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    These Chapters will also be posted in

    Chapter 1 The Theft in East City

    It was late summer to early fall, and the city of Chang'an was shrouded in the sunset's twilight. Overhead in the sky, an immortal descended with a vast stretch of golden flowers, covering this national capital in a gold muslin. Away from the Suzaku Gate Third Lane, the East city was at the peak of its trade with people flowing in like the tides of the ocean, foreigners interspersed among them, and the consistently the poor looked outlandish as if in bizarre clothes-- simply as if all the nations had put on an exhibition.

    There are hundreds of thousands of families as if it were a chess board, with the 12 streets like furrows to plant their harvest. Heaven will open the gate to the palace with all nations that worshiped the crown dressed. Xu Zhens mind unknowingly thought of this poem.

    He stayed far from the crowd, leaning on the side of a wall, arms wrapped around a leather scabbard to his chest; his mouth lazily dangling a bitter tea stalk and his hands fiddling a stack of Tang dynasty money.

    A big sum of money rolled around in his hands, and it rolled again from the tip of his thumb to his pinky, circling on the back of his hand and rolling around. His hands were dexterous and light and the huge sum of money flowed smoothly as if it were supernatural.

    Everyone says that on the front of the one dollar coin is a 1, and on the back is a chrysanthemum, and it goes to show that these current peoples viewpoint is far from the Tang, at the very least the Chinese Tang money had a hole in the middle.

    Xu Zhen was filled with coarse thoughts, which has already become part of his daily routine, experiencing insight into ever new thing. He always liked to contrast this world with some sort.

    But soon his attention was once again captivated by crowds alarming cry. The front of the Hong Ren building was long packed with people. Xu Zhen watched as his colleagues one by one stood tall and valiantly to maintain order, their hearts pulsing like waves of wry smiles.

    Tang people were also unreliable, obviously even including the police and government officers who contrarily take on the mighty Wuhou title to sound authoritarian. This was very fitting for Xu Zhens work in Wuhou district. Inside his scabbard, there was not even the real thing inside, only the shaft to scare people.

    The Hong Ren building at East City was still a bit famous. Today, unknowingly it was praised by the nobility. Unexpectedly, it opened a hundred drama set. In the front hall as well there was a white elephant parading. The cages on top of the stage enclosed exotic animals. The spectators constantly yelled again and again, The crowd was packed so tightly that one drop of water could not fickle through[1], there was already no way to describe this grand occasion.

    ASan[2] (阿三) was really a minority in Kaifeng[3], unexpectedly traveling thousands of miles to ChangAn as an entertainer. Although nominally he was said to be an unusual individual from Tian Zhu.[4] But once he wore his Hu clothing[5] and wrapped his scarf around his head, only the devil will finally know what country he was from.

    At this time, Asan appeared as a old man with a large beard, leaning on a serpent staff, with a stooped forward body walking into the location. He stopped on top of an already prepared square carpet. Many of the people watching are unaware, their eyes were indeed full of hope. Neither crow nor sparrow could be heard[6]. Unexpectedly, it turns out that they were overawed by the old mans mysterious aura. The serpent staff on Asans hand inserted in the ground, his mouth murmuring incantations, conspicuously displaying his supreme yoga techniques. Six seven alluring foreign girls swayed their slender hips and gourd-shaped butt, dancing around Asan. Their bells, necklaces, and precious stones jingled, producing a ringing sound. Their snow white hand and feet stole the gaze of many eyes. All the men that were attracted and involved had a sensational feeling in their mouth and parchness on their tongues.

    Moreover, two foreign Han people guarded at the two sides of the stage. From time to time, they spit the exotic oil contained in their mouth onto their hand torches, causing the flames to roar and surprising the people again and again.

    Come look! Come look!

    The crowd immediately riots because old Asan stroked the rod in his left hand, his right hand pinching together into the image of a lotus, both feet slowly coiled together and actually floated upward!

    This is a guru descended from the Buddhist Kingdom! It is a living Buddha! Everyone come worship about, or pray to be blessed with fortune.

    Not knowing who brought about this, the surrounding crowd at once kneeled down over a large area. A big sum of money tinkling and falling into the purple golden bowl in front of the square carpet.

    Soon the place became overflowed with people. Others simply dropped to the floor directly, even more people offered incense, piously worshiping.

    The noble guests up on the platforms also stroked their palms and praised for benevolence. The ordered servants unceasingly brought up and bestowed rewards. Although the barbarians did not express a thousand thanks and ten thousand gratitude,[7] their eyes are indeed blazing with incomparable passion.

    Xu Zhen sneered in his mind, but he did not expect that this was one of the top ten super powers: Indias levitation technique. Actually, it was already seen in the early Tang Dynasty. Of course, as a former FISM (Fdration Internationale des Socits Magiques) champion, Xu Zhen knew at least three way to make such effect.

    However, in the great history of the Tang dynasty, to be capable to such extent, you cannot help but say this person Asan must indeed be distinguished.

    Even the people that usually boss around Xu Zhen were stunned this time, secretly throwing several huge sum of money onto the ground, deeply thinking and chatting, guessing that next years evaluation will certainly once again increase by 2 kilograms.

