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Thread: Invincible Warrior (Bu pun-su Lu-kwan-cu) by Kho Ping Hoo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laoren View Post
    I have no problem reading as a Hokkien, but many of the readers here are not Chinese, they will be confused. If you want more readers you should consider using the English translated names, imho.
    I like the hokkian name more, but won't all of you become confused if I suddenly changed it to English?

    Quote Originally Posted by Laoren View Post
    Thanks zero, keep fighting, a bit of proofreading and editing will make the story flow better.

    Quote Originally Posted by HasNoLove View Post
    sukses vroh(or ses ?)
    thx, bro.

    Quote Originally Posted by Laoren View Post
    Thanks zero for your determination and hard work. Please find some one to help you edit and proofread to make your translation flow better.
    thanks for the input, I will try to proof reading it after translating. Do you have some example about the translation that need to be changed? Something that maybe I can improve in the next translation.

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    zero, check your inbox, I pm you.

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    chapter 9

    Lu Seng Hok, the son of Lu Pin, stares at his father and sighed.

    “Father is really strange. Uncle Lu Sin is clearly defiled our Lu family name. He repeatedly harassing and disturbing top officers. He even once slips in to the palace kitchen to eat up the emperor foods. Isn’t this kind of person only makes us embarrassed? Unfortunately, many people already know his relationship with us.”

    “Enough, child Kok, don’t talk about your uncle Pek like that. After all, he’s a righteous person, even more than you or me.”

    Seng Hok didn’t dare to deny his father, however in his heart he mocked his uncle and in his heart he said,

    “Huh, a human like that! An embarrassing old rabble who can only harassing other people using his martial arts.”

    Then, because he didn’t dare to deny his father, he channelling his fury to his child by roar at him.

    “You don’t need to open your mouth to ask for learning martial arts ever again, the point is you can’t learn martial arts!”

    However, now Lu Tong attention was focused when hearing Lu Sing name got mentioned,

    “Grandpa, is Lu Sin Grandpa martial arts really good? I heard people said that even all military personnel can’t catch or fight him.”

    Minister Lu Pin nodded his head while hugging his dear grandson.

    “My grandson, even though your grandpa Lu Sin lived his life as an adventurer, but he’s a great person. His martial art is unmatchable, and he’s called Ang-bin Sin-kai. Yes, if someone has that high of martial arts, then nobody dare to disturb him, and if only he isn’t stubborn or weird, and if he wanted to receive a post, of course he can easily get a high ranking post in military. Even the emperor once asked him to become Koksu (state teachers). It's really a pity…. He rejects it because he prefers doing an adventure."

    “Become a dirty beggar!” added Lu Seng Hok.

    “Fussy kid, did you really want to have high martial art skill and then become a dirty beggar?”

    However, Lu Thong silent still. Even though this kid is spoiled and fussy, but he’s really clever. He stare at his father and then said,

    “Dad, if you can persuade Lu Sin grandpa to stay here and teach me martial arts, won't that become really good? Not only he didn’t do any adventure and embarrass father, I also can get pointer from an expert.”

    “You won’t learn any martial arts!” said Lu Seng Hok staunchly.

    “Dad, anyhow Lu Sin grandpa is our family. He still uses Lu as his last name! If we have someone with high martial arts skill like him, what will people say if I as the heir of Lu descendants, didn’t understand martial arts at all and is very weak? Grandpa famous as literature expert. Isn’t it will be excellent if I can learn martial arts and literature under the teaching of my two grandpas, and won’t be this mean I will become a bun-bu-cwan-jai (martial arts and literature expert)?”

    When both father and son bickering protecting their principle, Lu Pin stayed silent, only hearing what they said and hearing Lu Thong remark, he’s become very happy. His face instantly beaming and then he clap his hand.

    “Good, very good! Lu Thong, looks like you are the one who will make Lu name known to the world! Hok-ji, your son remark is very true. Now we have to find your uncle Lu Sin and persuade him to teach Lu Thong. It’s perfect!”

    After Seng Honk thought about it, he also agreed with his father decision. He also thought that if Lu Thong become a literary and martial arts expert, of course it would be excellent. Where could you find a father who didn’t like his son become bun-bu-cwan-jai?

    However to find Ang-bin Sin-kai Lu Sin wasn’t as easy to find other people. Ang-bin Sin-kai name is very famous, from beggar to emperor himself know his name! However, where this weird person right now, nobody knows! And because they already agree to let Lu Thong learn martial arts, then Lu Seng Hok start inviting martial arts teacher to teach the basic to his son.

    However, Lu Thong heart can’t be so easily satisfied. For an average martial arts teacher, he isn’t willing to worship them as his teacher. This kid most favourite thing to do is raising dog. And in his yard, it full of ferocious, big and good dogs. He always pampered by his father, because of that he deliberately buying big and good dogs. Lu Thong has more than ten dogs! He once heard that his grandpa named Ang-bin Sin-kai Lu Sin could kill a tiger without touching his skin!

    Because of that, every time his father invited martial art teacher to teach him, he asked them to hit his dog without touching its skin! And of course, every one of them can’t do it; even some of them become victim of his ferocious dogs! Because of that, until today Lu Thong still hasn’t worship anyone as his teacher and he still hasn’t learning any martial arts. He’s father feels confused and out of wits to deal with his son that always beg wanted his grandfather, Ang-bin Sin-kai Lu Sin, summoned to teach him!

    One day in the morning, Lu Thong already playing in the yard. Three of his biggest and best dogs accompanied him in there. He teaches the dog how to jump, find something that people hide, etc. Suddenly, these dogs bark and ran to the door. From the gateway, an old beggar with clothes full of patch, tangled hair ,dirty skin and skin disease can be seen in his feet, walking through the gateway. When he walks through the gateway, so many fly followed him. Seeing this beggar, Lu Thong called back his dog, and these three dogs already understand what his little owner wanted and then they ran approaching Lu Thong.

    Lu Thong stares at him sharply and when he sees the beggar brave attitude isn’t like the usual beggar, he silently takes an interest in him and his chest starts throbbing. Is this his grandpa, Ang-bin Sin-kai Lu Sin? But his face isn’t rosy, he thought. From his grandpa words, he know the nickname “Ang-bin” or red face created because his grandpa is a martial arts expert with rosy face.

    However, he still acts carefully so that he won’t be considered impolite, he ask politely and carefully to the old beggar.

    “Old mister, what’s your business in here?”

    The beggar sees him and his face glow when hearing and seeing how Lu Thong attitude is so polite to him.

    “Ah, ah, right! A good tree of course will produce sweet fruit. His grandpa is an educated man; naturally his grandson will be well-mannered. Very good! Little master, are you the son of Lu Seng Hok?”

    Lu Thong heart becomes happier. Who else if it isn’t his grandpa Ang-bin Sin-kai that dare to call his father like that? Then he quickly nods his head. The beggar stare at him with his full attention and when seeing Lu Thong clothes as well his hairpieces, he shake his head and said,

    “No matter what happens peacock can’t give birth to garuda! Pity, his grandfather glamorous life inherited to him!”

    Lu Thong is a clever and educated kid. He knows the meaning of saying “A peacock can’t give birth to a garuda” is a dandy father will give birth to a dandy son. However because he presume that this beggar is the one he sought after everywhere, which is Lu Sin, he didn’t become angry, even said,

    “Kind mister, my father is still at his office. Who are you and what business do you have with my father?”

    “Who’s trying to find your father? I come here want to talk with Lu Pin, your grandfather.”

    Lu Thong almost jumps up and down because overjoyed. Definitely, he’s definitely Ang-bin Sin-kai Lu Sin, big brother from his grandfather! However he still try to resist his heart and ask again, still pretend not knowing,

    “Lu Pin grandfather didn’t live here, but he live in the minister home, right next to the castle. Mister, what’s your name?”

    This old man looks disappointed,

    “Hm, I’m already gone there. However, the guard drives me away; I think through your father, it will be easier for me to meet Lu Pin. My name? Ah, I already forgot what’s my name, little master”

    With shining eyes, Lu Thong then said,

    “Kind mister, isn’t your name Ang-bin Sin-kai Lu Sin?”

    The beggar looks very shocked.

    “You already heard that name? Hm, if it’s Ang-bin Sin-kai then he’s worth called a garuda. A strong garuda fly in the sky, free without any any attachment. He’s someone worth worshipped!”

    after saying this, the beggar claps both his hands to his chest and salute upward!

    Lu Thong feels amazed. This beggar certainly isn’t an ordinary people. His attitude and words makes him looks like a learned man. However, his previous answer makes him hesitate if this old man really is his grandpa Ang-bin Sin-kai, is it really possible for Ang-bin Sin-kai himself worship Ang-bin Sin-kai name and pay his respect to his own name? Is this old man really that arrogant?

    Suddenly Lu Thong gets a brilliant idea. He whistle loudly while point at that old man and the three dogs simultaneously bark and then ran to that old beggar! The old beggar looks surprised and with wide-eyes open, he quickly step back in fear.

    “Little master, hold your dogs! Order them to get back, hurry!”

    Lu Thong amused, “Ang-bin Sin-kai, you are my own grandpa, who wants to scare you? You quickly kill these stupid dogs, I won’t regret it. I deliberately am doing this because I want to see your skill, grandpa!”

    “Hush… who said I’m Ang-bin Sin-kai? I’m not him…. I’m not…!” however he shortly get bit by these three ferocious dogs and tumble down!

    “Little master, I’m best friend with Lu Pin. How can you humiliate me like this? Call off your dogs, quickly!”

    How disappointed Lu Thong heart when seeing what happens. He can see clearly that this old man is very weak. If before he’s very happy, now he’s very disappointed and angry.

    “So you really aren’t Ang-bin Sin-kai? Good, let my dogs escort you out as a punishment for your impudence dare to come here without permission!” he then give his dogs a signal to drag this old man out.

    It’s really pity for that old beggar. He can only protect his neck with both of his hands, because he afraid if his neck get bitten by those ferocious dogs. These dogs bit his arm, legs, clothes, and try to drag him out from there. However, this beggar is body is tall and of course is too heavy for these three dogs.

    “Little master… you are very cruel… you evil! Lu Pin isn’t like this… let me go!” the beggar screamed in pain with bleeding arm and legs. However after seeing this Lu Thong only laugh loudly because he feels funny.

    “Ha-ha-ha! I thought this kind of person as Ang-bin Sin-kai! Ha-ha-ha! Crawl… crawl out! Ha, ha, ha let’s see you race with these dogs to get out!” Because he can’t hold up any more, that beggar while whining, he starts crawling to get out! He wants to get up, however every time he stands up, he tumbles down because the dogs bite him. Fortunately, he always protects his neck, because if his neck gets bitten, he will be dead!

    Just as he crawls away, he get pounced and dragged back by these three dogs. Lu Thong only chortles seeing this new game. He seemed to see a very big rat played by three cats that didn’t want to kill it plaything before playing with it till satisfied! The beggar felt angrier, he now didn’t ask to be released, he even fight back and hit, bit and tweaked the dogs while roar,

    “Lu Pin, you inhuman bastard! Don’t you remember how you once learn poetry from me! Don’t you remember how a few cups of my beer enter your stomach! Now your grandson does this to me? Ah…”

    However Lu Thong didn’t want to pay attention to any words which he considers only a mere bullshit from a beggar who only pretend to be his grandfather friend. His grandfather, minister Lu Pin is a noble minister with high rank, learning poetry from this beggar? Bah, ridiculous and laughable.

    “You’re insulting my grandfather, entering this house like a robber. You deserve to be punished!” he said.

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    chapter 10

    At that time, from outside the gate ran in a seven years old boy, the same age as Lu Thong. This kid dressed like a beggar and has bald head.

    “It’s barbaric! Very cruel!” the boy come shouted angrily and then he picked up stones to throw at that dogs. When his throw hit the dog’s body, the sound of “thump!” can be heard and the dog whine in pain then distanced themselves from the old beggar. His throw is quite powerful and make the dog felt pain. But seeing this act, made Lu Thong very angry. He cried several times and gestured towards his dogs so that these animals attacking the old man again.

    This dirty and bald kid became angry. Because his throwing can’t help the old beggar, he then jump towards Lu Thong with a far leap, so it makes Lu Thong feels very shocked.

    “Cruel man, come on call back your dogs!” this bald kid snapped and besides his very loud voices, his eyes glowing fiercely, it makes him looks cool and influential. Lu Thong has a cowardice attitude. When seeing that bald boy attitude and how far his jump is, he becomes afraid. When looking at the bald kid in front of him with threatening attitude, his heart flutters. He quickly called back the three dogs which immediately leave the dirty old man and ran approaching Lu Thong with its tail moved left and right.

    The bald kid ran to the old beggar that already tired, and then help him.

    “Who are you?” he said while made a grimace because his feet that full of ulceration cracked because it get bitten by those ferocious dogs.

    “Me? My name is Lu Kwan Cu”

    When hearing this, the dirty old man suddenly wrenched Kwan Cu arm that holds him. “Don’t touch me! I am not going to be rescued by people with Lu as family name ever again!” he said.

    Kwan Cu smiled. “Old man, it’s not good to judge people personality from his family name and his name! Isn’t there an ancient proverb that says to judge people by his heart and deeds, not by his name, clothes, nor his mouth?”

    Suddenly the old man eyes which had full of hatred now look at him with awe and widened. “Eh, who's children are you? Who’s pupil?” Kwan Cu smiled, “I don’t know whos my parent, and I’m nobody pupil.”

    The old man smiled and this baffled Kwan Cu. How can this person smiling when his body full of wounds? He then helps the old man stand up and now the old beggar no longer rejected his help. How could Kwan Cu came to this place? Indeed, this boy had travel very far to the imperial city, without any fixed destination. When he arrived in the city gate, his eyes widened because he feels amazed and astonished seeing such magnificent and big building, suddenly he heard a chuckling sound that he feels familiar.

    He quickly turned and he saw a bald monk with fat body like a ball standing under the gate while staring at him. That monk was eating his food from a battered bowl, which is the usual bowl a monk used to ask food from anyone he met when he’s hungry, he held the bowl in his left hand, and used his right hand eat while under his right arm pinned a long stick monk usually used.

    “Eh, losuhu are also in here?” Asked Kwan Cu while rushing forward to bow.
    (T/N: Losuhu is like sensei in japan)

    “Ha-ha-ha, Kwan Cu, you still remembers me right?” said the monk which is none other than Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu whom he met at the beach, the monk who fought desperately against Ang-bin Sin-kai because of him!

    Kak Thong Taisu threw his battered bowl so the food was spilled on the ground. “Rotten food, given by stingy person!” Then he slam his stick to the bowl, and very strange thing happened! The bowl isn’t destroyed, even it recoilEd immediately and then he capture it with his hand, and it now has become clean like somebody washing it. “Well, all people in this imperial city is rich and stingy, it sucks!”

    “Losuhu, if student may ask, where Losuhu want to go and come from where? Asked Kwan Cu

    “I’m coming from the back and heading to the front,”replied the old monk like a joke.

    “Now after met with you, my pupil, then I won’t worry about going hungry, because there is a person who will find food for me!”

    "Student isn’t Losuhu pupil, and of course student would find food for Losuhu, if Losuhu feels hungry.”

    "Did you already met with Ang-bin Sin-kai? Are you already became his pupil?"

    Kwan Cu shook his head. “No, student didn’t meet that Locianpwe. However, even if we met, student won’t become his pupil.”

    “Ha-ha-ha, it looks like your bald head is very hard!” After saying this, Kak Thong Taisu used his stick to hit Kwan Cu head.

    “Plak!” his end of stick hit his bald head, but even though he felt pain and his head suddenly appears bumps, Kwan Cu didn’t become angry or felt resentful. He only blinked his eyes three times to resist the pain. Secretly he even amused when hearing this monk words. The monk himself had a bald head, round, and big, also very slippery, however still scold him as bald head! It very fitting with ancient words saying that "seeking other weakness is as easy as finding a cow in the field, but finding your own weakness is as hard as finding a needle in a pile of hay"!

    “How are you still not willing to become my pupil?”

    Kwan Cu only shook his head and he remembered his experience so far and draw a conclusion that only martial arts people who is always create commotion and unrest, attacking and killing each other.

    “Why you don’t want to become my disciple? Come on, answer me and give me a valid reason, if not I will hit your head until it crack open!” The fat monk looks angry and cranky. So many young people would fight to become his student, and this poor bald kid rejects it!

    “Why?” Kwan Cu frowned, remembering then said in a still voice,

    “Because student remember an old proverb which states that: animal uses force because he lacks brain, so a human is lower than animal if he use force. Therefore, student didn’t like to learn martial arts. Student deem this proverb is very true. An animal didn’t have any understanding, using force without consciousness, on the contrary if human use violence, he was fully aware that his behaviour is wrong and evil!”

    The monk stared at him with wide-open eyes, and then he looked upward while laughed loudly. The sound of his laughter was so great and loud; it made Kwan Cu feel the ground he stepped trembling because of his laughter echoed. As for the people who passing by, they feels shocked, however when they looked and tried to approach, Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu look and then stare at them with cold eyes. They become afraid and quickly go again!

    “Ha, ha, ha! Funny, funny, funny! Eh, Kwan Cu, your words before make my eyes sees a newborn ox breastfeeding an old ox that old enough to become it grandmother!

    “Where, Losuhu?” asked Kwan Cu astonished.

    “How can a newborn ox can breastfed another ox, even more so it’s grandmother?”

    The monk points his finger at Kwan Cu.

    “You are that calf! You want to teach me philosophy, isn’t it the same as a newborn calf wants to breastfed his grandmother? Ha,ha,ha, you know one, didn’t know five, know five didn’t know fifty! Kwan Cu, there is nothing on this earth that has a single trait, everything has two contrast properties, two properties for us human usually called beneficial and detrimental! Have you heard people whine on rainy day while the others whine because there is no rain? Have you heard the rising sun greeted with smile by someone and the other greeted it with pout? Everything has two properties, depending on how you deal with it. Violence isn’t an exception, it also has two properties, beneficial and detrimental! Heh, stupid bald kid, did you now know that violence is not necessarily wrong and evil like you said?”

    Kwan Cu listens attentively. He’s very interested because he likes philosophy. He already read too much ancient books and since learning to read, his brain already crammed by all kind of philosophy.

    “Is it really true everything in this world has two natures: good and bad, Losuhu?”

