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Thread: A Martial Odyssey 3

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    Thanks everyone for your support!

    Yes, slowly recovering. Thx again!

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    you must absolutely keep your health up

    only i am allowed to consciously destroy my bodies health xD
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    Yo avidfan any new update today?
    Also thanks for updating chapter 5 despite that fact you were sick. Get well soon!
    Hmm I am hoping for another badass Yi Ping moment coming soon because the storyline is getting sometimes lovey dovey ahh I can't take it lol

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    Chapter 6: The Universal Harmonic Chain

    As soon as the Goddess Isa walked through the archway and into the interior passageway, she gently pulled Yi Ping to her as she said firmly, “Lucky! Yun Dingzhong who we call the Great Ascetic Heavenly King is a formidable immortal fighter. He is renowned for his Mayhem Divine Force. His epitome techniques are the Absolute Endless Mayhem, Divine Scattering Impact and the Triple Trinity Invocations. His Mayhem Divine Force is one of the strongest martial forces in the Immortal Realm and not to be underestimated. In fact none of the seven Heavenly Kings are weak and they are the inventors of their own unique skills…”

    Yi Ping was startled when the Goddess Isa had suddenly analyzed the wizened old man’s martial skills.

    “His Divine Scattering Impact is his fingers skill. It is able to puncture a hole through steel from three feet away and injure within ten feet away! Combined with his Mayhem Divine Force, the Divine Scattering Impact is a martial power stance that can grind even a solid rock to dust in a hit. The Triple Trinity Invocation is his absolute heart intricacy skill that can further triple his attacking powers hence its name!”

    Everyone was gasping in disbelief; it was because martial power was something that was extremely difficult to increase. A person may double his effort but there would only be slight improvement. While there were many types of intricacy heart formulas that could empower the practitioner and given classifications such as Divine Epitome, Superior Epitome and First Rate Epitome, none could double a practitioner’s martial power!

    Yi Ping knew the reason all too well!

    It was because all the martial power within a martial practitioner was inherent and that heart intricacy formulas could only help so much. Much of it still had to depend on the willpower and internal strength cultivation of the practitioner.

    Even Yixian was shocked when she had just heard the Goddess Isa, “Then he is really unstoppable. Even my Absolute Defense Stance may not be able to stop a hit from him. What is stopping him from attacking us?”

    The Goddess of Mercy explained causally, “That is because he has no confident of overcoming us either!”

    Yi Ping was startled, “We have a chance of overcoming him?”

    The Goddess of Mercy nodded as she looked at everyone, “That is right but half of us will surely perish!”

    She said it matter of fact!

    Yi Ping began to shudder slightly when he had heard it!

    The price was too heavy!

    Jing’Er looked melancholy at the ground. It was because she knew that she would be among the perished!

    Shi Shi comforted her by tapping gently on her shoulder, “I guess I will be in the list as well!”

    Yang Min laughed softly, “The same goes for me too!”

    Yi Ping quickly said, “As long as I am here, I won’t allow anyone to hurt anyone of you!”

    The Goddess Isa smiled gently at his kind gesture but she soon become solemn, “The Goddess of Mercy is too generous with her estimates. It is highly likely that only just two or three of us will survive. Or none at all.”

    Everyone turned pale at this proclamation!

    It was because she really did not look like she was joking with them!

    The Goddess Isa added coolly, “That is because none of you have ever fought with a first generation immortal before. Naturally you won’t know how dangerous they can be whether or not they have a divine weapon or not. Whether we have any divine weapons or immortal weapons do not mean anything to them either!”

    She sighed softly, “I have never expected that we will encounter one of the Heavenly Kings today. I have always thought that they are all gone…”

    The Goddess of Mercy added melancholy, “Same here. It seems that more than one has actually survived…”

    Yi Ping asked, “Who are they? Are they formidable?”

    The Goddess Aiel smiled weakly before saying, “Extremely formidable and dangerous!”

    The Goddess of Mercy sighed softly, “The full immortal name of the Jade Emperor is the Jade Emperor of the Thirty Three Heavens. The Thirty Three Heavens refer to the thirty three first generation immortals. Just how formidable are the first generation immortals? Without revealing the strength of their Heaven Eyes, all their martial strength is at least in the Lesser Cosmos Position! That is how formidable they are!”

    The Goddess Isa nodded as she said quietly, “Not only that. As first generation immortals, the Universal Force is also stronger in their blood than the second generation immortals…”

    “The Universal Force?!”

    Lingfeng, the Universal Old Man, Ye Yin and many others were gasping with shock!

    It was because the Universal Force was said to be the strongest force in the Universe and only the true immortal weapons were said to contain vestiges of this mysterious force!

    The Goddess Isa smiled weakly. She immediately knew what they were all thinking about as she said, “The Celestial Force, the Mayhem Divine Force and all the various divine forces that exist in the Three Known Realms are all variations of the Universal Force. But because the first generation immortals are closest to the Universal Force, they are extremely powerful. And the differences between the first and second generation immortals are vast indeed!”

    The Goddess of Mercy nodded, “Indeed! The weakest of the first generation immortal is more than a match than the strongest second generation immortal!”

    While the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Isa were explaining, Yi Ping was silently muttering to himself. “The Mayhem Divine Force…it is quite similar to my Absolute Equilibrium Force. The force is perfectly balanced but at the same time I can also feel a powerful chaotic force that seemingly burst out…if I encounter him again, can I overcome him?”

    The Goddess Isa nodded, “And the Heavenly Kings are the top practitioners of these thirty three first generation practitioners!”

    Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage smiled weakly as he interrupted, “And now our opponent is one of the Heavenly Kings. I can well imagine how earthshaking the first immortal war is in the past between the first and second generation practitioners!”

    Yi Ping was thinking of the same thing too. Just how vast was the difference between the first generation and the second generation immortals?

    He began to look at the Goddess Isa…

    He began to recall that the first time when the Goddess Isa had appeared, she had actually dared to confront the thousands of celestial practitioners without fear. If she represented the first generation immortals then the celestial practitioners were the second generation immortals!

    The Goddess Isa laughed softly, “Not entirely true. Do you think we will dare to revolt against the Jade Emperor if the first generation immortals are united?”

    Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage was startled, “Huh?”

    The Goddess Isa said nonchalantly, “The second generation immortals are not the prime movers in the first immortal war. Two third of the first generation immortals actually opposed the Jade Emperor. Eventually the conflict embroiled the second generation immortals who were forced to take between the two sides.”

