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Thread: Flower Moon, Heartbroken Sabre - Murong Mei

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    Default Flower Moon, Heartbroken Sabre - Murong Mei

    This novel was written by Taiwan wuxia author Murong Mei (慕容美) and published from July to September 1981 in the China Times Newspaper. It was later published in book form, in one volume. There are 20 chapters total. I don't know what the story is about, so don't ask. Just read along with me

    I'm doing this translation because there is way too much xianxia on here, we need some more wuxia!

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    Default Chapter 1: Killer Flute

    Chapter 1: Killer Flute



    Night of the full moon.

    The second watch, the moon brushing the tips of the willows.


    A gust of wind blowing over Flower Moon Pavilion, carrying with it the refreshing scent of flowers, and a faint, delicate, at once admirable and reproachful, plaintive sound of a vertical flute.


    A glutinous-rice dumpling seller picked up a small carrying pole and load, knocked against the bamboo stalks, stepped on the red brick pathway, walking leisurely. At the end of the street he was already tired, he let down his shoulder pole, wiped his forehead, and heaved a deep sigh.

    Tonight's business was dismal.

    Usually he would sell thirty bowls of rice dumplings, but so far tonight he had sold only three, one of which was an old customer who ate and immediately left. If things kept on like this, he didn't know what tomorrow would bring!

    When he set down his shoulder pole he heard the sound of a flute coming from a small women's quarters nearby.

    Attracted by the sound of the flute, he went over to the building and looked on.

    The sound of the flute was sorrowful, and tears slowly welled in the man’s eyes.

    Because he suddenly saw under a lamp a spinning wheel and the yellow face of his wife and the emaciated child in the cradle next to her.

    He felt he was not a good husband.

    He had let down his wife and child.

    The flute continued on, the man dumpling seller let out a long sigh, and slammed his head into a nearby wall!


    A drunkard returning of a night also walked that red brick road.

    He gradually stopped. Suddenly, past events gradually flooded his mind, and he thought of how when he was a child everyone hailed him as a child prodigy. The Three-Character Classic, The Book of Family Names, Thousand-Character Classic, The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, The Analects, Mencius—he could recite them all from memory. He had an extraordinary memory. The neighbors all called him Number One Scholar.

    But now, already thirty, and he didn't even have a wife.

    His only strong point was his capacity for liquor.

    He drank everywhere.

    He had outstanding bills everywhere.

    His shoulder couldn't take up a pole, his hands couldn't carry a basket, how could he pay all those drinking bills?

    To get oneself in this condition, what was the point of living?

    He was stupefied for a moment, then he too slammed his head into the wall!


    Later, the watch sounder and a scavenger passed by the wall, heard the sound of the flute and suddenly thought of their own grievances, and finally they both could not help but turn one after the other and slam into the enclosing wall.


    The Third Watch.

    The moon high in the sky, bright like a mirror.

    The flute suddenly changed its pitch.

    Two men wearing gold night traveling clothes and carrying a sabre at their waist, like ghosts quietly crept up on tiptoe to the wall.

    One of them said in a low voice, “It’s said that woman has willow brows and phoenix eyes, creamy skin, exceedingly beautiful, and anyone who sees her will be instantly infatuated. If tonight goes smoothly, I, Dissolute Butterfly Wu the Fifth will be delighted…”

    The other one said, “With your First Emperor Long Fist and my Small Joint Lock, even if that woman is an expert it won’t be difficult to subdue her, and we two will be set tonight.”

    The sound of the flute floated out to them and they instantly stopped talking.

    Dissolute Butterfly Wu the Fifth’s face gradually swelled and turned red.

    He suddenly turned and looked at his companion, and said angrily, “Little Liang, last time what did you say to Old Yan? Something about me not doing my job and instead just playing with women?”

    The one named Liang also seemed a bit worked up. “Damn you, that's enough, bringing up old scores again. Let me ask you, last month what was with you f*cking touching my Second Sister-in-Law?”

    “I was happy.”

    “I’ll slug you!”

    The two immediately fell to blows.

    The sound of the flute turned urgent.

    The two men also became more and more violent.

    Using fists wasn't good enough for them, so they drew their sabres. After a short fight both ended up with the other’s sabre stuck in their chest!


    The Fifth Watch.

    The crows caw as the moon descends and frost covers the sky.

    The sound of the flute is intermittent.

    Bottled-up bitterness as before.

    The corpses outside the wall have increased to twelve.

    Just then, a down-and-out man of letters in plain clothes suddenly appeared.

    This man of letters was wan and thin, his clothes old and shabby, yet around his eyes still harbored an elegant mien.

    He approached from the other end of the street, strolling slowly. He stopped under the wall. He looked down at the twelve bodies on the ground, closed his eyes and shook his head, and sighed deeply.

    Then, he straightened his clothes, faced the small red tower, and sat down, crossing his legs.

    Who was this literati?

    What did he come for?

    Twelve corpses already lay on the red brick road, was he thinking of making it thirteen?


    At the north gate of Chang'an on Grand Harmony Lane is a habitat for the poor.

    In front of a plank board house a swarthy burly young man in rags, who looked to be a hired laborer, added wood and poked a fire, carefully boiling a pot of millet gruel.

    Inside the plank board house the furnishings were simple and crude.

    On a busted up table, three small plates.

    One plate of fermented tofu.

    One plate of pickled vegetables in soy sauce.

    One plate of deep-fried peanuts.

    The youth frequently rubbed his eyes, smarting from the fire smoke, turn his head and look at the three plates of food inside the house, like he was preparing a sumptuous breakfast and was proud of it.

    To the east the horizon oozed fish-belly white.

    The millet gruel was already boiling.

    The young man stood up and looked down the alley.

    Who was that breakfast really prepared for?


    Morning fog thick with mist.

    From out of the mist came slowly a human figure.

    Seeing this figure coming out of the fog, the young man's simple face broke out in an expression of pleasant surprise, his wide eyes and mouth looked as if they wanted to call out warm greeting.

    But it was short-lived, the happy look quickly disappeared from the young man's face.

