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Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants (殺手房東俏房客) by Lao Shi (老施)
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Thread: Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants (殺手房東俏房客) by Lao Shi (老施)

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    Post Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants (殺手房東俏房客) by Lao Shi (老施)

    Name: Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants (殺手房東俏房客 - Sha Shou Fang Dong Qiao Fang Ke)

    Author: Lao Shi (老施)

    Genre: Action, Comedy, City Life, and Harem (maybe).

    殺手房東俏房客 (Sha Shou Fang Dong Qiao Fang Ke), aka Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants, is a Chinese web novel written by Lao Shi (老施). In 17k.com, it has over 439 million views and currently rank number one for Total Views, higher than any other novels on that site. This novel is currently translated by me (Lingson), it is a completed work of the author, and consisted of 2,871 chapters altogether.

    The name Zhao Tie Zhu (lit. Zhao Steel Pillar) sounded pretty unrefined. But, when it came to his nickname, Phantom, it could be said that everyone in the assassin societies around the world knew that name. Nowadays, the world was too peaceful, and because of that, the assassination business wasnt going well. Hearing real estate could earn you good money, Zhao Tie Zhu bought a huge villa, and became the legendary landlord.

    He only rented his villa to single women. Zhao Tie Zhu posted renting advertisements on a well-known social website, and with that, women all came one after the other to his villa. The prettiest in schools, the prettiest in police teams, and all sorts of beauties came into his surroundings.

    Proclaiming himself as hegemon of campuses, unifying the underworld. All so that the tenants would live in even more content.

    I am a very responsible landlordSaid the Zhao Tie Zhu who was stepping on countless skeletons of the enemy.

    Some of the content might not be suitable for underage children, as it might contain violent scene, vulgar words and maybe vulgar scenes.

    Original webnovel: http://www.17k.com/list/104997.html

    Link to website: http://www.lingson.com/albt-index/
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    Chapter 1 (Assassin Work Sucks, Time to Change Jobs)

    "Sigh, it's been over a month without business." With a bored yawn, Zhao Tie Zhu stretched, carelessly hitting the beer bottle beside him, making a clanking noise.

    "Beep, you have a new message." Zhao Tie Zhu's cell phone suddenly vibrated. His face changed, a new project! He picked up his cell phone from the trash bin under his computer. He didnt even know when it fell there. Zhao Tie Zhu clicked to open the message.

    "Shit, what is this? Since when has my value dropped? Only 20 million to kill 5 people? I, Phantom, am a world-renowned Assassin. This is just insulting." Zhao Tie Zhu sighed grievously. Unfortunately, nowadays business was scarce. He looked at his wallet, empty for who knew how long. This kind of money was easy come, easy go. Over a month with no jobs, he had spent all his money already.

    "Fine, whatever. If it's only 20 million then let it be. Motherf***er. After this job, I'm quitting. I need to find a more stable job and save for my marriage." Zhao Tie Zhu lighted a cigarette and browsed his messages.

    Later at night.

    In Japan Ginza's number one underground boxing arena, two fighters on stage were locked in life and death close combat. In a private room, several bodyguards dressed in black stood behind a fat man. On the fat man's left and right side were two women. As he watched the fight, he messed with the women. It was a marvellous scene both on and off the stage. Heavy breathing voice could be heard.

    At this moment, a dagger appeared out of nowhere in the air and swish, the fat man's main artery was ripped open. There was only a faint sound, and then red blood squirted out, like a splendid fireworks display. Only then did the surrounding bodyguards realize that their boss had been killed.

    A few hours later, several assassinations took place in the Ginza district. The amazing thing was that no one even saw the shadow of the assassin. Some of the veterans knew this was the work of the 'Phantom'. There was this saying in the underworld: 'If you all of a sudden see God, then it must have meant that Phantom appeared.'

    The next day, Zhao Tie Zhu walked casually into the Bank. He gazed at the beautiful women behind the counters with their bank uniforms. Occasionally, he would lick his lips and swallow. If they considered him vulgar, then so be it.

    Zhao Tie Zhu ignored the disgusted looks of the women and walked straight up to the front of a counter. He tossed his bank card to the female staff behind the glass window, asking her to check the account balance.

    The female clerk frowned, picked up the dark card. Its sticky texture made the woman frowned even more.

    She swiped the card and watched a long sequence of 0s appear. Her small, cherry-like mouth opened wide.

    Sure enough, seeing so much money in Zhao Tie Zhu's card, the female clerks face changed in an instant and she softly said, "Sir, you still have 20 million left in your card."

    "Sigh, Im not sure how many days it will take me to spend it all." He sounded a little upset, and the female clerks eyes brightened even more.

    "Sir, do you want to withdraw money?" she asked.

    "No need. Just give me the card," he replied.

    The woman reluctantly returned the card to Zhao Tie Zu, along with a small piece of paper underneath the card.

    Zhao Tie Zhu cast her a playful smile, and his fingers inadvertently touched her. She immediately glanced at him with her flirty eyes.

    After he got up and walked out of the bank, Zhao Tie Zhu rubbed his fingers, and the note instantly turned into fragments.

    "Boring." Zhao Tie Zhu, his hands behind his head, slipped an unlit cigarette into his mouth and walked aimlessly down the street.

    "Prime real estate opening today. Lakeside villa fully furnished on sale for only 18 million RMB. Pre-order as soon as possible." Zhao Tie Zhu heard someone shouting from down the street and turned his head. There seemed to be property for sale.

    "Come and buy. Buy it for your parents, also buy it for your wife and children. If your parents don't want it, if you have no wife or children, then just buy one for yourself. If it's too big for yourself, then you can also rent it out. Monthly rent could reach tens of thousands. This is a rare long-term investment opportunity with a stable income!"

