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Thread: 妖神记 [Demons and Gods] by发飙的蜗牛[Mad Snail|Fa Biao De Wo Niu]

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    Default 妖神记 [Tales of Demons and Gods] by发飙的蜗牛[Mad Snail|Fa Biao De Wo Niu]

    妖神记 【Tales of Demons and Gods】

    by 发飙的蜗牛 【Mad Snail | Fa Biao De Wo Niu】

    Genre : XianXia, Fantasy, Rebirth-Time travel

    Link :

    Chapters will be updated in the wordpress a few hours earlier so do follow the wordpress if you want to read it first hand!
    Introduction Nie Li, the strongest Demon Spiritist in his past life standing at the pinnacle of the martial world however, he lost his life during the battle with Sage Emperor and the six deity ranked beast, his soul was then reborn back in time back to when he is still 13. Although hes the weakest in his class with the lowest talent at only Red soul realm, but with the aid of the vast knowledge which he accumulated from his previous life, he trained faster then anyone.

    Trying to protect the city which in the coming future was being assaulted by beast and ended up being destroyed as well as protecting his lover, friends and family who died by the beast assault. And to destroy the Sacred family whom abandon their duty and betrayed city in his past life.


    Soo... English isn't my first language so I hope everyone could bare with me with my horrible command in language >.<

    Anyways been reading this book to the latest chapter, author been updating the novel almost daily so... Yeah
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    Chapter 1 Rebirth

    On the colossal St. Ancestral Mountains, sunlight shined through the gap between the mountains, shinning into the deep gorges. On the hillside beside the valley, there are still residual of snow remaining.

    Already in the early summer, the snow have still yet to melt, the coldness in here is exceptionally long, with roars of beast sounding from time to time.

    A magnificent city standing on the surface of the valley.

    World outside of St. Ancestral Mountains has already been occupied by the beasts, people living in it have already not contacted the outside world for hundreds of years.

    The people in the city were unsure of the situation of the outside world, it was recorded that at the most glorious period of mankind, having thousands of legend rank warrior and demon spiritist, established an empire in the vast continent, but those empire had already been wiped out.

    The city due to being secretively geographically located, it was well preserved from the Age of Darkness, although from time to time they would encounter attacks from powerful snow wind beast within the St. Ancestral Mountains, but after going through numerous devastating wars, the city was again and again rebuilt.

    That gigantic walls, was an indomitable monument!

    This city is called Glory City, a symbol of hope for the humanity.

    Saint Portland College, Fighter apprentice class.

    Thirty over students were sitting down, listening to a female teacher imparting her knowledge, they are a bunch of fighter apprentice, Glory City Saint Portland Colleges students.

    Heard that the new teacher is a Sacred Familys a 3-star silver class demon spiritist! A few students were discussing softly among themselves.

    The attention of the students were focused on the teacher, her tall figure, the lavender dress wrapped tightly against her body, perky chest, slender white pair of legs, with exquisite make up, looking beautiful and elegant, eyes full of pride and arrogance.

    Sacred family is one of the three major family of Glory City, birth of nobility and is also a 3-star demon spiritist, naturally she have the capital to be prideful.

    As a 3-star silver demon spiritist, if it wasnt for her nephew who is in this class, she wouldnt even come to teach here.
    Demon spiritist and Fighter have five different rank, which is the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold and Legend rank and each rank, is then divided into five levels, from 1-star to 5-star.

    A demon spiritist are above fighters, a noble existence, a demon spiritist can form soul realm within their dantian, with the ability to store captured demons in their soul realm and are able to merge with their demon in combat, possessing matchless strength which are far above that of fighters strength could compete. Chen Xiu raised her chin and spoke arrogantly Just like me, my demons a Scarlet Flaming Fox!

    Suddenly, Chen Xius face and hands underwent drastic changes, facial shape becoming sharper, both teeth and nails also became sharper, scarlet tail emerge from her back.

    After merging with a demon, I can control its strength as well as gaining fire abilities. Among the demons, Scarlet Flaming Fox belongs to the gold rank beast, which also means that the highest level i can reach is gold rank demon spiritist! Of course, after becoming a gold rank demon spiritist, I can replace it with a more powerful demon. When it comes to her cultivation, the pride on Chen Xius face became thicker.

    Chen Xius words, caused a group of students to be amazed. Gold rank demon spiritist, are existence are beyond the reach for most of them.

    As Chen Xiu lecturing on the stage, Nie Li was sitting at the back row mind in a state of trance, soul floating around.

    After awhile, Nie Li slowly opened his eyes, he couldnt help to be confused by the scene infront of him.

    Where am I? Nie Li was utterly shocked, he realised that his hand shrinked smaller and his skin also became a lot more tender.
    Chen Xiu was on the stage talking non stop, Nie Li clearly remember that it was the year where he just joined the school, the teacher lecturing was a 3-star silver demon spiritist, extremely arrogant. Because of that, Nie Li was unwilling to learn for quite sometime.
    I was actually reborn? Nie Li was deeply shocked, he was surrounded and attacked by a Sage Emperor and six deity rank beast, died in the battle, but his soul was actually reborn to the time when he was 13 years old!

    Nie Li looked towards the side, and saw familiar faces, Lu Piao, Du Ze, these brothers that shared life and death with him were still alive, except that their appearance were still very immature.

    And her, Nie Li looked towards the left, only a few meters away from him, a beautiful flawless face, appeared in his field of vision. Her name is Ye Zi Yun, although her appearance is only 13-14, but she already looked slender and elegant, purple colored hair poured down to her waist, arched eyebrows, light of wisdom were seen in her eyes and deep dimples when she smiles.

    Although she still looked a little childish, but Nie Li knows that when she grows up abit more she would be extremely beautiful and enchanting.

    She wore a silk white dress, having a kind of unspeakable elegance, in his previous life, Nie Li had deep affection for her since he was a teen.

    Shes not dead!

    Nie Li was extremely excited in his heart, to the point he almost choked.