    The Wuhou people also could not maintain order because absolutely almost everyone had been shocked by this kind of intimidating, mystic yoga technique. They were all secretly praying. Even worse, some people began to flock to Asan, wanting to touch a living immortal!

    All step aside! Move out a bit!

    A remonstrance voice like a thunder crack called out. The crowd separated to form a path. Seven eight warriors wearing black clothes surrounded a young wealthy boy and went straight in front of Asan.

    This playboy from a wealthy family was about eleven or twelve years old. His body was still not fully developed, his forehead beginning to grow. He was exquisitely beautiful, striking as if in a painting of a young immortal.

    Xu Zhen swept a glance at the young boy, who wore Hu clothing and carried a jeweled jade dagger on his waist. Even where there are lots of nobles, the royalty can give off air of threatening motifs everywhere they go.

    All the people are quickly driven away and dispersed. The young boy pretended to be older, strutting up without causing a reaction. He simply circled around Asan twice and then drew out his jade dagger, wanting to lift the old mans robe. Clearly he is a boy who likes to uncover secrets and reveal his intelligence and boldness.

    On the side, the two female dangers wanted to stop him, but the warriors wearing black clothes glared at them. Under the powerful and fearful oppression, the female dancers had no choice but cast their look for help toward the old man. The latter opened his eyes slightly and gently shook his head to show no harm.

    The young boy snorted coldly, but does not directly touch the old man. He lifts the old mans robe to examine generally and then he softly knocked on the serpent rod. Immediately the color of his face worsened. Apparently he did not find intriguing mechanisms and things like he had imagined.

    When the stewards of Hong Red Building saw the young boys appearance, they promptly returned to report back. Not long, a short and stout owner of the building immediately came out taking small quick steps to deal with the problem. When the young boy was welcomed to the front of the building, the warriors dressed in black divided into left and right, their imposing manners rather majestic.

    When it appeared to be almost time, the old man slowly let down his pair of legs, his feet touched the ground, and he pulled out his serpent rod. The dancers on his left and right side collected the huge sum of money on the floor and even removed the square carpet, revealing the intact bricks on the surface of the ground.

    The audience once again gasped for breath. Originally, they thought the old man on the ground would be someone who planned his actions beforehand. Now they all admire from their heart, looking at the old mans eyes brimming with more admiration and adoration.

    Huh? This is a bit interesting... After Xu Zhen watched the square be removed, he also slightly surprised, and once again saw highly of the old mans abilities.

    The young boy was obviously todays honored guest, so the owner promptly let the old man of Tianzhu perform his amazing skill once again. If it is to the young masters liking, then Hong Building will really be popular in ChangAn!

    The old man of TianZhu was not loquacious, pinching his finger into the mark of a lotus toward the chairmans location and carrying out a Buddhist etiquette. Nevertheless he released the three inch grass rope around his waist, both hands raised over his chest. The crowd circled him on all 4 sides, but then he voluntarily threw himself out of the crowd.

    The mass of people already considered the old man as an immortal. At once, they swarmed to snatch that grass rope. Covered in grease and dirt, a father and son pair relied on their exceptional size and strength and soon grabbed the rope in their hand.

    However their hands were satiny. Indeed the grass rope turned out to be a green florid snake!

    Oh my mother![8]

    The crotch of their trousers shrank[9] and they frantically threw the green snake toward the chairman. The audience who witnessed such shameful situation roared into laughter and recognized the old man as a wise respected god.

    Xu Zhen slightly narrowed his eyes, his heart was all shaken up. Because with even one move from the old man, even he, a magic champion, was not capable of discerning it.

    The old man of TianZhu smiled playfully, then took off the cloak on his back and placed it on the ground. The snake coiled a circle, wrapping itself in the center of the cloak. He took 2 step back, and once again he murmured an incantation.

    On top of the platform, the eyes of the wealthy young boy revealed a pleasant surprise in spite of his noble bearing. He stood up from his seat and a lot of noble guests and ordinary people stretched their necks to stare at the package on the ground.

    Salutations to the great lord.[10]

    The old man of TianZhu shouted so loudly that the cloak on the floor moved in agitation. A length of rope protruded upward as if an invisible immortal snatched it up and pulled it up toward the sky. The rope seemed to be endless. No one knew how far it will stretch up into the sky.

    I know! This is Indias long lost immortal rope. Xu Zhens heart was all shaken, stunned with awe by the scene before of his eyes. He didn't expect that to see such a wonderful skill in his lifetime!

    This! How is this possible! The young boys cheeks that were white as jade were now flushed with excitement, his small chest unceasingly rising and falling. Clearly he was astonished by this sudden performance.

    The surrounding crowd already could not restrain the shock and fright they felt in their hearts. To the people from ancient times, this kind of event was no different from a miracle! The surrounding atmosphere exploded into a loud rumble with chatters of shocked voices. The large mass of people once again knelt to the floor. Nevertheless, this time they prostrated themselves in admiration as if it were a big ceremony.

