yet the things he spoke of were of significant consideration to every other expert with the same cultivation level.

    ‘That’s it’. Zax determined the source of his son quick accomplishment upon making contact with him. ‘The obscurity had cleared out now that his cultivation had risen to a sufficient level’.

    Niel’s dantian was void of innate Seed of Qi, but Zax never believed any son of his to be inferior to those Mist Lord’s children, who were the bottom threshold for possessing a Seed. Hence, since birth Zax planned a strict regimen to extract Niel’s hidden latent potential.

    In the process of locating Niel’s forte, Zax encountered minor hints that were like pieces of a grand puzzle, from which he even drew inspiration for the struggles of his own path.

    At the age of nine months, Zax imparted the nucleus of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement to Niel. This decision nearly created an irreparable fracture in his marriage. The main principle of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement is Pain, the second is Destruction and third is Rehabilitation. Anet did not practice in the technique, but she was still versed in it. How could she have allowed her infant son bear such torture? No sane parents would. Then again, no child on and in this planet ever had a parent who attained the Mortal Enlightenment state, or at least something that was very similar to it…

    Zax convinced Anet that he will regulate the output of Pain to a degree that Niel will at most feel the inconvenience of a small stomachache and that, too, for a breath long period of time and it would only be for four to five sessions.

    Already in the first session, to Zax’s absolute astonishment, Niel began to reveal bits of his talent. Unlike his father, he did not have the support of a Black Core to enhance the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement and eliminate its Pain principle, but it seemed to not be an issue. The toddler’s level of endurance not only proved to be outstanding, before its limit was challenged he was actually enjoying the discomfort. What really was amazing was that the boy flesh and skin were soft and as durable as any other child at his age.

    Zax could only partially explain this phenomenon by the assumption that his son possesses an exceptional affinity to the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement, beyond anyone else who cultivated it.

    From that day forth, Zax assisted Niel in the cultivation of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement, until he developed the frame of mind to practice without help. Nevertheless, the amount of resources he was permitted was stringently rationed. Ultimately, Niel did not have the Black Core’s support, so his cultivation speed was just above average while the main point was that he was unhindered by the Pain principle. Additionally, the initial aim of his father was to find his forte, which could not be done when taking away all the effort…

    At the age of three Niel absorbed his first and last Earth’s Core. Its quality was unimportant since Zax planned to give him a three scales Deformed Being’s Pure Core when the time is right. The purpose of the Earth’s Core was nothing more than another attempt to push out Niel’s potential as a full New Earth’s indigenous, i.e. Gogenta’s special lab rat.

    On the front of the mist aspect, Niel cultivated considerably faster than in the body aspect. That was when Zax made another discovery… a measure of dark attribute energy had been in Niel’s soul since birth and streamed to his dantian, adding to his mist, when he became a D level Earth’s Core Holder. Moreover, the quality of the dark attribute energy was almost immaculate.

    ‘Originally I calculated that it would take two years for Niel to reach the second realm as a Mist User and the fourth gate of the seven stages. Now I understand how he suddenly surpassed my expectations… maybe in four to six months he will also reach the fourth gate’.

    What Zax currently had his attention on was not Niel’s mist energy or body, but soul!

    Of the three aspects, the soul was the pivotal. Cultivating any of the other two to a higher realm than the soul can cause adverse effects.

    Last time Zax check, Niel’s soul had only been at the Mist Master level and his attainments in meditation had only progressed into the Adraak stage.

    ‘I thought that if not a Qi Seed from Anet, than a portion of my dark attribute physique was passed down to him, but from the start, apparently it was the soul!’

    Up until this moment, he never detected something out of the ordinary in Niel’s soul.

    ‘This is my Inner Panorama’.

    It seemed as if it appeared out of nowhere, like an exact model, inside the soul housing Niel’s spirit.

    Inner Panorama supposed to encompass the soul and not the opposite. For Niel’s to have one in his soul was beyond Zax’s comprehension of the aspect and perhaps anyone else on the planet.

    “Uncle Zax, the Star Scavenger is opening!” Jingrow arrived.

    Behind him followed an entourage of those who accommodated the two platforms. They were men and women, humans and beasts, dignified third realm experts and a quota of New Earth’s forces beneath the blue sky.



    They greeted Zax before turning in wait for the entrance at the transformative chassis of the spacecraft to fully form.

    Five people flew out of the Star Scavenger in brown and silver, futuristic looking uniforms; four human males and one female beast in human form.

    Before words could be said between the five and the welcoming party, deafening cheers erupted from beyond the fence.

    Several tens of meters above the Command Control building an image of the Star Scavenger and its five crew members was projected in the sky in a wide range for all to see.

    A blond, middle aged man in a white suit gestured for the crew member at the forefront, a short black haired woman, to talk the initiative and speak for the crowd.

    “Citizens of Rising City, I, Star Captain Emel Eg Sorm and the rest of the Star Scavenger’s crew are grateful for being able to return to your heartfelt welcome, back beneath the blue sky!” Emel spoke soundly with a big smile across her light brown face.

    “In the days to come, after my crew and I will decompress and settle our affairs; we will certainly share with you, everybody, the unusual but mesmerizing full account of the journey we had among the stars!” Her tone was exuberant, but her words carefully selected.

    The face in the projection changed to the blond, middle aged man. “Our brave pioneers will make an official appearance in a Press Conference, which date and time will be disclosed this very evening. Please stay tuned to Rising News channel for further details”.

    The projected was cut and the black uniformed security began dispersing the crowd.

    An armored, bus size vehicle entered the fenced operation grounds.

    “I won’t be joining you”. Zax told the blond middle aged man, pointing with his eyes at Niel.

    “I’ll send the report once it’s compiled. If you’ll have something to add, please do it by daybreak tomorrow, otherwise, we will proceed in accordance with the predetermined procedure”.

    Zax nodded. “Shadow”, his gaze shifted to young man who he knew was younger than he looked.

    They met when Anet was in the second trimester. At the time he was an eight years old orphan leaving in an orphanage in cave eighty eight. He was a little scoundrel, trying to scam unfamiliar visitors at the cave. That is how Zax discovered this black jam, who already back then was referred to by those knowing him as “Shadow”.

    Zax did not want an official apprentice or a Tal, but he was interested in cultivating Shadow and for that ranking division was required. Using a term the boy was versed with due to his unruly short lifestyle, Zax ordered Shadow to call him “Boss”. Of course, gaining the little troublemaker’s trust and recognition was a process in and of itself. However, since the boy did not have parents and Zax could practically get whatever he wanted in Kingdom Earth, it was easy to transfer guardianship and pick whichever method he would like for discipline.

    “Yes, Boss”, Shadow obediently replied. Like Niel, he was a duel cultivator and although Zax was not his Mor nor Master, everyone in Grandmaster Kartion’s cave treated him as part of the Martial family and he himself looked up to Kartius as his Grandmaster.

    “Make sure Jingrow arrives home to your aunt Zetsa. I’ll be taking Niel”.

    “Yes, Boss”. Shadow stared at Jingrow.

    “Goodbye, uncle, Niel”. Jingrow grudgingly surrendered. It was midday and he still wanted to hang out outside. Also, despite his age, he too was a first level Core Master, so there were no dangers for him, especially in the streets of Rising City, but since the order came from his uncle, he did not dare to refuse.

    “Big brother Jing, don’t be grumpy!” Niel waved off. “I’m a Core Master now, too. Soon we will depart for many adventures. Dad promised!”

    “Yeah, uncle promised!” Jingrow shouted back, sharing a sly smile with Niel and ran away before getting scolded.

    “Da-” Niel opened, yet before he could complete the word, a finger touched his glabella and for a brief moment he could not even count, his vision became blurry and the vista changed.

    To not overwhelm or hurt his son by carrying and moving him so fast, he used dark attribute energy to shield his consciousness and body.

    The place they arrived to was a gray, squared room. Sun Stones were embedded to the ceiling, illuminating the chamber. At one half of the room were three meditation mats of different materials situated at one corner, a small and sealed depository of scrolls and books and a large cabinet with three hundred drawers. The entire space of the other half of the room took an imprint of a complex formation.

    “No, dad! I just finished training!” Niel cried the instant his eyes soaked the surrounding.

    The squared room was one of the two underground chambers, part of Zax, Anet and Niel’s villa.

    “You want to leave the boundaries of Rising City? Stop whining and sit down!” Zax’s stern voice sent shivers through Niel’s spine.

    With his son lowering his head, Zax placed his palm on it.

    ‘My Inner Panorama, even if it’s just a replica, not only it’s too perfect, it’s also located inside Niel’s soul’. Zax imagined what sort of good fortune it could bring his son, but he did not yet celebrate. With every bit of his psyche powers he inspected Niel again and tens of thousand times over. There was something he had to verify, a gut feeling he was fearful of. After a long while, when he was near exhaustion, his soul latched to a wisp of foreign energy that made his eyes turn red with unadulterated rage. ‘Good, good, good! Truly, wonderfully ruthless!’

    The thick venom of hatred was deeply seated in each and every one of these words of compliment, directed at the shrewdly concealed Godly Retribution share that managed to pass down along the Inner Panorama – to Niel’s soul.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 25 – Snatching Collateral

    In this moment, Zax contempt for The Almighty was indescribable and his hatred insufferable. Immediately, he sent a faint stream of dark attribute energy into Niel’s sea of consciousness. The dark attribute energy formed shapes that combined together inside Niel’s soul, creating a closure within a closure for the small imitation of his Inner Panorama and the strain of Godly Retribution lurking in it.

    “Niel”, Zax released a stifled breath. He ruffled Nie’s hair and pushed his head down, worried that should his son see his face he will notice a trace of the ferocity he currently struggled to hold off. “Do you want to go adventuring?”

    “Yes!” Niel replied eagerly.

    “You broke through the second realm, which initially was the prerequisite I gave you; the real purpose of it, however, was to boost your strength to a sufficient level, so you could survive outside Rising City. Right now your cultivation is not yet consolidated. To prove that your attainment is constructive, stabilize your mist energy and then go challenge the Deformed Beings Arena. When you will beat the third stage, you are permitted to appear before me and your mother for our Godspeed. Are you up to the task?”

    A smile ear to ear stretched across Niel’s face. He was reluctant to have his leave prolonged, but he was taught to never shy from his father’s tests. “I am!” He creased his brows. “But you better not come up with more excuses afterwards, dad!”

    “I won’t. Tell Jingrow that if he wants to join you, he must endure thirty minutes in the fourth stage or five minutes in the fifth”.

    The Deformed Beings Arena was a momentous trial for every cultivator in Rising City. It was a tower with nine stages, each corresponding to a phase and level in the second realm of cultivation. The third stage was equivalent in difficulty to fighting an Advanced first level Core Master, the fourth was equivalent to a Beginner second level Core Master and the fifth to an Intermediate second level Core Master.

    In each stage resides a two scales Deformed Being, as the opponent to be challenged. A challenger who wins would either keep the Deformed Being’s Pure Core or exchange it for other prizes.

