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Thread: Immortal's Way 不灭神途 Bu Mie Shen Tu By 持笔操墨为生计

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    Default Immortal's Way 不灭神途 Bu Mie Shen Tu By 持笔操墨为生计

    不灭神途 Immortal's Way

    A crippled young master, born with a chronic illness, living bitterly in a world of martial arts yet cannot practice it.
    So that he does not burden his old grandfather, he chooses to walk into the Emperors Mountain that is said to possess the Emperors myth. He strays into a cold pit, entering a fine line between life and death. He happens to eat a yingyang fruit that rid of his chronic illness. He stirs up his clan and cause chaos in under the peaceful sky.
    For beauty, he battles violently against three kingdoms. With his peerless talent, he rises to the fame, prestige and domination, everything for the way of the immortal.
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    Volume 1 TianZi Mountain Range

    Chapter 1 The Emperor Legend

    According to the legends, a hundred years ago, the star emperor descended to the world.

    The star emperor was reincarnated in an ancestral tomb. The tombs of the deceased ancestors never needed trimming, yet the tomb remained smooth, not even a blade of grass grew. Later on, people felt there was something very strange about it.

    Only through many examinations did they realize that above this ancestral tomb was the territory of an enormous navy blue dragon turtle. It just happened to be that the ancestral tomb covered the turtles body. They have never seen such a thing like this and were very worried. Finally they invited elite men to seize the dragon turtle that occupied in ancestral tomb.

    The dragon turtle was forced helplessly to flee. However, at that time the descent of the star emperor leaked to the ears of the imperial family, which immediately dispatched troops to exterminate an entire family name.

    After the seven month pregnant mother of the star emperor was shot dead, the entire Tianzi Mountain range grew millions of lush bamboo. The tip of each bamboo concealed its true strength. They would automatically fall and arise.

    According to the legends, there were millions of bamboo on Tianzi mountain range that accompanied the arrival of the star emperor, which will become the star emperors future soldiers.

    The South faced severe winter, exceptionally dark nights with cold and freezing air.

    At the foot of the Tianzi mountain range came a Chi Gai sound from Xiao familys courtyard gate. In the pitchblack night, the sound of the wood rubbing each other was especially ear-piercing and spread in all directions.

    Within the courtyard gates, under the dim lights step forth a shadow. It was not hard to tell from the crooked upside down shadow that it was an old man. After stepping into the threshold of the courtyard, he walked onward 2 steps and stopped. He opened his throat and yelled to the right: Young Master, grandfather is calling for you. Hurry and come to the courtyard!

    The dim lights can only shine up to a distance of 20 meters away. But as the old man voice quieted for a moment, a thin silhouette emerged to light, which can be vaguely differentiated as the silhouette of a youngster. Following behind was a guy that incessantly swayed back and forth.

    As the old man saw the figure emerge, he did not dare to slight and walked forward. As he approached closer, he saw the facial appearance of the figure. It was a boy around fourteen or fifteen years old. He was a little startled by the pale complexion of the person, the thick animal skin sweater wrapped around the thin and weak body. As they were walking toward the Xiao familys courtyard gate, although the distance was not too far, the old man was anxious that the young man would at anytime fall to the ground. Without hesitation, the old man advanced forth to support the young man.

    The young man was indeed the young master of the Xiao family--Xiao Xiao (

    Xiao Xiao exposed his bright white teeth and smiled, Uncle Ming, there is no need to support me, I can walk by myself! As proof, he gently struggled free from the old mans support and stride toward the courtyard.

    And behind Xiao Xiao was a small puppy that also passed by Uncle Ming as it followed Xiao Xiaos silhouette toward the courtyard.

    Uncle Ming looked at the figure walking into the courtyard, his face could not help to reveal a kind smile. Shortly after he slightly let out a deep sigh and followed away.

    Within the central room of the inner Xiao family courtyard, sat an old man with ash-colored gray hair and ruddy complexion, who looked entranced at the nearby memorial tablet sign. Was he recalling something?

    From behind was the sound of footsteps that woke the old man in the middle of his recollection. He turned around facing the doorway and saw Xiao Xiaos figure who just happened to enter the central room.

    After seeing the old man, Xiao Xiao immediately said, GrandFather The sound of the shout could not keep up with the speed of the voice, causing Xiao Xiaos chest to rise and fall. He held his breath and his complexion was somewhat flushed. It was obvious that it was due to the running.

    Xiao ChaoYuan (
    萧朝远) gazed at his own grandson. The Xiao family had only one son after three generations. Xiao Xiao was still in his mothers womb when people plot against the Xiao family. As a result, as a child Xiao Xiao had a debility and fell to many illnesses. If not for his father for these years, looking everywhere and seeking for medicine, Xiao Xiao perhaps may not have lived up to today.

    Thinking back on these past few years on all the pain that his grandson felt, Xiao ChaoYuans heart ached, regretting his powerlessness and inability to protect his grandson. And he frequently confronts the Xiao familys ancestors in the memorial tablet, blaming himself endlessly.  

    Although the old man was consoling his own grandson, his heart was praying, Tinger, you must never get into trouble, we still have hope for you.

    After Xiao Xiao listened to his grandfathers words, it was as if he eaten a calming pill, and firmly replied, En! What grandfather said is right! Father is definitely fine! His eyes were steady like his grandfather said, and showed great confidence.

    Xiao ChaoYuan had an obscure expression staring at his grandsons confident look. Originally his restless heart was calmed, but his heart secretly thought, although Xiao Xiao as a child had a debility, the chronic disease extremely difficult to cure, these matters did not make him any lower than his peers. Instead, it made him more mature.

     The two of them had remained silent for a moment until Uncle Bo entered the central room and alarmed them. Xiao Xiao looked at Xiao ChaoYuan and laughed, Your grandson is here, there must be other matters to talk about right?

    After he finished speaking, he did not wait for Xiao ChaoYuan to reply, he sat down on the on two chairs on the side of the central room.

    Seeing his grandfather act in such a way, Xiao ChaoYuan could only laugh and smile. Turning to face Uncle Ming, he said, ErMing, Sit down too! There is no other person here. We brothers do not have need to be so modest! The speech did not lack any feeling of brotherhood.

    Uncle Ming grinned. There was also not much that needed to be said and shortly he sat down in front of Xiao Xiao.

    After seeing these two sit down, Xiao ChaoYuan change his gaze to directed at Xiao Xiao and laughed, Xiao Xiao, now that you reached the end of your crowned year, Grandfather is preparing to search for your match, for the Xiao family to flourish!

    Xiao Xiao just heard of this sudden surprise. His mind cannot grasp the idea and his thoughts swirls in loops several times before understanding his grandfathers intention. In a moment he looked as if he thought of something. His eyes revealed his frustration and he anxiously said, Grandfather, have you given up your persistence?

    Xiao ChaoYuan took a deep sigh. His eyes looked back to recall, the Xiao family was originally one of the major nobilities in the Great Qi Empire. Because Xiao ChaoYuan was not born brilliant, he continuously been pushed aside by the clan. When XiaoXiaos mother was pregnant with Xiao Xiao, they suffered jealousy and injury from other clan members, which almost cause the mother and son to lose their lives. Xiao Xiaos father Xiao YunTing (萧云霆) became furious and persecuted the people that harmed his wife and son. As a result, the family was driven out by the Xiao clan.......

