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Thread: Descent of the Phoenix : 13 Years Old Princess Consort by Yi Shi Feng Liu

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    Red face Descent of the Phoenix : 13 Years Old Princess Consort by Yi Shi Feng Liu

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie translator who decided to take a leap of faith and translate this project. I think it has an interesting storyline. A super strong female assassin died and entered the body of a weak and ugly girl in the ancient chinese era. Her strong will and superb fighting skills eventually attracted a prince's attention, and he took her as his princess consort. Read it on my website with pictures!

    More info here:
    And for chapter 1:

    Hope you guys will enjoy it!
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    Default Chapter 1 - Into Another Dimension

    Chapter 1 – Into Another Dimension
    Translated By: Shiroyukineko

    The cherry blossoms glittered splendidly as the sun sets on the horizon.

    Under the bright sunlight, the bright red cherry blossoms flourished with an enchanting allure, making the country-looking courtyard shone with the cleanliness and beauty of the nature.

    “Hong.” An explosion sound suddenly boomed.

    The cherry blossoms scattered in the wind as dusts filled the air. Such a big courtyard was suddenly exploded into nothingness.

    There was a deathly silence.

    “Beautiful.” A blond man looked at the remains of the courtyard and looked towards the black-haired man beside him. Giving him a thumbs up, his other hand fiddled with an AK47.

    “Of course.” The black haired man replied as he lifted a dangerous looking missile gun in his arms.

    “Japan’s Lin Tang Group’s Residence consisting of 311 people have all been assassinated.” A red haired man walked towards them with a cold look on his face. His body was drenched in blood.

    “Boss, mission accomplished.” An oriental looking man with the latest model of an assault rifle made in America on his shoulders walked out from the clouds of smoke, his body full of the smell of death. Standing beside the black haired man, he folded his arms as he reported to a woman in front of him.

    Her long and lustrous black hair swayed in the midst of the cherry blossoms, an air of killing intent engulfing her body.

    Under the setting sun, her eyes shone with the luster of moonlight. Her pupils had such an abyss like darkness that others won’t be able to bear maintaining an eye-contact with her.

    Cherry lips, oval face and white cheeks, only “beautiful” can describe everything about her.

    The only woman amongst the six of them, Lin, was the boss of the Dragon Riders Mercenary, the number one assassination organisation in the world.

    Now she was listening quietly with her eyebrows raised loftily. She carried with her an air of arrogance and confidence that she was better than the rest. Then, she waved her hand and said, “Let’s go.” as she turned around and walked away.

    From afar, police sirens could be faintly heard.

    The four people promptly followed behind, calmly and leisurely. Such an attitude really reflected on how they looked down upon everyone in the world.

    A black SUV quickly came and stopped in front of them. As the door opened, a blond-haired man chuckled, “Boss, you really live up to your name. The more missions you do, the more beautifully executed it became. You calculated the time so perfectly.”

    “Stop talking nonsense, haven’t you seen what a great person our boss is?” the black-haired man carrying the missile gun commented, his eyes shone with respect.

    Listening to their speech, Lin only smiled arrogantly. As the head of the number one assassination group Dragon Riders, executing her mission perfectly without any trace and annihilating the Lin Tang japanese group, was simply a child’s play for her.

    Striding forward, Lin stepped into the car.

    As she climbed in, her leg suddenly slipped and her head slammed onto the car’s door.

    Lin frowned as her body suddenly refused to follow her orders. Slamming straight onto the car’s door, her head felt dizzy and her breath tightened.

    Everything happened in an instant. As her consciousness fades, Lin faintly felt like crying and laughing at the same time. As the head of the number one mercenary group, she actually died in front of her own car. This was such a big joke, a joke that would last throughout the mercenary industry history.

    The world began to turn as the cherry blossoms flew in the wind.
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    Default Chapter 2 – Liu Yue

    Chapter 2 – Liu Yue
    Translated By: Shiroyukineko

    The sun shone brightly in the blue sky, amongst the white clouds.

    This is an unknown world.

    At the most secluded courtyard in the corner of a grand mansion, the body of Mu Rong Liu Yue who had died but unknown to anyone, suddenly opened her eyes. Her eyes was sharp and strong, emitting an astonishing amount of killing intent, replacing her previously weak and tearful eyes.

    Lin, no, Mu Rong Liu Yue quietly observed the interior of the old and crude room, and then looked down at herself and her body.

    Mu Rong Liu Yue, the Great General Mu Rong’s third son’s daughter of the Tian Zhen Empire.

    Due to her weak body, she was unable to practice martial arts and could not bring glory and honour to her family, who had produced several generals through the generations. Her looks were just as bad as her weak disposition, thus she couldn’t even bring the family an advantage through political marriage. She was abandoned at the most secluded corner of this General’s Mansion since the age of 5. Nobody cares about whether she died or lived that even the house slaves dared to bully her.

