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Thread: Need light novel recommendation please :)

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    Default Need light novel recommendation please :)

    I am mainly looking for fantasy stuff, with lots of fighting, and with awesome abilities... like if it's something that you can do in real life, even if it has a lot of fighting and what not... i might not be very interested...

    here are the light novels i have been reading:
    legendary moonlight sculptor
    drezo regalia
    only sense
    douluo dalu
    coiling dragon
    stellar transformation
    the plane of existance
    zhang long
    swallowed star (just caught up to the latest chapter updated on here)

    I'd appreciate it if you could suggest me some stuff similar to those I mentioned above, mainly interested in awesome adventures, fighting, sense of camaraderie (like secondary characters that are ever present throughout the novel, and the main character and the secondary characters are always there supporting one another, fighting to keep one another safe, risking their lives for one another)...

    now honestly... I am a lazy reader!!!! that's why i'm asking for you to recommend me something that u think i'll like... honestly i have seen a few other translations posted on here... but like I end up not knowing whether they might have those elements i am looking for... and i might give the first chapter a try, but then I kinda give up... so that's why I am asking cuz when I start they might not attract my attention and I might not give them a fair chance... If I know for certain the action will pick up... then i'd definitely keep reading, but sometimes the first few chapters might not really engage me and I end up losing interest rather quickly....

    and if possible... can you tell me stuff with a HECK OF a lot of already translated chapters? I kinda am impatient about waiting for new chapters to be translated lol... So I am hoping to find a few light novels that could keep me busy for at least a month!!

    Thanks, would really appreciate any recommendations!

    p.s. OH if there are light novels that are being translated in a different site, can you please send me the link to those sites? Thanks

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    Try one of these:

    you asked for light novels, so check out baka-tsuki if you haven't already

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    the only one i could recommend is "Arifureta"

    this one is hard to start, because first several chapter are boring as hell....bare with it until MC drops into Abyss, then you already will have what you want...
    i am sure you already know is hosted there...

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