    I actually went back in time, is this real? Not a dream? Nie Li severely pinched himself, the clear pain of it tells him that it wasnt a dream, suddenly he thought of something Temporal Demon Spirit Book, must be Temporal Demon Spirit Book! Nie Li lowered his head and immediately searched for it, but could not find Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

    Nie Li dare not believe, rebirth this kind of mysterious thing actually happened on him, it must be related to the mysterious Temporal Demon Spirit Book!

    That Temporal Demon Spirit Books creator was not known, a highly mysterious book, Nie Li always kept it with him, he clearly remembered, when he was fighting with Sage Emperor and six deity rank beast, his blood thoroughly covered the book.

    Must be the Temporal Demon Spirit Book that brought him back to when he was still 13.

    Seeing all these familiar faces, Nie Li drifted into his distant memory.

    He remembered that when the Glory City was under the assault of the snow wind beasts, Glory Citys guardian Ye Mo a legend rank demon spiritist died in the battle with the beasts, among hundreds of thousands, only a few thousand survived, fleeing to the desert at the east of St. Ancestral Mountain, during the escape, one after another died in the desert, on that day, they were surrounded by the beast in the desert, that night, him and Ye Zi Yun seeked comfort from each others soul.

    That night, Nie Li finally embraced the goddess in his heart within his arm.

    Under the night, silvery moonlight were as hazy veil, Ye Zi Yus exquisite physique, crystal clear skin were was though they were jade sculpture, they had each other madly.

    If it wasnt for the destruction of Glory City, wasnt for the dreadful escape, with his ridiculously low talent, declining family, he could never get the favor of Ye Zi Yun.

    After that, they encountered another group of beast, in order to protect him, Ye Zi Yu died by the hands of the beast. Nie Li could never forget that moment. After experiencing the life threatening attacks, Nie Li survived and walked out of the Endless Desert.

    Although his talent was low, but with his survival instinct, Nie Li traveled throughout the Divine Continent, coming across many people fighting with the beasts, came across many mysterious stuff, and of course that Temporal Demon Spirit Book, if it wasnt for the book, Nie Li wouldnt be able to come back.

    Mysterious Temporal Demon Spirit Book, actually returned him back in time!

    Glory City destroyed, parents, family and brothers all died one by one in the battle, Ye Zi Yun also died in the escape.

    Since Im back, heavens gave me another chance, i will not let the destruction of Glory City happen again! Nie Lie gritted his teeth, firmly decided in his mind, he vaguely remember that he should just had enrolled school this year, should be of 13 years old. Nie Li wanting to laugh happily, Im back, how nice!

    Sage Emperor, the next time we meet, ill slaughter you, as to avenge my previous life!

    If it wasnt for the destruction of Glory City, him and Ye Zi Yun would be from two different worlds, wouldnt even be possible to be together. Both of them was in the midst of escape built up deep feelings for each other, otherwise with the halo as the daughter of Glory Citys City Lord, she wouldnt even be with Nie Li whom family is powerless and declining.

    Not to mention Ye Zi Yuns grandfather, is a legend rank demon spiritist, Ye Mo!

    Nie Li only knew about it later, when Ye Zi Yun entered the school, no one in class knew of Ye Zi Yuns identity.

    Within the Glory City there are three major family, Divine family, Sacred family, Snow wind family, representing the supreme power of Glory City, pinnacle of the noble family, City Lord was also usually born from these three family, after the three major family were the seven aristocratic family and after them are the twelve noble family.

    Nie Li belonged to the Heavenly Marks family, standing at the last place of the noble family, although still have a little status, but the difference is astronomical compared to the three major family and the seven aristrocatic family.

    With Nie Lis background, wanting to be with Ye Zi Yun is simply impossible.

    But, a glimse of firmness flashed across Nie Lis eye, since he was reborn, is all this still an issue? Although his foundation is poor, but with the vast knowledge from his previous life, improving his talent isnt possible!

    Nie Li, what are you smiling at? Lu Piao looked at Nie Li puzzled, thinking if he has crazy as he have been giggling by himself for quite sometime, and even staring at Ye Zi Yun with a lecherous look.

    Just being happy! Good brother, great seeing you! Nie Li excitedly hugged Lu Piao, its a habit of them from the previous life.

    Ridiculously being hugged by Nie Li, Lu Piao muttered angrily Oi, Nie Li, whos your good brother, you gaylord, quickily release me! Lu Piao struggle thinking that theyve just started school not long ago, only acquainted for a few days only, still not close enough for this level of intimacy!

    Nie Li didnt loosen his hug, looking seriously and chuckled No matter what your thinking, in my heart, youre always my good brother! Naturally Nie Li couldnt tell Lu Piao the life and death adventures in the previous life.

    Looking at Nie Lis gaze, Lu Piao was stunned for awhile and couldnt help but saying Weirdo! no matter what, the words Nie Li said previously, made him felt moved.

    Lu Piao looked at Nie Lie saying I know youre one of the nobility in the Glory City, but let me warn you, do not have any idea for that girl, her identity were extremely mysterious, heard that when she joined the school the school principal personally arranged her hostel.

    Nie Li slightly grinned, Lu Piao still doesnt know Ye Zi Yuns identity which he already knew.

    Shes my woman! Nie Li looked at the beautiful long haired girl not far alway, his heart was exceptionally firm, thinking of that nights madness, Nie Li couldnt help but feel hot in his heart.

    But, Nie Li suddenly remembered, him and Ye Zi Yun are still only 13!

    Zi Yun this girl, when will she grow up to become the beautiful enchanting woman? I shall protect you and grow up together!

    Not far away Ye Xi Yun seems to have felt something, turned her had and look towards Nie Li, gently wrinkled her brows, Nie Li must be a playful nobility, since the start he has been unrestrainedly looking at her, if he dares to provoke her, shell not let him go easily!
    Ye Zi Yun didnt want to make use her status to make friends, but that doesnt mean that shell submit to humiliation when being bullied.
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    Continue translating, if you have problems keep at it and they will seem small when bigger ones show up....I repeat continue translating.

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    Thanks for translating this novel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler Blackburn View Post
    Continue translating, if you have problems keep at it and they will seem small when bigger ones show up....I repeat continue translating.
    Yeah.. One of the problems is that i'm reading the chapter i translated 4-5 times to revise it..

