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Thread: Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky

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    Default Virtual World: Unparalleled Under the Sky by Shi Luo Ye

    Hey guys, this is the third novel I'm translating. It's a novel by Shi Luo Ye (author of Zhan Long) and it was written right before Zhan Long. It is the last trilogy of the Virtual World series, but each series had no relation as far as I know. It is highly popular on 17k, garnering 330 million views although Zhan Long and The Legendary Thief only had 160 million and 24 million views respectively (last time I checked). No synopsis yet, but it is probably similar to ZL.

    For more info,
    and here's the first chapter!

    Hope you'll enjoy it
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    Default Chapter 1 – The Beautiful Guildmaster

    Chapter 1 – The Beautiful Guildmaster
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    Looking through the Door of Dreams
    Listening to the far away chatterings
    Sword trickling with blood
    Please guide me to the path to move forward
    The clear spring water washed away the dust on my body
    I start my journey with this battered body
    Blood and tears filled my view as the massacre continues
    My loved ones, please don’t cry over me
    I wish you well, may you escape from the evil forever
    I’ll protect you, even if I have to slave through my life


    [Main Story]

    At night, the warm breeze of spring blew the sweet smell of flowers and grass through the forest, and the tree branches swayed with the wind.

    Suddenly, two shadows flew past, entering the depths of the forest in an instant.


    Threading on the soft grass, I looked at the night sky as I buried my sadness in my heart.

    My team was annihilated yet again.

    Beside me, my fellow comrade, a beautiful elf archer, looked heart-rending under the moonlight that shone on her body. Her exquisite, innocent oval face shone with a magnificent splendour under the moonlight.


    She leaned on a nearby old pine tree behind her, her elegant face expressed tiredness and indignation. Her chest heaved up and down as she held a light sword in her hands. After that intense battle, her chest armour became so tattered that it almost revealed the perfect mounds underneath. Her wrist and leg guards also suffered the same fate, as her perfectly-shaped, snow white legs became exposed to the wind. Her white cloak was covered in blood, almost torn to shreds.

    “Stop running, Lu Chen.” Her oval face was flushed pink as she turned to me.

    “Why are we stopping?” I asked, astonished.

    She shook her hands, “We are going ahead with our plans two days early. Let’s give them one last fire attack, and then we’ll delete our accounts!”

    “Yes, all up to you, boss.”

    I nodded, slowly raising my blood drenched hands.


    Suddenly, a missile tore across the skies and exploded in the air. Thousands bits of flaming pieces rain down from the skies, turning the whole forest into a sea of fire.


    Blood-curdling screeches can be heard all around as the countless players chasing after us were burnt down to the ground. Each and everyone of the pursuers fell to the ground, charred black in the sea of fire.

    I heaved a sigh of relief, “It should be alright now.”

    “Yes.” The girl nodded her head. “Let’s go and start our new journey!”

    I raised my palms as flashes of data turned into a shining light that started spiralling out of my palm. In the next moment, my body slowly disappeared. The beautiful archer sitting in front of me smiled and nodded at me as she also took out her delicate palms. Flashes of data appeared, and we disappeared from the virtual forest.



    I released a heavy sigh and took off my virtual gaming helmet.

    Finally, it’s over.

    After playing <Soul’s Trial> for two years, campaigning north and south, we had experienced both glory and sorrow, met great comrades and enemies. But in the end, we are finally leaving this land of virtual reality.

    Not far from me, another helmet laid on the my table, glimmering with light. A bold, beautiful and flamboyant calligraphy was written on the helmet: <Heaven’s End>!

    That’s right. The most established game producers in the world, Yue Heng Corporation, who had released <Soul’s Spirit> previously, had finally released their next VRMMORPG, <Heaven’s End>. They had the unshakable reputation as the king of VRMMORPGs. In terms of their game play and number of users, they top the charts and had the monopoly over the industry. They have sold more than 800 million helmets in just a month, netting 95% of the whole sales market.

    <Heaven’s End> would officially start at 12 midnight in two days without an alpha or beta test. This was also one of the reasons why I left <Soul’s Trial>. After hearing this news, a lot of guilds had started to prepare leaving <Soul’s Trial> and continue their guild expansion in the new VRMMORPG. We were not an exception.

    <Heaven’s End> helmets were separated to low, middle, high and VIP standard, each having different prices. Well, my helmet was the VIP helmet. On the side of the helmet, a small line of words – “CGL Hall of Fame – Fallen Dust” was written in blue ink.

    That’s right, I am Lu Chen.
    (TL: Lu Chen’s in game name is pronounced Luo Chen in Chinese)

    My legend was known throughout this country.


    I smiled at myself and turned on my laptop. An MSN icon was shaking on my screen, and a nickname “boss” was displayed beside it. It was my beautiful Guildmaster.

    I clicked on the icon and saw the message she left, “Can we meet tomorrow afternoon? Tell me the meeting place.”

    “Tomorrow 9 am, at the gym on Sanxiang Road.”

    She quickly replied to my message, “Alright, I have sold all of our equipments. In addition to your salary, it would be a total of RMB 200,000. I have created a new card for you. I’ll pass it to you tomorrow.”


    With that done, I lied down on my bed and thought about all the things that happened in the last two years. Everyone’s lives had its ups and downs. Sometimes, it really made people feel so helpless.

    I had been following boss for a little more than a year, yet I had never seen her in person. She said that her in-game avatar had been altered, her real self was actually a dinosaur, not a beauty.

    With regards to this, I wouldn’t think about it that much.


    Early morning the next day, I woke up, wore casual clothes and strolled down the streets. The distance between the gym and the place I lived was not that far, a simple 10 minutes walk was enough.

    I was feeling a little nervous. I called boss’ phone number and asked, “Boss, what do you look like? How am I going to recognize you?”

    On the other side of the phone, a chuckling voice could be heard, “Foolish guy. Look for the most brilliant person in front of the gym, she should be your boss.”


    I turned off my phone and walked to the bus station in front of the gym. I looked around in all directions for her as I waited.

    There were around 7,8 people on the bus station. Suddenly, I saw a brand new, black racing car stopping nearby. The car’s movement was extremely smooth. Although I didn’t recognize the car’s brand, its price should be exorbitant.

    It was 9am, but boss had not appeared yet.

    I was getting a little impatient. Taking out my phone, I started calling again.

    At this time, everyone’s eyes pointed towards the magnificently beautiful woman stepping out from that branded car. Her face was extraordinarily perfect, the kind that you would see on national pageants competition. With a smile decorating her face, her long hair flowed with the wind. Her smile sends shivers down the others present here; almost everyone was staring at her like a fool. Nobody would ever thought that such a beauty would own that branded racing car.


    This was my first meeting with He Yi. Being the unrestrained, outstanding beauty that she was, she was like a light guiding me out of my chaotic ways. At that instant, my mind turned blank. It seemed like all the things around me started to disappear, all except for that matchless beauty. Like a holy light shining down from the heavens, I couldn’t help but be attracted to her. Unconsciously, I walked towards her.

