If you are studying Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City, you may know that this dynamic city has countless cafes with unique ideas.
These are some cafes that you should come if you want to find somewhere that is strange:
Thị trấn Ba Cy Chổi or Three Brooms town:

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you should not ignore this caf. Not only can you sip drinks and watch whimsical decor but you also have chances to become residents of the country by participate in arts activities such as baking, planting or sewing cloth dolls. This caf is located at 141 Phan Xch Long.
Thế giới nh vệ sinh or Toilet Kingdom:

Seats, decorations, cups in Toilet Kingdom are made in the shape of implements in toilet. Thanks to its unique design idea, this caf has attracted many young people. Food and drinks here are quite diverse. You can experience this place at 29 / 2A D2 , Ward 25 , Binh Thanh District.
Kujuz Caf:

The caf has a very prominent appearance with colorful glass walls. With a desire to create a perfect relaxing space, Kujuz caf has a gentle and tranquil design. You can also make drinks by yourself. If you do not know how to start, staff here will come and help. The address is No.5 Trần Qy Khoch, Tn Định Ward, District 1.
It is a good idea if you and your friend choose one of these places to come and enjoy on the weekends, Vietnamese Language Studies hope you have a memorable moment there.
VLS Team.