    As a matter of fact, according to the body’s memories, a few days ago, her Fifth Uncle’s daughter, Mu Rong Qiu actually came by. She was in a bad mood due to a problem with her parents, and had ordered a few slaves to follow her here. She bullied Liu Yue, and even pushed her into a lake before she left.

    Liu Yue’s 13 year old body didn’t grow well as her food was reduced every single year. Just a simple injury had driven Liu Yue to her death, and when she woke up again, she had already become Lin, the former number one assassin in her world.

    Closing her eyes, Mu Rong Liu Yue calmly accepted the original Liu Yue’s memories, her gaze sweeping across the empty room.

    Her previous self’s training had trained her expressions to not twitch even when mountains crumble right in front of her. Her previous self had already died, and the current her was alive. It was simply a matter of living in a different world, even though it sounded complicated, it was actually very simple. Since she could be reborn, what she needed wasn’t shrinking back and cowering over the unknown, but living life to the fullest.

    Since God gave her a chance to start over, then she would display her splendour all over again, which is also Mu Rong Liu Yue’s splendour.

    Taking a deep breath, she…was not Lin anymore. She wasn’t that number one assassin. She’s Mu Rong Liu Yue, the granddaughter of the Mu Rong family that was disliked by everyone.

    Liu Yue pinched her body. That body was very skinny but had strong bones. Her body should be able to endure training, so she didn’t understand why the Mu Rong family disliked her so much.

    Walking towards the simple and dirty copper mirror, Liu Yue looked at the person in the mirror. Slowly, a face that’s so ordinary that you won’t even recognise in the crowd appeared. It was like heaven and earth compared to her previous life’s face.
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    Congrats, you finally did it

    Looks interesting, cool way to die LOL
    Please visit my site: Lingson Translation (Currently translating "Virtual World: The Legendary Thief", "Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants" and proofreading "I Shall Seal The Heaven")

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    thanks. keep it up!

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    Default Chapter 3 - Unrivalled Beauty

    Thank you for your supports! Here's chapter 3~

    Chapter 3 - Unrivalled Beauty
    Translated By: Shiroyukineko

    She wriggled her eyebrows and was silent for a little while.

    Liu Yue observed her reflection closely in the bronze mirror. Not right, she thought, she was changing her expressions but the reflection of her face had remained stationary. There was something on her face.

    Eyebrows still frowning, Liu Yue turned her body and exited the old house.There wasn’t any servants serving her here, except for an old grandmother. However, she was already too old and couldn’t walk, so she had returned to her old home. She was all alone in this place, her future was all up to her now.

    Taking a pail of water in, Liu Yue scrubbed her face hard in front of the bronze mirror. Then, the reflection on the mirror had alarmed Liu Yue. Her pale white, dainty face had a pair of shapely brows and pitch-black doe eyes. With those eyes and that face, how could this be an inferior face? This is a face of an unrivalled beauty, capable of taking down an entire kingdom.

    And the most surprising thing for Liu Yue was that this face looked exactly like her previous life’s face. If she were to grow up a little, she would look just like herself.

    Touching the face that looked exactly like her, Liu Yue quickly searched through the body’s memories. With such a beautiful face, why would she still be suffering in this secluded place? She could just show it off, but why did she chose to mask her appearance?

    “My daughter, remember this. Before you could protect yourself, don’t let anyone see your appearance. On your eighteenth birthday, Mom will definitely return for you.”

    Other than a memory vision, a soft and gentle voice resounded in her mind. That was Liu Yue’s mother, Ou Yang Xue.

    When Liu Yue was five years old, General Mu Rong had sentenced her mother to death. But Liu Yue remembered it very clearly, her mother didn’t die, she only disappeared.

    Disappeared? It was a strange word. A five years old memory didn’t help that much even if the memory was very clear. The word “disappear” contains too many meanings.

    Raising her eyebrows, she thought, before she could find out any information, she won’t bother understanding this situation. She wiped her face once again, she thought that her mother’s words was right. If she didn’t have the strength to protect herself, this face would be her source of calamity and bring her lots of problems.

    The sun shone brightly outside as inside the house, a new person replaced the previous one.

    Time passed quickly, and soon, a month had already passed by.

    Today, the Mu Rong residence was filled with songs and laughter, the atmosphere happy and lively. It was General Mu Rong’s sixtieth birthday.

    The residence was filled with guests. Distinguished nobles and officials walked forth and expressed their blessings and good wishes to the General. Even the current Emperor had appointed the Crown Prince and three other Princes to congratulate the General for this day, giving him plenty of face and reputation. It had also further strengthen Mu Rong family's reputation and glory as Tian Zhen’s Empire number one family of generals.
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    Default Chapter 4 – Birthday Celebration

    Chapter 4 – Birthday Celebration
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    However, such a lively celebration that was favoured greatly by the Emperor, did not reach Liu Yue’s secluded, scanty house.