    The beauty didn’t care about the people staring at her and instead, she took out her phone and called a number, her rosy lips slowly revealed a displeased expression.

    “Beep beep beep…”

    My phone rung, and I heard boss’ voice, “Lu Chen, you brat, why aren’t you here yet?”

    Startled, I almost couldn’t believe what was happening. The boss I had followed for two years was actually this beautiful lady? Then she had evidently lied, because she was definitely a gorgeous woman. She was so stunning that her beauty would shake heavens and earth.

    “Boss, I’m already here…”

    It was a little awkward as I was holding my phone while standing right in front of her.

    The beauty turned towards me and a smile blossomed on her face. She opened the car door and said, “So it was you? Come and get on the car, I’ll bring you to some place today.”

    Under the stares of everyone present, I got into the matchless beauty’s car. I felt the stinging looks full of envy and jealousy behind me, sharp like swords, piercing against my back.

    “Boss, I didn’t think that you could actually be…”

    “I could be what?” She looked at me and smiled, her beautiful eyes full of mischief.

    I gulped and stopped my sentence. This lady’s attire had a low neckline, revealing a snow white cleavage underneath that caused a thrill down my spine. Her deep cleavage made me even more lost in my daze. Such an attractive sight, it really made others feel hot by just looking at her.

    An exquisite looking employee pass was pinned near the boss’ collar. She had clearly ran here during her office hours. Three big letters “GGS” – the company’s name – were printed on the employee pass, and below it, was boss’ name, He Yi! The more shocking thing was the position written underneath boss name: Vice President (Asia Region)!

    “Boss, are you called He Yi?” I asked.

    “Yeah, my name sounds nice, right?” she laughed. At the same time, she started the car, “Lu Chen, what do you plan to do in the future? Do you, perhaps, have a dream or something?”


    I gave it a thought and then chuckled, “My dream is to live in seclusion in the forest starting tomorrow. I shall become a happy person feeding horses, chopping firewoods, and travel around the world. Starting tomorrow, I will eat healthily and build a big house facing the ocean, as spring flowers bloomed nearby…”

    “Go then!”

    He Yi snorted, “You really have no future. Why don’t you let this boss be your guiding light! Come, let’s go to a place.”

    “What place?”

    I sat on the seat beside her, a little nervous.

    He Yi grinned mysteriously, her eyebrows slowly raised, “A place to make your dreams come true. We, the [Ancient Sword Dream] guild will be establishing a studio. The members of this studio must be permanent employees, and you are the first person that I thought of.”


    I was a little at lost. I had been alone for so long, and now I would actually join a game studio?

    “Boss, I think if it’s only me…” Staying silent for a moment, I then continued my words, “Actually, [Ancient Sword Dream] would be fine with or without me…”

    He Yi squinted her eyes at me. In an imposing manner, she replied, annoyed, “Stop talking rubbish, if I told you to join, you should join!”

    I could only stay silent. Having followed He Yi for two years, her bold and straight-forward personality was something that everybody knows of. Whatever He Yi had decided, we, her followers, could only obey.

    I didn’t say any more as He Yi focused driving the car. I caught her stealing glances at me from time to time as she smiled happily.

    He Yi passed me a card that contained my share of income for half a year. The car then quickly drove out of the district, where there were fewer cars on the road.

    Never did I know that on that calm afternoon, my life would take a 180 degrees turn. Before this, I had never thought that I would embark on this path of my life.

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    Default Chapter 2 - Sudden Change

    Chapter 2 - Sudden Change
    Translated by: Shroyukineko
    TLN: Whew, finally done. Some unexpected developments though o.O


    A sharp breaking sound screeched nearby. Fresh blood flowed out endlessly from a woman who was lying on the road, drenched in blood. There was an accident!


    He Yi frowned, and she abruptly slowed down her car.

    “Help, help my wife, she was hit by a car, please…” a 50 year old middle aged man bent over his wife’s body, crying, “Please take her to the hospital…”


    He Yi stopped her car instantly and said, “Lu Chen, let’s save her first!”


    As I was getting off the car, I saw a jet black car suddenly raced along the small road towards us, driving through the fence in high speed!

    Not good, this...This seemed like a murder plot!

    In just a moment before the car collided with us, as I couldn’t react fast enough, I could only use my body to shield He Yi. He Yi’s beautiful oval face was shocked with alarm, “No…”


    A thundering slam sounded in the next moment. He Yi’s black car was pushed out of the road. My brain was completely blank. With such a tremendous collision, He Yi laid limp on the driver side, drops of blood trickled down her snow-white forehead.

    I shook my dizziness out with all my might. In the midst of smoke, two fierce looking guys suddenly dashed in, swearing and cursing, “See if the female one is already dead!”

    It was indeed a premeditated murder!

    I hurriedly tried to move. My arms and legs did not suffer much injuries, but I felt a little pain on my back.

    I tried to support the unconscious He Yi out of the car.

    “Dammit, there is still another brat, let’s go quickly!”

    The two men dashed towards us, both of them carrying metal rods in their hands. They didn’t even offer us an explanation before they started to attack.


    A metal rod swung against my back heavily and an unbearable amount of pain bolted through my body.

    I couldn’t care about anything much. This place was not a residential place and very little cars actually passed by. He Yi and I had fallen into someone’s perfectly planned murderous plot.

    My legs flew across one of the burly guys’ stomach. He immediately bent over with his hands on his stomach, screaming in pain.

    I hurriedly carried He Yi in my arms and ran towards the main road. I could only hope that someone would pass by.

    Another sharp pain jolted across my shoulders. Drops of fresh blood appeared in the chest area on my white shirt. He Yi was still unconscious, her eyes closed shut, her long eyelashes looked sad but beautiful.

    “This time I had to protect her properly. I shouldn’t let any harm get to her, even if i have to throw away my life!” In this moment, I could only urge myself over and over again.

    Stumbling towards the main road, luckily heaven still had eyes; a private car was speeding along towards us.

    I hurriedly stood in the middle of the road and blocked the car. Behind me, the two guys swung their metal rods angrily and ran towards us.

    “Open the car door!”

    I shouted out loud, but the middle aged man driving the car had looked like he didn’t want to be involved, as he refused to open the door.

    “You better motherf**king open the door now!” I banged my fist hard at the car window, causing the window to suddenly split open. He was thus forced to open the door out of shock.

    Quickly pushing He Yi inside the car, I shouted, “Quickly send her to a hospital!”

    The middle aged man could only nod, but his eyes shone with shock and fear as the two burly guys had caught up with us.

    It was too late for me to run away. I turned my body and protected the car as it drove away.

    “Dammit, this brat dared to spoil our mission, kill him!”

    The burly guy’s face was full of scars. He laughed maliciously as he charged towards me.