    Since Niel and Jingrow’s rewards would be permission to go adventuring, they naturally will not get to keep the Pure Cores or exchange them for something else.

    “He is actually back inside?” Anet laughed as she saw Zax coming out alone from the cultivation chamber.

    In a way, she knew even better than her husband how hard their son strived for the promised sliver of freedom, whilst had been keen on why Zax was so against it. She found it quite amazing that after the Niel fulfilled his father’s ultimatum, Zax, again, not just managed to prolong his stay, but even got him to continue training.

    Then she saw her reflection in Zax’s pupils and the amusement was corroded by an ominous feeling. “What is it?” Her motherly sense told her it was Niel related, and so her question came out as a demand.

    “I was finally able to examine Niel’s peculiarity today, as a result of his breakthrough to the Core Master realm”. Zax was not even considering lying. “A replica of my Inner Panorama was passed down hereditarily to the interior of his soul. It is the source for his dark attribute and acute mentality; however… a strain of the Godly Retribution had covertly sneaked along this inheritance”.

    Anet opened her mouth, about to utter a cry of distress, but shut her lips in defiance. She somberly reserved her aura, yet failed to do the same with her emotions and a profound killing intent, no less potent than Zax, manifested on her delicate face.

    It was a short exchange of a few words and one meaningful look. Zax averted his gaze and turned to leave and Anet watched his back, urging him in her heart not to return before turning the world upside down!

    Archbishop Silternjan, Cardinal Northstar, Stelero Mars, Sister Iaura and Sister Beatriz sat, circling a small, round table at one of the lavish gardens between the nuns and clerics districts.

    A pleasant atmosphere surrounded the group. A ceramic, flowery pot was placed on the table with a fragrant, sometimes blue, sometimes green liquid inside. Five ceramic cups, filled with the liquid to varying capacity, were either on the table or at one of the revered hands.

    Sister Iaura seemed to be at especially good mood as she tipped the edge of her cups lightly to her lips. Stelero Mars also exuded a tranquil frame of mind. Sister Beatriz showed restraint and had yet to take a sip from her cup. Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar talked among themselves, and for the other three to listen, about the orthodoxy and its principles, in other words, imparting belief.

    Passersby, members of the church, were not allowed to intrude, yet if by chance their path crossed a hearing distance from the homily, the words would keep fly to their ears until they will reach their destination.

    Almost miraculously, Nature, too, seemed to appreciate the two elders’ verses. Although it was late evening, light still lingered above the specific garden and grew further livelier the darker it got outside.

    Cardinal Northstar was in the midst of expounding upon a proverb by a long dead pious believer, when his tongue abruptly halted and his face sunk.

    Archbishop Silternjan was second to react, as he was not the one being interrupted. Stelero Mars raised his head high an instant later and both Sister Iaura and Sister Beatriz couple of moments next.

    The man, so up in the sky a non cultivator would have only seen a black dot, gaze back at the five. His expression was solemn and presence inspired the nightly darkness to overcome the brightness of the garden.

    ‘This is not a friendly visit’. Archbishop Silternjan warned the other four.

    Stelero Mars clenched a fist on the armrest of his chair. Sister Iaura held Sister Beatriz’s hand to suppress a shiver. Cardinal Northstar glanced with an unreadable look.

    As such, in total silence, a minute and then two, three, four and so on… passed.

    An onlooker might have assumed that he or she encroached on an intense staring contest, but actually, what want on between the heaven and the earth belonging to the garden was an invisible battle of imposing souls that will confer preeminence for either the invader or the ones being invaded.

    Zax was infuriated and wanted to crash Archbishop Silternjan and the rest with his glare, but the latter as well as Cardinal Northstar just engaged in a discussion of faith and enlightenment. Their state of mind was at peak condition especially for this sort of altercation.

    Nevertheless, this was not a clash of one versus one or two versus two, but five versus one. Although Zax was inferior in terms of numbers, the general aim of his soul forced Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar to collaborate with the other three as a chain.

    Stelero Mars had a personal vendetta against Zax. Should they lose this invisible battle, he would suffer more shame and his humiliation would be exhibited in front of Sister Iaura, again.

    ‘Your Young Eminence!’ Cardinal Northstar sent via Sublime Soul Sense, however it was too late.

    Stelero Mars bore deep resentment to Zax for couple of reasons. He could not stand his gall anymore, particularly when right beside him the precious Sister Iaura was giving her best to persevere, yet the villainous Zax was bent on breaking her spirit.

    “Enough!” Stelero Mars bellowed. White, light attribute energy flared along the aura of a Peak fourth level Martial Mortal.

    The consequences of a link separating from the chain were quickly mended through a quick resonance by Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar as they withdrew from a soul pressure conflict and utilized their mist energy to shield the garden, hence retreating to a passive stance.

    “Sister Iaura”, Cardinal Northstar hastened to aid her, when in fact his intentions were to distract Stelero Mars from his fixation on Zax.

    “Welcome to my Grand Abode, Zax”. Archbishop Silternjan greeted, probing Zax’s volatility.

    Zax maintained his silent for a while longer, before opening in a husky voice. “Silternjan, do not test me!” It was a onetime warning.

    Archbishop Silternjan creased his brows. Among the leaders of the five powers, he was the first to reach out to Zax, willing to reconcile and inviting him to join Luminous Church. Since then, they had a rather placid relationship. How come, then, now he was detecting a clear readiness from Zax to shed their tacit understanding?

    “I truly don’t know what you are talking about”. Archbishop Silternjan replied honestly. He really feared Zax snapping by the weight of incautious wording. “I can see that you are not in a mood to procrastinate. If you can tell me what’s wrong and it is indeed related to me or my Luminous Church, then I’ll make every attempt in my power to rectify”.

    “Silternjan you knew about my wife and mine problem to get pregnant from Logan and that nine years ago we finally had a son. Why haven’t you told me that the Godly Retribution can permeate to succeeding generations?!”

    The mentioning of the Godly Retribution struck Archbishop Silternjan like bolt of lightning in a sunny day. “Your son was targeted by the Godly Retribution?” He did his utmost to steel himself.

    Zax noticed Archbishop Silternjan’s confusion and even the tremor in both Cardinal Northstar and Stelero Mars, who suddenly and stealthily hinged away from the conversation.

    ‘Did it by chance infiltrate?‘ Zax ruminated. To begin with he suspected and kept to himself the possibility that what meant to be a blessing for Niel, turned out to be a curse accidentally. ‘An Inner Panorama is not something that can be inherited. Niel most likely received it due to the combination of being my direct bloodline and a descendant to Gogenta… Originally it was supposed to be a good thing, but because my soul was contaminated at the date of his consummation, it became the opposite‘.

    From Zax’s perspective, regardless how flourishing Niel was now, he was living on borrowed time. And whether he had part in the fault, in hindsight, it was Archbishop Silternjan who drove him to make the oath to The Almighty.

    “Silternjan, I acknowledge that my ignorance plays a part in inviting this predicament, but now that it also befell my son, I will have you, too, take responsibility”.

    With that, Zax made his move.

    “Protect His Young Eminence and Sister Iaura!” Archbishop Silternjan shouted for Cardinal Northstar. He saw Zax approaching toward him in speed that his body could barely follow.

    In a blink of an eye, Archbishop Silternjan complexion turned holy white and eight majestic wings sprouted from his back as he transformed to his light physique, Angelic Emissary form. Gesturing with his hand, a long barrel gun emerged and with the sole motion he could achieve so promptly, his eyes took aim and the trigger clicked.


    A light bullet shot in a straight line, not to kill or even injure, Archbishop Silternjan was not delusional, but to deter.

    “Zax, we can find a solution!” Archbishop Silternjan yelled alarmingly. He could not take on the opponent and employing the defensive measures of his Grand Abode required time.

    “Your God inflicted my son”. Zax roared in a deep voice, his skin shimmering in black. “MY SON!” He smacked the bullet with the back of his hand, shattering it to dispersing fragments.

    Archbishop Silternjan paled at the sight of his concentrated attack so casually dismissed.

    Cardinal Northstar and Stelero Mars, who by some luck stole a glimpse of the situation, were shaken inwardly; instantly deducing that unless they will aid Archbishop Silternjan, buy him enough time to activate the Grand Abode, the entirety of Onzengvas City might suffer the aftermath.

    Cardinal Northstar grimaced and used his own Angelic Emissary form. Somewhat reluctant, he clenched his fists and a pair of thin, white gloves covered them.

    Shining white aura engulfed Stelero Mars and from his spatial ring came out a plain looking wooden staff. A layer of white veins made his skin glow; his incomplete light physique transformation had only one pair of wings and other than the mask of veins, his skin tone remained the same. Nonetheless, the extent of his light attribute energy outstrips that of the two fifth level Martial Mortals.

    “With me!” Cardinal Northstar called Archbishop Silternjan and Stelero Mars, ready to take the vanguard as the current strongest power of the church in Ercas Mir and perhaps the third strongest cultivator on the planet. He was certain that with a proper combination, even without the Grand Abode, they will be able to fend off Zax.

    The same thought he shared with Archbishop Silternjan was that although their opponent attained the Mortal Enlightenment state, he still could only equally match Horn Kikon. From their experience, the latter was the strongest being beneath Immortals and yet, even he will not treat their combined force lightly.

    Regrettably, the ensuing events did not play out as they expected.

    Just as a collision that should not occur so close to the surface seemed imminent, Zax’s vanished from the line of the three’s line of sight an reappeared at the center of their small formation.

    His speed was beyond comprehension, something that should not be possible below the Immortal realm.

    He stood there loftily, holding the barrel of Archbishop Silternjan’s gun, which at some point his hand seized.

    Meanwhile, the three were just commencing the process of turning their heads.

    Squeezing, Zax could not break the material of the barrel but his strength was sufficient to deform it. “My son”, he spoke just fast enough for them to perceive his words.

    A fist coursed in a trajectory for his waist. The glove on Cardinal Northstar’s right hand contained boundless amount of light attribute energy that momentarily amplified Cardinal Northstar’s assault to a degree that made Zax pause.

    “Humph!” Zax snorted and casted the long barrel gun at the fist with a wisp of dark element energy.


    Cardinal Northstar was thrown back uncontrollably from the garden, beyond the Grand Abode’s zone and outside Onzengvas City.

    “I’ll try to treat him myself, if you can’t help”. Zax continued to say. Noting the movement of Stelero Mars’ staff, he impatiently flung his arm aside, striking Stelero Mars and sending flying tens of kilometers with who knows how many broken bones.

    “But I’m not confident and even fearful”. Seeing that Archbishop Silternjan succumbed to the fact he is way more powerless than he thought, Zax took a step, vanished and reappeared again.

    Sister Iaura and Sister Beatriz were unable to keep up with his speed and seemed frozen in time. He caught the collar of Sister Iaura’s silver robe.

    “She is important to you, all of you, right? Even more than that Stelero Mars”. Zax pulled Sister Iaura to him and Archbishop Silternjan gasped in horror, as if he witnessed the dirty hands of an infidel beggar touching the holiest of lights bestowed by The Almighty.