    Zhao Tie Zhu froze for a moment. That's right. Wasn't he going to quit as an assassin? Why not buy a villa to rent out? That way, every month he would get tens of thousands in revenue. Although he might not live in debauchery, at least he would not need to worry about his basic needs. With his brain lacking any sense of investment, he followed the voice and went over.

    Seeing someone approaching, the young property salesgirl shouted louder, "Boss, looking at your young age, your grand appearance, your face so vigorous, your good looks, you must surely attract the attention of a lot of women. Wow, with just a glance I can see you're a skilled and successful person."

    "What women? Ah, after all these years, big brother is still a virgin. How could I attract a lot of women?" Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

    "Ah, boss, if you buy a villa, your luck with women will turn. No matter how many you want, they will all come to you." This sales girl was indeed talented. Swaying to the east and bullshitting to the west, she actually fooled Zhao Tie Cu into buying a villa.

    As he took out his card to make the payment, Zhao Tie Zhu felt groggy to have his own villa.

    After finishing all formalities, the salesgirl gave a pair of keys to Zhao Tie Zhu and said, Congratulations, boss. You're now a member of special villa owners. While others are still renting, you're already way ahead. To celebrate, we should go out for a drink." The salesgirl batted her eyelashes.

    Looking at her fully made up face and airport-like figure, Zhao Tie Zhu hurriedly said, No can do. I still have to move some of my stuff. Ill have to take a raincheck." He said that while leaving the real estate agency as if he was flying. (TL Note: Airport-like figure = Flat chest )

    Back in his temporary dwelling place, Zhao Tie Zhu looked around at his room. He packed his computer and took a few items of clothing, then walked out of the room.

    He followed the address given by the sales girl and arrived at the villa area of the West Lake region. After searching the way for half a day, he finally found the villa he owned.

    No need to say, the villa's location was superb. Upon entering, he found that the real estate company had decorated it in a splendid way. Zhao Tie Zhu felt satisfied and had no intention of changing anything. The villa was divided into two floors, plus an attic, with ten rooms. Such a large area and the decoration was also very good.

    Zhao Tie Zhu entered the biggest bedroom, threw the clothes to the side, and lie in the bed. After all these years, this was the first time he had owned a house. His parents had left him for as long he could remember and Zhao Tie Zu had been raised by his grandmother. After his grandmother died, he became a loner. As for how Zhao Tie Zhu became the world-famous assassin, it started from one of his fortunate adventures. The story was quite a cliche. In his senior year of high school, he had skipped school one day and was hanging out on the streets harassing women. Perhaps even God would not stand him anymore, so a bolt of lightning struck him. When he woke up, Zhao Tie Zu found out he could somehow become invisible and his physical condition also became somewhat like a Superman. But he didn't have a hero-like consciousness. Thinking about how to make use of his new abilities, the easiest way was to become an assassin. Being invisible, no matter how you tried to protect yourself, with a flash of a knife it would be done.

    In just over a month, he gained fame in the underworld, and more and more people became aware of the name 'Phantom'. Afterward, many strange things happened. No need to dwell much upon this for now, later on, it would unfold in time.

    So up until now, with the world getting more peaceful, business was getting worse. So today, Zhao Tie Zhu had decided to retire for good.

    After thinking about so many things, Zhao Tie Zhu fell into a deep sleep.

    The next day, he woke up early. Thinking that since he now owned a house, he could rent it out. With this in mind, Zhao Tie Zhu could not help but smile. He turned on the computer, connected to the internet and logged into the city's most famous social forum, where he posted a rental ad in the housing rental section. The ad was simple: Lakeside villa, cheap rent, welcoming 20- to 30-year-old single women to live here. Men, no need to apply.

    After posting the advertisement, Zhao Tie Zhu got up and went to the balcony. He looked at the West Lake off in the distance. A slight drizzle floated in the air. making the West Lake seemed as if it was shrouded in mist.

    Back during those years with her, he would have loved this scenery.

    Zhao Tie Zhu gently rubbed his temples, threw away the cigarette in his hand, and leaped off of the balcony.

    Splash. The outdoor pool downstairs splashed up a burst of water.


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    Cool. It's my pleasure to help out with this, and I'm curious to see where the story goes!
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    Let's see where this goes .........

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    I think the first chapter already done a monthago by flowerbridgetoo at his synopsis sunday

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsense View Post
    I think the first chapter already done a monthago by flowerbridgetoo at his synopsis sunday
    Yes, when I was going to tranlate it, I search the net to see if it's already translated by someone else and saw it there.

    I quoted the synopsis but translated the whole chapter again as there was some difference in the translations.

    BTW, I'll try to release the second chapter during the weekend.
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    under heaven


    Seem promising. thanks alot for this.

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    Chapter 2 (The Policewoman and Underwear Thief)

    Nowadays, the usage of the internet was really widespread. Less than an hour after Zhao Tie Zhu swam a dozen laps in the pool and took a bath, someone had already called him. Of course, the phone he used was different from the phone he used for his jobs.

    "Hello, am I speaking with Mr. Zhao Tie Zhu?" A stiff sounding voice belonging to a woman came from the other end of the line.

    "Yes, and you are?" asked Zhao Tie Zhu, holding the phone in one hand and picking up a towel with the other.

    "Hi, how are you? I saw your post about the room you're renting out. May I ask, is it your own property, or are you from a property agency?"

    "It's my own."

    "Do you have the legal documents?"

    "Um... Well, I'm just renting it out in private..."

    "Can you ensure the tenant's financial security?"


    "Can you provide personal safety to the tenants?"


    "Have your fire prevention facilities been tested?"