    Quote Originally Posted by Chosen5000 View Post
    Thanks for translating this novel

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    NICE.... you decided to translate another story....
    Thanks a bunch.. gonna wait for the next chapter...
    Thanks again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by billybuton View Post
    NICE.... you decided to translate another story....
    Thanks a bunch.. gonna wait for the next chapter...
    Thanks again...
    Yeah because Battle Emperor is being translated by DeadlyLegends which was informed after completing chapter 1 and half of chapter 2 so since it's being translated by others i figured i'll just choose another novel that i've been reading lately.

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    Chapter 2 - Ignorant

    Do take a look at my WordPress page as chapters there are updated a few hours earlier then compared to here.

    TLN :

    Changes made
    - "Beginner warrior class" to "Fighter apprentice class".
    - "Warrior" to "Fighter"

    3200+ characters to translate holy shit.. Talking about taking 3-4 hours to translate one chapter, if i were to translate everything in one go, that's a lot of work and time.. 4200+ words for next chapter! Lets hope i come out alive. Not sure if I can get chapter 3 out this week but lets see how it goes..

    My god.. I had to read through what i translated a few times to get rid of errors, seems like i need to do that with Chapter 1 too..


    The seat beside Ye Zi Yun sat a tall and handsome boy, catching glimpse of Ye Zi Yun from time to time, noticing that Ye Zi Yun's was looking at Nie Li, he threw a furious look towards Nie Li.

    His height were slightly taller then Nie Li, thick brow big eyes, emitting faint Yin aura from his brows.

    Naturally Nie Li recognized this person, he's Chen Yue, belongs to the Sacred family which is one of the three major family, having extraordinary talent, Chen Xiu who's currently talking in the stage is his aunt.

    Chen Yue has always been Ye Zi Yun's pursuer during the past life, before Glory City was destroyed, Chen Yue and Ye Zi Yun almost got married, in the eyes of their family, they have always been a perfect match together. If Glory City wasn't destroyed, the both of them would have definitely gotten married, before they underwent the marriage ceremony, Glory City was under the attacks of the snow wind beasts, before the city was broken through by the beast, Sacred family betrayed the Glory City, abandoning their duties and fled.

    This may be the work of fate, Ye Zi Yun did not become Chen Yue's wife, but but had couple kinship with Nie Li.

    Thinking of it, Nie Li couldn't help to laugh in his heart, but seeing Ye Zi Yun and Chen Xiu's glare, Niu Li couldn't help but felt headache, the current Ye Zi Yun, had a few good impression for Chen Yue and as for the look that Ye Zi Yun give to himself were full of disdain. Ye Zi Yun must have thought of him as a lazy playful person.

    Seeing as Ye Zi Yun looking over to this direction, Nie Li felt a lag in his breath, that familiar face, thinking of everything that happened in the previous life, Nie Li couldn't help to feel sour in his nose, revealing a smile while looking deeply at Ye Zi Yun, many thanks to Temporal Demon Spirit Book, that allowed us to meet once again.

    "Weirdo." Ye Zi Yun thought in her heart, she felt that Nie Li's gaze were somewhat strange, bright eyes shined like stars, giving a touch of sadness, Ye Zi Yun's heart were filled with questions, does she know Nie Li? Why does he look at her with this kind of gaze?

    Ye Zi Yun's a beauty, white teeth and vermilion lips, like a lotus blooming silently, having a sense of unspeakable cuteness temperament, which is why there is so many boys fascinated with her.

    At this point, Chen Xiu's gaze swept pass Nie Li's body, the action of these 13-14 kids couldn't escape her eyes, as she is a silver demon spiritist long she already reached the state of having the mind and body as one, powerful six sense. Her eyesight were extremely keen, could even see a fleeing rat over a hundred meters away.

    Ye Zi Yun has a noble identity, with the halo as the daughter of Glory City's lord, granddaughter of legend rank demon spiritist Ye Mo and has cyan soul realm formed in her dantian, a rare talent!

    Only a few people in St. Portland College knows of Ye Zi Yun's identity, if Chen Yue manage to have Ye Zi Yun as his wife, it could strongly strengthen Sacred family's position in Glory City, this is also why he's in the fighter apprentice class, also the reason why Chen Xiu is teaching this class.

    Chen Xiu reverted her transformation, both arm hugging her chest, eye swept across the students saying "In the next 2 years, all of you are my students, although Principal mentioned before that all St. Portland College's students are equal, but i have to let you know the ugly truth, in the world, equality this sort of thing doesn't exist!" Chen Xiu spoke in a slightly shrill voice, words were as dagger, heavily stabbed into the heart of the students.

    The students below the stage were quietly listening, no one spoke a word. "After you have all grown up and leave this school, you will agree with my words. Equality are merely lies adults filled you with, you can't be living in the fairytale forever!" Chen Xiu lowered her head to look at the students "Glory City is the only city that has been preserved through the Age of Darkness, we are the only surviving humankind, within the Glory City there are two kind of powerful existence, which is the fighter and demon spiritist. Demon spiritist's existence is noble, only within thousands or tens of thousands of fighter could have a chance of a powerful demon spiritist being born, until now, the whole Glory City only have thousands of demon spiritist, we are the guardians of Glory City!"

    "Fighters and demon spiritist are divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold and Legend five different rank, higher the rank, the more powerful it is. If a family produced a gold rank demon spiritist, only then can become a noble family, if produced a black gold rank demon spiritist, can become a aristocratic family, if produced three black gold rank demon spiritist or a legend rank spiritist, can become a major family. We have 36 people here, some from commoner family, some from noble family, although your starting point is the same, but your identity are not the same, i hope each and every of you to have self awareness and must have a degree of manners! Commoners will always remain as commoners, it's impossible for you to become a noble family so do not dream to rise up to becoming a phoenix. Even within nobility, they have strict difference of levels which can never exceed!"

