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Thread: 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual by Deng Tian (九转雷神诀 - 邓天)

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    Default 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual by Deng Tian (九转雷神诀 - 邓天)

    Attempting to do some translations after leeching and being bored waiting for new chapters of the mainstream stuff. I can almost guarantee that 80% of my translation is accurate to the author's idea. I gave myself 10% leeway for rearranging sentence structures to make it readable in English, and 10% leeway to add or minus things (like a person's name) to make the story less confusing. This translation is a read at your own risk kind LoL. BTW, this c-novel does not have the revenge theme of killing entire families etc.

    In a world similar to our own yet with marked differences, humans are able to cultivate! Supernatural creatures, flying humans, cars and airplanes all coexist in this warped reality. This is the result of those fictional ancient Wuxia clans such as Emei, Kunlun, Wudang etc. surviving to the present day.
    Our main character Lei Yu belongs to a strong mysterious clan but doesnt have the right to practice his familys martial arts. He gets stepped on and tossed around in the family but he puts up with it. Due to certain reasons, he leaves the family, mysteriously gains an ability, and forges his own path. Follow Lei Yu in this novel with xianxia, slice of life, and mythical elements to it.
    (Imagine the manga Grappler Baki where top martial artists are feared by modern day armies.)

    571 chapters complete
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    Ch 1 - Arrival of the Dragon

    There are four major forces within the country of Tenglong, spread throughout the land. Although there were constant conflicts with each other, it never came to a full out war.

    In a region to the West, there is a religion, the name itself sounded like a righteous religion, but it was actually an evil religion called the Ming Sect. According to legend, this religion started in the early Ming Dynasty and was originally a righteous religion. Ming sect started as a righteous sect by righteous people, but due to the passage of time, it gradually transformed. They lost their just cause and became a despised sect by others. Amongst the four major forces, Ming Sect was the most powerful. They were in charge of the countrys underground world and had a hand in many different industries. Even within key government officials, there would be Ming Sect members.

    The second major force was located in the south, named the "Martial Sect". Members of this sect were all famous for their ancient clans with a long history of martial arts. Through the history of time, they somehow gathered together, with Shangguan family as the master. The Shangguan family brought together all the separate martial clans and formed the famous group Martial Sect. Of the Shangguan family, Xi Hong was the leader for daily affairs. The Martial Sect was in charge of Tenglong countrys military affairs. Their influence was something to behold.

    The third major force was called the "Celestial Court." This group was made up of arrogant people who had an unyielding faith in their diverse training abilities. Supporting this group was a person named Shangguan Rong whom had attained the peak of the martial arts realm. Celestial Court commanded multiple prominent sects, such as Wu Dang, Kun Lun, Emei etc. (famous Sects in many Wuxia novels) Celestial Court also had an enigmatic relationship with a mysterious security force that protected the country of Tenglong.

    The last great power was actually a family. This family resided on top of a mountain in the eastern part of Tenglong. This ancient Lei family, inherited the teachings of their ancestors and continued to increase their familys influence. This family was really popular in Tenglong, and had also become a commercial powerhouse. Although there were less than 100 people in the family, their connections to the outside world is shocking to the extreme. The Lei family resides on a mountain, with established factories and processing plants. The entire Lei family all lived within this mountain and people could describe it as its own small kingdom

    The master of the Lei family, Lei Yun Tian had two sons: the eldest son was named Lei Long, and the second son was named Lei Yu. Lei Yu's origin is a mystery and full of unknowns.

    Inside the Leis family great hall.

    "No family brand (tattoo) so theres no possibility of practicing the familys martial arts!" A white-haired old man said in a cold tone.

    Looking at his right arm, a light gradually receded, not leaving any impressions. This little boy himself was puzzled.

    Once the old man concluded his announcement, the entire hall went up into a sudden commotion, followed by bursts of disdain and ridicule one after another.

    "Ha ha, this is the house master's son? He doesnt even have the familys brand?"

    "I dont think hes really that persons child!"

    "Probably a bastard child, posing as the son of the master!"


    "Vile spawn!"

    The little boy covered his head, turned and ran out of the great hall into the garden, screaming hysterically: Why?! Why dont I have the family brand? Why!

    Screaming at the sky: "I'm not a bastard! Im not! Why?!"

    Inside the great hall, a middle-aged man about forty years old, had a very ugly expression on his face. Beside him, the white-haired old man who originally made the announcement gently patted his shoulder, "I had advised you early on, but you..."

    After a sigh, the middle-aged man announced: "the baptism ceremony has concluded, time to disperse." After finishing the announcement, the middle-aged man sat down in a chair with an exhausted look.

    Lei Yu previously heard from his Uncle Liu mention he came to the Lei family when he was around 1 years old. He was left behind at the main gate by a woman whom was never seen again.

    Lei Yu rushed towards Uncle Liu as he entered the doorway "Uncle Liu, what did my father say?"

    Well ...... child, you should leave this place. Uncle Liu reluctantly shook his head. Uncle Liu had watched this child grow up so he naturally had deep feelings for him. But after this incident, theres nothing he can change or assist him with.

    Lei Yu sat back on his bed in a depressed state, Uncle Liu's words were clear, his father does not want him to stay in the family. Was it just solely because he did not have the familys brand? No! Lei Yu refused to believe this, he insisted on staying.

    It has been determined that Lei Yu did not have the family brand after the baptism, his life underwent an enormous change. No more words of flattery towards him, no one would greet him with a smile, everyone would walk by and scoff at this 10 year old child, and some would even ridicule him out loud.

    But Lei Yu endured all these insults and ridicule, he continued to exercise on his own. In Lei Yus heart, even if he did not have the family brand, he could still become powerful. Once he was strong enough, the family would accept him once again.

    Day after day of exercising, Lei Yu used up quite a fortune to hire well-known martial artists for guidance. Day after day of blood and sweat, he kept on doing his daily exercise. Lei Yu managed to forge a strong body and mind.

    Eight years went by, Lei Yu had only seen his father a few times, but it was only a glimpse of his back or his shadow.

    In that eight years, Lei Yu endured daily insults of being called "bastard", "trash", "waste of food", but he continued to tolerate it, in attempts to show everyone and prove to himself.

    As Lei Yu was reading a book inside his room, Uncle Liu stood by the doorway and said "Little Yu, you should really just leave this place, the master, he

    "My father? What about him?" Lei Yu asked with a sudden bad feeling.

    Gritting his teeth, Uncle Liu said "the master has decided to make you leave this family, he said the family shouldnt be raising useless people, so..."

    Lei Yu swallowed hard, completely speechless. Looking at Lei Yu's face, Uncle Liu sighed, shook his head helplessly and left.

    "Why? Why? Has father not seen the efforts Ive put in these past few years? Why does he insist that I am useless? Is it really necessary to have the family brand in order to be part of the Lei family? Why?" Lei Yu forcefully shook his head, he refused to believe such a thing would happen to him today, but unfortunately this was an undeniable fact.

    "Bastard! Why arent you leaving? What are you still here for?!"