    Even until now, Xiao ChaoYuan insisted that he was of noble blood, and hoped that once the child was born, they could return to the Xiao clan. But unfortunately, WuChong village and other major powers came, from that day, Xiao Clan was in imminent danger. He could only seek one escape route for his grandson so that he would not die. Xiao Xiao would have all the Xiao familys natural resources, but instead received persecution from other powers.

    In this way, it would be better to send off the Xiao clans possession to befriend a faction, so that in the future when he passed away, Xiao Xiao could still rely on this favor and live the rest of his life in peace.

    Seeing the resentment and helplessness in his grandsons eyes, Xiao ChaoYuan did not know what to say. His grandson already figured out his intentions. He laughed indifferently, Xiao Xiao, Elder Li is now also Grandfathers old friend. The people in the Li family are also benevolent. As for the three daughters in the Li family, Grandfather has also heard of them before. Their warm nature and all are not bad. You can choose whoever one you like! If your father were unable to not come back, this is Grandfathers plan. It also remains as your alternative route.

    Grandfather! At that moment, the tip of Xiao Xiaos nose ached. His eyes were red and he suddenly stood up to shout. He deeply felt that he could not struggle free of the burden from his clan.

    Both of his hands formed into fists, the blue veins on the back of his hands squirmed like earthworms. It was only until he had pricked the palms of his hands with his fingernails that bloodstain faintly appeared in the center of his palm. However the deep feeling of powerlessness filled flooded Xiao Xiaos entire body and he gradually lowered his head.

    The three people inside the room did not speak for a long time, the only sound was the sound of deep sighs.......

    The remaining WuChong villages in Xiao family were the southern Empires poorest villages, while the Great Qi Empire is formed by thirty two main cities.

    The Great Qi Empire was located east of the LongTeng continent, while the LongTeng continent is constituted by five major empires. But the Great Qi Empires position within the five mainland empire can only be considered as Middle Lower level.

    The strength of the powerful empires must be able to bear the brunt of the well known and powerful Great Qin Empire. In second was the upstart Great Chu Empire. Both countries contended for supremacy and have already trampled on the Great Zhou Empire that was in the middle. After many wars, the Great Zhou Empire fortunately received secretly help from the Great Jin Empire and the Great Qi Empire and were able to exist between these two great powers.

    In the pitch-black night, within Xiao Xiaos room in the Xiao family courtyard, a dim light still faintly seeps out of the room like a desire to break out of its shackles and yearn to freely live, to pass through the layer of yellow paper above the window and cast into the darkness.

    On top of a bed, a man and a dog was resting horizontally above the bed. Xiao Xiao looked towards at the teapot above the tea table in his room and murmured, Xiao Hei, I am a burden? Not only am I the reason that father have not returned from his strenuously search for medicine, uncertain if he is alive or dead, but also am a burden to Grandfather, who is using the Xiao familys name as a betrothal gift and lowering his head to seek a marriage alliance so that I can live peacefully in the future. Until now, they always suffer great pain to think of something in every possible way for me.I cannot remain as a burden to this family.

    The look in his eyes, unceasingly revealed a firm and resolute expression, as if he had already made up his mind.

    As if it had detected Xiao Xiaos determination, the pure black puppy croaching beside him produced a Wu Wu (whining) sound and used its black shiny head to rub against Xiao Xiaos arm.

    Ha Ha...... I knew it! Xiao Hei, you approve of my solution. You really are worthy of being my good companion. This being the case, once Grandfather is gone, we will set off! After Xiao Xiao burst into loud laughter and he stretched his arms to lift Xiao Hei, that was at beside him, its body resting flatly and soon swayed in front of him.

    It caused Xiao Hei to whine Wu Wu, but did not result in 2 barks of Woof Woof. Its saliva on the corner of its mouth dripped on Xiao Xiaos cheeks.

    Xiao Xiao spurted as he cursed, Xiao Hei, Your drooling and it is sickening me! He swung his arm and Xiao Hei was knocked over by the embroidered quilt. Its four paws facing up in the air.

    Xiao Hei rolled over and barked Woof Woof at Xiao Xiao. Unexpectedly, it ran to the corner of the bed and payed no more attention to Xiao Xiao.

    Xiao Xiao stretched his arm to snatch Xiao Hei by the hindlimbs and used his strength to pull Xiao Hei to his side. He opened his palm. wishing to pat at Xiao Heis butt area.

    Xiao Hei seemed as if it already knew Xiao Xiao would do this. It grabbed the embroidered quilt with its frontlimbs to leverage a roll and dodged Xiao Xiaos palm strike. It opened its small mouth, exposing its cherry red tongue, and licked at Xiao Xiaos face.

    One man one dog, Isnt this happiness......
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    Default Chapter 2 Departure

    After two days have passed, Xiao ChaoYuan along with Elder Ming spurred the horses and left. Inside the Xiao familys courtyard remains only Xiao Xiao. Several famous bodyguards and female servants as well as a horsekeeper defended the Xiao family's courtyard.

    Although the Xiao family is only of the aristocratic families, any aristocratic family in WuChui village was far more imposing. Even the merchant families who were only a bit prosperous had more bodyguards and servants.

    The nights darkness was like a black cloud, rolling and engulfing the Xiao familys courtyard. Whenever the darkness descended, Xiao Xiao would always carry the short-tailed black dog and stay in front of the courtyard gate. He would sentimentally look into the distant night because this was the time when his father would return.

    Inside the Xiao family courtyard, Xiao Xiao wore thicker clothing than usual. When he was walking out the gate, he incidentally greeted at the bodyguards who were on duty.

    Young master, do not stay out too long. Come back a bit earlier to rest! the bodyguard YongHe kindly warned. Each one of the Xiao familys bodyguard was accustomed to the Xiao familys young master, sighing with the feeling that the world was unfair and taking pity on Xiao Xiao.

    The Xiao family was benevolent, but unexpectedly did not receive Heavens concern. Although the Xiao family was one of the aristocratic family, they have never impose any master servant control to the lower class people. They treated the lower class people with warmness. Both the old master Xiao ChaoYuan and the young master Xiao Xiao. treated everyone the same.

    As a result, the bodyguards in the Xiao familys inner courtyard and the lower class people naturally respected the Xiao family. as well as treating the young master Xiao Xiao with love and protection, and further sympathizing to his bitter experience......

    Because the old master had to leave for a outside matter, they were more concern for Xiao Xiaos safety.  

    I know! Uncle YongHe you are so pesky! Xiao Xiao snappily stuck his tongue and laughed. Obviously, Xiao Xiaos action did not anger the bodyguard YongHe, but it made the other party feel as if Xiao Xiao spoke like a mischievous junior.

    Indeed in this way, the nine great bodyguard plus one famous commander of the body guards were all very concerned toward Xiao Xiao. It was not because the other party was their young master, but because they already want to treat this young master as their junior, to cherish and to treasure.

    As he gaze into the distant, the thin figure had already left the courtyard gate. The bodyguard YongHe could not help but smile and scold, Brat! His mouth scold in this way, but his expression showed deep affection instead.

    As the thin figure gradually mix into the night, only until it completely disappear that the outer courtyard gates, the sound of a weak sigh could be heard behind Xiao Xiao......

    It was already deep into the night, thus inside the Xiao familys great courtyard was a complete mess. the bodyguards were alright, the female servants were fine. They have already rummage through several miles from the great Xiao familys courtyard, but could not find their young master Xiao Xiao.

    The people within the courtyard were already anxious like ants on a hot pot., but this had nothing to do with Xiao Xiao anymore. At that moment, he had already climbed over the peak of TianZi mountain range.

