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Thread: Shrouded(遮天) by Chen Dong

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    Default Shrouded (遮天) by Chen Dong

    Wazzup Guys!

    I wanted to proofread and some of you reached out to me so I am now trying my best to help other translators. However, to edit something only takes about 5 to 10 mins which doesn't feel too fulfilling. Therefore I decided to translate. Honestly my Chinese is pretty bad therefore I had to refer to a dictionary multiple times. I can safely say it is hard as **** to translate. It took me 2 hours to translate this short chapter. Hopefully in the future it will get faster.

    BTW, this story has 1822 chapters(holy shit). The chapters are not as long compared to other stories but the number of chapters make up for it. I will try to translate better and get more experience in the Chinese language. Sorry if it has a lot of grammar problems and lack of sentence fluency, I was too tired to edit. I now have more respect to other translators especially guys like RWX. (I mean as a leecher I was hungry for chapters but I now know its hassle to translate)Anyway here's the chapter.


    Darkness and coldness coexist in the universe, in the depths of space, nine dragon corpses dragged a bronze coffin through time.

    The desolate and cold universe is filled with space probes, one of which captures an extremely shocking image.

    The Jiu Long coffin, is it the return of ancient times coming from the other side of the universe?

    A vast immortal world, bizarre, mysteriously endless, like boiling blood, passion erupts, desire as if the world is limitless.

    To climb the heavens, to be at the top, to cover the skies in a snap.

    Chapter One - The Skys Giant Bronze Coffin

    Life is the greatest miracle of the world.

    Four sides, up and down, light and dark, that is the universe. The universe has its reality, it also has no bounds. From the ancient, to the universe today: Although the universe continues to increase, its origin is still unknown.

    The vast universe, the boundless skies, scientists speculate that earth may be the only world with life. Humans are actually quite lonely.

    In the distant horizon of the universe, although there are millions and millions of stars, it is difficult to seek the origin or source of the star.

    Only humanity has yet to give up exploring. Since the last century multiple spacecraft has been launched to the outer space.

    Voyager 2 is an unmanned spacecraft, launched on the year 1997 at the Kennedy Space Center Launch.

    It carried a gold-plated encryption Tribute to the Universe, within it contained popular music and 55 recorded languages, which one day, may encounter extraterrestrial lifeforms.

    From the 70s of the last century to the present, Voyager 2 has been travelling alone, in the boundless universe it seems like a speck of dust.

    Contemporary space probes, for the greater part usually breakdown, perhaps connection may also have been broken, forever drifting away in the universe.

    After more than 30 years, technology continues to evolve, humanity already has created more advanced space probes, perhaps in the future the development will finally benefit the exploration of stars.

    Even so, for a considerable amount of time, the newer space probes are still unable to catch up to the distance of Voyager 2.

    33 years later, Voyager 2 has already overcome a distance of 14 billion km away from Earth.
    At the moment, it has reached the third cosmic velocity, orbit can no longer guide back to our solar system, finally, it has become an interstellar spaceship.

    In the dark and cold universe, stars are like dots, diamonds glittering in the horizon.

    Voyager 2 is now moving in top speed, but in the cold expanse of the universe, it is but an ant crawling in the dark earth.

    After more than 30 years, at this very moment, Voyager 2 discovers something astonishing.

    In the dried-up lonely universe, a large unmoving entity which looks like a corpse is seen.

    On May 22, 2010, United States NASA receives the hard to decipher transmission from Voyager 2

    At NASA, they observe the transmission motionlessly. They see a carving of some sort that leaves them dumbfounded.

    People stared at the image for a long time, then the main control room erupted with voices/

    God, What did I just see?

    How can this be? I cant believe it!


    Voyager 2 now unable to receive commands, after it sends the transmissions, then continues to move towards the darkness and more stars.

    Due to the distance of Voyager 2, even with the important discovery, aside from the picture, humankind are powerless to do anything.

    The discovery was never disclosed to the public.Shortly after the discovery, Voyager 2 malfunctioned cutting all connection with Earth.

    Maybe at this point, a conclusion may be drawn. However, sometimes things are beyond of expectation.

    When it comes to observation and exploration of stars, the space station has a unique advantage in environment.

    On 1971 the Soviet Union succeeded in launching the first manned spacecraft. Since then, humanity successfully launched 9 spacecrafts.

    June 11, 2010, within the orbiting space station, the astronauts faces change in color and eyes grow big.

    Today, the existence of God always been denied multiple times.It is believed that if one is to believe in a religion, they are only looking into things that do not exist.

    At this moment however, the idea of aerospace and science has been challenged by the discovery they made with the picture.

    Outside the international space station, cold and dark coexist in the universe, nine behemoths stood motionless, as if they have been there for an eternity. This made people feel desolate and remote, it turned out to be nine dragon corpses

    Dragons are things of ancient myth and legends, never existing.

    Each dragon corpse were up to hundred meters, like hot metal casting, filled with a sense of overwhelming force.

    The nine dragon corpses were five-claw Dragons, crystal clear, shiny, purple black-light illuminations scales were flashing in the dark. Showing a little bit of mysterious brilliance.

    Dragons, just like God, existed in legends, having complete power of nature. However due to scientific development, who would believe in real dragons?

    Several of the astronauts inside the international space station, has their beliefs strongly challenged, which baffles them because of the unfathomable experience.

    In the cold-dark universe, the icy Dragon corpses seem like indestructible great walls. Even the horrors of embedded power in its body can be felt.

    However the anger within the corpses dissipated due to the eternal rest of the dragons in space.

    That is

    The several astronauts within the station once again open their eyes, seeing the shocking scene.