    The face of old man of TianZhu was pale, as if his strength was exhausted. Two men in black promptly supported him on each side. The crowd suddenly broke into cheers like a tsunami, one by one came forth offering gifts and money that they harbored. Not long, it piled up into a small hill.

    If I known earlier how easy this profits, I would have left a long bread, dress as an Indian and become a fart of a government officer. Xu Zhen muttered a curse, staring at the bag of money, his eyes fixed at it.

    Excellent. Excellent. Bestow. Quickly Bestow.

    After a while, the young boy finally collected himself, clapping his hands and laughing loudly. The warrior on his left slightly bowed, pulling a bulging bag of money out of his chest, throwing it at the foot of the old man. With a click of a sound, the bag burst open and one by one, gold leaves the size of a thumb flowed out!

    The old mans eye paused to looked at gold leaves only for a moment, and quickly ignored such dirt. He approached the young boy, slightly nodding to pay respect.

    Xu Zhen's gaze was flaming like a torch. As a master magician, observing somebodys words and gestures was a mandatory procedure, figuring out someones mental thoughts was even more essential. This old mans behavior is all in respect apparent and strange. Basically, he really unlike the usual foreign performers.

    The moment Xu Zhens heart swelled with vigilance, the young boy jumped from his seat. He changed his conceited attitude, proudly stroking his chin as if he were matured, He came down to the center of the scene carefully scrutinizing the Daoist immortal. After his courage slowly rose, he unexpectedly extended his hand to grip the rope. He pulled hard but it remained unmoved like heavenly pillars.

    Guru, Can this rope really lead to the Immortal Kingdom in the sky? As the young boy asked, his eyes were filled with fascination as they were directed toward the old man from TianZhu. His speech was filled with questions but also with awe and shock.

    The old man from TianZhu slightly smiled, using a slightly stiffer voice to reply, This old monk is also unaware of where it leads. Young master, you have an exceptional bearing. But why not ask how high is the sky?[11]

    The young boy was slightly startled. His heart was truly filled with dismay. But once he saw the teasing look in the old mans eyes, it evoked an urge to fight as he clenched his teeth.

    His white face flushed red as he struck a posture to climb that rope. The surrounding crowd shouted cheers as the young boy began to fill with more pride.

    Many of the warriors dressed in black promptly stepped forward, wishing to stop the young master. But they were pushed back by the expression in the young boys eyes and had no choice but to guard the surrounding.

    Although the young boy looked delicate, he was quite dexterous afterall. Not long, he was already in midair. The crowd beneath his feet kept quiet out of fear and the only sound remaining was that of raised necks gulping saliva.

    However, the young boys figure soon disappeared into the cloud, while the warriors in black tensed up in anxiety. At once they pressed their knives and asked, but the old man from TianZhu simply rose up slowly. With both hands clasped and he spoke, Certainly the young master eager to see the landscape of the Immortal Kingdom. He might enjoy himself and forget to go home. Wait for this old monk to return the young master!

    Without much to say, the old man started climbing the rope. That being the case, once he had climbed past the height of Hong Ren buildings second floor, the rope unexpectedly became loose, rustling as it fell downward. The old man exclaimed in alarm as shadows draped over the land.

    This is terrible! This is not right! Xu Zhen recalled that he happened to have read some ancient books containing records of the immortal rope. His heart suddenly sank as he rushed through the crowd for a look. The shadow was from the old mans robe. He could not find a single persons shadow!

    How did this happen?

    The warriors in black suddenly realized that something was wrong. They pushed aside the dancers and foreigners wearing long robes. In the middle of the field, there were only the rope and a long robe. The young master and the old man were indeed missing.

    Not good

    The warriors in black immediately broke into cold sweat and glanced around, but after surging around, the old mans and the young masters figures were no where to be found.

    Unsheathing the long knives on their waist, the warriors dressed in black seized a group of foreigners in a flash. Under tension, the head warrior Qiu Ran shouted like a clap of thunder, All kneel down to me! Otherwise we will kill with lawful authority.

    In the midst of ChangAn, at the foot of the emperor,[12] the people were aware of the regulations. Once they saw a sword in the air, they would loudly topple to the floor on their stomach. But amongst the crowd, they could not find even a single strand of the old mans hair.

    The warriors dressed in black were so anxious that they started to become angry

    Still not replying?!

    A warrior in black became disillusioned, removing his hand crossbow from under his black clothing. With low motivation, he launched an arrow straight into the sky, as direct as a blood red sunset. All of ChangAn was in panic, shrouded in the midst of the dark shadows.

    There really was something fishy about that old guy! Xu Zhen spitted out the bitter tea stem and secretly departed from the crowd. Following the analysis of Indias immortal rope as written in the ancient books, he was roughly able to determine the relative location. Very soon he arrived at a congested street. His eyes saw as far as he could see and not long he found a shadow of a long robe on the ground. He does not make a sound and accelerated his pace to catch up.

