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Thread: 百炼成仙 - Tempered Immortal - by Magical Rain

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    Default 百炼成仙 - Tempered Immortal - by Magical Rain

    百炼成仙 - Tempered Immortal - by 幻雨 / Magical Rain

    Hello all, a small group of us have decided to try and attempt to translate Tempered Immortal for all. hopefully its not all too bad, and we'd appreciate any and all comments that'd help us improve.

    Our Site:

    Volume 1
    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

    Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8

    Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12

    Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16

    Chapter 17 Chapter 18
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    Default Chapter 1

    Chapter 1 Lin Xuan


    Sighed an average looking boy with a stiff expression,

    after he failed again. This is the 49th time in the past 3 months

    that he has ended in failure, even with Lin Xuans mental fortitude, frustration and despair are beginning to overwhelm him.

    A Corner of his mouth showing a trace of a bitter smile, he

    shook his head and looked at his hand Is my innate talent really so low?

    Lin Xuan tightly clenched his fists, fingernails cutting into his palm, but he didnt seem to feel the pain.

    Lin Xuan who is 17 years old, has been a member of the Whirlwind Cloud Valley Sect for the past three years. Whirlwind Cloud Valley is a small martial sect with nearly a thousand disciples, and Lin Xuan is an Outer Sect Disciple.

    Its been three years, and the other apprentice disciples that entered the sect with him had already entered the mid-level of gathering spirit, even a few geniuses had entered the fifth layer, but Lin Xuan is still hovering in the first layer.

    Lin Xuans progress is slow, but not for lack of efforts, in reality he put in the most effort among the outer sect disciples. When the others practiced twice, he practiced three times, and when the others meditated for an hour, Lin Xuan meditated for three hours, but even with all his hard work, his results are small and was left far behind by the others, which filled Lin Xuan with frustration.

    Cultivation is divided into gathering spirit, foundation building, condensed dan, YuanYing, clutch, Dong Xuan, separate spirit, pass the eight disasters, each stage is divided into seven layers, the first two for early-stage, the third and fourth layer being mid-stage, fifth and sixth are considered late-stage, and the seventh layer is considered peak-stage, who are one breakthrough away from the next stage.

    Although Immortality is difficult, it is something that can be achieved with time, For example, for the first 2 layers of gathering spirit are simply crossing the threshold, and people with good talent can pass it with the first two months of practice, and if the talent is low three to five months is fine, however this only applies to people who have spiritual roots.

    Simply put it is a wasted effort.

    and unfortunately, Lin Xuan has no spirit roots.

    In the beginning ordinary people like Lin Xuan with no spirit roots, even if they wanted to set foot on the path of cultivation, there would be no sect willing to take them in, but Lin Xuan is a special exception because three years ago he happened to save a Whirlwind Cloud Valley Elder who was seriously injured. The Elder in gratitude recommended Lin Xuan to become a disciple of Whirlwind Cloud Valley Sect.

    For three years, Lin Xuan practice never slacking off, training in the winter, dog days of summer training, sweating much more than the others, but even so he is left behind by the others.

    For those that pursue Immortality, talent in the most important thing, it is something impossible to make up for with efforts alone.

    After Washing up, Lin Xuan felt that he had reached the peak of the first layer, the distance to the second layer felt small, but that small gap was like a huge gap to Lin Xuan who had no spiritual root, so he was unable to cross over.

    After a long time, Lin Xuan loosened his clenched fist, frustrated, and in an attempt to drive out the depression in his heart, sat down again with his legs crossed and started to examine his body.

    The technique he is using is a cultivating skill that allows one to examine their dantian and ki passages.

    As he looked into his dantian, he saw nothingness, the only presence is a trace of pale blue gas, which is the spiritual power. But the gas is small, and very thin due to Lin Xuans low talent.

    The so-called cultivator, that goes against heavens will, but to go against heavens will one must have the greatest power, you have to go through all kinds of difficulties in order to control the five elements, absorb the worlds aura, refining, and finally to use the power for oneself.

    This faint trace of spiritual power is the result of Lin Xuans three years of practice, which is sad amount compared to the other, because of his lack of spiritual root.

    His road of cultivation is therefore much more difficult than that of others.

    Under the guidance of the soul, threads of spiritual power that were as thin as a hair started to gather together and intertwine, and after time the spiritual power gradually grew to the thickness of a pinky.

    Lin Xuans head was surrounded by a white mist, his whole body soaked in sweat, just gathering the spiritual power requires his best effort. Compared to an average person, he really is walking on thorns.

    After gathering a good amount of spiritual power, Lin Xuan does not relax for even a moment, and starts to circulate the spiritual power through his heart, to the dantian and into his meridians as the teachers taught him to do.

    For Cultivators, the Dantian is where the spiritual power gathers, after that the Qi is circulated to the eight arteries, and when the spiritual power revolves through the eight arteries from head to toe, it is called a complete cycle.

    And for every revolution of the cycle, it will enhance the spiritual power in the body, although the change is small, it will eventually add up, so by doing this several times a day the spiritual power will gradually grow.

    Of course, with the thousands of cultivation practices, each skills complete cycle is not the same, and the effects are also very different.

    Complete Cycle, although it is a required practice for all cultivation paths, it is not an easy thing for those of the outside word, but not very hard either.

    Spiritual power does not need to flow through the heart, an Elder said so very clearly, so as long as the requirements are met the spiritual power would flow, but it would flow its own way because each individual had different meridians.

    Some people have vigorous meridians that are able to withstand more spiritual power, and also able to withstand faster flows of power, and some other people have weak meridians and their situation would be the exact opposite. In general, the better the roots the stronger the meridians, and vice versa. He had to be careful for each step, because if he increased his speed, not only would he fail to complete the cycle, it would also damage the meridians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrickEye View Post
    百炼成仙 - Tempered Immortal - by 幻雨 / Magical Rain

    Hello all, a small group of us have decided to try and attempt to translate Tempered Immortal for all. hopefully its not all too bad, and we'd appreciate any and all comments that'd help us improve.