    “That immortal war lasted for a long time and shook the entire Nine Heavens. When it had ended, it ended just as sudden. It was said that all the surviving first generation immortals decided to battle it out in a final battle. When it had ended, all the first generation immortals could not be found including the Jade Emperor!”

    The Universal Old Man muttered, “Alas, I can only imagine the ferocity of that battle!”

    The Goddess Isa looked at Lele quietly, “But now, I have reasons to believe that the Jade Emperor is still alive!”

    Lele yawned softly as she took a glance at Yi Ping…

    At the same time the Goddess Isa had noticed that Yi Ping was staring blankly at her!

    The Goddess Isa became extremely solemn as she called out slowly, “Yi Ping…”

    “Yi Ping?”

    Yi Ping was suddenly startled as he quickly replied, “Yes?”

    The Goddess Isa groaned softly, “Are you paying attention to what I am saying? I am really serious!”

    Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Of course I am paying attention…”

    The Goddess Isa probed, “Really? Then why are you staring at me like that earlier?”

    Yi Ping was stunned by her question as he looked at her blankly for a while…

    Lingfeng hummed coldly, “He is nothing but a lecherous fellow! He does nothing all day except staring at maidens.”

    Yi Ping immediately became flustered as he protested, “Lingfeng, that is not true…”

    Lele muttered as she pointed at the Universal Old Man, “That is because his protégé master is also like that!”

    The Universal Old Man immediately protested, “That is not true…”

    Lady Winter Plum laughed softly, “Oh really?”

    The Universal Old Man was a little startled that Lady Winter Plum was talking to him but he quickly composed himself to say, “Of course! You must know that I am a highly attained celestial practitioner. I am above all worldly desires!”

    The Goddess Aiel almost choked when she had heard that as she began to cough several times!

    Lie Qing raised her eyebrows, “You dare to peek at us when we are bathing. How dare you! I haven’t settled that score with you yet. What highly attained celestial practitioner?!”

    Lady Winter Plum was shocked as she stammered, “You are a peeking tom?!”

    The Universal Old Man had suddenly become extremely flustered as he stammered, “No, that is not true. That is an accident…”

    The Goddess Aiel was also questioning him, “You did what?”

    The Universal Old Man broke into cold sweat as he shifted his eyes anxiously, “Ai, that is not true…don’t listen to them…”

    Lingfeng hummed coldly, “There are at least half a dozen eye witnesses. Do you think we will all frame you? Lecherous protégé master and protégé!”

    Yi Ping was also having a deep flush as he protested, “Lingfeng…”

    Mei’Er was laughing jovially, “Lecherous Ping’Er!”

    Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh, “Not you, Mei’Er…”

    Yu’Er laughed jovially too, “What’s wrong, our master? Are you shy? Or dare not admit it?”

    All of a sudden there was a cold air from the Goddess Isa as she said coldly, “Yi Ping! You…!”

    Yi Ping decided to keep quiet after seeing there was no other way to protest his innocent!

    All of a sudden the Goddess Isa said solemnly, “Yi Ping…Lele, Aiel, Maiden Yixian…”

    Yi Ping, Lele, the Goddess Aiel and Yixian looked curiously at her…

    The Goddess Isa looked at Yu’Er and Mei’Er, “And Maiden Yu’Er, Maiden Mei’Er…”

    Yu’Er looked at the Goddess Isa, “Yes?”

    The Goddess Isa continued, “And Lady Gusu…”

    Lady Gusu was of course the Goddess of Mercy.

    The Goddess of Mercy was slightly startled that she would be addressing her so politely…

    “And the Heaveness Lingfeng…”

    The Goddess Isa said solemnly, “We are facing formidable foes that have no equal in the Immortal Realm. Even though not all of you are immortal practitioners yet but at the very least, your Heaven Eyes will at least give you a higher fighting chance than the others. But I only ask that the eight of you will delay the likes of Yun Dingzhong for a while so that the rest of the group can flee while they can.”

    She turned to look at the rest to say nonchalantly, “Flee while you can while I will do my best to delay Yun Dingzhong or the others.”

    Suddenly Yi Ping seemed to be enthralled by her as he looked at her. It was because he had suddenly seen her in a new light that he had never realized before.

    Therefore he began to notice her every little expressions!

    If the Goddess Isa knew that he was looking at her intently, she would surely be delighted!

    It was because she had almost given up hope that she could be with Yi Ping. Moreover she was beginning to doubt if she was able to leave the Stellar Sanctuary alive!

    The Goddess Isa had suddenly noticed that Yi Ping was looking at her so she said with an annoyed look, “Yi Ping, are you even listening?”

    Yi Ping was startled but he quickly said, “I am…”

    All of a sudden Shen Xingyue interrupted, “Wait a minute! You are asking us to flee without a fight?”

    The Goddess Isa replied coldly, “It is for your own good.”

    Lie Qing yawned softly, “What if I refuse to listen to you?”

    The Ascension Goddess Ye Yin raised her eyebrows as she chuckled softly, “I fear nothing, even foes that are stronger than I!”

    Yi Ping immediately shivered when he had heard that. It was because the last time Ye Yin had fought with the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage, she had almost lost her life!

    So he immediately said, “Ye Yin, listen to her and live to fight another day.”

    Ye Yin looked at Yi Ping, “I know that a stupid fool will do otherwise. Since I am equally stupid too, so why will I listen?”

    Yi Ping was stunned.

    He could only smile bitterly; it was because if it was Ye Yin, he really could not think of anything that he could do to persuade her!

    The Goddess Isa replied coolly, “Whatever if you don’t fear death.”

    Yunzi was quietly observing the Goddess Isa. Finally she said, “Are you planning to sacrifice yourself for all of us?”

    The Goddess Isa hummed coldly, “Don’t get me wrong, I am only fighting for myself. I just don’t want any of you to distract me.”

    The Goddess of Mercy smiled, “No wonder the Goddess Isa is also known as the Battle Maiden Isa.”

    Yi Ping was solemn. It was because he had silently made up his mind not to retreat when that time comes!

    Naturally most of the maidens had already second guessed him when they had seen his solemn expression. How could they not know or guess his intention?

    All of a sudden the Goddess of Mercy flashed an anxious look, “Hold!”

    Even the Goddess Isa was alarmed!

    It was because this long stone passage was in a mess!

    There were cracks along the stone slabs and along the passage ways!

    Someone else was in this passage earlier and had destroyed all the possible traps!

    Yunzi immediately said, “These cuttings are made by an exponent that exceled in sword energies.”