    While in agony, Lei Yu heard these insults being screamed outside the door. After hearing this, and ugly and disgusted expression appeared on his face. The person screaming was called Lei Yun, the grandson of one of the elders for the Lei family. Lei Yun also happen to be the successor for the position of elder. After the baptism, this Lei Yun who was slightly older, would insult Lei Yu on a daily basis. There were even the occasional beatings by him.

    With dead cold eyes, Lei Yu glared at Lei Yun and screamed f*ck off!

    Lei Yun was suddenly stunned, he did not think the familys trash would dare to use those words to him. Him, who was designated as the next successor of being an elder. Lei Yun waved behind him and up came several similarly aged young adults, each with an air of menace around them.

    "Who the hell are you? You dare to speak to me like that?!" Looking around the surrounding people, he tells them "Drag him out here!"

    Even though Lei Yu had practiced martial arts for a few years, being surrounded by these few people that had practiced the special martial arts of the Lei family, Lei Yu was unable to resist them. Being held down and dragged by several people, they dragged him to the edge of the cliff.

    "What do you people want?" screamed Lei Yu while struggling.

    While at the edge of the cliff, they started beating up Lei Yu with their Lei familys unique fire ability. Lei Yu was similar to a normal person, theres no way he could bear with this abuse.

    Raising his hand to block a heavy punch, Lei Yu then retaliated. Using strength from base of his legs, then controlling the strength to his upper body, he threw out a punch, hitting Lei Yun in the chin. A crack sound could be heard. Some blood came out of Lei Yuns mouth and he then spit out a tooth.

    Never before had Lei Yun suffered such punishment in his life. Lei Yun experienced an extremely angry emotion. "Drop him off the cliff!"

    "Uhhh..." The surrounding people looked at each other. They were able to suffer the punishment of fighting, but killing someone, they werent willing to bear that consequence. But Lei Yun was the next successor of being an elder, they couldnt resist his commands either. Each one of the young adults did not know what to do.

    Seeing the people hesitate, Lei Yun angrily shouted: "Push him off the cliff, I will take full responsibility!"

    Lei Yu took a few steps back, standing on the edge of a cliff, eyes narrowed with a cold glare at Lei Yun. Forced to these unbearable circumstances, despised by his family and rejected by his peers, Lei Yu became utterly crazy.

    "Lei Yun, if I dont die today, I will definitely come back for revenge! If I do die, my ghost will still come back to haunt you!" Lei Yu's tone was full of resentment. After hearing this, the surrounding people felt the hairs of their body rising and a cold shiver run through their backs.

    Lei Yu left these words to them, turned and jumped off the cliff. Even in death, he will die with dignity. Lei Yu will not beg for mercy, knowing that he would either be beaten to death or pushed to his death, why not do it himself for a quick conclusion.

    "You all saw that right? He jumped down by himself, it has nothing to do with us! Lei Yun scratched his own chin: "F#cker, go die by yourself, why did I have to lose a tooth for this!"

    The sky suddenly began to change, heavy dark clouds started gathering together. Within the dark clouds, streaks of lightning started flashing about. People who saw this thought it would rain soon and ran back home for shelter.

    Suddenly, a bolt of lightning appeared in the shape of a dragon, "Boom!," a loud noise like a dragon's roar. Lightning shot straight down towards the body of Lei Yu who was already floating in the river. At this point, it was unknown if he was dead or alive.
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    looks really interesting , thank you for translating

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    thanks!! cliffhanger at chapter 1 ?? damn....

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    this is gonna be another awesome story...
    Please keep translating this series......

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    Ch 2 - Worlds Biggest Joke

    Floating motionless in the river, Lei Yus body suddenly shuddered. That lightning strike entered through one of Lei Yu's arm, a powerful force constantly invading throughout his entire body. Ten minutes or so later, Lei Yu's body stopped shuddering. That lightning strike had already completely entered Lei Yus body, leaving behind a mark, the brand of a lightning.

    In an unknown paradise, beautiful flowers were blooming everywhere, the birds in the sky were chirping, beasts were in the woods crying, this was the depiction of the environments vitality. At the edge of this paradise by the river shore, there lay a youth with ragged clothes on with parts of his body charred. The youths body suddenly moved. A nearby deer was drinking water suddenly turned around a fled out of fear.

    This youth was not some random person, it was Lei Yu that had jumped off the cliff.

    Trembling while opening his eyes, Lei Yu looked around him. Even though he did not have the strength to stand up and get out of the river, he laughed uncontrollably. His laughed for a variety of reasons. Lei Yu then gathered his strength and screamed out: "I did not die! Lei family! Lei Yun! You guys just wait and see, wait for me!

    It was at this time, Lei Yu felt his arm, right below the shoulder area had a burning sensation. Struggling to turn his neck, looking at his arm and a suddenly amazement appeared in his eyes. "This... this is... this is a brand!"

    Summoning an unknown strength, Lei Yu crawled out of the river and sat down. At the edge of the shore, Lei Yu carefully focused on the burning sensation in his arm. Suddenly within his mind, a bizarre martial arts cultivation method appeared.

    The explanation of the martial arts cultivation method were very in-depth. Clearly telling him how to condense his internal energy (known as qi) and how to practice the moves. Lei Yu had never seen or heard of these cultivation methods before. But these techniques felt like it was carved into his brain, extremely clear and easy to understand.

    This cultivation method had the power of lightning with a simple rating system consisting of 6 stages. The first stage was "Lightning Foundation", releasing the power of the lightning to help cultivate the beginning stage. The second stage was "Body Refining", using the power of lightning to cultivate a stronger outer body. The third stage was "Integration" fusing attacks with the lightnings characteristic in order to perform a paralysis effect. The fourth stage "Energy Suppression", using the magnetic field characteristic of lightning and centering it on ones self, it can manipulate the surrounding atmosphere into the body, thus completely hiding their presence. The fifth stage "Discharge," releasing the attributes of lightning through the body, ones attack would have a slight amount of elemental lightning damage to it. The sixth stage "Detachment" completely releases the force of lightning inside the body, in order to materialize it as an outside attack.

    Within his heart, Lei Yu was unable to use any words to describe his excitement. The age old saying If you dont die after experiencing a huge calamity, luck will surely come your way was actually true. He had actually attained the familys most distinguished lightning brand and gained a peerless martial art cultivation method.

    Lei Yu had once gone over the Lei familys old manuscripts, and one of them recorded the history of the family. Of the Lei descendants, the ones with the most pure blood had the lightning brand, then followed by the flame brand. However, after the third generation Leis passed away, the lightning brand never appeared in the family ever again. Therefore the flame brand became the most revered brand. Now that the lightning brand had appeared on Lei Yus body, could anyone imagine how excited he was?

    Urgently closing his eyes tightly, Lei Yu then began carefully sensing the recorded martial cultivation methods in his mind. Lei Yu surprisingly realized that he could see all the minute details of what was happening inside his body.