    Although it was already late at night, Xiao Xiao had originally flamed his pale face with his torch and appeared particularly flush that even beads of sweat seeped out from above his forehead. His left hand supported his knee as his chest breathed heavily. He opened his mouth and took large gasps of the coarse air.

    He hastened his journey with all his strength, afraid that the familys bodyguard would catch up. He wanted to leaves as far from home as possible, but feared that it was not going to be easy. Seeing that the oil above his torch was burning out, Xiao Xiao laughed bitterly.

    He looked around and discovered bamboo growing densely together, He could still get by tonight. Shortly afterwards, he sticked the torched on the ground and started to set down a layer of thick dry yellow bamboo leaves.

    After some effort, the withered yellow leaves were piled together up to his foots height. Xiao Xiaos entire body collapsed on top of the pile of bamboo leaves. Besides cushioning the weight of Xiao Xiaos fall, it immediately made his body bounce back, causing some bamboo leaves to splatter.

    Xiao Xiao was already so tired that he did not move a hairs breadth. He extended his hand to push aside the dried leaves and placed the whining black dog to his chest to hold: Xiao Hei. tonight we will consider this pile of dry leaves as our bed. Behave and dont whine anymore!

    As Xiao Xiao calmed Xiao Hei, the whining sound gradually weakened. The two of them embraced each other as they fell asleep on the pile of dry leaves. Perhaps the all-night climb on TianZi mountain range really did make them exhausted.......
    They did not know how long they slept. A burst of cold air blew, the swirl fluttered the dry leaves, causing the sound asleep Xiao Xiao to shiver. He subconsciously opened his pair of eyes and looked around.

    It seemed alright, but once he looked, he started. 

    Feeling pairs of eyes move in the lush fields, Xiao Xiao grabbed the green bamboo above his head and stood up. The black dog on his foot appeared alert. It wished to cry out a whine, yet forced its throat shut and retreated back. After that, it hid behind Xiao Xiaos trousers.

    Xiao Xiao did not dare to move. Rather, he held out a flint paper from within his cuff. With one blow, a small flame immediately emerge. As soon as they felt the flames radiance, the surrounding wolves subconsciously backed away.


    Xiao Xiao, who was in a life or death crisis right now right now, did not panic. Instead, he was exceptionally calm. After his state of mind was a little more stable, he felt that this method would not work. Once the feral wolves realize that the flint paper will not harm them, there would be no chance of escaping.

    He glanced at the surrounding wolves and estimated that there were as much as 5 or 6 wolves. His eyes shifted to look at the pile of dry leaves and an idea suddenly appeared. He slowly crouched down and as soon as he lit the pile of dry leaves, it immediately ignited.

    As the fire intensified, the surrounding feral wolves quickly retreated back. As they retreated, Xiao Xiao, who was facing towards the large fire, heard the lingering sound of the wolves howl.

    Once Xiao Xiao saw that the wolves backed away fearing the fire, his heart was filled with happiness and shouted, Xiao Hei, follow! He lowered his head to pass through the intertwining green bamboo., breaking into a wild run as if his life depended on it.

    Focused on escaping through the concentrated, during the whole journey, he did not know how long he been running and felt as if a rock blocked his chest. At any times, it would feel as if he stopped breathing.

    Xiao Xiao did not dare to keep running violently again. In this way, even if he were not eaten by the feral wolves, he would die from running. He extended his hand to support himself up with a stick of green bamboo, lowering his head and stooping, gasping large breaths of coarse air.

    After a long while, he saw that the feral wolves did not catch up and finally let out a long sigh of relief. Seeing Xiao Hei sticking out its pink tender tongue and also breathing heavily, his face could not help but smile.

    Crouching down, he extended his hand to hold Xiao Hei to his chest. Looking at his surroundings, he started to determine which direction to travel.

    Unexpectedly there was a steep cliff to the side of his body. Xiao Xiao extended his arm, wishing to hold the slim green bamboo. But the cliff was too steep. As he rolled down more and more times, his head was dizzy from the spinning.

    What he felt was the bamboo hitting against his neck, not his head. Nevertheless, Xiao Xiao tightly held Xiao Hei to his chest and never let go.

    His consciousness was already becoming vague and he could not feel the pain.......

    When Xiao Xiao woke up again, it was already daylight. His face felt moist. He opened his eyelids slightly. As he slowly opened his eyes, nearby, Xiao Heis outstretched pink tongue kept licking his cheeks. With each lick, Xiao Hei whined a Wu Wu sound.

    He woke up wanting to carry Xiao Hei to comfort it for a while. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain. The pain in his body felt as if countless threads twisted his brain into a knot. When he exerts a bit of strength, he could feel all the pain from his entire body.

    He took another gasp of cool air and slowly rotated his body by using both elbows to support himself. After spending quite a while, he finally managed to sit up. Thus, before he sat up, the tears on his face had already dried.

    The shift in movement had just affected his injury. The once persistent Xiao Xiao to cry because of all the pain. Rolling down the path had brought upon him multiple injuries. Fortunately, his body was nimble from the precious medicine he taken since childhood. His bones were strong and did not appear to have fractures or other serious conditions.

    He reached into his chest and pulled out a jade bottle. His expression exhibited a feeling of reluctance, but he thought about how he could not even move a fraction of his body. He lowered his head and used his teeth to bite down on the cork. When he used his strength to pull open the jade bottle, a whiff of the strong medicine smell assailed into his nostrils. Using his hands, he turned the bottle upside down. After swallowing the one and only medicine pellet inside the jade bottle, he calmly waited for the medicine to take effect.

    It was his grandfathers precious healing pellet that he stole when he was about to leave. At the moment, many of the wounds on his body could not be sealed.

    After a good while, when his whole body was no longer in that much pain, Xiao Xiao extended his arm to pick up the jade bottle. Although the inside was already empty, he remained reluctant to discard the jade bottle. It was also the only object he brought outside his home.

    After collecting the jade bottle, he raised his head to observe the surrounding. He noticed that he had rolled into a low-lying ravine. Several tens of meters away was a pool of water. The water vapor above the surface obstructed him from seeing the entire pool of water.

    Just as Xiao Xiao was reckoning the surrounding, he felt the land tremble behind him. He subconsciously turned his body to look back and discovered a large cavern not far behind him.

    The entrance seemed like the mouth of a large ferocious monster. Looking ahead, Xiao Xiao felt an odd feeling. Once again the ground trembled. The top soil gravel rustled down. There was a faint sound of a large object striking against something coming from within the cavern.

    Xiao Hei followed Xiao Xiaos gaze and headed into the cavern. It walked and stopped at the mouth of the cavern. Facing into the cavern, it whined twice. The sound was engulfed by the mountain and did not echo back.

    Xiao Xiao worried that Xiao Hei would burst with curiosity into the cavern. He strut forward with difficulty to advance and look ahead. Right at this moment, the cavern shook once again, so much more violent than the previous two times.

    Xiao Hei, seeing the situation wasnt good, wanted to return to Xiao Xiao. Right at this moment, because of the caverns tremble, a large rock rolled down, landing right at the direction Xiao Hei was returning.

    If Xiao Hei had continue running back, the rock would possibly have been turned him into minced meat sauce. Xiao Xiao called desperately, Xiao Hei, run into the cavern!

    Xiao Hei seemed to have partly understood what Xiao Xiao said and seized the opportunity to rolled back, plunging into the caverns dark seclusion. The split second when Xiao Heis figure disappeared, a huge rock smashed happened to smash at the position Xiao Hei was standing.