    Ye Yin nodded as she gently touched the walls, “The residue of this sword energy is still so chilling to the touch…”

    Yixian quickly flipped and exercised her Jade Icy Fingers against the side of the wall before she gasped softly, “The internal strength of this practitioner is indeed unfathomable. Even my Eternal Heavenly Tears is not able to neutralize this piercing cold sword energy!”

    Yunzi nodded as she said quietly, “It is even more formidable than the Six Negative Sword Energies that I have been practicing.”

    Yi Ping looked around the passage anxiously; the entire passage was eerily cold and chilling!

    The Goddess Isa had a flinching expression before she sighed softly, “It seems that a deadly fight is unavoidable. It is a plaguing tribulation that we all have to overcome.”

    The Goddess of Mercy hummed coldly, “I have never been afraid of anyone. Even if it is a Heavenly King, their guts would surely flee at the sight of my Heavens Sundering Mirror!”

    The Goddess Isa almost choked when she had heard it. She knew that the Goddess of Mercy was trying to put on a brave front so she said coolly, “Right, right!”

    All of a sudden Yi Ping said, “There is an opening in front!”

    Indeed there was an opening in front!

    Yi Ping was already running towards it!

    It was because earlier when Yi Ping had entered this passage, he had sniffed a familiar light fragrant that belonged to Maiden Ziyan!

    The rest of the group nodded as they unsheathed their weapons as they ran right behind him!

    As they stepped into the passage opening, it led them into gigantic hall that was very much similar to the lower levels of the Stellar Sanctuary.

    There were dozens of white pillars in this gigantic hall and in the middle was a beam of faint blue light.

    But what had caught Yi Ping’s attention was not the captivating blue light but the heavenly maiden that was standing next to it; indeed she was Maiden Ziyan aka the Goddess Celestial Alice!

    As Yi Ping rushed into the gigantic hall, he called out to her. “Maiden Ziyan!”

    The Goddess Isa called out coldly, “Alice! You are here! Prepare to meet your Maker!”

    The Goddess Celestial Alice seemed to have snapped out of her trance as she turned around quickly to say panicky, “No wait! Don’t come over!”

    The Goddess of Mercy was more composed than the Goddess Isa or even Yi Ping. As she caught the sight of the silvery necklace that was hovering in the middle of the gigantic hall, she gasped with shock. “Isn’t that the Universal Harmonic Chain!? It is actually here?!”

    She quickly halted her steps in an explosive burst of martial force as she called out panicky to everyone, “No wait! Don’t go over there!”

    But the Goddess Isa had already raised her Divine Constellation Sword as she charged towards the Goddess Celestial Alice, “This time, you are not getting away!”

    Yi Ping was startled by the Goddess Isa’s sudden charge but before he could stop her, the entire ground began to shake violently and brilliant lights appeared and disappeared everywhere around them!

    But that did not deter the Goddess Isa; in the next instant she was upon the Goddess Celestial Alice as she unleashed dozens of rapid strokes that were aimed at her!

    The Goddess Celestial Alice was not slow to react either. She had unsheathed her Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword with a startling burst of angry martial force as she fended off the attacks while saying angrily, “Look what have you done! You have triggered the Stellar Esper Formation!”

    In between their verbal exchanges, they had once again exchanged dozens of quick strokes that exploded thunderously upon impact!

    The martial exchange was so furious that everyone including Yi Ping was forced to halt their forward rush!

    The Goddess Isa raised her divine sword again to say, “Not that I care…”

    But no sooner had she said, a burst of icy cold martial force had erupted from the blue light in the middle. Before she knew what was happening, she and the Goddess Celestial Alice were slammed onto the ground!

    The blue light began to burst in all directions, exploding upon impact when it had hit something!

    Yixian, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er immediately displayed the Divine Emerald Force while everyone else immediately displayed their most epitome skills or counter skills!

    Yi Ping was quick to evade and block dozens most of the exploding lights. He had received only a few hits and temporary inflicting upon him a crippling pain!

    When he had recovered his senses, he could only watch in horror as the middle had exploded in a mushroom cloud of grey dust as it completely enveloped both the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Isa!

    When he turned back to his back, he was shocked to find Han Lin, Shi Shi, Jing’Er, Lady Winter Plum, the Universal Old Man, Old Vanquisher Sage and Yang Min on the ground!

    The Goddess of Mercy had brandished her Heavens Sunder Mirror to reflect most of the piercing blue lights earlier but it was still not enough to stop the brutality of this Stellar Esper Formation!

    She was now panting breathlessly!

    In the meantime, the Goddess Aiel gasped out weakly, “Yi Ping! Step back quickly…it is not over yet!”

    But Yi Ping refused as he took a trembling step forward. It was because he knew that the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Isa were in front of him…

    Blocked by the thick dust, he could not see them or sense their vital signs.

    He was trembling and his eyes were wet, “Isa, Alice…you must live…”

    All of a sudden from beyond the gigantic hall was a bellowing earthshaking outburst!

    Yi Ping coughed out blood as he forced another step forward, “What is that?”

    It did not take long for his question to be answered; the dark outline of a monstrous giant with beaming red eyes had suddenly appeared in front of them!

    Ch6 End
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    Quote Originally Posted by al3xid View Post
    Thanks Avidfan^^
    I have a few question that have been bothering me since amo2, I can understand why in amo1 he don't get intimate with his harem member because of emotion level and that they haven't done the marriage ceremonies but in amo2 they have done it and all have pass the emotion level which left me thinking that they'll get intimate and I can concentrate to future plot without thinking and anticipating about this again and again. His harem have grown to double digit but the only time they got intimate is when situation force it and on the way to amo2 ending I have simply given up hope and deduce that yi ping are a wimp who needs drugs and aphrodisiac to get into action or reverse rape from his harem. This new chapter make me second guess my deduction due to yi ping reciting his sect rules, so my question are 'Did Yi Ping never initiate contact because his sect rules and not from him being a wimp?' 'If yes will him initiating contact make him lose or impact his attainment?' 'Are they going to connect body and soul or just soulmate(all talk being his wife with no proof to say so except for few maidens) till the end?'
    Thanks once again
    To be honest, Yi Ping is a wimp! Joking.

    In AMO1, he is a hot blood young man but as he continues to practice further, he has really become more and more aloof. But then, maybe he didn't really have too much of an opportunity too. Especially you know, even if he wants to stray, he is not really a match for his consorts

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    Thanks Avidfan,

    Can't wait to soon read chapter 7...