    Liu Yue, on the other hand, didn’t care about the celebration at all. The previous Liu Yue had been abandoned by the Mu Rong family, so why would she care about those people who didn’t even deserve her attention.

    Sitting on the rattan chair outside of the house, Liu Yue rubbed her arms. Not bad, after a month of training, this body had improved a lot physically. It wouldn’t be blown away by wind any more. After a harsh period of training, she managed to improve her power and speed. Even though it had not even reached one-tenth of her previous self’s abilities, it was a relatively good improvement.

    Standing up, she stretched her body to relax her shoulders. Liu Yue then bound two pieces of iron metals around her body and prepared to run ten rounds around the courtyard, training her lower body.

    “Ah, the Beast had actually came out under the sun, aren’t you afraid that you will scare the sun off?” A voice, sharp and unkind, suddenly sounded from afar. A group of men and women dressed in bright, gaudy clothes like a peacock walked over to Liu Yue.
    (TLN: I couldn’t find a better nickname for ugly…)

    Liu Yue frowned and stopped her run. She turned around and faced the group of people.

    The group was headed by a woman who had some beautiful features, her body adorned in a green gown and her hair decorated with countless hairpins. She dressed up like a flower swaying on the tree branch, but looking from above, her head looked perfectly like a bird’s nest. No matter how she tried to dress up, she would never be a phoenix.

    Liu Yue’s gaze froze. It was Mu Rong Qiu, the woman who had caused the death of the previous Liu Yue.

    “That’s right. She didn’t even think about how she looked like. How dare she came out and scare others! Ah, my heart, it almost stopped because of this Beast! How are you going to take responsibility for this?” standing behind Mu Rong Qiu, a girl with an oval face and a haughty expression put on a sickly maiden act and clenched her fist over her chest, her expression full of mockery and disdain.

    After those words, the whole group started roaring with laughter. All kinds of scorning looks gazed down upon Liu Yue, who was still standing still at her spot.

    Butler Wu’s daughter, who had always accompanied Mu Rong Qiu, then started to walk forward. She had wanted to bully Liu Yue by pushing her into the nearby pond.

    Liu Yue’s eyes flashed with killing intent, coldly looking at the person approaching her. That dark, pitch black eyes hid a force and depth that could engulf everything.

    The kind of Qi energy hidden beneath that calmness had unconsciously caused a ripple in the air, and silence ensued.

    Lashing the whip on her hands, Mu Rong Qiu looked at Liu Yue and felt a shiver. Her gaze was a bottomless pit, and she couldn’t help but felt threatened.

    Shaking of her unease and breaking her eye-contact with Liu Yue, Mu Rong Qiu suddenly felt that there was no Qi coming out from Liu Yue’s body at all. She was a perfectly normal person.

    So, it was still that weak Liu Yue.

    Thinking that, she started to charge forward. The apple of Liu Yue’s uncle’s eyes, the darling of the whole family and Tian Zhen Empire’s number one beauty, immediately unleashed all of her pent-up wrath and fury on Liu Yue.
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    Default Chapter 5 - Rules

    Chapter 5 - Rules
    Translated By: Shiroyukineko

    The whip on Mu Rong Qiu's hands lashed ruthlessly, coming straight to Liu Yue’s face. Mu Rong Qiu shouted angrily, “What kind of look are you giving me? You dared look at me like that, are you tired of living? Looks like there were no people around to teach you lessons when I was in the official residence these few days. You don’t even know your own position. Today, I will teach you what’s called rules.”

    The pelting whip tore across the air, lashing towards Liu Yue.

    “Whip her, whip her with all your strength...:”

    “Miss Qiu, teach this rude Beast a good lesson…”

    Jeering voices rose up from amongst the people, cheering Mu Rong Qiu.

    An angry glance flashed through Liu Yue’s expression. If it was not her standing here today, and it was the old Liu Yue instead, this lash of whip might even take her life.

    She gave Mu Rong Qiu a cold gaze. She, Liu Yue, was not someone that was easily bullied by anyone.

    Still standing on her spot, Liu Yue’s hand moved in a flash and “shua” grabbed the lashing whip swinging in the air, still keeping her intense gaze on Mu Rong Qiu.

    The colourful long whip was stretched thin between Mu Rong Qiu and Liu Yue, both sides pulling relentlessly.

    “Ah?” the group of people that came with Mu Rong Qiu looked at Liu Yue in astonishment. The usually weak girl who never retaliated no matter how bad she was beaten up or sneered at, the girl who had zero martial arts ability, could actually withstood Mu Rong Qiu’s attack.