    Lines of purple energy was continuously flowing throughout his body. Inside his Sea of Energy (acupuncture point in the bladder area), he could feel a large amount of energy condensed there. Having read countless books in the past, Lei Yu knew exactly what this represented. It meant that he was no longer an ordinary person practicing martials arts, he was now able to practice what ordinary people could only dream of, internal energy. And then, the practicing method to cultivate his internal energy appeared in his mind.

    Following the cultivation method step by step, Lei Yu started circulating the air out of his dantian (acupuncture point near bladder) area. Each time he tried to circulate the air out, it would immediately disperse if his concentration was distracted. After several attempts, Lei Yu was finally able to barely control a thin and weak line of internal energy. Following the methods inside his mind, he slowly propelled the energy through his meridians.

    As the internal energy coursed through his meridians, Lei Yu was surprised to find that it felt like he was being bathed in sunlight. The warm and comfortable feeling almost caused Lei Yu to moan out loud in pleasure.

    At this time, the internal energy approached a narrow point of his meridians and was unable to flow through. Lei Yu gathered a good amount of force before forcing it through. A pop sound could be heard. The meridian had actually ripped apart from the force. Lei Yu started sweating at this point.

    It broke! What should I do? Fracturing of the meridians meant the internal energy would not be able to flow normally at all. But this was just a secondary issue, the main problem was the fracturing of the meridians would cause irreprehensible harm to the body. Starting at the fractured meridian point, pain began to spread throughout the route the internal energy had travelled through previously inside Lei Yus body. The once pleasurable warm feeling was now replaced by unbearable pain.

    God! Are you playing a joke on me?" Lei Yu felt like crying at this point. Originally, he survived a calamity without dying and gained a peerless martial cultivation method. He was not expecting his first try at cultivation would cause his meridians to fracture. Wasnt this the heavens playing the worlds biggest joke on him?

    His body began trembling non-stop. Lei Yu felt that he could not tolerate this pain anymore, especially when the pain became more intense as time went on.

    As Lei Yu was about to give up, he felt a sudden tremor come from his body. An unknown green internal energy burst forth from his chest and spread throughout his body. Lei Yu examined this unknown mysterious energy and realized it did not belong to him. Lei Yu thought this was strange and wondered what it was.

    With the arrival of this green energy, the fractured meridian began to absorb it like nourishment. The meridian then began recovering from the damage. While the meridian was recovering, Lei Yus own purple energy was waiting patiently close by, like one would wait at a bus stop. Kind of just hanging around waiting for the recovery to complete.

    An hour later, the fractured meridians repair was a success. It even became more sturdy than the original. The walls surrounding meridian point had also became tougher. Lei Yu once again tried to control his internal energy to flow through this meridian point. This time it smoothly flowed through.

    I wonder what kind of power that was. Why could it repair meridians? Especially when this force was not his own. After thinking about it, he couldnt come up with an explanation so he just put it in the back of his mind. Lei Yu continued training according to the cultivation methods, pushing his energy through the meridians while that unknown energy lingered around. This mysterious energy followed Lei Yus energy like a warship escort. Each time he encountered a narrow meridian that fractured due to the pushing, this mysterious energy would immediately begin to repair it.

    A full day later, Lei Yu felt tremendous changes occur inside his body. After multiple fractures and repairs, the original weak meridians had become extremely tough. And wherever his internal energy would pass through, the veins would grow larger and wider. Lei Yu also realized he was constantly absorbing the spiritual power in the surrounding environment.

    Slowly opening his eyes, there were simply no words Lei Yu could use to describe his degree of excitement. Although being super excited, Lei Yu could not suppress his hunger. Being unconscious in the water for three days and practicing his martial cultivation for a whole day, Lei Yu had not eaten anything in a total of four days.

    Standing up, Lei Yu suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. "What is this sudden feeling?

    It doesnt matter, Im going to go look for food.

    Approaching a small forest area, Lei Yu went in cautiously. At this time, evening was approaching so the woods were getting dark. But Lei Yu was still able to see clearly all around.

    In the distance, a tree was covered with purple/reddish fruit. Strangely, it was the only tree with such fruits. Lei Yu grabbed one, sniffed it, took a small bite, and experienced a sweet succulent taste. Unable to bear with his hunger any longer, Lei Yu started shoveling the fruits down his mouth. The juices of the fruit could be seen dribbling down the corner of his mouth. Enjoying the flavor of the fruit, Lei Yu ate over ten of them without stopping.

    Lei Yu then realized this forest was technically an unknown place to him, so he best not stay here, especially when night was approaching. Patting his full stomach, Lei Yu went back to the rivers shore to sit down.

    Once again, closing his eyes and concentrating, he began to practice the cultivation methods inside his mind. Lei Yu was surprised to find out that the undigested fruits inside his stomach was an excellent source of energy for cultivation. The fruits happen to contain vital elements beneficial to cultivators. Lei Yu was overjoyed - able to feel the gradual changes inside his body; the internal energy circulating everywhere; the mysterious green energy as a protector; and his body constantly surpassing its limits. Lei Yu now understood the definition of earth-shaking changes.

    Everyday, Lei Yu would go back to that same tree and eat the fruits for sustenance. He was surprised to find that these fruits did not seem to deplete at all. After eating some, he would come back the next day and it seemed like the fruits regrew. Lei Yu was overjoyed, at this rate, he would never run out of food. Lei Yu did not give too much thought into this miraculous circumstance. (T/N: isnt this a bit too convenient?)

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    Ch 3 - Painstaking cultivation

    After three months, Lei Yu had broken through the first stage Lightning Foundation and advanced to the early 2nd stage of Body Refining. At a different stage, the method of cultivating had also changed.

    Body Refining, by definition, was to allow the outside body to become solid and tough, but not for big explosive power. For someone like Lei Yu who relies on those big explosive speed and power for attacks, this body refinement method seemed a bit contradictory.

    After doing daily physical exercises, Lei Yu would leave himself an extended period of time to relax. This will allow the muscles to relax and not become overworked. Overworking the muscles without downtime could cause necrosis. Maintaining a certain balance in training was one of the most important aspects of martial arts practitioners.

    Every muscle on Lei Yu had become toned with defined lines on them, not the overly big bulky muscles. Even so, Lei Yus muscle still gave people a feeling that it contained explosive power like a fierce leopard.

    Reaching the Body Refining stage, Lei Yu was able to freely control his body's internal energy along with the inherent power of lightning attribute. Circulating this power throughout the body including all the large and small meridians, bone structure, skin and muscles, all would be enhanced by the power of lightning. At each critical refinement stage, there would be significant changes. One could hear a pak pak sound from the bones, while the skin and muscle would have the crackling sound of lightning. The pain was intolerable to Lei Yu, but all he could do was clench his teeth and deal with it. In his heart, he held onto a belief, one that had taken root and could not be swayed. (T/N: probably to become strong for revenge)

    Using the internal power of lightning to refine his body was like doing homework at night. While during the day, he would work on a series of physical fitness training.

    Loaded running was basically an essential part to training. Lei Yu carried a bundle of logs on his back weighing over 100 jin (1 jin 斤 = 1.33lb or 640g). Of course he had a difficult time at first, but combining his evolving body with his own adaptability, Lei Yu eventually was able to jog at a slow pace. Then ultimately, he was able to run like the wind.