    The monk nods his round head. “Of course! Why don’t you mention something as an example?”

    Kwan Cu look right and left, and suddenly he point his finger to horse dung that piled on the side of the road. “Does this dirty stuff also have a good nature? Student considered it dirty and only has detrimental effect, dirtying the street, causing savoury odour and disgusting to see.”

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    chapter 11

    “Stupid kid, it’s because you only see it from negative point of view. Did you know that horse dung can bring two kinds of advantages? First, the profit is for the horse itself because if it can’t poop, its stomach will become bloated and die! Second, when horse dung seeped into the soil, it will become a very good fertilizer and fertilize the soil. Isn’t that an advantage and considers a good thing?”

    Kwan Cu startled and forced to smile a little. His eyes wide open and shining moving right and left, indicating that his brain working hard. He was looking for a reason to beat the fat monk with his strange philosophy.

    “Losuhu, one more thing. Is crime also has a positive side?”

    Now, Kak Thong Taisu surprised. He feels like his chest gets pointed by his own weapon. A weapon that eats its own master! (T/N note: it’s a proverb which means wants to harming others, but instead harming himself.) However the monk was old inside and outside, of course he couldn’t be outdone that easily.

    While moving his marble eyes, he said

    “Of course, silly boy! If there are no evil in this world, how can there be good? Who want to talk about good if there is no crime? Who can say good if there is no bad person? Crime is the balance of virtue like Im (positive) become the balance of yang(negative), if one of them didn’t exist how can the world spinning and the sun rise and sink?”

    This philosophy is too heavy for Kwan Cu small brain, so for a long time he just stares at him. After saying that, Kak Thong Taisu only laughing loudly.

    “Hah,ha,ha, stupid kid, dumb kid!”


    Kwan Cu gained a material for his comeback when hearing his swear.

    “Did stupidity is also has a good side?”

    “Of course, if you didn’t become stupid first, how can you become clever? Without stupidity, how can human acknowledge genius?”

    Reversed like this, Kwan Cu beginning to catch it and start laughing too, chimed the sound of the fat monk laugh so that when seeing two men laughing, make the people who passing by feels amazed.

    “They must be crazy…” Thus they whisper.

    “Kwan Cu, you are too much. My stomach became hungry because you asked me to debate with you. Come, find me foods. Only in nobles home you can find delicious foods.”

    This fat monk then invited Kwan Cu enter the imperial city. Kak Thong Taisu told Kwan Cu to walk first and ordered this child to ask food from noble house. Kwan Cu agreed and coincidentally he entered the minister Lu courtyard where he saw Lu Thong sent his three dogs to attack an old beggar as already told in the first part of the story.

    * * *

    “Uncle, let us get out from this rich yard,”

    said Kwan Cu while helping the old beggar that injured by dogs bite earlier. The beggar standing with difficulty and twine his left arm at Kwan Cu neck and then step by step they get out from that place.

    However now that the bald kid not in his close proximity, Lu Thong courage rise again, he shouted loudly and the three dogs bark again and attacking Kwan Cu and the limping old beggar that trying to get out! Kwan Cu was helpless in helping him because he’s holding him to get out. The beggar was so weak that if he released his grip, he will collapse! Conversely, the old beggar didn’t care at all about the three dogs that barking and confining them. His face also becomes bright glow and even singing with high voice!

    “Nature life isn’t for itself, because of that it is eternal! Not like despicable human, forget his origins, after living a life of luxury and rich, he despised the poor! How can this be long-lasting?”

    He singing this song repeatedly and Kwan Cu secretly feels amazed. His wording was beautiful and he praised this old man that could connecting Lo Cu proverb with other words which meaning was to offend the one with Lu last name, but he didn’t know whom! He still remembered the first verse, which was “Nature life isn’t for itself, because of that it is eternal” is the saying of Lo Cu prophet about Tao lesson.

    The three dogs still chasing them and when they was about to lunge and attack the two man who’s trying get out of there, suddenly somebody with bald and slick head jumping down. Kak Thong Taisu standing there, laughing loudly while saying, “The song of crazy man!” however even though he addressed this words to the old beggar, actually he didn’t notice the old beggar and Kwan Cu.

    “It matches the stupid boy well.”

    Then, when Kak Thong Taisu saw the three dogs chasing the beggar and Kwan Cu, his eyes beamed.

    “Ah, good dogs, full of meat!”

    While saying that, the monk only walking two steps while moved his hand and suddenly he already catch the three dogs on its tail! The power of The One thousand kati hand was really great, because he only held these three dogs on their tails with his left hand, once again his hand moved, and “prak” sound could be heard, the three dogs head cracked open, hitting the ground!

    Lu Thong looked at these events with eyes open wide. He didn’t get angry seeing his three dogs get killed by someone, he even approached the monk and saying,

    “Losuhu, it seems you are more powerful than Ang-bin Sin-kai!”

    Kak Thong Taisu turned his body, throw the three dogs bodies from before and stared at that kid. He stared at Lu Thong face from head to toe, with full attention and quietly he admits that this child is also had good bones, and also good talents, even though it’s not as good as Kwan Cu.

    “You know what about Ang-bin Sin-kai?” he asked.

    “He’s the older brother from my grandfather, why I didn’t know him? He’s very strong, however seeing losuhu skills, I’m willing to bet that Losuhu is certainly more powerful!”

    “Hm, so you’re the grandson of Lu Pin?”

    Lu Thong sulks. Twice in one day somebody called his grandfather name like that. His grandfather Lu Pin was a minister, how could an old beggar and a monk call his name like that. However, this time Lu Thong didn’t want to show an angry face. He’s very clever and he wanted to learn martial arts, so he quickly knelt and said,

    “Yes, Losuhu. The low and stupid teecu is the grandson from that old man. Unfortunately teecu has bad luck.”

    The monk raised his eyebrow and looked at him with full attention.

    “What did you say? Has bad luck? After so beautifully dressed and lived in this luxury house?”

    Hearing this, Lu Thong suddenly cried, dropped to his knees in front of the monk and take off his hair ornament and torn his clothes off.

    “What the use of all this luxury, Losuhu? Teecu is eager to learn high level martial arts.”

    “You still count as Ang-bin Sin-kai grandson, how hard it can be to fulfil your desire?”

    “This, Losuhu, that always make teecu heart full of sorrow. Ang-bin Sin-kai didn’t want to teach martial arts to me!”

    Kak Thong Taisu secretly thinking, this kid was clever enough and had good talent, he had been let down by Kwan Cu that didn't want to become his pupil, and now there was a child that rejected by Ang-bin Sin-kai! What would happen if he raised him as his pupil? He wanted to see Ang-bin Sin-kai reaction if he knew that his offspring learned martial arts from him!

    “Eh, kid, what’s your name?”

    “Teecu named Lu Thong.”

    Kak Thong Taisu rejoiced, because there is a same character in their names.

    “How about I teaches you martial arts?”

    Lu Thong felt overjoyed and immediately he drop down and knelt in front of the monk,

    ”Suhu, teecu will study hard!”

    “However you need to follow me doing an adventure, become my servant, begs food for me and can only eat my leftover. Can you do it?”

    Of course this terms was very heavy, even sounds terrible in Lu Thong ear, however because he’s clever, he didn't want to indulge his feelings.

    “Teecu will follow all of Suhu command. However teecu heard that suhu praised that dogs as delicious meats before, if Suhu like it, teecu will send people to cook it?”

    Kak Thong Taisu face beamed.

    “Of course, I’m almost forgot about it! It’s really pity if these delicious meats get throw away like that.”

    At that time, a few people appeared from inside and they felt shocked when seeing Lu Thong knelt in front of a fat monk. They were Lu Seng Hok and his wife, which followed by a few servants. Earlier, Lu Thong indeed told a lie to the old beggar when saying his father wasn't at home.

    “Thong-ji, what are you doing? Who’s this monk?” asked Lu Seng Hok to his child with frown forehead.

    “Dad, he’s my suhu, called…” Lu Thong turned to Kak Thong Tisu because he didn't know his suhu name.

    “Kak Thong Tiasu, nicknamed Jeng-kin-jiu!” said the monk while laughing and he look towards Seng Hok with seductive eyes. This monk was indeed very weird. If ordinary people, seeing displeased attitude from the host, they were of course would soon gone from their place, but he loved to do in reverse, teasing the house owner and at that time he made up his mind to stay at their house!

    When Lu Seng Hok heard this very famous name, he secretly felt increasingly unhappy. Jeng-kin-jiu name already very famous as a weird and feared character.

    “Don’t you want to learn from Ang-bin Sin-kai?” asked Seng Hok because he didn’t dare to forbid his son or chased away the monk.

    “Dad, Suhu is far more powerful than Ang-bin Sin-kai. Look at the dogs. He only needs one hand to catch it and with one slam, all of them are dead! Suhu wants to eat dog meat, please dad tell the chef to immediately cook it!”

    Kak Thong Taisu laughed loudly.

    “I have never thought that I will live in Lu Pin family house. Aha, if Ang-bin Sin-kai sees this. Ha-ha-ha!”

    then with long strides he followed his pupil and the house owner entering their beautiful house.

    Thus begin the day Jeng-jin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu lived in Lu Seng Hok house, happy life; everyday he requested the most delicious food. He also teach martial arts to Lu Thong and become happier when seeing how great this kid talent. However people like this monk, how could they stand always living inside a house too long? He often gone without saying and when came back home also without telling anyone.

    Sometimes he brought his student, sometimes alone. Everyone, even Lu Thong already knew how exceptional Kak Thong Taisu character, nobody dare to reprimand him. In short, Kak Thong Taisu could do anything he like in that house and since Kak Thong Taisu lived there, minister Lu Pin didn’t want to go to his son house any more. This was to prevent uncomfortable situation because this monk attitude was very rude and didn't respect anyone at all.
    * * *

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    chapter 12

    Kwan Cu walked together with this old beggar that full of wound and along the way the old beggar still singing. Kwan Cu was a smart kid, hearing how this song lyric was about cursing and denouncing someone with Lu family name, he knew that beggar absolutely felt resentment to Lu family name.

    “Uncle, is that kid someone with Lu family name?”

    the old man stopped singing, then stare at him, however before he could answer, that old man suddenly closed his eyes, his face had been pale since before and he felt dizzy. His body became limp and he suddenly collapsed, fainted in Kwan Cu arms. It turns out that this old man already lost a lot of blood and because he hold back the pain with singing, now after stop singing, the pain attacked him like big waves that swallowed him!

    Kwan Cu quickly pulled the old man body and because this kid secretly had big strength, with ease he lifted his scrawny body and brought him to roadside. He then put the old beggar down under a tree, then he quickly gone to a crowded tavern. The waitress had a kind heart and Kwan Cu told her about the old beggar miserable situation, she quickly gave Kwan Cu a warm bowl of porridge and a little of leftover wine. Kwan Cu gave his thanks and quickly gone back to where he put the old beggar earlier.

    After poured a little wine to the old man mouth, and then the old beggar regained his consciousness and he could receive the porridge that fed to his mouth by Kwan Cu.

    “Kid, you are very kind. Only now I’m with Gui family name met with someone who paid attention to miserable people,”

    he said and with Kwan Cu help, he then sat with his back to the tree. Meanwhile, the day had become hot and the air under the tree was quite cool.

    “We rest here first, eh, what’s your name again? You are with Lu family name and what’s your name?”

    “Kwan Cu,”answered the bald kid while resisting stomach pain because of hunger.

    “Lu Kwan Cu, quite a good name, it’s a pity about the family name! Eh, kid, how could you end up with Lu as your family name?” the old man asked.

    “I don’t know uncle Gui. I don’t know why my name is Lu Kwan Cu. I get that name just like that, and I thought, no matter how bad the name it's still better than has no name at all. Similarly, what’s the use of a name? When human born, they are nameless, and if they died, their name also died and disappeared together with their body anyway.

    The old man widens his eyes. “Ah, you are really mystical. From where did you get all of this philosophy? Whose pupil are you?"

    “I’m nobody pupil, uncle, I’m also nobody child. I know all of that from ancient books.”

    “Hm, it's weirder. A shabby and poor boy beggar can read a book…”

    “Still less strange than an old beggar that actually an expert in literature and poem!” said Kwan Cu. They looked at each other and then laugh.

    “Good, Kwan Cu. You didn’t know with whom you are dealing! I’ll let you know, that glorious Minister Lu Pin studied literatures from me long ago! He also lived in my house and ate from my bowl. I’m a littérateur, an expert in ancient languages and my name is Gui Tin or scholar Gui, this name is not unknown to people!”

    “It’s a pity that I don’t know about it, uncle,” said Kwan Cu.

    For a while the old man looked dejected and angry however when his eyes met with Kwan Cu eyes that full of honesty, the old man laugh loudly until his tears came out!

    “Ahahaha, it was easier to curse other people rather than curse yourself! I’m no better than that Lu family name. I’m still dirtied with arrogance and wanted my name to be recognized by everybody! Only arrogance and empty dream. You are right, Kwan Cu. Scholar Gui name is only an empty name. What’s so strange if a hungry beggar get bitten by dogs? Ha-ha-ha! However our meeting isn’t a coincidence, it is of course already set by the mighty God! You’re smart, and you like literature. Do you want me to pass this knowledge that damning my soul?”

    Kwan Cu was indeed clever, however when hearing this speech, he’s still hesitant about the intent.

    “Do you mean you’re going to teach me all of your literature knowledge, uncle?”

    Gui-tin nodded, “What do you say? You’re smart and only you who will inherit my knowledge.”

    Kwan Cu felt thrilled. Indeed, the one thing he loved the most was literature, so when hearing this he knelt in front of the old beggar, expressing his willingness to “pass” all the knowledge from scholar Gui.

    Gui tin satisfied. While massaging both of his hurting legs, he said,

    “Kwan Cu, now after we become master and student, isn’t it better if you speak frankly. Who are your parents and from where you came from?”

    Hearing this question Kwan Cu answered truthfully.

    “Uncle, I didn’t actually lie when I said I don’t know who my parents is and from where I came from. I only know that I suddenly arrived at the shore of Po-hai and saw Ang-bin Sin-kai and Kak Thong Taisu fought, because both of them wanted me to become their disciple! However I didn’t want to become their disciple.”

    Hearing this, Gui Tin widened his eyes.

    “Ouch, ouch! If I didn’t hear it from your own mouth, who would believe? Rejecting to become Ang-bin Sin-kai disciple? This statement is really strange. However, never mind, you’re a sin-tong (miracle kid) and looks like you will be more successful than me.

    Let’s us assume that you were deliberately lowered by God to drain and get everything that I ever learned. Now, you will listen to my story so that you will know what kind of person who is your teacher now.”

    Until sun disappeared in the west horizon, the old beggar told his life story. He was a learned man whom since small only infatuated with books. In addition to literature expert and had passed the test in the imperial city so he entitled to the title scholar, Gui Tin was also diligently studying ancient books so that he managed to solve all sort of ancient writings that couldn't be read by others literature expert!

    When he’s still young, so many literature experts came to him to accept his sermon or suck a little of his knowledge and no one who wasn’t know about Gui Tin who also called scholar Gui. However, Gui Tian character was very weird. He hated rank and position, so when the emperor heard about his brilliance, he called him to be given a high position, Gui Tian rejected! Of course the emperor felt offended and insulted, so he then commands his army to catch Gui Tin!

    However, many officers felt impressed with his literature skill, prevented it and asked forgiveness from the emperor so that Gui Tin punishment could be altered, from death penalty to expulsion penalty! He then prohibited from living in imperial city and had to get out of there! Gui Tin became angry and this insult brings great change in his life. He became crazy and while cursing the emperor loudly, he then gets out of imperial city!

    Of course his action made many people angry, and Gui Tin would have killed if he was not helped by two gallant person that catch and bring him to the north. These two dashing people’s turns out to be the son of Mongol Emperor! At that time, the Mongol government expanding their culture by studying books from China that they rob from Han Emperor library.

    However because there were many of the ancient books that hard to read, and after seeing Gui Tin condition, two dashing emperor sons then helped scholar Gui brought him to Mongol! The emperor heard about this matter. Gui Tin then considered as a traitor who fled to unfamiliar area, and then all of his family were to be arrested and sentenced to death!

    For a dozen years Gui Tin lived in Mongolia, where he worked to translate ancient books that were hard to read. In this opportunity Gui Tin deepen his knowledge by studying dozens of local languages. He also found ancient books that turned out to be containing important lessons such as art of war, martial arts and etc. However as a literary expert, Gui Tin didn’t like to learn martial arts.

    Gui Tin faced a great danger again when the Mongol emperor asked him to translate the books that contain art of war and martial arts. At first Gui Tin was indeed obeyed the order, however when he heard that Mongol army was more advanced in art of war, and even now had the intention to attack south, he became agitated and startled.

    No, after all, he didn’t want to become a traitor! Even though the emperor wasn’t fair in treating him, even though he didn’t like the officer in his own country that full of corruption and despotic, he still loved his homeland, he still upheld his own country! Therefore, he stopped all translations concerning art of war and martial arts books! Even so, there are so many art of war and martial arts books that he already translated, so now there were many prominent figures among the Mongolian who had an outstanding martial arts!

    Facing the inaction conducted by Gu Tin in translating the art of war and martial arts, the emperor became mad and nearly killed Gui Tin if not prevented by the two princes who had helped him. As a result, Gui Tin only got expelled from Mongol! For the second time this literary expert expelled by an emperor and now he was full of weariness when facing with another human.

    A few years later, people saw only an old emaciated beggar. No body knew that he was Gui Tin or scholar Gui that once his name was so glorified, even admired by the emperor and Mongol emperor! Gui Tin became heart broken when he heard how his family had been destroyed and all of them sentenced to death. His heart became increasingly broken and he wandered to and fro like a crazy man.

    Thus he arrived at the imperial city and remembered about Lu Pin, his best friend, or could also be said his most beloved pupil. He also amazed seeing Lu Pin great talent in sculpture, so he really wanted to meet and visit Lu Seng Hok home when he heard how Seng Hok was Lu Pin son. But, in his yard, he was insulted and almost died bitten by dogs deployed by Lu Thong, the grandson of Lu Pin, his former best friend! Of course it really hurts his feelings and his hatred to mankind and to himself increased once more.

    “That’s how it is Kwan Cu. If I don’t meet you, it looks like I won't see any use for me to live in this world any longer. With your presence, I want to live a few years more to pass all of my knowledge to you.”