    Because he suddenly saw that the plain-clothed man's face was more pale and haggard than when he had set out late at night. The plain-clothes man came up from the alley, his whole body seemed to have become a light, buoyant ethereal body.

    The plain-clothes man approached and looked at the young man, but neither spoke.

    They both entered the plank board house. The young man sat two bowls of millet gruel on the table, the gruel steaming hot, the air in the room cold as if it wanted to freeze.

    After a long interval the young man mustered his courage and said in a low voice, “How was it this time?”

    The plain-clothes man shook his head slightly. “Still not good.”

    The young man said, “How many died under her flute this time?”

    The plain-clothes man said, “Twelve.”

    The young man said, “All innocent passersby?”

    The plain-clothes man said, “All except two guys whose deaths were not unjust.”

    The young man said, “What two guys?”

    The plain-clothes man said, “Dissolute Butterfly Wu the Fifth and Little Flower Bee Liang Deyi.”

    The young man was silent for a minute, then mumbled, “The one that woman hates is you, the one she wants to kill is also you, why does she always kill a bunch of irrelevant people?”

    The plain-clothes man forced a smile. “What do you think?”

    He slowly raised his head. Though his face wore a faint smile, his eyes were suffused with pain.

    “You've been with me for many years now, Little Wen, so let me ask you, you see me, Ding Yi, am I a cruel-hearted, fickle person? If the Flower Moon Palace's methods were not so ruthless and diabolic, if they had not killed the Seven Friends of Chang'an, do you think I would have run out on her on our wedding night once I found out she was from the Flower Moon Palace?”


    The Seven Friends of Chang’an were the sons of seven aristocratic families in Chang’an.

    They were all Ding Yi's friends.

    The seven young men all had superb martial arts, and were sincere, unaffected, and passionate. They hoped to preserve the old capital’s good customs and allow everyone to enjoy life as people had done during the prosperous times of the Han and Tang dynasties. It’s too bad they were too young and didn't know the dangers and hardships of the rivers and lakes.

    Of course they definitely didn't know that their behavior of “hating evil like an enemy” already violated the major taboo of the black path of the rivers and lakes.

    On a stormy night three years ago, a wife, because her husband liked to gamble, hanged herself from the roof beam. When the Seven Friends heard the news they investigated, and afterward smashed up the gambling house to smithereens.

    With the result that, within half a month, the Seven Friends one by one went missing from Chang’an, and when the seven corpses were discovered in the waters of the Wei River, every single body had been chopped with a sharp weapon beyond recognition, close to resembling minced meat sauce.

    At that time, Ding Yi happened to be away from Chang'an.

    A year later when Ding Yi returned from beyond the Pass, the gambling house had already changed owners. Ding Yi gradually learned of the deaths of the Seven Friends, apparently it had been at the hands of people from a group called the Flower Moon Palace.

    But no one really knew what kind of group the Flower Moon Palace was, and no one knew where their headquarters were located.

    Later, Ding Yi came to know Bai Ruyu.


    The first time DIng Yi met Bai Ruyu, she was a girl selling flowers.

    A girl much prettier than the flowers.

    That flower seller of course had her own “experience” of being “down on her luck”.

    As she personally told Ding Yi: Her parents had both died when she was a child and her paternal grandmother raised her to adulthood. Three or four months prior, her grandmother had fallen ill and passed away. Now she was orphaned and alone with no one to turn to, relying only on the flowers she sold to a few wealthy families to pass the days.

    Ding Yi’s sympathy for the girl turned to love, until finally the subject of marriage came up.

    Then the night of their wedding, Bai Ruyu, because she had drank too many cups of wine, accidentally dropped her silk handkerchief, and Ding Yi discovered her true secret!


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    Thank you whiteskwirl.

    I don't hate the xianxia, but I do welcomes wuxia back with opens arm, wide apart.

    Xianxia is cool because it is flashy, and magical.

    But i love wuxia, because it's got the elements that I love, which is martial art, and named of epitome skill and etc.

    So yeah, thank you for this new installation.

    Talking about martial arts, I sees in Dragon King with 7 Stars, GuLOng display some martial arts. This must be his old book then. Before some fans nagging, and his change his style making his fighting scene ambiguous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theSwordoftheWest View Post
    Thank you whiteskwirl.

    Talking about martial arts, I sees in Dragon King with 7 Stars, GuLOng display some martial arts. This must be his old book then. Before some fans nagging, and his change his style making his fighting scene ambiguous.
    That novel is actually from his late period. It was published in 1978.

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    Default Chapter 2: Ding Yi's Whereabouts Only One Person Knows

    Chapter 2: Ding Yi’s Whereabouts Only One Person Knows

    On the silk handkerchief was embroidered “Flower” and “Moon”. It was a kind of secret society token.

    Turns out she was a member of the Flower Moon Palace!

    Ding Yi just then realized it, she wasn’t an orphan. Everything she had said before was a lie!

    Why would she lie?

    She had betrayed his feelings!

    Marrying down to him, it was clear, was a mission entrusted to her by the Flower Moon Palace!

    Because at that time Ding Yi’s reputation was too great.

    Among the rivers and lakes there was no one who hadn't heard of Chang’an’s “Quick Sabre” Ding Yi. Ding Yi reputation was the result of his skill. If you were to mention “Quick Sabre” Ding Yi, everyone would stick their thumb up in praise!

    Using Flower Moon Palace’s power, perhaps there was another method, set up a ruse to eliminate the wastrel Great Xia.

    But, Flower Moon Palace, perhaps from sympathy for talent, or because of some misgivings, in the end chose sexual entrapment.

    Too bad it didn’t quite go to plan, the “beauty plot” was defeated!


    Carrying a broken heart, Ding Yi left that very night.

    He didn’t let go of Bai Ruyu’s hand.

    He didn’t have the courage to force a confession, his feelings were too sincere, he had certainly wholeheartedly loved this woman who to him more resembled an immortal maiden.

    No one knew the suffering of Ding Yi’s heart at that time.

    His friends, the Seven Friends of Chang’an, really had been dispatched by people sent from the Flower Moon Palace. But, could he retaliate against this woman?