    “Should something happen to my son, however big or small, I’ll kill her”.

    Zax proclaimed, and left with a kick to the ground that sent quakes through not just the city, but the entire Onzengvas domain of Luminous Church.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!

    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 26 – Close But Dare Not To Step Forward

    The earth was fissured far as they eye could see. Zax was gone. Sister Iaura was gone. Remnant light attribute fluctuations were in the air with Cardinal Northstar and Stelero Mars’s signatures, yet neither was present. Though hurried footsteps and gusts of wind resounded from every direction, Archbishop Silternjan was the sole face to look at in the encompassing vicinity, and his expression was full of anxiousness and trepidation.

    Sister Beatriz looked dumbstruck, tried to comprehend what transpired and how, in the name of The Almighty, so many changes occurred without her Peak third level Martial Mortal’s perception noticing.

    Her mind worked in such a haste to absorb everything with all of her sense, only after she finished a fraction of a second later, it dawned on her again…

    “Sister Iarua is gone!”

    Her head spun. All she saw was a colorful mixture of smudges flashing nonstop. The only constant was the hand dragging her and the man it belonged to. She opened her mouth to speak, to protest, but the rapid airflow suffocated the words.

    She came up with another idea to get his attention. It took a lot of effort, but gradually she managed to lift her arms, till her hands made it to his wrist and touched.

    It was a bad idea. His temperament was awful, unlike anyone who ever treated her, a complete contrast to the most caring and affectionate His Young Eminence.

    The moment she made contact, a rush of malevolent intent permeated her sea of consciousness; in an attempt to traumatize her soul just enough that she will not die but still bear a lasting mental injury.

    The pain was agonizing, yet just as she lost consciousness a stream of mysterious energy came out of her soul, nullified the foreign intent and sealed the sea of consciousness.

    Zax glanced over his shoulder, both suspiciously and stupefied, at Sister Iaura.

    ‘Light element energy? ’

    “Who is she?” Anet welcomed Zax with a guise of calmness over her seething anger while scrutinizing the unconsciousness lass in a sliver robe with and a Luminous Church’s metal plate. She expected him to turn the world upside, if that what it takes to help Niel, and since the earth was not crumbling, the sky not falling and he returned so soon, she was in no mood to entertain thoughts of disappointment.

    “There were complications”. Zax admitted, aware that should he try to facilitate the truth, Anet would spot it and will not let it go.

    As he anticipated, Anet’s face turned sour and she glared at him in displeasure. “Complications?” Her throat hurt from the stress of lowering her voice. “Then why are you back? Why is this girl here?”

    “Archbishop Silternjan could not help, not even Cardinal Northstar and that fellow I told you about, Stelero Mars. I saw it on their faces”.

    “So, did you return after killing them and kidnaping this girl?” With every exchanged sentence, every passing wasted second, Anet’s state of mind grew more erratic. The miscarriage of her first pregnancy left a bitter mark on her heart and now the threat hovering above Niel was on the verge of pushing her over the edge.

    Zax shook his head. “Though I left turmoil in my wake, I haven’t killed anyone. As for the girl, her name is Sister Iaura. Initially I brought her as collateral and an incentive for Archbishop Silternjan to do his utmost in finding means of dealing with the strain of Godly Retribution in Niel. She seems to possess a special status. I met her a few times in the past and in every occasion she was next to Stelero Mars, kindly cared for by him and all who surrounded her. As you know, in here they refer to Stelero Mars as ‘Young Eminence’, but in the Holy Palace I gather her rank is even more prominent“.

    “How sure are you in these speculations?” Anet asked dejectedly.

    Zax studied Sister Iaura. “On my way back I detected some odd fluctuations in her sea of consciousness that were very familiar to elemental energy”. His gaze shifted back to his wife. “To begin with I was not completely helpless in trying to solve this predicament on my own, but my level of assuredness was unsatisfactory. This, too, is just a speculation, but perhaps with her I’ll have a better chance-”

    “And if you won’t? Is there a risk in trying?”

    “If I’ll fail Niel would be okay”. Zax promised.

    “And you?” Anet frowned.

    Zax sighed inwardly. He wanted to divert her concerns for him, but without success. “I won’t die”. He said somberly.

    ‘But to what degree would you be injured?’ Anet gave up from asking. Meeting his eyes, she knew she could not sway him.

    Using his dark attribute energy, Zax lifted sister Iaura. “Don’t let Niel leave the house. When I’ll be done with the preparations, I’ll notify you to send him to the Large Depository”.

    “Yes”. Anet complied as there was nothing else she could do; nothing but hate and curse in her heart the God who inflicted her husband and son, and the wretched who worship him.

    The Large Depository was the second underground chamber in the villa. Its interior was similar to a shiny, iron vault with deposit drawers covering the walls. Some drawers contained cultivation materials, others held resources useful to erecting formations and many more kept either general Martial techniques and formations or blueprints of Zax own unfinished techniques and formations.

    There were no tables or chairs in the room, not even a rug to stand on. Zax laid Sister Iaura on the hard floor and sat cross legged.

    ‘It’s still lingers’. He touched Sister Iaura’s forehead and sensed the undulations of light element energy blocking his probe. ‘It’s only logical for it to be a bit different. Thinking that attribute and element are the same is like comparing turbid and clean water’.

    He controlled both dark attribute energy and dark element energy, so he was aware of the exciting differences and similarities between the two, but he chose to verify again now that he encountered yet another type of element.

    ‘I can’t use soul attack to harm her, but can I use a physical one?’ He wanted to test how extensive were Sister Iaura’s light element defensive measures, what would it take to trigger them and how long will they remain active.

    ‘Careful’. He warned himself to stay cautious, so he will not unintentionally kill Sister Iarua or her defensive measures would suddenly turn offensive.

    Pressed his hand on the Luminous Church’s metal plate on her chest he started off gently. Then, the weight of his hand increased in small increments.

    ‘So there is something…’ It emerged just as Sister Iaura’s ribs could not resist the pressure anymore and showed signs of cracking, a pulse followed by a tide of light element energy surging from all cells in the little postulant’s body.

    ‘I can’t break it, not even with my dark element energy’. Zax deduced. ‘Only Immortals can implant an elemental energy in others. I, at least, can’t and I’m far more capable than most in the Mortal Enlightenment state…’

    Zax resigned the notion of checking Sister Iaura’s dantian. He grasped the extent of her defensive measures.

    Still pressing her chest, he placed his other hand on her forehead and exuded force on both ends.

    Like this, time trickled as every breath was drawn to what Zax perceived from seconds, to minutes and finally hours. He could not fathom the depth of his own little amount of dark element energy, so figuring the mysteries of the light element energy in Sister Iaura was a task tens of thousands times more arduous.

    The entire passage of time, which felt like forever, circulated a full hour when Zax decided to conclude the experiment.

    ‘The light element energy can weaken, but it recovers quickly. It also exclusively stayed passive’. The second observation was the crucial one. It meant that he can lower his guard and be less apprehensive, should he try to make use of her.

    Contemplating for a while, Zax frowned. To his resignation, he could not force Sister Iaura regain consciousness.

    He withdrew his dark attribute energy, got up and erected a formation around Sister Iaura.

    “Wake up soon”. He commented and left for the cultivation chamber where Niel was.

    “Dad, I was in the middle of consolidating my cultivation. You told me to work on it and yet you come to bother me after a short couple of hours?” Niel was peeved. “You promised I can go adventuring when I’ll fulfil your conditions but now you are sabotaging me!”

    “Stop whining”. Zax scolded. “I told you to take a break from meditating and rest your mind so I could determine your rate of improvement now that you entered the second realm”.

    “Fine”. Niel said sullenly, doubting his father but unable to disobey.

    The moment Niel’s mindset settled down, Zax put his spirit in a dormant state. He did not need Niel to cooperate. If he wanted to, he could do the same thing fluently to a second level Martial Mortal, against his will. But Niel’s had a portion of the Godly Retribution in his soul and even if Zax could act before he noticed, he could not gamble on the Godly Retribution keeping inactive.

    Looking at the replica of his Inner Panorama and locating the strain of Godly Retribution, Zax mused defiantly. ‘I’m not as I was a decade ago’.

    Retreating to his own sea of consciousness and manifesting his naked body atop his Inner Panorama, Zax concentrated on the view that endured change during the past ten years.

    The earth was littered with fissures like a messy spider’s web. The black sky was split as if cut by a knife as far as the eye could see and rumbling clouds were sucked to the void. The sea roared with tsunami wave that got swallowed by numerous whirlpools.

    The view was a complete contrast to Zax’s general temper and it has been like this for the past couple of months, since his spirit, driven by yearning, exerted itself to a distance of three steps from the spark of light which represented the sixth and last bottleneck of insight.

    In response to his dear accomplishment, the Godly Retribution that was kept at bay since its altercation with Gogenta’s soul fragment began to bluster. It dispensed fractious ripples that stirred the vista of Zax’s Inner Panorama in an attempt to collapse it.

    At the time, Zax thought he was doomed, but to his surprise when his spirit reached the three steps mark, not only did he discover his control of the dark element energy more abundant, it was also more affluent and complemented smoothly his dark attribute energy.

    The Godly Retribution was incessantly stimulated and pushing forward for another step seemed like it would induce further provocation no better than committing suicide, but on the other side this advancement improved his strength exponentially, well beyond the common belief of the Mortal Enlightenment state’s limit, the Mortal realm’s limit!

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!

    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 27 – The Unseen

    As Zax was waiting for Sister Iaura to wake up, whilst in the meantime reckoning how to treat Niel, someplace else, on the opposite side of the planet and beneath the blue sky, happened to share the same inaudibility but with ambiance much less peaceful.

    Stelero Mars, Archbishop Silternjan, Cardinal Northstar, in addition to all fourth level Martial Mortal members of the church and several of the third level Martial Mortals, were seated on long backrest wooden chairs around a rectangle table from the same type of wood.

    A small altar was situated before the west wall of the room they occupied. Before the opposite wall was a podium with an opened, holographic scroll, ready to be read at a moment of convenience. The north wall was black as a vast void, almost like it displayed an image of a desolate space rather than a turned off Screen. Its opposite wall had nothing particular, woodland green wallpaper and a plain looking door.

    They numbered forty four, with the majority being the third level Martial Mortals. At every other occasion, any of those third level Martial Mortals would have been ecstatic for the opportunity to share a seat in this consecrated room, but if right now an outsider will enter and ask, none would answer that they desire to stay.

    “Sacrilege!” Stelero Mars bellowed and once more caused many of those already restless around him to break eyesight and drop their heads in trepidation. “Do you not know her position?!” He harangued Cardinal Northstar, an inappropriate act in a public forum, even as small as this one.

    The Cardinal’s status perhaps was lower and his prospects in the eyes of the church disposable, but he was still a pious devotee with higher cultivation and only The Almighty, His Holiness or those they specifically delegate held the right to indiscriminately admonish.

    “His offences are unpardonable and yet you determine that we should comply with his demands?!”