    Our Site:
    Wow, you're all possessed brave souls. This novel is really long and AFAIK it's more than 5 years in the making, before it reached the finale at 4.220th chapter. 4.219 chapters to go.

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    Default Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 - Spirit Gathering

    Over the past three years, Lin Xuan has suffered a lot of pain

    as a result of the damage to his meridians as his spiritual energy

    circulates, the damage also takes a very long time heal,

    thankfully none of it is permanent, but because he does not

    have a spiritual root like the average person, he has to diligently cultivate,

    while all the while trying not to damage his meridians, which raises the

    difficulty and time consumed to another level.

    Lin Xuan Carefully controls the rate of flow of his spiritual power,

    and thanks to his continuous attempts, he has developed a clear understanding

    of the endurance of his meridians, and knows how far he can push himself.

    Hours later, after he finishes a perfect cycle, the spiritual power flows

    through the meridians, and returns to his dantian.

    After gathering spiritual power in his eyes for a few moments, and Lin Xuan's eyes flashed with a hazy light, and he sees that none of the damage to his meridians is permanent, and will eventually heal, and so long as he can complete a perfect cycle his spiritual force should increase by a little.

    Lin Xuan gritted his teeth,since it seemed that he has to cultivate in the inner area.

    The inner area of Whirlwind Cloud Valley was a cave that the founder stumbled upon three thousand years ago while searching for treasure, which the elders have long since kept protected.

    It was a very strange cave, when entering inside, you become wrapped in illusions, and after a moment it feels though you are falling into hell, but it is an illusion and does not truly harm you, but it makes people feel miserable, however the advantages to cultivating here are also obvious.

    Lin Xuans Spiritual Power is horrible, but because of his strong will, cultivating there will have a multiplying effect.

    Because all of the outer disciples were trying to achieve foundation building stage, spirit gathering stage disciples of the lower levels would not risk the mental damage caused by the attacks from the illusions as they would not be able to repair the damage.

    Lin Xuan however was left with limited options, either stay stuck at the bottleneck for the first level,or seek an alternative, by creating a breakthrough through cultivating in the inner area. He chose to create a breakthrough.

    Opening the heavy school doors, Lin Xuan comes out of the side room. The sky is already black and the stars shined weakly, but he did not intend to rest like the other cultivators.

    At the thundercloud valley mountain, Lin Xuan stood at the edge of a cliff that slanted down into a bottomless pit. This is the place to cultivate spirit power, Lin Xuan took a deep breath and walked inside.

    The first 100 meters do not have any illusions and the inner power concentrations are the same as the outside world, but Lin Xuan does not dare to be negligent, as he has not heard anything gentle about this place, but rather many stories that made him fearful.

    After walking a few steps, the environment suddenly changed around him and the concentration of inner power became thicker making it a very suitable place for cultivation.

    Lin Xuans face became excited, and after carefully looking around, he discreetly sat down cross-legged to begin cultivating.


    The Surface area 10 feet around Xuan Lin suddenly erupted in flame, and the temperature suddenly increased.

    As this terrifying scene appeared all around him, Lin Xuan raises an eyebrow, and does not panic, turning a blind eye to his surroundings, concentrating on absorbing the spirit power all around him and cultivating he reminded himself that it was all just an illusion, it does not matter.

    However, even though he knows it is an illusion, it still feels like a real thing, and after a short time the flames all around him rose to an unbearable temperature, and large drops of sweat started to drip from Lin Xuans face.

    Sure enough, hearing others describe it and experiencing it for yourself are completely different experiences, just listening to the experts who before Lin Xuan achieved foundation building talk about cultivating in the inner area, he did not expect it to be worse than the legends.

    Soon the flames began to burn his body, and with the regenerative powers of his first layer of spirit gathering stage, it is not enough to heal the surface, so he can only bite down and endure.

    Suppressing the pain he is feeling from the flames and concentrating on gathering spirit power, it is unimaginably difficult, but Lin Xuans willpower is extraordinary and he forces himself to stay down.

    While the flames lick his skin, Lin Xuan's teeth bite down with a snap, leaving the pain behind to become numb, but here the spirit power concentration is really amazing, it's sufficient to allow cultivation to be several times faster than the outside.

    Although it is an illusion, to Lin Xuan it truly feels like he is in hell, allowing him to hone his willpower.

    Absorbing the spirit power into his body, however is only the first step, and then he has to follow his meridians as he was taught, cultivating them one by one, during which a lot of the power will be lost, usually a finger thick strand of spirit power would ultimately become as thin as a hair after cultivation.

    Then that remaining strand of spirit power after passing through the meridians would finally gather in his dantian.

    Even if the cultivator has a strong willpower, to complete the whole process inside that fire is impossible, and Lin Xuan after enduring for five minutes, reaches the limit of his endurance, stands up, and with his fastest speed runs out of the range of the illusion.

    Sure enough, its exactly like the legends. Lin Xuan looked over his body, and found himself without the slightest injury, but he still remembered the pain of the burning fire.

    Although it was uncomfortable, it was worth it because the spiritual power there was highly concentrated, and very pure, so that when you practice, the effects on your body is multiplied and you have a higher chance of breaking through the bottleneck.

    After resting for a while, Lin Xuan once again re-entered the cave, and the flames erupted all around him again, enduring the pain of being burned, he continued to absorb spirit power.

    When he reached the limit of his endurance again, he ran outside to rest for a while, and after his physical strength recovered, he re-entered the fire again.

    In this way, Lin Xuan through his willpower again and again went into the inner area to cultivate.


    A few days later, he finally had some growth in his spiritual power, although compared to what he had to suffer, the results are still very small, but compared to cultivating outside, it is very much faster.

    At his current rate, if he continues, he should be able to soon enter the second layer of Spirit Gathering.