    Who could prove that she was also involved in that incident?

    That kind of unreasonable means of revenge, those of the Flower Moon Palace maybe could carry out, but Ding Yi could not.

    Henceforth, in no less than a year, Quick Sabre Ding Yi disappeared from Chang’an, and everywhere among the rivers and lakes there was no news of the wastrel Xia.

    Where did Ding Yi go?


    Ding Yi’s whereabouts, only one person knew.

    That person was Black Panther Little Wen.

    Black Panther Little Wen.

    Black Panther Little Wen was a real orphan.

    From childhood his body had been healthy as an ox, as was his temperament.

    He collected junk, became an apprentice, and even became a servant for a well-to-do family. No matter what he did, he didn’t stay long. Because he couldn’t stand the sight of other people’s expressions, he wasn’t used to the calling and shouting of daily life.

    When he was a servant for a an influential family, he secretly learned some martial arts from one of the courtyard guards, which became the means for him to later acquire some money fighting in the streets of Chang’an.

    He was not afraid of anyone, if he wanted to roar he roared, what he wanted to say he said, by the time he was seventeen his ribs had been broken seven times.

    The first time Ding Yi saw him he was lying in a sewer ditch, his body covered with blood, on the brink of death.

    He thought to drink the sewage water, but he lacked the strength to even extend his hand to do so.

    If Ding Yi had shown up later, he definitely would have died.

    But he was lucky, he ran into Ding Yi, that saving star!

    From that moment on, no one dared bully him! Who would dare bully Quick Sabre Ding Yi’s friend?

    After Little Wen was taken in by Ding Yi, under Ding Yi’s positive influence and guidance, his temperament changed a lot, and his martial artists progressed by leaps and bounds, until in the end he had become a minor figure in Chang’an.

    “Black Panther” Little Wen.


    Because Black Panther Little Wen and Ding Yi’s relationship was out of the ordinary, so only Little Wen knew where Ding Yi went.

    Where did Ding Yi go?

    He didn’t go anywhere!

    Ding Yi was still in Chang’an, at the plank board house, fevered and moaning without cease, in bed sick for a whole year!

    This was a secret that must be kept firmly.

    If people knew Quick Sabre Ding Yi was sick, even if Flower Moon Palace didn’t send people to take him out, the enemies he had punished who walk the black path could muster at a group of thirty people or more!

    So, they hid in the slum, nearly cut off from the outside world, not even daring to call in a doctor.

    Chang’an was a big city, but Black Panther Little Wen still avoided going out in the daytime, and so was forced to pass a year brimming with difficulty.


    Flower Moon Mansion was a mansion that only the words “immortal abode” could be used to adequately describe.

    Flower Moon Tower was the most exquisite part of it.

    But nowadays the person living in that little red tower was not an immortal, nor was this person cheerful like an immortal.

    Because she wasn’t “living” there, she was “imprisoned” there.

    The reason for the fizzling out of her relationship with Ding Yi was found out. According to the rules of Flower Moon Palace, this was an unforgivable error.

    But, her status was different.

    She was the princess.

    So she escaped the death penalty and was instead put under house arrest in the little red tower.

    There was only one chance to lift her sentence.

    Wait until after Quick Sabre Ding Yi was killed.

    She had lost her freedom, so did she have the ability opportunity to kill Ding Yi? The answer was: Yes!

    Not only did she have that ability, she also had many opportunities.

    Because she had studied the Demon Music Great Dharma.

    She could use the sound of a flute to kill people.

    No matter where Ding Yi was hiding, if she killed enough people, sooner or later Ding Yi would find Flower Moon Mansion. That Quick Sabre wastrel just needed to appear and it would be exceedingly difficult to resist her Demon Music Great Dharma!

    Her estimation sure enough came to fruition.


    About three months ago, Ding Yi heard some news from his sickbed.

    The news he heard had already been erroneously embellished.

    The wording went something like this: Along the western wall in Jingren Ward, at the end of Perpetual Happiness Street, whenever the moon was full, a group of immortal maidens descended from heaven, and heavenly music floated in the air and a pleasant scent could be detected for several li.

    If a person of firm character encountered them would be carried up to the Heavenly Hall and become part of the immortal family.

    If the masses encountered them, the immortals would be disgusted and order them to commit suicide on the spot.

    Ding Yi ordered Little Wen to look into it, and the first time Little Wen heard the flute, it was a rousing tune, Little Wen couldn’t hold back and nearly climbed over the wall to rush into the little red tower.

    Fortunately, he was simple and honest by nature, he did not possess a strong desire for material things, and he kept firmly in mind the teachings Ding Yi had passed on to him, so he was just able to avoid calamity.

    After hearing Little Wen’s report, Ding Yi immediately thought of Bai Ruyu.

    Ignoring his feeble condition, he immediately hurried to Jingren Ward.

    However, he also lost.

    His principal spirit was not sufficient, when he heart the flute, his insides seethed and he nearly burst his lungs and spat blood right there.

    The second month, during the night of the full moon, he went again, and this time the situation was slightly improved, yet he still could not protect himself, and he more than ever wanted to punish that girl.

    This night was the fourth time in two months, yet he was still frustrated and forced to return.


    His illness was beginning to go away, but his body could not immediately recover, this kind of tragedy, when does it end?


    Little Wen waited until Ding Yi had eaten three bowls of millet gruel, and then his heart dropped.

    He furrowed his brow and said apprehensively, “Brother Ding, your skill has not yet recovered, and you’ve put in so many appearances there, if you continue like this, it’s really worrisome…”

    Ding Yi said, “Given the current situation, I too feel it’s a bit inappropriate, what do you think should be done?”

    Little Wen said, “I think we might as well go out to the countryside and find a place to settle down for a while, until you’ve let go of all your distracting thoughts and have completely recovered, then we can come back and think of some other way to handle it.”

    Ding Yi shook his head. “Even if that would help my health, it’s still not the best way.”

    Little Wen said, “Why?”

