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    Default 隋唐英雄 Ranking List [Updated 7/26]

    Is anybody interested in doing a ranking list for the heroes of the 隋唐英雄 (Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties) series?

    I came upon an incomplete Wikipedia ranking list for the historical novel Shuo Tang 说唐, which is where majority of the 隋唐英雄 characters originated from. The characters were ranked by their physical strength and martial arts skills.

    隋唐十八条好汉 18 Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties
    1. Li Yuanba (李元霸)
    2. Yuwen Chengdu (宇文成都)
    3. Pei Yuanqing (裴元庆)
    4. Xiong Kuohai (熊阔海)
    5. Wu Yunzhao (伍云召)
    6. Wu Tianxi (伍天锡)
    7. Luo Cheng (罗成)
    8. Yang Lin (杨林)
    9. Wei Wentong (魏文通)
    10. Shang Shitu (尚师徒)
    11. Xin Wenli (新文理)
    12. N/A
    13. N/A
    14. N/A
    15. N/A
    16. Qin Shubao (秦叔宝)
    17. N/A
    18. Shan Xiongxin (单雄信)

    I love the first 4 of the 隋唐英雄 series (the 5th one not so much) and thought it'll be fun to try to rank the rest of the heroes that were in the tv series but were not in/or were not described in detail in the Shou Tang novel (such as the female heroes!). If youve seen this series, where would you rank these heroes into the above list?

    隋唐英雄 1+2

    Cheng Yao Jin (程咬金)
    Yuchi Jingde (尉迟敬德)
    Li Shi Min (李世民)
    Chen YaoJin's Wife Hua Dajao 花大脚
    Chen YaoJin's Wife Pei CuiCui 裴翠翠
    Luo Cheng's wife Xin Yue Er 新月娥
    Madam Black & Madam White 黑白夫人

    隋唐英雄 3+4

    Ouyang FeiYan 欧阳飞燕 (Weapon: Pair of Curved Blade)
    Luo Tong 罗通
    Cheng TeiNio 程铁牛
    Yu Yuolan 俞游兰
    Sui Rengui 薛仁贵
    Fan Lihua 樊梨花
    Sui Dingshan 薛丁山
    Qin Huiyu 秦怀玉
    Yang Fan

    Minor Heroes/Generals/Officers/Independent Warlords

    王伯当 (Archer, the best archer in Wagang Fortress?) (Alliance: Wagang Fortress)
    红拂女 (Alliance: Tang Dynasty)
    如意公主 (Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to Tang Dynasty)
    张丽华 (Alliance: Kingdom of Chen during the Southern and Northern Dynasties, switched to Sui Dynasty)
    薛仁贵s brothers in arms (need to double check their names)
    Su BaoFung & sibling (double check names)

    And pretty sure I left out a whole bunch of other chars. There're so many.
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    7/26/2015 Edited summary inaccuracies up to ep60, added battle logs, adjusted some rankings, added episode references. Added additional characters. Set minimum requirements for ranking.
    7/17/2015 - Updated with additional characters, edited summary inaccuracies up to ep19.
    7/15/2015 - Original Post

    This is what I came up with so far.
    Will Contain Spoilers

    There has been three different 隋唐 productions recently.

    This ranking list will be for the five part adaptation that ran between 2012 - 2015.
    隋唐英雄 Parts 1&2 120 Episodes covering the fall of the Southern Chen Dynasty, the rise and fall of the Sui Dynasty, the 18 Rebel Kings, the Grand Canal, the founding of the Tang Dynasty, and Li Shimins ascension to the throne.
    隋唐英雄 Parts 3&4 130 Episodes covering the entirety of Li Shimins reign from ascension to death, the story of Xue Rengui, the story of Xue Dingsan and Fan Lihua, and the fight for ascension to the throne between Li Shimins sons.
    隋唐英雄 Part 5 66 Episodes covering the story of Wu Meinian (Wu Zhetian), the first fall of Tang, the rise and fall of Emperor Wu Zhetians Zhou Dynasty, rebellion against Wu Zhetians reign, and the resurrection of the Tang Dynasty.