    At the end of all the nine dragons were humongous black chains, behind the nine corpses was a 20 meter long coffin connected to the chains.

    The giant chains were long and thick, its black color gave it a feel of coldness.

    The giant bronze coffin is simple and minimalist, there are some obscure old prints, full of years marks, it is unknown how much years in the universe has the thing been floating around.

    Jiu Long coffin!

    In this dark and cold universe, nine dragon corpses and the bronze giant coffin chains linked together by the chains.

    In the face of the monitor the astronauts were absent-minded, finally a call is made.

    Call earth

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    Thanks for translating and can you please put the description of the novel?!!

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    From the first chapter, this sounds very interesting. Thanks for translating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chosen5000 View Post
    Thanks for translating and can you please put the description of the novel?!!
    I'm guessing you are referring to the Synopsis? I'll add it.

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    Wazzup Mothafackas!

    I am back again because I'm a bit hyped up. Therefore I decided to use that energy to translate another chapter quickly. When reading this chapter i thought it was a whole new book, but thankfully the end seemed to confirm that it was still the same story )) Enjoy!

    Chapter Two - Basic Questions

    In ancient times, there is no detailed and accurate written records, for us it is a time of endless mist of ancient history, so imagination is infinite.

    Breeze blowing over several homes, paulownia trees gently swaying, lush and flourishing "rustling" sounds can be heard, while fresh air blew in the window.

    Ye Fan enjoyed reading odd categories of books, making a cup of green tea, he started flipping through ancient books

    A mortal living through time, and not showing any signs of aging. In ancient times, this was one of the mysteries

    The scroll entitled Basic Questions contained ancient problems, just like other people, he didnt believe in it. He was simply curious about ancient times and the vague things old books mentioned, which seemed to be shrouded by fog lost in the history of ancient civilization.

    Is there really little information about ancient history? After briefly thinking, he continued to read.

    The Yellow Emperor, is a gem-grade book, it was written thousands of years ago, as one of the three masterpieces in ancient China. The book is not fully believable, but overall-it may be extremely valuable.

    To foster the heaven and earth, to grasp Yin and Yang, there is breathing qi, independently guarding deities, muscles of the body seemingly like one whole, experiencing the possibility of old age, there is no end to time, only then one can grow.

    The text mentions in many instances that in ancient times, to clearly understand the changes of the world, qi must be refined and raised, only then the sight of immortality is visible. Any modern man seeing this wont believe what is written in the text.

    The sun gradually sunk towards the west and the sunset shines. Outside the courtyard, the lawn and trees are infected by the suns golden glow.

    Yefan put down the yellow emperor, preparing to attend an important gathering of students.

    Yefan left university three years ago, he still stayed in the city, all those days long gone.

    Whether those three years were long or short, all the companions he has created has already chosen their own paths.

    His thoughts were interrupted by a ringtone, looking at the phone he sees its from Lin Jia, a smart and beautiful girl. Now in a neighborhood city through extraordinary mean finally is a department manager.

    Pressing the answer button, he hears Lin Jias teasing words.When she was in college, she was excellent in communicating and it was easy for her to build close relationships.

    Why? Do you miss me? Yefan immediately answers.

    A wonderful laughter can be heard, she then says:I do not know the exact location of the party, go with me for a while.

    They made the appointment quickly and he drove out to meet up. When they were in university, Yefan sought out Lin Jia, but was politely turned down.

    Lin Jia is a very beautiful and charming woman, she also is shrewd and has rational thinking. She clearly knows what she needs and how to get it, extremely realistic.

    Ten minutes before the meetup, Yefan arrives at a parking in front of a shopping center and proceeds to park his car. He gets off his car and waits for Lin Jia to arrive in the sidewalk.

    The whole city was bathed in the afterglow of the sunset, many of the buildings were covered with pale gold luster. Road traffic seemed to flow like an endless stream.

    Seven or eight minutes later, a Toyota car parked on the roadside, revealing a beautiful and delicate face, Lin Jia opened the door and came over.

    In the past, Yefan would say:There is the free shuttle service.

    Stop with the sarcasm. I do not have a driver, that was my classmate Liu Zhi.

    Graduation was three years ago, although they were contact, they only met once two years ago. Lin Jia as usual youthful and beautiful, dressed casually with tight jeans and a purple shirt, her long soft body curves is outlined from top to bottom, beautiful.

    "It has been two years. You okay?" Lin Jias hair reached to her shoulders, black smooth, bright. She had a pair of slanted eyes, long eyelashes shaded slightly oblique flying upwards, which naturally had a special charm.

    "Just fine. Ye Fan smiled, joked," Lin Jia your natural beauty should not be here. Im sorry for bothering you.

    "Less playing okay?" Lin Jia smile is very touching, like a pheonix, those red lips were very sexy, very charming.

    At this times, the cars windows roll down revealing a familiar face, Liu Zhi.

    He and Yefan stayed in the city after graduation. Through his relatives and connections, he was able to open a relatively small company in order to be successful.

    Although both of them were in the same city, they still have no contact with each other. Primarily due to a conflict they had with each other in University.

    Liu Yunzhi didn't get off, lightly smiled and said, "Long time no see.

    "Yes Ah. We should get together some time." Under the sight of Lin Jia, Ye Fan just plainly had to say hello.

    Going to take a cab here?

    This is a natural way of showing contempt, with whom Ye Fan feels too lazy to care about. He just had to cope with it.

    Lin Jia is a fairly shrewd and smart woman, so she naturally felt the immediate atmosphere, Ye Fan smiled: "It will arrive in a later time, to stay in the city of several people. I will call you on the phone, go we take Liu Yunzhis car.