    "Is the property fully insured?"

    "Screw you." Zhao Tie Zhu cursed, and hung up the phone. "What a crazy *****."

    He turned on his computer and added quickly one more line to the ad: 'Serious inquiries only, no psychos.' Then he turned off the computer, lied down and slept.

    "Bang, bang, bang."

    A couple of loud banging sounds drifted up from the door downstairs.

    "How uncivilized! It's not easy to have a dirty dream, and just when I was about to, someone has to wake me up." Zhao Tie Zhu cursed gloomily and picked up the phone to look at the time. It was only a little after seven in the morning.

    Immediately, he went back to sleep, trying his best to continue the nice dream and ignore the person at the door. Covering himself with the quilt, he was prepared to continue dreaming about hot girls.

    "Bang, bang, bang." The knocking on the door continued and he continued to ignore it.

    After a while, the knocking stopped. Zhao Tie Zhu was innerly pleased. Finally, he could get back to sleep.

    "Boom." An even louder sound came from downstairs, along with the sound of something being smashed.

    "Shit, a terrorist attack?" Zhao Tie Zhu was taken aback by the sound. He leaped up like a fish jumping out of a fish tank and rushed out of the room.

    He leaned onto the railing and looked down to see the door was knocked in by an unknown assailant. The poor wooden door lied on the ground, broken into half. Suddenly, a figure appeared on the doorway.

    "Hello, I was yesterday's ... Ahhhh!!!" The person at the door heard a sound from upstairs, looked up and was ready to say something, but didn't expect to see the horrifying scene which presented itself...

    Let's move the story back a little. Maybe to the time when Zhao Tie Zhu leaped up like a fish? Or to last night before he went to sleep? When Zhao Tie Zhu slept, he had this habit of not wearing anything; this was what people also called sleeping in the nude. In his mind, his body was still growing, and if he wore underwear, it might hinder the growth of his 'little brother'. That, of course, would be immoral and unhealthy. Which was why Zhao Tie Zhu had always slept naked ever since he was a child. Now back to this morning. Because he was a bit scared from the big bang voice, he forgot that he was still naked and ran straight toward the railing to look. And as we knew, a virgin will usually get a boner every morning, which people called a morning erection. This was not to mention he'd had an erotic dream. As a result, Zhao 'little' Tie Zhu was really like an iron pillar standing magnificently like a sovereign king. That was what had shocked the person downstairs, which, judging from the scream, was a woman. It was unclear whether she was cheering excitedly or... (TL Note: Zhao Tie Zhu literally means Zhao Iron Pillar, so the thing with the 'little' is a word game by the author.)

    Because of Zhao Tie Zhu's perverted mindset, he wasn't embarrassed at all, but rather proud of his big 'capital', just like those big breasted women who liked to wear low-necked dress to attract men. When men gawked at them, it would be their loss. Also, when you peek at beautiful women like that, aren't you the one to lose out? This is the so-called gender equality and society harmony.

    Zhao Tie Zhu hesitated, wondering if he should pose to show his perfectly built little iron pillar. As an experienced assassin, he had developed extraordinary perception, and from the woman downstairs he felt a strong murderous aura!

    This murderous aura was strong and clear.

    "F***, what year is it now? People are still holding guns everywhere." He saw that the woman downstairs was holding a dark black gun. Zhao Tie Zhu quickly dodged to the side. It wasn't the time to be cocky. Had he been slow, then little Tie Zhu could die, or he could die.

    At this time, Zhao Tie Zhu remembered this was his home, and the woman had forced her way in. So, he carefully looked down at her. She was dressed in a black uniform, with a few shining silver stars on her shoulder. Below her knee-length skirt was the faint trace of flesh-colored black silk. Her chest was as full as the loaded gun she wielded and just as powerful. He looked at her face, and although it was covered with a murderous aura, there was also a faint hint of shyness, which turned him on in an instant.

    "Officer, you shouldn't play around with that gun," he said with a smile. "It wouldn't be funny if it suddenly went off. Why don't we just sit down, drink some tea and talk about life? Won't that be better?"

    "Screw you," shouted the policewoman coldly. "Hurry and get some clothes on!"

    He listened carefully to her voice. How come it sounded like the voice of the crazy person who had called yesterday? Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the policewoman, puzzled, only to see that she was still aiming the gun on him. Sweating, he hurriedly said, "I'll go, I'll go."

    A few minutes later, Zhao Tie Zhu appeared at the railing, fully dressed. the policewoman had re-holstered her gun.

    "Officer, why did you break into my house?" Seeing the gun holstered, Zhao Tie Zhu postured himself proudly. "Our society has laws. I could sue you."

    "Well, I knocked on the door for so long, so I thought you had been kidnaped. I didn't expect you to be doing something so shameless." The policewoman gave Zhao Tie Zhu a despising look.

    "What shameless thing?" he scolded. People were so rude nowadays. "Speak clearly! You can't just throw around insults like that. I really am just a young man. Haven't you heard of morning erections? Didn't your husband teach you? Or perhaps your husband's couldn't stand anymore?"

    "You!!!" said the policewoman ferociously. "Believe it or not, if I shoot you, you won't have any erection anymore! Come down, I have something to ask you."

    "I think it's better this way," he said in a lazy way, bending down onto the railing. "Officer, just tell me what's the matter. I'm a good person and will cooperate with you."

    "Do you have a room to rent?" the policewoman asked.

    "Yes, but I only rent it to young women. Seeing you like this..." Zhao Tie Zhu looked the policewoman over intensely from head to toe, feeling too uncomfortable to finish his sentence.

    "Hey! Are you saying I'm old?!" shouted the policewoman. "Listen here. I, Su Yan Ni, will graduate from the police academy this year, I'm only 24! Open your perverted eyes and look closely."