    After silently calculating his practice schedule, Lin Xuan stood up, he had spent four days cultivating in the inner area, and after cultivating in the fire, his body has stretched to the limits. In the coming two days it will be time to receive instruction from his seniors.

    In accordance with the rules of Thundercloud Valley, every four days, it will be time for the Spirit Gathering disciples to receive advice from foundation building seniors, the advice usually helps them cultivate faster, and maybe a few detours in cultivation, Lin Xuan naturally will not miss this opportunity.

    Following the road, Lin Xuan came out, and not paying attention, bumped into a foundation building senior.


    You The man glanced at Xuan Lin with a surprised face You were cultivating in the inner area?

    Yes, Senior.

    After they went their separate ways, the foundation building senior was in somewhat of a daze, although the illusion will not cause any true damage, the pain you feel is exactly the same as the real thing, and a Spirit Gathering disciple can unexpectedly endure that level of pain, his willpower was truly astonishing.

    Cultivation in addition to spiritual roots, also requires one to have a very strong willpower, it made the senior look at the disciple called Lin Xuan in a new light!

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    Enjoying it, thank you.

    Hope chapters keep coming in consistently even though at your own pace.

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    Default Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 - Illusionary Torture

    I havent been saying much for myself recently, but i'd just like to thanks to all the people reading our work, and we would greatly appreciate more comments, so that we can improve in the quality of our work.

    Next Chapter will be out in a few hours.

    The young generation gather in the young hawk pavilion,
    which stands alone in an area of several thousand square meters.
    in the lobby many disciples are doing their breathing exercises, at
    this time in the spacious hall, dozens of disciples of the spirit gathering
    stage can be seen.
    It was still early , so the foundation building seniors responsible
    for the gathering have not yet come, so the disciples gathered in groups
    of twos and threes to talks about things of interest.
    Lin Xuan quietly sitting cross-legged, taking advantaged of the time
    provided to cultivate for a while, hears people come around the corner.
    Oh, isn't that Brother Lin?
    I heard you went into closed door practice a while ago, wasn't it to breakthrough to the second layer?
    Lin Xuanweis brows wrinkled with his taunting laughter, while maintaining a unemotional surface. In the eyes of mortals, cultivators are truly extraordinary and immortals, how ever that is only the outside appearance of it, cultivators also need to gain insights profound teachings.
    The cultivating world is in reality more cruel than the secular, more realistic, and infinitely more snobbish.
    But unlike the secular world, the world of cultivators is based only on strength, and the most powerful stand tall.
    Those with the highest cultivation, those with the best skills, those who are truly immortal, are the ones in charge, only they have the right to speak.
    Three years, although Lin Xuans efforts were higher than the others, since he had no spiritual roots he was left far behind by the others and left out in the cold.
    Well, with the spirit roots of a mortal, no matter how hard working he works, cannot be compared with us, rather hes a disgrace to our sect.
    Oh yes, three years and unable to breakthrough into the second layer, truly a waste.
    Faced with the ridicule of his brothers, Lin Xuan did not bat an eyelid, and looked the same as usual, after giving those silly guys a cold look, Lin Xuan went over to the side.
    Not out of anger, or fear, but because those few shallow guys who ran their tongues were not worth the effort, and were unable to affect his state of mind.
    He once again sat down cross-legged, and began to absorb spiritual power again, and after another half hour, a bell rang out, the disciples all stopped what they were doing and talking about, and started to line up, with Lin Xuan all the way in the back.
    A middle-aged man walked, who on the surface, looked no more than forty years, but was certainly older than that, as with the higher cultivation levels, life will also be extended as the aging gradually slows down.
    All the disciples bowed down, in accordance to the rules of whirlwind cloud valley, they must show respect to the one sent to teach them.
    My name is Zhang Yu, you are to learn to use Spirit Shield.
    Spirit Shield, by definition, is when spiritual power is gathered and distributed over the body surface to form a cloak, it is the most basic of defensive spell.
    The Disciples excitedly, started to whisper among themselves.
    Except Lin Xuan who was like an ordinary person, the disciples with spirit roots, after cultivating the past three years, had reached the third and fourth layers, and were mid-stage Spirit Gathering disciples, and had earned the right to learn basic spells.
    Such noise, quiet! After seeing the undisciplined group, Zhang Yu had an ugly expression.
    After seeing their senior angry, the disciples immediately shut their mouths.
    Zhang Yu then began to explain in detail how to control the spiritual power, which requires a very high attention to detail.
    Lin Xuan listened very carefully, in fact, as he was now recovering, his spirit power was not enough to use spirit shield, but knowing as long as he learns the method to practice the spell, he will be able to remember it in the future and slowly practice.
    Good,now go practice on your own. After Zhang Yu finished giving instructions, he left the young hawk pavilion, wondering how their practice would go, after seeing various promising disciples.
    Lin Xuan also left, heading first for his residence, a small log cabin that has a high spirit power density, but it is a very simple living area for low level disciples.
    The house has few pieces of furniture, a table, chair, and a wooden bed, Lin Xuan opened a drawer on the desk, and after taking out a pen and paper, wrote down the cultivation method for the spirit shield he just learned.
    This is a habit he has developed over the past three years, since he lacked spirit roots and couldn't keep pace with the the others in term of cultivation speed, he always wrote down what he learned every time one of his seniors taught something, Lin Xuan has by now recorded many things that he heard but is unable to practice, so he leaving it all for the future by writing it down to prevent himself from forgetting.
    After finishing writing, Lin Xuan carefully put away the book, and started to make his way back to the inner area to continue cultivating, and after two days arrived at the training ground.
    Even with the increasing spirit power, Lin Xuan stopped there, as he can go no further, since the deeper one goes into the inner area, the more terrifying the illusions.
    With the sound of rushing wind, the scene changes, all around is a wide world of ice and snow, the wind cutting into him like ten thousand blades of ice.
    The snow is soon covering his ankle, his whole body frozen in just a moment, Lin Xuan watches all this with a cold heart, wondering at the random change in the illusions, first having him bear the pain of fire, and now the endless cold.
    After staring blankly for a moment, Lin Xuan sits down cross-legged, and begins absorbing spirit power.
    As his body froze, Lin Xuans hair condensed into icicles, but still he sat motionless in the snow, enduring for more than twenty minutes before he ran out of the illusion to rest, warming his body to increase recovery speed, soon returning to cultivation.
    The cold wind, soon condensed the snow into sharp stakes of ice that flew over to Lin Xuan, and still you can see a rock-still teenager on the floor cultivating.
    Two days later, Lin Xuan quickly stood up, hesitating to continue cultivating, as the spirit power here was not pure and enough, to break through he would have to deeper inside. Strengthening his resolve, Lin Xuan turned towards the depths and..
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    Default Chapter 4

