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Thread: 妖神记 [Demons and Gods] by发飙的蜗牛[Mad Snail|Fa Biao De Wo Niu]

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    Chapter 5 Alchemist

    Translated by thyaeria

    TLN : Heres your second regular chapter of the week! Do continue to support this novel as its starting to get more interesting!

    The third regular chapter will be somewhere around Friday or Sunday? Meanwhile I shall start to stock up translated chapters xD


    Demon Spirit Coin is the currency used in Glory City, usually two to three thousand demon spirit coin would be sufficient for a commoner familys annual expenses. The value of items in Glory City are measured with demon spirit coin for example, battle armours, demon crystal, demon beasts fur, elixir and various other items.

    St. Portland Colleges annual school fee, would be around three thousand demon spirit coins, for a commoner family to say, would be a huge expenses for them. But a lot of commoner family would rather live frugally and send their children to St. Portland College, because once they become a fighter or demon spiritist, even if its only bronze rank, can also change the familys fate.

    A bronze fighter, if join and become a soldier, would have a annual salary of about five to six thousand demon spirit coin, at the same time can also venture into St. Ancestral Mountains gaining more benefits from it.

    Nie Li belongs to the Heavenly Mark family, a relatively declining noble family, The master of the house is a 1-star gold rank demon spiritist, familys annually income is around six hundred thousand demon spirit coin. The familys annual expenses is very large, just the expenses of the family childrens school fees would be around three hundred thousand demon spirit coin, along with various other expenses, often made the family making ends meet, with no choice but to sell some of to family business to support themselves, but even so, Heavenly Mark family still got all the younger generation into St. Portland College.

    Master of the house once said that only outstanding younger generation could let the family rise once again, even if they had to live with much toll, they also have to let every single younger generation to get the largest nurturing they can give.

    In his previous life, Nie Li doesnt quite understand this sentence, and felt strange about master of the house Nie Heng Xuns action, because the master of the house was very strict with them, but after his rebirth, Nie Li could finally understand master of the houses care and thought.

    As a member of the Heavenly Mark family, he also wanted the family to grow stronger, becoming Glory Citys top level!

    After his rebirth back, Nie Lis memory still had a lot of powerful cultivation techniques, but before that, he have to make some money to buy a few primary soul crystal, in order to test his soul realms attributes can then decide on which cultivation technique to practice with. If the cultivation technique matches ones soul realms attributes, then training would be more effective.

    Dong Dong Dong!

    The bell went of through out the Glory City, class has ended.

    St. Portland Colleges school rushed out from the huge wall, passing through the college entrances bustling street, hawkers sounded one after another.

    Latest bronze rank battle armours, with Snow Wind Pattern engraved on it, noble ladies and gentlemen, are you interested? A vendor with grey tunic greeted with enthusiasm which soon attracted the attention of many students, bronze rank armour this kind of stuff isnt something an ordinary student can afford, but within the St. Portland College theres still a lot of children of nobility, some of them are extremely loaded, and they can sell to those rich students if they were lucky enough.

    Look, bronze rank armour with Snow Wind Pattern engraved on it! the students were excited, talking to one another, it was a pair of gauntlets, exuding deep blue light, surface covered with mysterious totems, revealing a faint chilling frost.

    How much is this? One student asked in low voice.

    Sixty thousand demon spirit coin! the vendor said while smiling.

    Good heavens, so expensive! an ordinary family couldnt even accumulate sixty thousand demon spirit coin in ten years.

    This is a bronze rank armour with Snow Wind Pattern engraved on it, Snow Wind Pattern was drawn on it using the blood of Snow Wind Banshee, the banshee were at its prime before being killed, Snow Wind Banshee isnt easy to hunt, their characteristic also made the gauntlets to have strong attacking ability! This is definitely a suitable armour for Snow Wind type fighter or demon spiritist! The vendor bragged as he introduced.

    Many students looked at the pair of gauntlets with nostalgia but they still leaving, as such expensive stuff isnt something they can afford.

    Bronze rank armour alone would cost sixty thousand demon spirit coin, then wouldnt silver rank armour and gold rank armour would be even more expensive! Lu Piao muttered, his monthly allowance was only about five hundred demon spirit coin. Lu Piaos family has a lot of business, so Lu Piao can be considered well off, in the previous life Lu Piao would often help Nie Li and Du Ze. But even if Lu Piao have some money, but bronze rank armour these stuff isnt something he can afford.

    As Nie Li, Lu Piao and Du Ze walked, they would also look around, this street is filled with all kinds of items, no matter what item, be it expensive or cheap can be found here.

    Nie Li, what are you planning? Lu Piao was confused as Nie Li were looking around.

    Just when theyre talking, a figure arrived in front of that vendor.

    Look, its Chen Yue! Lu Piao directed Chen Yues location with his mouth And also Ye Zi Yun!

    Nie Li looked towards that direction, only seeing Ye Zi Yun and a few girls happily chit chatting, that pretty face, sweet smile of hers were full of sunshine and breathtaking. Among the group of girls, Ye Zi Yuns definitely the most dazzling one, which made others hard not to look at her.

    Everything around here became more vibrant because of Ye Zi Yuns existence.

    Chen Yue also looked at her from time to time.

    Just nice Im lacking a bronze rank gauntlets, wrap this bronze rank gauntlet up for me! Chen Yue lightly said to the vendor.

    YES, YOUNG MASTER! the vendor immediately grinned upon hearing Chen Yues words and quickly wrap the gauntlet up.

    Heres sixty thousand demon spirit coin! Chen Yue took out six demon crystal card, a single demon crystal card represents ten thousand demon spirit coin.

    Taking out sixty thousands demon spirit coin, Chen Yue made it look light, and with the dont give a shit kind of expression keeping the bronze rank gauntlet into his interspatial ring.

    (TLN: The raw doesnt have dont give a shit but I got no idea how to translate it lol)

    Several girls around let out light muffled voice, easily taking out sixty thousand demon spirit coin, so rich! Several of the slightly pretty girls, had the look in their eyes brighten up, throwing flirtatious gaze at Chen Yue. But Chen Yue treated them as though they were invisible, proudly look towards Nie Lis group of three, then looked towards Ye Zi Yun, eyes clearly means that I only had my eyes on you.

    How despicable! Lu Piao growled This silver bullet attack!

    (TLN : Erm.. sort of a money attack? As in showing others that hes filthy rich)

    Tyrant! People is rich, easily throwing out sixty thousand demon spirit coin, and even has a interspatial ring. Du Ze spreads out his hand, shaking his head looking at Nie Li Nie Li, people is handsome and rich, what can you compete against him with?

    Hehe, Zi Yun doesnt care about that amount of money! Nie Li casually saying, and swept his gaze towards the direction where Ye Zi Yun was at, she completely ignored Chen Yues action, talking with the few girls beside, her eyes were looking at Xiao Ning Er from time to time, but Xiao Ning Er were slightly absent mindedly stood at one side.

    Xiao Ning Ers expression is cold, shes usually a lone wolf, without having much contact with other students.

    Nie Li knows that what Ye Zi Yun wants the most right now is friendship, in the previous life Ye Zi Yun always wanted to be friends with Xiao Ning Er, but their identity led them further apart instead.

    Looking at Ye Zi Yuns expression, Chen Yue is somewhat disappointed.

    Fine, Ye Zi Yun indeed dont care about money, Nie Li, she wouldnt like females right, if so youre game over! Lu Piao blinked, teasing Nie Li.

    Nie Li laughed, he naturally wouldnt put Lu Piaos words in his heart, in the previous life he was Ye Zi Yuns only man, Lets go, Im starting my plan!

    Du Ze and Lu Piao looked straight, nodding their head.

    Lu Piao, go buy two crossbow and five hundred crossbow bolts, crossbow cost hundred sixty demon spirit coin each and bolt cost thirty demon spirit coin each, dont get cheated by hawkers! Nie Li told Lu Piao Well meet up at the schools training ground.

    Okay! Lu Piao nodding his head feeling a bit curious in his heart, did Nie Li brought crossbow and crossbow bolt before in the past, since hes know the price of it.

    Nie Lis monthly allowance is only fifty demon spirit coin, doesnt have enough to spend every month, so naturally he cant buy any expensive stuff.

    Du Ze, well go buy Black Pool Grass! Nie Li said, as Black Pool Grass has a certain paralysis effect.

    Du Zes situation is even worst then Nie Li, so naturally Nie Li wouldnt let Du Ze use his money, so when buying those stuff Nie Li was the one paying.

    Black Pool Grass is very cheap, one demon spirit coin can buy a bunch of it, in addition, Nie Li also brought some lower fusing agent and went to a small hill at the side of Glory City to collect some Zoysia Grass.

    What are you planning to do? Du Ze curiously asked.

    Nie Li laughed mysteriously Black Pool Grass has a certain paralysis effect, but the efficiency is very low, generally only used to smear on wounds to relieve some pain. As for Zoysia Grass, is a very common weed, and no one has found the usage for them yet, but if used with fusing agent and Black Pool Grass, it can greatly strengthen the paralysis effect in Black Pool Grass!

    Du Ze stunned for a moment and asked How strong is the paralysis effect?

    Nie Li laughed saying Doesnt have much paralysis effect on ordinary demon beast, the effect is worst then low grade paralysis agent. But did you realize, horned sheep never eats Zoysia Grass?

    Horned Sheep? Du Ze went silent for a moment, as if he vaguely guessed something, his eyes lit up Nie Li, would you happen to be an alchemist?

    An alchemist? Nie Li thought for awhile and laughed I guess so

    Alchemist refers to those who use herbs to refine elixirs or people that allocate prescriptions, Nie Li isnt a alchemist in his previous life, only had slight knowledge of them, but Glory Citys alchemist standard is simply too low, cant even be considered a real alchemist! Nie Li can totally look down on those so called alchemist in Glory City! And when Nie Li was having his adventure around the continent, he entered the Toxic Forest and those people living in Toxic Forest that survived countless attacks from the poisonous demon beast, those are then considered a real alchemist!

    Nie Li started mixing the grass and fusing agent, getting a total of six full bottle of drug.

    St. Portland College training ground, the training ground was established by legend rank demon spiritist Lord Ye Mo and the principal of the school which is a black gold rank demon spiritist, training ground surrounded by towering walls, every year experts in Glory City would capture some low level demon beast and place them into the training ground. Any St. Portland Colleges student who is below silver rank can enter the ground, students can hunt demon beast inside obtaining fur, demon crystal, various other beast materials from it and can dispose of it freely at their own choice. Some poor students can also hunt inside the training ground to help with familys finance situation.

    Nie Lis group of three hasnt even reach 1-star bronze rank yet, so the place that they are going is the training grounds safest area where there are only horned sheep at that area. Although horned sheep are very aggressive in nature, they are still herbivores therefore their attacks at most would cause serious injuries, so it can still be considered safe.

    Nie Lis group of three entered into the training ground after having their identity verified by the guards at the entrance.

    Training ground apprenticeship area.

    Within the sparse trees would often have patches grass field with horned sheep slowly pacing on it, their eyes were red, oppressive mania, from time to time would prick up their ears to listen, once an outsider enters their territory, they would mercilessly attack towards it.

    Just then, abnormal sound could be heard and the horned sheep closest to Nie Lis group lets out a growl and rushed towards the direction of the abnormal sound.

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    Thanks for all the hard work...any link to the raw?

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    Thanks for the support!

    Quote Originally Posted by billybuton View Post
    Thanks for all the hard work...any link to the raw?
    The link to the raw novel is in my wordpress site

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    Thanks Thyaeria for translating for us.

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    Chapter 7 Daoyin Technique

    This chapter is sponsored by Spencer Korioth and Chad

    Translated by thyaeria

    TLN: My first sponsored chapter~ Cheers! Just woke up and saw the donation hitting $45 so I immediately turn on my computer and start translating xD There will probably be errors in it so do let me know! I think therell be lots of grammatical error in this on Ill get some editors/proofreaders either next week or so to help out with the grammar around here xD

    Also, I noticed some of you got confused by some stuff which is the Xiao in Xiao Ning Ers name. Do note that the Xiao is not an affectionate naming for XNE, Its actually her surname which is part of her name so do take note xD


    Im going to continue my practice! Xiao Ning Er coldly replied with her bright clear eyes staring at Nie Li.

    Xiao Ning Er isnt willing to be disrupted by others, theres a pushing people thousands mile away kind of expression on her face, she rarely come in contact with the other students in the class, especially boys, the friend-less her seemed somewhat eccentric.

    I will leave immediately! Nie Li faintly smiled, checking her out from top to bottom.

    Xiao Ning Ers brows wrinkled, isnt the way Nie Li looked at her a bit too rude, which she couldnt help but to feel a little angry. There are lots of boys chasing after her in St. Portland College, but Xiao Ning Er has always ignored them, she only focused on her training, therefore Nie Lis action now was no different from other boys in the school, simply hateful!