    Unloading the heavy logs off his back, Lei Yu flopped down onto the rivers edge grasping for air. Watching fishes swim by in the river, Lei Yu thought to himself, "the fruits were really good, but eating vegetarian all the time gets tiring. Wouldnt it be great if I could eat a bunch of meat instead

    Theres always a big difference between fantasy and reality. With a helpless smile, Lei Yu came back to his senses. The first thing to do was to raise his current strength, then he can think about other things later.

    Picking up the bundle of logs weighing over 100 jin, Lei Yu continued to run and train.

    The process of refining ones body was difficult. It was also the hardest stage to cultivate amongst the 6 stages. Lei Yu was unable to let go of the anger in his heart. For an adolescent teenager who had experienced years of humiliation and abuse, he had already forged a strong and determined mind. But the boiling anger of a teenager would sometimes escape, this would give Lei Yu a surge of momentum. This momentum was also the push to make him reach new heights.


    Inside the forest, a teenager with some leaves wrapped around his body stood still. Across from him, a fierce beast was using its tongue to lick its sharp fangs. This beast had the appearance of multiple animal parts making up his unique body. It had a tigers head, but did not have the tigers stripes, a mane of hair on its chest instead of the back was touching the ground, there was a sharp horn on top of its head similar to a rhinos horn, six spikes on its back that protruded from its spine, and claws like a majestic eagle soaring through the air. Finally, this beast was covered in dark fur with a pair of blood red eyes.

    The teenagers body slightly vibrated as all his internal energy started boiling inside. Condensing the energy into both his arms, this teenager was careful not to make a single mistake. Facing a unnamed fierce beast, he could feel the oppressive aura emanating towards him.

    Suddenly, the fierce beast stood up, blood red eyes staring straight at the teenager, eyes giving off the impression you are going inside my stomach. Stepping forward with his powerful claws, he pounced towards the teenager.

    The teenager immediately sidestepped.


    Like a gust of wind, the teenagers body maneuvered around a few trees. Not just evading the beasts pounce, he gripped a small tree with one hand and using the momentum, kicked upwards at the beast in mid-pounce, striking it in the abdominal area.

    Having escaped serious injury from the teenagers heavy kick, the fierce beast was now seriously pissed off. Planting all four legs on the ground firmly, it arched its body up high for elevation. The beast turned around and one can see the vibration from the six spikes on his back. The spikes were searching for their target and once it located where the teenager was standing...

    "Click! The teenager rapidly retreated. The next moment, the tree he was originally next to split into 2 with very neat cuts. We can see how dangerously sharp the beasts spikes were.

    The teenager was rapidly breathing. In order to beat this fierce beast, he definitely had to formulate a strategy.

    Changing his method of fighting, the teenager went head-on instead of retreating. Copying the stance of the fierce beast, both parties clashed together in a heap. The teenager turned his head to the side, narrowly avoiding the beasts attack with its rhino horns. The teenager then used both hands to grasp onto the 2 front paws of the beast. After several months of training, this teenager not only had a powerful body, both his hands and legs had become very powerful as well. The teenager was very confidant in his hands grasping power.

    As the beasts claws clashed together with the human hands, the beast had to push forward in order to be not pushed back. The beast attempted multiple times to use its fangs to bite the teenager, but the teenager was able to easily avoid them.

    His lips slightly upturned in a smirk, the teenagers reserved internal energy immediately burst forth in both arms. The fierce beasts 2 front paws immediately had a numb feeling.


    A loud howl could be heard. The fierce beast forcefully retracted its claws from the grasp, then rolled backwards. The beast stood back up and one could see the trembling in those 2 front paws.

    The teenager laughed out loud, it seems quite powerful once reaching the Integration stage!

    The fierce beast was now completely enraged, it needed a few seconds to recover. After his 2 front paws recovered, the beasts body became a blur sprinting to the side, it wanted to attack the side of this difficult to deal with teenager instead of facing him head on.

    Standing motionless in place, the teenager warily watched the beast for any flaws. Once the beast reached him around the 1 meter distance, the beast suddenly pounced over. At this time, the teenager also reacted, squatting down to the ground, using the power of over 1000 jin in his legs, he jumped up and used his shoulder to ram into the fierce beasts solar plexus area (between chest and abdominals).

    A crack" sound could be heard. The fierce beast roared in pain, a few of its lower ribs were broken.

    When the teenager trained his internal energy and his external physique, he also inadvertently trained the power of his shoulders. That's how those bundles of woods weighing over 100 jin were lifted up and carried over his back. Once one releases those powers in the shoulders and legs, its outcome was quite natural.

    While the fierce beast was rolling on the ground, the teenager approached the beast and wanted to finish it off. Unknowingly, the beast's tail resting on the ground caught the teenager by surprise and he wasnt able to dodge. The tail wrapped around the teenager rendering him immobile. Taking advantage of this situation, the beast used his hind claws and randomly attacked the teenager. Even with a strong external body, the teenager was unable to resist this random fierce attack. The teenager sustained multiple scratches and cuts with blood dripping everywhere. In a surprise move, a spike from the back of the fierce beast fired whoosh! stabbing into the teenagers thigh.

    The piercing pain made the teenagers power explode. Using both hands, he blocked the attacks of other incoming spikes. With the aid of his internal energy, he smashed at the spike protruding from his thigh. A "crack" sound could be heard, the spike broke apart and could be easily pulled out now. Holding a piece of the spike, the teenager aimed it at the eye of the beast and thrust forward. The aim was true and penetrated deep down, through the eye and straight into the brain. After a burst of struggle, the fierce beast gradually lost its life. The teenager then collapsed, lying on top of the fierce beasts body while recuperating his own.

    This teenager was indeed Lei Yu who had cultivated over year in this unknown paradise. And the fierce beast was his first encounter with something dangerous. This encounter proved that Lei Yu succeeded, he had the ability to protect himself in in the face of danger.

    After recuperating, Lei Yu opened his eyes and stared up into the clear blue skies. Inside his brain, he was thinking: What should I do now? Remain here to cultivate? Or go to the city? Should I go back to the Lei family to prove himself to them, to show how strong he had become? At least beating up Lei Yun now is as simple as a side dish (T/N: as in piece of cake).

    Lei Yu shook his head, no! I hate the Lei familys narrow mindset, I hate everyone inside the Lei family! Standing up with a slap of his hands, Lei Yu decided that since his mother left him at an early age, he wanted to go look for her and figure out why she would drop him off and then leave him. Except where would he start looking? Whatever, first he would return to the city and then figure something out.

    Turning around and looking at the dead body of the fierce beast lying on the ground, Lei Yu realized the spikes on the fierce beast were extremely sharp. Using them as weapons would be a good choice. Lei Yu then pulled out the spike that had penetrated the beasts eye. As he was pulling out the spike, Lei Yu happened to see a brief sparkle of light in the eye socket area.