    Ye Fan finished speaking, then Liu Yunzhi in an apologetically tone, said, "I'm sorry, we arranged in advance for the two other old classmates, the seats are just enough.

    "It's okay, you go ahead, I'll be there in a minute." Yefan finish turned to Lin Jia, she then laughed: "Come with me, or...... "

    Lin Jia hesitated, Liu Yunzhi urged: "She is still sitting in my car, otherwise I'm afraid I'll be drowned in saliva.

    At the roadside, for several minutes, Lin Jia to Ye Fan expressed her apologies, at the urging of Liu Yunzhi, she ended up on the Toyota.

    Windows rolling up, Liu Yunzhi heard Yefans little whispers of disdain: "Now its the rush period, cant wait for the taxi to blame me!" Then Toyota will pulled away.

    Formerly, Yefan was considered an influential man in college, today however taking a taxi, compared with Liu Yunzhi seemed in a dire situation.
    For people like Liu Zhi, he usually ignored them, Lin Jia's performance however surprised him.

    However, everyone has their own philosophy, after all in real life, there materialism, pride, vanity, and so on, Yefan is not a type of man to be succumbed to those things..

    The sun was down below the horizon, the bleeding sky dimmed down, the whole city is covered with a layer of thick gray coating, the night is about to fall.

    At the moment, nine giant dragon corpses pulled a giant bronze coffin, lying in the dark and cold universe, this shocking scene seemed forever to be fixed in the sky!

    Several of the astronauts inside the international space station has been transmitting shocking information back to Earth, and now are waiting for further instructions.

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    Wazzup, I am back again.

    Honestly, I feel like this introduction-like arc is going too long now. Maybe it's because I'm translating that is why it feels that way. Oh well can't wait for sh*t to go down. I wish Yefan beats up Liu Yunzhi, that annoying prick. Anyway here's the new chapter, enjoy!

    Chapter Three - Past

    Yefan although not having a so-called career, but a coincidence and a little bit of experience in economics, recently bought a Mercedes. As far as the price, it is higher than that of Liu Yunzhi Toyota vehicle. However to be assessed about status through cars make him feel disgusted.

    After more than 10 minutes, Yefan drove to the party venue Bright moon over the Sea city.

    This is a restaurant and bar of one of the Super Casinos. Located in a prime location, surrounded by flourishing car parks, with varieties of luxury cars can be seen.

    Just out of College for three years, most of the students were not yet successful, Yefan thinks this gathering place is a bit too extravagant.

    When you come out of the parking lot, arriving at the Bright moon over the sea city, he soon saw familiar figures coming to the party, some of which he had not seen for three years.

    "Yefan!" Then a delicate and gentle young man found him, and was greeted with a smile on his face and said, "This is your fault, being a landlord in this city, you should be the one who initiated and organized the party.

    This youth was named Ziwen also known as Wang Ziwen. He is one of the organizers and sponsors of the party. When I was in College, he was a very active person. It is said that in the three years in another city is going really well for him, a lot of assets bringing lots of money in.

    While several others are also coming over, although they have not seen each other for a long time, it was still a warm meeting for most.

    Apparently Ziwen Wang was here waiting for someone to let him stand in the Bright moon over the sea city. Specifically waiting to meet other people, it is easy to guess he is limited to two to three people only.

    Ziwen Wang is a wise man who does not remain here alone waiting for someone, while laughing at the way, he accompanied the crowd entering the Bright moon over the Sea city. The fifth floor contained a business centre available for 30 to 50 people for meetings.

    It was already dark outside at the moment, students have almost all arrived to the party.

    The arrival of several people makes the atmosphere lively, greetings from here and there, after a long time can get together again, the feeling of spatial mismatch, stories about their college life is again reiterated to see if the memory coincides with others.

    Graduation occurred three years ago, everyone is already 25 to 26 years old. There are a few who have been married, and two even became young mothers.

    Everyone has their own different aspiration, but most of my school friends are ordinary people, ideals and aspirations of the past has been polished almost completely disappeared. Dull and normal life is now there thing.

    Dreams are now gone, most people are now awake to realize, they are just an ordinary person.

    Ye Fan and Ziwen Wang to the other side, with careful observation found that most classmates do not have a career background.

    "You came so late, be sure to drink three cups as punishment.

    "Three cups is too little, you overlooked Yefan when it comes to liquor." Lin Jia sat down on one side, with her pheonix eyes, sex appeal.

    "What woman, you want to punish me?" Yefan and a few male students eyes fall on the beautiful girl.

    "Its hard to come by, so I must punish you! "

    That opinion is why we start to differ.

    Liu Zhi that had some background in this city, naturally, casually said, You went for a taxi to delay your arrival here.

    The words that went out suddenly just got a little colder. The present Liu Zhi and Yefan in College had an animosity between each other. Now that he is successful in the city, he blatantly pointed out the taxi incident with an attitude.

    Other students were aware of the situation and looked to the side, but Yefan didnt care, he just smiled, said nothing.

    "I'm going to pick Zhouyi." Ziwen Wang suddenly said, then turned and walked away ...

    Lin Jia and two female students were talking about cosmetics, but were also talking about several designer clothing, trying to ease up the situation. The momentarily cold atmosphere returned to its warm feeling.

    After the scene, the atmosphere became more subtle. No one again mentions the punishment for Yefan and Liu Zhi lessened his cockiness in his speech.
    Ye Fan while at the University, was considered popular, but all that won't matter after leaving campus. Now having a career is the most important.

    From time to time he looked around with his eyes, as if there are special groups, students making circles of discussion, but at the moment, YeFan didnt care about the ongoing trends.

    In this regard, Fan Ye has been very calm, but in the end he got up and left the table, and most other students still sitting together. He did not want to be marked as part of a special group.