    Kwan Cu was touched, and since then he looked at his teacher with full of respect, compassion and he took care of Gui Tin with full patience and fidelity. He didn’t hesitate to beg for foods for his teacher or carrying his teacher weak body if long journey made Gui Tin foot cracked and bones ached.

    “Kwan Cu, I’m shocked seeing you like this. How can you ran this fast or your body this strong? Are you really haven’t learns any martial arts?” asked Gui Tin one day when Kwan Cu ran while carrying him.

    “Never, Teacher. Actually, I just got instructions from Pek-cilan Thio Lan Eng about how to do Samadhi and how to manipulate your breath, also how to channel energy from tian-tan throughout my body to strengthen my veins and to increase my blood circulation. I have no idea, after I familiarize myself with Samadhi, I felt my body became strong and very light when I’m running.”

    “Well, that’s the principal lesson of lightweight body skill and qi! Good boy, I too had translate so many skills like that, unfortunately I didn’t pay any attention so I’ve already forgotten what its says and never learned high level martial arts.”

    “Why, uncle Gui? For me learning martial arts is the same as bringing catastrophe to myself. I don’t like learning it!”

    “Ha-ha-ha, we have the same hobby and our opinions are also alike. Unfortunately Kwan Cu, this opinion is totally wrong!”

    Because he was too surprised, Kwan Cu stopped running and his teacher asked him to lower him from his back. They stopped and sit in grassy field besides the road.

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    chapter 13

    “Why, Suhu?”

    Gun Tin took a deep breath.

    “Indeed, we literature expert view the world from its beauty. We love peace and calmness, in accordance with the will of holy nature. However we forgot that in this chaotic era, sometimes martial arts is much more important and much more suitable to use for the good of mankind! We forgot that life is full of struggle and that struggle depends on circumstances. If the country in a state of prosperous and peaceful, indeed martial arts would only bring chaos, and literature and art is the thing needed to develop culture. However in a situation like this…”

    Gui Tin took a deep breath again.

    “What can a literature expert do? Look at Lu pin, even though he’s a literature expert, but in this chaotic situation what can he do? Chaos even came out from his brain, look at his grandson, he’s became evil because he already drunk from luxury and glory!”

    “However, uncle Gui. Isn’t martial art is a skill that consist of violence, crude, and can only categorize as evil skill? Let’s think for a second, for what martial art can be used except to punch other people, using kick to attack other people, using sharp weapon to wound and kill others? Saints like Khong Cu, Lo Cu and etc, have they ever use a sword to defeat others?”

    “You are right; however, only using that can’t bring peace to our country. You forget that the evil isn’t in martial arts, but in the person who using it. Whatever the skill, whether literature or martial arts, it stills a skill without any predetermined nature whether good or bad. Good or bad depending on the one who have it! Everything that already exist in this world, and has eternal nature, only something isn’t eternal can be influence by good or bad. Like calm water, it can move only if there a wind or something drop into it.”

    Kwan Cu thought about it. There are similarities in the advice given by his teacher and Kak Thong Taisu! At that moment, suddenly they heard the sound of laughter and emerged a big tall body, who knows from where he came from. This man appeared to have an outstanding lightweight body skill and suddenly he flashed standing in front of Gui Tin and Kwan Cu.

    This person had a white skin, straight body and appeared very strong. The strange thing was his clothes, because the clothes he wear different from ordinary people. His head was covered by cap cloth which in front of it there are a shape like horn. Outside his long sleeve cloth was covered by a very beautiful vest. Outside his long pants was also covered by knees length skirt. This person is really strange. His face was the same as Han people, only his nose slightly longer and bent downward. He didn’t have any moustache or have goat’s beard model. On his back hanging a pair of sharp forked spear.

    Gui Tin looked at him with sharp eyes. The old beggar already had a lot of experience and he knew what kind of person he's facing right now, so he immediately start talking in a language that Kwan Cu didn’t understand at all. It turns out Gui Tin had been talk in Tartar language.

    “Who are you mister and why come see us?”

    Hearing this question, the Tartar started laughing again and now his eyes shining excitedly.

    “It must be true!” he said in a Han language so that Kwan Cu can understand.

    “You are certainly scholar Gui, right? Good, good! Earlier I was amazed and wondered whether I met a god or devil in this place, when I’m hearing you old and young beggars talking about high level philosophy. Now I understand, you are certainly scholar Gui. Who else if not the expert literature Gui Tin?”

    Gui Tin rose and bow like someone who knows manners.

    “It is not wrong. I’m the stupid one is Gui Tin, and this is my pupil Kwan Cu. Don’t know who my lord is?”

    The Tartar was smiling and his white teeth were lined up nicely. If only his nose was not so crooked, he’s really handsome, thought Kwan Cu while looking surprised. He estimated his age was between thirty to forty years old.

    “scholar Gui, with only a glimpse you already know that I’m a Tartar, this is the proof of your sharp eyesight and you’re ripe with experience. Also the Tartar language you used earlier, very smooth. You know, my name is An Lu Kui, the brother of An Lu Shan officer who had already contributed many service to the country.”

    An Lu Shan name at that time was very famous, because this commander was very gallant and had a lot merit by repelling small attacks from the enemy in north and west. However, as someone who already weary of officer whether civil or military, Gui Tin was apathetic.

    “Ah, my lord is actually the brother of the famous commander An. Don’t know what the purposes of my Lord to meet me, a poor rabble?”

    “Ah, scholar Gui is too humble. Actually, I come here with the intention to invite you back to the northern border on the orders of commander An and especially under the order of Li Kong Hoat-ong whom now became commander An advisor.”

    Gui Tin thought for a moment and secretly he was surprised.

    “You mean Li Kong Hoat-ong whom the former king of Yu-yan tribe? Is he now become the advisor of commander An?”

    “scholar Gui really know great people. It is precisely like what you think.”

    Even though he himself never assumed office, however Gui Tin already translated so many art of war books, and now a kind disturbing feelings sprout in his heart. Yu-yan tribe under Li Kong Hoat-ong leadership, had already created many chaos in China, and after defeat, Li Kong Hoat-ong now became An Lu Shan advisor.

    It’s true that An Lu Shan was a military officer that already meritorious and used his power for the government, however An Lu Shan still a Tartar race, who knows what his heart contains?

    “No, no. I can’t go to the northern border. I’m old, my body is weak, and my bones already fragile, and it’s impossible for me to travel that far. I hope my Lord won’t disturb me any more.” While saying this Gui Tin hold Kwan Cu hands and took him away from there.

    But after only walking a few steps, suddenly the sound of laughter could be heard and with one jump, An Lu Kui already appeared in front of them and this Tartar pushed a big tree which emit a loud noise and uprooted, transverse and stonewall Kwan Cu and Gui Tin journey! Kwan Cu stuck out his tongue because he was so amazed and impressed. How can someone push down a big tree so easily? As for Gui Tin who saw this, he then looked at him sharply and asked,

    “Well, you have high martial arts! What your relation with Li Kong Hoat-ong?”

    An Lu Kui smiled.

    “He’s my teacher, also the teacher of my brother, commander An.”

    Gui Tin hearts increasingly choked. It's became worse if the king of Yu-yan became An Lu Shan teacher! How could the emperor didn’t know about this?

    “So you want to use violence, insisted on bringing me to the north?”

    An Lu kai shook his head while smiling.

    “Of course not, we invite scholar Gui with respect. We hope scholar Gui willing to accept our request.”

    After saying that, An Lu Kui whistling loudly and suddenly from the small forest not far from there emerged five peoples who carry eight strong and big horses! It turns out that these five people were Tartar men.

    “scholar Gui please ride the horse, you too!” said An Lu Kui to Kwan Cu.

    Gui Tin about to argue, however Kwan Cu said to him,

    “uncle Gui, there is no point in arguing. Let us follow them go and submit our fate to God.”

    Hearing this, An Lu Kui laughed.

    “Good boy, what’s your name?”

    “I’m Lu Kwan Cu, uncle Gui student.”

    A friend of An Lu Kui said, “Ah, what the use of carrying this boy? Let’s just leave him here!”

    “No!” Gui Tin snapped angrily.

    “If you leave Kwan Cu here, even though you kill me, I won’t go!”

    Thus, Gui Tin rode a horse and Kwan Cu rode the same horse behind his teacher, because this was the wish of Gui Tin who didn’t want to be separated with his beloved pupil. These strong horses got hit and these powerful mounts start running to the north. These group leaded by An Lu Kui himself who along the journey kept being friendly at Gui Tin. The journey was done very fast because they never stopped even once at town or village because their food turns out to be quite a lot. Even stranger, An Lu Kui chose quiet roads and avoid crowded places.

    They passed the Shan-si province and when after getting through Ta-tung town, at one morning they pass through a quiet meadow. There are only a few visible trees that were growing far from one another and it’s truly quiet. An Lu Kui seems afraid to passed through this place and he looked to the west several times where some small mountains visible.

    “Come on, speed up the horse, because we already close!” he order.

    The horse rushed faster and the situation was completely silent, except the sound of horses hooves marching echoed in four directions. It felt very strange for Kwan Cu who was his first time passing through this place. This place was open and only confined by trees who grow here and there like giants, however the sound of horses hooves echoed and if you heard it carefully, as if there were many horses running approaching from all directions.

    Suddenly eight horses, especially the one that brings supplies and ride by no one, only guided by An Lu Kui subordinate, neigh and raise both of its front legs when they suddenly heard loud voice and two boys jumped down from the top of tree and standing blocking their way!

    At that time, Kwan Cu sitting in one horse together with his teacher, and they ran their horse near An Lu Kui. Seeing how the horse they rode and the An Lu Kui horse rushing forward and would definitely crashed the two boys whom age was probably the same as him, Kwan Cu unconsciously scream,

    “Oh no…!” While saying that, Kwan Cu put his teacher on her back and exerting his power to jump from the top of the running horse. Indeed he already had lightweight body skill unconsciously so his body could jump up from the horse, however because he never trained his jumping skill, he didn’t know how to arrange his body when floating so he fell with his teacher.

    But Kwan Cu was truly faithful. Seeing how he and his teacher fell to the ground, he then rolled and arranged when they fell, he would be below and his teacher would hit his chest! This boy head hit the ground and dust flying out, however his teacher survived!

    As for An Lun Kui who seeing how his horse would crash at one of the two boys, he snapped angrily,

    “Crazy kid, do you want to die?”

    However, an amazing thing happens. The horse that was ridden by Kwan Cu which would crash at the smaller child, when the horse two front legs was lifted and would befall the child, the child then moved both of his hands, lightning-fast captured the two front legs and with only one move the horse already jump up over his head so that he survived!

    This child was giggling and didn’t care at all about the horse from before, but pointing his finger at Kwan Cu that already rolled on the ground.

    “Haha-ha, Brother, look! That bald boy is playing merry-go, very funny!”

    As for An Lu Kui horse who was crashing at the bigger child, had no time to prevent it so that the horse with his two front legs kicking at the child chest. However, quickly and calmly, the bigger kid pierced the horse right leg front knees. The horse issued neigh in pain and suddenly both of his front feet buckled and fell to his knees! Fortunately An Lu Kui was someone with high martial arts, so that he could quickly jump up and making a few salto so that he can came down safely!

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    “Little brother, you see. Wouldn’t this horse be funnier? When it's come, it kneels and salutes me. Good, very good!”

    An Lu Kui was someone whom already wander in martial arts world quite a long time and he knew that this two child who’s age was about six or seven years old was certainly the pupil of an expert. Because of that he didn’t dare to be rash even though he was very irritated.

    “You small kids, who's students and why blocking our way?”

    However both of these little boys didn’t answer him and at that moment, a voice that could make horses shocked and agitated could be heard. That was a very frightening and creepy laughing voice and when An Lu Kui heard it suddenly he became ashen. The laughter sounds was like the roaring of tiger and followed by the sound of laughter and then a very far voice yet enough to make the ears feel pain because it was so shrill.

    “Heh, heh, heh! Swi Kiat and Kun Beng, where are both of you now?”

    The younger child, which was the one who catapult Kwan Cu horse over his head, immediately sharpen his mouth and a small yet quit shrill shout came out,

    “Both of us pupil in here, Teacher!”

    An Lu Kui felt very shocked once more. It turns out the qi power of the boy in front of him was quite great!

    In just a moment after the echo of the boy's voice disappeared, a flash of human shadow appeared and suddenly in front of them, a man could be seen who looked like to be at least sixty years old which his body almost made Kwan Cu laughed. This person was short and small; there weren’t any signs at all that this person was an expert.

    However, when seeing this person, An Lu Kui step forward and bow respectfully.

    “Junior An Lu Kui apologize if we violate respected elder Pak-lo-sian region,” he said.

    But the elder ignored him completely, and then turned his head towards Gui Tin and then a mockery sound came from his nose and then he said,

    “Hm, Is that old Li Kong Hoat-ong really get the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng?”

    After saying this he then turned to An Lu Kui and his gloomy eyes suddenly became extraordinary sharp so that An Lu Kui felt very surprised because it was as if his sharp looks pierced his chest!

    An Lu Kui really didn’t know about any books, so he truthfully said,

    “Respected elder, junior didn’t know anything about that book. And only just now heard that book name. Actually junior was sent by teacher Li Kong Hoat-ong to invite scholar Gui because teacher admire him strongly.”

    The elder eyes became very threatening and his wrinkle forehead became deeper.

    “Eh, you want to rely on An Lu Shan name and your teacher Li Kong Hoat-ong name and didn’t want to confess? Come on, speak truthfully!”

    “Really, respected elder, junior…. Junior didn’t know…” An Lu Kui who had been fierce before, now seems in fear.

    Suddenly the elder body moved and without anybody knew how he already jumped near the Tartar man. In that time, before An Lu Kui could evade, the elder already captured his neck and with only one throw, the Tartar already thrown up, very high! Like a sack of rice, An Lu Kui thrown up and from up fell down without any resistance. It turns out the catch on his neck from before was also an attack at his blood veins that made his body paralysed!

    Coincidentally, the Tartar fell down at Swi Kiat; the first pupil from that elder. This kid age at most only eight years old, however his martial arts were already excellent. He catch the Tartar with both of his hand, then while laughing he thrown it again towards his junior, which named Kun Beng. This child was younger than Kwan Cu, six years old, and had handsome face and jovial. While giggling this kid used his right hand to hold An Lu Kui back that was thrown toward his direction, while using his left hand to hit An Lui Kui back. An Lu Kui then thrown up again and now flying towards the elder from earlier.

    The elder then received him with an attack on An Lu Kui shoulder and then An Lu Kui fell down very hard in front of the elder foot, however he already free from the paralysed and could move again. He then knelt with pale face.

    "Respected elder, even though you kill junior, junior really didn’t know about this book.” He said with trembling voice.

    Kwan Cu despised people who used violence, let alone seeing how an elder and two of his student toying the helpless An Lu Kui, a curiosity feeling appeared in his chest.

    “Using martial art to insult other people, really worthless. Win other people with great strength, if you can win yourself that's when you could truly deserve to be called strong!”

    “Hush, Kwan Cu…” his teacher blocked him and looked worried.

    The elder quickly turned and when seeing Kwan Cu, an admiration could be seen in his eyes.

    “Hm, you are scholar pupil? Not worthy, not worthy!”

    "Teacher, what the use of of this nerd kid? Let student beat him up to teach him!” said Ku Beng angrily, however Swi Kiat prevented it.

    “If you say he’s nerdy, what the use fighting with this nerd, senior brother? His bones are too weak, lest he shall die in your hands!”

    “Shut up you two. I can feel something from this kid.” The elder then turned to An Lu Kui.

    “Looking at this child, I will trust you. Go!”

    With haste and also relieved, An Lun Kui then bring his friends, also Kwan Cu and Gui Tin, to go away quickly. When they already rode their horses far away and the elders and two of his pupils couldn't be seen, suddenly the elder sound could be heard. Even though the person itself couldn't be seen, but his voice sounded close,

    “Gui Tin, at another time, I will be the one who really needs your help. Goodbye!”

    Kwan Cu amazed and since that meeting, his views on martial arts changed. Actually since Gui Tin talked about martial arts and its usefulness, he had been very interested, but nonetheless the desire to learning martial arts was still very weak in his heart. Now, after seeing those two small kid strength, he became interested and wanted to have power like them! This was children nature that no matter what still embedded in his heart.

    “Mister An, who actually that extraordinary man?”

    Kwan Cu quietly compared that elder with the two great people that he already met, which is Ang-bin Sin-kai and Jengkin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu. Given the circumstances, strangeness and techniques, looks like these people level were already very high.

    Actually An Lu Kui was being angry, sulk and curious. By all of his brother subordinates, he was considered a respected warrior. But now, he had experienced humiliation by an elder and two kids. But because of Kwan Cu merit when he was in front of that elder, he replied,

    “He is someone powerful named Siangkoan Hai who nicknamed Pak-lo-sian (Old God from North). For the northern regions arguably he can be called the greatest figure. Usually even though people think he was in northern regions, he never appears except a big incident occurred and he usually doesn't interfere in any world affairs. We are really unlucky to meet with him.”

    However, Gui Tin speaks with small voice to Kwan Cu,

    “We really lucky to met him. Even for me, only just now I have seen his face, even though I already heard his name a long time ago. Kwan Cu, pay attention, in martial arts world, there are five most famous people. They are Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai who’s the champion of northern region, the second is Ang-bin Sin-kai who’s the champion of eastern region, the third is Hek-i-Hui-mo(Black Robes Flying Devil) who’s the champion western region. For the fourth and fifth person who’s the champion of the southern region, are someone who’s called Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu that you already know and the second one is an old woman who’s famous with the nickname bwe Coa-li(Nine Tails Snake Woman)! According to the news I have heard, five of them has the same strength and now they are fighting over a art of war and martial arts book called Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng. At first I thought it just a mere rumour, but after the attitude of the Old God from North earlier, the news seems to be correct.”

    “Uncle Gui, what is this Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng that gets fighting over by these great people? And except these five persons, are there no more people with extraordinary martial arts?”

    At that time An Lu Kui brought his horse approaching him. Gui Tin then signalled with his eyes so that Kwan Cu didn’t talk again, then the old beggar said as if answering Kwan Cu question,

    “You are asking about the names of great figures? Ah, if we talk about other people then it’s meaningless. If we talk about Pek-cilan Thio Lan Eng then she’s a woman warrior with high martial arts!”