    隋唐英雄 Parts 1+2 RANKINGS (Draft)

    Minimum Requirements: To be on the list, 1) character must be able to fend off being ganged by a small squad of soldiers, 2) ability to wield a weapon with technique, and 3) must contribute to the story for a minimum of two episodes.


    1) 李元霸 Li Yuanba
    Summary: The fourth son of Li Yuan (founder of the Tang Dynasty). Li Yuanba was warned by his teacher not to hurt or kill anyone who wields a Giant Tang in battle. [Reference: ep41]. After Li Yuanba killed Yuwen Chengdu in a 1v1, there was heavy thunder and lightning. Li Yuanba threw up his hammers to challenge heaven against his fate and was killed by his own weapons.
    Weapon: Pair of gold hammers weighing 320斤per hammer (192kg each). His teacher said the hammers were 320 斤 each. Li Yuanba later claimed 400.
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to Tang Dynasty
    Battle Log:
    *Li Yuanba (V) vs Yuwen Chengdu 1v1. [Reference: ep43]
    *Li Yuanba (V) vs Yuwen Chengdu 1v1. Decisive battle 10+ passes. [Reference: ep69]
    *Li Yuanba (V) vs Pei Yuanqing 1v1. Battle won by Li Yuanba in 3 passes. [Reference: ep53]
    *Li Yuanba (V) vs Armies of 17 Rebel Kings. 1v17 Armies [Reference: ep53]

    2) 宇文成都 Yuwen Chengdu
    Summary: Son of the ambitious Sui Dynasty politician, Yuwen Huaji. Considered the black sheep of the Yuwen family because he is the only one of the family not corrupted by political power. Bodyguard for the second Prince of Sui, Yang Guang. He was given the title of The General Without Rivals by Emperor Wen of Sui and retained the title during Yang Guangs rule. His teacher (martial brother of Li Yuanbas teacher) warned him never to harm or kill anyone who wields giant golden hammers. Yuwen Chengdu ranked above Pei Yuanqing because he was able to engage in combat vs Li Yuanba for 10+ passes in ep69. Pei Yuanqing lost to Li Yuanba in 3 passes in ep53.
    Weapon: Giant Golden Tang weighing 200kg
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty
    Battle Log:
    *Yuwen Chengdu (V) vs Wu Yunzhao, Wu Tianxi, and Xiong Kuohai 1v3. [Reference: ep51]

    3) 裴元庆 Pei Yuanqing
    Summary: The only hero (aside Li Yuanba) with the ability to defeat 宇文成都 1v1 but he was led into a trap and ambushed by fire (doused with wine from flung wine barrel bombs by Sui army and then shot at with fire arrows by Sui archers). Burned to death by Yang Lichen. Got the impression from Wagang and from his personality in ep46 that he is in his late teens?
    Weapon: Pair of Silver Hammers weighing 150kg per hammer
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to Wagang Fortress 瓦岗寨
    Battle Notes:
    *Pei Yuanqin (V) vs Shan XiongXin, Wang Bodang, plus 8-10 others. 1v10+ [Reference: ep 46]
    *Pei Yuanqin (V) vs Yuwen Chengdu. 1v1 Yuwen handicapped by exhaustion from battle challenges, solving and breaking through 18 Rebel Kings battle formation, and a full day of non-stopped battle before finally being challenged by Pei Yuanqin. [Reference: ep52]
    *Pei Yuanqin (V) vs Yang Yichen [Reference: ep53]

    4) 罗成 Luo Cheng
    Summary: One of Five Tigers of Wagang. Unable to defeat 宇文成都 in battle. Younger cousin to Qin Shubao. The youngest of the Wagang sworn brothers. His family was loyal to Sui (his father was Lord of 北平 Bei Ping City and administrator of the You County幽州总管) so Luo Cheng was only able to help his cousin covertly in Wagang. Eventually, the corruptness of the Sui Dynasty finally got to him and he officially switched loyalties to Wagang to rebel against Sui.
    Weapon: 罗家枪法 Luo Family Spear
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to Wagang, independent warlord Wang ShiChong, and then switched to Tang Dynasty
    Battle Notes:
    *Luo Cheng (V) vs Yang Lin 1v1 [Reference: ep40]
    *Luo Cheng (V) vs Yang Lin + Yang Lins troop. 1v10+ [Reference: ep57]


