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Thread: 喵喵喵 Meow Meow Meow by 橘花散里

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    Ha ha ha. Wonderful light release from all the action packed epics. Keep it up.

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    Chapter 7 - Goodbye Owner

    Why do you hit me?

    In the middle of playing, a hook suddenly flies in front of me, I quickly dodge to the side, narrowly avoiding a strike towards my belly.

    The giant bird devil did not stop just because I dodged his attack, instead he aimed his iron hook upwards and hit my head. Seems like he wont stop relentlessly attacking until Im dead.

    I am very angry, my tail perks up, and I maliciously stare at the giant bird devil as I issue a battle cry. My memory stir about in my brain, and a sudden idea causes a set of steel armor and long claws as sharp as knives to form.

    Miao Miao.. Whined the giant elephant devil, Do you really hate me that much?

    I have not yet answered, and the giant bird devil scolds, You fool! Wake up! This woman was playing around with you, these years, you do not know how devils and monsters have been tricked by her, when has she ever kept a promise? You fool!

    The voices fell, he took his hook and attacked me, I will no longer be nice and I take my claw out to parry his attack. My other claw aims for his heart, rhino devil seeing this, hastily rushed forward and blocked using his fist, You hurt my brother!

    I took the offensive and grabbed his fist, slashing upwards, I cut through bones and tendons, with blood dripping profusely, causing immense pain and screaming.

    Third brother! Exclaimed the giant elephant devil as he observed the injury on rhino devil, and then looking at with his bloodshot eyes, not wanting to believe what had happened, How can you be so cruel?!!

    Licking the blood on the steel claws on my hands, I taste the flavour of my own blood, I displeasingly said, He dare hit me..

    Kill her first, then talk! We need to avenge third brother! The giant bird devil maliciously attacked me, and then bull devil rushed over to help me block his hooks with the iron bar.

    Luo Sha and Yin Zi with sword in hand, went to attack the lone rhino.

    The giant elephant devil hesitated, but eventually stomped into the earth, it shook violently and quickly around him. He pulled out his golden hammer from his waist and visciously hit me, I hurriedly evaded, and I make an attempt to use my claws while airbourne. I sent out four blade-like air streams.

    The airstreams were all over the place, over a hundred neatly placed trees were toppled over, and boulders were cleanly split in two, as well as a whole section of the mountain was slashed away.

    What a heaven breaking claw! The giant elephant barely evaded, the two feathers on his head cut off, he angrily lifts his golden hammer and repeatedly strikes at the ground.

    The earth trembled and shook, at the base of the mountain, a crack in the earth appeared, and it slowly expanded with each tremor and shake. Everybodys steps were unsteady, and our agility was severely affected.

    Rhino devil seeing this opportunity, steps back to avoid the offensive, while the giant bird devil took to the skies, unaffected by the earthquake.

    I nimbly tread on the falling rocks, jumping higher and higher, reaching the bird devil, I jumped onto his back and viciously took a bite into his wings.

    The giant bird devil feels the pain and loudly screams, You, get the hell off of me!

    Meow woo~ Meow woo~ You dare hit me you stinky bird~ I cried, refusing to let go, but, the more I bite the more tightly I clamp down, and eventually my mouth is full of blood.

    Ill die with you! The giant bird devil furiously hits himself in the back with his hook, the strength of seemingly penetrates through.
    Second brother!! Dont!! The giant elephant devil and the rhino devil shouted in unison.

    Righteous Sister (Boss)!! Be careful!! Bull devil and Yin Zi simultaneously shouted.

    During the most critical moment, my body flashed a light, and I quickly thought of methods that would bring me back to the body of a cat, my petite body to avoid death.

    Unexpectedly, I went back to being a cat, however, the giant bird devil still has not fallen. A sudden strong gust of wind kept us in the air, along with the suspended trees, dust and rocks, and then with a squall, me and the giant bird devil was blown into the distance.

    Meow woo~ I cried as I was blown away from the giant bird devil, I looked down and saw Luo Sha with a big fan explaining to the pitiful bull devil, I thought she was going to die..Im sorry..

    The wind was nauseating causing my eyes to slowly dim, and suddenly fainting.

    When I woke, it was dusk, surrounded by wilderness, all the bones in my body ached, even walking seems to be a pain.