    Chapter 4 - Telekinesis

    Blades of Ice stabbing into his body, a cold sweat
    slowly running down his head, soon to be frozen, Lin Xuan
    is trying to cultivate while enduring an unbearable level of suffering,
    unimaginable to ordinary people.
    A white light flies across the sky, it is spirit power, but unde
    r normal circumstances, it cannot be seen, even high level cultivators
    are only able to feel it, only when the spirit power purified to a certain
    extent does it become visible.
    Since Lin Xuan is able to see the spirit power, it has become much easier to absorb, at such a high purity its also much easier to refine, the only problem is that he has to endure the pain of being stabbed by stakes of ice over and over again.
    One after another strands of spirit power is drawn into his body, through the meridian in his heart, into his dantian and finally gathering it into the cluster of spirit power in the center of his dantian.
    The next step is to refining, after using spirit sight and looking within Lin Xuan saw that the constantly rotating cluster of spirit power is getting smaller, but the color is getting purer, finally turning into spiritual force, and gathering in his dantian.
    Lin Xuans endurance hits the limit, and he quickly runs out of the range of the illusion, as soon as he escapes the range he falls to the ground, short of breath, unable to move even a single finger.
    This cycle is a process that repeats itself for several hours, until it gets dark, and Lin Xuan is mentally exhausted.
    I have just heard, there is a disciple with no spiritual roots cultivating in the inner area.
    Yes, i heard that teachers younger brother Ma personally saw him.
    Well, he has the will, however the average person will always be doomed to fail as a cultivator, trash will always be trash.
    On the way back, Lin Xuan occasionally heard similar arguments, although they also saw him, those disciples ignored him and continued to look down on him.
    Lin Xuan frowned, but did not get angry, because it wont help, in the cultivating world respect is only for the strong, being mad is just a waste of energy, so he simply returned to his rest before continuing to cultivate.
    Back home, Lin Xuan opened the drawer and removed the book filled with cultivation methods.
    Telekinesis, using spiritual force to take control of a magic object, it is the most basic spell of a cultivator, but also the most important spell, since magic object is one of the requirements, but of course it is impossible for Lin Xuan to possess one, but he can still practice the spell.
    In his mind, Lin Xuan focused his spirit power, and attached it to the object, and willed it to move.
    All afternoon, Lin Xuan practiced over and over, he had tried in the past and failed, but after cultivating in the inner area for so many days, his spiritual power has increased, therefore he is trying again.
    In a blink of an eye, a few hours pass, staring at the cup in front of him Lin Xuan starts to lose his focus, with sore eyes and a confused heart, he decides to rest for a while, and then continue

    Hard work pays off, suddenly, the cup moves.
    Although it was a small movement it did indeed move, after that Lin Xuan did not stop pushing his spiritual power to continue, he continued to practice until it was very late, only then did he rest.
    The next day, Lin Xuan headed towards the inner area.
    Dense fog, heavy with a ghostly aura, this time the illusion is the netherworld, numerous vicious demons suddenly rush at Lin Xuan, who turns a blind eye.
    This difficult area, has even more spirit power than the previous areas, as Lin Xuan continues to go deeper each time, his mental endurance also increases, as does his stamina.
    The first time Lin Xuan was only able to spend a few minutes in the terrible illusions, and now even though he is going deeper and deeper and the illusions becoming more powerful, he is able to endure for an hour.
    The demons, as well as all kinds of terrifying scenes flash across his mind, wave after wave of negative energies impact upon his body, but Lin Xuan bites down and endures the pain, trying to endure more spirit power.

    Leaving the range of the illusions, Lin Xuan sits cross-legged on the ground, and begins his perfect cycle.
    From the dantian, through the meridians to the heart, the back to the dantian again, Xuan Lin did this cycle a total of nine times, even though this cycle leads to a slow growth, it also lays a great burden on the body, most disciples only doing three cycles, Lin Xuan however forces himself to do nine.
    It is close to the limits of the human body, the first three were good, fourth and fifth time causing his spiritual passages to leak and bulge, seventh and eighth feels like a knife cutting through his body, the ninth however causes a hellish pain causing big drops of sweat to run down his forehead, after several hours with his uncontrollably trembling with pain he managed to stubbornly finish, finally achieving his goal.
    Finally finishing his Perfect cycle, Lin Xuan once again goes into the illusion.
    Like that, he starts once again, Lin Xuan in cultivating in the inner area, enduring a level of pain that even foundation building experts have to work up to, purely with his willpower.
    Lin Xuan sitting cross-legged, in a meditative pose, inside his dantian there is a pale blue ball constantly spinning around, it is the collection of spiritual power Lin Xuan has cultivated thus far.
    A thread of spiritual power, is constantly being injected into the ball, and after this past month, Lin Xuan feels that his cultivation base has increased considerably, almost to the second layer of spirit gathering stage.
    To cultivators, every increase of a realm, the spiritual power transforms, and Lin Xuan is now at the most crucial stage.
    Just one step away from the second layer.
    Expanding his consciousness into his dantian, Lin Xuan searches for even the tiniest remnants of spiritual power to inject into the sphere, Xuan Lin feeling like a sponge squeezed dry, finally finds a drop of spiritual power and injects it into the ball
    The spiritual power ball suddenly begins to change, lightning appearing on the surface, aura beginning to overflow, the sphere is about to collapse.
    Lin Xuan did not give up, holding on for as long as possible, but finally reaching his limit, with the sound of breaking glass, the blue ball bursts, spiritual power pours out changing into hair thin threads of spiritual power, spreading out into his dantian.