    Still not leaving? Xiao Ning Er wasnt happy in her tone, Nie Li has been disrupting her for some time now.

    Nie Lis gaze landed on Xiao Ning Ers leg, she wasnt wearing any shoes, a pair of creamy slender legs, under the moonlight was slightly redden, saying When night falls, does the both of your leg feels as though its burned by fire?

    After hearing what Nie Li just said, Xiao Ning Er was slightly stunned and soon answered How do you know? Because of the burning heat, when training at night, Xiao Ning Er usually doesnt wear shoes.

    Of course I know! Nie Li smiled, Not only these, I know even more, both your leg would feel as though it was burning, but your body feet extreme coldness, every midnight, could feel as though hail had fell, and is extremely painful! Even training soul force, wouldnt be possible, isnt it?

    Xiao Ning Er was shocked by Nie Lis words, she had been enduring the pain and did not tell anyone about this, not even her family members, but how did Nie Li knows of it?

    Seeing the expression on Xiao Ning Ers face, Nie Li knew that he guessed correctly, so the sickness with the previous lifes Xiao Ning Er lies here, the sickness is called Arctic Disease, often training at night would leads to chill entering into the body, blocking the veins. Arctic disease would cause the person to be seriously ill in light cases and serious cases would cause the body to explode, previous life Xiao Ning Er was only bedridden for two years, which is very lucky already.

    In addition to these symptoms, your body would also have certain area bruised, extremely painful and it doesnt dissipate, the bruises would also spread around the body. Nie Li saying confidently, You hasnt step into 1-star bronze rank yet, once you reached 1-star bronze rank, light cases would be seriously ill, cultivation greatly dissipate, serious cases would be deaths.

    After hearing Nie Lis words, Xiao Ning Er dazed for a moment, both her fist clenched tightly, both eyes reddening. Why so? Even though shes very strong, but after hearing this news, she still couldnt endure the blow.

    Nie Li could tell her illness from a look at her, his words shouldnt be wrong.

    Since young age, her family have been wanting to marry her into Sacred family, get married to Chen Fei. As she grow up, Xiao Ning Er gradually learnt what kind of person Chen Fei is, she doesnt want to marry to that playboy, so she trained very hard, hoping to get rid of this cruel fate. But heaven doesnt seems to let her do so, upon soon reaching the 1-star bronze rank, she suddenly hear such news.

    Seeing the usually strong Xiao Ning Er in this state, Nie Li couldnt help to feel pity for her.

    Nie Li, since you know what kind of illness I have, you should also know how to treat it right? Xiao Ning Er frightened by what Nie Li had just said, her strong guard that she had against him was unknowingly broken, pleading Can you help me? after all, Xiao Ning Er is still only a thirteen years old girl.

    Xiao Ning Ers strong personality made her rarely beg others, listening to Xiao Ning Ers pleading, Nie Li got soft-hearten, silent for a moment before saying Indeed this illness can be treated, you can check it in the St. Portland Colleges library, the illness is called Arctic Disease.

    Really? Xiao Ning Er had her hope raised up How to treat it?

    Must use Daoyin technique to massage, dissipate the bruise and consume medicine made from combining golden stripe grass with imperial sky grass daily , with your situation, roughly about a month or so, if quick then around ten days would be enough to be fully recovered from the illness. Nie Li said, this is indeed the method to treat Arctic Disease.

    Daoyin technique? Xiao Ning Er knitted her brows, shes a member of the aristocrat family, but has never heard of Daoyin technique.

    Aside from these treatment methods, you must also ensure not to train your soul force at night in the future! Nie Li stretches his hand out towards Xiao Ning Er, Take your cultivation technique out, let me have a look at it.

    Xiao Ning Er looked up at Nie Li, if a stranger were to have her to take her cultivation technique out, she would feel that they are trying to cheat her cultivation technique, but after seeing Nie Lis expression, her heart couldnt help to produce a sense of trust towards him, after Nie Li saying so much stuff, she had already placed her full trust in Nie Li, retrieving out the cultivation technique thats in her interspatial ring.

    It was a piece of slightly old parchment paper, with bunch of densely packed words on it.

    Nie Lie received the parchment paper from Xiao Ning Er, in the process he accidentally touched the back of her hands, jade white creamy hands, but Nie Li did not bother much about it but instead he was carefully reading the parchment paper.

    After her hands was touched by Nie Li, Xiao Ning Er quickly withdraw her hands and felt her heart flutters, mood in a mess, what if Nie Li were to blackmail her, having impure thoughts about her? But when she raised her head, she saw that Nie Li hasnt noticed her reaction when he accidentally touched her hands, and felt relieved in her heart, Nie Lis expression when he looked down at the parchment paper was especially serious, causing Xiao Ning Er to be a little absence-minded, she reacted a moment later as she lowered her head seems to be thinking of something.

    Huge and powerful aristocrat familys direct bloodline actually practice these kind of low graded cultivation technique, its no wonder that Glory City ended up destroyed. Nie Li murmured.

    What that you say? Xiao Ning Er widen her eyes looking at Nie Li, she heard fragments of what Nie Li murmured but couldnt hear it clearly.

    Nothing! Nie Li faintly laughed, This cultivation technique is too poor, itll damage the meridians upon practising it, the reason of your Arctic Disease is largely linked with this cultivation technique. Change this part from psychic mind to heavenly psychic, and also change this to soul and spirit merge.. Nie Li continuing talking, altering this piece of soul force cultivation technique beyond recognition.

    Xiao Ning Er hearing Nie Li altering her soul force cultivation technique, she felt rather unconvinced, this piece of cultivation technique were passed down by her ancestor, ranked six from the family collection of cultivation technique, how can it be altered on a whim from Nie Li? But Xiao Ning Er still listened to Nie Lis words, shes after all the practiser of this cultivation technique, so she still has experience on some matters towards it. Gradually, Xiao Ning Er realised that the modification that Nie Li did were reasonable, the modification were much better compared to the original.

    Xiao Ning Er widen her eyes, incredibly looking at Nie Li.

    Nie Li, can you repeat it again, I need to remember what you just said! Xiao Ning Er said quickly.

    Okay! Nie Li slowed his speech, repeating the modification for the cultivation technique. After training soul force, Xiao Ning Er already had the ability to memorize something without forgetting it, though she only comprehended some of the modification, she still memorize what Nie Li said, the more she look at it carefully, the more she realised that the cultivation technique that was modified by Nie Li made the technique even more powerful.

    The look Xiao Ning Er looks at Nie Li had a little confusion in it but soon turned into admiration.

    How much soul force knowledge one must have in order to change this piece of high ranked soul force cultivation technique? Fear that even black gold demon spiritist couldnt do it right? Could Nie Lis understanding towards cultivation long surpassed black gold demon spiritist or even reaching legend rank demon spiritists realm?

    Treating it as treasure, Xiao Ning Er deeply memorize all the modification that Nie Li did to her cultivation technique in her heart. She already couldnt tell her feelings towards Nie Li, awed? worship?

    Nie Lis age is the same as hers, but Xiao Ning Er realised that the wide gap between them, ridiculous that she had always thought Nie Li to be the tail of the class, she realised that how ignorant teacher Chen Xiu and the other students when they ridicule Nie Li, she was convinced about what Nie Li said earlier on about becoming a powerful legend rank demon spiritist.

    The words Nie Li spoke in class, were all truth!

    Since young age, no matter if its talent or intelligence, Xiao Ning Er had far surpassed her peers, this is her first time looking up to someone of her age.

    Nie Li had said before that hell to marry the most beautiful girl in Glory City, thinking of here, Xiao Ning Ers thoughts went messy, speechlessly lowered her head, but all of a sudden a figure appeared in her mind, it was Ye Zi Yun. Although Xiao Ning Ers confident with her looks, but she had to admit that her look might not be able to compete with Ye Zi Yun.

    What are you thinking about? Nie Li looked towards Xiao Ning Er, puzzled as her expression was a bit strange.

    No, Nothing. Xiao Ning Er quickly shook her head, expelling all the thoughts she had in her head and asked Nie Li, do you know the Daoyin technique?

    Of course I do Nie Li nodded his head and continued, But Daoyin technique requires direct contact with the bruised area, doesnt seems appropriate if I were to be the one doing it.

    Xiao Ning Er looked up at Nie Lis chiseled cheeks, sharp eyebrows, deep lights flashed in his black pupils, he had a bit of handsome-ness aura around him, slowly merging with the image she had in her heart, she lowered her head saying I dont mind, werent you just treating me? I dont want to turn into a useless person. The last sentence Xiao Ning Er spoke seems to be used to comfort herself.

    In front of Nie Li, Xiao Ning Er removed her cold guard she had against him.

    Uh Nie Li went silent for a moment, even shes a girl and doesnt mind, if I were to refuse Ill be too petty, his heart already have Ye Zi Yun, towards Xiao Ning Er he only had that little good impression about her, he did not think much about it and said Okay then, Ill help you with Daoyin technique to treat your disease once every three days, do as I said when you go back, eat those herbs and it will soon be fine.

    En Xiao Ning Er nodded in silence.

    Wheres your bruised area? Nie Li asked.

    Xiao Ning Ers cold cheek slightly blushed, pointing to the back of her leg Theres one here!

    Nie Li lowered his head to look at it, only seeing a patch of deep purple on back of Xiao Ning Ers silk white legs, the bruise was already this serious.

    So serious Nie Li frowned and continue saying Luckily its at the back of the leg, otherwise it would be troublesome if its at other area. Also would be more convenient since its at the back of the leg, it will be done soon! Nie Li crouched down sitting on the grass patch.

    En Xiao Ning Er nodded her head, she didnt say that thats the only bruised area, placing her feet on Nie Lis legs, light flashed across her eyes, seems to be thinking of something.

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    LOL i guess You missed chapter 6 😜

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    Dang my bad didnt check the wordpress ... 😶😶😶

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanjaykanaka View Post
    Dang my bad didnt check the wordpress ... 😶😶😶
    Haha sorry about that, chapter 6 is on the wordpress

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    Chapter 8 - A Girl's Heart

    This chapter is sponsored by Desmond George!

    Translated by thyaeria

    TLN: This chapter is so torturing... it had so many expression in it that I have no idea how to translate some of it...
    Anyways~ Enjoy this chapter! I spelled so much bruise in it I almost turned into bruce wayne lol..
    The chapter after next would start to have some actions in it so do look forward to it! Also do let me know if there's any error to the story
    Gripping on Xiao Ning Er's creamy jade white feet, made his heart swung, Nie Li could clearly see Xiao Ning Er's smooth tight calves, it was simply perfect.

    "Don't misunderstand, I'm only treating your illness, the girl I like is Ye Zi Yun. It's a pleasure to meet you, hope that we can be friends in the future." Nie Li explained while looking at Xiao Ning Er's charming face.

    Hearing Nie Li's words, Xiao Ning Er's shoulders slightly shook backwards, nodding her head, faintly 'en' and did not say anything else. From young till now, aside from her father, Nie Li is the only male that touched her skin directly. But, the one that Nie Li likes is Ye Zi Yun, thought of it here, Xiao Ning Er's nose slightly turned sour.
    (TLN: 'en' is kind of a sound that indicate agreement, something like okay but they used 'en' instead)

    Nie Li gripping on Xiao Ning Er's feet, positioned his thumb at the bruised area and gently massage at it.

    "Ah" Xiao Ning Er couldn't help to let out a pained sound.

    "The first time would hurt a little, bear with me for awhile." said Nie Li, he suddenly thought of something and felt embarrassed, holding a girl's leg and saying such words, sounds a little weird. Although Xiao Ning Er is only thirteen years old, but she grew up in a aristocrat family, would naturally have some knowledge regarding these matters, even some girls of her age are already married with kids.

    Xiao Ning Er lowered her head, her cheeks flushed red, couldn't help but to feel weird in her heart.

    The blushed face of Xiao Ning Er was especially charming, it made Nie Li's heart jumped, Xiao Ning Er was indeed deserved to be on par with Ye Zi Yun's beauty in the previous life, although she's still only thirteen years old, but is already very charming. In the previous life for boys like them, whether if it's Xiao Ning Er or Ye Zi Yun, both of them are the goddesses that they looked up to, Ye Zi Yun's grace and elegance, Xiao Ning Er's cold figure, made the them both their dream lover.

    But after thinking about Ye Zi Yun, Nie Li stop thinking any more and focused on treating Xiao Ning Er.

    Under Nie Li's gentle massage, Xiao Ning Er felt intense pain at the beginning but after awhile was soon replaced by warmth from Nie Li's hand entering her feet, just hot ants drilling into her feet, itch, numbness, Xiao Ning Er couldn't help but to let out a little 'ah', which then made her bashful endlessly.