    Hearing this, An Lu Kui snorted and smiled.

    “scholar Gui, you are a scholar, how could you know about great figures in martial arts world? Pek-cilan skill, even though I’m not his match, however if compared with my teacher Li Kong Hoat-ong, isn’t it the same as comparing small hill with Mount Thai?”

    Finally they arrived at the military fort where An Lu Shan commandded his troops to maintain northern boundary. This was a very big fort, like its own village, and surrounded by villages with mixed population, there are Mongol, Uigur tribe, Cou, etc.

    When Gui Tin left at the living room with Kwan Cu alone, this elder said,

    “Kwan Cu, about Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng book and great figures of martial arts that you asked before, when we can leave this place, I will tell you. Actually, the secret to get that ancient book is in my hand!”

    Kwan Cu felt surprised, but before he could open his mouth, Gui Tin signalled using his index finger in front of his mouth and from inside could be heard footsteps approaching. After the door opened, it turns out the one who enter were An Lu Kui himself with two others. The first one was someone wearing officer dress with dashing figure, the other was a elder with big and tall body, approximately fifty years old and his manner was very majestic.

    He walks with the body upright and chest lifted, like the attitude of a great king. This person was Li Koat Hoat-ong, former king of Yu-yuan tribe, who was now became teacher of An Lu Shan and An Lu Kui!

    An Lu Shan, the commander who had made a lot of merit to the country, acted respectful towards Gui Tin. He bow and said,

    “We hope scholar Gui didn’t feel too surprised and suffered much hardship because of our invitation. Has long we heard the big names of scholar Gui, and even though all this time the government never pay you any attention, but because I’m a military commander of the country, then let just assume that I’m now representing the government and redeeming our government negligence. Scholar Gui will live comfortably in our place.”

    Gui Tin was someone with high education, full of experience, and has remarkable ingenuity. However because he’s someone honest and didn’t like to play with words, when hearing this speech he knows this was only a ploy to win his heart, he answered,

    “Commander An, me and my student have been brought here by force, you better quickly said, what works we must do? We want to quickly clear up this matter, because we are like the birds that fly free in the sky. Have you even heard about birds that like to be caged, even though the cage made from gold?”

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    chapter 15

    Now Li Kong Hoat-ong laughed loudly when hearing the speech of this highly educated littérateur. When laughing, Li Kong Hoat-ong covered his mouth with his right hand, he seems wanted to keep the rules and courtesy, to show that he was different from the others, having special privilege, because wasn't he a former king?

    “scholar Gui, this is what people say that the higher someone understanding, the more naïve he became!” the former king of Yu-yan tribe then turned to An Lu Shan and said,

    “My pupils, to someone with high education like scholar Gui, we shouldn’t talk about something else again. You’re better off just explains our intentions.”

    An Lu Shan face became red because of shame. Truly remarkable this Gui Tin, he thought. Clothes like a beggar, but his grand attitude like a high ranking bureaucrat! But because he was sorely in needs of scholar Gui aid, An Lu Shan hold his patience. The commander gave the order that all guards clear the room, then Gui Tin and his student invited into a room. The only one in that room was just An Lu Shan, An Lu Kui, Li Kong Hoat-ong and Gui Tin with Kwan Cu alone.

    “scholar Gui, before we begin I hope you like to swear that you won’t tell other people about the thing we will discuss.” said An Lu Shan.

    Gui Tin smiled.

    ”I never swear, and I won’t swear. If you didn’t believe in me, why was I brought here? commander An, you can talk. I, Gui Tin isn’t someone who likes to gossip.”

    “scholar Gui, we only want to ask you to translate a book for us. This book is a very ancient one and only you can translate it. We don't want working with other people in vain, so you can set it yourself the fee, as long as you do it quickly, the sooner the better.”

    Gui Tin glanced to An Lu Kui and said slowly,

    “Hm, it seems the presumption of that small and short elder was right?”

    Actually, in Gui Tin heart he feels very shocked hearing An Lu Shan earlier remark, but he’s very good to calm his pounding heart. An Lu Kui answered,

    “It’s true scholar Gui. That very book is the one in our hands. Therefore you may not divulge this secret lest there are bad guys that will come taking it away.”

    Gui Tin nodded. His heart was pounding. He already wanted to see that book for dozen years, the book that coveted by every gallant person in this world, because the content of Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng besides high level martial arts, there were also art of war, medicine, and astrology!

    “I will try to translate it, even though I do not dare to as ascertain whether I could do it. May I see the book right now?”

    Li Kong Hoat-ong exchanged his glances with An Lu Shan,

    “Let me go to get it.”

    After the commander said it, all of them entered the commander room that located in the middle of the fort. This room was protected strongly and presumably it would not be easy for anyone to burst into An Lu Shan room.

    Upon arriving at the room, An Lu Shan closed the door, even locked it from inside. Then he approached his bed and when he pulled the hanger three times, a loud sound could be heard and the bed was lifted! Underneath it there was a hole in the floor which opens itself, and inside this hole there was a small chest. An Lu Shan took the chest and said to Gui Tin while smiling,

    “This book is much desired by many evil people, if it isn't kept well, will be easily lost.”

    Gui Tin nod and stare into the chest direction with passion, he praise,

    “commander An is really careful. Even the devil itself was unlikely to get the book from here!”

    An Lu Shan laughed, and then while closing the bed door, he approached the table and put a small and black chest on the table. When he opened it, it seemed a very old book with yellowish paper, wrapped by clean and white silk. Gui Tin heartbeat intensified and this littérateur looked like a starving person seeing roasted pork. Without his knowing, he came forward.

    An Lu Shan laughing again, and then he took the book.

    “You see it for a moment, and try to recognize what kind of book is this!”

    Gui Tin accepted that bundle wrapped with white silk, and then opened it. He didn’t quickly open the book, but stare at the cover first with full attention, and then he weights its weight in his hands. And then he… sniffs the book with his nose. After that he looked somewhat hesitantly towards the book. He read several lines of ancient writings with unknown shape, and based on Kwan Cu vision that always at his teacher side, this wasn't a writing, but very bad picture!

    Suddenly Gui Tin giggled.

    “Aah, someone played you, commander An! People want to emulate, however how stupid! This paper even though ancient but this writings and pictures used new ink! This book is without doubt a counterfeit!”

    For a moment the room was silent, and then Li Kong Hoat-ong praised could be heard,

    “scholar Gui really has great eyesight. It’s marvellous!”

    An Lu Shan also amazed and then he bowed towards Gui Tin.

    “scholar Gui with only one look could tell the difference, really astute. Now I truly believe that this book couldn’t get translated by anyone except by scholar Gui. Please wait a moment, I will bring the originals!”

    After saying that An Lu Shan pressed something in the wall and the wall opened, showing a secret entrance. This time, he himself entered the secret door, even his teacher and brother didn’t follow him enter! After he came back, he already brought out a smaller chest than the earlier false chest.

    This chest was also black, but it seemed heavy. He put the chest in the table, and then he stored the earlier counterfeit book and false chest.

    For An Lu Kui, it was his first time saw the originals, because the only people who saw that was An Lu Shan and Li Kong Hoat-ong. Because of that, with pleaded voices he said to his brother.

    “Brother Shan, can I’m the one who opens it?”

    After saying that, he stretched his right hand trying to open the lid. But An Lu Shan quickly slapped his brother hand while saying,

    “Careful! Do not carelessly touch this chest, little Kui!”

    Then he continued in Tartar language.

    “This chest is already coated with very dangerous poison!”

    Of course Kwan Cu didn’t understand, but Gu Tin understood perfectly what they said.

    An Lu Shan then asked everyone to step backward, then with his left hand, he took a pillow from his bed, held it on the chest, between him and the chest as shield and then with his right hand opened the lid.

    “Ser! Ser! Ser!”

    could be heard and from inside the chest. Quickly and unexpectedly seven small arrows attacking which it’s edges looked black because it’s already soaked with snake venom.

    These seven arrows, all of them embedded in the pillow held by An Lu Shan. An Lu Kui became pale. If he was the one who opened it, it will be disaster! Not only his hand would be exposed to the poison coated on the skin of the chest, but that small arrows couldn’t be possibly evaded by the one who opened it, if didn’t knew about it first!

    “How great you are, commander An!”

    Gui Tin also praising him while Kwan Cu stuck his tongue out because he was so horrified. An Lu Shan only smiled.

    “Protection from evil people,” he said while taking the book out.

    This book size was smaller, however it was very heavy and its paper was very thin so it had plenty of paper. When Gui Tin opened it, he was stunned. Sure enough, this was the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng that he had read in the ancient history books. This was the book that since thousand of years contested and whoever held this book, if it’s a person it will become the most powerful martial artist in the world, if it’s a country then it will become a very strong country.

    This was the book that all this time dreamed by all gallant people, great figures in martial arts world, by all country in the world. And now this book was in the hands of An Lu Shan, a military commander who was eager and stout!

    Gui Tin hand trembled greatly. It would became really dangerous if this book content get known by An Lu Shan. And he knew that the only one who could translate this book, was he himself! This book was written in Shia kingdom era, thousand of years ago. Suddenly Gui Tin remembered and groped the book using his fingers. Hm, strange, he thought! At that time, paper hadn’t been invented yet! Then he frowned to recall the things he read about this secret book. If he’s not mistaken, the original book was written in silk! And he already read a thousand times where people counterfeit it so that the originals won’t be easily stolen. Hm, did the one he’s holding was also a fake one?

    Seeing Gui Tin frown and silent like a statue, An Lu Shan then said,

    “scholar Gui, what do you think? Can you translate it?”

    All eyes stare at Gui Tin with sharp threatening eyes. This littérateur understand if he said he couldn’t, he wouldn’t be forgiven. Instead if he translated this book, there was also no hope for him to get away from this place in one piece! He, who had been translated it, would later be deemed too dangerous by An Lu Shan, and he certainly would be killed so that he won’t spread the book contents to other people.

    Gui Tin stroked the nearby Kwan Cu head before answering, and then he looked at An Lu Shan face while saying,

    “Even though this book is difficult to translate, but I can do it as long as commander can be patient waiting for it. However, I only request as my translation fee, which is, you free and let my pupil go from here and won’t harass him!”

    “No Uncle Gui! I won’t leave you elder. Who will take care of you, who will rub your back, and who will you asked to do all of that? Uncle Gui, please don’t ask me to leave you!” suddenly Kwan Cu said.

    Meanwhile, An Lu Chan was very shrewd, when seeing how Gui Tin loved his pupil, a very shrewd idea created in his mind.

    “scholar Gui, I promise I won’t harass your pupil. However, I will only let him go if you already finished translating the book. Remember, the quicker you translate it, the quicker I will release this kid. And who will serve you besides this kid? Other people can’t know about this book. You surely understand what I mean, right?”

    Gui Tin understood perfectly. Whoever have seen this book must die, even Kwan Cu! So the littérateur became very restless and sorrowful, however he could suppress his feelings and accepted it.

    “Okay, I will start this very day. But I don’t want to be disturbed and let me served by my pupil in closed room.”

    An Lu Shan nodded.

    “Okay, scholar Gui. You will work in my room from morning until dusk. Every morning you will enter here and after dusk you will get out from this room, leaving the translation and the original book.”

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    chapter 16

    Thus, from that day forward, Gui Tin started translating the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng, served by Kwan Cu. Because he and his pupil understood that they were spied from outside, Gui Tin didn’t dare to speak carelessly with Kwan Cu, and he did the translation as slow as possible. The content of this book was really great. There were rules and ways to train soldiers, form a formation, and how to organize a powerful attack. In addition, there were also very strange martial arts training, how to do Samadhi in the most extraordinary shape, and there were also great attack skills so even only by reading briefly, Gui Tin felt his head was dizzy and full of horror.

    He thought that if he translated the martial arts, and if it to be learned by evil guys, then that person would became someone evil with great power who would be hard to defeat. Conversely, if he translated the art of wars, there was no evil. Wasn't An Lu Shan an officer from the kingdom who had proven that he was protecting the country? If that officer got the art of war exercise, wasn’t it won’t harm the people and the country?

    Because of this, Gui Tin start translating. He purposely translated strange and powerful art of war first, which he done little by little. As to Kwan Cu, he had a very good purpose. This book was a counterfeit one, for this Gui Tin was very sure. Unfortunately, he already forgot many things about the history that he read about the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng. But the history books were still piled up in a place where he his saved ancient books. If when later the originals appeared, he might have been killed, and his pupil here would became the only one who could read it!

    Therefore, Gui Tin then gave Kwan Cu lessons about ancient writings. He teach little by little, verbally, because if it written, he was worried it would be seen by other people. He asked Kwan Cu to remember and memorized it in his brain. This child was very clever. What he heard once, it will be as if it stuck in his brain and couldn't be easily forgotten. Because of that, everything he learned, he could memorize it easily.

    On the next day, when An Lu Shan saw the results of Gui Tin translation, he was overjoyed. He read complex and great military tactics, how to set up formation, how to attack and how to guard. Extraordinary! This is what he sought, what he dreamed about! Then he simultaneously practising all of that strategy and regulation about how to train soldiers that he read from the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng translation.

    Three months elapsed fast, Gui Tin only translated half of art of war! However, the result for An Lu Shan was immeasurable! The army that he commanded now, was an army with a strong formation and with education different from the others! All of this thanks to the lesson from Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng and An Lu Shan felt very proud and very satisfied.

    As for the three month period, Kwan Cu with diligence devoted all of his strength, brain and focus to memorize and learn ancient writing that used to write the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng. And when he coincidentally glanced at the book that being translated by his teacher, he almost shouted in delight because he could read it easily!

    “Uncle Gui! Isn’t the top line reads: Kwan-im Pousat formation spreading lotus seeds…”


    Gui Tin quickly closed Kwan Cu mouth, then wink at him. Kwan Cu was very clever, he knew that in fact, this translation wasn’t difficult for his teacher, but because his teacher deliberately slowing the translation!

    “Uncle, why don’t we quickly finish it so that we can get out of here?”

    Gui Tin shook his head and took a deep breath. It was hard for him to talk because he knew that there would be guards outside the room that always guarding and listening to their conversation, so he deliberately said loudly while giving a wink to his pupil,

    “It’s easy for you to say! Do you think translating a book like this is as easy as eating meatball?”

    Thus, both teacher and pupil were playing a show. Gui Tin quietly pointed toward the book part that contains martial arts and asked Kwan Cu to read it! The child obeyed and when he started reading the lessons, his head felt dizzy because it’s too strange and amazing!

    He received lessons in Samadhi from Pek-cilan Thio Loan Eng, also received breathing training lessons. However what he read in the book was truly beyond words! When he first learned about Samadhi from Loan Eng, he was required to sit in an upright posture, both legs crossed, eyes directed to your tip of nose while regulated the breathing and emptying the mind. But now, what he was read?

    So many rules about how to do Samadhi in this book. There were Samadhi with somersault standing which WAS head on the floor and legs raised upwards, some hanging in the tree, and various strange sort of way! According to the lesson he received from Loan Eng, sucking and exhaling breath should be done as slow and as long as possible, when sucking, the air should be collected in the chest so the chest inflated and abdomen thinned, so when exhaled, the chest should be empty and the pure energy from the chest must be pulled to the stomach thus strengthen tian-tan, because of that the chest thinned and the stomach inflated. However in Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng teach the opposite!

    Kwan Cu really didn’t understand. But because he’s very talented in martial arts, so when he read this, in the night when Gui Tin already snored, this kid did the Samadhi that he read from the book, also trained his breathing like the one he read in the evening!

    The result was very strange! Kwan Cu almost gone crazy because of it! If he didn’t have good bones and pure body, maybe his brain would became crazy. When he did Samadhi according to the sitting position he learned from the book, which was his bald head ont the floor and both his legs leaning over the wall, he felt his head throbbing because all of the blood flow down quickly.

    Then, when he wanted to emptied his mind and cut his senses, so many demon shadows looming in his eyes, and he remembered many horrified thing. This breathing practice was also made his stomach felt sick and pain in his chest.

    But because he was stubborn, he continued that training for several days. There were strange things happened to him. He felt two energies pulling each others in his chest and his blood flow sometimes slow and sometimes fast. When he had trained for a month, he already familiarize himself with this new way and at one midnight, he heard how the joints throughout his whole body made cracking noise! He didn’t know that because of his training, he had obliterated his former training results. This was the cause of his unwell feelings and the pulling powers in his chest was a battle between two different power exercises, and it turns out the exercise by the secret book was stronger so that within a few days his new way of training could beat his former way of training!

    Because he didn’t have time to train in martial arts technique as described in the book, Kwan Cu could only read it like someone who’s reading story book! However he didn’t just reading, but memorizing the content of the book, bit by bit.

    Six month passed and now Gui Tin had completed his work translating the art of war from the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng! The translation were taken by An Lu Shan to be practised, as for the originals book still inside his room, because Gui Tin still need to translate other knowledges!

    And in that day noon, something great happened! When Gui Tin just closed the book after starting translated the first part of martial arts, suddenly a rowdy noise could be heard from outside the room and shortly after that the room’s door was wide open. A male with fat body and with his cloth open in the chest, and his haired chest could be seen, even his face was full of beard, jumped in! Gui Tin and Kwan Cu saw how some people who had been keeping guard outside the door now sprawled in the floor in a lifeless state!

    The bearded man saw the book that already inserted into the black chest and placed on the table. Without any fuss, he jumped near the table, grabbed the black chest and turned to Gui Tin.

    “scholar Gui, is this the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng which asked for your translation?” asked him to Gui Tin and his voice sounded rude and raucous.

    Gui Tin nodded with pale face. That person grabbed the chest and his right hand grabbed Gui Tin that he kept in his arm and about to go from there.

    “Don't kidnap my teacher!”

    suddenly the man felt there was hard strike from his back towards his right shoulder! This strike brought terrific wind blows, because of that he was shocked. He was forced to let go Gui Tin and raised his right hand to fend it. It turns out the one who attacked him was Kwan Cu!

    The kid saw his teacher about to be taken, he became reckless and attacked into the direction of that person shoulder hoped to grab his teacher back. He didn’t know that the attack contains qi power that he got from the Samadhi exercise he’s done, because of that its power was very great. However, that person was very sharp. Using his arms to fend it harshly and Kwan Cu body bouncing against the wall!

