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Thread: 战皇 [Battle Emperor] by Ao Tian Wu Hen

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    Thanks dragonsense.

    With an editor to clean it up it would be great. Even so, I was able to read through the whole thing without too many problems.

    Thank you again for your efforts!

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    another trial translation... feel free to edit it because i know this my translation quality is low due to my poor english grammar but thanks to all your appreciation
    chapter 13: burning the residence

    after knowing the cause of xie gan and xie kun grudge, it proof even clearer that xie kun is
    the culprit, this make xie ao yu practice crazily, and even he is very tired after practice

    again and again he can not sleep.

    remember how he suffer 3 years of ridicule form xie kun son adn remebering how his sister

    always feel very thankful and respectful to xie kun every time she see him, this all make

    zie ao yu really crazily anxious.

    "this won't do, i will go craxy if not vent this a little" xie ao yu stand up and waking the

    sleeping xiao bai." let's go to xie kun place to have fun!"

    after walked out of six elder residence he found out that the xie family had been heavily


    xie ao yu casually walked and observed for a little and he found out it's not in a state of

    alert( like code red) but to speak of it also true, te luosi kill the young generation

    proved that his strengh had a problem, and had no way to go against the older generation, so

    naturally they don't worry te luosi come inside to kill them.

    looking for a chance, xie ao yu slipped to the fourth elder residence

    xie ao yu had been heremore than once and can be considered quiet familiar with the lay out.

    he is very skilled with the disguise technique and came to the backyard of the residence.

    this is the place xie kun panted herbs. when you wal in there'll be a refreshing scent of

    flower and plant of the differnt color. and behind these flower and plant is xie kun and his

    son residence.

    right now is the middle of the night and the moon shine dimly at the sky,but inside the

    residence the lamp shine brightly, in the residence there're shadows moving and base on the

    familiarity of xie ao yu with xie kun father and son he already know that those shadows are

    those two.

    xie ao yu stealthy walk there and leap up to the roof remove the tile and looking inside adn

    he hear the loud slap on the face,

    "plak" (note: don't know the sound of getting slap)

    xie kun angrily slap xie zi heavily. "darn it, you actually collusion with te luo si to kill

    your own family brothers."xie kun say softly afraid that other may hear him but his face is

    filled with murder intention.

    "this can not blame me , who told them to bully and humiliate me, called me useles fatty. if

    not for this i won't..."xie zhe still want to argue but seeing xie kun look like that he

    quickly use his hand to cover his mouth.

    xie kun face hardened and walk aimlessly in the room

    looking at the qurrel of those father and son xie ao yu fell happy in his heart, he let

    xiao bai get down, and make preparation to let the fire go (arson), ready to make a move.

    "what happen to xie gang" xie kun coldly asked

    " i don't know about this , i only let xie gang go to make contact with te luosi, how could

    i know that te luosi actually kill him, this is definitely because xie gang that idiot

    annoyed te luosi." xie xhi reply

    xie kun narrow his eyes and stared at his son, he found his son really heaqrtless, xie gang

    and him should be buddies but now that xie gang is dead. not only he is not sad but also say

    this kind of cruel/ heartless word.

    "father, plese don't look at me like that" xie zhi feel the hair at his back standing being

    look by xie kun.

    shooking his head xie kun said" you're really heartless if you are not my son. i already

    kill you now"

    xie zhi scared and shivere and mutterd with his mouth " aren't you better than me at this,

    personally harm xie gan and make him in coma till now."

    "what did you say?" xie kun suddenly take a step forward and use his hand to catch xie xhi

    collar and pull him up."how do you know about this.say it!"

    xie ao yu on the roof immediately focus at his ear adn seeing xie zhi grab xie kun hand ans

    say tremblingliy" father i'm your son don't kill me i just overheard it by chance. really"

    xie kun facial muscle twitch adn pechlessly looking at xie zhi ferocioulsly then he

    mercilessly throw xie zhi to the ground " yhis ything can't let the third person know about

    it. otherwise..."