    "Tsk, tsk, tsk. I really need to look a bit closer." Zhao Tie Zhu squinted his eyes and stared intensely at her chest. He looked like a werewolf on a full moon as if he could swallow her alive.

    "Have you seen enough yet?" Su Yan Ni grew cold. A few days ago, she heard someone reported that recently in the West Lake district, a thief had emerged who stole young girls' underwear every day. When she went online last night, she accidentally saw Zhao Tie Zhu's ad that was only for young single women. She could not help but feel suspicious. From the call she had made last night, she felt that this landlord was an impatient man. Generally, impatient people will act in inappropriate ways more easily, such as stealing underwear. For a while, Su Yan Ni admired her own reasoning capacity. In order to personally catch this underwear thief, she decided to go undercover as a tenant and stay in his villa, so she could watch him closely and catch him red-handed.

    Zhao Tie Zhu didn't know Su Yan Ni had already flagged him as the underwear thief.

    "Do you want to rent it out or not?" Su Yan Ni asked impatiently. As far as she was concerned, if Zhao Tie Zhu was the underwear thief, he certainly would let her stay because of her good looks.

    As expected, Zhao Tie Zhu stared at her for a while and then said, "Sure, why wouldn't I? So you want to rent it?"

    "Of course, I want to rent a room," said Su Yan Ni.

    "It's simple," he said. "The room's monthly rent is 2000 RMB, utility costs are included in the rent. The phone bill will be split equally."

    "2000 monthly?" she complained. "So expensive. You might as well just rob a bank."

    "2000 is too expensive? What I have here is a lakeside villa! You can feel the fresh air from the West Lake and there's also an outdoor swimming pool. Where can you find such a good place for just 2000 a month?" Zhao Tie Zhu acted as if he was giving her a good deal.

    Well, no risk no gain. Motherf***er, you just wait until I put you in jail, then see if you will still be so cocky. "OK, I'll take it," she said.

    "Ok, 6000 for three months, plus the compensation for the door. That'll be 10,000 in total."



    Translator: Lingson

    Contributing Editor: Deathblade
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    Thanks Lingson. I think I will like this story. Jiayou.

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    I check 17k and find this story have a sequel too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleSteward View Post
    I check 17k and find this story have a sequel too.
    ARE YOU SURE??? OMG... I'll check it later.. But, I don't think I would plan to do the sequel LOL... with 2700+ chapters, I dont even know when I would finish it.
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    Chapter 3 (An Accident Scam, A Woman Helps)

    Regardless, yesterday Zhao Tie Zhu was alone in the villa, but now, a second person had arrived, a blossoming beautiful officer. Looking into his wallet at the 10,000 RMB he had received from Su Yan Ni, he was very happy. This was the first money he had earned outside of being an Assassin, and also the first rent payment he had received as a landlord.

    Su Yan Ni's room was next to Zhao Tie Zhu's, so they shared the balcony. This was her choice. She figured to quickly lure out the underwear thief and catch him, she should put herself up as bait. She was certain that if she lived next to Zhao Tie Zhu, he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation.

    Watching him humming a song as he helped carry her luggage up, Su Yan Ni let out a proud smirk.

    As Zhao Tie Zhu sang "Free The Slaves With A Song", he suddenly felt a gust of cold from behind and turned his head just in time to see Su Yan Ni's kinky smilewell, at least to him it was very kinkyand he couldn't help but getting a cold shiver. "This woman insisted on the room next to mine, don't tell me it was because of my brilliance? Or did she adore my little iron pillar? It seems that tonight when I sleep, I need to let the door to the balcony open to allow her to do some wild things." Zhao Tie Zhu couldn't help but feel a rush while having those perverted thought.

    "I'll let you be happy for now, pervert, Su Yan Ni thought to herself ferociously upon seeing his dirty expression.

    After moving the luggage, Zhao Tie Zhu said to Su Yan Ni, "The doors use a fingerprint identification system, so I don't need to provide you with any keys. Wait a moment, then you can input your own fingerprints. I'm going out to call a carpenter to fix the door. It's because of you; why get so violent over nothing? Oh, that poor door."

    "Humph, you also scammed me out of 4,000 Yuan. Just go, go! I still need to arrange my room. Su Yan Ni drove him out, then took a glance at her little nest, admiring the environment. With a small harrumph, she unpacked her clothes from the suitcase.

    Zhao Tie Zhu went out of the room and down the stairs. Picking up the door from the ground and shouldering it, he walked out of the villa. He looked around. Despite all the noise, not even a single security personnel came to look. The security system here was really bad, he thought to himself. But how could he know that Su Yan Ni had already sent the security personnel away.

    Walking out of the housing complex, Zhao Tie Zhu eyed the door on his shoulder. He wasn't sure if he could find a place to fix it. Since he was now a landlord with limited income, he could not spend as lavishly as he once had.

    Casually hailing a cab, Zhao Tie Zhu soon arrived at a nearby Home Improvement Store.

    He didn't know a lot about doors. When he was still an assassin, he had learned to pick locks. However, he had no clue what to do when it came to fixing a door. He strolled into the store carrying the door. Since many people were going in and out the store carrying doors, window glasses, and the like, he didn't attract any attention.


    Suddenly, someone knocked into Zhao Tie Zhu. He moved backward slightly, but the other person was knocked outside and fell to the ground. Zhao Tie Zhu was just about to help him to get up, when that person unexpectedly held his arm and rolled back and forth on the ground, shouting, "Ahhh, my arm, my arm is broken. Ahhh, the pain is killing me. Ahhh, everybody quick come and look, he could have killed someone."