    “How dare you…”

    Before Mu rong Qiu even finished her question, Liu Yue suddenly jerked her hand and pulled the whip towards her. That Mu Rong Qiu could not even dream to be Liu Yue’s opponent, her long whip was snatched away from her hands in an instant, as it flew towards Liu Yue.

    “Beast, you dared to...Ouch...”

    Before she can even finish her threats, Liu Yue had already grabbed the whip’s handle and lashed it back to Mu Rong Qiu. Only an after-image could be seen as the colourful long whip moved like a lightning across Mu Rong Qiu’s face. With just a whip from Liu Yue, Mu Rong Qiu flew across the courtyard.

    “Rules? Let me teach you a lesson about rules today.” grabbing the pointed end of the long whip, Liu Yue looked at her unemotionally. Lashing the whip on Mu Rong Qiu, she didn’t held back even an inch.

    Since when would this Liu Yue let anyone jeer and step on her? Not now, not ever.

    “Ouch, ahh…”

    Mu Rong Qiu was flogged to the point that she rolled on the ground, screaming painfully.

    “You, you Beast...I’m going to tell…”


    Before Butler Wu’s daughter’s words even finished, Liu Yue also lashed the whip on her too. The long whip was like a poisonous snake that twisted around Butler wu’s daughter, tying her tight on the ground.
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    Default Chapter 6 - What sort of filth

    Chapter 6 - What sort of filth
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    With a cold “humph”, Liu Yue swung her hands and the whip suddenly lashed out. The butler’s daughter, who was bound by the whip, was instantly thrown high up in the air.

    “Peng.” A loud slam was heard as the girl that was thrown fell down to the ground hard. She laid there, motionless.

    A sharp breaking sound resounded, she must had broken a few ribs.

    “What kind of filth are you, who dared to scream and shout at me?” A cold voice, undoubtedly carrying the strength of a tyrant, resounded.

    Previously, there was a government official who wanted her to assassinate a person, but he didn’t treat her respectfully. Just a little government official dared to make a big fuss at her, did he think Liu Yue was a soft-hearted person?

    “Ah…” The slaves in the surrounding could only react after a moment. They started to scream in panic.

    Liu Yue shot them a glance, and under her cold and austere look, the screaming slaves shut their mouth one by one. Their legs didn’t stop trembling but they did not dare to run. Under Liu Yue’s gaze, every single one of the could only keep silent in fear.

    When did the most useless miss, Liu Yue, in the Mu Rong family, had become so fearfully strong?

    She continued to lash her whip on Mu Rong Qiu's body that was filled with injuries. She was in such a pain that her screams slowly weakened, and then not even a weep came out from her.

    Seeing that, Liu Yue coldly humphed and folded the whip in her hands. She slowly walked towards the weak Mu Rong Qiu who could only squeak in pain and stepped on her hands. Increasing the pressure on her legs, a cracking sound resounded from Mu Rong Qiu hands as her bones was broken by Liu Yue.

    Not even a squeak was heard as Mu Rong Qiu laid limp, thoroughly fainted.

    She would not be able to practice martial arts in the future.

    The people around who was already shocked that they were trembling in fear, turned even paler watching the scene.

    “In my territory, I am the law.” coldly throwing these words at their face, Liu Yue threw the whip on her hands on the body of Mu Rong Qiu who had fainted. She then turned her body and entered her house.

    As a mercenary and assassin, she, Lin was the world number one in terms of abilities. She was the law, and she had set the laws in the assassination and mercenary world.

    "Get lost.” Her austere voice carried the tone of an unquestionable order.

    Mu Rong Qiu, as the murderer of Mu Rong Liu Yue, you would have to pay the price. Justice must be upheld.

    The slaves that were trembling with fear, upon hearing Liu Yue’s order, suddenly moved, as if released from a spell. They hurriedly carried the fainted Mu Rong Qiu and the butler’s daughter, retreated, and ran away like rabbits.

    This quiet courtyard, was finally quiet again.

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    Default Chapter 7 - Demon

    Chapter 7 - Demon
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Striding inside the house, Liu Yue looked at her hands, shook her head and muttered to herself, “Still not strong enough.”

    As the number one mercenary, she must be proficient with the Eighteen Weapons Types. Knowing how to wield a whip was not something strange.

    However, when she swung the whip today, her strength was far from her previous life’s abilities. Her grasp was weak. She had wanted to break four of Butler Wu’s daughter’s ribs, but she only managed to break three. Such a mistake might make a huge difference in saving a person’s life with modern medicinal advancement.

    This body still needs training.

    Clenching her fist, Liu Yue started to pack her clothes.

    Having crippled Mu Rong Qiu today, the elders in the family would definitely demand for justice. She, whom was neither loved by her father nor her grandmother, would not receive any support. Her current martial arts skills had not completely recovered. If she could not face her opponents directly, she could only avoid a direct confrontation with them.