    The man laughed and was about to snatched Gui Tin body again, but at that time, from the outside shouts repeatedly saying,

    “Arrest the criminal!”

    The person who stole the book jumped out and greeted by An Lu Shan, An Lu Kui and Li Kong Hoat-ong himself and behind them there were still dozens of officer!

    When seeing this bearded man, Li Kong Hoat-ong, An Lu Shan, and An Lu Kui felt very surprised, on the other hand the bearded man just laughed insultingly, didn’t felt any pressure at all, even his laughing voice stated that he looked down on everyone there.

    “Ah, we didn’t know great warrior Hek-mo-ong Lo visiting.” said An Lu Shan while bowing.

    “commander An, you are an officer what the use of the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng for you? Morever scholar Gui already translated the part about art of war, you don't need the other content. Therefore I come to pick it up, and also to bring scholar Gui go with me.”

    An Lu Shan didn’t dare to argue and talking too much. He already knew the power of Hek-mo-ong (King of Black Devil) who famous throughout northern region and his name only below Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai. However, Li Kong Hoat-ong of course felt angry seeing his attitude.

    “Hek-mo-ong, I’ve heard your name for a long time and only now I have the honour to meet you face to face. But I doesn't know the famous Hek-mo-ong is someone arrogant that doesn’t see another people face and act as he pleased without knowing courtesy at all.”

    Hek-mo-ong face didn’t change, but both of his eyes emit a ray of lightning when he turned to Li Kong Hoat-ong.


    He made a sound using his nose, with insulting attitude.

    “If I’m not wrong you are Li Kong Hoat-ong, the king who had lost his crown? Why you meddle in my business? If it is true I was impolite and arrogant, what do you want to do?"

    “Hek-mo-ong, you really can’t see another people! If there no me in here, you can do as you please, but once I’m in here, do you still want to be so ostentatious?”

    “Li Kong Hoat-ong, what do you want?”

    Hek mo-ong voice was very great, and contained death threat.

    “Leave the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng, if not, don’t hope to get out of here!” said Li Kong Hoat-ong and this former king with high power already unsheathed his weapon, which was a sword from Yu-yan kingdom on his right hand and a stick, the symbol of his rank on the left hand!

    An Lu Shan was about to stop him however it was already too late, because the sound of laughter like the sound of goak bird came out from Hek-mo-ong mouth and a loud noise could be heard, followed by flying door that was pulled by Hek-mo-ong and now flying towards Li Kong Hoat-ong!

    Li Kong Hoat-ong quickly struck with the stick on his left hand and another loud noise could be heard. The door broken into pieces and the pieces flying right and left! An Lu Shan and An Lu Kui quickly dodged it, however a few other officers who couldn’t evaded fast enough get struck by the door fragments made a terrible scream. The door fragments penetrate their armour like steel bullets and a few officers died at that moment!

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    chapter 17

    The battle was destructive. An Lu Shan was helpless and could only order his officer to distance themselves, because after these two powerful people fighting, who could and dare to separate them? The only thing visible was only the after image of sword and wand in both of Li Kong Hoat-ong hands, and Hek-mo-ong body turned into a nimble shadow.

    Only in just a moment we could see how great Hek-mo-ong was, because even though he’s empty handed, but the wand and sword couldn’t hit his body. Every time both of his hands moved, terrible wind from his punch came out, which not only made both of his opponent weapon repelled, it also made the nearby building trembled!

    Kwan Cu who was thrown earlier by Hek-mo-ong defence and hit the wall, but thanks to his strong body, he didn’t suffered severe injuries and now he already helped his teacher stand up. Gui Tin quickly moved to the edge because he felt afraid seeing how fierce the battle was, on the other hand, Kwan Cu watched it closely. This kid already memorize the content of martial arts technique from the book that being contested, and even though his knowledge limited to the theory, but this knowledge has brought great boost to his martial arts, so he could followed these two great figures movement! He quietly felt delighted to be able to watch a match so great, and even though he was horrified, but his eyes never moved from both of them.

    After fighting dozens of moves, Hek-mo-ong slowly cornered his opponent. The King of Black Devil used a punch based on high level qi power and for him to beat his opponent he didn’t need to use his hand, only using the wind from his punch. Li Kong Hoat-ong knew about his opponent power, so he mobilized all of his power to neutralize it. However it’s useless, when he slashing with his sword and simultaneously attacking with his wand, suddenly Hek-mo-ong cried loudly so Kwan Cu that stand tall before now tumbled and thrown to the floor because the pulse of the cries was so great and this cries attacked and paralysed him through hearing!

    The same thing happens to all people around there, everybody felt as if they were paralysed! In unison with this thundering shout, Hek-mo-ong didn’t dodge from the opponent attack, even rushing forward. His right hand grabbing towards the swords and let his head get hit by the wand! A loud noise can be heard when the wand hit his head. The wand bounced and Hek-mo-ong felt a little dizzy, however he managed to clutch the swords and made it broken into two!

    Before Li Kong Hoat-ong shock disappeared, Hek-mo-ong already rushing forward and hit Li Kong Hoat-ong chest using his head. A terrible scream issued and this former king staggered backward, his face pale and fresh blood gushed out of his mouth. His chest bones were crushed because of his opponent head attack and he was dead at the moment when his body collapsed on his back!

    The situation became silent, then it was broken by the sound of Hek-mo-ong laughing. Nobody dared to move.

    “Ha-ha-ha! Commander An, you better take care of your army well and do not intervene in this book affair” said Hek-mo-ong.

    An Lu Shan knew that there was no point in attack this remarkable man, but he knows that if Gui Tin get carried away, it would be very dangerous for him. Only Gui Tin himself knew that he already studied the art of war from the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng, and if an outsider knew about it… maybe the plan that already hatched in his heart for years would failed! Therefore he bow and said,

    “Great warrior Lo, we will not be fighting over this affair, but we also hope great warrior Lo like to be fair. You already took the book, so be it. However I hope you won’t carry scholar Gui away, because in fact, there are still a lot of explanations about his translation that we need from him. When we’re done with him, great warrior Lo may take him. This matter is very important, and we can only hope great warrior Lo won’t use violence against tens of thousands of our men that already organized and guard this fort layer by layer.”

    Hek-mo-ong paused. He knew that An Lu Shan was a very clever commander in formation. If he insisted, he will face tens of thousands soldiers and this matter shouldn’t be made lightly. Even he had high martial arts and didn’t fear being surrounded, but if he needed to break tens of thousands of men defence, before he could escape, he would be exhausted and ultimately his effort would be in vain.

    Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng already in his hand. Why should he be in a hurry? There were still times to study the book, he thought. After thinking like that, he nodded.

    “Alright, commander An. I apologize for my error in killing your teacher, but as you witnessed, your teacher was the one who started it.”

    “It’s okay, great warrior Lo. Life and death isn’t in our hands and its normal in battle if not win, of course lose and dead.” Answered An Lu Shan.

    Hek-mo-ong laughing again, then he saw Kwan Cu still standing on the edge, both of his eyes glared and he seems wanted to attack the child, but he aborted his plan, then laughing once more before his body flashed, and he already jumping out of the house.

    When he ran out of the castle, sure enough, he seen how the place confined tightly by layer upon layer of strong soldiers. He felt excited that he didn’t use violence. It’s easy to kidnapped scholar Gui later, he thought.

    Why An Lu Shan acted so weak? Why he didn’t surround and mobilize his army to kill Hek-mo-ong? An Lu Shan wasn’t so stupid to sacrifice his subordinate. He was someone who's cunning. When he saw the book’s chest was stolen by Hek-mo-ong, he was convinced that Hek-mo-ong won’t live long in this world. Not only the chest containing secret so that if it’s opened there would be seven arrows with poison came out, the chest also coated by very evil poison. If Hek-mo-ong hands already touched the poison, and a little of it enter his mouth, then The King of Black Devil would surely die!

    No need to surrounds him. He already knew where he needed to look for Hek-mo-ong, and then later, he will order his spies, visited Hek-mo-ong residence in Thian-bun village on Hek-mo-san mountain. If the devil already dead, it’s a simple thing to take back the chest.

    And he deliberately withheld Gui Tin, because except him, only that old littérateur who already read Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng. Even if the book was now in the hands of Hek-mo-ong, it would be pointless if it was not translated! So after Hek-mo-ong gone, An Lu Shan immediately gathered his most capable subordinates to go to Hek-mo-san and investigating the devil situation, if the devil already dead because of the poison, they were ordered to take back the chest.

    However, situation happened in row and after Hek-mo-ong invasion that stole Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng, there were extraordinary things happened that made An Lu Shan felt dreadful. On the next day, after he and the other just finished burying the corpse of Li Kong Hoat-ong and sitting while planning in the middle room, suddenly the front door guards came and reporting with wheezy breathing that there was a female Taoist whom very fierce forced her way into the fort and whoever tried to prevent it, get knocked down easily!

    An Lu Shan and An Lu Kui followed by a few officer hastily get out. How surprised they were when seeing a sight so strange and remarkable .An old female Taoist but her body still looked healthy like an eighteen years old girl, walked approaching.

    Her left hand holding a six years old pretty and petite girl, her left hand holding a long tree branch. She walked forward and every time a solder tried to block her, she will point his branch to the soldier that block her and then the solider would fell with a loud scream and it turns out that the soldier had been killed!

    An Lu Shan was stunned, he was standing watched the incredible ferocity and the cruelty! Who was this woman devil, he thought. Quickly, he then released a signal to prohibit his subordinate to prevent this female Taoist to came forward and he himself quickly retreated and waiting in the living room, but he secretly ordered an archer battalion to confined this place and ready to move if this female Taoist came with less good intention.

    While smiling mockingly, that female Taoist and with the girl directly entered the fort and headed towards the large room where An Lu Shan sit, waiting. By looking at the flag flying on top of that room, it’s very easy for this female Taoist to know where the commander of this fort located. She stepped inside with poise as if entering her own house.

    Upon entering the room, this female Taoist stand upright and looked at An Lu Shan. This officer quickly got up and welcomed her with full of respect. However before he opened his mouth, a loud scream could be heard.

    “Eh, sister Ceng…! You are here…?”

    “Heee…! Aren’t you Kwan Cu?” answered the girl while her hand still got hold by the female Taoist.

    Kwan Cu incidentally came out with his teacher, seeing that girl was Bun Sui Ceng, the daughter of Thio Loan Eng, he immediately called her. Gui Tin that was often wandering and had many experiences, when he saw that female Taoist, he shuffled advancing forward and bow.

    “Looks like this world is very small,” he said to that female Taoist,

    “so that in this end of north will be able to meet with female Taoist Kiu-bwe-coa-li from south!”

    This female Taoist seemed stunned, and then pursed her forehead. After looking for a while, she then smiled and said coldly,

    “Hm, your body is already rickety and tired, but your eyes still very sharp, scholar Gui. We only met once when we were young, but you really do not forget other people faces.”

    “Who can forget the face and body shape of female Taoist Kui-bwe-coa-li from south?” answered Gui Tin with smile.

    Meanwhile, when hearing that the female Taoist in front of him was Kiu-bwe-coa-li (Nine Tails Snake Woman), whose name was very well known and feared by every martial arts practitioner, An Lu Shan became surprised and then he felt the back of his neck became cold. He quickly advanced and bowed.

    “Ah, it is actually great elder who’s coming to my shoddy place. We are very sorry because junior don’t know about it and didn't come out to welcome great elder.”

    This great figure issued a mocking voice from her nose.

    “Your subordinates already welcomed me very well why need you to come out? Anyway, who’s expecting a ceremony? I’m not an emperor!”

    An Lu Shan became red in the face, but even if he got quipped, his heart felt glad because hearing this female Taoist didn’t like the emperor.

    “Sorry, sorry!” he said modestly.

    “May junior know about the holy purpose of great elder arrival?”

    “Do not mean anything, just asking you to hand me the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng.”

    Hm, this is great, thought An Lu Shan. So the book was already loved by great people in the world. Fortunately he prioritized studying the art of war.

    “How?” suddenly Kiu-bwe-coa-li urges while waving the branch in her hand. It turns out that this wasn’t a regular branch, but the handle of a long and very soft whip. The whip consist of nine strands of soft rope but strong and was an incredible weapon. Because these nine ropes could move like live little snakes, because of that she was known as Nine Tails Snake Woman!

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    chapter 18

    Even only one of these nine ropes she moved could attack someone blood veins which she demonstrated earlier against the warrior who confronting him, it was enough to kill them. One can imagine how great and high this female Taoist power!

    "Great elder, it just so happens that, if only junior doesn’t lose junior teacher in this matter, junior will certainly laugh amused hearing great elder came wanted to ask for the book.”

    “What happened?”

    Her pair of eyebrows moved and her pair of eyes was so sharp that An Lu Shan didn’t have enough strength to resist for a long time.

    “Just happened yesterday, greate elder. The Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng you asked for was already grabbed by someone else and even my teacher Li Kong Hoat-ong died trying to fight that person.”

    “Talk quickly, who snatched it?” cried the female Taoist who didn’t care at all about the dead of Li Kong Hoat-ong.

    “He was Hek-mo-ong who’s living at Hek-mo-san…”

    Quick as flash Kiu-bwe-coa-li turned her body and facing Gui Tin.

    “Is it true?”

    Gui Tin only nodded and in his heart this littérateur didn’t like seeing that female Taoist attitude, especially after he saw that this female Taoist killed so many guards outside the fort! When Kiu-bwe-coa-li was about to leave, Sui Ceng which her hand was still coupled with her teacher, let go of her coupled arm and it looked like the child now wanted to talk with the bald boy.

    “Sui Ceng, let’s go!” cried the female Taoist and she at once offered her hand; she pushed Kwan Cu so that this boy rolling like a ball. However Kwan Cu quickly jumped up again and pointing at Kiu-bwe-coa-li while saying,

    “Why are you so grumpy? I don’t like to see sister Ceng become a fierce person pupil! Let you know, sister Ceng had been handed over to me to look after and if you treat her badly…”

    Seeing how the bald kid who she pushed was not hurt at all and even now issued threatening words at her to defend Sui Ceng, Kiu-bwe-coa-li turned and looked astonished. This bald boy was very good, she thought and then she whispered at Sui Ceng.

    The girl then said,

    “Brother Kwan Cu, my teacher is very good to me! Eh, I want to ask, is what they said about Hek-mo-ong true?”

    Kwan Cu understood that this female Taoist still didn’t had full trust at commander Ang and scholar Gui, so she used Sui Ceng to ask him. Thus, it means this female Taoist believe him more! In the blink of an eye this shaved head kid with ingenious brains could see through their intention and draw conclusions at that time!

    “Sister Ceng, usually, if someone who do not easily trust others has a character that can not be trusted. Because she used her own character to measure others, so she always worried if she was lied to!”

    Sui Ceng of course didn’t understand the point of the answer that deviates from her question, but Kiu-bwec-coa-li could felt his precise sarcasm. This bald boy acted as if he could read her mind!

    “Bald bastard!” she whispered and she at once pulled her pupil hand, and moved her body, her shadow flashed and the female Taoist disappeared from their sight! This time, when sprinting out of the castle, her shadow could hardly be seen by the guards!

    “Great…!” An Lu Shan said.

    “Hek-mo-ong will be damned when he meets her!”

    The situation just subsided after the female Taoist gone; suddenly a voice came from the tile, a high yet small voice.

    “Omitohud! This monk come here only to bother people!” And suddenly the tile on top of the room was flying broken and a monk who fat like an elephant fell down from a hole in the roof! Even though his body was big and fat, almost the same as the body of Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu, but when the monk’s feet touched the floor, it didn’t make any sound, however An Lu Shan whose still sat down could feel his chair tremble and he even bounced upward a little!

    When all eyes turned to him, it turns out that the monk had somewhat dark skin, big eyes and beard hanging over obscuring his chin. His mantle was entirely black, black charcoal which made his somewhat dark face looked a little cleaner. The fat monk left hand holding a series of beads, while his right hand holding a yellow wand with dragon head made of yellow metal like gold.

    “Hek-i-Hui-mo…” Gi Tin sound could be heard and the monk immediately bowed to this littérateur.

    “scholar Gui, you’re still look young. Ha-ha-ha, it seems fate will match us because in a moment this monk will band together with scholar Gui, together learning the book content!”

    After his soft voice issued these words, suddenly he moved his wand ahead of An Lu Shan and


    The table in front of An Lu Shan destroyed completely crushed by the wand, even though he just hit it lightly. An Lu Shan was shocked and jumped backward, get ready because he was dealing with the great figure from west, namely Tibetian monk who already gone off course and held great hostility at yellow robes Tibetian monk faction.

    Because of this deviation hence the name Hek-i-Hui-mo (Black Robes Flying Devil) was very famous.

    “commander An, this monk didn’t want to waste more time. You better give the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng to me!” his voice was sounded different, very curt and stern which contains great threat.

    However, An Lu Shan had become sulky. If the one arrived wasn’t a great and dangerous figures, of course he would attack and order his army to surround him.

    “Well, shit.” He said,

    “Why am I so unlucky? elder Lo, the book got stolen yesterday by Hek-mo-ong, even Kiu-bwe-coa-li just now came asking about it. Kiu-bwe-coa-li right now already gone to Hek-mo-san.”

    Like Kiu-bwe-coa-li behavior earlier, this monk also turned to Gui Tin and asked.

    “Is it true, scholar Gui?”

    “It’s true.” Said Gui Tin.

    “Well, you had good rest here, scholar Gui. If this monk got the book, this monk will pick you up from this place!” after saying that, with one move from his legs, his fat body already floating up and broke through the hole that he made earlier! The fat monk lightweight body skill was really great; it is not surprising that his nickname was The Flying Devil!

    Shit, thought An Lu Shan. Really great! The Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng already pursued by so many experts. There would be no hope at all for him to get the book back! Actually, the one who got it was his teacher, Li Kong Hoat-ong, but after his teacher death, An Lu Shan assumed the book became his.

    The reality, if before he still had great hope to take back the book from Hek-mo-ong hands, but right now there were so many experts emerging who far more powerful and dangerous than Hek-mo-ong himself! His hope was crushed and he secretly glanced at Gui Tin. For what reason this old littérateur should be allowed to live?