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    Thanks I really liking the story so far. Keep up the good work.

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    WOW... this is really great...
    WE will have another journey to take...
    Thanks a bunch...

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    Thanks for translating..keep up the good work

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    Thanks TrickEye for translating for us.

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    Default Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 Purifying Essence Pill



    Lin Xuan sat silently for a long time, blank faced

    expressing neither anger nor sadness, his hands clench

    tightly, nails digging into his palm, lips also bleeding from

    biting down. After a long silence, Lin Xuan took a deep breath,

    then sat back down again to once again continue in his efforts.

    Early the next morning,the sun rises, and a new day begins.

    The Flying Cloud Palace, a grand and imposing building set in front of the Earth Stadium, one of the most important buildings in the Cloud Valley, as well as one of the most important buildings there. At the start of every month, spirit gathering disciples gather there to receive training. Despite the fact that he spent the whole night cultivating, and slept for less than three hours, Lin Xuan arrives at the Flying Cloud Palace on time in the spacious hall, where hundreds of disciples have already gathered, each one a spirit gathering disciple, each one with a higher cultivation than Lin Xuan, his arrival caused the already gathered disciples to sneer and look down on him.

    Look at that trash, he has no spirit roots, but hes trying to cultivate.

    Well, he wont last for much longer, for trash like him to stay here, is just a waste of cultivation medicines.

    Who said that, i heard that he works very hard, but without any spirit roots, how can he compare to us, staying in the first layer this long.

    Such arrogance, to think that he can defy the laws of heaven and try to cultivate, it is impossible for mortals.


    Arrogant!. Lin Xuan stares blankly at the other disciples, thinking nothing of their words, taking it as the wild barking of mad dogs, he just quietly stands in the back.

    With the ring of a bell, the disciples quickly stopped discussions and lined up, as an old man and a little boy walked into the hall, each of the boys hands hold a disk, covered with a red cloth and a refreshing scent coming off of it.

    Elder Ma! The Disciples yell, while bowing.

    Oho. The proud old man looks happy, his is not high, he is only at the early foundation building stage, but he was in charge of the Medicinal Hall, so he had a high ranking.

    In addition to their talent and efforts, Sprit Medicines are also essential, it can be very important because if enough pills are taken, cultivation speed becomes a lot faster, they can even be considered a shortcut, however refining them requires a combination of a lot of materials, including some rare plants, so the school can only provide the disciples with a few pills.

    According to the rules, Spirit Gathering disciples will receive two Purifying Essence Pills.

    Purifying Essence Pills, as the name implies, can cleanse the spirit power in a body, dissolving impurities and giving a little bit of spiritual power, of course, the effects vary depending on the talent of each person, even the spirit power it gives can vary greatly, the pills are also only useful to spirit gathering disciples.

    As a fragrant scent spreads across the hall, the disciples thanked the elder, and began to approach in a line to receive the pills from the old man, they all had expressions of joy and happiness on their face.

    Lin Xuans quickly arrives in front of Elder Ma, who after showing an expression of disdain removes the cover from the second disk and throws two pills at Lin Xuan.

    Thank You. Lin Xuan yells, his eyebrows however suddenly jump up, looking at the two pills in his hand, they are trash pills?

    Cultivators are not all the same, there are scholars, fighters, alchemists, and magic users, among many others, each one requiring vast amounts of knowledge.

    For example alchemy, in addition to requiring a variety of precious materials, you also need extremely hot flames to refine them in a cauldron, with careful amounts over a long period of time, the quality of the materials also affects the success rate of alchemy.

    Even experienced master alchemists, often fail while using high-quality materials, creating Trash pills, which have no use.

    Trash pills are pills with excessive impurities, and to cultivators not only do they have no benefit, they also damage the body, usually they are thrown away.

    Although the Cloud Valley Sect distributes the pills tp the disciples regularly, it is only a small school, and the pills are only low-grade, even low-grade pills are still useful, but this trash pill

    The Elder obviously intended to embarrass him, however Lin Xuan snaps out of his shock, and retains his composure, it is unwise to say anything, as Elder Ma holds a high position and is unwise to offend.

    Elder, are you not wrong, these two pills are trash, how can i take this?

    What is wrong? Elder Mas disdain for Lin Xuan is clear, a low-level disciple is not worth the effort, he said while raising his nose What, not satisfied?

    With your talents, it is a waste to take a normal pill, a trash pill might be just right for you so be it, i am not unreasonable, just give me a few more bottles.

    Saying that he takes two white bottles from the plate, throwing them at Lin Xuan.

    The other disciples have only two purifying essence pills, im giving you two bottles, who else would give such favored treatment to you!

    Thanks Elder

    Contrary to Elder Mas expectations, Lin Xuans resentment disappeared, and backed down after a respectful bow.

    But why? Elder Ma instead had a look of shock, slumped speechlessly.

    Trash pills, simply put, are garbage, taking them is detrimental to cultivators, even if you have two bottles, it just makes it even more worthless, what is Lin Xuan planning

    With that totally unexpected reaction, the elder thought that with how unfair he was treating him, Lin Xuan would shout and yell, showing disrespect to an elder, and he would be able to kick him out of the school.

    Its not that Lin Xuan has offended him, and Elder Ma holds no grudges against him, but this old guy is extremely arrogant, and despises mortals with no spiritual roots, he thinks that allowing Lin Xuan to be in the school is a disgrace, so he wants to kick him out.