    Ding Yi said, “That girl, even though she’s young, her demonic skills have already reached a profound level, even if I have all my strength, I still might not be able to rely on these two hands to smash through her perplexing Demon Music.”

    Little Wen couldn’t help but frown again, and he said, “This is all thanks to you, because of a temporary stirring of feeling, destroyed your longtime cherished Seven Star Sabre.”

    Thinking of that Seven Star Sabre, this little Black Panther’s emotions were roused. “And what was the result? The one who destroyed the sabre followed suit by getting sick! Although this was all that little demon girl’s fault, if you could have just calmed down a bit and not taken your indignation out on your Seven Star Sabre, how could this situation have come up, where you can’t muster the strength to confront that little demon girl’s muddling flute?”

    Ding Yi forced a smile. “You little devil, you can really talk like an official.”

    Little Wen said, “Where did I say wrong?”

    Ding Yi sighed lightly. “What you said was correct, just blame your youth for the reason you can’t understand this side of emotion. Just wait until you run into this kind of matter, then you’ll know the reason I have been able to sustain until today is because I have expended a lot of restraint. If I were more weak-willed, you’d probably already have been able to pick up my bones and use them as drumsticks.”

    Little Wen was silent for a moment, his face showing disappointment. “So what do we do now?”

    Ding Yi looked at the ceiling and sighed weakly. “My temper after an illness if obviously too irritable, just like that old saying: ‘haste makes waste’. I guess I should change my original intention and walk a farther road.”

    “Change it how?”

    “Temporarily leave Chang’an.”

    “And go where?”

    “Tong Pass.”

    “And do what there?”

    “Find someone.”


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    Default Chapter 3: Blind Zhang Isn't Really Blind

    Chapter 3: Blind Zhang Isn’t Really Blind

    “Find who?”

    “Blind Zhang.”

    “Who is Blind Zhang?”

    “Someone who loves money as much as life, an old lout impervious to reason, yet he is also the only one among the rivers and lakes who can forge a weapon equal to that of the Seven Star Sabre.”

    Little Wen was ecstatic. “If you’re going to deal with Flower Moon Palace, and not just that little demon girl Bai Ruyu, then you should of thought of this earlier!”

    Then he said, “Are we going together?”

    “If I go, of course you can’t stay by yourself here in Chang’an. But, you can’t go with me to Tong Pass. You must go to an even further place.”



    “How come?”

    “To go to White Cloud Villa to find one Master Jiang.”

    “This Master Jiang is your friend?”

    “A friend who has gone through the same tribulations as me, absolutely dependable.”

    “How will he know who I am?”

    “I’ve mentioned you to him before.”

    “What about after I’ve found him?”

    “Ask him to send someone to accompany you to Fancheng to find his good friend Marquis Wan the Fourth, and ask this Wan the Fourth two things.”

    “What two things?”

    “Where is Flower Moon Palace located? And who is its master?”

    Little Wen went blank. “Everything happened in Chang’an, and even here no one has heard anything, how can this Wan the Fourth from faraway Fancheng being of any help?”

    Ding Yi smiled. “If Wan the Fourth doesn’t know about Flower Moon Palace, then among the rivers and lakes there must be no Flower Moon Palace. Flower Moon Palace, those three words, were definitely made up by someone else!”

    Little Wen was still stupefied. “This Wan the Fourth has that much ability? There’s nothing among the rivers and lakes he doesn’t know about?”

    Ding Yi laughed. “Why else would they call him the ‘Rivers and Lakes’ Eight Directions Precious Mirror’?”


    Blind Zhang was afflicted with a kind of Immortal Hands-Tied pinkeye, he wasn’t really blind.

    Pinkeye sometimes could be an occupational disease.

    Just like a pork seller, most of them are fat, or medicine shop owners are thin, that kind of thing.

    Anyone who stood by a charcoal stove all day, tormented by the fire smoke, for dozens of years, and not go blind, seems appropriate.

    Blind Zhang, although his eyesight was not that good, supposedly had an excellent memory.

    Two or three years ago, Ding Yi was entrusted by Master Jiang to seek out Blind Zhang to forge a precious sword. The cost for this service was a hundred taels of gold. Ding Yi believed that even if Blind Zhang had forgotten him, once he saw that glistening gold it would probably jog his memory somewhat.

    At a private bank at Tong Pass he kept a considerable amount of silver. Once Blind Zhang named his price, he definitely would be able to sate the old man’s appetite.

    A lot of people could not bear Blind Zhang’s exorbitant prices, only Ding Yi felt Blind Zhang’s style of work was not excessive.

    He believed his talent was a price worthy sacrificing a lifetime of health and fortune for, no one should lower their price for that kind of accomplishment.

    However, unfortunately, when Ding Yi arrived at Tong Pass, he couldn’t find Blind Zhang.

    He had arrived too late.

    Half a year too late.


    The old site of Blind Zhang’s blacksmith shop had become a tea leaf shop.

    It was said that four or five months prior there was a big fire in this area which destroyed nearly half the street. There was a lot of houses in the vicinity, all were newly constructed.

    After the big fire, no one saw Blind Zhang anymore.

    Had Blind Zhang moved? Or was he roasted to death in the fire? Everyone shook their heads, no one knew anything.

    Ding Yi couldn’t help but feel dejected.

    It seemed if he didn’t do something and find a sabre to use, this “Quick Sabre” Ding Yi would undoubtedly become a “No Sabre” “Quick Sabre” Ding Yi!

    Where could he find another Blind Zhang?

    However, he didn’t completely let it get to him.

    He just hoped that Blind Zhang and his savings had not been seriously hurt in the bif fire of several months prior.

    He wanted to sincerely and respectfully pray that Blind Zhang was still alive in this world, and had just stepped away from the forge and bellows and enjoyed many years of a carefree life.


    That night, Ding Yi ran to Myriad Flower Tower at Tong Pass and ordered food, called for wine, hired a prostitute, disregarding the expense, only doing what he pleased to his heart’s content.

    He felt he should have let loose and enjoyed himself like this much earlier!

    One’s life has how many years, why wait in unhappiness?

    In the end it turned out the time and place he selected, where he had a sumptuous meal, was completely free.