    A loud Boom sounded. Large boulders plunged into the moist dirt, blocking less than half of the cavern. Seeing that no more rocks were falling, Xiao Xiao quickly advanced.

    When he walked to the mouth of the cavern, there was still Xiao Heis shadow. In his eyes was a landslide that spread endless darkness into the cavern, like a throat obstruction, slowly spreading downwards.

    Xiao Xiao gazed into the caverns bottomless darkness. Without taking time to think, he blew at the fire flint paper once again. A weak fire blazed like a sword sticking vertically in the darkness of the cavern.

    As he crouched down, both his legs first fell onto the inner cavern ground. He sat down on his butt on top of the soil. With one strike with both his legs onto the ground, his butt slid forward. Using his back and butt as a skateboard, he slid into the depths of the cavern.
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    Default Chapter 3 Strange Encounter

    Chapter 3 Strange Encounter

    There was only one path inside the cavern. Xiao Xiao did not know how long he slid. He could only feel the trembling growing stronger inside the cavern as if at anything everything would collapse.

    Xiao Xiao silently prayed in his heart.....

    A gale blew by past his ears. He felt the chilliness and extreme pain of the strong wind blowing into his face. Xiao Xiao couldn't help to combat the cold. He lift his head slightly upward, facing and gazing downward into the caverns path. A faint ray of light passed through.

    The moment he waited to confirm that it was truly light, the cold wind blowing at his side subsided. Immediately he felt the the force of the passageway pressure loosen. His entire person immediately relaxed. There was no need for Xiao Xiao to see clearly the circumstance at hand.

    There was a plop sound. Xiao Xiao followed the driving force of the sliding motion. Like a large boulder, he plunging into a deep pool without a struggle, passing by the mist above the surface of the water.

    In the cold water of the freezing pool with the biting cold, Xiao Xiaos head emerged from the surface of the water. He shivered. His entire body started trembling. His top and bottom teeth chattered incessantly, and he let out a groan.

    His body was moving incessantly, fearing that if he stopped, he would be frozen stiff in the ice-cold pool of water. As Xiao Xiao turned his back, he found Xiao Heis shivering figure, crouching and unable to move its body.

    Xiao Xiao did not dare to hesitate, and quickly slid toward Xiao Hei. Although Xiao Xiao had not taken many steps, a plop sound rumbled. Subsequently there were countless splashing landing down, producing crashing sounds onto the water.

    Xiao Xiao subconsciously turned his body wishing to see what was behind him. However, he was welcomed with a great wave that came crashing over. There was not enough time to react. The wave lunged forth and crammed into Xiao Xiaos entire mouth.

    However Xiao Xiao did not need to swim, and followed along with the rapid tides heading straight toward the shores. Very quickly he arrived at where Xiao Hei was crouching. The tides swayed Xiao Heis small body along together with Xiao Xiao. After the tides brought them to shore, it continued to push the boy and the dog five or six meters away before it stopped and immediately retreated.

    When it looked like the waves would carry Xiao Heis body away, Xiao Xiao rolled and turned his body ninety degrees, using both legs to obstruct Xiao Heis body.

    After the waves retreated, Xiao Xiao lifted Xiao Hei to his chest. After feeling that Xiao Hei was breathing, he was greatly relieved.

    Then a large bestial roar shook Xiao Xiao dizzy. As he turned around to see, he saw a shocking scene that he would never forget throughout his lifetime.

    With the head of a dragon, a yellow lustrous body, it was a dragon turtle covered with dragon scales, each leg was as thick as four bucket of water. It was similar to East Seas JinguBang as it tread the water of the freezing pool. Each wave was higher than the next. The dragon turtle lower his head towards the surface of the water and produced a large roar. Xiao Xiao estimated that the dragon turtle was at least a ten Chinese feet high.

    TL: JinGuBang is the weapon that (Monkey King) Sun WuKong uses.
      一丈 is ten Chinese feet high or 3.3 meters.

    A crash sounded. Suddenly the head of the treading dragon turtle, the size of a bathtub, emerged from the waters. Two hills protruded out on each of the two sides of its upper head. Below was its two eyeballs, the size of chicken eggs, which appeared milky white. A row of razor sharp teeth lined its mouth, flickering in the cold remoteness of the poor light, which cause people to tremble in fear.

    As the dragon turtle saw the head of a fierce python, it did not cower, but rather opened his mouth and spat out a blazing fire ball, the size of a basketball, striking toward the head of the python.

    However, the python generally does not fear fireballs. It pulled its body together and unexpectedly used its strength to speed up once again towards the fireball. At the same time, a crash sounded. The tail of the python had pierced into the surface of the water. A sort of lightning coiled toward the dragon turtle.

    Bang. The head of the python knocked against the fireball, splitting it open and dispersing sparks in all directions. As the sparks fall into the cold waters, they produced chi chi sounds, and mists of water curled up. The python, not weakened, opened its ferocious mouth to bite the neck of the dragon turtle.

    Even the jet-black python was bold and powerful, it had bear the dragon turtles fireball and charged forth. A small hill on top of his head already already completely caved in, and even streams of blood could be seen rolling down above its milky white eyeballs.

    The dragon turtle did not think that once the python entered the freezing pool, it would not just increase in speed, but also could counteract the destructive force of his fireball after it immersed itself in water. Previously the python had not dare to resist his fireball attack.

    The dragon turtle was originally not fast. Thus after the pythons attack speed increased, his speed just appeared to be awkward. Although he ruggedly dodged the pythons biting head, he was caught in the lightning from the snakes tail.

    In less than a moment, the jet black python circled its body and bound the dragon turtle in loops. His four-water-bucket thick round legs struggled to move with no avail, the snakes body had already enwrapped the dragon turtles body.

    The python once again opened its ferocious mouth, biting towards the dragon turtles neck. The dragon turtle was already bound, the more he struggled the more he was forced closer to the python. Knowing that there was no hope of escaping, he looked at the python attacking straight at him. The dragon turtle let out a sorrowful roar. His neck suddenly became coarse. A golden fireball came flying out of his open mouth, smashing towards the pythons head.

    After releasing the golden fireball, the dragon turtled swayed ** and opened its mouth again and bit at the pythons neck.

    Bang! The golden fireball smashed into the pythons head, causing the attacking python to pause and stop. As the golden fireball thoroughly smashed the pythons head into pulp, such that one of its eyeball came flying down into the freezing pool.

    But the python looked as if it were not in pain. Its ferocious mouth targeted a bite at the dragon turtles neck. Pu Chi. It was the sound of its sharp teeth piercing skin and flesh.

    The python was already extremely frantic, biting the dragon turtles neck. Using its strength, it wanted to bite off the dragon turtles neck. However it did not know if it had enough strength. Unexpected it pulled the dragon turtles head closer to its own head.

    At this moment, the dragon turtle did not hesitate, opening his mouth to bite at the snakes deadly site. Once again the python suffered pain, doing all it can to sink down. Bang! The dragon turtle was pulled into the freezing pool.


    Droplets of water descended down.

    The figure of the python could not be seen. There was only blood gushing forth from where the two creatures had fallen. The original clear pool of water was no more, and had become the color of blood.

    Xiao Xiao still have not recovered. This was the most breath-taking, mindblowing thing he seen in all his years. To this moment, he still could not believe that this world turn out to have such powerful creatures, with such immensity.......