    End of Chapter 1

    [1] Idiom 水泄不通
    [2] derog. of an Indian
    [3] city in east-central Henan province
    [4] The Indian Subcontinent
    [5] 胡服.
    胡 is how the Han people refer to the other ethnic people.
    [6] Silence, Chinese Idiom
    Another Chinese Idiom.千恩万谢
    Chinese expression 我的老娘耶
    [9] 裤裆一缩

    I tried. 摩诃竭帝波若波罗可喏 Probably an incantation
    [11] 不若上得青天问天高?
    Very literal translation of 天子脚下
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    Generally, footnotes are done here by putting the number in brackets after the relevant word like this[1].

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    A translation of the title would help. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by criticalmind View Post
    A translation of the title would help. Thanks
    Title means Tang [dynasty] Lion

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    Default Chapter 2

    With a warning, a whistling arrow was shot into the air, confirming the problem already at hand. The young boy definitely was not a typical nobles son. To dare shoot a whistling arrow in the city of ChangAn, his identity and the power he possess behind his back were already things one could not easily imagine!

    This also furthered ascertained Xu Zhens conjecture. This group of foreign people were absolutely prepared. From the moment they came, they had a goal, which was this young master!

    TL: I switch between young boy and master whenever it feels appropriate, but it just is the same person.

    But he also eased a bit, because once the whistling arrow sounded, the street gates will close. It was impossible for anyone wanted to leave ChangAn!

    He was focused entirely on the silhouette of the long robe on the street in front of him because he knew very clearly that to be able to cause living things to disappear, under this type of circumstance, there had to be surreptitious substitutions of one thing to another.[1] This kind of substitution of one thing[2] for another was the only method capable of such effect. If he had guessed correctly, then the old man must be among the long robed foreigners that the warriors dressed in black had arrested!

    An admonishing sound erupted, and the streets immediately became noisy and disarrayed. The people were trampling like frightened bird returning to their nests, one after another returning to their respective streets. The ChangAn government quickly dispatched their horses and troops, leaving for East city.

    Xu Zhen was mingled in the tide of people, but his sight was always directed at the person in the long robe who was walking ambly. He already experienced more than three years of the Tang Dynasty. Up until now, he finally passed off as a city officer. To say this out loud would cause him to lose face. That young master must be no ordinary person. If he can rescue that young master, certainly he will reach heaven in a single bound![3]

    The man in the long robe also understood extremely well how to take advantage of a tide of people for cover like a fish swimming forth in water plants, his movement neither sluggish nor anxious. Clearly he long had planned for this circumstance.

    When his eyes saw that the long robed man was almost at the outer city gates, Xu Zhens mind filled with urgency. Many times he wanted to speed up, but he was forced back by the tide of people. In that moment of desperation, he was going to shout out, but he saw that the HongLu government troops currently escorting out a foreign envoy motorcade, ready to leave the outer gates.

    The man in the long robe suspended on the end of the motorcade, neither hurried nor slowed. When one of the carriage opened, he threaded his way just like this inside the very last carriage.

    He really is prepared for anything!

    Xu Zhen concealed his shock. These people had absolutely planned ahead and already had a scheme for a long time. If not otherwise, they simply would not have this flawless coordination!

    Those hired HongLu officials at last also became aware of the commotion in East city, but who would dare under the foot of heaven commit a crime? To say this out loud would disgrace this country's capital. It was not the kind of thing you can speak to foreigners about and it was nothing much if there were an incidence in the marketplace.

    Xu Zhens shouts were drowned in the disturbance caused by the sea of people. He could not deal with this much trouble any more and pushed through the crowd, running and taking long strides. Once he reached the outer city gates, he would be able to block the motorcade.

    However, at this time, he felt a large crisis bubbling forth from the bottom of his heart. He lowered his body and slanted his head and an arrow grazed past the scalp of his head. Behind him, a man muffled a few words while immediately drowning out in the confusion of the crowd. Everyone was only focused on fleeing and thought that Xu Zhen had inattentively fallen to the ground. Who would have thought that there was someone plotting!

    His scalps felt numb and he angrily opened his eyes. As he lifted his head up, another arrow was aimed sharply at him. In a moment of desperation, he pulled out his wooden blade to block the blow. Unexpectedly the wooden blade gave off a loud thud and broke. Nonetheless, this short arrow was not shot from the sleeve, rather from a powerful silent crossbow!

    After encountering a sniper, Xu Zhen did not dare become careless. His gaze traced the projection source of the arrow and very soon it was locked on the Yu Huai forest above the rectangular wall. Although the trees were sparse, one or two could very easily conceal an assassin.

    In a moment, he nearly locked down on the locust tree[4] to his left. He extended his hand and touched the sharp edge of the money that he had hidden close to his chest. There were his self-made gold coins that he was going to use as a throwing weapon!

    As a person in the middle of a crossroad, Xu Zhen knew from his heart that starting today, he might not be able to live with himself. However, he still intentionally or unintentionally[5] gathered these precious possessions,which he had hoarded. If one comes back to reality, one gold coin from the KaiYuan[6] reign might be more valuable than one of these gold coins. Gathering these gold coins had become one of his hobbies.

    There was wind blowing from the northwest and the back of the large locust tree emitted a faint gold light. Xu Zhen watched carefully, it wasnt really a gold ray of light, but rather an assassins blonde hair reflecting off the sunset! He suddenly flung the coin darts in his hand. Just exactly when the assassin was about to emerge, the assassin once again withdrew as the coin dart made a poof sound against rectangular wall.