    Zhao Tie Zhu was stunned, then he carefully watched that person rolling on the ground, and let out a cold sneer. When the person had bumped into him before, Zhao Tie Zhu was aware of how strong the force was. It was impossible that the person's arm could have been broken. He obviously was in an accident scam situation here.

    When some shoppers saw this, they just looked coldly at the person rolling around on the ground. From just a glance, they could tell that he was a scam artist who had been defrauding the people at the store for many years. God knows how many people had been scammed already. Such scam artists specialized in extorting the new customers. The merchants didn't try to interfere since they made their living here. If they were to offend the scammers, and then the scammers interfered with their business, their lives would also not be easy then.

    Almost as soon the person had shouted out, several large men appeared at the person's side. One of them, a man with a flattop hairdo, let out a sad expression. Squatting down next to the crying person, he said "Monkey, Monkey, what's wrong? Who broke your arm! You tell your big brother!"

    "It's him, it's that man carrying the door, said Monkey, unexpectedly shedding some tears. He's the one who broke my arm. Big brother, don't let him run away.

    Nowadays, even scam artist were so professional. Zhao Tie Zhu could not help thinking that.

    The guy with the flattop stared at Zhao Tie Zhu. He stood up, walked over, and in a fierce voice said, "You, you deliberately bumped into my brother to break his arm, right?" The flattop guys first question was really a good one. Had he asked for money right away, people might suspect them of being scam artists. He first accused the victim of deliberately breaking his brother's arm to cause the victim to be confused and panicked, then the other large men would surround him to scare him even more. After a while, another accomplice would step in to act as a peacemaker. At that time, the victim would be grateful and obediently handed out the money. Having thought of this bullet-proof method, Flattop felt proud of having finished junior high school. Intellectual people were just different.

    Sure enough, after hearing his words, the thin young man who looked to be at most twenty-something showed a hint of panic in his eyes. This was the first step. Flattop secretly gave his colleague a signal, and immediately, three or four people were already standing next to Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "It... it wasn't on purpose, Zhao Tie Zhu said, sounding panicked.

    "Not on purpose? You broke my brother's arm and still you tell me it wasn't on purpose? You think you can bully us?" Flattop straightened his chest, his chest muscles suddenly bulging.

    "Big brother, I really didn't do it on purpose." Zhao Tie Zhu slowly moved backward as if he was going to run away. One person moved behind him, blocking the escape route.

    "Trying to run after hitting someone? It looks like you really do want to bully us. Well just have to teach you a lesson today." Flattop clenched his fists, and the bones let out 'ka ka' sounds.

    At that moment, a fat man stepped out from the crowd. He looked at Flattop and said, "Zhao Lao Liu, don't make any trouble at my place."

    Seeing this man, Flattop hurriedly smiled, "Chief Li, I wasn't making any trouble, but someone broke Monkey's arm. Look, it's this guy. He even tried to run away just now!" Flattop pointed his finger toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

    "Oh? This little fellow," Chief Li said, turning around to look at Zhao Tie Zhu. "You tried to run after breaking someone's arm? he asked.

    "No, Chief Li," Zhao Tie Zhu said nervously. "I was just walking along and, suddenly that person bump into me. Then he said I broke his arm. It was really an accident."

    "Hey, whether or not it was an accident, you broke the man's arm. You should take him to the hospital," said Chief Li, then he suddenly seemed to notice the door Zhao Tie Zhu was carrying. "Were you going to fix that door?"

    "Yes, my door is broken." Zhao Tie Zhu sighed, "I intended to get it fixed, but didn't expect to run into this matter."

    Well then, said Chief Li, since you have something to do, I'll just have them go see the doctor by themselves. Zhao Lao Liu, give me some face, here. This youngster has a matter to attend to, you guys go see the doctor by yourselves."

    "Uh... How much would be enough to give for compensation?" asked, Zhao Tie Zhu, sounding a bit puzzled.

    "Just give them a thousand Yuan to fix the bone and buy medicine, said Chief Li.

    "But I only have 700 on me, Zhao Tie Zhu said helplessly.

    "Only 700? Then 700 it is. Zhao Lao Liu, hurry and take Monkey to the hospital."

    Watching the performance, Zhao Tie Zhu could not help but feel that it was a bit ridiculous. It was also quite amusing to play along with them. But it was time to end this farce now. Shaking his head, he was just about to lash out, when he saw a small figure emerging from the crowd. It was a young perfectly beautiful girl who seemed to be around 20 years old. The young girl said, "I know how to fix broken bones, let me take a look." Then she squatted down to look at Monkey's arm.

    Zhao Lao Liu's face expression immediately changed. Hey, girl! he shouted, Don't act rashly. If you touch my brother's arm and something happens, will you take responsiblity? Just stay out of this."

    The pretty girl's expression changed, and she whispered, "We'll talk when it's done. But this man, I see..." Not finishing her words, she stretched her hand out and grabbed Monkey's supposedly broken arm and pressed it lightly.

    "I knew it! the pretty girl shouted angrily. His arm isnt broken at all. This is extortion!"

    "*****, I told you to mind your own business." Seeing that the act was up, Monkey pulled his arm away from the girl and punched at her face with his other hand.

    With a graceful movement, she lightly dodged and sommersaulted back. Staring at the people around, the girl said, "You guys are committing a crime in broad daylight."

    "Humph, a crime? Which one of your eyes saw us committing a crime? Just now, I saw you break my brother's arm. Girl, nobody can touch a brother of Zhao Lao Liu." He gave the other guys a look, indicating for them to move on to the girl. Now, only one person was watching Zhao Tie Zhu, preventing him from escaping.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lingson View Post
    ARE YOU SURE??? OMG... I'll check it later.. But, I don't think I would plan to do the sequel LOL... with 2700+ chapters, I dont even know when I would finish it.
    No. The sequel only have around 1200 chapter and it's about MC son.