    Cosmetics and designer clothes are always the girls favorite topics. While the boys discussed things from football players, to news, current affairs and other broader topics.

    Half an hour later, a total of 25 people came to the party. There were 33 students in the class, including three abroad, while five others failed to arrive to due to some special reasons.

    The party has several initiators and organizers that had speeches. The atmosphere was very warm, and then the crowd divided into several small circles of people, chatting with each other.

    Before they leave the small business center, the students will toast to celebrate the reunion. There was no deliberate arrangement, however the grouping of the people showed status.

    Fan Ye did not sit with Lin Jia and Liu Zhi, who had their own little group together. Natural, he sat in another table.

    After the speeches, then casually, people toasted across the various tables, due to the round tables, it was difficult to move around. Across the place, people were toasting to each other again and again.

    Many things happened in three years, everyone changed largely. Perhaps because of alcohol, many student spoke about their lives, frustration and irritations.

    One of them, hates his very demanding boss. Always asking for overtime, and often paid very little for the effort.

    One girl said her boyfriend was a well-known Manager in the enterprise. Another classmate said her husband has been promoted to Corporate Vice President, while another said his fiancee was a Bank Executive's niece.

    After listening to the silence, it seemed like most people were not happy about their current lives.

    Especially there was a female classmate who looked gaunt. Some people say she does not like her husband, it was not a happy marriage. The husband drinking all day, some students passing the city went to see her, they saw her body filled with bruising injuries.

    "If you need help, you can find me ..." Yefan said to the gaunt woman student. Yefan had sympathy for the woman, he remembered the shy innocent look she had at the University. Standing outside the soccer field waving and cheering for him.

    The outlook of her life is really unhappy, she sadly nodded in gratitude, quietly said thank you.

    Yefan, you still need to change yourself.. That said, her husband has been promoted to deputy chief of female students somehow, a classmate said:"You see people like Liu Yunzhi is doing so well right now.

    Students look at Yefan in this table, then look into Liu Yunzhi not far from the table, he now os developing a good life.

    "Yefan I will say to you, while at the University, you were somebody to look up to, but out of the campus everything is different, having effort wont do." The one who spoke in the table was the one with the fiancee thats a Bank Executive's niece, he had a look of preaching.

    The table referred to Liu Yunzhi as classmates sighed, they used to be classmates but they now cant compare to him.

    People started to become cynical, extremely drunk started to show of their potential wealth.

    More female students joked about Yefan, thankfully in school they only liked him secretly, now they regretted rejecting Liu Yunzhis pursuit of them.

    Be it the original city, or the original people, after meeting each other again everyone's mood became different.

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    you sir are a god. basically 3 chapters within 12 hours! thank you for your hard work!

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    What is the main genre (or two) so that I can list that on the ongoing translations post?
    Current Translation: I Shall Seal the Heavens
    Recommended Translation: Heroes Shed No Tears

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    Based on the website, it's martial-art comprehension. So it's Xianxia due to the magical dragons and incidents.

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    the synopsis is too boring, no description(hoping a bit spoiler) about the mc (what make them special or anything)..... anyway thx for the chapter, hope the series is interesting
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    The marathon continues... I can't stop translating because the author keeps holding back the meaning of that damn coffin. I can't freaking wait to know what it means. Hopefully in the next chapter, it will be kind and let the actual good part to start. Enjoy!

    Chapter Four - Ancient Engraved Copper

    Night had fallen and the roads lined up with neon. The night the city exudes boundless energy, blocks of skyscrapers, rise high into the air.

    However, if looked down from space, all this appears to be negligible, merely like a fangcun(Chinese unit of area: 1 cun 1 cun, or 3⅓ cm 3⅓ cm).

    This is a very unusual night, destined to be disturbed. The head of the station continued to monitor the endless dome of the the night sky.

    The dark universe, nine dragon corpses flashing metallic coldness. Their whole bodies covered in Palm-sized black scales and black dots.

    Dragon legends exist in folklore, it should not be real at all. However, at the moment it is truly seen across the sky.

    Captured images of the the blackness of space, shows shocking and daunting pictures. Huge and enormous great dragons, there was a strong sense of mystery, such as mountains, bold and powerful. scales such as blades, coldness and majestic.

    Nine huge corpses, it is a huge impact to the human mind, it overturns any sort of commonsense.


    "Yefan, in the past three years, how was your life?" Many people are concerned about Yefan, they verbally asked with concern.

    My life is so bland, nothing special happened in past three years..."

    At the same time, Liu Yunzhi in another table is toasting. Saying a lot of greeting to onlookers made him very busy.

    Earlier people wanted to punish Yefan for being late, now Lin Jia and Wang Ziwen arrived with a cup in their hands.

    After a while, many are now drunk, then they go to the karaoke. Singing songs like being a young student again.

    "How many young people have loved your face, we can see who is willing to withstand years of relentless change, how many people have come and also, I have found that life with you, at your side
    Perhaps because they were drunk, a couple that fell in love and broke up on graduation didnt seem care of the past fights.

    While the song was being sang, the girl started ti get misty eyes and tears fell. The crowd of people tried to comfort her.

    For various reasons, couples that were in college at graduation ended their relationships. In the end, the relationships did not get any better.

    Graduation means breaking up, its like a magic spell. Always ending couples relationships in university tragically.

    Unfortunately, this tragedy is likely to continue for a long time. Young impulse, associated with job stress,and social situation, many others may have been a victim to this.

    Almost everyone chose this song three years ago. Some people still sing it, everyone's thoughts is pulled back to three years ago, scenes student days, one after another is still vivid in everyones minds.