    I didn’t struggle so much, as I had suffered heavy injuries from the previous plight. My whole body loses strength as I slowly fell to the ground.


    I suffered a hit on the back of my brain and felt a burning pain. The earth felt like it had turned upside down as my whole body fell heavily on the cold, hard asphalt.


    It was pitch black, and everything was blurry.

    Am I dead?

    I asked, but nobody replied.

    I kneeled in the darkness, suddenly feeling despaired. My mother’s last words replayed in my ears, “Lu Chen, you have to take good care of yourself…”

    “Mom, I’m sorry that I didn’t fulfil your last wish...”

    “Mom, I’m so scared…”

    I cried unceasingly yet I couldn’t open my mouth or make any sort of noise. My whole body was trapped in an endless fear and despair.

    Suddenly, I heard a voice beside me-

    “We don’t know anything about this brat, what do we do?”


    Late at night, in a tranquil abandoned village near the mountains, a freshly dug earth burst out from the ground.


    Suddenly, a voice sounded, and a piece of arm burst out from the ground.

    Looking at my mud covered arms, I almost couldn’t believe it. I was actually still alive after being buried alive for so long, how could that be?

    Turning my body in shock, I looked at the hole I was buried in. I was probably buried 20 cm deep and the ground was very soft. With those conditions, there was probably enough air for me to breathe, which explained why I didn’t die.


    Letting out a string of curses, a sharp pain burst from the back of my head. The blunt injury that made me unconscious and had almost sent me to the path of the dead was quite heavy. But I could still escape death, it was really good luck in the midst of misfortune.

    I looked around for a while. The whole sky was filled with stars. It was already late at night.

    My phone was missing, and the back of my shoulders were drenched with blood. Just moving it a little brought about a sharp bout of pain.

    Happy that I was alive, I was nevertheless worried about He Yi’s conditions. Was she safely brought to the hospital? Why would those people want to kill her, and, and... there were still so many questions unanswered.

    I couldn’t think of so much things any more. I simply had to go home first. My stomach growled hungrily. I didn’t know how long I had starved.

    Walking unsteadily towards the main road, I was a little bewildered. When He Yi was in danger, I had actually used my own body to shield her from harm without thinking. What did I do that for?

    Shaking my head, only god knows.

    Although there were not many public transport around, after waiting around an hour, finally a bus came. That driver looked at me as if he had seen a ghost, “Bro, did you fell into the sewer?”

    I nodded and laughed, “More or less, I was really unlucky.”

    The road home was bumpy. With my phone gone, luckily I still had He Yi’s card with me. This way, my life in the future could still be secured. Tomorrow night was the opening night of <Heavens End>. With my skills in gaming, although I wouldn’t be able to bring forth storms and rain, I would at least be able to feed myself.

    Touching the back of my head, I still feel little bouts of pain. Doubts started to appear in my mind. After suffering such a heavy blunt attack, my skull was perhaps almost cracked open. And then I was buried underground for God knows how long. How do I even survive this whole thing?

    Looking back at the village I was buried in, it was a district still in development. It looked like a mass grave, short, low gravestones was laid in great numbers.

    Thinking for a long time, I suddenly laughed at myself, “Forget it, let’s just be grateful that I’m still alive. There’s no need to think so much.”


    When I returned to my district, the whole sky had turned completely dark. The one-roomed flat I was living in had a rental of RMB2200 per month. Yeah, it was just last month that I almost had to move out due to a lack of credit for my rental. It was only thanks to one of my brother’s generous contribution that I managed to pass through that trial. Of course, the price of borrowing money from that brat was to give him a godly double wielding sword weapon to enjoy. However it was only a few days before <Soul Trial> was going to close, so those equipments were not worth that much in real life.

    Walking through the dark stairs, I took out my keys as usual, but then I saw a figure came out from my door.

    “Damn! Why are you only back at this time? What have you been doing for these two days that you didn’t even pick up your phone?

    I could recognize that person straight away with his voice.

    Du Shi San, my closest brother on a so-called good terms. We gave each other our best stuffs. I had been friends with Du Shi San since primary school all the way through college, our relationship was extremely close. Other than girlfriend, we almost shared everything. Between us, we almost have no secrets. Of course, with regards to not sharing girlfriends, that was because I had absolutely, entirely zero girlfriend, while Du Shi San changed his girlfriend more often than a girl change her clothes.

    In the flickers of the dark, Du Shi San looked at me and asked surprisedly, “Lu Chen, why do you look so pitiful? Aih, I heard that your account was eliminated by [Chaos Illumination]...Forget it, [Chaos Illumination] became very popular now, in China they had hidden the truth from the public eyes. Your [Ancient Spirit Dreams] really had no chance against them…”

    I laughed softly and patted Du Shi San shoulders, “It’s okay, think more positively. [Chaos Illumination]’s success will only last for a limited time, what comes up must come down. Anyway it was only a deleted account, it's a small matter. Young one, be more optimistic.”

    “Optimist your head…” Di Shi San face was filled with helplessness, “I am here to comfort you, not to becomforted by you…”

    “Shi San, why are you at my place?” I stared at him. “Tomorrow night is the first day of <Heavens End>, why are you here in my place instead of preparing to stock cash?”

    Du Shi San bit a mouthful of melon and showed a shocked expression, “Have you become senile? <Heavens End> will start tonight at 12 midnight, when did it become tomorrow?”

    “It starts on the 10th, right?”

    “It’s the 10th…”’

    I was frozen for a moment. I met He Yi on the 8th, and today was already the 10th. Could it be that I was unconscious, buried underground for a full day and night? How could that be?!

    “Hey, are you alright, bro?”

    Du Shi San patted my shoulders and asked, “Why do you looked like a ghost? Today is the 10th, is there something wrong?”

    I took a deep breath then chuckled, “I’m okay. Then today should be the grand opening of <Heavens End>, how could you still have time to look for me here?

    “Dammit, you heartless brat!” Du Shi San’s saliva flew in all direction. “I couldn’t contact you for so many days, and I was worried that you are already dead, that’s why I came here to see you for myself. Since you are back, I am going to go home. I’d probably reach home before 12, so let’s meet in game! Tell me, what do you plan to call your ID, would it still be Fallen Dust?”

    “I’m not sure, i guess not. How about you?

    “I’m also not sure, there are a lot of people who wanted to rush into the game. I actually wanted to name myself Elegant Gentleman, Handsome Knight or something like that, but I think with that name, the chances to rush into the game is slim.”

    “Yeah, then you should go back first, we can contact each other again after coming out from the newbie village.”

    “Alright, I’ll go first then. I bought you some sliced beef. I had actually wanted to drink a few glasses of beer with you, but you came back too late. Next time, then?”

    I stretched my neck and looked, there was indeed a plate of sliced beef on my table inside. There were also two bottles of liquor. I couldn’t help but feel warm inside. I was lucky enough to have such a good brother after being a misfit for so many years.