    5) 杨林 Yang Lin
    Summary: Uncle of Emperor Yang Guang. Famous for his 12 Tai Bao 十二太保, great fighters who were adopted by him when they were young. He wanted to adopt Qin Shubao as his 13th Tai Bao but Qin Shubao found his fathers golden spear in Yang Lins procession. Qin Shubao was told by his mother when he was young that his fathers golden spear was stolen by the murderer and to recognize the spear by an inscription with his fathers name carved into the spear. Qin Shubao accepted the 13th Tai Bao position in order to get closer to Yang Lin for revenge because he was unable to surpass Yang Lin in martial arts skills. The only one from Wagang able to defeat Yang Lin was Luo Cheng. Yang Lin really liked Qin Shubao and treated Qin Shubao like his own son not suspecting that Qin Shubao was the son of a man he killed.
    Weapon: Poleblade and some sort of double ended staff with a closed fist carved onto one end
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty

    6) 新月娥 Xin Yue Er
    Summary: Defeated WaGang Fortress heroes except for 罗成. Qin Shubao claimed that only Luo Cheng from Wagang can take her on. Luo Cheng and Xin Yue Er were attracted to each other. Luo Cheng convinced Xin Yue Er to speak to her brother 新文理 Xin WenLi about allying her HongNi Fortress with Wagang Fortress. However, on the day of the peace deal, her brother tried to ambush Li Mi and Qin Shubao but was captured instead. Li Mi (King of Wagang), scared silly by the close call, had Xin WenLi drawn and quartered even though his generals objected and suggested mercy for the brother in exchange for entry into HongNi Fort. Luo Cheng was ordered to carry out Xin WenLis sentence and was too ashamed to face Xin Yue Er afterwards. He knew she would have offered the Fort for her brothers life and the conflict would have been resolved. In a rage, Xin Yue Er refused to give up the Fort, defeated and captured many of Wagang heroes forcing Luo Cheng to come out to face her. Luo Cheng surrendered to her. Chen YaoJin stepped in as matchmaker and diplomat to end the conflict. Xin Yue Er ceded her Fort to Wagang to spare her people from siege and Chen Yaojin wedded the two.
    Weapon: Blade and flying daggers
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to Wagang, switched to Wang Shichong, then switched to Tang Dynasty

    7) 杨义臣 Yang Yichen
    Summary: Godfather of Luo Cheng. Sui General responsible for the ambush burning of Pei Yuanqing after realizing he could not defeat Pei Yuanqing 1v1 . Leads a Sui army of 250,000. More cunning while fighting than Wei Wentong.
    Weapon: Poleblade, Blade
    Alliance: Sui
    Battle Notes:
    *Yang Yichen (V) vs Qin Shubao 1v1 [Reference: ep53]
    *Yang Yichen (V) vs Chen Yaojin 1v1 [Reference: ep53]
    *Yang Yichen vs Pei Yuanqing (V) 1v1 [Reference: ep54]
    *Yang Yichen vs Chen Yaojin (V) 1v1 [Reference: ep55] Chen Yaojin went all out against Yang Yinchen to avenge the death of Pei Yuanqing.

    8) 伍云召 Wu YunZhao
    Summary: Lord of Nan Yang Pass 南阳关. Army rank of General. He was wrongly accused as a traitor by Sui Dynasty (his father got caught in the middle of a throne ascension power struggle, entire household in the capital executed). [Reference: ep20.] Yuwen Chengdu was sent to apprehend him in the capital but seem to have great respect for Wu YunZhao. Yuwen, reluctant to kill Wu Yunzhao, asked Wu to injure him in order to escape. Wu YunZhao returned to his fortress at NanYang Pass where he had command of 30,000 men who were willing to rebel Sui for him. But, valuing lives over his pride or his name, he chose not to endanger the lives of those 30k men and their families who were largely still living in Sui cities. He went on the run to spare his men and his sacrifice not only saved his men, their families, but also the civilians under his city who would have suffered in an open conflict against the Sui armies. Nan Yang had a peaceful transition to Sui after he left. Wu YunZhaos story was told in Wagang Fortress among the heroes and became one of the rallying forces for rebellion against Sui. Less than a year later, Zhu Can led an army and retook Nan Yang. Wu decided to ally himself with his father-in-law (one of the rebel kings) instead of with Wagang and his skills seem to have deteriorated in the second half.
    Weapon: Wu Family Spear
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to independent
    Battle Notes:
    *Wu Yunzhao (V) vs Four Sui Lesser Generals 1v4 [Reference: ep21]