    I struggled to walk around aimlessly, take a break, and then walk a few steps, stop again..

    I dont know where Im going..but I know I want to go home..

    In the past, I did not come home after playing outside at night, owner would be very anxious and look for me with flashlights. No matter where I was hiding, pipes, bushes, trees, or staircases, owner would be able to find me. He would then gently hold me back home and open a delicious can of food.

    But..this time, owner did not find me.

    Does owner not want Hua Miao Miao anymore? Like Mimis owner that has let her become a stray cat, and let others bully her, will I be discarded?

    I do not want to think about it anymore, and I didnt think about it anymore, just looking at the distant sunset, red, like a very very big egg yolk, emitting a seductive charm, causing my stomach to make a growling sound.

    Lying on the ground, I look at the ants moving food, I feel dizzy from hunger, without anymore strength, I just want to sleep, and forget about the pain and sadness.

    Suddenly, my ears pick the slight sound of footsteps, I am familiar with this sound and rhythm, coming from the west, about 20 miles away.
    I quickly raise my head and pull out my claws to make a dash, when I stopped, a shadow of a person was in my view

    I do not know how to describe his appearance, because there are no words I can use, but out of millions of individuals, I can find him out of all those people, as if the others did not exist.

    In my entire life, Ive not seen a single person better looking than him, or anybody more attractive than him, not in the past, not now, not ever.

    Because he is my owner

    I quickly rushed over, two three steps and into his arms, I rub my head to owners chest, crying meow, meow non stop, never wanting to separate again.

    However..owner brutally grabbed the fur on my neck and pulled me away from him, hanging me in mid air.

    Meow woo? I asked, confused, but I dare not speak, afraid that owner might not want me anymore.

    Owner stared at me, opening his mouth slowly, Where did this cat demon come from?

    I didnt pay any attention to his question, only looking at his eyes in a daze. In the past, the me that could not distinguish colours would never imagine that owners eyes would be so beautiful, green like the grass on the ground, so dazzling, so attractive, even more than the silver emerald waist band, let me indulge till the end.

    Tell me! Owner asked again.

    I stare at him blankly, surprised to find his shiny black jewel-like hair grew longer, simply and casually tied at the back, and his white wool cape waving in the wind. Flashing silver chain mail wrapped around a slender figure, and waist girded with sword exuding a bloody scent and a murderous aura.

    But no matter what, he is still my most favourite owner.

    Fine, since you are just a little demon, today I will forgive you.

    I do not know why, but today, owner seems very ferocious and distanthe actually grabbed me and shook me, like he wants to throw me out, so I firmly bite down on his hands, my fangs piercing his skin and drawing a little blood.

    The blood is cold, a bone piercing cold and iciness, then I began choking from the burning hot, my internal organs start to ache, and I lie on the floor and curl up from the pain. But still, owner refused to leave my line of sight.

    Stupid cat, who doesn't know that the blood of the Bi Qingshen Jun is poisonous. Owner dropped me, his tone indifferent, and troubled eyes flashed, seemed to be thinking of something.

    Cats naturally have high endurance, but this time, I really cant stand any longer. Owner turned, wanting to leave.

    He wants to leave me behind..

    Trying hard to stand up, my limbs trembled, I slowly crawled towards his feet, I desperately cried, and desperately rubbed his feet, as well as rolling and acting cute, I just want him to stay and take me home.

    He looked at me unmoved.

    My eyes begin to go black, I spit blood from my throat, a mouthful of rancid taste, and everything in the world becoming a ghost. I see three of owners face, and I whined, unwilling to fall.

    Prior to losing consciousness, I heard owner give out a long sigh, .

    I think he is probably going to bring me back home..

    But when I woke up, the sky was half dark, my stomach doesn't hurt anymore, but in front of me is only the missing presence of owner.

    Maybe he left to do something, I think optimistically, sitting there obediently waiting for him to come back.

    But I waited from the early morning dew till the shining stars at night, and from night until dawn, and from dawn until nightfall
    I waited for three full cycles, until Yin Zi and bull devil found me, but owner still has not come back.

    I finally understand that I have been abandoned..

    Owner does not want me anymore..

    Owner does not want Hua Miao Miao..

    Yin Zi drags me and says to go home, but I stood there for a long time refusing to leave.

    My heart hurts, it really hurts, it hurts even more than my stomach before

    I want to cry, but I did not.