    But as Xiao Xiao marveled at the extraordinary things in this world, a burst came from the bloody water of the pool. A golden dragon-shape turtle emerged from the surface of the water, subsequently what appeared as a small mountain was actually the back of the turtle protruding out the surface of the water. The dragon turtle looked in Xiao Xiaos direction, and moving its body as it swam toward Xiao Xiao.

    As it moved, the pythons jet black body slowly floated up. But now, the python was already dead beyond dead.......

    When Xiao Xiao saw the dragon turtle looking him, he felt anything but reassuring. As the dragon turtle paddled its body swimming toward Xiao Xiao, he subconsciously moved back. as his back came across the rugged and long stone spiked wall, he was already unable to escape.
    Just as Xiao Xiao was actionless and did not know how to react, he suddenly heard a thick voice in his head ringing, Human. Do not be afraid. I will not harm you. Be at ease!

    The abrupt sound caused Xiao Xiao to open his mouth wide, pointing at the approaching dragon turtle and saying, You can speak!

    The dragon turtle stopped 10 meters away, still lowering its head looking at what appeared to be an especially tiny Xiao Xiao, I am already become a demon. Although I cannot directly speak, I can communicate through the transmission of sound, Human. I am heavily injured, afraid that I will not last long. There is a thing I ask of you, will you agree? After it finished speaking, it showed a hopeful expression staring fixed at Xiao Xiao.

    Xiao Xiao saw the dragon turtles neck that lacked a lump of flesh. Golden blood rolled into the freezing pool like running water, forming a trail of golden threads.

    He thought to himself, This golden dragon turtle can with one slash finish off my *** if it wished to. At the expense of its life, to be able to say this much, it probably would not be lying. 

    Because he was embolden, he lifted his head looking up in the air at its dragon head and said, What matter do you need help with? As long as I can do it, I will definitely help you.

    Hearing Xiao Xiao agree, the dragon turtle revealed a look of happiness. After lifting its legs to tread two steps forward, it unexpectedly crouched down, using its golden dragon head to rub against Xiao Xiao body to transmit a message, Many thanks, Human! Climb up my head, I will send you to my back. A cultivation method is inscribed above there.

    The dragon turtles sudden movement caused Xiao Xiaos nerves to tense immediately.. As he finished listening to the dragon turtles words, he thought with his teeth as he climbed up the dragon turtles head that luckily the terrain on the shore was much higher, or else he would have to climb up over a meter high, fearing that he would spend a lot of effort.

    The dragon turtle swayed its long neck. Xiao Xiao felt as if he were soaring through the clouds and riding on the mists. Momentarily he arrived at the edge of the dragon turtles back.

    The dragon turtles turtle shell was the sufficient size of a basketball court. The turtle shell had three pieces in a row, a total of four rows. The twelve pieces were divided orderly. Above each piece of the turtle shell was densely inscribed with traditional texts.

    Xiao Xiao was astonished, and completely forgot the situation he was in. When the thick yet weak voice of the dragon turtle came once again, he was nearly tumbled down the dragon turtles back in fright.

    Recorded on the turtle shell is a cultivation method. It is left behind by my master. Master was a heavenly genius, meeting the envy of the heavens. Before he returned to his village, he left behind this surviving piece of writing, waiting for the fated person to be able to pass on this surviving method. After completing this piece of writing, he accomplished his biggest desire in his life. The dragon turtle crouched on the ground. It did not lift its head. It did not matter whether or not Xiao Xiao listened. It had no more strength to lift its head.

    Xiao Xiao listened. HIs own body was weak with many illnesses. His meridians were blocked, how can he cultivate. To inherit its powers, wasnt it a mistake?

    He hurriedly said, No I cannot, Elder, I cannot! Since I was small, I had a weak body with many illnesses. How can I inherit your masters martial arts and lets not speak of living up to its great name. To complete the entire martial art, I see that you should choose someone else!

    The dragon turtles golden eyeballs slowly closed. When he heard Xiao Xiao said I cannot, his eyes suddenly opened and hurriedly transmitted his voice saying, Human. You think this old turtle have additional time to choose someone else? Dont tell me you want me dead with remaining grievances?

    Xiao Xiao was stunned, and hurriedly explained, I didnt mean that, I........

    The dragon turtle did not Xiao Xiao go on speaking, cutting off his explanation, Since this is the case, this is a promise. Remember that after I die, extract and use the pythons and my core. This should be enough to solve your problem. Bear in mind..not at the same time...use...slice...fear....... The dragon turtles voice became softer and softer.

    Xiao Xiao understood. The dragon turtle was already dead. In his heart, there was a feeling of sorrow spreading.......
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    Thanks but is that all of the chapter 3? In the 2nd chapter you stopped halfway then finished it. I didn't know until I read chapter 3 lol.

    Oh Ok I dont mind the parts I just wish it was a new post so I know lol. I like the story so far so keep up the good work
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    Default Chapter 4 The Great Decision

    (The meaning of the Chinese title can be simplified to It is about developing youths, in this world free and unconstrained falling down and rising up. For their passion, they stubbornly persist. For the heavens, be worthy of conscience.)

    Woof Woof Woof A kind of pleasurable, cheerful sound yelled out from Xiao Heis mouth. Originally deep in sorrow, Xiao Xiao suddenly awoke. What caused him to awake was Xiao Hei, unexpectedly crouching at the dragons head, extending its pink tender tongue and incessantly licking at the golden blood coming out. After the pink tender tongue was contaminated with the dragon turtles blood, it changed into a golden color.

    Xiao Xiao shouted, Xiao Hei, dont be so rude! WuChui village has a old custom for the deceased. Seeing Xiao Hei drink the dragon turtles blood, he immediately had to put a stop to it. And so his tone appeared a little strict.

    Xiao Hei was happily drinking, but hearing Xiao Xiaos sudden shout, it immediately ceased its cheerful activity. It turned his head, sensing doubts and cried, feeling wronged. Originally when Xiao Hei fell into the deep waters, it was nearly frozen to death by the exceptionally piercing cold waters. Fortunately Xiao Xiao had came on time and it barely survived. But because of the threat of the cold air, it caused Xiao Hei to tremble and shiver incessantly.

    After the dragon turtle taken its last breathe, Xiao Hei felt the dragon turtles warm blood. To the cold and hungry Xiao Hei, it was a fatal temptation.

    The thought of death prevailed over fear.

    Although Xiao Hei has low intelligence, it knew the dragon turtles terribleness. But under a life and death crisis, it summoned up courage to climb to the head of the dragon turtle. Because the dragon head was already pulled back into the turtle shell, only half of the outer head was revealed. However, wound on the dragon turtles neck was incessantly emitting out golden blood, coming out along the dragon head.
    The dragon turtle was a fire attribute monster. The blood was naturally able to resist the extremely cold air, so after Xiao Hei felt the benefit of the dragon turtles blood, it let out a joyful Woof Woof sound.

    It was so happy. Nevertheless, it was scolded by Xiao Xiao. It felt confused and at the same time, felt wronged.
    Xiao Hei, the dragon turtle elder is already dead. We cannot desecrate its dead body. Behave! Listen! Xiao Xiao stepped forward, holding Xiao Hei with both hands, propagating at his ears.
    The struggling Xiao Hei let out a discontent bark. Although Xiao Hei held it away, its eyes were fixed on the thin stream of trickling golden blood, unwilling to look away.

    Xiao Xiao crouched his body to put aside Xiao Hei, and said, Just sit tight, I will go take a look what miraculous martial art is inscribed on the turtle shell! After finishing speaking, he got up and headed toward the first row of the turtle shell.