    Anyway, the Mu Rong Residence was not a home to her. She had only stayed there to train her body and became strong enough to protect herself. Since she was already stronger now, it was time to leave this place.

    Liu Yue also had nothing much to bring, just a piece of jade pendant that she always wore and the pair of clothes on her body. After throwing in another two pieces of clothes, Liu Yue turned her body and started to walk out.

    “Running away after beating somebody up, is that one of your laws?” a lazy voice suddenly sounded beside Liu Yue’s ears. It came out of nowhere, without any warnings or signs.

    Liu Yue was alarmed. What kind of person could manage to come near her so quietly that even she herself did not realise his presence?

    Abruptly turning her body, she saw a figure of a black-haired man wearing a purple robe at the door, glimmering with sunlight. His face was a little dark as he had his back towards the sun.

    Sunlight glittered behind his body, the spectacle was simply astonishing.

    Liu Yue narrowed her eyes due to the bright sunlight.

    Under the golden ray, the sillhoutte of the man slowly became clearer.

    His features were sharp as sharpened sword. He had a pair of lush eyebrows and penetrating eyes, that had a tinge of ruthlessness in them. He was a sight to see with his high nose and cheery red lips that expressed a face of indifference.

    On their own, his features were not that outstanding, but when put together in his face, their charm surpassed even the scenery in spring and autumn. He had a grace as high as the mountains and deep as the sea.

    He was cold and charming at the same time, two types of personalities that shouldn’t have belonged together in the first place. He carried with him an air of evil and ruthlessness, but looked handsome and bright at the same time.

    Liu Yue had seen a lot of pretty boys in her previous life, but this man had managed to attract her for a moment.

    This man was a demon and a beast fused together.

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    Getting interesting. Thks shiroyukineko.

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    Default Chapter 8 – The Visiting Person

    Chapter 8 – The Visiting Person
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    The visiting person continued to stand outside the house, his arms folded across his chest as he watched Liu Yue. He looked around 16 to 17.

    Slowly putting her bundle of clothes down, Liu Yue faced the guy. He had the ability to approach her so silently that she didn’t realize his presence. Although it might be because this body was not trained enough, but still, she should not belittle this guy.

    “That’s none of your business.” Liu Yue replied him.

    As his mouth slowly stretched upwards, forming a devilish smile, the visiting person carelessly leaned on the side of the door. “Yeah, it’s none of my business, but I love to be part of it. You could be my business in the future.”

    This concluded that this visiting person came to pick a fight with her.

    Liu Yue frowned. This person had never appeared in her memory before. He couldn’t be from the Mu Rong Family. Since he wasn’t, she decided to not be hostile towards him.

    Turning her body and swinging her clothes bundle over her shoulders, Liu Yue strode forward and walked towards the door. She growled at him, “Move over.”

    The purple clothed guy was still leaning on the door although he had heard her words. He neither moved over nor blocked her path, but instead chuckled slowly, eyes full of interest in her.

    Seeing that he wasn’t stopping her, Liu Yue walked past him and out of the house.

    “Some people are coming already. I heard the steps of 43, 44, 45, a total of 45 people. Ah, who do you think have come? Could it be your grandpa?” chuckling in a low voice, he whispered words that were as soft as wind. Those words made Liu Yue stop at her tracks.

    The people in the Mu Rong Family was already coming. News sure travel fast.

    She couldn’t leave anymore.

    “I don’t mind helping you carry some stuff.” An arm white as snow reached out to her, as the purple-clothed guy gave her a devilish smile. Taking the clothes bundle on Liu Yue’s shoulders, he turned his waist and revealed a silver coloured sword hung at his waist. He grabbed the sword and took it out from the sheath.

    “I’ll let you use this, but don’t embarrass me.” he said as he throw the sword to Liu Yue. The purple-clothed guy gave her a wide smile before retreating a few steps and sat lazily on a chair inside the house. He watched her calmly in this chaotic situation.

    Catching the sword in her hands, Liu Yue frowned. Don’t embarrass him? F**k off, she was not even related to him at all.

    Although she thought that in her mind, she didn’t say it out. She held the sword in her hands and took a few steps forward. Standing firm in the middle of her courtyard, the golden ray of sunlight shone magnificently on her body. Although clothed in a piece of old and tattered gown, she still had the arrogance and pressure of a ruler.

    At the entrance of the courtyard, noises of people coming could be heard.

    Slowly closing her eyes, Liu Yue used her hearing to listen. The steps of the people who were coming were disorderly, some were heavy, some were light. They clearly had different levels of martial arts.

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    Default Chapter 9 - Who's Afraid of Who?

    Chapter 9 - Who's Afraid of Who?
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    One, two, three...37 people.