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    It's a bit disheartening when you thought that Yi Ping will finally be able to catch up/be more powerful than his consort but then his consort got more stronger

    P.S. Thanks for the chapter

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    From AMO1 till AMO3, he shall forever be a slapping tool for them to use I still interested in knowing what he gained from the Greater God Pangu.

    Thanks for the chapter
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    Thanks for the chapter

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    I know that no matter how long we pray authors and translators can't be granted parallel thinking or high speed thinking skills that so very often appear in their own stories so all I can pray is that they can have good health and more free time to write and appease the drought their reader feel

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    thanks Avidfan

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    Quote Originally Posted by al3xid View Post
    I know that no matter how long we pray authors and translators can't be granted parallel thinking or high speed thinking skills that so very often appear in their own stories so all I can pray is that they can have good health and more free time to write and appease the drought their reader feel
    Thanks! Yes, still sickly and slowly recovering...

    Quote: Ren Arcadia
    It's a bit disheartening when you thought that Yi Ping will finally be able to catch up/be more powerful than his consort but then his consort got more stronger

    P.S. Thanks for the chapter
    Yi Ping is really strong, I mean his raw martial power and endurance really is.

    But then AMO is also a fighting novel and there are multiple conditions in determining a decisive fight like willpower, internal strength, martial power, techniques, swordplay, unarmed, swiftness skill etc.

    So while Yi Ping can easily overpower the weaker maidens but it is going to be tough against the Goddess Isa, Yixian, Lingfeng, Lie Qing, Shen Xingyue, the Goddess of Mercy, the Ascension Goddess etc. It is because Yi Ping lacks the killing intent in the first place so, if it is a game term then it is going to be -30% of his optimum strength.

    That maybe explains why he always got kicked by Lingfeng (laughs). Not that he didn't try. He soon give up trying

    Hope that explains Yi Ping's strength

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    OT: When Martial Odyssey is out, I read Chap 1. Only 1 chap. And now it is Martial Odyssey -3.
    Clap clap.

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    Thanks - missed this chapter as I was busy with something...

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    At first I was reluctant to read these novels. Then out of curiosity I decided to read the first AMO, to my surprise it is actually a great read for it always keeps you on the edge and always wanting to read more. It is definitely worth reading and I thank you for bringing us this magnificent spine - tingling, awesome of a novel. THANK YOU!

    P.S. Thanks for the new chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkmatter View Post
    At first I was reluctant to read these novels. Then out of curiosity I decided to read the first AMO, to my surprise it is actually a great read for it always keeps you on the edge and always wanting to read more. It is definitely worth reading and I thank you for bringing us this magnificent spine - tingling, awesome of a novel. THANK YOU!

    P.S. Thanks for the new chapter.
    Thanks! That is a speed read too

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    Can't wait for this weekend's chapter. Only if you're feeling better...

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    I'm a new fan of AMO but it's just sad to see so many woman defiled... *sigh*
    Nevermind, thanks Avidfan.

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    Chapter 7: The Esper Formation

    When the Esper Formation was suddenly activated, blue explosive lights were seen bursting in all directions!

    When the Celestial Fairy Yixian raised her Divine Emerald Force to receive the incoming blast, she was startled at the ferocity of these incoming blasts as it exploded thunderous in front of her!

    If it was before, not even the Absolute Defense Stance of her Divine Emerald Skill was able to hold the furious blasts off.

    But Yixian was different and stronger now. She had managed to evolve her Icy Heavenly Tears to the Eternal Heavenly Tears. Because the requisite of the Divine Emerald Force was the intricate energy of the Icy Heavenly Tears and the Eternal Heavenly Tears was the pureness form of the Icy Heavenly Tears intricacy energy, her Divine Emerald Skill was enhanced by several notches!

    And on her forehead were five blue tiny insignia that marked her awakened Heaven Eyes that further empowered her martial strength!

    A dozen beams of lights struck against her Divine Emerald Force as it exploded with violent burst of thunderous impact but the Celestial Fairy Yixian continued to stand firmly on her ground!

    “Careful!” She shouted a warning to Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Youxue who were also executing the Divine Emerald Skill.

    The Eclipse Heaven Goddess Yu’Er gasped softly at the sight of these frightening and deadly blue beam strafing!

    The Axis Eclipse Heaven Goddess Mei’Er was also startled as she cried out, “Sister! Be careful!”

    They dare not be careless as they imbued their divine swords with the martial force of the Divine Emerald Skill as they deflected one energy projectile after another!

    Yu’Er raised her Harp Whisperer Divine Sword expertly as she parried one energy volley after another while gasping breathlessly, “So this is the Esper Formation?”

    The two sisters were worried about the other maidens that were behind them. Even though they had tried to persist but they were forced to take several steps back as the martial explosion was really powerful!

    Mei’Er gasped out in pain when she was hit by the aftershock of an exploding blue energy projectile but she quickly swung her Lyrical Whisperer to deflect another incoming explosive energy burst!

    Youxue had surrounded herself with the Dominating Force and at the same time she was also displaying the Divine Emerald Skill. However it was obvious that her Divine Emerald Skill was not as powerful as the Celestial Fairy Yixian, Yu’Er and Mei’Er as evidenced by the furious impact of the explosive energy projectiles!

    The Divine Emerald Skill was a martial force that could neutralize the blunt of attacks and especially effective against martial force.

    Because Youxue was not able to neutralize the deadly explosive impact of the energy projectiles, it was evidenced that the level of her Divine Emerald Skill was less effective than Yixian, Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

    However unlike Yu’Er and Mei’Er, Youxue continued to hold her own; it was because she was protected by the strength of her Dominating Force and her Golden Impervious Body!

    Yixian gasped to Youxue, “Youxue, step aside!”

    Youxue smiled weakly as she broke into cold sweat, “I am alright…”

    In the meantime, the Goddess of Mercy had countered against the beaming light projectiles of the Esper Formation with her Heavens Sundering Mirror with bursting energy projectiles on her own!

    “This is nothing to be afraid of…” She hummed coldly.

    As for the Celeste Wind Maiden and Shen Xingyue, they were executing their swiftness skill as they evaded one energy projectile after the other. When it became apparent that they could no longer evade, they would parry with their divine swords!

    Most of the other maidens were also evading the energy projectiles. Only when they had left with no other choice would they tried to parry the energy projectiles but it was a choice that they rarely exercise; it was because to do so was a painful and terrible experience!

    Jing’Er and Lady Winter Plum had coughed out blood as they tried to parry an energy projectile in desperation with their swords and they soon received scathing injuries!

    The Universal Old Man had broken into heavy perspiration as he calmly stood between them as he exploded the air with his Ultrapowerful Force, “Be careful! Behind me quick!”