    That bruise had been there for about six to seven months now, from time to time would feel terrible pain from it, Xiao Ning Er had been enduring the pain with her will power all along to preserver through the pain, but the pain had been torturing her all these time. Xiao Ning Er originally thought that treating this patch of bruise would be very uncomfortable and painful, but to her surprise, Nie Li's approach on his massage was very gentle, soon she felt the pain that have been torturing her all this while has alleviated a lot. Xiao Ning Er couldn't help her eyes to turn watery, no one knows how hard was it to bear the pain, every night, she would even secretly cry, but after wiping those tears off she would still continue to practice. Never had she thought that after being massaged by Nie Li, the pain were relieved by a lot, filling her heart with full of gratitude.

    Under the moonlight, Nie Li's face was clear, that serious expression that he had on his face setted off ripples in Xiao Ning Er's heart and made it hard for it to calm down.

    "Done" Nie Li stopped, faintly laughed saying "For the next period of time, would still feel trace of pain from it but all you need to do is rest and it will soon be fine."

    "En" Xiao Ning Er nodded her head, suddenly her cheeks flushed red, saying "I still have another bruise, could you help me to massage it?"

    "Another bruise?" Nie Li thought for a moment, right... there should have another one, because with only the bruise on her leg, it shouldn't caused her to be bedridden for two years, so there should be a more serious bruise! "Where is it?"

    Xiao Ning Er felt her heart struggle, if it's only to let Nie Li massage her legs, it's still acceptable for Xiao Ning Er, but if it's that place...... Xiao Ning Er hesitated for a long time, her face shyly blushed red.

    "If it's not convenient...." Nie Li saw Xiao Ning Er's expression, Nie Li immediately realised that the bruised area should be at an inconvenient location.

    "Nie Li, the person you like is Ye Zi Yun?"

    "Yeah" Nie Li nodded his head and replied, recalling of the things that happened in his previous life, the life and death situation that he and Ye Zi Yun had gone through, his heart was suddenly filled with happiness just by thinking about it. With his rebirth, he will definitely protect Ye Zi Yun.

    At this moment, after listening to Nie Li's words, Xiao Ning Er had a kind of weird taste in her heart. Have to say, Nie Li is the first boy to move her heart, but the one Nie Li likes isn't her but Ye Zi Yun.

    Xiao Ning Er's eyes flashed with disappointment, thought for a moment and said "Then does Ye Zu Yun likes you?"

    The current Ye Zi Yun, doesn't know anything about Nie Li, not hating him would already consider very good. Nie Li shook his head and smiled "She will fall in love with me!"

    Looking at Nie Li, Xiao Ning Er laughed, so Nie Li is just unrequited love, don't know where that confidence of his came from, actually thought that the prideful Ye Zi Yun would fall for him? Not that Xiao Ning Er feels that Nie Li is unworthy of Ye Zi Yun's love, but the both of them doesn't even have any understanding towards each other, chances of them coming together is too slim. The current Ye Zi Yun still doesn't have any understanding towards Nie Li hence would definitely have no feelings for him, but if one day, Ye Zi Yun understood Nie Li's character, she might really fall for Nie Li.

    Till now, no one seems to have realise Nie Li's talent, but one day, Nie Li would definitely shine. By then, fear that even a prideful girl like Ye Zi Yun would be subdued by Nie Li.

    In the eyes of others, Nie Li is still the ignorant boy, but Xiao Ning Er knows that Nie Li's ability is far beyond the imagination of other people. Nie Li would definitely become a legend rank demon spiritist like Lord Ye Mo in the future or even become an existence much more powerful.

    Xiao Ning Er struggled for awhile in her heart, if the illness still doesn't get treated, she will get thrown further and further apart by the surrounding genius of her age. Since the one helping her with the treatment is Nie Li, it wasn't that hard to accept. Grinding her teeth, she began to undo the buttons on her shirt.

    Seeing Xiao Ning Er's action, Nie Li couldn't help to feel embarrassed, rubbing his nose saying "This doesn't seems too good, I'm a decent person." The look of Xiao Ning Er slowly removing her shirt and the cold figure of hers had an unspeakable charm in it.
    Xiao Ning Er stared at Nie Li, then is she a ** kind of girl? If it's not for the treatment, she wouldn't even take the initiative to undo her shirt. But when she is unbuttoning her shirt, her hands slightly trembled, and her inner struggle within her could be seen.
    (TLN: ** is actually in the raw text btw)

    Nie Li thought for awhile, indeed it is to save her, can't think too much about other stuff, he can't look at Xiao Ning Er's hope crumbled by the disease.

    The surrounding atmosphere turned charming.

    The first button, second button, Xiao Ning Er's fat-less smooth white skin is already visible, glowing under the moonlight.
    Fifth button undone, Xiao Ning Er's perfect curves was absolutely shattering, her chest was tied with a bandage with beautiful bulge pushing out. Although Nie Li was reborn back but seeing this scene, he couldn't help to swallow down a mouthful of saliva, thinking back at the previous life, although Xiao Ning Er dressed extremely conservative, but her figure can be described as extremely hot, even with only just a glance is enough to drive many man crazy.

    Soon, Xiao Ning Er will grow up to that charming and attractive women, her cold and noble character would made her the object that many man want to conquer.

    Nie Li calmed his mind for a bit and his eyes fell on Xiao Ning Er's ribs, under her rib had an extremely shocking bruise, although it is only the size of a thumb but the colour of the bruise is very deep.

    His heart was full of pity for Xiao Ning Er, how can such a delicate and pitiful young girl endure such intense pain?
    Nie Li placed his hands on the bruised area and gently massage it, Xiao Ning Er's skin were cooling cold as water, her well-proportioned body, creamy smooth texture felt through the hand, made his heart swing. Lowered his head to look, Xiao Ning Er's face was burning red, as though she had just drank, it had a sense of unspeakable beauty from her, looking from above, could see Xiao Ning Er's jade white shoulders, with a scent of female fragrance coming from it.

    Silently, the both of them did not speak and the woods was once again quiet and serene.

    Xiao Ning Er could feel the warmth from Nie Li's palm, from young till now, this is the first time a guy had so intimately come in contact with her body, at this moment her shirt was half removed, large patch of skin revealed, which made her bashful. Although her heart is strong, but in the dead silent night, her heart is still very lonely, especially when experiencing the unbearable pain caused by the bruise, she wanted someone that she could rely on. But in the family, no matter if it's her brothers or father, made her feel deeply indifference, only Nie Li at this moment gave her a feeling to rely on.

    The best she have was shown in front of Nie Li, her eyes glanced at Nie Li, realised that Nie Li at this moment was focused on massaging her bruised area, that serious attitude of his made her to feel gratitude but at the same time felt lost.

    Nie Li's thumb was on the bruised area massaging, from time to time would accidentally touched Xiao Ning Er's jade white arms, that delicate touch, even if it's Nie Li would feel distracted by it. Nie Li's mind would emerge the scenes of him and Ye Zi Yun's one night of madness.

    Ye Zi Yun at that time developed much better then the current Xiao Ning Er, but the current Xiao Ning Er is still once, but once she grow up, she shouldn't have that much difference compared to Ye Zi Yun.

    Ye Zi Yun's charming and elegant look would appear in Nie Li's mind from time to time, moreover Ye Zi Yun died to save Nie Li, therefore after rebirth, Nie Li definitely cannot let her down, thinking of that, Nie Li's heart finally calmed down.

    Nie Li was carefully massaging the bruised area with his thumb while tapping on several important acupuncture points, Xiao Ning Er's well-proportioned body, occasionally when massaging at some sensitive spot would feel the soft bulge, leaving Nie Li slightly embarrassed.

    Xiao Ning Er felt the surge of heat coming from Nie Li's hand moving around the rib area which from time to time would even feel numbness, Nie Li's hand would occasionally touched the twin perk that no other man has touched before, which made her blush wine red, the look she had when she's blushing was extremely attractive. That girl's charming and enchanting look would make others couldn't help it but wanting to take her in their arms.

    This is really a tough ordeal, massaged for a long time now, Nie Li let out a breath, smiled and said "Done!"

    Feeling Nie Li's hand moving away, Xiao Ning Er felt a sense of lost, she had to admit, Nie Li's massage technique was amazing, it helped her relieved the pain that tortured her for so long.

    "Thank you" Xiao Ning Er whispered as she started to button her shirt.

    Seeing the jade white skin, graceful curves slowly disappearing from his sight, Nie Li's ups and downs mood was calmed down and with a stern face saying "Rest well for the next few days, should alleviate the pain a lot, I'll help you massage every three days, a few times more and the roots of the illness would be removed, before reaching bronze rank, don't train your soul force at night, absorbing too much moonlight essence, if unable to harmonize it, would cause serious consequence!"

    "En" Xiao Ning Er nodded her head, she no longer dare to anyhow practice, if it wasn't for Nie Li, she can imagine how terrible the situation would be in the future, her efforts and hard work would be all in vain.

    Seeing Xiao Ning Er without any other issue, Nie Li stood up saying "Time for me to leave"

    "Oh" though she couldn't tell what her feelings are, Xiao Ning Er nodded and went silence for a moment before saying "Nie Li, you've helped me, if there's anything you need my help in the future, I will spare no effort to help you!"

    Seeing Xiao Ning Er's serious expression, Nie Li smiled while nodding his head "Okay, if I need your help in the future, I'll find you!" Truth is, Nie Li helped Xiao Ning Er out of pity towards her, never thought of getting anything back in return.

    Nie Li turned around and left, his shadow slowly disappears into the forest.

    Xiao Ning Er staring at the leaving Nie Li, stood on the spot for a long time, feeling that the illness in her body had alleviated a lot, her mood was suddenly cheerful again.

    "Nie Li, what kind of person you actually are?" Xiao Ning Er muttered watching Nie Li from the back, then she turned around and walk towards the exit of the training ground with her cheerful mood.

    Moon as water, moonlight shined, sprinkled a layer of veil over the night.
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    Chapter 9 Goddesss Breakfast

    Translated by thyaeria

    TLN: First regular chapter of the week! I know the no-action story might be getting boring for some of you but they would start their training soon in a few more chapters so do keep a look out for it! The 1 sponsored chapters might be coming tomorrow after my school, I didnt have the time today to do two chapters :/ Sorry!

    Oh and some people has been saying about the small font size so I switched to a bigger one Do let me know if you have any other suggestions at [email protected]!

    I also have a few thoughts of getting a side project like maybe 1-2 regular chapters a week but do let me know about your view on it if you guys have any

    Dawn Twilight

    Its time for Chen Xius lesson again, whether its Nie Li, Du Ze or Lu Piao all felt that Chen Xius lesson are simply pointless and boring, as all she does is gabbling away at the stage daily.

    And of course, during Chen Xius lesson, Nie Li trio would be standing at the back of the class.

    Lesson will soon be starting soon and students were gathering in small groups chit chatting.

    Despite Ye Zi Yuns status, she didnt have too many barrier with the other students, soon befriending with many female students in the class. Naturally Chen Yue would be pridefully sitting at a corner, with his status, he cant be bothered to interact with other students in the class, if it wasnt for Ye Zi Yun being in this class, he wouldnt even come to this class in the first place.

    At the coming test in two months time, no matter if its him or Ye Zi Yun, would both definitely enter into the junior demon spiritist class.

    Chen Yue looking at the Nie Li standing at the back of the class, his face showed a sarcastic smile Reaching 1-star bronze rank in two months, if a trash like you can accomplish that, then the sun would be rising from the west!

    Nie Li, Du Ze and Lu Piao would be at the back chatting away among themselves, in addition, there are a few of the commoner students that built good relationship with Nie Li trio. Since Nie Li had a lot of ideas, he would coach them in their training from time to time, and with that he naturally became the leader of this small group. Even Du Ze who had more prestige within the commoner student, also willingly listen to what Nie Li says.

    In just a few days, Nie Lie led the two of them and earned roughly around sixteen thousand demon spirit coin, never had he imagined he would earn this large amount of money. Du Ze fully trust and admire Nie Li, feeling that Nie Li is very capable.

    Nie Li, whats our next step? Du Ze asked, because Nie Li previously said that they are not going to continue hunting horned sheep anymore, so what are they going to do now?

    Youll know after school! Nie Li mysteriously smiled, he already had everything planned out, first step is to buy some soul crystal to test their talent property and immediate begin their training.

    Nie Li still has his bet with Chen Xiu, to become a 1-star demon spiritist in two months!

    Leaving his training aside, Nie Li looked towards Ye Zi Yun who is sitting with a group of girls chit chatting, how can he get close to Ye Zi Yun? How to let Ye Zi Yun fall for him?

    Just as Nie Li is lost in his thoughts, the Xiao Ning Er who is sitting at the front row suddenly stood up, walking towards Nie Lis direction.