    The place where he drank was Myriad Flower Tower’s distinguished guest hall.

    The next day, when he woke up he found himself lying in a sewage ditch not far from Myriad Flower Tower.

    Once he had struggled up out of the knee-deep ditch, he found his body sore all over.

    He found a small stream and washed his body and clothes and put his clothes back on still damp, and sat at the water’s edge and thought hard trying to recall what had happened.

    He remembered he ate and drank well, how did he end up sore and bruised?

    Had he offended someone?

    Had he done something wrong?

    But, his head, aside from intermittent stabs of pain, was completely blank. He couldn’t think of anything.

    Ah! No, he remembered.


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    Thank you whiteskwirl.

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    Default Chapter 4: The Lavish Young Master Causes a Stir at Myriad Flower Tower

    Chapter 4: The Lavish Young Master Causes a Stir at Myriad Flower Tower

    He remembered he had come to Myriad Flower Tower two or three years before. That time he was drinking with a girl named Jin Ling.

    Last night, when he was already eight-tenths drunk, he suddenly thought of that Jin Ling girl.

    As a result, he had Jin Ling called for.

    After that, things weren’t so clear.

    His mind was hazy, every little memory coming by drips and drops, at that time the waiter’s face didn’t look good, he had said something, and Ding Yi had become indignant, insisting on seeing Jin Ling.

    He could imagine the rest, using his money freely and influence, he definitely said some unpleasant, vulgar, or cruel words.

    After that, he really didn’t know.


    Now, he thought it strange, Myriad Flower Tower was a place that as long as you had silver, whatever you wanted or whatever demands you had, you could make, so looking for an old acquaintance, what was so wrong about that?

    A customer drinking, calling for a girl, which then resulted in a beating, what kind of Myriad Flower Tower was this?

    He couldn’t figure it out, it didn’t make sense.

    He couldn’t think of the reason, yet it was actually quite simple.

    That’s because he didn’t know Myriad Flower Tower was one of “Black Tyrant Sky” Peng Wei’s businesses, he didn’t know that girl he knew, Jin Ling, was nowadays Black Tyrant Sky’s most favored fifth concubine.

    Black Tyrant Sky Peng Wei, had many great warriors under him, and was currently an extremely powerful personage from the Pass to Luoyang. If someone were to go to Myriad Flower Tower to drink, and asked for his Fifth Concubine, and furthermore did so in an impertinent, harsh tone, what do you think would happen to that person?

    So Ding Yi was not beaten to death, but was thrown into the sewage ditch, and he didn’t drown, which was pretty much a miracle.


    At Tong Pass he couldn’t find Blind Zhang, and finally forgot himself under the influence of drink, and incurred the disaster of seeking the flesh——if you were Ding Yi, how would you decide where to go and what to do from this point?

    “Ding the First” and “Ding the Second".

    The sky was slowly getting dark, there was heavy traffic in front of Myriad Flower Tower, honored guests gathering in a cloud.

    A luxurious cart slowly pulled up and stopped in front of the establishment.

    Two men wearing long robes raised a lantern and rushed forward to part the curtain, then stooped to pay their respects.

    A refined, fine-clothed gentleman leisurely stepped out of the cart, slightly waved his sleeves, and handed each of the two men an ingot worth ten taels of silver.

    Myriad Flower Tower normally was frequented by those who spent money ostentatiously, but obviously no one had seen a guest like this, who would just hand out ten-tael ingots of silver.

    This fine-clothed gentleman had not yet stepped into the distinguished guest hall, yet news of his arrival had already spread throughout Myriad Flower Tower.

    A guest who spent money as generously as him, how could you slight him?

    Therefore, just as the fine-clothed gentleman was being seated, opium, tea, fruit, towels, were all immediately brought forth in succession and set out.

    The fine-clothed gentleman seemingly had an endless supply of silver, whenever someone presented him with a gift, he would accordingly reward, reward, reward!

    However, now the reward had changed from silver ingots to silver drafts. A ten-tael silver draft note, just like a butterfly, continuously flew from his hands.

    The girls in the establishment, also like butterflies, continuously flew in from behind the beaded curtain.

    The fine-clothed gentleman leisurely looked around, then finally saw an intelligent-looking purple-clad girl and nodded to her, and the rest of the girls, seeing the lot had been cast, promptly one after the other dispersed.

    The waiter called for wine and food, and the purple-clad girl smiled and was invited to the table.

    “This lowly girl is called Jade Fragrance, the gentleman’s surname is?”

    “My humble surname is Ding.”

    “Master Ding!”

    “You flatter me.”

    With the formulaic pleasantries out of the way, the two sat down.

    Jade Fragrance said, “Master Ding is from this area, or are you here on business?”

    Master Ding said, “Just passing through.”

    Jade Fragrance said, “Is this your first time at Myriad Flower Tower?”

    Master Ding said, “I’ve been here twice before.”

    Jade Fragrance said, “So I should call you an old guest?”

    Master Ding smiled. “Not too old.”

    Jade Fragrance flushed, and she quickly said, “I’m not good at speaking properly, please don’t take offense.”

    Master Ding laughed. “I was just teasing you.”

    He suddenly laughed again and said, “From what I heard from the waiters, last night there was some altercation with a drunk guest?”

    Jade Fragrance said, “I heard it was some poor, senseless scholar looking to sponge some food and drink, and after a few cups of yellow rice wine, started talking nonsense, using liquor as an excuse to go crazy…”

    Master Ding said, “And afterward?”

    Jade Fragrance said, “Afterward the guard Cai ordered some men to beat and drive him out.”

    Master Ding laughed. “Black Tyrant Sky Master Peng opened this shop, yet someone still dared cause a ruckus, that guy must have been bored of living.”

    Jade Fragrance said, “I know right? The funny part is, that guy, after he was drunk, suddenly called for our Fifth Mother, wanted her to personally accompany him, and he was acting like he was some big shot important person.”

    Master Ding said, “Who is Fifth Mother?”

    Jade Fragrance said, “She’s Master Peng’s fifth concubine, and is also the matron here at Myriad Flower Tower.”