    About this landlord tenant

    click to show/hide spoilers
    This story really have true harem ending. MC will end up with 11 wives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleSteward View Post
    No. The sequel only have around 1200 chapter and it's about MC son.

    About this landlord tenant

    Holy **** ROTFL

    I'm Glad I translated this LOL
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    thx alot for the new chapter!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasad View Post
    thx alot for the new chapter!!!
    You're welcome Jasad. I'm glad too that I translated this. It seems that this novel really is interesting
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    ! Been reading the past few chapters. As of now, it is fairly interesting. I like this novel better than "The Legendary Thief", hope you spend more time on this novel instead. :P

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    Chapter 4 (That Kung Fu Girl Is So Unbearable)

    Recently, there have been a lot of shows on National TV with Wushu artists who do fake kung fu. This has caused many of people to lose interest in martial arts. But actually, real experts often hide among the community, where they grew up training in martial arts for many years, even decades, to sharpen their skills. Although these types of people can't do what they do in the movies, like fly from rooftop to rooftop, they can actually individually fight multiple opponents easily.

    This girl who appeared in front of Zhao Tie Zhu really seemed to be an expert, at least in Zhao Tie Zhu's professional eyes, which wouldn't often be mistaken.

    Monkey, who just moments ago had been laying on the ground, clenched his fists and attempted to bash her head. Such lack of skill. Zhao Tie Zhu shook his head. With his hand moving so openly, leaving his whole body exposed in front of the girl, she just needed to move her right foot slightly forward, then lower her body in a flash; Monkey's fist hit the empty air. Before he could make a second move, her right hand swiped sideways and landed on his ribs. The huge impact made Monkey instantly lose half of his fighting strength. He rolled to the side, tears and snot streaming out.

    "Damn professional." Zhao Tie Zhu nodded. This Monkey could squeeze out tears and snot at will, it was really admirable.

    Almost at the same moment as Monkey rolled, Zhao Lao Liu's other guys had approached the girl. Zhao Lao Liu was certain she was a martial artist. The men half-surrounded her and prepared to attack.

    Seeing so many hands and feet coming at her, she didn't panic. Instead, she rushed toward one of them. She grabbed his hands with both of hers, then turned her body, with her back leaned onto the guy's. One foot on her toe, and her other foot clamping the guy's foot, she lowered her body and surprisingly threw him over her shoulder!

    The guy didn't expect her to have such strength. He was thrown high into the air and crashed to his comrade's body.

    "Hmm, that was a good one. In an instant, two of them are out of the game, leaving only two more. Let's see what she'll do now." Zhao Tie Zhu's hand stroked his chin, carefully watching her.

    After throwing the first guy, she suddenly she squatted down as if she had eyes on her back. A lashing leg descended, flying dangerously past her head. She moved back and quickly grabbed the leg, pushing strongly and forcing the man to flip over in the air. He hit the ground with his head still down. Another one out of the game. All this seemed to take a long time, but it actually happened in only a few seconds. When she threw the guy, the girl felt a sweep of wind coming from a fist, and quickly raised her arms to block. Bang! A huge force threw her flying for several meters. Still in the air, the girl adjusted her position, and with a thumb' sound she landed in a kneeling position onto the ground, her face completely red. Not letting her take a breath, Zhao Lao Liu, who had knocked the girl away, was already running toward her. His hand was now already holding a long, thick, black stick, which appeared to be extremely hard. It sped toward her head.

    She narrowed her eyes. With one of her arms already numbed, and without a way to dodge, she knew that it would hit her head. She let out a sigh of grief. Apparently, in the end, her pair of fists was no match for the enemy's four hands. In any case, Zhao Tie Zhu had to bravely act heroically to save her.

    POW. Hearing only a light sound, the girl suddenly noticed another man's presence. It was hard to tell when he had appeared. He didn't appear to be strong. He stood there, blocking the sunlight, which made it impossible to see his face at the moment.

    "Ah, you're even willing to use a stick on a girl, that's too cruel." Zhao Tie Zhu grabbed Zhao Lao Liu's stick with one hand and laughed.

    "Kid, get lost if you don't wanna die," Zhao Lao Liu said fiercely, attempting to pull the stick away.

    "Nowadays, you shouldn't run around holding a stick. It wouldn't be nice if you hit someone. And even if you hit no one, smashing a flower isn't right either. Better give your stick to me." With only a slight exertion of strength, Zhao Tie Zhu snatched it away.

    Zhao Lao Liu was shocked. He had served in the army for several years and was well known for his strength. Nevertheless, this young man had unexpectedly snatched his stick with a casual move. He suddenly realized he was kicking at an iron wall.

    "Since you guys put on a good show for me, I'll give you my door as a reward." Zhao Tie Zhu lowered the door from his shoulder and waved it single-handedly. The door hit Zhao Lao Liu, throwing Zhao Lao Liu with a bang. He flew a few meters away and lay twitching on the ground, his face blank.

    Only then did the girl see that the man in front of her was the same young man who was being extorted before. Unknown to her, the other guy who guarded this young man was already on the ground with his eyes rolling.

    "Are you okay?" said Zhao Tie Zhu, turning around and extending his hand to the girl, who was still kneeling on the ground.

    "I'm fine, thanks." She grabbed his hand and stood up.

    "You're not hurt?" he asked.

    "No, no." she said.

    "You're really not hurt?"

    "Really, I'm not!"

    "Don't lie to me, okay?"

    "I'm not lying to you, big brother. You can let go my hand now." The girls face was so red it seemed as if it was going to ooze blood.