    9) 魏文通Wei Wentong
    Summary: General of潼关 (Tong Passage, the very last gate that separates the boundary of the capital to the outskirts) under Yang Lins command. Whats interesting about Wei Wentong is that although he hasnt had many 1v1 in the series, Yang Lin considers Wei Wentongs fighting skills to be much stronger than Qin Shubao. [Reference: ep29]. This was after Yang Lin observed Qin Shubaos fighting skills on several different weapons.
    Nickname: 花刀帅 Hua Dao Marshal
    Weapon: Sword, Poleblade
    Alliance: Sui
    Battle Notes:
    *Wei Wentong (V) vs Qin Shubao 1v1 [Reference: ep29 & 30]
    *Wei Wentong vs Chen Yaojin (V) 1v1, Wei Wentong disadvantaged, shot by arrow in arm earlier. [Reference: ep30]

    10) 邱瑞 Qiu Rui
    Summary: General of Sui Army ordered to take down Wagang. Ended up joining Wagang. Fought to a draw with Qin Shubao.
    Weapon: Pair of Bian鞭
    Alliance: Sui, Wagang
    Battle Notes:
    *Qin Shubao vs Qiu Rui (Draw) 1v1 [Reference: ep45]

    10) 秦叔宝 Qin Shubao
    Historical Archetype:
    Summary: One of Five Tigers of Wagang. One of the main characters of Shuo Tang. Older cousin to Luo Cheng. Grand Marshal of Wagang. Qin Shubao and Yuchi Jingde are very closely matched, perhaps as closely matched as the difference between a single skill. The story goes that Yichi Jingde needed 3 skills while Qin Shubao only needed 2 skills to fight each other to a draw. Qin Shubao was therefore considered slightly better. The 三鞭换两锏 Three Bian skills versus Two Jian skills 1v1 ended in a draw. Another interesting dialogue related to Qin Shubaos WuShu skills occurred between Qin Shubao and Yang Lin when Yang Lin had Qin Shubao show him his weapon skills. Yang Lin asked Qin which weapons he can wield. Qin Shubao told him that although he doesnt consider himself a prodigy at any one weapon, he has enough mastery on all 18 Chinese classic weapons to perform any one of them for Yang Lins scrutiny.
    Nicknamed: 秦琼 Qin Qiong, 太平郎 Tai Ping Youth, and 小孟尝 Little Meng Chang - refers to Qin Shubaos ability to befriend everybody indiscriminately similar to Lord Mengchang from almost 6 dynasties ago. (
    Weapon: Pair of golden Jian 锏 . Also in his procession, his fathers great golden spear (Weighs: 120斤) that he is capable of wielding but Qin Shubao is better known for his jian.
    Alliance: Wagang Fortress, switched to Independent warlord Wang ShiChong 王世充, and then switched to Tang Dynasty

    11) 尉迟敬德 Yuchi Jingde
    Historical Archetype:
    Summary: Iron smith who tried to join Li Shimins army but accidentally joined Li Shimins brothers instead who treated him badly in their camp. Yuchi Jingde thought he was in Li Shimins army the entire time and therefore held a grudge against Li Shimin. He ended up quitting the Li army and joined an independent warlord to fight against Li Shimin. Eventually, he met up with Li Shimin in person and the matter was set straight. Li Shimin saw Yuchis talent and recruited him as a general.
    Nicknamed: 尉迟恭 Yichi Gong.
    Weapon: Silver Bian 鞭, barehanded fighting
    Alliance: Some independent warlord?, switched to Tang Dynasty