    As Shi San went back, the lamp posts shone on his body and created long shadows. He wasn’t an expert in terms of games, his skills could even be on the level of newbie. While others may leave a legend, he could only leave a shadow.

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    thanks for the chapter!

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    Good at having many girlfriends, bad at games. Sounds about right 👉

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    Default Chapter 3 - Undead Swordsman

    Chapter 3 - Undead Swordsman
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    After finishing a half kilograms of sliced beef and drank a few glasses of beer, my body felt weird instead of warm.

    I looked at the time, it was 10.30 at night. There was still 1.5 hours before <Heaven's End> opening. At this time, there would definitely be hundred millions of game crazy people who would be wearing the game helmet, keeping watch for the opening of . Those people who wish to rush into the <Heaven's End> world and became a legendary player, were probably twiddling their thumbs together waiting to enter the virtual world.

    Turning on my laptop, an MSN icon was shaking non-stop. It was all from He Yi, there were a total of 47 messages-

    “Lu Chen, you there? I’m at the hospital, where are you…”

    “Lu Chen, I kept trying to call your phone but it couldn’t connect…”

    “Lu Chen, I went to the accident scene but I couldn’t find you, where the heck are you?”

    “Wuwu… Lu Chen, stop scaring me will you?”


    “Lu Chen, what actually happened to you? Where on earth are you, please don’t...I...”

    “Wuwu...Lu Chen…”

    Looking through the endless stream of messages, I was a little restless. My fingers froze on top of my keyboard, not sure which keys to press. After a long while, I made a hard decision: Forget it, I’m going to cut my contact with He Yi. I’m not that much help in [Ancient Sword Dream] anyway. I would only be a burden to her if I returned. It would be better for her if she were to forget me.

    Thus, I deleted my half-typed messages in the MSN chat, and opened <Heaven's End> official website instead.

    There were more than 700 million people online on the website. With so many people online on the night before it officially opened, this game could be the most anticipated game ever!

    Furthermore, there was a surprising announcement in official website: The super-player Fallen Dust has suffered a crushing defeat, his account has been deleted in the end.

    Immediately after that, there were more than 30,000 comments. Countless number of people were distressed by the news.

    I drank a sip of beer and laughed. To live this wretched life, you should be more optimistic. “Hey ! This hero is coming for you!”

    After waiting for a while, it was finally a little more than 11. I wore my game helmet.

    The green light blinked as my irises were scanned, my identity was checked!

    A new scene started to appear as I entered the game’s registration interface -

    In a blood drenched land suffering from countless wars and endless battles, forests had withered and human civilisation had fallen into ruins. Plagues and diseases were rampant, creating mountains of dead bodies everywhere. There were human, elves, demons, barbarians and other types of races. Unpleasant, rotten smell of corpses floated to my nose as dead bodies spread throughout the whole place. Under the flat horizon, a single gigantic tree stood tall in the middle.

    This was the World Tree, the guardian of heaven and earth. Every lifeforms started from here.

    However in the present moment, the World Tree had started to wither. Various Gods started to fall one by one, and the whole of the continent was enveloped in blood. A ferocious race had come forth to devour all living beings.

    The scenery moved as my viewpoint fall on a grand canyon. At the same time, I was dumbfounded with the scene in front of me-

    In the grand canyon, a closely packed army walked onward, spears erected like forest trees, flags and banners high up in the sky. The Barbarian King who wore heavy armours over his body brandished his battle-axe and let out an earth-shattering roar. The mighty barbarian warriors spared no effort in hacking their enemies with their axes, but those scary enemies attacked back, fast as lightning. The barbarian warriors’ bodies were penetrated with hundreds of blades gleaming with murder intent that it was difficult to differentiate their flesh and blood. Cries of anguish endlessly filled the air.

    Under a flag bearing a lion’s head, the beautiful human race Queen drew out her sword and shouted, “Onwards!”

    Countless human soldiers charged ahead, swinging their swords. Mages hid in the dark and cast complicated spells, unleashing balls of flames towards the enemies.

    The battlefield only became more ferocious with time as war cries shook the canyon. The air was filled with a thick smell of pungent blood.

    The human race Queen then transformed into a beautiful butterfly and flew across the battlefield, her sword dancing in the wind as she slashed the skull of an undead skeleton soldier through the air.

    But just at this moment, a thick smoke suddenly descended. A body of an undead slowly formed as the smoke concentrated together. Then, a light flashed past suddenly and the human race Queen slowly fell to the ground, her beautiful head severed, grabbed by the hair in the undead’s hands. The Smoke Undead lifted the Queen’s head as it let out an angry roar, as if it was demanding the acknowledgement of other races.

    Fresh blood dyed the ground as the warriors turned into cold corpses one by one.

    Finally, only the last human warrior in the canyon was left. He lifted his sword as he stood on a small mountain of corpses, hacking his enemies into two.

    As fresh blood burst out from the monsters, he raised his sword and growled angrily at the Smoke Undead Commander. In that moment, both the human warrior and the Smoke Undead charged towards each other, their unleashed ultimate attacks collided together and produced an explosion that shook the heaven and earth!


    The sound of swords clashing reverberate in my ears, and the scene slowly turned blurry as two big words appeared in the sky - <Heaven's End>!


    I sucked in a deep breath. What a mind-blowing opening scene! <Heaven's End> was indeed worthy to claim the name of the best VRMMORPG, taking over the title from <Soul Trial>. Just a mere opening scene had excited us to such extent!

    As I floated in the air, I arrived at the welcoming shrine, where a small elf was flying around. A female system voice sounded in my ears -


    System Announcement: Dear honoured user, the system check has confirmed that you are a member of CGL Hall of Fame of the Chinese Server. Would you like to continue using your previous ID: Fallen Dust?


    An option appeared in front of me. I thought for a while and chose “No”. Then, I entered a new ID: Lost Hero!
    (TLN: His ID literally meant broken spear buried under the sand (折戟沉沙). It’s a chinese idiom that meant “miserable defeat/thoroughly defeated/crushing defeat”. I don’t feel like naming the MC “Miserable Defeat”, so I named him Lost Hero instead. Open to better name suggestions...)

    Such a beautiful ID, it was not only cool, it could also be used to attract ladies later on. This ID was both solemn yet heroic, I am really gifted!

    In the previous game, I managed to be chosen as one out of 27 of the influential players in the Chinese Server. Thus, I could skip the queues and received this extremely treasured game helmet.

    2 years ago I entered <Soul Trial>. After playing for a year, I became a figure that nobody dared to approach. But there were always unexpected situations in life. A car accident had caused an obstruction in my brain nerves, delaying my nerve transmissions by 3 seconds. This meant that every move I made would only be executed 3 seconds after my brain ordered it.

    How scary was the result of this delay?

    The most anticipated star of the Chinese Server was crushed just like that. In just a moment, the talented player had become a useless person. I became the Chinese Servers CGL Hall of Fame biggest joke, and I was all alone. With just one accident, I fell into the darkest days of my life.

