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Smooth Talker (以和為貴)
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Thread: Smooth Talker (以和為貴)

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    Default Smooth Talker (以和為貴)

    Smooth Talker


    Joe Ma as Hau Tak-sze (侯德仕)
    Kate Tsui as Mo Sui-yee (巫瑞薏)
    Johnson Lee as Au Yeung-ai (歐陽繼)
    Elena Kong as Lam Ah-lui (林亞磊)
    Tommy Wong as Au Yeung-bin (歐陽邊)
    Tracy Chu as Mo Sui-ka (巫瑞嘉)
    Jacqueline Wong as Angie Hu
    Rebecca Zhu
    Jimmy Au as Hau Ye (侯爺)

    Have anyone here watch this drama?

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    Quote Originally Posted by galvatron View Post
    Have anyone here watch this drama?[/FONT]
    I am watching it. Part of the story is ridiculous, but if you get past it the soso plot, you can find some fun chemistry between the casts. Elena and Johnson are very funny together. So far, I think Johnson, Elena and Tommy Wong steals the show. But nothing very interesting really gets done until the last 5-6 eps of the series. But you do come across some laughs in the initial episodes.
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