    Then the Maiba(people who like to hog the microphone) started to sing. People are unable to compliment the sounds because it was horrific and destroyed everyone's ears. It however brought a wave of joy and everyone started laughing.

    The whole night they enjoyed the company of each other. Tomorrow life will go on and they need to go back to their usual lives.

    The students that were from far away all booked a hotel near by. Now there were a lot of cars in the care of the owners.

    "Lin Jia, I will send you back to the hotel. " Lin Yunzhi says while parking his Toyota beside her..

    Others left by taxi, the car had limited sitting, they were too embarrassed to volunteer to sit with people such as Liu Yunzhi.

    Then a Mercedes car parked on the roadside, Fan Ye came off looking towards the female students, he said: "I send you back."

    Yefan felt heart compassion to this female classmate. In college she was a happy and pure girl, like cheering for students outside the soccer field, sometimes even shyly sends them several bottles of mineral water

    Due to life's sorrow, she looks depressed, had a very pale face and said talked very little throughout the night.
    Now suddenly see Ye Fan parking on the roadside, with the car and she was so grateful. She was overwhelmed, one night, she did not concern herself with anything, but now all her classmates are paying attention to her.

    The other side, Liu Yunzhi saw Yefan drive in, he looked stunned, then suddenly ashamedly looked down.

    All around, people looked with different expressions, some have puzzled and complex looks, but also some were surprised and amazed.

    People looked intentionally or unintentionally to Liu Zhi, eyes can see the truth and their circumstances were completely different.

    At this moment, Liu Zhi face burning face is seen, like being mercilessly slapped in the face.

    Several high profile people who sermon Yefan also feel embarrassed and wanted to say something, but don't know how to start.

    There were a few people revealing strange looks, especially the people in Yefans table. Liu Yunzhis status fell by a bit due to this incident.

    The two came over and sat in the car. He was fairly familiar with the girl.

    While in the mercedes, several people started leaving while some still have not recovered. Lin Yunzhi glared at the crowd and me feeling as if theres a thorn in his back.

    At the moment, far away in space, in the Earth-orbiting international space station, astronauts look grim, nerves in a state of tension, it can be said they were extremely nervous

    In the darkness and cold of space, nine giant dragon corpses seem like eternally have been there, unexplained energy and strength can be felt. Even the giant bronze coffin, made people feel desolate and remote.

    Government officials have already agreed that if major change occurs, they will immediately destroy the nine dragon corpses and the mysterious ancient bronze coffin.

    But no one wants this to happen.

    The Jiu Long coffin, from the dark and dreary depths of the universe, the value and meaning is too big, difficult to measure.

    Suddenly, the main control room of the International Space Station captured a group of mysterious signal, it is some kind of extraordinary volatility. The source is in close proximity, it is from the giant bronze coffin that the dragons pulled. Mysterious fluctuations emitted from the surface of those ancient and obscure patterns.

    Hard to decipher... The signals were transmitted back to Earth. Even the most sophisticated supercomputers were used however, it is still unable to decipher the signals.

    The giant bronze coffin was covered in rust, making ti difficult to see it wholly.

    "Preliminary analysis of those engraved bronze figures show ancient legends in China. The national control room came up with the same conclusion: "The bronze giant beasts of the coffin-shaped patterns show Chinas recorded classical fierce beasts. The bronze patterns figures are suspected to be divine..."

    Despite the identified part of the history of the engraved bronze figure, the signal was very weak. Still unable to crack it, it simply doesn't make any sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KusanagiGodou View Post
    the synopsis is too boring, no description(hoping a bit spoiler) about the mc (what make them special or anything)..... anyway thx for the chapter, hope the series is interesting
    haha sadly, I can't do anything about that since that the books description. I too hope this story will turn out to be extremely good.

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    Gonna check this out

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    4 chapters and still no head or tail of what this story is about, this author is not very impressive.

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    I too feel like it's too slow, however it reached 1822 chapter after all, it must be something. Also in terms of ranking in the Chinese website, in the martial-art category it's in first place. Hopefully it picks up the pace

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    It occurred to me that this author likes his readers to suffer. He also seems to like his introduction because this introduction arc is still ongoing. I am completely wishing now that sh*t will break loose in the next chapter. Worry not, I shall persevere until we get to the good parts. Enjoy!

    Chapter Five - Li Xiaoman
    University never changes, people come and go, in the four years inside the school memories are made.

    Under the shade sitting on grass, a female and male were reading books giving a sense of tranquility, peace. Yefan felt like being brought back to the past after being away from school for three years.

    After graduation, all in order to have a good life were busy, a lot of people left the city. Except for a limited number of people, such as Yefan, finally returned to their school after sometime.

    Light overflowed not too far from the lake, the scenery, reminding them of a dispirited mood, silhouettes of dancing and singing folklore songs.

    Even though years has passed, when the melody played it reminded people of that age of innocence. The touch of sadness and heartbreaks, sweet, easily found itself in people's hearts.

    Years of settling down, it left a sour taste in the mouth.

    Only now those people playing the guitars are now long gone and after graduation their whereabouts unknown.

    I heard the guitarist is now in another city as a bar singer, after years things do change.

    "Remember the school band: The long-legged sisters, their very beautiful and charming lead singer, is said to be now in a nightclub hostess.

    They can only let out a sigh.

    After graduation, many people face realization and shock. Sometimes life is really helpless, people get frustrated and confused.

    After a brief silence, they continued to move on.

    At this time, Lin Jia came to the side of Yefan.

    She was wearing a blue and white chiffon dress, placed under the tight skirt, were two slender legs white legs brushing against each other.. She wore a black belt, so that the waist is more defined, long hair loose on her chest, showing a curvy physique.