    Under Chen Xiu's gaze, students that are simple dressed in the class showed uncomfort on their face, embarrassed and lowered their head, Chen Xiu and a few nobility proudly pushes out their chest showing pride on their face. Only Nie Li, Ye Zi Yun, Lu Piao and a few nobility remained their calmness.

    Nie Li looked to the side, Du Ze wearing slightly worn out clothes were clenching his fist tightly, biting on his lips. Du Ze came from a commoner family, family's circumstances are extremely tough. But Nie Li know that, Du Ze's self-esteem were very strong!

    Although his family circumstances isn't good, but Du Ze was very hard working in the past life, his talent isn't too bad, with his enormous hard work, he became a gold class demon spiritist. Without the support of large resources, no exceptionally good talent, all depended on his own hard work, to reach such level, one can imagine how much effort he putted in.

    Before Glory City was destroyed, many nobility family were all thinking on how to escape, only the commoners, fought for Glory City down to their last breath.

    Du Ze is Nie Li's friend, also his most esteemed friend!

    Seeing Chen Xiu's look full of contempt, Nie Li could not help but felt a surge of anger within his heart, in the past life before Glory City were broken through, Sacred family were the first to flee, therefore Nie Li do not have any pleasant impression for them, whether it's Chen Yue or Chen Xiu they isn't any good stuff, in the past life Chen Xiu was very mean, leading Nie Li to dislike her.

    "Teacher Chen Xiu, i have a question." Nie Li suddenly spoke.

    All the students were listening quietly and Nie Li suddenly interrupted her speech leading Chen Xiu to be unhappy, Chen Xiu recognizes Nie Li as he were the one who covet over Ye Zi Yun, the words she spoke previously was directed at Nie Li, who would have thought Nie Li actually spoke up, she coldly snorted "What is it?"

    "Teacher Shen Xiu says that Glory City is the only one that survived the Age of Darkness, we are the only human being surviving, what prove do you have on this statement? May i ask if teacher went out of the St. Ancestral Mountains and visited Endless Desert, Toxic Forest, Blood Moon Marsh, Spirit Gulf, Northern Snow before?" As someone who was reborn, Nie Li's experience can completely look down on Chen Xiu.

    "What Heavenly Luster Mountain? What Northern Snow?" Chen Xiu frowned, Endless Desert, Toxic Forest and Blood Moon Mountain she have heard of them before but those places are very far away from St. Ancestral Mountains, only heard of it in the legends, Chen Xiu snorted "I've never been to those places, I have been in Glory City since birth, have never been to those places.

    Nie Li smiled faintly saying "Since teacher Chen Xiu have never been to those places, how can you be so sure that we are the only human being alive?"

    Chen Xiu couldn't help to be at lost of words.

    The students in the class started talking quietly, they have no idea, what kind of places are they which Nie Li spoke about. Ye Zi Yun sitting far away, colors flashed across her eyes, curiously looked at Nie Li, she's curious on how did Nie Li know of those places.

    Chen Yue who was sitting beside Ye Zi Yun slightly frowned his brows, he looked towards the talking Nie Li, quite handsome, Nie Li wasn't below him in terms of looks, unknowingly he felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

    Seeing the students below discussing away, Chen Xiu's face was extremely displeased and scoffed "So what, how can you prove that we are not the last surviving human beings?"

    "Proof?" Nie Li faintly smiled, his experience from his past life is the proof, mankind's wisdom are amazing, even-though after experiencing the Age of Darkness, alot of humans still survived, built many monumental cities, but he couldn't say that out but only speaking calmly "Let me tell teacher Shen Xiu a story. There was once a frog in the depth of the well, since his birth, he has always been in the well therefore, since the start he could only see a part of the sky, so he claimed that, the sky is only as big as the hole of the well, but is the sky only the size of the hole? We could only say that the frog is ignorant!"

    [TLN : Well it should be "frog viewing the sky from the bottom of the well" which also means "ignorant people (the frog) knows nothing aside from their world"]

    Listening to what Nie Li just said, students in the class couldn't help themselves from laughing, they all felt that what Nie Li say makes sense, and the idiom "a frog viewing the sky from the bottom of the well", isn't indirectly calling teacher Chen Xiu a frog?

    "Viewing the sky from the bottom of the well, what appropriate description!" A few girls said while giggling away, they all disliked Chen Xiu, and couldn't help but to look at Nie Li full of admiration, as only Nie Li would be daring enough to openly insult a teacher in class.

    "You......" Chen Xiu stared at Nie Li, furious to the point of almost vomitting blood, Nie Li actually compared her to an ignorant frog! She has never encountered such rampant student!

    Ye Zi Yun sitting far away couldn't control her laughter as well, she realized that Nie Li is quite interesting and is eloquent with with his words and actually made teacher Chen Xiu speechless.

    Ye Zi Yun's a natural beauty, her smile was fascinating. Nie Li winked towards Ye Zi Yun and smiled.

    Seeing Nie Li's expression, Ye Xi Yun immediately turned her head back, thinking in her heart, such audacity! Nie Li 's impression in her heart still remained as a bad student!

    Seeing Nie Li not only choked teacher Chen Xiu but also teased Ye Zi Yun, Lu Piao couldn't help to raise a thumb at him, this guy's awesome.

    Nie Li looked at Chen Xiu, continue saying "Teacher Chen Xiu, i still have another question!"

    Chen Xiu was about to die from the anger, but couldn't flare up here, could only reply with in bad mood "What question do you still have!"

    "Teacher Chen Ziu said, a commoner will always remain a commoner, can never become a noble, i have a little question, isn't the legend ranked demon spiritist Ye Mo a commoner when he was still young?" Nie Li blinked his eyes a few times, looking at Chen Xiu "Is teacher Chen Xiu are not aware of this kind of stuff?"

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    Ohhhh shoot...I sense turbulance.

    Thanks for the chapter!!

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    Chapter 3 - Punished Standing

    Translated by Thyaeria

    TLN : I kept losing focus halfway when translating this chapter so i took a damn long time to have this chapter done lol..

    Anyways my translated third chapter this week! Not sure if I'll release anymore this week since I've hit my target or 3 chaps per week but we'll see how it goes!