    Master Ding laughed. “Did she used to be called Jin Ling?”

    Jade Fragrance was stunned. “Sir——you——you also know our Fifth Mother’s former name?”

    Master Ding laughed. “We’re old friends.”

    Jade Fragrance’s face changed and her eyes darted around in all directions, she said in a hurried low voice, “Sir, you absolutely mustn’t say things like that, our Master Peng is super jealous, at the same time Fifth Mother has strictly forbid anyone mentioning her past.”

    Master Ding laughed. “It’s no matter, I’m different.”

    Jade Fragrance flashed her eyes and said, “You’re different?”

    Master Ding said, “If she heard that I was here, I’m sure she would personally come out to say hello.”

    Jade Fragrance half-believing, half-doubting, said, “What if Master Peng finds out?”

    Master Ding said, “Is Master Peng here?”

    Jade Fragrance shook her head. “I’m not sure, he has a lot of businesses, even though he is fond of Fifth Mother, he’s rarely here more than three to five days out of the month.”

    Master Ding coughed lightly, but held his tongue.

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    Thanks for the translation. Nice to see some more classic wuxia.

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    Default Chapter 5: Inviting Golden Toad and Springing Legs Sun the Seventh

    Chapter 5: Inviting Golden Toad and Springing Legs Sun the Seventh

    The food and drinks arrived.

    The waiter asked, “Sir, would you like some music to accompany your meal?”

    Master Ding said, “Wait a bit, first please have Master Cai brought over.”

    The waiter bent at the waist. “Yes, sir!” Yet he hesitated. “Sir, are you acquainted with our Master Cai Shixiong and his men?”

    Master Ding said, “Yes, Just go tell them, they’ll know.”

    The waiter went away quickly, and in a short while, came back, leading two men with fierce expressions.

    Master Ding raised his head with a smile. “Master Cai, long time no see!”

    One of the men, who had pimples all over his face, must have been the one the waiter referred to as Master Cai Shixiong. He looked at Master Ding, and with some hesitation said, “Sir, you look familiar…”

    Master Ding laughed. “A lot like that fellow from last night, right?”

    Cai Shixiong scrutinized Master Ding, and his face couldn’t help changing slightly. But he obviously was still not sure. Because last night’s Ding Yi and tonight’s Ding Yi looked a lot different.

    Who would believe that today’s dignified, graceful, fine-clothed, generously spending piercing bright-eyed gentleman was really last night’s poor scholar who was beaten to within an inch of his life?

    He said cautiously, “Your surname, sir?”

    Ding Yi said, “Ding.”

    He laughed and said, “last night was my younger brother, he’s called Ding the Second, I’m Ding the First.”

    Cai Shixiong’s eyes flashed in realization: no wonder they looked so similar, turns out they’re brothers!

    But he followed that up with a doubtful question: since they’re brothers, why such the disparity between rich and poor? Also, supposing this “Ding the First” asked about last night’s “Ding the Second” beating, how would they explain it.

    Ding Yi turned to Jade Fragrance. “What is this Master Cai’s nickname?”

    Jade Fragrance said, “Golden Toad.”

    Ding Yi said strongly, “And the other one?”

    Jade Fragrance said, “Springing Legs Sun the Seventh, Master Sun.”

    Ding Yi nodded, then turned back to the two men, and laughed. “To be honest with you, we Ding brothers since childhood were raised with a bad habit, that is, we both like to eat and drink the same things, visit the same prostitutes, gamble the same, so we often become enchanted with the same woman.”

    Cai and Sun didn’t speak, but there faces gradually grew uglier.

    Those who roamed the rivers and lakes, sometimes with some matters you need only hear someone’s words and you could pretty much guess what it meant.

    Ding Yi drank some wine and slowly continued. “Like your establishment’s proprietress, the former Jin Ling, is an example. Ding the First, Ding the Second, all are one. Ding the Second last night hit a snag, so Ding the First tonight would like to give it a try; I’d like to ask her to come out and have a chat with this here old flame. Ding the Second is a poor wretch, but Ding the First has some silver!”

    Golden Toad Cai Shixiong exchanged glances with Springing Legs Sun the Seventh. “Did you hear that? Some dickhead’s looking for a fight!”

    Springing Legs Sun the Seventh sneered, “These Ding fellows really are brave. Beat Ding the Second and out comes Ding the First. Today beat Ding the First, who knows maybe tomorrow out will come a Ding the Third!”

    Ding Yi laughed. “A guarantee not. Once you beat Ding the First, that will be the end of it!”

    Golden Toad Cai Shixiong raised his chin and said, “Come on! We’ll use last night’s old method.”

    Ding Yi wanted to see, and sure enough this was last night’s beating situation.

    Sun the Seventh came forward and swept out with his leg.


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    Thanks for the many chapters so far <:. Will be following this novel now!

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    Thank you.

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    You're all welcome. These chapters are pretty short, that's why I was able to do so much so soon. Some of the later chapters are a bit longer, but not by a lot. We're already 1/4 through this book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteskwirl View Post
    You're all welcome. These chapters are pretty short, that's why I was able to do so much so soon. Some of the later chapters are a bit longer, but not by a lot. We're already 1/4 through this book.
    Wow, it is pretty short. I will wait till you're finished and then read it in one shot!
    Current Translation: I Shall Seal the Heavens
    Recommended Translation: Heroes Shed No Tears

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    Default Chapter 6: Security Guards, One Breaks a Leg, One Breaks a Hand

    Chapter 6: Security Guards, One Breaks a Leg, One Breaks a Hand

    Ding Yi knew that it was originally Sun the Seventh who had first kicked his chair out from under him so that he fell to the ground, and was then pounced on by the two who beat him to their heart’s content before turning him over to others who took him to and threw him down in some out-of-the-way place where, leaving his fate up to chance.

    Ding Yi didn’t guess wrong.

    Sun the Seventh swept out with his leg with an aim for the chair, not the person.