    Faintly frowning her brows, she deduced that she could only hear 37 people’s steps. But the purple-clothed guy said there were 45, so there were eight people’s steps that she couldn’t hear.

    This could only mean that these eight people were much stronger than her.

    Slowly opening her eyes, she lightly put two of her fingers on the sword blade.

    “You mongrel, you dared to murder your own cousin…” a thundering voice shouted at her as a bunch of people burst into the courtyard.

    Liu Yue’s eyebrows twitched a little as she swipe her fingers across the sword blade. The sword immediately made a “weng weng” sound, showing a sharpness beyond compare.

    It shone with a silver light, cold as the moon, under the sunlight.

    Bursting into the courtyard, they saw Liu Yue standing firm, alone in the wide courtyard, with a sword in hand, as if waiting for them. The austere and silent pressure she emitted stopped them in their tracks, making them afraid to move. This is Liu Yue…

    “Fifth uncle, who is the mongrel? I, Mu Rong Liu Yue, am the direct daughter of your third brother. Could it be that even I am a mongrel in your eyes?” Slowly tilting her head, Liu Yue asked in a light tone. That gentle tone flowed with the wind, right as her father, Mu Rong Yi, stepped into the courtyard.

    She looked gentle and calm, but her words were sharp and edged.

    Mu Rong Yi, having heard what she said, slowly frowned.

    Mu Rong Gang also frowned at the same time, and replied sharply, “The blood flowing through third brother’s veins is the blood of a talented warrior, fierce as a tiger and that of an elegant noble. He wouldn’t do something as evil as murdering his own relative. If he ever did such an atrocious act, he wouldn’t even be a member of our Mu Rong Clan. It was an act not befitting even animals.”

    “That’s right, you evil witch. My daughter did you no wrong, yet you beat her up so much that her body is full of injuries. You even crippled her wrist. Not being able to practice martial arts forever is the same as becoming a cripple. We the Mu Rong Family will definitely not stand such an atrocious person as you in this house! I, Du Yuan Ru will never forgive you.” Mu Rong Qiu’s mother glared at Liu Yue with her eyes red in anger. She looked like she couldn’t wait to tear Liu Yue’s flesh apart and drink her blood.

    Liu Yue glanced apathetically across the people gathered in her courtyard. There were both young and old and there were a lot of unfamiliar faces. Maybe they had all grown up and she did not recognize their faces. However, this did not matter at all to her.

    Slowly wielding the sword in her hands, Liu Yue lifted her head and looked at her Fifth Uncle and Aunt who were furious beyond words. She coldly replied, “She did me no wrong? I, Mu Rong Liu Yue have lived here alone for 8 years and never stepped out of this courtyard in my life. Can I ask, Fifth Uncle and Aunt, where did I cripple Mu Rong Qiu’s hands? Where did I beat her up?”

    Silence filled the crowd, a short pause had ceased the ongoing spectacle.

    Mu Rong Liu Yue still stood at her original place, never moving a single step.

    Should this problem have not happened today, these people would not even know that there was a Mu Rong Family member living here.

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    Thanks shiroyukineko. 2 chapters, you are great .How about trying for 3 chapters

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    This looks very promising i hope you keep going

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    @Laoren challenge accepted

    Chapter 10 – I’m not easily bullied
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Quiet gazes fell unto Mu Rong Gang. Since Liu Yue had never left this place before, it was obviously Mu Rong Qiu who had came here to cause trouble. Mu Rong Qiu’s bossy attitude was well-known in the Mu Rong Residence.

    Immediately, the furious Mu Rong family members all started to calm down.

    “My daughter took pity on you the loner, that’s why she came here to accompany you from time to time. Instead, you had wasted all her good intentions and injured her to such an extent, you vicious person.” Mu Rong Gang looked coldly at Liu Yue.

    Upon hearing that, Liu Yue couldn’t help but laugh. On her ordinary face, her mesmerizing eyes that held the depth of an abyss was filled with sarcasm and irony.

    “Vicious? Well, Mu Rong’s weapon speciality is the sword, yet today the injuries in her body was from a whip. And I have never owned a whip in my life. Can I ask, did she came to accompany me here with a whip to scratch my back, or to kill the mosquitoes? Or maybe she is a masochist and wanted me to whip her?”

    As Mu Rong’s spoke, some of the people in the crowd started to snicker and laugh.

    Mu Rong Gang’s face turned green and white at the same time.

    “Fifth Uncle and Aunt, I, Liu Yue, am not that easily bullied. If you want me to seek your forgiveness after being beaten, I would never do it. You should not bully others too deep, those slaves who followed your daughter are not blind. The old Mu Rong Liu Yue is gone. I won’t be bullied today, and I would seek revenge for all the wrongs I have suffered.”