    " i won't say it, i definitely won't say it"xie zhi reply

    xie ao yu feel strange looking at this because he felt that xie kun really had the

    intention to kill xie zhi.

    "you have to keep it in mind if this spread out you will die horriblely so instead of that

    it's better i give you a happy one" xie kun answer with ashen face

    "father, don't tell me..." xie zhi ask

    xie kun coldly say" i don't have the divergent flame, and not have any prescription. how can

    i make the poison that even master zi yan could not cure, that given by other peaople." he

    let out a breath " you go back to rest , remember from today on you can not go out without

    my permission."

    xie zhi still want to argue but seiing xie kun ashen face he closed his mouth and obediently

    back to his room.

    "lit the fire!" xie ao yun murmured softly seeing the situation

    xiao bai thaht already make the preapration earlier movw his small hand and shortly a small

    fireball fill the sky, this fireball strengh is very weak but the number i very scary

    hong hong hong (sfx of fireball hit aor flying)

    immediately the flower and the plant burning heavily. xie ao yu take xiao bai and run out

    he know this will ceratainly alarmed the entire xie family after all now they're in the

    state of alert

    "damn kid want to run"

    xie kun seeing the glimpe of xie ao yu shadow roar loudly and leap into the air.

    with a hand he throw xiao bai out for afraid being seen because the entire xie family he is

    the only one with the white spiritual beast, he also understand if xie kun catch up with him

    and use poison then he will be in danger.

    accordingly he take oout a piece of cloth to cover his face, pull out lightning spirit holy

    sword and chop down violently.

    lightning spirit holy sword aura shine brightly under the dim moonlight and with sharp sound

    hack into xie kun that just take out a long sword

    kacha(sfx weapon hit each other)

    long sword cut in two. xie kun also fall back to the ground.

    xie ao you two hack forced xie kun unable to chase he jump out xie kun residence and

    disappear in the darkenss of the night.

    after got away safely, xie ao yu let out amouthful breath and gloomily say how dangerous

    at the same time he also get understanding of xie kun martial ability, he really is a

    useless a person in martial art, several decade man but still at advance level, if there's

    no refining pharmacist status xia ao yu is confident to kill him with lightning spirit holy

    sword and dragon overlord boxing.

    but listening at xie kun father and son angry roar he feel refreshing in his heart

    after being safe, he peretende to be just see the fire and along with other people he once

    again enter fourth elder residence. seeing that big fire mercilessly burn xie kun hard

    nurtured flower and plant his heart feel happy.

    as for the usefullness of the flower plant to his medical spirit finger can be directly

    ignored (useless)

    medical spirit finger require the high and top class medicinal plant, and these are only a

    very common one

    you father and son wait for it, after i successfully train the medical spirit finger, i will

    personally get rid of you two, xie ao yu make a vowed scretly in his heart

    after venting his frustation cie ao yu body really feel refreshing

    after finally let out the suppressed hostility, he get back to his residence after dismissed

    the servant he say to the coma xie gan." father i already know tghe cuplit that poisoned

    you, today i burned his hard nurtured rare and exotic flower and plant. wait until a succes in

    training the medical spirit finger then i will take revenge for you.

    the next day xie ao yu began to practice like crazy, except going to zi yan place once a day

    to train medical spirit finger, he only train his battle qi crazily in the back mountain,

    in the process he gradually find out a strange phenomenon, and that is zi yan shadow demon

    spirit flame.

    p.s for the lightning spirit holy sowr eventhough i prefer to call it sabre but i still follow the translation form deadly legend and stiil use sword

    p.s.s don't get your hope too high on me i just translte this story on whim if i feel it an free time maybe ican dished out 1 or 2 chapters a week but if no motivation it can be one or two years without any chapter

    on another note if deadlylegend want to continue the translation feel free to take my or the edited version if some one edit it or maybe ypu want to translate it yourself
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