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The Legend of the Peach Flower
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Thread: The Legend of the Peach Flower

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    Once upon a time, on the eastern slope of Soc Son Mountain in North Vietnam, there was an ancient giant peach tree. Living inside it were two gods named is pronounced in Vietnamese as Tra and Uat Luy. If you wanna spell this word, you can learn Vietnamese language at Vietnamese language center. Their powers were immense, and they used them to protect the people from monsters and demons, helping them to have a good life.

    Unfortunately, they both had to go back to the ninth kingdom to report to the heavenly emperor every Lunar New Year. Because of that, the land fell into chaos. The people suffered every year until the two gods came back.

    Although the gods were gone, the demons and monsters were still terrified of the peach tree and fled every time they laid eyes on it. So, the gods instructed the people to try and bring back a branch of the peach tree and bring it home to decorate the house. Those who couldn’t get one were told to draw pictures of the two gods and stick them onto their doors to ward off the demons.

    These methods literally worked like a charm, the devils never dared to go into the people’s house when they saw the decorations.

    As time went by, the peach tree became an important part of the Vietnamese celebration of the Lunar New Year, especially in northern Vietnam.
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