    “Sister Iaura is pure and hearty, cherished by esteemed parents, His Holiness an even The Almighty. No matter how aggrieved Zax Zel is, he is but a mortal and no mortal is capable of doing her harm”. Cardinal Northstar remained levelheaded as he justified his opinion. “Furthermore, he requires our help, which is all the more reason for him to keep Sister Iaura safe. Conversely, the Godly Law Template’s location is on the verge of being pinpointed. We can’t contact the Holy Palace before its discovery and even then, only Sheldon’s Galactic Communicator can provide a secure transmission. Of course, we can request his Holiness to expedite the Immortal descent for Sister Iaura, but the consequence of this is that he will be a step behind the other competitors when they will arrive”.

    “His Holiness will prioritize Sister Iaura”. For the first time, Archbishop Silternjan opened his mouth and agreed with Cardinal Northstar’s conjecture. “Sister Iaura is the sole candidate to two divine legacies and her constitution even allow her to combine them. It is known throughout the entirety of the lower Valley that she is favored by two Gods. The inhabitants of this remote Plain might be ignorant to the fact, but being knowledgeable or not, a mortal can influence the will of Gods”.

    “Oh, so you shy from taking action but don’t mind speaking!” Stelero Mars’s resentment for Archbishop was even graver than his opposition to Cardinal Northstar. Among the three of them, he was the only one who meekly chose to surrender when Zax abducted Sister Iaura.

    “Your Young Eminence”, couple of the fourth level Martial Mortals wished to appeal in Archbishop’s name but were shut down quickly by a gaze from Stelero Mars. At the same time, they, and all the other situated in the room, realized that for this prominent figure from the Holy Palace their presence was mere formality and their thoughts no better than the surrounding decorations.

    Archbishop Silternjan and Cardinal Northstar were of different mind, regarding the participating subordinates, yet they made little effort to retort against Stelero Mars’s harsh censor. As much as he disagreed he knew they were right, but he was furious nonetheless and needed an outlet, hence venting became his tool.

    “The many ways your frivolousness can go wrong are one too many. Godly Retribution being passed on is unheard of and the prerequisite to get Sister Iaura back is solving this issue for Zax Zel”. He really despised him. Even when he composed himself, Stelero Mars felt the throb of rancor pulsing in his sea of consciousness. He fed on it to sustain himself during this time of crisis and made sure to chant verses whenever it threatened to consume him.

    “We will begin by setting a time limit”. Cardinal Northstar proposed. “No matter how the son of Zax Zel acquired a small sum of his father’s Godly Retribution, it should not break out any time soon”.

    “As long as you cannot be fully certain…” Stelero Mars granted.

    Cardinal Northstar coughed twice. “Probing into the will of The Almighty is blasphemy, but if I were an apostate I would guess that this conundrum is an extension to Zax Zel’s punishment”.

    He could expound, but refrained to avoid sin. Still, the meaning he wanted to convey was one they could interpret by their shared faith… Zax’s lack of intent to repent roped his Niel to a similar, catastrophic predicament. As long as he is a caring father, this notion will suffice to gradually wear his resistance and corrode his conviction, for at the day despair will drive him a nudge from falling into the mouth of the damnable abyss, a loss of a son will make it the last push and the appropriate time for the Godly Retribution to strike as a whole.

    “What would be the time limit?” Stelero Mars resigned to his seat.

    “One week”. Cardinal Northstar’s response threw everyone off. “When everything said and done, we cannot question His Holiness’s priority, the safety of Sister Iaura. First and foremost we will have Zax Zel assure us within a week that Sister Iaura is and will be treated with care for the duration of our collaboration. From there we will follow closely the development of every angle in the collaboration, before electing the next approach. And only should things get out of hand, before finding the Godly Law Template, we will have no choice but to inform the Holy Palace”.

    “We shall also request to send Sister Iaura a guardian who knows her daily needs and can provide her”. Archbishop Silternjan added. “Sister Beatriz”, he turned to her.

    “Please allow me, Your Young Eminence”. Sister Beatriz stood up and bent forward.

    “Raise your head”. Stelero Mars gestured, seemingly calmer.

    The room fell into a silence as a tacit agreement was being established.

    Only when the sound of bells ringing in a dull tune did the present people rose from their seat and proceeded out.

    It was the time for the evening sermon.

    It had been seventeen hours.

    Zax’s eyelids opened with a profound black light. In front of him, Niel was still in a stupor.

    ‘Come here’. Zax’s Soul Sense breached the confinement of the room to the adjacent one.

    Second later the door opened and Sister Iaura walking with a timid posture.

    Zax examined her and found no sign to the light element energy. Outwardly he studied her feelings by her body language and noted her efforts to muster courage. ‘How unyielding…’

    “Over here” He strictly said.

    Sister Iaura complied with conflicting emotions. She saw her kidnaper sitting beside a small boy and guessed he was his son, by the small facial resemblance, and that he was the reason he took her.

    “He is…” When she got to a certain range, Sister Iaura sensed something, the signature of particular force that could not be described in the form of fluctuations, undulations or anything remotely similar.

    “She can tell without inspecting Niel’s soul…” Zax murmured to himself. “You can sense the Godly Retribution in both of us?” He asked to confirm and she replied with a nod.

    “At the time, out of fury and heedless to the repercussions, I swore to Archbishop Silternjan, using the name of your God, that I’ll kill him and destroy his church. This is how I was smitten with the Godly Retribution. My son, however, was not born yet back then. He should be innocent. Nevertheless, the Godly Retribution also inflicted him”.

    Sister Iaura listened, or rather knew that for her safety she should not ignore Zax.

    “Initially I’ve took you as a guarantee. From the first time we met and every occasion after I saw you in the company of Stelero Mars and others from the church’s high echelon. I figured your wellbeing will be a good incentive for their help. But on my way back with you I discovered several startling secrets on your body… The protective measures you possess are something no one else, not even ‘His Young Eminence’, have. I cannot imagine what your identity in the Holy Palace, but for my son I don’t care to offend the people behind you. Hence, for the time being, I’ll keep you under my watch. You can try to assist me to remove the Godly Retribution of Niel’s soul, and if we’d succeed I’ll let you go, or wait to see the outcome from the sidelines. Either way, I’ll let you know right now, if something bad will happen to my son, no matter what protection you have, as part of Luminous Church, I’ll definitely find a way to kill you”.

    It was a long speech, dripping malice and hate, but it also was candid, which made it sound like a confession.

    “I understand”. Sister Iaura replied serenely, as if she had a change in temperament and gave off the impression of genuinely siding with Zax.

    Her amiable tone caught Zax by surprise. He found the girl before him, who was certainly much older than her lass of a look, conducting herself as he would expect someone of equal standing.

    ‘Is it pride or self confidence? Can she realize the situation she is in?’ Those were questions for the end result. “Can you manifest the power of the light element energy in you by will?”

    Sister Iaura came to sit on her knees between him and Niel. “No. If you think it can help, then I’ll follow any of your suggestions. But if you are willing to listen to me, I can offer another solution”.

    “There is something within your power that can help my son?”

    “I can help you as well”.

    “Really… how?” Zax glared, doubtful. She could not help herself but she can help him and Niel?

    “Easy, join me for a prayer”. Sister Iaura smiled and for the first time Zax spotted, or rather had a vague feeling that he perceives another existence inside of her. It was almost creepy, but there was something convincing in her words, much more than in Archbishop Silternjan’s invitation.

    “I can save you”.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!

    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 28 – Plain Refusal

    “Pray with you? Save me?” Zax glared at Sister Iaura as if she was a fanatic madwoman.

    “In this remote, undeveloped Star it is expected for misunderstandings to manifest. Per my duty, allow me to serve you my little share of insight”. Sister Iaura’s smile grew charming and her eyes almost crescent. From a rather young lady with childish qualities to a pious devotee, the overall transformation made it seems as though she was possessed.

    Before Zax’s eyes her demeanor again changed to that of a teacher with an air of patience.

    ‘What’s with her?’ The more Sister Iaura expressed her inner self, the more confused Zax became. It dawned on him that although he initially evaluated her as a spoiled, probably greater prodigy than Stelero Mars; despite her looks and general conduct, she in fact was at the very least as old as him. And as he continuously was exposed to her shifting personality, he bit by bit grasped a minor comprehension of this weird woman. ’Two, no… she has three personalities’.

    “Unlike Nature, Gods are different”. Sister Iaura opened. ‘When offended, do you really think a God would bother to invest in punishment? Mortals who never strode upon or attained much on the Martial path are frequent. For the voice of one to reach the ear of God is impossible, only through congregation can it be heard’.

    Zax already knew this long ago from Bishop Nunsup, but he still listened in mild interest for Sister Iaura’s point.

    “You are a Mortal and a spectacular cultivator. Too often the likes of you mishandle the name of a God. Common outcome is a swift death, as soon as feasible post uttering blasphemy. To be smitten by a Godly Retribution?” Sister Iaura shook her head and halted at eye contact. “His Holiness preaches: ‘The bane of a Godly Retribution is like a rebuke and the period of it is like timeout. How can a God display such parental sentiment for a Mortal if it is not out of benevolence and love? How many Gods do you think are so magnanimous?’” The quote ended and Sister Iaura provided her own answers, both to His Holiness and Zax’s inquiries. “The Almighty loves, so of course he will listen”. The first reply was of acknowledgment. “Have but one faith, in the compassionate, The Almighty”. The second reply was a confession of a believer and demonstration of conviction.

    ‘She is not asking me to join the church, just pray. Will it truly be enough to exonerate Niel from my mistake, if not the two of us?’ Zax heart palpitated. Sister Iaura should be aware of the consequences of leading him on. ‘Be it one or three, none of her personalities must be that careless’.

    “Your prayer, can it solve the Godly Retribution for both me and Niel?”

    “As you said, the boy is innocent. As his father, as long as your prayer is heartfelt, it is in my belief that The Almighty will show mercy”. Sister Iaura asserted, confidently. “For you, my apologizes, I cannot promise a full pardon. But, I’m sure The Almighty will treat you with leniency”.

    Gradually, after weighting Sister Iaura’s words, Zax felt inclined to agree. ‘If there is a way to get rid of the Godly Retribution, directly by The Almighty, it will be much safer than tinkering on my own, to Niel and myself, even if I can find use to the light elemental energy in her.

    ‘Should I coincide, and she speaks truth, at bare minimum Niel would be free and I won’t have to subjugate myself to no one.

    ‘Lastly, all I’m being asked to do is pray… Inducing the Godly Retribution was my act of insolence against a mighty senior. Since then to this very date I never once thought to apologize’.

    As Zax saw it, no matter how indignant he was toward The Almighty for involving Niel, whether it was accidental or intentional; to lower his head and ask for forgiveness was not a question of pride, but proper ethics.

    “Tell me what to say”. A strong part of him wanted to warn her not to fail to keep up with her words, which he took as a guarantee. Nevertheless, he chose to subdue his distrust until it is warranted.