    Xiao Ning Er is the only girl in the class thats beautiful, outstanding and comparable to Ye Zi Yun, their every move and action would attract the direction of everyone in the class. Ye Zi Yuns character is gentle, never looking down on others nor is she arrogant, therefore many commoner familys girl are willing to be friends with Ye Zi Yun. As for Xiao Ning Er, her character is cold and aloof, a ice beauty.

    Even a girl couldnt get close to her, let alone a boy.

    Could it be that Nie Li provoked Xiao Ning Er?

    Nie Lis dead! Seeing Xiao Ning Ers back, a few noble kids started discussing while laughing, in their view, Xiao Ning Er took the initiative to go to Nie Li, certainly wouldnt be a good thing, probably to find Nie Lis trouble. Otherwise, could a ice beauty like Xiao Ning Er have any relationship with Nie Li?

    If such a thing happened, the sun would really rise from the west.

    Xiao Ning Ers cultivation will soon reach 1-star bronze ranks realm, if there is any conflict between them, Nie Li will certainly be the one getting trashed!

    These noble kids are all prepared to watch a good show, among them there are a lot of boys that likes Xiao Ning Er, after all Xiao Ning Er is a super beauty that is not a bit inferior to Ye Zi Yun!

    Today Xiao Ning Er deliberately wore a checkered lace up dress, hair black as ink scattered around on her back, wearing a bracelet on her jade white wrist, extraordinary beautiful and charming. Usually Xiao Ning Er would wear a tight fitting jacket as it is convenient to train with, but with her beauty, the tight fitting jacket had a unique flavor when worn on her, but today, she seems to have meticulously dressed herself up, much more beautiful compared to her usual dressings, causing it hard for others to look away after taking a glance at her.

    Such meticulously dressed up is the first time for Xiao Ning Er.

    Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao were still talking among themselves as Xiao Ning Er already came to Nie Lis table.

    Xiao Ning Er seems to have some sort of unique aura around her, as she walked her way here, Du Ze and Lu Piao nervously stood up from their seat, Xiao Ning Ers usually icy, indifference attitude towards others, causing other people unable to approach her. The both of them are worried for Nie Li.

    Xiao Ning Er looked at Nie Li as he is casually sitting on the chair, his gaze would look towards Ye Zi Yun from time to time, causing Xiao Ning Er to be discouraged, Nie Li only got Ye Zi Yun in his eyes, doesnt seem to notice her existence.

    Last night, after she had been massaged by Nie Li, Xiao Ning Ers body is a lot better, and also slept particularly sweet last night. Xiao Ning Er visited the library early in the morning, trying to find the origin of the Daoyin Technique, but to her surprise, Daoyin Technique were only briefly recorded in the library, a cheat technique handed down from the Snow Wind Empire age!

    In addition, the cultivation technique that was modified by Nie Li became more advanced, her soul force grew by two with just half an hour of training in the morning, the effect of that half an hour of training are even better then training for the entire day!

    In the heart of Xiao Ning Er, Nie Li is mysterious and powerful.

    And what made Xiao Ning Er proud is that in this class, she is the only one that know of Nie Lis talent! For those in the class that laughed at Nie Li are simply ignorant!

    Xiao Ning Er stood by the side of Nie Lis table, quietly looking at Nie Li busy talking and laughing as though nothing had happened.

    Several noble kids were discussing.

    How do you think Xiao Ning Er will teach Nie Li a lesson?

    Nie Lis soul force is only 5, probably will be thrown out of class!

    Haha, this Nie Li doesnt know his place, after offended teacher Chen Xiu, he actually went and provoked Xiao Ning Er as well, he life will be very miserable!

    Even Du Ze, Lu Piao are also nervously looking at Xiao Ning Er, they dont understand why would a prideful girl like Xiao Ning Er suddenly walked towards them, the both of them are cursing at Nie Li to death in their heart, Nie Li actually went around looking for trouble again! If Xiao Ning Er wants to beat Nie Li up they will naturally lend a hand, but even if the three of them together also couldnt fight against the 78 soul force Xiao Ning Er!

    Xiao Ning Er will soon reach 1-star bronze rank, becoming a actual demon spiritist!

    At this moment, even Ye Zi Yun and Chen Yue looked towards Nie Lis direction.

    Ye Zi Yun has some doubts, she doesnt know how did Nie Li provoked Xiao Ning Er. Could Nie Li done something to Xiao Ning Er? A lecher like Nie Li should really be thought a lesson!

    Everyone had doubts in their eyes.

    Seeing Xiao Ning Er standing in front of his table, Nie Li couldnt help to feel a little surprised, raising his head to ask Is there anything? at the current location, Nie Li doesnt know what to address Xiao Ning Er, thinking of the things that happened yesterday there is still some awkwardness in him.

    After interacting with Xiao Ning Er, Nie Li realised she isnt like that cold and aloof as she shows. In her heart, Xiao Ning Er is actually a gentle and cute girl!

    Xiao Ning Ers right hand slightly moved, taking out a paper bag from her interspatial ring, softly saying This is the breakfast that Ive made, I dont know what you like to eat so I made a few sets. Xiao Ning Er gently placed the paper bag on the table.

    What? Whats happening?

    The whole classroom went into silence, even if a needle were to drop on the floor could be clearly heard, everyone thought that theyve heard wrongly what Xiao Ning Er just said.

    Du Ze and Lu Piao dropped their jaws, dumbly staring at the scene, can simply even fit an egg into their mouth, the both of them are unable to believe the scene before their eyes. Xiao Ning Er is one of the two goddess in their class, even if comparing to all the beauty in the school, they would still definitely get the top few position as the schools beauty, and this usually icy cold attitude Xiao Ning Er, a feeling that shes unapproachable, but today, what did they see? Xiao Ning Er actually made breakfast for Nie Li, and even a few sets of it?

    Is the sun sun rising from the west? Is this real? Everyone were as though they are struck by lightning standing there dumbfounded.

    I must be dreaming, I need to wake up! one student murmured.

    Hsss! A few student thought that theyre dreaming therefore pinching themselves, but the pain that they felt clearly told them that this is not a dream.

    This doesnt making sense! A few noble kids wailed in their heart, they still dont know what happened, they couldnt believe the dressing and the gentleness that Xiao Ning Er revealed. They originally thought that Ning Er goddess is going to find trouble with Nie Li, but never in their imagination did they thought that she is actually giving Nie Li breakfast!

    If Xiao Ning Er were to give them breakfast, even if its swines food they would still find it sweet!

    Xiao Ning Er usually doesnt have much female friends, ignoring the boys that approached her, with exceptions for the trash Nie Li, actually putting down her status to serve breakfast for Nie Li, this..this simply doesnt make any sense! Is it because that Nie Li contradicted teacher Chen Xiu and punished standing? If so, even if punished standing for several years, they also would want to contradict teacher Chen Xiu too!

    Xiao Ning Er did not think that much, she only wanted to show her gratitude to Nie Li, she doesnt even care about the opinion of what others think about her, since she has always been a lone wolf. Xiao Ning Er doesnt care other peoples thoughts, those who ridicule and contempt Nie Li, is because those people are simply ignorant, there will be one day that they will realise their own view is wrong!

    In this world, only she know of Nie Lis talent!

    In this moment, even Ye Zi yun and Chen Yue were stunned there in their chair, unable to believe what they just saw, what happened was simply unbelievable!

    How is this happening? Chen Yues face sullen, how could a prideful girl like Xiao Ning Er fancy a trash like Nie Li, and even took the initiative to approach him?

    At this moment, Ye Zi Yun felt deeply curious about Nie Li. Ye Zi Yun and Xiao Ning Er has been close friends when they were young, but due to declining of Xiao Ning Ers family, the two family no longer interacted. Since then, Ye Zi Yun has never made a true friend, so Ye Zi Yun still reminisce about the playful times she had with Xiao Ning Er, when knowing that Xiao Ning Er entered St. Portland College, Ye Zi Yun got her father to arrange her into St. Portland College as well.

    Because of Xiao Ning Er, Ye Zi Yun began to take notice of Nie Li, whats the reason that caused Xiao Ning Er to took the initiative to chase after someone like Nie Li with no contributions at all? Really couldnt understand the meaning behind Xiao Ning Ers action.

    Can I sit down and eat together? Xiao Ning Er looked at Nie Li and then looked towards Du Ze and Lu Piao asking.

    Du Ze and Lu Piaos gaze fell on Nie Li. Although the both of them doesnt dare to have any thoughts about Xiao Ning Er, but having a beauty like Xiao Ning Er to sit beside them is still good to the eyes.

    Nie Li was silent for a moment then nodded his head saying Okay! Not knowing why, seeing Xiao Ning Er, Nie Li couldnt help to think of yesterday nights scene, Xiao Ning Ers soft boneless figure, creamy jade white skin, he still felt a bit awkward in his heart.

    Xiao Ning Er took the breakfast out, with all types of pastries inside, seeing those pastries caused others to suddenly have the appetite to eat, the fragrance scent waft to every corner of the class room.

    Du Ze, Lu Piao you guys also dig too! Xiao Ning Er said looking towards Du Ze and Lu Piao.

    They couldnt help to feel flattered when Xiao Ning Er called out their names. The icy cold Ning Er goddess isnt that hard to interact with like what others said.

    Then weve benefited because of Nie Li! Lu Piao laughed and took a piece of pastries and started eating, mouth bulging with food inside, he muttered Delicious!

    Seeing Lu Piaos action, Du Ze is somewhat speechless.

    Xiao Ning Er couldnt help but smiles, charming and attractive, the students in the class looked somewhat dull, they rarely saw Xiao Ning Ers smile, their whole world collapsed in front of her smile.

    Nie Li slightly sigh in his heart, he shared life and death with Ye Zi Yun in the past, experienced way too much, therefore the relationship between him and Xiao Ning Er is just friends.

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    keep it up, the series just reached ep 110 today.

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    Chapter 11 Threatened

    This chapter is sponsored by Jrn Hvard Eikenes and Andrew Parsadayan!

    Translated by thyaeria

    TLN: Do note the following changes below guys! Saw the donations filling up and started translating another sponsored chapter before going to sleep, didnt want to stress myself out tomorrow since Id be back school pretty late and I wouldnt have much time translating more then one chapters so I immediately finished off this sponsored chapter as well! Anyways Id probably release a regular chapter tomorrow after Im back from school! Also, Ive taken the weekend off to work on translating the novel as well as doing some personal stuff xD

    [Engraving Patterns/Engraved Patterns] -> [Inscription Patterns]

    Seeing the furious Chen Xiu, Nie Li chuckled lightly Teacher Chen Xiu is so knowledgeable, saying the book doesnt exist because youve never seen it before. Does that mean that teacher Chen Xiu has read all the book in the world? In his previous life, Chen Xiu was also unreasonable.

    Book of Divine Lightning Fire? Oh I remembered, I think Ive borrowed such book from the library! a commoner student saying suddenly in a frightened voice, he borrowed three book, one of it is the Book of Divine Lightning Fire, but the content inside the Book of Divine Lightning Fire is too profound, he couldnt understand any of it, only forgetting to return the book back.

    The voice of this commoner student caused Chen Xius face to darkens.

    This commoner student flipped open the Book of Divine Lightning Fire, this book is a copied version, not the original copy, written with words that belonged to the language of Snow Wind Empire, the first volume was translated but not the other volumes, the language written in the Snow Wind Empires age is very obscure, ordinary people couldnt understand it.

    Never expected that this book actually existed, even Vice-principal Ye Sheng and Lu Ye looked at each other with surprise. Although they are the vice-principal and professor of St. Portland College, but the amount of books in the library easily numbered hundred thousands and 90% of them are left behind from the ancient times, even they couldnt say the names of every single book. There are also many books that even they couldnt translate.

    During his roaming on the continent during his previous life, Nie Li was proficient with seven languages, upon reaching legend rank realm, read various book and never forgets their content them, not to mention in the previous life Nie Li stayed in the stationary space-time realm within the Temporal Demon Spirit Book for hundreds of years, reading millions of books while hes inside.

    There isnt any obstacles in reading the words written by the language of Snow Wind Empire for Nie Li.

    Even the grey robe elder sitting beside Ye Sheng and Lu Ye also had his face coloured with surprise, even he have never read that Book of Divine Lightning Fire before.

    Ye Sheng, send someone to the library to retrieve the Book of Divine Lightning Fire! that grey robed elder opened his mouth.

    Yes! Ye Sheng looked at the Lu Ye beside, Lu Ye dare not neglect and quickly bolted away.

    Every student in the class focused their eyes on the Book of Divine Lightning Fire that the commoner student is holding, both Ye Zi Yun and Chen Yue are also very surprised. Being a member of the three major family, they also well-read a lot of books but they didnt know that such a book as the Book of Divine Lightning Fire existed, because this book is too side door therefore very few would take the initiative to learn from it.