    After listening to what Nie Li said, the eyes of the commoners in the class all lit up, they are all aware of Lord Ye Mo's story, setting him as an example to follow, wanting to become a powerful existence. Except the words that Chen Xiu spoke of earlier on were simply too harsh, causing them to be depressed.

    "You...... In the hundreds years of Glory City, Lord Ye Mo's the only one able to climb to the peak relying on his own's ability!" Chen Xiu showed a moment of lag and quickly retaliated with her far-fetched reply.

    "But didn't teacher Chen Xiu say that it's impossible? Why are you self-contradicting yourself?" Nie Li coldly sneered "Lord Ye Mo is a clear cut example, no matter if it's noble, or commoner, the future's potential is infinite, nothing is difficult as long as one is willing to climb!"

    Chen Xiu almost exploded, this guy Nie Li is too spiteful, catching her loophole in her words and constantly attack at it, simply no respect for the elder! She gazed coldly at Nie Li, he dared to openly contradict her in front of all the people, she'll not let Nie Li have a good time in the coming future!

    Not far away from Nie Li, Du Ze looked at Nie Li, eyes full of gratefulness, although Nie Li is a noble, he still ran the risk of offending teacher Chen Xiu, helping them commoners to speak up which made him very touched. Teenager's heart is very primitive, hence, he has already determined Nie Li as his friend.

    Chen Xiu sneered "Smart mouth, you think that putting things this way could change the harsh reality? You only looked at Lord Ye Mo's glorious moment, but didn't to look at how many people failed. Not to mention about being a demon spiritist, even becoming a fighter itself is a difficult thing to achieve. Nie Li right? You can be considered a bloodline of the noble family, since you don't know when to come and leave. I'll see what kind of talent you have!"

    Chen Xiu lowered her head and took a look at the parchment paper in her hands, after taking a glimpse of the content, she mockingly laughed "Nie Li, red soul realm, current's soul force of 5, strength of 21, with your talent you can only reach bronze rank fighter in your entire life, wanting to become a demon spiritist is simply impossible, you're even inferior compared to some of the commoners, no wonder you dared speak in this way, you are just trying to hide your own low self-esteem!"

    Soul realm's grade are differentiated by the colors, divided into red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, azure and indigo seven different grades, red is the worst, weak to the low level, an average person would have orange or yellow soul realm, having green or cyan soul realm could already be considered a genius, as for azura and purple soul realm, they have only existed in legends.

    After hearing what Chen Xiu said, groups of commoner students began to feel sorry for Nie Li, as someone of nobility, Nie Li's talent could be considered the worst, fear that it would be difficult to have any achievements in his life.

    Ye Zi Yun looked at Nie Li, sighed gently, although her impression for Nie Li isn't good, but knowing his talent to be so terrible, she couldn't help to feel sorry for him in her heart.

    Chen Yue who is sitting next to Ye Zi Yun curled his lips in disdain, if he knew sooner of Nie Li's horrible talent, he wouldn't have considered Nie Li to be a threat, because Nie Li is simply not qualified! With his horrible talent, he could only live at the lowest of Glory City, and he Chen Yue, one of the three major family, Sacred family's direct bloodline, how could Nie Li compete with him?

    If it wasn't for Ye Zi Yun, he wouldn't even come to this trash class, having the company trash like Nie Li!

    Chen Xiu aggressively continued "With such talent, even within your family, you wouldn't be able to get any attention, yet you acted so rampant, rude to elders?"

    Chen Xiu words made Nie Li recall his past, before Glory City was destroyed, Nie Li is indeed very weak, just as Chen Xiu said, he remained at 3-star bronze rank unable to advance further, no attention was given to him no matter if it's in school or back in his family, treated as if he were as dust.

    If it wasn't for that Nie Li saved Ye Zi Yun without any regard for his life, it wouldn't even be possible to get his goddess's favor. As Ye Zi Yun was already a 1-star gold rank demon spiritist at that point of time, the distance between the two were as chasm. Nie Li isn't even qualified to fight beside Ye Zi Yun, could only see Ye Zi Yun die by the claws of beast infront of him, and her body slowly submerge into the desert sand.

    This has always been a needle in Nie Li's heart!

    With pure luck that he walked out of the Endless Desert alive, Nie Li had various mysterious encounter and realized that even the so called soul force talent could also be upgraded!

    If this was in the past life, Nie Li certainly don't have the courage to refute when being criticized by the teacher, but it isn't the same now, he's confident that one day he will let these people who looked down on him know that he will reach a realm that they can never imagine.

    Since he's back, he must be indomitable, even if it means slaughtering any gods nor buddha stoping his path!

    But what caused everyone to be surprised is that, even-though Nie Li was being ridiculed by teacher Chen Xiu, there wasn't any shame shown on his face but on the contrary, his gaze firmly locked on Chen Xiu and said "Teacher Chen Xiu, you feel that soul realm could decide a person's future right? With that despicable character of yours, you'll only defend the gifted and mock the mediocre! And even still speak a bunch of principles, you're just merely trying to cover your despicable character!"

    Hearing Nie Li's words, Chen Xiu's body quivered with anger, she have never met this kind of student, who actually dared to contradict her so badly, and Nie Li's words directly poked the hidden thoughts in her heart causing her to be enraged, she cursed uncontrolably "Silence! Who do you think you are to actually dared to discredit your teacher!"

    Nie Li curled his lips in disdain "I feel ashamed having a teacher like you. I guarantee that, in this class there would be a lot of commoners exceeding your imagination, having unimaginable achievements! Instead of coaching then patiently, you used harsh words to attack their self-confidence, you're not worthy to be a teacher! Although my talent is weak, so what? One day, i will become a legend rank demon spiritist like Lord Ye Mo and marry the most beautiful women in Glory City!"

    As he spoke, Nie Li's gaze fell on the far away sitting Ye Zi Yun, eye shining with resolute.

    Seeing as Nie Li looking towards herself, not knowing why, Ye Zi Yun suddenly felt her heart speed up, cheeks burning red, never in her imagination would she have thought that Nie Li is actually so bold to say this kind of stuff in class, seeing Nie Li's gaze, his meaning is clear. Except in her heart, she doesn't have any feelings for Nie Li, after hearing Nie Li's speech she had an indescribable feeling within her.