    Overjoyed, Sister Iaura offered her hand. “Hold your son’s hand and mine and repeat after me…”

    Her voice was subtle as she articulated her words from the ordinary to the unordinary. By the commencement of the first verse, they sounded to Zax like an obvious string of invocation, reference, admission of guilt, regret and apology. Then, in the revolution of the second verse, they turned to coherent lyrics of once a well known song, but now completely forgotten. Next in the third verse, cords began to play in his mind, which at the fourth verse became a tune with a liberating tempo. In the fifth verse, despite still being in a stupor, Niel’s lips parted and a sweet hum rung out of his throat.

    The prayer was ongoing, for minutes, to a quarter of an hour, half hour and so on…

    ‘What’s happening?’ Within his sea of consciousness, Zax felt himself drowning in the psalm, his self awareness drifting on the melody.

    It was behind his imagination. Although he did not resist, echoing after Sister Iaura dedicatedly so as to not disrupt the prayer and for it to work, he was not prepared for its effect to actually influence him by this much; perhaps a sort of weakness, the same of as when he made the oath to The Almighty; maybe a feedback by one of his three aspects, but definitely not being swayed to the point of desiring to submerge.

    The more he yielded, the greater his sense of danger urged him to get a grip, whilst his rational thinking argued it as merely a part of a procedure he is not acquainted with and for Niel’s sake, should not interrupt, otherwise, why give Sister Iaura the chance to begin with?

    It emerged from the ether, a power much more profound than even the little he knew about elemental energy, guided by the prayer he recited and welcomed with an open heart.

    “Your child bows before you”. Zax saw Sister Iaura lower her head with bliss plastered on her face and mimicked her, not daring to hesitate in fear that his heart will grow rigid.

    “O, The Almighty Father, please listen to the request of this small postulant who cherish your Way and value your Teachings”. Sister Iaura tightened her grip on Zax and Niel’s hands. “Here, beside me, are two who received your boon of Godly Retribution and now seeking atonement from The Divine. I beseech you, The Almighty, as your lowly servant, please answer to their prayers”. Two streams of tears ran down her rosy cheeks and as she finished talking outloud, she started murmuring.

    Zax waited. From the moment Sister Iaura began to murmur, he could not understand nor pronounce whatever she said, even though he could hear her.

    Part of him, a very tiny fragment of his awareness stemming from his outreaching spirit, still held doubts, but for the most part he was captivated by the ethereal event transpiring.

    The power that could only be labeled as “Godly”, descended on Zax and Niel. Zax followed it as mere observer as it permeated Niel’s soul so casually and waited in anticipation for the salvation of his son.

    ‘It resonates!’

    The strain of Godly Retribution that was passed on along with Zax’s Inner Panorama responded in reciprocity to the Godly power, rather than flaring the main mass in Zax’s sea of consciousness.

    The Godly power transformed to a giant hand and pointed on the Inner Panorama replica, commanding the hidden Godly Retribution to show itself in its entirety and coalesce at the tip of its finger.

    ‘Is this The Almighty’s manifestation?’ Zax speculated, mesmerized and at awe. The manifestation of Godly power had yet to act for his Godly Retribution, but he was gratified nonetheless, so long as his son was clear from its threat. ‘Thank you! Thank you, The Almighty!’ he cried humbly, in deep appreciation. ‘I know my mistake… for my insolence back then, please accept my apology!’ He bowed, too.

    When it was done coalescing, Niel’s Godly Retribution turned to a ball of light. At that time, the Godly power in Zax’s sea of consciousness also formed a giant hand that exuded safety and gentleness.


    The hand in Niel’s soul flicked with its pointing finger and sent the light ball of Godly Retribution coursing from his sea of consciousness to Zax’s through their temporary connection.


    The ball hit the back of Zax’s spirit as it was in the midst of reaching the sixth bottleneck, causing it to stumble half a step forward at the price of losing its balance.


    The hand that formed in Zax’s sea of consciousness clenched its finger to a fist that knocked down Zax’s spirit a whole step forward but also to its knees.

    “No! It wasn’t my intentions!” Sister Iaura horrifyingly ceased her murmuring and shouted in bewilderment.

    Luckily for Zax, she reacted right after the ball struck him and before the full brunt of the fist bashed him. The giant hand in his sea of consciousness was more than eighty percent faded when it hit his spirit. That being the case, a substantial damage already been done.

    At last, he got to advance a step and a half for the sixth spark of insight, being only a step and a half away, but his spirit was pushed to its knees in a prostrating position, too weakened to get up or catch the sixth spark even if it was over its head.

    He could not feel anymore the presence of The Almighty in either Niel or himself and he heard Sister Iaura panicking, yet his full attention was preoccupied by the pulsing pain in his spirit.

    It was sheltered by the membrane of his soul, which shielded him from a portion of the impact, but damage was unavoidable. A large gash ripped in his soul, draining roughly sixty percent of its energy, whilst his spirit was bounded by endless pain that could barely be described as having all bones shattered, all tendons torn, skin peeled and so on and so on…

    “Wh-y?!” Zax crotched and black cracks appeared from head to toe on his body. He did exactly as Sister Iaura instructed and The Almighty saved his son. Why then did it so brutally refuse him?!

    “I- I- don’t know!” Sister Iaura was in a state shock. Confused, she hinged back from Zax, eyes wondering across the room, searching for answer rather escape route. “Because you hurt His Young Eminence!” A juvenile tinge suddenly echoed from her voice in a resentful tone. “This child was blameless, but you fiend, got what you deserved! I’m glad! I’m glad The Almighty heard my whispers!”

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 29 – The Second To Approach

    “It can’t be!” The former, composed and adult like voice of Sister Iaura retorted.

    “But it is!” The juvenile voice further repressed the other voice. “He deserves it!”

    Sister Iaura’s expression convulsed as the white gleam in her eyes dimmed and a blue hue took its place. She pulled twin black pistols from under her garments, similar in their design to her intricate silver blue pistols, and flung the short barrels, aiming at Zax.

    When she got captured, Zax confiscated her spatial ring and failed to find any other spatial object on her person, yet she somehow managed to conceal the pistols and perhaps more stuff.

    From the pain, the turn of events that seems like a ploy and her unbridled behavior, Zax became livid. He swung his arm, knocking the pistols from her hands and grabbed her throat in a tight squeeze.

    “You…” He could barely speak. Enduring the excruciating pain to his soul and spirit required his full concentration, and that was before thinking about healing to horrible black cracks all over his body. ‘No, this is another of her three personalities! The one I’ve met before…’ Zax realized.

    “Unhand me or I really won’t forgive you!” The juvenile Sister Iaura wriggled. “Shameless, ungrateful!”

    “It wasn’t you who helped my son”. Zax said hoarsely, pinning Sister Iaura to the ground.

    “Who else is there than me?!” Sister Iaura squirmed.

    “The other you, with the light attribute energy”.

    “His Young Eminence will save me, you’ll see! My attribute is icy, liar!”

    ‘Is she not aware of her condition?’ Zax frowned. ‘Now is not the time to argue with her. I can’t kill her and currently too weak to channel a soul attack to incapacitate her’.

    Physical strength was all that remained and even that had vastly declined due to his injuries. Inhaling, Zax drew on the worldly dark attribute energy and that in every resource in the room, turning much of it to dust. And yet, there was a long way for him to recover.

    Utilizing the strength that he gathered in his palm, he strangled Sister Iaura.

    She was a Peak Core Master and could sustain without her air for long periods of times. When she needed to breathe but there was no air, she could alternatively absorb the energy of the world, or if her understanding was sufficient, the attribute energy of the world she had affinity to.

    To prevent her from struggling, Zax expended the Devour nature of the dark attribute and its three properties to Swallow, Digest, Spread throughout his body Sister Iaura’s energy.

    In comparison, Sister Iaura, at least the one in control at the moment, had a shallow understanding of the Cold nature of the icy attribute and its three properties: Heavy, Smooth, Flow, making her resistance futile.

    In no time she lost consciousness and, again, protected by light element energy.

    ‘Niel…’ Zax turned to his son, relieved. Ultimately he got what he wanted and disregarding that manner in which it happened, it is still can be said to have been easily achieved. ‘Maybe it was really a coincidence and the sliver of Godly Retribution just caught a ride with my Inner Panorama’s replica?’ He decided not to wake Niel and began to introspect himself. ‘I did everything I was told. This girl is just a postulant but her status in the Holy Palace is certainly higher than anyone else on this planet, otherwise, Silternjan, Northstar and Stelero Mars could have also suggested a sermon to expel the Godly Retribution. They are incapable of such feat but she can. It’s possible that The Almighty actually care for her… but to a degree, enough to pardon the “accomplice”, but not the main offender?’ For an instant he tried to figure The Almighty’s motive. ‘I can’t discount the possibility that Niel was spared so I won’t do anything substantial to harm her in response’. This was his greatest fear, because if Sister Iaura was not in his possession and he would have made a determined attempt to deal with the Godly Retribution, then Niel might have been dead right now!

    With this last thought he proceeded to slowly heal and hope… that no irreversible was done to his spirit and its endeavor for the last bottleneck of insight.

    “Why won’t go outside? The others enjoying themselves in the city. I want to enjoy myself with the beautiful women of this city. Only you edgily huffing and puffing. I thought that you hated danger…”

    A middle aged, black haired, gray skinned man rested arms stretched sideways on a velvet sofa. In front of him a short haired, tanned youth paced back and forth atop the marble floor of the hall of a room they stayed in.

    “Deathly danger, I hate gratuitous danger!” The youth corrected in annoyance. “With reasonable danger I’m completely fine!”

    “Here, sir”. A young female secretary brought a tray with glasses and a yellow bottle of some hard drink. “This is the ‘<a href="">Aureolin</a> Pineapple Nectar’ you drank on your last visit”. She courteously said and placed the tray on the table before the sofa.

    “I can pour on my own”. The black haired, gray skinned man grabbed the secretary’s slender forearm and gently pulled. The secretary lost her balance and fell to his lap, startled. “Instead, why won’t you join me as good company until we can get in?” The man’s handsome smile and alluring eyes negated the notion of refusal from the young secretary’s mind and she very meekly nodded.

    “L-I-M-I-N-T-O-N!” The youth snapped at the philanderer.

    “What, Bin Bin?!” Being interrupted as a bit of fun was finally and literally on his lap, got Liminton to bark back. “It’s not my fault that the church takes precedence in your uncle’s point of view, so what do you want from me?” His outburst scared silly the young secretary. Feeling her shivering, he granted and sent a stream of soul energy to her sea of consciousness.

    The secretary’s eyes became cloudy for a second and then clear again. “Eh? Sir! I- I- have to return to my post”. She jumped on her high heels and hassled to her desk, sole desk in the entire hall, next to a pair of four meters tall ebony doors.

    “Seriously, Bin Bin, what do you want? You could have gone to the Holy Palace, but you chose to purposely lose. We had been to every ‘reasonably risky’ place afterwards, which improved our abilities. What remain are the places that are too dangerous for those below the fifth Martial Mortal level and a handful more you said you don’t want to go to. If you are fed up, then let us return home. Your uncle will contact your parents, we can inform them and I’ll be free to my devices”. Liminton lecherously eyed the confused secretary.