    12) 程咬金 Cheng Yao Jin
    Historical Archetype:
    Summary: Childhood friend of Qin Shubao. He learned axe techniques from a mysterious elder in a dream. The elder told Cheng Yao Jin that hell show him the entirety of the axe technique and Cheng Yao Jin was allowed to use however many moves he remembered when he woke up. The full set of techniques included 36 major moves, 306 medium moves, and 3666 minor moves. Cheng Yao Jin only remembered three of the major moves. The elder told him thatll be enough to enable him to make a difference out on the battlefield. He became one of the Five Tigers of Wagang.
    Nickname: Believed to be the reincarnation of 混世魔王. After his mysterious dream, he started to refer to himself as混世魔王程咬金
    Weapon: Giant battle axe 八卦宣花斧 (Ba Gua Xuan Hua Axe), weighs 82斤=49kg, [Reference: episode 13]
    Alliance: Wagang Fortress, switched to Wang ShiChong, then switched to Tang Dynasty

    13) 单雄信 Shan Xiongxin
    Summary: One of Five Tigers of Wagang. Best friend with Qin Shubao. Feud with Li Shi Min over the death of Shans older brother (mistaken by a younger/reckless Li Shi Min as an assassin after an assassination attempt on the Li family). After Wagangs fall, Shan Xiongxin joined rebel warlord Wang ShiChong as his son-in-law and was eventually defeated by Li Shimins forces. Li Shimin acknowledged Shan Xiongxin as a great hero and tried again and again to make reparations and to recruit him over to Tang. Shan Xiongxins former Wagang friends pleaded with Shan to accept Li Shimins offer of recruitment. However, Shan felt betrayed by his former Wagang friends who had all left him to support Tang under Li Shimins command and, unwilling to end his feud with Li Shimin, refused Tang recruitment for the last time. Li Shimin, left without a choice, had Shan Xiongxin executed. The original sworn oath of the Wagang Sworn Brothers included the friend of my brothers will be my friend, the enemy of my brothers will be my enemy.
    Weapon: Sword, Pike
    Alliance: Independent, switched to Wagang, switched to Wang ShiChong after becoming Wang ShiChongs son-in-law, his refusal to end his feud with Li Shi Min kept him from joining his friends when they switched over to Tang

    TIER 3 (Above Average, Can stall/defend against the elites but does not have enough attack skills to defeat an elite, also can handle multiple waves of adversaries in large army battles)

    14) 熊阔海 Xiong Kuohai [Debatable]
    Summary: Placed at the top in this group because of his physical strength. Majority of heroes in this group would have to retreat when fighting him. 1) They would be knocked back by his strength. 2) They lack the specialized weapon techniques of the elites to defeat him. His wine shop was burned by Wu Tianxi who was trying to force Xiong to join his mercenary troop. Xiong refused. He ended up meeting and befriending Wu Yunzhao and helped Wu Yunzhao escape the city when being chased by Sui. Xiong was eventually captured by Sui and his last regret at his execution was that he should have accepted when Wu Tianxi asked him to join his mercenary troop. Wu Tianxi shouted at him that his wish will be granted and rescued him at the execution block. Xiong finally joined Wu Tianxi and Zhu Can and became part of the force that took back Nan Yang Pass from Sui.
    Weapon: Bare fist, Staff
    Alliance: Independent, Zhu Family Village, Nan Yang Pass南阳关

    15) 王伯当 Wang Bodang
    Summary: One of the Five Tigers of Wagang. Archer, the best archer in Wagang Fortress. When his friends left Wagang because of Li Mis eventual corruption, they asked Wang Bodang to leave with them. But Wang Bodang told them that he was tired of switching loyalties between lords. He wanted to stop wandering around and just stay true to one single lord. He made a decision when he came to Wagang to be loyal to Wagang Fortress and he stayed with Wagang and Li Mi until it finally fell. His strength is in archery where he is deadly. Also good with a poleblade.
    Weapon: Bow and Arrow, Poleblade
    Alliance: Wagang Fortress

    16) 裴翠翠 Pei CuiCui [Debatable]
    Summary: Older sister of Pei Yuanqing. Chen Yiaojins wife. Strongest in this tier in terms of technique.
    Weapon: Spear
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to Wagang
    Battle Notes:
    *Pei Cui Cui practicing Pei Family Spear. Quite beautiful. No CGI. [Reference: ep45]