    Pretty face, snow-white skin, the same style slanted eyes, Lin Jia as a person has a special personality.

    "You had a car, why did you not say it to me yesterday?

    "There was no chance for me to say it.

    "Today invite me to sit in your car, okay?

    "I'd would love to, I solemnly invite Miss Lin Jia.

    They then both laughed.

    Yesterdays incident was indeed abrupt, however it is now gone with the wind, so she decided to keep a low profile since they has a pretty close relationship.

    Having these, Lanjia smiled and turned to leave. She was a smart woman, she knew being friends under false pretense is not natural and will only make things worse.

    This subtle change also occurred to multiple student.

    Almost noon, when leaving his school, they came to the gourmet Street, boarding and restaurant building.

    Wang Ziwen and Ye Fan sat in private on their table. Yefan just smiled and offered a few glasses of wine, those two always sat together.

    "Ye Fan, yesterday, my words were due to my drunkenness if you don't mind. I offer you a drink for the pleasure ..." That said his fiancee is a Bank Executive's niece, yesterday he was preaching Yefan, but now is trying to keep a low profile.

    That said, the woman who had a husband that is a corporate vice president is more polite to Yefan now.

    Come Come Come! Everyone lets us toast.


    Compared to yesterday, Yefans table is very much alive today. A lot of people came by to toast which tired Yefan. However still more people came and toasted with Wang Ziwen and him.

    Liu Yunzhi was calm, although he was embarrassed yesterday, today he did not give any unsual looks, as if nothing ever happened.

    "Guys, last night I received a phone call from across the ocean
    The one who spoke was Zhouyi, a very cultured youth, rumored to have a well-connected family, to fellow students it is no secret. Yesterday, Ziwen Wang even dedicated people waiting to greet him.

    Everyone stopped and looked to Zhou Yi, both at school and in the present, he was very easygoing, never feeling arrogant.

    Zhouyi told them the news, the three classmates that were overseas are now coming back and joining them, which led to people having heated discussions. (TL: I actually thought he was going to tell them about the dragons and the coffin, but of course the author wants to wait another hundred chapters before this sh*t starts...haayyy)

    "After graduation, we departed and everyone had a different path, getting together is not easy. When we meet again, perhaps we all will be fathers, mothers, nor have any idea of the next meeting. Those three are now coming back, I have a suggestion, lets slightly extend the party ..."


    Ye Fan drove home, brewing a cup of light tea, quietly looking out the window seeing trees, reminded him of the past.

    Those who miss people, those who left footsteps, those who gradually left for a journey, all those are just like tree leaves gently falling to the ground.

    Li Xiaoman, a name has been slowly leaving Yefan's memory for a long time.

    During college, Li Xiaoman went across the ocean to study.The first few months there was still contact, but as time passes, fewer exchanges of e-mail and telephone were made; until all contact was cut off.

    Not so much across the sea, as it is across the sea. Some friends are not optimistic about love, as expected, it came to an end.

    From Zhou Yi, Yefan knew Li Xiaoman is about to return home today. Ye Fan had a strange feeling when he hears the name, when you look back, it has been more than two years away.


    Meeting time is extended, they will go to tour Taishan(a mountain), All this payed for by Wang Ziwen, for some it might be a lot spending, but for them it does not matter.
    Three days later, Yefan saw a familiar figure on Mount Taishan. Three years later, Li Xiaoman remained gracefully tall, there was no significant change.

    She's 170 cm tall, and wearing a pair of sunglasses, black hair flying in the wind, proud and slim. She dressed very casual and cool, a pair of shorts above the knee, white legs, slim and moving, while the upper body had an Indian cartoon logo shirt.

    Li Xiaoman is undoubtedly very beautiful, with her white delicate skin, big eyes, and long eyelashes. She emitted a great aura, which people can immediately tell the confidence.

    She let herself talk with the students around, Li Xiaoman apparently became a central figure, capable of giving a warm feeling.

    Here with Li Xiaoman, was a tall young man, according to her, he was a student from the United States. Compared to the oriental face, soft and smooth, he had a typical Western face, a lot of depth, sometimes the nose, blue eyes were a little hollow, blonde curls, in terms of Western aesthetic, very handsome.

    "Hello, I am Cade. I am happy and looking forward seeing this mountain. The american man was known as Cade. The youths words, although not very fluent, but enough to be able to express was is clearly intended.

    The two students were surrounded by all the other people, being asked about life overseas.

    After three years, Yefan seeing her again felt a change in time.

    Both men were calm, polite greeting, no joyful reunion, just like plain water, it tasted that of a clear sky.

    Not too many words were said, as if just brushing past each other, silence was the result of this encounter.

    P.S. I also made a blog already check it out down below vvv

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    Finally guys! It seems like the story is finally gonna progress. The author also gave us a lecture about Chinese history. This book has everything! I'll try to translate one last, unless I get too sleepy then I'll just finish it tomorrow. Enjoy!

    Chapter Six - Place of Worship

    Darkness and coldness coexist in space, nine giant dragon corpses floating, the giant bronze coffin, simple but had a strong aura. The coffin seem to be part of the many things floating around the universe.

    A few days later, still unable to decipher the mysterious signals arising from the bronze pattern, there is no sure way to handle the situation.

    It moved! (TL:WHAT?! Did the author finally decide to move the story???)

    Its going off course the orbit, its sinking!

    At this moment, ISS(International Space Station) space astronauts opened there eyes wide. The Jiu Long coffin, out of orbit, is slowly settling sinking to Earth.

    Mount Taishan, was towering and majestic, also known as the world mountain.

    Since ancient times, Taishan was a Holy symbol. it is located in the most Eastern part of the ancient Central Plains, surrounded by Yellow River and the River Wen. In ancient times, it was regarded as beginning of life due to the sun rising.