    “I want to go to New Earth!” Bin Bin blurted. “Not Rising City, but the underground world beneath it”. He emphasized.

    “Going there is impossible”. Liminton rebuffed without even much of a look. “That man, Zax Zel, might be a traveling acquaintance of ours, but back then, five years ago he already personally denied and your uncle’s letter. Even those friends of his from the records, what were their names… Fengar and Vouvik, right. From what your uncle said, those close friends of his were too were not allowed to pass through the underground pathway”.

    “Don’t tell me what I already know. The old envoy said that we should explore that place and it would be fine”.

    “Well, he isn’t here and your uncle cannot take liberally to decide or do on the business of someone who reached the Mortal Enlightenment state. How about this, if you’ll agree to forget about New Earth, I’ll compromise and chaperon you for an additional fifty years“.

    “Humph, if you are gonna be a bother like you are right now, I’ll rather be alone”. Bin Bin snorted.

    Liminton shrugged. “As if you could”.

    A momentarily silence ruled the hall, before being broken by Liminton.

    “We don’t have much time here, anyway. So why not, spend it as you see fit. The things you will miss and earn are yours to bear”.

    At the other side of the tall ebony doors an office room was situated. Large, glimmering tiles adorned the floor; at one corner near the balcony were seating accommodations for guests. A handcrafted desk with a matching set of three padded seats positioned at the center of one end of the room, opposite to the balcony.

    The top figure in the Mercenary Association, Sheldon, hosted a man, seemingly just as old and another top figure, Archbishop Silternjan.

    The two stood side by side, overlooking the bustling city of steampunk charm well below a one way mirror window.

    “You contacted me”. Sheldon said, smilingly.

    “You contacted me first”.

    “Save of Cardinal Northstar, I contacted all of you. Logan was the first to respond, after finding something he wanted from me. You are the second”.

    “So Logan reached you… Is it possible for you to disclose the subject of your discussion?”

    Sheldon shook his head. “I’m afraid it’s personal”.

    “Is that so… then let this conversation also be personal”.

    “Since you’ve asked”. Sheldon complied. “The matter of your visit?” He inquired.

    “Sister Iaura had been taken by Zax Zel”. Archbishop Silternjan said straightforwardly. “His son somehow been inflicted by his Godly Retribution and so he blames me. He kidnaped Sister Iaura, expecting us to exchange for her with a solution to his predicament”.

    “Can you?”

    “No. The Immortals of the church can give it a try. The young postulant herself has some chance”.

    “Then tell him to ask her”.

    “I wager she already offered and performed the act”.

    “So what’s the issue? Did she fail or succeed?” Sheldon glanced with a hint of curiosity.

    “She cannot yet solve the Will of God. Succeeded or not, The Almighty will enact a greater punishment. If she did succeed, Zax Zel will not release before analyzing the condition of his son. Best case scenario, nothing untoward will substitute the Godly Retribution and Sister Iaura will regain her freedom. Any other scenario would result in the church still having a problem”.

    “I cannot negotiate with Zax Zel on this incident. Beside, would your church really want me involved?”

    “I am the Archbishop of the church on this Star”. Archbishop Silternjan proclaimed ardently. “If I utilize the name of the church, know that I am its consent!”

    Sheldon kept staring at the stream of people, especially scrutinizing the mercenaries that came and left. “So, what do you want me to do and what do you offer in exchange?”

    Archbishop Silternjan relaxed, but only partly as he still had in mind General Logan’s visit. “I want you to have Senior Ohar bring some sense to Zax Zel. It should not be as costly as a favor and to cut the price further you can function as the middleman“.

    “Mobilizing Senior Ohar’s word is still not cheap”. Sheldon sighed. “It will push me below the poverty line…”

    “I will reimburse you with five days”.



    “Six and sixteen hours and sixteen minutes. And if His Holiness won’t obtain the Godly Law Template?”

    “Is that what you are plotting with Logan?” Archbishop Silternjan interjected, yet did not expect an answer. He knew that divulging his meeting with General Logan was merely Sheldon scheming and that by not fervently pursuing the subject he can tangle a bit with the bait and escape the hook before being pierced.

    “We can talk about it in length-”

    “I don’t have the time”. Archbishop Silternjan dodged.

    Slightly disappointment, Sheldon coughed and asked. “About His Holiness failing…?”

    “I’ll owe you a favor“.

    “To accomplish anything?”

    “I swear”.

    “Then, Silternjan my friend, we have a deal”. Sheldon concluded, accompanying Archbishop Silternjan to the doors, but when they opened he exited alongside a young priest.

    Bidding the young priest farewell, Sheldon turned to the guests who waited outside. “Bin Bin, Liminton, you may come in now”.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 30 – Senior Ohar

    “Fine, you can go to New Earth”.

    “It’s not ‘fine’, uncle, I’m not giving up until I’ll go to New Earth- Eh! Wait, you have way for me to actually go?” Bin Bin snapped in delight and next to him Liminton also had a look of surprise plastered on his face.

    “I could not help you in the past, but today I was persuaded to make some effort”. Sheldon nodded. Inwardly he was quite gratified for this opportunity he cleverly came up with the idea to manipulate in order to kill two birds with one stone. “Wait a few days with the others from your deputation. I’ll call you when everything is ready and have you sent to Rising City as my agent”.

    “But how will I get access to the pathway to New Earth, uncle?” Bin Bin quizzed, as he knew that Zax do not care about Sheldon’s status, much less those who act as his envoys.

    “Don’t let your mind worry about it. Now go. You, too, Liminton, leave and make sure Bin Bin is waiting patiently”.

    “Of course”, Liminton concurred. “I’m under obligation to his parents until we leave here, anyway”.

    On their way out of the office, Bin Bin halted his steps. “Uncle, you notified us that roughly in a year time we would all need to depart… please be fast with my entry ticket to New Earth”.

    “Go, go”. Sheldon waved his hand.

    The door closed and Sheldon slowly moved his hand underneath his desk. There he activated a complicated formation that opened a secret compartment in the desk.

    A drawer opened and a rectangle, metallic object with elaborate runes and formation glared with a silvery sheen – a Galactic Communicator.

    Being kept in the wooden desk, it obviously was not connected to anything.

    Sheldon received the Galactic Communicator into his spatial ring and pressed the intercom button atop the desk. “I’m heading out. Cancel all appointments and don’t try to contact me”.

    “Yes, sir”. The crisp voice of the young secretary replied from the other side.

    Snow blizzards reigned on the terrain due to ever erect natural occurring formation. According to the statistics, the survival rate of typical first level Martial Mortals who attempted to cross this land was a terminally one out of twenty in a good year, more in a bad year; hence, no living soul could be sighted for kilometers upon kilometers.

    These extreme environmental conditions allowed the location of the compound to remain confidential, known only to four figures in the Mercenary Association, with only Sheldon possessing full administrative control.

    ‘Access Code: 439Skol0’. Wearing a white coat that merged perfectly with the tempo of the cold winds, Sheldon flew toward the twenty square meters size compound, indicating his arrival via his communicator.

    An approval transmission rang in Sheldon’s sea of consciousness and a hatch on an inconspicuous spot around the compound opened for him to pass through within a short span of time. Should he miss the allocated the time, the all process will have to be repeated and a hatch on a different spot would open.

    Within the compound a wall size sort of Screen displayed images, through a hidden satellite, of specific locations in Ercas Mir, among them were Rising City, Northern Icecaps and Down Ocean.

    Beside the Screen was a four meters long workstation with holographic keyboards and a projector at the center of the workstation that projected up to ten images. Behind the workstation stood a long table covered by old fashioned decks of paper and pencils. Most amazing in the compound and the last thing to note, before the unusual staff, was a docking station with what appeared to be a one person space pod in the shape of a rather drolly cartoony rocket.

    “Welcome, sir Sheldon”. Two black, metallic humans greeted Sheldon in a voice like tinkling bells. They both were bold and looked exactly the same. Under matching silvery lab coats they wore sport jerseys, short boxers and slippers.

    Gazing at the twins, Sheldon repressed the twitch in his left eye as he was most definitely certain that just before the announcement of his arrival they once again neglected their responsibilities for another sport broadcast. What amplified the anger he kept brewing inside of him was that the two could not even be consistent with the sport events they liked and so waste further time, when left alone, browsing the hundreds of sport channels from every city and clan in Ercas Mir and even those of Kingdom Earth.

    Regrettably, facing the pair his sole choice was, always, to inwardly sigh.

    “Kurer, Keish, Hurry and contact me to Senior Ohar. Also, if I’m already here, show me Rising City’s Star Scavenger crew’s route and compile a list of their findings”. Sheldon handed over the Galactic Communicator.

    The two metallic humans might have been slovenly and negligent when alone, but their competence during tasks shown extraordinary level of collaborative skill.

    Sheldon was a fifth level Martial Mortal, albeit the weakest on the planet, but still one of the handful top figures in both Ercas Mir and New Earth. Those eligible to be referred to as “Senior” by him could only be Immortals.

    Senior Ohar was the Immortal supporting Sheldon in Ercas Mir, despite being off in another Plain and unrelated to the three Immortal Powerhouses affiliated to the five powers.

    Opening a secure channel for communication to outside of Plains was a very complicated job and from a place such as past Earth, which already got the attention of the detection devices of three titanic groups who by themselves were remotely monitored by an undetermined number of Immortal adversaries, was many times more challenging. Yet, barely two minutes after receiving Sheldon’s request, Kurer and Keish pointed at two final holographic keys before the projector on the workstation projected detailed information on the Star Scavenger’s voyage and the wall size Screen displayed the shoulders and above of a thin, red, bald head.

    “It had been mere couple of years since out last communication, Sheldon. You are not supposed to seek me out in so short intervals”. The man, whose face lacked the minuscule amount of fat, had a black sclera and blue pupils. The tips of his pointy ears stuck to his head and his parted lips exposed sharp teeth with four protrusive large fangs. Most prominent in his appearance was an emerald jewel at the center of his brows. A prolong look at it reflected baleful green flames and the outline of a humanoid figure inside the jewel.

    “I know, I know, Senior Ohar”, Sheldon smiled awkwardly. “I really did not want to bother you after employing the favor you gave me. But this time I’m here about the man Zax Zel…”

    “Him?” Senior Ohar huffed a complicated breathe. Moment of contemplation later he opened. “Expound”.

    And so Sheldon narrated his conversation with Archbishop Silternjan.

    “Such a blunder happened…” Senior Ohar mused. “So be it, you may approach Zax Zel as my spokesman. I’ll leave to you what to say, but make sure to select your words carefully. Although I do have the ability to deal with most forms of Godly Retributions, including that of the Holy Palace’s deity, your small Star is currently under the watchful eyes of a number of Gods; therefore I rather won’t interfere on this regard”.

    “I understand, Senior Ohar. I know what to say”. Sheldon calmly replied.