    Because cats are born without tears..
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    Thank you very much , HayashiGah-Moon for translating this novel.

    i think i can speak for quite some people if i say we really appreciate

    the effort you put into doing this.

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    hey thanks for the chapters, just wondering if you are taking a break?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostpeople View Post
    hey thanks for the chapters, just wondering if you are taking a break?
    @ghostpeople, i'm not taking a break atm if you check my blog (the website is on my first post) chapter 8 & 9 have been posted. Sorry bout that pplz I've been busy since school started this week, when i have time i will update on this site asap and thanks for readin!!

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    Chapter 8 - 300 Years (1)

    I have no home.

    A cat without a home is a stray cat.

    Yin Zi says that I could stay on Luyīng Mountain, here, all the monster and animals would honor me as their king.
    I do not know what is a king, but I had nowhere to go, so I stayed.

    [The first 100 years]

    Cats naturally have really bad memories, so I decided to forget owner, and cast away all the unpleasant memories, and everyday, I play around in the mountains. Riding the tiger, beating stupid black bear, making fun of birds, and catching and hunting mice.....

    From time to time, monsters and devils would come to challenge me or ask to marry me, I obediantly agree to their request, and then send them flying or beaten frequently. Yin Zi says I'm becoming more and more bloodthirsty, increasingly more brutal, and quickly reaching the standards for a wildcat......

    What's wrong with being a wild cat? I shook my head dismissively, trying to continue digging with my claws, so that the now dead weasel devil that challenged me will be buried and not stink.

    After Yin Zi sees me clean up the battleground, he jumps down from very high, and cheerfully says, "Profit, profit, this weasal is our next door neighbour Yanshan Mountain's boss, now that he's dead, his collection of treasures will be owned by us! My lovely gems ah~"

    "Meow woo~" I went around in circles seeing Yin Zi happy, I could not help but follow, "Yay profit, profit, my lovely fish ah~"

    Yin Zi suddenly froze, his joyful face collapsed, "Boss, the treasure is not fish....."

    "Is it roast chicken then?"


    "Then I will sleep." Hearing that there was nothing to eat, I immediately lost interest in Yanshan Mountain and went back to the cave to get some sleep.

    "You can't!" Yin Zi rushed in front of me and stopped in my way, "Boss.....there are many little monsters and devils, if you don't go, I won't be able to handle all of them....."

    "Don't wanna go." I willfully raise my head, my cat ears sticking strait up, to show that I have no interest, then secretly watched him.

    After a while together, Yin Zi naturally understands what I mean, he gritted his teeth and extended three fingers and said, "I'll give you three braised sea bass!"

    I look up at the sky and yawn, not saying anything.

    "Five!" Yin Zi added.

    I look at the grass, counting ants, I still did not speak.

    "Ten.....I won't add anymore! I'm not good at fishing!" Yin Zi said anxiously, appearing with an unfavourable expression.

    "I want to eat it tonight," I nodded in satisfaction and said, "Let's go."

    Yin Zi transforms into a crow, and spreads open his wings, "Come on, but you are not allowed to bite me again."

    I happily jump up and rub my head on the soft feathers of his neck, thinking about the hearty victory today.

    Although the person who makes me meals everyday is Yin Zi, one can only find sea bass very far away, I have traveled thousands of miles to date, but I have not memorize the way to the sea bass and have wasted a lot of time. I have to rely on Yin Zi, but that lazy guy won't make it for me to eat, so I have to resort to these methods to get him to give me fish. In total, by the use of force, I have managed to obtain 12 fish, but this time, I get a whopping 10 fish. I shall ask flower demon to make me dried fish this time and save it.

    Counting fish on one hand, and wiping my drool with the other, we have finally arrived at Yanshan.

    My 3 punches and 5 claws gets rid of the little demons in our way, Yin Zi rushed towards the weasel devil's lair, looking at the pile of shiny gems with eyes like stars. Touching this and that, and looking at this and that, and finally grabbing a large white bag, filling it with gold, silver, jewelry, vases and etc. Yin Zi throws me the bag that was now the size of a person, and we place it on his back.

    I was outraged, "I am a cat, not a draft horse!"

    "Fine, fine, fine, next I will bring horse demon Rome to help me carry."