    There is nothing greater than Taishan. In history, there is nothing more ancient!

    The grand mountain Taishan is filled with history. Dating back to the ancient emperors, it was the land of gods.

    The height of the heavens cannot be reached, therefore at the top of Taishan, sacrifices were made. It was believed to be the closest place to the gods.

    Swept away by Qin Shihuang(The first ever emperor), with great skill and strategy of Han Wudi(Emperor of the Han Dynasty. The only dynasty able to unify China as a whole.) both held ceremonies in Taishan.

    Prior to those events, 72 monarchs held sacrifices on the mountain.

    Pre-Qin Classics Guanzi(A book of an influential and ancient official) worship article states: Once upon a time a clan head with the surname HuaiZhi abdicated to go to Taishan, ShenMong(The first legendary flame emperor) abdicated, Huangdi(A mythological emperor of china) abdicated, Yao(One of the five legendary emperors) abdicated, Yu(A mythical emperor that controlled the floods) abdicated, all these great figures abdicated to go to Taishan. (TL: Who would have thought the author likes giving history lessons)

    In ancient times, many emperors, without exception, are selected for the worship. Taishan shrouded with mist, issued endless mystery.

    In the Spring and autumn period, Kong Sheng(A sage of some sort) went forth towards Taishan looking for rewards. However he returned empty handed and was unable to answer the disciple questions.

    Later people discovered something.

    A squad of 20 led by General Ma under the Republic of china stationed on Mount Taishan stumbled upon a multicolored altar. There were two sets of jade book, a stone rope covered with gold hidden under the ground

    In ancient times, before the qin dynasty, no emperor dared to open the mysterious things.

    Yefan and all the other people spent their night in a hotel, then the next day started to climb Taishan.

    For people who has visited for the first time, the mountain will feel majestic and magnificent.

    The mountain structure is divided into three layers, like prohibitively stairs, facing south, a long ten kilometer path until reaching the vast peak.

    Both from afar and up close. the mountain was majestic and magnificent, peoples hearts were stirred.

    In front of Mount Tai, it gave the illusion as if people were ants. Even the heavens witht he moon and stars feel negligible.

    It is a shocking feeling. Peoples souls start to quiver.

    As the tour guide was talking about ancient worships, people were daydreaming about the mystery of the unknown.

    Li Xiaoman walked side by side with Cade, constantly translating and explaining. The shocked young man kept asking questions about the mountain.

    Liu Zhi gave Yefan a fascinating look, which was completely overlooked which made him disappointed.

    In fact Yefan did not even notice him at all and was completely quiet.

    Yefan remembered the Yellow Emperor's Internal Cannon(An ancient medical book) about the monarchies old worships. Dont tell me an ancient civilization was here and faded away? If so, this mountain is more sacred than I thought.

    He then started shaking his head, he was so bored that he started making assumptions.

    Taishan was green and full of life, flowing waterfalls, majestic towering scenery, coupled with wispy clouds, which added to its mysterious atmosphere.

    Climbing up, they encountered so many monuments which amazed people.

    In order to make an offering, you must pass the Imperial Palace Temple. Pass it is the Jade emperor peak, up to it is a 10 kilometer path, the underworld heaven path which leads to the sky.

    In the evening, they finally reached the top of Mount Tai Jade emperor peak, overlooking the mountains, at the foot, are able to see Yellow River. Only then the meaning of Confucius when he said On Mount Tai, everything is small finally made sense.

    "Going to the top, all mountains in a single glance!" A great poet left a song.

    Right now, the sun was going down, clouds are filled with light, flashing brilliance like treasures.

    An extremely wonderful scene. It can be helped to be intoxicated.

    Suddenly, in the sky several black spots appeared which seemed to get bigger. Strong sounds as if there was a storm were echoing across the skies.

    Nine colossal figures were falling like black figures, at this moment everybody on Taishan is frightened.

    It turned out that the nine dragon corpses and bronze coffin were falling towards the peak of Taishan.

    Dragons, they exist side by side with God in legends, taking complete dominion over nature. However, due to scientific advancement, no one believed in real dragons.

    Shocked tourists on the mountain, holding their breath, even forgot to scream.

    Short silence and then Taishan was filled with noise, everyone fled in panic and ran in all directions, trying to avoid the corpses.

    This is a shocking scene, in the crimson sunset, Jiu Long coffin came down to Taishan!

    Screams of fear and helpless cry, people had run away.

    When the coffin was falling it was not swift, however when it touched the ground, it shaked the whole mountain.


    The nine behemoths feel on the Jade peak, making a crack then it exploded into dust.

    The ancient bronze coffin made a *thud* sound and landed on the top of Mount Tai asif there was an earthquake. Lots of rocks rolled down from the mountains, rumbling sound is heard, like an army falling down the slopes.

    Many were affected, a lot of bloody collision and many screams of fear rang.

    The shaking stops, the mountain soon calmed down, but Taishan has long been in chaos. Many people were on the run, it was a very chaotic scene, many of them beaten, panicking, rushed down the Hill.

    The nine dragons hundreds of meters long, half of their body quietly lying across the hill, while the other half hanging below the cliff. The black steel had so much force that it shocked the people.

    Taishans Jade peak is now shattered, the ground having a big crack.

    The 20-metre-long bronze coffin is simple and minimalist, there are some obscure old prints, full of the emotions of time. There was a mysterious smell in the circulation.

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    Wazzup Guys!

    New chapter! I was suppose to not translate because I'm tired as hell, but curiosity won over me so here it is. Enjoy!
    Chapter Seven - Multicolored Altar

    Things happened so suddenly, it was beyond people's imagination!