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    Ch 4 - Round yellow bead

    Lei Yu used the spike to open up the wound larger. Closing his eyes (in disgust), he shoved his fingers inside the eye socket a retrieved an object that gave off some light.

    This was a yellow bead that was constantly flashing a faint light. Lei Yu grabbed the blood covered bead along with the spike. He then slowly limped towards the river.

    After cleaning it in the river, this round bead regained its original appearance. The crystal clarity of the bead gave off a feeling like it was a thousand year old precious amber. Lei Yu brought the bead to his nose and took a sniff, an aromatic scent could be detected. The absurd Lei Yu even brought the bead to his mouth and licked it with his tongue. The round bead with saliva on it became even more brilliant and elegant looking as it flickered in the light. This dazzling light forced Lei Yu to involuntarily close his eyes.

    Suddenly, the round bead moved by itself and plunged into Lei Yus mouth. The bead became similar to melted liquid, easily going down Lei Yus throat and dispersing throughout his body.

    Lei Yu immediately panicked, trying to spit the round bead out, but now it had become an impossible feat.

    Afraid of any adverse effect, Lei Yu immediately sat down cross-legged. Monitoring the internal changes, he saw that once the round bead entered his mouth, it turned into a gas and went straight to his dantian where his purple energy resided. Both forces collided together for a short period of time, then calmed down. Lei Yu did not notice any feelings of discomfort, and did not feel anything else unusual. After a long period of observation, no conclusion could be made.

    Opening his eyes, Lei Yu looked at the direction the river was flowing in. He himself floated down the river, therefore if he followed the opposite direction, he should be able to get back to the city. Making up his mind, he went to pick more of the fruits he had been eating for the past year. He then used his tattered clothing to wrap the fruits up. Ignoring his leg injury, he limped towards his destination.


    Outside the Leis family main gate, a teen similar to Lei Yus age asked: Where is Lei Yu? Is he home?

    Curling his lips in disdain, a man wearing a black suit replies: Lei Yu? You mean that vile spawn? Hes dead.

    Dead?! The teen stared wide eyed in shock. "How did this happen? And when did it happen?

    Little master Nuo Hu, this I am not too clear on. Hearing from little master Lei Yun, it appears to be a suicide by jumping off a cliff. After answering the questions, the man wearing a black suit turned and walked back into the Lei family manor, ignoring the shocked teenager standing outside.

    Nuo Hu!

    Hearing someone call out his name in a familiar voice, he immediately turned around. After seeing a stranger, he was a bit disappointed. But this stranger seems to be dressed in an over the top manner.

    Naked upper body, wearing material from nature to cover his lower body (T/N: think Tarzan). He had extremely long hair that one could not make out his face.

    You are...?" Nuo Hu asked, completely baffled.

    Im Lei Yu!

    "Lei Yu! No way!" Nuo Hu took a few steps forward to look more carefully. This modern version of Tarzan swished his hair away to reveal his face.

    It really is you! Why do you look like this? Nuo Hu asked after confirming it really was Lei Yu.

    Well talk once we leave this place. Pulling Nuo Hu, they walked towards a car a short distance away. Seeing the Lei family household again, his eyes were filled with anger and resentment.

    While sitting inside the car, Lei Yu told Nuo Hu what happened the past year, but concealing his miraculous attainment of the lightning cultivation method.

    "They have crossed the line! Nuo Hu slapped the steering wheel in anger, this wont do, I will bring my father back here so he can settle this.

    No need, the Lei family kicked me aside, but I can still survive and make something of myself. One day, I will make them regret the decision theyve made. After saying these words, one can see the hatred in Lei Yus eyes.

    What do you plan on doing now? asked Nuo Hu.

    I dont know, nothing planned right now.

    "How about this, Bao and I will arrange for you to enter the Dragon Group. In there, you can get a better workout of your martial arts. Since you have something to prove, you will need to continuously attain higher cultivation levels.

    Lei Yu was currently without a plan. Wanting to look for his mother's whereabouts requires some clues first. The probability of finding a needle in the haystack was too little. Additionally, Lei Yu wanted to secretly contact Uncle Liu, after all, he had seen his mother back then. And Uncle Liu had always treated Lei Yu well since he was young, even treated him the same after his unfortunate results at the baptism. He was the only person in the Lei family that Lei Yu had a favorable impression of, even though he was not blood related.

    Taking Lei Yu out to buy some new clothes and to get a haircut, a brand new Lei Yu appeared before Nuo Hu.

    Now you look decent!" Nuo Hu smiled while patting Lei Yus shoulders.

    Pertaining to Lei Yu's experience, Nuo Hu was very heartbroken. Knowing Lei Yu had jumped off a cliff and his status unknown, this person who he grew up with, a friend that was more like a brother, had once again appeared in front of him.

    Nuo Hus family was very prominent and had considerable status inside the country of Tenglong. His father was a member of Martial Sect, one of the major forces in the country. Once known as one of the ancient martial clans of the country, the Nuo family relied on their courage and strength to be in charge of one of Tenglong countrys most outstanding military army, known as Dragon Group.

    After some arrangements, Lei Yu was placed into a solitary building apartment to live temporarily. Nuo Hus personal bodyguard Bao, was able to successfully assist Lei Yu in joining the big organization Dragon Group.

    Martial Sects Dragon Group was similar to other military units, having extremely strict requirements. Each soldier could be considered the elite of the elite. One would not necessarily call them experienced veterans, but through their training, theyve achieved an iron-clad body and a strong will. There isnt even a need to mention how loyal they were to their own groups.

    Entering the Dragon Group was every martial artists dream. Because Lei Yu was easily able to get in due to Nuo Hu, this caused many people to look at him through eyes of disdain.

    Soldiers entering Dragon Group were hand-picked from the best after going through layers of screening. And Dragon Group was divided into three teams. They were currently in the Wild Wolfs team area. This team numbered only a few, about 2000 people. Even so, a normal team member could effortlessly deal with 3 - 4 ordinary people. So basically their team could deal with 5 - 6 thousand people without any problems.

    These newly joined soldiers would go through rigorous training and testing. After attaining a certain level of proficiency, one could then enter the higher level Lion team. Basically, out of 20 members from the Wild Wolf team, only 1 would attain this proficiency and enter Lion team, therefore theres only a hundred or so members. These members were different from the ordinary tough soldiers, each person had extraordinary abilities.

    The most mysterious was Dragon Groups Dragon team. Not only were they Dragon Groups trump card, they were the soul of the entire group. Although there were only a mere 18 people in the team, they maintained a really strong existence here. These powerful soldiers were able to train in the cultivation methods of the ancient martial art clans, embarking on the road to the next level with internal energy. Each person were absolutely loyal to the Dragon Group. Just the Dragon Group alone had such a powerful force, one can wonder how much power the entire Martial Sect held in its hand.

    Lei Yu entering the Dragon Group naturally had to go through a series of tests. Even with his connection to Nuo Hu, a random position could not be casually given.

    Dragon Groups testing were demanding and strict, theres no back door to get in. Nuo Hu could forcibly put Lei Yu in the group, but whether Lei Yu could settle in peacefully would be up to his own ability.