    Within the Glory City, there are type three inscription patterns that are more complete which is the Snow Wind, Sacred Flame, War Prime, almost everyone practices these three types of inscription patterns, as Lightning Fire inscription patterns has been long lost during the Age of Darkness, leaving only these book such as the Book of Divine Lightning Fire around, all these are untranslated, so they were shelved. Occasionally there would be some students borrowing them but after realising that they couldnt understand the content they would immediately put them back.

    Let me see, Book of Divine Lightning Fire volume seven. that commoner student immediately rummage through the book, this Book of Divine Lightning Fire are several hundred pages thick, inside the book are filled with illustrations, text and Lightning Fire inscription patterns diagram. There in no translation for it after the first volume, that complex old ancient words caused people to have headache by looking at it. Turned to volume seven, just this volume seven alone had hundreds of inscription patterns, the commoner student started comparing them one by one with the one on the board, searching for the one looking similar to the Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern.

    Everyone in the class is getting impatient, when is the finding going to end?

    Chen Xius face frost cold saying You probably found this book in some corner of the library, dont even know what was written on it, and say that the Scarlet Sunburst originated from that book! Arrogant child, you dare defile the ancestors of my Sacred family! If you cant find the inscription pattern, Ill go to the Saint Judgement Hall to sue you for defiling ancestors!

    Nie Li laughed loudly saying Teacher Chen Xiu, its still to early to say these kind of stuff, this book were left over during Snow Wind Empires time, already had few thousand years of existence, the timing of its creation is far longer then the creation of the Sacred family right?

    Correct! Chen Xiu nodded her head, this is a hard fact that she couldnt deny.

    Then its simple. Nie Li looked at the commoner student saying Flip thirty page backwards from volume seven, the sixth diagram in page thirty, compare it with the Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern.

    Seeing Nie Lis face full of confidence, Chen Xius heart sank, if Nie Li were to find out the origin of Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern, then it would be the stain of Sacred family. Because Sacred family has publicly announced that the Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern as well as 16 other inscription pattern were self created by the first generation house master of Sacred family, causing huge increase in Sacred familys reputation, if the public were to find out that Sacred familys inscription pattern were plagiarism from the ancient book, then the reputation of the Sacred family would be greatly affected.

    Seeing Chen Xius face showing trace of fears, Nie Li secretly joyed, Sacred familys fame mostly came from being the bearer of the Sacred Flame inscription patterns, which was claimed by many past house masters, what self created inscription patterns, what extraordinary talent that saved the Glory City from distress, truth is, Sacred family are just a bunch of hypocrite!

    Previous life during the destruction of Glory City, every family were fighting for the survival of the city, Sacred family was supposed to guard the west gate of the Glory City, but during the outbreak of the war, in order to save their own strength, got every single one of the familys expert to enter into the St. Ancestral Mountain, causing the west gate to be breached, allowing the Snow Wind demon beast to march into the city, Nie Li still clearly remembered the horrifying scene caused by the demon beasts massacre.

    Nie Li and the rest had no choice but to leave the place, leaving Glory City!

    After his rebirth, Nie Li didnt have any good impression towards Sacred family.

    In this life, I will let this hypocrite family be removed from Glory City!

    If he want to let Sacred family be disdained by all the citizens in Glory City, then first he will need to reveal the true nature of this hypocrite family!

    Page thirty sixth diagram? That commoner citizen murmured, after bring guided, he soon found that Lightning Fire inscription pattern.

    Ya! the crowd of students let out a sound of surprised, that Lightning Fire Inscription Pattern consist of two part, one part looks exactly like the Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern. The Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern are much more simple compared to that Lightning Fire inscription pattern, which is the same as cutting out half of it.

    Nie Li is actually correct!

    Chen Xiu clenched her fist tightly, fingers turned white. When Chen Yue who is among the crowd of student looked towards Nie Li, his eyes were full of hatred, because Nie Li is discrediting their Sacred family!

    Nie Li naturally noticed both Chen Xiu and Chen Yues hostile look, coldly laughed in his heart, Sacred family are all exactly the same type of person, didnt find the reason out themselves and blaming the it onto others, if it wasnt for their own fraud, why worry about other people exposing them?

    So what if the first generation house master of my Sacred family took it from the Book of Divine Lightning Fire? Cheen Xiu coldly replied.

    Nie Li laughed Teacher Chen Yue, looks like youre not familiar with the Demon Spiritists code of conduct. Do you want me to explain it to you? The Demon Spiritist code of conduct has been around for three thousands year, almost every demon spiritist follows the code of conduct. Demon Spiritist code of conduct article 161 , taking inscription patterns or copied inscriptions patterns from other demon spiritist have to indicate its source and cannot claim them to be self created. This is the ethics of Demon Spiritist! Chen Xiu trembled from the anger, Nie Lis words directly hit on the weak spot, directly saying that Sacred family did not follow the Demon Spiritists ethics, but even so, she couldnt refute Nie Lis statement.

    If learning from the Lightning Flame inscription patterns in order to create their own inscription pattern, then its fine, but Sacred familys first generation house master directly took half of it and claimed it to be his own, isnt it a little too.. absurd, a sin a sin. Could the first generation house master of Sacred family have some unspeakable difficulties? Nie Li blinked his eyes talking innocently.

    Nie Lis sharp words directed at Sacred familys weak spot, and still pretend to look innocent, causing Chen Xiu and Chen Yue wanting to kill someone.

    The students all whispered their discussions.

    So the first generation house master of Sacred family is such a person.

    Its said that although the first house master of the Sacred family is only a gold rank demon spiritist, but in the studies of inscription patterns is a great master, self created several Sacred Flame inscription pattern. Sacred family has always been the torch bearers of the Sacred Flame Inscriptions?

    Never thought that the Scarlet Sunburst is actually copied from an ancient book.

    I looked at the Snow Wind inscription patterns record, the inscriptions inside has been reproduced or taken from ancient books but has indicated its source, never claiming it to be self created.

    This is the ethics of Demon Spiritist, every noble demon spiritist would do the same! A group off students wondered, could the great master of inscription pattern in their heart is nothing but someone whos fishing for compliments?

    Listening to the discussions of the students, Chen Yues heart became even more unhappy, he already see Nie Li as a enemy, his face ashen, stood up from his seat and said Nie Li, my Sacred family has been passing down for three hundred years, one of the three major family in Glory City, isnt someone like you whos from an ordinary noble family can criticize! This Scarlet Sunburst is written in the first house masters notes, did not publicly announce, we younger generation found it when arranging the first house masters notes, so we thought that it was created by him, thats normal.

    Nie Li looked at Chen Yue, indeed a member of the Sacred family, an excuse of his entirely wash the responsibility off!

    Chen Yue deepen his voice when he mentioning Major Family, also pointing out Nie Li as a member of the ordinary noble family, making his words very clear, if Nie Li were to pursue it further then as Sacred family, being one of the major family definitely wouldnt let him off.

    As for Chen Yue, Nie Li is also disdained him, before Chen Yue and Ye Zi Yuns marriage, the war began, and Chen Yue immediately ran away, hearing Chen Yues words, Nie Li became even more unhappy.

    Student Chen Yue is an arrogant bully ah, fortunately theres strict law in Glory City, otherwise Id really worry myself that Sacred family would.. Nie Li were like a pig unafraid of the boiling water, blinked his eyes and said Believe that a big family like Sacred Family would protect my safety, if anything were to happen to me, afraid Sacred family wouldnt be able to wipe that stain off.

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    Chapter 12 Soul Realm

    This chapter is sponsored by Jrn Hvard Eikenes!

    Translated by thyaeria
    Edited by Zamu

    TLN: Hey guys Im sorry for the delay in Chapter 12, but here it is, enjoy! Also, if you noticed from the previous chapters, Zamu is going to start helping me to edit my translation! He edited Chapters 1-3 and god I didnt expect so many errors in the chapters :/. Anyways DO TAKE NOTE of this major change!

    St. Portland College to Holy Orchid Institute

    Holy Orchid Institute(Saint Orchid College) is the original translation but Saint Orchid College didnt sound exactly like a school so I changed it to Saint Portland College but since Zamu came up with Holy Orchid Institute which sounds pretty nice so why not!

    Nie Li put it this way, if Sacred family were to go after Nie Li, wouldnt that indicate that the Sacred family is a villainous bunch?

    No matter if its Chen Xiu or Chen Yue, both were angered to the point they almost vomited blood.

    Ye Zi Yun couldnt help but to look at Nie Li again, never did she think that Nie Li is so daring to actually offend the Sacred family, one of the three major family in Glory City. Recently, Nie Lis actions made her unable to ignore his existence. Curiosity rose from Ye Zi Yuns heart, what kind of person is Nie Li actually?

    As for Xiao Ning Er, hearing how Nie Li uses his sharp words to attack the weak spot of Sacred family, she couldnt help but to feel happy. Her family has always been wanting to marry her off to the Sacred family, but in her heart she is conflicted. From the start her impression towards the Sacred family hasnt been good. Hearing how Nie Li subdued Chen Xue and Chen Yue with his words to the point that they are speechless all while playing a rascal, she couldnt help laughing. At the same time her heart is deeply filled with adoration for Nie Li. How profound must ones knowledge need to be in order to tell the source of Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern with just a glance? So while these people are busy wasting their time, Nie Li has been reading books all along.

    At this moment outside the classroom, Lu Ye hastily ran towards the grey robed elder and the vice principals direction and passed the Book of Divine Lightning Fire to the grey robed elder.

    Vice-Principal Ye Sheng repeatedly directed his attention to the grey robed elders expression.

    The grey robed elder flipped the Book of Divine Lightning Fire to page 30, diagram six. Seeing the Lightning Fire Inscription Pattern on the book, then comparing it with Scarlet Sunburst Inscription Pattern, his face became sullen and did not say anything.

    Ye Sheng dared not speak. This truly is a scandal of the Sacred family. This matter involved the upper level of Glory City, therefore on this matter he dared not say anything.

    Grey robed elder looked at the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. The words on it are very complex, even he only recognizes small part of the words. Nie Li actually had such profound knowledge, causing him to be astonished. He remained silent for a moment before saying ,This student, how is the innate talent 0f Nie Li?

    Ye Sheng looked at Lu Ye. Regarding such nameless student, the Vice-Principal wouldnt know much about the student.

    Lu Ye hastily reply I just looked him, he only has a red soul realm.

    Grey robed elder nodded his head Such a pity, this child is so well educated. A pity that his innate talent is only this much, otherwise his future would be promising. Lu Sheng, arrange for him a library clerk position!

    Yes! Lu Sheng hastily nodded his head, he knew of grey robed elders love for talented individuals. Although Nie Lis innate talent is poor, he is knowledgeable and could even read the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. By becoming a library clerk, he could also research and study more books like these. Everyone in Glory City has their priority on training their cultivation. Very few would research and study these kind of ancient books. This arrangement of the grey robed elder is in order to protect Nie Li. After all, the job of library clerk is to work inside the school, this way Sacred family wouldnt be able to suppress Nie Li.

    But, would Nie Li fear the suppression of Sacred family? If it was in the past life, Nie Li would definitely have his tail between his legs, fearing Sacred family to the extreme. But in this life Nie Li definitely wouldnt swallow his grievances.

    This resentment , Nie Li has kept tabs on it all and still has to repay the Sacred family!

    Chen Xiu looked at Nie Li with enmity. Her hatred for Nie Li has reached the limit, coldly saying, Todays matters, I will remember it! Chen Xiu is a vindictive person, and, as Nie Lis teacher, she naturally had a lot of ways to cause trouble for Nie Li.

    Heh heh, Nie Li sneered incessantly. As a teacher, she actually threatened a student in her class, so shameless! Even if Sacred family doesnt look to trouble him, he will take initiative to trouble the Sacred family!

    This is still the first battle, Nie Li still has a lot of tactics to deploy. However, he didnt want to reveal his hand at the moment as his current strength is still not enough. He couldnt offend the Sacred family too much, after all they are still one of the major family of Glory City. Nie Li clearly understands that he desperately needs to enhance his strength.

    After that, Chen Xiu didnt have the mood to continue the lecture, and hastily ended the lesson.

    The things that happened in the lesson spread quickly among the students, passing from one to another. The usually lofty Sacred family, no matter how much they try to cover it, this kind of action violates the demon spiritists code of conduct and thus would be disdained by all demon spiritist. Sacred family can only see Nie Li as the thorn in their side, but cant do anything to Nie Li. On the contrary, if anything were to happen to Nie Li, everyone would suspect the Sacred family. Such a blatant action, even the Sacred family couldnt dare do it, after all Sacred family couldnt hide the truth from the masses.

    After this incident, Sacred familys prestige was greatly affected. Its said that the house master of the Sacred family tried to visit Ye Zi Yuns father, the city lord of Glory City, but was rejected.

    For Nie Li, this is something to be happy about.

    Although he doesnt know how to get near to Ye Zi Yun, if he could destroy the marriage between Chen Yue and Ye Zi Yun, then its something to be happy about.