    Lady Winter Plum gasped, “You are sure?”

    The Universal Old Man did not pay any attention to her as he was preparing another bout of vital energy as he mustered his martial power again to quickly unleash another explosive martial force of his Ultrapowerful Force to counteract the energy projectiles!

    Lady Winter Plum muttered with heartfelt appreciation, “Thank you…”

    But she quickly called out in alarm, “Watch out!”

    At the same time Yunzi had imbued her divine with deadly sword energies as she whirled it in front of her, deflecting the energy volleys away from her harmlessly!

    The Goddess of Mercy was startled at her martial display and her sword energies skill as she thought, “Who is she? She can actually enhance the intensity of her sword energies to the same level as the Esper Formation? I thought that she is just an ordinary celestial practitioner…how wrong I am. What if she is to awaken her Heaven Eyes? Won’t she be a dangerous opponent in the future?”

    But before she had recovered from her surprise, she was even more startled to see the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin evading all the energy projectiles with the slightest movement and she was doing it with her eyes closed!
    She was startled, “Is this the Invisible Eye Secret Technique?! She has actually perfected it?!”

    She quickly looked around her and quickly noticed that another maiden, Lie Qing was equally formidable. Surrounded by ten hovering wisps of bluish spheres, she had stepped next to the Celestial Fairy Yixian in a dangerous maneuver…

    “Surely she is not thinking of tanking against the might of the Esper Formation…that will be too insane…”

    To her surprise when Lie Qing was bombarded by dozens of explosive energy outburst, she had emerged unscathed!

    The Goddess of Mercy was stunned as she thought, “This…is that the Invincible Divine Force?! Impossible…one, two, nine, ten! That is already an immortal level attainment yet she is just a celestial practitioner?! Who is she and how did she knows the Invincible Divine Force?”

    All of her sudden she did not feel that her Heavens Sundering Mirror would be useful against this Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing and Ascension Goddess Ye Yin!

    She sighed softly, “Guess that I have to dirty my hands against them…”

    She was not worried; it was because she was confident of her martial strength!

    All of a sudden she was alarmed as she noticed their dark swords, “These two swords! Impossible!”

    But she had no time to contemplate for the time being as the formidability of the Esper Formation had increased several folds, leaving her in a state of breathlessness!

    Luckily it did not last long and the Esper Formation had stopped!

    But when it had stopped, many of their group had stumbled onto the ground either from sheer exhaustion or from their injuries!

    But that was not all!

    Amidst the dissipating mushroom dust cloud, the dark outline of a monstrous giant with beaming red eyes had suddenly appeared in front of them!

    There was no sight of either the Goddess Isa or the Goddess Celestial Alice to the visible eyes!

    Yi Ping was standing in front of the towering monstrous giant; it was even bigger than the Demon Bull King that they had previously fought!

    Out of their group, only the Celestial Fairy Yixian, the Eclipse Heaven Goddess Yu’Er, the Axis Heaven Goddess Mei’Er, the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing, the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin, the Joyful Goddess Lele, the Celeste Wind Maiden Qian, Dugu Yunzi, Xiao Youxue, the Heaveness Lingfeng, the Goddess Aiel and the Goddess of Mercy were still standing but they were all panting breathlessly as they had just overcome the Esper Formation!

    When Yi Ping turned his back around, he was shocked to find Han Lin, Shi Shi, Jing’Er, Lady Winter Plum, the Universal Old Man, Old Vanquisher Sage and Yang Min on the ground!

    The Heaveness Lingfeng was trembling weakly; despite her epitome swiftness movement skill, she had taken a few hits from the Esper Formation. Luckily, she was more or less protected by her Celestium Silk!

    She muttered softly to the Universal Old Man, “Old man, are you alright?”

    The Universal Old Man coughed weakly, “Not to worry. I am alright. I only need a little rest…”

    He quickly looked at Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage, “Are you alright?”

    Old Venerable Vanquisher Sage hummed coldly, “I am also alright. It takes more than that to kill me!”

    The Goddess Aiel said quietly to them, “Stop the bickering. It is lucky that the worst of this Esper Formation is over. If it is activated a second time then, then most of us will be goner. Now we ought to think how we are going to fight that beastly monster that is in front of us!”

    The Ascension Goddess Ye Yin had already rushed forward, “Yi Ping! I am coming to aid you!”

    Among all the maidens, she had used the least martial strength and was the first to recover from the attacks of the Esper Formation!

    Lele was cursing enchantingly with her divine voice as she raised her Divine Echo Sword which had been superheated by the earlier blasts, “This is so infuriating! Ping’Er…careful! There a giant in front of you…”

    She tried to take a step forward but she soon stumbled forward painfully; she had tried her best to neutralize the furious energy impacts with her Celestial Force but even for her, it was too much for her!

    But Yi Ping was raising his arm in front of him while shouting panicky, “Isa, Alice…Isa…Ziyan! Where are you?”

    He seemed to be oblivious to the hovering giant threat that was gaining momentum upon him!

    The entire ground beneath Yi Ping had sunk as he tried furiously to muster his martial strength to move forward but against the powerful martial windforce that were generating in front of him, he could only take small steps at a time!

    The sharp eyes of the Goddess of Mercy had noticed that in the place of the Universal Harmonic Chain, a monstrous giant had taken its place. She had quickly concluded that if she wanted to seize the Universal Harmonic Chain, she had to destroy this monstrous giant first!

    The Universal Harmonic Chain!

    Her heart was pounding rapidly. It was not because the Universal Harmonic Chain was an immortal artefact that caused her to have this reaction. Granted that divine artefacts were extremely rare in the Immortal Realm and that immortal artefacts were even harder to obtain therefore it would seem that even the most highly attained immortals would be tempted to seize it for themselves!

    The Goddess Aiel was also muttering silently as she stared blankly at the monstrous giant!

    The rest of the group except for Yi Ping had already noticed from the startled expressions of the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Aiel that this Universal Harmonic Chain was not an ordinary immortal artefact.

    What exactly was this Universal Harmonic Chain and what could possible cause the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Aiel to have such startled expressions?

    The Goddess of Mercy had her Heavens Sunder Mirror and her artefect was a renowned immortal artefact to be feared!

    But this Universal Harmonic Chain seemed to be above the Heavens Sunder Mirror?

    It was because all immortal artefacts were grouped into three main grades; good, superior and ultimate!

    While the Heavens Sunder Mirror was a superior grade immortal Artefact, the Universal Harmonic Chain was an ultimate grade immortal artefact!