    “Then I’ll let you off with a reminder, Sheldon, so you won’t contact me again ahead of time… sometime in the upcoming decade your deadline will arrive. Make preparations for permanent departure and inform that group to also be ready”. Senior Ohar instructed and cut the transmission, his bloodshot mug on the wall size Screen replaced once more in the various locations on Ercas Mir.

    “Sir Sheldon, here is the report of the Star Scavenger’s mission. I’ve sent it to your communicator”. One of the twins notified.

    ‘So they had not discovered signs of livings organism on any of the Stars they visited’. Sheldon first remarked to himself. ‘It was expected, but I still find it a shame. According to Senior Ohar, any Star that can sustain basic forms of life is a treasure trove in the first Valley and this Plain should have several out there, although only at the evolutionary starting line. What resources have they found…? ’ He proceeded to read the file. “Good, good, good. Not all is noteworthy, but these few are fairly wonderful things that can assist the cultivation of fourth and even fifth level Martial Mortal. Sadly, these are just useful for enriching mist energy and strengthening the body and soul. Nothing here can actually improve the understanding of the attributes for the high levels. Those fellows in Kingdom Earth can now hasten the cultivation of two or three of them to the fifth level, but should they have an insufficient understanding of the attributes they will simply become trash’.

    Two days have gone by since Zax wary attempt to appease The Almighty. During this time he kept Sister Iaura locked at one of the underground chambers of his home, as she was still unconscious, while Niel was fine and dandy and sent to his Master Kartion to keep on his training. As for Zax himself, on the surface, the black cracks he suffered were no longer visible and all in all he looked in perfect shape… donning an excellent facade.

    In fact, as relieved as Zax was for his son sake, for his own he was in utter dismay. His spirit, since falling to its knees, had not exhibited the slightest sign of recovery, as if some enigmatic prerequisite had to be fulfilled in order for it to revive its pursuit for the sixth bottle neck of insight.

    ‘I’ll wait and see after my body and soul will recover’. Zax told himself. Fortunately, these two aspects were very slowly getting better.

    His dantian and Qi channels were too underdeveloped to pose complexity in restoration for someone with his capabilities. Moreover, his body and soul received nearly all of the brunt.

    Lowering his gaze to the Screen atop his table, he read the content on display, which he learned about a day prior.

    ‘Two hundred and seventy four Stars visited and eighty eight resources foraged, bringing in a total weight of thirty five thousand kilos. Of the resources, twenty are attribute type, weighing twenty nine thousand kilos, and of the remaining sixty eight, nine are newly discovered’.

    “This voyage is our second best”. Noel Maxim, a short fat middle aged man with ruddy complexion, the director of Foreign Materials Analysis in Rising City’s Department Of Space, said joyously.

    The place was the fortieth floor in the ninety storeys skyscraper of the Department Of Space, midtown.

    Zax and a group of men and women, the same people who monitored the return of the Star Scavenger from the viewing platform along with Niel, Jingrow, Shadow and Don, with an addition of couple new faces, were accommodated in a dark auditorium and briefed by the results of the recent space mission.

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 31 – A Second Inheritance

    “This is merely the fourth space mission. Yes, it was more successful than the second and third, but the yield remains beneath our preliminary estimation”. A redheaded, bulky, brown skinned man in a dark blue suit argued. Beside him, several of the good men and women concurred with his point.

    “We recalculate and reevaluate our expectation after each mission”. The short Noel Maxim countered. “The results were almost identical in the second and third missions. Adding the fourth mission’s results, we actually got the average closer to what we initially wanted”.

    “The Milky Way Plain is vast and we haven’t even scratched the surface of our solar system. As I see it, everything progresses as it should”. A voice of opposition by a blue eyed blue haired old woman was raised against the redheaded, dark blue suit fellow’s comment.

    “Anything is possible”. Noel remarked to ease the tension and between him and a crowed, the holographic projection that listed the same information as the tables’ Screens, changed the image to nine three dimensional minerals, liquids and gasses. “These are the nine newly discovered cultivation resources. For the moment, they are being tested to determine their value and safe methods of usage…”

    As Noel explained, Zax half mindedly listened and recorded what he deemed as the important parts.

    He had not come out of interest or desire as some of the people in the auditorium did. He wanted a rest from cultivation, worrying about Niel and dealing with Sister Iaura. The invitation to attend in the Star Scavenger’s fourth mission report was the excuse he latched on.

    After four hours of sitting quietly in the dark room, the lights turned on and everyone began to leave their seats.

    “Mr. Zel”, a small group consisting of three men and a woman approached Zax smilingly. The leading person was a teenage looking short man in casual clothing.

    “Mr. Lavruer”. Zax recognized the fellow as the new family head of the latest great family in Tongguo. Rufer Lavruer, despite being less than a hundred years old, has attained the second Martial Mortal level two years after breaking through to the Martial Mortal realm.

    The rumor goes that at the age of eighteen he became a Core Master, which helped him retain his youthfulness for mostly as long as he wanted. Three decades later he reached the Peak of the Core Master realm and was stuck there until a short while ago, when his family’s matriarch managed to obtain a certain substance that was discovered in the Star Scavenger’s second mission and granted it to the promising talent of the family, Rufer.

    After consuming the substance, it appeared as though Rufer had nigh perfect compatibility with the substance. His dantian underwent a qualitative change and a day later he broke through the threshold to the third realm. Most impressive was that even his understanding of the fiery attribute improved to match that of a Peak second level Martial Mortal.

    “Unusual seeing you here”. Rufer smiled. Since his explosive rise to prominence, his status skyrocketed as well, allowing him access to some of Kingdom Earth’s high echelon dealings. Now he can frequently be seen in anything related to the Star Scavenger’s missions in hope of finding more of the miraculous substance. “I was told you don’t care about formalities and leave it to the Dauch family to send over the resources you want. Having this chance to meet you I can say that luckily my persistence paid off and today won’t be another loss…” None of the resources gathered in the fourth mission or the substance he wished for.

    They shook hands and Zax said. “I always supervise the takeoffs and landings of the Star Scavenger, but disregard everything else. Personally meeting a remarkable genius such as you, Mr. Lavruer, I feel like today is indeed not a waste”.

    “Mr. Zel, these are my long time comrades”. Rufer introduced the two men and woman.

    They all looked between the ages twenty to forty and had cultivation levels at the third Core Master level. Seeing they have similar pale complexion, black hair and green eyes as Rufer’s, Zax deduced that they, too, are from the Lavruer family, perhaps older generation?

    “Hector, Jeuveena and Lou Jer are first cousins and to me they are second cousins. They are two generations older. When I was young I often joined their little group, where they looked after me, for gaining experience in Valgarel or when undertaking the Core Breaker Guild’s Basement Floor’s tasks”.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Zel”, Jeuveena nodded. Around her neck she carried a necklace with a marriage ring and on her finger she wore a matching one but of a smaller size.

    “Mr. Zel”, Lou Jer gave a more taciturn vibe.

    “You did a service for not just our Kingdom Earth, Mr. Zel, but all of New Earth”. Hector squeezed Zax’s hand with both hands.

    “Elder brothers, elder sister, would you mind giving me a moment alone with Mr. Zel?” Rufer asked.

    “Sure, little brother”. Jeuveena pulled Lou Jer by the arm.

    “We’ll wait for you at the Mir Mar restaurant across the street”. Hector said.

    ‘So that’s what it looks like when the Martial path is traversed at an equal pace…’ Zax mused.

    He perceived the quartet as a reflection of the “might be” outcome he could have had, if his rapid growth did not alienate him from every group he ever accompanied. He did not feel sad or even slightly sorry of how his path turned out, just a sense of appreciation toward who at one point or another were by his side.

    ‘Am I getting sappy due to my weakened state?’

    “Mr. Zel, I hate to impose…”

    “I have free time, Mr. Lavruer, and you already got my attention”. Zax had a positive impression of Rufer and his companions, so he was open to indulge him.

    “Thank you, Mr. Zel, however, let’s not discuss here. We can talk privately at one of the adjacent rooms”.

    The room they moved to happened to be an occupied break room.

    “I’ll erect for us a formation for privacy”. With this sentence, the staff on break took the hint and hustled to leave, while those who waited for opportunity to converse with Zax after Rufer, detected a trace of threat in his tone.

    “I’m in need of your assistance”. Rufer opened at the completion of the formation.

    “Right off the bat? Fine, speak”. Zax entertained.

    “You heard about me, correct? How I reached my current level of power”.

    “Obviously, your achievement made you famous”.

    “In that case, you probably also know why I persistently trail anything and everything about the Star Scavenger’s missions”.

    “It’s, too, not a secret”. Zax affirmed.

    “It’s a lie”. Rufer admitted derisively and proceeded to clarify in response to Zax’s inquisitive stare. “Everyone assume that I became enchanted by the Scorching Stellar Fumes and now obsessively waiting for another portion to be rediscovered, but they are essentially wrong. Indeed, I would like to obtain all the Scorching Stellar Fumes available, but there is something else I dearly desire to see underlined discovered in the report of every concluded mission, however I fear it will never ensue”.

    Interest! Rufer caught the glint of it flashing in Zax’s eyes, along with suspicion.

    “Who are you?” Zax’s voice thundered in Rufer’s ears and sea of consciousness as he studied him in and out with an intense glare and his Soul Sense. ‘How can he possibly know about the things in outer space that haven’t been discovered yet?’ The question passed through his mind when he suddenly dropped it and his expression turned grim. “You are neither human nor a beast!”

    Rufer’s face stifled. A force that he could barely make as dark attribute energy confined and slowly smothered him. “I- I am human!” He hysterically yelped, cursing at himself for how his caution actually produced such an adverse effect. His admission lessened a bit the crushing sensation. “My physiology, all three aspects, had changed because of the Scorching Stellar Fumes”.

    Zax let him loose.

    Rufer stooped, panting. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead. “How did you know?” He was inwardly terrified. The man before him was beyond his expectations. “Supreme Ruler Trey could not tell, not even the strongest Supreme Ruler Ariel…”

    With the emergence of rare, otherworldly cultivation resources, the high level experts of Kingdom Earth benefited greatly. Nevertheless, even the strongest expert after Zax, Ariel Dauch, was jammed at the Peak of the fourth Martial Mortal level in terms of understanding of the attribute.

    “Fifth level Martial Mortals can’t see through me, unless… Moral Enlightenment state?!”

    “You even know about this…” Zax looked down at Rufer.

    The Moral Enlightenment state was not public knowledge, simply because it meant nothing to those below the fifth Martial Mortal level. Those who knew of it were either in special position working for the five powers or the few Zax shared his experience with.

    “I can answer all of your questions, but I ask in return that you will keep everything I’d say between us. I promise, nothing I’ll say is detrimental to anyone but me!”


    Composing himself, Rufer straightened. “The Scorching Stellar Fumes that believed to be bred in space, as a matter of a fact, are blood. The evaporated blood of an extraterrestrial being called Zizamber, to be precise. I know this because I received part of its inheritance, along some obscure memory fragments, when I absorbed the Scorching Stellar Fumes. As I gradually interpret the content of the memory fragments I learn a lot about the Martial Path, the Zizamber and the details of its inheritance…”

    As Rufer narrated, even though he did not show it, Zax was increasingly astounded.