    "Ah? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I forgot, I forgot. It wasn't intentional. Ah, it's so embarrassing." Zhao Tie Zhu hurriedly released the hand and touched his head, playing dumb. Hmm, her little hand was so tender. I didn't expect this chick to have such soft hands considering she practiced martial arts. Tsk, Tsk... Zhao Tie Zhu regretted not being able to hold her hand a little longer.

    What's wrong with this guy..? The girl felt awkward for a moment. One moment he looked like a weakling being bullied, the next, he was like an expert, sending the bad guy flying. Now, he acted like a hoodlum, casually grabbing a girl's hand.

    "This... My name is Zhao Tie Zhu. How should I address you, miss?" Zhao Tie Zhu asked. (TL Note: He was using a polite way to ask her name.)

    "My name? Hehe, you're really interesting." The woman laughed softly like a silver bell, "My name is Chen Ling Shan, you can call me Ling Shan."

    Zhao Tie Zhu looked at the girl. Her entire body emanated a youthful energy. Because she had just been fighting, her face was covered in a sheen of sweat, and her wheat-colored skin revealed a thread of healthiness. She wasn't wearing any makeup at all. Her figure was terrific, her delicious, plump rear end was covered by cotton exercise pants, and with her straight short hair, she looked very mature.

    "What are you looking at?" Chen Ling Shan protested coquettishly.

    "Huh? Ah! Nothing," replied Zhao Tie Zhu with his usual innocent act. "I was just looking at your face to see if you're hurt. Well, it was because you helped me. To repay you for saving me, let me treat you to dinner."

    "No need, it's okay," said Chen Ling Shan, preparing to leave. "I still have a matter to attend to. See you around."


    Translator: Lingson

    Contributing Editor: Deathblade

    Proofreader: Laoren
    Please visit my site: Lingson Translation (Currently translating "Virtual World: The Legendary Thief", "Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants" and proofreading "I Shall Seal The Heaven")

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    Chapter 5 (Rascal, Oh! Rascal)

    Chief Li was indeed loyal to his friend. He and his hoodlum security guards encircled Zhao Thie Zu and Chen Ling Shan. Glaring at Zhao Tie Zhu, he said, "How can you beat people like this, young fellow? And you, you're just a young girl, but you already are accustomed to using violence? Violence won't solve anything! And now you've injured those people. Why don't you both come with us?"

    "Why should we go with you?" asked Chen Ling Shan discontentedly.

    "Why?" said Chief Li disdainfully. "I'll tell you why. I'm the Security Chief in this marketplace. You've made trouble here, disturbing the order of the marketplace. You can continue to resist, but in a moment, the police will arrive. Then we can see if you still try to resist."

    When she heard him mention the police, Chen Ling Shan's face tightened. In this era, everyone was still scared of the police.

    "What are you still waiting for? Let's go." Chief Li gestured to the hoodlums next to him. Several muscular, baton-wielding thugs reached out to grab Zhao Tie Zhu and Chen Ling Shan. After hearing the word police, Chen Ling Shan was stupefied for a while and did not even try to evade.

    Zhao Tie Zhu frowned. He grabbed her hand and shouted, "What are you looking at? Quick, run!" He forced his way through and ran toward the outside.

    Zhao Tie Zhu pulled Chen Ling Shan with him. She felt a great force on her hand, and she unexpectedly felt as if she were floating in the air.

    The surrounding security guards had expected the two of them to run. They immediately attempted to hit them with their batons. Chief Li still shouted incessantly, "You beat people and still want to run? Our society has laws! Stop them!" None of the people in the crowd moved a finger, they just watched coldly as Chief Li barked his random orders.

    One of the security guards reacted too fast maybe he was too eager to do his duty or something. Anyway, I also don't know why he was faster than the others. Maybe he was very excited, thinking of his time at school practicing running, a skill he could now employ. After catching these two people, Chief Li would show his appreciation, and then he would surely rise in career, hahaha. Even as the bodyguard still daydreamed about this matter, Zhao Tie Zhu, without even looking, let out a fast and furious kick! It landed right on the security guard's stick. And by stick, we don't mean the big stick he was holding in his hand, but the little stick between his legs... Anyway, that little stick obviously wasn't as durable as the big stick. The guard instantly bowed like a shrimp and was sent flying away several meters. The pitiful security guard didn't even get a chance to get his name mentioned in this story and was eliminated in an instant.

    As a gap opened up, Zhao Tie Zhu accelerated. Chen Ling Shan felt as if she were weightless as he pulled her, her feet had left the ground and she floated through the air behind him. She gasped as she heard the sound of the wind in her ears. This beast ran really fast.

    Zhao Tie Zhu was pleased. He gently rubbed her hands, and a rippling smile appeared on his lips. This Chief Li was very kind to give him this opportunity. If he didn't repay the kindness, he wouldn't live up the name of the Phantom.

    Zhao Tie Zhu's gaze swept about and he found that Chief Li was in front of him, not too far away. He suddenly exerted some force on her hand, pulling her body in front of him. His other hand quickly embracing her thighs, at the same time pushing with both of his hands. He unexpectedly held Chen Ling Shan up.

    "Ahhh!" Chen Ling Shan was shocked by this action and gasped out loud. Unconsciously, she embraced his neck with both of her hands. Her pretty face was instantly covered by a red blush. Never in her life had she been carried by a man in such a way. How could this guy be so shamelessly rash? She glanced secretly at Zhao Tie Zhu's resolute face, and couldn't help but secretly say to herself, "Oh my, I never thought this guy would look so wretched..."