    Xu Zhen was once a imperial cucumber-slicing chef, capable of using poker cards to slice cucumbers beyond ten meters away. But for an internationally renown Cucumber King, these coin darts were just another daily practice. After the assassin was pushed back, he once again stretched his hands into his chest, this time touching two smooth round pebbles.

    The assassin was startled by the coin dart, lingered in fear, and then flew into panic by Xu Zhens next two consecutive pebbles. He sprang out from behind the old locust tree, and similarly so that he would not be outdone, aimed his final arrow!

    It was not easy to keep a private weapon within the city of ChangAn with three arrows being the limit. Were it not for this critical moments, she would not have applied her last arrow. However, Xu Zhe anticipated her counterattack and like a cheetah dodging without a worry. The arrow rubbed past his shoulders. Although it punctured his flesh, it was not at all a critical injury. On the contrary, Xu Zhen struck the assassins calf coin darts

    Going somewhere!?

    Xu Zhen was overjoyed, the HongLu motorcade already past security. He could only settle for now. As long as the assassin remained put down, then it was considered as his great merit! As for the royal kidnapping affair, to be involve foreign affairs, it must be assumed that this was an enormous conspiracy. It was not something he alone could change!

    Once he had decided, he swiftly trotted, touching a coin dart by his chest concealed in his hand. He didnt have much gold darts so he didn't dare waste them. Anyways the assassin was had been struck with a dart, so her speed was already slowed down. He must wait to act final moment.

    Nevertheless the female assassin was unwilling to resign, easily waving her hand to throw a concealed weapon once again. Xu Zhen thought that she had no more arrows and did not expect that she had concealed weapons. It was unavoidable. At once he brandish his scabbard to parry.

    The concealed weapon looked like a flexible cord and wrapped around the top of his scabbard. His forehead was dripping with sweat, He looked at the coil rope on top of his scabbard and saw clearly that it was a small lush green poisonous viper!


    The small poisonous viper struck forth like a green electric ray, and bit the back of Xu Zhens hand. The numbness spread like an electric current. Unexpectedly, his arm was rigid as if it were petrified. This aspect of the poison was what made it unexpectedly terrifying!

    Xu Zhen pinched the snake and ripped it off. With one foot, he stomped the snake to death. Indeed he would not dare to wildly purse and attack because any strenuous movement would only speed up the poisons circulation.

    However, if Xu Zhen stop chasing, that assassin will once again get back up.

    With only a sniff, the gust of fragrance assailed into his nose. Xu Zhens vision blackened and once again lost another sense! The last memory he recalled was when he stopped over beside the female assassin and leaned on her body, seeping into her bodys fragrance and semi-glossed vermilion lips!

    Not knowing how long he was unconscious, Xu Zhen serenely awoke. The only remaining part of his whole body from top to bottom was his swollen head ached and befuddled in fatigue and dizziness. He could not perceive his hands, feet, and any parts of his body!

    Everyone spoke that the Western Region (西域) had more poison and now Xu Zhen was convinced more than ever.

    From this moment on, he lay down flatly inside a spacious carriage. The thin wrinkly old man was mediating cross-legged. Was this not the old yoga master who knew the Buddhist levitation technique!? Leaning on the side of the old man, the young master glowered and his mouth pouted. His hands and feet were not bound. When he became aware that Xu Zhen was awake, he casted a despising gaze, clearly showing his disdain for ChangAn Wuhous slagged fighting strength.

    As for Xu Zhens lateral side, it was the female assassin that he fought with. Although she was covered with in a traveler cloak, she could not conceal her well-rounded figure, 30 years old. If her veil were also removed, she would be glamorous and alluring, and bearing an exotic grace.

    The Tang women emphasized appearance and accessories, penciling their eyebrows and putting on yellow flowers.​[7] Unfortunately, to go outside they would have to wear MiLi (幂篱 A kind of wide-brimmed hat, with a muslin that droops down and covers the entire body). After that it was changed to WeiMao (帷帽 the muslin curtailed to the neck, covering only the head), causing Xu Zhens shout to be conned by Lao Mou Zis Curse of the Golden Flower, the Bao*Fu imperial clothing!!!

    TL: Dont worry about it I guess. In Curse of the Golden Flowers, the movie had a different take on imperial dresses. Also it is silly to use three exclamation marks :P

    Nevertheless, the Hu female entertainer before his eyes seemed more intelligent, knowing not to expose parts of her body, while putting effort in appearance. Her slender black eye lines were drawn to her emerald eyes, which had a mysterious and alluring beauty, unexpectedly closely similar to current societys.

    He was puzzled why this female assassin had not killed him, directly throwing him off into a ravine, but he quickly guessed the reason. It was because of this small pamphlet he had kept near his chest, which the old man held in his hand!

    It contained all the magic tricks he had came across three years ago at East and West city. Indeed it was precisely the ancient pamphlet that Xu Zhen used to uncover all these secrets!