    In this moment, there was only one girl who reached out her hands to me. She was my Boss, the beautiful, strong and brave woman. It was a pity that I had disappointed her. Our guild had slowly crumbled, and finally, we were defeated under the hands of [Chaos Illumination]. We completely lost and were reduced from a 3000 people guild to a 5 people guild.

    Our opponent was extremely scary -

    [Chaos Illumination], the guild that possessed a talented player called “God of War”, who was also the number one player in the Chinese Servers.


    I chuckled softly. In the previous game I was really a Lost Hero. I had the success of entering CGL Hall of Fame but had became a loser later on. He Yi even gave me a new name - a cesslure (success + failure)!
    (TLN: Bad naming sense strikes again)

    Now, I would be using the ID “Lost Hero” as a warning to myself, to never stop training and learning new things!

    Next, it was time to determine my race and profession. This was also the part I was anticipating the most. Yeah, choosing a heroic looking knight with high defense and powerful attacks would complement my 3 seconds delay physical disability.

    <Heaven's End> was a VRMMORPG that allowed players to choose 10 different types of professions: warrior, magic knight, mage, archer, ranger, tactician, beast tamer, priest, bard and assassin. Each profession had their own specialities. I chose a profession in the melee category. If you are a man, you should be riding on a horse, wield a blade and fight on the battlefield!

    A series of different professions appeared in front of me. A warrior wearing a battle armor, a magic knight riding a war horse, a mage waving his staff, an archer wielding his bow, tactician, priest and so on.

    The system continued to do a system check on the my body, numbing my brain. Like a mosquito bite, my blood had been analysed by the system -


    System Announcement: Based on system check, your heartbeat is 30% lower than a normal person's standard!

    System Announcement: Based on system check, your body temperature is 70% lower than a normal person's standard!

    System Announcement: Based on system check, your blood concentration level is 40% lower than normal!

    System Announcement: Based on system check, your brain activity is 120% above a normal person's standard!

    System Announcement: Based on system check, your sexual activity is 50% lower than a normal person's standard!

    Hearing these series of notifications, I was extremely surprised. What is all this? Could it be that my VIP game helmet is a counterfeit?

    But at this time, another notification sound rang out -


    System Announcement: The body system check had confirmed that you fulfilled the requirement of a hidden profession. You can choose a hidden profession - Undead Swordsman. Would you like to accept it?

    I was dumbstruck for a full 2 minutes. Then I looked up to the sky and laughed out loud!

    “Hahaha, good things do happen after all. Since I’ve acquired the hidden profession - Undead Swordsman the moment I enter this game, I’d be a fool if I don’t accept it! It's even a a special race and a melee type profession!”

    Thus, I accepted it without hesitation.

    After a “ding”, my game avatar was created. A Undead Swordsman wearing a black armour and a scarlet robe, looking grave and stern, appeared in front of me!

    I was relatively satisfied. I couldn’t help but chuckle, “Not bad, let’s get ready to enter the game!”

    It was 11.57 pm at night, only 3 minutes left before the opening of <Heaven's End>. My heart was beating excitedly and my blood boils with delight. Briefly, I thought about my past. Hmph, I swore that l would get back all the things I had lost!

    Tick-tock… Time passed by. I was still in the welcoming shrine waiting to enter the game. At this time, there were probably countless players waiting to enter the game in the whole world.

    Finally, the clock strikes 12, it was the official start of the game!


    System Announcement: Lost Hero, would you like to enter the game?


    A flash of light filled my view as I entered the virtual lands of &<Heaven's End>. “Ding”, as the first player to enter the game, you received an award: Godly Weapon - Overlord Sword!

    Of course, that was only in my dreams.


    A dense fog filled my view as a low voice sounded from afar: “Wake up, you undead who had been abandoned!”


    I dug with all my might in the midst of the fresh earth. Finally, “hua” I burst out from the ground. A rotten smell immediately greeted me, and I was shocked to see the person in front of me!

    He was wearing a black robe, but he couldn’t be counted as a person. His face was rotting and half of his skin had already dropped off. Only two eyeballs, wriggling back and forth in their sockets, were left of his face. It was beyond terrifying. His hands that were holding a staff was also completely corroded, only white bones were left.

    A necromancer!
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    Default Chapter 4 - Big-Eared Rabbits

    Chapter 4 - Big-Eared Rabbits
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    TLN: Lol I couldn't stop myself to read the next chapter :X

    My first thought was: Yeah, gotta kill him now. Maybe he could drop that staff, it looked not bad.

    I did just as I said!

    I fumbled a little, flexing my fist, preparing to launch an attack on the necromancer. But at this moment, I realised that the fist I was flexing was actually bones!


    I stopped abruptly and looked down to my lower body. Goose bumps appeared in my arms as I saw an eerie skeleton body hidden beneath my tattered clothes!

    I’m so dead. I quickly reached out my hands and flipped open my trousers. Seeing the view in front of me, my head suddenly felt heavy. It’s over! My little brother was gone, there was only a piece of eerie white bones left, gorgeously displayed in front of my eyes.

    “Hey you rotten worm, you are finally awake!”

    The necromancer looked at me as he chuckled, “Since you are awake, take your sword and go on a journey, win your battles and bring glory to the Undead Legion!”


    System Announcement: [Scattered Corpse Newbie Village]'s Village Head had given you a new set of newbie equipments. They include - Rusty Sword and Garment filled with Holes!


    “Ding dong”, the equipments entered my inventory. Opening my inventory window, there were indeed a Rusty Sword and a Garment filled with Holes in my inventory. The Rusty Sword was a traditional newbie sword with an attack power 0-1. As for the Garment filled with Holes, it had a defense of 1 point.

    Equipping the two equipments, I opened my character status. Oh was there an end to my grievances! I had thought that an Undead Swordsman was a cool profession, but that thought had completely perished now!

    ID: Lost Hero
    Job: Undead Swordsman (On Probation)
    Level: 0
    Health: 100
    Attack: 1-2
    Defense: 1
    Magic: 0
    Fame: 0
    Luck: 0

    (TLN: LOL all the 0s xD)


    Perfect! My starting attack was 1-1 and my defense was a big, beautiful zero! Luckily there was this Garment filled with Holes that added 1 point to my defense. Otherwise I could even die an honourable death, pecked by a passing chicken!

    The server had only opened for 5 minutes at the most, and there were a lot of players logging in. It was the time to seize every moment, yet I could only stand here, helpless, as flies flew around into and out of my skull. The village [Scattered Corpse] I belong to was also a newbie village, but it was different from normal villages. It was because I was assigned to play the “Villain” role!

    Undead, as the name implies, were spirits that roamed at night. There were skeletons like me, ghosts, demons, witches and other evil spirits in the village. Anyway, it was all the jokers that caused trouble to the human, barbarians and devil villages day and night, lusting after their lives.