    Zhao Tie Zhu noticed her gaze and felt joy in his heart. Ah, this chick must have been captivated by his resolute charming face. He immediately gave out a sunny smile. Little did he know that this smile had let Chen Ling Shan think that he was unusually wretched...

    In a blink of an eye, Zhao Tie Zhu reached Chief Li. Chief Li hadn't expected his men to be so weak; he hastily took out a stun baton from his belt and waved it toward Zhao Tie Zhu.

    Zhao Tie Zhu planted one foot and then spun his body; his right foot flew high in the air, and a beautiful leg whip landed on Chief Li's face. Glistening saliva spewed from his mouth, along with one yellow tooth. Chief Li flew out several meters and fell to the ground, howling like a pig about to be slaughtered.

    Carrying Chen Ling Shan along, Zhao Tie Zhu dodged several times and managed to get out of the crowd. The security guards behind him were obviously too slow. Seeing him about to get away, some cleverer guards threw their baton forcefully at him.

    Chen Ling Shan saw the sticks flying toward them, and was surprised. But before she had a chance to warn him, some of them had already hit Zhao Tie Zhu's back. He let out several groaning sound, his face instantly turned pale. He staggered slightly a few steps. Then, as if mustering all his strength, he let out a big howl and sped out of the marketplace.

    "Big brother Zhao, they're not catching up. You can put me down." Chen Ling Shan hurriedly said, seeing Zhao Tie Zhu's face grew pale.

    "It's okay," Zhao Tie Zhu said with his teeth gritted, "I can still make it. They certainly won't let us off easily. It's better to run away a bit farther." His heart filled with joy, he unconsciously tightened his right hand. Since his right hand was supporting her firm thigh, the rich sensation gave him a burst of fluttering feelings. Chen Ling Shan obviously didn't realize that even after being injured, he would still have undying desires. She simply looked worriedly at his pale face. "Although he's a bit like a hoodlum, and a little wretched," she thought, "he's also very chivalrous."

    After running into a dark alley, Zhao Tie Zhu knew he could not go on any longer without arousing her suspicions, which wouldn't be good. Although he was a hoodlum, he was a hoodlum with a high moral character. At least, that was what he thought.

    He breathed heavily as he put her down. He slowly said, "Here... should... be safe."

    Chen Ling Shan looked at the person in front of her, and couldn't help to feel a burst of guilt. It was to protect her that he had... She had completely forgotten, she was the one who tried to save him first...

    "Are you okay?" asked Chen Ling Shan. "Let me see your back. I've studied Traditional Chinese Medicine."She walked up behind Zhao Tie Zhu and tried to lift his clothes.

    "No need, no need," Zhao Tie Zhu said, hurriedly turning around. He would be finished if she took a look. Earlier, those few sticks weren't enough to even tickle him, let alone injure him. "I'm fine, just a little sore. Let's find a place to rest," he suggested.

    With a hint of guilt, she hesitated for a moment, then said, "Okay, let's find a place to rest."

    Zhao Tie Zhu felt secretly pleased.

    Half an hour later...

    "Er... Big brother Zhao... I just said to find a place to rest, how come you brought me here..." Chen Ling Shan said uncomfortably.

    "Hey, just rest. I'm used to eating while resting. Besides, it's almost time for dinner, why not just eat something?" Zhao Tie Zhu laughed and handed her a menu.

    "This..." Chen Ling Shan looked helplessly around at the steaming food. She hadn't expected him to bring her to a restaurant. Never mind, she thought to herself, just eat some dinner first.

    Chen Ling Shan ordered a few dishes. Zhao Tie Zhu ordered the restaurant's special, Kung Pao Chicken.

    "Ling Shan, are you originally from here?" Zhao Tie Zhu asked.

    "No, I'm from Tianjin. I came here to study." Chen Ling Shan replied.

    "Oh? To study? You're going to university here?"

    "That's right. I was admitted just this year."

    "Which university?"

    "FJ University. Big brother Zhao, how about you?"

    "Me? I'm also a student. Hahaha, I was also accepted into FJ University this year. What major are you studying?"

    "Big brother Zhao, you're also a freshman at FJ University?" Chen Ling Shan asked in surprise, "I'm taking Finance, what about you?"

    "I'm also majoring in Finance! It seems we were really brought together by fate, fellow classmate." He acted as if it was really a matter of fate. Chen Ling Shan didn't believe it a bit and asked, "Then, when do we need to report in?"

    "That... I forgot. I didn't check..." Zhao Tie Zhu said awkwardly.

    "Hmmph, I knew you were lying." She pretended to be angry. He was just about to explain when the waitress brought out the dishes they had ordered.

    "This Kung Pao chicken taste really good! I order it every time I come here." Zhao Tie Zhu took another chicken leg and said, "When I was little, I had two younger sisters at home. Including me, there were three of us. Every time we ate chicken, mom and dad would buy another chicken leg to add into the pot so that we, brother and sisters, would each get one leg. But they didn't tell me about it. At that time, I thought that a chicken had three legs, and it would hide the other leg behind its ***. It was until I was in the third grade. When I was appointed as the class monitor, during a field trip, we passed through a village and took a rest. To show off, I ran to catch a chicken. Then the teacher asked me what I was doing. I said I was looking for the chicken's third leg. The teacher held his breath for a moment then said, you little rascal."

    "Big brother Zhao, you are a big rascal," Chen Ling Shan said angrily. When she heard him finish the story, she immediately understood what he meant by the third leg. Her face flushed a red color, so touching.


    Translator: Lingson

    Contributing Editor: Deathblade

    Proofreader: Laoren
    Please visit my site: Lingson Translation (Currently translating "Virtual World: The Legendary Thief", "Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants" and proofreading "I Shall Seal The Heaven")

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    woohoo!! new chapter!! thx alot!!

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