    Clearly the old man was very interested in this pamphlet. Seeing that Xu Zhen had awaken, he raised the pamphlet in his hand, and used a harsh Tang dialect to ask, "Where did you acquired this pamphlet."

    Xu Zhen could tell that this old man had an intimate and obsessive fondness to magic tricks. He also experienced this kind of temperament when he was with great foreign magicians. Because he wanted to survive, he was going make full use of this small advantage. So he groaned coldly and twisted his head, not saying a word, which was his plan to play cat and mouse!

    The look on the old mans face sank. Indeed, the female assassin could not sit still, her jade hand touched her lower back, a half-moon shaped blade was whirling in her hand like a pinwheel. After that, it was pressed against the top of Xu Zhens neck. This female assassin was absolutely cold-blooded and fierce!

    Soon the half-moon blade was already at his throat already drawing out a trail of blood. In the end, the old man opened his mouth to restrain her, Kai Sa (凯萨) , stop!

    The female assassin let out a cold groan, withdrawing her small blade, with a somewhat dissatisfied look at the old man. Nevertheless, she turned her head as if she still bear a grudge against Xu Zhen for injuring her calf.

    The old man could not help to shake his head and moved beside Xu Zhen. From his chest, he fish out a black pill. Pinching Xu Zhens lower jaw, he stuffed it in Xu Zhens mouth.

    The pills refreshing strength surged and unexpectedly Xu Zhen slowly began to feel his hands and feet . Clearly it was an antidote to the snake venom!

    Xu Zhen moved around his fingers. As expected he could feel again. Once again he struggled to lift his body up. He stumbled and almost fell over. The old man took advantage to support him up. The corner of Xu Zhens mouth gave off a cold smile, his slender fingers wiped against the sole of his shoe. He contorted his body in a full swing, and restraining the old man like old vines wrapped around a tree. He pulled a razor blade from the soles of his shoe and pressed it against the old mans throat.

    Although Tang blades were world-famous, their ironwork were still underdeveloped and not capable of producing such kind of razor blade. This kind of blade was as thin as paper. Indeed, Xu Zhen had spent money to buy a sheet of fine iron and he had meticulously sharpened it!

    Kai Sa did not expect Xu Zhen to be so cunning to go as far as exploiting the old mans sympathy. Indignantly, she grabbed the hair of the young boy besides her, dragging him over. A silver blade was placed on top of the young boys neck.

    If you dare move a single strand of hair on Guru Moyas (摩崖) head, I will kill her! Kai Sa fiercely threatened. Xu Zhen had no doubt about her decisiveness, but presently he was helpless. How could also take care of this wealthy young lady dressed in mens clothing.

    I have no relations with her. If you want to kill her, then go ahead. If I hesitate, then I am not a man! The rascal and despicable look across his face angered Kai Sa so much that her breasts shook up and down. The slender lily-white hands that firmly gripped the small blade trembled gently.

    But the only person more infuriated than Kai Sa was the young master pressed against her chest, or should I say young lady!

    You shameless! To fold ones hands and see somebody die, I had presumptuously claimed you as a Tang person. You are not even a man! If return to ChangAn, I will definitely make you be severely punished! The young ladys face was flushed red, pointing her finger while bawling curses at Xu Zhen. Xu Zhen sneered, curled his lips and retorted, Naive! You think you can return to ChangAn?

    The young lady was subdued by his words. Sorrow streaked across her whole face, and she drooped her head in silence. Nevertheless, the rim of her eyes moistened.

    Xu Zhen was too bothered to care, his blade pressed against Moyas neck. In a cold voice, he said to Kai Sa, Let me off.

    Kai Sa fumed with rage as she gritted her teeth, yet grudgingly tapped the carriage. When the young lady saw that Xu Zhen was going to leave, she suddenly lifted her head. Her eyes were filled with helpless cries.

    End of Chapter 2

    [1] 移花接木lit. to graft flowers onto a tree
    [2] 李代桃僵lit. the plum tree withers in place of the peach tree
    [3] Idiom (esp. with negative: don't expect) instant success
    [4] 槐树
    [5] 有意无意
    [6] Kaiyuan era (713-741), a peak of Tang prosperity
    [7] cosmetic powder used on a woman's forehead in former times
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    Default Chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    As Kai Sa became more impatient, Xu Zhe was more certain that Moya had a crucial status. As he got off the carriage while seizing Moya, he looked in all four directions, finding losses under his foot. It was evident that they were already out of ChangAn.

    After the motorcade stopped, many of the foreigners witnessed Xu Zhen holding the old man captive. One by one they pulled out their blades, indeed these were genuine curved swords and sabers. Presumably, they were no longer disguising themselves as foreign guests. If these weapons were to appear inside the ChangAn prefecture, they would immediately be a violation to the prohibition!