    After todays incident, Ye Zi Yuns image of Chen Yue was reduced by quite a bit.

    Vice-Principals office.

    Chen Xius sharp voice sounded.

    Vice-Principal Ye Sheng, this student Nie Li has no respect for his elders. He openly contradicts his teacher in class. Simply, nasty to no extent. I request the approval of vice principal to have him expelled from school! Chen Xiu said emotionally.

    Even without the elders words, with Nie Lis profound knowledge, even if he couldnt become a powerful demon spiritist in the future, he could still become an important individual of some powerful demon spiritist, how could Ye Sheng expel such a student? Moreover Nie Li had the appreciation of that elder. But after all, Chen Xiu is a member of Sacred family, he still needs to give her some face, smiling as he reply I will consider this matter. To let a student be expelled from school would still have great impact.

    Vice-Principal Ye Sheng, theres nothing to consider. I request the immediate expulsion of Nie Li, otherwise I will not teach the class!! Chen Xiu said angrily.

    Ye Shengs eye flashed, Chen Xiu this woman doesnt know when to stop. Putting on a smiling face, he said That being the case, how about I transfer you to other class then?

    Chen Xiu slightly hesitated, she thought that Ye Sheng would give some face to the Sacred family, but in his words, Chen Xiu heard some meaning, Ye Sheng has firmly decided to protect Nie Li. If she was transferred to other class, she wouldnt have any way to trouble Nie Li. Chen Xiu cursed Ye Sheng in her heart, and swallowed this feeling and said, No need then. Lets forget todays matter. Two months later therell be the apprentice fighter test. If hes ranked in the the last three in the fighter apprentice class, then vice-principal Ye Sheng would have nothing else to say right? According to the rules of Holy Orchid Institute, being ranked in the last three would require them to be expelled from the school!

    No problem with that! Ye Sheng laughed.

    Chen Xiu lets out a grunt, turned around walking towards the door.

    Seeing Chen Xiu leaving, Ye Shengs eye flashed a hint of chill. Chen Xiu relied on being a member of the Sacred family and was a little too arrogant and domineering. Ye Sheng thought again, even if Nie Lis results are poor, with his profound knowledge, he wouldnt be in the bottom three. Even if he is in the bottom three and is expelled from school, that elder would probably reach out to recruit Nie Li.

    At this moment in the school librarys 3rd floor, theres a lot of small rooms Originally meant as Holy Orchid Institutes student reading rooms, but at this moment, they became the base of Nie Li and his group because Nie Li has been hired by Holy Orchid Institute to be a library clerk. Being a clerk doesnt require one to do anything and would receive three hundred demon spirit coin every month, getting these kind of benefits who wouldnt agree?
    The action of Holy Orchid Institute hiring Nie Li is very strange, but once giving it a little thought for a moment, Nie Li understood why. The higher level of Holy Orchid Institute did this to protect Nie Li from the suppression of Sacred family! Although the position of library clerk isnt big, but is still a clerk of Holy Orchid Institute, even if its Sacred family, would still worry about repercussions.

    In this matter, Nie Li is grateful towards Holy Orchid Institute.

    Vice-Principal Ye Sheng doesnt know that, because of the elders words that caused Nie Li to be hired as a library clerk, Holy Orchid Institute would greatly benefit in the near future.

    Nie Li, offending Sacred family like this, wouldnt it be bad? Du Ze spoke after being silent for a momen. Hes more of a cautious man.

    Who cares if its good or not, its fine as long as it feels great. Lu Piao curled his lips. Seeing Chen Xius face become distorted from anger, he felt great about it. In any case he had been unhappy about this woman.
    Nie Li looked towards Du Ze nodding his head I know! In the last few days we havent gone to class, Chen Xiu is probably anxious.

    Since Nie Li already put it this way, Du Ze also didnt say anything else.

    At this moment beside Nie Li,Du Ze, and Lu Piao, there are still three more commoner students. They were the ones who stood at the back of the class with Nie Li. Their innate talent wasnt that good as well, only having red soul realm. As for these three commoner, their names are, Wei Nan, Zhu Xiang Jun and Zhang Ming. Nie Li still trusts them, in the previous life they were all Du Zes direct subordinates, their relations with Nie Li couldnt be considered good but they were all loyal towards Du Ze. In the battle with the demon beast before Glory City was destroyed, they defended the city to their last breath and died in the battle with Du Ze, are all blood brothers!

    And in this life, the small group of them are being led by Nie Li.

    I just spent more than six thousand demon spirit coins to purchase six primary soul crystals. I want to test your aptitude! Nie Li said while looking at them.

    Test aptitude? Didnt we already have our aptitude tested when we enrolled into school? Du Ze asked feeling puzzled.

    Nie Li mysteriously smiled saying My test are different from that one!

    Everyone in the room had their doubts. Ever since the establishment of Glory City, they have been always using the usual method. Their soul force has already been determined, what does Nie Li want to test? One primary soul crystal cost one thousand demon spirit coin and Nie Li actually brought six in one go! Although they had some doubts regarding Nie Lis words, due to the profound knowledge that Nie Li showed earlier on, they were convinced in Nie Lis words without any discussion.

    Generally, unused soul crystals are the most sensitive. If it is used to test a persons soul realm they will be extremely accurate. But once there is more than one person who has used the same soul crystal, the soul crystal will have interference and can barely test the soul realms type and the strength of the soul force, Nie Li said, laughing.

    Other than soul realms type and the strength of the soul force, what else can be tested? Lu Piao asked curiously.

    The attributes and form of the soul realm! Nie Li answered with a smile.

    Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest all looked at each other, what Nie Li just said sounds very profound.

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    Chapter 13 Testing the Innate Talent!

    Sponsored by Jrn Hvard Eikenes & Brett Guthrie!

    Translated by thyaeria
    Edited by Zamu

    TLN: Weekend is here! There'll be more chapters at this timing tomorrow! Anyways HUGE thanks to the donors as well as my editor :P He's doing such great job in correcting my errors xD

    "Everyone take one soul crystal. These primary soul crystals are to be well kept. Before reaching a soul force of 500, this primary soul crystal can be used to check the level of your soul force. Once your soul force passes 500, you will need to get intermediate soul crystal!" Nie Li said as he distributed the soul crystals to everyone.

    Seeing Nie Li passing the soul crystals to them, Wei Nan, Zhu Xiang Jun and Zhang Ming expressions were terrified.

    "How can we take such expensive stuff?" Wei Nan said. One primary soul crystal was worth a thousands demon spirit coins; their living expenses for two years wouldn't even reach that much and Nie Li was actually gifting them a soul crystal.

    "Yeah, we cant accept this!" Zhu Xiang Jun quickly added.

    Zhang Ming also did the same. They are all commoner students, when had they had such an expensive things before?

    "It's given by Nie Li, take it! Unless, you don't consider us as brothers?" Du Ze spoke in a deep voice as he frowned his brows.

    Although Du Ze is a commoner, he still has prestige. The trio looked at each other for awhile and nodded their heads. Taking the soul crystal from Nie Li's hand their hearts are filled with gratitude.

    "Nie Li, thanks, from now on you will be our boss. If there's anything just order us to do it." the trio said. They have already approved of Nie Li in their hearts and decided to follow Nie Li.

    Hearing the trio's words, Nie Li slightly smiled. Having these brothers, the things Nie Li plans to do would have its workload reduced by half!

    "Du Ze, you'll test first!" Nie Li looked at Du Ze saying "Just do the same thing like what you did during enrollment!"

    "Right," Du Ze nodded his head. Lifting the primary soul crystal, he slowly injecting soul force into the it. The soul crystal gradually started to shine. Getting brighter and brighter, shining on Du Ze's tender yet slightly matured face, speckles began appearing dancing around inside the soul crystal. Judging from this level of brightness, there is still quite a distance until reaching 1-star bronze demon spiritist.

    The rest swept their gaze across it and are able to tell the the approximate number of dots in the speckle, every single dot represent one soul force.

    "Du Ze, you improved very fast. You already have soul force of 52!" Lu Piao said excitedly, with soul force of 52, Du Ze would probably be the first among them to have his soul force to reach 100 first, becoming a 1-star demon spiritist.

    Du Ze looked at Nie Li. Nie Li is currently concentrating on watching the soul crystal.

    In Nie Li's view, the amount of soul force doesn't matter, be it tens or hundreds doesn't mean a thing, the most important thing would be the attributes and the form.

    Within the soul crystal there are some dots of white light, glittering with reddish grey rays of light occasionally coming together changing into various shapes, just like a cloud.

    Seeing this scene, Nie Li showed surprised over his face, speechlessly said "It's actually Lightning Fire attribute and it's also Heavenly Thundercloud form." No wonder Du Ze's cultivation training speed is so fast. With Heavenly Thundercloud form along with the Lightning Fire attribute simply made a perfect match. It was a pity that in the previous life Du Ze practised the Sacred Flame inscription pattern, so upon reaching 1-star gold rank demon spiritist he had already had reached his limit. But in this life, with Nie Li, Du Ze would have great changes.

    "Lightning Fire attribute, Heavenly Thundercloud form?" Everyone present was puzzled by what Nie Li just said.

    "In this world, there are no crippled soul realms. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, azure, and indigo are the seven colour types of soul realm. Each represents a person's unique personality and talents. Due to various reason, some soul realms are more easy to train, but that doesn't mean that red soul realms are crippled. If you find the right cultivation technique to train with, even with red soul realm, you can also unleash powerful strength. For those who grade the soul realm into different grades, in terms of soul force cultivation, they are a bunch of amateurs!" Nie Li faintly smiled as he said those stuff.

    Hearing Nie Li's words, for Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest were thunderstruck This is too shocking, since the beginning of Glory City, those legend rank experts told them that the soul realm are graded. Orange is stronger than red, yellow is stronger than orange... didn't he say that those of legend rank experts were just a bunch of amateurs?

    In the understanding on soul realm, even legend rank experts are not at the same level as Nie Li, Nie Li can contest any legend rank expert in soul realm knowledge. Because in his previous life, Nie Li reached a level above legend rank; a rank that is unimaginable for them.

    Nie Li continued saying, Once you find a suitable cultivation technique, any colour of soul realm can also reach the legend rank! Du Ze has a yellow soul realm with Lightning Fire attribute and the Heavenly Thundercloud form. With a suitable cultivation technique, inscription pattern and a Heavenly Thunder Demon Beast for his Lightning Fire attribute, his achievements will be shocking. Comparatively, his power would drop if he practiced other things, not to mention his cultivation would progress a lot slower."

    Hearing Nie Li's words, Du Ze showed a distress look on his face, saying "Unfortunately, the Lightning Fire cultivation techniques in Glory City are incomplete. Even if they are recorded in ancient books, the language of the words would be from ancient times as well-" Half way through speaking Du Ze suddenly had a thought. Nie Li could even read the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. He looked towards Nie Li with hope filled eyes.

    At this moment, Nie Li revealed a smile as though he had a card up his sleeve. He said, "With me here, there is nothing to worry about. It's just Lightning Fire cultivation techniques, nothing too difficult for me. I have with me the 69 strongest Lightning Fire cultivation techniques, which one do you want to practice?"

    Heavenly Scarlet Lightning technique? No, this technique is too overbearing, especially once training reaches the ending, it can easy to damage one's meridians. Heavenly Qilin technique? This technique is indeed suitable for Du Ze's physique. This Heavenly Qilin technique doesn't have any issue with it but there isn't anyone that has tried practising it before, including the creator of this technique. But in Nie Li's view, the first 9 stages of this technique are very safe, and only the last 3 stages would have some difficulties.

    The strength of Heavenly Qilin technique needs no mention. Practising up to the 9th stage is already shocking and amazing. As for the last 3 stages, that would depend on Du Ze's fate.

    "You'll practice Heavenly Qilin technique, one of the three strongest Lightning Flame cultivation techniques. I will impart you with the chants for the technique and I'll also make a copy of the various martial arts for it in the future!" Nie Li soon imparted the chant for the technique to Du Ze. Heavenly Qilin technique's chant isn't too cryptic, so Du Ze remembered it very quickly.

    Softly contemplating the chant inwards, Du Ze was extremely shocked by it. The Heavenly Qilin technique is definitely stronger than any other cultivation technique that he had seen in the past! Just by chanting, Du Ze already felt his soul realm frantically surging; his soul force also had obvious signs of strengthening. He has yet to begin training and his soul force already began to expand and increase!

    It's foreseeable that after practising this Heavenly Qilin cultivation technique, Du Ze will have all kinds of leaps and bounds with his soul force!

    All this time, Du Ze has been struggling with the bleak fate of his family. His dream is to change the fate of his parents and family, but he clearly knew that this goal was too far away. But at this moment, Du Ze felt that by diligently practising the Heavenly Qilin cultivation technique, all of this wouldn't pose a problem! All of this is given to him by Nie Li!