    The Zizamber whose blood became Scorching Stellar Fumes was an Immortal being at the Neonate stage. Its death was a mystery to Rufer and from the memories he cracked in relation to it all he acquired was a phantom of resentment and one word, “Larzar”.

    ‘Larzar! Was it killed back then by Senior Gogenta in a contest for this planet?’ From Gogenta’s earliest message Zax learnt that his goal and the goal of many was the Core the Milky Way Plain fashioned for itself, the Star named today Ercas Mir.

    “The instant my physiology transformed I was informed by a shred of intent that the inheritance is divided to twenty three portions of the Senior Zizamber’s blood and one portion of bone marrow. Altogether there can be twenty three heirs, however since there is just enough bone marrow for a single person, a struggle for the complete inheritance is unavoidable. At the moment, I can tell that there is no other heir than me, whether on this planet or outside of it. While I can keep absorbing blood portions to get stronger, even those of other heirs, without the blood marrow my Martial path is at a stop and at a risk of being severed”.

    Rufer dejectedly clenched his fists. “This may be an excessive request, but I have no other option… Please, permit me to take the Star Scavenger for an independent mission!”

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    Check out my Patreon page for daily releases! Started publishing a secondary story named "Some Magick", exclusive to all patrons!
    I'm uploading chapters to my Youtube page using text to speech, because people read LNMTL...

    Book 10 – Immortal

    Chapter 32 – Bin Bin’s Desire

    “…I’m begging you!” Rufer pleaded.

    ‘What a sorrowful situation…’ Zax inwardly could not help by sympathize. He recalled how much he had been through to fulfill the terms of his own inheritance and yet still had a seemingly bottomless chasm to cross.

    “The Star Scavenger’s missions are for the benefits of all Kingdom Earth and even our brethren from Valgarel. I can’t trade it to satisfy the whim of a single person”. He harshly stated.

    A glint of hope instantly lit in Rufer’s pupils as he perceived the clear meaning in Zax’s response. “Of course, it’s not all for me! Just a tiny bit, less than a gram, definitely! As an heir to the Senior Zizamber I can estimate the direction and distance to the bone marrow portion. It’s far, extremely far and to get there will probably take longer than the length of all previous missions combined. But the road isn’t devoid of extraordinary things that can be salvaged on the way. The Scorching Stellar Fumes portion I absorbed traversed immense distance. Everywhere it passed and sensed something peculiar was imprinted in it, to assist its futuristic heir, me!”

    “If this is the truth, be aware that I have the means to verify it”. Zax warned, thought Rufer took it as an indication that he is closer to agree.

    “I can swear to a God or an Oath Parchment, if you want”. Rufer unhesitatingly offered, making it the first time since they entered the break room that Zax smiled, although it was a smirk.

    “Should I make you swear, it won’t be for treasure, but that you’ll return. I don’t know you well enough to trust your patriotism and people on promising path could turn fickle. Anyways, this is one condition you’ll have to abide by. The second is to accept more people to this inner circle you established between us. I obtained the Star Scavenger through my own efforts, but I’m not looking to be a dictator and regardless of strength I put great faith in my seniors. Thus, you will have to trust those I’ll choose to bring in on this arrangement you want”.

    “Who do you have in mind?” Rufer asked, a tad apprehensive. There is no shortage of experts that can suppress him, should they decide to join the fray for the inheritance.

    “I won’t bother to cite the names. Since trust is the key issue, you will have to prove yours in me to gain mine. Besides, you’ll have the opportunity to know when we all meet”.

    “…Okay”. Rufer grudgingly complied. “When do you want me to meet them?”

    “I’ll inform you in a few days of the time and location. Till then”, Zax turned to leave. “This was quite an interesting encounter”.

    After exiting the Department Of Space building, Zax contacted all those he deemed necessary to assess Rufer’s request. The list contained mainly humans and overall consisted of seven figures. He sent a concise message asking the seven to convene at his home in a two weeks’ time, in case one or more of them is in seclusion and has to make preparation before an abrupt cessation.

    ‘Oh? They let someone enter the pathway?’ He ignored the transmission during his conversation with Rufer, so the other party contacted Anet who then left him a vocal message. ‘Humph, that rascal doesn’t know when to quit’.

    “He should return by the time you’ll finish the mug, if you’ll drink it in one mouthful”. Anet courteously served Bin Bin a mug of coffee, a beverage of his choosing after she asked.

    “I won’t finish it so fast”. Bin Bin chuckled, satisfaction plastered on his face. “By the way, do you have something tasty to complement the coffee? Preferably something both salty and sweet, thanks a bunch in advance!”

    “I have biscuits”. Anet sighed inwardly. It was not her first meeting with Bin Bin. Zax introduced to her the willful fellow years ago, when he came to Rising City with a group of people claiming to be companions of her husband for a time. They stayed for couple of months and through the passage of time Bin Bin almost regularly visited, pestering Zax in vain for permission to enter New Earth.

    “Biscuits are sweet, mmm… can you check to see if you also have pretzels?”

    “We do”. A voice sounded from the villa’s entrance.

    “How are you, my good friend Zax?” Bin Bin got up holding the mug. “Scratch that, Anet, no need biscuits or pretzels”. He drank the coffee in one gulp and placed the mug back on the living room table.

    “Bin Bin”, Zax said impatiently. “Denizens of Ercas Mir are banned from New Earth, it’s the sole decree of mine that nobody is allowed to undermine, yet you somehow succeeded to get access to this place... Tell me, face to face, since you refrained from notifying me yourself or let my wife do so in her message, where do you get your courage from?”

    “Courage?” Bin Bin raised his arms in defense. “Maybe I do have a little, but not in the copious amounts needed to antagonize the strongest man both above and beneath the earth!” Despite his words, he placed his hands at the back of his head in a laidback fashion. “That being said, you are right. There is a source to my present confidence, such given to the messenger of an Immortal”.

    “Immortal? Which one?” Zax instantly asked, inferring why Bin Bin did not elaborate via a transmission and how he convinced Anet.

    Interception was not an easy thing and once detected nearly impossible to accomplish a second time, but for the five powers perhaps the risk in this occasion would have been worth it. If their gadgets are programed to act on specific keywords, then there was little doubt “Immortal” was not among them.

    “The Immortal behind my uncle Sheldon, you can call him Senior Ohar”.

    “The leader of the Mercenary Association is backed by an Immortal?!” Anet paled. “Zax…”

    “I know…” He shared the same unsightly expression.

    He stole Luminous Church’s Galactic Communicator for the explicit reason that it possessed the joint frequency the five powers used to commune with the extraterrestrial forces they belonged to. With it, Sinister Chain can monitor their transmissions and if need be disrupt their connectivity. Nevertheless, now there seems to be another with the ability to reach beyond the blue sky and contact the Immortal powerhouses residing somewhere outer space.

    “What’s his message?” Zax prudently inquired.

    “Friendship”. Bin Bin said straight away to ease the tension. “Senior Ohar appreciate the aboriginal of this planet. My uncle Sheldon was the first to catch his attention and you are the second. I personally think that you are even more noteworthy than my uncle, than numerous others I’ve seen or heard of, but Senior Ohar did not make the comparison in the content of his message”.

    “Then what did he say? To what aim does he desire friendship with me? Can you prove his, an Immortal, attachment?”

    “For proof you can seek my uncle Sheldon. Actually, the message wasn’t extensive, so I can’t satiate all of your uncertainties. Senior Ohar wishes that in the spirit of a newfound friendship you could do something for him. Of course, if in your opinion it will be too much to ask, you can decline and it won’t bear effect on his will to befriend you”.

    ‘Zax, assuming that there really is “Immortal Senior Ohar”, we don’t know anything about him. He might just be like the three Immortals controlling the five powers’. Anet sent him.

    ‘Bin Bin would not make such a lie… I’ll believe him and later confirm it with Sheldon just because it’s not a trivial matter’. Zax assured. ‘Do you think I need to accept his extemporaneous friendship and decline in case his request is really excessive?’ He probed for his wife’s outlook as he formulated his own.

    ‘On one hand, I don’t think we should fear him. It’s questionable if he is in the Milky Way Plain, otherwise, as an Immortal, he can reach this planet unbeknownst to anyone and achieve what he wants directly. On another hand, this Senior Ohar seems to care more of your friendship than the favor he wants from you. This implies that his offer isn’t as sudden as presented… perhaps it’s genuine, perhaps a part of a greater scheme’.

    ‘To figure that out…’

    ‘It’s best you won’t decline’.

    The discussion was swift and did not interrupt the natural flow of Zax and Bin Bin’s conversation.

    “How can I help Senior Ohar?” Zax asked.

    “Release Sister Iaura”. Bin Bin hurried to add. “Uncle Sheldon told Senior Ohar about the friction between you and Luminous Church, which is why he only made the request in a passing. Do or don’t ultimately it makes no difference to him”.

    “I’ll release her”. Zax stopped Bin Bin’s jabber.

    “Really? That simply?” Bin Bin exclaimed, eyes popping out. “She is not some nobody like Archbishop Silternjan, Cardinal Northstar or even Stelero Mars. If I were in your shoes-”

    “Are you trying to sway my mind?” Zax disliked the headache inducing Bin Bin’s self indulgent outbursts.

    “No, no, no! Right now I’m too weak and puny to mess with Senior Ohar’s business”. Bin Bin nervously retreated a step. “Let’s not mention what I said”. He smiled a half plea. “By the way, where is Sister Iaura? Is she locked somewhere in your house?” He changed the subject.

    “Is she?” Zax turned to Anet.

    “She is out with Niel, Jingrow and Shadow”.

    “You don’t keep her in confinement?” Bin Bin was shocked, more so from discontent than how lenient Zax is with his prisoner.

    They are in New Earth, a forbidden land to outsiders such as him, yet Sister Iaura, who shared the same position and supposedly was on bad terms with Zax, received free rein?!

    “Am I even your friend?” Bin Bin snapped despondently.

    “Just as much as you’re a troublemaker”. Zax shot back.

    “Enough bantering”. Anet amiably separated the two. “Bin Bin, you can sit and wait for Iaura’s return”.

    “There is no need. She is a big girl and I did not come to babysit her safe journey to Onzengvas”. Bin Bin promptly rejected. “My dear friend Zax, do you admit that my visit was auspicious?”

    “Speak frankly”. Zax was no fool. Since his eyes first landed on the uninvited guest he knew delivering back to Ercas Mir, now that he finally got to New Earth, would be cumbersome.

    “Okay, but you must promise not to get mad. It’s only fair that I, too, should enjoy a bit benefits for toiling so you could make friends with a high caliber Immortal like Senior Ohar. My desire is that you will let me wonder uninhibited in New Earth, of course I don’t intend to cause problems”.

    “Any specific destination?” Not once did Bin Bin ever sincerely tell him why he wants to enter New Earth. In his tone Zax made it explicitly clear that this was his last chance.

    “Alright, you did not expel me, so I won’t lie… I want to go to the Savage Caves”.

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