    Xu Zhen swept a glance in all four directions. Each and every one of these people were dressed in a kind of Hu clothing suitable for archery, with short sleeves, small trousers, long QunMao[1] on their head, and scarves that cover their mouths and nose. Obviously they were dressed as the Tuyuhun[2] ethnic group. Although Murong Nuohebo[3] of Tuyuhun was bestowed as the Duke of HeYuan,[4] he also married Princess HongHua[5] of Tang, yet his armies frequently invaded the frontiers. Before long, most people in ChangAn were extremely angry. Many of the rumors spoke of fighting against Tuyuhun. Many of these people pretend to be TianZhu visitors coming to ChangAn. It could even be said these were no small evil intentions!

    Xu Zhen also did not bother to understand these thiefs. His hand held back Moya, naturally he had nothing to fear. Only now, he began to feel weak in both legs, his whole body becoming soft and lacking strength. At once he asked, How long have I been asleep?!

    Kai Sa itched to hack Xu Zhen to pieces. The young lady equally despised Xu Zhen for not saving her. On the contrary, Moya gently replied, You have been sleeping for five days already mister...

    Five days! Xu Zhen was started at first. He didnt expect himself to have slept for five days. According to the speed of the motorcade, he reckoned that right now they have already past LiangZhou,[6] otherwise they would not have been able to reinstate themselves in Fan[7] clothing.

    Thats wrong! If it were five days, I would already be poisoned to death! Just now, what did you feed me? ! ! ! Xu Zhen quickly pondered, and asked once more.

    Moya did not hide, and so let out the truth. As it turned out, Kai Sa originally really wanted to kill XU Zhen, but ChangAn was in disorder. In case Xu Zhen were to remain in ChangAn, he would sure try to find with all the clues. They had doubts, without any choice, they could only carry Xu Zhen out.

    Once they were out of ChangAn, they originally planned to kill Xu Zhen midway and bury him off. But when they did a body search, they discovered that Xu Zhen carried a pamphlet. Luckily it was thanks to Moyas insistence, otherwise Xu Zhen would long be killed by the group of people. A moment ago, the pills he was fed with were merely some medicine to improve blood circulation.

    In this way, Xu Zhen actually owed his life to Moya. He actually had no malice toward Moya. Instead he felt a great scholarly respect toward this calm and collected old man. However, he also saw that the other people on this motorcade were no philanthropists.

    It was a pity to have been brought to such inhospitable environment, even his chance to become a government official, his heart could not help but suffer bitterness. He looked toward the east, and did not know if he could possibly return to LiangZhou. His heart immediately burst with bewilderment.

    As a yoga master, Moya was also a great scholar with respect for magic tricks. He had traveled around the Hunan province for half his lifetime, his observation skills had already reached a great height. In due course, he advised Xu Zhen, Mister, this old man has carefully examined both your hands. You definitely are a person that practice magic. If you make me your teacher, later on you will be sure to become an inscrutable Huan Ren (眩人 fantasy person) [written as wizard/magician (眩人 Xuan Ren) with the meaning of magician) !

    TL: I know it will soon start getting more confusing but bear with me.

    Xu Zhen fretted, he had a extremely detailed research on Western-Chinese magic. Ancient magic tricks were already highly developed after reaching the Tang Dynasty. Ancient Indian techniques were even more marvelous and incomparable, magic remotely far and matchless. He was truly shocked.

    But he quickly reacted. He could make a decision for himself simply for his unfavorable situation. No matter how many deep skills Moya possessed, to work together with Kai Sa in the TuYuHun kidnapping of a young Tang noble, there bound to be a larger conspiracy kept secret behind his back. Although he really isn't a pure Tang person, but he had the blood of a Han (Chinese) person surging in his veins for all eternity. He absolutely could not assist these foreigners coming in to harm Han (Chinese) people.

    As he called to mind his moral integrity, he laughed coldly and sneered toward Moya, Humph, What can you possibly teach me? To teach me how to drug people? Or to teach me how to use a snake to bite people? Or even how to conceal a womens perfumed sachet?

    After Moya heard the two words perfumed sachet, his face suddenly flushed red. Indeed, Xu Zhens left hand had snatched gilded (covered thinly with gold leaf) sachet. He quickly recalled, it must be when he was supporting Xu Zhen, this youngster must have stole it from him.

    The astonished look on Moya, Kai Sa and all the others gave Xu Zhen a feeling of accomplishment, which reminded him of a live reality show program he once participated in a foreign country. That fair-hair and blue eyes female anchor really despise Chinese people. When Xu Zhen was in the middle of his interview, right on the spot, she took off everything that she could off her body. If it were not for that DaYangMa (大洋马) had nothing on her bottom (底下真空), she would have even taken off her bra and panties!

    More precisely, it was because of this that result that made her internationally-renown and genuinely stepping foot on international stage. Furthermore, she was invited to Las Vegas, Nevada for a special performance.

    This sachet seemed to be Moyas Achilles's heel, but there was only a flash of anger on his face. The old mans face had a more ineffable distress. He let out a soft sigh, waved his hand toward Xu Zhen and said, If you trust me, right now hurry up and leave, I guarantee that they will not pursue and attack you.

    Xu Zhen heard what was said, unhappily smiled, Kai Sa and the other Tuyuhun people glared like a tiger watching its prey with a murderous look. Moreover, he did not really trust Moya.

    Ill give you to the count of three, release your weapons or Ill slice this old mans throat!