    The plan wasnt perfect , but he was very careful to not break any of the rules of the school. Only lower-level disciples get purifying essence pills, but he replaced Lin Xuans pills with trash pills, after such unfair treatment, with Lin Xuan being a teenager with far less experience than him, he expected him to attack, and as long as he did he could remove him from the school.

    However, even though Lin Xuan has no spiritual roots, is just an ordinary mortal, his mind is not stupid, hes actually very smart, he always thinks things through before acting, and is not impulsive, he is truly angry at the elder for giving him trash pills, but he is very good at hiding his emotions.

    After seeing the look of disdain the elder gave him, Lin Xuan also saw a look of satisfaction, and immediately came to the conclusion that the elder was trying to remove him. Lin Xuan didnt understand why the elder wanted to get rid of him for no reason, as he has never offended him, but that can be investigated later, the most important thing now is not falling into the trap.

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    For your hard work; here next get back to

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    Default Chapter 6

    Chapter 6 - Mystic Canyon

    After leaving the Flying Could palace, after arriving in a deserted area, Lin Xuans smiling

    face quickly disappeared, to be replaced with a gloomy look, murderous eyes flashing.

    After standing quietly for a moment, Lin Xuan did not speak, but that Elder Ma, has made a

    deep impression in his heart, he is unable to act now, but in the future when he has the strength

    Lin Xuan soon hears the sound of approaching footsteps, his gloomy expression quickly disappears as

    he looks up, looking the same as usual.

    Ha ha, that trash Lin Xuan was given two bottles of trash.

    Whats so strange about that, trying to become a cultivator with no spirit roots, and then trying to

    take our purifying pills trash pills for a trash cultivator, isnt that fair? the other man laughed, talking about Lin Xuan without a care as they pass him.

    Lin Xuan seemed not to hear them, as looking as calm as usual, he cannot afford to act on impulse, being impulsive is only for fools, since they dare to insult him he will simply remember and wait..

    The important thing now is to raise his cultivation, as only the strong are important, his original plan was to rely on the effects of the purifying pills to breakthrough the bottleneck of the second layer, but now after silently staring at the two bottles of trash pills in his hand, he turns around and walks out of the valley.

    Without the pills, most people with just their own efforts, even if they cultivated in the inner area, would find it hard to breakthrough to the second layer, Lin Xuan after thinking for a while, decided to once again test his luck.

    In a place not far from the valley entrance, there is a small canyon with a hidden entrance, that lies long forgotten, Lin Xuan discovered it by accident, and he can be occasionally be found there picking some rare herbs.

    Although it is rare, Lin Xuan has been lucky and found some rare thousand year herbs that help promote the cultivation speed.

    After careful consideration, he realizes the herbs are his best bet to breakthrough to the second layer of Spirit Gathering as soon as possible, and even if he cant find any herbs, he wont feel too bad, because he doesnt really lose anything since its just a backup plan, Lin Xuan quickly arrived at the exit of Cloud Valley.

    After leaving the sect behind, Lin Xuan didnt go to the canyon right away, rather he aimlessly wandered around, he did it to make sure no one was following him, because that hidden canyon occasionally grew rare herbs he didnt want anyone taking it away from him.

    After wandering around aimlessly for over an hour, and making sure that no one was paying attention to him, he quietly left the road and found a rarely used, winding trail, leading into the secret canyon.

    Beautiful, a vibrant meadow filled with flowers, with a fragrant smell spreading into the air, it is truly a beautiful scenery, but Lin Xuan is not here for sightseeing, so he went straight to the center of the canyon, looking to see if he can find any rare herbs.

    Some time passes, and still Lin Xuan finds nothing but still he doesnt give up, and keeps searching for even a small plant.

    However at this moment, he hears the sound of faint voices, and after a slight pause Lin Xuan quickly jumps into the nearby bushes to hide.

    A red light is soon seen approaching from the distance

    Pat, Pat two people are seen landing in the canyon, in a spot not too far from Lin Xuan.

    Master, we need to see to your injury! A young woman exclaims with a concerned voice.

    Through a gap in the bushes, Lin Xuan sees them wearing the Cloud Valley School uniform, Lin Xuan however did not go out to meet them, deciding to let this scene play out.

    *cough*, im still alive, Yan-er, are we at Cloud Valley yet? the old man asks weakly, in a somewhat familiar voice, making Lin Xuan wonder who this Elder is.

    Dont worry master, the school gates are only a few miles away, and the enemy does not dare to pursue faster. the young woman states.

    Good, good. The weak voice sounds relieved, and in pain.

    Master, please take a rest!

    With the sound of rustling clothes, the woman leaves leans the wounded old man against a tree and helmed him sit, Because of the angle, Lin Xuan finally gets to see their faces.
    No wonder they sound familiar.

    As he watched the old man sitting on the ground, looking about 40 years old, possessing strong features and exuding an aura of power, however at this moment the old mans face is gray, and his chest bloodstained, Lin Xuan goes cold looking at him, making him wonder just what could wound him to that extent.

    Zhang Yu, he was the one who just two weeks ago taught the disciples how to use the spirit shield spell, he was already at the Foundation Building mid-stage and was one of the elders of the outer sect.

    Lin Xuan also recognized the woman, Zhou Yan, who entered the school just a few years before him, and was considered a genius among the young generation of disciples, and it would be no surprised if she achieved the foundation building stage in just a few more years.

    They were both important figures to the school, but then just what could make them flee like this?

    In just a few moment, Lin Xuan came to the conclusion, that although he was curious about what was going it, it would be best if he stayed hidden.

    Those two were obviously trying to keep this secret, so if they saw Lin Xuan, they would kill him without hesitation, it is simply the Law of the Jungle, the world of cultivation is cruel to the weak, and Lin Xuan did not want to die just yet.

    Faced with a mid-stage foundation building expert, and a peak Spirit gathering disciple, even if they were injured, if they wanted to kill him, it would be like stepping on an ant.

    After analyzing their current strength level, Lin Xuan didnt dare to breathe, he just wanted them to quickly leave.