    This test given happens to be completely customized for Lei Yu because it wasnt the normal scheduled time for the Dragon Group to recruit new people.

    Presiding over the testing was Dragon Groups famous #3 ranked, Fan Hong Chang. Dragon Group had 3 big mountains backing it up (3 pillars of strength). The first mountain was Nuo Hus father, Nuo Yi Long. His strength had reached a scary Fifth Order Warrior. Following close behind Nuo Yi Long was his twin sister, Nuo Yi Feng. This pair of Long and Feng (dragon and phoenix) can be described as tough to unimaginable proportions.

    As for the third mountain named Fan Hong Chang, he is a descendant from the ancient martial arts clan. He has reached the Fourth Order Warrior stage, he just needed a breakthrough and will be able to attain a higher rank.

    Lei Yu entering Dragon Group through a special relationship would of course cause many people to see him in a bad light. Not only were ordinary soldiers looking at him with disdain, Fan Hong Chang was also looking at Lei Yu with disdain.
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    This is funny. It seems to be the first manual used by the MC on "Martial god Space" =)

    Anyway will start reading this! Thank you omgitsaray for the work. =)

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    Fixed a mistake a noticed in previous chapters, the uncle that was good to Lei Yu is uncle Liu, not uncle Bo.

    Ch 5 - Where the sky meets the earth

    The test is divided into two parts, written and martial arts. Entering Dragon Group is extremely strict, if one does not have higher abilities than an ordinary person, I advise you to leave as soon as possible, no need to waste everyone's time here." Fan Hong Chang did not care about the relationship between Nuo Hu and Lei Yu so he did not have a fawning smile. He had the face of an impartial judge.

    "Can I start?" Lei Yu asked with indifference. Raising his head exposing his face with arrogance, this was Lei Yus biggest change. Being constantly humiliated at a young age, this has made Lei Yus personality different from an ordinary person.

    This simple reaction from Lei Yu made the so called iron mask judges face light up a bit. If one did not have some air of arrogance, they were considered spineless (feeble). Even possessing a good innate talent, if one did not have a mindset and personality to back it up, they were equal to useless trash.

    Outside the walls of the testing area, soldiers crowded around to watch. They wanted to see what ability this arrogant guy had, daring to stand there waiting to be tested by himself.

    Lei Yus performance made Fan Hong Chang and all the surrounding soldiers dumbfounded. A normal person could carry the weight of 200 jin as their maximum limit, Lei Yu was carrying on his shoulders barbells weighing 270 jin while steadily jogging around. This made all the nearby newbie recruits jaws drop in surprise.

    Originally, the strength test and stamina test were separate, but Lei Yu carrying the barbells went for a run. A lap around the testing area was about 200 meters, Lei Yu ran 30 laps which was equivalent to 6 kilometers (3.7 miles). Running with weights on him was a simple task, this past year, Lei Yu went through a myriad of physical training while in the [Body Refining] stage.

    He passes! He passes! Strength and endurance far exceeds an ordinary person!" Fan Hong Chang excitedly ran towards Lei Yu. Grasping the barbell on Lei Yus shoulder with one hand, he then casually throws it aside. This soldier was definitely material that would enter the Dragon Team in the future. Anyone of the 3 mountains would be extremely happy at this point.

    Standing outside the testing ground, all the newbie recruits were shocked. The original eyes of disdain had disappeared without a trace replaced with surprise and admiration. Was this something humans were capable of?

    Rules were rules, Lei Yu had to participate in the other test as well, but for someone that grew up reading many books, the next test was actually by far the easiest task for him out of everything. Lei Yus performance on the second test garnered cheers and applause. After testing, the next day will be conducting team assignment.
    Typically, soldiers were required to live in the military barracks. Lei Yu got got rid of the stigma of entering Dragon Group through the back door with Nuo Hus connection. He was now able to continue living in the solitary apartments, allowing him to cultivate without being disturbed.

    Nuo Hu and Lei Yu both ate a simple lunch, then went to a nearby supermarket to buy daily necessities for Lei Yu.

    Lei Yu was very grateful towards Nuo Hu. When he was back in the Lei family household, he and Nuo Hu were relatively good friends. Now expelled from the family and penniless, this friend of his was still treating him very well. Compared to his heartless cold blooded family, this difference was too great.

    Walking towards the supermarket, Lei Yu turned around and said: "Thank you Nuo Hu.

    Thanking me for what? For helping you? Nuo Hu smiled and said: "We two grew up as close as brothers, why are you saying those words to me? You dont have a home, but you have me as a good friend, a good brother, doesnt that make up for it?

    Lei Yus eyes became moist. Lei Yu did not cry when he left the Lei family. Alone in an unknown place for over a year, he struggled and survived it. But facing Nuo Hus statement, Lei Yu could not restrain his tears.

    Thanks, thank you!" Lei Yu said emotionally.

    Come on, dont be like this. Nuo Hu patted Lei Yus shoulders, Im older than you by two months, how about we two become sworn brothers?

    Lei Yu immediately nodded. Regarding relationships, Lei Yu was extremely eager for them. Whether it was familial relationships or friendship, Lei Yu would treasure them. Since he had lost his family and his home, now someone was willing to become his sworn brother, to Lei Yu, this was undoubtedly a colossal gift.

    Not needing to hold any formal ceremony, and only needing the words between the two to form a brotherhood, this was considered a real relationship.

    Since they were now brothers, Lei Yu did not withhold any secrets and told Nuo Hu about the brand on his arm and all the details of the martial cultivation methods imprinted into his mind. Nuo Hu was naturally very happy for Lei Yu.


    Never stopping his cultivation, the surging internal strength inside his body cannot be compared to the weak body from a year ago. Invigorating internal energy was now circulating around his body and meridians. And Lei Yu was able to manipulate his internal energy with relative ease. Each time he pushes and circulates his internal energy, he will gain some benefits from the workout.

    Night time - as the cool wind blows, one can see outside the window that the leaves on the trees were continuously swaying due to the wind. Lei Yu was sitting on the floor with his eyes closed cultivating.

    Peering inside his body, the energy of the yellow bead from before was originally quiet, but now it suddenly started surging again. Like the current of the red sea, a flood of yellow energy was endlessly surging in the Sea of Energy point. Lei Yu panicked, using his own internal energy to wrap up and consume the yellow beads energy trying to make it his own. But no matter how hard he tried to consume it, the energy would find a gap to escape, he was unable to control it.

    The yellow energy had the power to go from the meridians to the heart vessels pulse points. The vigorous energy scoured through Lei Yus internal impurities while also expanding his meridians. Lei Yu did not feel any discomfort, so he temporarily controlled his own energy to stay in the Sea of Energy point. He wanted to see what exactly the force of energy was up to.

    The energy continued from the heart vessels going upwards, dividing and moving through different channels. Lei Yu panicked again, if it was only a single stream of energy, with some planning he could eventually fuse it together with his. At this rate, there were simply too many channels for him to stop. It was too late to fix anything now. Lei Yu's forehead was covered with sweat, carefully monitoring the powerful energy, wanting to figure out just exactly what this energy was up to.