    You dare! Kai Sa brought forth the young lady who was dressed in mens clothes. The sharp blade was already at her throat, leaving a thin line of red traces!

    Three! Two! ...

    Surely enough, Xu Zhen counted down, basically paying no attention to the weeping young lady, as if he were a stone hearted, selfish demon!

    Clang! Ding Dong (Dang Dang)!

    On the scene, seven eight of the Tuyuhun peoples curved blades were thrown down at the foot of Xu Zhen. Kai Sa ruthlessly clenched her teeth, ultimately still relinquishing her knife. The young lolita/young girl (萝莉) promptly ran to Xu Zhens side, completely forgetting the time in which she cursed at this bastard for not saving her.

    Put down all your pouches of water. I will not repeat a second time! Xu Zhen saw that these people chose to compromise, his heart was very certain. Once again, he raised another one of his demands. This time, contrary to what one might expect, Kai Sa took the initiative in untying the water pouches, and the rest one by one followed suit.

    Girl, can you ride a horse? Xu Zhen lowered his head to ask the young girl. The latter looked at him with a despising glance, appearing as if riding a horse were an innate skill, such as drinking a bottle of milk. Xu Zhen was also amused, the Tang aristocrats as war-like, as if aristocratic children were required of two compulsory courses.

    Xu Zhen used his legs to gently kick the young girl. After that, he said stern and solemnly, If you want to live, then following now, obediently listen to my words, do you understand!?

    The young girl was frightened by Xu Zhens expression, but quickly emerged a firm and persistent look, and nodded her head repeatedly.

    Xu Zhen smiled in satisfaction, and began to command the young girl to work, First, release all the horses, and leave only a pair.

    The young girl took in a deep breath. While trembling with fear, she sweep a glance at the Tuyuhun people. She lifted up her small chest and picked up a heavy curved blade. After all was said and done, all the reins on the horses were all cut. She even sliced at the horses legs. One by one, those horses abandoned the carriages and escaped, leaving only two remaining horses heading to Xu Zhens side.

    Xu Zhen did not expect that this young girl would be calm and magnanimous in this way, replenishing his hopes at escaping. Once again he instructed,Destroy all their pouches of water, leave only three. First, you will carry the pouches of water, and ride your horse eastward. Ill catch up to you!

    The young girl was slightly started, but she quickly understood Xu Zhens intentions. After leaving Liang Zhou, she will enter the twisting and coiling zone between Tuyuhun and Tang. This place was unlike within the borders of Liang Zhou, where the soil and water were delicate and pretty. Without horse and water, it would be out of question to desire pursuing and attacking.

    Xu Zhen watched as the young girl punctured the pouches of water, and then watched as each water pouch ran dry. Until the young girl patted the horse to set out, would would laugh hehe. Toward the Tuyuhun, who were glaring and clenching their teeths, he said, Your little brother (Xu Zhen is referring to himself) is in a compelling circumstance. Thanks for your troubles everyone!

    Kai Sa was seethe with anger, yet could only only stare blankly as Xu Zhen abducted Moya onto horseback, scattering dust as he left!

    A bearded Tuyuhun warrior with a mustache shaped like the character 八 promptly picked up his curved sword from the ground, and furiously hooted at Kai Sa, Kai Sa! You ought to be clear now about our Lords plan! You set allowed that young lady to go, not to mention along with abducting Guru Moya. Your entire clan will be beheaded!

    Kai Sa groaned coldly, gazed in the distance at the path Xu Zhen used to flee and shouted a line of curse, Deceitful Tang Ren (person)!
    The mustached mans avaricious gaze continuously shifted to Kai Sas plump body. After secretly swallowing his saliva, he faced the clans member behind him and berated, Get out there and bring him back to me!

    The six seven Tuyuhun became expressive again. As they were just about to purse after the steed, they heard the sound of horse hooves rumbling increasingly loud and approaching closer. After that came the horses heads!

    Its the brave Murong! He finally come to rescue us! The mustached man stroked his hands and pleasantly and surprisingly said.

    There were only around thirty or forty roars, precisely headed by a snow white fine steed in black armor. Indeed it was very much an imperial well-bred horse!
    The Tuyuhun were mainly nomads, the clan members were experts in raising horses. Whenever winter arrived, the billowing and undulating QingHai Lake froze.

    [1] 帬帽-南朝士大夫所戴的一种高顶垂裙的帽子 which is a kind of hat worn by scholars during the Southern Dynasties (420-589)
    Tuyuhun, a Xianbei nomadic people / a state in Qinhai in 4th-7th century AD
    [3] 诺曷钵 Wiki Murong Nuohebo, regal title Wudiyebaledou Khan or, in short, Ledou Khan, Tang Dynasty noble title Prince of Qinghai, was the last khan of the Xianbei state Tuyuhun.
    [4] 河源 Heyuan prefecture level city in Guangdong
    [5] 弘化公主
    [6] 凉州 Liangzhou district of Wuwei city, Gansu
    [7] 藩人

    To Be Continued.
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    Thank you, but there is so many things to read. I will put this title on TRL (To-Read-List).

    Great translation though.

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