    Just how rare was an ultimate grade immortal artefact?

    Extremely rare!

    In the Immortal Realm, the birth of immortal artefacts would occur after absorbing sufficient spiritual essence from the heavens and earth. The birth of an ultimate artefact would always be accompanied by many great signs and significant omens for many months until the birth of the ultimate artefact!

    Just before the Universal Harmonic Chain had fully ascended, hundreds of immortal sects had already gathered their immortal practitioners at its birthing place to await its arrival!

    The immortals had an unbroken rule; the first person that could seize the immortal artefect would have it!

    Therefore thousands of immortal practitioners including the Goddess of Mercy had arrived months before the exact birth of the immortal artefact. Because none of them knew the exact birthing time of the unknown immortal artefact, everyone would rather be early than late!

    In order to get into the best position to seize this unknown artefact which was named the Universal Harmonic Chain later, all the immortal practitioners began to form multiple alliances as they fought one another either openly or with great subtle!

    No one wanted to miss out on such an omnipotent immortal artefact, especially one that only appeared every tens of thousands years apart!

    Just before this unknown artefact could ascend upon the Immortal Realm, many of the squabbles began to escalate into major fights!

    Finally when this unknown artefact had emerged from the heavens in a burning fireball, the heavens and earth began to shake in anticipation of its appearance!

    The Goddess of Mercy was expecting the shape of this unknown ultimate grade immortal artefact to be in the form of a super class immortal weapon. She was naturally a little disappointed that the appearance would be that of a beautiful pink sapphire necklace. What good would a necklace be?

    They would discover that they were all wrong or had miscalculated!

    It was because all calculations and divinations proved them all wrong when this ultimate immortal artefact turned up to be a super class immortal artefact with unknown powers!

    The name of this new super class immortal artefact was quickly divined to be the Universal Harmonic Chain, an immortal artefact that was impervious to all external forces and that it was closely related to the Stellar Sanctuary Core Artefect that was in the possession of the Goddess Theocracy!

    As everyone began to fight for control of this Universal Harmonic Chain by dissolving the powerful intricate formations that were surrounding it, it had suddenly exploded into brilliant light and disappeared into the heavens without a single trace!

    All the sacrifices were in vain!

    The Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Aiel were presented that day but they had never expected that the Universal Harmonic Chain to have disappeared and would be in the Stellar Sanctuary!

    Now that she had seen the Universal Harmonic Chain today, she cursed softly that she would have realized that. And from the looks of the Universal Harmonic Chain, it seemed that it had become even more refined and was exuding an inner radiant!

    There was no doubt that this Universal Harmonic Chain had undergone several transformations in the Stellar Sanctuary and had finally reached attainment!

    Like the celestial and immortal practitioners, the immortal artefacts also have several evolution stages to attain; Origin, Awakening and Metamorphosis!

    The Goddess Aiel seemed to have realized that as well as she gasped softly!

    Lele seemed to have been mesmerized by the Universal Harmonic Chain earlier. She seemed to feel a close affinity with this beautiful pink sapphire necklace. She had been practicing the Holy Pureness, a secret heart intricacy skill that was taught to her by her grandpa.

    The Holy Pureness had altogether nine staging and the highest that she could go was the eighth. She did not think she could go beyond the eighth staging and so did her grandpa.

    Her grandpa had told her once before, “I didn’t think that you can reach the eighth staging of this Holy Pureness Heart Intricacy Skill but you have. Even the best practitioners that I know can only reach the seventh staging…”

    He sighed softly, “I don’t know if it is a blessing or a bad thing…”

    Lele laughed softly, “Naturally it is a good thing. The higher staging it is, the better!”

    Her grandpa looked at her blankly before saying solemnly, “There are only two types of practitioners that I know that can reach the seventh staging. Those very naïve or those hopelessly mental.”

    Lele raised her eyebrows as she protested weakly, “Grandpa, is that supposed to be a compliment or a slap in my face?”

    Her grandpa laughed jovially, “What do you think?”

    And now Lele had a strange sensational gut feeling with her Holy Pureness!

    She immediately thought, “Does it means that if I can seize this Universal Harmonic Chain then I can advance my Holy Pureness to the ultimate staging?”

    With this in mind, she had immediately shown an interest in the Universal Harmonic Chain!

    But before she could step forward to seize the Universal Harmonic Chain for herself, the Esper Formation had triggered and started to level its vicinity into oblivion!

    Sensing danger, Lele had immediately threw her long scythe upside down into the ground as a shield while she brandished her Divine Echo to fend off any energy projectiles that she could not evade!

    Lie Qing was initially worried for Lele because she had immediately realized the scale of the multitude of these incoming energy projectiles!

    But when she seen that Lele’s long scythe did not disintegrate and upon getting hit, she was startled to see her weapon turn silvery!

    She thought, “Don’t tell me that Lele’s scythe is also made from the Heavenly Relic?”

    But her attention had quickly returned to fend off the high velocity energy projectiles!

    If it was not for the combined efforts of Yixian, Youxue, the Goddess of Mercy and Lie Qing that were fending most of the energy attacks from the Esper Formation then it would really be disastrous for their group!

    When the Esper Formation had stopped and even before the smoking debris had totally cleared, a monstrous giant had taken the place of the Universal Harmonic Chain!

    They were all stunned at the sight of the monstrous giant!

    It was because they knew that one hit from the monstrous giant, they would be killed instantly and moreover, this monster was really too big and they were all asking the same question, “Can we evade its attack?”

    Yi Ping was asking the same question too. He shook his head as he gasped hold of the two Celestial Alices while thinking, “The arm of this giant is too wide. If we think that we can evade it then it will only be our wishful thinking. I can only go headlong with it…alas, Alice, Isa, are you alright?”

    But before he could muster his martial strength to spring forward, his keen sight had caught two shadowy figures in the thick smoking debris!

    They were indeed the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Isa!

    The Goddess Celestial Alice had wrapped her golden and green peacock silken robe around her as blistering wisps enveloped around her!

    At the same time the golden jadeite armor of the Goddess Isa was also enveloped with smearing smoke!

    Yi Ping’s heart began to pound at their sight but at the same time he was filled with great anxiety because of the towering monstrous giant that was just hovering within striking range in front of them!

    Just as he took a single step forward, the Goddess Isa gasped to him. “Yi Ping, don’t take another step forward…”

    She did not have the time to finish her sentence because the fist of the monstrous giant had suddenly smashed toward her!