    The energy continued without the slightest pause, continued flowing upwards through multiple channels. Its task was the same before, scouring and removing all the internal impurities, pushing them outside of his body while travelling to its next destination.

    Finally inside Lei Yus mind, the energy travelling in different channels converged together. In-between the eyebrows lie an important meridian point. If by chance an energy invades that area, it will be difficult to expel it. And trying to control the energy that has already invaded the meridian point will be a difficult task. Lei Yu regretted somewhat for not making a decision early on, then again, there werent any strange occurrences where the yellow energy passed through, except for the expelling of impurities which is considered a positive thing.

    Suddenly Lei Yu felt his mind become hazy. A yellow light was constantly swirling around, making Lei Yu feel a bit dizzy. Trying his utmost to control his brain... when he finally recovered, Lei Yu was surprised to find everything around him had changed. Theres nothing around him and looking at a distance, one could see where the sky meets the earth. (T/L: where the sky meets the ground forming a line)

    Obstructing that line, Lei Yu saw two wild beasts fighting against each other savagely. Carefully observing, Lei Yu was surprised to find one of the wild beasts was exactly the one he had killed in the forest earlier on. Why did this wild beast suddenly appear in his mind?

    And the appearance of the other wild beast, Lei Yus first instinct was a good omen, because the other beast was a Qilin. (T/L: aka Kirin, dragon head with a horse/deer/ox body).

    The two wild beasts wrestled and tangled together, causing non-stop tremors at the line. A roar resonated through the sky and a powerful explosive force was felt inside Lei Yus mind.

    Gradually, the battle between the two wild beasts slowed down. It appears the Qilin did not have enough stamina for the prolonged fight, and was eventually torn to pieces by the black wild beast. A yellow bead came out of the Qilin, continuously shimmering with light. The yellow bead was gulped down by the black wild beast, turning into a yellow gas and entering its body.

    Lei Yu was surprised to find out the origin of the yellow bead came from the body of a Qilin. But why did he find it inside the head of the black wild beast? Gradually, Lei Yu completely comprehended the situation.

    After witnessing this ground shaking battle amongst the backdrop where the sky met the earth, Lei Yu resumed control of his brain. The yellow energy in his head began to condense, increasing in speed, and eventually forming the yellow bead.

    Lei Yu opened his eyes "wait a minute..." Lei Yu could not understand one point. The Qilin and the black beast would be comparable in power, why would the Qilin let itself be devoured? Its even possible the Qilin was more powerful whats going on?

    This whole matter made Lei Yu feel like his brain was going to short-circuit. No matter how much he thought about it, he could not come to a conclusion. As to what the main purpose of the yellow beads function was, Lei Yu did not know. He only knew it cleared a lot of impurities inside his bodys meridians.

    Exhaling a breath, Lei Yu felt his whole body was sticky. Looking down at himself, his white t-shirt was covered in a black disgusting ooze that would make a person want to throw up. He immediately took off his clothes and went straight to the bathroom.

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    Ch 6 - Dragon Group Tests

    Quickly taking a bath, the dawn sky was already starting to get hazy with light. Lei Yu lived in a solitary high-rise, since it was still early in the morning, Yu Lei stood in front of the window watching all the cars coming and going by on the street.

    Lei Yu recalled the battle scene between the two wild beasts and that yellow bead, I wonder what was up with that?" Without realizing it, Lei Yu touched his forehead. Thinking that there was a bead inside his head made him a bit uncomfortable.

    Inadvertently turning around, Lei Yu saw his tattered clothes. Remembering wrapped inside his tattered clothes were the unknown named fruits he had picked but never ate. Unwrapping the clothing, he took a bite out of the fruit. The fruit was still plump, juicy, and very sweet. It had not gone bad even though it was picked quite a few days ago.

    "Ahhh, so good, I should really let Nuo Hu try some." After eating another one, his internal energy slightly vibrated giving Lei Yu an enjoyable feeling. Usually after eating the fruit, he would sit down and absorb it, but today he didnt do that. Picking up his newly purchased backpack, shoving a few pieces of fruit inside, he left the house.

    Lei Yus apartment was a bit far from the Dragon Group grounds, but he did not take any public transportation, he chose to jog there. Even though jogging would not increase his cultivation level by that much, but he would still attain some tiny benefits from it.

    Little Yu!

    The currently jogging Lei Yu turned his head and saw Nuo Hu driving towards him.

    Take this." Nuo Hu took out a brand new top of the line cell phone from his pocket and handed it to Lei Yu. "This will help us communicate easier, and I have good news to tell you.

    Oh? What good news?" Lei Yu asked.

    Do you remember Ai Er?

    Ai Er? Didnt she go live abroad? Lei Yu remembered Nuo Hus little sister called Nuo Ai Er. Since they were young, this little girl loved playing together with her two brothers. And since she was young, she was intelligent and easy to get along with, gaining Lei Yus adoration.

    Right, but she is about to return home, shes currently filling out paperwork these few days.

    "That is great!" The cell phone was just handed to Lei Yu, it then started ringing. Lei Yu could see a smirk on Nuo Hus face, indicating he should answer the phone.


    Brother Yu! (T/N: should be brother little yu, but doesnt make sense in English)

    Ai Er?

    Wait for me, Im coming home soon, I want to see if youve become more handsome! This is an international long-distance call, very expensive, hanging up now!

    Not letting Lei Yu respond, the other side already hung up the phone. Lei Yu shook his head helplessly, living abroad for several years, this little missys thoughts were quite westernized, starting a conversation with such a greeting.

    Putting the phone in his pocket, Lei Yu mysteriously took out the purple reddish fruit from his backpack and handed it over to Nuo Hu. Hesitantly holding the fruit, Nuo Hu first took a small bite. His eyes suddenly opened in surprise, proceeding to gulp down the fruit with such ferocity. Watching Nuo Hu close his eyes in contentment, Lei Yu also smiled in satisfaction.

    What kind of fruit was that? How could it taste so good?

    Lei Yu shrugged, "I dont know but Ive been eating it the past year to survive.

    As Lei Yu was saying that, Nuo Hus look of surprise became more obvious, "such a feeling of rejuvenating energy! What is going on?" Gently rubbing his stomach, Nuo Hu asked in amazement.

    I also dont know, but it definitely helps with cultivation.

    While sitting inside the car, Nuo Hu closed his eyes and experienced the rejuvenating energy. Nuo Hus smile gradually became more brilliant, just one fruit and he was able to feel earth-shaking changes in his body. He could not even fathom this monster Lei Yu had actually eaten this fruit for a whole year, what kind of improvement has he gained.

    I still have some more here, its all yours." Lei Yu generous took all the fruits from his backpack and gave it to Nuo Hu.

    What about you?

    I ate a lot of them already, I dont think they have much effect on me anymore.

    Nuo Hu excitedly took all the fruits. One could see that in his eyes, they were filled with gratitude towards Lei Yu. Lei Yu acted selflessly because he felt that it was a normal thing to share with one's brother.