    “He must die!” An Lu Shan decided in his heart. If he was dead, even though someone from those great figures managed to get the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng, what’s the point? Nobody other than scholar Gui understood the language from that book. If this littérateur was allowed to live so that other people could read this secret book, won't it became dangerous? He was now already had a strong army and great tactics, if someone else could understand the secrets and his tactics could be broken by other people, won’t it became very bad?

    Meanwhile, there Kwan Cu was nagging,

    “All of these old people are crazy! Just a fake book, but got sought after so much!” Just as he spoke, Gui Tin snapped at him and Kwan Cu knew that he had been talking too much. He regretted it at once and closed his mouth. However An Lu Shan had risen from his seat and approached them.

    “Tell me, what does your speech earlier mean, Kwan Cu? Fake book, what do you mean?”

    Kwan Cu didn’t answer, only standing and stare at him with wide open eyes. But An Lu Shan was already suspicious and didn't believe his statement, so he wanted to look for reasons to eliminate both teacher and student. He held Kwan Cu arms and pressed it strongly.

    “Come on, speak truthfully, is it true that that book is a fake one?”

    Kwan Cu felt his arms was hurting, but when he used his qi power which he trained all this time according to the instructions from the book, An Lu Shan suddenly released his hands and scream in pain, because from the boy arm something like hot wave attacked him.

    “Son of a *****! You even have learned from the book, aren’t you? Come on, speak frankly!”

    Kwan Cu only laughed, and his laughter sounds only fuel this commander rage. With one slap, Kwan Cu chest already got hit. If according to the usual circumstances, it would certainly meant that the boy chest broken and perish in a moment’s notice. However, the kid body only thrown far away and like when he defended his body from Hek-mo-ong, his body hit against the wall once again.

    Surprisingly, he didn’t get hurt, because when he was hit, he muster and collect all of his energy in his chest while holding his breath so it was as if his chest filled with strong energy and he didn’t get hurt! An Lu Shan became more assured when seeing this oddity. He then lunge forward and now held scholar Gui arms.

    “You speak truthfully!”

    However Gui Tin only shook his head and didn’t want to answer this question. An Lu Shan used his power to press a little more and “krak!” sound could be heard, it was actually the sound of Gui Tin arm broken! The old littérateur winced, but he still closed his mouth.

    “Don’t hurt my teacher!” Suddenly Kwan Cu scream loudly and with one jump, he already arrived in front of An Lu Shan and wrenched An Lu Shan hands that pushing Gui Tin arm. An Lu Shan felt a wind came from Kwan Cu attack, so he quickly evade and used his foot attacking. Kwan Cu once again thrown away.

    An Lu Shan was furious. He called his guards and said loudly,

    “Capture them, torture them until they confessed about the book!”

    Five soldiers that usually torturing criminals or more appropriately called executioners, immediately stormed and in a moment Gui Tin and Kwan Cu has been arrested and dragged out! One of them brought out a black whip and flogged both student and teacher, flogged them like two animals that was on strike.

    Blood flow from their skin that gets hit by the whip. Not only their lousy clothes cracked, even their skin and their face starts bleeding.

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    chapter 19

    “Kwan Cu…” scholar Gui whined with weak body dropping, hanging in the hands of an executioner who held him.

    “Find the real book, learn it carefully, don’t become like me… weak… martial arts skill is very important to deal with people like them.”

    But he couldn’t continue his words because a kick hit right at his solar plexus so the old man suddenly felt his breath stopped and he was gasping like a fish thrown on the ground.

    “Cruel! You guys aren’t human. Cruel!”

    Kwan Cu struggled and managed to escape and then he ran into his teacher. But a knock using the back of a cleaver made him collapsed and his hand get held again, and whipped until his clothes shattered leaving this kid half naked!

    Gui Tin already half dead, and no matter how strong Kwan Cu body, without any martial arts, he was helpless and looks like both teacher and student will met their demise in the hands of these executioner that already got An Lu Shan command to kill them. But at that time, a cymbal sound could be heard from outside the fortress and a group of people came in who were saluted with great honour by the guards.

    The torture at Gui Tin and Kwan Cu automatically stopped and An Lu Shan with An Lu Kui hastily welcomed the royal guest. It turns out that the one who coming was Minister Lu Pin because he got an assignment from the emperor to raise An Lu Shan rank!

    From far Lu Pin could see an old man and child beggar got whipped so when he met with An Lu Shan who still saluting him, he asked,

    “Who are they and why they got whipped?”

    “Ah, dignitary. They are two great tricksters. They are teacher and pupil who claimed to be littérateur and we order them to translate an ancient book. But they deceive us and said that the book is fake.”

    “Ancient book? Did commander An mean the Im-yan Bu-tek Cin-keng?”

    An Lu Shan face became pale hearing this.

    “Ah, dignitary also heard about this book? Looks like everybody know about this book.”

    “Of course. Who hasn’t heard about a book which competed by all countries? commander An, did you really have found the book? If that’s true, why haven’t you delivered it to the imperial city?”

    The old minister looked suspicious and inquisitive.

    “We indeed have got the book, however we still feel doubtful whether the book is an original, because a lot of books got forged, and because of that we instructed that old littérateur to translate it. What happens? He deceived us and said the book is a fake one.”

    “Where’s the book?”

    An Lu Shan took a deep breath. Now he felt satisfied and relieved that the book already taken by other people! It’s better if the book fell into the hands of martial arts experts rather than fell into the hands of government! He then told about how the book got stolen. Minister Lu Pin only sighed and stated sadly. The,n he sent some men to bring him those two beggars who got tortured earlier.

    After Gui Tin and Kwan Cu got dragged to the presence of Minister Lu Pin, Gui Tin coincidentally woke up from fainting. His situation was very bad, however when he glanced and saw Minister Lu Pin face, he immediately turn his face away and spat on the ground. Lu Pin looked attentively.

    “Ah, isn’t you Brother Gui?”

    Gui Tin still turned away and his eyes full of insult against the minister.

    “Are you really Gui Tin.…? Is it true I met with brother Gui?" Minister Lu Pin asked again and now he got out form his seat that had been supplied by his bodyguard, and then approached Gui Tin.

    “I’m not willing to get acquainted with someone from Lu family!” suddenly Gui Tin said in loud voice and he was very angry so his chest ached and he was fainting again.

    “Quick help him!” said Lu Pin.

    “He’s my old friends. Quickly help and take care of him.”

    An Lu Shan surprised and seeing how this minister was well acquainted with Gui Tin, so he quickly ordered his men to help Gui Tin and Kwan Cu. Then Minister Lu Pin was taken to the An Lu Shan building outside the fortress. It’s true that commander An brought his family from imperial city to this place, but because it felt uncomfortable to live with his family inside the fortress so he built a house outside the fortress.

    Lu Pin then asked An Lu Shan to brought Gui Tin and his pupil to that house to be treated. However Gui Tin condition was so bad so he’s never woken up again, except one time in the middle of the night and he left a message to Kwan Cu that asked him to sought the real Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng.

    “Kwan Cu.” He whispered from the bed.

    “In order to get the book, the only way is to read and study history that I kept inside a cave in sion forest on the slope of Mount Liang-san. Inside the village on the west slope, as long as you asked for the home of an old beggar with the name Gui, everyone could tell you. That cave was empty and I kept an iron safe underground.

    Open it and look for the history book with the same language as the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng. Learn about its history and then search for it. In chaotic world, violence and power always played an important role, if not countered by violence and force as well, we will be helpless. Obey my message, Kwan Cu.”

    Kwan Cu nod while holding his tears. He wasn’t easily moved, however seeing his beloved teacher condition, he felt sorry.

    Gui Tin died and thanks to the influence of Lu Pin, he was buried appropriately in the village. As for Kwan Cu who prayed in front of his late teacher, everything was silent. Suddenly he was told to come before Minister Lu Pin. After he met with this minister, Kwan Cu got the fact that this minister face was really majestic and bring a sense of affection. Smooth movement, like scholar Gui and very gentle too.

    “Son, are you a disciple of brother Gui?”

    Hearing this smooth answer and seeing Kwan Cu politeness, honesty and modest attitude, Lu Pin also felt affection.

    “True, dignitary.”

    “What did you learn from your teacher?”

    “Reading, writing, and studying poem and ancient saying.” Answer Kwan Cu truthfully.

    “Good kid, what’s your name?”

    Junior name is Kwan Cu.”

    “What's your family name?”

    “My family name is Lu.”

    Minister Lu Pin stunned.

    “Who’s your parent?”

    "Junior didn’t know. Junior name and junior last name was junior received as a gift from someone else.” Kwan Cu said truthfully.

    Inevitably Lu Pin laughs too.

    “Ah, very strange. Who granted Lu family name to you?”

    "Junior get the Lu as family name from a mighty old man, Ang-bin Sin-kai.”

    “Ang-bin Sin-kai??” Lu Pin felt very surprised.

    “Hm, good boy, what’s the relationship between you and him?”

    “Nothing, dignitary. Only Ang-bin Sin-kai wanted to take me as pupil, but junior rejected it.”

    Lu Pin then laughs happily.

    “He’s a freak, but you are even more unusual. And your Kwan Cu name, who gave it to you?”

    “Junior name was given by a fat monk called Kak Thong Taisu.”

    The old minister was stunned again.

    “Ah, you really are a weird kid. Only this small but already experienced something that ordinary kid couldn’t experience. Given last name by An-bin Sin-kai, given name by Kak Thong Taisu, became a pupil of scholar Gui, now you’re talking with me! Ah, Lu Kwan Cu, do you really didn’t remember who’s your father and mother?”

    Kwan Cu shook his head.

    “Junior father is sky and junior mother is earth. For junior brother and sister are all human in this world.” replied Kwan Cu imitating a saying he had read.

    Lu Pin heart was touched hearing this. He waved his hand and when Kwan Cu approached, this old minister then hugged him and stroked his bald head. As we know, Minister Lu Pin only had a son and his grandson, but he wasn’t loved much them in his heart. But now seeing Kwan Cu, his love arose.

    “Kwan Cu, let’s follow me to the imperial city. I will teach you about literature, and even though I’m not as knowledgeable as your late teacher, but you will be able to reach your dream. You will live with me, and I will consider you as my grandson, Kwan Cu.”

    Kwan Cu heart was deeply moved. No one had ever act so nice and gentle to him, let alone a high officer like this Minister Lu Pin.

    “Can junior call grandfather at dignitary?”

    “Of course, because in my view, you are my own grandson, Kwan Cu.”

    Kwan Cu was so excited that he knelt in front of that old minister and irresistibility two tears flowing down from his thin cheeks.

    “Grandpa…” He said.

    Lu Pin was also touched and hugged the boy.

    “You need to change your clothes, my grandson, and tomorrow you will follow me to the imperial city.”

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    chapter 20

    “No, grandfather. Not now. Someday, I will seek grandfather. But now, I still have more important task.”

    “Task…?” Minister Lu Pin widened his eyes.

    “You…? What task and from whom, my grandson?”

    “The task is given by the late uncle Gui, and the task is…” The boy look left and right, then continue with slowly, “the task of finding the real Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng.”

    For the umpteenth time, the old minister stunned and then he sighed.

    “You really are a miracle boy! Really a miracle boy! Okay, I know that freak people like Ang-bin Sin-kai and you won’t be so easily discouraged. You can go, but remember that I will always waiting for you as your grandfather!”

    After saying that, Minister Lu Pin then gave Kwan Cu a bag of gold money, and told An Lu Shan so all of his subordinates won’t disturb him. After saying goodbye and shown his gratitude, Kwan Cu bowed again in front of Gui Tin tomb, and then this boy left, to Liang-san cave to look for his late teacher books!

    Hek-mo-ong was very thrilled after succeeding in robbing the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng, sprinting and laughing, heading towards his house at the peak of Hek-mo-san. He lived there with two of his brother, his wife and in-laws in a big house and in quite crowded village, where he was regarded as a wealthy landlord. Indeed, since many years ago, Hek-mo-ong didn’t wander any more in martial arts world, but live safely inside this village.

    When he stepped into the house, he was greeted by two of his younger brothers, also two big and rugged men together with his beautiful wives. Hek-mo-ong wife herself was quite young, beautiful and very flirtatious. Seeing Hek-mo-ong excitement, all of them asked questions, but Hek-mo-ong only laughing without answering anything.

    “Hurry and make delicious dishes, bring out scented wines! Let’s celebrate this great day, because soon I Hek-mo-ong will become the best expert in this earth! Just wait Ang-bin Sin-kai, Jeng-kin-jiu, Pak-lo-sian, Hek-i Hui-mo, and Kiu-bwe-coa-li! Soon, you will be force to kneel and bow before me, recognize Hek-mo-ong excellence as the brightest person! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

    His brothers and in-laws, also his wives already knew about Hek-mo-ong weird attitude, so they didn’t dare to ask again before he told them himself. Food and wine immediately brought out and they eat and drink with exuberant.

    After a full meal, Hek-mo-ong brought out a black chest from his pocket, put it on the table and said proudly.

    “Look, this book is the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng!”

    “First uncle, why a book looks like a wooden box?” a small kid whose the son of his youngest brother cut him.

    “What do you know?” his father or the youngest brother of Hek-mo-ong snapped.

    “The chest is of course only the container.”

    Because they couldn't wait any more, they urged Hek-mo-ong to open the box. The two brothers of Hek-mo-ong, when the box being opened, standing in his left and right.

    “Ser! Ser! Ser!” seven arrows in row which was cleverly mounted by An Lu Shan striking at them very quickly. If it wasn't Hek-mo-ong, the person who opened the chest would surely die immediately. However Hek-mo-ong skill was very high. When seeing black light from inside the chest attacking, he quickly roars and both of his hands moved to fend it so the arrows bounce to his right and left. Unfortunately, both of his brothers that standing in his left and right didn’t have time to evade and the arrows pierced right in their face, they collapsed without moving.

    Their face became swollen and blue, very terrible. Their wives were crying and screaming, embracing their bodies. Hek-mo-ong stood like a statue for some time, but after he took the book and turning the pages, his excitement rose again.

    “Enough, don’t cry. They are already dead, it’s enough. It’s a fair price to obtain the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng with such great sacrifice. Take care of their bodies carefully, and you don't need to cry, starting now you can follow me as your husband substitute!”

    Nobody dare to argue, but from this speech alone, it was enough to measure what kind of person Hek-mo-on was! While laughing and ignoring the people who still mourned, he drinks wines and flipping through the pages from the book he just rob.

    However, suddenly his face became pale and grimace resisting pain. Both of his hands moved to hold his stomach, chest and neck because he felt how this part of his body felt very hot and in pain.

    “Shit…. Bastard An Lu Shan… Ouch….!” He staggered, bumped into the table, the book was thrown to the floor.

    His wife and in-laws rushed and crashed into him.

    “Aaahh…” Hek-mo-ong screaming and his mouth start foaming.

    “Beware… don’t touch… the chest… Aaaah, I’m dead!” his body was stiff, eyes bulging, foaming at mouth, and didn’t breathe anymore!

    If others, of course already would have been dead long ago because of the poison. When he was touching the chest, and then he ate. It already became a habit for crude people like Hek-mo-ong, even though their hands dirty, if they wanted to eat, they would just ate without washing or cleaning their hands, then only in an instant the poison would enter his stomach. But because he had strong body, so the poison needs a bit of time to kill him.

    The wives from these three people and with their kids and family, crying and soon so many people crying could be heard. When the two brothers of Hek-mo-ong died, they didn’t dare to cry for fear of Hek-mo-ong. Now after Hek-mo-ong himself died, everybody cry as much as they want!

    The family assisted by their neighbours and whole village came to mourn, and then took care of the three bodies. The black chest on order of Hek-mo-ong wife, it was then burned, and as for the book, it was put on the prayer table in front of Hek-mo-ong coffin. Three coffins were lined and Hek-mo-ong coffin located in the middle, also with the biggest praying table.

    On the next day, when so many people still praying and incense still made a big smoke, came a female Taoist to that place! In her right hand, he held a whip with nine strands and her left hand held a petite and pretty sweet female child. Who else but Kiu-bwe-coa-li and her pupil Bun Sui Ceng!

    When Kiu-bwe Coa-li saw three coffins lined up in the yard and everybody were crying and mourning, she frowned. Hek-mo-ong family immediately welcomed her, as how someone welcoming a female Taoist, who they consider came to provide comfort to the family.

    “Please sit, elder.” They said.

    Kiu-bwe Coa-li didn’t answer, only staring at the coffins, her eyes searching something with sharp eyes.

    “Where’s Hek-mo-ong?” She asked with threatening voice.

    When asked like that, Hek-mo-ong wife step up and cried.

    “Noble elder, my husband has passed away.” And then her crying was intensified.

    Kiu-bwe Coa-li stunned and then stare.

    “Which one is his coffin?” she asked again.

    Because she didn’t have bad thought, Hek-mo-ong wife pointed to the coffin in the middle while saying,

    “That’s my husband coffin.”

    Walking slowly, Kiu-bwe Coa-li approached the coffin. Sui Ceng didn’t like seeing a coffin, so since earlier she already removed her hands from her teacher and now she sat in a chair, looked towards the prayer table with surprised and amazed feelings seeing the decorations in that prayer ceremonies.

    Kiu-bwe Coa-li approached Hek-mo-ong coffin, then extend her left hand and then patted it a few times slowly. Everybody thought that this female Taoist gave her blessing to the dead, so they felt touched and excited. None of them would ever thought that this gently pats were in fact devastating attacks that full of qi!

    It turns out Kiu-bwe Coa-li still didn’t believe about Hek-mo-ong death and secretly attacked the inside of the coffin. And then she glanced at the coffin on either side of Hek-mo-ong coffin.

    “Who was inside these two coffins?” she asked at Hek-mo-ong wife.

    “Both of them was my husband younger brother, elder.” Answered the lady while crying.

    And then some people followed her and crying again. At that moment, a laughing voice could be heard. Everybody were surprised and looked. Apparently, out of nowhere, in front of the coffins stand a fat monk with black clothes that repeatedly called Buddha name.


    Then, while babbling alone, he said,

    “Looks like the demon of hell already precede me and claimed Hek-mo-ong live.”

    “Hm, Hek-I Hui-mo, your nose is still sharper than a mongrel!” said Kiu-bwe Coa-li with mocked smile.

    That monk was Hek-I Hui-mo, laughed loudly.

    “Ha, ha, ha! Kiu-bwe Coa-li, you area really fast, I almost left behind!” after saying that, this monk was praying in front of Hek-mo-ong coffin.