    Seeing Ye Zi Yun's expression, Chen Yue's face colors turned dull, although Nie Li and him isn't of the same standard, he still felt a bit threaten by Nie Li.

    "Hahaha! This is the funniest joke I've heard! A red soul realm actually said that he want to become a legend rank demon spiritist like Lord Ye Mo, even when Lord Ye Mo was younger, he is already tested to have amazing talent, having cyan soul realm! You think success relies on luck alone? Ridiculous!" Chen Xu mocked mercilessly "Rather then being a smart mouth here, why not start learning seriously!"

    Nie Li's words were powerful and resonating "I know your heart is full of comtempt, but one day I will shut your mouth with hard facts! Aptitude cannot determine a person's achievement, using weak to defeat the strong, to overcome the heavens, we practitioners are already challenging the impossible, by going against the way of heavens!"

    Nie Li's words couldn't help but to cause the students in the class to feel their blood surging, practicing srr already going against the way of heavens, if one do not oppose the heavens, how could they talk about practice?

    Nie Li enunciated powerfully "Without a continuously fighting heart, without the courage to turn the impossible possible, even if possessing extraordinary talent would be useless. Since I Nie Li were borned in this world, i shall challenge the impossible, teacher Chen Xiu, how about having a bet with me?"

    Although Nie Li experienced numerous setbacks in his previous life, he never gave up, since heaven gave him a chance to be reborn, then in this life, he will use unimaginable speed to climb to the top!"

    "What bet?" Chen Xiu sneered.

    "We'll bet that on the coming test in two months time, I will be able to reach bronze rank, if I failed to do so, I will resign from the school and if i reached bronze rank, then you will resign, how?" Nie Li said unyieldingly, looking at Chen Xiu.

    Listening to what Nie Li said, everyone was taken aback by it, they are all was surprised, that Nie Li actually proposed this kind of bet with teacher Chen Xiu, although they were hoping that Nie Lie could win, but they felt that there's no way that Nie Lie would win.

    "Hahaha, joke, actually saying to reach bronze rank in two months, can you rise your soul force from 5 to 100 in two months?" Chen Xiu face were full of despise, has Nie Li gone crazy?

    "I only ask one question, do you dare or not?" Nie Li ignoring what Chen Xiu just said.

    "That being the case, why would I not dare! I do not believe an egotistical brat like you could achieve anything! Who do you think you are, boasting around!" Chen Xiu angrily snorted "Such rudeness to your teacher, for the next two months, you will stand at the back of the classroom to listen the class!"

    Chen Xiu's famous for being unreasonable, Nie Li looked contemptuously at Chen Xiu, so what if he's standing at the back of the class, for Nie Li this little thing is superficial.

    "Since teacher Chen Xiu agreed to the bet, don't regret it later on!" Nie Li strolled to the back of the class.

    "I'll regret? What a joke! Don't come crying to me later on!" Chen Xiu laughed.

    Seeing Nie Li standing at the back, a few Noble kids started mockingly whispered.

    "Future legend rank demon spiritist got punished standing!"

    "Zeze, so he's afraid of withdrawal from school!"

    [TLN : Erm "zeze" is supposed to be the sound of tongue clicking, i have no idea what to translate it into so i just direct translate it..]

    "Weren't you being egotistic awhile ago?"

    "Two months to rise soul force from 5 to 100, who does he think he is? Even when Lord Ye Mo was younger, he doesn't even reach such frightening speed!"

    Chen Xiu sneered, so what if Nie Li is being egotistic, doesn't she still have the saying in the classroom? She naturally didn't bother with what Nie Li said, two month to rise soul force from 5 to 100? Chen Xiu thought of it as a joke, this kind of stuff will absolutely not happen! Just look forward to Nie Li's withdrawal from school!

    Seeing Nie Li was punished to stand at the back of the class by Shen Xiu, Du Ze was silent for a moment, gritted his teeth then rose up from his seat and went to stand beside Nie Li. Nie Li was punished for helping the them commoners to speak up, so naturally he wanted to stand together with Nie Li.

    Seeing as Du Ze stood beside Nie Li at the back of the class, Chen Xiu's eyes gloomed down and hummed "Since you also like standing, then stand together with him!"

    Nie Li and Du Ze looked at each other, both their eyes flashed a sense of rapport and lightly smiled at each other.

    At this moment, Nie Li felt as though he went back to the past life when him and Du Ze were still best friend, Du Ze is still that Du Ze.

    After Du Ze stood at the side of Nie Li, Lu Piao submerged in his thoughts for awhile and also stood beside Nie Li.

    "Why are you here?" Nie Li smiled as he asked.

    Lu Piao shrugged "Sitting down is pretty boring, I feel more cooling standing, can't I?"

    "Haha, suits you!" Nie Li laughed, Lu Piao is still the same as the past, although he speaks a lot of bullshit, but he is very loyal. Although this thing got nothing to do with Lu Piao, but Lu Piao thought of Nie Li as friend, and friend should share the fate together.

    Successively three other commoners kids stood up and stood by Nie Li's side. Nie Li belongs to a noble family, but taking the risk at the withdrawal from school to speak up for them and they are grateful for it so they felt that they have to support Nie Li.

    With these brothers by his side, Nie Li felt that it wasn't so bad to be punished and his mood turned exceptionally cheerful.

    See that, Chen Xiu's facial expression turned ugly, putting on a cold face and continued her lecture.

    "After being tested, among the students in the class, Ye Zi Yun have a cyan soul realm, soul force of 86, Chen Yue and Xiao Ning Er both have green soul realm, soul force of 78, they will soon reach 1-star bronze rank, congratulations to them!" Chen Xiu lightly said, her gaze fell on Nie Li for a moment, this is real talent, what's Nie Li compared to them?

    Listening to Chen Xiu's words, the students in the class all cried out in surprise, cyan soul realm, soul force of 86! Such amazing person is actually in their class, with such powerful talent, she's got the chance to become a legend rank demon spiritist in her lifetime!