    Actually Xiao Xiao was not really interested in the cultivation method stuff, nevertheless he was an upright person who given his word. Since he accepted the dragon turtles final wish, he would use his greatest effort to accomplish it.

    Walking up to the very first row of the turtle shell, he lowered his head to look straight at all the inscribed writings on the turtle shell. Throughout my life, life is full of frustration and dashed hopes, and my difficulties are hard to say. To live without fate, oppose the heavens, the book The Great Decision, to seek my path.

    The great transformation, to develop firm skin, to develop supple and strong muscles, to cleanse the inner body, to develop qi, thus these are the paths of development! Xiao Xiao looked carefully at each and every word, afraid that his carelessness would prevent him from completing the dragon turtles last wish.

    Time gradually passed. Originally it was to carry out and complete the mission, but as he continued reading, Xiao Xiao became more and more unwilling to look away. He was deeply captivated by the brilliant contents inside.

    Xiao Xiao was entirely like this because the writer had written his whole life into a story, and the story informed the reader how he cultivated, how he created his cultivation method, and after cultivating, how he battled violently under the heavens, and his path against the heavens.......the entire story was a legend.

    Not knowing how much time passed, Xiao Xiao was engrossed, and could not feel the passage of time.

    Only until his stomach started to rumble incessantly, did it pull Xiao Xiaos sunken consciousness back into reality. When he became clear-headed, he found himself unexpectedly crouching on top of the turtle shell, his fingers touching and perceiving the characters on the turtle shell.
    When he raised his head, he noticed that the originally bright ray of light had already dimmed greatly. If that was the case, if not for the bright luster waves, he probably would not have been able to see clearly the pools appearance.

    Thus it was not hard to guess that Xiao Xiao, who started out standing while reading, became crouching while touching the words slowly for a long time. A whiff of cold air press forth, freezing Xiao Xiaos entire body to shake like a leaf.

    He was calm while submersed in the book, but at this moment his consciousness has returned to his body. His teeth incessantly trembled with fear and simply could not stop at all. He wanted to rub together this hands to warm his palms but no matter how much friction he applied, in spite of everything there was not a bit of perception.

    Before he had constantly used his hands to touch the characters on the turtle shell. In fact, his palm had already frozen without knowing. He wanted to stand up and move, but because he had been crouching for so long, both legs were too numb to obey.

    Helplessly, with both hands on his knees, he first sat down, and then used his two palms to support himself from the ground, gradually rising, dizzy with his head spinning, and took a while to adapt.

    He turned his body wishing to look for Xiao Hei. He searched the entire turtle shell, but in spite of everything he could not even find Xiao Heis shadow! Xiao Xiao was anxious, and began making connections with what he was doing just a moment ago. A bad premonition filled his entire heart.

    Even he could not bear the cold air of the freezing pool, let alone a young animal like Xiao Hei.

    After thinking it over, self-blame and regret slowly crept into his heart. If he knew this earlier, he would not have stopped Xiao Hei from drinking the dragon turtles blood.

    Thus Xiao Hei would not......

    Thinking about this place, the feeling of regret deepened. After all the living was more important than the dead.

    Just as Xiao Xiao was endlessly regretting and self-blaming, he heard a whimpering sound boo hoo. Hearing the sound of Xiao Hei, the expression in Xiao Xiaos eyes let out a radiance of happiness.

    Refusing to stay where he is, he broke into a run heading toward the dragon head. Very soon, Xiao Heis pleasurable figure appeared in within Xiao Xiaos sight. Xiao Hei became somewhat aware of Xiao Xiaos appearance.

    Widening both its eyes, realizing Xiao Xiao was rushing rapidly at it, Xiao Hei became frenetic. After all before Xiao Xiao had reprimand it for drinking the dragon turtles blood.

    If it were caught red-handed again, it would be impossible to escape. Xiao Hei jumped away, but the nonstopping Xiao Xiao threw himself over.

    Plop Xiao Xiao landed head first into the freezing pool.

    And so Xiao Hei jumped off the turtles back to accompany Xiao Xiao. Seeing this kind of loyalty from Xiao Hei, Xiao Xiao extended his arm and fished up Xiao Hei, his palms at once rubbed arbitrarily on its head. Only until Xiao Hei whimpered Boo hoo did Xiao Xiao let go.

    Alright! Xiao Hei I dont blame you! It seems like in order to survive, I also have no choice but to apologize to the elder dragon turtle! Xiao Xiao continued to gaze at the golden blood dripping down. His throat involuntarily squirmed.

    Before, Xiao Xiao had stop Xiao Hei from drinking the dragon turtles blood to honor the dragon turtle. But because he had come this far, in order to survive at the moment, how can he take so much into consideration, only if he stays alive will he have the opportunity to pay respect.

    From this point you can see that Xiao Xiao was not a person who cannot change his mind, and will not dig his own grave.
    Xiao Xiao walked to beneath the dragon turtle, first he stooped to bow the dragon turtle, and said in remembrance, Elder dragon turtle, I let you down! He looked at the golden stream of blood flowing into the pool of water.

    Xiao Xiao opened his mouth to intercept the blood hanging down. The reek of blood pierced his mouth, causing Xiao Xiao to feel like vomiting. At the thought of elder dragon turtles blood in his mouth, he originally desired to vomit, but he close his mouth, opens his throat, sucking up and swallowing a mouthful of blood into his stomach.

    He felt a current of warmth following the flow of the blood, dispersing, and spreading to his four limbs and eight veins. He slowly regained perception of his originally stiff fingers and numb pair of legs.

    The blood of the dragon turtle had a strange effect. Once again, Xiao Xiao opened his mouth slowly cutting off the flowing golden blood. In succession, he drank seven eight mouthfuls of the dragon turtles blood, feeling his whole body warming up, an indescribable feeling of comfort.

    An ordinary person would be shivering with cold in a freezing pool, normally their teeth would shake, but after Xiao Xiao drank an sufficient amount of the dragon turtles blood, unexpectedly he felt as if he were bathed in sunlight. His entire body had a warm sort of comfort, and could not feel the slightest bit of cold air from the freezing pool.

    Boo Hoo HooWoof Woof Xiao Hei pulled at Xiao Xiaos trousers, barking out twice, expressing discontent.

    Xiao Xiao knew Xiao Heis intention, and extended his hand to carry Xiao Hei in his arm. With one pass, he moved Xiao Hei closer beside the flowing current of blood. Xiao Xiao had no time to be excited, opening its mouth, extending its tongue as the blood dripped into its mouth.

    After muttering Gu Nong, Gu Nong for several mouthfuls, it shakes its head in a flash, stepping back, wishing to struggle free from Xiao Xiaos palm. Helplessly, its hind legs hung in the air and could not use anything for leverage.

    As Xiao Xiao saw the vigorous and lively look reappear on Xiao Hei, his heart burst with happiness. After all, Xiao Xiao, who was lonely for many years, regarded Xiao Hei, not merely as a pet. And Xiao Xiao had long regarded Xiao Hei as the only friend and playmate he could speak his mind with.
    At this moment, Xiao Hei completely disregarded the bone-piercing freezing water of the pool and unexpectedly swam in the freezing pool. Its mouth naturally revealed a trace of a smile.

    He sensed the internal warmth heating up, it seems as if a faint stream of air was continuously flowing in his meridian. In his mind, the records on the turtle shell involuntarily emerged, a fighting technique to develop the body from The Great DecisionExplosive Punch.
    The so-called Explosive Punch was not really a boxing technique that explodes the body to death.