    I disregarded what he said and simply took a bite out of his wings.....

    "Ahhhhhhhh!!" Yin Zi's pitiful scream pierces through the heavens.

    [The second 100 years]

    Less and less monsters came to fight with me, and less and less came to propose too.

    The days get more and more boring, so I go and bully all the mountain animals, causing them to run away when they see me.

    Yin Zi seriously condemned me, he says this is not good, if you scare away all the animals, who will work for you? Who will smooth your hair? Who will catch fish for you to eat?

    He said many many truths, but I did not understand, he finally got mad and scolded, "If you continue to do this, I will not give you any fish!"

    I understood this sentence, with gloomy hanging ears, I swore not to bully the mountain animals, so I decided to go bully the one outside of the mountain.

    The following days were spent learning the culture, something beginning of a cat, this good.....behind is......uhh.....I don't remember the words that come next.....

    He taught me about how the sound of one's voice can have a very hypnotic effect, that any demon or animal, as long as they listen to you for half a stick of incense time, they will fall asleep immediately. In the near future, when I have troubles sleeping, I would frequently come and ask him to hypnotize me, but seeing me so frequently, he often hides in his own secret room admiring and appreciating his piles of gems.

    So I started to think that gems are really fun, and when I expressed interest in it and wanted to see his pile, Yin Zi refused to let into his secret room, but, that does not mean I can not sneak into it......

    The lock on the door was easily broken, the room was filled with gold, silver, and precious stones of varying colours very pretty to look at, but they were not fun at all.

    I take a few gems the size of a longyan, and beat these marbles to the ground for a long time, but I don't how and where the fun is in these marble, what does Yin Zi even like about these marbles.....

    Perhaps it tastes good?

    A weird idea came to mind, I immediately placed the most beautiful red gem into my mouth, licked it, and without hesitation, I bit into it.

    The gem breaks into pieces, red shards scatter onto the ground and Yin Zi enters with wide eyes.

    His pupils enlarge, staring blankly at the scene, unable to speak for a long time, I feel as if I had done something terrible, and quickly, I sneak out of the door, before he gets mad.

    Right when I exit through the door, I hear him roar, "Hua Miao Miao!! You stupid cat!! That was my only ice crystal ruby, ahhhhh!!"

    His earth-shattering roar caused the hairs on my back to all stand up, I wandered for three days, not daring to return.

    Loitering outside for so long made me hungry, so hungry that I can't stand anymore, so I quietly slipped back in, but Yin Zi fire still hasn't been cooled yet.

    He refused to cook, refused to work, refused to speak to me, everyday just sadly staring at the ruby shards, silently weeping. His pale little face looks like a daughter-in-law bullied everyday by the evil mother-in-law at home......

    It made me feel a little guilty.....

    Although I'm guilty, I did not apologize, because my pride as a cat does not allow me to apologize to bird!

    But.....Yin Zi looks really sad.....

    After thinking it over, I look for whatever I can I find to eat, and then carrying a few pieces of dried fish, I left Luyīng Mountain and began wandering.

    I do not know how much time has passed, I climbed the sky high Mount Everest , and then into the Turpan Depression, and traveled many miles through the antarctic ice sheets, defeating countless demons as well as humans that wanted to bully me, and finally arriving at a crystal clear stream, to find a pebble.

    The smooth and delicate pebble, contained shallow indents, and several colours like a lovely Calico cat, so incredibly beautiful, this is certainly the most beautiful stone!

    I excitedly rushed back to Luyīng Mountain, after getting lost countless times, I painstakingly return and go to Yin Zi, and proudly show him the pebble, with a curled tail I said, "I picked it up by the roadside, it's pretty right?"

    Yin Zi wasn't as joyful as I imagined him to be, he held the pebble and said, "Stupid cat, you didn't come back for six months, over half of our territory has been taken!!!"

    "Then we can beat them and take it back," I casually said, "It's easy."

    "That's not what I mean....." Yin Zi's tears started to fall.

    I was scared, so I quickly use my clothes to wipe his tears, but more and more tears fell that I couldn't wipe anymore, so I leaned over and licked away the tears on his cheek.

    However, I did not expect Yin Zi to grab my ear, and loudly scolded me, "Stupid cat! How many times have I told you! You need to quickly change this bad habit! You licking will cause a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding!"