    However the incense he used to pray wasn’t the usual burned incense, but three black incenses that wasn’t burned. People were amazed, however Kiu-bwe Coa-li knew that these three black incenses actually weren’t incense, but three black needles called 'Black Poison Needle'!

    The monk mouth moved reading a prayer, then after finishing the prayer; he moved his hands and three black incenses were gone! Other people didn’t know where that black thing gone and they thought this fat monk doing magic. However Kiu-bwe Coa-li smiled and knew that this vicious Tibetian monk had swung the needles and it moved like lightning towards the three coffins and have penetrated the coffins to attack its content!

    Like herself, Hek-I Hui-mo the Black Robes Flying Devil didn’t believe in the death of Hek-mo-ong and secretly attacking the coffin content!

    “Before he died, your husband was carrying a small chest, inside it there is a book, where the chest now? That chest is mine, now I hope you can get it out and return it to me!” said Kiu-bwe Coa-li at Hek-mo-ong wife.

    “That damn chest!” curse Hek-mo-ong wife.

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    chapter 21

    “That damn black chest is the thing that killed my husband and his brothers! We already burned that damn chest, elder!”

    A muffled cry issued and suddenly Kiu-bwe Coa-li and Hek-I Hui-mo already moved and stand in front of that madam, with threatening and violent attitude.

    “Burned??” asked Hek-I Hui-mo with hoarse and loud voice that made Hek-mo-ong wife shocked.

    “And the content, the book… was it also burned?” asked Kiu-bwe Coa-li, with threatening eyes.

    If this madam nodded his head, without any doubt she would die with one hit from these two terrible martial arts experts. However this madam shook her head and then pointing to the prayer table located in front of Hek-mo-ong coffin.

    “That’s the damn book, which had been inside that black chest.”

    Kiu-bwe Coa-li flashed towards the prayer table wanted to take the book, but near the bowl, on the table, a sharp noise issued and three black needles was stuck in there! Kiu-bwe Coa-li quickly jump back and looked at Hek-I Hui-mo who stood smiling!

    “Aha, Hek-I Hui-mo! You want to play with me?” asked Kiu-bwe Coa-li with sharp eyes and she moved her whip to her hand.

    “Kiu-bwe Coa-li, we come from the same place and also with the same intention. You can’t do as you like! I also need the Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng!”

    Two great figures stand and glare at each other with threatening attitudes; both of them had the same distance from the prayer table where both of them knew if someone moves first it means mortal danger for him or her. They were waiting, and once their the opponent moved, the other would attack.

    As for Hek-mo-ong family, when they were aware and knew that these two people actually wasn’t holy people who came to said their prayer, even in fact are a bad people who came to attack them, they became frantic and increasingly sad.

    People started crying and only in a moment the situation became rowdy.

    Suddenly criticizing voice could heard,

    “He, Are all of you crazy? Crying when you should be grateful! Come on, shut up all of you and don’t cry, If not I will slap whoever crying!”

    Everbody was amazed and shocked and the sound of crying was really gone. Indeed, usually in funeral home, most cries were only fake cries, as long as tears came out from their eyes to prove that they were really in mourning! The one who rebuked them was an old man dressed like a skinny tall beggar. After everbody stopped crying, the old man starts singing! And with hoarse voice, he was singing weird lyrics!

    “Ah, Hek-mo-ong!
    You are really very happy!
    You’ve come back to your source,
    Not like us who still human!
    Ah, you are really happy, Hek-mo-ong”

    Kiu-bwe Coa-li and Hek-I Hui-mo who were still glaring at each other and had been prepared to fight for the book on the prayer table, their face were changed when seeing the thin beggar.

    “Ang-bin Sin-kai, you also came? You don’t want to miss this thing too?” Kiu-bwe Coa-li sneer.

    “Ha-ha-ha, how can an old fart from east give in? There are good bone and fat meat, of course dog will come!” Hek-I Hui-mo sneered but both he and Kiu-bwe Coa-li became more vigilant and prepared, watching Ang-bin Sin-kai movement, guarding him so that the old beggar didn’t move before them to take the book on the table!

    “You are right, Black Devil! Indeed, Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng shouldn’t fall into your dirty hands!”

    Ang-bin Sin-kai still smiling even though he got cursed. Suddenly, a sharp wind coming and a fat and round body like Hek-I Hui-mo came, like “rolling” came! It turns out it was Heng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu, the number one figure from the south.

    “Omitohud, looks like it will become rowdy!” he said while his round eyes moved right and left.

    “Old beggar, you’re already in here?” he said to Ang-bin Sin-kai.

    “Good, good! With the appearance of this fat bald, it become really exciting!” said Ang-bin Sin-kai that in flash got hold of a chair and sit down on it, his eyes kept staring at the book on the prayer table.

    These four great figures knew about each other skills and nobody dare to move first to take the book. It is clear that they all came to compete for the book, but because the book was already on the table and four of them were already in here, who were brave enough to start first?

    Because of that, Ang-bin Sin-kai chose a seat, because he knew that waiting while standing was very tiring. Not only him, this trick also known by others, so the rest of them immediately grabbed a seat and sit! Four people now sat down, not moving, surrounding the prayer table with the same distance. Each of them spin their brain to find an idea how to get the book!

    Suddenly Kiu-bwe Coa-li shouted and her nine strand whip pounced at the table. She wanted to get the book with her whip. However, before her whip touched the book, a wand with dragon head attacked and countered the whip so it bounces back! It turns out that Hek-I Hui-mo who sat near her was the one who countered her whip and foil her plan!

    “Eh, eh, please wait, Kiu-bwe Coa-li” said the Tibetian monk while chuckling.

    When Kiu-bwe Coa-li looked around, he saw Ang-bin Sin-kai and Jeng-kin-jiu also looked at her with a smile that was full of hidden meaning. Their smile said that both of them won’t stand idle if this old woman started her action.

    “Hem, quite a problem…” thought Kiu-bwe Coa-li, then she sat back while glance left and right.

    “Are all you so coward that no one dares to take the book first?” she asked.

    But, the three old men didn’t answer, only sit and smile. It was really a funny situation, they only sat in silent, like four old friends whom just met and chatting around a table!

    “Good, looks like I’m not too late!” suddenly a soft voice issued and an old man with short statue came, followed by two boy. Everbody turned and it turns out the old man was Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai, a great figure from north!

    As for the two boys who were his pupils, named Gouw Swi Kiat and The Kun Beng. Both of them often heard from their teacher about four great figures that now sat around the prayer table, so they didn’t dare approaching it, only approached Beng Sui Ceng, the pupil of Kiu-bwe Coa-li, because they saw a small and beautiful girl sat down a little far there, watching.

    “Good, old fart from north has come, you may now start to try taking the book. Isn’t that wy you come?” asked Kiu-bwe Coa-li.

    But Siangkoan Hai the God from North wasn’t stupid. With a glance, he knew that these four people didn’t dare to take the book, because if someone took it, of course the others would prevent it. He only snickered while looking at the four of them in turns.

    “Heh, heh, heh! Looks like this world wasn’t wider than a palm. I didn’t think that in here I will meet with Kiu-bwe Coa-li and Jen-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu from south! Hek-I hui-mo from west and Ang-bin Sin-kai from east! Really great! Does the world already burned by the fire of hell so that demons and devils come to hang out in here? And also surrounding a funeral table! Heh, heh, heh! The person in this coffin is truly someone who's lucky and honored. Even when the emperor died, it is impossible to invited demons from south, west, and east!”

    “Eh, small old fart, you forgot to mention demons from north!” said Ang-bin Sin-kai.

    “Ha, ha, ha!” Jeng-kin-jiu laughed. “Cursing others was easy, how can he cursed himself?”

    Insinuated by these two old men, Siangkoan Hai only smiled, and then he approached the coffin where Hek-mo-ong body stored. Four others looked at him attentively and full of suspicion. Paklo-sian Siangkoan Hai looked at the coffin, then he said again,

    “I want to see who get such big honor!” while saying that, both of his hands moving towards the coffin and suddenly while created a loud noise, the lid had been opened!

    All of the dead families cried loudly and ran back and get out, gone from that place. They already scared to death by the arrival of these five people whos liked demon roaming here and there. And now, the view inside the coffin looked very terrible. At first, because of the influence of the poison that entered Hek-mo-ong stomach, his face already bluish black. However now, his head was broken, and black needles were stuck at his stomach! This was because of the qi attack by Kiu-bwe Coa-li when she touched the coffin and black needles attack by Hek-I Hui-mo!

    “Siancai, siancai…!” Pak-lo-sian said while quickly closed the coffin back. “Hek-mo-ong really dead. Even dead three times.”

    Bui Sui Ceng, Kiu-bwe Coa-li pupil, and both of Pak-lo-sian pupils, stood and watching all of it. All three of them weren’t afraid at all seeing that terrible view. Sui Ceng even smiled which made her left cheek dent, glanced at The Kun Beng and Gouw Swi Kiat, and then said,

    “Your teacher has small body, however his heart is really big. Arrogant people like him, how can he get the book?”

    Hearing these words, Gouw Swi Kiat with hot temper, answered, “A snot-nosed kid like you know what?” You will see how our teacher seize that book!”

    “Huh! Before he even touches the book, his head will shatter like Hek-mo-ong head by my teacher hand!” said Sui Ceng while moving her red lips.

    “Really?” cried Swi Kiat in sneer.

    “Or your head will shatter first by my hand?” With threatening attitude and as if he wanted to strike that small girl.

    “Senior brother, why look for trouble? It wasn’t wrong if she defending and winning her own teacher. We’ll see the proof later.” The Kun Beng prevented his senior brother. Hearing this, Sui Ceng glanced at Kun Beng and secretly in her heart Sui Ceng like Kun Beng more than Swi Kiat.

    Meanwhile, Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai didn’t want to waste time waiting while staring at the book he really wanted, he suddenly jumped and with one move he already got the book. The consequence was very great. Four other people stood up simultaneously and moved to attack.

    “Let the book go!” scream Kiu-bwe Coa-li who attacked first with her whip.

    Siangkoan Hai quickly dodge, but he was greeted by Hek-I Hui-mo, Jeng-kin-jiu, and Ang-bin Sin-kai attack! The attacks from these three people of course couldn’t be taken lightly, because their skill were on par wih Siangkoan Hai. With shocked Singkoan Hai shouted loudly and his body jumped back, but still a blow launched from far by Ang-bin Sin-kai hit his shoulder that made he staggered back!

    At that time, Kiu-bwe Coa-li attacked again and with one move which was, Kwan Im Goddess robbing flower, the book in Siangkoan Hai was already in her grasp!

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    chapter 22

    “How can it be so easy to take the book away? Let it go!” said Hek-I Hui-mo the Black Robes Flying Devil and with beads on his left hand attacked Kiu-bwe Coa-li left chest!

    This great attack could bring death, because even though it was a only beads, but this strange weapon was very powerful. A round of white light surrounding the beads move towards the veins in her chest. Kiu-bwe Coa-li quickly moved her whip to counter it. A very loud noise and sparks created when these two strange weapons met. Both of them stagerred back and before Kiu-bwe Coa-li knew, she only felt the book grasped by other person and already gone from her hand!

    When she turned, the book was actually in Ang-bin Sin-kai hand! The old beggar laughed while holding the book high, like a child teasing his friends.

    “Old beggar, give me the book!” shout Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu while extending his left hand like wanted to rob him, and his right hand punching the old beggar chest. At the same time, Hek-I Hui-mo, Kiu-bwe Coa-li, and Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai also didn’t stay still and in just a moment Ang-bin Sin-kai already surrounded by four people!

    Ang-bin Sin-kai knew that he couldn’t win against these four people, and even though he ran, their lightweight body skill wasn’t lower than himself, so he quickly shout,

    “Hold your attack!” While saying this, he threw the book back to the prayer table. Four people who wanted to attack him, startled and didn’t attack again, because their previous attack only to get the book, now the book was back on the table, for what more reason to attack an enemy with the same level of strength?

    “Come on, who’s dare to take the book, he’s a real champion!” Ang-bin Sin-kai laughed ha-ha-hi-hi-hi and sit back at his own chair. The other four felt hesitant and they finally sat on their chair and still surrounded the the prayer table where the book located. Everbody knew that if someone dare to take the book, of course he would get attack by the other four and this won’t happen, because the risk was too big. Finally, none of them dare to take the book, and these five people could only stare at each other and laughed ha-ha-hi-hi-hi, laughing wryly!

    Child laughter rang and it turns out it was Sui Ceng and Kun Beng. Both of this child felt amused because the view was really funny! But, hot-blooded Gouw Swi Kiat felt sulky. It turns out his teacher couldn’t get the book and now his teacher, like the others, only sat down facing the prayer table like a statue.

    From this attitude alone, it could be seen that Sui Ceng and Kun Beng had the same jovial nature, and as for Swi Kiat he had hard and bad temper.

    “Teacher, what is the difficulty to take a book? Just take it and beat them, how can teacher lose?” Shouted Swi Kiat at his teacher.

    “Hush, shut up. What do you know about this?” snapped his teacher and it made Swi Kiat felt crankier.

    “Unfortunately, my skill hasn’t perfect yet. If not, I’m not afraid of them!” he grumbled.

    Ang-bin Sin-kai laughed loudly.

    “Pak-lo-sian, your first disciple is really hard like stone. Unlike your second disciple, soft like water!” he said.

    Hek-mo-ong family saw how five people fighting like mad and then now sat down again surrounded the prayer table, felt amazed, afraid, and worried. At last, Hek-mo-ong wife brave herself and approached while bending forward.

    “What do you want?” snapped Kiu-bwe Coa-li that made the madam face became pale.

    “We want to bury the three bodies from our family, can it be done?” asked the madam with shaky voice. Among these five weird and creepy great figures, it can be said Ang-bin Sin-kai has the gentlest temperament. He felt pity at the madam, so while moving his hand, he said,

    “Take care of the bodies carefully and take it away from here. However, do not ever touch the prayer table if you still want to keep your lives.”

    After hearing these words, Hek-mo-ong madam then gave a signal to her family and all of them together but cautiously as not to interfere with these five strange people, they raise the three coffins to bury them. However, these five people still sat down surrounding the prayer table without dare to move first, but also not willing to budge and didn’t want to leave that place!

    When the day getting to dusk and Sui Ceng who felt fed-up, talked to her teacher,

    “Teacher, I’m hungry, the dishes on the prayer table isn't needed, right? Better give it to pupil!”

    Kiu-bwe Coa-li may be a powerful woman ruthless and have a steel heart, but to her disciple, she has great affection. Hearing her pupil words, she then stand up from her chair, moved her nine strands whip towards the table and two of these strands wrapped around a plate and raised the plate and then throwing it to her back where her pupil standing!

    This was a great demonstration of using qi, because the plate was full of cupcakes and it flying without making any of it fell. Sui Ceng welcomed the plate with both of her hands and it turns out during her journey with her teacher, this girl already had considerable skills because she could capture the plate without making any of the cupcakes fell.

    The girl then took a bowl and eat the cake with delish. When she ate the cake, she glanced at Kun Beng and suddenly she pushed the plate to him. The boy only smiled and also took a cupcake, then ate it without making any sound. Sui Ceng also pushed the plate at Swi Kiat, but Swi Kiat turned his face away and then he walked to the house to ask for food from the host who immediately served him with full of gentleness because he afraid of his teacher.

    This child heart was really hard, but Sui Ceng didn’t care; even critize him to Sun Beng,

    “Your senior has stone as his head. I don't like him!”

    On the contrary, Kun Beng praised the small girl, “You are kind, I like you,”

    “Hm, I’m giving you cakes doesn't mean I like you!” answered Sui Ceng frowning.

    “It’s only because I heard your stomach growl!” She then pushed the plate again and without any hestitation Ku Beng then took a cupcake again. Both of them looked at each other and then laughing. Silently both of these small children felt a compability in their strange meeting. Pak-lo-sisan Siangkoan Hai laughed seeing this.

    “Eh, Nine Tails Snake Woman (Kiu-bwe Coa-li).! Your pupil is excellent, not like you! Later if there’s fate, I will come to talk about both of their affairs!”

    But Kiu-bwe Coa-li only stay silent, even showed an unhappy face.

    “You men are really tedius and annoying!” she said while slammed her left foot.

    “Do we really need to only sit still and become statue in here? Let we do it this way. I challenge all of you one by one; don’t join with others to attack me! If somebody can beat my whip, I will stand down and do not hope to have this book again. Come on, who dare to start first?” While saying this, this powerful woman then standing up and rocking her whip with defiant attitude.

    “I will crush your head, you four stupid men.”

    Seeing her teacher attitude, Sui Ceng felt excited and very proud; she then turned to Kun Beng and Swi Kiat and said,

    “Look, my teacher is more gallant. How can people like your teacher can fight and beat her?”

    Because this words were spoken loudly, it also could be heard by Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai which made his stomach felt hot. He then jumped up from his chair facing Kiu-bwe Coa-li. Indeed, Pak-lo-sian character Siangkoan Hai was very arrogant and in martial arts, he never yields against anyone.

    “Kiu-bwe Coa-li, who’s afraid to face your nine strands whip? Let us messing around for a minute!” while saying this, the small and short man then brought out a pair of fans.

    This is the deadly weapons of Siangkoan Hai, which are a pair of black and white fans. He has a fan skill called Im-yang San-what, which required qi and muscle power played simultaneously. Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai has two kind of high martial arts skills, which are fan and spear skills.

    Besides these two weapons skill, he also had empty hands martial arts skill that almost had no equal in this world. Now, because he was against Kiu-bwe Coa-li who held a whip, which was soft weapon, he felt under wind if he needed to face her with spear, so he chose to use a pair of fans fighting her. Two powerful figures already face to face and looks like in just a moment they would start fighting.

    “Wait a minute” said Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu while jumping forward and it was as if his round body rolling forward and suddenly he already between these two experts who wanted to start their battle.

    “We must held a fair agreement first”

    “What do you mean, bald donkey?” stared Kiu-bwe Coa-li.

    “If in this battle there is someone who lost and dead, it will be so much better. But if he or she didn’t die and already lose, then he should go and no longer entitled to have Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng! The one who win will fight again with his second opponent!”

    Ang-bin Sin-kai knew in this battle between high level experts, it was really hard to still alive when losing, so he also jumping forward and while laughing he brandishes his hand like someone who wanted to propose something in a meeting!