    As for Chen Yue and Xiao Ning Er, both also had extraordinary talent, their future's achievements are limitless

    This Ye Zi Yun's origin is known, fresh and beautiful appearance, extraordinary talent and even got a mysterious background, made her the most dazzling in the class. As for Xiao Ning Er, also a beauty, appearance not any worst then Ye Zi Yun, but her talent is slightly inferior when compared to Ye Zi Yun.

    No matter what, ordinary people have no hope of catching up to them!

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    Thanks Thyaeria for your hard work.

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    Thanks Thyaeria for translating this novel.
    Just ran out of stuff to read and it's even an interesting story^^
    Hope you will keep up with this translation speed XD

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    Thank you for translating!!
    I wish I could read two languages but it's very difficult (I can only speak two languages).

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    thanks. love this story.

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    Thanks for the support guys! I have school and work so I can't keep up with the translation speed but I'll get at least 3 chaps a week!

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    Chapter 4 - Million Demon Spirit Coin?

    Translated by thyaeria

    TLN: I figured I'll release the first chapter of the coming week first (I accidentally hit publish and released this chapter on wordpress >.<) anyways the second regular chapter will be somewhere on Wednesday and the third will be on Friday/Saturday!

    Do note that since I accidentally released this chapter earlier I have still yet to edit it, haven't got the time to edit it lol.. and Chinese to English raw translation can be confusing and you may find that the sentence doesn't make sense, so if you find a sentence that doesn't make sense to you do point it out so that I can change it :/

    Nie Li glanced towards where Xiao Ning Er is, slim figure, wearing a short yellow skirt, a pair of high heel boots, her black hair draped over her shoulders, bright clear eyes, curved eyebrows, the long eyelash slightly trembled, flawless white skin revealed touches of pink, her delicate lips were as rose petals.

    Aside from having a charming feel on her, she also had an indescribable wild beauty and her cold expression face added a different kind of taste to it.

    Nie Li's eyes went heavy and recalled, Xiao Ning Er's the first child of Xiao family, one of the seven aristocrat family, her soul force's talent is only beneath Ye Zi Yun, before Glory City was destroyed, she already became a silver rank demon spiritist, together with Ye Zi Yun became the younger generation's twin gemini.

    Only thing is, Xiao family went buttering up with the three major family, forcing Xiao Ning Er to marry into the Sacred family, marrying Chen Yue's elder brother, but she was unwilling hence left her family, go into the St. Ancestral Mountain's Black Devil Forest and never came back.

    An unyielding woman!

    Nie Li felt sorry for Xiao Ning Er, if given the chance, he will definitely help Xiao Ning Er in this life. But if asked if he he had any affection for Xiao Ning Er, there would be none, in Nie Li's heart there's only Ye Zi Ning.

    "In the fighter and demon spiritist test in two months time, I hope that there would be a few 1-star bronze rank demon spiritist, both me and St. Portland College will feel proud of you!" Chen Xiu laughed, bronze, silver, gold, black gold, legend, these five ranks are further broken down into 1 to 5 star level, 1-star bronze rank are considered entry.

    Once a fighter's strength or demon spiritist's soul force reaches 100, can be considered a 1-star bronze rank.

    Entering the entry level is extremely difficult, lots of people are unable to step into entry level to become a real fighter or demon spiritist.

    Hearing Chen Xiu's words, students in the class started whispering to one another, in order to become a 1-star bronze rank fighter you must to be able to lift up hundred pound rock, breaking a tree with thickness of an arm with a punch in order to reach 1-star bronze rank, for these kids to say, it's simply too difficult, unless one have been consuming elixir since birth, otherwise it will be hard to achieve. As for demon spiritist, requires to refine large amount of soul force within the body, which are a lot harder to accomplish compared to becoming a fighter.

    Soul force are divided into red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, azure and indigo seven colors, a normal human would have red soul force, wanting to become a demon spiritist for them is near impossible, they would normally choose to become a fighter instead, as for people with orange and yellow soul force, they're more suitable to train in soul force, and people with green or cyan soul force, are considered extraordinary talents.

    Students in the class all looked at Ye Zi Yun, Chen Yue and Xiao Ning Er, fear that they are the only one that could accomplish in becoming a 1-star bronze rank in less then half a year.

    After becoming a 1-star bronze rank, can then enter into official fighter class or official demon spiritist class! At that time they won't be in the same class with them!

    Felt the gaze of other students, Chen Yue proudly raises his chest out, as a member of the Sacred family, he had all kinds of elixir since young, he has already long surpass other peers, it's a very easy thing to get his soul force to hit 100 in two months, he shall await the test in two months!

    Chen Yue looked at the elegant Ye Zi Yun beside him, only he's worth of her, Nie Li's considered what! Actually dare to bet with his aunt that he will become a 1-star bronze rank in two months, such egotistic and ignorant! Nie Li thought that it's easy to become a 1-star bronze rank? A red soul realm trash also dared to make such an egotistic statement!

    Ye Zi Yun and Xiao Ning Er looked at each other in the eye, they both had superior origin, naturally not bad. Ye Zi Yun always wanted to make friends with Xiao Ning Er, but Xiao Ning Er has been always seeing her as a rival, setting her as target and continue working hard to reach.

    "As for those who claimed to reach 1-star bronze rank in two month, I want to see, to what extent can he reach!" Chen Xiu looked towards Nie Li showing contempt in her eyes and speaking in a disdainful tone.

    Soul realm and physical condition determines a person's cultivation speed, as for Nie Li's situation, according to normal speed, he would need at least three to five years to reach entry level, and becoming a 1-star bronze rank, as for wanting to become a demon spiritist with only having a red soul realm is simply dreaming.

    Nie Li did not put Chen Xiu's words in his heart.

    "Two months? There're still time to spare." the side of Nie Li's mouth upturned, showing faint confident smile, see how I'll become an 1-star bronze rank within two months!

    Privately, Nie Li, Lu Piao and Du Ze were quietly conversing.

    "Nie Li, do you like Ye Zi Yun?" Lu Piao asked looking at Nie Li.