    17) 伍天锡 Wu Tianxi
    Summary: Mercenary. Older half-brother of Wu YunZhao. (Series only mentioned that they are real siblings but Wu Tianxi said that his mom died when he was still a child. Wu Yunzhaos mom was still alive until the Wu household was massacred in the series. Made assumption that they were half-brothers.) Xiong Kuohai stated in episode 19 that after the fight with Wu Tianxi, he thought their skills were at the same level. However, Xiong didnt take into account that he is physically much stronger than Wu Tianxi and that he had no weapon except for a piece of wood during their fight. Master of TuoLou Keep 罗陀寨.
    Weapon: Giant tang. Blade.
    Alliance: TuoLou Keep 罗陀寨, Zhu Family Village, Nan Yang Pass南阳关

    18) 尤俊达 You JunDa
    Summary: Retired from JiangHu to work for the government as a magistrate. Got bored and became a bandit. Became owner of WuNan Manor 武南庄. Interested in Chen Yiaojin and wanted Chen Yiaojin to help him steal royal gold ingots being delivered to the capital. Became sworn brothers with Chen Yiaojin. [Reference: ep12&13]
    Nickname: Iron Faced Magistrate
    Weapon: Poleblade
    Alliance: Independent, Wagang
    Fight Log:
    *You JunDa vs Chen Yaojin (V) 1v1 [Reference: ep13]

    19) 朱灿Zhu Can
    Summary: Wu Yunzhao was the savior of his family. After Wu Yunzhao left his newborn infant in Zhus care, the Zhu Family Village was massacred by Sui army. Zhu Can and the surviving villagers were furious by the massacre of innocent folks and Zhu Family Village became the first civilian site who took up the banner of rebellion. Eventually, they took back Nan Yang南阳关from Sui control. Zhu Can became the new lord of 南阳while Wu Yunzhao went to the capital to avenge the Wu family. Zhu Can became the first of the 18 rebel lords who took up the banner of rebellion against the Sui Dynasty. [Reference: ep21]
    Weapon: Poleblade
    Alliance: Independent, Zhu Family Village, Nan Yang Pass南阳关

    20) 花大脚 Hua Dajiao [Debatable]
    Summary: Chen Yiaojins wife. No 1v1s but can clearly handle herself in a large battle.
    Weapon: Butcher Knife
    Alliance: Wagang, switched to Tang Dynasty

    21) 李世民 Li Shi Min [Debatable]
    Historical Archetype:
    Nickname/Titles: Prince of Qin, Emperor Taizong at end of series 2
    Summary: The second son of Li Yuan. Future Emperor Taizong. Hard to rank because he doesnt bother fighting with his real strength until he is on the battlefield fighting enemies, very few 1v1s. He seems to use a different level of skill when he is in the city. He doesnt try as hard but instead just lets events take its course even if he gets captured. Chen Yaojin considered Li Shimin a weak fighter compared to Wagang heroes and wavered about serving under him.
    Weapon: Multi weapon user. Spear, bow, and sword.
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty

    22) 李建成Li Jiancheng
    Historical Archetype:
    Summary: Oldest son of Li Yuan. Crown Prince of the Tang Dynasty under Li Yuan until the skirmish with Li Shimin at Xuanwu Gate. In Tier 3 because he knows some technique and able to deal with large army battles.
    Alliance: Sui, then Tang

    TIER 4 (Average, Can wield weapon to fight against a small number of soldiers (small skirmishes) but no specific WuShu technique to win or defend against any above heroes)

    23) 张丽华 Zhang Li Hua
    Historical Archetype:
    Summary: Imperial Consort of former King of Southern Chen 陳叔寶 Chen Shubao. Concubine of Crown Prince Yang Yong. Left Yang Yong after he was stripped of his title. Became Concubine and later Consort of Crown Prince/Emperor Yang Guang. While her martial arts wasnt particularly high, she seemed to have knowledge of some battle techniques that surprised her peers. She desired vengeance for the fallen Chen Kingdom. Every Sui contender for the throne who touched her had a nasty political ending.
    Other Names: Chen Yi Ai (Fake name under Yang Yong), Zhang Yu Huai (Fake name under Yang Guang)
    Weapon: Sword
    Alliance: Kingdom of Chen during the Southern and Northern Dynasties南北朝
    Battle Log:
    *Zhang Li Hua vs Yang Guang [Reference: ep1]