    After she finished, Liu Yue immediately tore the sleeves of her clothes, revealing deep whiplash scars that decorated her whole pearl white arms. Although the scars had already healed a lot in one month, they could still be clearly seen. It was definitely scars that were caused by whipping.

    Silence fell unto the crowd as they watched Liu Yue, Mu Rong Gang and Du Yuan Ru.

    “Fifth brother, although I don’t particularly love my daughter, she is still my, Mu Rong Yi’s, daughter.” Mu Rong Yi who had kept silent throughout the whole spectacle suddenly coughed and turned to Mu Rong Gang.

    Mu Rong Gang frowned. The matter about her daughter bullying Liu Yue was not recent news, and there were no one who bothered to interfere previously. This Liu Yue had never dared to speak out nor retaliate, but she had suddenly created such a big problem today. There was such a big change in Liu Yue’s attitude, she had actually dared to talk back at him. She had covered all her scars previously but she chose to show them to all these people today. How could he explain this in a good way?

    No matter what, she was still Third brother’s daughter.

    Du Yuan Ru was also an astute person. Seeing such a reaction from Mu Rong Yi, she immediately turned to him and grovelled, “Third brother, sometimes Qiu-er can get too serious in practising her martial arts. She would sometimes come here to have a spar practice with Liu Yue. She had told me this before, but I had never taken it seriously or asked her about it. I only found out the truth today. Third brother, our children having injuries from a sparring match, isn’t that normal?”

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    Chapter 11 – Sparring Match
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Scars from a practice match. It could be a plausible answer.

    Standing in the middle of the courtyard, Liu Yue immediately shouted out, not even waiting for Mu Rong Yi to reply Du Yuan Ru. “Since it’s normal to get injured in a spar practice, then why would Fifth Uncle and Aunt came here to interrogate Liu Yue? Liu Yue is still young and couldn’t control her own strength, how could you blame Liu Yue? In a spar practice, your life and death is decided by fate. Even though Liu Yue had so much scars, she never blame or complain to others.”

    Following Du Yuan Ru’s words, Liu Yue’s argument couldn’t be rebuked, making Mu Rong Gang and Du Yuan Ru speechless.

    The silent Mu Rong Yi had instead began to observe Liu Yue closely. His daughter was so different from the useless daughter who always cried in his memories. Would your personality change as you grew up?

    “In a spar practice, your life and death is decided by fate. Good words. Liu Yue-meimei, looks like your physical abilities have increased greatly. Your foolish brother hoped to learn from you today.” In the short silence, an angry voice shouted out. An angry looking 17/18 years old guy walked out from the crowd.

    When he came out, the young people around started to sigh a relief. Some of them sneered while some of them mocked Liu Yue, taking joy at her misfortune.

    Liu Yue instead looked emotionlessly at the guy in front of her. Who was this person? She had no recollection of him.

    “Mu Rong Chun Shui, your Fifth Uncle eldest son. His abilities is only inferior to Mu Rong Chen and Mu Rong Li, amongst the younger generation.” Just as Liu Yue was frowning in an attempt to remember, a faint voice resounded at her ears. It was that purple-clothed guy, who was sitting inside her house, watching this whole drama.

    Mu Rong Chen and Mu Rong Li, one of them was her eldest uncle’s son, and the other was her father’s son. But she wasn’t close to any of them, she only vaguely remembered there were such two persons. With regards to their abilities, how would she know how powerful they were? So, naturally, she couldn’t deduce Mu Rong Chun Shui’s abilities.

    However, this was not a big problem. Her current strength may not defeat Mu Rong Gang’s generation, but why would she fear the younger generation?

    Looking at Mu Rong Chun Shui who was pointing his sword at her, Liu Yue clenched her jaws. She raised her left hand and beckoned Mu Rong Chun Shui to come with her forefingers, arrogant like always.

    She didn’t have any good feelings towards all of the Mu Rong family members.

    As Liu Yue agreed, the crowds started to clap their hands and cheered for the fight.

    The cheers made Mu Rong Chun Shui’s face ashen. He did not like to fight someone who was weaker than him, but his little sisters was the one injured, so it was another story.

    Sword ready in his hands, Mu Rong Chun Shui said, “I’ll let you attack me three times.”

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    Chapter 12 – Martial Arts Ability
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    “There’s no need to.” an emotionless voice replied as Liu Yue suddenly appeared right in front of Mu Rong Chun Shui.

    Mu Rong Chun Shui’s eyes flashed with indignation. How dare she be rude towards him? He would teach her a lesson.

    Moving in an instant, his sword blade had already flew towards Liu Yue.

    Liu Yue was not even flustered with the coming attack. Instead, she flew towards the sword, her sword pointing towards Mu Rong Chun Shui’s throat.

    Use your own life to take another’s life.

    This method of taking somebody down with them made the crowd of people watching gasp with shock. Nobody would ever think that Liu Yue would use such a method.