    "Yes!" Nie Li said truthfully.

    Lu Piao staring into Nie Li's eyes, after awhile he sighed "Ye Zi Yun's a beauty indeed, seeing that you're my brother, I shall not fight with you. But as a brother, I have to warn you, Ye Zi Yun's identity is too noble, isn't of someone we can match." Although his family belongs to one of the twelve noble family, but Ye Zi Yun's identity compared to him is simply astronomical.

    "You two, can you be more realistic? Ye Zi Yun's a super genius with cyan soul realm! Soon becoming a 1-star bronze rank demon spiritist, in two months time I estimate that she'll be able to enter the official demon spiritist class, after entering the official demon spiritist class her cultivation would definitely soar, her still remembering you or not is still a problem. Hated you these kind of noble offspring, constantly thinking of how to chase after girls, doesn't know how to work hard and train!" Du Ze snorted, relentlessly saying.

    "What do you mean by noble offspring constantly thinking of chasing after girls? You're slandering! I've always been hard-working training okay, at most I've only used half a day thinking of girls!" Lu Piao shrugged his shoulders.

    "Good heavens! What kind of people are these that I know!" Du Ze rolled his eyes.

    Du Ze's talent isn't bad, having yellow soul realm and works very hard with his training, plus having a mysterious encounter later on, he reached the stage of 1-star gold rank demon spiritist, leading his family and became one of the noble family, these are amazing achievements.

    Du Ze's a very loyal person, but slightly old fashioned, taking things seriously, and in contrast with Du Ze, Lu Piao's a dandyish young master, although he only got red soul realm but he had high fighter talents if he puts in effort and worked hard, his cultivation would definitely soar, but he's simply too lazy, in the previous life he only reached silver rank, had a huge difference compared to Du Ze.

    But, life is this intriguing, although they are completely two different kind of person, but still became best buddies in the previous life!

    Listening to Lu Piao and Du Ze's arguments, last time Nie Li felt that it was unhealthy, but right now now in Nie Li's heart was touched, having these kind of buddies, how fantastic!

    "Nie Li, I recommend you to give up, focus on training instead." Du Ze persuading Nie Li seriously, if Nie Li really fall for her, it'll be sad thing.

    Previous life Nie Li couldn't get away from it, after knowing Chen Yue and Ye Zi Yun's engagement, he was extremely heart broken.

    But in this life, if he's still so scrap wood, he might as well suicide.

    "Don't worry, I'm well aware, things that I want to do, will definitely be accomplished!" Nie Li spoke with confidence.

    Listening to Nie Li's words, Du Ze and Lu Piao lagged for a moment, they're unable to imagine, how did Nie Li get such confidence, seeing Nie Li's expression, they had a kind of feeling, Nie Li can certainly accomplish it. They couldn't help but to be influenced by Nie Li's mood.

    "Fine, no matter what you do, we will always support you!" De Zu thought for a moment and spoke up.

    Punished standing together, caused them to produce a strong brotherhood relationship.

    "Du Ze, Lu Piao, I will let the both of you become the strongest demon spiritist!" Nie Li spoke heavily, in his previous life Du Ze and Lu Piao shared life and death with himself, fought and saved his life many times, now that he's back, he'll naturally help Du Ze and Lu Piao to fulfil their dreams.

    "I'll forget it, I only have a red soul realm. With the support of family's elixir, becoming a fighter wouldn't be an issue, but becoming a demon spiritist is seriously too hard!" Lu Piao started to back out.

    "What's the use of becoming a fighter, the higher you climb, the harder it is to train, and fighter of same rank can/t be the match of a identical rank demon spiritist. In the battlefield, a legend rank fighter isn't even worth a black gold demon spiritist, must know that demon spiritist is a powerful war machine!" Du Ze however, was filled with hope to become a demon spiritist, if he want to do, he will do the best, that's his principle.

    "No need to become a legend rank fighter, if I can become a gold rank fighter I'd be satisfied!" Lu Piao said frankly, completely unmoved.

    Du Ze's speechless, nothing much can be said to an aimless person.

    "Having red soul realm so what? I'm also only a red soul realm." Nie Li looked towards Lu Piao saying.

    Lu Piao and Du Ze were puzzled, Nie Li's only a red soul realm, he actually have the confidence to say that he'll reach 1-star bronze rank in two months, could he have any special methods?

    "Nie Li, what method do you have to refine soul force, raising demon spiritist level?" Du Ze asked, he's very curious, he can see that there's no short-cut in training soul force.

    "Just listen to what I say, as long as you don't back out, you can become a powerful demon spiritist!"

    "Back out? Never!" Du Ze firmly said, he got to become stronger to change his family's fate, in this matter, he'll never back out.

    If possible to become a demon spiritist, Lu Piao is naturally very happy, if he can become a demon spiritist, he wouldn't need to get beaten by his dad for being lazy. Lu Piao belongs to those kind of people where if there's a opportunity to slack, he wouldn't let it go.

    "Will it be very troublesome?" Lu Piao mumbled.

    Du Ze threw him a look, this fella is hopeless, wanting to become a demon spiritist but is afraid of troublesome, to become a demon spiritist, how can it be not troublesome? If he can become a demon spiritist, he'll do anything no matter how hard it is!

    "Not troublesome!" Nie Lu shook his head, his complexion went normal saying "Just need a lot of money!"

    "It can be solved as long as you have money, this is too easy!" Lu Piao loosen a breath "How much do you need, I have a lot, I saved up two thousand demon spirit coin? If can become a demon spiritist, I can afford to spend it all."

    If two thousand coin can become a demon spiritist title, it's simply too awesome.

    Nie Li looked at Lu Piao, Lu Piao's thick skinned, that two thousand coin of his can be considered a lot? Helplessly saying "What can two thousand demon spirit coin do? Of course not enough, you'll need at least millions of demon spirit coin or even tens of millions of demon spirit coin!"

    Tens of thousands of demon spirit coin! No matter if it's Du Ze or Lu Piao all took a deep breath, one million demon spirit coin, that's the same as a noble family's annual income! Where can they go find such a big amount of money?

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