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    Hey I'm ThePaper
    You can find the 13 chapters here
    But i want to post this FF in spcnet!
    Anyways i will upload new chapters in every 2 or 3 days or maybe everyday, depends on what I feel.
    Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!
    Description sorry if it sucks but i always change it in a site.

    A young man with not so amazing talent and no achievement in life was transported in azeroth.
    Will this young man achieve something in his life in this blasted world or will he succumbed to power like Prince Arthas,

    follow this young man as he rose to greater heights in the realistic world of azeroth!
    When he was transported in a world that almost took his life, Elijah was driven into an corner that change both his mind and body, will he become the embodiment of the land of lordaeron or will he be the cause for its second downfall, will he begin a terrifying act that will butcher the people like the betrayer Arthas or will he be the one to unify it all again.

    Fall Of Quel'Thalas

    Inside a room, a young man with above average looks can be seen.
    At first glance this man looks innocent, but what’s there within?
    No one knows only him and his family.

    He is none other than a gamer.
    “****ing Noobs! Defend the Inhibitor!” Cursing his teammates, He can only feel anger towards them.
    Minutes have passed “****ing *******s! Report!” He suddenly shouted as soon as A Big Defeat Sign Showed in the game,

    Minutes has passed, the young man had been staring at the screen “****ing ****ers” Cursing his teammates.

    Soon afterwards the young man Called Elijah Started Playing the Game Called “World Of wacraft”
    Which Relieved his stress.

    “Logging in.”

    Suddenly a Golden Middle Sized Ball had appeared In front of him, shocked by it, He Touched the ball Out Of curiosity.
    His Finger Got sucked inside the Ball which made him more shocked. He tried to pull it out but failed Trying.

    “Ah!” He cried from the stinging Pain.
    His body is slowly being sucked Into the Ball. “**** ****!” Cursing the ball He kept struggling but the Pain Doubled. “AH!” “AH!”

    Minutes had passed and he kept struggling, half of his body was consumed and the pain he received is far more painful than death.

    The struggling has stopped and Elijah Had passed out letting the Ball Consume his body fully.

    In a Battlefield.

    Figures with Long Ears can be seen clashing against Dead bodies.
    This figures is Known as the High elves.
    “For Quel’Thalas” The elves shouted to boost their morale while fighting off the undead.

    A young beautiful Figure With her Wooden Bow and a steel sword had been Killing Countless Undead.
    While the elves that had been fighting off the undead grew tired.

    A man riding a horse with deathly aura is the Commander Of this undead abomination.
    He was once a Prince that was corrupted because of his thirst for power to save his kingdom, known to the people as Prince Arthas.

    “Let None Survive!” Arthas Mercilessly Ordered His Troops.

    The tired Elves Had lost their fighting power against the Countless Undead.
    And so One by one they fell and turned into an undead.


    The Beautiful Elf who had been fighting the undead had been cornered by countless Numbers.
    The beautiful Elf is known as Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. A Ranger general of the Silvermoon.
    Those who have been with her Fighting Off the undead were turned into one.

    “I salute your bravery, elf, but the chase is over.” Seeing this She readied her bow for her final stand.

    “Then I'll make my stand here, butcher. Anar'alah belore!” She then tried to shoot Arthas but it was parried.
    They Clashed against Each other; using her Sword she kept Fending off some of arthas’s Strike.

    But Arthas Gave More force in his right hand, Destroying Both Sylvanas’s Sword and Bow while wounding her deeply.

    “Finish it! I deserve...a clean death.” She admitted her Lost and was ready to die.

    “After all you've put me through, woman; the last thing I'll give you is the peace of death!” Arthas started his necromancy spell.

    “U r aba ke so Ba ne She e…” He chanted the words to cast it but was interrupted.

    A young man came from the sky Shocking Arthas that stopped his Chanting.
    “****! Where am I?” The young man kept asking the sky for answers but was not given.

    But as soon as he Caught glanced at Arthas and his minions surrounding the half dead Sylvanas He then said “Oh my god! Th-this!” He was shocked and excited both of this feeling made him only spit a few word.

    “Who are you!? Human.” Arthas stared angrily at the young man who had interrupted his chant.

    In front of the Young man is Lady Sylvanas who has been lying on the ground.
    His Heart started beating and had not said a word.

    Not hearing a word from the young man Arthas got Offended and Said “Nevermind, Human I’ll finish yo..” Before He finished his word, the young man Ran into the woods while in his back is a wounded Sylvanas.

    “After Them!” the Enraged arthas ordered A hundred to Hunt down those two.
    After finishing the remaining Troops of Sylvanas, Arthas Rallied His undead troops towards The silvermoon city.

    “Charge! Let none Live!” Arthas Charged slashing every elf in his way and in his back is a countless Number Of the dead Following every steps he takes. Making those he kills into one of them.


    tens of minutes had passed.

    And Elijah seems to have lost the pursuing undead.
    He had grown tired and rested A bit.
    Letting the wounded Sylvanas to lie down in his lap.
    “Do not worry, I’ll help You My Lady” He said while holding her hair.
    The truth is Not only he is a gamer but a womanizer.

    “Damn good thing I have played that expansion pack.” Luckily He is actually a level 90 Elf in The game and trains in this forest.
    He had been recollecting his memories of the Whole forest,
    To find out if there is any Herb of healing Inside the Forest.

    After minutes of resting He lifted Sylvanas and Lifts her in his back. (I do not know what it is called please help)
    After a minute of searching He had found an Extremely Rare Herb which can even heal a Deep wound.

    With that He Wrapped the herb around Sylvanas’s Wound.
    Waiting For the herbs to take effects

    He remembered that there is an Empty Cabin in the near end of the forest.
    After a couple of minutes, He luckily found the cabin. “Yes! I wouldn’t need to be scared of sleeping tonight!” Brimming with joy He shouted.

    Entering the cabin He saw a bed which he placed Sylvanas for her to rest.
    He then searched for weapons and luckily found an Iron sword.
    “Well this could help me kill some Intruders.” He said confidently.

    The knowledge He got from playing games gives him the basic and some advance stances of using a sword which gives him an advantage.

    Time passed and it was already Nightfall, He kept standing on an open place using his newly founded sword and doing the stances he learned.

    SilverMoon City, Night Time

    “Rise my warriors!” Arthas who had just revived Kel’Thuzad turned the dead bodies of the Elves into an undead.

    A demon appeared In front of the fallen prince and said “Young prince, you shall travel To Dalaran and obtain a book to summon the legion.”

    Arthas was about to Decline the Order but the Demon banished.
    “Young Prince, We must do what the Dreadlords told us, after that we should eliminate the Remaining Humans.” Kel’Thuzad Convinced Arthas and Departed Towards Dalaran.

    Leaving only a few survivors which spread Rumors that Lady Sylvanas was turned into one of the Scourge and some said that she survived. But No one knows the truth. Only He can tell.
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