    As a gorgeous small skeleton soldier, I strode forward like a lion, my steps mighty as a dragon as I walked around the Scattered Corpse Necropolis. In the village corner, I found a half rotting barbarian under a short, withered tree. He should belong to the Undead Faction. He looked worried and forlorn as he scratched his head, peeling his rotten flesh and hair.

    Four letters floated on top of his head: “Scattered Corpse Village Guard”.

    I took a step forward, and used a low, dignified tone to speak, “Bro, is there anything I can help you with!”

    The barbarian looked up at me and said, “Small Skeleton, a human scout has already discovered us, Scattered Corpse Village is not our heaven any more. We have to dispatch a huge army of our abandoned souls undead to attack the human villages. But before that, you'll have to go outside the village. There are a lot of annoying Big-Eared rabbit causing disturbance to our kins.”


    System Announcement: You received the quest [Kill the Larged-Eared Rabbit]! (Quest Level: F-)

    Quest Description: Kill 20 Big-Eared rabbit, collect 5 rabbit furs, and give it to the Scattered Corpse Village Guard. You will then receive a reward!


    Abandoned Souls Undead? I was a little ** listening to it. With that said, then I, this undead swordsman, had not belong to any faction yet. I do not belong to the Silver Moon Alliance nor the Undead Legion, then would I belong to the Neutral faction? Maybe I do. It was better this way, I could invite less trouble and train more!

    (TLN: ** is in the raws)

    OK, let’s go out now!

    Quests in <Heaven’s End> were as little as hairs on a bald head. Surveying this newbie village, there was only this quest available.

    Carrying the Rusty Sword and exiting the village, there was a wide open forest area. Indeed, there were a few black Big-Eared Rabbits walking outside the village. The Big-Eared Rabbit’s level ranged between 1-3, which were rather difficult for a level 0 like me to deal with.

    In a further distance, there were a few Iron Mice scampering about the lush, green grasses. These mice did not attack players and were of level 1, they were the main targets for newbies. They were easy targets even for a newbie who just started the game. Logically speaking, with my 3 seconds delay, I should practice with these mice first.

    However, I frowned, “F**k, Big-Eared Rabbit it is, I’m not going to lose to you!”

    Towing the Rusty Sword in my hand, I quietly approached a Big-Eared rabbit, closely observing its exceptionally agile movements. Its attacking speed should be very fast, probably around 1.4 seconds per attack. I could probably withstand a level 1 Big-Eared Rabbit attack power, but a level 3 Big-Eared Rabbit would probably make me despair.

    However, there was a level 1 Big-Eared Rabbit in front of me. Very good, let it be the target of my Treasured Sword! Ugh, forget it, this Rusty Sword….

    Following my usual habit, I charged towards the Big-Eared Rabbit. Within a distance of around 10 yards, I started swinging my sword!

    Advanced Judgement!

    That’s right, an expert player would need to be equipped with power, but I knew my own limitations. Since every order I made with my brain would only be transmitted 3 seconds later, I maintained a good habit of thinking of the next move in advance. With that, even under a “brain-dead” situation, I could still squeeze myself into <Soul Trial> top 100 expert player rankings!


    A shocking thing happened and made me pale. My Rusty Sword had hacked through an empty air and a big MISS floated out. This attack had unexpectedly missed.

    It was not because my aim was bad, but it was because I slashed my sword when I was a full 7 metres away from the Big-Eared Rabbit. How could I possibly hit it?

    Alas, this attack of mine attracted the Big-Eared Rabbit’s attention. It let out a loud “Ji ji” sound and charged towards me. Its powerful hind legs suddenly leapt, splashing cows manure into my face!


    Damage numbers flew out. Indeed, with my 100 health, I could still counter it.

    “Sha sha!”

    Quickly retreating back, I swung my sword to counter!



    My 1-2 attack could only cause that much damage, but the Big-Eared Rabbit had only 30 health, so it should die within 3 slashes of my sword, no problem.

    “Shua shua shua!”

    My sword slashed in the air three times, the Rusty Sword moving as fast as lightning as it continuously attacked the Big-Eared rabbit 3 times. My legs didn’t stop moving as I continuously retreated backwards. My well-thought positions evaded the Big-Eared Rabbit’s attacks, and finally I slashed the last time.

    “Ji ji…”

    Squeaking miserably, the Big-Eared Rabbit’s legs were broken as it fell to the ground. It said its last words, “Damn you Undead! My beautiful legs that could run 100 metres in 3.7 seconds!”

    The monster didn’t drop any kind of equipments or loots, but I looked up to the sky and laughed out, “Oh heavens, did you see? I… Fallen Dust is back!”

    In the surroundings, a few Big-Eared rabbits eating grasses looked at me, like they were looking at a crazy person.

    But I only crazily rejoiced on my own, that attack just now had let me find my old self back. Why did I say so? This was because my 3 seconds delay had unexpectedly been cut short by a lot. Based on my last test, my reaction time right now is 1 second. This was a limitation that I could definitely live with. If it was only a 1 second delay, although I would not be able to face the top players, I could at least rise in the ranks of expert players!

    My extreme joy suddenly turned into sorrow as my laughter attracted the three Big-Eared Rabbits’s aggro. One of them is level 3. This one had inflicted 41 points of damage to me with a single bite!


    In just a wink, I was annihilated. Let's all clap in commemoration of my first death on <Heaven’s End>!

    My whole body was in pain as I resurrected in the graveyard. Then, I realised I was naked as a baby. My +1 defense Garment filled with Holes had dropped; I felt a loss as if I had lost my own flesh. Rushing out of the newbie village, I was relieved to see that it had not disappeared yet. I quickly put it back on, and then walked around the edge of the forest to look for more lone Big-Eared rabbits.

    Due to my low level, for the time being I had not learned any skills, and could only attack manually.

    Luckily, having years of experience in playing games, I had built up an impressive resume with regards to finding the best positions in handling monsters. Although these positions may not completely evade the monsters’ attack, it could lower the damage output of the monsters to the lowest.

    “Sha sha…”

    Retreating back quickly, I swung my Rusty Sword twice. Another Big-Eared Rabbit gorgeously met its end.

    “Pa da!”

    A sound rung clearly. It dropped loots! It turned out to be a rabbit fur, the required quest item.

    Quickly putting it into my inventory, I continued to look for my next target. At the same time, I was quietly hoping that these monsters would drop a weapon that I could use. This Rusty Sword could still deal with level 1 monsters, but I would not even dare to challenge those level 3 Big-Eared Rabbits. If I stayed this way, my leveling efficiency would not be able to keep up.

    After killing for quite a while, the quest of killing 20 Big-Eared Rabbit was done, but I still lacked 1 rabbit fur.

    Night has fallen. Drops of water seeped into my clothes, making my bones damp and uncomfortable. I carried my sword and walked around the forest. Unknowingly, I had entered the depths of the forest.