    "Ow, it hurts!" I kept calling, and hurriedly pushed him away, his sluggish body flies towards a large nearby tree.
    I discontently twitched my aching ear, giving him an angry look.

    Yin Zi bowed his head and gently said,


    I looked at him with surprise and finally understood a principal.

    The crow likes getting beaten.....
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    Chapter 9 - 300 Years (2)

    [The third 100 years]

    My life has become very boring, regardless of whether I'm fighting or bullying animals, I'm sick of it. I've become lazy like a human.

    Everyday I brush tidy my bodily fur, then run up the peak of Luyīng Mountain, and bask in the sun, and then take a nice nap, or stare at the clouds and sit all day.

    The memory fragments in my head, the instinct I normally use when I'm fighting, I take note of it in my head, but the rest of it, I don't remember.

    I feel lost in the process, seems that I have forgotten something important, and my heart feels like its empty and hollowed out, like it's unable to be mended, what is it that I don't remember?

    Chicken? Roast chicken? Yarn? Foxtail? Or is it a beautiful green emerald?

    I couldn't help but ask the smart Yin Zi, polishing his precious gems, he disdainly told me, "Your head forgetting something? Aside from eating and fighting, I have not seen you remember anything else, big things or small, you forget things as fast as you turn your head. There's some things I don't want to are the disgrace of monsters and devils."

    His annoying chatter made me very unhappy, so I swipe my claw at him, remembering he likes being beaten, I went up to the mountain to procrastinate.

    As time went by, bull devil gēgē has come many times to see me, to persuade me not to waste time. I don't understand what he meant so I asked, "If you don't sleep everyday and procastinate, will time not be wasted?"
    He earnestly nodded.

    "Then.....I'll only bask in the sun."

    Bull devil's face suddenly became helpless, he said, "Foolish cat does not get it."

    I roll my eyes, my heart thinking, nonsense, the cat and the fish is a fit made in heaven.

    Later, he says he knows a powerful monster called Monkey King, and a sworn brother of his as well, and asked if I would like to meet him and have a meal?"

    I can not imagine how the monkey is so powerful, so I accepted the invitation and went to Huoyan Mountain, however, I did not think the monkey would be in the East Sea, what a waste of my time. Frustrated, I ate Luo Sha sis-in-laws big and yummy fish and went home with Yin Zi.

    Unexpectedly, that monkey was later summoned by the gods of heaven for his service, following this, the Bi Qingshen Jun was sent to eliminate evil monsters.

    All of a sudden, the demon world was turned bloody, the name Bi Qingshen Jun became a nightmare for all monsters and devils.

    I felt that this name was somewhat familiar, so I run to Yin Zi and ask him, but he was busy burying his gold and silver, as well as packing his precious stones and jewelry into a large bag. He simply did not have the time to talk to me.

    I stood there watching him confused and curiously asked, "Why are you burying your stuff?"

    Yin Zi turn around and seriously said, "We should be prepared in case Bi Qingshen Jun comes to kill us, when we flee, we only need to the bag."

    "Why should we flee?" I questioned.

    "Because he is very powerful!" Yin Zi said as he looked for a basket to put the jade in.

    I ask again, "More powerful than Hua Miao Miao?"

    "Yes!" Yin Zi firmly replied.

    So I quickly went to grab all my dried fish and chicken, and placed it in Yin Zi's bag.

    I feel uneasy as Bi Qingshen Jun has not come yet, Yin Zi's baggage grows larger and larger while mine gets smaller and smaller.

    However, the routine everyday to go up the mountain, watch clouds, and bask in the sun has not changed.

    When I was slept, I had a lot dreams, the dreams would always have a cloud, a man with a cape, with an extraordinary spirit, wearing a sword at the waist, so majestic, and in his arms, he gently held some dried fish and say to me, "Hua Miao Miao, let's go home, I'll make you fish to eat."

    I once told this wonderful dream to Yin Zi, but Yin Zi rolled on the ground laughing, so I don't say it anymore.....

    Autumn's good weather is a good for sleeping, I stretch and yawned loudly, and licked my fur, wanting to continue sleeping, but I did not expect to see a glow on the horizon.

    Just like my dream.