    Nuo Hu belonged to ancients clans inside the Martial Sect. He learned martial arts since he was young, and they were the top tier martial cultivating arts, naturally making him different from ordinary people. This spiritually infused fruit for Nuo Hu was like a cultivation increasing elixir, how could he not be excited?

    Going with Nuo Hu, they arrived at the military camp.

    Has your energy consumption recovered from yesterday?" asked Fan Hong Chang.

    Completely recovered.

    Fan Hong Chang nodded his head: Are you willing to accept another test today?

    Huh? Why?" Lei Yu hurriedly asked, thinking that there problems with yesterday's test.

    Your ability has already exceeded the standards of the Wild Wolf Team. The Commander, Deputy Commander and I, have decided to have you test for admission into the Lion Team.

    The test results were expected by Lei Yu and Nuo Hu, thats why Nuo Hu did not show much surprise during yesterday's test. But for those new recruits, it was definitely unimaginable.

    Lei Yu naturally agreed, if he could attain a higher level, it would mean he will be in contact with more powerful individuals. This may help him improve his cultivation greatly.

    For this test, endurance and strength were no longer the objective, instead it was fighting. This was actually Lei Yus weakness. When in the Lei family household, he was often beaten by others, never retaliating. Just before he left the Lei household, he only retaliated slightly, it could not be really considered fighting back. Counting the days until now, he had only fought with the unnamed fierce beast in a death struggle, therefore Lei Yus actual combat experience were rather inadequate.

    What type of fighting are we engaging in? asked Lei Yu.

    Within the Lion Team, I will pick the weakest soldier to fight with you. If you can win against him, you will have some time to rest. You can then choose to challenge the next strongest fighter, or you could give up. Naturally, you will be able to enter Lion Team at this point, but you will also be like that weakest soldier, at the bottom of the barrel explained Fan Hong Chang.

    Lei Yu nodded his head, I understand, lets start then.

    Hearing that yesterdays new recruit who had just entered the Wild Wolf Team was now being tested for team advancement, it attracted the attention of new recruits and veterans, all running to come watch.

    Isnt this guy a bit too powerful? He passed the test yesterday to get into Dragon Group, now he can participate in the team advancement test!

    Thats right! Its too unbelievable!

    Many new recruits stood outside the testing grounds discussing this. Then the Lion Teams veterans were brought to the center of the testing grounds, sitting around in a circle forming a fighting ring.

    You, come out!


    A strong looking soldier stood up and walked towards the center of the ring. Fan Hong Chang said: Very simple rules, youre not allowed to hurt vital areas, not allowed to kill, knocking down or making the opponent yield will end the match. Understood?

    Understood! Lei Yu and the unnamed soldier replied in unison.

    "Start!" yelled Fan Hong Chang, quickly withdrawing to the edge of the ring. Nuo Hu crossed his arms and nonchalantly looked at Lei Yu.

    Being with Lei Yu these past 2 days, Nuo Hu knew how much power Lei Yu possessed. Even if they were Lion Teams soldiers, they were no match for Lei Yu. Their physical abilities were only beyond the Wild Wolf Team soldiers, reaching the pinnacle levels of ordinary people, but still only an ordinary person. Lei Yu and Nuo Hu both discussed that the aim was to directly enter Dragon Team. But they still had to follow normal testing procedures for this.

    Sure enough, the soldier assumed a standard fighting stance and slowly approached Lei Yu, and began throwing out punches. But Lei Yu did not block or counter-attack because he did not think his opponent's fist was able to hurt him. Once in a while, he would move his hand to deflect a fist aiming for his head, but when it came to his body, Lei Yu did not resist and allowed the attacks to land.

    One by one, the Lion Team members revealed looks of surprise. Even if the participating soldier was the weakest out of them all, no one would dare to stand there and take the beating. If someone was to say Lei Yu did not know how to defend himself and could only take on the attacks, yet strangely why did his face not suffer any attacks.

    The new recruits outside the testing grounds began to have their blood boil in excitement. This was really unimaginable!

    Wow! He is too strong!

    Thats right, look, hes not even making any moves!

    What do you know, if he was to fight back, his opponent will immediately get knocked out!

    I think thats an accurate assessment!

    The uproar outside the testing ground had cause some anxiety to the soldier who was currently doing his best throwing out punches. His fists became more rapid and powerful, aiming at Lei Yus head area. But no matter how hard he tried, he was simply unable to break through this line of defense.

    Lei Yu relied on his speed and powerful defense. After the [Body Refining] stage, Lei Yu was not someone an ordinary person could hurt, even if that ordinary person was at their pinnacle limit.

    Do you think it is necessary to continue fighting?" Lei Yu asked as he gently deflected a punch that was aimed at his face.

    Immediately after the question was asked, the soldier stopped his attacks, standing there breathing in ragged breaths. In that short 3 minutes, he was already exhausted and out of breath. While Lei Yu looked like nothing much had happened except a friendly chit chat had just occurred. Is this something humans are capable of doing?

    Not only the new recruits, even those Lion Team soldiers sitting around the ring began to tense up, constantly whispering to each other.

    Be quiet!" yelled Fan Hong Chang running to the center of the ring, "the results are very obvious!

    This soldier lowered his head, ran back to the edge of the ring and silently sat down. He knew deep inside that if Lei Yu attacked, even if it was just 1 punch, he may be currently lying down inside the militarys field hospital.

    Lei Yu, you can choose to continue challenging stronger opponents, or you can also choose to give up, either way, you can enter the Lion Team.


    The audience were in an uproar. Just on the second day, this teenager who had recently joined the Dragon Group was able to advance into the Lion Team, which was the team that all new recruits dreamed of joining. This could be considered something that has never happened before in Dragon Group. If one insists on saying this could happen, then it could only happen to a descendant of those ancient martial arts clans who had the ability. Looking at Lei Yu, it seems he only had a close relationship with Nuo Hu with no mention of which clan he was from.

    Lei Yu smiled: "I choose to continue the challenge!" Pausing briefly, he then said: "I choose to challenge the Lion Teams strongest soldier!

    Okay!" Fan Hong Chang eyes shone with excitement, he hadnt seen such an outstanding soldier for a long time. As to the identity and history of Lei Yu, he has heard some stories about it. But to be abandoned by the family as useless trash could actually be this powerful, this was a shocking situation.

    The entire audience was once again boiling with excitement. Daring to challenge Lion Teams strongest person, this was undoubtedly the most challenging feat in the existence of an ordinary person. This situation has never happened in the history of Dragon Group. The strongest would most definitely be the number one pick to advance into Dragon Team at the next scheduled exam. His great strength would naturally be revered by all soldiers.

    I accept the challenge!

    A soldier with a rosy looking face stood up from the corner and ran to the center of the ring. Lei Yu carefully sized up the soldier. Even though the physical appearance did not look as strong as the last soldier, but the imposing manner he gave off had already exceeded that last soldier. This was the spirit that Dragon Groups soldiers were required to have.

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