    "I will record for you all the details of the cultivation technique in a few days!" Nie Li said as he faintly smiled.

    Du Ze is filled with gratitude for Nie Li. His eye redden, solemnly saying, "The kindness of imparting Heavenly Qilin technique to me, I appreciate it. If you have anything I could be of help to you in the future, even if it's to hike the blade mountains or to enter the sea of flames, if I, Du Ze were to slightly hesitate, I'll be willing to die by the curse of heavens!"
    (TLN: "Hike the blade mountains or to enter the sea of flames" actually means that no matter what he will still do it even if it means death."

    "Don't put it this way, we're good brothers! It's just a cultivation technique!" Nie Li slightly smiled as he patted on Du Ze's back.

    To Nie Li, this is just a piece of cultivation technique, but for Du Ze to say, the significance of it would be different!

    At this moment, Lu Piao already couldn't wait anymore from the excitement, saying at the side "You guys talk too mushy, as brothers we should share the blessings and the misfortune together! Nie Li, I'm just a red soul realm, am I also suitable to train soul force?"

    "Of course, everyone can train in soul force, even if it's red soul realm, except there's a difference in the cultivation technique that is suited for red soul realm!" Nie Li said, smiling.

    Lu Piao began injecting his soul force into the soul crystal. Quickly, the soul crystal began to glimmer. A dozen dots of lights carrying a little redness spun within the crystal. The brightness of the glow was smaller than Du Ze's by a lot! Seeing this scene, Lu Piao's face turned red. His soul force was simply too low.

    "Red soul realm, with Chaos Attribute and the Scarlet Sun form!" Nie Li frowned his brows for a moment, "Scarlet Sun soul form, although is considered common, but it actually Chaos attributed which is surprisingly rare, there wouldn't be one Chaos attribute in hundreds of thousands of people. Why not practice the Holy Primal Chaos technique?"

    "Holy Primal Chaos technique? Is it strong?" Lu Piao asked excitedly, as it sounded powerful from the name itself.

    "Of course, Holy Primal Chaos technique isn't in any way inferior to Heavenly Qilin technique. As it doesn't require much practice, only the need to foster the Chaos Qi in your body, it suits you." Nie Li said, laughing, "It will depends on your luck as for training to the highest level."

    Listening Nie Li's words, Lu Piao's eyes instantly shined. This piece of cultivation technique is too suitable for him. He chuckled as he said, "I don't need to practice to the highest level, I will be satisfied as long as I can reach 1-star silver rank demon spiritist."

    1-star silver rank demon spiritist... If the creator of Holy Primal Chaos technique knew how "big" Lu Piao's ideal was the creator would have choked at the thought.

    "1-star silver rank..." Nie Li is speechless. He estimated that before long Lu Piao will realise how laughable his dream is. Practising Holy Primal Chaos cultivation technique, it would be impossible to stabilize in 1-star silver rank. As the Chaos Qi accumulates in his body, Lu Piao's cultivation will also advance by leaps and bounds reaching a frightening level!

    Nie Li also began to test Wei Nan, Zhu Xiang Jun, Zhang Ming and gift them each with a set of powerful cultivation techniques. Although it can't be compare with Holy Primal Chaos or Heavenly Qilin technique,they are still cultivation techniques that no other technique in Glory City can be compared to. Not to mention the cultivation techniques were also the best suited to their aptitudes and soul realms, their future practice would also be more effective!

    Wait till reaching 5-star bronze rank and find a suitable demon spirit, then their combat capabilities would also rapidly increase!

    Glancing at the the piece of soul crystal in his hand, Nie Li prepared to test his own innate talent. Due to various reasons in his previous life, Nie Li took a lot of detours and the cultivation techniques he practised were very messy. This resulted in him lacking strength at the end of his training. Therefore in this life, he wanted to find the most suitable cultivation technique for himself!

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    Chapter 14 - Heavenly God Cultivation Technique

    Sponsored by Brett Guthrie!

    Translated by thyaeria
    Edited by Zamu

    TLN: Many thanks to editor and sponsors! Do note that we're currently recruiting more editors! Drop me a mail at [email protected] !

    After injecting soul force into the soul crystal, a few bright spots appeared floating around in the soul crystal, but the soul crystal is basically dark.

    "I suddenly feel relieved, Nie Li's soul force is a lot weaker than mine!" Lu Piao blinked his eyes as he laughed.

    Du Ze gave Lu Piao a hard look.

    Nie Li didn't mind. The amount of soul force doesn't matter much to him, at this moment Nie Li paid attention to the soul realm.

    Red soul realm, fragmented and disordered forms with no attributes.

    Attributeless with a disordered soul realm, Nie Li smiled bitterly. All soul realms are very strong, but if I were to say which kind of soul realm was the weakest, it would be the non-attributed soul realm. This is because it doesn't have any characteristic at all and the soul realm form is not condensed. Originally, my starting soul realm was like this but after practising various other cultivation techniques that caused it to become even more unruly.

    No wonder after spending a long amount of time practicing inside the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, I was still unable to breakthrough. So the root of the issue was this.

    Attributeless soul realms are the most unstable and are the most likely to be changed.

    Nie Li submerged deep into his thoughts. If there were any cultivation techniques suitable for attributeless soul realms, then there would only be three options: Heavenly God cultivation technique, War God cultivation technique, and Void God cultivation technique. Among these the Heavenly God technique was the most profound, the War God technique was the most overbearing, and the Void God technique was the most secretive. Based on future potential, the Heavenly God technique had the highest potential, but Heavenly God technique was also the hardest to practice.

    With an attributeless soul realm, practising any kind of cultivation technique will be much slower than others. But if one is able to practice with the Heavenly God technique, it would be the strongest overall cultivation technique, since it shares various properties similar to attributeless soul realms. Once one succeeds in practicing with the Heavenly God cultivation technique, one would be able to practice all kinds of cultivation technique from all the different attributes, resulting in one having supreme power and being able to create their own path.

    Practicing normal cultivation techniques, the soul realm would only be able to contain one demon spirit. If you get a stronger demon spirit then the previous spirit would need to be replaced. But with the Heavenly God cultivation technique, one can contain seven different demon spirits, each with a different attribute. Every time one integrated a demon spirit, ones strength would surge by a fold. Gathering seven powerful demon spirit can cause the cultivation and combat abilities to reach an alarming unimaginable level.

    He was hesitant for quite awhile. Although the training speed isn't fast, much slower compared to Du Zes, Lu Piaos and the trios, once training and cultivation is successfully completed, then Heavenly God cultivation technique is without a doubt the strongest!

    Nie Li mediated the chants, and began the most basic practice. In the future he may need the support of large amount of elixirs, but for now he would only need to practice the basic fundamentals.

    Seeing as Nie Li begin his training, Du Ze, Pu Liao and the rest that were present in the room also began to practice their own cultivation techniques and began to absorb the energy from heaven and earth to strengthen their soul realms. The more they practice, the more they realise how mysterious and profound those cultivation techniques were.

    Six people had their six soul realm rapidly rotating, surging up and expanding.

    Whether it's Du Ze, Lu Piao, or the 3 commoner students, their soul force begin to significantly enhance.

    The process of enhancing is simply astonishingly fast. After all, the cultivation technique given to them by Nie Li are all earth-shatteringly powerful techniques, that once started, the speed of practicing with it compared to normal cultivation techniques are ten or even more than hundred times faster.

    Nie Li was practicing the Heavenly God technique, currently he doesn't seek fast cultivating, but prefered steadily laying the his foundation one step at a time. His soul realm was like the sea surging, constantly changing it's shape. Portions of soul force ebbing and flowing, Nie Li felt that his soul force already had been significantly strengthen.

    The first stage of soul force practice is to reach the level of heart and soul as one. With the continuous enhancing of soul force, the soul realm began to surge over and over, gradually releasing cyan glow.

    Nie Li and his group remained in the library devoting themselves into practice.

    One day, two days... Over time, Nie Li's soul force rose from 5 to over 30.

    This speed was simply amazing. If Chen Xiu were to know of Nie Li's cultivation speed reaching such frightening speed, what kind thoughts would she have.

    Nie Li's speed, however, is considered slow. Du Zes, Lu Piaos, and the trio's cultivation speeds were even faster than Nie Lis. Especially Du Ze, perhaps it wouldn't be long until he reach the 1-star bronze rank.

    One can only imagine, after finishing a stage of their cultivation, how far would their soul force have risen?

    Reaching 1-star bronze rank in two months, for Nie Li this isn't anything. Nie Li might even be able to reach 2-star or 3-star within this two months! During test in two months, what would Chen Xiu's expression be like?
    At this moment, in the fighter apprentice class.

    For the last couple of days, Nie Li and his group's seats were empty, no one knows where have they gone.

    Soon it'll be the 3rd night, Nie Li wouldn't have forgotten would he? Xiao Ning Er looked forward for the arrival of night in her heart. Thinking of the things that happened on that day, the quietly sitting down Xiao Ning Er slightly blushed. Her face had a gentle pure smile, beautiful and attractive, causing the surrounding boys to become dumbfounded.

    Ye Zi Yun is very puzzled inside her heart. Recently Xiao Ning Er often was blankly lost in thought, causing her to have some curiosity over it. What actually happened causing Xiao Ning Er to be so preoccupied in thought. Xiao Ning Er wouldn't have a crush on Nie Li, right? Ye Zi Yun didn't understand, what's so good about that kid called Nie Li, to actually have made a prideful girl like Xiao Ning Er to fall for him?

    As Chen Xiu is teaching in the class, her gaze swept past the 6 empty seats, sneered in her heart. Nie Li's probably bitterly practising right? Even so, so what? Nie Li thought that if he were to bitterly practice, he would be able to rise his soul force from 5 to 100 in just two months frame of time? This is absolutely impossible!

    If Nie Li had green soul realm or above, then he might have the chance to accomplish it. But Nie Li has a red soul realm! In her view, Nie Li is bound to lose! Nie Li actually dared to contradict her in class publicly, this would be the price!

    She can only imagine, after being expelled how pitiful Nie Lis situation would be!

    Chen Xiu revealed a faint sneer on her face as she continued to tirelessly lecturing "Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, azure, and indigo are the seven different soul realms, with red as the lowest grade. Within the hundreds years of Glory City history, only a few managed to practice up to silver rank demon spiritist level. Unless having some fortuitous circumstances, red soul realms have a limit for the soul force it can contain, which is 600, the higher it goes, the harder it is!"

    Hearing Chen Xiu's words, the crowd of commoner students below the stage revealed disappointed expressions on their face. Soul force could only reach a maximum of 600, which means that unless one to have good fortune , the maximum they can reach is just the 5-star bronze rank.

    Those students with red soul realm couldn't help to complain at the injustice, why do they only have red soul realm.

    "There are some things that are decided by heavens upon birth, we have to succumb to our fate. Some people would be sheltered upon birth, and some would be an inferior commoner upon birth!" Chen Xiu laughed a cry.

    Ye Zi Yun and Xiao Ning Er frowned their brows in disgust upon hearing Chen Xiu's words. They didnt like Chen Xiu since the beginning, and the words Chen Xiu spoke were too much. With Glory City under the threats of demon beast, Chen Xiu still continued to try and stir up conflicts between commoners and nobles, simply disregarding the situation.

    Listening Chen Xiu's words, those commoner students tightly clenched their fist, blood almost oozed out from their palms. Although they were very angry about what Chen Xiu said, but most of them still endured it. Not everyone had the courage to contradict the teacher with withdrawing from school as a bet.

    They wouldn't and didn't dare to do it, and because of that, they had deep admiration for Nie Li in their heart.

    What Nie Li didn't know that the constant mocking of the commoner students by Chen Xiu actually became the spiritual motivation for the commoner students. Almost every single commoner student wished Nie Li to win, chasing this vicious Chen Xiu away. The recent action of Nie Li won the hearts of these commoner students.

    As time went on, the incident of Nie Li giving sacred family a hard slap in their face and his bet with Chen Xiu soon became well known, almost everyone throughout Holy Orchid Institute were discussing about this matter.

    "He actually said that hell raise his soul force from 5 to 100 in two months! He simply doesn't know his place!"

    "Yeah, even a cyan soul realm super genius might not be able to accomplish it!"

    "I hope Nie Li would win, really hate that mean woman."

    "Me too, although his chances of winning is very slim." 70% of the students in Holy Orchid Institute are commoners. Nie Li offended Chen Xiu and the Sacred family for standing up for them causing them to support Nie Li in their heart.

    A lot of people didn't like the Sacred family, some of the noble children still disapprove of Nie Li.

    Even if Sacred family was in the wrong, Sacred family are still one of the 3 major family in Glory City. Nie Li's action is offending his superiors, it showed contempt for authority! They even look at Nie Li as the scum within nobles.

    "Some people just like to stand together with commoners, what can you do about it?" they were ridiculing Nie Li.
    Late in the afternoon.