    Mu Rong Chun Shui frowned. Who would want to die together with her? He twisted his sword and retreated a step back.

    His legs had only started to move back when the sword in his hand was suddenly thrown up in the sky. Then, Liu Yue, who was right in front of him, suddenly disappeared. Before he could react, a cold and sharp object poked at his neck. That sharp tip made Mu Rong Chun Shui’s face turned pale immediately.

    “You lose.” Standing behind Mu Rong Chun Shui’s back and pointing the sword at his neck, was Liu Yue.

    What she had learnt was not a superior fighting technique, but assassination techniques. Her sword moves would draw blood, not those kind of moves for a sword dance performance. It was a sword skill with killing intent.

    To take out his life with hers, he was definitely not worth it.

    The entire courtyard was filled with silence as the wind softly blew through the courtyard. Every Mu Rong family members standing on the side were dumbstruck, mouth agape.

    One move, with just one move, the third most powerful warrior amongst the younger generation, Mu Rong Chun Shui, was defeated under her hands.

    Heavens, this was indeed hard to believe.

    The courtyard was filled with cheerful and beautiful sun light, but it could not mask the thick killing intent swirling in the air.

    “Pa, pa, pa.” A single clapping sound started as two people appeared at the courtyard’s entrance. One of them was a cultured and refined nobleman who was clapping, his face full of amusement.

    The other was the Mu Rong clan’s head, Mu Rong Wu Di, the person who was celebrating his birthday today.

    Even though he was sixty, he didn’t look old at all. He even looked capable and strong, like he was still in his prime.

    “Liu Yue, lower your sword. How would you look like if you kept pointing the sword to your older brother?” Mu Rong Wu Di looked at Liu Yue with his clear eyes. Although his words were full of reproach, everyone could hear the excitement in his voice.

    As a family of generals, an individual’s strength in martial arts would decide their status in this Mu Rong Clan.

    “Yes, don’t be undignified in front of the Crown Prince. Liu Yue, come here and greet his highness, the Crown Prince.” This time, Mu Rong Yi’s face flushed red with pride and happiness, as he beckoned Liu Yue to come.

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    @laoren nah i'll pass lol
    Chapter 13 - Coward
    Translation by: Shiroyukineko

    A mere 13-year-old girl managed to defeat Mu Rong Family’s third most promising youth, although her fighting technique was a little bit weird. Liu Yue had never had any martial art training since young, but today she displayed such a strange martial art technique. But why would this matter? She was his daughter, Mu Rong Yi’s daughter.

    Since she was his, Mu Rong Yi’s daughter, he didn’t mind all of these problems.

    “What if I said no?” Liu Yue coldly replied, still pointing her sword on Mu Rong Chun Shui’s trembling neck. A drop of fresh blood trickled down slowly, and a thick air of killing intent enveloped Mu Rong Chun Shui.

    Mu Rong Chun Shui did not come to spar with her. He came to kill her. So why would she let him go?

    Silence engulfed the courtyard. Everyone present were either looking at Liu Yue or Mu Rong Wu Di. Mu Rong Gang’s face was white as sheets. It had been hard for his Fifth House (TLN: Mu Rong Gang is the fifth son) to train such a talent, if Mu Rong Chun Shui dies today, then their Fifth House…

    “Father...” Du Yuan Ru was already trembling as she seek for help from Mu Rong Wu Di. However, seeing Mu Rong Wu Di’s expressionless face, she couldn’t bring herself to speak the rest of her sentence.

    It was a deafening silence. Even in such a large courtyard, the sound of fallen leaves could be heard.

    Liu Yue slowly tilted her head and licked her lower lips, her gaze blood-thirsty. She was really going to kill Mu Rong Chun Shui.

    In the silence, Mu Rong Wu Di nodded, “In a spar match, there is no place for a discussion. It’s all up to you.”

    Just that sentence announced the final decision.

    “Father…” All of a sudden, blood left Mu Rong Gang’s face. He stumbled back as his legs loses strength, while Du Yuan Ru had immediately fainted.

    Every single Mu Rong family members gasped as they watched the Mu Rong clan head abandoning Mu Rong Chun Shui.

    Mu Rong Chun Shui, who was held at sword tip by Liu Yue, started trembling all over. His fear over his imminent death couldn’t be hidden any more.

    Watching Mu Rong Chun Shui who could not stop trembling like a rabbit, Liu Yue smiled coldly, “Coward.”

    With one word, Liu Yue put away her sword. This person was not even worth for her to kill.

    Seeing Liu Yue letting Mu Rong Chun Shui go, the surrounding Mu Rong family members heaved a sigh of relief and cheered at the same time.

    Mu Rong Wu Di, seeing this, smiled slowly as he beckoned Liu Yue to come, “Come, meet the Crown Prince.”
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