    Killing the 24th Big-Eared Rabbit, I leveled up and acquired 5 ability points. I added them all to strength. With that, my attack reached a significant 4-7, I could finally start challenging the level 3 Big-Eared Rabbits!

    Happily, I approached a lone level 3 Big-Eared Rabbit quietly from its back, and launched a surprise attack!

    “Peng peng!”

    The Rusty Sword slashed the Big-Eared Rabbit’s neck twice. It was its weak spot, hence a 50% increase in damage was applied!



    Indeed, my attack power had sharply increased after gaining some points!

    The level 3 Big-Eared Rabbit’s health was 120. With that attack, I had drained half of its health. I slid 3 yards back quickly and swung my Rusty Sword at the same time!


    Very good, it had accurately slashed the Big-Eared Rabbit weak spot.

    With a kick from it, the Big-Eared Rabbit took out 41 points from my health. But it only had one chance to attack. Before waiting for the Big-Eared Rabbit’s second attack, my Rusty Sword had already cut across the Big-Eared Rabbit’s neck, giving it a death blow!

    “Pa da!”

    It was yet another rabbit fur. Perfect, my quest was done! Furthermore, it also dropped a HP potion which will recover 80 Health, a high grade item!

    Happily picking up the rabbit fur, I turned around and started to go back to the newbie village. However, I suddenly felt a cold chill behind my back. Turning around sharply, my heartbeat increased dramatically as I saw the monster behind me. Half of it was due to excitement, but half of it was nervousness.

    Under a big tree, a large Big-Eared Rabbit covered with a green fur was giving me a death glare. Evidently, this Big-Eared Rabbit was different from the rest!

    Chief Big-Eared Rabbit (F- BOSS)

    My whole body froze. I had unexpectedly met a BOSS monster!

    In <Heaven’s End>, the lowest BOSS level is F and the highest is SSS. Every level of BOSS was sub-divided into low, medium and high. The Chief Big-Eared Rabbit belong to the F- level. Yeah, it was the lowest ranking BOSS. However, with my Rusty Sword, Garment Filled with Holes and level, any logical person would turn around and ran for their lives. Boss monsters were not something that newbies could handle.

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    He was in the top 27 initially, but dropped into the top 100 after the 3s delay in reaction speed? I'm still not sure how he's not dead or injured either, but at least it got him a special class

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    Chapter 5 - Glimmering Breastplate
    Translated by: Shiroyukineko

    “Is that an F- BOSS?”

    My mouth slowly curled upwards. I was level 2, and it was level 5. The difference in levels did not exceed 5, so the chance of MISS attacks would not be too large. Then, there could be a chance to defeat it.

    My heart resolute, I started my attack!

    “Sha sha…”

    Stepping on the soft grasses, I was only starting to plan my moves, but that Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS had already noticed me. It immediately attacked me, quick as lightning. But I was not slow either. I inclined my body slightly forward, my legs drew a beautiful arch as the Rusty Sword quickly slashed through the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS’s stomach!


    Good brat, what a high defense!

    At the same time, I quickly made a calculation. The health of the big-eared rabbit is around 2500, so I would need to hit it at least 100 times to defeat it!

    The Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS squeaked “ji ji” loudly, as it turned its body and revealed its tail. That short tail felt as hard as steel as it heavily smashed onto my back!


    Intense pain scour through me, wasn't its attack too high?

    My current total health was only at 110 points right now, I would be dead if I received another attack. There was no way I could defeat it, and I started to regret. The game mechanics in this game was too different from the previous games I had played before. I miscalculated!

    Since I could not defeat it, then I should just run for my life. Otherwise I might just die until I am back to level 0, wasting all my day’s effort killing the Big-Eared Rabbits.

    With a glance, I decided the best outcome, quick as a lightning, and chose the road on the right side. There were less Big-Eared Rabbits there. Just one BOSS was already difficult to bear, if I attracted other monsters, I could be dead.

    I ran as fast as I can and tried to change my running path at the same time. I ran across trees, shrubs, grasses and other obstacles, making the Big-Eared Rabbit hop all over the place. As I ran through all these obstacles, I tried to take the shortest path possible. With that, I could make up for the gap in the BOSS’ and my own movement speed.

    As I ran through the forest, I glanced around the surroundings. Suddenly, my eyes lighted up!

    Not far from there, a bunch of thorny plants appeared in our paths. Those were the Blood Serpent Thorns, it was one of the plants on the <Destiny’s> database. It was highly poisonous. Once you were poisoned, you would lose health every few seconds. Players who trained their manufacturing skills could harvest these Blood Serpent Thorns as a drug ingredient and create poisons for Assassin players. It was an essential assassination weapon!

    Of course, the current level of the players were too low, there were nobody who had the ability to harvest these thorns.

    But at this moment, it was my life saver. Seeing the Blood Serpent Thorns was the same as seeing my saving grace!


    I turned my whole body and entered the shrubs of Blood Serpent Thorns. These thorns were around 1 metre tall, not that difficult for me to jump over them. With one leap, I jumped into the middle of the thorns. I was very careful not to touch any of the thorns, and thus, I stood, surrounded by these poisonous thorns.

    “Ji ji!”

    The Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS was clearly still furious and similarly jumped, following me. It was a pity that its body wasn’t large enough, it was only the size of a washbowl. As it flew in the air, my Rusty Sword flew towards it, and with great power and momentum, it slammed onto the BOSS’s head!

    “Go down, you rabbit!”

    I hacked down with all my might, like I was batting a ball, smacking the BOSS right into the middle of the Blood Serpent Thorns shrubs. Just as I had predicted, the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS was immediately pricked throughout its body as it squealed out painfully. Its health fell even faster as it was poisoned.

    Relying on my arms and sword advantage, I jabbed repeatedly at the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS’ butt. But it was already powerless, as its small body was trapped in the middle of a thorny shrubs and could never escape. It anxiously cried out and jumped about, but it only caused it to be pricked with even more thorns. Gaping wounds could be seen throughout its body.

    Not even two minutes passed before the Big-Eared Rabbit’s health became critically low. This was my first BOSS kill, adrenaline shot through my blood as I shouted out, “Drop it, drop a mighty weapon for me, please, rabbit bro!”


    The Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS cried out miserably and died, dropping two items.


    It gave me a generous amount of experience, raising my levels by 2. I added all my points to strength, increasing my attack sharply to 7-12!

    But the joy in leveling did not match up to the joy of getting the equipment drop. My eyes bulged open as I saw the Big-Eared Rabbit dropped a breastplate that glowed with a green light. Furthermore, it had also dropped a diamond-looking, huge stone on the ground.