    "This..." People couldn't believe it.

    However, the nine dragon corpses and the copper coffin are hard facts right in front of them.

    All this was a serious breach of common sense, it toppled people's awareness, everyone's minds were attacked by the incident.

    Just when the chaos occurred, Yefans party were unable to fled. Now all together calming down. though many feel, there was no major injuries. Only a few with people bruised arms.

    Now, their faces filled with shock, these incredible images they will never forget!

    Nine giant dragon corpses were silently lying across their front, as well as the huge copper coffin impacting their vision. It was shocking and mysterious.

    Everyone was speechless, faces full of shock, anxiety, fear, it was difficult to calm down.

    After a very long time, Lin Jia just whispered, "We should go down now.

    Nods from the crowd were seen, they had to leave the area at once, no one was willing to stay. Jade emperor peak had a cold atmosphere. Where did the nine giant dragons pulling the bronze coffin come from? Why did it land in Taishan mountain? Even if the facts were right in front of us, it was hard to take, their hearts felt very upset.

    Bloody sunset, Jade emperor peak in ruins,the ancient bronze coffin in particular was the most severe. It created a big hole with its impact, big cracks near one to two meters wide, like a cobweb spread far and wide.

    A crack as if a centipede crawled towards Yefans feet, but fortunately the fracture on the ground were not significantly wide and did not create any pits.

    As they prepare to leave, Li Xiaoman, pointing to the front: "What the hell is that?

    At the gaping holes of the earth's surface, something reflected the sunlights reflection.

    Although everyone had fearful hearts, they still moved on forward towards the object. On the far of a one-meter wide altar, something was exposed. A book that appeared to made out of Jade was broken in half.

    How can this be, what is buried underneath that?

    That circular altar is not large, rustic and simple, the five colors of the odd earth is seen, filled with years of atmosphere, unknown years of existence.

    "Quick, look ahead!" Ziwen Wang surprised, pointing at the farther large and wider cracks.

    Under that nearly two meters of wide cracks, there is also a colored altar of earth, the circular altar has been shattered. Sealed inside a jade plate was exposed with complicated texts and symbols, people could not recognize it.

    In an instant one word seemed to be familiar, it was the word worship. This could very well be the ancient altar of the gods!

    Inside the multicolored altar was a jade book, it was from the han dynasty written by Ban Gu(A han dynasty historian) called White Tiger Justice. Written on it: Perhaps its trying to confer. gold silver rope,trying to illuminate the stone rope,the official seal.

    The book of worship by Sima Qian(The grand historian) who also abdicated also had written, To bravely fly, to truly soar, the golf mud stone has records.

    Just at this moment, everyone was surprised to find that, in the big crack, there is such a multicolored altar, there are even dozens of stands.

    The altar was very ancient, engraved with marks of the years, at a glance, the endless years of existence, the colored altar and the jade book were filled of ancient texts that was now illegible.

    Everyone was amazed, they vaguely felt the dragon corpses and copper coffin might be correlated with what they found.

    Yefan compared to others was more fond of ancient texts, was completely shocked. Were this left by the legendary emperors and 72 monarchies for the worship?

    Maybe the legends were true, otherwise, why are there so many colored circular altars. From the text on the view, most of the inscriptions, seem to confirm this speculation.

    They should have left long ago, however they were attracted. Despite the dragons and the coffin, they found mysterious altars.

    "There seems to be no danger, but those dragon corpses ..."

    They quickly turned around, with fear slowly diminishing still felt uneasy, decided to go down as quickly as possible.
    "Look, a giant altar in the center of the crater!

    The giant ancient bronze coffin created a big crater, they turned towards the giant bronze coffin to the other side, suddenly they felt fear again.

    Under the big altar was a big pit, it firmly stood on the colored soil while the coffin was on top of it. Not even the slightest crack could be seen from it.

    This very large colored stone altar is significantly different from the other altars, located on the center of Jade emperor peak, it was majestic, much larger than the previous altars.

    The copper coffin that fell from the sky had an impact that was greatly strong, but it did not create a slight to the ground, it was hard to imagine the rock it was on right now.

    Sitting on the base is a large-scale god altar, aside from the bronze coffin, there was a pile of jade, slabs and ancient paintings.

    Regardless of the jade pieces and stone slabs that had incredible characters encrypted on, on top of the colored altar was a primitive oracle inscription, demanding as if it was some sort of imperial edict filled with strange symbols.

    With the stone altar, jade pieces and stone slabs, people wondered how the coffin was able to withstand this weight.

    We better get out of here. Yefan and Zhouyi urging everyone.

    Nods from the crowd soon appeared. In spite of the endless secrets that they discovered, the nine giant dragon corpses and coffin was extremely unsettling.

    As they turned to leave, a scream can be heard from a girl. A huge rock was tumbling down towards the pit, legs getting weak she fell.

    Watch out! A male student yelled and pulled her aside, with some classmates helping her up.

    The rock crushed everything in its path, with a *Rumble* rolled to the pit, and then *bang* smacking to the colored pillar..

    The altar emitted a hazy glow, huge power was felt by their bodies, there legs feeling like were tied to the earth were unable to move.


    The colored stone altar constantly shook, making the Jade emperor peak tremble, the people standing at the edge of the pit started to feel dizzy and were unable to move on more step.

    One man fell on top of the multicolored altar, fear was felt in the deepest ends of the heart.

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    thx for the chapters!!

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    Great pacing ScrubLord!

    I have not started reading this yet, but I intend to. Would it be possible to add a small synopsis about the main character to the main synopsis? The sci-fi aspect has me quite interested, but I am really interested to know what kind of main character I should expect to get excited about.


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