    24) 陳慧儿 Chen Hui Er (Borderline on making it into the rankings.)
    Historical Archetype:
    Summary: Former Princess and sister to the last King of Southern Chen during the Southern and Northern Dynasties. Life spared by Yang Guang and taken in as a maid to serve the Sui Empress in order to show off his merciful side to the Empress. Chen Hui Er vowed vengeance for her fallen Kingdom of Chen. Became one of Emperor Wens concubines. Eventually became Emperor Yang Guangs Consort when he ascended to the throne.
    Weapon: Sword
    Alliance: Kingdom of Chen

    25) 如意公主 Princess RuYi (Borderline on making it into the rankings. Can just barely defend against a small squad with a weapon but zero WuShu technique to her attack or defense.)
    Summary: Daughter of Yang Guang. Fell in love with Li Shi Min. Should be the future Consort Yang of Li Shimin. The name 如意 was never referenced again in series 3 and 4 and the character Consort Yang was played by a different actress with a completely different personality. Also the close relationship between RuYi and Li Shimin in series&2 seem to have disappeared in later series. Its like shes a completely different person. RuYis son KeEr in series 2 was referred to as Li Ke, the son of Consort Yang in the 3rd and 4th series. Made the assumption that Consort Yang and Princess RuYi are one and the same.
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to Tang Dynasty

    Work-In-Progress Characters

    伍登Wu Deng (at least tier 2)
    Summary: Son of Wu Yun Zhao. Hard to rank because Li ShiMin ordered his generals to go easy and not harm him in combat out of respect for his father Wu Yunzhao. Also because Li Shi Min was trying to recruit him for Tang. Wu Yunzhao entrusted his infant son to Zhu Can and his son adopted the surname Zhu 朱. Without knowing his real father or what his father died for, Wu Deng struck a deal with Sui to fight against Li Shi Mins troops. Li Shi Min found out about Zhu Dengs true parentage and wanted to recruit him for Tang. His fathers sacrifice for civilians and the role Sui had behind his grandparents massacre was finally revealed to Zhu Deng and he reverted back to the surname Wu and changed loyalty to Tang.
    Nickname: Prince of NanYang Formally Known As: 朱登
    Weapon: Spear?
    Alliance: Sui Dynasty, switched to Tang Dynasty

    红拂女 Hong Fu Nu
    Summary: Difficult to tell, fought Yuwen Chendu to allow Qin Shubao to escape but she fought defensively only to stall, not aiming to defeat him. This was in the beginning of the series prior to Yuwen Chendu reaching his max strength as the General Without Rivals.
    Alliance: Independent, Tang Dynasty

    竇建德 Dou Jiande
    Historical Archetype:
    Alliance: Independent, Wang Shichong

    柴绍Chai Shao
    Historical Archetype:
    Summary: Li Yuans son-in-law.
    Alliance: Sui, Tang

    李靖Li Jing
    Summary: Hong Fu Nus martial arts teacher.

    Wang Chu Chu
    Summary: Wang Shichongs daughter

    Wang ShiChong
    Historical Archetype:
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    is there a tv series for this book? seems interesting
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    There has been 3!

    隋唐英雄传 Legend of the Sui and Tang Heroes 2003

    隋唐英雄 Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties 2012-2015 (This is a 5 part series.)

    隋唐演義 Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties 2013

    My list is for the 2012-2015 version.

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    Found an awesome academic lecture series from CCTV comparing the WuShu heroes from the historical novels ShouTang and Romance of Sui Tang Dynasties to their historical archetypes! The title of the lecture series is 隋唐英雄志. The speaker is 梅毅.

    17 Episodes Total
    1) 戰神出道
    2) 亂世機緣

    3) 大兵小將
    4) 李密越獄

    5) 血戰滎陽
    6) 翟讓讓賢

    7) 瓦崗聚義
    8) 瓦崗內訌

    9) 圍戰洛陽
    10) 江都兵變

    11) 敵友變幻
    12) 亢龍有悔

    13) 另投明主
    14) 門神對決

    15) 秦王攻城
    16) 滅竇摧王
    17) 義薄雲天
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    Don't know about the others, but Yuwen Chengdu and Li Yuanba are by far my favorites, and what a coincidencethey are ranked second and first, respectively.
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