    Hey, you!

    Lin Xuans heart stopped, did she discover him?

    But without waiting for him to make a move he hears a miserable voice.

    Youyou plot against me? the voice contains both sadness and anger, and his face held a shocked expression ButWhy?

    Oh, Master, dont bother struggling since i have this unrefined Jade rope you gave me, you should be aware of its power, and with your present condition, you can only use twenty percent of your spirtual power, struggling will do you no good.

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    Thanks TrickEye. Wow, the girl disciple going to kill the master????????????????? Please don't keep us waiting too long, the suspense is killing......

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    Aiyaaaaaaaaaaaa... read your teaser, it's too short !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Chapter 7

    Chapter 7 Spirit Control

    Sorry for the slightly late release, as i fell asleep as soon as i got home from work, anyways here is your chapter for the day and as usual please comment and help us improve.
    I will also release 2-3 chapters tomorrow, so i'll see you guys soon

    the sudden turn of events leave Lin Xuan in shock,

    I seeyou planned this all out looks like i was

    wrong about you, you want to keep the treasure dont you?

    Yes. Zhou Yans charming voice makes Lin Xuans blood run cold.

    Master, you were good to me, but treasures like this can arouse

    jealousy, you should understand that, you should just be grateful

    that i will leave your body whole.

    Listening to the conversation, Lin Xuans curiosity makes him wonder, just what kind of treasure would make a disciple break the taboo of killing your own master, although in his heart he truly wanted to know, he couldnt afford to act rashly.

    The senior sister apprentice was ruthless, with a cultivation far higher than his, Lin Xuan did not want his curiosity to put him into a dangerous situation.


    As the angry scream rings out, blood sprays everywhere, and Lin Xuan sees through the gap in the bushes that Zhou Yan has pierced her masters chest, and a faint yellow light has emerged from his body, trying to escape.

    Soul Separation, impossible! Zhou Yan, who was already prepared stretches out her hands and catches the light.

    The light struggles in her hands to no effect, and then begins to cry for mercy: Yan-er, will you really kill your master.

    Zhou Yan didnt hesitate, and with a small amount of force, curshed the little ball of light, causing it to dissipate into the air, Lin Xuan seeing this feels a sudden chill, since surely this senior sister apprentice knows that for all creatures, if the soul is separated from the body and destroyed, they are unable to enter the cycle of rebirth, and forever die. Among cultivators, even when they hold a grudge, the soul is normally not destroyed, but this Zhou Yan, did such a thing to her teacher.

    After killing her teacher, Zhou Yans appearance returns to normal, and after a while she begins to look around, a short while later her face becomes excited.

    Found it!.

    Ignoring the risk, Lin Xuans finally loses to his curiosity, and quietly raises his head, he sees Zhou Yan holding a fist sized box, carved of what seems like fine ebony. Just at that moment a rabbit runs past Lin Xuans bush, and it draws Zhou Yans attention.

    Who? Zhou Yans face suddenly quickly becomes ugly.

    Lin Xuan can only blame his luck!

    With his heart thundering, Lin Xuans face clouded over, as he had just witnessed her killing her master. Lin Xuan didnt bother trying to beg for mercy or try to tick her, he decided to act decisively and quickly ran forward, quickly throwing his right arm, and countless cold lights fly towards her.

    With a grunt Zhou Yan quickly forms a red shield around her body after seeing his hands movements, with a small banging noise, a few small ice balls fall to the ground.

    Defending against the attack with her shield, a trace of a smile flashes across her face as the power of the earlier attack was weak, she deduces it was an early-level spirit gathering disciple.

    After sending his attack, Lin Xuan did not stay to see the result, but rather ran away and began to create a distance between them, as he knew he had no chance of winning.

    Thankfully among the few spells he knows, there is a movement skill called the Light-Wind technique, although it only lasts for several short seconds, he managed to run several hundred meters, moreover, Lin Xuan didnt just walk in a straight line, to prevent himself from being found very easily, he took several curved and often hidden paths, and was relying on his familiarity of the terrain to increase how long it would take her to find him, even though she could use spirit sensing to find him, because the road is long and twisting, to find him she would have to spend a lot of energy.

    After running ahead for a while, Lin Xuan suddenly stops, and rather than trying to escape he stops running but rather crouches down and begins to search the ground.

    Without a doubt, his actions are very strange, puzzling Zhou Yan who was chasing him, as Lin Xuan had stopped moving.

    But apparently, it was all part of his plan, because after searching for a few moments. Lin Xuan softly mutters: Hmmm. the frown on his face quickly disappears, replaced by a calm appearance.

    with the sound of rushing footsteps, Zhou Yan finally arrives at this location, and as he stands up, Lin Xuans face becomes one of panicbut she fails to notice that this time it is fake.

    You wanted to run? Her mocking voice rings out, looking at Lin Xuans appearance, it really was a disciple of the outer sect, but his skills were too weak Spirit gathering of the second layer, looking at Lin Xuans cultivation level, Zhou Yans suddenly realized that he is a very easy to kill, and wont need to expend too much effort.

    Seeing the look of contempt in her eyes, Lin Xuan has no anger in his heart, rather because she is looking down on him, she is being careless which raises the success rate of his plan, of course, however Lin Xuan did not reveal his true emotions, but instead gave off a worried look.

    Senior sister apprentice, please..dont kill me!

    Begging for mercy in a stammering voice, Lin Xuan showed her a panicked look, his acting was perfect as he slowly began to moved to steps to the left.

    Hmph, you saw my secret and you want to live?

    Zhou Yan could absolutely be compared to snakes and scorpions, even going as far as killing her master. If she would even go that far, how could he ever expect her to show mercy to a young outer disciple.

    Raising her right hand, a small sword quickly cuts across the wind, sending a 10 long flash of light flying towards Lin Xuan.

    Seeing the sword energy, Lin Xuans face quickly becomes serious.