    The Goddess Isa flipped two times with amazing agility before leaping on the top of the knuckle of the monstrous giant as she slashed the monstrous giant with her divine sword!

    The Goddess Celestial Alice was also being attacked by a barrage of attacks from the other fist of the monstrous giant too!

    She gasped softly as she evaded with great dexterous, “Isa, I am not going to let you seize the Universal Harmonic Chain. With your current attainment, it is not possible for you to exert control over it!”

    The Goddess Isa hummed coldly, “If I am not able to exert control over it then can you? If I don’t try, how do you know? What a joke!”

    They were interrupted by the bellowing howls of the monstrous giant as it sent waves after waves of smashing fists at them and creating explosive martial shockwaves as its fists struck the ground!

    Yi Ping was startled at how mobile this monstrous giant was and the speed of its attacks!

    But the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Isa were even more agile as they flipped with in mid-air with amazing dexterity as they evaded and slashed against the monstrous giant at the same time!

    In just a blink of an eye, they had performed a series of attacks, flip-flops, evades and leap attacks at the same time!

    Yi Ping was stunned at the speed of their movements and their attacks!

    In the next blink of an eye, the Goddess of Mercy and the Ascension Goddess had also dashed into the midst of the formidable martial outburst!

    Yi Ping had been tanking and taking the blunt of the hits from the Esper Formation earlier. It was a lucky thing that he had a formidable endurance and he was standing simply because of his sheer mental fortitude!

    He was immediately alarmed when the Goddess of Mercy and the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin had suddenly dashed past him to take on the monstrous giant!

    The Goddess of Mercy and the Ascension Goddess had emerged from the aftermath of the Esper Formation unscathed with their martial strengths barely affected!

    Yi Ping forced himself to take another painful step forward as he called alarmingly to them, “Maiden Gusu! Ye Yin! It is far too dangerous for you!”

    Barely had he shouted, Lele had also dashed past him to confront the monstrous giant!

    This time Yi Ping coughed out blood as he called out to Lele, “Lele, stay back! It is too dangerous for you!”

    Lele had reacted much slower than the Goddess of Mercy and the Ascension Goddess because she had expended plenty of her martial strength earlier but for reasons that she could not explain herself but when she had seen the Goddess of Mercy and the Ascension Goddess dashing forward, she knew that she had to seize this Universal Harmonic Chain for herself!

    Lie Qing was stunned too when Lele had suddenly dash forward too!

    Lie Qing was the only person left in Yi Ping’s group other than the Goddess of Mercy and the Ascension Goddess that had remained unscathed from the Esper Formation but she was not moved by the immortal artefact or the monstrous giant to act yet.

    It was because she had always been a passive exponent that preferred the others to act first or else she would not be the Heavenly Temptress Lie Qing that she was renowned for!

    Unless there was a need, she would prefer not to display her martial skills and take any unnecessary risks to endanger herself. Moreover there were two super exponents that were fighting the monstrous giant at the moment so she was not too worried for the time being!

    But Lele had leapt to attack the monstrous giant therefore it became another thing now!

    Yixian immediately turned to look at Lie Qing with pleading eyes and Lie Qing immediately said, “I will go aid Lele…”

    When Yi Ping had heard it he was immediately grateful as he said weakly, “Qing’Er, be careful too!”

    Lie Qing nodded as she dashed forward with lightning speed!

    Yi Ping quickly turned his attention to the fight and he had almost got a heart attack!

    It was because the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Isa were fighting with each other at the same time too!

    That was not all; the Goddess of Mercy had also raised her Heavens Sundering Mirror against the Goddess Celestial Alice, “Alice! Finally today you will fall into my hands!”

    She had raised her Heavens Sunder Mirror; immediately there was a brilliant reflection that came from her mirror that sent several brilliant rays of light toward the Goddess Celestial Alice!

    The Goddess Celestial Alice hummed coldly as she lifted her skirt as she somersaulted thrice in mid-air as she avoided the slamming punch from the monstrous giant, the Goddess Isa and the Goddess of Mercy at the same time!

    As she somersaulted she had raised her Astronomic Eulogy Divine Sword as she said coldly, “You have forced my hand so don’t blame me! Third Seal!”

    Three out of seven of the orbs along the blade of her divine sword began to glow brilliantly!

    As she raised her divine sword, there was a sudden implosion from the ground as her divine sword was suddenly imbued with a startling burst of martial power!

    At the same time she had crossed swords with the Goddess Isa, sent the Goddess of Mercy stumbling backward and thunderous implosions had exploded when she had slashed furiously at the monstrous giant!

    All these occurred in a blink of an eye!

    Yi Ping was in awe of the terrifying speed of the Goddess Celestial Alice, the Goddess Isa and the Goddess of Mercy!

    This was the first time that he had also seen the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Isa fighting with such earnest and they had displayed several mind blogging killing techniques!

    Lele, Lie Qing and the Ascension Goddess were flung aside by the martial shockwaves of these three immortal practitioners and the monstrous giant as they stumbled back to where Yi Ping was!

    Lele heaved a soft sigh, “I cannot even get close to them!”

    The Ascension Goddess smiled weakly, “Oh well, let them fight!”

    Lie Qing said coolly, “That should be the case actually!”

    Yi Ping coughed weakly as he said unhappily, “Lele, Ye Yin, Qing’Er…don’t do that again!”

    Ye Yin looked at him as she laughed softly, “So, you are worried for me?”

    Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I am worried for all of you…”

    All of a sudden there were several bursting martial shockwaves that erupted in their direction!

    Yi Ping quickly exercised his martial power to execute the Ultrapowerful Force to counteract the opposing force but by now, Yixian, Youxue, Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already recovered some of their martial strength and were in front of them as they displayed the Divine Emerald Force to shield them from the martial shockwaves!

    Lele laughed softly, “Sisters, I want the Universal Harmonic Chain! It is such a pretty necklace and I have decided that I should own it!”

    Yixian smiled weakly, “Lele, that is an immortal artefact and it seems that the Goddess Celestial Alice, the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Isa are all fighting over it. Maybe we should just observe first, alright?”

    The Goddess Aiel had quietly walked next to Yi Ping and Lele as she muttered quietly, “…the immortal artefact that had caused so many immortals to lose their lives…”

    At the same time Yang Min, Shi Shi, Jing’Er, Han Lin, the Celestial Wind Maiden, Lady Winter Plum, Old Reverend Vanquishing Sage and the Universal Old Man had all gathered around Yi Ping…

    Yang Min asked Yi Ping softly, “Yi Ping, are you alright?”

    Yi Ping nodded quietly as he continued to look at the intense fight that was taking place!