    “Wait a minute; I also want to put forward a fair suggestion! This fat bald words are right, but still less fair.”

    “Dried geckos how can you say it still lacking fairness?” asked Jeng-kin-jiu while laughing broadly.

    “If two people fighting, even though he win, of course his will be out of breath and has exhausted his energy, then how can he face the next opponent? It’s not fair, because he will be defeated by new power! It’s better if every fight in each game was limited, with burning dry and short incense. Once the battle begins, lit the incense and after the incense burned out, the fighting must stop.”

    “Hm, the incense will burn out more or less after thirty moves. What happens if nobody win or lose?” asked Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai.

    Ang-bin Sin-kai scratched his head. “If there is no loser, it can be repeated for the second time.”

    Everyone agreed, and then Ang-bin Sin-kai quickly lit the incense and plugged the incense on the prayer table.

    “Start!” said Ang-bin Sin-kai while raising his hand up like a referee to a match!

    “Look out for my weapon!” Kiu-bwe Coa-li gave her warning and moving her whip to attack her opponent.

    Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai counter it with his white fan in his left hand. This fan used qi power and can be used quickly to fend off an attack. Like we all knew, a whip is soft thing, so even though it moved using qi power by the wielder, when it got countered by the fan, it would moved back.

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    chapter 23

    However Siangkoan Hai didn’t dare to move slowly. He quickly retaliated using his black fan in his right hand that used his body power. This mighty woman quickly evaded and when she swung her whip, the nine strands of her whip moved like nine life snakes and threatening her opponent life!

    “One move!” Cried Ang-bin Sin-kai counting, like a small child who was delighted seeing two of his friends fighting!

    Kiu-bwe Coa-li attack was really great. Her whip even though only had one handle, but because it tip had nine long strands that could move independently from all direction, it became like nine deadly weapons.

    But Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai also wasn’t an ordinary person. Both of his fans could created a whirlwind from wherever the whip strands attacking, so he could always countered his opponent weapon and avoided death.

    As for his black fan which repeatedly attacked, but all of it could be dodged by Kiu-bwe Coa-li.

    “My teacher will win!” said Sui Ceng while her mouth moving, eating a cupcake. In her nervousness, unconsciously her mouth moved faster to eat the cake so her small mouth moving funnily.

    “Impossible! My teacher will kill your teacher!” said Swi Kiat.

    Sui Ceng glares at him. “Who says it? If your teacher gets hit by my teacher whip, of course his life will fly to hell!”

    “Ssttt…..! Don’t make a fuss!” Kun Beng denounced both of these children.

    “We’ll see who will win.”

    The battle was really terrific. Even Hek-I Hui-mo, Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu and Ang-bin Sin-kai, forced to praise their skills. Ang-bin Sin-kai was delighted like a kid and kept counting.

    “Twenty eight moves! Twenty nine…! Ah, stop! The incense already extinguished again. Stop!”

    Hearing this Kiu-bwe Coa-li and Siangkoan Hai jumped backward and stopped their weapons.

    A shadow of disappointment could be seen in Kiu-bwe Coa-li face and Siangkoan Hai also felt curious because he couldn’t beat his opponent.

    “You are really great Snake Woman! I’m really amazed!” he said.

    “I will beat you in the second round, Paklo-sian,” said Kiu-bwe Coa-li with red face.

    “Now who wants to face me?” she challenged.

    “Hey, don’t be so anxious and angry, Kiu-bwe Coa-li!” Ang-bin Sin-kai reproach,

    “Now it’s other people turns, don’t try to hog it all.”

    Hek-I Hui-mo and Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu already jumped and facing each other so Kiu-bwe Coa-li was forced to resign, sitting in her previous chair.

    “Eh, eh, me first!” said Ang-bin Sin-kai confused after seeing two men where both of them were bald, and fat round facing each other.

    “Who is my opponent later?”

    “Skinny geckos, you stand aside and just lit another incense!”

    Kak Thong Taisu said, “Hek-I Hui-mo should be my opponent!”

    When Ang-bin Sin-kai lit an incense, a melodious and loud burst out laughing could be heard. It turns out Sui Ceng and Kui Beng laughing while pointing their finger at Jeng-kin-jiu and Hek-I Hui-mo. Indeed it was funny when seeing these two people. Both of them were very fat and it was like two fat castrated pigs facing each other. Hek-I Hui-mo face look scary and fierce, while Kak Thong Taisu was always look full of laugh. They were like two comedians in action.

    But when both of them attacking each other, it was very fierce. The table prayer affected by their punching wind until it moved, the floor vibrated and a few items in high places and on the table, fell down!

    Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Tiasu using a heavy and large toya (large stick, google “toya weapon” for image). Indeed, this monk from south was a gwakang expert that had the strength of an elephant, so the heavy toya in his hands was only as if a light twigs and when turned, it looked like a light that brought whirlwind!

    On the contrary, Hek-I Hui-mo also had big strength and Dragon Head Wand in his right hand, plus prayer beads in his left hand, was a pair of strange weapons that were on par with Jeng-kin-jiu toya.

    Many time the sound “tang-tung-tang-tung” accompanied with sparks scattered here and there when their weapons met. Seeing this battle that was done with raw power and looked very powerful, Sui Ceng, Kun Beng, and Swi Kiat stood gawking unconsciously because they were so interested and also fearful.

    They were educated by martial arts since small, so they knew that the attacks from that weapon could crush a rock, let alone a bald human head like Jeng-kin-jiu and Hek-I Hui-mo! Of course it would shatter.

    “Enough! The incense has extinguished!” suddenly Ang-bin Sin-kai shouted.

    This time the battle ended faster. This was because their weapons that moved by great strength brought strong wind and that made the flame on the incense bigger and quickly burned it. Both the monks “rolling” back and bow to each other.

    “Omitohud! Jeng-kin-jiu really has great strength. This monk feel overwhelmed when facing you,” said Hek-I Hui-mo.

    “Omitohud! If we compare it, your prayer beads are ten times more powerful than my toya.” praised Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu.

    Ang-bin Sin-kai sat down again, looked pensive and silent, apparently thinking about something.

    “Eh, old beggar. Come on, come forward to fight me!” said Siangkoan Hai happily.

    Indeed the five of them were old masters with high skills. And in this world didn’t exist something they like except fighting and martial arts. However Ang-bin Sin-kai still silent and his forehead frown, sign that he was thinking hard. At last he lifted his face and said with earnest voice,

    “We all have done something stupid! We are really stupid, contesting empty and battered bowl. What the meaning of the book? Who likes it can take it. I don’t need it again.”

    Everybody looked surprised. “Eh, what do you mean, Ang-bin Sin-kai? Are you afraid to face a battle?” asked Kiu-bwe Coa-li.

    Ang-bin Sin-kai shook his head.

    “A battle is very good to increase our spirit in our old head. But, for what? What does the use of that book without a translator? In this world, only scholar Gui Tin himself who can translate it. Now he is dead, what the use of we contesting the book? The book is useless now!”

    Hearing these words, all of them were stunned. It opened their mind and they looked at each other stunned. While laughing loudly Ang-bin Sin-kai approached the table and said,

    “Well, here. See for yourself, who among us can read this ancient book? You know, I’m an expert in literature as well, and I know that this book age is still older than our ancestor’s age hundreds of years ago!”

    He took the book and now the others didn’t tried to prevent it. While opening the book, Ang-bin Sin-kai showed it to everybody, and it's true. The writing in the book couldn’t be recognized at all. Only on the front page written in capital letters and clearly read “IM-YANG BU-TEK CIN-KENG”, but the other words, they couldn’t read it at all.

    “Ha, ha, ha!” Ang-bin Sin-kai laughing again while pointing at the first word.

    “Who among us can read the first word?”

    Everyone was looking.

    “The letter BENG!” said Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu.

    “It’s not, stupid bald! The word Beng has the word JIT in front of it, but this word using the word GO!” Ang-bin Sin-kai denied.

    “Letters like this didn’t exist in our vocabulary. Who can translate this except the late scholar Gui?” while saying this, Ang-bin Sin-kai threw the book back to the table, because after opened a few pages, they only saw writing with unrecognisable shape, there were shrimp, crab, people face and others that couldn't be interpreted at all.

    “I know! That little boy…” said Kiu-bwe Coa-li. Then she turned to her pupil and asked,

    “Sui Ceng, What’s the boy name near scholar Gui?”

    “His name is Lu Kwan Cu!” said Sui Ceng.

    Ang-bin Sin-kai coutenance change greatly, “What a small boy like that knew?”

    “Not necessarily!” said Hek-I Hui-mo.

    “We must catch and ask him, in case he had learned it from his teacher!”

    They now bickering again, but now a new hope arose, so they looked at each other with eyes full of suspicion and no one dare to try taking the book again! Ang-bin Sin-kai nodded.

    “Okay! Let’s make it like this. There are three pupils of Kiu-bwe Coa-li and Pak-lo-sian in here. Let them bring the table and we walk behind them, and then we will search for Lu Kwan Cu. If he can translate this book, we resume our battle.”

    Thus The Kun Beng, Gouw Swi Kiat, and Bun Sui Ceng lifted the prayer table together, held high. Every other item on the table already threw away, except the book located in the middle. And then their journey started. This group was really funny.

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    chapter 24

    The one who walked in front was the small children. Kun Beng and Swi Kiat held the front leg. Sui Ceng held the back leg. And behind that “walking table”, walked five old strange people!

    “Hey, why this table suddenly become heavy?” Swi Kiat said and when he turned, he snapped,

    “Oi, bastard girl, don’t play around!”

    Kun Beng also turned, and then laughed.

    It turned out the naughty Sui Ceng, now no longer continued held the table, but hanging from the table leg she held before! Because her body was the shortest one, so she could hanged there and it could be said that her body also shouldered by Kun Beng and Swi Kiat. After Swi Kiat yelled at her, she then lowered her legs and resumed holding the table leg again. It really likes three small children carrying God statue from temple and paraded it!

    Now let’s follow Lu Kwan Cu journey, the bald kid whos live always followed by tragedy. Even though he already had inner strength from his strange nature, and reinforced by Samadhi exercises trained by Loan Eng and then proceed according to instructions from Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng that translated by his teacher, Gui Tin, but when facing life, he still felt sad. He felt very lonely.

    Before, when he met with Pek-cilan Thio Loan Eng, he felt happiness, and loved being together with the woman warrior. Now after he was separated from Loan Eng and met with Gui Tin the littérateur, he felt happiness again because he felt there were people who he should protect, who he could love and also loved him.

    It could be imagine how hurt his heart was when he saw Gui Tin death. When he travelled alone, in one evening he arrived on the foot of a mountain and outside a village where he saw a ran down empty hut. He felt very happy and quickly enter the hut.

    His stomach felt very hungry and the bag of money he got from his adoptive grandfather, Minister Lu Pin, he put it on the floor inside the house. That night was full moon and the light was very bright! But for Kwan Cu, the round moon brought out almost unbearable loneliness feeling.

    If he didn’t have very strong heart, of course he had sobbed. But Kwan Cu didn’t want to cry; he came out from the ran down hut and sat down outside the hut on a stone. When he looking towards the round and white yellowish moon, he saw the moon seemed to change into the face of the gentle Loan Eng and soon changed again became Gui Tin face who loved him.

    He turned away and didn’t dare to look at it again. On his back there was a tree which had lost all of its leaves, leaving only the branches, making the surrounding quieter. Lu Kwan Cu sat and his left hand supporting his chin. He sat motionless as if he had become a stone statue.

    His shiny bald head shone by the moonlight so it became shiny and making his handsome face looked lonely and sad.

    “Teacher Gui Tin word is true,” he thought.

    “Martial arts can’t be categorized as bad and evil. It depends on the one who use it. Madam Thio isn’t someone evil and her martial arts can be used to help people. If I understand martial arts, my situation certainly won’t become like this. Teacher Gui Tin won’t get tortured to death. He ordered me to find the real Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng and learn its content. But where I have to look for it? I need to find teacher chest first so I can find the book from map and history.”

    When he sat down in pensive, suddenly he saw shadows of many people from the front.

    “That’s him…!” he heard a girl voice.

    “Hei…. Kwan Cu…!” Kwan Cu recognized this voice. He stood up and waiting for the group coming.

    “Brother Ceng…!” shouted someone excitedly.

    In a quiet situation like this, seeing someone he knew, of course he felt happy. However, he soon became amazed seeing how Sui Ceng shouldered a table with two boys who he soon recognized as two boys that once mock him, i.e. the students of Pak-lo-sian Siangkoan Hai. He became more surprised when seeing among the group there were also Ang-bin Sin-kai and Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu, two old men whom he had knew very well.

    “Good boy! You’ve been in this place?” asked Ang-bin Sin-kai with excited voices.

    “Hey, Kwan Cu! You still remember this monk, right?” said Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu also with excited voice.

    Kiu-bwe Coa-li, Hek-I Hui-mo, and Pak-losian also approached Kwan Cu so the boy was confined in the middle. These three great figures also voiced sweet and praising words. Kwan Cu was someone who had clever brain. Seeing these people being sweet, he glanced at the table that now already lowered by the three children and seeing the book on the table, he knew for certain that they needed his help to read the book!

    “Do all you come chasing this pupil, because all of you want to ask about that Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng?” asked him while pointing at the book on the table.

    “Right! You’re really a smart kid!” said the five people almost in unison.

    “You certainly can read it, can you?” asked Ang-bin Sin-kai.

    “Kwan Cu, you already became Gui Tin pupil, of course your teacher already teached you how to read that strange words in that book, right?” asked Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Taisu full of passion.

    “What it’s content? About martial arts?” asked Kiu-bwe Coa-li.

    “Hurry up and read it so we can hear, good boy!” said Pak-lo-sian.

    Only Hek-I Hui-mo who didn’t say anything, only put all of his attention at Kwan Cu and the book. Unlike the other four, this great figure from the west wasn't worried if he couldn't read the book without Gui Tin help. In Tibet, there were a group of books inside an old library and if necessary, he could steal books or dictionaries abut the language used in Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng.

    “There is no point for all five venerable madams and misters to put so much effort to read the book. Don’t all you know that this book is a fake one?” said Kwan Cu while shaking his head and looked at the five of them with eyes full of pity!

    Loud noises issued and the five of them jumped up surrounded Kwan Cu closer with threatening eyes.

    “What did you say?”

    “Don’t lie, boy!”

    “I will destroy your bald head if you cheat us!”

    Kwan Cu only shook his bald head, which didn’t want to grow any more hair since he was forced to eat the snake fruit by Tauw-cai-houw in the past. Even facing threats, he remained calm.

    “What the point I lie to all of you? Student hears this from teacher Gui Tin that this book is really a fake one, not the real Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng.”

    Among these five great figures, Ang-bin Sin-kai was the one who loved Kwan Cu the most. The Red Face Divine Beggar approached Kwan Cu and with gentle voices he said,

    “Lu Kwan Cu, don’t talk carelessly. You don’t know how big the impact of your words for us. Listen, you are facing the five greatest martial arts in the world at this era, so don’t mess around. Once someone among us angry, your life can’t be maintain anymore. You said this book is fake one? Prove it, Kwan Cu. Give us a reason that makes sense!”

    Kwan Cu looked at Ang-bin Sin-kai with sharp eyes. His heart felt strange, after the old beggar started talking gently, he saw something common between the beggar and his adoptive grandfather Minister Lu Pin!

    “Venerable mister, other than what teacher Gui Tin told to student, student also learned a little about history.” then with his wide and sharp eyes, stared at each of them one by one, and then said,

    “Of course all five of venerable misters and madams studied history, right? Do all five of venerable misters and madams know in what era the book was written?”

    These five people looked at each other.

    “I know”, answered Ang-bin Sin-kai quickly, “written in the era of Shia Kingdom, right?”

    “This monk also knows, it really was written in the era of Shia Kingdom, thousands of years ago,” said Jeng-kin-jiu Kak Thong Tiasu.

    “No doubt, this monk also know a little about history,” connect Hek-I Hui-mo who since earlier only standing.

    “Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng was indeed written in the era of Shia Kingdom.”

    Kwan Cu face beamed,

    “Eh, it turns out all five venerable misters and madams are educated peopled!” shouted him,

    “Unfortunately, lack of details. If all venerable misters and madams know that this book was indeed written in the era of Kingdom Shia, then of course you will know that this book is a fake one!”

    “Why?” Kiu-bwe Coa-li voice thundered.

    “Because there is no paper in the era of Kingdom Shia! According to my teacher Gui Tin, the real Im-yang Bu-tek Cin-keng was written on silk. Because of that student dare say that this book is a fake one!”

    Five people looked at each other and it was interesting seeing how their face suddenly became very disappointed. Suddenly a noise ringing “tar!tar!!” and the whip on Kiu-bwe Coa-li hands already moving, and one of them flashing to Kwan Cu neck and twine around it!

    “Come on; say it, what kind of lessons written in the fake book! Say truthfully if you didn’t want my whip to burn your neck!”

    Kwan Cu felt that the whip wrapped around his neck was like a life snake, it was cold suffocating. He quickly used his qi and regulated his breathing accordance with the lessons he got from the book, and the feeling of cold gone, it was also no longer felt very suffocating.

    “I don’t know” answered Kwan Cu.

    “Liar!” snapped Kiu-bwe Coa-li and she rattled her hand, the one that holding the whip so that the winding became tighter, but she was very shocked when she felt a little tingling in her palm, a sign that from the neck of the bald boy came out weird resistance vibration!

    Her shocked hasn't gone when suddenly she felt her whip was slacken and it turns out it was Ang-bin Sin-kai who slowly held the whip that wrapped the boy neck and said,

    "Kiu-bwe Coa-li, we all need this boy, don't bother him!" while saying that, with his qi power, he gripped the strands and nullified Kiu-bwe Coa-li attack at Kwan Cu and automatically the twisting got loose.

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    aihh im grown up by reading koo ping hoo books. Ah such romance when i borrow them, even im still a grade school by then. Blame my mother who introducing me this kind of books. ~_~ keep going n brother may u gifted limitless passion.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielleve View Post
    aihh im grown up by reading koo ping hoo books. Ah such romance when i borrow them, even im still a grade school by then. Blame my mother who introducing me this kind of books. ~_~ keep going n brother may u gifted limitless passion.....
    Bless your mother, and thanks you very much. You can read the original if you like. There are many people who share it. If you can't find it, let me know.

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