    The so-called, spiritual tool, which is a simpler version of a spirit weapon, was designed for low level cultivators to use, but one shouldnt underestimate its power, although it is not great, it is not bad either, it also possesses the ability of letting its wielder use flying techniques.

    After getting to the fourth layer of spirit gather stage, you are able of using spirit tools, but that is only in theory, because spirit tools even though they are far weaker than spirit weapons, they are just as rare, and are generally only given to foundation building disciples, the only spirit gathering disciples who may have one are rare and probably inherited it from their clans or are rare geniuses, valued by the school.

    Zhou Yan, is one of those geniuses, and even after seeing how low Lin Xuans cultivation is, she comes at him at full power fully intending to quickly kill him.

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    Thanks for the chapters, i'm looking forward to more

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    Thanks TrickEye. Suspense!!! Suspense!!! you are cruel just like Zhou Yan. How is Lin Xuan going to trick her? Let her fall into a hole? But she just shoot out a sword..............If you don't post tomorrow I die...........

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    Default Chapter 8

    Chapter 8 - A Battle of Wits

    Here's the first chapter of the day, more to come later on in the day

    A killing blow ! Lin Xuans face darkens, she

    is even more ruthless than he expected

    Gritting his teeth Lin Xuan faces it head on, and takes

    a step backwards, barely managing to dodge. Whoosh, the flying

    sword misses, and hits the cliff wall behind him, the force

    of the blow causing numerous pieces of gravel to break off from the top.

    Zhou Yan is stunned, she could have never imagined such a novice would be able to evade her attack. Lin Xuan didnt run, but instead the instant the attack was over made a move of his own, somehow causing himself to sink into the ground.

    Zhou Yan in her anger and surprise, involuntarily started walking forward, as Zhou Yan begins to walk forward slowly trying to figure out what was going on, and on her third step, she hears a loud snap, and a huge net drops down onto her from above.

    Zhou Yan however is not surprised by this and tries to control her spirit power to break free from the net, but at that moment the ice ball Lin Xuan shot out sinks into the ground and cuts into a rope hidden at the base of a tree, as soon as the rope broke, Zhou Yan saw two wrist thick bamboo spears flying towards her.


    As the sound of her screams fade,her face turns pale, as the bamboo spears tear into her chest, without even having a chance to run, she dies.

    With unwilling eyes, her hands tighten on the treasure that she killed her master for, but after two minutes later her soul fades away, soon after Lin Xuan pulls himself out of the hole in the ground, and as he watches her body, he sighs, simply because she underestimated him, she failed to keep her guard up.

    Lin Xuan from the moment he was found, had been trying to figure out how to get rid of her, not just blindly trying to escape, as this clan is miles from the school. If he had tried to escape, she would have easily caught up to him and killed him, as her cultivation was higher than his, her speed with the Light-Wind technique would also be incomparable to his.

    Tying to escape from troubles, or even begging for mercy, Lin Xuan saw such acts as useless, the only way to survive, is to kill the other person before they kill you, and at first glance that seems like an impossibility for Lin Xuan, as even 100 Lin Xuans are no match for Zhou Yan.

    But she gave him no choice, and so long as they are the enemy anyone can always be outsmarted.

    Of course, thats easier said than done, if he were not as level-headed as he was, he would have had no chance to succeed.

    To outsmart her, he first had to analyze the situation, as he had fewer skills than her, Lin Xuans only advantage was that he was familiar with the terrain, in this canyon, because he has been coming here for the past two years, he knows it as if it was his own backyard.

    He also knew by watching how Zhou Yan, that she and her master had clearly come down to this canyon by accident, and the terrain was unfamiliar to her.

    So from the beginning , Lin Xuan was taking advantage of this, by twisting and turning, leading her straight into a trap. In this valley, other than the occasional rare herbs, there are also several animals that can be found, from rabbits to bears and tigers, Lin Xuan treating the place as his own private domain, occasionally went hunting for his meals.

    So to make things easier, he had set some traps at various place, and just now when he stopped, he had been checking the ground to check if the trap was destroyed. Thankfully, luck was on his side this time, and two of the traps were untouched and in good condition.

    Meant for hunting different things, one of the traps was a common pit trap made to capture animals that werent too large, with the top covered in weeds, Lin Xuan used that to fall into the ground.

    Lin Xuan had predicted that Zhou Yan, would not hesitate and would attack him right aways so he had stood in front of the pit trap and was ready to dodge her attack.

    Zhou Yan wouldnt be expecting anything like that, so he expected she would be shocked, and step forward into his other trap, a trap used to catch large animals, such as tigers and bears, with not only nets, but also bamboo spears, a trap meant to kill rather than capture.

    Lin Xuan knew that as long as he could lure her into range, he could activate the trap, and because of its nature as a trap, she would be caught unaware and it had a high chance of success.

    Each step Lin Xuan had taken was calculated, using himself as the bait, and predicting how Zhou Yan would react, it was a very dangerous thing, but Lin Xuan was calmly able to plan out this strategy.

    Eventually his plan succeeded, not because his strength was greater than hers, but rather because his mind was greater than his opponents.

    This battle, although didnt require him to use much spiritual energy, and didnt even take that long, left Lin Xuan mentally exhausted.

    Staring coldly at Zhou Yans corpse, Lin Xuan walked over and plucked from her hands a green crystal bracelet, not a decorative accessory, but rather a storage bracelet, Lin Xuan quickly sends his consciousness into it, and begins to take out the stuff within.

    Clothes, food, cosmetics, Lin Xuan didnt even look twice at that stuff and tossed it to the side.

    Get. Lin Xuans face lit up, as in his hand he held two translucent stones.

    Spirit Stones, over the past three years, Lin Xuan had heard them mentioned countless times, so he knew that they could be directly absorbed into the body, and were ranked according to the amount and purity of the spirit power contained within, divided into low-grade, mid-grade, top grade, peak-grade

    To cultivators, Spirit Stones, were one of the most important things, moreover they were treated as currency among cultivators.

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