    This Myriad Flower Tower guard prided himself on his leg power, which was said to be able to smash three mulberry carrying poles with one kick. Last night, Ding Yi was drunk and unprepared, so the kick had thrown him and chair some seven or eight feet until he hit a pillar and came crashing down.

    That magnificent kick last night had been greeted by round praise and applause.

    So, today was just more of the same, he swept that leg out vigorously, more swift and fierce than the kick last night.

    But something strange happened.

    Spring Legs Sun the Seventh, although he did not kick the same chair as the night before, yet the design and construction was the same.

    Last night man and chair flew from the sweep of his leg.

    Today man and chair remained unflappable under the sweep of the leg.

    Bang! Yesterday the chair broke, today a man’s leg broke!

    Sun the Seventh’s body shook and he fell into a sitting position, grimacing, his face ashen, and cold beads of sweat big as soybeans one after another rolled down his cheeks.

    Golden Toad Cai Shixiong didn’t see at first that Sun the Seventh’s right leg was broken, and so shouted abuse, “Goddamn it! For a skilled swordsman and martial artist, this is the greatest taboo. Spend all your time whoring around and now look, one night of looseness and your whole body is sapped of energy?!”

    He charged toward Ding Yi.

    Sun the Seventh was out of strength, he could only look on.

    Ding Yi was seemingly the same as the night before, he seemed to be already drunk. Golden Toad Cai Shixiong pounced on him just like a big grizzly bear, yet Ding Yi didn’t move a muscle.

    Golden Toad wasn’t about to miss this opportunity, but stepped forward and brought his fist down right on top of his head!

    This Myriad Flower Tower guard was a tall man, and from that commanding height, his fist raising and falling like a hammer, well you can imagine the heft of its force.

    This heavy fist, it need not be mentioned that a person’s skull could not withstand it, but even if it had smashed down on a brick it would have disintegrated it.

    Just as Golden Toad’s fist was about to strike the hair on Ding Yi’s head, Ding Yi’s head suddenly vacated its original position; Golden Toad had already began his move and could not choke up on it at this point, and that fist came down solid on the chair arm!

    Today that not especially sturdy-looking chair really surprised him; just now Sun the Seventh was not able to sweep the chair leg out, and now Golden Toad’s fist was not able to break the chair arm.

    As fist and chair collided, a sharp crack rang out and Golden Toad let out a savage howl and suddenly doubled over, like a foreigner holding a ceremony and hitting the circle and jumping out.[1]

    Fresh blood seeped out from between the cracks of his good left hand and sprinkled the floor.

    If this Golden Toad normally relied on his fists to earn a living, seems like our dear friend from here on out might have to consider taking up a martial art that didn’t emphasize their use.

    Ding Yi had weathered two successive attacks without leaving his chair, but now he slowly rose and looked at Golden Toad Cai Shixiong, who was in dire straits, smiled and said, “You all rely on customers who come here and spend money for your livelihood, but the way you treat your guests, can you explain that to Boss Peng?”

    Golden Toad held his broken bloody right hand and simultaneously stooped over and drew back while saying angrily, “If you’ve got any guts, boy, you’d better not go!”

    Ding Yi smiled. “Go? Hehe. I’ve spent all this money yet haven’t drank even one cup of wine, nor have I seen my old acquaintance, you think I will leave?”

    Golden Toad took another step back and said, “Good, I guess you do have guts, boy!”

    He turned his head and concentrated on the door and made to leave. Then he turned to a waiter and shouted, “Send someone for Master Peng! Quick!”

    The waiter assented and was turning to leave when from the big entranceway there suddenly came a cold and stern voice: “No need, Peng is right here!”


    Black Tyrant Sky Peng Wei lived up to his name, he was a big hulking fellow, his skin swarthy black like charcoal, his eyes shining bright, an ugly and ferocious face.

    It was said that one of the reasons Black Tyrant Sky had the status he held between the Pass and Luoyang was because of Tablet Splitting Rock Cracking Skill.

    Travelers between the Pass and Luoyang were numerous, so there were a lot of restaurants and brothels, it was the gold base of operations for those who walked the black path. Frequently there were those black pathers who thought to stick their hands into the spoils, but one look at Black Tyrant Sky’s ferocious appearance and they all broke out in cold sweats and voluntarily ceased their activities and quietly withdrew.

    Ding Yi had never had any contact or relations with Black Tyrant Sky. However, he had heard all about his activities between the Pass and Luoyang.

    If he had known Myriad Flower Tower was one of Black Tyrant Sky’s establishments, he probably wouldn’t have drank as much the night before.

    Black Tyrant Sky was followed from behind by four black-clad men. These four were clearly Black Tyrant Sky’s trusted men, and from their expressions and manner of walking it was clear their martial arts was much greater than that of Golden Toad Cai Shixiong and Springing Legs Sun the Seventh.

    Black Tyrant Sky entered the hall and made big strides over, and with an intimidating manner stared down Ding Yi. “Have you found the food and drink here to be to your liking?”

    Ding Yi said, “The food and drink are all fabulous.”

    Black Tyrant Sky said, “Has the staff been attentive?”

    Ding Yi said, “Extremely welcoming.”

    Black Tyrant Sky said, “Since that’s the case, why does Master Ding lose his temper?”

    Ding Yi said, “If Manager Peng had come a step earlier, he would know that the one who lost his temper was not me, but this fine establishments two guards.”

    He pointed at Jade Fragrance and the waiter and said, “These two both work here, they can testify to that. You can ask them who was the first one to make a move? And did I return those blows?”


    [1] Not sure what kind of ceremony that’s supposed to refer to, but anyway he is doubled over in pain holding his fist in his other hand.

    NOTE: When talking about the "black path", that's 黑道. This refers to people who are generally on the wrong side of the law and/or justice. As opposed to the "white path" 白道. Bad guys vs good guys, sort of, though it is often not that clear-cut. These terms are used a lot in wuxia. Basically you can think of it like this: the wulin 武林 is composed of people of the black path and the white path.

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    Default Chapter 7: Not Able to Invite Her Over For a Drink

    Chapter 7: Not Able to Invite Her Over For a Drink

    Since Ding Yi dared to say that, of course Black Tyrant Sky had no need to ask them.