    A man treading on the clouds, wrapped in a daybreak afterglow coming towards me, was very tall, with a white cape and silver chain mail died red by the sun, his black hair casually tied to the back, was flying in the air. The combination of his features were flawless, there was no need to add or take away any features, especially that pair of eyes greener than even the most tender leaves, and more penetrating than an emerald, where have I seen made my heartbeat very quickly.

    "Meow woo~" I gently greeted him.

    He hears my call and comes towards me, looked at me and seemed to be thinking about something.

    Having no more fear of human interactions, I boldly walked over and affectionately rubbed his boots, and looked at him wide eyed, expecting him to take out some dried fish.

    "You again, you little cat demon. Are you not afraid of dying?" The man sighed and then leaned over, and stretched a finger to gently touch my head, seeing no resistance, he started to rub his hand up and down.

    His hand was very cold, his movement was also very stiff, but I benefited from it, full satisfied.

    In the middle of my enjoyment, Yin Zi's loud voice came through, "Boss! Run! He is Bi Qingshen Jun!!!"

    I have not yet digested these words down, and the man suddenly stood up, face growing grim, he drew from his waist a massive icy blade towards Yin Zi and shouted, "Come monster, report to me your name!"

    A murderous aura instantly filled the air, the trees were shaking, this suppressive power felt a bit uncomfortable.

    Yin Zi sat on the ground scared, shivering, and incoherently says, "I.....I am only a crow of a few hundred years old! I am called Yin Zi, I have not hurt anybody!! I have not stolen! Please have mercy!!"

    The man did not answer him, and pointed the sword at me and asked, "And this cat?"

    "She.....she is called Miao Miao, magical skills even worse! Only a negligible stupid cat!!" Yin Zi appeared under the celestial being, trembling, and continued, "We are from Luyīng Mountain where there is very little human contact, we have not done any outlawed behaviors, and we don't kill! If you do not believe me, you can ask the nearby villagers, please have mercy!! Have mercy!!"

    I do not understand why Yin Zi lied, I hurriedly rebutted, "Nonsense! I am very powerful! Last month I killed a rat demon! Also.....also....."

    Yin Zi pale and scared, gestured to me desperately to shut up.

    "I have even killed a man!" I did not pay attention to his gestures and proudly continued to show off in front of the man.

    The man's expression indifferent, his mouth curved up, "You killed a man?"

    "Mhmmm, that guy was a jerk and claimed to be the king here, after killing people, he did not bury them and threw them in my yard, I almost died from the smell," I thought back the painful and depressing memory, "Yin Zi told him to bury it, but he wouldn't, and wanted Yin Zi to do it, so I killed him."

    "She's not saying she did it, she's saying she wants to......whatever, you won't understand." Yin Zi quietly and pitifully looked up, "Sir Bi Qingshen Jun.....that time the one killed was an unscrupulous robber and it was also a last resort.....please just spare us two little monsters."

    This time I finally understood the name, it was the powerful god that Yin Zi talked about, I could not help but stare at him, speechless for a long time.

    There was silence in the air for a long time, which gradually reduced the killing intent.

    Bi Qingshen Jun suddenly let out a very slight smile, and quickly returned to his solemn look, he grabbed me by my neck, and said to Yin Zi, "This neighborhood does not have an evil wind, so this time I will let you go, in the future be careful."

    Yin Zi was forgiven and pardoned, so he relaxes, but he exhaled a long breath, as I was still clutched me, he quickly asked, "That.....what about that cat demon?"

    "This cat drank my blood, it has celestial energy, she is naturally thoughtful and honest upright, I will her back to the heavens and recieve her as a diciple, getting rid of the bad habits, and doing good deeds."

    Yin Zi hearing a few words, his face was at the point of collapsing, and after hearing all of it his whole face twitched.

    Damn, does he think I'm dishonest then.....

    Before I had a chance to complain, Bi Qingshen Jun decided to embark on the cloud and go carrying me, Yin Zi came forward and shouted, "Celestial being.....she.....she is really stupid, I'm afraid she'll degrade you if you teach her!"

    "Might as well."

    Bi Qingshen Jun's voice fell, and the clouds immediately flew to the sky very quickly, me still in his hands, being blown uncomfortably by the wind.

    Yin Zi tried to catch up with the cloud, but in an instant we were very far away.....

    I watched him getting smaller and smaller, in my head there was an uncomfortable feeling.


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    Please check my latest chapter, chapter 13
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