    The words, Explosive Punch, has two interpretations. One focuses on concentrating the force of the entire body in every Explosive Punch, to feel the explosion in the fist as it booms, making people feel there is a blow on the entire world.

    The second focuses on the outcome of Explosive Punch. By simply hitting the target, the bearer of the Explosive Punch has one outcome, that is to burst or die. Although it is a little exaggerated, it sufficiently shows the beserk of the Explosive Punch attack. From the name, one is able to guess the first and second meanings.

    Xiao Xiao moved his fist into motion accordingly to the Explosive Punch drills. He was full of expectations. Suddenly, there was an stab of pain in his lower stomach, the pain was like ten thousand arrows penetrating his heart. His forehead momentarily was filled with huge droplets of sweat.
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    Ahah! Chapter 4 is finally done! Thanks for the translation, i'm looking forward to more I wonder if the dog will evolve or change after consuming the blood of the mega turtle

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    I can't wait until he use both cores. Maybe he will be immune to poison. Probably have defense like a Turtle and agile like the Snake. Damn I can't wait until he trains more. Thanks for the chapter.

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    So he skips healing his meridians and skips to training that will fail... The dog has to go it takes away from the story... These chhapters all i coukd think was i hope this dog dies

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    Chapter 5 Poisoned

    Xiao Xiao pressed both palms on his belly, he rolled onto the ground, back and forth continuously. After a sigh of relief, he hurriedly stopped his movement. As Xiao Xiao stopped his movement, there was a piercing pain like the tides retreating.

    After the crying boo hoo Xiao Hei saw Xiao Xiao take a turn for the better, it unexpectedly used its sleek head to brush gently against Xiao Xiaos thigh.

    The even more pale Xiao Xiao could barely lifted his right hand, and softly pet Xiao Heis head, indicating that he was okay.

    At the same time, Xiao Xiao began to ponder, why would his stomach ache for no reason?

    Trying hard to recall, after careful considerations, and inspecting layer upon layer, he was certain that he was poisoned. Moreover it was the pythons poison.The reason was that he drank the dragon turtles blood. Because the dragon turtle was bitten by the python, the blood in its body contained the pythons poison.

    Although he did not know why Xiao Hei was not poisoned, from the moment he left home and entered the cavern, he had not eaten a single grain. The only thing he ate was the dragon turtles blood.
    Unexpectedly before the dragon turtle died, it was bitten by the python. thus Xiao Xiao could confirm that the reason he was poisoned is undoubtedly the dragon turtles blood he recently drank.

    Now he knew the reason, there must be a cure. All living things on Earth counteract each other. Nearby any highly poisonous thing must exist a panacea. Since he was already poisoned, the best detoxification remedy was the pythons snake gull!

    Xiao Xiao turned his body, and gazed at the black python floating on the surface of the freezing pool. The frightening python head, its malevolent look. He supposed he could wait a while and then climb on top of the pythons body to obtain the gall bladder. In his heart he was a little apprehensive.

    Of course the sooner he get rid of the poison within his body, the sooner he would get better. Taking advantage that the effect of the dragon turtles blood has not yet dispelled. Xiao Xiao toughened his face and swam slowly toward the python.

    In the cold pool, He felt the water was not as bone-piercing as before, only an ice-cold feeling. The ice cold feeling penetrated his heart.

    But after he just swam a while, he immediately realized that he was empty-handed. Could it be that he would have to use his hands to tear open the pythons skin and flesh?
    After returning to the shore, he was at the corner of a stone wall. After finding a sharp stone, it looks like this was the sharpest weapon he could find.

    Xiao Xiao grasped the sharp point of the stone weapon in his hand. Once again he swam in the freezing pool toward the python. It is said that the snake gall is located at the neck and anus. Xiao Xiao wish to chiseled open the pythons anus straightforwardly, saving time and effort.
    He swam to the pythons anus. His hands held the sharp side as the stone cut toward the pythons jet black outer layer. He could feel the difficulty of sliding his palm. Layer upon layer the pythons blotched skin made it difficult for him to start. Even after the sharp stone streaked across the pythons skin, there was only a faint mark left behind on the pythons outer skin.
    Xiao Xiao refused to believe it. His pair of hands would not let go of the stone, stabbing over ten times in the same position. On top of that, the tremendous strength to float in the water tired him out as he gasped heavily. Obviously he had no more strength to continue.
    Thus the area he streaked left behind only an indistinct, faint scratch. Xiao Xiao saw the black glossy shine of the python skin. A feeling of powerlessness filled his thoughts.

    Thus when his gaze inadvertently came across the place the dragon turtle bit on the pythons neck, he had a gut feeling of nowhere to go, no way out. There was not a single feeling of happiness.

    Both his legs paddled and swam rapidly to the pythons neck where the dragon turtle bit. Both hands clasped the sharp stone and jabbed at the wound, but the stone did not go in.

    He slanted his body back, both hands held the stone firmly and repeatedly grind the python skin back and forth. Although it was not sharp, the stone was capable of grinding open the pythons skin. At least he saw a result. In this way cutting open the pythons skin would only be a matter of time. Xiao Xiao was unable to contain his joy.

    Cut and Cut! Grind and Grind! He did not know how long he continued. Half of Xiao Xiaos body was immersed in the cold pool. Fine beads of sweat dripped from above his forehead. His complexion was not pale, but rather moist red.

    Xiao Hei seeing Xiao Xiao continuously busy, waited at the shore swiveling incessantly. From time to time it would raise its head to look in the pool at Xiao Xiao and the corpse of the jet black python.

    Seeing that Xiao Xiao has not come to shore, it finally could not remain still and swam near to the slit pythons body.Using the small hard spot of its black nose, it smell to the east and smelled to the west.

    As it swam to Xiao Xiaos side, suddenly a green drizzly round object just happen to tumble out of the cut on the pythons skin. With one sniff, Xiao Hei became intoxicated by the fragrance. It stretched out its tongue, wanting to stuff it in its mouth. Because the round ball was somewhat big, it was stuck in Xiao Heis mouth.

    Xiao Hei swayed his mouth, stubbornly wishing to swallow it into its stomach, so much so that it was wedge in the middle causing Xiao Xiao to cough. Xiao Xiao hearing Xiao Heis cough sound, naturally payed attention to Xiao Heis movements.

    Seeing a bulge in Xiao Heis mouth, he did not know what it just ate. Fearing Xiao Hei would choke, he began thinking of a way to prevent Xiao Hei from swallowing. But Xiao Hei swayed its head, unexpectedly swallowing it in.

    Seeing Xiao Hei unaffected, Xiao Xiao did not overthink, and continued his unfinished task.

    The heavens are not responsible for human intentions. After comprehending in the cold pit, Xiao Xiao knew that he had to continue striving for another night and could not stop to rest. Of course, he finally found the dark purple long round python gall which looked like a gemstone.

    To remove the poison from his body, Xiao Xiao endured the fishy smell, pinching his nose and swallowed it. There was a slight chill as it entered his mouth. It was soft like a syrup flowing down his throat into his stomach.
    After finishing the python gall, he was very much free from anxiety. However as Xiao Xiao was about to heave a sigh of relief, his whole entire body seemed to have broken in structure. A strong feeling of exhaustion filled his thoughts.

    Xiao Xiao really wanted to lie down on the cold pool immediately and fall asleep in this way. But when the side of his eyes saw Xiao Hei floating in the pool, he did not know what happened, and unexpectedly floated on the water with his slight consciousness. Originally he wanted to sleep, but his mental state immediately intensified.