    He turned to the two guards, then back to Ding Yi. “One has a broken leg, the other a broken hand——what do you mean you didn’t fight back?”

    Ding Yi smiled. “They are both very skilled, it’s too bad their muscles and bones are not as solid as my chair. You can ask them how they were injured.”

    Black Tyrant Sky knew what was up, but he intentionally put up a stern front: “Why would they fight you without due cause?”

    Ding Yi said, “You can also ask them that.”

    Golden Toad’s injury was painful and difficult to endure, but he didn’t dare show any vexation in front of his boss, so he clenched his teeth and squared his shoulders and said, “This guy was just looking for a fight, he…he…Ai yo…”

    Black Tyrant Sky said, “Speak slowly, say it clearly.”

    Golden Toad pressed on and told the whole story from start to finish, and was out of breath at the end.

    Ding Yi had claimed Jin Ling was his old flame, and said he wanted the boss’ favored concubine to come out and drink with him, how could he say something like that?

    But he knew he must say it even though he couldn’t. He didn’t want to hem and haw in front of Black Tyrant Sky Master Peng, he had to just say it.

    “This is Ding the First, but he has a brother, Ding the Second. Ding the Second came last night and we turned him out. This guy came today to start more trouble, and sat down and asked for our Empress to personally come out and drink with him.”

    Black Tyrant Sky’s face lit up and he glared at Ding Yi. “Is that true?”

    Ding Yi said calmly, “Yep! but I didn’t call for some Empress, I called for a girl.”

    “What’s her name?”

    “Jin Ling.”

    “What was she to you in the past?”

    “An old flame.”

    Who knows why, but Black Tyrant Sky didn’t explode, he raised his head slightly and said, “My boy you might know that this Jin Ling girl has recently been made my concubine?”

    Golden Toad interjected, “He knows! He knows our Empress is now Myriad Flower Tower’s proprietress. Yet he still wanted our Empress to dress up and said she was an old lover and have a nice long chat…”

    Smack! Black Tyrant Sky backhanded him and Golden Toad flew backward.

    He had forgotten that hemming and hawing in front of the boss was intolerable, but sometimes speaking too plainly got you in trouble!

    Black Tyrant Sky didn’t care about Golden Toad’s fate, he just stared at Ding Yi. “Is what he said true?”

    “Every word of it.”

    “You knew her current status, yet still persisted in asking her to come out and drink with you?”


    “Are you trying to make a fool out of me?”

    “That’s right!”

    Everyone stopped moving, all talking also stopped, the entire hall was dead silent, everyone seemed to be waiting for a lightning bolt to strike from the heavens.

    But unexpectedly, Black Tyrant Sky looked to be unfazed.

    “Have I offended you in some way?”


    “Were you sent by someone else?”


    “If not, then why are you being so overly-aggressive?”

    “I’ve looked over this Myriad Flower Tower, and I want to take over running it!”

    Black Tyrant Sky was taken aback, then threw his head back and laughed sardonically. “Okay, all right, wonderful!”

    He suddenly stepped aside and turned to the four men behind him and lifted his chin. “Managing Myriad Flower Tower is no easy matter, you all help me check this guy out, see if he has what it takes to take up the responsibility.”

    The four men in black had followed Black Tyrant Sky for years, they knew their boss’ temper, and from his manner of speaking and his expression, already knew the final outcome.

    So, when Black Tyrant Sky threw his head back in laughter, they had already reached for their weapons. Now, as soon as Black Tyrant Sky gave the command, the four immediately, using different weapons, converged on Ding Yi from four different directions!

    The four different weapons were: sabre, short staff, axe, whip.

    The sabre to pierce Ding Yi’s heart.

    The short staff to strike Ding Yi’s elbow and wrist.

    The axe to chop Ding Yi’s head.

    The whip to tie up Ding Yi’s two legs.

    This was a coordinated, flawless attack pattern. It was also one of the ways Black Tyrant Sky had secured his position between the Pass and Luoyang.

    Because Black Tyrant Sky’s reputation was too great, and those four men looked ordinary no matter what clothes they wore, so people usually paid most attention to Black Tyrant Sky and rarely guarded against these formidable killers.

    With the result that those who wanted to cause Black Tyrant Sky trouble, most of them lost their lives to these four black-clad men, Black Tyrant Sky didn’t need to fight personally.

    Ding Yi was not at all surprised by their sudden attack.

    Since Black Tyrant Sky had entered the hall, he had immediately marked the four men for the trusted henchmen they were.

    He had also in that first split second took note of their four weapons.

    Now, four men using four different weapons, from four different directions besieged him, from Black Tyrant Sky’s point of view, this was without a doubt a first-rate group.

    If you had to find a flaw in their battle formation, it was that they shouldn’t have had the sabre-wielding guy line up directly in front of Ding Yi.

    To deal with an enemy like Ding Yi, that was a terrible mistake.


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    Chapter 8 is quite a bit longer than these other chapters, so it will take longer to get up.

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    Thank you yet again whiteskwirl.

    It is so weird, he is supposed to be sick, like having a long languish sickness. I though he going to die or anything. I thought when he friends talks abut his healing up, that just outer appearances.

    I thought his martial art are gong to be affected or something. But it seems DingYi martial art is just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theSwordoftheWest View Post
    Thank you yet again whiteskwirl.

    It is so weird, he is supposed to be sick, like having a long languish sickness. I though he going to die or anything. I thought when he friends talks abut his healing up, that just outer appearances.

    I thought his martial art are gong to be affected or something. But it seems DingYi martial art is just fine.
    Maybe I wasn't clear in the translation, but just before he set off for Tong Pass he was all better. Yeah, his martial arts is okay. Chapter 8 really shows it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteskwirl View Post
    Maybe I wasn't clear in the translation, but just before he set off for Tong Pass he was all better. Yeah, his martial arts is okay. Chapter 8 really shows it.
    Actually, reading Chapter 8, it makes it clear Ding Yi has not recovered his strength yet. So I guess he was just really good to start with so that even weak he could still defeat some people.

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