    The three immortal practitioners were moving like phantom shadows!

    All in all since the end of the Esper Formation, only a short ten blinks of an eye had passed and the three of them had already exchanged hundreds of strokes!

    The monstrous giant was bellowing loudly and there were numerous afflictions on its body!

    Yi Ping did not expect that the monstrous giant to take so much damage in such a short time!

    In fact it appeared that the monstrous giant was about to break apart at any time as thunderous explosive impacts ripped across its body one after another!

    The Goddess Celestial Alice hummed coldly to the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Isa as she fended off their lightning fast attacks, “I will give the two of you another chance. Support me and prosper or perish if you have decided to oppose me!”

    The Goddess of Mercy stabbed her with several changing finger stances, “Fat hope!”

    The Goddess Isa hummed coldly as she charged at the Goddess Celestial Alice, “I won’t be at your mercy. Not before and ever! Twenty-Fourth Constellation Stroke!”

    In that single charge a burst of energetic burst of overwhelming martial burst had erupted around her; it was so strong that the monstrous giant was knocked back!

    The Goddess Celestial Alice raised her palm to knock back the Goddess of Mercy while evading the clumsy attacks of the monstrous giant as she replied coldly to the Goddess Isa, “Then don’t blame me for not giving you any chance. The Universal Harmonic Chain belongs to the Goddess Theocracy…”

    All of a sudden the Goddess Celestial Alice gasped softly because the Goddess Isa had suddenly changed her attack stance to four beaming sword energy bursts!

    Yixian gasped, “The Unanimous Quadruplet Hits!”

    She had a taste of the special attack technique of the Goddess Isa when they had a duel previously and she knew how formidable this sword technique was!

    Can the Goddess Celestial Alice neutralize this stance especially when she was fighting two other deadly opponents?

    The Goddess of Mercy said coldly as she raised her fingers to the back of the Goddess Celestial Alice, “Isa, good! I will attack her back! She is already faltering even though her mouth is hard!”

    The Goddess Celestial Alice hummed, “Oh yes…”

    But at the moment the monstrous giant made another roaring attack on her!

    She quickly evaded the attacks of the monstrous giant by flip-flopping several times but she was clearly caught in the midst of both the Goddess Isa and the Goddess of Mercy!

    Although the monstrous giant was blocking her with its huge palm, nevertheless The Goddess of Isa burst straight for the Goddess Celestial Alice as she burst straight through to it!

    The monstrous giant howled in pain as its granite fingers shattered!

    The Goddess Celestial Alice swung her sword to counter the Unanimous Quadruplet Hits of the Goddess Isa immediately but by the third stroke, she was already faltering as she was also fighting the Goddess of Mercy with her left hand at the same time too!

    Yi Ping immediately gave a loud martial shout when he saw that the Goddess Celestial Alice had been cornered, “No!!!”

    But the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Isa cried out together, “Now!”

    The Goddess Isa had pierced her sword through the right shoulder of the Goddess Celestial Alice and at the same time the Goddess of Mercy had struck the left shoulder of the Goddess Celestial Alice with a thunderous cracking impact!

    The Goddess Celestial Alice coughed out blood as she was slammed onto the ground with a thunderous impact that caused the ground around her to explode with thunderous outbursts!

    Yi Ping gasped panicky, “Maiden Ziyan!”

    But at the same time the monstrous giant had taken advantage of their fights to swing its fist at the Goddess of Mercy and the Goddess Isa, slamming them onto the ground in a similar manner like the Goddess Celestial Alice!

    Yi Ping was now wobbly as his head began to spin when he heard their agonizing cries, “Isa, Maiden Gusu…why…”

    They had disappeared into a plummet of dust and debris; the direct hit of the monstrous giant had hit them so hard that Yi Ping knew that he would be killed instantly and even flattened if he was the one that was being hit!

    Yunzi was stunned as she gasped, “They must have hated Maiden Ziyan so much that they would disregard their own lives…”

    All of a sudden she interrupted herself as she sent her White Phoenix Divine Sword to spin as a flying sword and struck the body of the monstrous giant with a thunderous impact as she said panicky, “The monster is coming straight for us now!”

    Yang Min gasped softly, “Do we run or fight now?”

    Yi Ping was filled with teething rage and he was trembling nonstop, “I will fight!”

    Han Lin was shocked, “Yi Ping, you can’t. Not in your present state. You don’t even have any strength to stand properly!”

    The Universal Old Man urged, “Leave to fight another day. I know how you feel. The Heaveness and I have lost many companions in this way but we must first learn our limits.”

    The Heaveness Lingfeng said quietly as grabbed him and infused him with her internal strength, “Yi Ping, I will fight alongside with you…”

    Yi Ping gasped as he looked at Lingfeng who gave him an alluring smile, “Lingfeng…”

    The Celestial Fairy Yixian smiled, “Ping’Er, we are all here together.”

    Yu’Er and Mei’Er were also saying at the same time, “Yes, we are all here together.”

    Yu’Er added, “I don’t believe that we cannot bring this freaking monster down!”

    Youxue nodded, “That’s right!”

    Lie Qing laughed softly, “I don’t mind challenges!”

    Lele clapped her hands, “So what are we waiting for? Xiao Qian, Ye Yin, Xingyue…go and distract the giant for us while we will seize the opportunity to attack!”

    The Ascension Goddess Ye Yin groaned softly; she seemed to be cursing softly…

    The Celeste Wind Maiden hummed coldly, “Why should I do your biddings?”

    Shen Xingyue sighed softly as she took broad stride forward as she eyed the monstrous giant that was taking booming steps toward them, “Here we go…”

    Yi Ping called out, “Everyone, be careful!”

    Shi Shi had also said at the same time, “Sisters be careful!”

    Old Reverend Vanquishing Sage was cursing himself, “I am so useless…”

    The Universal Old Man was also sighing wearily, “The same goes for me as well…”

    Lady Winter Plum said quietly, “No you are not. It is just that we have run afoul of the deadly Esper Formation that had sapped much of our martial strength. Do you think that the rest of us here are not blaming ourselves for not having the strength to fight?”

    The Universal Old Man began to look at Lady Winter Plum in a new light as he muttered, “True, true…”

    Jing’Er, Yang Min, Shi Shi, the Goddess Aiel and Han Lin were also looking at Lady Winter Plum with teary nods and expressions…

    Yi Ping had raised his divine swords to say, “Maiden Ziyan, Isa, Maiden Gusu…don’t die, I am coming!”

    Chapter 7 End
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