    He extended his arm to hold up the unconscious Xiao Hei. He hurriedly swam out of the water. Once he reached the shore, Xiao Xiao reached forward and stretched out Xiao Heis nose, and felt Xiao Heis stable breaths, not a sign of abnormality.

    He was relieved of his worries.    

    But the unconscious Xiao Hei did cause Xiao Xiao to be puzzled with doubt. It did not look like Xiao Hei was poisoned, but it was indeed unconscious. He thought and thought but could not come up with an explanation. Since he did not know the cause, he might as well let it go. Anyways Xiao Hei was fine at the moment. Only when Xiao Hei wake up would he carefully go to explore.
    Xiao Xiao found a clean corner by the stone wall while holding Xiao Hei. He thought and thought and finally let out a deep breath of air. He relaxed his mind, and thought of Grandfather. If Grandfather returns home and finds the letter he left behind, but could not find its person, certainly Grandfather could search the whole world for him.
    Now that he and Xiao Hei had fallen into the cavern into the cold pit, perhaps even if Grandfather wanted to find him, it would not be possible. An unbidden feeling of sorrow sprung from the bottom of his heart. From now on, he could never see Grandfather again! He would never have the chance to wait for his fathers return!

    But on a second thought, this was exactly what he wanted. He did not want to involve the Xiao clan, and did not want to burden Grandfather anymore.
    Xiao Xiao thought, and thought. A strong anticipation of exhaustion came, and exhausted him. Finally he fell asleep, letting his imagination run wild in bewilderment......

    When Xiao Xiao woke up again, a clear gleam came within the cold pool. The cold had woken him up. Although the dragon turtles blood is demonic blood, it prevented Xiao Xiao from freezing to death for one day and two nights, so it was already considered as a miraculous effect.

    Shivering from the cold, he wanted to get up and drink two mouthfuls of the dragon turtles blood to resist the cold air coming from the freezing waters. Both palms supported himself up from the ground. When he lifted his legs, he realized Xiao Hei clinging to his legs was significantly bigger than before.

    Xiao Xiao heard these kind stories regarding overnight drastic change from his Grandfathers conversation with other people. As for Xiao Hei this was absolutely a good thing, but why would Xiao Hei be unconscious at this moment.

    He carefully moved Xiao Hei to the side, and once again walked toward the dragon turtle. However at this moment golden blood was no longer flowing out from the dragon turtles wound. Rather the wounded area had already pulled back into the turtle shell. The dragon turtles shell was incomparably hard. His stone would not be able to cut it open.
    Xiao Xiaos entire body trembled with cold. He endured the coldness as he searched the one and only passageway. He believed this passageway ought to be where the python had emerged.

    He followed the faint light, wishing to find an exit as quickly as possible, and to leave this terrible place sooner.

    Following straight through the passageway and reaching inside a spacious lair, Xiao Xiao surmised that this place must be where the python normally rests. Exactly after he set foot inside, he felt an extremely cold air that was isolated inside this lair. When he did not feel cold anymore, he could even faintly feel a trace of warmth in the air.

    Xiao Xiao looked over, and quickly found inside the lair, the surrounding pile of rock formed a wall, which was up to his height. Due to his curiosity, he carefully walked forward one step at a time.

    As he walked closer to the stone wall, the surrounding temperature became warmer. When he was a few steps away from the stone walls, he finally saw that within the walls, there was a fruit tree he had never seen before.

    The fruit tree wasnt tall, and was much shorter than the stone wall. The tree trunk was lush and green like an emerald. Above the tree trunk grew leaves, snow-white like jade. And on the peak, grew bear a fruit that glittered blood red like a ruby.
    Although the fruit was only as big as a thumb, it seemed especially dazzling on the lush green trunk and snow white leaves. Although Xiao Xiao did not know if it was a fruit, once he saw this fruit, he had an intense desire to consume this fruit.

    Xiao Xiao jumped on top of the rocks, both eyes staring dyingly at the fruit. Even if he extremely wanted to eat this fruit, to his surprise he saw that beneath the fruit tree was a slow flow of laving raging in flames. Once again he observed the fruit tree like it was nothing ordinary. It was absolutely nothing ordinary.

    And within this python lair, it can be assumed that the python must had been the guardian protecting this strange mysterious fruit. Xiao Xiao thought it over, and did not immediately pluck the fruit. He naturally thought to himself.

    He had stumbled upon something he heard from grandfather, The treasure of Heaven are like fruits that cannot be picked nor used. It should not be used for its strange effect, or else it might turn into the most deadliest poison in the world.

    Thus although XiaoXiao really wanted to swallow the red treasured fruit, he had to restrain himself and cool down. At this moment if he was not careful, his biggest chance may turn into misfortune.

    Xiao Xiao pondered for a good while, not knowing what was right. He was aware of that right now, he would have been starved to death already. Either way he would have been dead. He might as well take a gamble, with at least a small chance to live.

    Xiao Xiao extended his right hand to pluck the white jade colored leaf. Right when Xiao Xiaos finger touched the snow white leaf, a cold qi one hundred times colder than the freezing pool passed instantly through his palm and into his body.
    Instantly a layer of thin ice formed above his arm. Xiao Xiaos complexion changed suddenly, and felt the snow leafs potency. Without time to think, from the bottom of his heart, he took a plunge and used his left hand to grab the ruby fruit on the peak of the tree.

    In a moment, the raging flames burned his body. His left arm unexpectedly blazed with red flame. And so when Xiao Xiao immediately smelled the scent of roast meat, he knew it was the scent of his roasted arm.

    Enduring this inhumane pain and torment, he had a strong unwillingness to resign. He was unwilling to die in silence. He thought about seeing his grandfathers kind and benevolent smile once again; and for his father who searched the world for a cure, he had not seen his father in two years already; and for Xiao Hei, and the rest of the people in the Xiao family courtyard.......

    Goodbye, Grandfather, Father, Xiao family.....

    At Xiao Xiaos last moment of conscious, he exhausted his strength to pull together and destroy both the snow white leaf and the fruit.
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    Please don't tell me the dog ate the snake core which was suppose to be a power up for our MC. If so I'm done thanks for translating though the dog is really taking away from the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonifide View Post
    Please don't tell me the dog ate the snake core which was suppose to be a power up for our MC. If so I'm done thanks for translating though the dog is really taking away from the story.
    Why are you overreacting's pet wil get the power up mc will get the technique...

    Btw thanks for the translations

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    Quote Originally Posted by availchet View Post
    Why are you overreacting's pet wil get the power up mc will get the technique...

    Btw thanks for the translations
    A dog with a power up... Thats so dumb, wasted core wasted, it dosent matter if he gets tech he is cripled and needed that core to fix it now he has a powered up dog that dosent listen? Outy, i tried

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    Quote Originally Posted by TakoEmperor View Post
    A dog with a power up... Thats so dumb, wasted core wasted, it dosent matter if he gets tech he is cripled and needed that core to fix it now he has a powered up dog that dosent listen? Outy, i tried
    you realized the core wasn't the way to fix his problem? have you not read the synopsis lol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverNight View Post
    you realized the core wasn't the way to fix his problem? have you not read the synopsis lol?
    LOL I already know how he got it fixed but that core was probably a huge *** power up for him. Imagine him being immune to all poisons but he is kinda to dense for me. I wish it was a wolf than a damn dog.

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