    Carefully reaching out my sword, I picked up the breastplate. “Pa” as the breastplate fell onto my hands, the equipment stats appeared in front of me immediately---

    Big-Eared Rabbit Glimmering Battle Armor (Black-tier Armor)
    Defense: 9
    Stamina : +2
    Required Level:2

    I was overjoyed, it turned out to be a Black-tier equipment, and it was an equipment with added properties at that! <Destiny’s> equipments are separated into white-tier, black-tier, bronze-tier, elite-tier, rune-tier, silver-tier, gold-tier, dark gold-tier, amethyst-tier, soul-tier, heaven-tier and god tier. Although this black-tier equipments was almost at the bottom, currently, it was no different than a godly armor!

    Quickly equipping the black-tier breast plate, my status immediately increased by a lot-

    ID: Lost Hero
    Job: Undead Swordsman (on probation)
    Level: 4
    Attack: 7-12


    My defense became 10. With such high attributes, I could kill level 3 Big-Eared Rabbits without pressure anymore. Furthermore, my health also increased by 20 points due to the +2 addition to my stamina, totalling 140 points!

    My heart couldn’t help but be filled with joy. With such a high defense, in the current stage, could I be counted as the upper elites?

    Wait a minute, the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS also dropped a big stone!

    I bent my body down and picked up that stone.Yeah, it was indeed the rumoured Magic Stone - Large Magic Stone (Quality: 77)

    In <Destiny>, monsters dropped magic stones instead of gold. Any monsters that possess a magical ability would possibly to drop a magic stone, and these magic stones could be exchanged for gold with any NPC Stores. Magic Stones were divided into 5 types - Small Magic Stone, Large Magic Stone, Dream Magic Stone, Amethyst Stone and Crystal Stone. The higher the quality, the more expensive it would be.

    The Large Magic Stone’s quality that I gained was 77, so I should be able to receive a lot of copper coins!

    As I jumped out of the Blood Serpent Thorns bushes, I wore my newly acquired black-tier breastplate, looking majestic and powerful. In any case, my ribs were finally covered. Now I would only need a leg guard, a wrist guard and a helmet to shield my whole body, and I can proudly flaunt it in front of other people.

    Not far from there, a level 3 Big-Eared Rabbit suddenly bit into me. But I didn’t try to dodge at all. Come at me!


    The damage points floated out from my head, making me laugh with glee. 10 points in defense was indeed powerful. The Big-Eared Rabbit who was almost the same level as me couldn’t even break my defense.

    After slashing my sword twice in order and killed the Big-Eared Rabbit who didn’t realize its own imminent death, I quickly ran back to the newbie village. I looked for the Scattered Corpse Village Guard and passed him my quest items, 5 rabbit furs!

    “Very good, little young skeleton, I’m seeing you in a different light!”

    The Undead Barbarian patted my shoulders and cackled, “Come, this is your reward. Let’s work hard for the Undead Legion, riches and beauties!”

    I bulged my eyes, what an honest NPC, I liked his attitude! However, this Undead Barbarian's attitude, had it recognized me as a member of the Undead Legion already?



    System Announcement: You have finished the quest [Kill the Big-Eared Rabbits]. You received 150 exp points, 10 copper coins, and fame +1!

    I swallowed my saliva. Wasn’t the reward too generous? Alright then, I would just receive my blessing. Anyway, I had received 150 exp points, just a few more Big-Eared Rabbits to go and I would level up to level 5.

    The Scattered Corpse Village Guard continued, “Looks like you have killed the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS. Very good, then the Big-Eared Rabbits won’t be anything to worry about. I have a more urgent quest for you, would you be willing to finish it?”

    Exactly what I was looking for. I quickly nodded, “Sure, anything you say.”

    “Okay!” the village guard clenched his battle axe and said, “Outside this small village, there is an extremely large Breaking Dawn Forest. One of our skeleton brother had reported that there are green Praying Mantises lurking in that Breaking Dawn Forest. They are extremely large and had a pair of deathly blades. You’ll have to go to the Breaking Dawn Forest, kill 100 Green Praying Mantis, and bring me 10 Green Praying Mantis Blades. I would then give you plenty rewards!”


    System Announcement: You have accepted the quest [Green Praying Mantis]! (Quest Level: F)

    Quest Description: Go to Breaking Dawn Forest, kill 100 Green Praying Mantises and collect 10 Green Praying Mantis blades. Pass the quest items to the Village Guard.

    Yeah, not bad, a level F quest. I could probably get a lot of experience.

    I was not in urgent to complete the quest. As I exited the graveyard, a crooked skeleton NPC goods seller appeared. I walked up to the skeleton and took out the Large Magic Stone that the Big-Eared Rabbit BOSS dropped. I handed it over to it and said, “Bro, could you take a look and check how much is this worth?”

    The skeleton looked at me with a complicated expression and replied bitterly, “Do I look like a man to you?”

    I froze. This skeleton had only bones left and I couldn’t judge the size of its chest. “Cough cough, beautiful lady, could you please take a look at this and check how much it is worth?”

    Only then did the beautiful skeleton lady took the Large Magic stone. She observed it closely and said, “1540 copper coins!”

    I was pleasantly surprised. What good luck! That quest reward just now was only 10 copper coins, I never thought that just a piece of Large Magic Stone would be worth 1540 copper coins. I’m so happy!

    I received 1540 copper coins that was converted into 15 silvers and 40 copper. I could even be considered a conglomerate!

    Checking out the beautiful skeleton lady’s goods, there was health potions, but it was expensive beyond measure. Just one beginner’s health potion that healed 80 HP cost 50 copper coins. It was obviously daylight robbery!

    However, after thinking a while, I still bought 20 bottles in the end. I could hunt higher level monsters with health potions, which would allow me to get more magic stones to change for gold. You should always think ahead!


    After buying the health potions, it was time for me to continue my adventure!

    Outside the newbie village, I killed a few Big-Eared Rabbits and leveled up to 5. I continued to put my 5 points on strength, and increased my attack to 10-17. Looks like an Undead Swordsman strength growth is not that bad. 5 points to strength would become 3-5 addition to attack. I remembered reading from the forums that the profession with the highest strength growth was warrior. 5 points addition to strength will increase their attack by 2-5, while a Magic Knight would be increased by 2-4 and Ranger, 3-4. So looking from this perspective, Undead Swordsman strength growth belonged to the upper tier professions.

    Opening the table of rankings, there were a total of three newbie villages around this area, of which two belonged to the Radiance Alliance. Amongst the three newbie villages, the highest leveled player was already level 7, which was so much higher than me. Indeed, in every game, there would be people who would level like crazy. I should start working harder.

    Under the moonlight, a creepy small skeleton wielded his Rusty Sword as he walked swiftly through the wilderness, slowly humming, “The little monk went down the mountains to beg for food, but the old monk warned him, don’t pluck the wildflowers below the mountains, don’t pluck them~~”

    (TLN: I think it’s this song..., MC sort of changed the lyrics a bit)

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    Heys Read chapter 6 here! Chapter 6

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    Default Chapter 7 - Justice on Heaven's Behalf

    You can read Chapter 7 here. Enjoy!

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