    Majority of the students in Holy Orchid Institute all went to eat. The library was exceedingly quiet, Nie Li and the group of people ate together and went back to the library to continue their practice.

    "Nie Li, my soul force is already 89! With the current speed, I would be able to breakthrough into 1-star bronze rank in a week!" Du Ze whispered, his voice had unquenchable excitement in it. This speed of cultivation in his view is impossible to imagine!

    "Not bad" Nie Li chuckled, this speed is within Nie Li's expectation.

    Not just Du Ze, Lu Piao and the others were also in ecstasy and excitement, their soul force also made great progress. With the current speed, even for them to reach 1-star bronze rank in two months would be possible.

    They strengthen of soul force is too fast. So fast, that it was to the point that it was no longer a lofty goal. It was just like living within a dream!

    "We need to get some elixirs, with elixirs only then will our cultivation speed be faster!" Nie Li said.

    Listening to Nie Li's words, Du Ze and the group of people were shocked. Yeah, they hadn't taken any elixirs and their cultivation speed was already this fast. If they were to consume some elixirs, how fast would their cultivation speed become?

    But. where would they find elixirs?

    Elixirs that could enhance cultivation, could cost tens of thousands of demon spirit coins!

    Although they earned roughly 16 thousands demon spirit coin from killing horned sheep, buying the soul crystals alone spent quite a lot of it leaving them with barely 10 thousand demon spirit coins.

    "You guys continue training in the library, I have some matters to attend to tonight. I need to find a way to make more money with the remaining 10 thousand demon spirit coins!" Nie Li said laughing. With more money, they can purchase the elixirs that enhance the cultivation.

    They didn't know what Nie Li planned to do, but since Nie Li already had his plan, they wouldn't ask much about it.

    Tonight, Nie Li and Xiao Ning Er had promised to meet! If Nie Li helped Xiao Ning Er to rid her of her illness, that can also be considered a good deed.

    Du Ze, Lu Piao and the trio did not think that the reason Nie Li left was to go meet with Goddess Xiao Ning Er. If they were to know, they would definitely be depressed, Nie Li preferred girls over his friends!

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    Chapter 15 Guidance

    Sponsored by Brett Guthrie!

    Translated by thyaeria
    Edited by Zamu

    TLN: Many thanks to the editor and sponsors! Here's 2 chapters for today! Do apply for editors if you wish to help out with the releases and have free time to do it

    Just when Nie Li and his group were chatting, Nie Li's gaze suddenly turned towards a distant direction. Amongst the rows of book shelves, a graceful figure was currently holding a thick book looking down at it. A head of purple hair was like a waterfall falling. Beside the ears, bundles of hair were tied up with silk thread adding more lovely temperament to her.

    The evening sunlight shined on her delicate face, making her more elegant and attractive.

    Nie Li's heartbeat fasten by just looking at her. For an instant, countless memories flooded his head. At the Endless Desert, hiding and running from the chase of countless demon beast, in those death and life situations, with Nie Li's sharp sense of danger, he saved the survivors countless times and gradually got together with Ye Zi Yun as they grew to know each other better.

    Although Nie Li's cultivation was extremely poor and the gap between him and Ye Zi Yun was as wide as the sky, both of them still got together.

    That night, Nie Li touched Ye Zi Yun's smooth back, the crazy love for her in his heart couldn't be suppressed much longer. Ye Zi Yun under the moonlight, were as a perfect imagine of a goddess statue, her attractive face, her curvy body, smooth and dedicate jade arms, perky twin perks... Those crazy scenes were deeply imprinted in Nie Li's heart.

    Nie Li of that time, never in imagined that a goddess-like beautiful like Ye Zi Yun actually fell for him.

    Later, in order to cover himself and other survivors to escape, Ye Zi Yun died in the battle. Seeing that scene, Nie Li's heart were as though it was stabbed by someone. He still remembers that kind of piercing pain. If it wasn't to fulfill Ye Zi Yun's wishes to protect her family to safety, Nie Li of that time would definitely follow her together.

    If it wasn't that mysterious Temporal Demon Spirit Book, I wouldn't be able to come back to life, wouldn't be able to see her again!

    Nie Li inhaled a deep breath, calming himself down from his inner excitement. He had always been searching for a chance to get close to Ye Zi Yun, but he didn't want to disturb her. Anyways since the marriage between her and Chen Yue had not been set yet, the current Nie Li felt an urgent need to enhance his strength.

    Only by having strength, he could deter Sacred family, and then be able to snatch Ye Zi Yun from the hands of Chen Yue.

    "You guys go up first, I still have some matters to attend!" Nie Li looked towards Du Ze, Pu Liao and the trio saying.

    Du Ze and Lu Piao followed Nie Li's gaze. Hands holding onto an ancient book, the beauty quietly reading was like an elf in the evening, simply perfect. Wearing a white silk dress, having a graceful demeanour, leaning against the bookshelf. With a dignified posture, quiet and elegant like a lotus out of the water, holy and noble causing one not dare to profane. They instantly knew what Nie Li wanted to do.

    Everyone likes beautiful things. It was just that when facing Ye Zi Yun, they didnt even have the courage to go forward due to their low self-esteem .

    Nie Li walked towards Ye Zi Yun's direction.

    "I bet Nie Li will fail in 15 minutes, the prettiest girl in class would definitely ignore him!" Lu Piao said confidently smiling.

    "I hope Nie Li wouldn't get a blow too big for him." Du Ze murmured.

    They hid in a corner looking at Nie Li. He'll probably get ignored by her. The prettiest girl in class isn't that easy to go near to, even Chen Yue also failed to get close to her numerous times.

    Ye Zi Yun quietly reading books at dusk, this beautiful scene Nie Li couldnt bear to break it.

    Nie Li, unexpectedly, found that the book Ye Zi Yun is reading is actually that Book of Divine Lightning Fire.

    Ye Zi Yun furrowed her brows while flipping through the book. She is someone that has a strong competitive spirit and is also very hard working, no matter if it's the talent, cultivation, or even her knowledge, they are also far stronger that ordinary people. She still had that little pride in her heart, but she actually realised the gap between her and Nie Li was actually so huge.

    The stuff in the Book of Divine Lightning Fire is too profound!

    The first volume was translated, which was okay, but, after the first volume, the other volumes were written with the language of Snow Wind Empire. She didn't understand any of it!

    On knowledge, Ye Zi Yun is indeed stronger than her peers, but she found the wrong guy to compare herself to. After all Nie Li had been reborn.

    Seeing Ye Zi Yun holding and flipping through the Book of Divine Lightning Fire, with Nie Li's understanding towards Ye Zi Yun, he naturally guessed Ye Zi Yun's mind. He couldn't help but smile as he walked to the side of Ye Zi Yun, and teasingly said "So, student Ye Zi Yun is also interested in Book of Divine Lightning Fire?"

    Ye Zi Yun then recovered from her deep thoughts. Looking at Nie Li, her face revealed a surprised expression, she obviously did not expect to bump into Nie Li here. Think again, Nie Li is probably here reading books, otherwise how could he have that much knowledge?

    "This book is too profound, I just took a skimmed through them and realised that I couldn't read a lot of things inside!" Ye Zi Yun closed the Book of Divine Lightning Fire, elegantly saying while politely keeping her distance with Nie Li.

    Ye Zi Yun's slender figure, although she was a few steps away, subtle fragrance could be smelt from her., Nie Li knew that this is her unique body fragrance, causing one to be mesmerized. This fragrance, so familiar and intimate, is the fragrance in his memories.

    "This Book of Divine Lightning Fire is written with the words from the Snow Wind Empire era. The words from that era are slightly esoteric and hard to understand, but if you can first learn the words from the Black Gold Empire era, you will find them easier to understand and can read the words from the Snow Wind Empire era much more easily." Nie Li smiled saying.

    "Words from Black Gold Empire era?" Ye Zi Yun carefully recalled, before the Age of Darkness, there were 3 eras that were rather well recorded the most powerful empires for each era are, respectively, the Saint Spirit Empire era, the Snow Wind Empire era, and the Sacred Empire era. Black Gold Empire is a relatively big empire in the era of Snow Wind Empire.

    Nie Li is well-learnt and knows a lot of stuff, Ye Zi Yun couldn't help to feel a little admiration.

    "But to learn an era's language to read this book is not necessary. Also with your aptitude, is not too suitable to practice Lightning Fire cultivation techniques." Nie Li's expressions were calm, unlike other boys who're so reserved and stiff in front of Ye Zi Yun.

    After all, Nie Li understands Ye Zi Yun too well, down to the depth of bones.

    "Oh? Then what cultivation technique is suitable for me?" Ye Zi Yun sizing the boy in front of her, Nie Li's knowledge caused her to feel a little dejected and depressed.

    "If I guessed correctly, with your family, someone in the family used soul force to examine your body before, you're currently practicing Snow Wind cultivation technique, so Snow Wind cultivation technique is probably the best suited for your physique!" Nie Li faintly smiled saying.

    Ye Zi Yun's eyes widened, shocked as she look at Nie Li, Nie Li actually guessed correctly, her grandfather indeed used his soul force to examine her body before, but that was a secret not known to others, after all by examining once used up large amount of soul force, how did Nie Li know of this?

    Seeing Ye Zi Yun's expression, Nie Li knew that he guessed correctly, smiled saying "Although your family examined your physique before, but he definitely couldn't detect your soul realm's form, so the cultivation technique he chose might not be suitable for you."

    "The form of the soul realm?" Ye Zi Yun frowned her brows, she didn't know what that is.

    "How about taking a little bit of time and let me examine your soul force's form?" Nie Li asked towards Ye Zi Yun.

    Ye Zi Yun raised her head looking at Nie Li, thought for a moment and shook her head, "No need!" She still kept her distance from Nie Li. If Nie Li's method of examining is similar to her grandfather, then there will be bound to have some skin contact. Ye Zi Yun still have some precautions against Nie Li.

    Seems to guessed what Ye Zi Yun is thinking, Nie Li smiled. He knew that Ye Zi Yun thought too much, saying, "Actually the method of examining is very simple, get a unused soul crystal when you get back, then by injecting your soul force into the soul crystal, I just need to observe the soul crystal awhile to tell your soul realm's form."

    "Oh? That simple?" Ye Zi Yun apologetically looked at Nie Li, seems like she misunderstood Nie Li, a single soul crystal wouldn't need that much money.

    "If you want to test the form of your soul realm, look for me here tomorrow around this time." Nie Li finished his words, turned around and left.

    Ye Zi Yun astounded looking at Nie Li. Usually when boys talked to her, they would want to chat for a little longer, but Nie Li is actually an exception. What kind of person is Nie Li actually? She realised she doesn't understand this classmate at all.

    Nie Li's gasped Ye Zi Yun's character. The more he tries to get closer to Ye Zi Yun, the further Ye Zi Yun will distance herself against him. The time in the future is still long, first leave a good impression in Ye Zi Yun then slowly build up their relationship.

    Ye Zi Yun bit her teeth, sounded "Classmate Nie Li."

    "Whats the matter?" Nie Li turned his head asking.

    Seeing that Nie Li and Ye Zi Yun were talking in the distance and when Nie Li walked away, Ye Zi Yun actually called out to him, caused Du Ze, Lu Piao and the group to look at each other dumbfounded.

    "Sure enough, he deserves to be the boss. First, he made Ning Er Goddess to take the initiative to send breakfast, and now actually made Ye Goddess call out to him For the happiness of the rest of my life, I need to ask boss for some guidance." Wei Nan murmured.

    This caused jealousy from bystanders, to be able to speak with Ye Goddess, how many men wished for that kind of thing?

    Du Ze and Li Piao looked at each other.

    "Seems like we underestimated Nie Li!"

    "This guy is secretive of his skills!"

    "Nie Li hooked up with Ning Er goddess, and he definitely can also hook up with Ye Goddess. holding one on the left and on the right hugging the other, his happiness is boundless!"

    Nie Li doesn't know of the discussions between these brothers, hearing Ye Zi Yun calling for him was unexpected, he surprised turning his head back.

    "Classmate Nie Lis knowledge on inscription patterns is profound. I have some questions for Nie Li, is it okay?" Ye Zi Yun asked with her bright eyes looking at Nie Li.

    "Of course you can, pray tell." Nie Li laughed

    Ye Zi Yun did not get her hopes too high, after all the questions that she wanted to ask weren't things that ordinary people can solve. In the terms of understand inscription patterns, the knowledge of Ye Zi Yun, who was born into one of the major families, learned was far surpassed her peers.

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    thank you for the updates.. m(_ _)m
    imho this chapter really interesting for me

    btw can i know your release schedule at least?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kai9004 View Post
    thank you for the updates.. m(_ _)m
    imho this chapter really interesting for me

    btw can i know your release schedule at least?
    Usually 1 chapter a day, I don't really update here that much. Do look at my wordpress! I update it almost daily

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    btw how are you?

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